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The Earls Mardi Gras
Friday Eve., Feb, 1
In behalf of our pations, we wish
to inform you of the French Festival,
which will be known as iThe Earls’
Mardi Gras, Friday evening February
1, 1924. nine to one a.m. The most
elaborate decorations are being con
templated, showers of confetti will
rain at intervals, caps, horns,.whistles
and streamers in abundance, while the
tickling toes frolic to the melodi
ous strains of White’s Orchestra. And
as for attire, costumes of every de
scription, tuxedos,, full dress, and
street wear are permissabie.
We urgently request our patrons:to
take due notice of the following* a*nd
govern themselves accordingly. Sub
scriptions obtainable only upon pre
sentation of invitation as Herriott’s
Pharmacy and club members on or
before January 3k Positively none,
car. be secuted thereafter. Change of
address kindly notify The Earls Club,
26.12 l§th Street, -Northwest. . v
Louisiana State Club at Howard
On the evening of Friday January
4 ,1924, the Louisiana State Club at
Howard University entertained in an
elaborate reception, in the Auditorium
of Jennifer’s Business* College. The
reception was given in honor of Mr.
H. C. Priestley, center for Howard
Football Squad in 1923.
Thirty couples were present and
spent a delightful evening. Favors in
(Les Chapeaux) hats of oriental col
ors were awarded all as they were
being entertained by Thomas and
Pendleton’s Jazz Combination.
Among the special guests were the i
following. Att’y Jas. A. Cobb, Mr.;
Wm. B. West, Executive Secretary,'
Howard Y. M. C. A-, Dr. and Mrs.'
Evans, Mr. Jos. Zimmerman, District I
Realtor; Mr. Atherton Robinson,
Manager Howard Squats 1924, and Mr.
Raymond Doakes, captain Howard
Squad, 1924.
Miss Antoinette Tucker, little
daughter of Mrs. Georgia Jones
Tucker Johnson, entertained a few
friends in honor of her 13th birthday,
- u—... rn m- — ■- „„ ...
a dainty repast was served. Little
Antoinette received many beautiful
gifts. Miss Tucker is the grand
daughter of Attorney Thomas L.
Mrs. Elizabeth Hays of 1810 Fifth
St.. N.W., organist of The Florida
Avenue Baptist Church and wife of
Commander A. L. Hays of Admiral'
Chas. M. Thomas Camp, Spanish War
Veterans, returned home last Satur
day from Chicago and Fort Wayne,'
Ind., where she spent the holidays i
with her brothers, Mr. A. W. Firse
and LiepoM Firse of Chicago and Mr.
Elwyn A. Firse of Fort Wayne.
.V >s Montrose S. Hunt, formerly of
this city, is attending school ip Santa'
Monica, Calif. Miss Hunt is also
studying the organ-under Prof. Elmer
f Bartiette, of Los Angeles.
The Inter Se Club at its last regu
lar meeting in December, distributed
the money in its treasury among its
members in the shape of Xmas sav
ings according to the amount each
member had contributed.
Six dollars each was given to Op
portunities 11 and 13 as announced by
the Associated Charities.
The Club meets every other Tues
day and the following ladies are mem
bers: Mesdames J. Boyd, W. D.
Brooks, J. Tfe Bryce, T. B. Cobb, E.
W. Harrison, E. S. Heywood, W. M.
Jumper, M. J. Kejf, B. H. Millen
H. Parker, A. F. Reed and A. V.
Thornton. The meeting was held at
the home of Mrs. Cobb, 123 S Street.
Refreshments were served and a de
lightful evening was enjoyed by all.
The membership of this club is limited
to twelve persons.
Mrs. Lizzie Plummer of 1929 9th
Street, entertained several friends
New Year’s day from 5 to 8. Music
and games were part of the even
nigs diversions until 7:30 when the
guests dined at an elaborate dinner
at the 9th Street Cafeteria. Among
those present were Mrs. Elizabeth
Thomas, Miss Lena Hackett, Mrs. Re
na Henson and Mrs. Mame Massie.
Mrs. Clara Hicks and Mrs. Rosa
Hawkins of 1230-32 Wylie Street.
Northeast, entertained the East Wash
ington Male Chorus, Inc., at their
residence on Tuesday, January Ist.
Covers were laid for 22 and after a
dainty repast the evening was spent
in pleasant conversation and music.
The graduates of The Central Chi
ropractic College, have organized an
Alumni. The second meeting on Jan
uary 2, was held in the rooms of
the College, 1914 7th Street, North
west. when a goodly number of grad-
uates were in attendance. The per
fecting of a permanent orgnaization
i took place, and the following officers
were elected: President, Dr. Edwin B.
Henderson; vice-president. Dr. John
A. Bostic; secretary, Dr. Annie G.
Green; assitant secretary, Dr. Em
press Skinner; treasurer, Dr. Roger
M. Holland. Drs. Osceola F. N. Mad
serve on the executive committee to
serve on the eexeutive committee to
-gether with the officers.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter S. Early en
tertained a few friends at their home,
56 and Wilson Streets, West Fair
mount Heights, Maryland, Thursday
evening, January 3rd. The evening
was spent-in dancing, and the interest
ing game of* ‘.‘■Who,” after - which a
sumptuous collation was served.
Their 'guests included Mrs. Audie
Goodrich, Mrs. Louise Holcombe of
New York City; Miss Hary Reid, Miss
Helen Turner, Miss Florence Young,
Mr. gnd Mrs. . William H. Noble,
Messrs. Joim R. Dtxon, Earl Johnson,
Clarence Turner, Earle Turner, and
John H. Watson.
The election of officers of the ■Sun
day School of Gethsemane -Baptist
Church fer the year, 1924, were as fol
lows: superintendent, John H. Wat
sort; assistant superintendent^ Miss
Florence Belt; recording secretary,
Miss Beatrice Coleman; financial sec-:
retary, Miss Nancy Robinson; treas
urer, John Randall; choirister. Miss
Gladys Carter; organist, Mrs. Ber
needa Harris.
Miss Lottie Rucker Taylor of New
York City, daughter of the late C. I.
Taylor, one of the organizers of the
Negro National League, is visiting her
uncle Ben H. Taylor, manager of the
Po.tomac Baseball Club of this city.
Not a Protest Organization or a
“Back-to-Africa” Movement", but a
constructive institution. You will
eventually join. National Forum As
sociation, 1816 12th Street, Northwest,
Thursday evening.
Barry Farms Citizens Association
The bill now before the District
' Committee of the Senate, to make
(Lincoln’s birthday a legal holiday in
; the District of Columbia, was .endorsed
.by the Barry Farms Citizens Asso
ciation at their regular meeting Tues
day night.
A communication from the assistant
i n Ml M * ri ■» ri n—* Gar.
(of married teachers in the District
schools, gave a total of 167 married
women employed as teachers in the
'city schools.
It was reported that $21,000 was al
lowed by the Bureau of the Budget
for road improvement for the Barry
: Farms section.
Elzie §. Hoffman is president of the
। association and Henry Braxton is sec
' retary.
John P. Taylor Visits City-
After an absence of twenty years,
John P. Taylor, chief steward on the
U. S. Transport Cambria, spent a few
days in the city last week as the house
| guest of his brother, Matthew M. Tay
[ lor, of Sheridan Road, S.E. The Cam
bria plies between San Francisco.
Honolulu and the Orient, therefore,
Mr. Taylor has crossed the Pacific
quite a number of times. He -has
been in the Navy for the past twenty-’
five years. While here “Mr. Taylor
Was entertained by Mr. Chas. Walker.
He left here for New York City.
The Misses Foster and Mrs. N.
Stevenson of Atlantic City were en
tertained last week, by Mr. and Mrs.
Robert Taylor of 44 Defree Street.
N.W. and Miss H. Foster of 204 B
St., N.W.
Junior Choir Giyes Surprise Party
The Junior Choir of the Metropoli
tan A. M. E Zion Church agreeably
surprised its directress and organist,
Mrs. Elizabeth Smith, Monday night-,
at the home of Mrs. Smith, 311 Sec
ond Street, S.W. An appropriate re
past was served. Participating in the
party were Mrs. Alice C. Hunter, or
ganist; Mrs. Jennie Shelton Tyler, di
rectress; Mrs. E. Smith, Mrs. L.
Buchanan, Mrs. M. Duckett, Mrs.
Rosa Hill, Miss Dorothy Moten, Miss
Inez Winter, Miss L. Lemon, Miss
Gladys Diggs, Miss Bessie Tubman,
Mr. L. T. Callis, and Mr. Wm. Cour
Dr. N. Lassiter of Newport News
and Dr. A. J. Strong of Norfolk, Va.,
were business visitors in the city
, In an article appearing in The Tri
bune of December 28th under the cap
tion “Wedding in North Brentwood,”
the name of the groom should have
been Owens instead of the one pub
First Donor Gives Agai*
Edward N. Colbert, of Washington,
D.C., who made the first donation to
the Cardinal Gibbons Institute, has
announced his intention of adding to
this first donation, which was for ten
dollars, enough more to make a total
of SI 00. The land for the school, as
has already been announced, was pur
chased by the late Cardinal. This do
nation is the first of the cash received
for the building fund now being col
lected and with which the building
will be built this summer.
In 1922 we were laughed at when
we said we knew a solution to the
Race Problem;.in 1923 hundreds were
converted; in 1924 millions will com?
to the light. National Forum Asso
ciation, 1816 12th Street, Northwest,
Thursday evening.
Dr. Edward A. Graham, a graduate
of Howard Dental College, June 1923,
has recently passed the Illinois State
Board in Dentistry and has opened of
fice at 3539 S. State. Street, Chicago
Associated with Dr. John D. Giles.
The Ladies’ Auxiliary of the Ush
ers’ Board of Metropolitan A. M. E.
Church were at home, January Ist, at
the residence of Mrs. Clora West
Shadd, 1603 First Street, Northwest.
Among the numerous callers were
Chaplain and Mrs. Oscar J. Scott
Rey' and Mrs. Charles E. Stewart
Mr. and Mrs. David Anthopy, Mr.
and Mrs. Thomas B. Cobb, Mrj. Ben
jamin Butler; Mrs. Rebekah Tate, Mr.
and Mrs. Marvin Williams. The ladies
in the receiving line 'were Mrs. Clora
West Shadd, Mrs. Maggie Wortham,
Mrs. Agnes Shelby, Mrs. Pearl Smith,
* . I
Is Our January Clean Sweep Sale
Hundreds of Buyers Visited this Sale all
through the week.
The most drastic Price Cuts ever attempt
ed by us to effect a Rapid Clearance
of all Broken Lines and Odd Lots
on nil r^ovt rnmrnpn-
cing Saturday morning at 9 oclock
Bendheim’s Dept Store •
2008 14th St., N.W., just above U
At Washington, in the District of Columbia, at the close of business on
December 31, 1923
1. Loans and discounts, including rediscounts, acceptances of
other -banks, and foreign bills of exchange or drafts sold
with indorsement of this bank eon "no Qn
2. Overdrafts, unsecured * 9343
4. U. S. government securities owned 5226 61
5. Other bonds, stocks, securities, etc 9 826 45
6. Banking house, $56,908.97; furniture and fixtures, $6,676.87. 63 585 84
10. Cash in vault and amount due from national banks ...... Z 18’33188
11 Amount due from State banks, bankers, and trust companies " ’
in the United States (other than included in Item 101 .... 24 234 97
12. Exchanges for clearing house 2.312 76
Total of Items 10, 11 and 12 ' $44^79.61
16. Other assets 4,870.14
Total 1 $158,244.88
K- Capital paid in $34,038.90
24. Certified checks outstanding
25. Cashier’s checks outstanding Z 292 72
Total of Items 24 and 25 .$126 78
Demand deposits (other than bank deposits* üb;*r • tores,erv<-
(deposits payable within 30 days):
26. Individual deposits subject to check 55 232 41
Total of demand deposits (other than bank de-
posits) subject to reserve, Item 26 W 5.232.41
Time deposits subject to reserve (payable after 30 days, or
subject to 30 days or more notice, ami postal savings):
32. Certificates of deposit (other than for money Sorrowed) 2,95100
34. Other time deposits 30'595'79
Total of time deposits subject to reserve, Items
32 and 34 $33,546 79
39. Bills payable (including all obligations representing money
borrowed other than rediscounts) 25 000.00
Total $158,244.88
City of Washington, District of Columbia, ss;
I, C. W. BANTON, Cashier of the above-named bank, do solemnly swear
that the above statement is true to the best of mv knowledge and belief
c , .. . . ~ , r . _ C. W. BANTON, Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this sth dav of January 1924
„ < Seal > . EDWARD A. BAKER, Notary Public.
r • 4^l 31 l KiBA x , Directors
8 per ct. DIVIDENDS 8 per ct.
Payable Quarterly
The 13th Quarterly Dividend of the Columbian Realtv and
Investment Company will be paid
to Stock of Record Dec. 31
. JESSE H. MITCHELL, President
1901 7th Street, N. M. Washington, D. C.
Miss Katie B. Murphy, Miss Amanda
Munroe, Mrs. Eva Mitchell, Miss
Frances Taylor, and Mrs. Emmie
Johnson, and Mrs. Michaels.
Beware of the Lazy Hypocrite who
says God wM work out our Race Prob
lem for us. God will help us, if we
help ourselves. National Forum As
sociation, 1816 12th .Street, North
west, Thursday evening.
Mrs. Fannie Thompson entertained
at dinner on Wednesday, January 2nd,
at her residence, 758 Gresham Place in
honor of The Worth While Social
Club and.had as her guests Mrs.
Mamie Banks, Mrs. Lethia Johnson,
Mrs. Sarah Thomas, Mrs. Cooper,
Mrs, Grace Coates, Mrs. Viola How
ard, Mrs. Martha Gordon, Mrs. Mary
Washington and Mrs. Sewell.
The Worth While Social Club-will
give its second dance of the season,
Tuesday, January 15th.
A numbei- of ladies met at the resi
dence of Dr. and Mrs. Hamilton Mar
tin last Tuesday evening and organ
ized a social and literary club to be
known as the “De-Luxe.” Mrs. Wil
liam Law, president; Mrs. Martin,
vice-president; . M rs - J* Baltimore,
treasurer; and Mrs. Richard 'Homer,
Miss Alice Childs of Oregon Ave
nue, Northwest, after a pleasant visit
to her home in Richmond, Va., has
returned to the city.
Mrs. Cora Piper of 1924 15th Street,
Northwest, is spending the winter
with her son and daughter, Mr. and
Mrs. Frank Piper in Florida.
Miss Anna Ei Gray, a member of
the senior class in the High School
of-Providence, R. 1., visited her sister
Miss Hope A. Gray of 1935 Vermont
Avenue, Northwest, for a short period
of time during the holidays.
Miss Sylvia Piper has returned to
the city after a very pleasant stay in
Durham, N.C., the guest of Prof, and
Mrs W. G. Pearson.
Miss Lucille Armstead of Indian
apolis, Ind., who attended the Alpha
Sorority meeting in Baltimore during
the holidays, was the guest of. Dr. and
Mrs. Creed W. -Childs of this city for
a few days before returning to her
Three Hurt—You hurt the Race,
yourself and us when you fail to at
tend the National Forum Association,
1816 12th Street, Northwest, Thurs
day evening.
Mr. W. Ingram of New York City,
passed through the city Sunday from
Durham, N.C., where he spent the
llth and U Streets. N.W. Open evenings until 10 p.m. Phone N. 1234
TRUTH center
123 T St, N.W., Washington, D. C.
All lectures begin at 8 o’clock.
Mr. Harrison R. Heyward, Leader
lectures every Sunday at Y.W.C.A.,
9th and R.I. Ave., at Bp.m.
Sunday evening, January 13th, Mr.
Arthur Dudley Hall. Subject not
All lectures begin at 8 o’clock.
Followed by healing meeting.
Weekly meetings, Tuesday and Friday
at the Center, 8 to 9:3 p.m.
tlf you
Hair -
Mme. M. Driskell, Pres.
Hair and Beauty Preparations
10,009 more Agents wanted to learn
the system and handle these su
perfine preparations
For information write—
27 Tatnall St. Atlanta, Ga.
Also a little book entitled" How to
Get What You Want,” and a Star
Incense Burning Plate. All Free. You
only pay SI.OO for a box of Planet
Incense Burning Powder and 10c extra
for mailing and wrapping. Send cash
or money order or have it come
C.O.D. Write your date of birth,
name and address plainly. Money back
if not satisfied. Leon S. Osman,
1536’£> Penna. Ave., Baltimore, Md.
Be Your Own Landlord!
Buy a House on easy terms
1732 Fourteenth St., N. W.
Phone North 4938.
Call at our offices.
Allied Industrial Finance
Rooms 200-201,
Prudential Bank Building,
Washington, D. C.
Madame Jones
S Reads Your Entire Life, and
| tells you Just What You Want to
1902 Seventh St, N. W.
Can be seen from
10 a.m to 8 p.m
Miss Lucille Thomas of 1935 Ver
mont Avenue, Northwest, one of
Washington's popular school teachers
returned to the city Tuesday after
spending a vacation at her home in
Philadelphia with her parents.
Lawyer W. Richardson from Rich
mond, Va., is visiting friends in the
Miss Partheuia Piles of 1449 Q
Street, Northwest, entertained I^r
Five-Hundred Club on last Tuesday
evening, Beautfiul prizes were given
and a delightful repast served.
Mrs. Sophronia Chaney of 2009 12th
Street, Northwest, has been at her
home with la-grippe sor 1 the past
• week.
Miss Maud Brown, graduate ; from
Howard University, now teacher of
Latin in the High School of Louisville,
Ky., spent a short while in the city,
seeing 'friends. Miss Brown had at
tended”-the Sorority meeting in Bal
timore during the holidays.
^33 If It’s Automobiles, We have Them $$
New Taxi Rates: $1.75 to $2.50 Per Hour
14 Blocks 35c City Proper 65c
North to Park Road, East to Bth St., N.E., South to Va. Ave., S.W,
West to 36th and M Sts., N.W.
7 Passenger Cars and Sedans Rates Arranged
Stout and Slender Shop
For Women
Sizes from 16 to 55
1328 Seventh Street Northwest
Phone North 7202
’ /m
Constant Care—Not Luck
Human history and experience have taught us that
many persons believe thas a head of naturally long x
and beautiful hair, a healthy scalp and a lovely
smooth complexion come from luck, but they do
not. Constant care and the frequent use of
preparations of proven merit are the secrets.
Use Madam C. J. Walker’s
Vegetable Shampoo Glossine
Pure, thoroly cleanses To soften dry,
hair and scalp. curly hair.
Wonderful Hair Grower
Nourishes andstimulatesthegrowthof stubborn,lifelesshair.
Tetter Salve
For Tetter. Eczema and Itching Scalps.
Four preparations especially recommended lor abort,thin and falling hair, '
tetter and eczema of the scalp. Sent as trial treatment for $1.50.
Cnfilexion Soap Saparfiae F«m Powder Oeaaaing Croem
Witch Hazel Jelly Compact Roo>se Vamahiag Green.
World renowned and made to aid you have a lovely, smooth complexion.
For Sale at Drug Stores, of Agents and by Mail. '
Free Boetiet—Write Ta-da*
The Madam 0. J. Walker Mfg. Co., Inc.
640 N. West St^ Indianapolis, Ind.
The Women’s Business League had
a very profiitable meeting at the Y.W.
C.A. on last Wednesday. Many
prominent men spoke and a moving
picture entertainment pertaining to
the Negro was given.
A. J. Isabel has returned to road
service after having been employed in
the yards for several years.
Q. Williams had his feet slightly
frost bitten in Chicago last week.
S. Williams has returned to Une
2319 to Chicago.
Mrs. Martin Lewis has returned
from Winston-Salem, N.C., where she
has been visiting her mother for the
John Lewis, veteran porter, is off
his line on account of illness.
W. B. Clarke is off his line to Buf
falo on account of sickness.
S. Smallwood and W. H. Gaskins
are on the skk list.

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