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Situations and Help Wanted
Not Exceeding Thrco Linos Insortod Without Charge
, NOTIOE8-notoxcoodlnsr3 linos Froo.
Other nilrcrtl-cmenls under the minor cU'tlftal headings,
one rent n ucml or seven rents a line tint In-erttoii; five cents a
lino each -iibac'incut Insertion.
subscription rates; .
25 Cents Por Month; $3.00 Per Year.
Less Than One Cent a Day.
Delivered In this fclly, Georgetown, Anacostla and Alex
amltin or by mnll anywhere la tbo United Stales.
' -
srnoiAij notioks.
To reduce my Immense stock of AMERICAN
ICLliY mid SILVHUWAHK, I offer to tho pub
lic n "-pedal dlfcount ot 50 por cent, for SPOT
CASH for n SHOUT time only on the nuovo
Manufacturing Jeweler,
C03 Seventh t. n.'w.
HltAlNAIM) H. WARNER, President.
JOHN JOV KDSON, Vice-President.
W.M. II. GURI.EY, Treasurer.
WJI, U. HOMSON, Secretary.
It has been correctly stated that tho manage
ment of any estate, he ltclthorreatorperflonal,
requires ns much tact and ability as Is required
to accumulate It. There may ho somo differ
ence of opinion about this, hut the great an
noyance experienced In making Investments
tind taking care of property has led largely to
tho organization of trust companies.
The Washington Loan and Trust Company
Is building the splendid new building at the
corner of Ninth and I' streets northwest. It Is
built of granite and Is fireproof and has all
modern conveniences. It Is Urst-claes In every
particular. If you aro going to Europe this
company will tnko charge of your cn'.lro es
tate, glvo you a receipt for money, notes,
Blocks and bonds, attend to tho collection of
tiny amounts that may he due and reinvest
Innds from time to time. Thochargo for so
doing Is exceedingly moderate and yon are
vlrtually.eavcd nil responsibility aud annoy
mice. This Is of great advantage to peoplo of
means. The cash capital of this corporation Is
one million dollars. Open an account with It,
also acts as executor, administrator, trustee,
transfer agent and attends to atl fiduciary busi
John T. Arms,
Charles IS. Ilailcy,
Charles S. llaker,
tames L. Harbour,
II, S. Cummlngs,
,1. J. Darlington,
John Jov Ednon,
William 1). Gurlcy,
John A. Hamilton,
Albert I. Pox,
). C. Orcen,
John 13. 1.arner,
A. S. W
Charles Ilanm,
John lildout,
George V. Schafor,
N. H. Shea,
Thos. Soracfvlllo,
John A. Swope,
J. S. Swormstedt,
Gcorgo Truesdcll,
1). II. Warner,
A. A. Wilson.
L. I). Wine,
S. W. Woodward,
Chartered by special act of Congress January
22, IcOT. Reorganized as a
Under act of Congress October 1, 1S0O.
This company "bege to announce that It has
received from the Controller of tho Currency
Its certificate of reorganization under tho act
of Congress of October 1, 1810.
As heretofore, and . for twenty-four years
past, this company will rcceivo securities, ell
verwnre and other valuables for safe-keeping
In its lire-proof building, and will rent sates or
hoxc In Its now fire and burglar-proof vaults,
which havo time locks and all other modern
Under and bv vlrtno of the act of Congress
of October 1, lS'Jt, and the certificate of the
Controller of the Currency, that It has fully
complied with the law In nil respects, this
company will, In addition to tho business
Iieretoforc transacted by It, act as executor,
ndmlulstrator, receiver, assignee nnd as com
mittee or guardian or estates and will rcceivo
nnd cxecuto trusts of every description com
mitted to It by any court or by Individuals.
All trust funds and trust Investments aro
kept separuto and apart from the assets of tho
company. Besides which protection the com
pany lias a capital c t
Deposits will be received from ten cents np
ward and interest will bo allowed on such de
posits. Wills receipted for and kept without charge
CHAItI.ES ('. GLOVEIt, First Vice-President.
JAS. M. JOHNSTON. Second Vice-President.
K. PHANCIS RIGGH, Treasurer.
William E. Clork, It. Ross Perry,
Lewis Clephnnc, George II. Plant,
Matthew u. Emery, 12. Francis Hlggs,
Charles C. Glover, Zenas O. Hobblus,,
Thomas Hyde, John P. Hodgcrs,
Charles A. James, Dcnjamln P. Snyder,
.Tomes 51. Johnston, Albert L. Sturtovnnt,
John G. Parke, Henry A.Wlllard,
Andrew Wylle.
Beautifully located on Chesapeake Bay,
three-quarters of a mile south of Bay Ridge,
aid., with n long water front on tho bay, high
louwl and thickly wooded with some of tho
grandest shado trees.
Boating, bathing, fishing, crabbing and
fhootlng. One and n-halt hours from Wash
ington; one hour from Baltimore. A number
cf llrst-class cottages aro now being creeled.
Lots from $150 to $ 100, on easy terms.
Plata and Information furnished by
For the convenience of persons living In tho
eastern and western sections of tho city, ar
rangements havo been made by which thoy can
pay their gas bills during banking hours at
Bills paid otter tho 8th of each month will
not bo entitled to tho discount of 25 cents por
1,000 cubic feet.
010 Pennsylvania avenue,
Constructed entirely of Brlck.wlth Steel Doors.
For Kent nt Minimum Kates.
Por storage ot Silver-Plate, Jewelry, and all
other valuables at minimum charges.
Kent for f S, $7.60, $10, and upward per year,
Inspection Invited.
lars, ice., from a material that will never
deteriorate by ago by using
It Is cheaper than brick. Au 18-Inch
Can be built of Potomac Blue Stono, best
workmanship, for tho same cost ot nil-Inch
brick wall. For heavier walk tho cost Is much
less, In pioportlon. Any quantity dcllvored
promptly by boat at any point on tho river
front or by wagonB to any part ot tho city.
Juarrlcs oxteudhig 2M miles on tho Potomac,
between Aqueduct and Chain Brldgos. Bridge
btoue, Block Slone for building fronts, rango
und broken ashler work, Also Broken Stone,
JJaeo, Binder and Granolithic. 1'uro ground
htono Dust at n very low price; excellent ma
terial for lawns and walks. Broken Stono
from elevated hint loaded upon vessels and
wagons. Tho Potomac Blue Stono was used
to bullet the Catholic University, Georgetown
College aud many other largo buildings In tho
city: ulso for foundations ot most ot tho largo
Government buildings In Washington,
Onlco at Docks, trttO Water street. Box at
Builders' Exchange, Telephone No. 1078.
made by ono of tho most celebrated
.cutters In America! Prices samo as thoso
tthlrd-rate cutters charge. t. T. HALL, 803 F
treat a it,
BI'KCIAT. notices.
Lots and Villa Sites Por Sale la
Magnificent locality.
highest elevation.
puiie watek.
conv enient to the capital.
on the military toad,
adjoins foht meyku and aiilingtox,
We Offer
At Prices Hanging Prom
4Centsto 10 Cents per St. Foot.
Property adjoining Is Selling nt doublo these
We aro offering Special Inducements to those
who will build.
Several handsome hoiircs contracted for to
he built at once.
ThcElcctrlc Hoadto pass the property will
soon bo built, thus placing the residents ot the
Heights within easy reach ot the city.
Buy How anil Sell Again at a Hana
soiiio Profit.
Present Extremely Low Prices Will Last for a
For Pull Paitlcul.irs, Maps, At., Call on or
Real Estate Brokers,
Teams Always on Hand to Show Property.
OODS ii CO.,
law p st.
The rapid Increase in our business In the
last six months forced ns to move Into larger
nnd better appointed ofllces sooner than wo
had anticipated, where with Increased room
nnd our own vaults wo nre fully prepared to
transact n general oaniiing imsmcs.
ACCOUNTS OP Individuals, tlrnis and cor
porations solicited. Wo feel
confident that our methods
of doing business will please
our patrons. We desire to
rail attention to our house,
hoping that those who con
template changing their
bank account or opening a
new ono will call nnd sco us,
feeling suro that any who
do so will remain with us.
made and exchange drawn
frco ot charge to our depos
itors, investors will unu
Tlivnofmnntt' with us Investments in both
llllUolllllilllbi largo nnd small amounts
secured by deeds of trust
and real estatu.
It not on hand In Him to
suit wo will allow Interest
on deposits until satisfac
tory Investments arc found.
PmirifinQinrj nf " l""o 'rllc certificates
UiullllUCUuO Ul of deposit drawing Interest
rate ucpcnuiiig on length ot
timo they nro Issued for,
thus offering capitalists and
Investors a safe investment
und prompt Interest. Wo
pay Interest monthly, semi
annually or annually as de
tired. In this way we offer every
legitimate, facility consist
cut with good banking to
those who do business with
Special attention given
them; coun-cllng and ns-
siBtiugiuom in an nusiuess
transactions It desired.
We (iirnUli them good,
sate, conservative Invest
inents, collecting Interest
If desired und rcinlttlng us
SCClirGu DGGQS lOperccutuni-he'l'uuiso
desiring them. We offer
flf TnilUt nothing but tho best securl-
Ul 11 llol. ties to our customers. Call
In and sec us.
Wo will take pleasure In showlnyoiiour In
vestments at all times. If jou wish to open a
bank account I! you wish to place your funds
Where they will draw Interest- if you wish to
make ugood Investment If yon wish exchange,
on Now York, Baltimore nnd Chicago It you
havu a collection to inako if you have a note
to discount If you wish to raise money on
collaterals call and see us.
!! P street,
Troffciris" IuTiTeIiT in vkn'tiiat 'the
L annual meeting of the stockholders ot
the National Life-Maturity Insurance. Com
pany of Washington, D, C. will -bo hold at
Harper's Perry, W, Vn., at Green',, Hotel, at 1
o'clock p. 111., Oil TUESDAY, MAY 111, 18111,
for tho pttrposo of electing thirteen Directors
to servo dm Ing tlio succeeding year and until
their successors nro elected and qunlllled, and
tor the transaction of such other business ns
may properlv como before said ineotlng. By
order of the Board ot Directors. GEO. I), EL
DIIIDGE, Secretary, Washington, 1). fMay
7, imh,
Forest Oien Hote
II. A O. Metropolitan Branch,
Tfozres-b GKLem., H&3L.
Will Open on rrvCAST 30 for the reeep
tlou of guests and regular boarders.
TrcviiBiont, $3 Por Day.
FOHEST GLEN Is beautifully situated, high
and salubrious. Tho Hotel is oleicnutly fur
nished nnd tlio tnblo will bo unsurpassed, under
the special catorlug of Mr. Wormloy,
$1 A GALLON, $1 A QUART, 60c. A PINT,
mm: ckitic-becohd suBscnuiEits
in "the tcrtltory bounded by Eleventh and
Sixteenth, Cnnil Boundary streets northwest,
nro hereby notified that the undersigned havo
taken charge of tho delivery, Charlc Bowman
retiring from May, 1, 1SU. In cao ot the.
slightest Irregularity tit delivery tho under
signed would highly nppreciato notice thereof,
nnd will gunrnnleo Immediate remedy,
Crlllc-ltecnrd Olllce.
Wholesale nnd lletall Dcalcts In
Supplies practically INEXHAUSTIBLE.
Storage Facilities UNEOUALED.
Ico deliveries throughout the city by attcu-
Hvo nnd experienced employes,
Leave orders nt the olllco or with drivers of
delivery wagons.
MENT, 12tO New York Avenue Northwct,
Washington, D. C. Laces, Satins and all kinds
ot Pine Lndies' Work a Specialty. Formerly
1'or the District of Columbia, t.'tistcm
rcnnflhautit, Xeio Jeney, Delaware awl
Maryland, down's Thursday; continued low
temjxrature;' north Kinds,
XU-VA Y'S A' irs . I Kl) rsc 1 It vx rs
Kx-Scnritor'nntl non-Minister lllnlrls
still In Washington urixiously awaiting
Iho return of tho President. It is expected
that the ex-Senator will be consoled for
the China incident by being accredited to
the Knipire of the Mikado.
Tlio Italian Government has notilicd tho.
'Department of State that it has" desig
nated Cesarc Potna, tlio Italian Vice
Consul at Boston, to discharge the offices
now performed at New Orleans by Consul
Pasqualo Cortes
The I'irst Xntionnl Dank of Cunonburg,
Pa., lias been authorized to begin business.
Capital J0O.0GO.
Government receipts to-day from cus
toms, (1TP,037.HI; from internal revenue,
Sr.0."i.00.rl; from miscellaneous source,
$28,032.11; total, $S12,31U.70.
Tho Secretary of tlio Treasury has ad
,vised a New York correspondent that
cigarettes, intended for use or as samples
cannot bo imported in a less uuantity
than 3,000 in a single package.
The Government lias decided to ask the
Supreme Court to review tho decision of
the Circuit Court of New York as to tlio
dutiable character of certain paintings on
glass imported for tho use of tlio Convent
of the Sacred Heart, Philadelphia.
The special committee raised in the
Treasury to investigate the matter of se
curing new paper for the currency havo
about completed their report, although it
has not been made public. It is thought
that the recommendation will bo to dis
continue the ust! of the silk thread paper
now in use and which has been so sttc-
cesslully counterfeited.
Tho action of the Comptroller of the
Currency in appointing the Hon. It. M.
Yardley as receiver of tho Keystone Hank
at Philadelphia has given great satisfac
tion in that city. Mr. Yardley will lake
charge of tho bank on nc.xtMonday. Tho
bond required of him is ?,r0,00u. The
Commonwealth Title Insurancoand Trust
Company will make it.
Who Wn.r. Dit.vw run Pm.i: ? TlieSec
retnry of tho Treasury has under advise
ment a plan to carry out the provisions
of section 12 of the act authorizing tlio
World's Fair ICxhibition, the same having,
relation to tho introduction of foreign
goods free of duty when tlio samo nro in
tended for exhibit. An appropriation of
$20,000 was voted to make tills part of tho
Exposition scheme feasible and it is prob
able that a number of special agents will
be appointed to proceed to Kuropo and
further this part of the Kxposition work.
Who theso lucky individuals will be re
mains to be seen. Their names may bo
announced to-day or to-morrow.
A Sl'iT.i:Mi:.vr.vi:v C'tnill.Aii. Tho
Tret sury Department has issued a sup
plementary circular, modifying and rein
forcing the Xcbecker proclamation of
May 1, in reference to the distribution of
fractional coin, In this new paper
notice is mado that tlio original circular
docs not cliango tlio negotiation for ob
taining fractional coin, except to limit the
deposit therefor to WOO, instead of $500,
mid. that banks located in stib-trcnsurv
cities must obtain their fractional coin
from tlio branch olllco, rather than semi
here for it. Tho further information is
ventured that tho supply of dimes is
short, but that such banks as are in press
ing need of small change can bo sup
plied with any quantity of nickels.
A lliiANihNmv T.vitirK Dodok. Tho
Tieasury Department olllclaU havo been
made nwaro of n shrewd scheme on the
part of Cuban cigarmakcrs to beat tho
Tnriff bill. Section 2111, schedule F. of
the McKlnley bill raises the import duty
on imported cigars from $2.50 to $1.50 per
pound. As soon as tho act. went into
effect tho Cuban makers commenced
wrapping their cigars lighter, so that u
paclcago of 1,000 of tho lightly wrapped
smokers would weigli less In reality
than 1,000 cigars used to weigh under Mm
terms of tho old act. lly this means tlio
import duty was kept down to the llgurcs
prescribed In tho old tariff law and tho
consumers and tho Government wero
both leeched. A special agent, Mr. .lohu
W. Link, has been detailed to investigate
this new tariff dodge,
t'oxi'inxxciw or A iTii usF.rss, Secretary
Foster has directed that quarterly con
ferences of local appraisers of customs bo
continued during the next llscal year In
New York, tho tuno of meeting to bo tho
third Tuetilay of July and tlio second
Tuesdays of October, 1MU, January and
April, 1S02. Tlio conference in July will
bo attended by tlio appraisers tit New
York, lloston, Philadelphia, llaltlmoro,
Chicago, New Orleans aud Cleveland; tho
October conference by tho appraisers- of
the first three cities ami St. l.oius, Detroit,
Cincinnati and San Francisco; the Jan
uary equforenco by tlio nppraisera of tlio
Ills! three cities and Portland, Me., Buf
falo, Chicago and llaltlmoro; tho Aurll
conference by tho appraisers of tho llrst
three cities and San FrancUco, Detroit,
bt. Lotus milt ueveinnu.
Tun W.vti ox CiiiKf Mi:iiKiiTH. The
Knights of Labor havo not let up in their
war on Chief Meredith of tlio lluroau of
Printing and Kngravlng, Tho local
Knights havo been rciutorced roecnty by
Messrs. Delevin and Ilnyos, associates of
Master Workman Powdcrly, both of
whom uro members of the oxecutivo com
mittee, of tho order. These olllcials re
newed tho oldchargesof drunkenness and
incompenlency against Mr. Meredith and
the urgency of tlicir complaint led tho
Secretary of tlio Treasury to refer tho lat
ter accusation to tlio special committee,
who hnvo been seeking rt substitute for
the currency paper. Tho chargoof intent
peranco the Secretary would not entertain
and that had been amply disproved. It
is regarded as n significant fact that tlio
Knights agree to withdraw their charges
If Mr. Mercditli would agree to reinstate
seven plate printers discharged on his re
commendation. .
ToMr.r.T Tin; PrmstunxT. The follow
ing oillcers were detailed by General
Itugcr to ho present at Portland, Ore., to
take part in tho ceremonies hold In honor"
of President Harrison: Major Thotnas
Waul, Assistant Adjutant-General; Cap
thin Charles McClurc, A. A U.S. A.;
Major J; Gi C. Lee, Quartormn,ler; Cap
tain Charles II. Ingalls, Asslslant Quar
tirinastcr; "Major William II. Nash, Com
nMssary of Subsistence; Licutcnalit
Oolonel Charles 0. llyrne, Surgeon! Major
Charles A. Wlkoff, Fourteenth Infantry;
Major John Muhlenberg, Paymaster.
Aiimv Ohiiinis. Captain James C. Mer
rill, assistant surgeon, detailed as a mem
ber of the Army Retiring Hoard in this
city, vice Major Robert II. While, relieved.
First Lieutenant Melgar G. Richards,
Third Artillery, to report to Brigadier-General
William Smith, Paymaster-General,
for examination.
Twenty days' leave of absenco granted
Captain Henry J. Haysworth, assistant
Discharged tho service: Private llcnj.
Arlinghousc, Troop H, Seventh Cavalry;
Henri llrussa, Comnany I!, Fifth Infan
try; Klam 1!. Crosier, Troop K, Sixtli Cav
alry. Discharged for enlistment under false
pretenses: Privates William J. Ccelev,
Troop K, Fiftli Cavalry; George W. Rey
nolds, mounted service.
LeaVo of absenco of First Lieutenant
Oatewood, Sixth Cavalry, extended One
month on account of sickness.
First Lieutenant William II. Gordon,
Ordnance Department, from Watcrvliet
Arsenal to Morgan F.neineeringCompany,
Alliancp, Ohio, for duty in connection
with the manufacture of disappearing
Changes of station: First Lieutenant
Hiram M. Chittenden relieved from duty
at Omaha, Neb., to take, station at St.
PauLMinn.; First Lieutenant William K.
Craigiiill, at St. Paul, to tako station at
Montgomery, Ala.; First Lieutenant
Charles L. Potter, at Montgomery, Ala.,
t tako station ut San Francisco, Cal.
Captain Richard E. Thompson, Signal
Corps, to proceed to Frankford Arsenal,
Pa., on public business.
Leave of absenco for three months on
surgeon's certificate of disability granted
Post Chaplain William H. Pearson.
Lieutenant-Colonel Dallas Ilache. sur
geon, relieved from duty as a member of
the Army examining board, New York
City, and to return to his station at
Qmaha as medical director of the Depart
ment of the Platte.
Private Secretary Raymond was at his
desk to-day, after a short trip out of town.
Tlio commandant of the navy yard at
Norfolk reports tlio Atlanta is out of stono
Tho commandant of tho navy yard at
Mare Island reports the Mohican tin-
uocKcu yesterday.
Tun Asiatic Station. The commander-in-chief
of tho Asiatic station reports the
following location of tho ships of that
squadron on April 22: Mnnocacy (tem
porary flagship) at Yokohama, Japan;
Alliance Iett kobo on tlio 11th and ar
rived at Chemulpo, Corea, on the I8th;
Palos left Nagasaki, Japan, on tlio 1 Ith
and arrived tit Amoy, China, on the 18th;
will go to Tai-wan-forand from that place
will proceed to Hong-Kong and Canton,
Navai. Oiim:n. Surgeon II. L. Maekie,
as a member and recorder of tlio Naval
Medical Examining Hoard, New York,
Juno 1.
Passed Assistant Paymaster Frank H.
Clark (on the expiration or his furlough
Juno 1), to the Fish Commission
steamer A lliatross.
Surgeon Thomas II. Streets, ns a mem
ber of tho Naval Examining Hoard,
New York, June 1, and ordered to hold
himself in readiness for sea service.
Assistant Paymaster Charles S. Wil
liams, from the Albatross, to settle ac
counts, and then granted thrco mouths'
I.eavegranted to Rcar-Admlrul John II.
Upshur (retired) for six months from
Juno 20, with permission to leave the
United States.
TiuTiTor Tin: Vcsi'vu-s. The dyna
mite cruiser Vesuvius will bo tested tho
latter part of this week by the following
board of oillcers; Commander Robley 1),
Evans, Lieutenant-Commander Albert It.
Coudcn and Lieutenant John F. Meigs.
The test will tako place in tlio neighbor
hood of Norfolk. It will bo tho llrst scri-ous-test
of whether such a vessel would
be of effective use In actual warfare.
Secretary Tracy is not only anxious that
every facility should be afforded for a
thorough experiment, but has given di
rections for tlio accommodation of press
representatives on vessels on tho occasion,
sO'tlitit as complete n report as possible
may be made. Tho Vesuvius, which was
built by Wm. CrampitSons, Philadelphia,
is 251 feet!) inches long on tlio water lino,
20 feet f inches in extremo breadth, 0 feet
draught, displaces 72.") tons, has a 3,71)1
horse-power, and is credited with 21.")
knots speed. Her armament consists of
three l.i-ineh dynamitogmis and thrco 3
pounder rapid-lire cannon, Tho main ob
jection so far found to tlio Vesuvius is,
that with tltreo dynamite guns llxcd, as
they are, forward on tho main deck, the
whole vessel is practically tho gun car
riage, and it would bo no littlo trouble tu
get a bearing;
Tlio Census llurean has hv preparation,
and will shortly issue, a bulletin giving
tlio distribution of population in accord
ance with topographic features,
Mr. J. II. Wardle, tho popular assistant
chief clerk of tlio Census Olllco, who is
now acting superintendent, was hand
somely remembered to-day by tho clerks
of tho various divisions of tho olllco on
tho occasion of his forty-llfth birthday.
Mr, Wardlo's olllco bears many tokens of
expression and esteem in which ho is held
by ids associates and colleagues. IIo has
tho distinction of being the only census
olllelal who was retained in active duty
since tho Tenth Census.
Tho Government District Attorney at
Philadelphia lias been Instructed by tho
Attorney General to proceed against tlio
owners of the steamship Maine, now in
Mint harbor, for allowing tho escape of an
immigrant ordorod to bo deported. Tho
procedure will bo instituted under section
10 of the new immigration law.
Dr. William Dickson, the assistant chiof
of tho Hurran of Animal Industry of tlio
Agricultural Department, died suddenly
at ids residence 1121 1 street northwest,
yoktcrdav morning shortly after It o'clock,
Ho has ur-cn ill with a slight cold since
last Friday nnd conlluod to his house, but
did not deem it necessary to call a pity
slcmii. His mail was brought to him
yesterday morning, and while lie was
reading ft he fell trout the chair to tho
floor. The colored servant hastened to
tho room nnd found Dr. Dickson laying
unconscious on the lloor. Bhosummoned
Professor Mlrscli and Mrs Adams, who
reside in the house. Physicians wero
htiriedly sent for. nnd Dm, f.ovejoy and
Dauforth responded, but Dr. Dickson
was dead when thov arrived. Tlio de
ceased was a native of Scotland and n grad
ualo of Edinburgh University and also nf
Dick's Veterinary College. He canto to
tills country some years ago and mado Ids
residence in Litclillcld, Minnesota, whero
lie successfully pursued his aocat(on mh
vertcrlnary surgeon until his appoint
ment by Secretary Rusk last March. Ho
was nbout 40 years of age. His tcmains
will bo taken to ills homo in Minnesota
for interment.
Ultcrn n l'civ I'topliorlnn of u I'uroly
l'nlltlcal Nntnro.
Congressman William II. Craln of
Texas arrived in tlio city yesterday. He
Is hero on private business. Asked about
tho political outlook for 1802, the Lone
Star statesman said:
"Tlio outlook for Democratic success
is very bright, indeed. Our nominee for
President will win, whoever ho may bo."
"What about tho third party?"
"I hardly think thero will be a Farmers'
Allianco candidate in tlio Held, but if Micro'
is it will not affect us as much as it will
tho Republican party."
Mr. Grain, in speaking of tlio Speaker
ship" light, said his friend and colleague,
Mr, Mills would unquestionably be suc
The Asylum Authorities Say the Mother
Wants Possession of the Children to
Obtain Their Inheritance Which
Would Otherwise Revert to Tliem
Upon Attaining; Their Majority.
Mrs. Susannah Ilakcr, at whose Instance
the writ of habeas corpus was issued yes
terdoy for possession of her children, took
a seat in tlio Court in General Term this
morning at 10 o'clock. Site was accom
panied by her niece, who was dressed in
deep mourning, and her solicitor, J. Pres
ton Williams. Mrs. Ilakcr glanced very
frequently at Mie door of tho court room
in anticipation of an opportunity to see
nnd coress her son and daughter, who had,
as sho claimed, been separated from her
for some timo. She was, however, doomed
to disappointment, for when Judge James
came into Chambers the writ of habeas
corpus ordered issued by him. command
ing tho presence of Mrs. A. I). Lee in Court
with the two children, bore the following
"Mrs. Lee not to be found. Out of city.
"Danu:i. M. Raxsdi:i,i
"P. S. Marshal."
Mrs, Ilakcr left tlio City Hall in com
pany witli her solicitor, but she was quite
demonstrative and declared most posi
tively that she would not be trilled with
in this manner.
The case was briefly referred to in yes
terday's CiUTit-Rixoni), in which it was
stated that Mrs. Raker's two children,
i.steiio aim Vt illts, wero uniawiitlly de
tained and imprisoned in tlio Washing
ton Orphan Asylum and without tlio con
sent ordesire of the mother.
The case ns told by her is quite an iu
lorestiig oijc.
Six years ago sho lost her husband,
Jacob Ilakcr, who left her with thrco
children, Jacob Townscnd, l'stello
and Willis Raker. She was thus
le.ft dependent almost entirely upon
her own resources, but she went to work
with a will and succeeded in sinmortiiig
her children quite comfortably. Two
vears ago sho was taken sick and found
it necessary to send her two younger
children, the two asked for by tlio habeas
corpus, to tho Washington Orphan Asy
lum. She was confined to hor bed for
somo timo but finally gained full health
and strength and was ablo to again fill
her position.
it was then that sho desired tho pres
ence of her younger children, but some
what to her surprise tho asylum authori
ties positively declined to turn them over
to her and, as she states in her petition,
have refused to do so repeatedly since,
She insists that by her own efforts she
was able to support them and very
anxious to do so. Only a short time ago
Mie mother of her husband died in Mas
sachusetts, leaving quite considerable
property; also a provision Mint so much
a month should bo paid toward tlio sup
port of her son's thrco children in Wash
ington. Mr. W. P. Williams was named ns
guardian, and for somo months ho lias
been paying tlio share allotted to Jacob
Townscnd Ilakcr, the only one that the
mother has control of. Mr. Williams
stands ready to pay an equal sharo to the
children who arc at tlio Washington
The return made on tho writ did not
surr"iso Mrs. linker or her counsel com
pletely. While they wero satisfied that
Mrs. Lee was tlio manager of tho institu
tion, thoy have been apprised Miat there
are others who are responsible and who
havo tho custody of tho children.
Another petition will be filed to-day by
-Mrs. llaker.
Tho Other Side.
At tho asylum it was stated that, when
Iho children were placed thero two years
ago. the mother complied with all the
regulations and executed a formal relin
quishment of her rights to their control,
as is usual in cases whero children aro
placed in such institutions, aud gave the
asylum authorities full control of them
until tney attained ineir majority.
Tho board of trustees pass upon all ap
plications for the return of children, and,
whereit is proven that the person is com
petent to properly care for them and of
good moral character, tho requests nre
usually granted.
in this case, however, the board was
not satisfied Hint tbo mother was ablo to
provide for her children and havo re
fused to return them to her. It was also
stated at tlio asylum to-day that tho
object of tlio mother to regain control of
her children was simply to enable her to
use mo money iett mem ty tneir grand
mother. It tney remain in Mio asylum
this money will not be touched, but will
be turned ovor to them when thoy attain
their majority, with tlio accrued Interest.
Tho acting superintendent alsobtatcd
that Mrs. llaker could see her children
upon the regular visiting days, as sho had
been in the habit of doing, and at such
other times as tbo board deemed proper,
but (lint tho children would not bo sur
rendered to hor unless Mie court so di
rected. It Is not known when Mrs, Lee
will return.
A (leiicrnl St rllm.
lli:rhKi.i, May 15, It has been decided
by u commltteo composed of workiugmon
delegates from the various branches of tho
iron Industry of tlio country, to order a
general strike of irou-workors throughout
JMr. tllmWtono Mutter.
London, May 13. News from Mr. Glad
stone's sick room is to tho effect that lie is
progressing favorably and that the fovor
which ycktorday was tho cause of some
slight uneasiness to Ills physician has
greatly abated.
JM1 .Inclines llmlly Hint.
Newton, Mask., May 13. A cablegram
says Miss Jacques was seriously injured
bv the mob in Florence, as rejiorted the
oilier day, The family have gone to that
Dr. Hammond Appears Against II I in In
the Police Court nnd Relates the
Story ol the Publication In the
"World" of the Alleged Libel.
At 1:30 o'clock this afternoon tiiocnso
of Dr. William A. Hammond against W.
L. Crounso of tlio New York World,
charging lilm with criminal libel, was
called up before Judge Miller In the
Police Court.
Tlio Government was represented by
Assistant Attorney Amies, while Mr. A.
A. Lipscomb looked after tho interests of
Mr. Crounse.
Dr. Hammond testified to reading tlio
nrticles in tlio H'orW describing Iho re
moval, by him, of a ntolo from the head
of Mrs. Senator Stanford, and his charge
for.operation of $5,000.
Ito telephoned to tlio IlorW' bureau on
Fourteenth street and denied the story,
nnd Mr. Crounso promised Miat it would
be retracted on Sunday.
A denial, ho said, was printed that dav,
but not in n very conspicuous placo hi the
paper, nnd Mr. Crounse wrote that, but
for tho lateness of tlio hour when it was
sent over tlio wires it would have appeared
on tho first page.
The letter was read to the Court and
thejifry. Tho witness said that ho had
llrst read tho HorW's article at tho Metro
politan Club and afterward in various'
other papers.
The Doctor said lie saw Mr. Crounse on
the 21th of April and had a talk witli
Mr. Lipscomb then took up the cross
examination, he started out by reading
a retraction printed in the H'orW Satur
day, April 21, but in answer to a question
askcd Dr. Hammond said that it did not
'appear in Mie edition that lie received
from New' York through tho mail that
"Do you think a special was printed
especially for that notice," asked Judge
Miller ot the Doctor.
"Oh, no; 1 perhaps got hold of the
wrong paper," was Mm answer.
Tho doctor said most positively that ho
did not care to prosecute Mr. Crounse,
but lie did want vindication. He had
reason to believe that his business had
been injured by the publication of the
article, aud that it had a tendency to keep
patients away from his ollice.
"There was no ill-feeling whatever to
ward the defendant on my part," con
tinued the witness, "because I Invited Mr.
Crounso to my house to dinner after the
publication of the article.
"All that I wanted was a fair correction
of Mie publication in a conspicuous place
jn the paper, as the original had appeared
at the head of the column on the llrst
"You do not consider that Mr. Crounse
bad anything to do with the make-up ot
the paper in New York," questioned ;Mr.
"Probably not," replied Dr. Hammond,
After further testimony the case was
sent to tlio grand jury and Mr. Crounso
was bound over in $300 bond, which was
Tlio Charleston Holds On All Night
Arn-i- tho riccing Hutu.
Sax Dti'do, C.u.., May 13. The cruiser
Charleston was sighted far out to sea on
Monday night by the steamer Crescent
City, which arrived at Cedros Islands last
night. The p.isongeis report that when
the Crescent City was about ten miles bo
low Ensnada the Charleston was sighted.
Tho cruiser immediately changed her
course and made for the Crescent City.
When the Charleston approached.tho cap
tain of tho Crescent City hoisted Mie
American Hag and saluted. The Charles
ton then steamed away to tho southwest
and was soon lost to sight. Nothing was
known of the Rata.
The L'oiitriilinnillhtH' Trial.
I.cs Axoki.ks, C'ai.., May 13. The ex
amination of the parties concerned in Mie
Robert and Minnio case lias been set
down for next Tuesday. Attorney Cole
nnd Marshal Gard had a long conference
yesterday with United States Solicitor
General Taft. Tho sailors of tlio Robert
and Minnie aro still in jail, no ono having
appeared to go on their bond. Hurt and
OrFnrrel expect to have ball furnished in
their cases to-day by San Francisco
A Slury Tlint Ho In forbidden to Work
for "Weoks.
Ni:w Yoiik, May 13. Secretary of State
James G. lllaino was stated this morning
to be greatly Improved in health. He
will remain in the city for two or thrco
days. The iconic r says: It was learned
yesterday the doctor had positively for
bidden Mr. lllalne to return to his duties.
Ho said lie must not thinkof working for
two months or work might become an
impossibility. Mrs. Damrosch said yes
terday Miat it was likely that Mr. lllaino
would go to Maine for tho rest and quiet
he much needed.
Inspector 1'iitvtlHlo Makes u Report
Shotting Its Condition.
In view of the injurious rumors relating
to the Shorehoni Hotel Inspector En
twisle lias prepared a statement of
tho present condition of Mie build
ing and tlio work of repair.
Tho tiled doors only havo been taken
up. Those of board aro in a good condi
tion. Tho hallwavs in Mireeof thostorics
have been reconstructed. Tlio work is
being done in sections to avoid closing
the hotel.
The hotel, Mr. Entwisle says, is safe.
The walls aro constructed as soundly ns
any building in tho city; the elevators
have Mie most approved safety appliances,
and travelers or guests need havo no ap
prehension of u repetition of tho hallway
Vice-President Morton has been very
liberal in allowing funds for the repairs,
and tho work Is being pushed rapidly.
Mr. Entwislo makes this statement in
order that tho public may know that con
trary reports tire merely sensational, and
confidence be restored In the safety of the
Mnriliigo l.lcimsus,
The following marriage licenses wero
issued to-day; Oscar T. Towner and Lillie
A. Price, Otto .1. Carlton and Anna Mom
berry, John Ridout anil Sally Shields,
John W. Ruppcl and MultluE. Dolomau,
William Thomas aud Maria Duckett,
William Edward Ilarr and Annio llaker,
Washington; Benjamin F. Brooks and
Annio Henderson, Clureneo Atchison and
Mtqjglo E. Mills, Prince George's County,
Md.; James II. Allen and Martha E.
Smith, Auacostia; .lames Collins and
Man A. Wheelan, Toiinallytown; John
L. Koontz and Dora 11. Hutchinson,
Lurav. Vo.: Reuben lleimor and Florence
Weaver, Philadelphia.
In the Circuit Court.
Judgo Cox on tho Bench Hoggs vs.
Downey; motion for a new trial filed,
Rowland vs. Crobs; motion for writ of
possession granted. Ellen Donohoo vs.
Washington and Georgetown Railroad
Company; given to jury. Book vs.
Downov; motion for now trial by defend
ant, li. P. Phlllli vs. J. P. Herron;
motion for want of duly verified picas
-....! -- I,- ...
Remember tho boys' short pants and
suits wo advertise from $2 up, Eisemaii
Bros., Seventh and E,
Tlio Inqiirxt Itegiiu To-day An l'rel
Icnt iTttry.
Nmv Yoni;, May 13. Coroner SchulU
to-day began the Inquest on the body of
Catrlc Drown, tho victim of "Jack the
Hipper." Tlio three parlors of tho Coro
ner's olllrc wero crowded nnd the array
of Wntcr-strect habitues was something
startling. Tlio eight females who aro
held as witnesses wore also present.
Ameer Hen All, or French), No. 1, was
also thero under guard.
On Mio jury were ex-Charity Commis
sioner llrennnn, L. J. Merklc, maltster;
Horry Miner, ot theatrical fame; J. T.
Itoetncr nnd George Ilrockwny, tho hotel
keepers; Richard M. Walters, Iho piano
manufacturer; Jacob Ruppcrt, jr., the
brewer, and F. Slaughter, tho clothier.
The first witness was Mary Corcoran,
tlio housekcoicr of MioEast River Hotel.
Her testimony in regard to the occur
rences of that night did not differ from
that sho has already given.
Police Captain Richard O'Connor of tho
Oak-street station testified that ho found
drops of blood in Mie hallway leading
from room 32, whore tlio woman was
murdered, to room 33, where Frcnchy
No. 1 slept that night; also to blood on
tho panel of t lie door of room 33; also
near the handle of the door on Mie inside
of Mie door Micro was a small spot of
He also referred to the other blood
spots found on tho bed, etc., in room 33.
Ho then identified the shirt Miat Frenchy
No. 1 had on when arrested, Tlio blood
marks on the shirt had been carefully cut
opt by the district attorney.
Detective Crowley also testified.
"Ami Surrounded It to the Extent of
$('.,000.000 It Looks Like Another
Case of Jim Kcene Coming Inn Palace
Car nnd Returning by "Way Freight.
Cincinnati, Ohio, May 13. The 1'ost
publishes a story said to have been fur
nished by an ex-judge and corporation
attorney, relating to big losses by Senator
Drice, Governor Campbell and General
Thomas, and of big profits by Jay Gould.
Messrs. Price,' Campbell nnd Thomas arc
represented as having combined with Mr.
C. P. Huntington "to rout Jay Gould from
the Richmond Terminal and shut him out
from his Pacific Mail holdings." Mr.
Gould "let go so easily that at once the
story was telegraphed thoughout the
financial world that Gould had at last
been worsted." Mr. Gould sold out Rich
mond Terminal at 63.
Tho buyers thought to havo it raise, but
it loll to -13. Then, it is asserted, Mr.
Campbell and others went to Mr. Gould to
sell their stock, hut he told them tho
stcck was all right and they should margin
mi. A few rl.avs Intpp it, fr-ll ton iininlq
more and finally went down to 23, when
Mie syndicate again went to Mr. Gould in
quest of relief.
"Oh.it will come out all right," Mr.
Gould is reported as saving. "It will
keep on fulling, and I think it will go
Mr. Gould then offered to trade Western
Union at 7fl for tlio syndicate's stock of
Richmond Terminal at 13. This was ac
cepted. Tlicstoiy In conclusion says: "A week
IctT there came a drop in 'U estern Union
and a rise in Richmond Terminal. Hrico
is said to havo lost over $0,000,000 and
Campbell nearly all, if not all, he had."
Disgraceful Actions or Divinity Stu
ilouts nt Oliorlln I nlvcrMty.
OnriEiN, Ouin, May 13. There is a big
row among the students at Oberlin Col
lege, which may result in bloodshed. A
few days ago Mie juniors began missing
their silk hats and tlio thefts were attrib
uted to Mie seniors. The trouble brewed
for a time and burst out in earnest yester
day morning, when the juniors armed
themselves with hatchets, revolvers, axes,
shot guns, etc., and began parading the
streets, threatening to kill several mem
bers of the senior class. The juniors at
tended prayer.''in Mie chapel, arrayed in
the cowboy habiliments, and aro still on
the warpath. Warrants have been issued
for Mie arrest of several of the unruly stu
lYius of Jtuco Troulilii Over u Maryland
IIalti.moi:i:, Mil, May 13. A dispatch
from Centruvillc, Md., says the colored
residents of tlio town aro muttering
threats of vengeance for tho lynching of
Asburv Green yesterday. Of tlio 1,100
inhabitants 300 are colored and they may
do much mischief. At a late hour last
night they wero collected in groups upon
the street comers nnd trouble is feared.
One hundred white citizens are patroling
Mie streets nnd the whole town is awake
awaiting developments.
lie Whipped a Wuiiiiui.
Wn.LMON, Onto, May 13. Peter Galla
gher, superintendent and mine boss of the
Comet Coal Company and cx-Coimciliuan,
today gave Mlis Kosler a cowhiding in
the public road. Mr. Gallagher, while hi
the Council was the means of having a
road established which passed through tlio
beautiful farm of Miss Foster, since which
Mine tho young lady has on every occa
sion, ho says, taken it upon herself to in
sult ntld obstruct Gallagher while on his
Way to tlio mines. Yesterday she stopped
his. carriago and began clubbing him,
when he lost control of himself aud gavo
her a cowhidinf. Both ncrsonsaroaniomr
tho host people.
Lost III tlio I. like.
Dnr.oiT, Mini., May 13. A special
from Traverso City says: Tlio schooner
KUlball sailed from Manistee on tlio even
ing of May fl for Nortliport, loaded with
shingles and salt. She lias not yet arrival
at her destination. Shingles nave been
seen floating between Cat Head Point and
Manitou Island, and a trunk has como
ashoro. Besides the crew a number of
prominent citizens of Nortliport were
aboard. Tho owners think that the vescel
and all on board arc lost.
A lllili Cm-go,
San Fiivntiwo, May 13, Tho Customs
House oillcers are keeping n sharp look
out along the coast for tho vacht Halcyon
which tho steamer Australia Miat arrived
hero from Honolulu yesterday reported
on her wav here with a cargo of opium
worth $I,Uoo,ikK. The captain of tlio
Australia says that the Halcyon is about
A MMIng Man.
1Utiu.o, N. Y., Mnv l.'l.-Willlam
Thomas, president of the Seaman's Union,
is missing. He left his homo lat Friday
and has not since been seen or heard of.
His books and accounts are straight.
Mrs. Thomas thinks ho may havo shipped
on one of tlio vessels and goue, perhaps,
to Chicago. She, however, fear foul
l'leelduut HtOnmliH.
Omaha, Wny 13,-Tue President ana
patty arrived hero to-day. The demon
st rat ion was greater than that which
greeted President Cleveland. The princi
pal buildings were decorated, the weather
Jiue aud everybody came out,
The Russian Jews Said In Regard the
Attempt Upon the Life of the C.arc
witch ns a Stroke of Divine Ven
geance Leveled nt Their Cruel Perse
London, May 13. A Vienna dispatch
says that somoof the Hebrews In Miatcity
arc not slow to evince tlicir satls'actoii at
the distress of the Russian Imperial
family owing to Mio attack on the ('.arc
witch, and aver that it is a just retribution
for the frightful calamities indicted on
the Hebrews by the Czar's government.
In Warsaw Mio police havo orrestcd
several men who were, distributing Mm
news in an exoggcrated form to Mie effect
that tlio Czarowitch was dead. The Aus
trian Emperor has telegraphed liis condol
ence to Mie Czar, witli (in anxious inquiry
as to Mie latest news of the Czarcwltch'.-)'
condition. Tlio Austrian authorities in
Galieia have been ordered to repress
sternly any exhibition of satisfaction with
tho occurrence, but groups of peoplo in
Cracow lined Mie streets Inst night, talk
ing over tho event witli evident pleasure.
Cracow is full of Hebrew refugees ami.
there was no concealment of delight at
the blow which had fallen on tho house
hold of the autocrat. This feeling is not
so strange, when it is remembered that
according to the latest advices the roads
fiom Moscow to the frontier and the pale
were strewn in somo places last week with
thehmainsof the aged and of iiHauts
who bud perished from hardship.
I.UlOltTRUim.r'S I'J'ARKtl.
Great excitement exists in Brussels'.
The worklngmen arc determined to hold
their parade in defiance of the city au
thoritits and the burgomaster Is eqnally
stubborn. The troops nre in readiness to
suppress any outbreak, the gendarmes
having spent all night under arms. Tlio
working people of Ghent aro nut in force
today and similar demonstrations are re
ported in various cities of Belgium. Tlio
troops on tlio Belgian frontier, adjoining
France, havo captured a large quantity of
circulars, printed, it is thought, in Eng
land. These circulars appeal to the p
ple to strike n blow'forllberty and not be
any longer the slaves of n monarchy.
a oi:i:at lll'KI-'H itxkkm..
Tho funeral of the Grand Duke Nicho
las was one of the most splendid exhibi
tions ever witnessed in Russia. The body
was saluted by 100,000 troops on its way to
St. Petersburg. The Czars court is now
iti double mourning. Tlio remains of
Nicholas Is interred in the Cathedral of
St. Peter and St. Paul. The illegitimate
children of the late Grand Duke, four in
number, havo been taken under the
special protection of tho Imperial houso
and will lie trained accordingly.
Till; WISTrilAI.IAN stiiiki:.
The leaders of the strike at the West
phalia mines who were nut under nrrosfc
when the strike movement began haw
been released without trial. The mines
are in such a dilapidated condition Miat
tho production in fargo quantities will not
be possible forseverul days to come. Gov
ernment Inspectors aro busy examining
the mines and ascertaining what, if any,
danger exists. Tho workingmen of Bo
chum not engaged in coal mining have
subscribed a sum of money for tho benefit
of tho poorer miners, who, in Mie midst
of plenty, are actually starving. The .sur
render of the miners is duo to this fact.
Dr. Ilrasscrt, who is charged witli the ad
ministration of mines, Is quotod as say
ing that the safety of the mines is now
more carefully attended to than in Ger
many, which is Mie reason that Mie emu
try is comparatively free from great min
ing catastrophes.
roirxnui.'H riNKs.
The desperate financial situation of
Portugal has been impending for many
months. The Miguel" bondholders, who
have tried to discredit the Portuguese Uo
crnnicnt by every means in their power,
are rejoicing over the result of their work.
Portugal is virtually driven out, for the
present, of the great stock markets of
Europe, and her best securities aro with
out an offer of purchase. It is said that
King Charles has offered for tho present
to givo up his income from national
sources, until such timo as Portugal will
bo better able to pay. As the Queen is
wealthy, both by descent and bequest, the
King's offer, should it be accepted, fcrould
not involve him in poverty.
lliiri-ucks Destroyed.
I'o.Mr, May 13. Information bus readied
this city that during the progress of :i
fierce storm which recently visited Masso
wali a building, used as a barracks, aud
containiiiga number of soldiers, collapsed.
Six men were killed, and ten scriouslv in
jured .
A I'll I ill i:il(islon.
Cur.o, In.., May 13. Three men were
hurled to death about 8 o'clock Monduy
night by tho bursting of a boiler on the
two boat My Ctioicc in Mie Mississippi
River above here. The boat was under a
full head of steam and in midstream
when the catastrophe occurred. Three of
the crew, Dick Slcason, James Lawronce
and John Arnold, wero blown into Mie
water nnd were seen no more. Three
others wero severely injured. Tlio tug
with her barges was saved.
A l-i'ciillur TrlHl.
Si'i:iNi.iu:i.i, Miss., May 13, Yesterday
Janus Dumford and Ellen Wholadiiu.
both ot Holyoke, were given separates
trials on the charge of adultery witli each
other. The evidence in each case was the
same, but Mie llrst jury acquitted the wo
man, who was discharged, wldlo the sec
ond jury found Dumford guilty and he
was sentenced to six months at hunt
labor In jaih
Italian Laliurors right.
Wiieklix", W. V., May 13. A riot oc
curred between Italian and American la
borers In Mie oniploy of Alexander Gra
ham, a Belmont County (Ohio) piko con
tractor, at Piko Creok Monday, which
resulted in one being killed, two fatally
wounded ami ten more or loss hurt. No
details or names are known excepting that
tho troublo was precipitated by an Italian
attacking the foreman with an iron bar.
A Tough Lot. Truly,
Ciiattanimk.v, Tknn.. May 13. The
young woman who was recently whipped
by women white cajw near Dtiektown has
since died, and iter assailants are under
nrroit. Friends of these women say they
will never go to jail, and a fltelit U Immi
nent between the mob and tho oillcers.
The outcome will probably lie more inur
dor, as tho inhabitants of the section un
known as "a tough lot."
Great .Sellouts of llorriug.
IIw.ifax, X. S., May 13. Herring in
large schools have struck Mie coast of
Nova Scot in and Prince Edward Maud
nnd the fishermen are makimr lsru,'
hauls. A Meet of l.VJ sail of American
and Canadian fishermen bailed iu a few
hours, and boats and small schooners
came from all directions aud loaded for
the next tieet.
Steamship Arrivals.
At New York Elder, from Bremen
Androria, from Glasgow; Denmark, lroiu
Liverpool, Majestic, from Liverpool.
At Breiueu Weimiui. from IMtimor,-.
passed Browhond; Teutonic, from Nvn
At Rotterdam Maasdam from Ne
Ai Southampton I aim from v.

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