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Fleishman Probably in Mexico
May Have Passed Through El Paso
|>ASO, Dee. IT Evidence gather
~l yesterday seems almost conclusive
ihat II ■! Welshman, the absconding
, IH ]||cr of the Farmers' and Merchants
i'anlt of Eos Angeles, passed through
,hi H dty Sunday morning and that h<
, h ,w is well on bis way for the roast
~i Mexico via Guadalajara.
II is absolutely certain that a man
living bis name as W. T. Meyers, left
1 1 ,. Sunset Elmlletl at the Hi I‘aso
pi tthm Htmday morning and succeeded
in tnnkin£ eonneetion vviih Hie south
1„i,,n 11 Mexican Centrnl.
Ills description tallies exactly with
licit of the one sent out by the lae
Migeles authorities and the faet that
l,„ W as well supplied with money and
Extensive Robbery at Bisbee
Tucson Jeweler the Victim
lIISBEE, Aria., Dec. A <lariiin
~,),1,cry was committed here la: t night
A \V. Crawford, a representative oi
i|( Cooke & Co . of Tucson < nine
here last Tuesday with sß.\een worth
ot diamonds. It has been his custom
in come here every three months hut
this trip he carried a larger stock
than usual on account of the holiday
trade He used a show window and
displayed ills goods in the store of Mrs
.1 it, Blewett, on Main street She
parries a line of ladles’ furnishings
l.ast night while all were at supper
and the store looked up. an unknown
thief entered by a window and made
away with the upright telescope con
tains $12,000 worth of jewels. He nn
l-OUISVILE. Ky . Pec r ? A deal
wan completed today between the Ken j
lucky Distilleries and Warehouse Com
pany- -the “whisky combine" and the
l.oulavlie Public Warehouse Compa ;
ny. for the exportation of 7 »Hn» barrel •
of the Spring of lkftS and Kail of IHII4 !
whisky to the foreign warehouses of
Lottiavlle company at Hamburg and
Bremen, Germany. The shipment is
made In order to avoid the payment ol
taxes on these goods, which would
soon be forced out of bond, the eight
tear period having nearly expired
l liis is the largest single exportation
»f Kentucky whisky ever made It ap
proximates SaO.OOd gallons, and It will
take two trains to carry It to the sen
Nxw York, Dec. Kl—liar Silver 55; i
Mexican Dollar* 43*g.
Lkai>—Jasad dull: brokers, I l.Ofl
Copraa dull, broker* 1ti.60<»17 l*L
Seats on sale for “The Circus Girl" j
at Kimball & Krancis.
|, -' / \ Some glasses muv be disfiguring.
Clothes in.-t v Ik ill lilting or he
depend' upon who IBs
*"* “Do llifv lit is ;i (|®rsttou often
V ~}Tk* 'W n»kci|. rcganlmg shoes or clothes, but
w not always tbought of. in conmetion
v J, .BlB Almost lit with
II f X. glasses, hut w ill you lit “lit ted,"
\ ul'ti i lit has tit ted" you,
Wccatt assist in prolongiug your ryes' usefulness and good vision.
Even examined übsolutelv free and perfect satisfaction guaranteed.
Century Block-Up Stalra. Kooma 7 and H.
Largest Shipment of High Grade Pianos Ever Shipped to Arizona.
SPECIAL SALE FOR ONE WFFk:= -qKKATLY reduced prices-special terms. I
THE ZELLNER PIANO CO. 114 E. Congress St.
r ~, . , , •-« f p; r c Sale EAST CONGRESS STREKftj
Third Week 01 tne i L a. o. u.w. Bunding. ; 1
New Bargains f or g e t Our Holiday Department, Down Stairs. -° 115 ’
New Goods n Lilw *
S VTCRDAY SPECIAL CONCERT .‘5 TO 0 ANI) 7T09 1\ M.—Get One of Our Beautiful Calendars Saturday.
Arizona Daily Citizen
P*m lia.r'l \ I'd Kit Ini (lumlalajiini
I<tml * ;1 1 • nc«li tu111« uspii inn that
FlHklhuhii sin . ifi|»M m
Mt\ it o Ik -I’m i<• hi ;11 •' « ... \\,, t| isroN
•mvil in l,n. \]i; i ks an«l that Id* mad* 1
li in rni-ap*' ihtiMivh this port
rpon potting oO Hit Sunset Limitftl.
tin* man giving In iduim a:, «*y«t.h
went hip I louglit oi Si llm ini >; Hi<»k .
I»r«»h* i;u , .< ol!l« i ssp» worth o! Mexican
inone\ \ fti r ui in}.’ t his miiii in
hill* Ip* .«- l -.« 'i whut tinn* tin* Mexi
can (Vnlial train left He luul time to
i ati h it and let t«*i»♦ 1 tn do mi
Men in i c who Know Hcishnian say
that the description of the inai* call
lug him 'if .Mi yer given !»y the
money inoker tallies with his exactly
locked the ha< K door. «ut open tho
tele . Ope atld pooled the p we|s out.
evidently into a hack
The th*ft was disroven*d right
after supper and the ofllcci* notified
hut as yet the thief has not been di*
lo\ ere<i lie M«*e»ired everything ex
cept two chains whhh w* ie left In the
bottom of tip* telescope Mr f’raw
ford has advised the firm of his loss
and will leave for Tm son tomorrow
A (*iti/en lepoltfp visited the Stole
of lini M ('oidie a- Co iii this city
and confirmed the reports from Hi
bee The firm here re* eived a dispatc h
from Mr Crawford saying that he had
been robbed of everything and would
arrive her** tomorrow
Gold in Shale
In tbe Kansas Fields
TOPEKA Kan. !>< Id- A report
Ims been re. elved here ! Prof Cr
ust Kahrlg chief of laboratories of the
I‘hllndclphin Commerspil museum,
giving the result of a test made by
him of the shale found in Kills and
Trego counties of this stale, which Is
believed to contain gold In paying
•juantltles The test eomprlses three
mill runs. In which gold was secured
to the amount of $2,311, $2 Ml and s:t *'7,
respectively, by the electrolytic pro
cess, Prof. Kahrlg visited the shale
fields and gathered the sample lots
which were used in the test. He makes
an official certificate of the above re
suits, and states that he has no doubt
of the existence of gold in the great
hotly of these shale lauds, and the ore
can he profitably worked upon a yield
of }:! per ton.
Mr Calvert Wilson of 1.0. s Angeles is
spending a few days In Tucson visiting
bis father General Thomas K Wilson.
Wab hfor The Circus Girl."
Mining Active in
Magdalena District.
Flank M King returned yesterday
from a trip to Magdalena, Sonora. He
reports ihat mining in ibis district is
very active at present. II K. Cheno
vvetb, ex-i iillector of customs at Nogal
• has resumed work on Ills gold pro
perty lie miles east of Magdalena and
is now operating a twenty stamp
mill there Tills property has been In
litigation but the txupreinc Court of
Mexico recently granted Mr. Cheno
wetli a title deciding all points in bis
The Caiitra Mine recently sold for
s:!u,immi by I, O. (lowan es this city, in
being worked by the new owners who
last week started the operation of a
live stamp mill. It is located about !io
miles east of Magdalena.
In the same vicinity !,. W. Bonny of
Washington will this week start a
new stamp mill which he has just com
pleted He iH working o free gold
i proposition.
Cat/. Bros., of Magdalena are work
| Ing the old Jojoba mine and are
I bringing In a gold liar of almost SIOOn
I per month frotr five of the ten stamps
that are In operation
A rich strike of copper sulpliude
; and carbonate ore is reported to have”
| been made on W. C Greene's Ya<|iit
! river property which is managed by
| W I* Harlow
The Pacific Cable
Sure to Be Built.
WASHINGTON. Dec 13, The pie
sent Congress will provide for u I'uci
fic cattle. This has been made dear in
the last few days. An alternative*faces
! the members,if they refuse to takeact
| ion. of having a spe< ial message for
I the purpose This Is what President
; Roosevelt lias said to a member of the
j Senate The President believes that the
{commercial and military necessities
! of the country make the construction
jof a cable an aosolute necessity. He
has lironght out the matter with dear
ness. but not undue insistence in Ids
! message To inemliers of the Senate
I and House he lias repeatedly said that
j unless action Is taken he believes a
I grave mistake will be made.
During the summer the President
| seriously mnsldered granting a per
mit for the landing of the cable on our
! shores and upon those of Hawaii, and
tlo Philippines In view of the attitude
of the President lenders are looking
{for the great wire which will bring
j the Pad lb ismsessions in close touch
i with the government at Washington.
Cold Water Made
Him Cough Up Diamond.
TRKNTON. N J . Dec LI.-Thomas
Connors, a burglar from Union Coun
ty, who is to serve seven years in the
Slate Prison, was today forced to give
up a missing diamond which he kept
for some months concealed In a quid
of tobacco that he had constantly in
his month.
| When he was on trial in Elizabeth
I the Prosecutor located all the stolen
| property but one diamond, which could
| not be found. When he was trims
| leered yesterday to the State Prison to
j serve his sentence Head Keeper Moore
I of the State Prison was Informed about
| the missing diamond.
Connors had bis official bath today
and the under keeper was instructed
to he sufficiently active lo make him
turn over (lie stone. While In the hath
i stream of cold water was played on
Ills face, which forced hltn to remove
a quid of tobacco which he held in his
mouth This was taken away from
him and in It was found the missing
Wby it's just like winning a home lo
•»t at Coldtree'a up to date case, corner
iou. tand Congress street.
For accident insurance go to Plainer
Steward's. 44-49
lining Claims on Reservations
Delegate Smith’s Proposal
WASHINGTON, Dec 13 Delegate
Mark Smith, of Arizona will make an
effort for a new met hod of operating
mineral claims on Indian reservations.
Under the present system the Indians
In some eases at least, have authority
to make leases . subject to the appro
val of the Interior department. Mr.
Smith has offered a Dill in the House
which provides (hat all of the mineral
lands on Indian reservation in Ari
zona shall be opened to entries location
development and operations by < Iti-
Congsess Today
Philippine Bill.
WASHINGTON, ike. 13—After an
adjournment of three days the House
met today at noon.
Cannon asked unanimous consent (nr
the consideration of the Senate bill to
continue the industrial commission
until February
After some discussion by Cannon,
Livingston and Maddox the lull was
The speaker announced the appoint
ment of the following regents of the
Smithsonian Institute: Hitt, Illinois
Adams, Pennsylvania; Dim-more, Ar
I'ayne of New Yoi k, chairman 'of the
Ways and Means committee reported
back the substitute for the bill to Pm
porarilv provide revenues f«-r t lie Philip
pines. Mr. Richardson offered a mi
nority report.
Mr. Payne announced that in- would
call rip (lie bill for consideration in xt
Tuesday, lie asked that Die bill be con
sidered on Tuesday and Wednesday
until four on Die latter day when th
previous question would be considered
as ordered.
'I be bouse agreed to the sjsm ini order
lor considering the Philippine tariff bill
and adjourned till Tuesday.
Laura Bullion
Gets Her Sentence.
ST I.OI'IK. Dee. lit —Laura Hullton,
the female companion of Benjamin kil
patrick, the Iraki robber who was yes
terday convicted of Laving possession of
forged national bank notes, was today
sentenced by District Bulge Adam* to
five years in the federal prison at
i eavenworth. Kansas.
Don't let "The Circus Girl go by
without seeing her
Why not get a piano for Xmas, when
you <nn get one at a very low price
and if you haven't ail the - ash you can
pay small monthly or quarterly pay
meats. The Zellnar Piano Co, 114 E
Congress street
There 1* not a line or word in “Too
Iticli To Marry" which could shook even
a Dunkard, and yet the cornedv is full of
wilaa a nut is full of meat. Coming
here soon.
Don't try to keep from falling In
love with "The Circna Girl It will he
gens of the United States, subject to
the laws now in force with reference
to other public lands
It is provided that. In addition to
the requirements of the g'-nerul law
all part list locating and operating
mil'll claims on mineral lands slial pay
to the secretary of the interior per
cent. of the net profits derived from
such mineral claim. Such payments
m-e to used aw a trust fund for the be
nefit of the Indians upon whose lands
the claims are located.
With Pedigrees
BOONVILLB. Mo., Dec !"•- At a
Methodist Church bazaar, which open
Thursday and will continue for a
week, a dainty jiockct liandkeri hos
from Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt and on
from Mrs. Carrie Nation mjl be oft-i
ed for sale.
National Legislation
In Preparation.
WASHINGTON, Dec. lii The House
committee on Interstate and foreign
Commerce at its first inerting today
voted iu favor of reporting the Hepburn
I,ill providing for the construction of the
Nicaragnan canal
Representative Fletcher of Minnesota
was Die only memtier voting against re
porting the hill.
Chairman Payne of Die committee on
Ways and Means today presented Die
majority report on the Philippine tariff
bill. T his bill is designed to rai-e re
venue lor the government and lienefit ol
the Philippine arcbi|ielago. It is in
tended to restore the status which ex
isted prior to the late division of the
Supreme Court in tlie "diamond rings'
The Piano Sale-
A Great Event
The special piano sale that was open
ed yesterday by the Zellnar Piano Co
at their ware rooms on E Congress
Street will be one of the largest ever
had in Arizona
This Is not just a spe< ial sale for
auvertising pin poses, for this firm
means Ims Bless and will save a pur
chaser from SBMi lo $l5O on a piano
This sale i» made principally to intro
dure some very fine makes for which,
they Required the agencies lately for
Arizona. This firm has been doing
business in California amt Arizona foi
nearly 25 years and they are speci
al!) competent to judge what maker
■if pianos will withstand this extreni
ly dry climate. All me pianos that
they sell are fully guaranteed by them
,elver besides the regular factory
guarantee One of the firm has Just
returned from New York and Chicago
and has personally selected this sto k,
and made a *|>eeial fine selection of
ran- and beautiful cases comprising
the most beautiful woods such as St
laimlngo. Mahogany. English Quart
er sawed Oak, Circassian and Walnut,
besides several other rare and tieantl
ful woods. II will be of interest to
anyone to visit their ware rooms and
inspi-i t these magnlheen instruments
even if not rea,.y to purchase
ibis firm also has an easy payment
plan by which a person van make
small payments monthly or every
three months and when paid own tin
Ni> one should lie without a piano
considering tin- very low prices and
easy terms offered by this firm.
They will keep open evenings until
V oibn k while ihe sale lasts which
will only be for a week
Remember the place 114 E Congress
street, opposite the adobe school build
I c ‘
CRESCEUS, King of Trotters, 2:021
Th>* magnificent hnriu-, the ae-ate.t trotter in 'lit- world, driven by lt«
hit, ilcorge Kct< ham, « ill tret ■» exhibition ran against time, at
Union Driving Park, Tucson, on December 19.
In iMltiMi to till- |werle*» feat nr,*. 1 tie re will be niim.-ron. uth«r turf event* ol trn
IH.rtmce. one tare tor the round trip ha* I «'■ ur.-.l Iron .11 railroad point* in
Arizona, thus enabling distant realdenl* f> mint" i-r t«i Uo mo.t important turf
t-vrfit tu»l rver orcurreU In the Territory.
For further Information m 'r* ~* ’
SrcrrUry Union Park Driving Club* Tuc»#*«
Ship and Grew
Probably Perished.
SAN FRANCISCO, Dec 13 —lt is now
conceded that the steam collier Mattes*
wan which left Nanaimo, 11. ('., for this
[Mirt thirteen days ago ha* lieen lost at
lu all probability the captain and
crew of thirtv-one men have perished.
Why not pay a small payment every ,
month on a piano and in a short time
own it’ You will never miss the
rnonev Call at the ware rooms of the
Zellnar Piano Co., who are having a j
sp. .-ial sale of two car loads of pianos.
In another column Henry Mellnish, J
one of Tucson's most prominent Jew- j
elers. calls the attention of Citizen j
readers to an Important holiday feat j
ore Don't tail to read it. Mr. Mell- j
nlsh's reliability is well known.
Our winter stock is the choice of the j
manc'actnrer* art. Call and see it
Smith the Tsi'or in the upper Wedge.
If* a fact that nearly all the chap- !
ped and roughened hands and faces t
arc made *o by the use of impure
We carry all the la-st known makes,
from pti-c Castile at 10 cents to the
famous Roger and C.allets \ iolette nt
50 cents and L. T. river's la- Trefle
Incarnate at 75 cents.
Wc make a specialty of this line of
Dr. Stewart's antiseptic soap. Con
tains BT’ a per cent of buttermilk and
extract of cucumber at 25 cents a
Remember We Call For
And Deliver Prescriptions.
Bell’s Pharmacy,
Two Door* Sooth of Port office.
Phone 1613.^ aliaa a^
■■Then- is only one chance to save
your life ami that is through an op
eration were the startling word*
heard by Mrs I 11. Hunt of Lime
Ridge. Wis from her doctor after ho
hail vainly tried to cure her of a fright
ful rase of stomach trouble and yel
low jaundice Gall stones had formed
and she lagan to use Electric Bitter*
which wholly cured her. It's a wonder
ful Stomach. Liver and Kidney remedy
Cures Dyspepsia, l-os* of Appetite.
Try it Only 50cts. Guaranteed. For
sale by L Ze< kendorf A Co. whole
sale am! Geo. Martin retail.
Woman's Exchange will have an opeo
mg on Saturday, Dec. 14th. A nice dis
play of hole lav presents, leather good*,
burnt wood*, etc. Trie public are cor
dially invited. 45 46
Impure Food.
A fore than any»
thhifr else, im*
pairs the di{fe»*
t ion. Ity lining
You fret It pUIV
- “ e.S
)<><></ and nlmo m
food that nfdm
t h c dlgcmtton.
AII grooerw *»ell
I’oorlvmn , . i ;
Every Sick GiiraitMt
Eagle Milling C®.
Manufacturer* and JnMktn.

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