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The Phoenix herald. (Phoenix, Maricopa County, A.T. [Ariz.]) 1879-1882, June 23, 1882, Image 1

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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1-1 Ti?1Q ATB
CalLfornli Democratic Platform.
Frm Oiinl page )
Pan FkakcisCO, June CS.
i?e Iveil, That tlie eoustant rc-
ten: of the HcDUbJtniB DitrlT sn:.
Ii Dubliean leaders in Caiiforni
au-l in iuo Eastern Sl-ctaa that th
"Ten year law" hag t: en th cChi
lie e lav from the arena of polttieai
l-sue isdecep ire in purpose aud id
:cr l.efa'sia fact, so lour as the
C'l inp?e rcma-n in ihi- country.
Jiesnlvetl Tli t the Dcrao, rtie
piry. tiuerttng iDe ooeiri ms ia leie-, wiiniei: it reierreu m c.-i-Jiff,
r-on nuil Jackson, he eby de- mi nee. Tne v.te on tlie motion to
t- a e- n uno.:ialifled cimitv t all strike u the clause w o. lost. 1C7
aamptu y egisbt on rcMr.lf e all
a -j li exer.-i e 01 m? Hw-raasiDj
ri-we as against the ohj-tts of i fr (
' -
i-nromme t anl ti.at all law intm '-
' ,
ed io iestaa.ii r ci tct a tree inio
full cser. ise by auy ci iz-u of h s
o. n religious nml ; li ical opinion
to Icng as he leav s o hers to tmjoy
their righis unmoh s e , aie ai.ii-
dtrin-'eraiic and hosi lc tothepri"
cipl s aid r d tionj of ihe par1-;
cr.-.t d unneCi'8.--y aiMtro ii m;
aan it t lie enf.reed: ar-r vio'aii ms of
the spirit of a Rupubli-a:i srovern
iiifn.aM e win ipp ne liienicc-
tntni o: ull s i li liws and demaod
the repeal 'f tb se now existing.
Resolved, Tint th- raKroal lare.n
nrd fniliti should ' c mntcriully
re mee t. Di- riininatioa i . favor f
ca'itie? an l of p -non should be
pr liibit -d, in 1 we eon lemn the m
jo.i y of Riilroad Co nmissio-iers of
tlii.dia c for ihir taitldessnc in
th 'lisi ha -te of ill ir ofli -iul duties.
The n iinineds t lUe Demuc at c
p irly will, if ele -eJ, carry i.ul in
le.tcr aid t-piiil she deirl:ira'io is f
this resoluiion and relieve the p' op e
to the ex:ent of their juriid ctioa,
trom Ihe exaeiio.is now practiced
with impunity bj Uurai toad cum
j ai ii b.
J.e Ived, That ihe mat sppedy
and effe t ve mnn should be tal-eo
to coin, el tli railroad corporations
of Cr.f'rt-iini :o p iy their taxes. N
CoTni. oniise t-hosild be made. The
properly of every corporation, as
we'I a that of every in ivi iual,
should bie nses.-ed at its true val'i ,
nil ihc uy r.r:it of iic re-ultiag
ta sric.ly and impartially en
forced. Jtetidcei, That all railroad and
land g anu f.irfeite l ly reason of
non-fulfidmcnt of contracts should
be imratdi itely revokid by tne gov
ernment and ihat hen -eforth ihe do
sutdn 3e rtsviVvd ex. lu.-ively as
d for ".dual settlers.
Lea Iced, That the Democratic par
ly declares its uiiMltesavle ;urpo?
to les-ra'n all private and pnbtiecor
. lon lions within the en-ct 1 Iter i f
ti.eir lawful powers and to prevent
any and all impositions upon im:i
Tu.u .1.- or the pub ic, by whoever
attempts it cn er the features of the
"lawful right" or in the arrogance
cT'acciimuirtterl money powir, ami
faT.ira the refe;i'i.ts and enact meat
4f all neeoful legislation towaida
this e- 1.
iT Ived, That the rivera aud bai--berr
f this Male I e'eng to the ptO
l' aid that it is the duty of ie
Fc trhl coven nient to pr -net them
and so improve them from time to
time as to keep them fore-er p n
P5 "nan; tis.
I.ewlted, Rc oi-nizine the f;ct thut
much of she corruption in the t oun
try results Irwn the erformnus pat
r n age i i the bands of Ihe President
of the I nitetl States and it unscru
pul ms u-e in carr t'ig tlecM nH and
mi.iniuining the par y in power, and
that, so 1 ng as the ti rap ation ex st-,
this patr. uage "id be so used,
thereby degrading party contests to
the debasing level c.f a n' re s ram
ble for the pet y o'fice? in the ift of
the executive d parlment the Djui
rcialic prtuiy of the Ma'e c-f Calif- r
nia nni uncet i seif i.i favor of a re
foira cf the civil serviea of ih coun
try upi n priacitdes similar to those
pi opus d in the bi 1 i tiodu.;d in
the Sena e of tiie Li it d Su es by
gi n-t-r P' ndle:on, of Ohio.
Let Ivcd, That the Democratic
pa ty of California denounces the
-fforis mad; by a Republican gov
ernor ami S ate Electors contrary 'O
the et a tiiution and laws of this
Mate io use the university of Cali
fornia in the. ini.ercs.ts cl t..e Repub
lican pirty.
DS Tekbt. Chair an.
The report requi:es all balloting
to be by vira voce, aud when the
vote of any delegation is cast and
recorded, such vote is not to l e
changed virion that b .l ot. AH can
't- than j.id eial, who are
hurt .Toae. are to anDear
.t upon their nomina-
orse the plalfoim and
.the convention.
lent Vice Presidents
Niles dearies, J. H.
Shorb, and T. B
-E. P. Smith
irman of ihe
0 a. m.
Ijals and
follow. The report recommends
that the Railrsd Commissioners.
C wgregsmen. and Merabera of the
Sti.te Bo rd of Equalization bo se
lected by the respective district dele
gations at their pleasure.
Martin, of Atimeda, pre3entu
mincritv report that in udd.'ion
ihe majority report, it requires that
acli candiiiiiiefor Rcilr adG 'oniis
doner shall plcdgs himself to re
duce railr nd tariffs at leasi lifiecn
per cent, af er his election, i ue
clause in ti e platform relative to the
Sumlav sx called out a ho' dtbate
Outram, of Ahimrd.i, and Whipple,
f Sonoma, favored the law ; 'rerry.
F lourr.oy. Brady of Fresno, and Cul-
I luhan of San J aadn. favored it
I rereul; Hollvay, White of Los
.ngcles, an i io .rehouse of Mon-
j ayes m 28) noes and the plank was
i o.opie i.
I California Xmerats.
I . r on T. ..nnw.
J"e, .nine a .. v...
.1.. ... a .?n
I lion was i-aneu w .".. "
I Bogrs pre:diny.
Lcveii of i;mta Ulars. piaren i-i
nomina'io:i lor governor, liwrencr
Archer; C. W. qui ty, or sania
Clar', sr-comled the i orainau n;
Via luce i a ieh, of S in Dieiro, al o
-eco iO'-r. tlie U"m nation oi nir:
Ba.l. ofYo'o, euh'gized Jo. Il-.tail-
t n aed withdrew ' is iam b c-.u e
of illifs. On the irst b til t for
Governor, there were 4.ZZ votes a
follows: Hearst, 126; J-hnson, 67;
Stoneman. 117; Berry, 65; Taylor,
SO; Archer, 20.
St.S -Tose, June 23. Dr. Shorb ex
plain! d that he ould not vote to
mail tain a iulc in a Jjeraocralie
Convention so infe'iially ineani that
the Reimblicnn pmty aail repu Ma e l
it. This exci d the i-e of the Ala
meda detcga es and a ide s en' 1 ok.
ed im.ninent. Ihe conventioa re.
fuses to ".nfaiu the chair bv 168
sy5 io aSO noes. scene. oi eon-
fuion f l owed and m ;ny indignant
remarks by delegates concerning
those who come the convention to
rellk pie lees aud iiistructious of
the people.
1 ry bc to Save Golt'-ao.
Cleveland. Onio, Jn e 22. Mr.
Scoville, Guiteau's sister, is here Io
try to see Mrs. Garfield to tell her
the peculiar irei;ms;anccs of her
brother's birth as on!y one woman
can tell another, and ask her to in
tercede fjr a reprieve for him till
Chicago, June 22. A special
from 2 rt Turk sars : The Govern
ulent employes here arc not making
any response to the call of the He-
publican Campaign Committee for
con.ribu i ns lo the ca.paign fund.
Co lector Robertson says: While I
am here no man shall be dismissed
or in anv way interiered wi h lor
iion-p.li iiK-nl cf tolilical usstsc-
2ii nts."
PeonnjiTttiila Xoutinees.
IlAiti'.lSBLit J, Pa , June S2. In
the Conventioa l.avid Tngnri was
chosen Prirsi -lent aa.l offered a reso
lution diicciij'g the Domination of
candidates for C ngresmnan at 1 irge
and referring :o the Suite Comn.i'.tee
qt:estions of the a !o;ition of me b ds
la-n.onizing te pany. Ado.ited.
For i ;njrei-n an at lnrge, Mariiot
Hrosin8 was uomi. nted ou the fir.-l
balct. Tn O invention aiiopted
re-oli.tions emr:owering the Sldie
Committee o fill vaancies on the
ticket aud itdj-iurned.
dniton Wi-akeilnj.
Washinc;tox, June 22. Guitcau
is rei oited by the j-i'i officers lo-d ty
as ii'iii-ualiv t-eriow an i u icomm -nieative.
Oco of the ofli era re
marked, "He has an uu,rs ha-.--gar
: I -ok. I think he brains o re
aiize that he is doomed." Unrden
Croker h is at. .ted lhai tlie ex.-cution
will bit a private imj nn : only a tew
members of the press aidjado..
ce 6 will be perm it. ed to w tness it.
The gu.lows wre erec td a few days
ago in the east t o.-i idor of toe u-'.rdi
wing. Mr Chcvallier, of BjUon,
?ec ttary of the Xational Socie y f r
the prutu 'ion of toe insane, had a
sho.t intciview, with the Pre.-i lent
ye tertlay in ic erence to Gui eau's
case ui d arranged for an audience
Willi the President to-mi now, when
D.. George M. Beard and oiheis will
a vance arguiueiita iu favor of a
sl.oit rt-spi e iu order to' a low a
proper commission lo f al y investi
gate the quesdoa of Guiteau's insan
ity. Rather warm.
Tluy all do it !
Do wha ?
Drink milk ,kiqc1i al the Cabinet
John Mullen left for the Verde to
day. Drink Seltzer Sour, at the Cabinet
Fiesta opens to-idght.
Drinking Boca Beer, Germania
Beer Hall.
The Post grand larceny trial
comes off to-morrow.
Tucson wants to celebrate. Ra'.hcr
late getting at it.
New flour at the Phoenix flouring
mill, $3 00 per hundred
sh uts for sale.
Bran and
M"Stofour spnee tn-day Is aken
up with Democratio telegrams.
A positive cure for dyspepsia
Dauiiana Bitters.
The masks for the Caathumpians
;iriive by Monday morning.
.ke Baldwin i!fy
Coales' , Jr
Thos. Koirers arrived this m..in-tn'j-
with the prisoner Toia JIadson
from Wilicox.
W. B. Hooper & Co. are agents
for D-.imhin.i Bitters.
Johnnie Kellermia has tho neat
est, cosiest, prtttictt ana coolet
stand ou the Fitfola ground.-.
The VlEx:r.x r.LMErv f.r d:.--
m ts l the ivKineys aim Ui-clUors is
D.in.i.sna liitlers.
The Tempo An;:.teiiis wiil give a
re: Torinxnce iu 1'hcui.ix souiu time
next week.
Irvine & Co have a Pne shot of
peaches and other fru'ts. Zvery
thin: in the jrr eery line is frej.li ai d
thebo3S are diiug a lushing btui
ncsi. The Tempe Sehrol House w-is
erowded 'last nuht to witness the
p rfoiniance of the Amateur Dra
matic club T.iu er ormers v. ore
well costumed and mule up. and
all performed their p irta well
Everything was highly appreci ted.
The mind rer of Sennt r LJivid
C. Brod ricn, hi.n so ions Dvid S.
Terry, is :h. author of the bomb i--t;c
re.- I-iti ns ad 'Ptpd by the Uem
ocra i-Convention of Calif'irnia. at
San Jose, mi Wed lesd iv. It is i on
stru. ted of g.-nerali ies that ca-ch
he rab ale and coram ts the candi
dates to vapo -y pro iiie-. Citizen.
Wasted: Tl.i.-y-eisrlit girls and
ten b -j- to represent :h - States an l
T-riitO:-ies in the proees-ion on the
Fourth ! July. Al! the school-chil
dr- n who ea i will meet a the school
house on Salur lay at 2 P. M , and po
sitions will be a-sined them.
We have on sale in our office cop
ies . f a book on carp culture by
Ge Fir ley, of Pittsburg Penny. As
ihisi dus-ry promi es to be one .f
the businesses of Arizona we aiivise
a'l wishing a thorough knowledge
of it to pnreha i a copy and read ii .
Price $1.00. tf.
Summer begins to-dwy.
Summer solstice occurs to-morrow.
Feve al of our Mtizens are in'end
ing lo take i.i the Meiicau thoaterat
Tcinpe to-morrow night.
Calilhtimpi.'tns meet to-night in
the rear of ibis office. A full rep
resentation is desired.
A Mexican band h is been engaged
io piny at ihe Fiesta. The sum of
$200 and lougiug is p M lor tac.n
The name of the Fourth of July
order i Calithu npiar.s and not Cui-
istheniana as given by the Gazelle
of iast evening.
C. A. Luke s-ent us yesterday a half
dozen bulks of beer. The beer was
C dil and highly leli-h. d by ihelypos
Gamnilheit, ZIe,r Luke.
Dr. Thibodo has a fine selection (if
fancy goods and fresh diugs. He is
energetic nod deteiuiincd 10 please
and accommodate the people.
President Arthur teleirrap is toG
TD. Loring, desirini; a box of E. M.
H- Cigars as a present for U. ri
The market ia being stocked with
luscious pea lies. li is a query t
us why they maintain so high a
price when the c rop is so l ir-e
Tiiose spi ing cots just rp. eivc 1 by
Goldman & Co. are ihe neatest ar.
ranirements we h-cve ever seen. Go
lok and buy.
The Tucson Rangers have re'urred
home and report ihe Mcxi-nn an
tnoiitii 8 as having taken their guns
Hwy from tin m. They cut slicks
f -r guns to scare Apaches with.
This matter needs .National investi
gation. Theiegular lickc, c nil tin- of
Ira St-oud. J. H. Burger, C. II. G a
Wm. Osbo.n, Thomts W. B.own,
George W. JIarlar, t'has GoJ.iman,
W. iV. J. ne . It. L. Ro sm, George
H. Robert- w.-re ele. ted at the Dem
ocratic prinary yesierday.
We were presented this mom-'ng
with a fl wer f r m a species of cac
tus whh-h vie never have seen be
iore. It is exlreme'y fragrant, hav
ing a perfume similar to winter
green. A sample will be. sent to
some popular botanist for classifica
tion. 11 lie Gazette asks the following
question: Are there any candidates
for the Deinocratij nomination for
Territori.' Superintendent of Pub
lie ItiS'ructi n? D.m't all speak at
ence. Answer: Yes, theie will be
when a Democrat can be found who
can nad.
John Kellerman has our thanks
for the first waermelon of tlie season.
Being fully ripe, it was ddi -ious.
Johnnie has fi .ed up a booth ou the
Fiesta grounds and will have cut
wa ermelons ou ice during 'he sea
son. Tiiese melons, ice cold, are a
luvurv, in this warm July climitc.
The result of the vole at the Dem-ocrati'-
pnmai ies, yesterday, was a
satisfnetio i to all our citiz ns. Par
ti, s who tried lo make a "split,"
and printed a new ticket and found
themselves badly left. On the regu
lar ticket the man who received tlie
lowest number of votes had 13 more
than the hi chest on the opposition
ticket. The Republicans and Demo
crats will be nearly solid on one
proposition and that is the defeat of
G. H. Oury in the coming election.
There are only 180 feet of space
left at the feast ground. The fol
jojing secured locations: Peter
t C A Luke. Joe Thalheimer,
.tes, John l'-' erman.
Advert(s m' ntK In tnn-cotninn will be
iusertvd at 10c. iwr Hue ttucL wuck.i
For heal'h, s'renitth and vijjor,
drir.L Dmniana Biters.
Qiii. k. complete cure, a'l annny
.ng ilidiify, Bind 'er and Uricaiy
iseuses. 1. Druirists.
Yon will never have a .inr stom
ach if you drink DatUanu Cillers.
Damiana n-r.Ues the old younand
the weak sirens fid healthy.
&kinuy 7Ien.
"Well's Ileallh Kor cncr" ri'Ftorea
health nnd vig-r. cure3 Dyspepsia,
Imptjtence, Sexual Debility. $1.
All rsre.-tablc dealers Uccd Da
miana Biiteis.
Win. B. II rrer & Co arc ngen!s
for D-irniana Bitti rs.
The ladies of 'hcer.Ix and vicinity
will find it Io tin ir iidvuntage to ex
amine : lie stock of Millinery Goods
: Posmthid i Knlncr's, Lcfcrei.ur
chasing elsewhere.
Wardrobe, Desks Screen-Doors
Cot B -i:s, el."., mado to order on
short notice, at S. E. Pi.tlon's Car
lienter thoj , adjoining the Telegraph
Oflice. l,
The firesr nnrl largest assortment
rf Biintirg-, Si.ks, t-atins. Grena
dines, etc., ever brouvhj to Arizona,
you will find at Hie Palace ot Fash
ion at Rosenthal & Kntners store.
A Card To all who are snrterinsr
from the errors nnd discretions of
youth, nervous weakness, early decay
loss of manhood etc , I will send a rc
eipe lln.t will cure vou, "free of
charge." This srrcut" reme iy was
discovered by a mi-sioniry in South
America. Send a self-addressed en
velope io the IO v. JosEPii T. I.vma.n
Siation D New Ycrk City.
A"tvyt Refreslilnjr.
A delieiou o 1 ir is imparted by
Floreslon C logne. which is always
refreshing, no mailer how freely
r.lesnnee aud Inry.
Ladi-s who apprecia c elegance
and purl y are using Parker's Hair
Balsam. It is the bet ni tide sold
for re.-toritig irry hair to ils original
color, l.eau y and lustre.
"Hiash on il.Ttt."
Clears out ruts, mice, roaches, Cies,
nnts. bcd.lmcs, skunks, ihrpmunks,
gophers. 13e. Di iiLri.'ists.
tf you w.nt a good appetite, drink
Daiiiiuua Bitters.
Tf yon want a nobby i nd stylish
shirt, go to Goldman & Co. for it, as
they are just in re -eipt of a fine as
sortment in tlist line. l w
All scurl and tartar disappear
From nioudi and teeth, though
dark anl dry; -
And all becom- s fresh, pure and clear
If we but SOZuDO NT apply.
That magic wash now ali confess
Give to the month new loveliness.
A Tarlel ferrornia!$ee.
Mil Py wonder how Parkers Gin.
ger Tonic cn perform such varied
cures, tliinkin i- es-ence of ginger,
when in f ct it is made from m;ny
valuable medicines which ac: benefi
cial iy on every diseasci orsan.
liurrcs Wanted.
Every person haiin a burro and
who will hire the same for about
' wo hours on the morning of the
Fourth, will p!eae leave word nr.
.Mni'ar's corral and have the burros
at tte orral ou that morning by six
arl Sherer has moved om his
old stand nel to l.noscly's saloon
and will hereafter k ip bis bakerv
at his new place, tree doors south
of 1 be telegraph ollice.
K. r,. ROSTOV 51. I.
F'lrK IV - t IVInnzion St.
Five diMrs cast of Poat ulhce.
Phoenix - - - - -- -- Arizona.
It. W. .11 O O It F.,
Atto rn y - at - Law
?o 14 Corcoran Bunding,
D. C
riLL attend to bas
f of evrv de-
VV crintio.: in the General Liad nftice.
I'Hienis fur inveniions procur-d, defended
and pro-ecuted. ""'.nrr - snondence -elicited
W. II. BLIT.TT. 51. ..
Pliynicl an a a d a r g e o a.
Cotton's Euiiling,
largp ami fine s'oek ofDrusrscon
stantl on hand forpresirription purposes
Will practice in all tha Courts of the Ter
rttorjr. ml
Fit A Cox, Joseph iakfbiij.
(OX A5IPi;i-L,.
Attorneys n-X 1. w.
next lor to Court House.
KJItnr n.i Proprietor.
Local Kdiic- and - Puw.inhcr.
P. C. LI('K"E1.L
A3.TCi;.ta Ka tnr.
TV'J"-ll"s. HASC JJ Z.
Bulu'4-. Maaa;rs.
l'iib:i?toJ". fvrrv v.'iitn eic?ti sunJ
1 vr.. S10: 6 iT.os.. 5: per weeS. 25
I Yr 14. S Ktot. it 50: 3 Mos.. SI 50.
AdMiamns Bste made knovrn on app'l
C. VT. CRANE, Ae-;m.San Francisco, Ca!
E. C. Daks, C5 Mcrcliantf T5schmf(!. San
erancisco, is maeazcr or Tn' ccmraorciai
denftrtrant el the PiioKNIx Ut rai.i In thr.t
cily from this duto. He ii authorised In
lake orders and collect fur tue tf&tnc.
January lot list.
L. P. Fish. AJ-ortlsinff A;r.t, 51 Me
fhat Is KxcUane, San Franci.'-co. W anlh
orfzed to receive advertisemenli fur the
columns of Ill's pap?r. Tho IlcaaLi .8
kept on nlo at hiii oHlce.
Mr. .T. II. B at eh, Newspaiwr A 'IvettT.
A ?enr. 41 Park Itow. (Times Balldinc) New
York, is auihuried to conuact for &dvpi-
A good farm Land at my ranch
to whom steady employment
will be given.
C. A, Tweed.
June 1st, 1832. ,
Gocd Alfalfa Pasiurago,
One-halt mile South of
Tail's Flouring Mill, and
three miles east of Phoe
nix. Ai., Wormei.l.
Came to tho plac of tho osiI'M'nnfd
on or about the Sih day ot June. 18S. ot.e
Bay Ilere, four wnitefeet. hiard lac' d
u-hp .- eyes. Vtrat.dcd I iestrib'-d in a cir
cle, al,o one Cho-mut Stirrl llot(.-u, wlie
ir pe face, branded na the lormer. The
owner cm hav. the same by proving rop
env aud vaylus exn -t-A.
And Builtlars,
Plans and specifications
furnished and estimates
orefuily made on all
classes of buildings.
Dealers in ull kinds of
CaSlfarnia Lunger,
Doors, Sash,
Blinds and f.iouldings.
Office and T umber Yard on S. E
Con-er of f.d.-t:us and Uari ropa 6ts.
iorth of Baulc Kxchange Hotel
Small Profits for Cash;
Pii"Eix, Arizona.
Beer, Soda Sarsaparilia
i orders from the country solicited and
atii. action Guaranteed to all.
Wurch &l Brix.
I LUM33R effMBlR!
Hark & Adams'
Tlavlns moved onr mill nve mllce west r
Prefcou. on Willow Cieek, Uear TUnml
Butte, at a p int. within tvo miles of th
Miller road. ; ear Irou bsriups and h .viaji
comeleted an excellen; road an t to Vrer-col
we an- now prepared to furuiiiauy amount
or tiualily of.
L UmbE
Sui2sGL.ts, D ooes. Sash.
Lathes. Etc. at Bedrock Prices.
Cor. Washington & ?!on. zoma S
wisris, i.iquoes an: c'ia::s
Ot tho cf l brand rjv ija oa hin 1.
J 5 I ) I
Co'i-cr T-"j.tl.lr j; ii si c: ("l i ter
XTTfO MAY liE TriTErr"vo ft
V htfrffrs ,it r.Ut h fill foH?3- o-ii-
.jrwit n. wilj do in v?i rli 'molvj-
I'-itht jreHti-i btotr evei l.-.id at
.?of HiifjVrini humanity. JK. .Si'lN
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verv ca- of sfmi;al valc!ieji o-t't-Ivr'
il.-eae of anv kind or-haractur vhtrJt hr.
andtiriakcu and rails to cure.
There are rattnT a the a? of thin tr
sixty who are troubled with too fre-iTi-.vtr
evacuivi'WiL of ihf b adger ott; accw
pan led by a li ht ortincor nini?;i:
sution. and a wrknefK oitbo vtom It
-vinner ih? anet t canuoi .'ccotnt f;.r.
On examining the urinur -lp:ioit a rrv
sentinifut wiil often be found, a d yome
tiiaof mall particle f aln'ira"it win nn
dwar. o- tui' cl r beof a thin milkish
Uu". njraiu ciianhiiic: into d irk and ft-rpid
apvtaranct. Th-re arc mnnv men- who
die of this di3ic ilty, ij.'no-;m of ;h cnne
whic'-- 13 the second Kiaifti of M'niinul -.-ak
t:ftss. 7'. s wiil ftifi'-ji to, a pt-rtecr cine
in all ouch ca'MrN add a hinilihy retoia
Lion o; tbf g"iiiio-nrin:ny ottriii.
P 6. Vor -i-iv.'.ie di.-ta!-.'-. of cbort !and
iug. a full c iuruc- of rm-d:cine-, itittiri-n'
for a care, with all iuMruciioa. will be
i an i to any a MrecH on ecl ' ot'Sl'.
itlice hour. 10 to 4 rdd 'o s, 5iniays
frm 10 io II a m 'iii-ialraTioi frvx:. .tior
oiiLh (-xominaiios and a- vie; S5. t)ai or
uddrt3tj. Si'ISX EY & CO.
o. 11 Keai-n-vwrinct, Saa iniccico
cf tho World-
-eiil ;u;.i:e the world 'ith'M, uarivftil-"1
. cnn. a"d nr,Tiinat-i:ir ih 'Rrir-'-i n---r
Ttieiit of KaTiHy. t.aaTiUry ei,d VMr.e T
rt! ma!" in the U'lUed iat.. Ali or
ders by mail .viii rocoi.'t: yromp: utieution.
Ciprars, Tohnco, Yankee
Notions, S nokers Ar
tie u-, Station --ry,
Cutlery, Cum
d.es. Nil's,
Newspapers. Ktc.
Washiuiiton i5t., op.po-ilie the Plaza
.... AND . . .
- c -
One Door 'West of JIo:itc2iirria
riKEXIY, A. T.
Geo. O. GIos-
Opposite the Plaza,
A. T.
RepMivinfl Fine, "Watches made
Sifn i a Rikary
CAP.L SHERRER, - - Prcprioior.
Bread, pies, Caes an
1 2 lOaVBS ffli
BY rcrXllASING 0
l-J J -1
U-B ii M S
rull r invite;! t cull a. id exa
ju-r received tV"m the !';ist.' Our display comprisos
wrv article iaiain ible and wa d n t h?s t it3 i:i
sT-ttin ihu f r t-iste, qtiililiy and corap irat'.vely low
prie-tr.s. it surpluses any that h we ever entered t tis
ma'ket. Special p tins have bt-en ttken in the se'ec
tion of wares f i" our iady pitrjas. BsilaJ a com
plete assorcuivitit of
ass, Fancy aid While Goods,
1 I
Vv'e have added a beautiful
and illinerv Goods.
Oar assortment of
Rents' Furnishini
Is complete in all its details
have alsr received complete lines of the follow
ing, and and are prepared to
at 20 per cat. less than any
BJ3 -r r-l -vt-stt ;P4 r
I in ware.
'ranks and Valises,
Ladies9 j Bresses5 Wrap
pers Parasols, Etc.
A car loa-1 of Furniture will arrive n a f jw days
from the Eaaf.
Please call and judge for yourselves..
,od mail 4z
Agents SMiBeFTfcnJYan Company.
Anneu-er Snsch
nia i oar' imni n33 ;
line of
r 1
va a
' 1
and cannot hi equalled
ofler thera to our patron
other house ia Piiocnix:
?nx nBsucin-uu.
0 P fr
"T2rC3 rr1 !tpt;r lit. Stmuuu. c ,r.?
rnMT. ru s.t. au! wr;.' t- - t X
it f i-"r,' v
ttnn' heat. t I fiu-n ?t . :
ror W..k-!a i t N'jfl . !
Samaritan TJervin?
r. Alctho;it. ir k-" t- fc-'
ha.t of i'iuta t.' T t ' r ? - -I
t Kiii rn bv far ta w-r-
; eve? fi en mi?? u I-;r.". -ca..d
ci i."ti.-4:t :. a
2. The ru--.ar-xi L.r.!k- u'- a-s
h I'SllS" h1 li'i I, l tit i,-C .."
, Mi ntMii tha be i. a a r".
Lik- 1 he 'p:t:o r. b
d lie In qt it-2 m. i -
h:'ja fn toil- tij-'n'.". !
, 1 re r c:sr; bt ruTii ij. - -
uesn, as i-T-!- Mug era:
cri5 "O. c- dT . vc ti.
8yeiii ard r feocy xr4 tJi
Samaritan fJerv?nt
a f 1 be a 1 jar Oi N
I look Uja. y c C4" b..-i O T- J 7
in ib vToi a c r m. a- - i
IX, !Tf k e X xim. a errt r t-.
rta our are er:rv a-za
an 1 0'ii if yci a.- . u.
Ir. R-cMn-n i' j-iTirv e ,V;. .
vili tor car .:t -rw-A ivrsv atr
1 Tre.?a'.re ?trsr. 2vrt a--
to ta vhu.e '
U''if a 4 d bet i; r-tti .
Uo w t A- k 11 b ar a tv u
has ben th. uaa
mada a ur c of a 9t -j f-iw
coil. U- K.J-a. il.a;vi av
ci-e m - of v.r-t' eriri'' a
hcaditi? W U .tui,
SAM.vR.rr as xrsTixi
tar sieai f?l r.ir-.r 4 as 'i
ered tre el atu- . mfE 1
b. K. Htl. .''i.'Ui, U:,
S-VM.VF.nj.-S x;-.v.v; j!1
effec'uaity cc-d m r ot -" i
die by o-k &ciUy.lt ta---. -vf .v '
hjj; a. " 1 in a. .1
Yr i .a. A ...t . wm. 1 1
e:&t j . , ., ... . r -
uitti uUi.r cvc:o'. . vv . -SAMASITV;
Onred my ko of 3 .
iaci.uuu soj.-.i-. : i.-.j
Cerci me c: ej :
i-v-y .1 ar -
IU J.ut5 HtA- x
I t', ,
;i carr4 w i"
mic yesr
!ctir y?i. C - v
for 52'? br
.iiav N bar a r . il Tivt-i
i-h be i fittt-- ; V . -..:
cn-a'tve prt -r ? . .i s
iii u'r-a fotli a c f
to- a c it ti OJ' ' i . !
Heal h. t'r v:" C--rf- a.- - ... ?!
of c frvi i r wo1- -i"- "
a. lucnvoNn cx.
r I-
4?? ' V fTS f-t V
Kelly & fvfeyei
Best, Veal, Fork i
r.lutton, Etc.
Cabinet Sstoonl

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