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Balcintf Powder.
Absolutely Pure
Makes the finest, lightest, best flavored biscuit, hot
breads, cake and pastry.
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can are

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the nn of m castle
Public Installation of the New
Officers of Adaiphla Lodge,
K.of P,
P. De H. Janvier to Gun In {the
B«I4I flMt «• 0>*rl m ftmw Fursm on
ModI«) Many Houivi <• l'bau|« UaMli
During ib# »prlng Lot «1 mod ■ •»*«•«!
ttt9 Corr.sr.nB4.oc. ol Kerry Kvcnlat
New < satte, Jan. 30.—In a iumdsomely
deooralad lodge room, on the thml floor of
the K. of P Hall, Fifth and Delaware
nearly JOÜ person*
aeeing an o|ien in
street«, last evening,
had the pleasure of
stallation of officer« of Adelpinu l»«iga, K.
of P., coupled with an entertainment that
plea King. Tire decoration was under
the direction of W rldin < \ inmg .mil
stated of flags of ail nation, and bunting
neatly arranged. The memliere and
guest* had a luncheon on the wvoud floor
ol tbe building, whore axcelirat coffee,
sandwich. ■». celery arid cake* in |>ro
fusion were serve«!. T im wa» also under
the direction of Mr. Vining assisted by
Kdward McDowell, (apt t P Hol.vimb,
ArtemaJ Smith ami Patrick J Ahem. The
affair was opened with prayer by Rev.
Frank L. Munson. LL. D . reclor of 1m
maouel P. E. Church. Huoliebeck ( Irches
trs played a selection. niter which (lie
memlieni of the Grand Ix.lge roruuMing
of Grand Chancellor John < (tore), V
Grand Chancellor Samuel J Heck, Grand
Master of Exchequer Lemuel Marr, Grand
Master-al-Arma Max Fphraim, Acting
Grand Prelate Jonathan Dickerson, Su
Keprasmlalive Johnotl and Past
Chancellor William \V. Knowles,
lad by Hagpiper John Hutton, and accom
panied by representatives of Washington,
Lafayette, Lincoln, Clsyton, Osceola,
Champion Morning Btai Damon, Dia
mond, Taileyville and Calanthe 1-odge»,
entend the rooom The address of wel
come waa maiic by Rev, C. W . Prettyman.
D D., pastor of the Mel hodist I .pns opal
Church. He spoke of (he vafuu of the
. order and the aaswtam-e of the ladies The
''War Bpangled Banner. ' liy tbe double
nuartet com|io*e<l ol Charles K. fsin-aaler,
Jr .Edward H. Naylor, William lleakyne,
William E. Itothwell, I Isard lleakyne.
Harry J. Uofhmck, Rev. C W. Prat I y man
and J. Oumby, wa* Ming with Mrs.lalwanl
W'. Eagle as orgaiucl. The installation of
the officers was then taken up, witli
Samuel J. Beck, District Deputy Grand
Chancellor, as tbe installing olnoer.assisted
by (he Grand Lodge
officer* mentioned,
irast Chancellor O
Prettyman and Chancellor Commander
Amoa Collins
omni ander 0. W.
otboo. Tbe illnees of Henry C. Con
rad of Wilmi
ngton prevented Ins sp
peoronce, greatly to the disappointment
of the,people An eloquent addrex* by
Past Grand Chancellor Knowles followed
, He spoke of tlie value ol the order, the
, privilege* enjoyed and laid he was proud
1 ol hi* country lor the many liliertie* which
the peonle had, and showed at length li e
principle* and objecta of tlie order, taxi in
a pleasing manner recited from Bliake
epears and the musing* of Ingeraoll on
Napoleon the Great Be stated that
spirit of tbe K. of P. wa* to do perfectly
sight to every citisen.and any prixm doing
otherwise was false to lusualh.Each should
corn for each other, and in hi» advice which
followed he said; "It ia a noble thing lor a
person to give advice, but it is a nobler
thing to live up to what you advise. 1 he
trouble is that too much advice ia given
and it is not lived up to." The orchestra
then played, alter which Edward M<
1 kiweli waa installed vice-chancellor, Wil
liam Lewis prelate The baritone solo, "I
Wonder if You'U Mies Me." wa* well ren
dered by Charles E. Lancaster, Jr., who
waa heartily cocored and returned with
"The Preacher sad tbe Bear." The itwtalln
tion of the outer guard, Georg,- V >. Wil
helme; inner guard, B. Frank Ifiackbum,
and maeter-at-anii» O.C. Short, took plmv.
"My Old Kentucky Home," by the double
quartette, fallowed, alter which tlie dis
trict deputy grand chancellor delivered
oddrees to the members of the order,dirocl
ing them to practice charity and cultivate
friendship, after w hich Grand Mocter-ai
Arma Ephraim proclaimed the officer» of
Adelpbis Lodge, No. H, knight*of I'ytbm
Don't have a falling out with your hair.
It might leave you! Then what? Better
please it by giving it a good hair-food —
Ayer's Hsir Vigor. The hair stops coming
out, become* toft and smooth, and all
the deep, rich color of youth comet back
< togTa)JSilr^SoidforeOre*r»j££*J2j|Jj B
Do Please
Your Hair
duly and legally installed. The bagpipe
was again announced and greatly enjoyed,
alter whichladayelteLudge Quartette sang
"Sweet Kathleen." The song. "Pomona,
You Kliall hr Free" wa* rendered a* an en
core. Samuel J . Heck
on the two branche» of
many benefit*. "Just at tlie Break of
I lav 1, wa* rung by < 'barle* F.. Lancaster,
and a* an encore "Good Night. Beloved,
Good Night." The double quartet »ang
'My Maryland" and the guest* from a
distance proceeded to the second story
luncheon fatal, while the orchestra k
entertaining those whom the attendants
were unable to serve. Pleasant wishes to
the memlieni (or greater nuccem and good
nights closed the affair shortly tiefore mid
night. It was the greatest of all K. of P.
entertainment* in Ibis city.
suoke to the people
the order and their
n '
Francis de H. Janvier left yesterday for
a gunning trip in the South.
A large force of carpenters and laborers
have started the rebuilding of the bam
recently destroyed by fire on the Enos
farm, between Red Lion and Delaware
Oily. Temporary sheds liave I wen envied
for the purpose of slieltoring the stock and
farming implement* saved from tlie
Magistrate Tcm- has nothing in view
for irud today. (Saturday ia the general
trial day at the magistrate's office on ar
il being
able to secure the service»
count r
of Con*Uihlu Thamns Buckley of Wit
mi nglim.
Rev. C. A. Jenkins will preach at the
First Hupt hi Chun ii at loth service« Ue
morrow. 'Die «uiiject* will lie; Morning
—"Christ in tlie Home." Evening—
"Ihr Price of a Houl.'*
Thirteen lient» were poured at the plant
of tlie Haldt Steel Co., during the week.
Tin« is tlie record week since I lie o|iemiig
of the pbnt. meaning a total of east metal
of about 024.000 pound« or 1112 (on*. The
old furnace was shut down and tlie new
furnace will tie placed in service on Mon
House for rent—Kliaaon's •
Many houses in this city will change
hands with tlie opening of the spring
weather. A number of person* are takin
option* on ;
estate boom
On account of a shortage of coal, the
colored school was closed yesterday. An
appeal will I» made to the Trustees of the
C ominous, for assistance, at tlie next
meeting of that l«sfy.
The Jim Shoe. |.t SO — Shaws •
Personal Miss Everett of Philadel
phi*, formerly of Fort du Pont, lias been
visiting friends here Mia* Harriett P.
Wallace and Mr«. Ehxalieth R. Johnwm
of i»liiUdel|>)iia have lieen recent visitors
liere Lieut. Higliee Dsvidaun. who has
proi tertio», and a general
I 1» looked lor
been visiting in New York Bute, with bis
brother, Edward Davidfvin of near Stale
Road, lias returned to Washington, and
is accompanied by his brother. Charles
For sale- -Four bouses. Apply to John
M. Vallet l«.*
All druggist« sell Or. Ward's Headache
Powders; 8 doses, 10c.*
Mi«« Sarah M. Davit, daughter of Mr.
and Mr*. William Davia, of Woodetock
Farm, and Percy B- Sullivan, a farmer
living near 1 rappe, wer# married on
Wednesday afternoon at the parent)age
of Oalvary Methodist Protestant Church
Mi»* Iloae Sharp, daughter of Mr».
Mary Sharp, of near l»>ng«wood, and Na
thaniel Gannon, eldest «on of Sheriff
James A- Gannon, of Kmdon, were mar
riel on Wednesday at Old St, Joseph'»
Catholic Church, near Cordova.
Mies (Air* Brown, of Matthews, and
Lewie A. Willis, a farmer residing
Matthew», were married on Wednesday
in the Methodist Episcopal Church.
Jolly Score Soda! Club.
The Jolly Score Social flub held U*
weekly meeting at 1214 Oak »tree^ on
Thursday evening. It will hold a pie and
milk social in tlie Démocratie Hall, st
Van Buren and Beech aUeeta, on Friday
evening, February Kith,
contest i» to take place between K. C.
Wilkinson and Mile» Donner, the cham
pion pie eater» ol the club,
meeting will be held at 121(1 Oak street,
on January 25tb.
A pio eating
The next
Flag at Half Mast.
Tbe flag at the Pullman Palace Car
Work« in this city is at half mast out of
respect of Murshtll Field, who died re
cently. Ill# deceased owned a large in
terest in the Pullman company.
Ttiej Rudely Inter for* With Tlionsa*
C orry, Tki« l'alou l(*|>ublicao Leader.
Bjfeciai t ormponoeuc* <<f fcrery fcveniuf,
Dover, Jan. 20. —Thomas Carry, tbe
well-known Union Republican leader
in faussai county, stopped ovsr hste
between trains, yesterday, end was on
bis way to tbe station to take the 8.20
p. m. tram lot blr home at Green
wood, when he was accosted by three
negroes who were standing on tbe pave
ment, near Qneen street, directly in
tbe path Mr. Curry bad to take in
order to teach tbe station.
Without saying anything to tbs ne
groer, Mr. Curry attempted to walk
around them, whan he wa* startled by
the remark; "Mbat tbe fa—1 are yon
np to V followed by: "Bay,
what the h— I are yon np to ?"
-Mr. Curry hastened his speed toward
tbe depot, paying no attention to the
queries. Later, he said; ''I have
been coming to Dover lor many year«
and Walked back and forth from dif
ferent place* in tbe town to the depot,
at all hours ol night, bat this is tbe
first time I was ever molested or bad
anything said to me by a negro. I feel
that it is high time steps were being
taken to prevent tbe negroes being so
insolent. "
CorrwpooatiK» ol Mrmrj f.
Milford, Jan. 2Ü.— Atfibe yards of
W. G. Abbott on Thursday a band
■ou» I «««enger and ftaight itealber lor
tbe Milford A Philadelphia Transpor
steamer is 122 feet long, 2B (ret beam
and 7 feat depth. It will bar* 20state
Ihr suamet wss named City of Mil
ford, and the christening was per
formed by Mrs. Msry Cauik.
Iba boiler, machinery and joiner
stork of tbe rersel will b* furnished
by the Harlan A Hollingsworth Co.,
at Wilmington.
The company that owns tbe boat is
composed mostly ol farmers. Tbe cost
of the steamer will be about 140.000.
The Vinyard Hbipbuilding
receive a contract^|haild a g _
lor tbe Baltimore Police Department.
Co., was
launched. 1 he
Sperist rorroponitrnre o< twr Kreniaa
Milford, Jan. 30. — Sal lie Marten was
yestarday held in $300 bz.il lor court,
oi a charge of scalding another woman.
The victim was Mrs. Bberry Marten,
bar daughter in-la». In tbe quarrel
tbe elderly woman, according to tbe
evidence, knocked tbe younger woman
to tbe floor. Then, seizing her by tbe
throat and bolding her firmly down,
abe reached out to the stove, got the
tea kettle, and deliberately poured tbe
boiling wnter over her victim.
Mrs. Sherry Marten in terribly
aaalded so one aide ol her lace and
breast and is in a action* condition.
•p*el*i CotTMtnnaenr* ot avers Kventne.
Dover, Jan. 20. —Many ol Duvet's
citizen« attended tbe 25tb weddini
anoiveiasiy last evening of Mr. am,
Mr*. Robert H. Wuton of Ht. Jones'
Neek. Many handsome prevents were
received by Mr. and Mrs. Miiion.
A citizen* meeting wa* bald, last
evening, at tbe Rabbins Have Co. 's
bouse, in the interest of the oewHym
pbony Dana. Speeches in favor ol
oontritauting funds lor tbe support of
the band wer* made, after wbicb sub
scription* «ers received.
Gov. i.es teas at tbs State Capitol,
yesterday, but made no appointment
ol a State deteeftve.
tip.ri,: < ...DC.«. O. t«r. a..n. M.
Dover Jan. 2a.yCertiH«*te. of in
corporation were Hied here «ecterd oy
ra urn 1 .
AuamsUH and Ua*Co., Wilmington,
Del., to carry on Iba business of con
ttaetiag and leasing oll «ell*, 4o. ;
capital itcok. S6M1 util
q-trnei» shn« I - ,,' r.uHn Hilm...
Ä - camtri itih r^h "'
* °* ,l >»al »took, r.'U.UW.
Spert»l <crre>iondeur*ol t verr Iranian
Dover, Jan. 20. —The legislative
committee yestarday completed tbe
audit cf State lc»uronce (Jen misaioner
Mu relia II 'a aceounta, after which ad
joaromeat was taken until Monday
Ur. Marshall entertained tbe cam
alttM and several ütate offiaera at
dinner at the Hotel Blobardton.
Id tbe Appoiotmeot ol a Post
master lor the City o!
According to a Report From
the Capital of the State.
When Mr. Oonrad Retired as
Union Cubenatorlal
lnptfHloin.llra. *f Senator All.*'.
rereads la Kaat Would b. »oral, Olaaap
potatod II Ik. B. port .a Bias a. ta u>a
bolt isa.t*r.taip Should Ball,
If report be true, Kent county selects
the next poetmaeter for Wilmington, to
succeed W ilUkin H. Heald.Regular Repub
lican. »hose term will expire, tomorrow,
further cays that the appointee
Henry C. Conrad mad that he will
by President Roosevelt at the
inst aaoc of United State* Senator J. Frank
Mr. Conrad, it il understood, was first
.ugyested as the Union Republican candi
date for governor, during the last cam
paign, by Union Republicans in Kent
county, or at least they are credited with
really proposing him after it had I wen
learned that Gov. Hunn was not to le
nominated. Mr. Conrad was nominated
and for a time it looked as if he would be
on the ticket until the election, but tire
moving spirit* in the party ruled other
wise and the was sidetracked, the scheme
Ireing to have him and Dr. Joseph H.
Chandler, the Regular Republican
nee. retire at the same time, so that the
faction* could agree on a compromise can
didate. Dr. Chandler refused to be throw
overboard, hut that made no difference.
The factions got together on Preston Lea,
whose election followed.
S bile tire ret irement of Mr. Conrad was
sanctioned by Union party leaders, foiae
of the rank and file were not tickled to
death over the move and many did not
hesitate to so express themselves, for t hey
perfectly willing to go into a fight
Mr. Conrad as their standard irearer.
It develops that some of the strongest
opposition to dropping Mr. Conrad came
from some of the Kent people who were
instrumental in having him nominated,
and they were very much disappointed
when lie got off tbe ticket.
Consequently, when the subject of a
new postmaster for Wilmington, one of
the choicest Federal jobs in the .State,
came up, some of three Kent treople
said to have interested themselves in Ire
lialf of Mr. Conrad, and it is said that Sen
ator Allee'» friends feel that if he should
ignore their wi»h, by not having Mr < on
rad appointed, matten would Ire decid
edly unpleasant in |iarty circle* in that end
of lire state, and it is rumored that the
Senator loi* the same impression. Tliiaî
feeling ha* existed there tor some lime,
and there lias appeared to 1* an assurance
on all aides that the Senator decided long
age, to name Mr. Conrad.
If thia is the correct version, and many
believe it is, there is reason to believe that
such an appointment would strengthen
Senator Allee'* forcée in Kent, although
it is pretty generally fell here that failure
to reappoint Poetmaider Heald will have
just the opposite effeet in tin- end of tbe
The business intentât* of Wilmington
are almost solidly in fawor of tbe retention
of Mr. Heald, but tliero is a political senti
ment in Kent in favor of Mr. Conrad, and
the oiiaBoe* are that politic» will win out.
will he
m MtaM
I- II i -
Leading From the Top of Penny Hill to
the River.
Many yean ago a roadway was sur
veyed and condemned from the top of
Penny Hill, on the Philadelphia turnpike,
to the river road. The right of way was
purchased and paid (or by tbe county,
but aince that nothing further has been
done with the land. Now that Montrose
and Hillcrcst hare sprung infau existence,
tod valuable lands having been staked
out in that section for building purpose»,
the purchasers of the land and those who
already own property in that section
anxious that the roadway be made
In a short time, it is understood, the
resident» of that section of Brandywine
hundred will petition to the Levy Court
to have the road put in »ha|i« to line.
What wilt cure a headache 1 Ur. Wart •
Headache Powder».*
•pedal CoimpcnOsnr* ol Kverr Kvenlns.
Milford, Jan. 20.—The stoiebouee of
David Argo, at Argo, about five miles
east oi Milloed,«aa broken into Thurs
day nigbt and robbed of about |230
Worth ol dry goods and notions.
Tbs robbsra effected an entrance by
prying open tbe back (tore door with
a crowbar taken (10m a blacksmith
near by.
Itegldrnig of IIniln B tou Grfatly lotvr.
tilfd In m Nr* and Original
In thl* agr* of buttle,ruth and etn-nuorttv
many penw^na ar«» wont |o overlook
me simple*! rule* o( healih In the mad ru«h
(or the dollar. But if that dnlier cun t>
exchanged lor one of tlie u.o»i vu*i (»clor«
that make for a good dii;«i ion.good hwltti
and good look*, there can be no excuse for
ThSZS" of the ''.Sew Method" i lent»!
Parlor*. U10H Martei , IM . «,», ,*
teslh of any client in perfect couditi00 | ot
on* year brings tbe most modern dentistry
uwttKids within ths reach of everyone. The
0o *
7«<h 'ne^ranoeatth« ratao t on* do llar
! "K.i
M f«Jr m it to It will u'm r tiw
cloaert taroliny. Beck of It are "
crietor* of the ''.Sew Method" Dental
Furlor., who are Mpon.ibl» gai tl.men of
"*« h rating* In alt of the beat financial
agenele. «nd publlrailon».
For oM dollar they contract to insure
*r lh ,or " »-» " ÏS». «"
If neceesar). to extract teeth oi tbe client.
Ad "Oft « gu« ranted to be iwlnlc.
IT. «S Humphn.;' iïïLïr ol #n m;
Lyoeutn ItolU«, !• among th« folio
lM **NkW Mathod" plan, and will vouch
for iU pi cal lane*.
Tb* "New Method" Dental Itorlor« are
located in larg* rooms at 610W Market
■trset, Wilmington. The office hour«
from 9 s. m. to 6 p. in., and 7 p. m. to
ê.30 p. m., dally, and 10 a. m. to 3 p. m.
ßundari. The offlo»» are in charge of Dr.
C. H. r ratter, manager, and aereral HMiat
ania, wn# hold dlplooiaa in ItonnayWanta,
DsUwart, Nsw Tori, Ohio and Saw Jana?.
Barney's Compound
Cures Dyspepsia and Indigestion.
The Latest Discovered Formula for Stomach Trouble«, and one that never fails
to cure where direction* are followed. Older remedies fail, but Barney's Compound will not, because
it is tbe result of modern research.
Considering the comparatively short time it has been on the market, Barney's Compound
is to-day the best selling remedy for Dyspepsia and Indigestion.
Writ« for ClrcilAri sod TMtinooltU.
T. B. CARTMELL, Wholesale Distributer, Sixth and Madison Sts.
» 1
of Pure Norwegian
onlv form in which Cod Liver Oil mar be taken without
_ightest taste or odor, and in which the capsule itself ia
palatable and nourishing. Crystal Capaule» are particularly
adapted to the system at this time of the year. They furnish the
reserve force necessary to carry tbe body through the months
of danger.
Cod Liver Oil in this form revitalises the whole system. Thoae
nnable to take Cod Liver Oil in any other form, find Crystal
Capsules most agreeable and pleasant. Made of the finest
tenais and contain the purest Norwegian CodLiver Oil obtainable.
Remember this—Science with all it* research has found
nothing so valuable as Cod Liver Oil for the bunding of
tissue and creation of energy, and there is no better ^
form »ban Crystal Capsules.
For Mle by all druoo'st» or
Crystal Capsule Co., Mlrs., 15 V 11 th Si.. Phlla., Pa.
: i
Tliieve» stole f30O worth of untanned
furs from Samuel Gerson at Coatesville.
The Sharpies* A. A., at West Chester,
has thrown its big skating pond open to
the use of the public.
The Prohibitionists of theater have in
dorsed John Lent* Garrett, the fusion
candidate for mayor.
The United Brethren congregation of
Coatesville will have a fine new edifice
t spring.
formally decided to have a
Citizen's ticket for borough offices, with
Jesse Shallerou for burgess.
A broken txie on an eastbound freight
train caused a serious coal wreck on the
Pennsylvania railroad at Coatesville.
Frank Weidler, a Coatesville chicken
fancier, is said to have bens that lay
eggs that outweigh any others in the
erected in the
Peter Damphman. of Honeybrook, has
been elected a director of tlie National
Bank of Downingtown for tbe forty-fifth
consecutive year.
B. F. Dorâheimer, of Coatesville, who
is baring a «100,000 hotel building erect
ed at Parknburg, has leased it to George
F. Bortner, of York.
Rev. Mr. Williamson, of St. Louis, a
Princeton student, has a unanimous call
to tbe pastorate of the Presbyterian
church at Kennett Square.
The two hundred and third anniver
sary of St Paul's Protestant Episcopal
Church, of Chester, will be observed with
a supper and special services.
Washington Fire Co, No. 1, Coates
rille, «old its building to Worth Bros. A
Co., for «S-VIO, and the firemen have
nu I veil into lhcir»$JO,nOO building.
Rev. Roderick P. Cobbs, of Troy, N.
V., has accepted the call to the rectorship
of St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Doyle«
town, and will enter upon the duties of
bi« charge March 4.
Rev. Guy !.. Wallis, formerly rector of
the Protestant Episco)«] Church at Ken
nett Square, has given up his charge at
Cleveland and gone to San Francisco to
accept a rectorship.
Burges» C. D. Harris, of Norwood, hag
vetoed the ordinance passed by Council
providing for a loan of $33,000 for loqgl
improvement* on the ground that it ia
contrary to tlie withes of the people.
A back door burglar has ben playing
havoc with a number of stores and resi
dences in Chester, and the police have
been unable to capture him. At the
home of Mrs. Ann Sampaell he secured
t3S, a quantity of silverware, clothing
and brie a-brae.
Jc**pb G. french, Joseph D.
" hitaker, 'I humai K. Hunt and David D.
D *n.
Mr*. Virginia Hedrick Harbeson, wife
"H' Un - I , UrN ^ n ' , Wh e ,W
■« » ''rove, and who recently moved
to Milford, where the death of Mrs. Mor
n occurred from pneumonia, was
buried ot I'enn'» Grove on Thursday.
fame* Hughe, had one hUM (g| off
.„,1 .„other n.a»lied at the Car ne v Point
P u "* ,h " J' 1 «'""' r.twder Co., a'.id w*.
^ nl tü lhe HoapiUI»ÜVUmlng
b n.
Mise France* Holt of Wilmington, has
been the gueat of Mita Alice G Garrison
0 f Penn'* Grove
01 renn a urove.
Mi»* Agne« Justice of Wilmington, has
^ 'iGting her parent., Mr. and Mr*.
Albert Justiee at Penn'« Grove.
Mis» Minnie Avis of Middletown. Del.,
ha ' ViaiUn? " IW ' 8 °™' e '
At the annual meeting of the stock
holder* of the Penn'* Grove National
Bank the retiring directors were re-elect
ed as follows: John H. Danbv of Wil
Foot Injured.
Tony t'm hullo of MOI» laincnvter ave
nue bud his right foot broken yesterday
by dropping uome iron on it. Hu was
taken to the Delaware Hospital.
Regulate« the bowels, promote# ta«jr,
natural movement#, cure# conet'pation —
Doan'# lUfluitto. Ask your druggist for
them. 2b c#nto a boi.*
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the Best.
Try Our Eureka Coal OO
for Your Kitchen Range, «Pv/.v/V/
.Tain Offic«, Second and King Streets.
Specials in Canned Goods and Dried Fruits
93c ,or aD assorted dozen cans
of Com, Peas. Beans,
Tomatoes, all guaranteed.
Asparagus Tips
Our winter luxury, Cream Corn,
is like fresh goods.
31be2Se, fine Evaporated peach
es, new Pitted Cherries.
31bs 25c. extra large California
Prunes, fresh . New Prunelles.
Our New Coffee 27c, 4 lbs $1.00. We ask you to try it;
finest ever offered.
Beef Wine and Iron 50e a
bottle, at.d/C
New Orleans Molasses, A . _
lot just in, is pure.13c
Witch Hazel, full Qt; four-2^
El Caney Sugar; Syrups . _
in quart Mason Jars. » DC
(Fine Goods.)
X. . . ,
Norway Mackerel a Specialty.
COAL, $6.00.
Do ever we grorw tired of advertising our $6.00 coal? You would
think that we couldn t afford to do so, if you could see the amount
of this coal we are »filing. W e sell more now than ever before, not
advertising, nut because we have (he goods to bark up
Our Karbon Koal is good quality, clean, full weight and
we sell it for.
imply by
ur ads. <
$ 6.00
EDWARD R. PUSEY CO.. 813 E. Fifth SI.
3 MONTHS' TRü/i iVtlENT FOR $2.00
We are demonstrating tbe famous PENN CATARRH
CURE in our window. This is the only rational and
intelligent cure for Catarrh on the market. Call and
see our Quakeress who will demonstrate the vein: ol
the PENN CATARRH CURE and satisfy y au cs'«
merits of this wonderful preparation.
mwC CO
all are WELCOME
403 Market Street.

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