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StfB&CRIPTION rates:
25 Cents Per MontH; $3.00 Per Year.
Less Than One Gent a Day.
Delivered Jii this city, Georgetown, Atmcostln nnd Alex
andria or by null anywhere In thd United States.
Situations and Help Wanted
Not Exceeding Tliroo Llnoa Inaortod Without Charge
NOTIOES-not oxcoodlnu- 3 llnoa-Preo.
(tlherodfettlfcmenli under I lie minor tlo-;llfeil listtlliuji,
one Cdntn word oi even cents n lino (Intt lnttfon; ftvecetita a
llho each ttiiircijuciil Insert Ion.
To reduce my Immense etockot AMERICAN
BLIIV nnd SILVERWARE, I offer to the pub.
He a special discount of SO per cent, tor SPOT
CASUIor a SHOUT time only on tho above
Manufacturing Jeweler,
POJ Seventh flt. n, w.
UltAINAllD H. WARNER, President.
JOHN JOY EDSON, Vice-President.
VM. 11. UURLEY, Treiunrer.
Wit 11. EOUISON, Secretary.
rrmirBT companies,
It has been correctly stated that tho manage
ment of any estate, be It cither real or personal,
requires as much tact nnd ability as Is required
to Accumulate It. There may be some differ
ence of opinion about (his, but the great nu
noyanee experienced in making Investments
and taking caro of property, has led largely to
the orcantratlon of trust companies.
The Washington Loan nnd Trust Company
is building the splendid new building at tho
corner of Ninth and F streets northwest. It Is
built of granite and Is fireproof and has all
modern com enlcnces. It Is flrst-class la every
particular. It yon aro going to Europe this
company will tnko chnrgo of your entire es
tate, glvo you a receipt for money, notes,
etoeks and bonds, attend to tho collection of
any amounts that may be due and reinvest
funda from time to tthic. Tho charge torso
doing Is' xcecdlngiy moderate and you are
Yjrtunlly saved all responsibility and annoy
ance. 'This Is of great advantage lo people of
menus. The cash capital of tbls'corporatlon Is
one million dollars. Open an account with It,
also acts as executor, administrator, trustee,
transfer agent and attends to all fiduciary busi
John T. Arms,
Charles 11. Hallcy,
Charles S. linker,
J nrncs I,. Harbour,
II. S. Unmmtngs,
7. J. Dailington,
John Joy Edsuo,
William II. Hurley,
ilohn A. Hamilton,
Albert F, Fox,
o. 0. rtrccn,
John U. I.arner,
A. S. W
Charles Ilium,
John Illdont.
George V, Sohater,
N.II. Shea,
Thos. Somervlllo,
John A. Swope.
,1. 8. Swormstcdt,
George Trucedell,
11. U. Warnor,
A. A. Wllsou.
L. I). Wluo,
S. W. Woodward,
Chartered by Bpeclal act of Congress January
23, lbtiT. Reorganized ns a
Under act of Congress October 1, 1600.
ThlscompanybeBa to annonnco that It has
rccckedjrom tbe Controller of tho Currency
Its certificate of reorganization under the act
of Congress of October 1, 18U0.
As heretofore, and for twenty-four years
Met, this company will receive securities, sll
crare and other valuables for eafc-kccplng
in Its fire-proof building, and will rent safes or
bbxes In Its new (Ire and burglar-proof malts,
which have time locks and all other modern
Under nnd by vlrtne of the act of Congress
ot October 1, 18, nnd tho certificate of tho
Controller ot the Currency, that It has fully
compiled with tho law In nil respects, this
company will, In addition to tho business
heretofore transacted by It, net as executor,
Hdmlnlstrfltor, rcrelvcr, assignee and as com
mittee or guardian ot estates nnd will rccelvo
nnd execute trusts of every description com
mitted to It by nny court or by Individuals.
All trust funds nnd trust Investments are
Itept separate and apart from the assets ot tho
compauy.DcsIdcs" which piotcctloa tho cpm
liany has a capltnl cf
Deposits will be received fiom ten cents up
ward and Interest will bo allowed on such de
posits. Wills receipted for nnd kept wlthont chargo.
I5ENJAMIN P. SN'YDEH, President.
CHARLES C. GLOVER, First Vice-President.
JAS. M. JOHNSTON. Second Vice-President.
K. FRANCIS R1GGS, Treasurer.
William E. Clark,
Lewis Clephanc,
Matthew O. Emery,
Charles C. Glover,
Thomas Hjdc,
Charles A. James,
.lames M.Johnston,
II. Ross Perry,
George II. Plant.
E. Francis Hlggs,
Kcnas C. Robbing,
John F. Rodgers,
Benjamin P. Snyder,
Albert L.Sturtovant,
Henry A. Wlllard,
jotiuu. rarKc,
Andrew Wjllc.
Beautifully located on Chesapeake Bay,
thrce-qunrtcrs ot n mile south ot Bay Ridge,
JUL, with a long water front on tho bay, high
ground and thickly wooded with some of tho
fjrandest ehado trees.
Boating, bathing, fishing, crabbing and
phootlng. One aud n-half hours from Wash
ington; one hour from Baltimore. A number
ot llrst-claes cottages aro now being erected.
Lots from $150 to $100, on easy terms.
Plats and information furnished by
For the convenience of persons living In tho
eastern and western sections ot the city, ar
rangements have been made by which they can
jay their gas hills during banking hours at
Bills paid after tho 8th ot each month will
UUfc tV VIllllllU VVI tUU UlUVUHilfc vi, ( -wV,i-.W I'wi
J,000 cubic feet.
010 Pennsylvania avenue,
Constructed entirely ot Brick, with Steel Doors,
For Rent at Minimum Rates.
Por storage ot Silver Plate, Jewolry, and all
other valuables at minimum charges.
Rent for 13, $7.60, $10, and upward per year.
Inspection Invited.
lars, &-c, from a material that will never
deteriorate by ago by using
It U cheaper than brick. Au 18-Inch
Van bo limit ot Potomac Bluo Stono, best
workmanship, for tho enmo cost of nil-Inch
lrlck wall. For heavier walls tho cost Is much
less, u proportion, Any quantity delivered
Iiromptly by boat at any point on the river
trout or by wagons to any part ot the city.
Quarries oxtendlng SK miles on tho Potomac,
between Aqueduct and Chain Bridges. Bridge
Stone, Block Stone for building fronts, rango
and broken ushler work, Aleo Broken Stoue,
Ilasc, Bluder aud Granolithic. Puro ground
mono Dust at a very low price; excellent ma
terial for lawns and walks, Broken Stone
from elevated bins loaded upon vessels aud
wagons. The Potomac Bluo Stone was used
tolmlldtho Catholic University, Georgetown
College aud many other largo buildings In the
city; aluo for foundations or most ot Inu largo
Uovcrument buildings In Washington,
Ofilca at Docks, !tttO Water strcot. Box at
UtlUUCis' Jixcuango. Tciopuone no. una.
VT made by ouo ot the most eclebratod
.utter lu America! Prices samo as those
,hlrd-rate cutters charge V, T. HALL, 803 F
111 I' ST.
Tho rapid Increaso In our buslnes In the
last six months forced us to move Into larger
nnd better appointed olllcca sooner than we
had anticipated, where with Increased room
aud our own vaults wo are fully prepared to
transact ngencrul hanking busliiojis.
ACCOUNTS OP Indlv 'duals, firms and cor
porations solicited. Wo feel
confident that our methods
ot doing business will plume
our patrons. Wo desire to
call attention to our houae,
hoping that thoso who con
template changing their
bank account or opening a
new ono will call andueo us,
feeling buio that any who
no so win remain wiin us.
made nnd exchange drawn
tree of'charge to our depos
itors. Investors will find
TnVpahlMllit! jvlthuslnjestmcnts lu both
lUluollUuUlOi large and small amuituM
secured by deeds of trust
nnd real estate.
It not oil hand In sums to
suit wo will alloty Interest
on deposits until satisfac
tory Investments are found.
We issno true certificates
of deposit drawing Interest
rate depending on length ot
time they nru Issued for.
thus offering capitalists and
Investors n sate Investment
nnd prompt Interest. Wo
pay Interest monthly, semi
annually or nnuually as de
sired. In this way wo offer every
legitimate facility consist
ent with good banking lo
those who do business with
Special attention given
thcin; counseling and as
sisting them lu nil business
transactions It desired.
We furnish them good,
sate, conservative Invest
ments, collecting Interest
It desired nnd remitting as
Certilicatcs ol
Pnjlng Intcrost from 0 to
10 per cent., furnished thoso
desiring them. Wo offer
nothing but the best securi
ties to our customers. Call
SccnreA Deeds
ol Trust.
In and see ns.
V c will take plcasuro In showing you our In
vestments at all times. If you wish to open a
bAuk account It you wish to place your runds
where they will draw lntcrc!t--tf yon wlnh to
make a good Investment It you wish exchango
on New York, Baltimore and Chicago It you
have a collection to make If you have a noto
to discount If you wish to ralso money on
'collaterals call and sec us.
1321 F street.
Lots nnd Villa Mtcs For Sale In
Wo Offer
At Prlics Ranging Prom
4 Cents to 10 Cents per Sq. Foot.
Property ndjolulng Is Selling at double theso
We nre offering Special Inducements to thoso
who will build,
Several lmmUomc lioutcj contracted for to
be built at once.
Tho Electric Road o pass the property will
soon be built, thus placing tho residents of tho
Heights w lthln easy reach of the city.
Buy Now aud Sell Again at a Hand
some Profit.
Pioent Extiemely Low Pilces Will List for n
For Full Pmtlcul.irs, Maps, Ac, Call on or
Real Estate Brokers,
Teams Always on Hand to Show Piopcrty.
minimi meeting ot tlid stockholders ot
tho National Lltc-Mnturlty Inaurnnco Com
pany ot Washington, D. 0. will bo held nt
llarpcr'i! Ferry, W, Va nt Green's Hotel, at 1
o'clock p. m on TLKbDAY, MAY 111, 1801,
for tho purpose ot electing thirteen Directors
to erte during the succeeding year and until
their succc sore aro elected and qualified, and
for the transaction ot such other business as
may properly como botoio said meeting. By
order of the Board ot Dncilors. Oi:o, 1), EL
DRIDOE, Secretary. Washington, D. C.May
7, INU.
Forest Glen Hotel,
11, ,v 0. Metropolitan Branch,
ZETorces-b GKLexx, nvCcL.
Will Open on rMT-AX" 30 for the lecep
tloii of guests aud regular boarder.,
Trtuisiout, 633 Por Day.
FOREST GLEN It boautimlly situated, high
nnd salubrious. Tho Hotel Is elegantly fur
nished nnd tho table will houngurpaAcd, under
tho special catering ot Sir. Wormley.
ti A GALLON, Jl A O.UART, 60c, A PINT.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In
Supplies practically INEXHAUSTIBLE,
Storage Facilities UNKO.UALED.
Ico deliveries throughout the city by attsn
tho and experienced employe.
Lcavo orders at the olllco or with drivers of
delivery wagons.
York Aenuo Northwest,
WnKhlngton, D. o. Laces, Satins aud nil kinds
of Fine Ladles' Work n Specialty. Formerly
with A. Fisher.
LOOAIj weather forecast,
For the Dhtrltt of Colitmbta and Maryland
generally fair; no change in temperature:
ictiitte becoming north.
j.,v nt v irimmt.iTi otfi'icus.
A movement ja reported to bo on foot
to fiivo tho President n public welcome
home. Several of the local political clubs
nnd a number of prominent citizens arc
said Jo bc.interestcd in the scheme. The
'excursionibts are billed to arrive in Chicago
do-day, and the run from that city can be
accomplished so ns to brine; the special
into 'Washington to-morrow night.
An official of tho State Department.
,rhcn asked to-day if Italy had, ns stated
by a cablegram from Home, made a prop
osition to submit the dispute with tho
"United States in tho New Orleans
tiffnir to arbitration, said that
arbitration was only resorted to when
diplomatic negotiations had completely
failed. Diplomatic negotiations with
Itally have not yet ceased nnd Secretary
iilaiuc has publicly asserted his willing
ness to consider any claim the Italian
Government may make for idemuity so
the proposition it is thought, is somewhat
premature, 'j ncTironosition lias not been
received at the Statu Department.
Application has been (lied with the
'Comptroller of the Currency for authority
(to orgnniz6 the city national bank of
Mnson City Iowa.
The surveyor of customs of Springlicld,
Mass., has been advised that old coins and
medals, produced prior to tho years 1700,
aro dutiable under the terms of tho new
tariff act.
Itichard Green, one of the most atten
tive and popular colored porters on tho
Treasury force, was detailed to attend
Secretary Foster's door. Dick was very
nppy over ins promotion.
It is stated that the Secretary of tho
'Treasury has requested the Pension Com
missioner to go slow In the matter of pass
iiiR pension claims. The resources of tho
Treasury cannot bear any additional
strain just now.
Reduction in CfhTOM-JIoivn Emit.ovks.
Secretary Foster has concluded to reduce
the forco in many of the custom-houses
where the efficiency of the service will not
bo impaired. It has become necessary to
do so in view of the possible deficiency in
the appropriation for the collection of the
customs revenue during tho present fiscal
year. The llrst places to be effected will
be TJoston, where changes in the force will
take effect 6n the 1st of June.
I'jiii.APEi.i'iiiANs Who "Want Ur.Ki'xn.
A laro delegation of Philadelphia im
porters of hat trimmings were at tho
Treasury this morning to urge Secretary
Fofter to refund the excess of duty col
lected on such trimmings prior to tho de
cision of tho courts In their favor. This
is an old issue, one that the present Sec
retary inherited from his predecessor.
Mr. Vundom, Tho amount of refund
duty claimed approximates quite n mil
lion of dollars.
New Sout or Cyr.nc.Ncv. The Treasury
officials were puzzled and amused to re
ceive a, noto bearing a closo resemblance to
Government money bearing a legend to
the effect that bollcvcrs would receive
'riches in glory." This promise to pay
is signed in bold letters, "Christ Jesus.'1
The execution of tho engraving on this
heavenly currency is llrst-class, showing
that some reputable bank note company
did the work, although they forgot to at
tach their imprint. The note came from
oneof the Western States and the story runs
thai a certain rich preacher with a fash
ionable congregation and a consequent fat
salary, originated the noto as an advertis
ing dodger to attract the unwashed and
tho sinful to attend his tabernacle. It is
presumed that these bills uro not con
venient when the collection box is going
Sixiii.T.utY Fosttii Aftkii tiiiiDrokcrs.
Tho Secretary of tho Treasury to-day
instructed the Collector of Customs nt
New York to hereafter refuse entry of
goods in tho nanio of custom-house brok
ers and others who aro merely consignees
unless they disclose upon tho entry tho
namo of tho ultimata consiguecr or pur
chaser and lllo a certified copy of tho in
voico by which settlement for the pur
chase Is made. This decided action has
been rendered imperative uy recent in
vestigations which disclosed that lino
silks and other goods consigned to a llrm
of customs brokers wcro doubly in
voiced, ono at n low prico for customs
house purposes, the other being forwarded
to tho ultimate consignee, representing
tho actual valuo of tho materials. Tliu
Secietary docs not minco his language
but characterizes theso dude transactions
as frauds Intended to defraud the Gov
ernment. Tun Ni:w Two-Dor.i.AR Notes, Tho
committee appointed to design tho en
gravings for tho new two-dollar certificates
have completed their work, and tho Un
read of Kngraving and Printing will very
fcpon hnvo tho plates ready, The now noto
will be handsomer than tho old ouo In
many particulars. Tho work on It is not
so jammed, ond tho vignetto of Mr, Win
dow will show lu tho ceutro of the certifi
cate instead of being on the cud, It is
hardly possible to describo tho minute
changes that hnvo been mndo in prepar
ing the now series, but altogether, accord
ing to ono of the committeemen, "tho
work will bo better and tho noto hand
somer." Tho fearfully ugly brown seal
will not show on tho new issue, but
bright carmlno seal luw been recom
mended to supplant it. About $10,000,000
pf tho old two-dollar certificates aro re
ported outstanding. As fast as these aro
received in tho Treasury they will bo
marked for destruction,
Official Ciianois, Patent Oftlco Ap
pointment: Joseph II. Freeman of Michi
gan, fourth assistant examiner, 91,200.
General Land Olllco Promotion: Frank
1). Walker of Ohio, clerk, f 1,200, to 11,100.
Resignation: Misii Annlo Cashcii of New
York, clerk. $1,000.
Pension Office Appointments: Aaron
I). Hill of Illinois, George V. Italr of Penu
fevlvnnla, Adrian I,. Watson of New York.
Arthur Jordan of Collfornla nnd Wlllard
C. ICby of Missouri, copyists, $900. Resig
nation: Waller F. Aycook of Tennessee,
clerk, 1,100,
Secretary Proctor returned from Ver
mont last night and was lu his olllco this
Proposals for pmchasc of tho West
Ship House at tho Navy Yard, this city,
wcro not opened yesterday ns was et
pectcd, owing lo tho fact that no bids
wcro received.
War Onnr.ns. First Lieutenant Wil
liam A, Glass ford, on duty In this city,
to proceed for Inspection of Signal Service
stations to Charlotte, N. C: Auburn, Ala,;
Meridian, Miss. J How Orleans, l.a ; Sa
vannah, Ga, Charleston and Columbln,
S. C..; Southport and Wilmington, N. C;
Mobile, Ala., and Pcnsacola, Fla.
Aiimy ORDEiiBi Hoard of Survey to
meet at the St. Louis clothing depot to fix
tho responsibility for the discrepancy in
the condition of a lot of clothing and
cquipagu received at that depot from First
Lieutenant L. D. Greene, Seventh In
fantry. Furloughs for three months: Private
Joseph Graves, Troon O, Ninth Cavalry:
Corporal William Cramer, Company t,
Thirteenth Infantry.
Lcavo of absence for twnclv davs
granted Second'Lientcnant . 1!. Sample,
Fourteenth Infantry.
Private Welcome F. Itamsey, Light
Battery F, Fourth Artlllory, discharged
the bervicc.
Tr.ouDtEiNTiinSKVENTEENTit If reports
bo correct there is trouble in tho Seven
teenth Infantry. The Omaha lice has n
special from Cheyenne, Wyo., which says
that Captain I). M. Appel, assistant sur
geon at Fort Itussell. is preparing papers
for a libel suit again&t Colonel II. 11. Miz
ner of the Seventeenth Infantry for $2.5,
000. Theofficerefof that regiment.thespccial
Bays, claim that Mizner, who has been
ordered to his home in Detroit, prepara
tory to his retirement for ago In August,
has exercised a petty tyranny over them
for some time nnd had it not been that
relief was soon to be obtained by his re
tirement the men would have united
"nnd asked for an investigation by the War
Department. Captain Appel's suit is to
uu uruugui uu iim loiiuwing uiiegttiiuns:
During the Sioux campaign while Appel
was with the regiment Mizner who re
mained at Fort liusscll directed him to
turn over all Government property in his
his possession to Assistant-Surgeon Ken
dale. Appel, under tho advice of his
superior medical officer, ignored the
order. Colonel Mizner then prepared
charges of ''insubordination" and in
dorsed on them statements that Appel
was an utterly worthless surgeon, inat
tentive to professional and social dutie3
and oflensvc to tho offirers of the regi
I ieulcnant Commander Georgo A. Dick
nell, whose trial by court-martial lias
ottrncrcd widespread interest, has received
assurances from tho Navy Department
that Ins case will not be finally acted
upon by tho Department until May ID.
In tho meantime) his counsel will en
deavor to present the 'case in detail to
Scoretary Tracy and bring such influence
to bear ns will materially aid his client.
Navai. OnnEiis. Lieutenant James D.
Adams, to duty ,in tho Ilureau of Kquip
incut for compass instruction.
I'.wcd Assistant Surgeon Lloyd W.
Curliss, from the Naval Academy, June
lf; to the practice ship Constellation,
June 10.
AssWand Kngincer W. F. O. Ilasson,
from tho Johns Hopkins University,
October 1, to the Navy-Yard Maro
The order of Passed Assistant Surgeon
Philip Leach, to tho prac'ico ship Constel
lation revoked, tho officer to continuo his
present duties at the Naval Academy.
The Itata Case. Inquiry at the Navy
Deportment for information concerning
tho Charleston and Itata arc nist
Willi negative replies'. "The Depart
ment has received no information."
Navy Department officials, however,
place no reliance in the report received
m press dispatches to tho effect that the
Charleston has sunk the Itata.
The Rata, they say, would not
bo likely to resist tho Charleston
should she overtake her, and iu casu she
did they think that the Charleston would
blniply disable her anil then take her into
custody. Grave doubts are also being
oxpressed as to the Charleston over
taking the Itata. Theso expressions
l.iro based on the reports that
tho Charleston has often altered her
course to overhaul vessels she has sighted
to make sure they aro not tno Insurgent
ship she is pursuing, All this takes time,
and in tho meantime, tho Itata is stand
ing steadily on her course
and daily Hearing her destination,
Opinions arc also oxpressed that tho rela
tive speed of the two vessels has not been
correctly estlmutcd. Tho Itata's speed, it
is thought, has been underestimated,
while that ot tho Charleston has been
Fourth-class postmasters appointed to
day Maryland S. D. Waters, Cooksville;
J. It. Craig, Winchester. Yirgiuia-W.
H. Partlow, Horlon's Store. West Vir
ginin W. It. Wilson, Green Springs; V.
L. Moore, Holly Grove; A. Iv. Wagner,
Tho statistician of tho Department of
Agriculture hns jiut completed a report
showing that since April one year ago
there has been an increaso of moro than
100 per cent, in I ho price of corn and oats,
10 per cent. In wheat, and from ;i2 to !)l
per cent, for beeves. Correspondence re
ceived from all sections of tho country In
dlcato a hopeful and cheerful feeling, and
tho opinion is expressed that farm lauds
arc at present promising Investments.
Turbulent Times lu Vmiciiioln.
New Youk, May 11. News has been
received here from Caracas to tho effect
that tho shooting of nu Kngllshman on
Venezuelan territory by mi officer of
that Government, somo wcolcs ago, has
added another aggravating feature to tho
already complicated question of boundary
between Venezuela and llritish Guinea.
It has also resulted iu au attempt by tho
llritish Govermont to bc'.te a province In
Venezuela. As a result both the English
and Venezuelans In tho disputed territory
aro securing arms and ammunition, and
n serious conflict Is looked for between
tho two factions.
I'uul Play SiiHiiot'toil.
Wueki.inu W. Va May 1 l.-W. V. Dil
lon, prominently connected with the
wholesale tradoof thin city, and a mom
bcr of tho Vance Shoo Company, has mys
teriously disappeared, ond foul play Is
suspected, Ho had n largo stun of inuney
with him.
TitiprUoiimoul for I.lfu,
Chioaoo, May 11, Tho trial of John
Contl, an Italian, for tho murder of his fol
lowo oimlrynutn, Nicholas Bonn!, was con
cluded yesterday afternoon, and nt 8:30
tho jury retired. Three hours later tho
jury returned with a verdict of guilty,
Itxiug Coutl'3 sentence at Imprisonment
for life.
Items of Interest front ttio Commls
slonero' OMlco.
Ludwlg Long.wa(chinan at tho Wash
ington Asylum, Hits been removed.
Charles W. Tarkcr, repairman lu tho
District telegraph and tclephono service,
has resigned.
Benjamin At wood, the bridgo kcepor at
Iho Peunsylvanla-avcnuo bridgo across
the Kastcrn Branch, hai been dismissed
nnd his commission as n special police
man l evoked.
AVork Is now being ommenccd on the
new quarters for the assistant tax assessors
yet to be appointed. A one-story building
for their accomodation will bo constructed
in the yard of the District Building.
A permit has been granted the Wash
ington and Georgetown Railroad Com
pany to construct six man holes on Four
teenth street extended, in order that their
tnpsmsy be outside tho mills of tho
traeks of (ho cable road,
Befall license rejected Herman S.
M curing, 1100-302 Virginia avenue south
west. Wliolesalo rejected James Smith,
1203 First street southeast. Wholesale
npi roved Vincent W. Power, 015 Louis
iana avenue northwest.
In reply to a request from Daniel C.
Donovan, vice-president of the St. Louis
Vehicle Owners' Association, Assessor
Trimble states that tho amount collected
lu the District of Columbia for public li
censed vehicles during the Inst fiscal year
was ?3,338. 77.
Plank walks have been ordered to he
laid as follows; Hast sido of Twenty
second street, between Detroit and Km
porla streets; north side of Detroit street,
from Twenty-second to Twenty-fourth
streets; west side Twenty-fourth streeti
betvicen Detroit and Kmporia streets;
north side of Kmporia street, from
Twenty-second to Twenty-fourth streets,
subdivision of Langdon Park.
Building permits issued to-day! George
F. Reed, private stablo rear of Eighth
street northeast, cost $700; Kd. Temple,
two two-story dwcllinos, 420-122, .Eighth
street southwest, cost S3 000; W. W. Wet
zel two two-story dwelling, 2140 I street
northwest, cost $3,800; Thomas Hyde,
tv,o two-story dwellings, 3I5S and.'HGO
Bcall street northwest, cost $0,000; John
B Ward, two two-story dwellings, 200 G
street southeast, cost $2,000; Wash.T.
Nidlor, three two-story dwellings, alloy
"square 529, northwest, cost $2,000.
The committee recently appointed at a
ruceting of the East Washington Citizens'
Association to request tho Commissioners
lo grant a police census to be taken of
tho population of East Washington, have
presented a resolution to that effect. The
Commissioners will give tho com
mittee a personal hearing on Fri
day. It will bo remembered
that at the Inst meeting of tho association
jir. ai. J. oiler announced tuaf t be .Fed
eral Census of 1S0O showed tho population
xif the county portion of East Washington
lo bo less by over 1,000 than tho count
laken by the police three years before.
The discrepancy can only bo accounted
'or by gross errors on tho part of tho Fed
eral Census enumerators.
Mr. Hopnett's Dusir.E. John Pope
Hodnett appeared befoio Commissioner
Boss yesterday in hefnlf of an Italian
banana seller. The Italian, he said, had
been arrested for selling without the re
quired $25 license. It appears that lio
had already paid his license, but, Mr.
Hodnett says, that upon trial in the Po
lico Court the case was dismissed on the
ground that the license law was illegal.
The attorney now wants the 523 fee re
turned to his client.
Must Move tut Bait.'". The railroad
irons for tho use of the new cablo road
which tho Washington nnd Georgetown
Bailroad Company has deposited along
tho curbs of Pennsylvania avenue and
Fourteenth street, have been the subject
of numerous complaints from citizens.
The rails aro placed in the gutters and
stop the drainage and collect all manner
of filth. Upon tho report of tho Health
Department that the rails aro injurious to
tho public health by reason of their stop
ping the drainage and liability to causo
accidents, the Commissioners" have de
cided to order their removal until the
company Is prepared to lay them for the
new road.
Senator Stewaht'r Pcotest. Senator
Stewart again called upon the Commis
sioners tills morning to protest against
any sub-division belim permitted across
the end of Connecticut avenue extended,
which does not permit of the avenue
being opened. He quoted tho low pro
viding for the extension of streets, and
emphatically denied tho right of the
Commissioners to allow Connecticut ave
nue to bo closed up in the manner pro
posed by the owners of the Phelps tract.
The Commissioners piomised to cive tho
Senator's protest careful consideration
nnd to announce their decision to
morrow. AnImcklstim, Point. Ah inloresting
question in relation to the issuing of permits-
for entertainments has been raised
by Assessor Trimble. Under tho existing
lafls only entertainments for religious or
rhaiitable purposes arc exempt from n
license. Tho assessor has found c insider
oblo trouble In discriminating between
entertainments for charity ond religious
benefit and entertainment of another
nature. Many free permits havo been Is
sued to parties for balls, concerts, dances,
cle., Hint nlthough thoy claim to bo
within tho limit ot tho exemption cannot
by any means be regarded as entertain
ments for charitiiblo or religious purposes.
Tho Commissioners aro in favor of
the permits being issued under n strict
construction of tho law, but in order that
they may bo legally authorized to do so
have requested tho Attorney of tho Dis
trict for an opinion as to how the law
shall be construed.
Willing to he IIeuevep. It is gener
ally thought by the public that tho Army
officers who aro ordered for duty to Wash
ington hove a very easy tiiuo of it with
social pleasures and very littlo official
duties to perform. There aro two officers
on duty here, howover, who differ very
materially with tho public on that point.
They aro Captains Bossell nnd Lusk, tho
assistants to tho Engineer Commissioner
of the District, Colonel Robert.
captain Kosscn, osis generally Known,
would prefer somo other Held of duty to
his present one. Captain Lusk, who is at
tho head of tho sower and water depart
ment, said to-day that, while ho is not
anxious to ho transferred, he would leave
his present post with entire satisfaction,
if oidered to do so by tho War Depart
ment. Tho work, ho says, is extremely
laborious", more so than iu many other
offices. It is of a nature that frequently
requires night duties and Inspections in
all sorts of weather. Captain Lusk, not
withstanding these drawbacks, Is greatly
interested in his duties and never falls in
his strict attention to them. Ho has oc
cupied his present position iu tho District
Government for nearly three years, but
has as yet oxpressed nodesiroto loavolt,
normadoan application fortransfor. Ho
did not ask to como hero and will not ask
to ho relieved. Ho will remain, ho says.
until his term Is'out. Just what an Army
officer's term at such a post is, is not very
well understood, but it is supposed to bo
about four years.
Despite tho attractive social advantages
offered by Washington llfo, It Is not un
reasonable to presume that both of Col.
Robert's assistants would accept transfers
with perfect satisfaction,
The jilt is generally consldorato she
breaks your uureo bcloro sho docs your
lieait. AVw iVA IttvaM,
The R-Hour Lnw After Canning Much
Contention Between the CnrrlnrK nud
the Postofllcn Department is Now li
Court of Claims for Adjudication of
Claims Arising Under It.
Tho serenity that has of late character
ized the relations bitwecn Major Pollock,
superintendent of the free delivery sys
tem nnd tho carriers, exists no more. The
Major has always been n trille antagonis
tic to the Eight-Hour law, and excessively
belligerent to the claims for overtlmo
made by the men In gray.
These claims now amount to ovpr
tWO.000. Carriers in Washington and
Philadelphia ore the only ones who have
been remunerated for extra work.
Men in other post offices, even the
country, havo objected strenuously to the
delay in tho settlement of their claims.
Yesterday three of them entered suit
against tho Government in tho Court of
Claims for the amount involved.
Colonel Whitfield, acting Postmaster
General, said to The Ceitiq-RecOrd this
morning regarding the subject:
"ThcDeparmont Intended even if these
men had not sued to lay (ho matter be
fore tho Department of Justico for a de
cision whether eight hours n day meant
fifty-six hours n week or not: that is
whether tho carriors should labor eight
hours on Sunday or make up the timo by
over work during tho week.
"The enormous amount that these claims
represented demanded such action by this
Department, i has'c nothing to say fur
ther until the court renders its decision,
which 'will be Inn few days."
Major Pollock was not" in when a re
porter called. He has been at tho Depart
ment of Justice tho best part of to-day
looking after the question In dispute.
Ills feeling toward tho carriers is well
known. His idea is eight-hours' work for
eight-hours' pay, and a strict supervision
oyer them, to see that all claims for over
time arc just, and not tho result of
"boodling" by tho carrier. If tho court
decides the carriers must work lifty-six
hours a week, thoy will havo to do duty a
fraction over nine hours dally, for there
is no necessity of cdvoring the routes
on Sunday, a thing that would
be strongly opposed by Air. Wanamakor,
who, nt the beginning of his administra
tion of affairs in the Postoillce Depart
ment, sent circulars to postmasters
throughout the United States asking their
opinions of work in postoffiecs on tho
Sabbath. The majority of the replies
indicated that a sufficient force to relieve
tho railroads of the mail and assort it for
Monday morning deliveries would meet
the requirements of work on the first day.
The Postmaster-General has received
numerous letters from ministers and rc
liclOus societies urclmr that nostolllces be
closed on tho day of rest. His invariable
reply has been, that, as an executive offi
cer, he must consider the public demands
regardless of any religious feeling, further
than that any person who did not desiro
his mail on Sunday had the privilege
of staying away from tho postoillce. Yet
In Mr. Wnnnmaker's heart is n desire to
abolish alt Sunday labor iu the offices
under his authority.
In the Washington postoflice half the
force work ten hours every Sunday. De
liveries arc made to the hotels and news
paper offices.
Captain Sherwood was silent this morn
Inj' iibut Malor Pollock and the Klgbt
Hour law. He was intensely grallUed
that the Washington boys had been paid
for their overtime.
31 v.
unci Mr.s. ThomiiH Hnvo Thirty
Clillilriin In riflcon ears.
Bainhridge, Ga., May 11. A M.
Thomas, a native of Decatur County, who
lives just across the State lino in Gadsden
County, Fla., Is 35 years old and the father
of thirty-two children, all of whom aro
living. Mr. Thomas' wife, who is also a
native of Decatur County, is three years
younger than he.
Fifteen years ago they wcro married.
In twenty months they found themselves
the parents of four bright and beautiful
children. With almost unvarying regu
larity ever since the family has been in
creased by the addition sometimes of
twins, sometimes of triplets, until the
number has reached tliitty-two.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas arc n thrifty,
happy and contented couple, and their
ehildien nre as fine-looking a set as ouo
often sees.
Hopes to tcturn Ileio Saturday ami go
to liar Ilnilioi'.
New York, May 11. Mr. Blaine is very
much better this morning. He passed a
good night and expects to sit up to-day.
Ho hopes to go lo Washington on Satur
day bnt further than that his plans are
not complete.
Mrs. Blaine said to a United Press re
porter that it was barely possible that she
and her husband would leave for Wash
ington to-morrow. Tliero aro many im
portant matters in tho Stato Department
which require the Secretary's personal at
tention, and for this reason Mr. Blaine is
desirous of returning to his post in Wash
ington as toon ns possible.
Mrs. Blaine favors tho programme of a
visit to Washington, followed by an early
departure for their summer home at Bar
A AVrcclc on tlio ltciiilliif;.
New York, Slay 1 1. Tho laH express
on the Philadelphia and Rending Rail
road ran into a train of freight cars i(ear
Bound Brook, N. J., yesterday, wrecking
tho freight cars and throwing them down
an embankment. Tho cab of the passen
ger cngiuo was completely torn on o.nd
engine was completely torn on rniti
engineer, who lives in Philadelphia,
i probably fatally injured. The pas-
gers received a lively shaking tip, but
none wero injured,
Ilo Coined ."Money.
O.M Mi , Neil, Slay 11. Joseph II. 1H-
weil, Republican candidate for county at
torney of Rock County, Neb., and a promi
nent politician, was arrested yestorday at
Newport, Neb., on tho charge of making
counterfeit money. United States mar
shals watched Klwell in the process of
moulding silver tlollurs, and pounced upon
him. Tho authorities havo been at work
on this casofnr the past six months.
.Solicitor Tuft to Return.
Los A.vceleh, Cai.., May II. In accord
ance with the orders of tho Attorney-General
to Solicitor Genoral Tail to bo in
Washington on tho 23th that gentleman
will leave for tho National Capital on Mon
day next, ills presenco hero, tho Solicitor-General
says, is not for the nurposo of
assuming the chargo of tho Robert and
Slinuio case, but to consult tho District
AusiihsIhk Captured.
Son v, Slay 1 L A roport that Itizoff
and Naxaroff, tho alleged murdorors of St.
Bcltchoff, the lulo Slluister of Finance,
had been captured atlvrojova, Bounianla.
lias been confirmed. It Is also announced
that tho Roumanian authorities will de
liver up the prisoners to the Bulgarian
A Sail Casu.
I.exim.tox, (;., May 11. Samuel Wll
moth, the old Paris dlstillor, who myste
riously disappeared, returned homo Tues
day. His mind Is entirely gono and ho Is
a pitiable object. Ho can gis'ono account
of his wanderings. Somo ono had stolon
hli watch, money aud papers.
A Kovolutliiii In tho Ilimlcy IhIhihI
Ha Id lo Ilo Imminent.
New York, May II. Advices received
by persons in this city yesterday from cor
respondents in Hayti Indicate Hint
another political outbreak which may re
sult iu n civil war is imminent. This
feeling prevails generally throughout the
country and Is strengthened by the fact
that within the past few weeks President
Himiolylohas thrice escaped assassination
at ihc hands of his political enemies, tho
latest attempt beliur made recently. The
President, while riding in company with
n few officers near the city of Jucmel, was
llrcd upon by four men and two of his
companions killed. The assassins es
caped. TlioGovernincntpapcrsdcnounrc
the attempted assassination as a cowardly
attack by a defeated political inrty, while
on Ihc other hand the opposition papers
openly state that a
is t:
At Most Iiioppnitiuie Tlmc nud Upon the
Most Trivial Pretexts The Railroad
Turin the Tables and JIakcN Whole
sale Dlseliaiges or Switchmen.
Chicago, May 1L At precisely soven
o'clock this morning every switchman iu
tho employe of the Chicago and North
western Hallway Company, 200 in tills
city ond 300 employed nt points along the
line, was discharged and paid off, The
company chose this hour ns tho most con
venient to notify both tho day nnd night
men that there services would no longer
bo required. Gencrnl Manager Whitman
of tho road, reports at this hour (U
o'clock) that so far there has been no
trouble or disturbance occasioned by the
The road has been preparing for to
day's action during the oast two months,
and for every man discharged this morn
ing there was
Yardmaster Frank Mclncrny, whose
discharge tho switchmen demanded and
enforced by a tie-up during GencrarMan
nger Whitman's illness six weeks ago, was
reinstated this morning and took charge
of the new men. The companv sav tlntt
Mclncrny was never really discharged.
His nnme has never been taken off the
payrolls of the company, but his position
has remained vacant, as lie has remained
avay from his work pending the trouble
starting on his account.
Sir. Whitman said this morning that
the company would no longer put up with
the state of things that has existed during
the past three years, and to-dav's action is
a practical demonstration of the com
pany's intention
TO Kl'N Ilrt OWN lll'SlNESS.
On account of the men beimr nlwavs ready
to strike on tho slightest provocation the
train service lias been unsatisfactory to
the public and to the company itself, and
now he proposes to put a stop to it.
A few weeks ago, after tho trouble
caused by Yardmaster SIcInerny, a can
vass was made of tho 1,071 locomotive
engineers in the employ of tho North
western by representatives of tho com
pany. Every man promised to stand by
tho company in case a strike or lock-out
should bo inaugurated. They sympa
thized with SIcInerny. A large force of
policemen are
in this city, but so far their services
have not been required. The officials of
the companv sny this is not a fight against
the Switchmen's Union. Their men, as
in many other yards, have frequently
quit work without a moment's warning
nud without the sanction of the union.
The company will probably hlro men
without discrimination, but will not bo
dictated to anv longer.
SIilwaikee, Wis, May II. All of the
regular switchmen of tho Chicago and
Northwestern road here, fifty-ono men,
comprising eight crows, were discharged
and paid off at 7 o'clock this morning, in
accordance with a general order of dis
missal over the entire system.
OT a llallle lletucen Hie I tit I it anil tho
Charleston Stilt In Circulation.
Citv orSlExiro, May 11. Rumors con
tinue to be circulated that the Itata has
been sunk by the Charleston. The Itata
is said to have returned tho Charleston's
lire, and to have been blown to pieces by
the cruiser's guns. The affair is repre
sented us occurring outsido tho three
mile limit, but the reports cannot be
tiaccd to an authentic source.
I'liilipzlPtl Trust 1'itniN.
New Yoiik, Slay 11. The Ibrahl this
morning says that ex-Asseinblynnu
Chnilcs A. Binder of this city has lied
and is an absconder of trust runds to the
amount of $20,000. The flight or the
embezzler occurred on Slay I, the day
preceding that set opart fur him to make
nn accounting of the estate of Barbara
Houseman, which bo had administered
since 18t0. Nothing has been heard of
him since his disappearance, and his
family fear that he may have committed
suicide. Excessive disappation and over
indulgence in gambling of nearly every
conceivable form was tlto cause of Mr.
Binder's downfall.
fill. Cocl'urllt "Suvm-n."
New Youk, Sluy 11. Col. Jtihii A.
Cockcrill, who has been identified 'with
tho World slnco it was purchased by
Joseph Pulitzer about eight years ago,
severed his connection with that paper
last Saturday.
Colonel John A. Cockerlll has severed
his connection with tho New York World,
of which ho has been editor-in-chief for
eight years. "I left tho World," lie said
jttwi ,iii,i, tsiit.itav . svi t, v... ., ii.u ,- fit
ter myself, I can't tell my plans at
present, but 1 shall neither loae this city
nor journaliMii."'
In Oiii'st of a SiniiKKler.
Sn Dm.o, Cal.. Slay 1 1. Tho schoonor
yacht Feurnot, with an armed crow ot
about forty men, has left this port in
quest of the Halcyon, which vessol. It is
reported, lb on Its way to this country
with a cargo of opium valued al $1,000,
000, The Fearnot is amply provisioned.
The incentive for the mlsolon is to obtain
tho largo standing reward the Govern
ment has offered for tho capture of the
fli'lulil Tiuln IVri-ckeil,
Ia Ci'.oshk, Wis., Slay II. A freight
train on tho Viroqua branch of the SU1
waukeo Boad, twenty-two miles from
hore, was wrecked yesterday by striking
nu obstruction on the traok. John Mor
rison, engineer, and Frank Steole, lire
man, wero probably fatally Injured. A
car containing livo stock was burned to
gether with the stock.
The Militia Wlllnlniun.
llAKnuni'Hei, IV, Slay 11, An order
was Issued last night withdrawing the last
of tho troops from the coke regions, Shorirl
SlcCormlck having notilleel the Governor
of his ability to preserve order.
Ste'iiuiHlilp Arrival.
At Now York Slajestic from Liver
pool. Noorelland from Autwor-V
Passed Lizard Normaiiia from Liverpool,
What the Cable I'IiihIicm from ItullaV
Coral Strand nud the bleak ami
Frozen Northland.
London, May JL A Berlin dispatch
says that tho workmen dismissed from
employment nt Biclit--, Silesia, for leaving
woik without permission on May Day,
nsscmbltd yesterday lo I he number of
tcveral thousand and demanded to be put
buck to work. This the employers re
fused, whereupon many of the working
people became demonstrative, and a riot
being apprehended the garrison was called
out. The people, however dispersed
without doing any violence.
Vienna ndvicesstate that at i'esth, Hun
gary, hundreds of families of worklngmea
nre without shelter, having been turned out
on the street for non-payment of rent.
The land owners in Hungary are form.hu;
combinations with it pledge not to em
ploy, nor allow their tenants to employ,
any laborers who take part in labor agita
tion. Ah n conseqtienco many of the
laboring class are preparing to emigrate.
Rome advices stute Hint the misery
among the working classes is very greni.
Owing to the decline in values, and tin
Mnguutlonof building Interests, I housaud-r
nre out or employment who have usually
round work at this time of the year. All
who can aro emigrating, mostly to Nortli
nnd South America; but tho very poor,
who cannot obtain money lo emigrate,
remain and infest tho city everywhere.
The multitude of beggars has never been
Bo grent, and they are more than usually
unfortunate. King Humbert gives away
large sums from his personal income lit
charity, but that does not nffect toituyap
prccinma degree, the amount of squalor
nnd misery.
The Grand Duke of Hesse, who was
Ihe husband of Iho late Princess Alice, is
about to pay a visit to Queen Victoria hi
relation, itls understood, to thutrcatment
received by his daughter, the (3 rami
Duchess Elizabeth, granddaughter of
Queen Victoria, in Russia. The Grand
Duke is said to have In his possession
.some extraordinary facts relating to tlur
treatment of the Princess which lie de
sires to lny before the Queen.
Ihc authorities of Belgium are much
annoyed by the presence of Genera!
Boulpngcr, who hns decided to take up
Ids abode permanently in Brussels, and
bus engaged it mansion situated in the
Rue Slontoycr. Boulanger has a messen
ger whom he keeps employed nil the time,
tarrying messages to and from Paris. He
is believed to have been in some nieasun
connected with the May Day outbreaks in
Paris and elsewhere in France, and the
Comte de Paris is alleged lo have fur
nished tho funds.
CI.OSlNe. THE mMWS'.l.I.H,
Turkey refuses, absolutely, to jiermit
vessels of the Russian volunteer fleet o
pass the DardcnellcsStrnils.on the ground
that it would be a violation of the regula
tions eoverniiiE the iiassiu-e of the strait.
nnd agreed to by all tho leading powers of
Europe. The Russians aro very much
excited over the matter, as St. Peters
burg reports say it lias been seriously
proposed in the Imperial Council to equip
the Black Sea fleet for a hostile demon
stration, nnd force Iho way through the
straits, Owing to the attitude assumed
by Turkey tho Grand Duko George of
Russia, will proceed over hind t the
Crimea by wnv of Trieste and Vienna,
instead or by ship through tho Dardcu
cllcs. Chancellor Caprivi will take the water
for some timo at Carlsbad, ns he is suffer
ing from diabelcs.
Charles Wolf, a Tyrolese writer, pro
poses to erect an amphitheatre at Slornn
to give performances of a patriotic drama
based on tho resistance of the Tyrol to the
French in 180!).
I'lRlit lliimlioil l.hrs ImlH'lllcjl liy h
Colllhlim ltctHcen Sti-iimurs.
London, May 14. At 11 o'clock last
night off Europa Point, Gibraltar, near
the spot where, on March 10 last, the ill
fated steamship Utopia sank, tho British
steamer Bucaneer, bound lroiu the Med
iterranean for various ports, collided with
the Italian steamship Stura, C.ipt. Valii
bound from various Meditcrranen ports
for New York.
The Stura had on board a large number
of immigrants for the United Stales A
panic ensued, but the officers finally sue
cceded in restoring order. Investigation
showed that the bows of the Stura had
been stove nnd that the starboard sido of
tho Bucaneer had been badly damaged.
No one was injured. Both steamers will
remain until they can be repaired. The
R'iO immigrant passengers of the Stura
will be sent to their destination on another
Dt'sertliiR rni'iicll.
London, Sfny 13. It is repotted that
Thomas Qiunn, SI. P., for Kilkenny, has
receded from Parncll on account of the
latler's action regarding the Paris tuml.
It is said onother prominent supporter
will soon desert him.
Wnlrs Is Hotter.
London, Slay 14. The Prince of Wales,
who bus been suffering from a mild at
tack of inltucnzn, is to-day reported us
rapidly progiessing toward recovery.
Illr. Gliulfttniifl Itettl-r.
London, May II. Sir. Gladstone' a fever
continues to abate and his general condi
tion to improve.
Sir. Gladstone's temperature was to-day
given out by his physician as being loo. "
Jens ill I'itlulilo Condition.
London, Shiy 1 1. The Jews at Corfu and
Xante are iu a desperate condition front
hunger and illness, tho impossibility of
obtaining medical relief, and .the daily
dread of mob violence. Six tlumsanil
Jews would leave the islands if provided
with the means.
A Petition llonleil.
St. PiTLiKiBiia., Slay 1 1. A deputaii i
of merchants from Sloscow yesteriU"
waited on the Sllnistors, praying for a -'is
pension of the ruinous ile-creo of oipu!
sion, which nflccts Jewish bills ot ex
change. Theso bills, the merchant- de
clared, amount to $ 10.000,000, and no i
will aciepl or pay them. The Minuter
icfiiscd to intcrfeio in the matter.
A Itiiiiinr Honied.
I.o.mk)n, Slay 11. Thecorresiiondi'iii i
the TivttK at Lisbon denies the report tn.it
iv revolutionary movement has . iu
mcuced in Portugal. On the crmiriM
ho asserts that the country is in m m.h
turn ot complete tranquility, Tin-re i
however, some anxiety felt in re-judt.
the approaching half-yearly rent ln i.n
Slav M.
'llio I'nrtUBiiOHO Paul''.
Lisbon, Slay 1 1. It is reported in i' lm'
one-third of the new l'ortiigiitw l,,au fu
which the Government's revenin' nn i
bacco is pledged has been takeu up i p
por currency only is given byiiu tele
gioph aud postoftlces as change.
Mr. Portei WlUIItnmnlii.
Hour, Slav 11. Sir. A. G. 1'onm iim
Minister of the United States, i tl! li.
Rome, but is preparing to siwnd the sunt
morlntlie highland, near ltooa 1 Papt
Tho Minister Una no idea of It'ovnn' Hit
country. Jew Doing KxpulIiMl.
Sloscow, Sluy 11. it was owing mis
nppicheusion that the work ol expellm
tho Jews from tills oity was sui-it-nd I
They aro again being driven (. i laii ,
though less force is. applied,

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