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Admiral Dewey Sustains Schley
Other Members Criticise Him.
WASHINGTON. !>. Dec. II Last
night Secretary l/ong announced the
findings of the Schley court of inquiry
Ailmlral Dewey sustains) Schley all
along the line, saying that his conduct
was proper in every Instance ami m.-i
us the ranking officer ixescnt at the
battle of Santiago, lie was entitled to
full credit for the glory oi the engage
Hear Admirals Denham and Ramsey,
the other members of the court dc
elded against Schley on eleven < omits.
Denham and Ramsey arena • Schley
of dilatorlncss, lack of enterprlae and
vacillation, while sear.ltlnt f.ir the
Spanish fleet, hut soy that his tonum",
during the battle was self-oossease I
and that he encouraged In Ins own per
son his subordinate officers and men
The secretary of the navy has be
fore him for review the report, of the
court. He Is naturally taking lime to
WASHINGTON, Dee. ll It Is said
to be definitely decided that President
Roosevelt will not accept the offer of
Mr. Andrew Carnegie of f 10,000,000
worth of bonds in the United States
Steel Corporation for the purpose of
founding an institution for higher edu
Cold Weather
Prevails in the North
LA CROSSE. Wis . Dec. H -This
morning ihe Mlbslhblppl river at. thl.i
point was closet!, Ice forming in the
At 8 o'clock tiie government, ther
mometer registered twenty-three be
low zero.
Our British Cousins
Are Not Happy.
LONDON,. Dec It. The Saturday
Review continues its campaign against
the Niraraugua treaty. It declarer
that Senator l.otlgt' speech tinriiig tin*
executive session oI the cenati on Do
cemlntr Jtt should tit least imu<»* 1
dear how complete It lord Lnns
downe'g surrender to the Unite 1 States.
The Review holds that permission to
fortify the canal nxi.su, Imt Dial
Senator laidge, in order to win_(;> r
tiie more iniputlent believers In “Ain
erlcan almigiitineas" exaggt rated the
Intention of the trea y on tit'- to i.i.t
principle of which the writer holds is
perfect neutralization and opposed to ;
an arbitrary act ny the "nit" I St.it'*
Seats on sale for "The Circus Girl
at Kimball & Francis.
What, ts a home without sms t
Wlten you can get a piano at your own
terms from the /.dinar I’iatio Co, at
their special sale for o ily one week.
Some glasses may lx- disfiguring.
Clothes inny he ill fitting or T>e-
Jp: S" jf k. coming—it depends upon who fits
ySkAT -rg? -I ( ,X them and how.
Py .me otf j "Do they fit?" is a question often
K sS- *# asked, regarding shoes or clothes, but
T *«a nf R always thought of, in connection
1 J' with glasses.
i /' ” vTWP Almost anyone can fit you with
•| JjHPh f iJr glasses, but will you lie ••fitted,"
Ntcf a \ after lie has "fitted" you.
We can assist in prolonging vour eyes' usefulness and good vision.
Eyes examined absolutely free and perfect satisfaction guaranteed.
Century Block—Up Stairs. Rooms 7 and 8.
Largest Shipment of High Grade Pianos Ever Shipped to Arizona. ‘•• ill
THE ZELLNER PIANO CO. 114 E. Congress St.
' ■ -v-SMpPF
Third Week of the Great Fire Sale EAST CONGRESS STREETS
A. O. U.W. Building.
New Goods" 15 Don’t Forget Our Holiday Department, Down Stairs. Dolu ’ *° y *jjl
SATURDAY SPhCIAL CONCfjRI »1 IOR ANI) 7 TO 9 I*. M.—Get One of Our Beautiful Calendars Saturday.
"W\ 33- FELIX siloS^H
————— -
Arizona Daily Citizen
do this can fully so that Immediate a<
lion is not expected. Meanwhile the
'court lei'htilcally in session and will
remain so until dissolved h.v order o.
| Secretary Dong
'I he question has been raised since
the appearance of two reports in print
i how far Admiral Dewev w II subscribe
to the opinion ex prosed in tie Hist re
port by appending his signature, that
■ signature being required of Inm ap
parently by the regulation <, regardless
of Individual opinion.
in respond.; to Inquiry the judge .id
vo. ate general of the navy says: ''Ac
cording lo naval pra'lie Admiral
Dewey, by affixing Ills signature to til*
report of the court of Inquiry, express
i s full concurrence in all the tin.ling In
fact, in all the opinions reached by
•he courl. except those vth reaper
to which he has In terms sign I lied dis
sent in the minority opinion."
j cation in this city.
| I lie President, however, is vury hope
! fnl that hii adjustment will Ist made by
| which Mr. Carnegie will convert the
! bonds which he has tendered into cash
| or I nited States bunds ami that the gift
can then Ist accepted in that ediape.
In the Mountains
Floods Come Down
CHATTANOOGA. Tcnn . Dee. 14.-
A speeial from Spring City says a
cloudburst in the mountains last night
forced the Plnct river out of its hanks
and flooded the town, driving many
people from home and damaging prop
| The waters are stlii rising and rain’
still falling.
Federation of Labor
Winding up Work
SCRANTON. Pa . Dec e. 14 The
American Federation of luilcor begun
work promptly tliia morning. A vast
amount of work must be d I posed of
today as the convention is to adjourn
sine die tonight.
The special committee on autonomy
is not yet aide to report. Three rough
drafts of the- report have been made
nnd the members of Die committee
hope to agree later in the clay.
The report, it is believed, will favor
trade autonomy, the only difference ol
opinion among the members being on
the wording of the report
Samuel (iompers was re q > ( -to<. pre s
blent of the American Federation ,u
Labor. James Duncan of Boston was
also re-c-lecled first yi<-e president.
Watchfor "The Circus Girl.” ~~
Sons of Yeterans
To Organize Here.
The descendants of civil war veter
ans ,n the city held a meeting Thurs
day night In the A. O. It. W. hall to dis
cus and plan the organization of a lo
cal camp of Sons of Veterans. Gen
eral Minty presided at the meeting and
appointed a committee consisting oi,
Win. Angus. Homer Santee, Frank
Reno, I, H. Hayes and Kirk Hart. whV
will canvas the city and secure all tho
charter members possible for this
The Sons of Veterans now have
about 1,000,001) members In the United
States. The purpose of the order is tc
keep green the memory of civil wai
veterans and to Instill patriotism arm
love of country in the hearts of the
members as well as those of others.
The membership includes only those
who are lineal descendants of union
veteratia of the civil war Tho order
is engaged in building a university In
the state of lowa as a memorial to
civil war veterans. As soon as the
committee obtains enough members to
secure a charter, a second meeting will
be called to take steps preliminary to
permanent organization.
Earthquake Shock
Shakes Stockton.
STOCKTON, Calif . Dec 14 Stock
ton received a very pronounced shak
ing up thlH morning about X:ls o'clock
tiy three quakes, the second one being
much the heaviest. No damage is re
The Circus Girl
Talk of the Town.
As the time for the production ol '
The Circus Girl approaches, interest
becomes more and more intenae. OI j
all the attractions for which the Lucas j
Dramatic Club lias boon responsible,
this is promised and expnea-d to prove
tho best. There Is not a dull spot In
tho play—there Is not a bad actor i
the cast. Interested and ronsrientoua
always in the art which they have
taken up as a pastime, those engaged
In the presentation of amateur play
In Tucson nro giving their tiest and
closest attention to this their latest
.-(Tort, The result will unquestionably
reflect credit upon them and tie a
source of pride and pleasure to our
resident theater goers and orltloH.
The Circus Girl is a comedy—and
such a comedy. Os all the laughable
things ever written, this easily ranks'
among the first and best
Don't forget to secure your tickets
early, for the rush about the box of
fice will certainly make the securing of
good seats a problem. Tickets on sale
at Kimball & Francis, SI,OO. 50c ani
Why it's just like winning a home to
cat utGoldtree’s up to date case, corner
Court and Congress street.
The New York Raging Success, "Lov
ers' Lane” is one of the songs sang in
"Too Rich To Marry" which comes to
the opera house soon. You can bear all
the latest songs, and there are a number
of them with this Comedy Hit.
Pat Garrett Draws a Prize
Gets El Paso Collectorship.
EL PASO, Tex., Dec. It. A dispatch
from Washington announces that Pat
Garrett of New Mexico has been ap
pointed Collector of Customs to suc
ceed Moses Dillon, recently removed.
Oarreett Is one of the best Known men
in the Southwest, lie has been a New
Mexican sheriff for many years and
won fame many years ago by causing
the noted desperado. Hilly the Kid. to
cash in his checks.
Walter F. McEntyre of St liouls looms
up strongly as a candidate for chief
justice of Arizona.
Mr. McEntyre oas the hacking of
some of the leaders of the St Louia
bar, and the cordial support of Secre
tary of the Interior Hitchcock,
Bridge Went Down
as Train Crossed
TROV, Ohio. Do 14 The last span
of the Dig Four bridge across the Mi
ami river went down today as a we*,
bound freight train was crossing it.
Fireman W. H Clifford of ludian
apolls was killed and Conductor Henry
j badly scalded. The engine and nine
tears went Into the river.
British Storms
Are Still Fierce
l-ONDON. Dec 14 -Although abat
ing over the channel, the storm on the
east coast of Great Drltaln continue*)
The British hark Wave Queen sank
today off West Hartelpool Seven of
her crew were drowned.
SUNDAY. DEC. 15. 190 l
Sabbath School, it 45 a m
Morning Service, 11:00 a m
Y P. S. C. E„ 6:30 p. m.
Evening Service. 7:30 p. m
REV J. BOWEN. Pastor
9:30, Sunday School.
9:45. Confirmation Class.
11:00. Morning Prayer and Sermon
"Salvation Without Self Sacrifice.''
7:30, Evening Prayer and Sermon
"The Subtler Social Forces.''
The pastor will preach at It <>o a m
and 7:30 p.tn.
Sunday School at 10:00 am.
Young People's meeting at 6 45 p m
All cordially invited
Services as follows:
Sunday School at 9:45 a. m.
Junior league at 7:30 p m.
Subject of the morning sermon. The
Messenger of Satan. 3 Cor. 12:7-10;
subject of the evening sermort. The
Purpose nnd Measure of Human Re
demption. Kph. 1.7.
The public Is cordially invited to all
the services.
A M. GIBBONS. Pastor
Doran Bros, for your Christmas or
Don't try to keep from falling In
love with “The Circus Girl." It will he |
The El Paso politicians are not at all
pleased with the appointment. They
wanted a local man and a Texan
Garrett was urged for the place Ip,
Die New Mexico polllit ians and it is
probable the President look him as a
The office is worth about $4,000 a
year. Garrett is noni.na ly a Republi
can and Ims never been a si rung part
Mr. McEntyre Is under 40, but has
beeii a successful pra*-t it loner. He
was an unsuccessful applicant for s
consulate under President Harrison
quid lias been Identified with what is
'known as the silk-stocking element of
the Missouri Republicans.
it is thought here that his chances
of getting the appointment are good
Modern Slavery
Just Disclosed.
NEW DECATUR, Ala., Dec. 14—Thai
negroes have been confined for year*
within a stockade and held a* slaves on
a Tennessee River inland plantation near
here it disclosed through a story told by
a young black a ho recently escaped from
the place.*
Ren Milam, a negro, formerly a slave
in 1-awrence county, lias lieen arreated,
charged with kidnapping negroes and
selling them to the manager of the plan
tation. The negro youth says that one
man has been con lined on the island for
seven years.
it is charged that Milan induced ne.
groes to accompany him to the island
i with tl»e promise of securing jrositions
I for them on the plantation on good
I wages, and that » hen they reached
! there he would sell them in Urndage.
Pianos are Going
A Rare Chance.
The large number of high grade pi
i ana* shipped in by i'll • f. dinar Piano
'Co for the special sale are fast being
.sold And as this sale will only last
! for one week, anyone that is at all
1 considering pun basing a piano, should
not ilcfcr calling an I inspecting there
I magnificent Instrumeii's This is i
genuine sale and this thin guarantee*
to save a purchaser from »l'si to 1 1,V
tn a piano, from regular prices Too
is not a sale of ch-»»;>. shod Iv. pianos,
but the stoi k that <» offered comprise,
such world renowned makes as th<
Geo Sleek & ('o Kra'iane - . Story St !
Clark. .1 A- C Fischer and min/ other
well known makes On ihe easy pay
nunt plan that this firm offers, any
family can manage io get :r piano
Very little money Is require I in i ash
and the payments e:in lie made every
month or every three r >n!hv At the
price* these piano* are now being
sold, the purchaser vets a lamer re
duction on the easy payment plan than
the same piano could be purchased a
any other lime for R|k>l ruth. Christ
mas ik very near and a fine upright
piano with stool an I covet would b<
a magnificent Christmas gift. \s this
sale will positively last only l wee!,
anyone interested -Jlrmll call at once.
, The Zellnar Piano Co.. U Congress
street opposite the old adobe school
The meetings of the Woman's Club
of Tucson, will be held, uniil further
notice, at the residence of Mrs. If. W.
Fenner, Stone avenue and Pennington
streets. Mondays at 2:30 p. m.
K. L. BOWERS. Secy.
Scats on sale for "The Circus Girl"
at Kimball & Francis.
CRESCEUS, King of Trotters, 2:02}
Thin mtfnlflfunt bor*e, the gr««trM trotter in tht* world, driven by It*
owner. Q#org« k>l<h»in, will trot «n exhibition nuc Hgnitiit time, at
Union Driving Park. Tucson, on December 19*
In addition to tbl* peerle** luaturf, there w»ll n nine routs other turf event* of Jta
portince. One fare for the round trip b«« Ih-uti ties-mred from nil railroad joint* In
Aricona, thu* enabling distant rutidenta i*» witnc** Ly far the moat irn|»ort»ot turf
event tb*t **>**r oceiirrud in the Territory.
For further information addreso,
Secretary Union Park Driving Chib, Tucaaa.
Nrcw Yukk, Dee. 14 —Bar Silver 55;
Mexican Itollars 43. -
Leap— Issad quiet; broker*. $ 1.00
Cornea uresettled ; brokers lti.SOffr 17 <■•.
Sc ats on saic for ‘The Circus Girl"
at Kimball & Francis.
For accident insurance go to Plumer
A Steward’s. 44-49
Our winter stock is the choice of the
tnanc'acturert art. Call and see it
Smith theTsi'or in the npper Wedge.
Why not get a piano for Xmas, when
you can get one at a verj tow pric t
and if you haven't all *h<- cash, you can
pay small monthly o’ quarterly pay
ments The Zellnar Piano Co., lit E
Congress street
Don't let "The Circus Girl” go by
without seeing her.
WANTED— A good rei'able driver foi
a delivery wagon, g irrl wages, ap
ply at this office
It's a fact that nearly all the chap
lied and roughened hands and faces
are made so hr the use of impure
Me carry all the licst known makes,
from ptire Castile at 10 cents to the
famous Roger nnd Gallete Yiolette at
50 cents and L. T. Piver’s I-e Treffc
ffnearnate at 75 cent*.
We make a specialty of this line of
Dr. Stewart’s antiseptic soap. Con
tains 33'» per cent of buttermilk anil
extract ol encumber at 25 rents a
Remember We Call For
And Dellver Preecriotloas.
Bell’s Pharmacy,
Two boon Sooth of Postoffice.
Spe. ial sale for a week. The SCell
nar I’lano Co lit K. Congress street.
Why not get a piano" When yon eat.
get one at a very low price and small
payment), He iyi-e an I call at the
Zellnar Piano Co . who have a ape taf
sab* of pianos
The |.adieu Universal Aid and Be
nevolent society will get "The Circus
Girl's " money
You may talk about yoor talk about’*,
but Isidore can make ’em all taka a
back gcat, by serving hi* delirious
oyster* and fine juicy steak*. Corner
Court and Congre**
Woman’* Kxchange w ill have an open
ing on Saturday, Dec. 14th. A nke dis
play of holiday present*, leather goods,
bnrnt wood*, etc. Tiie public are cor
dially invited. 4S 44!
Impure Food.
Afore than any
thing cine, im
pair m the digem
11nn. lly timing
■ - *
I’oti get a pure ;‘Yv?
food and »tmo'm\*f
fond that mi dm
th c dlgomtion .
All grooerm mail
Feerlcmm Flour,
Ever; Sack tanatu!
Eagle Mifllig C*.
Manufacturer* md hkitU.

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