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Roosevelt Takes Up Arizona
Delegate Smith at White House
WASHINGTON, D. C. Dec. 12—The
President is now devotion some attcn
tjon to Hie consideration of Arizona
affairs. Yesterday Delegate Smith was
summoned to ttie White House and hud
H long conference with the President.
Neither the Wldte House attendants
J l(ir Mr. Smith would make any state
ment regarding the nature of the confer
but it is regarded as suggestive
that immediately after Mr. Smith re.
it was announced that the 1 resi
,lnt had dadded to reappoint .lodges
pavis. Sioan and Doan.
It is known that there were charges
filed against all three! judges, but it is cv
,lent that neither the President nor the
Attorney General regarded them serious
ly Tim charges in every instance were
made by individual lawyers and Kemib-
Itratis. Jndge l>avis was accused of
nepotism and of riding on a railroad
(Ttu'Aoo, Dec. 12.—1 n a Federal court
today a story of fact was told in which
fiction writers may llnd inspiration.
Two years ago an Esquimau boy discov
ere«l gold on Anvil (’reek, in Nome, lie
staked out two claims, but as lie could
not hold the utoperty under the law,
kept Ids discovery secret.
Si* months later Hie lad fell ill, ami
on his death-bed summoned P. 11. An
derson, missionary for the Swedish
Kvangelical Church. He transferred the
claims to Anderson as trustee for the
church in gratitude for tlie care which
had been taken of him. Wen the boy
Anderson took hold of the claims, and
is said to have realised over 11.000,000 in
Nicaragua Canal Bill
Before the Senate.
Washington, Doc. I*2. —The Penults
Committee <>n Isthmian Canals today
authorized a favorable re [sort on Senator
Morgan's bill providing for the ao|ui
aition from Nicaragua anti Costa Rica of
Hie right of way, via this Nicaragua
Senator Morgan later presented the
report to the Senate, accompanying the
return of the bill with the report on
the subject of the canal across the isth
Action on the hill providing for the
construction of the canal was deferred.
The Senate today passed the House
resolution to adjourn for the holidays
from December It* io,January *i.
The Old-Time Advertisers and Enter
tainers with the W. \V. W. Co.
w ill commence a series of open-air con
certs tonight at the corner of Church
and Congress streets, near Martin s
drug store.
ajjt 1 \ Sonic glasses mav he disfiguring.
Clothes may he ill tilting or bc-
Ej: jM aSfWTw coinin';—it depends upon who tits
DnSb , yp'-" Iflk “Do they lit'" is a i|iicstion often
\L.' > V/lk -Ji naked, regarding shoes or clothes. Imt
O iV not always thought of, in connection
K. i, Almost anyone can fit with
jL H y. w glasses, hut will von tic ••fitted,"
' after he has "fitted" you.
Wccan assist in prolonging vour eyes' usefulness and good vision.
Eyes examined absolutely free and perfect satisfaction giiaiantcti .
Century Block—lip Stairs. Howma 7an 1
Largest Shipment of High Grade Pianos Ever Shipped to Arizona. J
SPFCIAL SALE FOR ONE WFFK'— okkati.y hkihickd bricks-spkcial terml|
THE ZELLNER PIANO CO. 114 E. Congress St.
THE GREAT FIRE SALE— — ’ a o u.w Buiwing
jq ()()() T*'' ■*" Shoos of oil /v 1 ads- m O t hire Solo 1 > i'icos* . JjM
t%?a. y Goods on Solo THIS WHHIt. jmm
Arizona Daily Citizen
it is believed that the name of .lames
11. MeClintock will he sent to the Senate
(or Secretary of the Territory within a
few days. It will not he necessary to
remove Stoddard. He was appointed
during the recess of the Senate, and the
Hppointment lapses as soon as the I’re
aident names his suceerror.
There is a good deal of pressure being
brought to hear on the President to con
tinue (iovernor Murphy in office to the
end of liis term which is nearlv a year
vet. The President does not like Gov
i t-mor Murphy and candidly says so and
iiis disposition is to lemove him for more
i reasons than one. Murphy's enemies,
all Republicans, apparently continueac
■ | live and the President is not permitted
to forget his existence. The President
is anxious, too, to provide for his old
■ ' comrade Col. ftrodie, and it is regarded
I us likely Dial lie will lind a good reason
I to retire Governor Murphy early in the
New Year.
eighteen months, lie recently gave tie*
church fstt.uoo as a gift.
Now conies A. C. Strayer, lawyer, who
in tiehall of himself, W. A till more ami
Charles 11. McConnell, all of Seallle,
sues the church and missionary society
for $20,000 commission. straver alleges
that Anderson worked the claims for
his personal profit, that the church
learned of the trusteeship ami settled
with Anderson for $K0,«00, which was
publicly stated to lie a "gift.''
The law firm was retained by the
church and missionary society to recov
er the property from Anderson and de
clare tiiey were to receive 30 per cent, of
all moneys recovered. The church ami
society, it is asserted, refused to pay the
lawyers the percentage
Oummi. Oil., Dec. 12. Articles ol
incorporation of the San Eranriseo and
Piedmont Railway wcr.- tiu.i today.
This means the inception ol an enter
prise which will revolutionise the street
ear business of this city and the estab
lishment of a new ferry system which
will enter into active eoni|ietition with
theKouthern Pacific for business with
San Erancisco.
It may also he the forerunner of the
entree to this city of the Santa Ee
Incidental to the new enterprise will
lie an underground railway which is to
be constructed between the West Hay
Shore and Verba Rtiena Island.
The projected line is to connect San
Erancisco with Oakland and Leona
Heights, a distance of 17 miles.
l.augfi with the Circus (or! and grow
fat. It will Ik* money in vour pocket.
After the opera, bring vour lady down
to Isidor'a up to date ease, and ask for
those delicious oysters, and fine steaks
The ladles of the Catholic church
are making preparations to hold a fair
here next Fbruary which, if expecta
tions are realized, promises to eclipse
the groat fair held just after the
Cathedral was constructed. At that
time the proceeds of the fair realized
st.iMMi A three days fair was held
on. e since that time at which the pro
ceeds netted about $12(10.
Tin- coming fair will lie held the first
week in February and will continue
steadily from Monday morning until
Saturday night. No definite place lias
as yet been secured for the fair but
the committee on arrangements are
looking around and expect to deter
mine In a a few days on a sultabhjjo
catlon On Sunday evening next at 7
o’clock a meeting will he held in the
Century hall by the ladles of the
church, the liishop and all outsiders
interested in the fair At that time
the committee on arrangements will
probably be ready to make a report
The ladles of the Catholic church
will ask those of other denominations
to assist them at. the fair and preside
at tin' booths. The fair promises to be
quite an attraction for Tucson as
Catholics Iti Nogales, Phoenix and
many other nearby towns will be ask
ed to lake an interest and be present
if possible.
The outlook is favorable for secur
ing excursion rates on the railroads
The proceeds of this fair will lie
devoted to decorating the interior of
the church, and to providing benches
and (icws. The ladles deserve eneour
agenment in this undertaking, as it
will mean a good deal to the church
ami to tin' city Its well. *
Oaki. mi, Cai.., Dec, 12.—Tim Hag
arty, Australian light weight, with a
record of 17 victories, is to meet old
•‘War Horse” George LaVigne tiefore
the* New Acme Club in this city to
Some new records are looked for.
The advance sale of seats indicates the
largest crowd ever in attendance at a
fight in Oakland.
NEW YORK, Dec 12.—Three clol
dreti at Tunia pond at Compton lake, N
.1., were drowned last night.
They were skating ou the pond near
; home when the ice cracked and they
I were plunged into the water.
Whoever heard of such a thing, the
idea of anyone being Too Rich To Mar
ry. Still there are people in the world
whose riche* place them in the most
complicated embarrassments.
Those troubled or suffering from the
above cause, can bo placed oil the road
to success, tiy seeing Edwin Owens
Towne” <'reat New York production of
"Tiki Rich To Marry" coming at the
opera ItOUHtf noon.
For accident insurance go to Plumer
A Steward’s. It-t 1 '
’t’hy it's just like winning a hdnie to
ai Joldtree'* up to date ease. corner
* l and Congress street .
The Committee on Territories
Wahiiinotov, It. t , I tec. 12 —Arizona,
New Mexico ami Oklahoma arc concern
ed deeply in the makeup of the commit
tee on territories in the senate. Ibis
committee now shows more vacancies
than any other committee which will !«•
|n the Fifty-sixtli congress Senator
Slump of Idaho was chairman, and the
members of the committee were Sewell
of New Jersey, Carter of Montana, Kyle
of Dakota, Thurston of Nebraska, Beve
ridgeof Indiana, Dillingham of \ <r
mout, Bate of Tennessee. Heilfeid of
Idaho and Mallory of Honda. Sena
tors Shoup, Carter and Thurston have
retired from the senate, and Senator
Kyle of Dakota is dead. Senator Sewell
of New Jersey is now very ill, and even
if he returns to Washington, it is under
stood that lie doe*not rare so much for
the committee on territories as he does
for other more prominent committees
on which ho occupies good positions.
Senators Beveridge, Gillingham, Lute,
TACOMA, Wash , Dec. 12. John Mc-
Gowan, head of the ore sampler at the
Tacoma smelter was crushed between
two cars w hile crossing the track at the
smelter today amt died shortly after
Cai t vs, Maim:. Dec 12.—The. Cana
dian Pacific railroad has surveyed a
route across Maine to form a connecting
link Is-tween different parts of Hi*' sys
tem , and to provide a through line for
trallio from the Atlantic to the I‘acitic.
ST. 1.01 IS, Mo , Dec. 12. In the
Lnited States District Court today I'.* u
Kilpatrick, the Montana train robber
suspect, was sentenced by Judge Adams
to fifteen year- in the State penitentiary.
Laura ’Bullion of Douglas, Aria., in
dieted jointly with Kilpatrick, was al»o
found guilty on one count hot wa« not
sentenced pend'n; an investigation.
A Lucky Miner
Makes a Discovery.
tii.ohk, Aril!., Dec. 12.—John Newman.
an old-time miner, recently sold one of
Ins claims for about f 15,1*10. Newman
! has confidence in tbe future of (ilohe
I and decided to invest in some real estate
j here. He twilight a lot across the bridge
i of aliout 50 feet front and began exca
vating for a two story brick building.
On Momlav a large chunk of metal
weighing SOO pounds was dug up by the
excavators. ~K local amayer says it is
rich in silver and worth at least a dollar
a pound.
Mr. Newman claims the metal by
right of discovery, alh iugh there is
some talk of contesting his right to it
Am the property lias changed hand* 20
times or more it will Ik* rather difficult
i to locate the original owners.
It is supposed that at one time a
smelter stood on the site of Mr. New
man’s lot and that may account f«*r the
The VV. W. W. Advertising Co. will
give a free open air concert tonight at
; the corner of Church and Congress
i streets, near Martin’s drug store. This
j company comes to us well indorsed by
j the press, and everv one is cordially
invited. Entertainment commences at
(i p. in. ll f >
If the Circus (.ill wins vour love, don't
Id.'imc her. She cun t help it
Attracts Much Attention
Ileitfcld ami Mallory probably will con
tinue on the committee. This will make
five vacancies to lie filled by the sena
toriai-eancus on committees.
It is believed generally that if w ill be
some time before the committees are an
nouneed— some say not before the Jan
uary meeting—but it is possible, in view
of important matters pressing for atten
tion, that the senate will ls> organized
fully before the Christmas holidays.
Senator Clark of Wyoming is an avow -
ed candidate for the chairmanship of
the committee on territories He
is said to be in favor of ad
mitting Arizona, New Mexico and 1 >k
lahnma to statehood, and for this res
son possibly will have the support of
those wim are working to that end.
The makeup of this committee will
largely govern the action of the senate
upon the hills to tie presented for creat
ing new states, and friends of the terri
tories are awaiting with anxious interest
the outcome of the struggle for place.
Woman Set a Blaze
In a Public Street.
Dayton, 0., Dec. 12.—Mrs Emma
Kastner, twenty-one years old, wifi- of
a pattern-maker, was walking Irom her
home to the office of a physician at ■> 'M
p. m., yesterday wlien !»'• men, occu
pant* of a buggy, hurriedly drove along
one of the men jumped out of the ve
hicle, grabbed Mrs. Kastner by the
throat and choked lief until »l*e fell un
eonsriotis. The man applied the flame
of a lighted match to lu r clothing and
then re-entered the vehicle, when the
two speeded awav.
A negro was the first to discover the
tinconseiotis woman lying upon the walk
enveloped in slams. Draw ing Ins over
coat the negro threw it alsmt the wo
man ami smothered the fire, ("be jack
et and waist of the woman were badly
burned amt her fate is uncertain.
Mrs. Kastner lias no knowledge of her
assailants nor theory as to the motive
for the deed, and the police are equally
in ignorance. The crime t,*>k place on
a street illuminated by electric lights
and near the heart of the city
One of iht lartjot Coniitjnmtnft of High
Grade Piano* Ever Shipped to Arizona.
Another proof of the unusual pro*pt- j
rity of Tucson at tbe present time, is
the fact of a firm stopping in a large
cons gnment of strictly standard piam s ;
to tw* sol.l at a special sale to last only .
one week That certainly shows that!
this firm has confidence in Tucson. We
have reference to the well known firm
of The /-diner Piano Co., who yesterday
received two carloads of pianos com
prising such renowned makes ns the
Steak-Krakaner, Story & < lark and
other popular makes. They are going
to offer these piano* at greatly reduced
prices and anyone that is at all consi
dering purchasing a piano should sure
|y call on them and look over their
stork. The offers that they will make
on their easy payment plan, will allow
anyone to ow n a piano. Think of pav
ing on a piano and Indore long owning
it. There is no reason why every home
in Tucson should not have a line piano
;U the prices and terms offered by tins
firm. The public should remember
that this site will last only one week
and those that wish to take advantage
of the unusual low prieeaand easy terms
offered in tbi« sale should rail at once,
so as to get Die Vest selection.
The instruments will lie on exhibition
at tie* ware rooms of The Zellner Piano
Co., No. 11l E. Congress street, open
evenings during the sale until I* p. in.
The latest thing out for removing
wrinkles from the forehead is to sre the
Circus Dili. She'll make you forget your
j cares.
vsl- JQSbmgl ■
CRESCEUS, King of Trotters, 2:021
Tbl« msxiiifii'cnt horse, the grrsict trotter in 'to- world, driven l,y Its
ou ii,-r, tmerge get, hum. will trot «n exhibition rut,- Hgsin.l time, st
Union Driving Park, Tucson, on December 19.
In Pillion to tbl« peerless fe.tnrc. ttiers will !„■ numerous other tori events ol im
portance. one l.rs tor the round trip tm* ts-eii *e, ore -t from nil rsllro.,l point* to
ArliolM. thn* ensMlng >!l«t»iit r- sid, nl* to witness I'T fsr the most Imporunt turf
pi. lit ttml ever occurre*! in Territory.
Kur further inlorrantion ml<lrt*f»s,
Secretary Union Park Driving Club, Tikmii.
Boy Made Insane by
a Cruel Ordeal.
( tit, m»o. Dec. 12.—Lying on his hack
in a great iron tsiiler, his cries for help
unheard, tiecause of the roar and din of
John Mohr <V Kofi's factory, Hubert
Carier, Is years old, saw a big steel
drill < ut its wav through the *ti*et alroye
him, and (minting at his breast, come
driving on until it caught liis jumper.
The whirling drill was stopped just in
time to save ids life. But not irsui
enough to save his mind, lie was taken
to the Smith Chicago Hospital a maniac,
and it is not likely he will recover his
re n son.
Woman's Exchange will have an open
ing Oil Saturday, Per, 14th. A nieedir
p ay of holiday presents, leather goods,
hirnt woods, etc. The public are cor
dially invited. fa P‘
Make a noteof theCirctrs Diri's date
the Pith.
It's a fact that nearly all the chap
[icd and roughened hands and (aces
are marie sir hv the use of impure
We carry all the Ircst known makes,
from [Hire Castile at 111 cents to the
famous Roger and (lallets Violette at
oil cents and L. T. fiver's Le Trcfie
Incarnate at 75 cents.
We make a specialty of this line of
Dr. Stewart's antiseptic soap. Con
tains 33' ii (rer tent of buttermilk and
extract of cucumber at 25 rents a
Remember Wc Call Fur
And Deliver.Preaertbttona.
Bell’s Pharmacy,
Two Door* South of Posloffttt.
Phone 1613._^ aa Mfl^
A WOMANS awful peril
"There is only one chance to save
your lift and that is through an op
eration were the startling words
heard by Mrs I B Hunt of Lime
Ridge. Wih from tier doctor after he
bad vainly Died to i ure her of a fright
ful case of stomach trouble and yel
low jauridii e Dali stones had formed
and she began to use Electric Bitters
which wholly cured her. It's a wonder
ful Stomach. Liver and Kidjjey remedy
Cures Dyspepsia. l«os* of Appetite.
Try it Only abets. Guaranteed. For
sale by L. Zei kendorf & Co. whole
sale and Geo. Martin retail.
In Illinois, where ‘Too Rich to Mar
ry" played [or eight weeks recently, Ui*
box office records were smashed. The
comedy drew the largest nndienceknown
in the state. Coming hereaoon.
Impure Food.
Afore than miy
fhfiijT e/sic, fm*
pnfrs flic* dfjjea*
tlun. Jty unlnu
Van fret n pure
food and nlmo n
fit >»l that at dm
the dlgamtlon.
AII iir<H.'orm moil
Veerlcmn I ii r.
Every Sack Gaaraateed.
Eagle Milling Co.
Manufacturer* and Jafcbtn.

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