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v. .-. - -
Oho of (lio Ciuuca or llw I.ato CprMiiB
In New Orlenin.
Fiom Vtt notion Iltralil, liti.
1 nns In New Orleans ilurinir, tlio trinl
of llio Matin 'finng,' " sniit Mr. James W.
M Hall of tlio lumber exporting firm of
Vcllmnn. Hall A. Co yesterday. 'Tlio
txtltcinoiit ws intense, nnil everything
imlii itcil (lint nny mlscnrringo of justice
would bo sternly dealt with
1 nut well ncipiaintcri with tho men
who led (ho uprising and tlio attack on
tlu prison 'iliey were not men who
lake the law in their own hands until it
lini failed to secure justice. They are
fa r conorative business men.
One of the causes of tho uprising is
the mlonso Americanism of tho South to
day Tlio people arc hostile to tho Malta
ns an institution foreign to American
ideai. If to-day tho foreign population of
the northern cities, the Anarchist and So
einlliK should make trouble, 1 hcllevo
tliertoutli would ric as one man in de
fencoof our Institutions."
"What are the chances for youug men
in (he South?"
1 1 iicvcrvvouldadvfcoamati logo West,
with tlio opportunities now opening at
the South. It Is tho coming country, and
the garden spot of the United States.
This llerahl for years has been tho
onlv, paper in lloston" that understood the
southern miration or treated it fairly. I
am a stanch Republican, and have always
been, but 1 do say that many men up
here are nil wrong on the sentiment w hicli
prevails at the South.
"Jllnluc and his reciprocity have caught
tlio South. Tho Secretary's popularity
might not break the solid column of
States in 180.2, but the fact of his popu
larity remains. It Is so hero in Boston
ami all over the country. The Hepuull
cans want Iilaine."
Whnt l "CdBiinc?"
From the St Jamet (lazttlt.
A Ilerlin journal quoted in tho current
JiVnirf j Tiykc otiiNciMiKiulres what, the
Trench themselves understand by "cog
nac." The district of Chnrcntois tho place
of origin of real "cognac," and has during
the last sevin years produced an annual
average of "OOXi hectolitres, while the an
nual export by Trance of liquor known as
"cognac" has exceeded sccn times this
quantity. In trado "cognac" is usually
understood to boa brandy obtained by tlio
distillation of wine, and which was form
erly known as French brandy, but it has
been shown by ana. sis, and in a bulky
volume Issued by tho State Department of
Hycicne, that thorp is no reliable method
of distinguishing real brandy distilled
from wine from the spurious. So it
is interesting to lmvc u decision of a
Trench court of law as to what it under
stands by the word "cognac."
A merchant of Ancoulcmc who bought
brandy in Valenciennes and labeled it
"cognac," was prosecuted for ao doing,
but was acquitted on tho ground that tho
word "cognac" is not to be exclusively
understood as descriptive of tho place of
production, but Often, as in tho present
instance, as descriptive of tho nature of
tho product. According to this decision
it is to bo regarded as sutllciont when la
bels announce the nature of the goods to
w hich they arcalllxed, and itis not requi
site that the contents of a bottle should
lia'Q been produced in the place men
tioned on the label. This decision is not
consistent with sentences pronounced by
various Tronch law courts upon manu
facturers, of sparkling wines who haVe
been heavily lined for mtioducing into
trade, wines which they described as
"thamrngnc," and which had undergone
n similar process to that of the genuine
article, but had not been ruado from wine
grown in the champagne district.
Colonel Snort's Timely Action.
Fiom the Teiatilf tings.
Ilefore wo started out I instructed Har
rison to taffy tho old Confederate soldiers.
"Mr. President," said I, "say something
to make them overlook your position in
tho Force bill, etc., etc." As tho Presi
dent had not made any bad breaks I
thought itwassqle, so at Johnson City,
Tcnu., I strolled off to look nt the town.
Pretty soon here comes "Ituss" running
after mew jth his tongue hanging out.
Wo went back to tho car, whero a grizzlv
old ex Con fed was making a spteeli and
literally piping up the ground with the
Tho President had overdone tho taffy
business. "Wo hayea common heritage,"
no haul, "ineixinieuerate soldier tins a
full and ungrudged participation in all
the benefits of a great and just Govern
ment." The old Cunfcd reminded the
President that according to the Hoviscd
Statutes "No person who has served in
any capacity in the military, naval or civil
service of the so-called Confederate States,
or of cither of tlio States in insurrection
during the late rebellion, shall be ap
pointed to any position in tlio Army of
tho Tnited States," and ho went on to re
mind Harrison that when he, Harrison,
was in tho Senato he refused to vote on a
motion to repeal that very amendment.
Harrison did not know what to say.
When I got to the train and was asked
what to say, I said to tho engineer.
"Jhrow open tho throttle valve and get
out of here." Mrs. Harrison made mo
promise never during the trip to leave
the President in tho lurch again.
Smuggled Imiiilcrnnt.
Fi cm Vie Kew l'oi L litem dei ,
Tho most useful part of tho report of
the New Orleans grand jurors on tho
causes and local conditions which led to
tho deplorable events of the 14th of March
is that relating to tlio immigration of
criminals who are the ready instruments
of tlio crimes of tho Mafia.
Itis shown that tho importations in
clude numbers of men w hose names do
pot appear on tho passenger lists. In one
case, that of tho Tstclla, 911 persons were
landed whilo tho ship's register shows only
)12 names. Tnis surreptitious immigra
tion is made up of fugitives from justice,
whoio evasion of tho laws of their own
country is winked at in order that they
and their ili'3perato dispositions and deeds
may be transferred to the United States
by their "leaving their country for their
country's good," but to our great injury.
It appears that tho records of tliejo crimi
nal evaders havo been traced to tho num
ber of 1,100 landed during a few ears at
the port of Now Orleans olone. It is
through tho instrumentality of such men
that there were perpetrated assassinations
' Jtinted t y tho score, culminating In tho
murder of the Chief of Police.
'llio fioclul Whirl lit JCoilc CieoK.
J-icm the Fianklin Ittjmbllcan.
Marshall Douglass made quite u mash
1 rn'ay night at the dance, and also Mr.
Itobert Karr visits Mr. Mcnagh's quite
often. That's right, Itobert, go It whilo
f u arc oung.
John lluttcrllclil feels rather had about
h h best girl giving him the mitten, and
also Bob Karr.
1 our girlb got stuck on Lost Creek, and
(woof tho girls went back aftet a boy and
a ht-'it-e to pull them out.
A i ew and lino hydrid water Illy from
1 rai e lius jusf been reeelval at tho Cen
tral Park, New York, green houses Its
line golden disk will probably help
beautify the public ponds next year. The
cmplovcs of tho green houses havo uc
'i"i red a marvelous facility in tlio propa
gation f aquatic plants. Thousaudii are
rr v u from tho seed every year, ami now
'ruins ore domesticated without illiil
n (Mionf the tlno soml-tropical lilies
i it" prcud all over a small arm of Harlem
Mm nud half a dozen rare varieties
I i m all winter in the hot houses.
1 1 rover llfly veans Mrs. Winslow's
8. . thing Hvruphas been used forchildren
t.-i tiling It soothes tho child, softonsthe
gums allays all pain, euros wind colic,
end is tho bout remedy for diarrhoea.
Twcuti-fhe cents a bottle.
i M
Gne of tho drtilv papers of Homo pub
I Ik-, in every iwuctlio follow lngoditorlal
i it iiic ' Tor a report of a light or a lire
ii vv huh one or mora human lues were
l h we pay 1 llro and 50 eonts, for a report
f a suicide, 1 liro, for a report of on at
tempt at huicUIp, 50 cents, for a report of
i ii iiceideut at which a person suffered
indilj harm, 10 cents, for reports of a
murder highway robbery, burglary and
(her happenings of this Kind, we pay ac
cording to the importance of the event,
but, in no caso less than 3 llros."
Berkeley pure rye whisky,
Mioic Ilitf Tearful Hunger of" (lil'i
Idea mid How to Countcnut It.
Here is something which one of the
most prominctt doctors In America re
cently said nbout tho grip:
"Have you noticed that only those per
sons who were aged ond feehlo or debili
tated died of tho Grip? Tho (Iriti Itself
is not so serious or dangerous, but It Is the
terribly weakened condition that It leaves
one in and the fearful after eflecls which
it brings. The people who die do not
Ikuo vltnlil.v enough to recover, thoydo
not postcbs v igor enough to throw off tlio
after effects. Such people, in fact, all
people, should havo help in some sensible
way to throw off tho depressing, tho de
bilitating, the almost suicidal feelings
which tho Grip always causes. Nothing
will do this, nothing will help natttro ox
cept fcomo pure stimulant, and there is
nothing in tlio way of stimulants equal to
puro whiskey."
No uiedkinal stimulant ever has pro
duced the results, ever lias received tlio
indorsements, or ever has been so
ri!n n nr ns IlnfFv's I'nrn Xlnlt W i sknv.
reason is cxccedim-lv simnle. ft is be
cause it has gently, healthily and com
pletely assisted Nature, toned It up, en
abled It to resist the outsido ltilluences
which tended to disease and to assist to
ward the attractive path which leads to
health. The after effects of tho Grip are
tho worst fcattiro of It. They must bo
counteracted, if strength and health arc
to be regained. They can bo oveicomo in
but one certain way, and that is by tho
use of tho sensible, clllcient and highly
indorsed stimulant above-mentioned.
There Is nothing before tho public which
con for n moment compare with it, and
(he genuine should bo insisted upon.
Professor George Torbesof Loudon Is at
the llrevoort House, New York.
General Yenaclo Andrado of Venezuela
is at tho Hoffman House, New York.
Adolph Sutro, the rich California!1 who
made his money by the great mining tun
nel that bears his name, Is to turn his Hue
collection of nearly 10,000 volumes into a
frco public library for (lie bcucflt of San
Francisco people.
James M. Kvcleth, who died in Wash
ington the other day at 80, had been for
sl.ty.twoj ears a clerk in tho War De
partment. Mrs. Gabrielle Greeley Clendenin choso
gray for her "going away" dress because
that was the color of a very slmplo gow n
she wore when Mr. Clendenin first ruado
her acquaintance, and he expressed a
preference for it w hen a choico of colors
had to be made.
Carl Schttrz, who. as tho president of
the Hamburg-American Packet Company,
has made a study of the most approved
methods of ocean travel, believes that
steamers will yet ho built to mako the
run across to Europe in threo or four days,
lie thinks that safety need not be sacri
ficed to gain swiftness.
Lady JSurton, Sir Itichard Burton's
widow, says that when sho was a young
girl a gj psy named Hagar Burton told
her fortune; nud w rote out for her u pre
diction that she would bear the name of
their tribe (Burton), and that her life
would bo all wandering. On her engage
ment to Sir Richard she gavo him the
Ivext to being a I'olliscliild ono's self
there is nothjng so fortunate as to marry
one. Ten years ago nobody had cvpr
heard of a certain M. Lambert, but mat
rimony converted M. Lambert into a "de
Itolhschild," and now n family council
has solemnly decided that on tho death of
Baron Alphonse, M, Lambert de Roths
child Is to become the head of tho Paris
Mrs. Marv Armislead Trayser, the wife
of Captain Itichard 1!. Trayser, dtcd at her
home, No. ID Tnst Marsha.ll street, Rich
niond, Va., at 2.15 o'clock'Sunday morn
ing. Mrs. Trayser was a niece of Judo
James A. Semplo, formerly of the New
Kent circuit and professor of law at Wit
ham and Mary College for many years.
She was also a niece of Colonel William
Armistead, who represented King William
County in the State Senato for a number
of v ears.
Dr. J. M. McBryde, president of tho
South Carolina University, has accented
the dual position of president of the Vir
ginia Agricultural nnd Mechanical College
and director of tho experiment station at
Blaeksburg, to which ho was elected by
the board of visitors of that Institution at
the meeting held last Thursday evening.
Dr. McBrjde stands in the front rank of
technical educators and original agricul
tural experimenters and investigators. At
ono time he held the chair of agriculture
in tho University of Tennessee, and was
offered the presidency of that institution,
but declined.
i.i:mon i:r,ixns.
.el I'leatatil Lemon Dibik.
Tor biliousness and constipation, tako
Lemon T.llxir.
Tor indigestion nnd foul stomach, take
Lemon Kliir.
Tor sick and nervous headaches, take
Lemon Tlixir.
Tor sleeplessness and nervousness, take
Lemon Thxir.
Tor loss of appetlto and debility, lake
Lemon Tlixir.
Tor fevers, chills and malaria, lako
Lemon Tllxir.
Dr. Mozley's Lemon Elixir will not fail
you in any of the abov e-named diseases,
idl of which arise from a torpid or dis
eased liver, stomach, kidneys or bowels.
Prepared only by Dr. H. Mo.ley, At
lanta, Ga.
50c. and 51.00 per bottle, at druggists.
X-omon Hot Drops
Cures all Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness,
Soro Throat, Bronchitis, Pneumonia,
Hemorrhage and oil throat and lung
An elegant and reliable preparation.
25 cents at druggists. Prepared only by
Dr. II. Mozley, Atlanta, Ga.
Jo Vrevcnt a l'lano from Drying Up.
A piano tuner, who sajs that pianos
lrequemiy ueterioraie oecausoinoy aro al
lowed to become too dry, prescribes this
remedy: "Keep a growing plant in tlio
room, and so long as your plant thrives,
your piano ought to, or clso there's some
thing wrong with it. Just try it, and see
how much moro water you will have to
put in tlio llowcr-pot in tho room whero
your piano is, than you uso m any other
room. Some people keep a lingo vase or
urn, with a sopping wet sponge in it, near
or under the piano, and keep it moistened,
just as a cigar dealer keeps his stock,
lhey keep this up all the time tho llres
aro on."
When the lato S. S. Cox was Minister to
Turkey he took a trip through Syria, ac
companied by his wife and a cousin, Afrs.
Duckiugham of Chicago. Tlio beauty and
intelligence of a 10 year-old hotel-keeper's
daughter so impressed tho party in B ial
bee that Mis. Buckingham adopted her.
Tho girl was sent to an Lnglish school at
Beyrout, w here she hecamo prnlicient in
latfgiuiges and inusic, nnd May 7 sho
landed at tho Bargo Olllce, New York, on
her way to Chicago Sho is 10 years old
now and very beautiful. Her name is
Labcebio A. Arbecd Buckingham.
George Mauldeu, who lives In Reynolds
town, Ga., has been fur sixteen nr seven
teen vcars alllletcd with a terrible cough
and what was believed to bo catarrh.
While bathing his faco tho other morn
ing he blow out of his left nostril a piece
of knife blade about an inch long. It
looked like a pleeo of bone When tho
outer covering was removed, however, it
proved to boa piece of a steel blade.
When but a boy of 10 j ears a negro hoy
stabbed him in tho left cheek in a boyish
scrimmage Ho did not know that a por
tion of tho btado was left In his check.
Look out tor red stockings, It has boon
remarked lu l'arls that tho vv curing hy
children of red stockings coincides with
imstulnr eruptions on their legs and feet.
Tho board of health emnloycda chemical
expert to ascertain whether tho dyos color
iuu' tho stockings contained poUonoui
mutter, and lun report gays that all tho
many siecimcng nuhmittod to him do
rived their red color from nnilina and
containing a largo proportion of nntimonio
oxide. As children peraplro freely this
matter enters into solution, and Is thus
taken Into the pores.
Hour lu Mind
the frock and saok suits in serge, chev
iot and caaalinero materials wo advertise
$10, $1'.'S0, 613 60 and $15. Kbemun
llros , beventh and K.
AVlmt it CosIh to do to Sim.
lot reiivtulence Of Mi I'lMatletpMa Atnttmn.
"Let mo see," said tho tailor, while his
lead pencil was busy nh a sheet of wrap
ping paper. "The full dress coat Is $80,
tho trousers $23, the chapeau ?20, tho belt
JIB, the sword Hfi, the sword knot $3.50
and the epaulets $85. Probably you arc
surprised at the cost of the epaulets,
livery one is. But look nt them. They
arc of solid gold that is, these seventeen
lassels aro mado of line spun gold, nud
tlio frame Is mado of gold alloy. You
can buy epaulets up to $500 a pair. They
nil come from Loudon, where ono man,
Stiirkcy, spent a million dollars in build
ing the plant tor making this gold wire.
'J ho lato Admiral Porter spent $250 for
his epaulets, nud then didn't think: them
tine enough.
"But, to go on with tho Inventory, the
boclal full urcss coat is $51, tlio trousers
$25, nnd the vest $!). Tlio undress coit is
$59, tlio trousers $10, and tho vest $9, or
$8-1 the suit, nnd as you want two suits
that will bo $1GS. Your service Btilt Is $30
for the blouse, $15 for tho trousers, $9 for
the vest, or (GO In all. Two suits will bo
$120. Threo white suits of duck at $10 aro
$120. The overcoat is $00. Your black
evening dress suit Is $75. Your two cuta
way suits $100. YourPrlnco Albert $03.
Your cap (3 50, and our gray helmet
$.'1.50. If my figures aro right the total Is
$1,030 50."
"A pretty big bill," I suggested.
"Yes, but not as big as we sometimes
have. Last week an olllcer spent $1,300
in uniforms alone. A few years ago wo
made an admirals full-dress uniform
that cost him an oven $700 as ho stood In
it at a Wlilto House, reception. His full
dress coat was $175, one of tho finest gar
ments it Is posslblo for tho sartorial art to
turn out. His epaulets wero $200, his
chapeau $30, his trousers $15, his sword
knot $10, his sword belt $100 and his
sword $120.
"This is rather cpenslvo tailoring,"
continued Mr. Heiberger, ''for several
reasons. Tirst, tho material must bo of
tho best that is made; the cut ami (it
must he perfect. Then tho work is of a
particular character. Everything must
bo 'just so,' in order to answer tlio require
ments of tho regulations. A variation of
a hair's breadth in the width of a cuff
band, or In tho disttmco at wlii'ih one but
ton is placed from another, gets our cus
tomer into troUblc,"
KDITOIllAI, cosimi:nts.
Secretary Blalnois figuring prominently
in tho political arena. Strangely enough,
he is having his inning first nt the time
Mr. Harrison is bavin? his outing.
VMeago A'ncs.
If; Mayor Washburne closes tho gam
bling hells, forbids Sunday baseball, takes
the police.out of politics and insists upon
t lie aldermen keeping sober, what will
there bo ldft to live for in Chicago, any
way? Omaha Bee,
Advocates for a national flower should
settle on the "Jimpson" weed. Tho true
name of that celebrated plant is "James
town" weed, and It was from Jamestown
Island that this republic of the United
(states got its leat start. lucumonu nines.
The truth about the struggle in Chili
has been slowly disclosed. It is really a
commercial war, inspired by Unglish in
terest in favor of the insurgents, while
American merchants have helped the
presidential party. The people themselves
havobecomo involved only as dupes for
foreign riv als. The ins are ready lo con
cede valuable commercial nrivileges for
cash or munitions. The insurgents arc
deriving help from London and Liver-
ool by mortgaging the wealth and trade
of their country to British capital. CM
i ago IfeiaM.
Wo have nn idea that the red (lag of the
Anarchists will not be permitted on dis
play at the third-party convention In Cin
cinnati on the lOtli inst. The flag of tho
nation is the one that must be given pre
cedence by every national party or there
will bo trouble. The feelintj of national
ity is stionger in this country thin it ever
was before. Anarchy must tako a back
scat and keen quiet or be put out of the
house. Cincinnati Comma cial Gazelle.
The protest against tlio further urging
of the Federal Tlcctious bill in Republi
can quarters is spreading. It is found
among both the press and tho politicians
of that paity, and it is confined to no sec
tion of the country. The action of those
Republicans who stood in the way of Its
passage seems thus to be vindicated.
'I hey aro sustained by important party
agencies in tho Republican ranks, even
here in New l'ngland, whcic the scheme
was most persistently urged, and in which
it had its leading support in both Houses
of Congress. The independent press,
which was unanimous and urgent in tak
ing ground against this measure, will
nave uiu iii.uiks ui u large poniou oi inc
Republicans for saving their party from
a f-eheme, w hich they now see themselv es
to have been a mistake. Boston JfeiaUI.
To Kiss tlio Iteglinciit.
'1 ho Colonel left the lovelj mUs
He'd called that eve to nee,
And nt lie went ehe cried, "l'lcieo kiss
'ilic lcglincut for me,"
Seattle leUtwph,
If 3 on wlfh to know wlmt the Ptnndlng nrmy
of. 1 lie I'nited hliitrs jou must putronlio the
liortc cue. Boston Bulletin,
It In tho person who Indulges In sharp nnd
pointed rcmniks that line the reputation ot be
ing a blunt epenkcr. Boston 'I i ansa Ipt.
"The effect of Ilev. .Mr. Ilaiklu's eormons ou
the terror or llndts was lost."
"How so J"
"'Die church wis n cold n9 n liim, and the
jiiospect he held out was rather vreeable."
J-1 oeh.
The Nice Niece Do jou think he Is n real
count. Uncle Ultk t"
'1 lie Aw till Uncle '1 he c Idenco ecems to he
In I hot direction Ilo speak hid j:n'IUh,
gambles well and borrows moncj from orcry
one who will lend Munity't llraty.
JtlfS llickuni Daring jour visit to lloiton,
JIltK De l'orqiU'ilU', I hope jou will Join our
Botietj for psjchleal rcenrch. 1 don't suppose
jou have one In ( lilragof
Jits s De l'orcpicv llio Mood grsclous, no I It
isn't considered lndjlike ou know It Is so
hard locrcr straddle the machine. Xew
l'crl Met aid.
JII.h Hull I think
count vviiiberc: Is
love lv ; hut how did
vou net to know hi
'I ho Countess Elsie It was at a table d'ote In
bwltorlaud. lie passed me the Llmburtfcr,
which I. of course, declined, but on tho sti enth
ot that little piece ot cheese wo formed an ac
quaintance which culminated In our marriage.
'the bill ot faro was printed hi a mlxtiuo ot
Eue'liek and mongrel French.
"Walter," ho said, after Blanche over It,
"want to make half a dollar r"
"butt'nly, sab," answered the waiter
"Istheron good dinner nn this hill of fare
without gohiK outsido ot tho straight United
Btutcs language?"
"I leekon so, sah "
"'lhcn bring 1 on Hero's j our hush monoj.
I'm no linguist and my tlmu Is worth $10 an
hour. Clet ainoiu on joitl" Cticago ItU
Tinth of tho Cino.
'Twas not in tho early springtime,
'1 ho flowers wcreimt in bloom,
'Jhe birds they were not singing
O'er winters i merald tomb,
V.c stood not in tho twIIUht,
Her volco did not fcpeak low,
Miodid not hide her ejes to weep,
lint sterol; she slid, "No I"
Xew i'oiilltialit
Indigestion, and Stomach disorders, uso
All dealers keep it 81 per bottle Genulnohasj
trade mark and crossed red lines ou wrapper.
Conpdonal Hotel anl Cafe.
This HOTEL AND CAFE is situated ad
Jolulng the Capitol, on tho most elevated point
in Washington, Fiom Its balconies a beauti
ful view can be had ot tho entire City ot Wash
ington, Arlington Heights l'otomao River and
tho Capitol gronni
auests accomir,x;;JJM with dollghtful, airy
and well vcntllicrooms at special rates,
Formerly of Now York and New Jersey.
Horse cari from all the railroad depots pss
In (rout ot this hotel
Mr yiii:.,.iraM
NOTIFY ttioCompatiy, oltlmr by tele
phone (No. U) oi by letter to tlio
otneo nt No. 1 10 Ninth Street North,
west, near Ijlucolu Hall,
llelng mado from puro spring water
distilled in tlio process of l
i inujtiu
ipr and
rthon nitcicu ny mo very oesi muiii-us
lif nitration, tlilB lco is especially closlr
nblo for drinking ond other family uses.
Tlio aim of the lnanagomont has boon
to Rocuro to tho city of Washington n
needed nroduotof purity nnd heolthrul
ncss, and it will bo their further aim
to secure prompt sorvlco and courteous
llio National Sure. Deposit Company of
Corner I'lflccutli street nnd Now York nvenne.
Btomgc for silverware, Jewelry, laces, flno
goods nnd ralunhles ot nil kinds. Charges
moderate. Safe deposit boxes for rent at tho
verj lowest rates.
Solo Agents for tlio Albany Vcnotlnn
V. II. Houghton Manufacturing Company
arc tho agents for tho Albany Venetian bllnda.
Wo nro prepared to furnish tho "Albany"
Minds In any wood, natural flulsli or stained
to match. On Jobs of nny size wo gladly send
sample blind for Inspection Wo guarantee
carcfullj selected woods, kiln dried and thor
oughly, carefully nnd properly finished. Our
finish Is unexcelled.
W. II. IIoiuiitos MANiirAcTunttta Co ,
1213 and I'l-iQ F street northwest.
Ten for Cent. Reduction In lTurnlturo
for Thirty Darn.
We arc going to more from onr present loca
tion to the commodious new building, No 013
Seventh street northwest, opposite tho U. S.
rostofllco Department. April 1 will see us In
our new establishment, but until then wo will
eco all at tho old stand, 130 and 03) Seventh
street northwest, where, pending removal, wo
shall ofTcr our entlro stock ot tho latest and
beet makes ot I'urnltnre, Carpets, etc , at 10
per dent, reduction from former prices. No
fairer terms cin be made anywhere than at
Kuddcn's I'urnltnre and Carpet Stores, USO and
933 SoTCnth street northwest.
Baron Liebig
tho great chemist pronounced tho well
known Llcblg Company's Extract ot
licet, mado ot the flnct Itlvcr Platte
cattle, Infinitely superior In llavor nnd
ipinllti to nny made of cattle grown In
Kurope or chew here, Uc has authorized
the ii'cot
well know
ns tho
mark ot
For Delicious
licet Tea,
of Beef.
Tor Improved and
Economic Cookery
RINGS, solid 14 Karat, $2;
reduced from $5.
GOLD WATOH, nicely en
graved, Elgin or Waltham
movement, US24; reduced
from $35.
NIR SPOONS, SI to $3; re
duced from $1.50 and $5.
OANES, $2.50 to $4.50;
reduced from $3.50 and
Largo assortment ot UNfaET DIAMONDS at
the LOWEST I'ltlCEb Alo a large nsott
mcuto! bolld Sterling Wedding Presents.
Manufacturing Jewelor,
Up'talrs, llooms 1, 5 nnd 0.
Old (lold and Slhcr bought tor cash or taken
In exchange
Lands held In reserve forserTcral years by
the Stato Government aro now opened to set.
tiers at their actual value
These reserved lands Ho along the eastern or
Atlantic Coast, between bt. Augustine nnd Ills
cayne Day, ono halt mllo to six miles from tho
ocean, a arge portion being fa below the
frost limits.
This Is the only eastern section In the United
States whero It Is possible to raise scml.trapl
cal fruit, and where early vegetables anrtfrulta
can bo raised In time to catch tho highest
Northern prices.
Much ot this land Is owned by tho Florida
Coast Lino Canal and Transportation Com
pany, and bears a flno growth ot timber,
from which larco sums mav he realized The
section along tho Indian Itlvcr and Lako Worth
Is well settled, and tho land Is tho most valua
ble in the Mate, tho cast coast bclni topped by
lour rauwaS, ami xuo rivers aiuug mo euas
being navigated by steamboats.
;mg navigaicu uy sieamo
Improved transportation
improveu transporiati
Ifhtml climate (bclncr
facilities and do-
llgntrul climate (bcln
so near thooetin tho
air Is much more bracing man runner mianai
make this au excellent opportunity tor actual
i'rlccs of land rango from $2 per aero upward.
Wo shall bo pleased to send maps, township
plans and full Information to all who aro inter
JOHN W, DENNY, President.
906 G Street N. W.
Grand, Upright nnd Squaro
Special Attention ot Purchaocrsls
vlted to Oar
Finished It) Designs ot
Second Hand Pianos at All Prices.
Wwi. Knabe &. Co.,
817 Marlrot Spaoo.
Iml m
conduetonthopartof all omploycos, nnd
tlio dcllvory by thorn or KUMiWKIOHT.
rnlluro toscciiro this sorvlco should bo
pi omptly reported,
Tho puulloaro cordially Invited to visit
tho works nt ITttccnth and K Street
NortheaBt (tako Columbia railway cars),
and thoro Inspect (ha mothods or manu
facture, nnd for themselves seo tho boBt
arranged and host equipped artificial les
plant in tho world to-day, combining
tho best modern machlnory and appli
ances for tho malting of puro led. llio
fullest examination by nil Interested Ii
earnestly niviieu.
Office, 419 Ninth Street N. W.
yyssoLUTioN sale
Continues Dally till June 1.
Owing to tho chango which will occur In our
firm on June 1st, wo nro compelled to sacrltlco
our large stock ot clothing, 'llio Inventory
shows $1G3,000 worth ot Jlen'e, Boys' and
Of our own mako. As we must pay tho re
tiring partners n largo sum In cash, wo hive
concluded to offer our entlro stock (for cash
only) at one-halt the cost ot production.
Hear lu mind this Is not a catch penny reduc
tion salo, nor a sale ot odds and "ends, but a
bona tldo dissolution salo ot the highest grade
clothing, all ot this season's production.
800 Men's Suit;, .all sires, $183; reduced
trout f 10.
()73 Jlcn's Suits, all-wool, sack or cutaway.
$7 00, reduced from $11.
1,M0 Men's Suits, In Cheviots, Cassirncres or
VA orstcd. $T 83; reduced from $18.
1,81,0 Men's Suits, hi Imported Worsted,
Cheviots, Diagonals, etc., strictly tailor-made
and warranteS all wool, $13; reduced from $i3.
1,250 pairs Men's rants, SO styles, $1. Re
duced from $1.73.
b30 pairs Men's I'ants, 23 styles, $1,50. Ito
duccrtfrom$2 75.
l.u'K) pairs Men's I'ants, SSstyles, $2 50. War
ranted nil w ool Reduced from $1.73.
:i.000 elegant Men's Tantfl at $150 $150, $3.
and in (Including the finest Imported material
In checks, plaids, nnd stripes).
G0 Hoys' Suits, long pants, ages It to 18
years, $1.D0. Reduced from $1 GO.
1,014 Hoys' Suits (all wool), long pants, ages
14 to 18 ycais, $1 50 Reduced from $S.
823 Men's Suits, best Imported Clay Diag
onal", Whipcords, 1'inchccks and Corkscrew,
silk lined and equal to finest custom made,
$18; reduced from i 15.
Attention, a. A. R 010 All-wool Regulation
Suits, warranted fast color, $7.50; reduced from
$12 50.
A full line of Prince Albert Suits, Diagonals,
Cheviots and Fancy Worsteds, elegantly made,
at $13, $15 nnd $20 per suit; reduced from $23,
28$ nnd $13.
850 llojs' Suits (all wool), long pints, ages 14
to 18 years, $3. Reduced from $11.
A full line ot nobby Dross Suits for boys In
the ilncst grades ot worsted, casslmcro and
1,500 Child's Suits, ages 4 to 12, $1. Reduced
trom $2
1,2(0 Child's Suits, ages 1 to 12, $1 50. Re
duced from $J 73.
(j50 Child's Suits (all wool), ages 1 to 11, $2 50.
Reduced from $173.
Hlghcit grades In Child's Suits reduced to
one half former price.
1,000 pairs Knee I'ants, ages 4 to 12, 23 cents.
Reduced from 60 cents
1,!(50 pairs All-wool Knco Pant?, ages 4 to 12,
S3 cents. Reduced from 73 cents.
'Ibis Gigantic sacrlflce of. vatuca will con
tinue dally uutUJiiuel.
311 Seventh fat N. W.
Make no mistake. He sure 5 ou get the right
Go-oDcralive Lana ana Trust Company.
l'ANY now offer ror salo lands which form a
natural park fronting on tho now Electric
Road, now built from Tonally town to Glen
Echo Heights, which lands arc capitalized at
2 cents per squaro foot, and stock Issued at
$325 per share. Each share ot Block entitles
tho holder thereof to one undivided lot lu said
park containing one fifth of an acre, or 6,713
squaro feet, less the amount required for
steeds, 'itcse lots, or tho proceeds thereof,
will be allotted to tho shareholders at the ex
piration ot tvvent) one months from date ot
nrst payment by the SOUTHERN INVEST
MENT COMPANY in such a manner as may
bo ngiccd upon by a majoilty of shares iu said
Co operative Componj.
Subscriptions to stock In said company shall
be paid ns follow b:
Each stockholder, for each share held.shal
pay the sum of $10 thereon on or before tho
tho becrctary of the bOUTHERN INVEST
MENT COMPANY or such person or persons
PANY shall authorise to receive the same.
Any stockholder, nt tlio expiration ot six (G)
months from dato ot first payment, nny with
draw from tho company by gtv lug thirty days'
uotico in writing to tho Secretary ot tho
at the expiration of that time shall be entitled
to the repayment, in tho order of tho dnto In
which lie cr she tiled his or hor notice, from
tho first moneys received Into the .company, ot
all sums paid on said stock, with four (1) per
centum Interest per annum thereon; but tho
right ot withdrawal shall not extend bojond
six (0) mouths from the dato ot first payment.
Anj stockholder may at any tlmo pay tho
bnlanco due upon bis or her share or shares ot
stock, nnd thereupon tho SOUTHERN IN
YLSTMENT COMPANY will Issue to such
person or persons paid-up stock which shall
entitle such person or persons to one undivided
lot (per cachsharo ot stock In Bald (lieu Cove
l'arl.) containing one fifth of an aero, as before
stated, and which shall bo allotted as heroin
before piovided, Each shareholder who shall
clccttopay tho full amount ot his stock prior
to maturity, or who ehall continue to pay
tho monthly instalments ot $10 per month
prompt!) , initll twenty-one (Jl) Instalments
have been paid In, will be entitled to tour
(1) per cent. Interest per annum on tho par
value ot tho stock as a rebate, which w 111 mako
the stock cost actually only $J10per sharo.
No better or eater Investment could bo of
fered than this, as there Is no posslblo chauco
to lose, nnd being organized on the savings
bank principle, purchasers recelvo on tholr
money an IntcreBt amounting to tho rate ot
more than eight (8) per cent, per annum, be
eldcs tho prospective and undoubted lucrcaso
In the value of their purchase,
Rooms 30-31 Corcoran Building' ,
For. Heating Bath Rooms, Bed Rooms,
Halls, Libraries, &c.
411-418 Tontb.
OF .A.
SDii-Weii Unflsrwear,
lOO Dozen
Comprises the Assortment and
50 ZDozjem.
Displayed in Our F Street Window.
Is tho PRICE, and t surely Kas wo claim, tho
They were manufactured bj onoot tho larg
est woolen concerns In tho country that make
nothing but Standard Woolen Underwear.
E cry piece you buy ) ou sav o 01c, as tho actual
value is $1,50.
Yon understand this Sacrifice. Wo aro go
lug to vacate and the goods must bo told.
Twelfth ana F Streets N. W.,
Mational Typewriter
New York,
a medal by American Institute
Descriptive pamphlet mailed on application.
George I Seiffert,
610 F STREET N.W.,
:&.. IE1. SBLTZ
Spring and Summer Importation now open,
'1 his is tho finest line ot Impptted Goods cvr
teen in WnBblugtou.
Rest nnd l'ureBt Liquors In the City. 1m
ported CIgjrs.
milE E11IHTT,
Army and Navy Headquarters.
Four Iron Flro Escapes.
TEHMS-$3 and $1 Per Day.
Late ot Thousand Isl. Itouso,
Sixth street and Pennsylvania avenue,
L, WOODUUKY, Proprietor.
The Combination,
C "--Sii Ir4 HB E 'fWrur' kk Wis! HPi 91 iaKaP&j
TINNERS &c, &c.
Stroot Northwest,
.jfv. j
o Jmtsi
i --a IMi rS ir?ir w-w m4m -(
w c:vsr ntTTn t? a tt.tut a v.
Schcdulo In effect April 1, 1891.
Trains leave tnlon Depot, Sixth and D
streets, 10 57 a. m. tor Newport News. Old
Point Comfort nnd Norfolk dally. Arrive at
Old Point at 6 10 p. m. and Norfolk at 6 35 p. m.
3 00 p. m Cincinnati Express dally for sta
tions in Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky
and Cincinnati. Vestibule Sleepers and en
tire train rnn througb without chango to Cin
cinnati, arriving, at 7 60 a. ra.
11.10 p. m F. F. V. Vestibule Limited, dally.
Solid trains, with dining cars, run through
without chango to Cincinnati. Vestibule
Sleeper for Lexington, Louisville and through
sleeper to Richmond. Va. Pullman Cars are
open to recelvo passengers atfp. m.
Olllce, 513 Pennsylvania avenue.
H. W. FULLER, Gen. I'aae. Agent,
925 Pa. Ave. N. W.,
Story & Clarke,
Clough ft Warren,
Cabinet Organs.
Sola on lustallments Exchangeil Rcnteflj
Repalrefl, toea, Moved, Stored,
Violin, Banjo and Gnitar Strings a
925 PennsylvaniaAve.,
And you will alwaya have beautiful
Broad, Rolls and Blaculta.
Wnoleualo Depot, corner First Stroot
nnd Indiana Avenuo.
WM, M. GALT fe OO.
1217 Pa. Ave, n. w.
Teeth extracted
positively without
piln or danger by
our painless nystem
a harmless voge-
tnhln vfltinr. in nun
by d only. Its effects are pleasant and trans
ient. Artificial teeth, crown and bridge work
at rcaeotiablo prices.
a CbleliwUt rullih Dlamgnl II ran 4.
OriKlnnl and Only Utuulne. A
Arc klwijrs rclUbl cadics tik JS
VtaultX tot ChlchMttr JtnglUk Via WU
monJ liramt la ltfd oi tioU WfUllJgvVvy
bxea ieiM wiin blut nbboo Take W
no other. Kffmnlangtrout tuhttitu V
iunt and imitation ai uriu guts, or teaa
a at miii l fur i irtlauUri. LeitimoclaJa mi
"IIlltr Tup I adtcm. in Ittttr. h rrtmrm
vitHinii w AHuatiibi grm
i preierrni aa ratty ttK
derta L'lt tb omU
peclflo forth certain okA
of tbla dlttaia. ..
Amittrdam, N. T,
Wa hava old BlrG fat
manr Tn. and It hu
clvn th but oi li
Onlcaco. nl
iX.00. eolakyDruMUtt
HHiHtt. v
L" m
V fj
u&nau4 not ttW
M kim auutin.
9 uri.itjkju v
MHtlu SUaktl 0.
Schedule in effect May 10, 1801.
Leave Washington from station corner ot Ne
Jerscv areuuo and O street. .
Fon CntrAtio nnd Northwest, Vestlbnlcd LlM
Red express trains 11 uon. m-fUUn. in. dill
Fmi Cincinnati, St I. outs and Indianapolis
Vnalll,lA,l T.lmltnil 51 ?S ..n.na. 11 111 ,.
dally i
Fon I'lTTflnumi nnd Cleveland, express dalix
v.iAl a m nnu o 1 1 p m m
Ton LrxiMiTov and points In the Bhenadoaa
Valley, HO 40 a m.
Fon Wifcurairn and way stations t3 30 p. raj
Ton I.ttnuv, tl TO, 8.t3 p m. m
Fon DAI TlMonE, w cek days, 4 03, 5 00, (1 31, 7.W;
7 SO, (8 0043 minutes), 8 TO, 0.3O, (10 00, 43 min
utes) 11 33 a. m , 12 10, 2 03, 3 45 (115, 43-mltt
utcs), it 83, 4 28. 4 31, 4Ji3 (3 10, 45 minutes);
o ;ju,n uo, u iw,u.xi, 7 :jo, 8 an, u ou, in ur,ii.'w au
11 l: t t, u,wliit a a iv. i ., a mi a. ...i.i
Fort ANNAror.rs. 7.20 and 8 10 a. m.. 13.10 and
4 28JM11. huudaiB, H80 n. in ,4 It p. m.
Fon rnEDEiticir. tll.'iO a. in., si. 15. M .10. tl.3(l
It. in.
Fun HAozitSTOWN. 10 40 a.
m. and tS SO p. nil
Fon Philadelphia, New York, lloston and llil
Eait, dall j , 4 Oft 8 00, (10 00, Dining Car), 11 .'
a. in , 2.ir, (3.10 Dining Car). 8 80. (11.30 p. nfl
iccping war, open m iu uu o ciocit.)
11tlfT.l l.nrl... Pdm nn nil .law train.
FonllosioK, 15 p.m., with l'ttllnua llaftcfi
Sleeping Car mining through to Ilasto
without, change, via l'oughKcepslo urldgc
inuuing passengers in u, B iu, euuion t
Fon Atlantic Citv. 4 03. 10 00 and 11 55 a. m
bundnie, 4 03 and 11 55 a. m , i
ror time ot piinnrban trains eco tlmo table
10 DC nau or an ticKct nccntg.
TExceDtSiiiidar. DalIv. (Snndavonlv.
Ilaggago called for and checked from bold
and residence, tiv Union 1 rannfer Cnmnanv nl
orders left at ticket offices, 010 and 1831 Pchil
eylvanla avenue, and at Depot.
Qcn. Manager. Gen. Pass. Agt
Scnrrjctr ii.' Effiot M vv 10, 1891
All trains leavo and arrive at Pennsyivan
paescugcrBiauon, wnsuingion, u. u.
SEO a. m.-Dally for Lvnchburc. Stons
all stations. Connoct at Calrcrton for Wat'
ronton; connects at Charlottesville dally,
rent Sunday, for btauntoh. Clifton tome i
V bite Sulphur Springs; at Lynchburg, .1:
Solcm, Wythcvillc, Urlstol Kuoxvllto, Ohatta
nooga and the Southwest. I
11.15a in, Dall for Manasns, Warrcnlon
Cnlnener. Ornnce. Charlottesville. Lvuchbnri?
Danville, Greensboro, Raleigh, Salisbury anil
Charlotto nnd Matlons. South Carolina DIvl
slon, nnd stations Atlanta and Charlotte Divi
fdon to Atlanta, where connection In Hindi
lii Union Station for all principal points
bouiii nnu couumcsi.
Pullman uuftet Sleeper. New York anifl
Washington to Atlanta, connecting with. I'ull
man Sleeper Atlanta to New Orleans via Mont
DOinerv ond Mobile, and Pullman Sleener t
Memphis via lllrmtnghnm; Unites ht Dahvtluj
wiin 1'iiiimnn Bicepor ror Augusin viauomr
bin, nnd at Greensboro with Pullman Sleep
for Knoxvlllo v la Anb illo nnd Hot hnrlutra.
8 va n. ni. and S 2(1 n. m. Dnllv exceiit Sun
day, for Btrasbnrg and Intermediate statlomB
l uc x so p. in, train connects ai xuvcrion 10
Lurav. n. '.
4 35 p.m. Dally for Charlottcsv Illo connect
ing ror KonnoKe, unstoi, Knox.uie, tjuaua
noogn, Memphis and Arkansis points. , l'ull
man Sleener VV ashlninou to Memphis.
western Vcstlbulcd Limited A MngnUlcen.
Train or ruumau v cstiuuieii raiaccs, consist
in cr of Drnwlne-Itoom. Dlnlnz. Slccnlnir nnu
Biuret, bmoklng, Library and Observation Care
ot tho latest and most Magnlllcent and I'"x
urlous Design, built cxprcsslj for this Service
An exua tare ip cnargcaon mm irsin in con
nectlon with Firet-C'lasB Tickets only. Arrive
if AI1tnlnl O. ti rt fnllnu I n f i" Haw. mnlslti y t mi.
medintq connections with fast trains fos'Ncvj
uricnus via jvionigomerj nna ior Jicaipnis
Meridian, Kcvi Orleans nud Ylcksburg Ia Dlr
11 00 n. m. Dallv. Southern Express foi
Ljnchburg, Danville, Greensboro, Raleigh'
Salisbury and stations Western North Caro,
una illusion, unauoue ana siauons souu:
Carolina Division to Augusta, and Stations At
lanta nud Charlotte Division to Atlanta vvher
connect! n is made in Union Station tor al
points South andSoiithiv est, Through coichci
JNcvv von. to Atlanta
I'm man Hurra b concr. New lork lo Knox'
vlllc via Lynchburg, Dinvllle, Salisbury and
Western North Carolina Division,
Pullman UnlTct Sleeper, Washington to Nck
Orlrans via Atlanta, Alontgomcry and Mobile
Trains on Washington and Ohio dlvisloi
leavo VVnh!ngton bOO a. m. dally, 0 23 p. m
dall) and 4 15 p. m , except Sunday; re
turning arrive Washington 8.80 a. m. and 54.'
p. in. dally and ( 53 a. m , except Sunday.
through I ruins from I lie bout li via Charlotte.)
and Danville nriivc In Washington 8 Ml
a, m , 10 23 a in, and 7 0 p. m nnd iron"
Lvnehhur l to ii in. and n 50 n. m : vli Eas
'lenncesco, Drlstol and Ljnchburg atlOJSaS
in btrasbnrg locil nt 10 47 a. m.
Tickets. slccDlnir car reservation and Infor
matlon furnished and baggage checked at of
flee, ICOOl'ennsjlvanln avenue, and nt passer
per station, Pennsylvania Railroad, Sixth am'
jj sirccis.
JA8. L. TAYLOR, Gen. I'a3. Agent,
i 'Jo the North, West and Southwest.
Double 'I rack. bnlendld Scenery.
Steel Hall-?. Magnificent Equipment.)
In i fti:ct May 3, 1S91. J
Trains leave Washington from station, cornel
of Sixth and 11 streets, ns follows: fl
Fon PiTTsmmo and tho West, Chicago Llml
Itcd Lxprcss ot Pullman Vcstlbulo Cars aS
10 50 a. m. dallj i Fast Line, 10 50 a. m. dallfl
to Chicago, Columbus nud St. Louis, with,.
Parlor Car Harrlsburg to Pittsburg, andl
Sleeping Cars from Pittsburg to Indianapolis
Plttfburg to Columbus; Altoona to Chicago,
bt I ouis, Chicago nnd Cincinnati Express
8 30p m. daily. Parlor Car Washington to;
HnrilBburg, and Sleeping Cars Harrlsburg to
bt, I ouis, Chicago nnd Cincinnati, and Dln-S
lug Car Harrlsburg to fct. Louis, Chicago
iii. dall), with Sleeping Cam Washington try
Chicago aud St. Louis, connecting dally au
Hnrrlsbiirir with throiiL'h slceners for Louis'
vlllc and Mcmnhls. Pullman Diulni! Cat
Pittsburg to Richmond and Chicago, 1'aclDj
xxxinrs, iv uu p. iu. utuiy, lur j iiiniuir uu
the West, w Itb tluough sleeper to Plttsburp
and Pittsburg to Chicago.
Fon Kane, Canandaioua, Rochester aud Ni
ogara Falls dall), except bunday, 8 10 a. ml
Foil E.iie, Canamiaioua aud Rochester dally
for UuITulo and Niagara daily, oxcept Satur,
da), 1000 p. in , with Sleeping Car Washing
ion loitocncsicr.
Foil WiiLiAMsioitT, Rochester nnd Nlagar
ton to Rochester
Falls,? 40 p. in dally, except Saturday, wit 3
bleeping cir vvasningiou to Jiocnesier.
Fon ili lAvisroRT. Rcnovo nud Elmlra,
10 50 a. in. dally, except Sunday.
Fon WitxiAsisioiiT. dally. 3 JO n. m.
Fori Pun AiibLNHA. New York and tho Eas
7 20, 'I (HI nud 11 00 a. in ; U 13, 2 10, 3 15, 1 '
6 to. 10 GOanil 11.13 n. in. On Sunday. tl 00 ai
11 00 a. in .U 15. 2 10. .1 15. 1 20. 10 00 and 11 3
n. in. Limited Exnress of Pullman l'arlo
Curs, with Dining Car, to New York, U.40 a!
in. nan), except annua y.
TouNlw Yoniv mil. Limited Express witl
uiniug car, o uu p. in. unuy,
Fast cxnrcss 810a. in. week days and 4 00 D,
m. dnllv . Express, Sunday, only, 5 40 p. mj
1' on llosTO wiiuoiu cnauge, .) ia p. m. ever
Fon llnooKi-TK. N Y.. nil throuch trains con
ncct at Jersey City with boats ot Brooklyn
Annex, affording direct transfer to Fulton
sireer, avoiding uouuie rernago across weir,
York e Itv.
Fon Atlantic City, 12.15 p. ra. week days,
11.35 p. in. daily. I
Fon Raltijioiie, il 05, 7 50,8.10, 9 00, 9 40, 1000,"
10 50, 11 00 nnd 11 50 a, m , 11 13, 8,10, 3 15r
3 SO, 4 00, 4 20, 4 30, 0 00, 5 10, 0 00 7. 10, 10 00
nnd 11 35 ti. in. On hundnv 'UJO. 1MB. 10 50
11 (10 a. Ill . 12 11, 2 10, 3 15, 3 , 4 00,4 20, 500,1
6 40, 1! (10, 7.40, 10 00 and 11.13 p. m.
j.' on 1 oi'E b entEK i.im:, I..TJ u, in, uuu 1 O'
ii. m dalh excent Sunday.
Fon Asnaioiis. 7.20 aud 11 00 a. in.. 11 50 am
4 20 p, m. dally except Suuday, Sundays
ti uu u, m and l :v p, in.
Ik ErrzcT May 3. ltfll.
Fon ALEXANnniA. 4 '. B 33. 7 15. 8 40. 9.13. Hi!
u in , U 01 noon, 1 IX), 2.10, J 'W, 4 23, 5 J?
ii is, i, iuiq nnu ii au p. m uu au
day at 4 30, 7, 13, 0.43,10.47 a. m , 1. 00,8.1 J, (i.l
8 02 and 1U 05 n. in.
ArrnMuciiiATiox for Ouantlco. 7.45 a. in. an
express U.05 p. iu, week da) s, 7.15 a. m, Sun
Fon Hic!imo,d nnd tho South. I TO and 10 B'
n in dally, Accommouatiouu03p.nl. wee
'InAs rEAVE Alexandria tor Washington
din, tuo, sou, u iu, lu.io, ii ri, it ti a. ni
1 20, 2 (HI, 3 00, 3 50, 1 55, 6 15, 0 13, 7 03, 9 3i
.r. t, '. ,. no .. ' .... V 1.... . I, 1fi 11,1.
ll 17 and 11 11 a Hi.; 2 00, 4 55, 7.03, 7.40, 0 21
and 10 50 li. in.
'J lckcts and information at the office north
east corner ot '1 hlrtcenth street and PennsyM
oauia avenue, onu at mo sinuon, wncro omora
can no lert mr inoeuciMiigor uugagoiouvsu
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