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fou paaa water often during the dav
ohligt*« you to g«t up many time« (In
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mHtlsm, graaol, catarrh of
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ache, came Indlgiwllou, ntormtuh and liver
trouble, you got a sallow, yellow complex
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207 Washington Street.
Every Evening
Any persons who, for any
reason whalever, fail lo re
ceive Iheir copy of Every
Eve nine regularly and
promplly, are requested lo
notify the publication office
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K Idney, I, Ivor & Bladder
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N-'y'.'! &.?rrSSry'^î. , %.i n thT i Sl y iE
Work of the Firemen, Policemen and Sur
veyor* During Januar ,
During January the firemen responded
to tho following alarma: January 13th,
box 152, «table, No. 212 Washington
street; January HMh, box 12, fire at ( 'lay
ton House; January 24th, box 226
position House, du Pont powder
January 25lh, box ti, Noa. 913-917
street; January 33d, l«x 18, false alarm.
Tho du Pont (ire was the most aérions. In
other oases Dio losses were not heavy.
Tho polioo made 303 arrost», as follows:
Assault with infont to commit murder, 4;
assault and battery, 18; bigamy, I ; hroach
of the jieace. 6; breaking street lamp. I ;
carrying concealed weapon». 1; earner
lounging, 1; contempt, 3; demented, 4;
deserting from navy, 3; drunk. HM; drunk
and disorderly, 6; disorderly conduct, 37;
disturbing worship, 1; lighting on tho
street, 6; homelo * children, I; harboring
vicious dog, 1; incorrigible, 1; keeping dis
orderly house, 2; larceny, 22; Homier, 3;
non-support, 0; patient«, 5; receiving
stolen goods, 1; runaway laws, 3; tres
I {Hissing, 16; threatening liodlly harm, (i;
violating ordinances, ti; vagrancy, 9;
violating automobil« law, 3; violating
postal laws, 1; violating immigration laws,
6; witnesses, 6; other cause«,
The Surveying Department marked
hues as follows: For Joseph Poxieki,
four dwollings north side ol Brown street
between Oak and Stroud; Samuel H.
Durst ein, stable west side of Orange street
between Front and Second} P„ H? A W.
Railroad Co., new passenger station; Wil
mington Trust Building ('or|Niration,
office building, northeast corner Tenth
and Market street»; Blanche H. Grubb
dwelling,south side of Sixth street l H 'l ween
Jackson and Van Huren; Matthew Maicr
addition to dwelling, west aide of Orange
street between Second and Third; Pippina
H. Sisofo, dwelling,west side of Elizabeth
afreet; William V. Dillon, 10 dwellings
northeast corner Wright and Stroud
, com
Ground Bog Day.
Tomorrow will be ground hog day, and,
according to an old tradition, the ground
hog will emerge from his winter quarters,
and if he sees Ins shadow he will return to
his burrow and there will 1* six weeks
more of winter weather, but if he does not
see hi» »hadow he will remain out. aa he
will know that there will be no ■
Rav. J. K. Easley to Preach,
Hey. Janie* K. Easley, a local preacher,
son of Die former pastor of Harrison Street
M. E. flmreh, will preach in that church
this evening. He is a candidate (or the
j thing I wish without •In-narh duürésn
am a business woman and
can walk my
j two or inree mile« n day ami feel ty-Uer for
doing eo. I lime to uss l-rsln* in m y
work, and it 1« remarkable how quick, alert
and tireliws my méulat powers have be
' h«|n» «l'en by i'ostum Oo., Bat
tie Cresk, Mich.
Read tbe little book.
Die Road to Wollrille," In packagee.
The Plant There Inspected by J
a Reporter of Every Evening.
Method Which it is Sought to
Introduce in Wilmington.
Mayor Stooy Considers the
Change a Good one.
A* Do AImo « «ri City Connu I • d
ItoMCtl ol II t'M
uud til« City Complruii* r
— Kor ihn Current Ycnr Hi« Atlantic
I'roduct Co., IVlilch Wants to do th*
. Hm« t» Commet lor
•w .
« tVork II
Nome lutereaiing Ntutlatlca.
und Imn|> >mil lor 143,^00
In order to obtain an accurate idea of
the method of garbage collection and dis
posal a* proposed by the Atlantic Trod
net Co,, should it obtain
therefor from the city of Wilmington, «
reporter of Every Keeping went to At
lantic City, N. >1., yesterday, and exam
ined the plant there, which is one of Hi e
latest installed by the company, having
been put in operation June 8th, 1904.
The Atlantic City plant is on North
Tennessee avenue, about a mile from At
lantic avenue, on the meadow s, and there
are no dwellings within allant
of a mile. It is on land owned by the
city, which is leased for the purpose.
There arc several buildings, the total
area of which cover* about 100x150 feet.
The company's plant adjoins one owned
and formerly operated by the city, which
has lieen abandoned. The city plant was
an incinerating project. It cost about
$»0.000 eight
a bout live
ira ago and was uoud for
It has )hm'ii idle aince
October, 1003, when a portion of it was
wrecked by a storm. After that storm
contract was entered into with the
(ample now disposing of the garbage, fur
collection ami disposal. A 10-year con
tract was made, Iml it was unbilled by
the court, on the ground that a contract
could not lie made in New Jersey, by a
municipality, for a longer period than
live years. Subsequently a five-year eon
tract was mode and this was followed by
litigation based on the fact that the ap
propriation for that year, 1004, was
about $450 short of the contract price,
and in order to dispose of the matter, it
was decided to give only yearly con
tracts, and the company is now operating
on this plan, its present contract, which
was entered into on September 1st, 1005,
piling August 31st, 1000.
When the Atlantic Product Co. first
took hold of the work, in October, 1903,
it had no plant there and the city decided
not to have its damaged plant repaired,
as the cost would exceed $20,000, and it
would be used only temporarily, conse
quently the company obligated itself to
dispose of the garbage in some satisfac
tory manner until Us plant should he
ready to operate, and in tho interim it
collec ted the giirlcago und had it taken
in boats to places where it could be dis
posed of to farmers.
The old city plant was a large affair.
It consisted of a series of furnace like re
tort«, in which the garbage, after being
drained on the rood outside the plant,
was burned, but, so fur us could be as
certained yesterday, there was no reve
nue-producing by-product of any conse
quence. The consuming fuel was gas,
which was made from coal on the prem
ises, being conveyed from the gus pro
ducer to the retorts in largo conveyors
on the roof of the building. The build
ing is a one-story affair, with a firebrick
roof, which is reached by a wooden in
cline. Up tais the carts were drawn and
the garbage was dumped into tho retorts,
after it had been drained. This method
appears not to have been satisfactory, it
is said to have produced obnoxious odors,
and although the [dam is understood to
have hud a capacity of 150 tons a day, it
is said that the gurbag
nmluted. Consequently, when the dis
astrous storm earn, along, in October,
1003. it is understood that there
strung sentiment, official mid unotlieial,
in favor of a change. Incidentally, the
old [liant had been on Michigan avenue,
nearer the built-up part of the city, and
when the one now abandoned was built
it was decided to place it a good distance
from the city proper, hence its location
on the meadows.
Tho plant of the Atlantic Product Co.,
o sometime.** ncou*
win» a
the one now in use, was begun, it is said,
soon after the 10-year
awarded, and, presumably,
lief that the company would do the work
there for at least 10 years. It comprises
a reduction house, boiler house, and re
ceiving house. The garbage goes to the
receiving house in the form Tu which it
is collected. There «re practically no de
lays in unloading the carts, which
run up an incline about 20 feet from the
floor of the reeojvtng house. The gar
Iwge is run down a tug shout ami is piled
on the floor of the receiving house,
through the centre of which runs « large
conveyor, which is a series of iron buck
et« on a chain belt. The garbage is fed
into the conveyor by men with rakes,
who lake out tin cans and rags which are
encountered. The remainder i
up u long steel trough to a height of
about 4« feet, and by a system of piping
it is shot into the tops of the retorts,
each feeding pipe having a valve,
»° make it possible to teed only empty
retorts. As soon as u retort is filled it
i" closed mid made absolutely
»team «ml air tight, «ml incidentally,
* ,H ' ,unk - with a capacity of 15 to 18
•*"*<• with steam
inches in diameter.
m tract was
lith the he
:u e
-.1. ;t>
t w
trough «ml into the retort*.
After a retort has been tilled and her
nietieullv sealed there is a steam |>re->
sun- turned in of from s5 to 9,5 pound
ond this steam pressure is kept up for
The Imiling prwvrh. it i* t!aiiii***l. nier- i
ilizes the gar tinge, «mi at the comii.Mo,,
pg tAii coo king ilu* cunt « Ht© o t the tank
^r"wÄÄ"' i r , «r iTn.n'nmhv
a press, and tin- garbage i» »object«! to
a pressure of j.5t> tons, which extraei»
«II of the liquid and leaves an almost di i
residue n,is is taken out .Aid den ied
lo two purposes. I nti) rerenllv the solid
Urns ol the garbage being equivalent, «s
rerentk 'the'^miJny'î.r^' .'t 'i'.n D,"
market us a fertilizer for farms, and j
an* il«*iu>Hit(*il on a hinall rar, will*
three or four carloads have been sold for
this purpose*, if it lia* the desiml re
sult it ja expected that it will be in de
mand by the farmers. Up to this tirte,
; ocmrdinff to Edward L. Bailor, the fiti
I p^rintemlent—that ia, up to the time the
fertilizer idea nut into effect—the
only bi-nrodnet ot the garbage, an a re
ihe disposal, was grease, which is
ap manufacturers. Mr. Baeder
enuld not tel! just how many IwirreU
- in a year, from the Atlantic
City niant* but be thought it was prob
ably 1,000. He declined to give, the mar
ket value of llie grease, as that would be
giving information as to the company's
Ih;* greasa.4s produced in this manner:
W licsn the garbage, alter Indng Ixffled, is
JtuicMvl Under 1 the presses, tin* liquid is
J pressed out. u nuis through n conduit
to vat ^ j 11 an °^her part of the building,
where it is allowed to stand n short time.
As the grease soon comes to the top, it is
readily skimmed off by men employed
for that
suit of
sold to
purpose, mid placed in barrel**
water running off through a newer.
I ho grease la taken to another part of
tin* plant, where it is placed in vats,
where is is purified by the settling proc
ln order to get all of the liquid
out optin' garbage after it has l«een de
tailed front a retort it is under the
press for about half an hour, the press
>\ing down gradually.
The presses are unrated by hydraulic
pressure. In one section of the main,
building is the pump house, in which are
high and low pressure pumps, the low
pressure pumps producing a pressure of
1,000 pounds and the high pressure
pumps XA) tons.
The boiling {% done in 20 retorts, hut
nt.no time are they all In operation, some
being held in reserve nt nil times. The
battery i.s divided into five sections, with
four retorts to a section, and there is
«me compress for each section. Kach
cômpress Is a large affair. In some re
speels if. resembles a large steam ham
mer. All are of the same size and strength,
standing about 20 feet .high and being
strongly built.
Steam is furnished by a battery of six
boilers. The holler house adjoins the en
und the reduction
t-l pump y
\ As stated ul>ovc 4 the solid refuse
i?* burned in the boilers, but a great deal
of coal is also required, tho quantity u«ed
being 40 to 50 carloads a year. The com
pany Uses valley smokeless coal.
company endeavors to keep the
place us clean us possible. As soon n«
there in u lull in receiving garlaigc, suf
ficient. to get nil of the deposit out of the
receiving house* the latter is flushed with
hot water from the boilers, this flushing
being don«.* from 10 to 20 times n day,
anti a similar flushing process bikes place
in tho retort homo* each afternoon, be
tween 1 and 5 o'clock, when the work
for the day is finished in that depart
ment. As a result of lhis system, tho
place is kept free of refuse and any sort
of accumulation.
The reporter could detect an «>dor in
the retort house, which, however, was
not very pronounced, hut outside there
was absolutely no odor. One of tin*
Inches of the plant «aid there had been
times when there was u slight odor of
coffee, the result of burning the solid ref
use in tho boilers, but this could aoldom
l»e detected* and if there should be a
trace of coffee at any time It ia usually
consumed enllrclv before it gets out of
the stack, widen produces a splendid
draught. It is 100 feet high aV>ve the
mason work and six feet in diameter.
The repot ter asked several people in At
lantic £'it£ a 1)0ut this matter and nil
said they had daieelod no odor at all
since tit is company has l*een doing the
work, but sevenvl admitted that such
was nut tho ease under the old system.
Everybody spoken to appeared to be
pleased with the cluing«*,
Tho plant cost about $100,000. It in
cludes the e<piipment mentioned abovt*
and also 40 carts an«l 50 horses. In sum
mer .'10 carts are in regular use, but at
the present time half that number do the
work. The company always holds some
carls in rcsenc. It is required* under its
contract, to keep the carts watertight.
They have to be covered at all times. If
a cart shown any leaks it must bo put
out of commission* umler penalty of a
flue, and a good one sulsitituted. The
specification* an* characterized by thor
oughness. The contract price tor the
current year is $4'l,.*100, ami the company
is required to do everything. It must
make daily collection« in April (because
of the Kanter crowds in that month)
•lune, July, August and September, and
must collect three times a week during
the other months. It must provide each
householder, ludclkerpcr, &c., with a
curd, showing the days ami hours of col
lection. In the section of the city be
tween Pacific avenue and the Atlantic
Udtall, whose mmrly of the large hotels
arc located, tiie collections have to be
made before 10 o'clock in the morning.
Originally it was proposed to make these
collections at night, but this idea was
abandoned because of annoyance to hotel
guests. A heavy penalty is provided for
non collection, a fine of $."> being deduct
ed from the contract bills for each house
overlooked. For each overloaded or leaky
cart a tine of $2 is imposed. If an em
ploye becomes negligent, discourteous or
abusive, the Board of Health or City
ConncH can order him discharge«!, and if
the-company, does not comply it is liable
to a line of $2 for each violation of such
notiflertlion. If « dead animal is not re
ed promptly the Company is liable to
a line of $5. J)e«d animals are included
in the category of garbage, and, like the
garbage, they go into the retorts and are
burned. The reporter saw a dog in the
gnrimge disposed of yesterday afternoon.
puny is required to have spe
cial wagons to take the garbage from
houses where contagions diseases exist,
and. t«> take special care of them. Non
compliance with this provision renders
the company liable to a fine of $10 for
euch violation.
h i s |u < iii* .1 in the contract that the
any i
have a capacity for disposing of 400 tons
of garbage daily.
The specification* make it imperative
that all garbage must l>e in the rel«»rts
by 7 o'clock a. m. of the day following
the collection, but it was found on in*
vc.digatiou that thq company makes it a
must U» at 1 *mI 1.000 f©vt from
nv't TlînjMf'alkn that the plant muat
_ _
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For sale and yuarantoed by
Second and Markst street«
rule to dispose of the garbage as soon as
it is collected; that is, on the same day.
""bile «orne which is collected late in tba
day may remain in the retorts over
night, they arc hermetically sealed, and
is allowed to remain exposed over
night. As a matter of fact, it is under
stood, the hulk of file collecting is done
in the morning and most of the ladling
is done in the day of collection.
The bidding is competitive, ns the law
requires, but the company which now
lias the contract is understood to have
been the loverl bidder.
1 tiller the spécifient ions, each bidder
must accompany his proposal with a cer
tified check for $10,0U0, and the
fnl bidder mutt give a bond to the value
of half the contract price.
From 25 to 30 men are required to op
erate the plant in summer and 12 to 15
in winter, while the collecting is done by
30 men in summer and 15 in winter.
While no definite statement could be ob
tained as to the cost of operating the
plant, a little figuring may arrive at
something pretty close. The pay-roll
carries about U0 men five months in the
year and about 40 the remainder of the
time. There arc 50 horses to keep and
about 50 carloads of coal to pay for, in ad
dition to incidentals required in operat
ing such a plant, keeping the machinery
in repair and providing improved equip
ment as it makes its appearance on the
market. Representatives of Die company
would not give figure* on either this
point or the value of the uroduct.
The buildings are substantial,
boiler house is of brick and the others
of frame, well built. The plant, it is un
derstood, can, he purchased by the city,
at cost, at any time.
Atlantic City has a resident popula
tion, all the year, of about 40,000. In
winter there ia almost a constant addi
tion of 20,000. which runs up in summer
ns high ns 400,000. It fluctuates so rap
idly that close calculations cannot be
made as to what must lie counted on in
the matter of garbage collection and dis
According to a representative of the
company, the average quantity of gar
bage collected in summer is from 8.5 to
100 tons a day, although at sometimes
runs between g50 and 40Ö tens daily, ac
cording to the number of visitors in the
city. At the present time tile quantity
ranges from 25 to 30 tons.
Several city «flirtais were seen bv the
reporter, in order to ascertain the official
sentiment in regar.l to the change from
tho old system to the present one.
Mayor Franklin I'. Stooy told the
porter that he was pleased with the
change, lie said he first saw this plan in
operation in Baltimore while attending
a municipal convention there in 1903, and
he understands the Atlantic City plant
is on the same lines, hut with improved
equipment. He said the Baltimore plant
was the first to demonstrate to him the
possibility of doing away with garbage
in a sanitary manner.
"So far as 1 have been able to learn,"
the mayor added, "the collection amt dis
[Kmal of garbage by this company' has
Iieen absolutely satisfactory, as I have
heard of no complaint», i believe the
company i* living up to its contract, and
appears fo give general satisfaction.
There is no odor from the plant, so far a*
I know."
M. !.. Phoebus, proprietor of the Hotel
Wiltshire, j* chairman of the aanitarv
commute of City Council, which, in eon
junction with the Board of Health, has
supervision over the matter of garbage
collection ami disposal. U is the duty of
Die sanitary committee to see Dial the
contract is fulfilled and it is the duty of
the Board of Health to report delinquen
cies and the amount of tines, if any, to
I» deducted from the compensation be
1 r
\t omlmud on fourth
_ _
The Result ot « Deception Trick at a Local
Jewelry Store.
A slick flim-flam game was worked on
a saleswoman in the jewelry store of
Joseph Kern, on Market street near
Eighth, on Tuesday, by a young man, who
secured a $65 diamond ring.
The young man, accompanied by
another young man, went into the stoic
and asked to see some diamond rings,
he wished to select one for u wedding ring.
A tray of diamond rings was shown him
: ■
and after examining them awhile he picked
out a fine ring and asked tlmt it be laid
aside for about half an hour until he could
go out and get the money to pay for it.
Ho failed to return to buy the diamond
and then it occurred to the clerks that
some orooked work might have been done,
the tray was examined and it was found
that a diamond ring worth $65 had been
removed and one with an imitation bril
liant had been substituted. The bogus
gem was ot the kind that could he bought
for 25 cents and was in a gold-plated ring.
Evidently the men were stranger», and
no trace of them could be found,as they
had ample time to get out of tho rity.
Seventh and Tatnall Streets.
Thli I* one of the most (langerons and
oft«*n fatal, die-asen. It Hlwnye results from
a cold or from an attack of the grip.
Chambei Iain's Cough Uomody quickly cures
thuee diseases and counteracts any ten
dency towards pneumonia, it ia made
«•pooially lot these end similar ailments.*
■loth I ho
Open Et$dId||,
it «.
an Every Evenina want;
and you'll get vital you wuL
Hints by May Manton.
rJ~ * l x*iîwB
■ U
It 7
i M
( r

6271—Coffee Coat with
® orn * n K jacket that is oonflned
îsUh* W,,,t *• ° DB 10 8 ,eat deumed
and has many advantages. It give» a
mote trim effect to the figure thin the
looaer sort, while it is quite ■■ contoit
ahle and it le apt to be fur more gener
.lly beooniing. Tbi. one Include, al.o
one of the big 0 *pe collars that ate
always good in effeot and tipple basque
pcrtiun that extendi well over tbehuis
Jo the illustration it is made of pLlê
«e. 6 T ,e ."' lh trimnii "8 <>t ectu
with bRn , J,n K which ie threaded
with ribbon, hut it is appropriate for
every mater..) in nae for jacketsofthe
s-rt. Csahmere, veiling, oballie and
V 7 SJ,t *' 1U, " re •" for
immediate use, wmle it i s already
tim» to be thinking of washahle matei
i° 8 8nd 'he model makes an excellent
iXioa l8Mn ' bs ' 18 "
h«5*. iÀ 0 !"* '• mad « with fronts and
back and is gathered at the lower edge
Ripple Basque, 32 to 40 Burt
end joined to the upper edge of th*
belt while the baaque portion is join*"
to the lower. The big oollsr finish»»
tbe neck. The elbow sleeves form full
puffs and are finished with prettily
shaped trille, but those of loll length
are mmplj gathered into straight cuffs
The quantity of material ,
for the medium nize Is 4}a yards 27. J
yards S6 or 2t* yard« 44 inches wlh ,
with 3 yards of embroidtry and 2 y»iu*
of insertion.
The pattern 5271 ie out in »!*•> Y® 1 *
32, 34, 36, 38 and 40 inch bust measure
J attertw can be Dad from
May Manton Pattern Co*
rn Hast ï wenty-llitrd Cuavt, New V«».
W. H. SMITH & CO.r
teurtb and Market sueel*. Wllmtof»*
AW a piece i Uu W
All Makes Sewing Machines,
Standard, New Home.
Domestic and White
At Prices to Suit All. EASY PAYMENTS.

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