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The Phoenix herald. (Phoenix, Maricopa County, A.T. [Ariz.]) 1879-1882, June 23, 1882, Image 2

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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City Official Papsr.
Tii3 Tombstono Epitaph
still keeps up an unwarranted
attack cn Govornor Tritla.
Even before the Governor bad
a chance to reach Preseoti to
take official charge of the Ter
ritory, Purely opened out on
him. Now that he is in Wash
ington endeavoring to advance
the interests of Arizona and se
cure a proper recognition of it.
This howling idiot hurls his
attack at him and pi ices him
cn the same platform as the
nonentity, Fremont. There is
one consolation, Purdy is alone
in this fight, and his remarks
do no more harm than the bark
of a puppy." He must have
something to bark at, so let
him keep it up. TTe do not
know what has hurt the boy;
indigestion mora than likely.
TEE Z(1 '---Til.
As vrlll be seen in our local
eolamn, the ball has been
started for the proper celebra
tion of the Fourth. The com
mittees desire the co-operation
ol rll citizens in making this
celebration a gran. I success.
It 13 desired to have a grand
procession, and every industry
-ehould be represented. Let
vragons be decorated and filled
witii suitable emblems of the
'trade cr business and fall into
line. May ib be said that out
in the Territory there runs as
patriotic blood as ever coursed
through the veins of America's
proudest patriot. L.et a sound
be r,ent forrii from the Salt
Xviver Valley that may resound
from one end cf the land to
thft other. Let everybody put
ca their h elide y attire and cel
ebrate with a vim.
We publish in tiiis i s?ue the cir
cular letter issued by C'larfc Cliurch
Ij i ! I as c iairmn of the territorial
Republican Central Committee an
nouncing the result f t:.e vo:eo'
tint c'ininitu-e upon the place W:eri!
the ensuinj convtn ioa shall be hold.
Two questions were propounded to
the meiubers of the Cent r 1 Cotii
mittea, viz: 1st, Where shall the
-onven;fon be he'd? 2nd, VVhen
shall the convention be ht-1"?
There was a large majority of the
votes e-t in favor of holding th
convention at Phoenix, but as each
member fixe I his own day in the
votes sent by mail aod there b"ing
no decision as to the time wb n the
convention shall be held, li.e thn'r
mm announces the result, in so far
as a result was reach d, and now
submits the question whether the
21st of Aumi-t shall be the dny.
We say yes; rhat will be a.3 nt-ar the
proper tiine as could be hit npon-
ind we hop? - that day or one m- re
about that time will be solicited.
Thisaeion of the ch ii'rm m .f the
Republican Central Com mi tee af
fords a stroLS contract t th; arbi-
rary conduct of Dr. J.,ne-, the
chriirman of the Derawr tic Cen
tral Committeo, who, it -eems from
the proci edins of the Dcmi.-crittc
County C immittee in th- Territory,
tosk the eutiie control into .lis own
hands and called the Democratic
Territorial convention wi'hO'it c"n
sult'ng the memlier.s of his commit
tee Consequently we see a peneral
kick. in the rank aa I fl'.e. I et the
Repu! limns stand together, nc in
conceit, unselfishly second wi h full
z:-al the cforts of its leaders and
vietory will s ire'y perch upou their
haum rs next Xov- mber.
r,AI Ot't (IE VOI ItK
Department op the Intkriof,
Washington, D C, M;.y2418s:
CJ. B. District Lt.ud Offic es.
GKXTiEMkX, tour btteuiion is
directed H the provisions of the fol
lowing act i f Countess, ap, roved
April 26, 183 J:
"An act to u.Lend sei tion twenty
three lnu drcd and tweutv-six of the
ivevised Siatnit s, in regard to min
eral lhiids, and foro 3:tr jmrioie.
"Be it enscled l-.y ihe ceu-ite imd
Hcu i: f 1 ei rt :c;; -. I ves f t.'io
Ui.i'ed fctates. ( f Ai.:e, i. ;i in C;rn
grt ss afn. rjib t u : Tii.it tne :';;v: r c
claim r; -ir. d by s c i i : n -.V:5ny-thicc
i Uld.e,: t; in vi-Ay-? i-l the
Uevised Mul.ilt ii:.y l.e eiiikii iiy
the oa h of .-ny duly a:iti:t izej
agent or attomn -i: -!ui t (if tlie ad
verse cln'utai.t c-.niz;.ct of :h fai ls
stated , at. d Xbir miverse ( lii:iant, if
reeioing or ;tt the time bt injr b V"'
tLe li;:iits i f the t:ist?i t-her . th.
c aim is si uate niny . oti'i t
tie iidvcir-e claiiu .e cm of
ai.y eemt !' nc. ra u-.tj Untie,;
S i:t s or tiio S ; j .r 'ii-rhtu v
where the mi ' j r:.,itua:l tu
Ihcii le. or bfr ,o r.ny : t.iry p;:l.'.;.
of sueli Slet or " e. i . '.(: .
"uc. '4. Ti.M U!i i cui t- f;.r jisii,
e ul ;. tents, it r. & -Hnd ihv
lio.its of il.e !i :t v lii-ii i:i the
eliim is si'u-.u.t, may make ur-y
oulh o - ,fi:d.vit r'!!.i:eJ sor p.-c-l
of citiZLnship i eio c ti.e c!i rk of
a"-ycoert ni re. o.tt, Ittfoie any
notary pulii;;; o; smy i"-...te i rltia-
tory. '
1. it will lie r.'i-i rved th i the act
Is coi n !!;! iive, :;.': lit uce .
aCeet j roi i i: g i:; d prior t its
ii j p-ovs! ; w .tri; i;'z: nsiiij-, hov-
P.obsrt Sl3in2aop8rf
Is tliorr ugiilj- acqurtint
ed with assaying in all
its branches.
Ascnyer for the Central Arizona
Minii.g Coiupany.
Li y i
i i.'- y.rra iass-'
1 1112
TYV.:-l.c-d in
C' trai Arizona.
'I he Heeald is devoted chief
y t. tlic interest'of Salt Iliver
-lley. Io pains cr expense
v I be spared to lay before our
it adc-rs all mi. Iters pertaining
l Agricrdtnre,"j Horticulture
A full asscrtmeDt cf
Cigars, Cigire'tes, Cand:es
All of the latest
LJAPEns and Magazines.
n V.J: .
Camo to th place f ths nnieWtmed
on or nbmit th B.h day ot June, i8o2. one
mt f.r e, :oar unite reel. Diszta iac a
ni eep, hra'ded M iicnbiO in cir
cli-, also one Cbe-tn!.t Sorr Hoiee, wh'te I
Mr pe luce, d utided aa tne oim r. Ttte
owoi-r cm hav- trie isish by proving . rop
env uiiU uaylne ezn i-t-"
And Builders,
Clark i Adams'
VV. A Rowe & Co
General' Merchandise
The attention of buyers
ard coiifuiiiors is called
to our two fine stores
at The
Uvcrj- thing needed by
uiTTfcE of Arizona. V
r, A. I , Ju a- 14 ISHi. )
; 1 CT;.
Noith America produces to
d.'j.y two-thirds C' the precious
rentals r? the world. In the
d?y. cf K:n Solomon there
v.t.3 &ui'h r:7t airaiidfiHce cf sil
ver'jnd goid :t t,'-s almcst VT' r. !i
Its icrcrm.-arrcial rva poses. Nj
r.'.layj-jaina- boin found in
J-urf!p?, AsLi and Afiiea, is it
net presumptive that the prec
ious metals were obtained from
thj Americas? Arizona covers
area cf 72,0OO,C0O acres of
land, four-tenths cf v. hich is
mineral-benring. It is larger
tunn Ievv York, Pennsylvania,
Ks'.v Jerieyand Delaware com
bined. Since lSy there has
been extracted from seven
States and Territories the sum
ot .?2,10J,003,003f for which
CaHfordia is credited 81,1-43,-7-5
i; Xcvada,S47I,125,943; Ida
i ", 1,543,801; Crr.gon and
Y"ssucrron IVrritoiv, tlS,
737,251 ;"Utnh, 8oo.S48;S31, and
VArizona, M7,9o'0,175. Ariz.
jr. a iri certainly one of the most
Jjaan-oioas iiorri.ins of the
--eminent. Its
rarqs extend
entira Territory
n-anite neuclus
tute t: o fr?me-
Dear mr : he vote ol tins on
mi! tee i:pon ihe time and Place oi
holli'ijr a Teirtorial i-'oflvnitiuti
Maud:- us fallows: A large ni'ijor
ity aie in f ivor cf lioliiin tt.e Cor.
vention at Piiocni : but the diiy of
hoiilii: tue same n niaius unoeci led
bv he vote. Of all the vi.tis ia--t,
ro more than three (3) fx thi- sa-i e
nay. A majority. liovrvT, Ux some
day in August. Uuder the ciriu.n.
ttiiiue, as Clinirinan of this Cnin
mi tec, I b:ive dt-cidfd ih I the dav
shall be the lst diy of AniiUft,
next, at 10 o dor k, a. m., IiqIi-s i
maioi itv nf tiit committee shall, he
fnr July l.-t, next, blgnify tht-ir oh-
jeciio i tin ro'o
Veiy respectfully you-j,
Claek LnrRcnit,,
C tiii'rin in
(hronoh the
which const
work of the country in connec
tion witiitracin te, rhyc ht?, ba
salt, lime, porpyhry and sand
bir.ne in which are found near
ly ell the precious and base
iiet-'.ls Luown to the scientific
world. Gold and silver have
been found beneath every
t-trol-3 of the prospector's pick.
Jiany years ago the learned
1: VLni bolt pronouueed Arizona
iJi.3 richfts'fc and inott diverge
rai;:ci-id rr-gicvn iu the world.
' xn eai-nr fc work it is but four
yciii'3 old, rnd subjected to con
stant depredations of white and
fitoi-ighml marauding, and yet
we have already seen its ema-zir-
pf"oni:uy results. Cin-ii-ioc
v end tin an ', nickel con
efiicte a ixvition cf its wealth,
i'lainum her, Leon discovered
in the iShtek Canyon. The
7vcs Snnta Cra.i valley teems
Viih i?-ru, while Ypma county
is v Hel l of j-ivv-ijUTerou? ga-h-ar..
The Ilr-ciiaiento dc-.-c-rj
abounds with bio xl-reJ gar-nc-s.
. Deds cf gyp.snra and
1itiIposils r-rs delc-clerl with
in a fchort distance from tfie
Dragoon fountains. In 1873
th j;resent mining camp cf
Tombstone v.as a hct-liv
-w-ste. Uptj Jannari-,
",59,200 havd been eitr?.clcd
f--,-rn thct locrdity, and tOOO,
-J0 of the tcta' amount has
.".en paid in dividends. Its
ir.'.aerul is a eliloride of silver
Aa Extraordinary Offer.
There are a number of persons out
of empioymt nt i:i -very county y t
t-ne-freiie men, willing to work, do
i.o need to lie. Those willin? to
work can make from S100 to 500 a
mo th clear, working for us in a
pl-asant and permanent bu-iness.
The amount u.- agents mal- e varies,
s -me making as hiijli ns ?Z0d a
mO:r. h, Thi!e o'here make as low a
?10i) all di-pi nding on the ecerLy
of the agent. We have an ar ic.lc of
great nuiir. It Fhou'tl be sold to
i v ry House-owner, an.l pays over
100 per cent pront. Jacn sale is
from 3Ji0 to $10.00. One auent in
Pennsylvania sold 32 in two days,
and crarcd $G4 00. An aerent in
Xi-w York m-.td; $4-5.00 in one day.
Any man with energy enough to
wrM-k a full day, aip.l will dj this
a full year, can mane f;0:n 2 000 to
C-O.OOO a tear. We on I- want one
man n each county and to him will
give the exclusive side as long as lie
continues to work faithfully tor us.
There is no competition, andnothicg
like our invention mad". Parties
having from 200 to $1,000 to invest
can obtain a Gent-ral Agenev 'o- ten
counties or a state. Any one who
can make an investment of from $25
to $1,000, without the lea-t ri-k of
loss, as our Circnl-irs will show that
ihoe investing $25 Ctn after 80 day
tri 1 return the good unsold to u
:ind gt-t their m-ney back, if tin y
do not clear at least $100. They
siiow th;;t a General Airent who wifl
ta'.e ti-n counties a:d invest '216.00
can afu.r a !rinl of SO flay- return all
goods unfold t'i u?, nnd h ,vc n.om-y
n turned to them if hey f.iil to elf ir
at least ...-0.00 in t-iui time. We
are not paying salaries, b t want
men willing to w rk and obtain as
IheT pay the profits of their energy
Tuin not wiiiin? to work on our
term will not work on any Tlia".
ueantng burners will rec ive ur
large descriptive circular and extra
ordinary oiler by ni-losing a three
cent stamp, with "their add-pss. 1 h.
first to comply with our terms will j
.-ecure the c unty or counties they i
m.-.v wish to work. Address
liExxr.3 MANrrACTt'iirso Co.,
113 Smi h field street
Pitt burgh, Pa. !
ever li-is not lu-i-n j :i;vi-i., ii
etii.bii i.ed as t'li-vicei b:'
two ot tiiis act.
3. Wit re-iii agsnt -r :,tt ir.iey-iu-lact
v. rifles a iv:-rj c'ui.ii. he
mut .'i.iini tiy sii e is t !iai h- i sticii
agent or attorney, and ai comji ;y
alliiliivit ty proof thereof.
3. The age t -r altor ni- -in- fac
ma.-t inase the :-lliJ.:V:t n vi-rili- a
lion of tin a'.ve.i- cltiai wi bin thv
land uhlriit wi.e.c t.ic jlaiia is i-itu-ated.
K. C. Mc-Farlaxd,
Department of the lu:eiior, 3iay
6, iSS2.
Apj.rovc ! :
li. M. Tn-J ii:, e.-.
t:i 1 Iviiiung, and we shall al
vs beep cur snbscribers well
p ted. in news from every por
tivii of the Territory. "Ve have
ilV" tespondents m every Conn-
t$ ml our special news from
h vjt can be depended on as ro
.. 'la and authentic
r m
4 Special ty.
W. . T:OWE & CO
S G r !?
3 SI
Lin uiu
The VToi-lii's Epileiitle Institute.
"While parsing tliroTigh S". Joseph
jilo.. and having heard
rrea d.-ai
Is a large thirtysix column
turn i iper, containing the news
oi the week. It is published
t ry I riday and mailed to ev-
Seeds, Fruits
'id carbonates. If mineral
o-.-curring in larre ca es and
4Etrata, is found in such abund
t.iice, upon a hill of slight ele
vr ticn, with no' evidence of vol
cr.nic eruption, it is very evi
dent that the many lofty
r?ngss of mountains uLTused
ii.toagb.out the Territory, when
fully prosected will develop in
Tt.oet astounding richness. The
Silver King mine, in Pinal
ccar.'y, has already paid in
'.mde.nils s37.j,000, the fh-si-cliss
ore miJiing from 6000 to
U:01 Sucii salient facts,
whcCcured from Indian and
i7hic3 tlpredation, fliouid se
c.tt Irrge immigratiqri end a
y ;nse iiovv of capitel. ' There
been oomnnratively no
rIneiTl developnienr. i'ining
i- n i-jj iaf'Ht-v' in Arizona-
The fi ire of :he llonorab'e Gran
ville H. Oury stat (Is ort on the po
li'i al horiz m in statuesque beauty
and grandeur. lie n w aip- rs be
fore a ia a new rv'e, wh eh sur
prises his friends of former days.
In short, the atmosph-re of Wash
ington muft be very fnvorabl; for
the cure of a'coh'-H m, for ur piou
delegata h"S suddenly turned a tem
perance refo- tntr; a ciiange which
would have broken up three or four
.sal ons in Phoenix had he atttmpteJ
it when here.
Through I. is i:ifluen."e and per
sonal spite, Ju Ige P-T'er. a favorite
ibrvrjihi.ut the whole Terri oru an;i
oui: of the most unbi.tsed Judges
who ever sat on the benc h ha' been
induced to reficn. The only tool
this gentleman had to work with
wis the fact that the Judge, through
the r atural kindness of heart, fe'Iow.
feeling and friendliness which lie
felt and pric iced toward every one,
-o etime. in iulged in asocial drink
with his ltietids. Xow, every o e
knows Grant Oury's i.ropensi-ies, so
i; is needless to speak of thein fnr
ther than to s y, as was remarked on
the street ye-terday, "when Porter
was drii kinir he -as always a gen
tleman, and when Oury was doing
likewise he was a mere id-ot."
There can be n question of the
frirl that Oury has mined himself
ilhl.iiown parly, in this county,
at leas', by the n)ior. he has tnken.
Sihoulil He attempt tins year to try
for a re e-wal of the illice wi h which
the peo: le of Arizona haw entruso-d
him, be will proba'-ly have a little
ez-'irience in navi Ration tot! e head
waters -f that famous stream known
as Silt River. So far we have not
met man of either party in town
who does not censure his ondtict in
the t-tronerest terms, nnd we ibink
we are safe in bebevine that thisf"""
only hi exponent of the epnernl f r
ing throughout the Ter itory; '
alxut the WorJ.t's l-jpllepac Institr.;e
located here, I eon.u-.i-.J to pay the
ceie'iratej Lisii-.a ioa a sU-jcl visit.
We w.-re r.i l by Dr. Uic'imond, lue !
proprietor, who- lias gaint'd a repata .
ti n as broad s the laii'f. lie is a
rather small., yet prep sessing n'.anv i
of very affable aud g nth manly tua-j. ; L par 0? tha Unite J States
ners. iieiraveusa aeanv we.cejiie:
and took grcoi p.i.ns ia show ,n us !
through his palatial and 1iiaranio:ti
institution. Ii is a five story build- '
ing, 2J0S1S0 fee', witUjast jie.nt, atd I
cgntatas over Hir e hundred ro::ns, !
and can uccnmo.Iar j five liur.dieJ
patients, a:i 1 e.-u i aad every i
room is furiiiilit'd in eiegiat atid
lavish manner. B it wo will begin
at the office, whic" t is a large room
furni-hed with. ; ewooii fumi ure
throughout. In .he o.Tice a: e thou
sands of photog! &Ths nf t'iose who
h ive been bene iticd by the Xervine
The walls are e ieeantly papered and
are profusely decorated v ith rich
and eost'y piir ures, relieved here and
there by busts. :jx wioiie and bn-nze of
eminent meu jf this and oilier cotin
tries. Iu cc nnei-tion with the insti
tute is a v lammolh printing house
and binder y, occupying six or s- v. n
large roor .is, and a fcore of presses
are kept "i-unniosf night ana da turn
ing out work for the doctor, i he
office 13 re of the finest a"d most
i o.np"et ; in the West, a:i 1 he has the
rooms t' e "orated, carptled, and trim
med u? t --iih as much care and iux
urv as is. n;s own p:iva"j ofhoe. Oi.
tiie fil ,-t ficor oi this niarr,rri"th buiid
ing :.J t ice d 'Ctor's pnvale i.fiici , the
print "'ur 1 i-ii i -Tiit nt, 1 .int.erv, t;:iik
roou . Ttir.r. 1 o.Jiin? r.nd o su.'-
ta'i ii :ctn:s, l-arbi r shco, drug
sto? etc., nil ' v hich are fitted i p
rcg . reliefs of cspi iise. The eec nid
Co r ha the hotel office, dining, bil
lii :"d f.rd ce king l corns, laar.y finest
c .r.mi'crs ai d evei:J parlors. The
t iiird anil fourth floors are al; rooms,
i II i f which are furni.-b d with
i -u-sels carpets iir.ti the fi'.et fu-ni
tore. The billi " d roo:a h ss.-ixt i-
Sa coso:s to t; li Brow
Oensra! Merchandise
P1I0EX1X, A. T.
Plans and specifications
furi.i?li(?d and estimates
c:trefullv" madu ou all
classes of buildings.
Dealers iu.all kinds of
California Lcmisr,
Cccrs, Sash,
!inds and Mouldings.
OlJ'rc and I r.mher Yard on S. E
t -,n:' r f darns and Mariei pa t-ts
.oriii uf Uank l-xciiange tiotel
Small Prcfits for Cash
Phenix, Arizona,
maxcfacturkrs of
Eeer, Soda SarsaparSISa
TTnTTncr moved onr mill fivn ml!op wept f
Friictr. on Willow Cicck. Koar Tlmiut
lnte. at a p int v ili:n t"o miles of
Viller road. ; ear In ii t-srincH n:J hviue
cora( lttert an t-xcc-Ilen "oud n to Hrpi?roi
we fir- now prepared to funjisuaay amount
or quamy ul
L umbe R,
Lathes. Etc. a! Ccdrcck Prices.
koa in fcxehnnste Tur Lumber
riew Saw Mill.
GEO. VV. CURTIS, Proprietor.
Two and one-ha'!' rr.'.lp
Kelly & Meyer
Wholesale and Retail Dealers n
Beef, Veal, Pork
itton, Etc.
Dino ul'; )ct:te 1 rsteff c
For Sale cr to Rent.
160 Acres of land about
six mils west of Phoenix
will be sold or leased on
reasonable terms, with
privilege of water fiom the
Grand Canal.
F. J. McKEAlT,
Transfer Copapjy.
son tn
y i.u ii i i ioo )
Having now j5p!eted. and in iul!
operation, my new Saw Si ill,
I atu j.repared to 11 or
ders tor
; ;:IL1 do a !T"r.eral tr nsfer busi
j 3S ne, caltiuir for and di live in?
i !3 f.i !s, imikasre.- etc. to any . art ol
! t: e i i " v.
..J ... .
Not c
Tvtzix. A. T. Mnv 21. 1P82. !
I have this day 8--M tn Jo Thal
hi itner n y entiie s o. k i f I. oin.rs.
al.-o leaseu him the Gem Suloon fin
'ne ye- r. In i etii in sr from bu ines,
I wii-h to thnnk all niv friends lor
their lihend patr.-nase in the pii
anil also sk iln m -o c- niinne iheii ;
p-i trounce to my snci esor with the
same liberality. Good live.
ni2C-2iv J. m. Cotton.
i, r(.r from 'he ciHritry roliclud and
-aiif mctiuu Ouarautucd iu all.
V I drs
Plants, Bulbs &c
Dormant Eu-J Peaches.
:n lare on ntit;ties. Sped aid rnrs
ery cat ,lr ins., separate, and sent
on application.
J. TRUMRUr.r. .5; CO.
19:121 5:nfjiii'" St. Sn Fi ancl '
1 !i-s, of nhii h are frc3 to the
paest of the hour e and their fi iend-.
The Isth-roont is hi'ge and neat, and
is ais frte to sit. rt-. Thee.itiic
l.ni'di irr ui sur;ouade-i on tba east
and sr n.li by an c-U-g;'!:t five acrt;
park, in '.vluch a; e lovely trees, hed
of rict a od rare ii'a Us, grivel v.T.Iki
and dri .'es delicious arbors, a da
mcst 'c.f;nifa' sum.n -r h-"j ;e. There
are ak o a nn n' -r of fo:intains that
add wonderfully to the beauty of the
ptrl:, .'h!c:l Is f:u"v one of the
mo t lovely and attractive i:i the
we.4lc-a country, and th,. InUitr.-e
has no ;7!:al for Ir.xtny ):n.! co;:uort
in the v orid. EvcyUii"!. is perfec
tion, ami tiie vidtor ii hi one
charmc 1 wi'h the e-iiire p!;ie.- and
its surrotin lins. A a i.l a of the
immensity of the d-ctOi"'.i hasin s
may he given wh:-:i iva ;,;ii 0!1
the day we vi:eu tb Institute h -showed
us to bis exr r ss room and
we saw tha espressii. in t i';e goo Is
labeled to the follmvin places, to
say nothing of bi-.iij-e lj of or.k-rs
frontal' quarters of Am rie-i; fi-.-ons,
France; G--nevi, 3witi!er!Ba.l; I id
rid. Spain; Brussels, Ssi.iriarri; ' 'a;-.e
Town, Africa; SUan-r'i ti, 'lii.n; Yo
ko ia-na. Japia; il en'iiv, Inli x;
Melbourne. A-i-'fniii. Th? doctor
employs hu iilrcds of niiin an 1 wo
men in his Iotitut3 ia th-i several
branuhe , aside from the inmenie
force rejuire I to oad.iot t ie Uofel.
It is worth a visit, aad Dr. Rich
mond extc-aiL) to all a cordial invita
io come and see him. H j and j
i niuu'.-riui Ilieuieai UeWi'vi '
h given lo St. Jo;-c-b.r
i-$2r Shcp.
Barber & Hairdresser,
Tipf Saloonnnildlne:.
fTnv'ns been in Misir.ess in rti.i'
nix for 'be p:it 'en years, we et'cn-.l
a enrdial ijiviiH'ion to ail our old
Trie lis and customers to call on Ur
Ht onr new str.nd. Our jroods wil
ahviiys he f.nli. v-' CrsUlass aor
always as rcHbiented.
Brown's Old ta;id.
In short, everything in my
ime ior the construc
tion of
FErst class Build
All orders sent by mail,
or through the merchants
prompt attennon.
Geo. v . Curt's.
i . y .,3 1 1 .vv .. ji
Rash, . .,'
Enwu ,pi '' ' i
RlMOMQMI, 1 B&mmm tmm mm
j i i .T";
i PS
! Mttma:
-r t&A
A lit s-n TV-I
Kr mi &. am
- i riiM
--" i am mm w
k kit
caution i strjr.r;,kiir:
Rj fur Unuci 1UH
tnd Hi t. b.ck va ttc fc i T 4 -
tide mds u- fasis u PtUVATK "
Pnt np im Quart Soj Bus. Pro SIM
otd by DRUCC STI am cik.Ai,
Denjerbaix & Sandser.
'fahinston Street, one block vest nf n
Pliant, Kov. 11,1879.
x-jtoni, Nov. 9, ISfcO. --i-"f!V" -
ii"3:ti5sl I!3ctricit7 rr :
fl !i? Only i 'rnuin' i JTirs .R-tnitu Ii i-'tir
E;;:.i -V iijiuro.;'.; i-KWJ J
The cominti F;esta will ccmuiencc
on. i he nijiht of the
23d cf JUNE, ISS2,
And continue to the close of the
niiilil ot the
July 5:!i.
Gl!i aid 7t i,
- AT
George Eoterts' Tiack
Always on hand.
Hone noardcit livtbe faj-.W (fi.
"r jiunoi ar :eu.xonalle
I ate
At the lowest market price. j
flRST DY-.7Ur.Y 5.
Runnirg Hace Mile Da;-h. Free
lor all. Purse, ?loO.OU; intrance
fee, 520.00.
OF 4th JULY.
Rnenin? Race Half Mi'e Dash.
Fr.efi.ral'. Parse. $100.00; En.
trance fie, $25.
A Magnificent -Illumination of
i-.-Ai-.A.-. f ....I. 0-.E YHAR. BF.ST THE .VOP
Vlil Xi:tlvi.-!v cure wiilicut mctixiits Ucunr.ti-iu. pi.
i.ei iCcai.''ls'vJ.-iir.!-. 'fieM&, spmai uiwa Surpnssfiiiff nnytliias produced here
I if -1 5iK? orcMicL Scmlfcrusuat-lt
.nWv 5.SS ca'iw.HuiiUjeui,otci.i.J
t'.iere, will lie one of the teMiinit
features nf ijie provrammi". Many
other attraction--, not less exrensive
will, in addition t. the above, make
it he
Event of ths Season.
Parties c-rre-'lio "linir bv mail
wi h a view of purchasing Ice: tion
will be
Good Alfalfa Pasnraore
at my ranch, one half a
mile from 1 hoenixat the
us.ia) rates. Milk deliv nnd nrp r,fi'1',',i fend in tilth
erea m roenix wovn
ifiT ?tu.i evti;,iGT.
U. A.
Solo Trartershfp.
ITr.ow all mo by thofle pre-rnr9 that T.
M r- Acn rirjifM. wif of .iichael Ert
jjl S'T, reitlirisr r.t-ir Thcenix. in th- coan
fy of iccva. an I 'iV-r lory o' Arizona.
! -i r tg" d jir.n.- o wad hvrvhv ii.t -mJi- s to
avail mvyi-ll cf Itie biin'fiif o tiie Act
Mi" ndil.Ty to ( In:'"11 the ftfiwj)
Code ajjp:rvt.I D t. 0' h Itfi";. di hr i)
declare t hui airor t tii dae C in
ti:id t. anil w.li carry on
and t1" n-tf , in Tn c n u.imo nu
.u my u :;ccOTiiit, inuid c-ui y of Mar
i Oja. tli j ;j!i-fne if fur-.iln r in a'l it-?
br.'i'jcbe-, rait iz crou. d ?4 in - in b"js.
c.it e. hor.-e-. a? d ait do-n lie at-inviM.
bu ins and I :nsr 1 nd. m l aiJ ha. may
e. tia to a 2-iior.tl Tut miusr bnf"ues, t hat
trie W; oIe r-rrnt of nimiev ir.vvtd in
biirin '-t doe? not exceed Five Tbou-
san.i lioJl -.rs.
a. d frum nr.d after thif dnte I will he
njcinsr1e my o--u namu for ail debts
contracted by nie on account of nuy of tiie
r-t.hi bti.-iue.
June 3, 'J.
1 T ff'v wfl'f. iS
Tfr it-'UT ot Arizona I
On the ihird ix.y of J-ine. lSti. before
m. Win. V. Hancock, a Not-iry I'ubtic, in
aifl f-r t!fH C't.iniy of M-irioiia. iie.-son-
v appe-tvfd .Mary vr.n En.rrasee-, w:fe of
uicbaei Kuff.tf tr, known "to iu to be
th-1 tfsra jerpon w hose n-im is sub
crib-d to r pnid annexed in-tm-etrinneiit,
at party thereto, and who ihere.
aite beinir fir-t niad-- acq 'tainted with the
confute uf paid inHtnunt nt aponau i-xam-n.ation
neparate aod apart from and with
out the bearing of her aid bnehand. dnt
c nowirdged tn me hft be execated the
Mme freo-y and voluntarily, and ior tbe
dpuh and ynrp.ie therein wentioned,
itboDt fear or cofrnalsion or audap inriu-
ence of fa r huaband, aud that abe does I
not wlfh to retr.ci the- ?amp " r.
istKc QnlyPoiuder con
sisting of nothing but
Grape Crcam'Iartar
8nl ishi carKSoda
Api'iieatiiins before the
t 5th ct June,
So a to hare sufficient time to
lange their fixtures r
Visitors wi'l rr-ceive n cor'' in 1 Tin.
vitHtion and eve y at'ention 1-Mik nir
to tlu-ir cooveuituce will be givm.
Pavilion for Dancing
Will he lare and eommolinus and
the FOUKTH OF JULY ha- been
.-et apart b' our citizens for a full
e jovment of all the plea-ures and
.itti actions the Fiesla may ofter.
Sherman & Otero
Junnine Rue- 6(M) Yi.rds. Frep
or al1 Sad. lie ll'irse.- witlout
U. C"id Purse, 50.00. Entrance
fee, f3.00.
In oil "nee-. Three o F"n er
Iwnto -mrt. In b- govi'iiii-d
by ilie riiciflr Coast Hulls.
Entrhs CI S3 July 1st.
237 Keaeny Street neae Bush I
Fsircss Sits
1 tii
i ii u i (
KtO shoddy Trimminsrs or Ch:m-se
JN lain -r employed .. tV-w facts to
: -taken into cou.-uleration.
Fit Warranted or nu Sale
Arcade Orewerv
Corner Washington and Ma. icopa
C. A. Luke.
r;l ILK!
Delivered tvrice a daj
Morning and Evenin g
Three bits a eallon. lOeeiits a quail
U. S. Land Oft-ici atTccon-. AiroNi. (
" !y 6th lt2. ('
To Oliver H. P. Fheets.
-Maricopa Co.. Arizona.
sir: Comriiaint h.-ivira r, .i.
ittered at tb s otlit-o bv John t":, rk
ngMln t l provi lcd hv section S rfrli. ri
t pme d an act enti 1- d. " n art to ev
cournpi? :h" .'rowth i)f ' mher oi: hi- W est
"n Prai its," ai.prov 3 Jat-.f 14, 1RTS. fo
f. i ii.e ro comply n yo ir part i:hth
co' dinons r'-aai-ed l;v khM rr.t mn.;
umcd by yon o be p rformcd in voar tim
l. r culture ent'y No 3 . u on th- n- rtli
quart-r ! secion J'o. 20. Town?h:i
N 2. Jio.th of range Ko 3 East. a' i
iit R ve Meridian Madi- on th I t 1
of Jnty lb78. in ti i- that on h:.tt- 'ail- d t
b-euk r cause t be broken .-r t.lo eri
Five ar e ot lai d coy :e' t' r by 'h
Brt year after uni-h ' ntr. That on laile.
t brenk or c -ll-e t be broken r rnl..i,-r
n e acres o lnd ilutin th- pec nit yea'
! hut on fjitl' d to ca'tiva'e n croo o.
h' Twine ti e live HC-rPB r.-nrl ert in I..
b oken or plowed th- firs- year, m-1 f n
n .h -hi i' vear von failed 'to cn tivnrt
cro.i or i-!h - ie the fiv. ucr .eo i
to be t.roke'i the secoi d ear nd to dIhd
n nnher. ce g o ct iisr tin fi.-e i ce
r mred t be b oben the fli?t vi ar. An
h.lt on ;he f-mih ve,r v. u lai .oti to mil
in e ai d not in crop or o h rwi ethe
creK r-qur-a lo to br ken th -.corr
ear. Ai'd aka tlHt s ttm- .nil n.Hc
be uT-d tn- a henrii.e in id cate. ilia L
tn b jl!nw-d"ro orove a:!' : p.tr
by him e.- r de: ard t t t ai i tinnier cn.
lire en'rv o. 8 ray be dc a d cance
eH ai.d f-Tfeit- d to the U ited taiea
No there re. von are lie eb i-otifi.
ami r. Q- ir d to lD'u-nr a thi on e - ie it-
Cit' ot'l iice T-. Ariz na, i.n the 1 i tla r
I y. 188. at the h"r o Ml o'clock, . x.
ofiliar'a.a vhi-h time utid .l-'t- n-
wil be taken tonclirr il.e nil.- a to
lereiiwe- loin, a ci that yonwiiliea
lo.-e i to introduce ! i-h f rue a
!hal' sei-fl: ten- itv? t. i1i-in.-e Mich i
U-iri-.tionii an.i etblifh Tour r.pht wmi
1 ihd under your nt y ae xfo:eui ,
Yours i.-t- I'ecr nil.
R ister
ru ' 9-4 Eeceiycr of 1'ublic Aiouej s.
Ma afartDrer of
3 C1J1 '3 '1.11-3 mas
Pcrtabla Mills
) 105 and 107 Ml.ion Street.
Sa.V ?mi -3.
Tor tqtt? than m thirst tm eaim tlw I
known to millions mil otr tt vorivi u i
the only sai'o reliance for tli ivi:W
accidents and pain. 1& m. BMca: i
abor prieo ana pr&im ft
kind for CTciry fotu & rTwfrAi pa.
iTrtstaria; Liniment is wtrboos ib amtH.
It p utr&tea u-n ataMi
th very oai pinariTiar cvauia-
anca of pain and inrlacuiiuuioft tmpo
sible. Its effects upon Hutn&a ficuaKi
tha Brat Crratioa ara cquaiT wwub
IJntment is needed tiy nuehxhr ia
every boose, livery day brui n o.
tbe tfoajr olava awfal saU4 ear kxara
snbdued, of rlaeuamUe Baann rw
stored. or a yalaaUa aiaaaa ear ea
and by tbe bBaliug .-ower tii
WUll'a pejr-il exsa. m t 1 1, , ip at ,
Ujo UX731AS FLE-iI as (
Rhemmatlaaa. CwIItBara. j
Joint. Contracted JtSaaaae. saaa-m I
and SeaOda, Caita l.raU aat J
Sprains. Paliaaaaa lia mm4 f
SUnara, BtUTtaeaa, I aa. CiJ 1
4or Kipplea, aa4 BfaiU at
Indeed every reran txlaraat at-a-
eaae. It heal w linen t aenraw
For tbe Bitf fUiIMH rape
Cimiai. Swtaar. titlT Jolata,
Founder. Tlameaa Sam. Cee tla. (
eaaea, Foot Hot, Screw Wecma- ncava-.
Hollow Hora, Nrvaara. V n j
ell i la. cpw.. . " - .
Old X
Id 8am, ! tvtl. I
tha SlK-ht and everr otnei
u which tne aataaaau ef tne
Stable and Stack Yard are riaaVa. f
I The Maileaa Mnetana- I tanaaal t
always cures and Uravec ilt-iar'nu i 'a. .
i tml it la. DOBittvey. i
Kom stead.
TJ. S. Lasu OpricB Tn sow, Arizona i
April 17, WS2. f
Notice in hereby giTeti that aJ -m Gon
7a!ei y Khjfj e has fild notice of Me inten
tion to nake flual proof in Flip port of his
Homeptnad C.ai n No. w5. ana that naid
ur of will bo made before rho Hon. DeFir.
es-t Porter, Judge of tbe secovd Judirial
ti8trict otirt for Arizona, at iih chain,
bern in PhPoix. Warici'a conntv. A T..
on the 10th dav of June. If 83. at lOoxiock a.
for the NV4 i k Section No. 24.
Township No. 1 N of Ran No. 3 b. .
Hf iixmeH the tollovxin vritnenfea to
prove bin continuous reid" nee upon and
cu tiv lion f said lnnd. viz.: He n u
dez Valci c;a Bernaval Goi zaV.-, Enlotrios
Gunr.tle, nud Francis Vurcel a. all ol
1 bitun.A. T. li-KN BV COUSINS,
-Un-5vv Kegifcter.
Oafour A Co" Celebrated Dntrh
Anchor Bolting: tlotiin, and
General Mill uriUhlii.
PBKfcoTT. A. t March S, , ISfi"-.
The Bunk of Arizona has this dav o!d
the iro .d will and buines of its Arenc
at I'hoeMix. to Kaies Lewie. ho will as
eume all liabilities and collect all ass'-t of
!aid aencv. We commend the new firm
to our fria-nde. ard ftsk a continuance of
their patronage, THE BANK OF ARIZONA.
( Sol I e wis. Pre-id-nt.
By t M. W. Kalks. Caehier,
f i 'I
tvpf5-T 4
I ri2SL&ilr vcu ma-nt tot"..
4 - . , N
K -M - v ' ' -' ?
KALES & LEWIS. Banker.
Heferrm to fheanova, we bep to notify
the public that we shall continue the bank
1? b leinecs in all it branches, and tender
our services as Bankers to uur correspond
UIU K II U Ulllriri. Hlitl RfK Will lUUttllte
the patronage hert-ufre extendo(io thjr
f.enc of the BanK ot Arizona- 1 '-'
cl atj-Apeiits of ihe Bnk

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