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S5sra ivtA jaac vzvsffm v
WW II ill
t m
Of M D itarMt NorthwMt
UMjtmr hy nail r carrier
WtMimwx D 0 Aran 22 1H0I
A rmrtt MLtimit confronts the cw
HH of MlMmqiolii M r Inn Jolte m
Nmiilllir undertook yeeterdny morn
NateMfrl kafc In one of llHintpeeora
ltrnalloti ll tank betomrtnc to tho hi
Vm Clljr Hallway Cowpany The tnnk
w Ml Wbecncr Mr Jcmmo wm nil
at wilt nmrtr ha known now At
rale h ant In mulct the tank with
eMaUe awl nfocer ti look
m M leak The natural ami lit
tellable raawgitence ensued Tlw
linae at the candle came in rmitaat
Ura eec aping petrulenm ime end In
an lntant the whole intWHiitiehle vol
wm eailodl Nrellee Utmv Hint Mr
Jtmtwtft wee obliterated llnllMppenred
eaatteHjr aelhonah lie hart mver been
rr a lew termr there wen a oniUnrtloti
that lemejherl at rlre rtetisirtniftits ami
when H Wnally enbeMed there wee no
wee of Mr Jonaso How n bntlled and
1iiwlMereil coroner la look mi for enough
M the bMe steam ft tier t ii upon but
tafc M not Heverat promising eimleni
haw been mbnluad to hi at by Mtxtotw
cttrrrnabvl tbey nave barn reluctantly
injected Heart Ine acientieto klentlilcit
Hum ae elan or eeorlic or pyrllne and
Ibitry denicil tho prevent of Mr
JmiMMt In even the niwt Infinitesimal
prbpmikm Ami an the search aie o i
with rspMly diminishing proeptcteof uo
tw nmi with ftat fmlinej hope of easiipe
from llio lllein mn Attest account the
rnrdticr ivm willing to compromise on
iitiythliiR Hie once proud epirit which in
linjipcr times would have scorned to
notice anything lese than a complete ntul
thoroughly equipped cornee ii now ready
to stoop to n toolli a toe nnll even a look
of hair or n collar button Hie pride 1
gone His olf resiect lie shattered on
Ha ground Ho gropes nmidst the debris
villi nmlcrosropo nnd In the distance
lirnrs tho sneering laughter of hie St Paul
rlvnl Poor coronorl Inconsiderate Mr
JdllKf ox
Car it vt that mi Washington baseball
i lull Is genuine without tlio word de
feat blown In the bottle
A fonuMiiixcEST sonde tie n probhtn
In cneliro ae folIos Last nlRht I was
lilnylni ctichro n two handed Rame witli
nn nctmintnnce J noticed that in deal
lug liu would somctiiuos kIvc two a mU
lirtt nnd tltroo cards next but at other
tlnice ho would rcverio this Riving three
ilrtt nnd two afterward It struck me
tin re wah eome monkey busiuea4 kK
n and I objected to chaugiiij tlio form of
tlio deal lnaiitliiK lliat my upjioncnt
thmihl etick to ono way of ilolni it
lillur deal two first and three ncilor vice
rtrui hut to Keep up ono stylo rlsbt
ironih 1 hope you ill decido this for
iiiitdaiid inform a constant reader whether
i no run roerse tho deal whenever ho
wonts tu
Vc fear our correspondent lias no nase
II is permissible to change tlio deal as
cftcn ns llic dealer wishes Thero is no
iulo lequiring the dealer to Rivo eithcri
two or three cards llrst H simply says-
thnttivc cards shall be dealt in all two at
one time ami thrco at the other The
dealer howuvcr cannot change tho order
during any ono deal That Is to any ho
timnot give liimscll two cards on the lirst
rdtind nnd his opponent three If ho be
gins wilh two ho must give all two anil a-
on The best thing in a case like this is
not to play with n mnu who seems to bo
tricky and as to whoso perfect fairness
you have any doubt When you aro
playing with the right sort of man yon
vont care whether he deals two cards or
Ihree ntn time or how often ho changes
the arrangement
liriwTjioMAS D Heed is affected by
thought waves from Ohio as they
on his intellect in faroff Home
TiiKoittEitviTioxg os mn death of
by tho Paris l ijaro mint
Jiave hren gratifying to his family ami
Jiisadmircrs lXqaro refcrrod to 15nnErr
lis tho well known American actress and
uildrd Mine Harhett was 53 years old
bul giicnlwnys appeared so young and
pretty that her admirers could not believe
iJicr to bo over 30 Thero is inoro of It
-lint this is quite enough to illustrate tho
Ignorance of foreign Journalists about our
American celebrities Tlio truth is that
IMrRETTAvas unknown to tho Parisians
aiTiltho writer in Jiio seeing tlio an
nouncement of tho death of IiAwnnsci
JlAimrTT nn American actor made the
jy nnturnl mlitakc of supposing the do
fntiil was n woman Iawvescs Is n
1 1 miiiino naino Is France the masculine
hereof being- Laurent It is quito easy
lo understand how a Krencliman know
ing nothing of tlio enso except what ho
rtittld gather from the mortuary notice
concluded it was a iniijamo ami not n
iiilontfielir who had died
- KiiniM at kwt urrjtfi to be giving bis
thinker a chance
An Voon AK Tim iiniLii i paragrapher
file through with his attempt to sliov
thatilrHAnni6qNhJealiiisof MrllLMNE
litcanse Sir Huun e has got ahead of him
in tlio -reciprocity matter perhaps holl
tludowii quietly for ait hour ortwoatid
consider whether Mr Hlune Is an luila
i indent force In tliU Administration or
tvhether Mr llAumsos Is its head an I
therefore responsible for all its act Tno
brilliant paragraphcr needs roat for his
mind Ho has fuddled himself with the
idea that Mr lUnnihON andMr Duum
nre rivals in tho conduct of tho Oovorn
iiicnt nud tliat Mr IIminh can Inaugu
rate pollcit without Mr HinnisoKeap
jiroval Tlio result of tho paragraphers
idiiiiibralions aro ingenious and interest
iing but they are not valuable ascontrl
Iiutluus to tlio peoples stock of knowledge
AVhatha wants is lues brilliancy and more
It is io umiorcu that tho 1Iline idea
nnd the MuKisitv itleo will not Iwlc
liornsin thihPreIdiila field of thought
tliiiirg lus spin around tho circle
A i mi ii Yorxu rrixow of tlio iaiu of
liK whocoiupilee eyndlcnto Icttcreou
a variety of trivial and Insjgnifloant quae
tioim ban beun getting himself Into hot
water recently He solectii for examplo
ntupn of auoh moment as Vlows of the
Next World or What the Coming Novel
in to Ho or something equally thrilling
jind then ho wrjtee to a number of people
iclebrnted in literature or public- life ask-iii-
them for uxpreiions of opinion
fouio reply briefly others dismiss tho
KtiliJeet in n conteniptucius lino or two
but it make no difloreneo to IIok He
ninplillcs the line or two Into a column
nnd he KHpplloe the silent ones with opin
ions out of whole cloth Naturally tho
water in Mr Boxs neighborhood is brat
jug He is altogether too able
Tn nlxM tho Choral Society will prewnt et
the Academy of Marie Dvoraks great eta
lute The Spectre Bride which had long
been In rehearsal Madame Sophie Keta so
prano will ho I lie Irrlde Mr W 1 1nvln
tenor Uio Hprclrc Mr Wllllem Lwlwlff irl
tone the nrmtor Tho Unltlmorc Sympboer
Orcheetrn will nll
Jfext Weilnemlay nUht April OT tlio Ilimton
dymphony Urcbeitr glvn thir Ut enncsrt
here thl ieion et the Academy ot Mnlc
Admiral end Mn Ureor Rlvo nn Intormal
Mule dinner to nllit to a lw rlonil
Dr nnd lira Waluli Rare to fme rrlenlit
leat night ae pretty nlly illimer a on
wrmld caro to alt down lo and a doaon or mora
ramo In atterward and there vi mimic and
Hover talk Jlra WaNIi who w n Mlaa
Ipanle Pattcraon one of tho mint admlrnl
women In Stlndwlppl marrlod n promlneul
phyalrlnn here whoso ucnrral Information nnd
rnfturc arn nn a par with lil hlRh nttalninenU
In hl profwilon Mr Welah Tuouent llio
rwMt ir ntlo aplrllod Honlhern women whMe
mlnda are alored with all that l richest In
literature and an nnd wlnno cliirin or ma li
ner and njrmpathetlchlndllncM endear lior to
all who know her
Mr Kvana ihedaaRhter ot lira llnrnly
Kill hr with her mother until the 1st or May
Mr fitrana tnherlta much ot the rmi it and to
i lal nccoiflidlnhmonn ot liarrharmltiK mother
w ho ban alwaye lieen conceded to ho one ot the
Itliihtem and moat agroonWe ot thoae who
hate urnred trlumiha here
Mr IIITotd ltatney will rccelvo hitnrnully
on Krlday afternoon this spring Her hooae
one ot tho plcatantent on lie list
the hall lo be siren at the Arlluatou on the
rtth Inatant wlirprobatily lie the lat nt tho
eemn ami a brilliant arrnlr The card are
leaved by the laity patronerwia ot the daneliiK
eJaae Mr Admlial Walker MIm Van Ilennae
laer Mra larke Mt Jolin llancrolt and Mra
W aider The Arlington ball room with two
Maenlfoent drawlnK rooma and dlnlns roOBi
en nllf affotn ample tpaee Tor dauln prom
etiadlnf end the ervlnn of anpjier The ecr
ataee end deeeca alren by the lancing cUs
dnrlm the pan winter have been amntiir the
no l tenant lcl and enjoyable
of the eon
ilr W T Carroll iilvea n S oclock ten tliU
ntiereoon In honor of Mlfn Carroll lliown
undtheMlaaei KltahuRh The Jarroll mun
lor corner of and Rlhlentli atreete Ina
been for halt a roniury tho Motor refined lion
pltallty In that hlelorlc old liouo nil tlio
Iiimoik moa and omen who have llxnred In
high Ufa here bavo Iwen liannred Riiojtadiir
Ina that period Mr Carroll who iaicrand
dame of tin old regime will ho aealated In the
rceptlon of the Rneet by her daughter tin
oantef lteterhnxy wniHo warm heart
frarloni mannera and loyalty to old frlnndi
are tho qnalll lea which hate always made htr
n farurlte nud a poner In Wntliliiuton society
The lateat retwrla or Dr M h Itotli U H N
who waa ro critically III laatwlntor and whojn
few week ago went to Jlernimlft In search if
health arc to tbeeirert that lie la ImprovltlK
and will letnrn ibortly Ho cnnimunlcalbU
wtli the Hnreeon aeneral of the Navy iptlto
recently announcing hi couvalcoconce mid
raying thai lie wlahod to retain hU niMgmueut
to the new itnlaer Newark and to go to sn
with her i
Dr ami Mrs lrank II Lorlng javo a liind
eome dinner ot meh e covers lntnlilit at their
elegant and artistic residence on K atrect
lllltSONW utis
Hon L K Chltlpuilon KcgUtcr of tho
Treasury under Mr Lincoln has n very
entertalnini honk inproes entitled Kecol
lections ot Mr Lincoln anil his Adminis
Joseph JelTcraou nud William 7 lilor
encowere entertained by tho Twentieth
Century Club in Chicago last Thursday
evening and made sieecueti after dinner
Dr K Karloy agnl CO years tho beet
Known oculltt of Missouri died of con
sumption at Marshall Mo April 20
Kx Chanccllnr Warren Cowan died at
bis homo in Yicksburg Miss April 20
aged OJ years His death resulted from
heart disease
Eugene Flrld by tho way Is writing hts
llrst novel He litis given to it the title Of
J lie Wooing of Miss Woppllt
J ho President to the Tcxans Thank
ing you for your cordial greeting thank
ing all your people and especially the
Governor of your Htatc for courtesloi
which have bern unfailing for a cordial
ity and friendliness that ha not found
any stint or repression In the fact that wo
aro of different political opinions Great
cheering I beg to thank you for this
special manifestation of respect
It Is hinted that one reason why tlio
Kmpress of Austria manages to keep away
from Vienna at Kastcrtlino is to cacapu
the distasteful usagoof washing tho feet
of a dozen old women while tho Emperor
iinunrM himself in the same manner with
nsiuany ancient men
Apropos of tho recent visit of Queen
Victorias eldest daughter to England
they aro telling this story of tho Priuco of
Wales Hcing asked on one occasion who
was the cleverest women he had ever met
be promptly answered My sister the
Empress Frederick
Tho United States Minister and Mm
Lincoln and most of tho Americans In
London aro patronizing tho Ibsen mati
nees given by their countrywomen Eliza
beth Itobins and Miss Marion Lea Henry
Irving llcerbohm Tree and Mr James
took boxes for tho first performance
John P Orccn tho colored Ohio law
yer and orator docs not like the now
term Aira American lor me pcopio ot
bis race I like the word Negro with a
big N ho declared at a Cleveland ban
quet recently
To Curo a Grippe
Tho following letter giving directions
for the cureof thcgrlp has been address tjl
by Dr Porchcr of Charleston H Cto tho
JTalical lUconl
I read -your able editorial on grip with
great interest It has been again provident
in this city for eomo months anil it is re
ported to bo sevcro in Chicago with un
usual fatality There beems to bo no con
cise and delinito treatment decided upon
somo physiclansrclyingupon plienacetitle
or anti pyrine others giving quinino pr
salicylate of cltichonldiue etc
I have teldom or ever had occasion to
visit any one with thin disease more tluur
from thrco to llvadays using tho follow
ing method Ae in yellow f over a
rurlal purge Ittrcqulrccl nt tlioinceptlomjf
the attack the following formula belli
It Calomel crllj
Ithtibarh grtr
lalci inagncthi gr si
boda sr II
Ipecac gr
And if fever exists u fever mixture
11 Spirits ot niiudcrcrua oneounea
Hwretsplrltaof nitre three drachma
lluctnreot nronlto thirty ilrorw
Paregoric two drachma
VVutcrto fouriHiiiee
A lccnpiontul in water erery two lwurs
1 f ns is ortru the case tho lunge threaten
to become Implicated wlno or nntlniony
and syrup of fcennga three dricliuw oT
each aro added with the uso of local ap
plications to the cheat or to tho teat of
pain of nuistnrd or Inrrx ntlne
Three grains of quinine are given thrioo
a day and port wlno frrftleytusts After
the first day I prefer California port be
came It is sound end inexpensive Milk
punch may alto beusednsltpreviMiUthu
tendency to weakness nnd prnetratiou It
there Is much pain headaehe or iinmii
nla plieuncttliie live to seven grftlrwenn
bo preecrlbeil for their relief preferably at
In a youth whom wo ow with hi
father n physician and who was suffer
ing from a relapee the high and pereii
tent fever And reiMtteil and violent ilc
Jirlum nocurli dny and nlglil nrew
completely rcllevwl by llvo aralrw nf he
nncclino given twice ot an interval of six
As soon as tho purgative prodtieea a
medicinal effect tho force of thetllieoae
seems to bo broken Antimony Is to bo
preferred to ipecaeunulm to prevent the
tendency to pneumonia or to ooiiKeaUou
of the lunge
F lEvnr Poneiiim M I
Chnrloaton B Ck
fcsle la not fair to oMwrffd view
A many maiden be
And Into such a rageatte flew
On learning thli from we
And yut ahes luvoly mi divine
Judged by her on peculiar lino
siieb deeply read lkiYQvi a much
An uveiugo Hlxth turm boyat
lint not the groatoitaage con Id touch
The high nggrctatve oyi
Tliat imp her Hlng like birds ot pray
When In My dale 1 oustray
Not only learnings pure aereue
Her soaring mind can charm
The tradesman ihrlnklng from a aeoue
legnrdelir with alarm
Aril many n bus conductor owns
Jbfvnwtr ot her metallic tones
Contentioanty coutent she takes
Her strident awny through life
And gonduetaonly know what makes
Her cbooso to be my wife
Courage poor lean I Iby yearnings ethic
bkoi not n girl with whom to trifle
The dude of dmlcw live in this town
He le n innsher from wny back and out
shines either Ilerry Wall or Dob Hllllnrd
in tho matter of dresi For the purpoees
of this story wo will call him T Willie
T Willies weakness is chorus girls He
Is n llrst nlghter and Invariably occupies
n front seat nt the theatre During Pau
line Halls engagement two wocks ago T
Willie eat pretty eloso to tho loader of
tlio orchestra As usual ono of Ihoprotty
trlrls caught his fancy Blio was a maid
with dreamy black eyes and a frteo that
was more than attractive In vain did
the dude try to ninsh her hut he failed
Tho next ntiriit ho ordered an expensive
bouquet nt Freemans nnd sent It to tlio
blnck cyed girl Tho card atlnchpd lo tho
llornl oTrerlng simply bore Ibis
Tho gentleman in the front row with
pink llowcr In coat
Sure enough there was T Willie in tho
front row dressed in his best suit of
clothes nnd wearing n pink bud lly
actual count thero were eight other dmlos
In the iniiio row nnd each wore a pink
bud Tills was loo bad T Willie gavo
mi after the second act and retired with
out getting tho faintest recognition from
tlio girl behind the footlights
Ho was on hand tho noxt night Dilrlng
tho day ho had sent more lowers with a
card saying that ho would try the front
row again and would this time wear a
botitonnlcro of vlolrls extra size Luck
was ngainst T Willie again for three
other men In tho same row woro violets
and plenty of them
TWUlosaid something about it being
too bail thnt thero were so ninny Imitators
in flits world and left tho theatre
J10 then went to Ills ooiuloir thereto
think thoughts and deviso schemes to
capture Ihoglrl with tho black eyes Ho
spent a restless night but ns ho believed
not n profitless one for during his battle
with tlio pillows ho actually evolved from
his little head apian that would surely re
sult in victory
This great hcliemowas lohire a lower
box for the fourth night and occupy it all
by himself
This time ho told Freeman to mako up
n paralyzing bouquet Freeman did
his best and Bent enough llowcrs to 1111 a
bushel measure T Willie this time sent
a little nolo saying that as ho had been
ballled twlco in the front row ho would
occupy a box and begged that tho young
lady might during tho evening look his
way even for ono small moment Slio
looked and what a look It was 1 IUvas a
scowl and ot such n portentous naturo
thnt even T Willie could not mlstako Its
meaning T Willio did not see tho show
through Ho left the theatre swearing
that ho would never never again attempt
to cultivate chorus girls they were too
horrid for any use
There nre fewer vagrants brought before
tho Pollco Court during this bright sun
shiny weather than have been thero for
months The tramps arc going out of
winter quarters now and taking to tho
country by scores nnd at this season tho
farmer locks his barn door with morocarc
than usual and looks in his hay loft for
knights of Ihe road A month ago Judgo
Miller had before him every day from ten
to twenty men charged with -being vv
urants Ycsterdav tbcro wern onlv four
and they wcro given shorter sentences
than usual WasTiington is n well known
headquarters with tramps Tho work
hmiiohere Is tolerably comfortable nud
rrom two to three hundred tramps winter
thero every year for thrcoor four months
Then when the springtime comes again
they betake themselves to tho country
roads and licld and Mr Stoutcnburg is
relieved of his gnests
Out on the Woodlcy Lane road In a
valley made by n tilling on ono side and
nliill on the other is a littlo tumble
down cottage It Is made up of a num
ber of rooms some half dozen or more
nud tho builder of most of tbeso addi
tions was a eon of tho lato Admiral
1ortcr Hero for n number of vcars he
lived a lonely batchclor life His days
wcro spent at his work In the Xavy Yanl
where he labored as a machinist
Tho establishment ho kept out there on
the road was n unique ono In oVcry way
Its nucleus was n big hen coop and
around- this was built tho home Tho
coop is still there and It is also still tho
most prominent part of the house The
reason mat roricr uvea so long in tins
Bbnuty was that ha had n quarrel with his
father the Admiral and for years they
did not speak to each other Afterward
howuvcr thero was n reconciliation and
tho young man returned home
Its funny said tho Ctirbstono Phi
losopher I met Jones Just now and ho
told juc hed cured himself of a bad cold
wuicn threatened to dcvclope into tho
grip by getting bilin drunk And tlio
fellow had such a cold then that bo could
hardly talk It simply just I lies that
mouldy old bit of philosophy which holds
that tribulation is n goodthlug because
if it wasnt for tribulation there would
bo no background against which to
throw hnmiliicss into relief and conse
quently thero wouid bo no such thing as
happiness according to our posltivo ex
perience of it Jones drunk put him in
n worso condition than ho was before
nnd his Tapld recovery from it makes
liim feel by contrast that ho is n new
man although ho lias a worso cold ban
before Isnt that an excellent Illustra
tion of the fact that happiness is only
relative Ami are not allot us each In
his particular wny happily haunted by
the Jones delusion in
lions with mortul existence Do you re
member Ihe pauper boy In tho quaint
Jtcmhrantcequo poem whoso only pro
tection from tlio qold was n couple of
boards placed over him with ns much
motherly rare nnd tenderness ns if ho bail
been tucked In by motherly hands after
llio fashion which is tho most cherished
rcmlnltccuco of your own childhood
Thnt lillle chap wus a littlo Jones nnd Ho
it was the most natural thing In tho
world for him to nsk his mother that
question full of contentment with his lot
nnd solicitude for ethers
What do the poor buys do who here no boirdJ
And htimnnllyijiundoupof Joneeii
nil of it icrcrpt tlioto who tholr qnlrttii
innke wlih n bare bodkin Iunny aliit
Jin IL llc Kcanca of Ilia
Camiutlgn hi II
Per aoine few days iwtt there ho been
In Waiblneton a UfeUngulahed vlUtor
Khcec preaemo In Baltimore would be
pcrha pa quite aa lutereaU ng nud aa main
iKent sw ie the prowmt visit of lhotl
men from WwceXer ay the oorrae
ixmdeiit of tho lUlUmore inrimii t Is
no le a rwiing than one Hir John
Hum air John la historical by deeooiil
met ie iomy ius miner waa very nuuiri
eal for be nai the famous Mir John itiw
who vieked Waabinnton in lhl I and who
rame lo an untimely awl at North Point
near Iktllituore while iiTMgraaaliig lowanl
that city with blahly bOitile puroeei
The nreaent Kir John N the second aon of
hlafalhor and thoiigli tlieeomnmHilant
of her llrilikli Miieatye forcea in North
A inert ea re ail entirely harmless old eu
tlemau Heliabsn aorJIally laoatveil
nud haaahoHii Ibnt hU tHiUrlty
well deserved HU itrewant vteil le en
tirely pftoilk ami it le ht bMtered tint
ieha been out In wilvey battiellelda
of llloileiiaourif nharo uta dleUuguialied
father wllh IouO IlrKiah rtajtikir mot n
handful of Maryland veliwteere
KlokiMl by n florae
lilward fjuliiloy the hoBsejIealer ww
kickwlon the lis by a lioree till after
noon nud had hie knee cap fractured
Ho wai taken to the KmersMicy Ifooplwl
by Oftlcox OnUvny where his Injuries
to by lire Hall and Iloei
Mr Inlfuy was then taken to Provldenoo
VorI on tlio Now Cable llunil llogini
AVork was commenced on tho new cable
rond to day by moving tho water pipe on
Fourteenth street and on tho Avenue
A young poet Chorine Henry Litderi
Who bd wrltleu for tho Century nud
wIiomj work Is represented in the
library died recently In
Philadelphia Tho April Cojuury
mints four of his poems with a notico of
him anil a sonnet to his memory by his
friend Frank Uempstcr fihsrinan
IlcvlMt the Ernies of Tliolr Trials nttd
Ti Tlicy KnJoy Tlicmsclvcs
nnd Kind the City Vastly Finer Now
Tlmn Then
Thirty years ngo tho Sixth Massachu
setts ItCKtmcnt full of patriotism
matched with wnrllko front and belliger
ent step up tho full length of Pennsylva
nia nvenue from tho Cnpllol lo tho Treas
Yesterday twcnty lhrco survivors of
that band again mnrcbed up Pennsylva
nia nvenue this tlmo upon a peaceful
errand bent nnd without tho note of war
in tho clank of their accoutrements
Tho veterans wcro accompanied by the
Worcester Mass Light Infantry Thpy
wcro met at tho 11 0 depot by tho
Wellington Light Infantry commanded
by Colonel William 0 Moore
Tho lino of march was up Pennsylva
nia avenuo to tho Treasury Department
whero tho troops wcro photographod
The pTocession then proceeded up Fif
teenth street and down F lo tlioJJbbitt
House the headquarters of tho visiting
military during thcif Stay here Insldo
tlio hotel Colonel Mooro bade tho visitors
wclcomo to the Capital City and Captain
Davis responded In a happy vein Last
night by special Invitation mniiv of
tiicm mteuueu u cor no wnsoivs minstrel
show nt Albauglis
They spent fo day in sight seeing this
cvcnlnn a reception will bo tendered them
nt tho w L I Armory To morrow they
tnko n trip to Mount Vernon nnd tlio noxt
day return home
Tho nctlvo members of tho company
Captain Fred 0 Davis First Lieutenant
H 11 Fairbanks Second Lieutenant P
L Ilidcr First Sergeant F A Hatch W
T Oilman H W Hates F D Drecman
F M Clark jr James Logan E 8 Clark
L W White W L Adams II L llload
W E Dooth F W llrigham J P Casey
W L Cheney J S Dresser P T ply
Howard Frost John Fuller A E Fair
baillcR K E French 8 F Gates J II
Cnnnon A F Hyde 17 8 Hidden J J
Hcrron F E Hopkins A 0 King it L
Kingston 11 J Kcttcl F Knight W 8
Lincoln C it Macombcr AnPrilcliard
William Stevenson J F Shea O A
Smith A P Shaffer F W Taft W 15
Tarbell A T Timnshcnd F L Ward H
HWarren T Wallers jr F W Wes
ton and J L Ward
The veteran and honorary nicmlicr i Of
the company nnd llio guests are
Colonel E 1 Clark commander and
Mail oillccrs Surgeon George Drown
Lieutenant Ilumstcad Captain G D
Colston and Lieutenant John E Lan
caster of tho Second licgiment and G
Jeniiisou E J Smith 1 P Fay Lieu
tenant II A Johnson John llradloy C
II Prentice A A Logan Major E G
Stiles it Kossoll J McDtiffv O H
Wood E It llrigham E 0 Thompson
0 11 Woodis F A Lcland J E II
Mooncv T C Wood Lovl Lincoln C G
Oilman E II Fairbanks Colonel James
M Drcnnnn A S Lowell II A Currier
0 Hubbard William Dakcr F llar
ntird and wife Colonel Lovl Parker
Edward Kendrick William Hush C M
Stewart Dr Georgo Woodbury Alzlnls
Drown D M Prescott T Calvert E
Harriman E D Hosmcr 0 P Trum
bull J Wbltakcr Captain W A Gilo
wlfo and daughter Mrs E D Jlpsmcr
and others
Tho veterans of tho the old Sixth licgi
ment arc Captain Georgo W Prouty of
West Button Captain John A Lovell
John W Dacon E M llicc Joseph M
Dyson Adam Gcrnbardt of Worcester
Charles L AVhlpplc of Toledo Ohio C
II AVilson of lloylston Henry II Law
rence of Wcstborought Henry E Bernls
of Lyon all of ohl Company G which
hailed from Worcester Major S P Blodjs
cltof Hvdo Park and E P Tuttloof
Company C Lowell Captain J B Whko
Secretary D E Slssfoii and W P Chester
of Company K Boston D Moody Pros
cotl Frank Calvert Major B I Peabody
of Company C Lowell A E Cato fit
CouipanyF Lawrence Jolnv E Harri
man of Company I Lawrence W L
Braddock E 1 Hosmcr and M E
Chandler of Company L Stoneham and
Messrs Nash and whlttakcrof
Bright and early this morning tho mem
bers of tbo Sixth wcro Out of bed and
separating Into quartettes twos nnd
couples went about tbo city visiting tlio
various points of Interest yXho veterans
wcro astonished at the changes that have
taken place during tho past three decides
expressed themselves in terms of
amazement at tho transformation by
which tho city had been Changed from al
most n mud hole In 1801 tothorangnltt
cent city of to dny
To night tho Wnshinglon Ligbtlnfiiutry
Corps will give tho visitors a reception at
tho Armory Tho hall has been Jiaiul
somcly decorated Potted plants null
tnttercd Hags relieved Dythercgimcntali
Colors of tho men from tho East bavo
contributed to make tho hall almost n
To morrow afternoon tho visitors will
bo taken to iMount Vernon on thestcamer
In connection with thovisltof thcSIxth
Massachusetts Mr Samuel Williams to-
day told a good story
I was n barber ho said in Browns
Hotel now tho Metropolitan In 1801
when the regiment arrived It was the
day After the nttnek1 had been mado on It
In Baltimore and thero was lots of oxclte
nicnt here Tho Avcnno was crowded
nnd Browns was theii nsiiqwaSoutherji
headquarters In rooms adjolntng the
hotel Ben Pcrlev Poorc tho deceased
Journalist had his quarters over Toilds
nniMore jieing a lunssacnuscus man
he commenced to clap his hands as the
regiment was passing
This demonstration was followed by
loud hissing on tbo part of tlio crdwd in
front of Browns Instantly tho ord
Halt was given nud simultaneously
camo the sharp click click of the cock
ing of the guns in tbo hands of tho
Yankee soldiers Tho crowd of course
tumbled over each other In their haslo to
git out of harms way 1 with them A
moment Inter the command resumed Its
march Had n stone been thrown or n
vrordtaldlt is hard to predict what the
reaults might hnvo been It was n scene
I will never forget j
A rroinliinit lnilior of tho African
91 K Church lmtsea Awny
Illahop It DUney a distinguished iTi
vlneof thu African ME Church dial
nt Cbatham Ontario Monday evening
after n lingering illniwe The uows wns
reeetvul In thle city yneterdny by ddshop
Brown nud will bu heard with rogrct hy
eliurclimen and others In this city whero
Illahop Dlinoy was well known
Tlra llev Hiehnid It Disney was mado
IHahop eiglit years ngo nud since that
tlmo tins adilrufcxcil many audivueos in
thle city
Tno years ngo hospoko at tho colored
camp meeting at Good Hopotoan mull
euro of 0U0 persons and not Ioiifj nfter
went to Chatham Ontario
As toon as DUhon Brown roeelved
tclegiam aiiuouncltig his demise hode 1
tiartrd for Chatham
Tho funeral will tnko placo to morrow
afternoon unci Bishop Drown will return
hero Tuesday
Thu Dcliolt KtrlKo Still On
Dithoit Mkii April 22 Tho street
ear strike In this city continues to day
Koine disorder has ocoiirrod on to Wood-
ward Mlcblgan and Jeiteraoii Avenuol
lines but ngno of tho episode bavo rc
A number of disturbers havo bneu
Khled Tin- streyt eurcininuiiceare giv
ing fulr ser n o i in the Jtffurapu Avonuo
Line a mob of SOU strikers patrolled this
Chungo of the Ministry
Halifax N 8 April 21 The local
iniuiitry of Prince luhvanl Island
resigned to day Tho Lleutfliiant U iv
ernor has dccideil not to dlsiolvo tho -Parliament
nnd sent for Froilorlclf Peters
ono of tho Literal members for oonsulta
lion Sir Peters has eilled nmcctiugof
the Liberal members of both lioitsoe of
the I ilalatuie to discuss the situation
mwwryUMmij uananuiajaMiU M
Itcina of Interest from the Commln
slitnora Olllce
A Nnv Si iioofeHoOTis Tho Commls
tionors have decided to loonto n now
suhuol houso nt tho eotithoast cornor of
Second nnd P sticeU northwest Tho
new building will bo 87 by 70 feet and
tho plnns will shortly be prepared by tbo
building inspector
Blocking the Pwemrnt A fewdnvs
ago tho Commissioners received n com
plaint from Trnlninastcr MoKcevor of tho
B it P It 11 stntlng that n pollcoman
hnd ordered tho employes of the company
to remove tho mall wagons from tlio side
walk on Slxthstrcct TboConimlssloncrs
referred tho mnlter to Major Moore nnd
he to Lieutenant Kelly who reports that
the pollco had no Intention of interfering
Willi tlio permit of tbo railroad company
nnd thnt the ranll wagon was ordered to
bo moved becauro it was unnecessarily ob
structing tho pavement
An Alleged NursAitr r Mr William
A Mullory nttornoy for Trinity Church
llev Dr Addison pastor of tho church
Dri Buckley Jtov Dr Anderson and Mr
E A Mcliitlre were given a hearing bo
foro tho Commissioners this morlilngin
regard to their complaint mado against
Dr llobiiiHons vctcrlnnry stable on
Third street nenr 0 northwest
Building Inspector Entwislc and As
sistant Attorney Thomas took part in tho
discussion nnd it wns finally decided lo
refer tlio mntter to tho nttornoy for his
opinion ns to whether Dr lloblnson can
legally occupy tho premises ns a vctcrl
nnry hospital
Was It an Illtovl AnitrsT Somo
tlmcagoTiinOniTic published n complaint
made by Mr M J Stem that ho had been
Illegally arrested for running n gamolllig
housc The coinplnlnnnt wns referred to
United States Attorney Cole who lias
submitted his opinion to tho District
Mr Colo states that he learns that tho
arrest was mado as stated by Stern and
admitted by Lieutenant Vornou Tho caso
was not prosecuted in tho Pollco Court
tho nttorncy says becauso that court
had previously mado n ruling that
the law against camini or keeping gam
ing apparatus does not apply except In
cases whero tho gaming Is habitual or
continuous to somo extent nnd ns hero
was no cvldcnco to show any but the ono
net of gaming ngainst Stern nud his asso
ciates it was Impossible to bring tho caso
within the law ns construed
Tho attorney however takes exception
to the ruling as ho says
I am bv no means satisfied that his
rullpg is correct and proposaat as early
a day ns n proper caso can bo mado lor
this purposo to obtain n construction Ot
said act by tbo Supremo Court of tho Dis
trict but until such ruling can bo ob
tained tho construction of tho net as set
tled by tho Police Court must bo fol
Captain Cole however bcliovos that
the police olllcers wcro perfectly justllled
in making the arrest
Oiiiikeb Tho followlngs order3 woro
issued to day by tho Commissioners J
A Sibley appointed temporary draughts
man in tho olllce of the Inspector of
Buildings at 1 per diem
James 0 AVilson appointed private in
IhoFiro Department
AVntcr main tnx of 27121 againsta por
tion of square 091 bo canceled tho same
having been quashed and annulled by de
cree of tho courts
Following steam engineers licenses
ranted First class Frederick Weber
P rcoiid class F E Oranford Joseph
Nculaud and Harry A AVilvcrt
GrioroETOwx Station Colonel Moore
Assessor Trimble and Inspector of Build
ugs Enlwlslo this afternoon made a visit
to Georgetown to look after a site for tho
new station house of tho Seventh precinct
BovrDSttsiONS Au order was issued
by the Commissioners yesterday to tho
effect that hereafter board sessions will
be held from 10 oclock to 11 oclock dally
except Saturdays In order to permit
them lo attend to matters relatlvo to tho
Office and public business the Commis
sioners will not bo accessible to personal
interviews netweeu tho hours or u ami 10
a m dally Between 11 and 2 oclock
personal aim oniciai callers win no re
ceived Tbo District Bnildlng will bo
closed to the public after U Oclock p m
II Warner Co on behalf of MrTama3
M Aarnum who owns nino houses In
squaro J09 liavo written to the Commis
sioners protesting- against tho use of ia
portion of that square for railroad pur
poses as proposed by tho Baltimore ond
Jlotomnc Itailroad
Prolonged Conforciico With Itmllnl
Now Look Out
Home April 22 Baron Frtva lato Min
ister of Italy to tho United States lias ar
rived in Itonic nnd had n prolonged con
feicnco with Marquis ltudlnl Italian
Premier and Minister for foreign
hffalrs upon tho subject of tho Now
Orleans massacre Tho result of tho
conference is not yet known
Kvlctloiifl nnd lllots In tlio Colio lteglou
EcoTTDAife PA April 22 Tills morfi
Jug Deputy Sheriff Crawford and a largo
posso of deputies went to Adelaldo to
servo writs of ejectment and yvero met
Villi a determined resistance
After ovlcting a couplo of families they
Jvero attacked from all sides by an infuri
ated mob of strikers and women A riot
followed in which both sides put up a
game battle
The dcpuUcs wcro Toulcil however
Sheriff Crawford arid n few assistants be
ing injured
i ii i i
Afraid of JWoroSUver Tollt
New Yoiik April 22 Ex Prosldcnt
Cleveland refused lost night o conllrm
or deny the statements contained in tho
published conversation said tqhavo taken
between fitato Treasurer Leon V
filaco and himself on tbo Bilvcr ques
ion The ex President said ho had not
read tlio article In question Ho was too
busy nnd did not caro to say anything
Sad Drowning Accident
Esfielp N H April 22 Frank
V Emerson with his wlfo and
child was driving from Lebanon
to his homo nt East Lebanon
vetlcrdav afternoon when his
to bavo n lit nud plunged over n
feared into Mnsconmltlver Mr Emerson
ucercded in getting out anil saving tho
child but Mrs Emerson was drowned
The Jiortc swam ashore
A Oluutly Tragedy
llTTPHunti April 22 Miss Mary Sulli
van aged OS of unsound mind seriously
cut Iter aged husband whllo ho was asleep
In bed fcarly this morning and killed hor
telf The man will recover
J lie Importance ot taking a good Spring Med
lclllo ennnut bcovcrcetlmntcd Tho changing
uciitlicr arfcefs tho human aystom In such a
way that It I now In great neod ot ami at
jicclally sttscoptlblo to tho bcniifit to heilo
lived from a rolinblo preparation llko Hoods
rJareuparllla To make your blood pure glvo
you n good sppetlto and mako yoii strong thla
spring you afiould take Hoods 8aruarIIii the
fSprlnu Modlolno
HoqilaJJawplJllMlrtlnaliloiwa spring
inedlciiicH Invlgoruiea the wbolo system nud
tones up tlieatomach and slnc o 1 lameac
jualutexl with Hoods HarjKiparllla 1 always
take sororal bottles In tho firing and naoooa
eliuirixjiilree the rest of Uie year L U hi
mh Arllu lona
N 1 lie sine to get
Sojd by ell drugs- I be for 3 rrcpereil
only by 13 1 HOOD A to Lowell Mass
100 Doaea Ono Dollar
iUiU Wiiy111
y rTwflT
HirrhcDt of all iti Lcavcninp Power Latest U S GovtRcnorL
m x i Bir
Brjwmm w t rKM m
tiu8 afl uH yB jfiLrXt Bl fw R
tl H3W rr vtf5lb Ki P9 2
H r femmfcfwi
m m jmxm r wwi
XlMOIJLfflill PaiRS
Jlnjov Gciicrnl Schoflcld Issues an Onlet
Coiiipllinciitlne n Number of Ilrnve
Jlcn for Acts of Daring ninl Fortltnilc
In tlio Lino of Their DutlcK living
Deserved Prnldo Wliero it Belongs
The third of the scries of orders Issued
by General Scliollcld mentioning tho
names of olllcers and enlisted men who
distinguished themselves by special
meritorious acts or conduct In the
tcrvlce1 wns given out to dny It Is Np
11 of tho current Bcnes of general orders
Headquarters of the Army and is as fol
Tho Major General Commanding
lakes pleasure In publishing In orders to
IhoArmy tho names of tbo following
olllcers and enlisted men who during the
veor 1885 distincnished themselves bv
specially meritorious ncls or comlttct in
January 18S5 First Liouteiiailt David
N McDonald Fourth Cavalry now out
of service For Judicious prompt and
energetic pursuit and gallant attack nud
capture of a body of nrrhed Mexican mu
tineers en route from Lower California to
Sonorn through tho United States
Juno 8 1885 Prlvato John Scunltzcr
Company H Twenty third Infantry thon
of Troop G Fourth Cavalry Forgallnnt
nmifttiM l npftno nfrnfnitt lnH1n fMrtnn
hun Indians Gunilaionpo Canon Sonora
In carrying tho scrgcatit cotnmaudiiig tho
party who hnd been thrco times wounded
from the bottom to the lop of tho cation
whero tho sergeant received a fatal wounl
this Under heavy tiro within n short
distnnco of the hostilo Indians concealed
in the rocks Certificate of merit
July 7 1883 Sergeant Frank E Ls
gros Troop 1 then of L Fifth Cavalry
Corporal Carl Darnestcin then farrier
Troon L Fifth Cavalry Troop D Eighth
Cavalry Private Christian Schultz Troop
I Ihcn of L Fifth Cavalry and Pierce
Eelioelkopf now out of service then
private Troop L Fifth Cavalry For
skill nud fortitudo in crossing Gcncrnl
Sheridan nnd pnrty over tlio Cimarron
ltivcr Indian Territory during a freshet
necessitating tho swimming of men ami
Summer of 18S3 Major AVIrt Davis
Fifth Cavalry then Captain Fourth Cav
alry For highly meritorious services in
command of an expedition composed of
ills own troop and a battalion of Indian
scouts against hostile Chlricaliun Apaches
in Arizona and Sonorn displaying goqd
judgment energy and persistency In a
pursuit of over 000 miles successfully nt
tncking them September 22 in tho Teres
Mountnins Mexico
August nnd September 1883 First
Lieutenant Mntthias AV Day Ninth Cav
alry For soldierly conduct August 7tb
While commanding a company of Indian
scouts in successfully surprising Gcron
imofl camp of hostilo Apaches in the
Sierra Madrc Mountains Mexico and for
gallant conduct In action ngainst hostilo
Apache Indians in tho Teres Mountains
iMexico September 22
September 22 1885 First Lieutenant
Bobert D AValsh then Second Lieuten
ant Fourth Cavalry for gallant contludt
ngainst hostilo Apacho Indians Tfhilo
commanding company of Indian scouts
Sn the TorcsMonntalns Mexico
Suinraer Of 1885 Mojor Gcneral Crook
mentions In operations of tho season
ugalnit hostilo Apaches Captain Emmet
Crawford sinco died of wounds received
in notion First Lieutenant Marion P
Maus now contain First Infautrv Sec
ond lieutenants now ibrst lieutenants
Harry C Benson and Charles P Elliott
llrst lieutenants Lclgliton FJnloy and
AVilliam E Shipp lcnth Cavalry mid
Second Lieutenant Samuel L Faison
lilrstlnfontrytuow first lieutenant Thir
tcenth Infantry
December JO 1881 Sergeant JPrajik
Woore Troop 0 Eighth Cayalry for great
coolness and bravery against hostile Apn
dies at LittleDry Creak Now Mexico
Dccembor iff 1885 Corporal Wallace
JMcIinrlaud Troop J Second Cavalry than
of Troop QtJfiftli Cavalry for highly
hicritorjous conduct Inaction pgallist Jios
tile Apaches atthasamo ilght continuing
after being severely wounded
ii i
Cngo of Undo JIIclns nnd Omyson
AVIllinm Dade John Hlgnlus and
liuni Grayson all colored wcro tried for
lionsebrcaltliigiyestcrday Dado pleaded
guilty and was sentenced to Albany for
f 6nr years
Tbo aflenso with which thcyaro charged
consisted in the theft of tlirco boxes of
brnngesfromHendrlckson Cos store
oiiLouisann avenue between Ninth and
Tenth streets On tho iilght ofJantiary
CO Thcv wcrccatmbtlii thoact by Mj
Hendrickson and Oillcer Heller
1 There was qnlto n sohsation in the court
room -when Bonz a1 colored wo
man fainted while on tho stand giving
rcbutal evidence nnd had to bo carried
from tho room
Other witnesses were henrd in rebuttal
Tho jury returned n verdict of not guilty
ns to AVllllnm Gravson bnt utility ns to
Hlgglns with ii recommendation for
Tho Nlcolnlilcs ltolibory Case
Daniel and AVilliam Castor two youug
nnd quito respectable appearing colored
men wcro on trial In tho CrlmiuabCotirt
lo day accuscil of breaking Into tho store
of Kimon Kicololdes No 1100 F street
northwest on tho night of February 20
AVIHIanvCBSlor IcsUiied -ho hnd mado n
confession In tho Btatlon houso when ar
rested under the Influence of liquor given
him by Policemen Boaidman oud Ken
dall Ho said they threatened him If ho
did not confess Tho olllcers denied
ibis Dau Castor denied the robbery
Lieutenant Amiss in rebuttal sworp
positively that John Castor had not been
given any liquor nt tho Twelfth struct
titutlonin his presence In his charge to
the jury Judgo llradloy Instructed tho
UIscharg6bf Daniel Castor as thero was
no evidence introduced ogainst hm
The jury shortly nfter2oflock brought
Inn verdict that William1 wris guilty but
Daniel could bo discharged Judgo Brad
ley sentenced thogullty brother to Albany
for fdur years
minor lollcfl Itoiiis
The sneak thieves of tho city conllntto
to bo industrious 11 Lovl 1121 Seventh
street reports stolen from his show win
dow yesterday llvo silver watches
Mnry Btircli 300 L street southeast
says that her pockctbook contalningJIO
was taken from her whllo sho was out
shopping vesterdoy aftornoon
Georgo AVj Scott reports to hotulqnarlora
that sneak thieves stolo llvo boxes of
cigars from his store at
btrcct and Pennsylvania avenuo last
About 4s 80 oclock ynstorday nfternoon
tho wagon of r II Jarvls was run Into
by froigbt train No 820 of tho Pennsyl
vania road nnd slightly damaged
Thonccldcnt occurred at Eleventh stroet
find Maryland avenue and Ollleora
Hogan and Perry report that the gnto
kcenor did not put down tbo gates
Bids for itbo nw statlomhoinisr In
fleorgelowiihtivo been openod but tho
location hns not yet been nolectod
Jolmnn Admttteil to Hall
Johann Qnlll who was yesterday
judgl a lunatic and who Is in pil
churgcu with larceny was to uny admit
ted to bail in tho unin of 25
Nrw Yonrc April 32 Money loaned
nt 1 a -1 per cent
Exchange steady posted rales tSOQlSOJ
actual rotes for sixty days add
488ICMR84 for demand
Governments slcady currency Os 113
bitl Is couiion 1211 bid Us do 102
The slock market opened weak arid
under somo pressure In tho early dealings
values declined I to j per cent Toward
11 oclock thero was something of in
steadier feeling and n recovery to about
last nights prices
In tho hour to noon prices wcro irregu
lar changing frequently but tho uudcr
tono wasllrmnnd ot this writing valuta
nre generally 1 to 1 par cent higher with
tho greatest advance In Missouri Pad Ilc
Tho principal trading was in Chicago Gas
Atchison St Paul Now England North
ern Puclllc Bock Island nnd Union
PnciflcTho sales wcro on n limited scale
only 122100 shares changing hnnds
Washington Stock JSxclinnge
Reported for The Ciutio by Gurlcy fi
btcvens rem cstato ami local securities
1035 F street northwest
Sales llcgular call 12 oclock
End Nat Bank 10 n 101 Traders
Nat Bank 10 n 118 Lincoln Nat Hank
I0nl02j AVita It H5a2IO Met
It It 10 n 110 10 n 1171 Col Fire Ins
CO n 118 CO a 108 50 n 101 Lincoln Fifo
Ins 100 a 5L U 8 Light lOn
Miscellaneous Bonds AV A Q It It
10 10 Cs HlO 23 101 AV fi OK It
CbnveitibloOVOO EO 123 Masonic Hall
Assn Cs 0 1008 101 AVnsh Mnrkct Co
llOjWnsh Market Co
Imp Os 1012 27 120 Amer Security mid
Trust Os 1S05 100 AVnsh Light In
fantry 1st Os 1101 101 AVashington Light
Infantry 2d 7s 1001 07 AVashGns Cd
Scr AG3 I002 27 123 AVash Gas Co
Scr B Os 1001 20 125 AVash Gas Co
Conveitlblo Cs 1001 135
Natlonnl Bank Stocks Bank of AVash
ington HO Hank of Republic 270
rnnnlllnn fVnlrnl ftnO Hernilil IRfl
Formers nnd Mechanics 105 Citizens
170 Columbia 155 Capital 121 AVcst
End 1003 Trailers 117 Lincoln 102
Railroad Stocks AVashington and
Georgetown 211 Metropolitan 110 Co
lumbia G5 Capitol and Noitli 0 Street
03J Eckington and Soldiers Home 63
Georgetown and Tcnnllytown 03
Insurance Stocks Firemens -17
Frmiklin 57 Metropolian 80 National
Union 18jj Arlington ISO Corcoran 70
Columbia 101 German American 185
Potomac 83 Higgs 81 Pcoplos 01 Lin
coln C Commercial -If
Tltlo Insuranco Stocks Real Estato
Title 128 Columbia Title OS
Gas and FJcrtrio Light Stocks Wash
ington Gas M I Georgetown Gas -IS U
S Electric Light 170
Telephone Stocks Pcnnsvlvnnia 25
Chctapeako ifc Potomac 37 American
MiscellancousStocks AVashington Mar
ket 1C Bull Run Panornina 17 Pneu
matic Gun Carriage Great Falls Ice 175
Safo Deposit ond Trust Companies
AVashington Safo Deposit 110 AVnshiiig
ton Loan nud Trust 031 Anicr Security
and Trust SO
Ex Hlvldciul
An lncTcnio of in tlio Dentlisi
During Trvcnty Tour Hours
For tho pfot twenty founhours ending
at noon to dny thero wcro thlrty ono
deaths iiulhculty being an advance over
yesterdays mortality of twelve j
There were thrco deaths from the grip
JIary F Robinson Mary L Brown mid
Elizabeth AValkcr
Pneumonia still rages and there woro
reported six deaths from tbls cause
Thero wcro two deaths from bronchitis
ono fromJitlutnzi quo from pulmonary
tuberculosis and ono from intlamrnatlon
of the lungsi All ofHhcso diseases nre
directly traceable to tho grip ibis being
as the doctors still maintain pnlyaprl
anrrry ttage of pnoahionia and afterward
Auuabcll OiNielltiged 10 years died of
burns In Cumberland
Precautions nro being taken in Phlln
Vlelphla agalnstsmall pox
I Mrsj Jlocgle MorrJssey whQ wasifound
dead near Baltimore is Uiouglitto haVe
accidentally shot herself while examining
A piitol
Mr JacobTrancowastfoimd lastntsht
in tho yard of bis houso In Baltimore
with his throat cut and his penknife
lying open besidoblm
Inndlspntoovern trivial business mat
ter Mr D D Primrose shot mid severely-
injured his sort Jamesr Primrose in
During last vear tho
road carried over 20000000 Das3ongers bo
twecn Philadelphia and Pittsburg and
- ln nThw litbnr A A II rwvi
Mrs Hanna Cliard cclobrateil her 102d
birthday anniversary yesterday at the
jiomepf her grandchild William Chard
In Iort Norris N J Sho is tho mother 0f
six children three Of whom aro dead and
has 113 descendants
A servero torundo cut n swnlh Ihrouirli
1ittsburg Toxas yesterday completely
destroying two resiliences anu oamv uam
aging half n dozen others Mrs Powell
iwos fatally and her daughter Mrs
Burns kevercly hurt
The tiy Council of Richmond In joipt
srpsloniliiil night adopted a resolution re
questing that tho remains at General
Joseph E Johnston be interred In ltlcji
Jiiond Tho resolution will bo forwarded
to thofamlly of tho deceased
Employes of tho Kentucky Union Rail
joad and mountaineers In Breathitt
county iiy who navo never ueen pant
jforthoir timber havo wrcckedthQentlro
yoad in Breathitt County for a distance if
twenty IWo miles Tho3road will bo
pled for week and the cost of reparlng
the dnmago will amount ta fully 550000
I AV ReOovcrt of Findlay Ohio claims
to have found tho missing link in tho
chain of tltlo establishing tho laUs General
tlohn C Fremonts claim to tho Island of
AleUrns In Snn Francisco Bay Tho
United States Government has possession
ofthoislnnd nnd thcFromont heirs nro
suing for Its value which is placed nt
Tho negotiations in progress In London
between Mr Ellis of tlio American com
Jnllleo on llio Aintlilatleut niuOfcssrs
Lubbock Liddcrdnle and Daniel consti
tuting tbo English advisory board ro
suited in negotiations for n settlement of
tbo debt based upon tho plan Of Novem
ber 1S00 recommended by Messrs Cleve
land Bayard Phelps and others
Missouri Heparteo
tlOtn the St Louis lit public
Sho was tall blomlo and very hand
some Ho was small and very dark Tho
contrast attracted Tho Man About Town
as ho saw them Just taking their scats nt n
table in n fashionable lcstatinmt They
were both very nngryn8 wns evident from
Uxir looks After giving their orders
they resumed the lovers quarrel that had
been interrupted and os tnoy tulkod their
voices grew louder with each sentence
until what they wcro saying could bo
plainly heard by pconlo nt tnblos nuar
them Finally ho biild From tho way
you try to play with mo you must think
youvii got a big yellow monkey on n
Her Instantaneous reply was as hor
eves flashed llio nnd fun at theMimetlme
No I do not I think lvo got n littlo
black dovil onithoBtring I
It was bo funny they both laughed and
ncarlv everybody in tho room laughed
with them
Mudlson Squnro Thontro Co
TblB Wedticeilay Evening nhio Saturday Mat
Thursday Evening
Friday anil Baturday Evenings
Laet Concert ot the Season by the Famous
llijslnii fijiniiliiy Orchestra
Jill ARTHUR N1K1SUH Conductor
Tho Hlstlngnldicdllanlstc
Solo Vloloncclllt
A IJrllllant Programme Including
lly request
Tickets now on lalo at i V Ellis t o s
OSTIa avc O A EiJlS Manager
Wasliti -Jockey Clnli
Bcmili Hate Conrso
Slccptecliftses and Hurdle ititces Over 000
of the best raco hores will take part Klref
rnco promptly at a p m
Admission Grounds Oram Stand nnd Tool
Inwu Including Clnbhouso nnd Paddock
J150 characters will lio denied
Special trains will Icaro Sixth street depot
nnn return lmmeuiniciy auor mo iniirncc
Every Evening
JIatluco Saturday
A Jlasnlflccnt Production of Nineteenth Cen
tury Aiuiiircisy
MINST Jiti3Il1S -
r r
Led by the Greatest Living JHnstrel
UVLa Geo WLso
Atteletcd by Court Jesters
Tom Lewis Ed Kelly Dun Qiiliilati Touack
and Steele ltiltim Brothers Dnvnl Orion
Trio nud the Four Emperors or Mnle
Howard Tnlbot Itusscll JIcLood
Next Week Summer Opera Season- Carle
ton Opern Company lit Tho Jlerry War
Sirs I Harris R S llrltton and V Y Dean
4ropnciors anu Aianagers
Jfonday and Tuesday Evenings nnd Tuesday
A OoloTsx atod Oaso
Wednesday and Thursday Evenings oud
Thursday Afternoon
- asm poeuo
JL TJUl llill BT
THIS WEEK Ladlca Matinee To morrow
Henry Burlesque Coj
The Rcmarkablo Dancer
Afincs Harry Herbert Crowley Sisters Ho
Uoorco U Wood
jj BAiUjiuAX Ariuu zi aim 13
Two Nights nud One JlattneitJturday
Yes Well AH He Dalr
Tlio swell event Society faTorltoj Only
attraction of the kind in too world worthy or
your time And money Lot by tlm leaders or
m Inslreliy Jtnlml table orlglnalaml only aoni
ziiciniuvu uia niNiiwiiu idc mff uiinilir i no
funnvanil famous JasA Bland Hilly Far
tell Jinn MnVlen Tstmer A Mrnlntn tlm rnnr
i - w r
iircwcr uruiuciB iu uiucrniaut jiiuvcii
Kings scale of prices ualleryx5eT balcony
nrsi rows toc uick rows in Daiconyrruc
orchestriuaudflrstl lows ln clrcle l third
Inm klitl ifyCM israaaaaoail iBlatalaiiit An Kiln TA 3
tun vitvit hj buia4 huiiiicdiuui wv atv i
eerTea eeaU may bo secured nt MctzerotlVj
iaciLor cccuro eeau Avouuiajnui
APRIL 20 TO AY 2 1801
A Combination orSparrera Male and Female
wrestlers anu a Lompanvo vnuueviie iri
Wtir Second to None Matinees Monday
Wednesday Friday and Saturday Prices ot
admission 10 21 SO and SO conts
HI id ill Siionii
rTTTT arYKT VItii flhni fnrOnilla rt A TT V
feSS S Boes for Ladles Vti
WILSON Fine Shoes for Hoys aRRj
WILSON no Shoes for Girls OABUl
dren OARRj
WILSON Kinonbocsfor Infants OABH
WILSON Rcccntlou and Eved OARR
WILSON Satin slippers In all OARR
TO TTHfVNr shades rAVTl
WILSON Blllc BjiPae ln wOARR
WILSON Swadee Slippers In all OARR
wilson mssssSi I
vv xxjoisx i UOWS kjjzjl
WILSON Patent Leather Shoos OARR
TxrTTai YNr and suppers nATrre
tYtitoXS Gcnte Patent Leather XatVI
WILSON Slippers end Pomps aARRW
- 11
029 F ST N W
Oaltlmoro Btoro 1 and a Baltlmoro Ht
IT15 uo
ri unii i u wan uitiiiiikif utai
1X1 firet claie serurllles it lowest rates olf
luiercst No delay whero socnrlty Is eood V
ao3itut ii w y
MONEV Jn Hums to Snlt
On Approved Ileal Katoto Sccnrlty
U 11 WA11NER a CO

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