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|tll ft BUmIdv. Till* Reflex of a San
shiny Boat.
The cold, chilling atmosphere which
■ometimes pervades a reception or oth
er social gathering U often entirely
Cl set pa ted by the hearty, tinging laugh
ter of some simple, genuine soul who
Is babbling over with fun. The stiff
Bast «od constraint which a minute
before embarrassed the whole com
pony itre relieved te If by magic.
There is something In genuine, spon
taneous humor which r emoves all re
straint. tetters smborralament, re
lieve« tension end welds souls together
as no Introduction or conversation can.
It puts the shy at ease, dissipates prej
udice, gives confidence to ths timid and
re Assorte the Shrinking soul The
cheery »tnOe or the spontaneous laugh
■wokms sympathy and arouses feel
ings of frtendltn— » It seems to melt
•II barriers.
oh, what i hb w fiw In a sunny «joli
What a b I »seed herttaga la a sunny
face, to be able to filng ont euuablne
wherever one goes, to be able to scat
ter tbe shadow« and to lighten sorrow
laden hearts, to baee power to send
cheer Into despoiling souls through a
sunny and a radiant heart I And If,
haply, this heritage It combined with
a superb manner aud exquisite per
sonality, no money wealth can com
pare with Its fslua.
This Messing is not very difficult of
acquisition, for s sunny face Is but e
reflection of s warm, generous heart
|1he sunshine does not appear first
upon the face, but In the soul. The
glad smile that makes tho fsce radiant
Is but • glimpse of the soul's sunshlna
«— (X H. Morden In (Success Magazine.
Carlyle correoted.
At • Royal academy dloner In Lon*
Bon on one occasion several artists
«rer« expressing their enthusiasm
•bout Titian. Carlyle and Thackeray
wore among the guests.
"Hls glorious coloring Is a fact about
Titian." said one man, striking tho ta>
Me to give emphasis to the remark.
"And hls glorious drawing Is another
fact about Titian!" cried another artlat.
And so they went on until Carlyle,
nvho had been listening In silence to
their rhapsodies, Interrupted them by
saying, with a slow deliberation which
bad its own Impressive emphasis;
"And here I alt, a man made In the
Image of God, who knows nothing
about Titian snd cares nothing about
Titian, and that's another fact about
Thackeray was sipping claret at ths
moment He paused sud bowed cour
teously to Carlyle, "Pardon me," be
•aid; "that appears to ms to be not s
1 fact about Titlau, bnt a fact, and •
lamentable one, about Carlyle."
What Is believed by antiquaries tt
be the oldaet paper book In elistenc»
Is the 'Tied Book of Lynn," an ancient
register belonging to tho corporation
of King's Lynn, England. Thta vol
urns Is known is the "Red Book" from
Its original binding having been ol
that color. Tbe first entry te a tran
script of the will of Pwtar do Tbomdoo.
burgees of Lynn, dated IfiOlV. The 1st
est entry le dated In tbe fifteenth yeei
of King Richard IL Fifty yean age
the book was repaired and rebound,
aud the leaves, which age had reduced
to a loose, fibrous substance, wen
carefully resized •• an aid to preser
Ter» i t »» t
An Irish doctor was asked to attend
a patient on Tory Island, off tbe Irist
mainland. The doctor said that he wui
willing to go, but that tbe fee would
be a ($10), payable to advance. Tha
Tory Islander paid the money aud ter
rled the doctor over from the main
land himself. The physician finished
hla dntiee and wished to start hack
The only way to get back was to ba
rowed back by the earns man who bad
carried him over. The doctor asked
what the charge was. '•Two pounds,*
•aid the Tory Island man, "payable li
advance." It was paid.
The 1'or.ult •( Mess.
Dirac By or Indirectly wo are all In
tonated In the pursuit of the des trahir
inaK tor whom every function Is real
ty arranged whatever be the ostenslbli
When one sees on all sldei
bow eligible men are run after, fawned
upon, flattered, cajoled and hum
bagged, can the truth of It be denied?
Ladles' Field.
An Unfair Fling.
Wlekwlre—If woman
gives tbe credit she deserves, I don't
think man would be quite so prominent
In the world's history. Mr. Wlckwln
—I expect you are right If she could
get aU tbs credit she wanted, he'd to
In the poorbouse.
'A Joker to near akin to a buffoon, and
•either of them la the least related to
I. Jmmmt Belt Hea » Remedy Which Ba
auarautaa. to Car. tbe Wore#
auarautaa. to Car. tbe Wore#
Cnaaa ot Slom.oh Trouble.
We wish to tell lha reader» ot thi* paper
about a remedy which ia ■ marvel In medi
cine. It cure» the worst cases, from the
»cute attack of Indlgwtion to chronic
dyapepais. Tbl» remedy i» known »a
Albert's Little Dinner Pill, being the pr**
sorlptinn of Dr. Hutchlnaon, the noted
specialist of London and Brighton, Eng.,
who previous to hls decenae had built
remarkable practice as a
caaea of the »toumch.
claimed that hl» »uccve» was due to Ihn use
ot this Pill, and since Its Introduction lo
the American continent it has performed
wonderful cures. Mr. J, U. Lombard,
Casco, Me., writee: "1 am now part HI
yean of age and have had stomach trouble
practically all my life. 1 sent and got a
sample package of Albert's Little Dinner
Pill, thinking that It would turn out to he
one more disappointment, bat from tbe
tiret dose I found relief, and ran eay that 1
am now belter then ever before in my life,
it Is a wonderful cure for dyepepaltt and 1
heartily recommend it to all autTerera from
stomach troubles"
Albert's Little Dinner Pill contains no
physic, no acid, alkali, ginger, pepaln,
pancroatin. soda, morphine or any prepar
ation of opium, or in fact any of the in
gredienta usually found in so-called dya.
pepela cures.
It cures by removing the came and
the worat cos« well.
up a
laliftt in
being giirameeti io
benefit or tho purchave price returned.
At drug etoree or by mail. JA o«m» per
paokaae. Hample« free. Adder-» Albert
Chemical Co., Boalon. Ma». Sold and
guaranteed by Z.Jamre belt, «ul Market
street, WUmJjjgtou, Dai.
A Very K*c!«ftlre Order.
TTk* Older of tbe twin is a unique
docorntlon. It has nothing to do with
"Lohen grin.** but vu founded In 1443 1
by Elector Frederick U. of Branden
burg, surnamed the "Iron Jawed."
Of all the orders of knighthood this
Is most remarkable, Inasmuch as only
one solitary member lu Europe Is en
titled to wear It, and she Is the wife
of the reigning Prussian monarch—
the German empress. The Insignia Is
It consists of a gold
very beautiful.
chain set with diamonds, alternated by
a ruby heart, to which la suspended a
medallion of the Madonna and Child
and to which Id turn Is suspended a
Silver swan surrounded by a ring or
frame of exquisite pearls. With this
goes a superb star to be worn on the
loft shoulder.
Bbould the empress become s widow
she would be compelled to relinquish
the Insignia and her membership of
tho Bwan to the present crown prln
Thls order has been worn In
turn by tho wife of every sovereign
occupying the throne of I'russla since
1443, and It Is aa object of Intense
pride In the royal family.
Llrhtntnir a■ • nock Driller.
"Lightning, when In tho mood, has
an ugly habit of drilling," writes an
English observer. "It will drill the
hardest rock—rock which would tun»
cold steel—and not only drill, bnt vit
rify It They have found In Cumber
land channels thirty feet deep and
from two to four Inches In circum
ference. The Interior was hard and
glazed where the solid substance had
been melted by tlie stabbing flashes.
Artificial experiment has shown that a
powerful shock from a battery will
vitrify finely powdered glass, bnt not
feldspar or quartz. The lightning, how
ever, docs It In the manner described,
not In one place, but In many, showing
that before striking the ground It di
vided into several branches, each
strong enough to penetrate and liquefy
the solid rock."
llnrd Headed Moor«.
Negro heads are proverbial for solid
ity, but In this respect they are far ex
celled by certain Moorish tribes of Mo
rocco, who take a very real pride In
tlie thickness of their skulls. Tlie beads
of their boys ere kept closely shaven
from tbe time when hair commenças to
show upon them and are never cover
ed, whatever the weather. This treat
meut so tends to thicken the cranium
that the lads are able to fight with It
They butt as bulls do, and ths weak
point In ths skull of tho loeer la fre
quently sought for by hammering hls
head with a stone.
For a sum equal to a farthing these
boys will split a hard brick across their
skulls. In boxing also these Moors
receive the blows of their opponents
upon their hardened pates.
A Weird Tele.
This tale comes from New Cal.
donla, where s ship was loading up
with natives to work In Australia;
"There were a man and a girt—• young
couple they seemed. She bad a young
ster, who began yelling at sight of the
boat 'Can't take that youngster!* ths
boss shouted. Tbe woman said she
wanted to come too.
•Nos wa can't
ship that squalling little beast Leave
hlm -with hla auntie.' Thera was no
auntie In sight so the Kanaka man,
after taking a look around, caught the
kiddy by the heels, swung her round
like a rabbit and daabed her head
against a tree. 'She was only a girl
anyway,' he said and slung her body
Into the scrub. Then they both bopped
of the sun's heat Is $'-'5,000,000. Now,
what proportion of all that vaine do
into the boot and were shipped
The Son-. Rea«.
"The aim'» heat?" said the astrono
"Well, let us say that the value
irr r
you suppose warms the earth? Only
2 cents' worth,
"All tbe rest of the sun's beat Is
wasted In qyaoa. Of the $25,000,000
"Wlth coal I can give you another!
Idea of the aim's beat Suppose that
the earth wa« to contract to beat the
Do you know What the result
would be? All tho coal upon tho earth
would suffice to maintain tbe present
solar heat for Just the one-tenth of a
second."—Philadelphia Bulletin.
A beautiful young lady and her oora
beautiful mother were walking down
the street together when they met two
gentlemen whom the mother know.
the earth only gets 2 cents.
Malt« Y «or UMftft.
"How much your daughter raeembles
yon!" exclaimed one.
"How cloeely you reeembte yotu
daughter!" exclaimed the other. ,
Now. which of these two gentlemen
do you think was Invited home to teal
vlcted of murder great efforts were
made-to obtain a pardon on the ground
that ho was Insane. Hie mother belnp
appealed to and requested to write .
strong letter ou the subject, answered.
"Well, but If I do, how am I to marry
off my daughters?"—Green Bag.
A Muthrr'ft An«w«r.
When Earl Ferrara had been eon
At Her Heat.
'Tllts picture of your wife la on
gelle. Does It look like her?"
"Well— er— It looked like her when
-He , .. . Tf .
tbe was posing for the photograph,
ye»."—Detroit Free Prosa.
Good Lttlle Boy».
Mother I'm glad you're playing wltt
good little boys now Tommy—Yee'm
They ain't like the other kind. 1 klu
lick any one o' dese kids If I wantcr -
Phlladelpbla Ledger.
There mu h, „i.,v ™ ... ». .
There may he wisdom without knowl
wtT«, ann tbor« may be knowleilgc
The True Philosopher.
wtT«, ann tbor« may be knowleilgc
without wisdom, but It Is he who po*
'"hT rit r 18 ,he truc i,hlu -°^ r
Robert boulhev
_ _
„ _ PaJ'rtr.e Sometime».
Bnffcrer Do you extract teeth with
ont pain? Dentist—Not always I
it™t • couple °'
day» ago and it hurt» yet
"Katherine, y,^ will always find
•n Indulgent husband."
"Do you mean Indulgent lo me or In
dulgent to v-v-velf?"
Discussing tho merits of a man's op
pauents gives him a decided ascend
- tbt«>.uße«Uifc fh
Mudp Him II
When the lint Turkish minister.
Mole Mole, came to \\ aslilngton, a
grand ball was planned ln his honor,
Hundred« of Invitations were sent out,
and nearly everybody who received
one came, for theue was muon curios
Ity to see the Important Turk ln bis
native dr**s.^|
sons anxious to examine the splendid
dross turban which bad been described
and talked about, made, ns It was. of
plaster of paris, yet looking like the
When the evening ar
Particularly were per
finest muslin,
rived. Mele Mele seemed to be the only
[ »no who was not having a good time,
lie stood looking os If he did not know
that everybody was admiring him and
altogether was very much bored till
\ suddenly he caught a glimpse of a big
1 negro woman who was assisting In
serving the supper. Instantly he
rushed up to her aud, throwing bis
arms about her neck, gave her a good
kiss, explaining that he could not help
It. she reminded him so much of his
best and most expensive wife, and,
while tlie company thought It a very
cld thing to tlo. everybody could un
derstaud that he was n homesick man
•ml nobody minded It In the least.
nave you never wondered how
when . wire is broken or d""a*ed he
tween two distant cities the operator.
sitting In hls office, can tellexaoUy
where the accident has occurred?
The explanation It very simple. It
requires force to send electricity
through a wire. The longer the wire
Is the greater Is the force required. This
force Is measured, but Instead of call
Ing It pounds, as In measuring the
pressure In a boiler, electricians call
Tbe Broken Wire.
the units of
Suppose a wire between two offices
1. 150 miles long, and that on a stormy
?fe b Jr^lf^ H knSw. C 'ih'et , wlmnT.e
à-« lu it tnni< in.t 'Jim »hm« to
was sound It took just 2,100 ohms to
send a current through, or 14 ohms
per mile. Ho now finds that he can
send a current with only 700 ohms.
TT_ . rrnn k- t a „„,t
He divides 700 by 14. and finds that
the break In the wire Is fifty miles
from hls end.
I Chleh Chen Lo Feng Luh, who was
formerly Chinese minister to England,
' Years ago he was secretary to LI Hang
Chang. He la a very able man, and
among other accomplishments speaks
and writes English perfectly. The
; story is given In "The Navy as
; Known It"
| LI Hung Chang Is reported to have
Th« Differ«»««.
There Is a good story told of Blr
I Have
•*>*<* to him, "i don't know how It Is
we send our men to Europe and
America, and have foreign Instructors
,n ou t colleges, ns do the Japanese,
but we do not seem to derive tho ad
vantage from their Instruction which
Hie Japanese do,"
To this Chleh Chen Lo Feng Luh re
plied i
"That Is quite true. I was a class
mate of tho Marquis Ito In England.
Ho Is now prime minister of Japan,
and I am your excellency's secretary."
All Rlsht In Hi» Cue.
The teacher was giving the school a
I Mtt,B ***»• on good conduct "Let me
\ caution you on another point, chll
; Aren." she said. "Avoid criticising,
Hcm't make a practice of finding fault
other people or picking flaws In
what they say or do. It Is a very bad
; hablt to form and will make your own
***° unhappy."
[ "Why, teacher," spoke np a little
^OJ- "that's the way my father makes
hla livin'r
"You surprise me. Gwvrgy. What la
your father's occupation?"
"He'« a proofreader, ma'am."
The teacher coughed behind her fan.
'■Well, Qaorgy," she said, "I will
make an exception to the case of your
I -
Dark Ha,ib»
There ought not to be a dork
I to any human habitation. To have too
I much sunlight for health Is not poa
alble. Its extraordinary intensity nn
: der exceptional circumstances can al
I ways be moderated
j require, but Its plenary supply should
J always be provided for. Of artificial
i fight generally It may be said that to
all Its forms, except that of electricity,
Inasmuch as It Is produced by the com
bustion of some compound ot hydro
gen and carbon, previously volatilized
aa occasion may
carbon, previously volatilized
or brought Into a gaseous condition. It
I la more or Ices Injurious to the atmos
phere by consuming the oxygen and
emitting mephitic gases.
Too Moor Vln6ir.<loni.
A man named Bill was always get
ting In trouble. "But," he would say
to hls friends afterward, "I was vln
dlouted. Wicked men said cruel things
about me. but I was vindicated."
After this had happened eoven or eight
timea an old fellow said: "BUI, I quit
yon right here. You bave been vlndl
cated offener than becomes an honest
roan.''—-Atchison Globe.
K»ald»»la of Wtlmlnaloa Oreatty Inter
«»t.d In ■ New and Original
In thlaage of bu»tle,ru»h and atrenuoaltv,
many person* are wont to overlook even
the simplest rules of health in the mad ru»h
tot the dollar. But If that dollar ran be
etchanged for one of the moel vital faotora
that make for n good digestion, good health
and good look«, there can be no excuse for
The oiler of the ''Now Method" Dental
1'nrlore, 610)^ Market slreet. lo keep tho
teeth of any client in perfect condition for
. ,
methods within tha r^c'h S OTerî^ï*^
cost is only one dollar.
Teeth Insurance at the rale ot one dollar
! » year-that in Substance la ihe propraition
. „t the ' New Meth.al" l*arlore. The offer la
: fair a» It légitimât©. It will bear th«
I clo * e<t ■onillny. Buck of it nr« tb© pro
! Kss: :L i«
high rating» in all of tho boat financial
agonciua and publication*.
j Kor on« dollar they contract to inaure
! teeth lor a year. Uiat ia, to clean, fill and,
tl Iieceaaary, to extract teeth ol tho client.
& ÏÏ&-Ï r;rr.
Mr. Daniel Humphries, managor ol the
Lyceum Theatre, ia among tho Mlowere ol
the "N«w Method" plan, and will vouch
for its excellence.
The "New Method" Dental I'arlore are
located in Urge rooms et 6101,' Market
street, Wilmington. Tlie office hour* lire
from 0 a. «n. to R p. in., and 7 p.
A:m p. in,, daily, and Ilia m. la 8p. m.
Sunday». The office» arc in charge of Dr.
C. H. Frasier, manager, and .-- rn! a»»i»i
! ants, wno bold diplounw in Pennsylvania,
1 pelswgr», New ku($, UUlc »ad Nt« Jen»y.
. 1.1
A Elffcon With n Memory.
It sirems really Impossible to extln
*u s the homing Instinct In n good
p goon. A story Is told of a French
carrier pigeon tvhlch was captured by
« r. < 'Ü rm ," U ,ô? mier, ' durlnK ,he Blc * e
of l aris In 1S70. The bird was being
earned n a balloon from Paris to
some point In the country, whence It
was expected to rotnrn to Paris with
a message. It was taken to the Ger
man headquarters and presented to
the commander. Prince Frederick
manes, who sent It to his mother In
Germany. Here It was placed In a
splendid roomy aviary and carefully
fed and nourished: but, although It was
kept here, living Jn the lap of royal
luxury for four years, the French
pigeon did not forgot Its fatherland.
At the end of that time the aviary
was left open one day. The pigeon
flew out, mounted high In the air, flew
about for a moment as If to find the
points of the compass and started In a
straight lino for Paris. Ten days aft
erward It beat Its wings against the
. a .. ,. ,
entrance to Its old loft In the Boule
vard de Cllcby. There It was recog
Disea, and. Its ense being brought to
public attention It was honored ns a
patriot returned from foreign captlv
Itv It remained nt fhp p nr u Taorii«.
U'AcclImatlon until It died In 187a
A Pe».on«l AppUe.tlo«.
When one of the large benefactors of
Harvard college library was a business
man In Lawrence a customer of hls
fl r!n contracted a debt which ran along
( or a year or more wlthi^ any signs
0 f settlement. Several niters, says
the Boston Herald, failed to bring
about liquidation.
one day, while glancing over the re
Ilglous notices In a local paper, Har
yard's benefactor saw something which
gave him an Inspiration, and he went
*° Ul * toUowlu *
Dot ® *° ,lle <I e bt or:
Mr —,
My Dear Sir—1 m In ths local press
that you are to deliver an address on
• T * n * n * * > ® 1 ,ora Y - M \ -f- on
"The Sinners Balanced Account" I In
elo># yourli u yot unbalanced, and trust
that 1 may have the pleasure of attend
In* »our lecture. Tour» truly. -.
Xo-k For H.ppin«..,
Borne one has said that we find what
wo are looking for In this world. If
that la true, and It Is true In a cer
tain measure, how very much better
and more wholesome to be looking for
klndnesE rather than slights, for hap
pluess rather than misery, tor the
flowers of life rather than Its thorns,
says Woman's Life. Even when these
A check came by the next malt
1 things seem Impossible yon may think
them so. and by the power of your 11
luslons make them come true. Illusion
and disillusion are to the mind what
roee colored and blue spectaclee are to
tho eyes—Illusion the rose, disillusion
the blue. It may seem a sort of child's
play to hold so fast to that which may
be mythical, but anything is worth
while which makes for happiness and
Bow reel Jone» Countered,
When the English government de
nounced John Paul Jone« as a pirate
the American naval hero neatly conn
tcred Ho refilled that he had looked
L the dictionary^an*d t found*a p^ato
defined a. "an enemy of mankind,"
and. "as England was then st war with
the whole of America, the greater part
of Europe and much of Asia, not to
apeak of a bit of Africa, she to point
of fact ram. a. near being the enemy
of mankind as could well be conceived
and that England was therefor, tbe
pirate and not Paul Jones."
Napoleon sis ss Bogy Man.
Thackeray once saw Napoleon on the
Island of Bt Helena. Tbe novelist—be
was born to Calcutta In L811—was on
bis way to England as a child. "Our
•hip touched at an Island where my
black servant took me for a long walk
over rocks and bills undT we saw a
tonn walking lo a garden. That ia be,'
•aid the black man; 'that Is Bonaparte.
He eats three sheep every day and all
the little children be can lay hands
on.' " That black serving man was not
tbe only person of Ute time to behave
the story which he told.
r«rf««4 Munsr*
Politeness Is perhaps Instinctive with
some, but with the majority it la a
matter of training of tbe slow and care
ful discipline of voice and eye ami
carriage. Under this training all the
angles ot personal vanity and self con
sciousness . are rubbed off, the person
becomes adorned with grace, ease, gen
tleness and simplicity, and what may
seem to the untrained observer aa the
perfection of naturalness may be sim
ply the perfection of eolttira.
Tall E.eitk to Ito»« I*.
"Mrs. Spuddswogth. tt seems to me."
■aid Mrs. Oldcastle, "Is rather Inclined
to loquacity."
"Still," replied her hostess at she
straightened the $1,900 rug, "for a per
son as tall as her It ain't so bad as
though she was shorter."—Chicago
Attend mm
Rev. Dr. Torker—I'm pleased to see
that you attend church so regularly.
I hope you bava found grace. Far
go rn—Excuse me, bnt her name Is
Helen. Ah. there she Is now. Good
Felt»« Rollloeny.
"I wonder," mused the family cat.
after carefully Inspecting the new
mottse trap, "If that Is Intended ns a
! 1,bor Bavln * deTlc * for u,y beneflt OT lf
{ I'm ln danger of losing my situation."
In matter nature allows no atom to
elude Its grasp. In mind no thought or
feeling to perish. It gathers up tbe
fragments that nothing bo lost.—
Doctor (to wealthy old lady, con
valescent after a severe illness)—
Have you no bright, cheerful relations
who could come and stay with you!
Old Lady—Oh; yes; many. But they
wouldn't be a bit cheerful If they
thought I was getting better.
Jorklns—My dear, 1 wish you would
not sing that song about ''falling dew.*'
Mrs. Jorklns— Why not? Jorkins—It
reminds mu too much ot th# hous*
if#* L
How to Do« « uo »
■ A dose of castor oil Is as disagreeable
to the ailing dog ns to the ulllug bu
man being. lie kicks np dnst It, and
docs right, wh.-u he Is gr ihbed by ths
I back of the neck, and with his Jawi
yanked apart with a towel awaits tbs
nasty dose. This Is poured down hla
neck-on the outside. It Is usually fol
• lowed by a few more Joses, all of
which go the same way. which Is the
| wrong way. The Jaws are In a vise,
! the dog la In torture, and he la ready
: to condemn his very best friend tot
1 thus treating him shabb'ly.
| only were sensiljle enough to know
; how any dog from the meanest cm
would be different, but they are all at
sen on the subject and l-'>or doggie li
about dead when a friend ntters;
If they
to the bluest blooded canine on eartU
was In the ifaliit of taking bis oil, 11
"Hump! All chumps --n dogs. see.
Pour the stuff over lb, poor fellows
P a " s -
Lo. and behold! Tho vd«e few who
, thought they knew nil n »out dogs and
dog things learned something to theli
I credit when they saw how carefully
Towser licked hls paws, cleaned them,
and thus took bis oil without fuss ant]
la the proper way.—Outing.
That rainier.
The artist who had D-und Marshby
full of "palntable" place, and friendly
people was much attracted by one of
the young women of the village, whom
he mot at a social gathering. He
asked and was accorded permission to
escort her home from a little party one
evening, and, as the evening was mild
and the moon was shining, they lln
gered at her gate for a few minutes'
conversation. Suddenly the stillness
was broken by a hoarse shout which
came from an open window of the
little house:
"Cast off that palnterl Cast off that
painter! '
The artist started ns if he had been
shot, but the young woman gave him
a reassuring smile and a becoming
"It's—It's Just father in-amlng," she
said softly. "He's a retired sea cap
,j in an(1 often u ,| ka )n b ls sleep«"
... »
▲ "poor man of mutton 1 Is • term
applied to a shoulder of mutton In
Scotland after It has been aerved os a
roast at dinner and appears as a broil
ed bone at supper or at the dinner next
day. One of the former earls of B„
popularly known ns "Old Rag," was
Indisposed at a hotel In London.
j When one morning tin- landlord cams
| to enumerate the good things In hls
• larder and to prevail on hls guest to
eat something, hls lordship replied,
A Poor Man of Mattoau
"Landlord, I think I emi! 1 eat a morsel
of a poor man." ThG, together with
j the extremely unprepow sslng appear
| «uce of hls lordship's -ounteuonce, la
: said to have so terrified poor Boniface
that he fled Incontinently from ths
room and tumbled headlong down
Kx .uea of Ota a« on M«n-of-war.
"In tho olden days," remarked a vet
era u sea captain tbe other day, "the
custom obtained of giving names to
I ^* e KU ns ou men-of-war.
I " In the case of the United States
«gate Chesapeake the ,-rlndpa. guns,
Ctoe^nalV"^ m 'yIT'
J e fjint
^ ' p ^' , ? ^rren. Uad, Anthony,
lb *?Ti _ F | ° f * T '
«■ ^
P ea *' Ta ™' J
Rattl * r ' BuJI<lo |' 8 P ltt ? ra a ^Z Î? W '
*"*• Beven *^ J e . r Put ^ on '
tea Towser. Willful Murdra. These
names were engrave! o.. small squares
of copper plate. -Wasfi ngton Star.
Polo la Ancient«
Polo was played from the backs of
horses In Persia during the tenth and
eleventh centuries. At that time the
Persians to a great content, Iran versus
Turan, found their match to the Turks,
greatly to the disgust King Atra
•tab. The Byzantine poet Nizami sung
of polo in the twelfth century. Then
polo spread from Persia Into central
Asia, India and Tibet In the sixteenth
century, when the great Emperor Ak
bar patronised It In Japan tbe gams
la at least 1,000 yean n|d and Is «till
popular under tbe name of da-kln,
•Ton seem depressed."
"Yea, I've got to ask my girl's father
tonight for her hand."
"Boah! Don't bo alarmed. The stern
father exista only In the comic papers."
"Maybe so, bnt the borrowing father
la a painful reality. He'll land me
a fifty to a dead moral certainty."—
Louisville Courier Journal
Her Tremolo.
"Ah, how I love to bear your daugh
ter abigl" said Archie as he waited
the parlor. "She's practicing her exer
cises now, Isn't she? What a beautiful
"No," replied the mamma scornfully.
"She baa bad tbe sore throat for three
days. She's taking a gargle.'*—Indian
apolis Star.
A serrant girl bad been sent on an
orrand. On returning she said to her
mistress, "Oh. ma'am, there's been
young man following me." Mistress—
Oh, Indeed! Servant Girt—Yes, ma'am.
1 know he was a following me, be
cause be kept looking around to see If
I was coming.
Tart Anawer.
"A woman's bonnet would not rast
roach If It wasn't for the trimming,"
eald the miserly husband.
"Neither would a man's whiskers,"
answered Ms wife.—Chicago News.
Bright's Disease, Dlsb tae, Rheumatism.
Gout, Gravel, Dropsy, Inflammation of tho
lllsddor, Bad Blood ami .Nervous Troublee
caused by Sick Kidneys.
N. B. Danforth, the well-known drug
gist of Wilmington, knows by experience
thet Hindipe will cure all forma of Kidney
and Nervous Troubles, and will guarantee
it in all cuss.
Can't you eflerd to try it at tbeir risk
it costs you nothing if it don't do the work.
Sent by mall lo any addreos, prepaid, on
receipt of SO cents. Six box»«, 82.50, under
i ( poaluv* gunrastaa.
teby He Wanted a Te
Application was made at half a
down stores before the man could get
0 ue ten dollar bill for his roll of ones,
--i don't see." said the man's com
pautoUi -why you went to all that
j trouble. You are going to pay the
, money rtght over to vonr tellor> m -
; didn't you gj v# him the one dollar
"Because It would make a bad lm
pression," was the reply. "I am broke,
bnt l d on - t want b)m t0 know lt Whan
ever you get in that fix pay your debts
In the largest bills that you can get
hold of. It enhances your vaine In the
estimation of tradesmen and paves
the wsy tor further credit A fellow
will think a heap more of you If you
pay wlth one flre doUar bl „ w1tb
fl T e ones. A handful of chicken feed
Indicates that yon have had to hustle
around pretty lively to get the money
aud tbnt tbtre ten - t mU ch , eft whets
that came from. A man who really
jj as money oan a ff 0 rd to pay In pennies
if he feeto like It, hut he who has llttl«
cnn keen llD hls credlt only by using
bin,^-New York pies. T
Hander. Appetite.
nandel was blessed with a wonder
xxnnuci was messt a wiux a " uuu " r
îng accounts "true^otherwhte 'as'to
^ meana taUen by lt> owuer tot lis
mdulgence, Uls gastronomic propensl
Uos were frequently the object of sa
tires and In one caricature the com*
pos ,. r ls represented as sitting on a
| jepr b arrek j iam an d a pair of
f Qwla Bre ,'. tllr i lpil to (b D inc-t of an
i or j« nn a turbot lies upon a pile of
j book ,' .„.i tb(l fl()or of tbe anartraent
, g Bt „ W u with oyster shells. It Is
moro |j kp | y that hls adversaries In
Tcnted an(J propagated many of the
w ii d .inrie« concerning hls eatlna and
! Sinking ~werë to!? tlmt they Sad
any , ol f nd ^ lo „ ln lltPral fact . N 0 one
1 would probably order a dinner for
1 -p persons for Instance and be
bclmt kept back for the
cause 11 w H3 D ng Kepl a
company to arrive blurt out to tbe as
tonished waiter: "I nn$ de gompany.
Bring up de tinner bretlsslmo."
Snlplns In XVnrfnre.
The method of sniping In warfare Is
as follows: Three men set out, two
one dlrectl0I1 an(t one , n anotber ,
llle Bln le ^ wben be sieves he Is
, Q ^ nel g hborboo< j of the enemy, lets
: off hla rifle no matter ln wbat dlrec .
, u an(1 tbng dnws y,, flra of ^
; aen t r y. Immediately the two other
j gtalkers flre i nto the space lit up by
! fbe when this goes on. all
roun 4 the camp the result Is constant
i alarm at n | gb t time. Soldiers are
j warued not to reply to a sniper, but
| th e temptation Is well nigh Irresistible.
Th e i r exertions however raeet with
mtle gnc0P8S , foi «nlpcre generally
stalk the sentries from behind stones.
—London Globe.
Lola Mont«s.
At one time there was much com
Ai uiir 11U1V 1*41-1 v »»44 0 mum vuur
merclal and social Intercourse between
Ireland and Spain. Galway and Wa
terford were the chief Irish ports en
1 „a™» It. »hla TanAa -Ta (Ma th.
gaged In this trade. To this day the
Spanish type of beauty Is discernible
I among the Galway girls. Probably the
1 „ _. , „ . ... , . . ,V„ „
^'^ dau r l^la MZpz Hm
mTe uarne was Msrie liolo^ El.za^
*amia Gilbert She captivated European
monarch» as well as popular audl
en( ^ and wag for a ycar or BO pmctl
rally the ruler of Bavaria until a rev*
lutlon compelled her to flee.
spelled with n -V.»
Prank Millet's baby was christened
ln lÆndon wbpn Hutton and LawTence
Barr ,. tt wf>rp [)reaPn t. Tho child was
t0 be mlra( . d ' IjawTnlloe . and Barrett
spelled It out "Lawrence," ns hls name
was spoiled. Hutton Immediately cor
rected him with "Laurence," as hls
own name Is spelled. And they shout
ed this at each other, to the amaze
ment of the parish clerk, till Mr. Millet
stopped them, with the remark that
the father to have something to
I among me oiuwaj gins, t roouuiy m«
: most famous result of the blending of
, . ._... ..
the father ought to have something to
say and, turning to tho clerk, said,
"Spell him with a •v.' " And Lavrence
Millet he was made by law.—Christian
Clvlllratlon and tbe Kaffir.
On bare feet, of which the akin grew
ao tough as to enable him to run over
the sharpest rocks without flinching,
the old Kaffir could easily walk, as
fast as a horse trots, fifty miles a day.
The Kaffir who still goes barefoot can
do so today. He used likewise to be
able to get a light—the "boy" who is
constantly bothering one now for
matches—by rubbing two sticks to
gether. Now be Is aa helpless to the
dark as ourselves.—Pall Mall Gazette.
Doubly Bmbsrrawlaa
Suitor—Beg pardon for Interrupting,
bnt—I— er— have Just com e o r - that Is,
I have Just been speaking to your
daughter, and she referred me to you.
Old Gentleman—Gee crickets! I won
._,. ... ,__
I der If that girl thinks I am made of
money. Yon are about the fortieth
.,,, , , . . .! "
bill collector she has sent to today. If
ehe doesn't marry pretty soon I*D be
bankrupt—New York Weekljw
In tbe Beatnatag,
"I tell you, Singleton, you don't
know tbe Joys and felicities of a con
tented married life, the happy flight of
years, the long, restful calm of"—
"How long have you been married r
"Just a month."
Odd Coincidence.
Mrs. Janson said to Mrs. Luromla to
perfect confidence, "Do you know mine
la the prettiest baby to the world?"
"Well, really, now, what a coinci
dence!'' said Mrs. Lammlg. "So la
mine!" •
Much prudence doe» not always keep
one from committing follies, nor much
sense from thinking them, nor much
wit from uttering them.
Entirely 1 ubalona.
She—I thought bis wealth was some
thing fabulous. He—So It was.
books show that be baa been Insolvent
for years.
in H»rmo»r.
"What color does madam wish
to give her hair today?"
"Black, please. I'm going to a
neral."—Paris Annales.
Nothing can work me damage
«WJ^rrat. BtuitoCvh .
„Sfasirtr Ursjrts.
On the Beach. Fireproof.
Always Open.
. _ _
1 washing! oN A mvis?ON. AND
schedule in »fleet January lit. nos.
6. at) t7.,u, , 20,7 42 , 7 . 50 . tVui.Vvj.Voo. V»u touw
.VÄ, îi * «ft.
1 Ktm and tii.uu p. a,.' wet-k-'dav».' f7 *o
, ££
p. m. ßuuday* 71 w
a. ( £'^J^«!ï e 7 P ,^.S , iîüü m' ÜfoS" **0
llltfltlll lolloWR:
6 .jw* 7.11 «nds.oft. m. ►undftyî ' ^
Kor K f w Vork (" ,r ounh sspr«M), us. 1 , 39 .
•LS7. ^ 22 » 6.U7, V»2a, n.n and 9 . 2 sp nj
*''for B«toi. without change, 10 , 00 a. m «ta, M
P-Di-wtes-haya. 8.00 p. n. Burnt«,«.
Bnhlmore find ashlnglon, 1 . 08 , 4.2CL 7 , 15 . 8.01
Ȁ P is!%
**' ** «*■"•»£
Baitîmor, and Imennedist» .tation., «.«.
t 4 - 48 * 6 * w P' m - week-days. 6.6» p. m. Sunday*
e«^î lBnUc Lta«.—^ExpreM, 1.08 ft. m. and
12.35 p. ra. dally,
tfouihern Hallway.—Eipr«*«, 8.02 a. nu 8.6»,
8.2fl and 7.31 p. rn. dally. ^ *
beaboard Air Line Railway,—KznreM,8.02 a. m.
and 3.82 p. m. dally.
Norfola and Western Railway.— Vor UemphU
and New Onaanii. 6.26 p. m. dally.
Cheiapeake & Ohio Railway.— Express, 11.07 a.
m. week-days, 8.16 p. m. dally.
For N«W Castle, 0.68c *.» a. m, 8.05, 8.44 and
6.62 p. in. week-day*
For Lew ta, 8.28 a. m. and 8.44 P. m. week-day*
For Kehoboth, 8.28 a. m. Tuesdays, Thursday*
and Saturday*
For Dover, Harrington and Dftlmar, *.28,10.98
ft- m., 8.44, 6.62 p. m. week-days and 12.00 night
F a 0r Barrington ana way station* 6.66 h n*
and 8.(k> p. m. week-days.
Kxpress for tape Charles, Old Point Comfort
and Norfolk, 10.68 a.m. week-days and 12.00 night
Connecting vl. Went Philadelphia, S.80 am,
2.9» and 6 is p, m. week-dnya. AU a. m., ana
Âd W  , u g 2îî , '^hoïï£ r .ÏÏ 1 ^
*H?î arMMr miorm.ti 0 n. auni,
«« -tiM«,, ?
Q, am a xian.nr
_ °*°
Schedule In effect November 19ih, 19U6.
AU trains ilmmlo*4ftd with FlntaoB Uffci
j ö^'TSoV'wtolagk», Mseats a« do .
I ». m.; 'l ie, *3 io, -6.JÎ [Royal Uinll«!!], *7.42,
»11.00 P. m. Sunday», »AM, *9.40, »11.36 ».
m.i »8.30. »5.17 (Koval Limited), »7.42, *11.00 p. m.
PHlLAltl- LKU1 A, week-day», »2,26. »5.211,6.80,
•6.40. 7.20. '8.10. »9.16. *9 40. 10.57, «U! » m.;
»1.26, 8.05. '3.1», *4.52, »5.17 Illoyal Limited].
•7.00, *7.42, *11.00 p. Ul. «unday«, * 6 , 20 . 7.M, 8.84.
•V.4Ü, 10.48. »ll.Sf.a. I®.. '8.30. 4-80. *5.17 [Royal
' Limited], 7 06 -7.42, ».54 »11.00 » m.
to J. U. Mo
Market street.
Fsss'r Tmfflo M&Q&I«.
General Passenger Agent
| pj
• »7!
Chet 1er, »eek-day», 6.30, '6.40. 7.20, »8.10 .W.lSj
•9.40, 10.57 ». m.; »1.26, 8.06. 4.52. 6.20, »7.42, »11.04
_ _
*9.46, 10.57 A HI.; »1.26, 8.06. 152, 6,20, »7.42, »11.09
, iln tune»»», 7 20 , 8 . 84 , »i. 4 o, 10 . 4 ». »li as», nu
4.8«. 7.06, » 7 . 42 . 3*2. »n.oop. m.
AU.nuc uty.w»«x-d.s» ««.4<
; ww»>J »no ocean cur,
H n.utol'wV'^iad?^. ^ **" l " 01 "
L 'ÄLT l »nd l0 'it»y r » l «Uon«, nee» -day«, TJ»
* ÂiL» w» dïîiî'ïî'il** « ».
12 . 42 .V 06 , 1?2, 4.8A sis. »9.0» p 4 m. suo
?*£• *«»• * " = *>* »"• *»* 11 "
1 sinnen y *ccommod»Uon. week-dsy».
» top m ^ ^ A1 ' '
Lanuenbert Kçommod.uoo, we«»Ai»T» 9.»
[Roy.i Limited 1 »ion. r. m sani.vA.1«»
Clt>-,we«»-<l»y», »6.40, »9.16, »9.40, [1LIS
,.b, « 1.26, *3.80, *5.17 p m [Ho)»l Limited).
5und»y», 7.2o». m . »8.80 p. m.
4*K M«Ï »nu Oce»n City, ID
7.00» m,
. m.; 6.09
ca-uajs, miu m. «"at -'■"rt —
IJ, *10.08 p. m. Sandfty». *8.16 ft
*4.47. *6.60 (Roy*! Limited], *10.08 p. m
f hlo «ko. dally, *8.16 a. m.; *2.47 p. m.
Cincinnati and BL Louis, *8.16 ft. m.;*1.06, *8.»
r, id. dally
w»«k-d«ïi. »8.86. 7.00, »7 40, B.to, »10.82, ll.®» m,
'12,80, »2.14, 2.1* »4.16, 4.60, »6.20, »6.80. 6.66. *6!J
[Koy.1 Limited], 6.83, »8.36 l »9.80, »11.88 m m
tund.y», »8.86, 7.16, *7.40. 9.10 » m„ »12.80. »2.14
2J6, »4.16. 6.90, *6.18 IHoy.l UmltedJ 6.80. »8.86
•9.85, 10.» l>. m. . . ,
-Royal Limited' la composed exclusively of
1-ullmau Parlor, Oteerv.u.m »ad Dicing Can
Ko ezir» lare except regular Pullman charge
Delmarvi» Telephon» Ko. 219SI
P. A A. Telephone No. 1422A.
Kates to Western points lower than vlaan]
other Une. K.0U to Pittsburg, 10.08 w on trail
dally. Through aleaj.-ra. H A. MILLER,
Traveling Passenger Agent
City Ticket Office, No. 894 Isarket BUeat, WU
mington, Del.
D. A A. Telephone 1768A.
Ilelmarvta Telephone 2196,
14. ol P. T.
Q. F. A
,äON sx.AMlUt
L»»ne W Uminglon, Eounli -treat wiiarl. weak
o.yi .ns bmai.v», 7,ao los p. at.
bum PhfijS»°phla, pier 8. North »hon Aro»
a4n»-t, ae-.x-o.y- .uu »uuoaj» 10.16 » m. »n4
A uLwCbmw one hour i»ur.
Huppend height have iiequent lerTlo«. car«
hit hamlllnx, prompt delivery and full protaetloi
nom the —earner by covered wnarvw
w»«on» _ _ __
-i o Mettra theao tacllltlea, order your iblpmeni
a'.,, u ilson link. Pier a. North (above Arch
pbllartalphl*, P».. and Fourth street Whart WU
pbllartalphl*, P».. and Fourth street Whart WU
Philadelphia, K»o.. 28o; on» way, 16o.
Cheller Kic.. Ibc; one way, 10c.
HOKACK WILSON, denerai Uanaot.
New Jersey S Wilmington Ferry U
Steamer Ulrica,
Change ol Um« In «fleet October 2d, 1906.
Leave« Wlimlngioo. weekday. 8.00 ». m. ant
Lreve» 1 Doan's tirove. weekday. 10 a, m. an4
liaveT ttLmlngton. batutday. 8.91 ». m.. 8.1*4
6.00 and 10.80 p m.
Leaves Penn's Urore. Batutday. 10 . m, 6.«
and 7.00 (k in. _
Leave. Wilmington, Bunday. 9.80 a. m. and
Leaves' Penn's Grove, bunday., 10.80 a. m,
and 6.00 p. m.
The Waterproof Fore.
I am convinced that our solemnity ot
demeanor 1» generated by our graj
skies, our piercing east winds, om
heavy, yellow fogs and our slushy
roads and pavements. The waterproof
face Is the direct result ot a firma
ment of lead,
people look like Incarnate nmbrellas.
Many of us English
Precise Aunt (trying to amuse little
Kote, who has come to spend the doy)
—Oh, see pussy washing her facel Lit
tle Kate (with gcorn)-8be's not wash
tog her face; she's washing her fee*
ui jelateg -giiJWJtMft

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