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S 1 1THE
5 5I 5I
I V 4z > At This Particular Season i V
1 ifB 191 J It Everyone c cnslderatc nsldernte needsa of Ills good h health hl medicine to purify the blood and thoroughly build up the system and prepare it t for the severe st strains ins the approaching Spring and nd Summer vi1I ill put upon it it The careful person who is 2f
as all should jp ii
IC e be
< is particular to select a remedy that has stood the test of time
contamsDO contains iio mineral poison n on narcotics or stimulants and
1 NATIVE iTIVE HERBS is p 1 is compounded br a reputa reputable le firm OU OUR
IS such uch <
compoun comPounded cd b by firm Just a remedy It has enjoyed the confidence of the people for many years It it Isan is an HERB COIPOC COMPOUND D As It it IS is 111 in powder or tablets it It does not c contain ntam an any shmul stimulants nt and is
a who ho is IS
IS noted for its
honc honesty ty and fair dealing This matchl matchless ss remedy acts gently and pleasantly on th the various of the the
10 the cntare system We c hope Yan us o organs gtns body purifies bl blood od and gtCS gives a healthy healthy and vigorous lgO l1S tone
IB power to makeOUR NATIVE eery ever HERBS one of our agents will vii1 avail themselves of o thIs go golden cn opportunity canvass eery every housem house in their thet vicinity Cmlty take a copy of tlll tins p paper per with them and use every eve effort m in their
the standard remedy of their respectIve localities Others have done so and there IS is nothing to prevent you from doing It it too tooEXTRACTS tooxrrtcrrs
The Alonzo O Bliss Bll Company CompanyGentlemen ComJl8nGcnUemenPleue Comp ny nyOentIemenpIeae
Gentlemen GcnUemenPleue Pleane send me a h halt U gross of OUR NATIVE HERBS by first fi t
express I am entirely enUref out of medlelne and have people waiting wa1Un for it It Business BusIne
la It booming with me > and I expect to soil hundreds of boxes of your our matchless matchlessoprlnp
oprlnp Tonic during the n next xt few weeks The Doctors have been doing all they tht >
cn to Injure the reputation of orOUR OUR NATIVE HERBS In this neighbor ¬
hood but bullt It rives me jAeFure rJe rore to say they met with poor success In fact tact after I
had cured a chronic case ea of Scrofula that had baffled the skill of all our physi physicians ph phytcfnn i ¬
cians the people peo > 1e have more confidence contitJen e in OCR NATIVE HERBS than ever everami everand everand
and when the Doctors say sa anything against the medicine they are told that
jealousy Is at the bottom of their prej prejudice dlce Your plan of putting the directions
for using usln the medicine on a folder and Inclosing one In each box Is a a good one oneand oneand
and Insures Ingur the user of o receiving information that he should have to obtain the
best results from the medicine I am also glad to hear that you OU are stamping
BACH AOH CH YELLOW PACKAGE PA KAGE as sometimes I am forced to break a a box bo to avoid avoidmiKinx avolLlml avoidmii
miKinx ml mii nJt a sale which I will not do if it can i be > e possibly avoided I have made mae
tho subject of wiling mn OUR NATIVE HERBS the object of careful study stud for or this thispast thlPRSt thepast
past year etlr and nd below you will find the outlines of tho plan that I think the best bes
First I have a neat attractive buggy and horse that I use when canvassing in
the Spring and Summer I have one of those FLY nets with 1tb OUR NATIVE
HERBS advertisement on It It not r > t only attracts attention but keeps my horse horsecomfortable horsecomfortable horsecomfortable
comfortable too I start out bright and early with a liberal supply of medicine
and literature call at every verr house I am careful not to overlook any Inquire Inquireafter Inquireafter inquireafter
after the health of the family famlJ go In and have a pleasant little chat and if all
nf r thf them > m are nr fortunate fnrtint nnuth to tn be 1i weB T
q It It Is IS not flOt necessal to to 00 oc c conunee finec1 th tneir r bedsto Deis io neeu edouP uut AT vuivr VE HERBS ua
j that It Is as great a preventive as a a cure and a few doses taken takt > n when one feels unwell will very often save a
J Jieary lI eavy avy doctors bill and much suffering 1 always reason with the people peope pleasantly pleasantJand and If I cannot persuade them to buy
flY a box I politely thank them for their attention leave Il 1va < some literature which bears my name and address asking that
ii IB t tk they ey read It carefully carefulJ and If 1 they should want a box to drop mo a postal and I will calL Yours truly J T JONES
1 I 1 You on will see Sf 0 from the above letters one from a comparatively new agent the
ether Ua t from an old timer that OUR WORKING AGENTS ARE AR MAKING MONEY
Mr fr Jonm has given this business much thought and the plan he outlines is a
i A3 Hood one and you ou would do well to give it a trial He Is one of our energetic work ¬
er ers era and u uses more literature In comparison to the size Ize and population of his county
than any other agent 8 ent we have hav < If he h does not make a sale he leaves the person he herU heJr
Jr rU Inttni Interviewed rXt ed 1 In a Pte pleasant nt frame of mind and nothing but pleasant thoughts of
IQ LJ OUR NATIVE HERBS and Its agent al < nt He is assured of a hearty heart welcome on his
second t sond visit which he always makes and very often he makes sales at the places
lw fcllttd fi lltlll to do so o on his first round He calls on those he has sold to also and
often obtains good ood testimonials and the names nRm of other parties who want a box of
iirdiciiie The physicians tried hi to give OlR NATIVE HERBS a black eye e < in his hisI
I territory but hft h worked things thln s so nicely that the people believe there Is no remedy
on earth e is ts good as our medicine medicineMr medlclnMr medicineMr >
Mr Anthony Anthon comparatively speaking is a new man with us but you ou can see he
intend to make his mark in the agency business He nvule tn de SIX DOLLARS THE TH
VERY ER FIRST DA DAY and could have made moro if his stock of medicine had lasted
I He te a firm believer In personal Interviews and local testimonials also in sending sendln in
8 the Return Cards irds That gives the customer to understand that we take an Interest
In his individual Intllvi ual case and that we want to euro him His views on advertising are arecorrect arecorrect arecorrect
correct and we know he will be amply ampl repaid for any expenditure he may make in
that line We are glad Iad to see that he appreciates < the pains we take to see that all
ef our agents ents are supplied sutvll 1 with the best and most attractive literature that can be
1 i
I Vtlashm Washington ton D D1 C Kansas City Mo Chicago III San FrancIscQ Cal Montreal Can London Eng I L
I q
18 i J8
I I <
Canning House Men McuTestify Iell Testify as asto asto
to Beef Sold to Army ArmySALT Arrn
rorrqiiurteis CliicUy C Tafcrn for Canned Cannedl CanllcIIHUlist
l HUlist s ItiTf Hecnuse They Contain the thetlnick thof
f tlnick I huck Uhlch It hleh Is Regarded ns s One of oflie uCI
I t lie Ia l hoicent TartsCows Sometimes SometimesMauglitcifcil SometimeslilUhleioai
Mauglitcifcil When IVIe Illm with lIh Culves CuhesSot Kot lie lierdttl
gardtti rdttl as a Unwholesome Food Foodpuago Footlthilago
puago March 11Bdward 13 1wartl Tilden Iltlen who
I Trwisunr lrt t lIrr and one of the directors directors of of1ibly
lIbby McNViU Libby packing Com Comnv ComflY Coinflt
nv flY wis the fi lIt t witness ltHeM cnlled today todayarmy todu toduth
th > army tITI beef f investigation Refer ReferI
1 r I th grade rade of stock reported in innr Inas inflWIiirs
nr flWIiirs sMlrs as eanners he said saidunderstand sal saidnd
understand nt nd rsand that it
refers to a cheap
j Jr J lr of f att atll but
so for as the pack packehouss pockghom packghou
ehouss ghom < are fe concerned it is a mlsno mlsnoauj misnoni1
r r auj dos tI not signify slgnlf anything anthngUNi
u UNi H > ail 11 ill the aim IK I to get a uniform uniformof
> of for canning about a thou
I live weight Generally the theTMrNTs thepirr therr
TMrNTs pirr rr are used for canning canningJ
l i4j J J I ubkfd ke4 In it not a matter of ofat ortLal ofILt
tLal at you tllI can what might be termed termedirnr termodi termediart
irnr i part Iart of the > forequarters forequartersu
Nu u ir r It i is a matter of fact that we weth w wth
th ist st part of the t th forequarters forequartersfhuck furequartersi I
fhuck fhuckit
it i not ld a fact that chucks were sold soldtr soldtru I
t tr Iru < I pc at Wattrtown X Y and andr
r 1 JLt iiis for 4 cents ntl1l a pound pounduy poundsomebody
I > uy 11 f pr re somebody SOmebod m must st have been beeni
t t i am afl j IJ to dispose dlpo of them The Theiu Their
trI iu jl ir n q would woul be about C c cents > nts The TheiL Ih IhI
S I iL lit > t by 11 y any an means the worst worsti
u1 o II i larc areas arcssa We W t e look upon It us l s st
f bt t choicest Sf parts In fact the thenun theIat theurtr
< nun urtr r of the carcass is I the only onbn
eat M n i an orthodox Jew JewJJ Jewr
4 JJ r J 1 Then the price would woul depend dependttif dependL
tin number l1uml r of Jews Jtcw In the commu comtnurot commur
I r rot at all allratles
1 1 w Ht < ratles TlIII oflCoant uf 101lllt Herr ItepfJ
Ij J J I I How IfJ
many man different grades gradesI
C 11 j I Id Mf do j0 you jirftjmrt rpare > 7
111111 ln1 1 iii M Two grades xrad of roast beef beeff I
t i IOf < f corned I1td bt litJ beef f fJ I Is4j
5 J MJ I onaldoraMe of this lower lowerin I
i to in lIlt c Ienuhtnt < verntn nt did you 00 not notviy r rIt I
viy t MJ It all amount sniou W We e sold Id about abouthalf aboutrrI I
rrI 1Ll < 11 a half iiounda of canned I
I i t f r to I th the h government in all alli I
I j > Iht IWhere i wh > re WM that second I
I id idhlk
hl hlk It t waa wa WI delivered at Camp Al AIII I
1 ttr 1 rv r II M t in price prit between lween the tit two twoS twoaW twosaMi I
S w s 8 saMi aW W WM wa It 1 cent n pound poundLittle poundIiulen I
I < Little Iiulen an aiwUtant Inspector J rj tor tor1u I
i uriu 1u of 9 Animal Industry I Rdu9tr who whoon I
j I II on Ii duty at various VVOU packing I
S 1 fn I the 1f Mock yards rds testified that thati
I < i l i h live fty hundred cttl cattle W wa was H con
J It th the animal Is to b bt entirely entirelytp
nini1 nn n ini Inspector Hou > r follows follow It to 0 lh thi
r i tnk nk and wen It nut put In He
I h > iitHi Irufllftlon otlon of the tanc lts Itself lf nor noriha
iixprct ih iha refuse when It came
If > th h cae U 5C Qf bruit bndlHhl ruiee tit the brained t1 +
is 0 ir r ut j en ff Mt IInd nd < condemned co dltmned ile ieat l
ra r rsL i iiom II urn the tank would Otlltl not be
Ill i e fr food foodv
d v Hu > u any knowledge kncw14IId e of any being
r tdntron n from tro th tM taatcsT taatcsTv UUtk r rr rOn
v On for auapectn tlnlr It Itr
sir sirter
ter r lllnl ed 111ac 11i orOhlmlcl1l orOhlmlcl1ld at CIieniIcal
d 1 Hfo v tC > you ou U ever bad awy a y ece eOeaHon ion t b bus bJ ho hojr
J jr us lJtlt fi that ehiinicttis e ltt la wire usad usadlr ueoovrllrraUon usodM
M lr vrllrraUon s rvatioH of lh the b btfflC btfflCIr beef ef eflr
5 sir sirt lr lrv
v t > uU < u any JwrWktJon aa us to chem chemware chemIr 0116111sir
sir sirit Ir
4 beet t ware w rUbbed down with clotbj I IL
I containing boric b riO acid It would not be a amatter amatter
I matter within your jurisdiction jurisdictionNo
I No sir sirIn sirIn
I In reply to Gen Davis the witness told110W told toldhow
I how the meat was cut up prior to putting puttinginto puttingInto
I into the rendering tank saying it would wouldbe wouldbe wouldbe
I be possible J ossible > for a small quarter to be put putIn putIn putin
I In whole wholeAre wholeAre wholeAre
I Are cows that have recently given givenbirth givenbirth
I birth to calves condemned condemnedYes condemnedYes condemnedYes
I Yes within a certain length of time1 time1What time tlmeWhat timeWhat
II What is the limit limitNine limitIne limitNine
I Nine Ine days after delivery or up to towithin towithin towithin
I within a month prior to delivery deliveryMaj delleryMaj
I Maj Lee LeeThen Then a cow carrying car ing a calf calfseven cn1fscven calfseven
I II seven months would go In and not be becondemned beccndemned becondemned
condemned condemnedYes ccndemnedYes condemnedYes
I Yes YesAre YesAro YesAre
I Are not cows habitually used in the thecanning thecanning thecanning
I canning establishment establishmentYes
I Yes Tile larger portion of canners cannersare cannersare cannersare
I are cows cowsCol cowsCoI cowsCol
I Col Davis DaisYhat What is the purpose of your yourinspection yourinspection our ourInspection
I inspection inspectionTo
I To T guard against diseased meats meatsYou meatsYou meatsYou
I You consider a cow seven months with withcalf withcalf withcalf
I calf just as good and wholesome as one onethat onethat onethat
I that is not with calf seven months monthsAll monthsAU monthsAll
All things being heln considered yes yesIn yesIn es esIn
In reply to Maj laj lee the witness stated statedthat statedthat statedthat
that some of the houses kill cattle the thesame theflame thesame
same day da they the arrive at the yards ar s while whileothers whileothers whileothers
others held them for a day or two days daysSome da daysSome 5 5Some
Some kill them right away awayYes awayy awayYes
Yes y el sir sirAfter sirArter sirAfter
After they have been shipped a long
distance distanceYes distanceYes distanceYes
Yes sir sirTunk sirTunl sirrank
rank Mont teat Unfit for Food FoodDr FooIIDr FoodDr
Dr E O Dyeson who has been an in inspector inspector Inspector ¬
spector at the stockyards since 1893 was wasnext wasn wasnext
next n xt called lIe said his duties were to tolook tolook tolook
look after the other Inspectors and see seethat seethat seethat
that they did their duty uty He has twenty twentylive twenty11e twentylive
live or thirty men to look after and had hadreported hadflllorted hadreported
reported only onl two In a year ear for negli negligence negilgence ¬ I
gence One Onecame came late and the other was wasintoxicated wasIntoxicated wasintoxicated
intoxicated An interval he said might mightelapse mightelapEe
elapse between the going oil and the com coming comIng corning ¬
ing on of an Inspector but we are sup supposed suppOlled supposed ¬
posed to be very strict in regard to that thatFrom thatIrom thatFrom
From your our observation would It be bepossible IJepossible bepossible
possible to take out meat from the tank tankwhen tankwhen tankrlteii
when once onc thrown In InIt InIt InIt
It would be possible but I dont think thinkit thinkIt thinkit
it very probable probableWhat lrobableWhat hirobableWhat
What would be the condition of the thebeef thebeet thebeef
beef beefIt
It would not be very Inviting InvitingAfter Invltln InvltlnJfter InvitingAfter
After once being thrown Into the tank tankwhat tankwhat tankwhat
what would be the possibility of its being beingused beingUSM beingused
used for food foodI
1 dont think It could be beWhere beWhere beWhere
Where would It have to be taken to be beworked beworked beworked
worked up upIt tipIt upit
It would have to be taken to the sau sausage sausa sausage ¬
sage sa room or to the canning room roomWhat roomWhat roomWhat
What would be the chances of detec detection detection detcetirni ¬
tion in your opinion opinionThe opinionThe opinionTue
The chances of detection would be in insome Insom insome
some som of the employes emplo being around and andseeing andelng andseeing
seeing > elng the meat In that condition I Ithink Ithink Ithink
think it would be easily easll recognized recognizedHave recognizedHlI recognizedhave
Have you OU tver er hod occasion to believe believeor believeor
or su 8Utll suspect H > ct t that that practice existed in inany Inan Inany
any an registered r > gllterfd packinghouse packinghouseXot
Not ot within the > last four or five liveyears liveyearshow years yearsllov yearsHow
How was It prior to that time timeI
I never had any aft positive evidence rdouce of ofanything 0 0arthln ofarthlng
anything arthln occurring oc urrln at that time time but 1 1was 1was
was 88 stationed at a house house where there therewere therewun therewtre
were rumors or reports that probably pro bl such sucha
a thing was done doneXu doneo doneNo
Xu o Iiivrstlsatfon lurstl UO1 Mnd MndWhat Made 311114What MadeWhat < >
What steps sh ps If any were taken to pre prevent preent prevt ¬
vent ent it Did you ou make any investigation investigationor
or report on the th matter matterThis matterT matterTThis matterThis
This was merely a rumor I had no noreason nofWson noTOKOfl
reason myself to suspect anything of the thewjrt theOrt thesort
Ort After it was reported I used all allthe aUthe altthe
the vigilance llnc I could couldDid couldDld couldDid
Did you ou make mak any dn Investigation or re report re report report ¬
port with 1th reference to the matter matterNTo matterNo matterNo
No sir sirWho tr trWho r rWho
Who did didIt didJt didit
It was reported report 00 to me It got around aroundto aroundto aroundto
to the Inspectors in charge and to me meBut meBut meIktt
But you mad made no Investigation Irttstl aUon or par participated tr1rUChHtte partielpatetl ¬
ticipated in any investigation investigationNo vest1gatiOflNo
No o it was vas outside of my y duty dut Some Swnemla SmeNtUa Somecattle
cattle mla thrown out at the yards ard wer were driv driven driven dilyen ¬
en to what ar Brit known aa little houws houwshoua houeshou houaesilOU5
houa ilOU5 a that bed no Inspection Inspection and were werekilled werekJUed werekilled
killed under the supervision 2i pcrvision of the city cityuofitmortem cityIJI6JIWCto cityinspectors
inspectors inspectorsDr 1iI
1 Dr r lJAn said that catOe condemned at attho atthe
the ntlmoMnJ examination In the yarda yardaor lrd lrdfllr
fllr or various cau causes eil If they passed the theJ06tmortm thepoetmortem
uofitmortem poetmortem JnspactXHi Ins Uon miGht be broug brought broughtnto broughtinto ht htInto
Into nto the p packi packinghOUSe cklnirhoe lhottt e and used H Hit had hadMm hadnewer hadmier
Mm Mim chemlenU cheml of any nn kind us usexcept used UaM8Xeept usedexcept
except borax and things thln of that son sonaround sortaround Ort Ortaround
around the hog ho houses He had never In hlt
You Should Advertise AdvertiseSeveral AdvertiseSceral AdvertiseSeveral
Several of our agents aro running ad advertisements aderUsements advertlsements ¬
vertisements in their local papers with withgood withgood withgood
good results Wo Yo herewith reproduce one onethat onethat onethat
that Is bringing trade to one of our ener energetic energetic energetie ¬
getic and enterprising agents in Wales WalesPossibly WalesPossibly WalesPosslbb
Possibly all of you will not be able to toread toread
read it but it sets forth the virtues of ofOUR ofOUR
OUR NATIVE HERBS In attractive attractiveand attractleand attractiveand
MEDICINE We want more of our ouragents ouraGents ouragents
agents to advertise and will be glad to toprepare toprepare toprepare
prepare ads for them If they will ad advise advise advise ¬
vise us as a to space they will use c The Theirail Thetrail Thetrail
trail orders you You will receive will m moro morothan morcthan morethan
than pay pa for the the advertisement and then thenyou thenyou thenyou
you can take a copy cop of the paper with withyou withyou withyou
you when canvassing and the people will willhave w111ha willhave
have ha 0 a much better opinion of you ou and andOUR andOUR andOUR
OUR NATIVE NATIV HERBS too after seeing seeingyour se seeingyour lng lngour
your our announcement in their local paper
vesti v estltlted ated the subject of chemicals with withreference withreference witheference
reference r to beef be t He said that a a case oflumpy
lumpy l umpy jaw docs not necessarily condemn condemnthe condemnthe condemnhe
the t he meat unless the disease is general generalized generalIZ generalCharles
ized IZ I
Dr Charles E JIcNeill Bureau Inspec Inspector Inspector Inspecor
tor t or at the beef bee and sheep house of Nelson NelsonMorris Xe1sonMorris NelsonMorris
Morris Co was the next witness He Hewas Hevas Hewas
was not aware of any chemicals having havln havlnboon
been used in that establishment and had hadno hadno
no 1 10 reason to believe or suspect that they theywere theywere
were so used usedOnly usedOnh usedonly
Only Onh Salt for Canned Roast Beef BeefCharles Dee DeeCJ1arle BeeLCharles
Charles H Emory superintendent of the theLibby theLfbb theLibby
Libby Lfbb McNelll rc elIl Libby Llbb Packing House Housetestified Housetestified Houseestified
testified t next Our business Is princi principally principally principaliy ¬
pally canning he said We do not do doany doany doany
any slaughtering directly but animals animalsaro animalsare animalsare
are killed for us by Swift Co The Theamount Theamount Theamount
amount cf canned beef bee sold by us to the theUnited theUnited theUnited
United States last year ear was between two twomillion twomlIIlon twomillion
million and two and a half million pounds poundsOf poundsOf poundsOf
Of this wo had on hand on the 1st of ofJanuary ofJanuar ofJanuary
January Januar 1S9S 189 about one on hundred thou thousand thoumn thousand ¬
sand mn pounds No chemicals are used or orrelied orrelied orrelied
relied upon by b us to preserve canned beef beefA beefA
A very small quantity of salt sallis is used In Ina Inu Inft
a twopound can we use onehalf onE bal ounce of ofsalt otsalt ofsalt
salt in solution solutionJames solutionJames solutionJames
James S Morrow Assistant Superin Superintendent SuperIntendent Superirtendent ¬
tendent at Libby McNeil Libby LIbb cor corroborated corroborated corroborated ¬
roborated the testimony of the previous previouswitness previouswitness previouswitness
witness as to the processes of conning conningroast cannh1troast canningroast
roast beef He said there was scarcely scarcel scarcelany scarcelyany
any difference between the grades of ofroast ofroast ofroast
roast beef and that the distinction wasmade wasmade was wasmade
made mostly most he supposed to compete
with others in the business There was
very e little difference as to quality quaIit He
did not know whether there was any dif ¬
ference in the price to the government
He sold that about 50 per cent cf the
cows were used in canning
The first witness at the afternoon ses ¬
sion was Arthur Meeker the manager of
Armour Cos packinghouse who had
previously been questioned at Washing
I ton He said the accumulation of canned
I goods were held 1 ld In Chicago but the firm
had also a large stock in Europe They
had on hand at the outbreak of the Span i
ilsh Iih i h war 500M 500 MOvo 41Q > Q pounds l > of canned roast
beef in Chicago and HOW pounds in New
York They sold 2000000 pounds to the
government and also 230003 2 pounds of
corned beef
No 0 Chemicals Ifred IfredThe Uel1I UcedThe
I The w1tn witness stalled that complaints complaintsabout comp1afntsabout complaintsabout
about beef furnished the government had
been received at the minor agencies but butnone butnone butnone
none of them was of sufficient importance importanceto
to be sent to the home office
Refriger Refrigerated Itetrlgersted Itefrigerated ¬
ated beef b had been
furnished to
camps campsat campsat campsat
at Chickamauga Jacksonville Jackso me Tampa
Fornandina Lakeland and Port Tampa
He said that cUmlcals
no were used to topreserve topr
preserve pr ere the beef bee either eitherTho eitherTho eitherThe
Tho witness 1tn Ss > stated that two ounces of
jelly jell were put Into a twopound can of ofroast ofroast ofroast
roast beef but no salt
The jelly jeU gave gavean gavean gavean
an attractive appearance to the meat and andadded lndadded andadded
added to the nourishment About 1
12 12per 12fer 12rer
per cent of the nourishment came out in
the first boiling process processlIe 1 12 per cent of
the soluble albumen An extract of beef beefwas beetmade beefat
was at made out of it No date was put on
the label on the roast ro st beef cans ean the con ¬
tents being b4ln guaranteed
Meat thus
pre preserved pre presened preserved ¬
served six eight el ht and nine nln years ears was just justas justfig justas
as good as If put up UI last summer The
French government required a date on onth onth onthe
th the can The same kind of meat was wasused wasused
used in the cans furnished the United
States government governmentHow governmentHow governmenthow
How do y you OU u account for the dissatis ¬
faction that Is alleged on the part of the thesoMiera thesoldiers thesoldiers
soldiers In the use of the canned roast
be beef fr frI
I think there wore several reasons reasonsthe the
heat which causes the fat and the Jelly jell jellto
to melt melt and Instead of a nice attractive
looking lookln piece of meat coning out of the thecan thecan thecan
can the meat would be separate 3DLrateComo 3DLrateComoapart puat come comeapart m6 m6apart
apart in pieces And there was no salt in
It no pepper no condiments and In many ma ma8H
CAM 8H no n condiments con Umuta wr W were re tiaed I think
It would have given ven more satisfaction If Itmade Ifmade
made up and cooked with vegetables It ItaboulU itshould
should be taken out of the can as soon as
the th can is opened ojwnedSoliilvrriXot opnedSdltltJrJlsot openedSobtiers
SoliilvrriXot Sobtiers Not Used tn Canned CaunfllJeef CaunfllJeefTn Heel IteefTn HeelIn
Tn reply to Gen Glllesple the witness witnessstated wItnesstd witngs1ttM
stated s1ttM td that Powell was a I meat dealer he heunderstood heUJ1d heupderstood
understood UJ1d lIJtood In New YorK City Cft He had hadno bftdno hadno
no connection whatever what er with 1th Armour ArmourCo AmourCo ArmourCo
Co H He vi visited itd the New W Y lc U office and ands andsaid andsaid
s said id he had a process for iesetvin eservins eS tvjrl re reAmJCTKDAFrR re1PPJ1CTXDMD re retrnlcrxDtrrra
suit elt It Pnrf Pr O P THBCU THea TI X t D ft CM 51 N Sitk 111 rik Kb kbSc
Sc PWIa44JIWL Pa te eIIaJIRCtt Ue 1MfW md5 t tcwtltC ii iicudag
cwtltC JdoiM IeiU Ma P5 IliItIOtfllet
ft aLlis UC aM ssdeerispcausts m st ftIr tsrtasdseei IIIOrJ
tadrMlltdl tasdseei nd tl1t
The Alonzo O Bliss Company CompanyGentlemen CompanyGentlemenI CompanyGentlemenI
Gentlemen GentlemenI I received my order of OUR NATIVE XT1 HERBS last evening e nIDg In
good condition This morning I started out ou to see what I could do at the bush business ¬
ness which was new to me I am both surprised end nd pleased 1le sed at the th wonderful wonderfulsuccess wonderYIscccels wonderfulsuccess
success I met with I sold sol ONE DOZEN DOZE X BOXES today and could have dis disposed disposed disposed ¬
posed of as many mon more If I had had them I never say anything sell as they thc did
The people all au seemed to appreciate the th advantages of having bllvln 200 O days treat treatment trootmtnt treatment ¬
ment of the best and purest medicine me lclne in the market for I 1 and the dollar returned
to them if they were not satisfied with the tt > benefits bnefts derived derhe from Its It use ce The liter literature ler lerature literature ¬
ature you ou furnish is the best bet and most convincing oOln < n I ever v r read red and goes a Ion Ionway 101 tong
way wy toward making sales sles Please Plete be sure ure to send me a liberal Iberl supply suppl with wih this or ¬
der which I want you ou to ship as soon as possible lbe as I am completely out of OUR
NATIVE ATIVE HERBS HERB and have people waiting waitn p for it It There cmpetely are agents here her for sev several severl several ¬
eral erl other medicines but bt none of them are ar doing very vel much and mt in a i few days I
hope hop to make things thing so lively lvely for them thtm that they th will wi not be b able to do any an busi business business bustness ¬
ness Your idea of putting OUR NATIVE NATE HERBS HRBS In TABLETS TABLE is a good one oneand oneand oneand
and I think the new ne package pakage Is neater and more economical economicalJ eonomical eonomicalJ goo
J find I can make more selling OUR NATIVE HERBS
fnd c money s mnS OLR HERB than any an anoter
other oter occupation occuption I have hve ever tried and I propose propse to devote my whole time to the theagency theagenc theagency
agency agenc and see if I cannot make It one of your our best ones in the country count Just as assoon assoon
soon son as I c on can n do so I am going gol to have hnce you prepare prepre some special Health Helth Reports Reprts a
for me me with local loca testimonials testmonia printed on the back bck I know knoW statements from peo people peopIe ¬
ple In my neighborhood nelghbolhoo will wi enable me to do much better beter as the will wf have hle more moreweight moreweltht moreweight po pople
weight than those from a distance distance I also contemplate running tin tn advertisement
in our local paper pper and ad wish you would prepare prepe one suitable siable for my locality localy I am amvery amvery
very er careful to see se that tha every eer return retur card cnrt is properly pro rly filled fUft out and sent in to tovou toyou toyou
you so the Durchasers purch name n me can be entered en e on your books I appreciate the advice
you ou pave ve me ana it I nas ben oeen a a great geat netp help to to me J I i icei feel comment confdent mere there zier wouia ould not not lot be oe a single single cumpiann complaint uupai UL of u uand u uand ad btlne
i and hard times among your our thousands thouEnds of agents agent If they would only follow the advice you ou so kindly give them Yours Your for forcontinued forI forcontinued
I continued success B D ANTHONY AXTHO
A gynwysa gwsa yrenwog yenwog feddyg feddygyginiaeth teddyg feddygyginiaeth
BRODOROL Maehwn yn yngyffyr yagyffyr n nSfyr
gyffyr Sfyr cryfhaol hollol holol lysieuol lysieuolyn Iysleuolyn lysieuolyn
yn rhodd Duw ir rhai a fllnir fllnirgan fnlr fnlrgn Llinirgan
gan gn anhreullad anhreulad dwlr poeth ate afuattach au auafach ateatlach
attach afach crydcymalau c dcmalauc c 200 200DYDD 2 200DYDD
43 yn fl rhad drwy y post postGRIFFITH postGRIffITH postGRIFFITH
frigerated frgerated beef for a period perio without Ice IceIt Ic iceit
It I was was quite a proposition propoiton to handle beef beefin beefIn beefIn
in the warm country countr and the New York Yorkoffice Yorkcmce Yorkcrnce
office sent set Mr Ir Powell PoweJ to Florida Florda to caper experiment eper eperiment caperiment ¬
iment iment The experiment was w not satisfac satisfactory satsfac satsfactory satlafactory ¬
tory to the government and ad that was the theend thecnd theend
end of It
In answer arswcr to Gen Davis the
stated is 3 another reason rrson for the soldiers soldiersnot soldIersnot soldiersnot
not liking lking the canned roast beef
neither neiher the regulars re lar nor volunteers were wereused wer werused wereused
used to it I the regulars reglar having hovin fresh treh beef beefat beelt beefat
at t the posts post The canned canne beef bee was cer certainly certainly certainly ¬
tainly not appetizing apetizng unless the proper propercondiments propcrcndlments properccndintentS
condiments were used or the meat was wasproperly wasproperly wasproperly
properly cooked Some Sme shipped to Flori Florida Florida Florida ¬
da was rejected rejecte as a some of the tins tinswere tns tnswere tinsvere
were defective defectlvo Where here one tin tn In a case casewas cse csea caseas
was a as defective defectve the whole case rse was reject rejected reje rejectCd ¬
ed e but this meat met was supplied supple by the Ar Armour Armour Armour ¬
mour Packing Company Compny of Kansas City Citya Ciy Ciya Citya
a separate separt organization orgaizton from the Chicago Chicagohouse Chicgo Chicgohouse Chicagohouse
house house He did not know of ozone being beingused beingu beingued
used u to preserve prsere refrigerated refrerte beef beefS beefS beefS
S c S Conway general superintendent suprintedent of ofArmour ofArmour ofArmour
Armour Co testified tcstfied that he had never neverbeen neverbeen neverbeen
been connected connecte with wih the beef bf department departmentbut departmet departmetbut departmentbut
but was more < or less familLir fmnIr with wih the themethods themethods themethods
methods of preparing beef bee He said sid that thatsalt thatsaIo thatsalt
salt saIo saltpeter salpeter preparni and sugar su ar were used In Inpreparing Inpreparing Inareparing
preparing hog hog products and sometimes sometimesborax fometmcs fometmcsborx sometimesborax
borax borx for shipping purposes puroEes but none of ofthese orth8 ofthese
these th8 was used uso in connection with 1th the thepreparation theprepration thepreparation
preparation prepration of beef beefSterilization beefStfrIHzlon beefSterlllzaiioii
Sterilization StfrIHzlon the Preserving Prcserln Agent AgentH AJent AJentH AgentH
H T Walton raIon superintendent suprintendent of the thecanned thecnned thecanned
canned cnned meat department lepartment of Armour ArmourCo Arour ArourCo ArmourCo
Co gay ga in detail detai a description desripton of the theprocess theproc theprocess
process proc s of canning cnnln and the methods of ofdetecting ofdetecting ofdetecting
detecting swellers and faulty cans The Theaverage Theaverage Theaverage
average yearly early rejection reection of cans he said saidwould sltI sltIwould saidwould
would be b less than half of 1 per cent The Theonly Th Thonlj Theonly
only onlj agent relied r Ied upon as preservative preservativewas preservatve preservatveWtS
WtS was sterilization sterilizationThe st sterilizationThe fmztlon fmztlonThe
The last witness witnes of the day was W E EPierce EPiere EPierce
Pierce Piere In charge of the slaughtering slaughteringcooling slaughterincoolng slaughteringcooling
cooling coolng and loading loadln of cattle ctte at Armour ArmourCps Amour AmourCos ArmourCos
Cps Cos He was wa asked akf If any discussion or ordispute ordispute ordispute
dispute had ever ee arisen between ween the firm firmand fr firmand
and Qd government inspectors Insptcr with wih reference referenceto
to the propriety prpret of a condemnation condemnationYes cndemnaton cndemnatonYes condemnationYes
Yes sometimes sometms but very ye seldom seldomIf selom selomun seldomIf
un If a prime steer ster Is condemned condeme what Is Isthe i isthe
the loss to Armour Arour Co CoForty CoForty CoForty
Forty dollars dolar or more moreHas morelas morehas
Has las any an matter ever been bn removed removedfrom remove removedfrom
from frm the th tanks during durng your our connection connectionwith connecton connectonwith connectionwith
with the establishment establishmentOnly establishmentOnly tabUshmentrOnb
Only after arer it I has been thoroughly th roughly dis disintegrated dlsintegrlted disintegrated ¬
integrated integratedHave integrltedHave integratedHave
Have you ou ever had any n reason reaon to sus suspect suspect sussect ¬
pect any tampering tmpering or foul fou play with re respect respt respect ¬
spect spt to condemned condeml meat meatNo meato meatNo
No o sir sirAre sirAre sirAre
Are any chemicals salts or acids used
In n connection connecton preservation preservationNo preservationTNo
No sir cold alone Is relied rled upon uponThe uponThe uponThe
The court cour adjourned adjourne until unU10 10 oclock to tomorrow t tomorrow ¬
morrow morw morning morningCol mornlns morningCol
Col Davis DvIs recorder recorer of court cour stated stte to tonight tonight ¬
night nl ht that he was wa unable unab1 to approximate approximatethe approxmte approxmtethe
the length of time it would take
i tke to ex exhaust ex1tust exhaust ¬
haust 1tust the list lst of Chicago ClcJo witnesses witnesse but It Itseems Itseems itseems
seems likely Ikel that thot two or three days will willbe wf wiltbe
be required reuire and possibly p ibly the tbe entire week weekbefore weekbefore
before the members membr of o the court can leave leavefor leve leveror heavefor
for Kansas City CityIXSPJ2CTOU Ciy CiyIXSPECOn City1NSPECTO1
A Confidential Confdental Copy Cup of tC It Sent to the Bee BeeCourt DeeCurt liceCnnrt
Court Curt of InqulrThe InquiryThe Inquiry InquiryThe
The report repor which wbc Chief Inspector Inpetor Devoe Devoeof Deoeof Devoeof
of the Bureau Bur u of Animal Anmal Industry Indust at Chi Chicago ChlCO Ciiicago ¬
cago CO testified t tll > before bfore the beef bf court cour of In Inquiry inquir Iaquiry ¬
quiry quir Saturday Stury he had hd made me In 18M 1 to tothfe t tothe
the th Agricultural Arielur Department DeTmnt regardine regardineallegations I reperdingallegations d1g d1gallftons
allegations allftons of the marketing maketnJ of condemned condemnedmeat condemne condemnedmeat
meat mot that had hd been tn taken tken out of the tanks taalaof t8 tanksof
of a Chicago Cnlcag packer pcker will 1 b b be the subject subJet of ofInvestigation ofInvestigtion ofnvestigation
Investigation Investigtion I by the court L8t Lieut CoL CoLDavis ColDvis ColDavis
Davis Dvis the recorder reorer of the court cur yesterday yesterdaytelegraphed yesterdaytelegraphed sterday sterdaytelfaphf
telegraphed telfaphf Secretary Sertf of Agriculture A cJture Wil Wilson WI WI WIsea ¬
kln him forward of the thereport thereport
son asking < to forard a copy tte tterepr
report and It was as decided dede to forward the thedccument thedccument
repr te tedccument
dccument immediately as a confidential confidentialAll cnldental cnldentalA11ntorUon confidentiaLAll
All A11ntorUon Information concerning conciJ the te character characterof chrcter chrcterot
of the report rtprt is refused rfusi at the tb department departmenton deparmnt deparmnton
on the ground gun that Ut the allegations oleaton made madein me meIn ummuleIn
in It could not b b be substantiated su tantated entirely entirelyOn enUrly enUrlyOn entirelyOn
On that ground gound the name of the te packing packingconcern pcking packingconcern
concern oncer Involved Invc and other details de ls are arenot ar arenot
not ot forthcoming forcming When 1f the report repr was wasreceived WI wasreceived
received reehed here during durln the last administra administration ndmlnisralien mlnlSr ¬
lien the case cse was as submitted fbmite to the Attor Attorney AttorfV Attorsoy ¬
soy fV General with 1th a view ieW tn prosecution prosecutionThe proscrlon prosecutionThe
The latt lat latter examined exmne the papers PP r5 and re reported re reported ¬
ported ore that tht the evidence elden was Insufficient Insufficientupon IMu11cent IMu11centupn Iniufilefentupon
upon upn which hteh to base bs a a prosecution prsuton and andreeontmended anarm andrecoinmendeti
reeontmended rm det that the t regulations r glaton5 of the thebureau te tebreu thebureau
bureau be changed so is to preclude
breu b cnf prelud any nn nnurrer anyurthcr
farther urrer action u ton of the t kind klI charged chred and andtr nndtt andtiS
tr tt tiS flw flwBpeaklns fo dOn dOn8peaking
Bpeaklns 8 aklng of Mr rr Devoes Dvoes report reprt Sewe See Seei
i j t
S > 1 L r
Every order received receive In the last ten days has contained containe something like the fol ¬
lowing Please Pleae ship this order immediately Immeiately Now that looks loks as If the agent a f nt was wasnot wasnot wasnot
not carrying car lng enough stock to meet the demand for or OUR NATIVE HERBS in
his neighborhood neighbrhood and nothing nothln injures a business more than neglecting negleting to fill or ¬
ders deIs c promptly prompt Of course we are glad 1lad to see business picking up but fl we wewant ve vewant I S Swant
want our agents to carry enough goods in stock to supply the trade Six agents
found they had to telegraph for goods oos last week We e warned you ou to prepare pr pare aJents for i
the rush rsh and several hundred hundre did so Those Tho that did not heed our advice < are now I r
out of medicine and missing mising sales every e < r day da We Ve are sorry sorr to see this and hope hopeOt hopeyou
you Ot will wH not let It I occur again LOOK OVER YOUR STOCK AT ONCE AND IF 1 F
Next Nextwccks weeks cck Post I Postwill ost will wil be of special interest to our Canadian agents agentsThey alCnt5 agentsThey I
They should order at once oncenot not only onl to be prepared repnrel for the increase in intrade Intrade I
trade but to insure their receiving rcccivin the paper paperPersonal paperPersonal paperPersonal
Personal experience of our agents will wi be published publshed In this space from time to 1
time tme with wih portraits portrais Contributions Contributons are invited Invite Be careful to give FULL tme PAR ¬ f
TICULARS and send photographs when possible Every Ever agent for OUR NA ¬
TIVE HERBS should make money monethe the medicine is right the price Is right and
the results resuls are always right If I will you ou are not satisfied satsfed with your our sales write wrie us f I
giving full ful particulars partculars and we will gladly give your our case careful thought and map
out a special speial campaign for you OU
tory tc Wilson Wison said that If f the evidence was wascompleto wascomplete
completo he would have no hesitation hesltatonm hesltatonmming in inmaking inmaking
making ming the report reprt public pubIc but the charges chargeshad chargeshad chargeshad
had not been proved and the papers paperstherefore paperstherefore
therefore should be b held as confidential confidentialLEAF confdential confdentialLEAF confidentIalLEAF ppers ppersherefore
Commissioner Commliioner of Internal Revenue Ievenuo TT11 TT11BOII WI 1YIIso
BOII lOl so Asked lted to Modify n 1 Killing KillingCommittees Unlnl IlitlingCommittees
Committees Commitees representing repreentng the N3W York YorkLeaf YorkLe YorkLeaf
Leaf Le Tobacco Board of Trade Tde the Chi Chicago Chicago CMcago ¬
cago Leaf Lef Tobacco Tobac Merchants lIerchanl Associa Association Association Assoclalion ¬
tion the te Cincinnati Cincinnat Leaf Lr Tobacco TObac Asso Association Associaton Assoelation ¬
elation ciaton the Philadelphia Phiadelphia Leaf Tobacco TobaccoBoard TobaccoBoard TobaccoBoard
Board of Trade and the Tobacco Board of ofTrade ofTrde ofTrade
Trade Trde of Baltimore Eutlmore had a conference cnference yes yesterday yestrday es est ¬
terday t rday wih with Mr lr Wilson Yl9n Commissioner of ofInternal ofInternal ofinternal
Internal Revenue They protested against againstthe againstthe againstthe
the recent reent ruling ruln of the bureau that that leaf leaftobacco leaftobacco
tobacco dealers have not the right to sell sellleaf sel sellleaf
leaf lea tobacco to licensed Icered manufacturers maufaturers or orlicensed orlcened orlIcensed
licensed lcened dealers dcaler in quantities quanttes less than a ahogshead ahogshead ahogshead
hogshead case cse or bale baleIt baleI baleIt
It I was Insisted that this ruling rulng Is not In Inaccordance Inacordance inaccordance
accordance acordance with wih the law or in Justice juslce to tothe tothe tothe
the small smal cigar cigr manufacturers and andlicensed andlicense andlicensed
licensed license dealers dealer Commissioner Wilsontook Wison Wisontook Wilson Wilsontook
took the matter under advisement avisement and andwill andwi andwill
will wi days render rnder a decision decIion within the next few fewdays fewdays fewdays
Balance a1IC6 of ofTraie Trade In Spains Spalul Favor lnvorUnited FavorUnited avor avorUnied
United Unied States Consular Agent ent Mertens Mertensat Mertensat Iertensat
at Grao has submitted submited to t the State De Department Department Department ¬
partment some sme figures fi res relative to the theSpanish theSpanish theSpanish
Spanish trade last year showing showin the sur surprising surprising curprising ¬
prising fact that Spain was able to show showa
a a balance of trade In her favor for 19S 19SMr I IHJSMr S SMr
Mr Mertens cites ctes this fact as a demon demonstration demonstrton demonstration ¬
stration strton of the natural naturl wealh wealth of the thecountl thecountry
countl country Te The totl total exprts exports w were rf lkt lkt401cs
401 401038 S and the Imports Impors were S917 S91772t0 S91772t04tnibssadur 9177 9177Ambasador 4 4An1bsatur >
Ambasador An1bsatur TIIW TUtr 1wrrs T Movement JlovelnenfThe IovenientThe j jThe
The State Department has been Inform Informed Informe Inform Informed ¬
ed e that Ambassador Ambssor Tower formerly tormcri Min Minister MinIster Mm Mmlater ¬
ister to Austria Austria will wu leave Vienna today todayand toayand toiayand
and will wi arrive arre at St Petersburg Petenburg in time timeto tme tmeto tImeto
to assume his new duties on Thursday Turday
Minister Mln ter Tower was promoted promote to fill fil the theposition ttepositon theposition
position positon vacated vacate by b Mr Ir Hitchcock the thepresent thepreent thepresent
present preent Secretary Secretal of the Interior InteriorTea Interor InterorTca InteriorTea Htbock
Tea Wool 001 and Sugar Surr Import llJlortl llJlortlThe ImportsThe ImportThe
The monthly statement sttement of the th imports importsj I port portof
of tea tea sugar and wool wol Issued isued by the Bu Bureau Bureau lIereau
reau of Statistics Sttstics shows that hat during durn Feb February febrUa February ¬
ruary rUa the Imports Import of o tea amounted amouned to toJ7S207C tors0G toVSZOTG
J7S207C rs0G as against JC6928 S9 for February Fehrnt Februarylitil
1838 1 The Te sugar sugr imports Imprts aggregated S5
531206 L1 as against agInst H5H5 4574344 Si4 H aggregted wool f 1023315 tlOfJ31Sas 1023315as
as against J211S2C1 1O3S 1O3Sas
Dikcrinilnatlft J 1iscriiuinatIiglntir crirlnatln Duties Removed RemovedThe Reron1 Reron1Th RemovedThe
The Th President Preient has ha issued wue two proclama proclamations preiam prociamatlons ¬
tions tons relieving rUeIn from further discriminat discriminating dlllmlnt dlllmlntIng discrlminating ¬
ing duties dute shipping shippin from the tht British Brtsh West Wet
Indies Islands of Trinidad and
Indie Ilands Tnidad Tobago TpbegoKW TobagoNEW be1o be1oSLV
Xe New r York Yok March 1nh 11 11WJTRJ lLWIiATResiia WHBATHe 4 fiI 7176W 7176Wdi 179 179taafcds
i taafcds Wd di experts up 56W6 btubela 1 1 sales ue 13SCM 13SCMbwshtls 1 1bd l500bszhtis
bwshtls bd Xstorea tswt 194990 199 battels bs suet epat ip Sna SnaNo I r ry0
No 2 rut rt El 1 Z4 f S b afloat at t s te arrive arre No o 1 1Northwn 1I 1yertheen
Northwn ItateU I Ii 34 J f r 0 o b afeat at alsa Ho fe 1 North Northern qrth qrthera rl ¬
era e Xaiuba Xalt eU tCl4 JH fc r f o 0 b t a dat alsat at X 0 1 UrJ UrJMaalt wdIU hsrlMaultaba
Maultaba Maalt IU a K t 1 t r f a k 1 a aSeat at t OptteM o p p pceM c4 sut sutler sC sts4lit ¬
lit I and a wo Wu well Wet 4l sapporud Mr all al ty y ty t a a admud BMd nejerate nejeratedensed nU nUdecuiBd
decuiBd IMM LN jlwrta J Tfc fe The soU Ri vorWs w < Mp pwlts pwltsbettet tM tMbetter
better cabin a lisa u expected e a a sad d c crap f p daouse dc M Mt1 seas seastram ms msfroa
tram t1 tbe tb West N eit and 1 < ldto JI Ml itIeated eatetf bt bastes Mq Ex Export J Essort ¬
port S 4 dene Bsad sad d t ua teabeard t ard ej dut etearsotse ar a < ta w wets r Hgfcc HgfccTb J 3lb 3lbThe
Tb n The d dete di was steady IJ at t itffle 1 MC advaae U
Harelc Mar 54Jll 5t 54Il 14 J etowd t II 1111 JI May Xa aj 74 i l4 l4T74 1 1T
T74 1 T 74 cte l 71 H J hr Jlj tr 7t 7 TtTI T Ir ctoMd
7212 ill 71 1 Septwrter s JS 71 R 14 I vl qle4 fH M T214 T214COK o 1 1 14 14coaxlLepti
COK CSUJ coaxlLepti Urip 2 i 3sTh m I5 tattwic la CXHTU 4493 cm
k iHutote Kl Ii s 1 1JW MEMU tutvei Ilt stairs dJ See0 M bo bbt teshete tesheteSt Sn SnS
s S t Se S St t < jalC i4 s Ms S X 5 421 4 45l1W4s J 4JJ < f L o 0 k kaSoat 55oat
aSoat ct for lo MW ew qt sod old 0 OpU Op OpUes M cf ueaed fied stetdy stad d wKk wKkvheat vl vitkwheat
wheat NL 77aa 7 rt4e was uf quiet oit bat sttMry CaW s ss4 d a
lack la of e sellers It keif aed tk I iSa sarket mre msar awl t1 tail prices priceswere pricesire e
were t ire lS4I4e 1elle net at Mfh b blgtr r with Uh tk li 15e aderbwe as4taeMisSy aderbweMMdr P
MisSy Mr MeT 1 > l4I < diiri 7 7E 78 July J m1 m1JATK 46 H 14402L
9 402L eksd U 1025 1025iArsaesspu 1
JATK JA1 iArsaesspu Raeetpu SttUa LWO 1 beifcti t zporU 24MS 24MSbaibrii 2 ta takesSt4L
baibrii 1t Spot sp atttlr JY So 0 t a No lea J I L S12 S12Xa 11 1 12 12Xa
1 Xa 2 IwSite vUte Ytt XI 3512 Xa 3 mbtUt wbt hlts 24 HIS 4 1J track tk laixtd laixtdWestea utselWraa
Westea Wf Z e4ecid e4ecidTheso J8fiH > en Z1 tr mel track k while bt IS 1t ia Ofltu OfltuTlicso o O mxt s se4ecid
These Arc re the Montlis In Which bleh t toPurify to toPurify
Purify PurJy Your our Blood BloodThis Blotd BlotdTis BlondThis
This Tis is the season n when your blood bo Is Isloaded i isloaded
loaded loode with impurities Impulte accumulated acmulate dur during durIng dorIng ¬
ing the winter wnter months month from trm toni clo cl cioe e t con confinement confnemnt conflnemnent ¬
finement fnemnt rich Jh food fo and an other causes causesThesft cUit cauEeeThese
TlSf These irapuritlea fnpnte must tU be b driven dryrn from fromyour fromyour fromyour
your system y tem or they may breed br serious nertotisdisease JerU8 JerU8dl seriousdisease
disease dl and cause cu untold untol Etennz suffering IGoJ Hoods HcodaSarsaparilla HoodsSarsapurlila
Sarsaparilla SrarUa IB t the th greatest getet and an best bt blood bloodpuriftlng bl bloodpurifying
purifying PUritIDi medicine mElene It U II possible plbe to ob obtain ob otttam ¬
tain tam It 1 hi what wbt the mllltons mUl tus tak take in Uw Uwspring thesprtiig
spring IrnD sprtiig It will wU purify prity and ad enrich your yourbleed yourblee yourbleed t
bleed blee cr Ctte create ite an appetite tone up your yoursystem yoursystem ur ur51tem
system 51tem and give te you ou sound sund robust robut Health bealth I I
Furnished Frished by b W V B Hibbs Co bank bankers bankers bankera ¬
ers and brokers 1413 119 F street members membersNew membersNew membersNew
New New York Stock Exchange Correspond Correspondents Correpond Correpondent Correspondeats ¬
eats ent Messrs Iesrs Ladenburg Thalmann ThalmannCo
Co New York
Open n High Jgh Low Lw Close Clo
March MarclAugust fan 613 e14 610 fIO 61 511 11
Slay Iay 616 6lf 61 616 611 61 61 61 6R
August AugustOctober Augst 619 61 619 61 614 6l 61S 6J
October 610 610 605 601 07
New > few ew York York March 1fah U 11e 13The Tt cotton cottn market met ierelop <
ed a fair degree of steadiness on the
e dC11 ltedlnes te opening call callngtlsh
opnln cl
English ngtlsh cable advIce
1 ls tally ruly martin mUnl expectation
and ud early lorecasu foreut pointing pluUng to diminished diminihe eptto epttoud receipt
At the te came um time tm the weather ehe bulletins buleU showed
more or less le general gfner rains rus In the more central part partof tartof rt rtor
of the cotton ctton belt belt Bm telling klu orders were at
hand la goodly golr cumbers numbr and the market make < nxa prned l lwith
with wit prices prc ctctangcd cLage crA ± anged to 2 point plnt higher hlglr In user me ut ¬
dlately after aler the call cl the te market makr began tJD to t weaken
under uM r Felling llng pressure prsure which hlch became bme more ener energetic rer rergelc eaergeftc ¬
getic gelc upon upn the te discovery dIsver that tt outside support Ippn was WI
being withdrawn hiSs declined 5
blng wihrwn Hds delned points on the tb tbmore
more active positions Before noon however pnt
aCtTe pltoL non hoevlr there therewarn therewa therewas
warn wa it I slight alsht rally rly on better bte later lAtr cables a ln cfer cferwhich efrerwhich
which hlch both claries of traders
Lth cianC trder operated with tao
oprte lh
ties t < f During Durl tie lie forenoon forenCn the te market received receie tome tomesupport Lle LleaupPr
support aupPr by buying bulni orders oner from frm the te South Sth and Eu Europe F Fre Eurote ¬
rope re while whie commission cmmlllcn houses hOk disposed dla of May and Ind
Alglt August contacts ontncta and aJ replaced rplace them with > Ub Otto
let IJr and 1l other new crop positions pton The Te local lol ten n
tlngent tngft either lther toM od with wih hesitation hUlaton or bought OUlh the thenear tb tbnear tbnear
near months mOh on the te Idea l e that ta the te liquidation Iquldato of f
Saturday had cleared the situation and made
Slrdy elere situato tome tomereaction tomereaction
an Eme EmereeUQn
reaction reeUQn probable prbable Some Sme of the leading l8dlng bear r traJ traJera nra3era
era er made mde all b effort elor to undermine uDulne certain crin long fL cot cotton Ct Cttn cotten
ton tn htld here hte but bt without lhout It1iont success 1 and soon ln with wih
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lower quiet Qllet and steady with wih prices 2 to S points pints e olnta Bet
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England Welcomes Welco les Her Ap Appearance Appearance Appearauce ¬
pearance in the Orient
Itrltlsli Policy In China Further Defined Definedby Definedh1 Definedlay
by tho Parliamentary Secretary ecrelnry for the thoForeign theorolJn theorolgn
Foreign orolJn Ottlce OniceSIJnor Slgnor JVIartlno Said to tollaveltoun toHav toSlave
llaveltoun Hav Slave neen KecalUc and IIli HI Action ICe ICegardins Iteardln liegarding
gardins ardln = SnnMun Sin lun Hay Repudiated ItellulliutedDe ItellulliutedDebate ItepudiutedHebateon Ills Illsbate
bate bateon ou UritUh Naval 1111 Estimates EstimatesLondon JthnnleJoJAndon EstimatesLondon
London March 13 131n Tn the th House of ofCommons orCommons ofCommons
Commons today William Prltclmrd Mor Morgan Morgan ror rorgan ¬
gan Liberal TIJt > ral member memh r for or the Merthyr MerthyrThydvll MerthyrIhydvil MerthiyrThydvit
Thydvll Division Dlvl lon of Wales who recently
In behalf of British and American syndi syndicates syridieaten ¬ oM oMeaten
eaten obtained what appears app ors r to be an im immensely Immensoly immensoly ¬
mensoly valuable concession conce slol1 In the tll Chi Chinese ChlI Ciiinese ¬
I nese province of SzeChuan SZ Chuun moved to ad adjourn aliI aljourn ¬
journ In order to call attention to the sup support support support ¬
port given by b the British Minister at atPeking atPeking atPeking
Peking Sir Claude M Macdonald to It Italys Halys Itelys ¬
alys demand for tho lease of San Mun Iun
Bay lie declared that Great GTl t Britain th thUnited thCnIted the
United States and Japan needed expan expansion expanson expanston ¬
sion son of trade and it was a great mistake mlrituketo mlgtakto
to support Italy Ital whose demand he lit claim claimed claimad ¬
ed d was another step toward the UI disinte disintegration dhlll1tgratlon disluitegratlon ¬
gratlon of China ChinaThe ChinaThe ChinaTue
The Parliamentary Secretary cratnry of the
Foreign OHIc Otiiee Right Hon William St
John Brodrick defended hue governments KovarnmontMaction sovlfrnmontHaction governmentsaction
action JI lie saId fal Italy had for many yearn
been the friend and ally of Grout Britain Britainand BritainantI Britainand
and HO o far aa Great Britain was con concerned concerned concerned ¬
cerned If by diplomacy Italy can per persuade varSuad8 perude ¬
suade ude China to make concessions Clnc Mloni her hernaj h hernajestys r rnfI
naj nfI najestys ty8 ty government would welcome w leom It ¬
alys appearance In the Far East an an
ally aU of Great BrRmln BrRmlnContinuing HrkalnContlnulnJ Brkalntontinuing
Continuing Mr Ir lirodrick said the pol ¬
icy of her rnalnty rnajys Kov ovmmt rnm tit wan vt vtxafcKuard tJaaftuard timsafeguard
safeguard British JulereetH jlltor tf and AM long a aM aMth asthese
th these the were Ofe not threatened not to stand IN INthe I Ithe inthe
the way wa of friendly trl < ntJly powers taking Hv attSs attSsIn pS pSto <
to In Nfe eafeestard uard th their ir Intertf lntprest
The motion to adjourn was wa negatived negativedwithout nelClltlvrdwltho negativedwithout
without wltho t a division divisionaval dlJIlonJlval divisionNaval
Naval > aval I Etlrnntra llmate Uniler fire fireDuring JJreDurin PlreDuring
During Durin the discussion of the naval esti estimate fJtJmate estimates ¬
mate Henry Labouchere Uberal mem member member mernher ¬
ber for or Northampton moved moves a reduction reductionIn
In the vote He argued that th the govern government government governmnent
ment w wa Was tf playing the he gam game of f beggar beggarmy 0011my beggarmy
my neighbor against t th the whole worM worMand wortrJand worldand
and declared it foolish swagger ler to boa bOast bOulttability bOastability t tability
ability to build more xhlp ahl than th n any other othercountry othrCOURtry othercountry
country countryGrat COURtryGrut countryGreat
Great Britain he Meert deserted d d wa wu not rteh rtehor loh lohor h her
or than the United State B t nor than thanFrinee thrlnFraMe thanFrance
FraMe and Russia combined combinedJohn oomJAnedJohn combinedJohn
John Dillon Nationalist member for
E East t Mayo rBYO In supporting JtlpE Qrtlng > the tb reduction reductionikl r6ductoDald reductionask
ask ald ikl
iklBritteh British statesmen atemen who attempt to In ¬
duce tb th failed StaUe to abandon ab their tbdrtntdlttom tbtdrtradIUo theirtraditions
traditions tradIUo by embarking embllfk K In a wild career careerof careeror careerof
of naval competition COnt UUO with Kurope Pu will Ml tIlL tIlLI 141tony
t tony rty r regret gr i It For t the day < w will i 4 wif onuwhn enewhen < wifwtMrn
when Kngland will b te bard driven drtY Jl to tomaintain tor tomaintain
maintain r naval equality UaUlY with the Unit UnitStates d dState
State States alone The First Lord of th tk Ad Admiralty A AmfraJt7 Ismiralty ¬
miralty to trying u to compete eolft 4rl4t with Hx Hxpow aixpowers ix ixpower
power powerArthur pow
powArthur Arthur JTJal JnalffHIr J ° hialfoiir four the government IOnrnM t lead leadtr 1MI1tr heeder
tr dented that 4luur either iut r the Kim L lArd rd of ofthe otth ofthe
the th Admiralty or tn the government taut ant anjrwen a aJIUds antsuch
wen such IMaM Idea The First lArd at th thAdmiralty the thiAdmiralty theAdmiralty
Admiralty be be declared bad deliberately dU rtt fY
boxed bin hi policy upon the a accepted c pt d prin principle jeifjeeipit rfJt ¬
ciple that Great Britains navy Mtattlii II i iequal 1M 1Mequal zo zotiual
equal to the force of any two oih other r pow powere powfnt powera
ere 4
ereThe The Howe Ho e rJet rttJtfted l tn the motto tor or a aduction re rt ¬
duction In the th oatimatw by 141 vote voteazainel vPtsaaInat OtoazaJnet
azainel D
Ns > u < Uliltnntmi from rosa lisle ItulrRome 111 111nome lisleIteme
Rome March IX 1JThc The Tribuna amrta amrtathat auuttbat assertithat
that Italy Iral ban not delivered d llverftJ an ultimatum ultimatumU
to U > China On the contrary th the Italian Italiangovernment JallanJovernmtnt Italiangovernment
government bait disavowed the action acd n of ofSigner or81s1 otSignor
Signer Martlno regarding tb tM Han Men MenBay iom iomBay wn wnBay
Bay affair tfuIr and ba bttIJ r rt reetdied A1J < ealld him COAA4hti < aJMi ff ffItaly1
Italy1 Ita Italys Interests to the th British rltWa MlnUtor 11r1l I Iat
Peking eJclnK 8ir Claude Clatsd MacDonald tJacD nctld until untilthe untUthe untilthe
the ineeeucr of Signer Mrilno UI1 arrive arrivetbcr afl1ntbtn e ethere
tbcr there

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