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Situations and Help Wanted
Not Exceeding- Threo Linos Inserted Without Chargo
NOTIOKB-not exceeding 3 linos -Froo,
Other adrcftlsoments iiixtrr the minor elMjIfled heading,
one rent n word orseren cents a line first Insertion: fire cents a
line cadi subsequent Insertion.
subscription rates:
25 Gents Per Month; S3.00 Per Year.
Less Than One Cent a Day.
Delivered In this city, Georgetown, Anacostla and Alex
andria or by mail anywhere In the United States.
: nimmmtMMmsMtemmmtKr kt mmmmr
Open for Subscription and Payment,
Monthly Payments aro $2,50 per sliaro.
ET'niiiTAnic C O Accnniirinu
Assets :
PIJ25'741" A Purely Oo-oporativo Saving and Loaning Institution.
"Equitable Building,"
1003 V street.
Hours, g a. iu, to 4.30 !' Di-
To reduce mv ImmciiBc etockot AMERICAN
KLRY and SILVERWARE, I otter to tho pub
lie n special discount ot 20 por cent, for SI'OT
CASH tor a SHORT time only on the aborc
Manufacturing Jeweler,
G03 Seventh st. 11. w.
JOHN JOY EDSON, Vice-President.
WM. II. OUHLKY, Treasurer.
TO, D. ItOllISON, Secretary.
It has been correctly stated that tho manage
ment ot any estate, be It either real or personal,
requires as much'tact and ability as Is required
to accumulate It. There may bo come differ
ence ot opinion about this, but the great an
noyance experienced In making Investments
nnd taking care ot properly has led largely to
the organization ot trust companies.
The Wnehlngton Loan and Trust Company
Is building tbo splendid new building nl the
corner of Ninth and F streets northwest. It Is
built ot granite and is fireproof and lias all
modern conveniences. It is first-class In every
paitlcular. It yon arc going to Europe this
company will take charge ot jour en'.Iro es
tate, giro you a receipt for money, notes,
atoeks and bonds, attend to the collection ot
nny amounts that may be due and reinvest
, funds from time to time. Tho charge for so
doing Is exceedingly moderate and you are
Tlrtually saved all responsibility and annoy
ance. This Is ot great advantage to people ot
menus. The cash capital of this corporation is
one million dollars. Open an account with It,
also acts as executor, administrator, trustee,
transfer agent and attends to ail fiduciary busi
John T. Arms.
Charles li. Ilailcy,
Charles S. UaPcr,
lame L. Harbour,
II. S. Cmmnlngs,
J ,T. Darlington,
John Joy Edson,
William li, Gurley,
John A. Hamilton,
Albert V. Fox,
O. C. Hrcen.
Charles llaum,
John ltidoiit.
(ieorge 1'. Schafor,
N. II. Shea,
Tho. Seimcrvllle,
John A. Swopc,
J. S. Swornistedt.
fteorga Truesdcll,
11. II. Warner,
A, A. Wilson,
L. I). Wine.
John II, Lamer,
S.W. Woodwaul,
A. S, Worthlngton.
$1 A GALLON, $1 A CJUART, 50c. A PINT.
Whereas L. A. 179$, K. ot L., Journeymen
House Painters, have been engaged In 1111 earn
est effort for tho last eight months to fully es
tablish tho eight-hour day In that craft:
thercforo bo It
7,'fWtfcf, That this L. A. 17K K. ot L., Car
penters nnd Joiners, approves ot and Indorses
their effort to retain nnd fully cufurco the
eight-hour day nnd pledge to them all tho sup
port In our power to aid them In their ust de
1mt.1l". Done by order and under tho seal ot the As
llcnutilnlly located on Chesapeake Buy,
thice-quartcrsot a mile south ot Day Ridge,
Mil., with n long water front on the bay, high
Kround nnd thickly wooded with some ot tho
grandest ehado trees.
Doatlng, bathing, fishing, crabbing and
fhootlng. One nnd n-halt hours from Wash
ington; one hour from Daltlmore. A number
of first-class cottages are now being erected.
Lots from $150 to $100, on easy terms.
Plats and Information furnished by
For tho convenience of persons living In the
eastern and western sections ot the city, ar
rangements have been made by which they can
pay their gas hills aurlng banking hours at
Dills paid after the 8th ot each month will
not bo entitled to the discount ot 33 cents per
1,000 cubic feet.
910 Pennsylvania avenue,
Constructed entirely ot Brick.wlth Steel Doors.
For Rent at Minimum Rates.
For storage of Silver-Plate, Jewelry, and all
other valuables at minimum charges.
Rent tor $3, $7.50, $10, and upward per year.
Inspection Invited,
lais, Ac., from a material that will never
iletcrlorato by age by using
It Is cheaper than brick. An 18-lnch
Can be limit of Potomac Blue Htono, best
workmanship, for tho saino cost ot n 11-Inch
brick wall. For heavier walls tho coat Is muoh
less, In proportion. Any quantity delivered
promptly by boat nt auy point on tho river
front or by wagons tn any partot tho city.
Cjunriies extending Hi miles on tho Potomac,
between Aqueduct aud Chain Bridges, Bridge
tttouc, Block Stone for building flouts, raugo
nnd broken ashler work. Also Broken Stone.
Dase, Binder and Granolithic. Pure ground
btonoDustat a very low price; excellent ma
terial for lawns and walks. Broken Htono
from elevated bins loaded upon vessels aud
wagons The Potomac Blue Stone was used
to build the Catholic University. Georgetown
College nnd many other large building In the
city; also for foundations of most of tho largo
CJoi eminent bnlldlugs In Washington.
Ofllco at Docks, WW Water street. Box at
Uulldcia' Exchange. Telephone No,137ii.
made by ono ot the most celebrated
cutters In America! Prices aamo as thoss
third-rate cutters ensrge i T. HALL, SOS V
Further inforuialiou can be obtained upon applica.
tioti nt the office ; also, pamphlets explaining the ob
ject of the Association, its advantages and benefits.
Jno. Joy Edson, Secretary.
Population 18V, IOC; 1801, 30,00 ,
Industries already established and In opera
tion, $17,000,10.0.
New buildings now under constructional,
5C0.W. An appropriation Just voted ly the people
for Improvement of streets, $I5P,'XH.
Wc have a Iractnf land (if 2(11 nrrs nillolnln"
the corporate limits of Roanoke and within
three-quarters ot a mile of the central points
of the city, for the purchase of which we aro
now organizing a syndicate. Although many
efforts have beeu mado heretofore to secuie
this propel ty.noae have been successful until
the present time. A decree ot tho Circuit
Court ot Roanoke, granted on tho llth day ot
April, has placed the property In our hands for
sale, and for the tlrst time It Is put upon tho
market. Situated In the northwest, It is In the
centre of numerous attractive and popular a 1
dltlons to the city. It abounds in beautiful
situation j, and there will not be an undesirable
lot In the entire tract. About 100 acres ot It Is
overcd with a luxuriant growth of stately
and beautiful oaks. From this property it Is
not mote than ten minutes' walk to the market
house, depots and the large Industrial cstab
incuts iu the eastern part of the city, and it
would he extremely difficult for the Imaglns
tlon to picture a prettier or more desirable
properly than we arc endevoring to describe.
care not selling lots nor stock; nre not try
ing to "boom" nny town or Improvement com
pany; but simply want a tew parties to Join us
in buying this property coming In on the
ground floor In every sense ot the word. Tho
profits must be sure and large. Lots all around
this property nre selling for from $:iS0 to JS00,
while the lots on this tract when subdivided
will cost us considerably less than $1011. Over
one-half of the entire amount needed has been
sul ecrlbed within three days.
V 111 you come In aud let us talk It over with
joi. ?
i:ill F STREET.
Wholesale nnd Retail Dealers In
Supplies practically INEXHAUSTIBLE.
Storage Facilities UNECJUALED.
Ice deliveries throughout the city by atten
tive nnd experienced employes.
Leave older? at the office or with drivers ot
delivery wagons,
nnnunl meeting of the stockholders ot
the National Lite-Maturity Insurance Com
pany of Washington, D. C, will bo held nt
Harper's Ferry, W. V.. at Green's Hotel, at 1
o'clock p. 111., on TUESDAY, MAY lit, 1WI1,
for the purpco of electing thirteen Directors
to serve during the succeeding year anil until
their successors are elected and qualified, and
for the transaction ot such other business as
may propcrlv come before said meeting. Bi
dder of the Board ot Directors. GEO. II. EL
DItlDGL', Secretary. Washington, D, C.,Mny
7, 1blll.
Chattered by special act of Congress January
22, 1WJ7. Reorganized as a
Under act ot Congress October 1, 1890.
This company begs to auuonucc that It has
received from the Controller of tho Currency
Its certificate of reorganization under the act
ot Congress of October 1, 1890.
As heretofore, nnd for twenty-four years
past, this company will recctvo securities, sll
verware and other valuables for safe-keeping
In Its fire-proof building, and will rent sates or
boxes In Its new fire and burgbtr-nroot vaults,
which have time locks aud all other modern
Under and by virtue ot the act ot Congress
ot October 1, lb'.K,, and the certificate ot the
L'uMinllcr ot tho Currency, that It has fully
complied with tho law In all respects, this
company will, In addition to tho business
heretofore transacted 1V It, act as executor,
administrator, receiver, assignee nnd as com
mittee or guardlnu ot estates nnd will receive
and execute trusts ot ever description com
mitted to It by any court or by Individuals.
All trust funds and trust Investment are
kept cpatate and apart from the assets ot the
ciunranr.. Beside which protection tho com
pany has n capital I
Dr oslts will be received from ten cents up.
ward 1 nd Interest will be allowed on snch de
posits. Wll's receipted for and kept without charge.
CHARLES C. GLOVER, First Vice-President.
JAS. M. JOHNSTON.-Second Vice-President.
15. FRANCIS RIGGS, Treasurer.
William E. Clark, II. Ross Perry,
Louis elephant, George II. Plant,
Matthew (I. Emcrv. E. Francis HIl-l's.
Charles C. Glover,
.cnas v. itoniuns,
John F. Rndgcrs,
Benjamin P. Snyder,
Albert L, Hturlovant,
Henry A.Wlllnrd,
-1 iiuinus uyue,
Charles A, James,
James M. Johnston,
jounu. rarKc,
Andrew Wylle.
Tho Japanese Government Impending
T.nrgo Sums In Shipbuilding.
San Fiiancihco, May 8. The steamer
Delgic brings the following advices:
The Jnpaneso Government has ordered
three .Tapaneso doctors to proceed to Ger
many lor the purpose of studying the
Koch cure.
Tho now Japanese man-of-war C'hiyo
kndan has arrived at Yokohama from
New Castle, whero sho was constructed.
Workmen engaged In antimony mines in
Klilme, Japan, recently struck cm account
of u reduction of wages, A uumjicr of
the men appeared beforo tho olllco bent
on violence. The foreman of tbo works
was attacked and dynamite thrown into
the oillce.
l'olico interfered and the riot wtw
It Is reported that 10,000 people hove
perished from iullucuza aud other sick
ness during tlto past two months iu tho
province of Foocnow.
Tho Japaneso Diet has appropriated
fi.000,000 yen for the building of three
cruisers and one torpedo boat. Tho Gov
ernment has decided to build twenty
two more ships ot n cost of nearly S0,(HW,
00O yen,
Holding l.uboitu'8 by force,
ScoTTP.w.tt, Ia May 8. Tho coko
strikers assert that tho companies aro
holding men brought here, and who re
fuse to work, under surveillance, and will
not ierinit them to leavo tho works.
They aro restrained by armed guards, who
turn the muzzles ot rlltes at them when
they try to get away.
For the Dtntrlet of Columbia, Maryland ami
Vhylnla, gtnrrally fair; warmer; tan'h
ro-v.i r'.v yji ir.v ax it
ix Tjin rmtrcjiAn
Ol'PIO ns.
The notion of the United States Marahal
nt San Diego, Cal., In seizing the Chilian
steamer Itnta is the result of telegraphic
correspondence between the President,
Secretary Itlninu and Attorney-General
Miller. The lntler has been authorized by
the President to take whatever steps he
deemed necessary to enforce strict com
pliance with the laws of neutrality in case
of Chill, nnd to seize nil vessels found
offending In thai respect within the
jurisdiction of the United Stales.
Government receipts to-tiny from Inter
nal revenue, $301,102.51; from customs,
$522,310.92; from miscellaneous sources,
$01,183.20. Total, $1,001,035.72.
A certificate was issued to day by the
Comptrcllcr of the Currency authorizing
the Commercial National Rank of Fort
Dodge, Iowa, to begin business. Capital
The Secretary of the Treasury in a.clr
cular letter to customs collectors revokes
all previous ordors allowing drawbacks
on imported sugar used iu the manufac
ture of confectionery or any other article
made for export.
The count of tho assets in the Treasury
is proceeding quite rapidly and satisfac
torily. The coin vaults will bo opened early
next week. The whole sum of moneys
and bonds to be counted amounted, at tiio
beginmg of the Job, to $01 l,511,5S2.32.
A force of young North Carolinians
young ladles nnd young men are em
ployed in the Treasury at this time
making a schedule of the names of those
who aro to be tho liencliciaries when
North Carolina distributes tho direct tax
refunded some days ago. These young
folks came on from their homes, and
draw a per diem pay from thu State
treasury. They seem to enjoy the novelty
of the work greatly.
Tnniit Ixrn:r.STS Iucmicai.. Assistant
Sec retary Spaulding has informed James
Hurt, agent of the American Sugar Re
fining Company, that the interest of the
Government and the company are identi
cal in the proper ami uniform assessment
of duties upon sugar at the several ports,
and that he will be accorded proper fa
cilities nt the several custom houses where
it may not interfere with the business of
lhe olllro or the interest of the revenue 111
obtaining nil information he may desire.
Tiik TmiAH'itv FnoxT. Chief Clerk
Ur.ickclt thinks that Congress would act
wisely to appropriate a sulllcient sum to
remodel and improve the Fifteenth-street
front of tho Treasury Dttilding. Ho re
ports the sandstone material, used on that
face so disintegrated and roughened by
long exposure that it is impossible to
cither clean it or to get a substance that
win cover us unsightly surtace. An euort
will be made during tho next Congress to
effect an appropriation for this work.
Duties o.v Out:. The Treasury ofllcials
have decided to take thu necessary steps
to have the opinion of the General Cus
toms Appraiser reviewed in the case of
Chichester against the Collector at Eagle
Pass, Texas, as totlio ratio of duty charged
on certain silver lead ore imported from
Mexico. The Collector at Kagle Pass has
been instructed to enforce tho require
ments of the regulations and treat as lead
ores all alleged silver ore3 composed of
concentrates from different mines. In
the Chichester case the importer claims
$$7,702 overcharge.
Tin: Toiuico lti:nATi:s. Fp to date
nearly 20,000 tobacco rebate claims have
been filed iu the several bureaus of tho
Treasury Department to be audited. Of
this largo number fully 15,000 have been
settled by the First Comptroller's OHlce in
addition to currying the current work of
the bureau. Tho olliclals and clerks of
that ofllce have labored faithfully In and
out of season to accomplish this great
task. Some of the schedules sent iu rep
resent days of hard mental labor. One of
theso papers alono measured 87 feet in
length, and its whole surface was cov
ered with figures.
A JjAUhui, Max's Ql'kkr Notio.v. A
quiet looking farmer called at Acting
Treasurer "Whclplcy's ofllco this morning
and stated that lie had come to make a
deposit of ISO and wished to hove a draft
issued for $2,000. Ho was asked by tho
Acting Treasurer to exhibit the law for
such 11 transaction when ho insisted t lint
he could do it, that he had been doing
sonic pension business nnd that he had
come across a statute that warranted him
to mortgogo his property to the Govern
ment anil pav SM) interest in advance
on $2,000. Iu vain the half-amused
Treusurcr Insisted that no such a law
existed. Tiio stranger was inex
orable nnd finally drew from his
pocket a roll of greenbacks and tendered
the $S0 to tho olllclal. This was of course
declined ami gradually It began to dawn
on tho stranger that he could not force
the transaction. Ho llnally left tho ofllco
promising to return and exhibit tho stat
ute to Mr. Vholpley "if that," ho said,
"would fetch tho money." Ho was as
sured that evidence of that sort would
fetch it, and ho quietly left tho room. Ho
gavo his namo as Dentley and said he
lived at Laurel, Md.
Secretary Proctor is still iu Vermont
nnd will not likely return before tho mid
dle of next week. He telegraphed his re
grets tit not being present iu tho city,
during their sessions to tho American
Medical Association,
OimiiUM. Acting Assistant Surgeon
Renjanisn llrooke, from Fort Leaven
worth, Kansas, to Fort Riley, Kansas.
Incasoof Private Dan Schmidt, Troop
I, Fourth Cavalry, at Alcotraz Island, tin
executed part of sentence remitted.
Six- months of scutenco of Private Pat
riots J. McAndrcw, Troop A, Third Cav
olry, remitted.
Discharges from tho service: Private
John D. lieuehall, Company II, Fourth
Infantry; Corporal Fred. 1). Curtis, Troon
10, Third Cavalry: Privato Charles J.
Downey, Troop F, Llghth Cavalrv;
Private Gcorgo Hoffman, Company F,
First Infantry; Privato Fred. M. Myers,
1 lattery O, Second Artillery: Privato
Alfred Pearce, Company K. Sixth . In
fantry; Privntu John V. Porter, Hattery
L, Firth Artillery; Privato William J.
Small, Troop (1, Seventh Cavalry; Privato
Kdward J. Scramliu, Light Hattery O,
Third Artillery; Privates flustav Walter,
Troop II, and Paul Stulb, Troop F, Fifth
Cavalry: Privato f 'harlot lletke, Provost
Guard, Fort Leavenworth; Privato Isaac
Jackson, Com puny K, Twenty-fourth In
fantry; Prlvale ltobort Y, Leckco, Hat
tery I. Fourth Artillery; Privato Andrew
Strefeler, Company F, Klghth Infantry;
Privato Charles Warner, Troop C, Sixth
Leavo of nbsonco for ono month to Seo
ond Lieutenant William S. Pierce, Second
First Lieutenant 13. I). Smith, Nino
teenth Infantry, granted one month's
leavo of absence.
The Omaha is at San Diego.
The Navy Department has accepted tho
United States steamer ltcnnuington.
The U. S. H. Philadelphia and Kilter
prise arrived at St. Thomas yesterday.
Assistant Secretary Soley has acccptel
an Invitation to deliver nn nddrcss on
Thursday next at I o'clock p. 111,, In Tre
muni Hall, lloston, on the Life and Ser
vices of tho lato Admiral Porter. As Mr.
Soley Is already engaged writing a life of
the Admiral, and is well equipped by lit
erary attainment for the work, It is ex
pected his effort at lloston will be one of
unusual excellence.
Onntuis. Medical Inspector T. O. Wal
ton, Surgeon George A. llright, aud Passed
Assistant Surgeon John M. Stcelo to tho
Naval Academy, Mav 18, to examine the
physical condition of candidates for ad
mission to the Naval Academy.
Surgeon S. II. Dickson to the practice
ship Constellation May 18.
Passed Assistant Engineer William II.
Dunning to Union Iron Works, San Fran
cisco, June 1.
Passed Assistant Surgeon Phillip Leach
from Naval Academy, May 1", to practice
ship Constellation May 18.
Tiik Ukak'sMovkmknts. Captain Hcaly
of the revenue cuiter Dear, in an official
report to Captain Sheppartl, chief of the
Revenue Marino Service, hearing date of
Sitka, Alaska, April 11, states that the
Hear will sail on April 15 for Ottnalaska
and the Seal Islands. Captain Healy had
on board the Hear, besides her otllcers
and crew. Governor Knupp of Alaska,
II. S. Commissioner Johnson and Deputy
U. S. Marshal Costernicltenoff, who in
their olllclal capacities intended to make
the trip with him. The Hear is expected
to return to Sitka by June 1, and await in
structions from Washington, which arc
expected to be sent by the Rush.
Aitointmknis. Fenton llradford of
Virginia" was to-day appointed a clerk of
class I) in the Postoflice Departmental
$000 per annum, oillce of the Second As
sistant Postmaster-General.
Miss Mary A. Howard was to-day op
pointed a clerk of class II, $720 per
annum, In the Dead Letter Oillce.
Mr. O. S. Davis was to-day appointed
postmaster, fourth class, sit Hoadley,
Prince William County, Vn.
Items of
nterest from the Commls-
inlssliinvr.s' Olltco.
A dangerous hole is reported to be at
Third and It streets southwest, for which
the railroad is responsible.
Hon. Louis K. Atkinson of Pennsyl
vania, a member of the House District
Committee, was among the Commission
er's callers this morning.
Licenses granted: Wholesale- J:uue3 L.
Harbour, 01 1 and 610 Pennsylvania ave
nue northwest. Retail William Lntid
crton, Ivy Citv racetrack, county; Michael
Hattery, liOO Tenth street northwest.
Hids for genernl supplies for the use of
the District Government will be adver
tised for on May 15, but the contracts will
not be awarded until June. Schedules
for the suppi.es aro now being prepared.
A permit has been issftcd to tho Ana
costia and Potomac Railroad to lay a
double track, new grooved rails, on 31
street southwest from South Capitol to
Water street. Tho work of laying tho
tracks has already been commenced".
Mr. Hawkins Taylor has written to tho
Commissioners, calling attention to the
necessity of putting wholesale liquot deal
ers under bonds for good behavior, and to
tho manner in which some of the dealers
violate tho law. Mr. Taylor also gives
the Commissioners some good advice in
relation to the appointment of a new
board to act on liquor licenses.
Several days ago the Commissioners
requested the First Comptroller of
the Treasury for nn opinion as
to whether tho District emergency
fund could be used in supplying
quarters for the new assessors. The opin
ion has not yet been rendered, but it Is
said thot the Treasury Department will
decide against the fund being used Tor
such a purpose.
31 it, Foiisvrn's Ilnri.Y. In answer to
the complaint made by 3lory P. Doyle
against Surveyor Forsyth of the District
Government the latter has submitted a
statement to tho Commissioners. 3lr.
Forsyth says that in establishing the cor
rect lino between tho property of 3Irs.
Doyle and that adjoining owned by Messrs.
Dames and Weaver it may have been ne
cessary to cut a little of tho hedge around
tho front of 3Irs. Doyle's premises, lie-,
gording the chargo of discourtesy, the'
surveyor says that when 3lrs. Doylo pro
tested in deference to her ho left the
ground beforo completing tho survey.
There was no discourtesy exhibited to
watd the lady,
A WllAlU' I.N LlTIOATIOX. 3Ir. P. 1!.
I'ulinnn has requested that ho bo permit
ted to rent from the District the O street
wharf. Harbor Master Sutton in n com
munication to tho Commissioners says
that tho property known as tho O street
wharf is in litigation, and is claimed by
3Ioncure Robinson and others of Phila
delphia. Tho property Is leased to W. II.
3Iolcr for a term of years, and under the
existing circumstances recommends that
3Ir. Pulman's request bo not granted.
Captain Russell, however, thinks that tho
District owns the river front, and tho re
quest has been reforred to tho District At
torney for on opinion as to whether tills
is tho proper timo to take up this matter
of tho ownership of the wharves and as
sert tho rights of tho District.
Tiik Siioiskham's Floods. At a board
meeting of tho Commissioners this morn
ing- Hnlldlng Inspector Kntwlsle mado n
statement iu relation to the fulling iu of
n bath-room floor nt the Shoreham Hotel.
3Ir. L'nlwislo said that tho newspaper re-
Eorts of tho accident were untrue. The
alb-room was a small (1x8 room with a
tiled lloor adjoining Governor Kollogg's
apartments. Iu tearing up tho tiling for
tho purposo of removing the rotten
timbers from tho bath-room lloor,
tho llooring pave way. Mr. Kntwlsle
was not 111 tho building at tho timo
nor had ho been there during tho
day. lie says that all the tiled llooring
will have to bo torn up and new timbers
put in, but tho wooden floors so far as
they have been inspected have nil boon
found to be sound,
Colco-AVorlioia' Troubles.
SeoTTii.i:, Pa., 3Iay 8, A rcp6rt cur
rent hero last evening that a largo number
of workmen had been killed by nn ox
plosion at Frick's Adeloido Works yester
day uftoruoon caused the most intense
excitement. AtthoFrlck olllco tho re
port is emphatically denied, and stated the
only trottblo they had at Adolaldo was
iu getting tho S00 Illleti wagons out ot tho
way fast enough. Thotipploat thoMutuol
works was burned Wednesday night,
causing considerable loss, hut did not In
terfere with operations. Tho strikers aro
blamed for setting II ro to tho tipple.
Mora Southern Kntuipiise.
lluiMiNtiii.VM, Ai.a,, 3luy 8. Tho propo-
sitlon or the foreign syndicate to purchase
tho Tennobsco division of the plant of tho
Tennessee Coal, Iron and Railroad Coin-
panv was rejected yesterday at a meeting
of tho company held ot Tracy City, It was
voted to subscribe stock valued nt I500,
000 toward a steel plant now being organ
ized with a capital of $1,000,000 to bo
built In this city, Hirmingham citl-zens
hnvo alreudy subscribed tho other $WO,-
1 OW ot stock,
Visit llolso City mill Poiiitletnii I'ntriiii
Icing tiio InillniiH.
ItoiRK Citv, In.Mto, May 8 llcforedawn
Dolse City was awake to greet the Presi
dential tram.
Shortly after 7 o'clock the train rolled
into Iho depot amid thecheers of tho gre.tl
throng, the screaming of steam whistles
and the booming of artillery.
President Harrison, In response to re
pealed calls, appeared for a few minutes
on tlie platform of tho car, and then re
tired to Mulsh his breakfast, which had
been interrupted by the welcome of the
At 8 o'clock the parly was taken in
charge bytlie reception committee and
escorted to their place in the procession,
which took up tho line of march to the
Stale House. At thu Slate House tho
President was formally welcomed to the
newest of States by Governor Norman It,
"Willcy, and replied in his usual happy
Pr.Mii.Eioy, OttK., May 8. Upon his ar
rival here President Harrison made a brief
reply to an address of welcome. Post-muster-General
Wnnanioker also made a
brief address.
The chiefs ot the Cayuses and Peoand
Umatilla Indians made brief speeches at
the close of the Peist master General's ad
dress. The chief of the first named tribe
complained that the agreement between
his people and tho Government had been
broken bytlie latter because of the charac
ter of certain portions of the reservation
allotted to them.
Thechiefof the Umatilla Indians de
clared that bis tribe entertained the most
kindly feelings for the Government. Mrs.
Harrison bought n number of trinkets
from the squaws during the stay of the
Three Prominent Hanking Institutions,
Heretofore Relieved lo Re Snfe, Sus
pend Business and Close Their Doors.
Pini-APEiiiiitA, Pa,, 3Iay 8. This city
shortly before and after noon to-day had
n scries of the most startling financial sur
prises that It has witnessed for years. No
less than three well-known Institutions
were declared to be involved. They were:
Tho Spring Garden Hank, the Pennsyl
vania Trust, tho Glrard Hank. In the
case of the last named institution nothing
deliuite could be ascertained for the time
The doors of tho Spring Garden Hank
were shut this morning at 11:30 o'clock.
At that time Hank Kxanuner Drew came
to the door and posted this notice:
"This bank is closed by order of the
Comptroller of tho Treasury, until further
"W. P. Diiew, Hank Examiner."
The lust check was paid at 11:30. lira
few minutes a crowd had collected and
tho street was impassable. President
Kennedy of the bank says: "The suspen
sion may be only temporary. I cannot
tell. Wo shall have to await further de
velopment." Hank Examiner Drew could not be
found about the bank. He was there,
however, at 11 o'clock and went awav
-almost immediately oftor tho hank closed.
It is said that $HL000or tho city's money
wuslockcdupin the house.
The Pcim Trust Company has mado an
assignment, lor tho benefit of creditors, to
Josiah H. Adams. Tho Trust Company is
now a State institution, separate from,
the renn Bank, but il was originally an
outgrowth of tho bank iu this, thai the
stockholders of the bank were also largely
stockholders of tho Trust Company.
A Schooner CSoun Down With u Cargo
of Sugar.
Hai.timoiu:, Mi , May 8. A throe
cornered collision occurred on the Pa
tapsco River, near Quarantine, this morn
ing 111 which the brig Edith, with a full
cargo of sugar, was sunk and the schooner
Frank S. Little and the tug Peerless were
batllv damaged. Tho cargo' of sugar was
wort'h $10,000. Tho total loss is estimated
at $05,100; insured.
Tho crew of the brig hail a narrow
escape from death, while ono of the men
on tho schooner was severely injured.
Tho Edith and Peerless were at anchor
when tho Little was seen bearing down
upon them with every sail set. The
Edith sank in n few minutes. Louis
Nelson of 33 Commercial street, Hoston,
had a leg broken. The lost brig was
owned by Hutchius Hros. of Now York.
The responsibility for tlieaccident has not
been yet placed.
Prospect That It Will Very Soon Ho
Ni.w Yoiik, 3lay 8. G. S. Ellis, secre
tary of the Virginia debt bondholders'
committee, has returned from London
nnd reports that his conference with the
English advisory board resulted in tho
settlement of details looking to tho accept
ance of the plan of settlement recom
mended In November last by tho Amer
ican advisory board. Tho latter c insists
of Grover Cleveland, T, F. llayard, E. .1.
Phelps, George S. Coo anil George G.
Williams. This is expected lo leave tho
wav clear forfmmedlute negotiations with
the Virginia Stato ofllciolsT
Consul Corto'x Lettor.
Nr.w Oki.eaxs, 3Iay 8. Signor Pasqualo
Corte, tho Italian consul here, addressed
a letter yesterday to United States Dis
trict Attorney William Grant, In which
ho claims that all but two of tho men
killed were subjects of the King of Italy
and that of tho nineteen Indicted for the
murderof 3Ir.Hennc-ssy, fourteen of them
were Italian subjects. This letter to 3lr.
Grant is important, as It will no doubt bo
n unsih ior any action mo Italian uovcru
ment may take to recover damages should
such n course bo contemplated.
'tiio rioreui'u liiclilemt.
Hoston, 3fay 8. Tho American Consul
nt Florence bos cabled tho following ver
sion of tho assault on Mr. Jacques: Mr.
Jacques and his family wero out riding,
and happening to pass through a street in
which some arrests wero being mado, and
stones and other missih-s boing thrown at
the arresting ollleials, their carriago was
struck by some of tho flying bricks. Ono
of tho stones crashed through tho carriago
with great force and struck ono of the
A JMvli'i bins Cnsv.
CixvKi.AJip, Onto, 31 ay 8. W. J. Han
som, an ujiholsterer of Milwaukee, was
locked up at tho Central Station Saturday
night on tho charge of Intoxication. A
fow hours later ho was found dead with
his throat cut nnd two stall wounds over
Iho heart. Hansom's wlfo arrived in
Cleveland yesterday and began nn Investi
gation, as sho does not heliovo that ho
committed suicide. The jail tttrnkoy says
Hansom had no knife or otlior woapon in
his possession when searched at the sta
tion. Not 11 Violation of XoutraUtv.
San Fhanosco, 3Iay 7. Senator Trum
bull of Chili, who Is In tho city, claims to
hnvo the best of legal advlco to tho offoct
that tho proposed transfer of arms from
tho schooner Robert and Minnie, is not a
violation of tho neutrality provisions
even if It took place in an American
A Proposition to Hold a Vaccine Centen
nial to Celebrate the Discovery of
Dr. Jetuiei Routine IIiisIiichs Trans
uctcil To-Day.
As no Inconsiderable number of tho
delegates left the city last night, there was
a marked falling off In the attendance at
Albatigh's Theatre this morning when
President Hrlggs called the American
Medical Association to order.
There was no following of the printed
programme. Dr. W. L. Schenck of To
peka, Kans,, was down for an address on
State Medicine, but was absent, and the
subject was passed over.
The report of tho committee on vaccina
tion was read by Dr. Wood, recommend
ing a celebration of tho centennial year
of the discovery of vaccination by Dr.
Jenner. Replies from twenty-two States
were unanimously In favor of the cele
bration for 31 ay II, 180(1. The report was
accepted and the committee continued
for another year.
Dr. Hibbartl offered a resolution, which
was carried after considerable discussion,
that a committee of seven be appointed
to consider and report next year upon the
advisability of the Incorporation of the
The following were reported to servo as
officers of sections: Practice uf medicine,
J. S. Cain of Tennessee; surgery, J. Mc.
F. Gaston; medicine jurisprudence and
neurology, Harold M. Mayer; obstetrics
and diseases of women, selection post
poned; diseases of children, H. F. Hrttsli,
New York; dermalalogy, L. 1). llulkeley,
New York; oral and dental surgeon, J.
Pabt, Ohio: materia 111 edict and phar
macy, F. Woodbury "f Pennsylvania;
physiology, C. II. Klineschmldt, Wash
ington; state medicine, H. Lee of Penn
sylvania. Vpon the announcement of the pres
sence in tho hall of representatives of the
American Pharmaceutical Asssociatiou
there were invited to scats onthustage
3Iessrs. Taylor, president of the associa
tion, and Remington of Philadelphia,
chairman of the delegation. Hoth gentle
men appropriately acknowledged the
Tho usual resolutions of (hanks for hos
pitality to the people and physicians of
Washington were adopted. Dr. Murcy
of Hoston was introduced and made
a very eloquent little talk, thank
ing his associates for the honor con
ferred upon him and predicting happy
achievements for the association. Dr.
Hricgs, the retiring president, after n
sentence of gratitude and a god speed to
the delegates, put a motion to that effect,
and the association was declared ad
journed without day.
l.ust Night's llvouts.
The delegates to the National Medical
Association had opportunities to interest
themselves in various ways after yester
day's meeting. Tho absorbing topic of
the day had been tho choice of a place for
the next meeting. With that matter dis
posed of, and Detroit selected after a
heated contest, all bickerings vanished
nnd the doctors minded together with
that bonhomie which distinguishes the
profession, renewing the amenities of
brotherly love, which political emergen
cies had but partially disturbed.
All eloors of public places and of many
privato residences were open to the visi
tors. Several hundred took advantage of u
proffered excursion to visit Mount
In the evening nearly all the members
who remained In the city attended the re
ception at the Army and Navy Medical
3Iuseum, which was handsomely deco
rated for the occasion. Assistant Secre
tary of War Grant, Surgeon-General Sun
derland, ex-Surgeon-G'eneral Jloore of the
Army, Surgeon-General Hrown of the
Navy, Surgeon-General Hamilton of the
3Iarmo Hospital Service, and Surgeons
Heger, Greenleaf, Smart and Hillings of
the Army courteously and cordially re
ceived the guests.
A largo number of the doctors enjoyed
a visit also last evening to the attractive
art gallery of Mr. Thomas !:, Wagganuin
tit 3300 O street, Georgetown.
Revolutionists Captured Amiipnlii anil
Then l.oso It.
La LuiEliTAi', Sai.vapok, 3fuy 7. vn
GALVFtiTos. Advices received here from
Honduras state that at 3 o'clock yesterday
morninga force under the command of
Colonel .Molina and General Hardales,
both of which olllcers aro leading rebels,
made an attack upon tho cuartel at Ama
palo. Tho guard there was taken by sur
prise and tho rebels were soon in posses
sion of the cuartel.
Tho Government troops wore imme
diately summoned, and 11 force compris
ing 030 men, under command of General
Rnriera, made a movement against tho
cuottel. Severe lighting followed, but at
noon the Government troops had suc
ceeded in driving the rebels from tho
cuartel, inllicling great loss upon them.
Among the killed was General Hardalcs. .
Itrutnl Outrage.
PortTi,Nii, 31e., May 8. An .Ir.
special from Topshatn, Me., tells tif a
biutiil outrago perpetrated upon a French
family residing in that town by a gang of
masked men, who wrecked tho windows
with stones and did other damage. One
of the Inmates was a woman in a deli
cate condition, who was struck in the
breast with a stone causing tho death of
the child. The rulllans aro believed to be
young men belonging to tho best families
in tho vicinity. They have fled.
Polk Opposes Cleveland.
Atista,Ga, May 8. President Polk
of the Farmers' Alliance says ho is op
posed to the nomination ot Grover Cleve
land for the Presidency by the Democrats.
The nomination of Mr. Cleveland on a
platform either Ignorlngor straddling the
inonev quostluu will, he is sure, make a
third "party a necessity. The action of
tho Alliance members In Congress will
det-end, ho says, upon whether tho Dem
ocrats show 11 disposition to glvo the
farmers what they want.
Min'iliir Suspected.
Pnovipuxt'i:, It. L, 3Iay 8. Mrs. Eliza
Lfctn Fletcher, aged 35, who was found
dead at hor homo yesterday morning, is
believed to havo been tho victim of vio
lence. Hruises wore discovered nu her
person, and an uuteipsy revealed that sho
had died of hemorrliago of the brain.
Her husband has boon arrested on sus
picion pending an Investigation.
A Great l'liiur Trust.
Hr. 1'M'i., 3lay h. The 3Iinnoapolis
flour mill consolidation is practically
closeel. The papers will bo signed on Sat
urday. It will bo known ns tho North
western Consolidated Milling Company of
3Iiuneupolis, and the combined capital is
about $2,000,000.
A Most Interesting Relic.
QiKnEc, 31 ay 8. Cardinal Taschorau
has received from tho Hlshop of Caress
sono a relic of La Honno Ste. Anno in tho
shape of 11 bone of 0110 of tho hands of tho
mother of tho Mossed Virgin Jlary.
A Cosily lllnzo.
HomnuvM, 3Iay 8. Early this morning
tho Stato bondod warehouse and tho
greater pott of its contents wero destroyed
by lire. The loss is estimated at $1,230,000.
Siijh lUiotirl, tho Syrian, Who Prom
ises to Outdo tiio Silkworm,
Ni:w Yoiik, 3Iay 8. There landed at
tho barge olllco yesterday a turbancd Sy
rian named Kllas Khotirl, who says that
he Is going to innke silk so cheap that the
poorest persons will bo able to wear silk
attire, says the Tribune. Ellas Is a Sy
rian of no menu intellect. Ho would in
dicate that at least from his conversation,
but he suy.M there is it greater than hint,
his uncle 3toiis:t. The two have lived In
Damascus, having n habitation in the
street that Is called "Straight." There
uncle and nephew have for some years
nuatomicully examined the silkworm,
and have discovered, they assert, that this
valuable caterpillar simply manufactures
the line thread of its cocoon out of the
mulberry leaf. Ellas and 3Iousa Kboitrl
have studied tho matter carefully, and nre
now certain that they can produce tho
real nrticle, silk, without the aid of the
worm. Thero is a vast Held open for the
enterprising Damascene, and it Is his in
tention lo open the attack on tho pamp
ered silk manufacturers of Lyons and
other centres of the industry by starting
bis non-worm factory somewhere in
A Stern Chnsc Is a Lone One, However,
nnd the Runaway Has a Clean Pair
of H eels ami Two Days Start of Her
Tho Navy Department, up to a lato hour
this afternoon, had taken no action look
ing to the recapture of the outlaw trans
port Rata, which escaped from San Diego
with arms fort lie Chilian Insurgents. The
reports Irom San Francisco, which states
that tbo Charleston has been ordered to
chase the Rata, aro denied by both Secre
tary Tracy anil Commodore Ramsey, tho
chief of the Navigation Rttroau. When
asked by Tiik Ciutic-Recouh reporter if
he would endeavor to capture the Itata
Secretary Tracy declined to answer. He
said, "I will simply say that nothing lias
been done in tbo matter as yet."
Naval oflicers, as a rule, do not think
that the Chatleston could overtake the
Itata, as the latter has already beeu two
days at sea, and has probably by this time
covered one-sixth of her distance, or 150
miles. Sho is a fast craft, almost as fast,
indeed, as tho American vessel.
It is understood that the Navy Depart
ment will instruct the commanders of
the Baltimore, Pcnsacoia, and San Fran
cisco, which are now in Chilian waters,
10 capture Iho runaway and return with
her to this country.
Thcrightof tho United States to capture
the Itiita 011 the high seas or in the United
States or Chilian waters is undoubted.
Tho vessel flics the flag of Chili and Is
subject to the only recognized authority
in that country, namely, the government
of which President Dalmaceda is tho
head. The insurgents havo no inter
national status; they are not oven recog
nized as belligerents. Tho Itata, having
entered a port of tho United States, fell
under suspicion of being there to secure
supplies, arms aud ammunition and the
Chilian Minister nt Washington asked for
her detention. Accordingly a United
States marshal was put on board ond her
captain was arrested. The captain was
allowed to return to his ship and ho at
once went to sea.
The Itata is therefore now at sea iu de
fiance of the authorities of both Chili and
(lie United States. She lias no clearance
papers, and is practically an outlaw. Any
nation can capture her. If sho made any
resistance she would he a pirate. If she
entered n port and the United States or
Chili demanded her surrender from the
government of the country tn which the
port belonged, that government would
surrender her.
With theso three cruisers on her track
the Itata is likely to lie overhauled in a
few days and brought back to San Diego,
wncn the uovernment win nave a Knotty
problem to wrestle with. Just whot can
bo done with the vessel and the extent to
which she has violated the laws are ques
tions that the ofllciuls hero decline to ex
press nn opinion upon. The Chilian 3lin
tsternlso maintains a studied silence.
As tho Itata had been seized by the
United States at San Diego sho was tech
nically United States property until dis
charged, and is, therefore, liable to recap
ture on the high seas by a United States
man-of-war or to confiscation if she ever
enters a United States port. So far as is
known Ihereis no chargo of piracy against
either the Itata or the Robert and Minnie.
They are charged with violation of the
neutrality laws, which forbid the litting
out in the United States of vessels of war
upon a country with which the United
States is at peace.
Incidentally tho legal determination of
lhe foice of tliis charge involves tho ques
tion as to whether the Chilian insurgents
are to ho recognised by the United States
(as they hnvo been by Great Ilritaln)as
bellingerents, and to the settlement of
this question the State Department ollle
ials are already applying themselves.
I'atiil Minn I'xploslou.
Ci Ai;Ksr.ti:., AV. Vc, May 8. An ex
plosion occitt red yesterday morning in
Ocean mine, near this city, which re
sulted In the death of four miners and
serious injury to several others. A lire
followed tbo explosion which is still
burning. Those killed arc Joseph Feather,
r.O years old, of Connellsville, Pa.; William
Dougherty, aged .Vi.of Hridgeport; Nathan
tiaines, ageu ., t lariesmtrg; diaries
Welsh, aged 23, Clarksburg.
A Itrutnl Mm ilc r.
l)EN'Vi:n, Co i.., 3Iay 8. The body of
Ferdinand Kreis, an aged German, was
found lying under the Nineteenth street
bridge at an early hour this morning,
'i he body was partly lying in tho water
til. ci had been thero "for some time. Tho
head was beaten lo a pulp aud beyond
recognition. There is no clue to the mur
derer and no cause known for the crime.
Heavy Defiilciitlou,
Nr.w Yokk, May 8. A special to the
World from Nashua, N. If., says tho I lay
Stato Shoo-Falcniiig Company has been
wrecked. Tho treasury of tho company
is depleted and $1-17,000 is unaccounted
for. For threo years past tho company
has been paying 11 10 per cent, dividend,
but investigation shows that every cent of
It caino out of the capital stock.
i;ibogen Cnuilctril.
Ni.w Yoiik, 3Iay h. The jury in the case
of August Klbogeu, tho dramatic agent
charged with inducing young girls to go
to New Orleans us actresses, who were, on
arrival, placed in disroputablo concert
halls, found n verdict of guilty to-day
after lii-ing out eighteen hours, They
recommended mercy.
Deputy Siieucer Returns,
San Dim.o, Cal., 3Iay 8. spencer, tho
deputy marshal on board the Kstata when
sho left port, returned to the city last
night, ho was put off tho veanel at Hal
last Point and Immediately returned here,
but hU presence was not made public
until to-day.
Senator Ingiilla' l'ngiigeinenl.
New Yokk, 3lny 8. It Is roorted that
px-Seuator John J. Ingalls of Kansas has
been engaged by Jlajor Pond to deliver
ilfty lectures in tho principal cities of tho
United States to begin early next October.
British Men hauls Alarmed nt Anieiici's
Altitude Iu the Chilian Mattel The
Itnllan Situation Other Porelgii New
London, May 8. II has leaked out that
considerable perturbation exists In tin?
Foreign Ofllce over the action of tli
United States iusiezlug a vessel of this
Chilian insurgents. The insurrection
from the first lias been favored by Great
Hrltain, and the Dritish Legation at Santi
ago bus nioro than once extended a valu
blc helping hand to tho rebels through the
agency of the Hritish fleet. Under a thin
pretext of surrender tosuperior force Kng
lish merchant vessels have kept Insur
gents iu supplies in return for ample com
pensation, and tho Hritish Government
has presented no protest against such pro
tended and profitable seizures, Lord Salis
bury even going so far as to advise tho
payment of duties exacted by the insur
gents at 1 lie ports held by them, it being:
on these duties that the insurrection de
pends for sustenance.
Therefore, the vigorous action of tho
United States to prevent the revolutionists
from using American ports has caused
almost consternation among the various
Hritish interests that have been support
ing the rebellion. It is said that repre
sentatives of the Congress party haver
gained powerful Influences in their behalf
111 France by making promises to enter
tain the Dreyfus claim, which Ilnlmaceda
sternly rejected, when presented with thu
Indorsement of the French Government.
THE FI.tlltr.NCK Ali'AIIi.
A Rome dispatch says that while thu
Italian press protests against the failure:
to prosecute the New Orleans lyncher
the uffair bus ceased to excite serious
public Interest in view of the gravity ot
the situation iu Italy. The stoning of 31.
Jacques, the American, at Florence was;
it appears, tbo act of the worst class, ami
is said to have been incited iu the lirst
place by a beggar, to whoso appeal for
alms 31. Jacques neglected to listen. It
is claimed that tho incident had no mo
tive relating to the massacre at New Or
leans, nnd it is deeply regretted by tho
Florence authorities, whoso city depends
upon American patronage to a great ex
tent for income. Iu Rome Americans go
about entirely unmolested, and It is be
lieved that they are safe in any part of
Italy where other people are safe.
A St. Petersburg dispatch says that llta
Minister of Finance views with great
anxiety the im pending withdrawal of the
Rothschild syndicate from the new loan,
which withdrawal would seriously inter
fere with Russia's plans, not only finan
cially, but also strategctic and economic.
The country is not pressed for funds for
current expenses, the treasury being iu
an unusually healthy condition; bu,t the
Siberian railway and several fortifications
on n gigantic scale near tho German
frontier may be delayed bv the want of
extra funds to carry them em. The Rus
sian loans of 1850 and 1800 cannot bo
redeemed at par, as the intention was,
until tho new loan is forthcoming.
The German War Ofllce has instituted
nu energetic inquiry on its own account,
regarding the death of Colonel Prttgor. It
Is said that the higher military au
thorities, including the Kaiser, arc nob
yet satisfied that the tnotivo was robbery,
and there are circumstances connected
with the Colonel's history that suggest ti
different motive. The Colonel has of lato
been extremely severe in enforcing the
military regulations against spies, and
hardly a day has passed without the ar
rest of some Frenchman for loitering,
around the fortifications, or attempting;
to take photographs of the defences. It
is thought that lie may have fallen a
victim to 11 Frenchman, angered by hav
ing been thrown into durance by a Ger
man olllccr in what was once a French
Spain's Treaty Willi America.
Madiiiii, 31 ny 8. It is reported that the.
treaty of commerce between Spain and
the United States contains no stipulation
in regard to its duration, and that there
fore the treaty may bo renounced by
eithcr side upon due notice of such action
being given.
Ciiiriniiny at the World's Fair.
Hinil.ix, 3Iay 8. Tho grant ot $2.",0O)
to defray the cost of steps to be taken tn
enable Germany to he properly repre
sented at the Chicago World's Fair iiiw
been approved by the budget committee
of the Reichstag.
Chilian Itomli Throwers.
Lonpon, 3Iay S. A elispacth from Val
paraiso says that an attempt has been
mado at Santiago to assassinate leading
members of Haliunceda's Cabinet by
throwing a bomb in the street.
Renewing tiio Alliance.
London, 3Iay s. The Herlin corre
spondent of the Tcleyraph says that Ru
elini has signed a renewal ot the triplci
alliance for live years.
A Hundred Tlioiisanil Strikers.
Uri'sscls, 3Iay 8. The strike is spread
ing in llelgiutu, nnd about 100,000 are
now out.
I'orelgn News Uriels.
At the close of the Bourse on Wednes
day In Parrs (yesterday was a holiday)
rentes were quoted at 03 francs SO cen
times. To-day at 2.30 p. tn. they were
quoted at but 02 francs mi centimes.
The Loudon linn in tho China trade!
whoso failure was reported yesterday, with
liabilities amounting to 1200,000, is that
of Adainson, Hell it Co.
The Kensington Park meeting opened
to-day at London. The principal race,
that for the spring 2-year old plate of 3,
IX sovereigns, was won by Windgall, with
tho Smew second and Desdemona third.
At tho Costa Hican Legation in Madrid
it Is denied that a revolution has broken
out in that country. Peace and ordor is
declared to prevail throughout Costa Rie.i.
West Virginia at tho Fair.
('11 i:i f.stow n, W.Va., May .s. Governor
Fleming yesterday appointed thefollowing
hoard of World's Fair managers for West
Virginia: John S. Naylor of Ohio County.
W. N. Chancellor of Wood County, It. S.
Kurr of Kanawha County, G. 31. Bowers,
of Berkeley County. Sidney llayinondof
Harrison County. The board will organ
ize here on 31uy 20.
tiny Gould Out or Hunger.
Ni.w Yokk, 3Iuy 8. Charles J. Dixon,
tho man who came on bore from Pueblo
for the purpose of killing Jay Gould, win
removed from Bellevue Hospital to-day by
friends. It is believed he will ho placed
In some Connecticut institution for the In
sane. Many Dentils from Hydrophobia.
Boston, 3Iass,, 3Iay h. Tho Statu Httaicl
of Health reports that there wero seven
teen deaths from hydrophobia during tho
past year. This is tho highest number of
(lent lis from this dosoasc that has ever
been recorded In this State.
Irom Above.
Victohia, Tex., 3!oy X Yesterday :i
molBor burst wost of here and there was :i
shook like earthquake. Tho crow of an
incoming freight train say tho oonoussloix
stopped tho train for a moment.
Steamship Arrivals.
At New York Lydlan Monarch, from
Passed Sellly Augusta Victoria, t. uu
1 New oris.

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