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iiEUWAiiE siiin.ii trim
Annual Meeting of the Grand
Lodge in This Oily Today.
The Order is In Good Financial
il ÛOI) Mnrket
..<1 I ...I Mum
Th» New Hull, « lurli I.
iirm.iv.i ,•
Willi Ap,..»|>i
1 Iv Of.
• 1 sere
TheOrnnd L.i'^jof Delaware,Shield
of Honor. n»c: in annual session this
morning at the n •« Shield of Honor
Hall. 500 Market s.revt. 1 he 'reading
if other
impie i the morning
Mon lakes place
of tupurl no traaisalion
routine buonea^H
•ess km.
tin» uflcrnooii.
Grant Master Ferdinand L.Clements,
in liis iinru it aldr
a with soluc feeling of regret:
that 1 all called upOii to stale that we
Wave not incVea;.'d In members in this
B at«, inn circumstances with which
y,,n are familiar prevented. While our
relions will exnildr a small decline in
membership, nevertheless our subordi
nate lodges are in good financial con
dition and are meeting all their obli
gations promptly, arc free from debt
and have com for table eash balances in
their treasuries, notwithstanding the
lilieral contributions of nail during
the term. At the last annual meeting
a committee was appointed for the pur
neo of securing a suitable place for
eadquarters for tue Shield of Honor.
It is Willi pleasure that 1 am able to
report that that committee, inconjune
tion with a committee of the several
subordinate lodges, has been success
ful in thsl direction, and through the
efforts of the ooinliined committees we
assemble today in annual meeting in
Bhield of Honor Hall. I desire to con
gratulate the Grand l.odge and the
order ■enerally ujam the (not that we
iK-ely situaied, and it is my lie
lief thnt the order in this jurisdiction
will prosper and grow in our new
home, lent us make the effort, and if
we but try great good will he the
result, "
Grand Hecretary Charles T. Marlin
rej-irted as Follows: Receipts UiVi,
HHipila lav, UK!, V.i ; .total, (RÜttUG:
IlklK, supplies. ♦1.00; |»>r capita tax,
♦ 149: other sources, ♦27.00; total,
♦ 177.00 ; grand total, ♦K1.I.7H.
Grand Master Marlin reported the
following membership statistics:
Members ill last report. OTiO : initiated,
"W: reinstat ed ,li ; deceased, 7 : suspend
eii.75; withdrew. 2; total membership,
S06, of which ,'kM are lienefioial and till
non-benettoial ; applications rejiorted.
G; decrease in total membership, 54.
Grand Treasurer .lohn Beckett re
fiorted as follows; Balance on hand at
beginning term,
from grand secretary
on deposit«, S3.54: t
out bv checks, ♦ftii.SO; balance in
bank. 1183.52.
The new hall was formally ojiened
last night. Some of the supnuiie
o(fleers were present. They were 8u
preme Secretary William T. Henry of
llsltimore and Put Supreme Master
Kdwio H. Mason, J*ast Grand
and Mrs. Joaepb. N. Rush, Mr. and
Mrs. William Lehmbnrg, Mr. and
.Mrs. Henry O. Hagerman, Grand
Master ,lonas Dstfre and Harry
Springer of Fblladalphia,Grand Master
sild :
are m
♦ 12.1X1;
♦289.13; received
■, *351165; interest
otal, ♦*>49.32; paid
ft. Henry Hughes, l*ast (Trand Master
William Lumbsrg and Grand Master
.lohn Dittie, all of Philadeliihia, and
Grsnd Master Albert Kennedy of
t amden. The members of Iho grand
lodge of this State were also present.
The visitors inspected the rooms, which
have been handsomely furnished, and
expressed themselves ss being pleased
with them. The programme was ss
fellows; Belsotion.Rawnsley 's Orches
tra: address, chairman of 'committee,
Chsrle« T. Marlin ; select ion.oroh est ra ;
selection, quartet; selection, violin,
Misa Kthel M. Barton: selection,
humorous, Mr. Cooper; address, Wil
lism T. Henry, eupn-me secretary;
selection, orchestra ; recitation, Mias
Kthol MoVey; selection, humorous,
Mr. Coorar: selection, violin. Miss
Kthel M. Barton ;jsolo,trombone, Frank
Meesick; quartet, "Come Where the
Lilies Bloom," Mrs. ,1. B. Carpenter,
Mrs. Daniel Souder, F. K. Jones, J.
T. Clyruer; accompanist. Will M.
8. Brown; solo, "The Roses," Ixiuis
O. Thompson, solo, "Thora," Miss
Louise Maier;.
Will Come Again.
Three sessions will be held durin
the day.
to 12 a. ra., the next from 2 to 5.30 p.
m., and the last one iroro 8 until the
close of l.he meeting, after which
delegates will be given a banquet by
the Grand Lodge at Ainseow's.
Past Supreme Master F.lmer P.
Strong, Grand Master Albert Ken
nedy of Camden, N. ,1., and Past Bu
r reme Muster Kdwin II. Mason of
'hiladelphio attended the sessions.
quartet, "Moonlight
The first one was from 1
I he
The Joint outing committee of the
Independent Order of Odd Fellows
met last evening and organized by
electing W. W. D«mty, chairman,
Robert M. Burns, soeretary and G. \V.
Robinson, treasurer,
to take an excursion to YVoodhmd
Beach. The members of the order and
their families will take the trip with
out coat, and a band will a«s<ompany
the excursionists. A special committee,
comprising Robert M. Burns. William
Nolan and Jacob F. Snyder. w;ts ap
pointed to arrange to date. The com
mittee will hold a meeting on Tuesday
The eighty-seventh anniversary
the founding of the Order of Odd F
lows in this country will be observed
on the evening of April Mth by Kden
Ijodge and members of the other lodges
in this city.
The members of the Wilmington
Council, Order of the Red Cross, cele
brated the ninth anniversary of the
lodge last evening. A programme
of local and instrumental music was
rendered. Refreshments were served.
The Grand Officers of the Grand
ls»dg«of Delaware, K. of P., will be
entertained this evening by Champion
( Members of the Improved Order of
Red Men in this city are preparing
to observe Tammany Day, May 12th.
For (h* K„o Ronofil,
The tickets for the lienefit of the Free
S5oo Association, to lie held at the
Grand Op««ru House on Friday after
noon and livening. April 27tb, have
been printed and ' are ready for
They have been placed in' charge .,(
William L. Hammond, No. 812 Market
street, anti Ellwood Bouder, No. 117
West Ninth street, who will s«>e that
they are properly placed before the
public. The attraction will U« St.
Paul's Choir and Dramatic Associa
tion tu "A Daughter cf Erin. "
It was decided
»* 1 -
First Aid" to the
Then he works them (through the
nerves) till they get so strong from
that Exercise that they don't need
any more help to do their duty.
But Dr. Cascaret wants to be right on
the spot. In your Pocket or Pursei
where he can regulate these Bowel
Muscles all the time, In health, and
out of health.
Office - In your own
Vest Pocket
On call any Minute-Day or Night
Because, even the strongest Bowel
Muscles may be overworked.
Heavy dinners, late suppers.whiskey,
wine, or beer drinking, nervous excite
ment. sudden exposure to cold or heal
and a dozen other every day likelihoods tire
the Bowel Muscles.
In such cases a little Cascaret In lime
is worth fitly dollars worth of Treatment
later on. to say nolhlng of the suffering,
discomfort, loss of Business Energy, and
loss of Social Sunshine it saves.
When Heartburn, Sour Stomach.
Headache, Bad Breath, Coated
Tongue. Belching of Stomach Gas, or
any of these forerunners of Indigestion
appear. Old Dr. Cascaret wants to
be rght on the spot in your pocket.
He wants to check iho coming trouble
instantly before It can grow into a
habit of the Bowels to he cealive.
Ladles, who extend to Dr. Cascaret the
hospitality of their Purses or their Dress
Pockets, will be rewarded with a fine
complexion, and healthy Happiness.
These will about fifty times repay for
the trifling space occupied, and the ten
cents per week at cost.
Old Dr. Cascaret carried constantly in
your Vest Pocket, or In "My Lady's"
Purse Is the cheapest kind of Health-In
surance. and Happiness - Promotion, that
ever happened.
Little thin enamel Cascaret Box, half
as thick as your watch, round-cornered,
smooth-edged, and shaped so you don't
notice its presence.
Contains six Candy tablets—Price Ten
Cents a Box at any Druggist's.
Be sure you get the genuine, made only
by the Sterling Remedy Company, and
never sold In bulk. Every t ablet stamped
Dr. Cascaret guarantees to cure the
most obstinate cases of Constipation and
Indigestion, without discomfort or in
His medicine does not gripe nor purge,
nor create a drug habit.
Because it Is not a "Bile-driver," nor
a Caslric-Juioe Waster, but a direct
Tonic to the Bowel Muscles.
U exercises naturally the muscles that
line the walls of the Intestines and
Want of Exercise weakens amj.felaxes
these Bowel-Muscles, just as It weakens
Arm and Leg muscles.
Old Dr. Cascaret goes directly after
these Bowel-Muscles. He
them up just as a cold balhVwould wake
up a la y person.
rv~ r*Ee to our fricndsi
We want ts wnd to our friends a beautiful
French-designed. GOLD-PLATED BONBON BOX,
bard-enameled In colors. It Is a beauty for tbs
dresslns table. Ten cents In stamps Is asked as a
measure of good faith and to cover cost of Cascarets,
with which tills dainty trinket Is loaded. TI4
Send to-day. mentioning this paper. Add
Sterling Remedy Company. Chicago or New Y
ak e s
Miss Klvtv «»onion, After a Wuoeeasftsl
I'rrlovl In Opera, Has llegun a New Ven*
Klrat Appearance Here.
Mise Kitty Gordon, who rank» high
i n upon*. Ijhh decided to go on the vailoe
ville «tage, und she bos selected Wil
mington in which to make her debut.
Hlie is playing lier tiret week in vaude
ville at Docketader's Garrick Theatre,
and after she leaves Wilmington will
fill engagement« aggregating 40 weeks
in other |i»rta of the country. Judging
from the applause ehe lias received
since she made her bow to the public
in vaudeville on Monday, she will
make as much of a success of her new
venture as she did in opera.
She recently appeared in "Veron
ique," an opera, by Andre Messeger,
mi. the Broadway Theatre, New York.
She starred in Kngtand in successful
light opera, such as
''The Girl From Kay
Duchess of Danfzig, " making the best,
hit. in the last named. On her opening
night in that opera ehe received the
personal congratulations of the Duke
nnd Duchess of Connaught. She ie con
sidered one of the stage beauties of
Her first vaudeville sketch, in which
at the Garrick,
y's latte. ' ' She
I u rr, 51 »kin« II
' ' K itt y Grey, ' '
's" and "The
«ho is now
is entitled
is assisted by six English girls and
the stage manager. Her costumes are
exceedingly rare and costly. The
sketch was devised by Hamucl Marion
of Welier's Music Hall.
Miss (Jordon's husband, Capt. Hon.
Henry Beresford, accompanies her, lin
ing her manager. He is a son of Lord
Denies and a cousin of Lord Admiral
Charles Beresford of England and also
of the Duke of Montrose and the Mar
quis of Waterford. Capt. Beresford
is negotiating in New York for the
production of a new opera by Andre
Miss Gordon has a wonderful col
lection of pearls, diamonds and sables.
Her pearls are valued at more than
♦50,000 »ml one sable coat is insured
for ♦10,000.
"Every bod
Many a Good Position
ha* bwn filled through the small want adv.
If you want help of any kind batter let a
want adv. help you till It.*
Clgsrniakpr» Union.
Christian Scicmi.U.
(''amp No. 2, P. O. A.
Sheridan Post. Q. A. K,
Wilmington Kiff« Club.
Jacobs Camp, M. W. A.
Bopo Lodge, 1. O. O. K.
America Ixalge, S. of H.
Kmnklin Circle, B. of U.
Welcome Lodge, O. 8. B.
Blue Kook Connell. R. A.
Delaware Lodge, D. O. H.
Champion IxvTgc, K. of P.
Delaware Council, O. B. L.
Friendship Ixxlgo, K. of P.
IVlnwnr,, tjodge, A. O. U. W,
Papcrlutngcra Union. No. 971.
Coluinhm Lodge, A. O. U. \V.
Osage Tribe, Imp'd. O. H. M.
Wilminglon Council, 0. B. L.
tlricntni 1-odge. A. F. A A. M.
IXdawsro Council, U. U. A. M.
Daughters of X^-vi, !.. L. O. A.
Young Men's Democratic Club.
81. Andrew Connell, L. O. K.
8myth Circle, indies of (J. A
Naomi Lodge, K. D., I. O. 0. F.
Kden Ixxlge, No, 178. I. O. O. T.HS
(Jerman Benelicial Society, No. 3.
XJast Side Republican Association.
Diligent Council. Jr. O. U. A. M.
Welcome Council, Jr. O. U. A. M.
Slur of Bethlehem Ixxlge, L. O. L.
Mattahoon Tribe, Imp'd. O. U. M
Harmony Council, No. 1, Ü. F. of A.
Washington Camp, No. 6, F. U. 8. A.
Evening Star Lodge, No. 'J. O. S. of B.
W ilmington Division. IkR.K.St. J. A M.
William McKinley Com., A./u. I.K. D.
William McKinley Conclave.H.or 8. W.M.
Thl* f vid*nr* Should Trova F r*ry Claim
Slade for Doan*» Kidney Pill* In
Relief from the pain, and ache, of a bad
back U atwaya welcome to every backache
sufferer;, bin lo cure a lame, «eak or aching
back la whai'a wanted. Cure It so it wifi
•lay cured. It can be done. Here'« the
strongest evidence to pro va IL I
Mr». Sarah Wakenhul, of 2461 Wool
Eighteenth «treet, Wilmington. Del., «oy»;
"Ai 1 have «fated in a testimonial pub
liahed In the Icoal (npera »luce IS67 1 was
troubled for many year» with kidney com
plaint and my back lame and aclied
day and night. 1 dreaded lo etoop and If
1 caught cold or over exert, d uiyeelf the
P dn whb worse than usual. Doan's Kidney
Ills which l procured at Dsnforth's drag
store was the Hret and only remedy that
ever gave me any relief. 1 began to Im
prove after the first dose and by the time f
had finished the treatment 1 was cured.
During the past seven years I have had no
occasion lo use any medtema for my kid
For S«le by all dealer.. Prtca, 5« cento.
Haaler-Milburn Co.. Buffalo, New York,
»eie agents lor Hie United Stales.
Remember the name—Doan's—and take
uo oUtet.
"Way Down East," with its homelv
rural types, returns to the Grand
Opera House this afternoon nnd night.
The record of this rural play, from a
statistical standpoint, is truly remark
able. It is estimated that it has been
seen by more than 5,000,000
women and children and its gross
takings have been in the neighboraood
of ♦3,000,000. It has more metropoli
tan runs to it« credit than any other
play of the present time. The natural
deduction is that it is a play that
appeals to all dusses the high and
the low. young and old, city folk and
country folk. It is a plain story of
plum finople.
In Robert Fairfax, the principal
character in "The Plainsman," com
ing to the Grand Opera House to
morrow night, the author has tried to
create a character of romantic interest.
He is a product of the great south
western plains, of mixed ancestry,
being as one of the characters describes
him, "some Indian, nnd some
Spaniard, but nil United Slates, and
white clear through." From his
mother, a Spanish gentleman, Fairfax
has inherited, rather than acquired, a
love of Spanish literature, and
daily of the old Spanish poets.
The prettiest song that has been
heard for many moons is "And Thnt
Little Girl is You, "which is being
sunjf with unique light effects i
Girls Will Be Girls, ' which comes
to the Grand Opera House on Friday
afternoon and night. Were there
nothing else meritorious in William
A. Brady's production, this might be
counted on to save it from failure, as
"My Tiger Lily" saved "AuntMan
nah. ' However, "And That Little
Girl Is You" is not even the only
charming melody in the piece, tor
everybody is whistling "Ask Dodge,"
"About Ben A1 i," "That Little Girl
Is You," "How d'ye Do,"' and two
or three others of Joseph Hart's com
positions. R. Melville Baker's book
gly humorous, too, the story
f«v§8or. whoa « ftffrtrl« «»srapp
is atrikin
of the professor, whose efforts to H_
the responsibility of attending *a
cook fight involves his friends, being
full of realized possibilities.
Seats may be reserved at the box
office of the Grand Opera House to
morrow morning for the engagement
of "The Virginian, " which is to be
seen here on Saturday night. This
play is a dramatization bv Owen Wis
ter > and Kirke Lu Shelle of Mr. Wis
ter's novel of the same name. In the
16 months sinoe the book was pub
lished nearly 300,000 copies of it h
been sold, anti the book r
have ascrilied this marvelous popu
larity to the unique charm of the love
story of the cowboy hero and the little
school teacher from Vermont. This
romance in all of its beauty has been
successfully transfer*««! from the hook
info this stage version which enjoyed
a run of five months at the Manhattan
Theatre, New Y'ork City, and is now
its second triumphant tour of the
Manager Humphries haa secured for
his next attraction at the Lyceum the
military melodrama, "Northern
Light«," commencing Thursday, (or
three dsys with matinees. The play
is an exceptional one, all new and
beautiful ««enery and good scenic
effects, showing the aurora borealis.
Lowell's moving pictures will he give
between the acts. Friday night will
he amateur night and all local talent
are invited to take part.
A |ilay which is entering a twelfth
season of success must have merit.
Such is "A Romance of Coon Hollow,"
which will lie seen at the Lyceum next
Monday, Tuesday und Wednesday. It
wdl be a complete and pretty scenic
production, with a carefully selected
cast, and the additional features of a
vocal quartette and a troupe of planta
tion danoers said to be great. There
over a score of |«>ople in the produc
:i r.'
The Edison moving picture machine
has presented
mm ■ good laughing
features, but it is doubtful if it has
ever produced a series of pictures that
have caused more general raniment than
"The Dream of a Rarebit Fiend,"
which is being offered at the Garrick
now for the second week. It is ex
cruciatingly tunny and many who saw it
last week are enjoying it a second time,
for it is something that one can well
afford to see more than once. Given
in connection with an entertainment
that is excellent all'the way through,
it is a particularly enjoyable feature of
the Easter week show.
mi., in
iight Games In the American
and National Leagues.
The Athletics Were Defeated
by Washington.
-mne Surprise. Attended the Results In
several Cllles-Two High school T,
1'UyeU V.itpiU.y Afternoon*
For the first time this season all the
teams of both the National and Ameri
can Leagues played yesterday.
National League, Philadolphi
from Boston by the score of 2 to 1 ;
(jt. Louis beat Chicago (i to :t; Pitts
burg won from Cincinnati in 12 in
nings by the score of II to 2 and New
) ork defeated Brooklyn in 10 innings,
:j to 1,
In the American League the Ath
letics lost their first game of the sea
son to Washington by the i
- ; Chicago won from Detroit, 5 toll:
New York won from Boston, i to a,
and Cleveland defeated St. Louis by
the score of 3 to 1. The scores :
In the
I a won
score of 5 to
At Philadelphia ;
0 0 0 0 0 1 00 x—1 7 1
00000000 0—0 5 2
Batteries—Philadelphia, Duggleby
and Dooin; Boston, IToffer and Need
ham. Umpire—O'Day.
At Chicago: » RiH.K.
Chicago, „ , .0 0 0 0 3 0 0—3 5 3
St. Louis,, ..0 2 4 0 0 0 0 0 0—« 7 2
Batteries—Chicago, Pfeister, Milter,
Beebe and Moran; St. Liu in, Putt man
and Grady. Umpire—Johnstone.
At Pittsburg; R. H.E.
Pittsburg ..001000001001—3 13 2
Cincinnati .0100000 01000—2 14 3
Batteries—Pittsburg, Phillippi and
Gibson and Carisoh : Cincinnati, Nei
jner and Phelps. Umpire-Klem and
At Brooklyn: H H E.
Brooklyn..0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0— l 4 2
New York.O 0 0 0 l 0 0 0 0 3—8 8 2
Batteries—Brooklyn, McIntyre and
Berger; New York, McGinnity and
Bresnnhan. Umpires — Conway and
At ■Washington : R. H. E.
Washington.2 0 1 1 1 0 0 0 x— ö 7 2
Athlot ira ...0 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0—2 8 1
Hafterie«- Washington, Falkenberg
and Hoydon ; Athletics, Dygert, Coak
ley and Schreck. Umpire - O'Loiigh
1 in.
At Detroit: H.H.E
Detroit.0 0 0 0 0 1 10 1—3 6 Ô
Chicago, ...1 0 0 0 0 1 0 2 1—5 13 4
Batteries—Detroit, Mullin and War
ner ; Chicago,
At Boston :
Owen and Sullivan,
and Connor.
0 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 1-3 10 0
New Y ork ...00 0 0 0 2 0 0 2—4 6 1
Butteries—New Y'ork, Hogg, Orth
and Kleinow ; Boston. Winter and
Graham. Umpires
At St. Louis:
St. Louis
Sheridan and
1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0—1 3 5
10200000 0—3 8 1
Batteries—St. Louis, Howell and
Spencer ; Cleveland, Hess and Buclow.
Umpire, Connolly.
W. L.
3 0
4 1
p. c.
Now York...
St. Louis.,..
3 3
.0 6
W. L.
.3 0
.1 0
.I 0
.2 1
p. c.
New York.
St. Louis...
. 3T ;
.0 1
.0 1
.0 3
American league.
New York at Boston. (2 games).
Washington at Philadelphia.
Cleveland at 8t. Louis.
Chicago at Detroit.
.I» «
- - . National League.
Boston at Philadelphia.
New York at Brooklyn.
Cincinnati at Pittsburg.
St. Louis at Chicago.
The Southern Lbh^ur scores follow :
At Birmingham — Birmingham, 0;
Atlanta, 1.
At Nashville—Nashville, 3; Mont
gomery, 1.
At Shreveport—Shreveport,6; Little
Rock, 4,
The results of other games played
yesterday follow ;
Altoona, U; Steubenville, 10.
Cornell, 3; Rochester, 7.
Villanova, 6; Carlisle, 4.
Lancaster, 15; Manhattan, 5.
Georgetown University, 5; Yale, 8.
Cuban Giants, New London, X.
Virginia, 6: Lehigh, 2.
Y'ork, 31 ; Waynesboro, 1.
Harrisburg, 6; Phil», Giants. 2.
The regular team of the Wilmingt
High School was defeated yesterday
afternoon by the Y'anigans by the score
Of 14 to 7. The teams lined up as fol
low, ;
Regulars—Berry, c. ; Edgar, p. ;
Wending, s.s. ; Nye. lb. : Butz, 2b. ;
King, 3b. ; Eckraan, l.f. ; Hughes,
at i Simpson, r.f.
Y'anigans—Fidnnoe. c. ; Stewart, p. ;
Wyatt, s.e. : Mannering, lb. ; Devin
ney, 2b. ; Reynolds,3b. ; Schaffer, l.f. ;
Mclntirc, c. f. ; Thornton and Ewing,
The X Wilmington and Browntown
teams will play another game at South
Side Park on Saturday afternoon.
Th« former team won the game by the
score of 3 to 0.
The Franklin A. C. desires to bonk
games with teams of 14 years old play
ers. A game is wanted for Saturday
afternoon, April 21st. Players 14 nr 15
years old desiring positions address
Bonnie Chaicha. 119 North Franklin
street, before Thursday. Uniforms
are not needed.
The Gallagher Senate team Las been
Cures L&mcBack
Sloans ;2>
Liniment^ *
Wilmington Sash, Door and Blind Co.,

Front and Madison Streets, Wilmington.
' *v
IP ' 'H
i «
W mi
; l À
mwL t
i i.w f
M 4

: S
T,- i

■ :
We Have Moved to Otir New Warehouse.
Our capacity is greatly enlarged and we are better fitted
than ever before to supply all the needs of our trade.
All Kinds of mil Work, Stair Work, Porch Work
and Lumber jn stock at all times.
A Large Stock of Cabinet rianlels. in addition to our
complete line of Window Sffshes, Doors and Blinds.
Remember the New Address: Front and Madison Sts.
, ; Al in iir " > ' •
W'lieh yWtk buy HAVKER WNilSKEY, it goes direct to you from
own distillery, one of the most modern and best equipped in the world, where
we make an average of 0,580 gallons of Pure Whiskey a day. It doesn't
pass through the hands of any dealer or middleman to adulterate, so you
are sure it is pure and at the same time you save all dealers' profits. That's
why HAYNER WHISKEY is so good and pure, and yet so cheap. That's
why doctors recommend it and hospitals use it. That's why we have over
half a million satisfied customers, including U. S. Senators, Foreign
Ambassadors, Hankers, Business and Professional Men in every section of
this country, the very people who want the best regardless of price. That's
why YOU should try it. Your money back if you are not satisfied.
United States Senate. Washington, D. C.
have used Hayner whiskey for medicinal purposes in my family and found It
very aatisfactory. 1 believe it to be a number one medicinal whiskey.*•
Thomas S. \fariin
U. S. Senator from Virginia.
t ■
OUR OFFER W, N Ben< * Ton In « plain s«*a1e<1 case, with no
murks to show contents. FOUR FULL QUART
S3-20. ami we will pay the express charges. Take It home and sample It,
have your doctor test It—every bottle if you wish. Then If you don't find it
Just as we say and perfectly satisfactory, ship if back to us AT OUR EX
PENSE nnd y
fairer. You don't rink a cent.
Orders for Ari*., Cal., Col.. Idaho. Mont.. Nev.. N. Mex.. Ore.. Utah-, I private
W ash., or Wyo., must bo on the basis of 4 <(nar»s for *4.00 bv fix- I '^hujr- w;
pr rnn Prepaid or 540 Qua tin (ur 4i5.'>0 by Fr«*l#ht t>r«'paid. Jfi JR
Write our nearest office and do it NOW.
S3.Ï0 will be promptly refunded. How could any offer be
Dayton, 0.
SI. Louis» Mo.
Distillery, Trot, O.
St. Paul, Minn.
Kstabuhhed 18Ö6.
Atlanta, Qa.
Dennis Gallagher,
organized, with
Fourth and Pine streets, as manager.
The club desires to hear from all uni
formed tennis with open dates.
The Delaware Secret Service eluh
has been organized with James Cha
pelle, at King's Hotel, as manager.
The players are: C. Carpenter, cup
tain and catcher ; T. Jones, n. ; 1).
Jones, B.s. ; J. Doyle, lb. ; O. F*
son, 2b. ; P. A. MoAdoo,3b. : J. Lilly,
l.f. ; E. Herald, o.f. ; C. Fulmer, r. f.
Rowze, Engle and Moon, substitutes.
The team is looking for challenges
from uniformed teams in the city or
any part of the State.
Jack Farrell,the well-known colored
pugilist, will meet Kid Hoy of Cleve
land, Ohio,in the wind np at the Arena
tonight. It is to he the Inst show of
the season and several good fights are
on the curd.
The semi-wind-up will be between
Jack Query, the well known local boy.
and Kid Fitzgerald of Philadelphia.
Young Theel of Philadelphia tights
Luke Brady of this city in the opening
preliminary. The other preliminaries
will be between Kid Smith of New
Castle and Tony Valentino of Camden.
N. J., and Frank Britt of this city and
Bob McCullough of Philadelphia.
Teams of the Tri ('tty Bowling
League rolled their weekly games last
night. The scores follow;
du Pont.
New Century...
> 976 837 871—2684
.841 KK10 1008—2009
7ii 763 70s 8304
1089 866 916- «2871
.816 WO 926 -J|
..838 818 926 «Jfipi
. 716 772 786 2268
.780 802 740 2322
. 8ü5 723 730 ■
791 814
8*24 *243*2
The V. M. C. A.
An enthusiastic meeting of the com
mitfee of 106 which was organized to
assist in raising the necessary funds
(or the erection of the new Y'! M. (*.
A. bililding. was hold at the head
quarters, 608 Market street, Iasi
ing. Plans were made for an active
canvass for funds. Mrs. Henry Grant
has presented to the Y. M. C. A. for
use at its meetings a gavel which is
highly valued. It was secured by Mrs.
Grant while she was visiting Jerusa
lem and is made from wood secured in
the Holy Land.
M.ltur.)', First Trip.
The new steamer City of Milford,
built at the Abbott shipyard (or
vice between Milford and Philadel
phia. made its first trip yesterdav.
left Milford well filled ' with passen
gers and freight.
Kvwrv F.vwnlng Prints Vier» Want Advs
Hum «Il 1 he ults-r iKwa|U.|s-re in II» ell y
inmbined. Surely uo one can ask for bet
t» r evidence of the superiority of Every
k.v eulug u, ou aUvuituuig uiediuui.*
: I
thinks like a philosopher.
He who enjoys a good
smoke, smoke an Escana
ba. And that this city is
composed of discriminating
smokers is evident from
the large number of Es
CANABAH sold. In two
sizes. The price is
5 Cents.
Selak & Hoffman,
Broadway anil Jl«t St.,
BewTork City.
In thm Omntur o !
I vmrythfnp
,.• '•ÎMilvS!
Eniro^ean Plan MOroonu
■MN m*M
„ .
' lol.Vted'imtei, i n v Y V
neinhsl l.diea rae^M SSd dr^iïïï
pound floor.
ramtl s 3 «t u, upward
Bliiffl« Room»- two pertosn la
» room SO a day and np
Slsglt Room» - with bath, cm
I 'rr .»n la a roua. |X a day
T. -
elllflW, l"*™ *** • WB, «. A
Wnnt »'4 upward,
jjjy fllngl» Bor,ms —with bath,
nF Person» Id a room, |3 a day
F and upward.
(!af«Y and lAdie* Restaurant run under liberal
ntHtiogcnirnt —popular prices—club l.reakfostsl
every evening for dinner and alter
One of the most homelike and beal
Beautifully op
room on
®«w F. U urlbfrt, P,
Unilsd Stales Health and
Accident Insurance Co.
W. Deane Tyrer. Slate Manager,
1015 Market Slreel.
D. £. A. 1704A.
Delmarvla 1845
j Virginia Avenue and fhe Beach.
I . ■ *'T" veniplete. rcs.uis on suite, private bat its. sun parluri
ädd^pü^bÄ" fV '" Ä,b ^ U " ,miQUt '
, Ottviuor io -41rjet lovol«
yra!k to »ier. ^Vrito for rxtet
PHlLAi.i.*-i'oi a, i.Ai.1 lAIU.va \.\u
lici.euui« .u «Heu A pin Z.n. itM.
Ti R'n. Ir». X» 11 mtn«li»n h» Inllows
for Chester an.i thiludelpiuo, 1.4« ..is , «
f.SU, aia, ;.a»,7.4A7.aU t».U7.».5U,t«.00.9lÄlo7;
110.6H IL is, 111.33. 11,46 m UI., 1 aa 5iS'
i6ISt:1.50, 4.30, 6.06, 15.30, 6,07, A «Sit*}
10.UÜ aud 111.U) p. m. week-day*. 1.4a, 4 «7 ij?
fi.14. tV.Uü. y.Ä, 11.4ft a. m.. 112.15, 1.87. nSJtS
48.ÔU, 5.06l 1&.80, UK«, 17.28» 8.18, 10.00 and m oJ
p. m. humlaya.
l*or FniiNilelpUia only, a.:la. v.nfta. in,. 12.20
B.Ü0, h.22. öl IN 7.11 and KUO p. m week-d^yx h*i
5.22 a. in.. «.IK 7.11 end 8.wi p. m. hundajM
Jor New York (turough ex pitta ). 1.4a é.Sï.
V.:A n.46 JL na., *12..K H.J(* <».22.6.07. *8.21
•7.11, V.28 |t m. week-.ay*. 1.43. 3.3K *11.45a. in.
•1.37, 2-63, 6.22, «.1/7 **.28, *7.11 und 8.28 a xsl
lor Boulon w lib out c nan go» iU.OOa. m. wjlv>j
JQ. week-daya 8.UÜ a m. Sunday*.
Baltimore and ttaatilngtou. 1.08, 4.2<x 7.15, KJi
wa no.]!. 11.07, *11.46 a. m., *12.861 *i.ivn5
Kb*.*, ft. 6. ti.U8, *«.2 . 7.U«. *7.31, *h.)5, hkOUL p
m.. ona 12.18 nlgQt, week-day*. 1.08, i.20, 7,15.
H.W. 110.14, 11.48 H. m.. *U8K *2,OK 8.58,5.15.
e.CK *C.2«i. 8.15 12.00 a m.. and 112.18 alghii.
baltimore ana intermediate stauooa, H.4JL
14.43, d.08 p. m. week-day* and 15,68 a ä dim
*OH i UK bout a,
blue—KxpruM. nu a. ta. an i
AI lau tic i
ISJb j*. in. daily.
heuthtru Railway—txpre**, K02 a, m 6.26
and 7.31 u in. ually.
beaboard Air Une Hallway—Kxprew,8.02 a. m.
Norfolk nnd Western kail way—For MemptUJ
•m,New Orleans. 6.2SII». m. daily,
Clieaapcalic Jt Ohio Kail wey— Uxpreea, ttol/ a
U1. seek-days, S.16 p. in. dally.
New a asile, i>.5& «.28 m. au *.05, 1-44 and
6i>2 p. m. week day*.
for Lewe*, >.28 a, m. and 8.44 a m. weeX-dayi
for itehoioiii, 8.28». m. iuestUys, Thundays,
and baturUava
for Dover. Hamnjrion and Dai mar, 8.28, io.5i
«• ni„ 8.44. 6 ai p. m. week-day* and 12.00 nifUi
for fJarrinirtoD and way nation* 6.56 ^ nw
and 8.06 p. m. week-day*.
prm* lor 4 ape Cbarlea, Old Holm Conxion
Norloik. lu.58 a m. week-days aud U.00 nlgui
Connecting via West Phiiiificlphia, K60 a. m,
.ft8 . ud 6.1« p tu. , \v« ek d«y>; 8.)4 a. m, and
6 18 JL iu , 8m day*, Atlantic < lly 3.40k
r. t • ' initUHl*
iln* " ilmmgton I ran*fer Co will all or an i
check IteggiiKc fr m i ><nd rebtdeucea
K«»r ur.t»«r in» r nmloi. Mpi ly to I. H. Mu
Wlilmn , cliy 1 ickt-l ASfeut, 5 3 n rk tj'iry
lelcfthone. City . ickei nftl«-«
l rain*.
or m I »•*• in.
K & A. 82- o.
W vv. a 1 I KHBCKY.
Qcncrul Waimcer.
J. K wood.
I oso'r I r >n o 'inniger
<iHi. W. B/»Y ,
Ccnerni ! im*pn er A ant
Baltimore & Ohio R. R.
sei «•du.«
ell 0 4*I >1 rr . Id. IOOB
Trains Leave Delaware Avenue Sia ion.
• ally. 1 hi. y i x epi u dav t» .ndav >niy.
NKW r»' K «nul e h t. •-. «, •■!. .t.. ♦». 10. \\ .2
lit : JI. to. *3,30. *5.17, "hoyal Uiuilcd,
•7.42. •iLC'0 p. m.
♦ HU.A D . H.A *2,2b. *ft 25. Jft <0 (io .ul, 1« «u.
•7 2U I lor a II In 1«, 8 4 lb* all .U
liu.4> 1*0« « 1. t 5 I oc l] Jll.ly 2i 36 a.
il..a, ÎÜ.06 I «all. *8.30, (4.3 1 hocall, 14 ü
TluC« •ö.lv 'Hoy t ».uni cl. * Ualj
fT.Uft I oral], *7.42, 18,62 (1 o<'h»J,*I 1 00 p nx
CHf>ThK, *5.30 [lucal], J6. 0, *7.20 flooalj. Ill 10 .
>m. 34 Hoc IJ. JO. 15, *0.0 $> .4.8 [io« alJ. fiu.57
[local]. (II 35 it. ni. t .06 [ItH*«.], (4 3u
local], 14.ft NotaiJ, J6.20 II rail J7 00. #7.05
1 c»i*1, *7.42, «8.62 [!«»« all. •iLOOa m.
BÂL 1 JJluHr & \N A l^CJJO .*4 I 16. JII08
a. xn., 1.06 • 47 *4.47. *f> 50^ rf Koy»l
Limited." *0.09, *10 03 p. m.
BALI JM > E HU<1 way station*,
J8.16 «. in.: 18.1*4 02 P
N WA K N.14 r.Oa •5.16, Ml.08, a.
m.; :12L44 *1.1«. J312, J6.65, gd ta J6 18. **.09
gll. 0 p. m.
tinn-ny, J7.00 a m . »8.16, J11.P6L (
9.14 J5.65 fl xpr.«-,] < 6.02,î&l«,jn.» p.nx.
Landen tier, and way ■mtion*, XV 24. iiO.15 a
m.; Î5.57, »7.26p m.
.111 B< Ku, »s.;«» m.; [4.47. J5.64 %.(&
[I oval Limited] *10 uS p. m.
« f* ICaGO. *».1Ü a. u» ; *2 47 pw m.
a. m.: *1.06. *k 08 r. m
Delmarvi* lelvphf m- No. 2193,
i. A A. lelephone No. I422A.
City line Ortlrt*. No. 804 Market Street.
I'. A A. T« If phone 1758A.
Drlmarvia lelephone 2195.
I'X re«.)«.m_
Tr*v inpr Pa«»enr«*r A(*ul
H 7
♦uvA _ a . oMn.b
Brandywine and City of Cheater.
Iu *ffeCL
Leave« Wilmington, Fourth street wharf, v
days and Mind ay*, 7.30, iO.tfu a. ra., 1.30 i
4.i0 l>. in.
Leaves Chester one t ear later.
leave*« 1'miatielphia, Chestnut BtrseK Wharf,
and 4.15 p. m.
L are* (. heater one hour later.
Sl ip en of ire xhi have irequent service, ear*
lui hamiilng, prompt delivery and full protection
Irom the weather by covered wuarves and
lo »ecure these facilities, order your shipment*
rift V\IL»ON LINK. Chestnut bireot Waarl,
Philadelphia, fa., and Fourth Street Wharf,
Wilmington, i/el.
Philadelphia. Kzr„ 25e; one way, 15c.
Chester. Kxc., 15c; one way. 10c.
UOHACh WILS«»N, (vénérai Manager.
Buud&yi, 7.30 and 10*30 a. m., 1.30
New Jersey & ftilnnngto* Perry Ca
Steamer Ulrica.
ULUV IU tliCCl Gt WBASf 2d, IftJQb
U*ia V> liming tou, weekday^ 8JW «. an4
' ' 1*. *•
Leave» i euu * urovt, weekOajx 10 a ax. ao4
5. UU p. iil
Leave* lliunigton, batunlayx 8.W a oa, 8.0k
6. U0 and 10.80 p, .a
Leave* Leun'a «rove, baturdaja iOaov. kN
and 7.UU p. to.
WlhnlDgtou, buudajx 5490 a ox. and
1.90 p. nx.
leaves Penn*« Orova, buuOay», 10.30 a. xa,
and 6.00 p. »a
£r»*uU ÿrsom.
Open all the year. Write for booklet.
Special rat«*, %l per day and upward, f 0 per
week tod upward; elevator from street level;
booklet mailed.
mar Beach«
»•elect loc<>tion mar piers and mnnirmenii
Rooms en suite, with bath*, l ook eu Special.
94 In m haiurday dinner until after Monday
breaklaal, K. bt HUMAN A bON.
Ocean End of
Virctnta Avenue.
Thor« uahly renovated and refurnished. Cora
uo to
pletc m every i.etMil of service and equina
At way* open. Solicits your patronage. |V
II5.CH) w ekiy. Wr t for boo» let.
A UR AM & McOKILUS, IToprtetor*.
HOTEL DE VILLE, K ' ,,loch £.Vr"":'ca.
I Hou» meted v tw of ocean from nearly every
rolni; c nvenlt ut u> pier*, theatica lalirotul *ia*
lion» and shopping duunct; room» *u tulie with
tain; »un pat lor, modern appliance* bpacial
weekly. »iü.0a|,2.oo tof.ft.00,
JOHN P. olHKHMiN, owner and Proprietor
«.»•«eavenue, lr-j t.» u ■ from bexcii. im
proved and ieiuruitiied. iVtn s-asou.
■•1 i
Hors Place,
«riuox .tig the Bo.trdw*i « au i Vo*
City Par*. Open all m* year, hnjoyiug au ao
excelled local ion uuJ euuipp«-<i witu »very
poiuuueni. lituavraiei UKjkleu
57T -■
y; iSiÆsfflBpîi
l Of I. «j, Baii jf. » % i

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