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nv tiib
Ofllco, 043 D Stroot Northwoat,
m WA9H1N0T0N. D. .
terms of suiisclun'foN.
One year, by mall or currier .....J 00
One month U
Waiiiimiton, 1). C, M v 1 1, l0l.
Tun iir.vj-ii.ni'MKNTd ok tlm ast month
r moro hnvo cmphnshcd tho necessity
for nn hiercnso of tho nnvnl power of tlio
Vnltcd ftntos. Kvcn hoforo tho Italian
imbroglio mid tho Ituto Incident, thu fact
thnt wo woro ongaged in n diplomatic
Mrugglo with (irciit Britain, in which lny
v?nr ns n potentiality, wns urged in behalf
of the proposition that our naval arma
ment should bo Increased. lint there
were plenty of easy-going souls who rid
iculed (lio idea that Uncle Kani and John
Hull wcro ever llkoly to do more in tho
way of strife thnn bandy terms of
cousinly disparagement.
Tho more or less serious developments
of the New Orleans episode, however, vor
Hied the judgment of those who main
tained that not alone the probable, and
the poHSiblc were to bo feared in this con
nection; but that tho unexpected was, If
anything, still more worthy of considera
tion in estimating the chances of a foreign
Mar, Porthctimcbcitig, optimistic Chau
vinism lost prestige, its chief mouthpiece.
i'x-Kcnntor Inc. li.f, and sometime indc
fatlpnblo source of opinion, maintaining
ucli an able and distinguished silence as
to attract the attention ot tiic country,
mid help along the steadily growing be
lief in the generous expenditure of money
In building up the Navy. Since then tho
Itnta case, from whoso complications
there is no telling what results may spring,
has still further illustrated the soundness
of the pro-naval position.
Should tho little dilllcultirs In which
the country is now involved blow over
without serious results, wc shall no doubt
iipain hear the voice of tho fatuous sophist
'lift id up against the policy of Xavy build
ing, although, fortunately, his following
will not bo so large by many thousands
jis it was before the development of tho
episodes which have kept the State De
partment busy for sonic time past.
In this connection it would be well to
consider o contingency which might ma
terially change the aspect of a situation
like that growing out of the New Orleam
nffoir or, for that matter, an episode liko
that of tholtota. In short, had Congress
been in session when Rcm.ni mado his
"bluff" tho possibility of war would have
been increased many fold. For belter or
for worse and for the latter, likely
enough the occasion would iiavo been
taken advantage of by warm-blooded pa
triots in both branches of the National
Legislature, and we should have heard
Mich denunciations of Italy as would huvo
j one far in themselves toward arousing
the overwrought feelings of that country
to an actual war pitch. It is not at all
impiobablc that resolutions to "hold up
tliehands" of tlioAilministration or some
thing of that sort would have been passed
and that tho "no uncertain sound" of their
chocs on the other side of the ocean
would have precipitated an armed con
llict. Even tiie lute evangelist of peace,
Jlr. I.NOAI.I.S, in the heat of the occasion
might have indulged in an explosion
fraught with patriotic wrath and the odor
of "villainous saltpetre."
Take It for all and all tho country, es
pecially considering its defensive and of
fensive strength, may congratulate itself
that its foreign complications are not of a
more serious nature than they are, and if
it does not profit by its experience of this
fipring we may conclude that thriftincss
mid shrewdness in tho Yankee chrracter
ure dying out.
Ixti'sFahmeus' Ai.t.i:m: men are go
ing to vote as they talk it will bo a pretty
hard matter to tell beforehand how their
ballots will be deposited.
Pniii.ws as f.oon an example of olllcial
perversity as has come to tho surface re
cently is the action in connection witli the
election of a site for tlio Lafayette Monu
ment. Tho judicious rojoiccd when it was
decided that it should not be so placed as
to obstruct the view of the Mills Jack
ron. Hut they were somewhat disap
pointed when it was set up at the south
east corner of the park, a position utterly
out of keeping with icsthetic congnilty.
Weary of protesting, however, the public
yielded gracefully to tho situation, and
proceeded to admire the statue without
reference to its location and surroundings.
Hut now the authorities have consum
mated their seemingly childish determi
nation to have their own way at all
linwds. In other words, the space to the
toitth of the Jackson statute, which was
put in readiness to receive the Lafayette
Monument before the action of Congress
in the matter, lias been turned into a
ilower bed and is filled with large plants
which cut off the view of Jacksox nni
lils charger from Pennsylvania avenue
idmost as effectually as the Lafayette
group would have done. It is true it may
be claimed that the glimpses to be had of
the statue from either side of the flower
bed give phpianc'y to the scene. Never
theless, when wo consider tlio reasons
j;ien for thechango of plan with refer
uico to tho Lafayette Monument, it Is not
.asy to understand why the view was not
left as unobstructed as it was originally.
It is possible that Senator Hvrrc, who was
to earnest In maintaining that tho bronzo
Jackson should remain monarch of all
he btirveyed, will find some difficulty in
giving verbal expression to his feelings
when nc.t lie comes to town and sees
-what lias been done.
Oj.ovkh Clf.vf.lvnd stated in his speech
before tlio Cleveland Democracy at
Hiifralp4hat "politics is something moro
t ban adroit jugglery." The Prohibition
jsts at least ought to agree with him.
Tin: CiiAiiT.KSiox'and tho Esmeralda
are In material respects about evenly
matched. Tho slightly larger calibre of
the Chilian's nig guns would constitute n
j;rrut udvantage were the ships regular
ironclads, buj as they arc only protected
cruisers, a six-inch shell will do as much
damage as an ciu'ht-inch if It happens to
lilt, As ior the Lsmoralda's torpedoes,
1 bey n mount to nothing If the Charles
ton's superior speed enables her to keep
out of range, ami that is what is ex
pected. Harring a chance shot from tho
ifrmcraldn disabling the Charleston's
machinery, the latter should be able to
thrash and sink or capture the Chilian in
very short while. Horguns are better
hi id her olllcors and men much more
ttliclenl. Nobody seems to be in much
doubt as to tho result of a collision,
though there is always the possibility of
that chance shot. A projectile hurled
from an eight or ten-inch modern gun
has largo capacitied of harm, and must
not bo regarded lightly.
Tun hay hah not UKF.N tho best posjiblo
for the, JDumhlano Club races. For wcaks
tho weather lias been brilliantly clear, and
everything was perfectly propitious, hut
the first Dumhlano day opened up raw,
with southeast winds, threatening rain,
and an unkindly touch was laid upon the
XtsMvity of Ihp occasion. No doubt; tho
events will corno off In bandsorao stylo,
notwithstanding the sinister conditions of
the forenoon, and it is safe to predict that
thero will lie a fashlonablo and abundant
attendance. Certainly tho publlr-splrltod
gentlemen who organlzo these most de
lightful entertainments oru entitled to tho
grateful recognition of tlio public.
Mn. PAqfAi.n C'oRTB will liavo tlio
proud satisfaction of knowing thnt ho
was a fool to the last. Thero is something
in Hint.
Tim "On Hit" rou is of this paper
contained a day or two ago a reference to
Mr. JlonnHT Hixiki.bv which wo deeply
regret. Mr. Romtirr Hi.vckm:v is an artist
of deduction. Ho lias won recognition as
a portrait painter niul made a name of
which any artist might bo proud. Tlio
types, however, described him as "the
eminent soloist." The society and art
editor meant no harm. Ho intended to
say "eminent ortist," and doubtless
thought ho hod done so, but Tun Ciunt's
compositors, although tlio best and most
Intelligent set of craftsmen we hnvo over
known, did not graduato in cuneiform in
scriptions, and so went wrong. Wo offer
Mr. HiM'Ki.r.v our sincere apologies and
renew to him tho assurances of our dis
tinguished consideration.
'nx.(lnvi:i:.Noii Hoyd of Nebraska, in
refusing to sulk on tlio occasion of tho
President's visit to Omaha, set a good ex
ample to several real Governors who have
made boors of themselves in other eoti-
1 ho Huinlilanc Club races to day for gen
tleiunu rulers.
1 lie concert nt the Boston Festival Orchestra
nt Hie Academy ot Music to-night.
Mr. and Mrs. Clark Mavuell of Winchester,
n., haic liecnhr-redurliif the race, In which
Mr. Maxwell, nsthe owner ot n Hiio slafolo ot
raters, wns much Interested anil pleased by
tlio nieces ot his horse.
There l a type of beauty unions women
flitch reaches perfection la the uuahit llttlo
old tow not Lccsunrg, Va., and the comfortable
old country homes roundabout. The type Is n
blonde one, ttith smnll, delicate, well-chlselod
feature, pretty mouth nnd teeth nnd Invariable
dimples in tho peach-colored check. Just
now one of the daintiest and ino-t plipintit of
these bright young maidens Is vlsltlns Mls
llclle Arintrong, In the person of Miss noser,
a tonslii of thu Lees mid Fairfax's ot that
Central Frank Aimitrong. looking tlioltean
Ideal of a dnshlni: caralrv olllccr. retired from
business erect, trim a ml with thnt porullnr
military "set up" and bearing the old Army
olllccr alwajx pocses, has recovered from
his recent nttsck ot Illness and will soon be
on on bulucs to tho Indian Territory tor a
lirlef "Ojourn before returning to Ids pretty
homo here.
Tho friends ot the oilier on board of the
Charleston nrcnnslously wailing tldlnirsota
possmie pugagemcni nciwccu me cnaricsion
nnd the Chilian rruIor Esmeralda. Some ot
theoftlccrs on board hntu families nnd icla
then here anil ro naturally deeply Interested
In the prcent state of affairs. There K how-i-Tcr,
but little giound for serious npprehu
slon. '1 be ppacr In front ot Lafayette Scpinre, op
posite the White lloucc, prepared for thore
i option of a beautiful dUplnyof palms mid
Hire tropical plant, Is greatly Improiedand
sencsto hldefiom view tlio .Iiickron statue
which only needs rockers to make It tomplete
n u nun-ery olijrct-lteron or a kinder;; men
properly for cnllRhlcnins Young America
about American unrrlors.
Hon, John S. Wise, tt'c brilliant orator and
prominent lawjer, now living In New York
whole ho Is rapidly building up a lirgc prac
tice, Is comlni; over In-night to tako Ills niece,
MIs Virginia Peachy WIe, back ulth him for
iiTlf.lt to Mew York. Mr. Wise possesses a
pcreoual magnetism and the gilt ot good com
rndctdilp to a remarkable degree combined
with tremendous "hustling" power.
The bwcdlli Minister's nniuo a Orlp, but ho
has none of tho depressing effects ot the (lis
ciicr. On the contrary, he never loses his Slip
as n popular diplomat and n jieisona gialu at
our Itepubllcan Court.
One of the most agreeable and pnlMirrl
memlersof tho Austrian Legation is .Mr. l)e
Mercy, tho cojnullor, who has a line anccstr.il
home In Hungary.
Mrs. Adolf Dahlgren ot NnhWlle, Tenn.who
Is sltlng her husband's aunt, Mrs. Head, No.
li I.iif.iiotlo square, will remain In Washington
nluiit two weeks longer.
Miss Mabel Ktewart, the daughter ot Senator
Stewart, who Is In New York, is expected back
In u few days.
'1 be hunting up of arms and crests aud hav
ing them emblazoned, to hang iu tlio library
or ball Is one ot the nourishing brunches ot
liustucss heic. Ilrentano, for Instance, has
mnde a specialty ot this sort of thing. He Iris
a copy ot "Hurko's General Armory," the of
ficial list of all the arms granted or assumed In
Orcat Britain, as they arc recorded ut tho
Herald's College Iu London. A party who Is
ambitious of being suspected to he a scion nt
some DIustrlotiR house or a descendant through
one of the Inevitable "two brothers" who camo
to America, has only to look ner the list until
he fliKlslils name or fomethliig similar, and
promptly have tho'aruis and ci cms emblazoned
and then bear ths evidence of patrician
destent home m triumph.
Mrs. Hltt, accompanied by several members
of her family, w Id sail forKuropeon Saturday.
'J he new club house of tho United Service
Club, corner of 1 Bircct and Connecticut ave
nue, Is being rapidly pushed forward to com
pletion, and will be an architectural ornament
to Hint part of the city. The windows will
lommnnd a fine a lew of the passing fashion
ahlc throng promtnatlt.
'there Is very llttlo disposition among the
old residents to take illght early with the birds
of passage, who haie been wintering here.
A majority ot our solid citizens will hardly
ene town heforo August or September, and
thtn only for a month or six weeks nt the sea
side or In the mountains.
Tho strawberry fete at Mrs, Tlsdal's closed
last i Ight after two ccnlngs of enchantment,
music, confections, and not n little sentiment
al fitico. 'J he ladles are to bo congratulated
on ibo llnat clal success of the affair, and tho
Foundling Hospital directors are very much
gratified us that charity required agsistunce.
There Is an ominous lull In spring engage
ments and weddings, Cupid Is improving the
opportunity to slinrncn his arrows for his regu
lar sHinnicr campaign work at the White
Sulphur, Virginia lteach, liar Harbor aud
Nenport. Themis a largo mid loiely assoit
merit of belles and ery litllo materia! for hus
bands left over from the last scaou's business.
'J lie kv terrier and Klnu Charles snaulel
lime supplanted the pug as ornamental carriage
dogs, wiioso duty It is to look out ot the win
dow and picsent living examples ot how much
better care some women take ot their dogs
than they do ot their children. The absolutely
correct thing for glided jotiths driving their
own traps Is to have a greyhound following
meekly, Ono terrific young swell may be seen
almost any afternoon drlrlng on Massachusetts
avenue with "a quite too awfully prelty"
turnout and a beautiful greyhound north n pot
of money,
Jlear-Admlrnl William O. Temple, U. 8. N.,
Is nt the Everett House, New York.
Naial Constructor Philip Hlchborn, V. S.
N., is at the Aetor House, New York.
Mrs. John A. Logau Is ut tho Hotol llrtini
wick, New Y'oik,
Hrnrcpcntnthr Henry Cabot Lodgo is at the
Hotel Ilrunewlck, New Y'ork,
The Itev. Thomas Y. Kennedy ot Philadel
phia, the Hev. Kdwnrd Haniia, 1). 1)., ot Hoches
ler, N. Y., nnd tho Itev. Jlaurlce I-'ltgcrnld ot
llrookljn, N. Y., are at the National.
Dr.N, Ilerrymaii and wife ot bt. Johr.'s, N.
I)., are at tho St. James.
Jlr. W. P. Campbell, fiom the Indian Hchool
at Carlisle, I'n., and Mr, J It. Johnson of Now
Orleans, La., are ut Wlllard's.
Mr. nnd Sirs. John K, lloyuo of llrooMjn, N.
Y., and Ara Cushiuau of Auburn, .Mc., mc nt
the Arlington,
Dr. Jam's Itcaglcs and wife of Schncctady,
N. Y.; (). V. S'ainpsoii ot tlio I', S. Army; Mr.
F. D. Granger of the Coast (Soodetlc Survey,
and Dr. nnd Mrs. Y .1. Campbell ot London,
are stopping at the Kbhllt,
JUilrejiolitany. K. (ietzeudanner, Fred
rrkk, .Mil ; J, L. (lurdncr. lloslom Haymoiid
Wells. ('Union, a.: (J. H. Mdtae, ltlchmoml,
Vs..; P. T. Arnutrong anil J, King, Koine, ia.
Xatkinil - Y. I. (ioddard, Pittsburg; A. O.
llinuly, Chicago; A. M.Jciios, Indianapolis; A.
J. Alflxiii, St. John's Mich.; Dr. K. A. Iliirtlelt,
Albanj.N. V.; Dr. Wules Iluel. U'alesWIle; II.
Mlllmau, WcMiiiorclaud; It. L. Mott, Unelsn,
St Jaim tlltnty V. Van Loan, Athens, N.
Y;P It, Jin. Norfolk; Mrs II. K. 1'on.oyal,
Mrs H.A.Joues, Nowbnrg, N, Y.J MWs M.
II. l'lillersou, Chicago; Kllbrldgo Kouthen,
l.j nn, Mats.; W. A. tjulun, Uostou; J. L. KJ
wards. Lynchburg, Vn,
IW(fa(TJohn Murphy uud wife, Pitts
burg, l'a.; Mrs 11. J. ItlchariUon and Mrs. 1.
H limicy, Albany, N. Y ; Dr. Valney, New
Jork; L.W. Spear, Dtilulh; 11. D. lUdcIlrfe,
Aitlnnton- Ccphai Taylor, Pittsburg; Dr. P.
Ho.is, Worcester, Mass.; J. L. St. John. Now
York; N. P. Hughes nnd L. U. Hill, Wilkes
barre, Pa.; J. Y Homes, Itlchniend, Intl.; Arn
Cushmnu, Auburn, Me.
A'tM-Juhn 0. Klllott, Chicago; H. M.
Hillings. New York; 0. II, Homer, Byrneiuo,
N. Y.; F. Heath, Hninlllon, Ohio; T. .1. Law
rriHT, llrooUljir, II. It. Cnrtlu and wife, Phila
delphia. Hold Johvidn-f. W. Dunn, New York!
Thomas O. Btoddard, Hnetnui T. II. Washing,
inn, rJtatiutiD,TA.; A. lb Kaile, Philadelphia!
11. V. Washington, r Alexandria, Vo
'No ono would supHiso that such n
trilling thing as the little tcn-ccnt banks
that are being sold at all the toy shops olid
on tho street corners would have a
tendency to einbarrast tlio Treasury De
partment in circulating fractional cur
rency," remarked a Treasury olllcial to
day, "and yet such is the case.
"Tlicuso llttlo batiks hnvo absorbed so
many ten-cent pieces that the Treasury
can't supply the demand for this partic
ular coin. These hanks wcro Introduced
Pot ninny weeks ago, and tens of thou
sands of them nre now Inthohniids of tho
children, and ovcry child seems r.tger to
till them to tho top, to sco them Hip open
and display a fortuno of W. It is esti
mated that there nro Sl,00O,O0O in dimes
hidden nwoy iu tlieso pocket banks to
day, and thero nppcars to bo no way to
draw on this rcsorvo until the bank is
glutted to its full capacity.
"It is getting to be a craze," ho con
tinued. "I was coming down from the
lllll tlio other day on n horso car and an
old lady slipped ono of these toy deposi
tories out of her black silk hand bag nnd
cautiously slipped two dimes into Its
mouth, the exact change sho had received
from tho conductor. Ordinarily this
ancient female would have paid her fare
in tickets, but she had the crarc nnd
wonted thcchtinge.
"Why, every other woman iu Ibo build
ing has a bank and lots of tho men, too.
There arc a thousand dimo banks in
active onorallon in tlio Denartment alone.
and thousands in the other De
partments, and ten thousand moro In tho
hands of Washington children, nnd every
ono of them has n wide-open mouth,
yawning to dovour the fractional coin.
It is estimated that seventy-five per cent,
of the dimes that wcro In circulation three
months ago in the city havo been banked
intheso llttlo tubular depositories and the
cry is for more.
"Tlio craze," ho concluded, "has af
fected other cities, too. lialtlniore, New
York. Piiiladclnhia and largo commer
cial towns nro sorely put to it for cliango
of this unit of value. Tills demand is
giving tlio bank cashiers nnd sub-treasurers
n great deal of worry, for it ro
ijuircs tlireo expert clerks a whole day to
count $10,000 in tills sort of money."
The art exhibition at tho Cosmos Club
which lias attracted considerable atten
tion among the guild and laymen lovers
closed yesterday. Every day it was open
found a throng of admiring visitors.
They lingered long over tho striking little
works in water colors, somcof which wcro
done by artists wiioso names are well
known in the art world. The Critic was
most agreeably entertained bv a littlo
series of sketches, such as appeal directly
to tlio newspaper man's taste, because,
while not only very clever, tlioy arc of
nrnctieal usein tliesedovs of illustrated
Journalism. Tho works aro by Charles
Bradford Hudson, a young ICast Wash
ingtoninn, and consist of a few graceful
pen and ink sketches. Two of them nre
of martial scenes, ono of n heavy skir
mish line advancing under tire and the
other of a column of troops on the march,
a kind of work in which tho great French
painter, Mcissonier, famously excelled,
notably in his "1S07" and "he Kegiment
qui passe.'' Nevertheless Mr. Hudson's
work evinces a remarkable deftness of
pen-handling with a lldellty to very ani
mated life which arrests the eye at once
and holds its pleasantly. The other ef
forts of the young artist arc fanciful de
signs such as aro used on mugazino covers
and frontispieces and not unfreiiiently
ornament topical newspaper sketches. As
Mr. Hudson hns already illustrated for a
number of well-known newspapers and
magazines, ho 'will likely havo all ho can
do. Thcraisno(iuc3ti0n of liis exceptional
lt is surprising how many Washington
young men spend their Sundays in fish
ing instead of going to church, and how
frequently they como home without even
a single fish to show for their day's work.
Some don't relish being jested upon their
poor fishing qualities while others w'ell
replace luck with lucre and buy fish, or
go home in a round-about way in order to
avoid their friends.
"Just now when fishing is the rage,"
said n Central Market lisli vender yester
day, "it is almost Impossible for us to fill
the orders that wo have from amatour
lishermen. 1 recall an instance last Mon
day morning when two well-known news
paper men, who consider themselves very
ily manipulators of the rod and reel,
scoured every stall in the market without
being able to purchase asmglofresli water
llsii. They knew thnt it would bo suicidal
for them to show up at their old haunts
or even at home without specimens of the
finny. As a last resort they hud mc fill
their baskets up with herring carefully
wrapped up in grass.
"They smell liko fish anyhow, nnd we
will fool the boys sure," remarked one of
the sportsmen.
"I heard a few days afterwards that the
'fool' was on the other side, for it cost tho
two fishermen SIO n piece before thev
reached home, after which tho veil is
Deputy United Stales Marshal Maurice
Joyce, who, besides being a well-known
athlete, is quite a poultry fancier, tells the
followiug story on himself;
"1 started out last week in quest of n
setting hen, hut alter hunting diligently
all around in my neighborhood was una
ble to find ono. 1 wns over near tlio
Aqueduct Uridgo ono night just about
dusk when I spotted an old Virginia
farmer coming to market with a load of
chickens. He said he had four sotting
hens in tlio lot that lie hod just taken
trom the nest. I mado a bargain with
liim for one. and tying it down to the
front of my bicycle started for home,
"Well, you ought to havo heard that
hen cackle and snuak the moment I gave
my machine n llttlo speed, nnd sho kept
it up all the way home. All the occupants
of the houses nlong tho streets took it for
granted that I was a chicken thief and
tho mounted police took after me several
times. I managed to reach home safely,
nowevcr, anu ueposucu my newiy-pur-chased
fowl on a setting of eggs that cost
me $i. She seemed to take kindly to tho
nest tho first night, but she was up with
tho sun the next morning and I was un
oblo to keep her on thoso eggs.
"I put tlio lien in the soup pot nnd
threw tho eggs in tho ash-barrel, and I
will know better tho next timo thnn to
scare all the hatch out of n setting hen by
giving her n bicycle ride."
"CHIHUAHUA," a social drama: Kolin,
Kltttch and Wilson Company, pub
lishers: Chicago.
This is tlio title of n new and original
drama in four acts by Chester tiore
.Miller. It is an attempt in blank versa
and proso to lllustrato tho power of hyp
notism iu its relation to crime. To thoso
interested in hypnotism this lurid effort
will be thrilling.
An Aiiiroiriiito Monument.
from tit J'Mladtlplila 7'lnui.
Clnrkson suggests that a lino building
I e erected in Washington commemorative
t f tho Grand Old Tarty. Wiint's tho mat
ler with dedicating the empty Treasury to
this object?
If I had known in tho morning
How wearily nil the day
The words unkind
Would trouble my mind
I said when you went nway,
I bad been more careful, darling,
Norgtieiiyou needles pain,
Hut woex "our own"
With look niul tono
We might novcr take hack again.
For though In the quiet evening
You may give ino tho kiss ut peace,
Yet it might bo
That never for me
The pain ot the heart sbo'il I caato,
How man) go forth Iu tho morning
'I hat never como home ut ulgtit;
And hearts havo broken
And harsh words spoken
'Dial sorrow can ne'er set right.
We have earcf al thoughts for tho stranger
And smiles fur the coming guest!
Hut oft for our owu
Tho bitter toue,
Though wo Joto "our own" tho beat I
Ab I lips wllh the curve Impatient,
All I b-ow with that look of scorn,
"I'wcje n imel fato
Were the night too late
To iiuilohe work ot the morn, .
MillUillKT K. SAN03TIJ1.
THEiiiaansT rrtEAK in it.
Prnlcssoi' Cmtci Talk Interestingly of
tlio Ilriiiurkahlc Woman, Hlnvatsky,
Who Pounded Tliconphy, tlio So
Called New Iteltsloii.
Tho Interesting sketch of Colonel 01
cott, the venernblo old gentleman who
Fttcceeds Madam lllavatsky as the head of
the Thcosophical movement, published
in Tuesday's CiiiTit-ltr.conn, together with
n history of tlio "new religion," was read
by I'rofessor Kliot Coues. Professor (Jones
hltnoelf, though a great and learned man,
nt ono timo
D.u.i.inn with TiinoMrnv,
but lie now regards tlio wliolo thing as
lingo fake, and 03 rand High Priestess
Itlavatsky as tho monumental theologica'
fraud ot tlio nineteenth century, l'ro
fcs.or Cones, in nil hour's chat with a
CiiiTic-ltwonii reporter this morning,
"The great troublo with people Is In
having taken Hlnvatsky seriously. Sho
should havo been taken ns sho nl ways
took herself, namely, ns an Immense
fake. Sho used to tell mo Hint she dis
liked anybody who was fool enough to
believe her. Her theory was that
Tin: .on!.i was a f-onT or nnfr: muski'm.
iu which sho found herself, and proposed
to bo the boss freak, ilow well sho has
succeeded may lie Inferred from tlio fact
that tho llcry old woman could not even
die without being seriously suspected .of
putting up a job or joke on tlio people. I
believe, however, Hint sho is really dead,
and not in it mystical but a physical
sense, and tlio next thing you will hear
will bo bogus stories of tho appearance of
her astral body In various parts of the
world giving orders to the fakirs who aro
conducting tlio organized fraud in her
name how to carry on tlio businoss, just
as originally Colonel Olcott and sho
started the Theosophical Society in Now
York, November 17, 1S75, under in
sti notions delivered in writing to Olcott
by the
AhTiiAt. r.oiiv or a iitinrrvN
Mnhatnm named Koot-Hoomi, whoso
ghost as so well materialized that lie left
his turban on Olcott's bed to assure that
ingenious gentleman it wns not all a
dream. In Knglnnd nnd Germany 1 havo
often heard Olcott tell this yarn, pull out
tho very turban from his coat-tail pocket,
and if you did not believe tho story you
could smell tlio goods. Tako tills as a
sample of the whole, n huge joke on the
part of tlio woman, later organized by
little knaves to make money by gambling
on tho credulity of the public.
"But all things work for rightousness
in the hands of nuinscrutible Providence,
as the clergymen say.
Her function has been to act as n blister
on the cuticloof a rather pachydermatous
public nnd set a good many people to think
ing. You seo that anybody who has been
fooled and found it out, lias bought and
paid for valuable experience. It was llia
vntsky's business to throw red pepper in
peoples eyes, and when tlioy had rubbed
it out they had experienced a sensation
and knew sometiiingthey had not known
lllavatsky wasnever in Thibet. Tho story
that she was is n deliberately concojtn'd
fiction. Sho never had anything to do
with nnv Hindoo sdents or so-called seers.
Her shrine at Adijor, through which she
professed lo receive communications from
Mnhotmns, was a trick cabinet with slid
ing panels worked just as any spiritual
istic medium would work her frauds.
Diagrams of tlio cabinet hnvo been pub
lished by Dr. Itichard Hodgson, Lh. D.,
of the Loudon Society for Psychical Re
search. Tlio exposure was informally
made by George Patterson, editor of tlio
Christian Colli ye Jlatazuic in Madras, India,
This was immediately followed by a com
plete exposure by Madame Coulomb and
her husband, two disgusted cx-confeder-atcs
of Ulavatsky, who had
woi;Ki:n Tin: thick cuiinet
for iicr and constructed a rag dummy of
tlieMahatma which used to bo exhibited
in a dim religious light tor tho edification
of tho faithful. The Coulomb exposure
was followed up by tlio voluminous re
port of tho investigating committee sent
to India for that purpose by the London
society above mentioned. All tho orig
inal documents in this caso including au
tograph letters ot instruction from
lllavatsky to tho Coulombs for working
tlio trick cabinet and exhibiting Koot
Ann ix my iiaj;i.
Subsequently in this country tlio
staunch and fearless Colonel John C.
llundy of Chicago, who has personally
known tho women lo, these many years,
published the complete nccount of the
lake as later worked iu this country by a
llttlo gang of scurvy knaves in New York
City, who tnke what moncv can he made
oil of American idiots. Colonel liundy's
truthful statements were partly made
upon documentary evidence given to him
by myself. But probably the most com
plete, concise and truthful account of the
great hoax is one which I found myself
able to furnish to Mr. Charles A.Dana,
and which was published in the New
York .S'.m of July :0, 1S0O. This proved
and somo of tho friends of the unhappy
woman say that she never recovered from
the blow, and that her death has ensued
in consequence. It certainly reduced her
professed adherents to a mere handful of
dupes, the two or three knavish manipu
lators of whom have since been particu
larly industrious iu attempting to rcintlate
a pricked bubble. We havo a notable
effort in this direction in tlio recent visit
of Annie Besant, sent hero to boom tlie
Blavatskyltes. Even sdie could not help
working a truly theosophical fako by
uln.tTiTiiif 111 11. n t.t.lot nf n onnnnl. ll.ir
up her eyes like a duck in n thunder
shower, and professing to havo just re
ceived an astral message from Blavatsky
in Loudon."
lllavnlsliv's Successor.
Xr.w YoitK, May 13. Among tho pas
sengers who sailed for Europe yesterday
on tho City of New York was W:Q. J udge,
president of the American Theosophical
Society. Ho goes to London to attend n
conference of representative thcosophists
from all parts of the world to tako action
regarding tlio future superintendcy of the
society. Tho conference has been rend
ered nccessarv on account of the dentil of
Madame Blavatsky. Colonel Olcott, tho
international president, has been cabled to
return nt once from Australia, and Mrs.
Anna Besant, president of tho Blavatsky
Lodge, will arrivo at Qucenstown to-day.
Among tho local thcosophists there is talk
of elevating Mrs. Besant to tiio position
recently occupied by tho into venerable co
foundcr of the order.
Heal Kstiite Triiiisfoi-H.
I). C. Roo to John Moss, part lot I, square
EC5, 18 by 100 feet, .r),335.
Marcus Polk to F. E. Craig, property on
First and Linden street, $1,000.
J. S. Ross to Mary A. Burns, to one-half
lot SH7, square 108, Georgetown, Sl,!500.
Robert E. Frey to T. J. Keating, lot 211),
square 1'.'8, Georgetown, f2,500.
Anna Purcell to Anna Quill, one-half
lot 20, square 0i'), 1,8.1.50.
LisittnMeyerstoJ. B. Fluck, sub 10,
square 033, fc,000.
S. J. Bond to Annie Olircn, part lot -'0,
Long Meadows, ?1,S00.
11. Frank to J, H. Collins, part 17,
square 010, .
D. T. Doiiohuo to P. J, Sheehnu, sub
lot 77, squorot)87. 3,I00.
Florcnco O. Young to C. f. Bryant,
part of lot 18, square 087, $ .
Jiulco Montgomery Well.
Judge M. V. Montgomery, who has
been confined to his room at the Ebbitt
Htmso witli an attack of pnotimonln and
kidney troubles for somo time past, bus
Improved somewhat and left for his
homo In Michigan yesterday.
'With the Blaluc-Rudinl nnd tho Har-vard-Yaie
diplomatic pioblems both be
foro us, there seems to bo little chance to
give as much attention as it deserves to
tho Biibjectof thcosophy," says the Boston
1 he Statesman Hns .Something to Say
I'nlltlcnl unit Personal.
Congressman Timothy J. Campbell, tho
most popular Democrat in tho city of
New York and one of tlio most useful
men tlio metropolis over sent to tho
National Legislature, is In tho city to-day.
Judge Campbell when asked about the
political outlook in Iho Empire State,
"Our Slate convention will not bo
held until August next. At this Unto
ltosweil P. Elowcr seems to hnvo the call
on the gubernatorial nomination, though
thorn is tolk that Governor Hill may enter
tlm field and ask for another nomination.
If ho docs lie will get It nnd bo elected."
"Judge," aiked the CiitTic-ltnconn ro
porter, "has tho date for your marriage
bien fixed?"
Willi a smile tlio good-natured states:
man said:
"Don't ask leading questions like that,
young man."
It is believed, howover, thnt tho genial
Judgo will brenk away from bachelorhood
before the meeting of tho Fifty-second
Congress, to which he was elected by nn
overwhelming majority.
Good luck to you, Judge.
To lio Put on Trlnl This 1'nll for
Tho Presbytery of New York has de
cided judicially to investigate tho opln
ions of Rov. Dr. 0. A. Briggs, for which
purpose a committee will bo appointed to
conduct tlio inquiry in tlio autumn. The
recognl.cd lender and great phllsophical
exponent of tho new theology is tho Rev.
j;r. t-iiancs j. jirmcs. nroicssor oi He
brew In the Union Theological Seminary,
New York City, where he was born
nary io, itm.
Ctiaila A. llrlggs, 1). D.
He studied at the Universities of Vir
ginia and Berlin nnd graduated from the
Union Theological Seminary in 1803. Ho
passeil four years iu mercantile pursuits,
and, in 1870. became pastor of tlio Roselle,
N. J., Presbyterian Church. In 1875110
wns appointed- to a professorship in tlio
Union Theological Seminary. He lias
won great distinction in his denomination
as n scholar and philosopher, and his
book, "Whither?" published two years
ago, marks an era in the progress of
modern theology.
A Wnslilngtonliin ltiully Injured
n htono-ThvowIiiB 3Ilscrinut.
Tho Royal Blue train which left Wash
ington at 11:55 o'clock yesterday morning
was stoned by somo miscreants just after
passing the Relay House, and nearly
caused the death of a resident of this city.
Tho train was plunging along at the rate
of forty-live miles an hour, when there
was a gieat crash of glass in the ladies' car
and a huge stone weighing three pounds
came flying through tlio window. The
stone struck Mr. Edson, of this city, who
was sitting on the seat directly opposite tho
window, almost full in the face cutting it
badly. The living class fell in showers
upon and fearfully bruised him about the
head, face and hands. Editor Keiber, of
the Frederick Examlntr, who was in tlio
scat in the rear of Mr. Edson, was badly
cut about the face and hands by tho flying
glass. Several of the ladies faintol and
for a while general consternation reigned.
When tho train reached Baltimore Mr.
Edson had his injuries dressed nnd pro
ceeded on his way, although very weak
from tho loss of blood. Tho company's
detectives nro investigating tho case.
The dastardly habit of stoning passenger
trains passing through the outskirts has
resulted in several serious accidents. A
number of boys in this city hove been ar
rested for the offense and fined, but tho
railroad officials complain that the prac
tice has by no means been broken up.
A 'Woiiiiui In Great Destitution
Worthy of Help.
Mary Jones, colored, 1023 Jefferson
htreet, has lost her baby from diphtheria
aud is in quarantine until next Wednes
day. Tlio woman is in destitute circum
stances, and lias no underclothes to supply
thoso which the Hcslt'- Olllce will bo
compelled to burn, together will. :"""
clothes and bedding in the squalid room
where tho woman lives. Sho has been
deserted by her husband, nnd has no sup
port whatever. Any contributions of
clothing will bo gladlv received by Chief
Clerk McGinn ot the Health Olllce.
Asking nn Injunction.
A bill has been filed bv Abraham L.
Saitstein against Sarali M. May et al. for
an injunction. It is stated by the com
plainant that ho occupies tho store No.
005 Seventh street, under a lease extended
by the late Dr. J. F. May at $1,200 per
year. Tho May estate also owns the ad
joining property, 020 E street, and is now
engaged making certain improvements
which will close up tho two rear windows
of the Seventh street store. Mr. Saitstein
says thnt tho change will shut off his
light and ventilation. Judgo Hagncr di
rected a rule returnable to-morrow.
m ii
In the Kqulty Court.
Judge Hagner presiding Rupert vs.
Willeko pro confesso as defendant, Mary
Rupplc, granted. Eastwood vs. liilmore,
decree granted on behalf of complainant
for S2I0.-I5. Burton vs. Buiton; testi
mony before Rutlcdgo Wellson, examiner,
ordered taken. Green vs. McEIhone; sale
decreed, and A. T. Brico, R. B.Lewis, and
J. H. Gordon appointed trustees to sell.
A .Similar Cnso.
Fiom the liullanapolls Xtict.
The story of tho deputy marshal who
was put in charge of tho Itata to hold her
in tlio Sim Francisco harbor reminds ono
of the old story of tlio man who caught a
"Bring your piisoner in," was tlio com
mand. "1 can't, ho won't let me," was the re
ply. Commotion lit tlio Quaker City.
Fiom the J'hlltliltliMil lltcout,
There's n rush for ventilated corsets.
and sciatica
can always bo
successfully treated
Ayer's Sarsaparilia
A cure
is sure to follow
the persistent
use of this
Has Cured Others
will cure you.
M. wbi-mmmmmimmtmaimmmama
Used everywhere, by everybody de
siring pure and wholesome food.
Most economical, and absolutely in
dispensable for finest bread and cake.
A Past Kxprrss Trnln 1'InRRetl liTlnii)
to I'rotent n Wreck,
New Yoiik, Mov II. A dastardly at
tempt was mado on Monday night lo
wreck tho Pacific express on tho West
Shoro Road, a littlo delay in starting tlio
train saving tho passengers from what
would probably havo been on Instant ond
terrible denth. On account of tlio delay
lo the Pacific express tlio Haverstraw
local pulled out ahead of It and hail
reached n point a llttlo beyond Little
Ferry when an explosion occurred.
Tlio trnln consisted of nn engine and
two cars and tlio only damage indicted
was tlio breaking of tho car windows.
Tho train was stopped and the train
hands went back nnd found about three
feet of track torn completely out nndn
hole blown out of tho earth beneath It. It
was n wonder that tho local passed over
it safely. The Pacific express, which was
close behind, wns flagged and switched
rrround the torn track and then proceeded
on iis way.
It is supposed that tho explosion was
caused by train wreckers who placed a
dynamito cartridge on tho track, and who
hoped to throw the train into tlio cut just
ahead and rob it. The express is nlways
loaded with money and valuables for tho
West, and on Mondav night it had about
S7,000 on board. Had" tlio express not
been delayed it would surely havo been
thrown into the cut, as all of the long
lino of cars would not have passed as
safely over the torn out track as tho
shorter local did. Detectives arc working
on the case. There has been an attempt
on thepartof tho railroad otlicials to hush
up the matter, and yesterday they denied
the truth of tho story to a reporter.
A. E. Hull of Norfolk, the well-known
funeral director, is dead.
A largo (lro is raging in tlio lower sec
tions of the Dismal Swamp.
Secretary Blaine will remain in New
York for tho rest of the week.
The Now York Metropolitan Museum of
Art is to bo opened on Sundays.
The landing of tho first settlers wa3 ap
propriately celebrated at Old Jamestown.
Tho American Bible Society celebrated
in New Y'ork tho seventy-fifth anniver
sary of its founding.
The New York Grand Jury has indicted
Carl W. Harris, tho medical student, for
tlio murder of his wife, Helen Potts.
Conservative banks in Philadelphia are
said to bo relieved by tho failure of thu
Keystone and Spring Garden banks.
Trial of tho Stewart will case, involvinc
the claims of Irish heirs of A. T. Stew
art, was begun in Now York yesterdny.
Firo in tho old "Sailors' Kxchatigo"
Building, in Cherry street, New York,
caused a loss of from $75,000 to 8100,000.
A court-martial tor the trial of Lieuten
ant Roach, First Infantry, convened at
Fortress Monroe, with Colonel Barr as
Senator William E. Chandler of New
Hampshire visited Shcndun, Vn., and ex
pressed himself as delighted at the bright
industrial outlook In the South.
Samuel Steele and Hiram Steele were
killed, and Lon Hall and Lewis Hall were
wounded in a street fight nt Hager, Mc
Dowell County, T. Ya., yesterday.
The Virginia debt committeo in Now
Yoik are still awaiting a reply from Gov
ernor McKinney to their proposition for
a conference. They express confidence as
to the outcome of such an interview.
The big clotliing house of Levy Bros. &
Co., New York, was taken possession of
by the sheriff under attachments nuire-
gating $170,000. Augustus H. Levy, a
member of the firm is insane from tho
The Supreme Council of Catholic
Knights, in session in Philadelphia, de
cided that n man who proved himself to
bo a practical Catholic was elieablo to
membership. The Pope's blessing on the
council was received.
Tho Canadian fishery cruiser Vigilant,
Commander Knowlton, went to sea from
Halifax, N. S yesterday morning under
sealed orders. Her cruise, it is said, will be
along the Eastern coast, in tho vicinity of
Canso and Prince Edward Island, wiiere
a large licet of American fishing "L.uon
ers is at present.
What is believe'1 i, be tho largest single
picri"f r-.uiiiio evcrstarted at ono blastin
ijuincy, Mnss., lias been moved from its
original bed in Rogers' quarry. It is
twenty-live feet wide, 20 feet thick and
70 feet long. Tho company havo been
live years clearing the front of the stone,
which is of the finest quality.
Sew York Stock Market.
New Yomc, May 11. Money on call
loaned at easy rates, viz., -lil per cent.
Exchange steady; posted rates, -IS5189;
actual rates, 4811S-1 for sixty days and
i88I18.Sl for demand.
Governments steady; currency 0s, 1121
bid: -Is, coupon, 1101 bid: Us, do.. 101 bid.
The stock market this morning wns
moderately active and firm. Prices wore
on the advanco during tho greater part of
the two hours nt the opening. Missouri
Pacific. St. Paul, Union Pacific, nnd the
Sugar Trusts wcro tho most active stocks.
Prices at noon wero up 1 to li per cent.
At tills writing tho market is dull but
lYnslilnston Stock Exclinuge.
Reported tor The Ciutio by Gurley &
Stevens, real estato and local securities,
1335 F street northwest.
Sales Regular call, 12 o'clock m.
Pcoplo's Firo Ins., 200 a 51. Commercial
Ins., 100 a-Il. U.S. Electric Light, 10a
1G0; 5 a 105. Electric Light Rights, 10 a
2?; 2 a 3. Amer. Graphophone, C a 0; 10
Miscellaneous Bonds W. it G. R. R.
10-10 0's, R'03-'23. 1011: W. it G. It. R.
Convertible O's"J9-,20, 121: Masoiiio Hall
Abs'n 0's, O 1003, 1011: Wash. Market Co,
Ist0'sl8'.)2-19ll, 110; Wash. Market Co..
Imp. 0's 1012-'27, 110; Amcr. Security nnd
Trust, 5's, 1805, 100; Wush. Light In
fantry.HtC's, 1001,100; Washington Light
Infantry, 2d 7's, 10OI, 07; Wash. Gas Co.
Ser. A, 0's, 1002-'27, 125: Wash. Gas. Co.
Ser. B, 0's, HKi-'20, 125; Wash. Gas Co.
Convertible 0's. 1001. 131.
National Bank Stocks Bank of Wash
ington, 410; Bank of Republic, 270; Met
ropolitan, 280; Central. 300: Second, 181;
Farmers' and Mechanics', 102 Citizens',
170; Columbia, 1631; Capital, 123; West
End, 101; Lincoln, 10U; Traders', 115.
Railroad Stocks. Washington and
Georgetown, 210; Metropolitan, 1121; Co
lumbia. 05; Cniutol and North O Btreet,
18; Eoklngton nnd Soldiers' Home, W;
Georgetown and Tenallytown, 00.
Insurance. Stocks Firemen's, , 47:
Franklin. 55; Metropolitan, 80; National
Union. 172; Arlington, 175; Corcoran, OS;
Columbia, 152; German American, lli'i;
Potomac, 82; Riggs.84: People's, 51; Lin--coin,
6; Commercial, 41.
Title Insurance Stocks. Real Estate
Title, 120; Columbia Title, (li.
Gas and Electric Light Stocks. Wash
ington Gas, 431; Georgetown Gas, 48; U,
B. Electric Light, 1(11.
Telephone Stocks. Pennsylvania, 25;
Chesapeake it Potomac, 501; American
Urnphopbonc, 0.
Miscellaneous Stocks Bull Run Pano
rama, 10; Pneumatic Gun Carriage, J;
Lincoln Hall, 05.
Safe Deposit nnd Trust Companies
Washington Bafo Deposit, 115; Washing
ton Loan nnd Trust, 001; Amcr. Security
and Trust, 701.
The Great
Baking Powder.
Democrats or tlio llluo firms Slnto Atcet
to Nominate.
Lousvn.LTJ Ky,, May 11. Tlio Demo
cratic Convention to nominate Stnto olll
ccrs for Kentucky met in thte city yester
day. For Governor Cnssius M. Clay, Jr..
who was president of tlio Constitutional
Convention, is a leading candidate, ills
platform being nn indorsement of tlio
now constitution. Dr. Clnrdy, n delegate,
Is the Farmers' Alliance candidate. Gen
eral P. W. Harding and John Young
Brown nro tho straight Democratic candi
dates. I. H. Goodnight, representative
in Congress, wns selected as temporary
chairman, nnd the convention adjourned
until night to attend tho derby. On re
convening Charles Long of Riissellvllle
was elected permanent chairman nnd
James Stono of Urcckinridgo County, sec
retary. Adjournment was then taken till
The Kentucky State Convention got
down to business shortly nftor 10 o'clock
this morning, nnd ns soon as order had
been effected Charles 11. Long was elected
permanent chairman. Ex-Concrcssmnn
McKcnzie, in an oblo speech, placed tho
name of Dr. Clardy iu nomination for tho
The committee on resolutions adopted
a resolution favoring the free coinage of
The committee on credentials wcro una
ble to report owing to tlio largo number
of contested delegates', and at 11 o'clock a
recess wns taken until 2 o'clock, tins after
noon, There is every prospect oLn bitter
struggle before the delegates whoso cre
dentials ore protested will be allowed to
take their scats.
' ' '
Tlie Molilcnn Snltl to lie TJndor OriloM
to Snil for Southern Water.
San Fisaxcisco, May II. It is renortcd
this morning thnt orders have been re
ceived nt Marc Island to have tho steam
cruiser Mohican ready for sea as fast as
possible. Her officers make no secret or
the fact that she is under orders to pro
ceed ta Soutncrn waters as fast as stcim
and sail can carry her.
IlrciiiRlit nt tlio Sulo nf Ilia Hearst
Stnblo of Itnt-ers.
Nr.w YoitK, May 11. At tlio sale of
Senator Hearst's stable at Grnvesend to
day Tournament sold for $33,500 to Fox
hall Kcene. Rhono was bought by Han
Honig for $3,500. J. 11. MoCormitik
botight Ballard for $1,100.
A large majority of juvenile South
Washington adjourns every evening to
the improvements on tiiesitc of tho old
river flats to toss ball nnd otherwiso
cavoot. This is as it should be. Improve
ments havo progressed so rapidly in
tlie southwest during tlie last few years
that tho boys nro being surely and swiftly
frozen out in tlie matter of play grounds,
whereon they can expand their young
muscles, eject some of the effeto otraos
phereof the school-room from their young
lungs nnd utilize a portion of that joyous
animation and superabtmdent vitality,
which is one of the most precious heir
looms of youth.
Seventeen to two at tho Washington
Baseball Park yesterday was oven too
much for the equanimity of tho South
west, However, two out of three from
King Kcl's combination is not such a bad
showing up, and if tlio boys should
go ono better, that is to say, bo
beaten by seventeen to one noxt time,
thero is still reason for hope, as King Kel
will return once moro to wield the ashen
sceptro before tho season closes.
As K street from Virginia avenue to
Seventh street has been rendered scrvic
nbleas well as ornamental by one of tho
handsomest of asphalt pavements. It is
to be hoped thnt the Commissioners will
continue their creditable work nnd as
phalt E from Seventh to Water streets.
This portion of E street, thanks to the
enterprise of Mcsj. King, Emmons,
Stephenson. Pn'hiian, Parker nnd others,
bids fsir t' become one among tho finest
"i Couth Washington's residential streets
and is in every respect worthy of the Com
missioners' consideration.
While thero mnv be a difference in the
matter of political opinion between cer
tain sections of Seventh and Ninth streets
ns to tlio rclalivo merits of Blniue and
Cleveland, there was none as to the ad
visability of placing Badge for second
money at Monte Carlo yesterday.
Additional District News.
In view of a provision in tho lease of
tlie building nt the northwest corner of
Seventeenth and Pennsylvania avenuo
northwest, for the use of tho D. C. IT. 8.
headquarters, tlio First Auditor of tho
Treasury has requested information ns to
why the claim of Thomas J. Fisher &
Co., for the' cost of heat 'supplied
to the building was paid. Tho question
was referred to Auditor Petty for an ex
planation who in turn lias referred it to
Brigadier-General Ordway for an explan
ation. In answer to a request made by n Now
York physician, in reference to tho laws
of the District, governing medical prac
tice. Dr. Townshend, tho Health Officer,
states that the only thing requisite, is that
tlie physician register at tho Health Of
fice. He must have a diploma from some
recognized medical institution, or a cer
tificate from a medical institution.
Tho police this morning stopped the
workmen on tho now cable road from
lowering tho conduit of the Chesapeake
and Potomac Telephono Company at the
point where it crosses Fourteenth street at
New York avenue. Tlie railroad com
pany at once applied to the Cominisiloners
for n permit to lower the conduit, winch
was granted, nnd tho Police Department
so notified.
A hearing was given tills morning to
Mr. W. P. Phillips, who desired tlio Com
missioners to havo Portner Placo ronaircd
nnd asphnlted and shade trees planted
along tho curb. Captain Rosscll gavo the
petitioner to understand that Portner
Place would receive all tho improvements
that tho Commissioners and Engineer De
partment thought proper.
Berkeley Is pure.
An Important Domestlo (Jiiestlou,
Ftom theXeiv York Sun,
Mother Then you will como to-morrow
Nurse Yes ma'am. But I'd liko to
know ono thing, mn'am about my work.
Do you pay much attention to tho baby,
ma'um ?
Mother Whnt has that got lo do with it ?
Nurse A great deal, ma'am. As a
nuise, of course, I don't expect much
wages, but if I've got to bo a mother to
the little one, too, I want more,
Forpuro old berkloy go to Tharn's,
818 l'tret northwest.
Tin, Copper and Sheet Iron Ware, Roofing
and Spouting,
WMllPgtou, D. O.
Marine Band
b yjn
miss: marie decca,
"He Slar Programme of the Tour,"
Tlie programme tlml rccctrcd NINETEEN
encores In Chicago, SEVENTEEN in llostou.
The programmo that stamped the Jlarlnf
llntid as tlio best band In the world.
Orchestra, $1,
Balcony, 73c.
ETtry Evening and Saturday Matinee.
Tho American Military Drama,
Military Hand. I'lfe and Drum Corps,
Realistic Dattlo Scene.
Incidents ot Itnuianco and Heroism Illoudect
with Wright Comedy,
Proiltictlon Under tlio DIrcclton of S. O.
May S3 Opening ot tlio Summer Season,
Siilo o( scats will open Thursday, May 31,
Trains will leave U. & O. Depot at 2:13 p. m,
Six Races, Including Hurdle Race and Steeple
chases Each Day.
Grand Stand and Pool Lawn
Ocntlcincu $1..'0
Ladles tl.OO
l'or sale at
The Shorcliam News Stand.
Jletzcrott's Muelc Store.
National Hotel r ews Stand,
JldceeTJcgln promptly at 3 o'clock.
Evenings at 8:15. JIatlnee on Saturday.
Reserved Scat, CCc. and "?5c
Mrs, I. Harris, II. L. Brltton, and T. F. Dean,
Proprietors and Managers.
Week Commencing Monday, May 11.
The King ot Irish Comedians,
ol:e:m: o. :m:.a.gke:e
In the Laughing Success,
THE, 11TU ax.
THIS WEEK-Ladics' Matinee Saturday.
Creole Defies and Egyptian Beauties.
ItOOP Ja NOPPER, Managers.
SPECIALTY COMPANY, headed by the great
American wonders, the St. Dclmos, lu their
head, neck, and toe drops aud their wonderful
leap fur life ot ten feet, through a heart ot 15
daggers; also a host ot burlesque artists and
comcdlana and pugilists. Slatlneca MondayJ
Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.
Admission, 10, 'JO, and SOc. Boxes 60c.
Ill Art iD ulettii;
Fine Shoes tor Gentle
men. OARR
Fine Shoes for Ladles.
Fine Shoes for Hoys.
Fine Shoes for Girls.
Fino Shoes tor Chil
dren. Fino Shoes tor Infants.
Reception and Even
ing wear suppers
and Oxfords.
Satin Slippers In all
Silk Slippers In all.
Swade's Slippers in all
Kid Slippers In shades.
Black KM, Headed and
Patent Leather Shoes
and Slippers.
Gents' Patent Leather
Slippers and Pumps.
929 F ST. N. W.
Baltimore Store 4 and 0 BalMmoro St
Classes Now Forming for tho Summer.
1330 M street northwest.
723 Fourteenth street n. w.
Branches in New York, Boston, I'bllade)
phla, Chicago, Paris, Berlin, Loudon, etc.
1313 Massachusetts Avenuo,
Affords eTery facility for acquiring a thorough
education in Literature, Music aud Art. Tho
Instruments taught aro Piano, Harp, Violin,
Guitar, Mandolin and Banjo. Laugnagcs, gen J
eral vocal, drawing and fancy work tree.
flnst-class securities at lowest rates or
interest. No delay where security la good.
O. O. OltEEN,
303 7th at n w.
1413 Y st.
lu bums to suit.
On AunroTtd Ileal Estato Sccnrltv.
B. 11. WAltNEK A CO..
m Y et a wJ

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