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The Phoenix herald. (Phoenix, Maricopa County, A.T. [Ariz.]) 1879-1882, August 25, 1882, Image 4

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Amitl. S 1Kb.
Local Lies.
'jjroin Saturday's Daily, j
Go to church.
Odd Fallows to-night-
To morrow will be Sunday.
Coats has a supply of spuds.
A large mnil came in to-day from
tha railroad.
Tac Tucm ruiu storm w.is the
heaviest for years.
We sec several m.-ny elogs on the
streets. Kill thein off.
Lay aside yoar business and rcs-Vi-monow.
Sunday school at 9 a. m. and 2:39
r. m. to-morrow.
Dave Baltz arrived last evening
froui l'u id a.
The public school will open on
the first Monday in September.
Bernard Goldman is baek from his
t-'an Franeisco trip, looking well aLd
Sheriff Orme aud family returned
act evening from their extended tiip
to Colorado.
Mrs. Milisap has disposed 01 her
miicb, and will open a restaurant
in Patten's building. We bespca
lr htr a good patronage.
John O. Dunbar, editor of thp
Tomlstonc Republican, called on
us to-dav. He .8 a delegate to the
Territorial Republican Conention
It is a curbui fact that Uncle
Harris has made himself many tne
nucs- among the jeweiers by reason
of cultirg down the prices of goods,
and whenever tiicy get a chan-;e to
inspect any article that they sup
pose cornea from him, they do all
they can to undervalue i.
A strancer in a printing office
asked the youngest apprentice what
his rule of punctuation was. "I set
tip as long as 1 can hold my brecth,
and then I put in a comma; when I
gHpe I ln.crt a semicolon, and when
I want ti sneeze I make a para
Prof. John Kelly will leave on
Monday for Prescett, in answer to
. the call of many frienda and citizens
of that place. We bespeak for him
large houses and a hearty welcome,
While here he has met old friends
and gained many new ones. His
mii'ic, both vocal and instrumental,
is of a high order, and be never fails
to entertain. As his days are, at
best, short in this world, and his
musical career near at end, we wish
for him a happy vo nge during the
remaining portion of life, and may
his last hojrs be as soft as the deli
cate vibrations from the snirjgs of
Lis favorite instrument.
Judge Porter aud family arrived
from the East yesterday afternoon,
feeling quite well, but fatigued from
the journey. Last evening the brass
band serenaded the judge and an
immense crowd gathered in frout of
tae Lease to welcome him back to
Phoenix. Bonfires were built
tround the block and rockets were
fired, saowing full well the opinion
our people have of him. After two
or three tunes had been played :
Judge Torter came to the door and !
addressed the assembled people. lie
.expressed his appreciation ot the
c implimci-t besdowed upon him ind
assured the citizens of the county
that he was well pleased to return
from the busy humdrum of tbe me
tropolis, the gaieties of the watering
plates and all the excitement of the
E ist. and again find himself at
home. He spoke favorably of the
progress made by our city during bis
absence, aud expressed his views as
to the future, believing this to be tlie
comine grand city of tbe future
Great Territory, and, in time, grea
State of Arizona. After another se
lection by the band the crowd (lis
perscd. The reception was a well
deserved compliment to one of Ari
zona's foremost end representative
mpn. Judge Porter has identified
himself with us and has done moie
fur the welfare of the town than any
other tiiizen. nis heart and home
aie in Arizoca ar.d het interests are
dear to Jijm. V e welcome him back
tc his adop'cd home.
From Monday- Daily
Editor aie thick in town to-djy-
The Mitcbell-DIut-tt CSMJ Js teen
Gnss Ellis & Co. make their an
nouncement to-dov that their annual
deaiance sale will continue but
thirty days lunger. They huve on
baud ;in imuieu.-e stock of dry g.'.'d
and wish to close i ut a large portion
to nmki- ronin fur even a larger stock
which 1s now on the way from the
Easl. This firm I, Will luow-i
their fejuare dealing. stud good ny.
torw.eutof lutithandite. An) thing
needed cn be f und in the-ir stock .
Give them a call aid satisfy yur
selvcs. Unclaimed leters ii: Postofthv- at
Phoenix, Arizona, August 21. 18S2:
Coombs, A
llu-sell. John I
Kieso, Jcr:y
Spain, J S
Daniel, C.irmo-i
Ha non lluerta
Fiai.cisco Quigii s
.Miguel Uuniero
Crtiudr-'S li;i5Z
Barruth. Mr
Derry, Clias W
JIairion, W IT
Morgan, T
Small, Dani. 1
Marcos Err eros
Jesus Memliblcs
Triniel.d Falm.i
Jesus Ruia
Trinidad Veidugo
Call for advertised let'ers.
Geo. K. Mowky. P. M
From Tuesday's I) .ily.J
J. E. Kna; p.:.I. M. Smitli an 1 J.
R. nolt csme in from Tucson last
A ratification ireetir? "vil! be
held on the plaza to-night t7:30.
Let everybody turn out, ladies and
all, and give our CiiLelhiate a loasitig
senJ-. ft".
Sergeauts Smith and Bowmuc, of
Camp Price, pas ed through town
last eveninr, en route to a'ten 1 the
court martial soon to co vine in
Prescott on the General Carr affair.
Several ladies gracd the conven.
tion with their presenile li t night
aud to-day. The Hi publieau ariy
always draws L.tfi-S i ihelr delib
erations. Juhuuic Looselcy, with his ever
enterprising spirt, spread a splen
did lunch for the benefit of dele
gates. The menu consisted of roat
chicken, lobster salad, roast beef,
bo led tongue, cold meals, pickles,
olive?, e;c. Tlie v:yions ueiegaits
enjoyed it hugely.
Wm. Wankowski, .raveling sales
man for Jo. Poheim, is in i.ur ci y
again from San Francisco with a
fine line of samples of fad and win
ter goods. EverylKxlv w ill remem
ber Mr. Wankowski from his last
visit. We can assure our chizens
that he will give them full satisfac
tion this year. If you niel a fine
wedding, dress or bnsiness suit, call
on him at Ganz's hotel.
Mr.T. H. Monihon, of Pima Sta
tion, on the Phoenix road to Mari
eopa, a few days since showed us
ihe Guest lot of wheat that it has
been our privilege to examine for
manyada-. It has been raised by
the Indians, is perfeulf clean and
of fine, large berry. Mr. Monihon
has bought between 200,000 and
300,000 pounds of the wheat, all of
the same grade, and it is certainly
remarkable iu both quantity and
quality, as well, as an evidence of j
the ii duslry of the Pima and Mari
copa I Lilians.
From Wednesday V D-uly.j
The delegates will nioslty leave to
Some benches are badly needed
on the Plaza.
The Porter biom opered out in
good shape last night.
The load to Maricopa is ia a hor
rible condition.
Judge Tweed will leave to-morrow
for a short visit to California.
in that office in New Tork State,
and, no doubt, can fill the position
Iu the minutes of the convention
it appears that, On mo: ion of J. F.
Kuapp, of Pima, a c mml!tee of ue
fri in each county was appointed on
permanent organization." Mr.
ICnupp'a name, however, does not
tipper as c'.ni-mai: of that commit
tee or as it member tlieteof, which
would apparently mdici.te a parlia
menturj discourtesy on the part of
the temporary chaiiman. Much,
however, was not the ( ase, as Mr.
'p;i earniMly r quested that he
shoul I not he (diced up-in the e r.m
mit'ee, other business demanding
his ittei tion.
Mr. .1. A. Whitmore. of din Tur
son Citizen, rnd chairman of the Re
publican O. nvcn:iou just adjourned,
k ni'ly ci.lled at our office this mrn
i g - ish lhe regards of the Citizen.
Mr. John O. Dunbar, dclearate
f-oin Co hise, and the lively edi or
of the Tombsloue Republican,
snatched a moment to shake h wl- at
oar ofiice this moruing.
J. W. Davis, delegate from Pinal,
and a su ci ssful at orncy of FJor-
enci , i ailed to-day to say good-bye.
Mr. Davis is a member of the Terri
torial Ce.itiul (.'omuiiti.ee from iii
count v.
One of the pleasant and very en
joyable incidents transpiring dnrina
the session of the Republican Con
vention was a delightful dinner party
at the home of Hon. A. C. Baker, at
which were present about fifteen of
the mot prominent personages of
the entire Territory. Kr-pri senia
tives of the local press were also
honori-d with iiivitalioiis.wbich were
cheerfully accepted. The dinner
was linre than satisfactory, and it
wa3 generally remarked that it was
a wonder that such a variety of good
things to eat aud drink could be got
ten in a town with so limited a
marktt. While the ho:jt m iy rpcak
for himself, we accord to the hosiess-.
Mrs. Bal.e., the well deserved com
pliment of a rare ability and grace
of manners, enabling h.;r to receive
and ent'rtain her guests with a
pleisure to them all not commonly
discovered in soeietv circle:5.
Irescott Mining: X ' .
We are under many obligations to
Mr. George S. Itice, of Cochise, the
aide Secretary of the convention, foi
many favors cnfeired during the
ses ions of that body. As n quirk
and a eu ate business man, Mr. IJ'ce
has few equals.
From Thursday's Daily.
The staje came in
with wav mails onlv.
this moi'n'nir
The railroad washout sti-1 con
tinue to delay traias.
Railroads will not be ojie.i before
to-morrow evening.
It is estimated that over $5,0)O,0tJ0
was represented in the" convention
Our I.ou ls are truw4t4 Vt theSr
utmost capaci'.y.
Mr Charles Hoyt, iion-in-iaw of
"Mr. Sheets is in town.
The Good Templars mest to-!iight.
Rt publicans please note.
Mr. Edwards, the blacksimili, re
turned from Tucson jesterd-'iv.
A 'nice little rainfall early this
morning drove the sleepers in doow-
John J. Gosper, of the 11ekm,v,
arrived from his California trip yes.
terdiy afternoon.
By the im rr.ense 6ale of St. Jacobs
Oil we begin to realize that the
world is not slow to recognize what
is good for its ailincDts-
Tl.c face of William J. Divis,
a delegate from Tucson, brightened
our office with its genially for a
few moments to-day.
Mr. T. Lillie Mercer, too delegate
to the Convention from Tubac, and
an ex. editor ;.nd newsp-iper corres
poudin', made us a pleasant call
this morning.
Mr. C C. Stevens, brother of Mrs.
Frambe, is here as a delegate from
Pima. He is one ot the leading
m mbers of the bar in Arizona, ani.
sustains a brilliant reputation in
Califo. nil.
The registration or voters is now
n o.der and sh-juld be atteulel t )
at OuCe.
Prof. Franibes informb us that the
public school is expected to open on
Monday, September4lh.
Subscribers not receiving the II et:-
ald will please commufiicate w ith
this office at once.
A severe tand storm raged for
some time to the south and u ett of
town on j esterday afternocn,
Wm. B. Hoop.-r & Co. ore moving
into their new 'store. In a day or
two they .will be fixed up Sn pood
Judge C. Churclii'l, of Prewio!',
gave ;is a friendly call this ruoi uiug.
lie will remain ia to i n for a day
or two.
R. C. Brown, of the C'it:?cr, gave
as tdessant cnli to-day. He returns
lo Tucson across the country vin
The railroad is badiv demoralized
j !y recent rains, and no mans fiom
!lhe east have reached us for several
days, and very irregclarly from the
Yesterday, Vandever Brothers, of
Maricopa, shlppc.i forty car loads of
bullion fiom the Montezuma mine,
near Seymour, to the Benson smelt
ing works.
Now that the Territorial ticket has
been settled our local politicians
will have to go to work an 1 make
up a slated for county officers. The
day set lor. the convention is the
23d of September.
Judge Stiilwell, Mr. Street, ami, in
fact, the entire southern delegation,
unaaimously voted that the Phoenix
brass band played better than ny
band in the Territory.
Multitudes of people Mho have
been in mortal dread of rheumatism,
neuralgia and other painful dis
cases, now rest perfectly easy, know
ing full well that St. Jacobs Oil wiji
cure those troublesome ailments
without possibility of failure.
P. Fitzgibbons, our popular res
taurant man, is still in the field as a
candidate for sheriff, subject lo the
acti n of the county convention.
i Mr. Fitzgibbons has had experience
Tiie regular prayer meeting at the
M. E. cuur-h to-night.
Heavy ra'ns have prevailed to the
sou h and east of Prescoit.
Graham and Gila are the great
copper counties of this Tciriiory.
A number of teams are camped on
the Santa Cruz, awaiting the falling
of the water. "
Mr. M. C Butz, the plea-ant edi
tor of the J.'emocrat, made us a
kind'y fraternal call a A iv or two
T'ie August Roster for this de
partment is before us and exhibits
he tine task and skill of the Fort
Whipple printer?.
All p uties havin? unadjusted
cluiiu- against the Herald are re
quested to present them at once to
J. J. Gosper, now in the city of
1 uCbon is sutlermg f'Oni the wa
termeion epiuemic we should judge.
At least funerals are numerous in
that region f country.
Mr. Mercer, delegate from Tubac,
gave the Herald office a parting
call before leaving on the noon
stage for Maiicopa-
Messr-. Beach, Vandever at:d
Powers, who went over to Tempo
last cv ring, returned this morning
They start again for Tucson, via
Maricopi, this evening.
Thirteen shootists from the differ
ent military posts of the Territory,
slarled for Sua Fiancis. o to eu'er
the rifle coniest soon to oixur in that
Mr. Uorincton, of the i uma r-cn-
tinel called to say gorni bye today,
before trvio? his chances on the
home trip. He hoped to iret throimh
from Ma:icopa to-iigh'.
Mr. C. W. Beach, of the Miner,
gave us a friendly hand and con- i
ferred favors at the HtiiAi.u ofiice
yesterday. He left viaTempeand
FJ ieiice with Judge Vandever and
Gov Powers, for Tu son, iu ihe
We would call attention to the ad
vertisement of the City Transfer and
Parcel Delivery of San Francisco
which appeared in yesterday's issue.
This company make a specially of
shipping and are reliable.
Mr. Wa; kowski is niectinsr with
immense success iu taking orders
for suii.3 for Joe Poheim, which
shows lhat the house gave entire sat-
isiacUon to those who pal'ouized
Mr. Warkow.sk i while here lusl year
?dr. Warkowski !s ttue Bank Ex-
eeange Hotel, aud too busy too talk.
Fiom the Miner we learn that the
Tiger mine has been cleared of
water, and work on t'ie drifts and
levels U being rapidly pus'ied foi
ward. Theminj is a most Vrituab'e
property, and will np doubt soon
iukc m ps.ice among tlie Drs: in tiie
Territoiy. A mill will so n be
" Last winter I fell on the ice,"
writes W. T. Dowd'all, Esq., of Peo-
r-a, in., ai;i uaaiy ilislocaiad my
left shuulder, causing me intense suf-
The mill tu Groom creek ii work
ing awny on god lock from the
Julia mine of A. J- r.ubopt, which i
y ieldiug wel '. Besides being im
peded f..r lack of sufficient water
lo run full time, this n.iil is b o
simili for economical or rapid woik.
Its capacity does not exceed tl.re
ton of ore per dav and the cost of
miiiiiig is necessarily high. Groom
creek Is worthy o; a gool miil, hav
ing plenty of quartz, abundance o f
fuel and, i l properly sjlec'e.l loca
tions, an inexiiaus.ible s.uiply of
water. Thfc mil! now on the creek
saves only fres -old and the silver
and gold bearing suiphurels can not
be trcati d A great deal of the
roo worked for gold carries ovr
$'.200 per lou si.ver, aud the cul
phureis saved in blanketed sluices
and cleaned of s.ind by hand pan
ning have assayed $1200 per ton
gold. There are about fifty mining
claims on Croom creek and vicinity
more or less partially developed, all
showing good ore.
Thedisiance to the mining camps
on Lynx creek, is only about four
or five miles by a good trail, and the
Hassayampa wiih its numerous rich
mines bes only a few miles beyond
and the localiiy is a good one for the
erection of reduction works mat
would contribute largely to the pros
perity of Prescoit.
The good news comes from the
Dosoris camp that the work on the
Bluo Dick mine shows a steady im
provement in the size of the vein
and the quality of the quartz. In
the deepest working of the mine yet
rendu tl, the average width of the
pay streak exceeds four feet and the
assay value runs high in the hun
dreds per ton. This mine when a
mere prospect was sold some rnou.hs
since for St.8,000 cash. It promises
to become the banner mine.
A body of ore three feet in wuitii
has been struck in ih lOj-t -ot levi-l
of the Happy Jack mine, averaging,
by careful assays, 12-1 per ton til
ver. The ore is free milling and ot
the same character as that found on
the Mirface. All indications point
to an extensive and rich body of
ore, and the erection ot a mill will.
without doubt, follow lifter further
development shall ?hnw b-yond all
doubt that the enterprise will pay I
the cost of Hie ouelay for machinery,
The recent sale of a portion of the
Silver Beit mine, in Big Bug dis
trict, will soon be- productive of fa
vorable results. e hear lhat hoist
ing works to bring up ore and water
are to be erected very soon, and it is
more than likely that suitable re
duclion works will also be erected.
Besides the Silver Belt, the old com
pany sold a f iw other good mines.
On the hei Is of this conies the
good news that Mr. Howell and
friends of his have bought the Belle
mine, in Big Bug district, if so
they have bouht h..t miners here
consider a irood pror eitv. Courier.
Compare Them With tlie Late
Democratic Crowd.
An Array of Intelligence,
Wealth and Loyalty.
A faliulous I'rirc Offereil for a
Xelzabouws Mine.
fering. The first application of St.
Jacob's Oil gave great relief, and
with the use of less than one bodle
I quickly regained my former
Arizona boasts of some of the
richest mines in the world, and
within the last week we have the
news of probably the richest copper
mine in the country- It is (situated
in the Kikuha mouididns, about
forty railes west of Wickenburg.
There are in the group twenty-- ue
mines. :;nJ !' long to the Great Lon
don Consolidated Mining Company
The Emperor mine is the 'b;g
chief" of the group, and the ledge
is 60 feet wide and can be traced for
900 feet. It will run 70 percent
copper. A smeller wi'I be nere m
about five d iys, an 1 work will go on
in e-irriest. Mr. f). C. Kling repre
sents the com any, an I is highly
exultant over the future prospects
of the distr :. Another English
company have ofTi-red a round mil
lion of doll irs for th E:nperor
mine alone, but it has been refused.
The close Pnoximity to Phoenix of
these mines wjll certainly be the
means of leaving a vast amount of
money in our midst, and wo hail
this bonanza as hein.r of vhaI. imnor.
The many teams loaded with pro- lance to lIs. At f0me near futl,re
visjoas leaving town from time for
use in the country, is an indication
of i cry prosperous times. Our mer
chants, by Si system of liberal adver
tising have diverted to Phoenix a
deal of trade from valleys and camps
nearer oilier trailing points. Mr.
Hamilton, from Peeple's Valley, is
in town &fir a load of provisions,
because, as he says, he can do better
than to tiade in Prescott.
tiate we
say moie of this
A very promising new mining
disti icl eaile-J the Little Coltonwood
has been fo; -ned in the vicinity of
Hackberry, in the northwestern part
of the Tw'-Stw, on the Little Cot
tonwood creek. Jt is said to be one
of ihe most promising districts in
the Territory.
Rosenthal & Kutne- are receiving
an immense stock tot goods this af
ternoon by the teams of A. Artuand,
whieh. by the way, is one rf tLe
finest in Hie Territory, being com
posed . of sixteen large, fat mules.
The teams have been since Sunday
moruing coming up from Maricopa J to the surface at la.fl.
Col. Edward Hatch, 9th Cavalry;
Col. Luther P. Bradley, 13ih nfan.
try; Col. Henry M. Black, 23d In
fantry; and 1-tLieu'.. S. W. G roes-
beck compote lhe court of inquiry
convened ut t'u.i Whipple uu tue
Carr-Wjllcox affair.
Assistant Surgeon Chas. C. B.ii-
rjvvs, L, S. A., has been assigned lo
duty at Fort Grant; First Lieutenant
Hardie, Third Cavalry, has been
granted leave of absence for one
month; SergeanJ Orvilie French,
Sixth cava'ry. Fort Apache, is re
lieved from fie id signal service in
south-eastern Arizona, and Sergeant
James Boggs. First infantry .detailed
in his stead.
The last rail on the Col ton and
San Diego railroad was laid on the
loth instant, and trains began ru?
ning on schedule time on Mond
the "1st instant. San Diego's sot
We have never se. n a finer and
ri'ore gentlemanly delega oin to a d '
liherntive assembly than are now
gathered in Phoenix to attend the
Republican Territorial Convention.
They are selected from the best ma
terial, representing the wealth and
intelligence of the country. A word
or two concerting those present will
not be amiss, and will serve a, ai
introduction to our citizens.
Judge Clark Churchill, the chair
man, is an old Arizonan, a leading
lawyer of Pre.co-t and a man of
great ability. Hu record as a Re
publican and earnest worker for
Arizona's interests is wel known to
E. FT. Wilev is a o l"gate from
Cochise county. He is a compara
lively young man, but is ( ossessed
of sterling qualities. He is Secre-
tary of the Grand Cen'rr.l Mining
Company, of Tombstone, one of the
richest mines in the Territory. He
is well thought of in his own
i ounty.
John tj. J-'uuui.r, also oi C cJiise,
is County Treasurer of that county
and also editor and proprietor of the
tombstone Kepuoii :an. Wis paper
is now one of the leading journals in
the Territory, having reached its
present standing bT thr; push and
energy of its proprietor. Mr. Dun
bar is a general favorite in his own
W. II. Savaae is a member of the
legal profession at Biobee, t oclnse
counlv. From appearance he is a
gentleman of ability and talent.
George Rice is a young man from
Cochise, and by his energy and
talent has reached the position of
General Manager of the Boston mill
of Tombstone.
Webster Street is a prominent law.
3'er of Tombstone, having been a
member of the bar c.t the Territ ry
for several years. He is a gentle
man of strong will and deter filia
tion. His Republican record is a
god one.
John Ii. Farrell is a delegate from
Cochise. He is superintendent of
theGiiardand other valuable min
ing properties in that county. He is
a r:-pi esentative mining man and a
thoiouirh business tuan.
C. C.Stevens is a prrmincnt law
yer of Tucson, being a partner of j
Judge Silent. He was formerly con- j
nectcd wrh the profes ion at Sin i
Jose, Californii. His name ard j
recrrd are wed knov. n throughout!
California and he is one of tl e finest j
speakers and slrict parlian.cn m isi:s :
on the Coast.
Robert Pi i ley is a delegate from
Cochise county, and is superintend
ent of the M9 miLC, in Total Wreck
W. C. Davis is one of the leading
merchants of Tucson and is a man
of wealth and pioperty. He is
strongly identified with the Repub
lican party of Tima coc-nty and is a
hard worker for its interests.
T. Lillie Mercer is a merchant and
justice of the penrc from Tubac,
Pima county. He ii a gentleman
who will stand the acquaintance of
all, as he i affable, social, and of
sterling worth.
J. A. Whitraore is well known as
one of the editors of the Tucson Cit
izen. R. C. Brown is also oDe of the ed
itors and proprietors of the Citizen
mid is personally known to many of
our cit'zeDS.
J. W. Davis- is a leading lawyer of
Florence, and, from appearances, is
one ot the staunch men of his
A. J. Dorun is also a representa
tive or i inai county. He was a
member of the last Legislative As
sembly and is too well known to
need any comment from us.
Frank Laumeister is a delegate
from Yuma. He is known all over
the Pacific Cocst, being one of Cali
fornia's pioneers and an old war
horse of the Republican party.
George Tl urlow is al-o fr im Yu
ma. For several years he was war
den of the Territorial Penitertiaiy.
A man of determination, he i just
the kind to repie-cnt his people.
Ex-Governor Powers is one of
Yavapai's delegation, and is so well
known lo the enlire Territory that
we need not say anything of com
ment. His face speaks for ilsel f.
C. W. Beach is a delegate from
Yavapai, is editor of the Miner, and
carries Apache in his pocket.
J. W. Doringto i i-s from Yuma, is
a lifelong I!e;tuliiictin, and a worker
from the start. He was a member
Of lhe Council o' the tlth Legisla
ture and is well ki.own to all.
M. W. Slewart, delegate from
Pima, is an old timer, ami his thor
ough canvass of the Territory dur-
lcg the last campa'gn m .kes hi a
acquainted throughout the Terri
tory, lie is one of the oldest citi
zens of Ariz n i. Comment on his
Republicanism is unnecessary.
Gus Rodenburg ts from the much
ly populated county of Yavapai. He
is a brewer by profession, a Repub-
lic.irwin religion, and a thorough
gentleman by nnture. Like !he
lalance of t'ie Germans he is a
jovial good fellow.
Judge Vandever, of Maricopa
will help represent Pinal county.
Everybody knows him. Prompt in
business, straigutforward in princi
ple and sound in doctrine, he will
make -i good delegate
JlrTohu Raible is a representa
Yavapai county. He came
iioan in 1864 and is a brewer
de He is a representative
ijiiian Republican. 1
J. M. Smith, of Pima, is one of
the leading members of the legal
profession of the Pacific co ;st. Ho
is a gentleman rather advanced iu
years, prepossessing in appearance
and a brilliant orator. He is a rep
resentative republican and a strong
advocate of the inln sfs of the Ter
ritory. J. F. Kuapp, of Pima, i known
to the entire Territory, having been
the Speaker of the House in the
l ist. Legislature. He is a progressive
gentleman and a thorough business
.T. V.. HoV, ol P ma, is n yo'inr
man, doing a general firming and
ca.iie business near Ti.c-on. He
bids fair to make a g.iod record in
the Intllie.
J. Y. T. Smith is prorrietor of lhe
Phtcuix flour mills, and a pi..nccr of
the Territory.
C.A.Tweed is too eld a citizen
and w ar horse in the Repaid lean
ranks to need comment. He will
stain! true to his colors and the
Win. Isaac, the "la'.l sycamore of
the Salt,'' i-s a representative of the
agricultural interests. He is a
pioneer and was a member of 'he
L ti,lature some cars ago.
J. T. Priest is a prominent citi
zen of Ti.-m.pe. He is well known
in our valley.
Mr. Laughlan is a farmer from
Tcmpe. He is a man who com
mands the respect of both friends
and party.
F. A. Shaw, our Mayor, is a gen
tleman noted for his honest and
fair dealings, his devotion to party,
and his love lor lhe Territory. No
man in the convention stands higher
in the estimation of his fellow men
than Francis A. Shaw.
Gtorge F. Coats is one of the Re
publican leaders of Maricopa coun
ty, and is the right man to repre
init us.
E. B. Kirkland, Deputy County
Recorder, of .Maricopa county, wilt
stand the rachct as a No. 1 man, and
strict to his principles.
George E. Mo wry, P. M., (which
is postmaster) is a pioneer, and has
held mai.y positions of trust in our
county. He will truly represent
his colleagues. Mowry will do to
bet on.
North Willeox is one of our own
county delegates, and comes from
Fort McDowell. He is a general
favorite with our people and is
stauch in his Republican principles.
He is a ' thorounbred" of the first
J. D. Rumburg is also a represen
tative of the agricultural irterests.
He is a pioneer and was a member
of the Legislature some years ago.
M. W. Kales, of the bank of Kales
& Lewis, is a pioneer and a lapre-
sentalive man. His influence is of a
character that will always com
mand friends.
The Nominations of Hod. De
ist Porter as Canii
For Ccnsjess, ani
E. Dvls
for Superin
of Public
Fndo sed by the Represenialiv.-
Republicans of the Territory
The Cochise County Men Cover Hem
selves wl'.h Glory.
The r.cpub'iea-i Courty Conven
tion met at 10:30 this morning, at
the school -hnu.-e, and was called to
order by Geo. F. ( oats.
On moti m, J hn Y. T. ti'uiith was
elected chairman.
On mo'.ioi, E. B. Kirkland was.
elccUd s'crelary.
t n motion, a eo;::mi!t;e of three
was appointed oi) credentials, with
instructions lo report at 2 o'clock.
'ihe chairman 'appointed Messrs.
haw, Willcox ani Bond as such
According to announcement in the
Herald of yes'erday evening and
printed notice distributed on the
streets, a grand ratification of the
ticket nominated Ly the Republican
territorial Convention which had
just finished its work took place
upon the Plaza.
Rarely has Phoenix bee i in better
humor with herself and the world or
the times more propitious for the
expressions of good will and re
joicing among the people than on
last evening.
Piomptly a' the hour set for the
meeting the Phoenix Brass Band
paraded the streets disccursing most
excellent music and the plaza and
streets blazed with bonfires. Soon
the stand in the center of plaza was
occupied and the meeting Was cal'ed
to order by Mr. 1-aacs, chairman of
the County Republican Committee,
who moved that Ihe Hon. J. J. Gos
per act as president of the evening.
The motion loudly prevailing Mr.
Gosper appeared. upon the stand and
in eloquent and earnest words intro
duced the principal of the occasion,
the Hon. De Forest Porter, who ad
dress d the audience somewhat as
follows :
Mr. Chairmin Laiy'es and Gtn
tlemen : It is not my intention nor
would it be proper for me to occupy
bi.t a briil portion of your tiii.e
en this o: ca ioj, us llm Republican
Delegate-! a.o here from nil pari 4 of
this vast Territory. Tne convert
tTon .vhich lips this day p" iced me
im nomination was not eompo ed, us
ia :iie ;ia.t, of a lev, p. rs ms i.ohiin
paper proxies, but rf gestle uc:i
rep: we lii ig ever;, materi I interest'
and from eve y po.tiou of ih Ter
ritory, disi jnguislied al'.kc for their
a'j'li.y aul high inrcgriij"; and
w.nie iuauUuig liicui all lor tue
honor t'u;s day conferred upon me, lo
ling hands. He lini learned to make
his own way; has educated himsttlf
by nights of study and di-ciplined
himself by days Of toil to pay Lis
on way. He has made a succees of
his endeavors in the past and will
succeed now." The speaker took
pleasure in saving these thing3 of
the gentleman who had been hon
ored by the nomination and would
undoubtedly be honored "oy the e'ec
tion :
The chairman then inttidnepd ex
Governor R. ('. Powcu cf Yuvip-,1
Tic Govcn.or sui.l- ii was a great
pleasure to be present on this occa
sion and to stand before the peo;le
of the Quee i C ly of ;tzv .. lie
had come to the convention with his
personal prefi renci s. 1 ui hf,d o lv
learncJ lhat hU prefeieucts wen.
not the preferences of the conven-
tion when beilen hv abr-u? n tr-o-
thirds maj-iriiy, ai d he g arcru:iy!
yielded to their judgment. He said
that the two political parlies of A ri
zona should have but one n o ive
the development of the resources rf
tiiis ereat Territory, and that ihey
should send to Congress such n;e:i
as Would woik to do so. lie be
lieved that the present nominee was
such a man. We are in nee l of puis.
Ii! schools, and he thought lint the
nominee for Superintendent, of Pub
lic Instruction had been ai.d is the
friend of public schoo's and an
able and earnest man.
Mr. J. R. Farrell, of Ccrhlse, w r-s
then introduced by the chairman.
Mr. Farrell said that it a-as not the
business of mii.eis to make spe-. dies
and thai he was a miner; but, nev
ertheless, the gentleman got i ll" on:
of the handsomest little speeches of
the evening.
Tbe speaker said he was a mem
ber of the delegation from Cochis",
which to-d.y had j,one down with
Its colors nailed to the mast. They
had left their bleak hill-, where t!i
clang of the stamps and the riag of
the hammer sounded day and n'ljlit.
year in and year out, aud on am v.
ing here had found gteen fields and
nodding trees and epiict. bonus.
They felt in the contrast the great
ness of our adapted home, and ho-'
necessary the ability and honesty of
our Congressional delegate. The
miner knew he was tresspassing
upon public domain, and that i.t
any time he might be driven from
his possessions before Congress had
passed a law confirming his claims.
Such a law had be n passed l y a
Republican Congress, ar.d t'ie min
ers recognized their friends and pro
posed to stick by them Neaily a
hundred jears of Democratic gov.
ernment had passed belore Con. ress
had given the public domain to tbe
people and secured to them their
Never before in the k is tor t c Ari
zona p ditios has there let a a Kicr
aupiclo is hour for t'.e d-rtac.
mem ot Republican priaci?Its tin
at this time.
For two days the rejreaearatiTit
of the party, from every sclia e!
the Territory. w-ra ia cocvecrioa Lr
this ceiititd lity. and eever b-fVfrM
ha ther been assembled it tii
Territory a representative Jjc-dy cf
n en, ! visli tive assemb!y cr crwr
c a, i:l o!i v - y side anJ besor
us the Lite C-nvemion.
.Ven i-i the uiost active aol rrcfi;
le p' 1 -oi f I tijiaesi llf kT
i. -skv.t.l tt.cii Li;:ine-sd, areauJI
the mselves f rf tu comfortable licsa,
fr- ;.. vc !u:: rde'y jotle 1 exsf
rough and tedious road ia order ti
atteudth .' conv ntioo. All th' ia
tin n:M-t of Hit beat of a .ullic:a
su.umir sun, a!i tr tae tilt .T jiv
ing the way for sure success ai ti
P l's 'he coming election.
The Republican party of tic Tcr
ritory. en mass, may well cocjratj
lat it ctftip.w the presence wirVra
its inid-t f so m iay i.-u'y able, elo
quent and honorable rprvsMi'.t;
me-. I: was the common necari
on the sf eiUof Phoenix Unl tkfy
were the rinot lot. of men they er
iv tufiilur. AVi'h suvh an amy
of char.u ler and Capacity as j- ?
pr'-nii'.ontly displayed at this Cv
veuiion, gjes forth to the furtherr
corncrof ury.mnsj rmmfBWahki
a prophetic vision of glorisii tri
umphs r-.i the fields cf p.-li'k-il
batiit-s for pure and -.tuklic Ks.
The Aii.i.a Pcas-j ricy wlil t
compelled . to tarrender iu boasted
propr"et-r.iip rf Ai'.tonx r-c;:LV
and take tiie position of the tu
quishrd in the rtarof the low i
vai.ciug toiuiatiS of cnqueriaj Re
publican ism". Our columns ar
coin, i ! -1 f tlo ivl wirraaa i
many victorious battle fields ful'y
recruited hv tbe troresand bnadrvct
j of young recruits whose b-Vl bum
j with Mie fre ot faithfulness to ti j
: rights of the people aar the trse
p: inciilei of p:irty.
Lt a.l R. publicises rejoice -t ti
promising outlook for the peedy
tritimj h i f the pure and pauioi-c
principles of the rrt5. rtsjs
a hope, iiow self-assurvAl. of
coming better days of a presjyfrwa
aud tconomical minugcmersl uf j
lie afTair.
-rStnw-i sii '.v which, wy 4
wiads tdov." A wager oi fire k--dred
dollars wa "yesterdsy cHta
thai Porter 1 Iv elictr-i U ta
gressi and uo i ue is rj.!r la -
'e appreciate the many pleasani
coinplimei ts paid the HtAiJ
members vf the vouvesttoa aal car
li.ir-.as, for the full aird correct c.
count we have given of the rem
lion n.id the ratification nieiin
Tlie fol o ving item 1 ppri frvi
na c.' li i: g- si.i'AS up ts, t-.
a dot why tie j eop'e wart aa-xlurv
iv ul ii. tl e te lo IV-cireso t-q , V
On motion, adjourned, fo meet at 1 those delegates who i-ep:esin!ed that
me icruoiv wucie i
a o'cloc!:.
Tim convention was called to or
der at 3 i. m. by the ihair.nan, J. i
T. Smith.
The Committee cn Credentials
made their report, which, on mo
tion, v. as received and the commit
tee discharged.
On motion of Geo. F. Coats the
convention proceeded to elect dele
gates to the Territorial convention.
On motion of W . A. Hancock a
committee of five was appointed to
make out a list of delegate to the
The chair appointed Messrs. Han
cork, Willcox, Priest, Rosenthal and
The convention took a recess for
five minutes, to allow the committee
to report.
The committee reported the fol
lowing ticket: J. Y- T. Smith, C.
II. Tweed, N. Wrllcox, Wm. Isaac,
M. W. Kales, J. D. Romberg, Wm.
Loveland, J. T. Priest, F. II. Shaw,
Geo. F. Coats, E. B.Kirkland.Geo. E.
Mi ury.
Messrs. Rosenthal and Shaw were
appointed tellers. The ballot re
sulted in .the election of the ticket
It was moved and secouded that
when the convention adjourns it will
adjourn to meet .n the 231 of Sep
tember, at 10 o'clock a. m. Carried.
Il was moved aud seconded that
the election of the County Central
Committee be postponed until Sep.
tember 23. Adopted-
On motion ot . A. Hancock a
committee of three was appointed to
prepare an order of business for that
meetin g.
The Chair appeinted Messrs. Han
cock. JLaaiililan and !M:hw as said
On morion of W. A. Hancock
committee of five on resolutions was
appointed for the adjourned meeting
of lhe convention.
The Ciiair appointed as such com.
mitti e Messrs. Hancock, Coats Will
cox, Lewis and Herrick.
Meeting adjourned until the 23d
of Septerube-.
Itepuulican Curm.
The delegates to the Convention
met at 9 o'clock, in caucus.
J. W. Davis, of Florence, was
elected chairman and F. A. Shaw,
Mr. Churchill read telegrams from
J. F. Knapp and otners who were
detained by washouts and asked
that tbe Convention adjourn.
On motion oi C C. Stevens, of
Pima, it was ordered that the sense
of tbe. caucus was lhat the Conten
tion adjourn iutil H o'clock to-night.
The caucus adjourned uutil 3
o'clock this afternoon.
portion lhe Jcruory
j h.;ve so leug lived and where my
j home for so many years has been, I
can say mat their commence, ana
through them of thecitiens whom
they represent, is to me a matier of
peculiar g.atitlcation. It is an
honor lhat has come lo nie at this
time unsought, and only when in
formed by a committee that I was
expected lo be pent, s'.ouid the
nomination be given me, did I go
into lhe hall where the convention
was convened.
"We believe, Mr. Chairman, that
we are lo develop into a great and
growing State. While we are citi
zens here, only recently we have ar
rived from all paits of the world.
Every Slate and every nationality
are here represented, and in that
sense we are alt emgranl frag
ments broken from every civiliza
tion, from which is to be construct
ed the edifice of a State; and while
we are in this condition we shou Id
give careful i.ttention that all ma
terial advantages a-;c ndod to other
Territories by the gene ral govern
ment be secured lo us. To this end
a commission sho.ild be appointed
bv act of Connrcss for selecting
lands for a Slate university, for an
agricultural college, and lands in
lieu of those lhat are worthless that
we have secured under the general
law for common school purposes. If
this matter should he neglected by
our Delegate we cannot hope to se
cure this heritage when we mjrge
into the condition of a Sla e. Il is
thcrefoie important that this matter
relating to education should receive
immediate attention.
These laws hr.d been pasn-d by
a Republican Congress and a lie
publiean Presdent. To-day, go
where we will, we find open lands to
all. Progress wcabb, liberty of
Ihought, liberty of everything, but
not license, are matured by an I be
long to the Republican party.
Mr. Farrell then, in elo'pii-nl la i
uage, endorsed the ct.nf.id lies f or
Congress ar.d Superintendent of
Pi; bits InsiruHloii, j.nj ia : !;.:. I-
soiiic tribute lo e.e:-, aal lo tur
pno.i ; S:'.hl).)l sy t.; ;V
Mr. Fcrre!! r. eeived f (j-icrt rp-
phi use and impres cd all with it
e:,inystne:-3 nird n.ie a'oiii y
Mr. Webster St r. i'1. aroo hercf Un
delegates from Cosh is", .'.s csli.-i!
for and introduce;'. He s-.i.l ti-iit the
pretty things h id all l ecu said, bui
proceeded in a humorous mar ner to i Taylor, Snow Cat.?, Concha i3i
int'.ss: "Vhe 1'ionvr will sirri.' .
r. Cury 'or ( orgr.-s. s.1 U -u -lr
E i ci u, v i-tiiy is ib:d iti-'y !
o il a siiili iu .ii !ise ! t ;i;?t,.;fc
o.t idetle A. Ar P. r.ll-.s X'r
I'u y rotiised if-.irM. . I!y, E o?.lli
!-iut -x p::t-l.e co'.in'y should ivrt .-
a iittir ci n-.idem'i-c. .in t .it -l -
'sh juidhavi " miil sorvK-e. Wij..
is t'.e piesc.i- ciMtl ::a of stftlrs ia
t;ti i ;i:.!y Xn iaatl fcr Ss. J is.
Spri::gerii'c, F. ApcU. Miowk .
make souie good points agai:it ;1k- j
opposite political party. He stiitci'
that he had also been d-'egiled to
thank the people of Phoenix forcer
fain personal compliments as to
beauty among the Cocl ise d. Irgat'-s.
but that he was instructed lo omi.
Mr. J. W. Pavis, of Pinal, being
introduced, said that his county
joined in the general expression of
good will, and pledged the" hearty
support ot the parly in his county
to the ticket, and st.i'ed thct it was
his Opinion that the opposing Can
didate, who was of his own town, i
Wi.odruC The people h.ive;
petition after petition, a ad it is
disgrace to the party ihit the coca
ty of Aj k he, ri;kir f -urri im
ociTii of wti.irU iraJ j. p-iljis.a.
v. ith : ouuty si-t cxcUviain telv
i uiidied si ills, is without any c.-l
if we except an occasional baj frvci,
Hoibrook by mule or bull tems-
At some future time I hope to be
able to stale my- views, aud to con
fer more fully with you, upon these
and other questions, and in conclu
sion, I cin only state that if elected
as your Delegare, it wi be my am
bition to so discharge lhe duties of
the office as will meet the approval
of every well-wisher of our Terri
torj", and of all of those who hope
to see it devtlop into a great and
glorious commonwenl'h.
Thanking the audience for their
kind attention, the Judge then gave
way for other speakers from dislanj
parts of the Territory.
The chairmaa of the evening.Hon.
J. J. Gosper, then save a short
sketch of Judge Porter's public life
in Nebraska as a legislator, where
they had formed an acquaintance in
years goue by.
Mr, Gosper said: "He has made
Nebraska an able and honored legis
lator, and his voice was beard in
support of all honest measures. He
hAmin .;r.. .im....'. e. : 4 I
except on hncM,boy heart and wi!- Its--;
could not carry the county in which I - VUL inej
he resided; that, under h own cuPU)i,-T of
hand, he had tuimiltc.l that. lie had j
done nothing in Conaress. The
gentleman continued at some length
and to the point.
C;ills weie made for Whjtmorf,
Stevens and Smith, but those gentle1- i
men had lift the grounds. j
The meeting 11 as closed by a few j
remarks from the cliuirmnu and 1
three rousing cheers fo: the nomi
nees. After the ratification nu etlnj had
closed the band sen muled the Tomb.
stone deiegatn-n at ih r rooms in
the Phoei ix hotel, : nd, iu leiurn,
wero addressed by Judge tvillwell.
of rom'.stouo. The Judge had been
the first choice of the Cochise dele,
gation, but did not find it expedient
to havo his mini ! placed before tne
convention. In a kw well-Ume.l
remarks he gkve a s-ke'eb of the
work the Republican party h d
done, nuil then, iu mosl gei.cious
terms, expressed his indorse. ncnt of
the ticket nominated by the conven
tion. At the close of his remarks
the Cochise boys invited the baud
inside to indulge in a friendly flow
of political fluidity.
Th.- warm fiipj ert of the sevatii
atticit 111 the pb.l oria ad-pil by
the Territorial t'oaviuUo by trie
Ccchise boys may be more lueii to
oidsiiiv-rs ap.tr re.dijg lhe follow
ing from an editorial ot the TootV
sttne Indepiudeut: "Through tie
a carpet-bag Cohere or
u. d vct.al .eni-l.iture tlie oflru'e of
this county were put up at aucuoa
aud knocUt-ii dowu to the kititrst
bidder during the session f ti
I-egrs'atiire of !&;! ta-.-iby ea tail
ing on" Cochie county a fweera
mint which for iiritditshra rxtrv.
g.mce. fra.id aud ccnu;Hi a. hxs
had fear eij1. a'.s ud uo upfior
! Ihe propeity f tajpayer wu
cquni.el at more tutu txKesl
re .l va ue j.30 ;vr e it a-txl &
laxts, and a coiiary h11: in! maia
laincd at co-l luily rur;..iee to
p;.y the hole nin-iia rx; eaes of
a well g, veriie.l coimtv."
Tlie farautula Tale.
One of the curious elevelopmeots
of trade in Southern California and
Arizona is the traffic in tarinlulas
aud their nests. It is an turircly
new avenue of trade, and to Leo
Fleishman, of Los Angeles, seems
itt belong the honor of discovery
and development. He began a
short time since lo gather their c -
nous and ingeni usly ontrived
nests for relic hinder and curiosity
seekers, and as the trade ii.c a-ed,
he began the capture and preserva
tion in a stale of nature of tlie t:ir
autula itself, which he does by in
jecting into the animal arsenic in a
considerable quantity. This has tl'e
effect of preserving the tiranluli
acd destroying all its pfiison, aud it
could be hantUxd with perfect lm.
purMiy after such treatment. In
ceiiain localities in Arizona these
venomous iusects are quite numer
ous, and th industrious hunter can
sometimes capture several dozen in
a day. Whet p epared and ntoirnt-
d they bring ifti per dozen in Los
'1 ru.-t that 1:1. -a ia uothie - holUA
not a conscience ia every ihicr.
lieu V. Fi-st1. r. V.no.- n ia ArirjotiA
and Caiif uni i as Hua k Fclr.
stage driver, was shot ani killed, ia
Ramn, X. V., on tue !?;h iut. iy
Jaii.i-s A. i;i -. kwc!'., a iioIvh sou
ritB'-m nrd mn-elirfr.
Tlie town of Fresno lately yv
notice to disreputable charaotr m
lea.e, and ai ki:glu a hundred
lantes visited such as did not kve
with a long rope and the
parties kindly consented to
their beils und wal
The Mechanic
gress in Snn Fum V
from August 15th
The association hf
the deve loi.nie.it
ical and
tant Territo
The tot.i
Tinal count
the one mi!
nst-nted to
I li'pJllCill J
el agrij
ation is 2 ce
crease of or;
crease iu j4
ISSt isab-.Ut
itahlo show 1
number cf b.
received dur:a
dian w-arr.

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