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Cloiidbmst Caused >n Inunda
tion and People Flee lor
Their Lives.
Vrtd Bridge Formed a Dam to a
Strum, and the Jhsnlt Was a Gieal
flood at Cbestout Ridge, Pa.
.■[ iTf*» l)l>p«ich«t by Special Wirf-.
Ij-tf.N Pa., -lune 7.—A storm assum
tlv proportions of a cloudburst swept
Ridge, near Bug Oaley, early
1l'> bridge spanning Nine-Mile run
. ■ , ,
. irrH away, and (he debris forming
nam I■ tripletely inundated the town,
ihifhhet between spurs of the ridge.
their night robes, the women
ere rescued on improvised
Clad ill
tad < hildren
Torre«'.- of water from the mountain
hrea'cn the dce.1 ruction of the Bog Galey
H-rvoir .oid the people are camping on
kehill.-. [ .
Butler. Pa . June 7.—Cominuouat hun
ier florins and heavy tains last night
ilted in the greatest flood in this sec
mi; in half a century. Five feet of water
pouring river the sluiceway of the
Jiyilftown dam and the water at Aeon
« inn a few inches of the top of the
K»rn- Meadow, north of Butler, is
ivmd with nine feet of water.
they Guest» From Other States Arrived
Fnor to the Centenary Exerciies.
The following visitors arrived in VTlW
Bingen before noon today to partÄutr*
ore m ti e centenary celebration of th#
Stand Lodge of Delaware, A FA A M,
From Connecticut—John H. Barlow,
Din re : of Columbia—Grand Master
Yai'er A Brown, Grand Secretary- A.
lohlision fool) w
Ni Jersey—Grand Mast, r WUftr"
'hsndler. Grand Secretary Thomas
Redway. Deputy Grand ^errefarv^'
D Rutan, Grand Marshal
P Russ. District Deputy Grand
J \V 1 'I'll" 1 vJx Grand t Sl"ers"w.'"y
*"*»*•• *■»■**•«
opped the machinery in the
nion of the Butler Water Co.
sx-iatct 1 rs.,- Is ;-stcti by special Wires.
Philadelphia. Pa.. June 7.—The di
-tor- nt the Philadelphia, Baltimore A
»flilngton Railroad Co..
at a meeting
dt dared a semi-annual divi
Mrs tnSMaMi
rend of 2 per cent, payable June 30th
stockholrierR of record the same day.
[The director* of the Northern Central
Railroad (.'0. also met today and declared
ifc-rai-amiu.il dividend of 4 per cent.
Pennsylvania—J. L. Kinsey, repre
reeling giand master; Grand Junior
Fartkn t\ L Gorges, District Deputy
Grand Master John D. Goff ,
Virginia —Grand Master K Kemper,
heritor Grand Warden Edward E.
' niter! States Senator J. P Dolliver
Io« a and J Krank Allee of Delaware.
M-patch by special Wire*.
V" V.rk June 7.—A private dispatch
tetived in this city, today from the Re
public • -t Salvador, reports that the
of 1 he revolutionists in Guatemala
«fsured, and that the statements to
1 '«Mary, given out by the govern
Ofn.t <■! Guatemala, are untrue.
'"»1 Exhibit ut So. «8 School.
The exhibit of sewing in School No.
W| h "e held tomorrow afternoon
-ecotui floor of the school build
'R parents and other* interested
f invite,) I
This is the package that
brings to your table the
best and freshest of all
Biscuit and Crackers.
■ *.
This is the trade mark of identification
which appears in red and white on
each end of the package.
This is the name of the Company that
stands behind both the trade mark and
the package—a name synonymous with
all that's best in baking.
OYSTERETTES—A different kind of «a oyster cracker, with an appetizing flavor—strve with
oysters, soup and salad.
SOCIAL TEA BISCUIT—A light, crisp little biscuit, baked to an appetising brown and »lightly
* flavored with vanilla. \
Note Location, Conveniences and Prices, that's all.
the heart of industries of two
On New
large lots
Castle Trolley, overlooks river, in
cities, $5.00 buys a lot; the balance you pay as you can.
BALDT0N LAND & IMP. CO., 921 Market Street.
Delmarvia Phone 1120.
D. & A. Phone 9Ö9.

fPA mi
Rich Pickings oî Miel Clerk
to a Pennsylvania Railroad
Division Superintendent.
His Salary is $126 a Month, But This
Was Dot a Touch to the Profits of
His Coal Supply Connection).
AMoelntel I re» !).-( arch by Spécial Wire«.
Philadelphia, Pa. June 7.-Joseph K.
Aiken, who has been ohief deik in the
superintendent s office of the Mononca
hfla division of the Pennsylvania Riff.
aT tha^fenuaU Commonn f î'* Um '' n J r
1 "** Ul •ommene i omrnittph
investigation. this afternoon. \\ the
outset he showed a disposition to p S r
j wit h Attorney Glasgow. After almost
' e 'k* "uuld stop to re-fleet,
j rene « t * * t he n<-'°t ? n n an< *
I repeat the question before answering
He fold of large coal company interests
which he said lie had purenase'd with his
own money. W hen Mr. (ilasgnw wanted
to know how he got the money he said
"by judirimis investment of mv >alarv."
hat i$ your salary ?" asked Mr.
"W1iat is my salary ? Oh, it has
varied from $30 to $126 a month."
"It is $126 now ?"
"Yes. it's $136 now."
ill you tell the commission
how you could save enough monev out
of that salary to make such large pur
chases of stock ?"
. 1 don t care about giving mv private
history to the public. Still 1 turned
$20.060 dut of a coal deal in 190(1." ,
lloa was that ?"
"How was that? Well, I had some
options on coa! land- which I sold to the
Pittsburg and Buffalo Coal Co."
"And they gave you $30.000 ?"
"And they gave the $20,000."
''In stock or cash ?"
"In cash."
"Joseph Boyer, chief clerk in Mr.
Gibbs oflB-e." said Mr. Glasgow, "said
yesterday that vou sent him monev."
"Well, I did."
''How much ?"
"How much ? I gave him five cents
a ton for fuel coal which the Dunkirk
Coal Co. furnished the railroad."
"Why did you give him the five cents
a ton ?
"Oh. 1 thought we would like some of
'the company's business and 1 paid Bover
J* e '' en . ,s » '° n commission lor getting
businew* for up. That I lieheve
derecognized commiwion.
. * ou wouldn t have paid Mr. Boyer
* . com ™ 1 '' lon ", " e < |id not hold the
,P° sl !' on »„occupies with the railroad,
«F"!?. 2 011 , t , ..
si Certainly not. 1 wouldn I pay him
'* v * <*** • , , on for nothin^ '
•» , ed " he got any money from
foni P an,Cô Aiken paid fapt.
H ' rk . s '•• r,OU8 «•* . h .irn
He rciei ' e<l about »->"
:' skeda ' stockholdings.Mr. Aiken
Mr. Aiken said he also has 2.50 shares in
the Dunkirk Goal Co., for which he paid
$17.500; ,500 shares in the Pittsburg and
Westmoreland Co., for which he paid
$12,500; 60 shares in the East Connells
ville Coke Co., which cost him $6.000;
'25 shares in the Preston Coal Co., given
to him by H. A. Kuhn, president of the
company, and 25 shares in the Crescent
Coal Co., given him by John U. Craw

Mr. Aiken explained that he was one of
the organizers of the Hazel Kirk Gas Coal
Co., paying$12,500 for his interest therein.
This company, the Schoenberger Coal
Co., and the 1'enn Manor Coal C
consolidated, formit
Westmoreland Co.
received $50 a month for several months
from a company store owned by H. A.
., were
the Pittsburg A
e said also that he
Associated Press Pis patch by special Wire*.
Madrid, Spain, June 7. - Premier Moret
today presented to the King the resigna
tion of the entire cabinet.
Lace Curtains
Manhattan Laundry Co.
8C6=808 King Street.
Lnimikrer?, Dry Cleaners ami Dyers.
we clean
Curtains we do not
tear holes in the
points, as is done by
laundress when they
wash them.
r irni
Street and Sewer Department Re
surfacing Some ol the
Macadam Highways.
With a view to preventing trouble
from dusty streets in the future, the
Street and Sewer Department began
today to resurface Pennsylvania ave
nue, and from which Ore re has been a
great deal of dust, causing much an
noyance and complaint. A composi
tion of tar and other ingredients,
known ns tnrvie, is tiring used, no
pur ntly, with good effect, t It costs
ß l 2 cents u| gallon and a gallon will
cover about two square yards of sur
face. The department has purchased
nearly a car load of the material and
is doing the work with its own men.
At noon today the surface of Pennsyl
vania avenue between Clayton and
Van Buren streets had been treated
with the preparation.
The process is to sweep the dust
from the surface of a macadam street
and then sprinkle the tnrvie, and on
top of this to spread screenings of
stone and roll it. The combination
hardens rapidly and is said to have
produced a good result in other places.
If the experiment proves satisfactory
Pennsylvania avenue, the depart
ment intends to do the same work on
other macadam streets. Street Com
missioner Pierson says the work can be
for a
year and he considers it a good invest
Last year some of the dusty streets
were treated with oil, but it djd not
give satisfaction.
don© for th© cost of epri
Extinguiihed by Member* of the Grand
Lodge, A. F. & A. M.
A slight fire occurred shortly before 1
o'clock this afternoon on the roof of the
building No. 824 Market street.
Some members of the A. F. A A. M.,
which was meeting in the Masonic
Temple, adjoining the building, saw the
blare and extinguished ÎI with a few
buckets of water. Somebody sent in a
still alarm to the Pho-nix, Delaware and
Washington Fire Companies, and they re
ponded, but their sefviceswore not needed,
lh-> blaze being extinguished before they
Daughters of Kevolullon.
At Dover tomorrow the Daughters of
the American Revolution will be the
guests of Col. Hazlett Chapter, of
wbich Mrs, George V. -Massey t» the
regent. Member* of Cisaur Rodney
Chapter of this city are invited to be
in attendance and in the evening a
reception will be given to the visitors
and the members of the Colonial
Dames of America. Among those who
will attend from this city are Mrs.
Blanche W, Shakespeare, Mrs. Mil
dred Corkran, Miss Grace Baird and
Mrs. George C. Hall.
Which is Said to Have Been Di
verted Freni the Crematory
and Fed to Pigs,
Tb<* Hoard of Health mud* a definite
move this morning in the direction of
correcting some of the alleged abuses
in the system ol collecting garbage.
For some time reports nave been
current to the effect that some of the
garbage, all of which should be taken"
to the crematory, was being taken by
farmers and others and led to rugs,
and today the executive officers of tne
Hoard of Health, were stationed at
Market and Third street bridges, with
instructions to head off ill
laden with garbage crossing the bridges
into South Wilmington, and to send
the wagons to the crematory. - During
the morning several farm wagons laden
with garbage attempted to cross the
bridges, but had to turn hack ami lake
the gar trage to the crematory.
"1 have been watfth I no this matter
for some time, having bad men sta
lioned at the bridges, mid they re
ported to me that, during the past two
weeks 92 cartloads of garbage in
wagons of some of the cjty collectors
have been taken into South Wilming
ton, instead of going to thecrematory.
I am informed that this garbage is
deposited near (inresctie's Lane and
taken from there to other nearby
places and led to pigs. This is in ad
dition to farm wagons which have car
ried garbage out of the city. The low
est number of loads göing over the
bridges in a day was five and the
highest number 11. I have all of the
executive officers stationed at the
bridges today, with instructions to
compel the drivers to take the garbage
to the crematory. It is the intention
of the Hoard of Health to break this
practice up. "
Which Had Been Pledged for Loam Hade
to H. L. Evans & Co.
A large crow d of real estate men, law
yfcr» 1 and- other people atlendbd the 1 sajoi
at Stidham A Son's auction rooms, this
morning, of bonds and stocks pledged
with the Security Trust and Safe Deposit
Co. by H, L. Leans A Co., which were
sold under an order of the United States
At the beginning of the sale T . Bavard
Heisel, president of the Wilmington, New
castle A Southern Railway Co , stated
that the stocks and bonds of the com
pany would fie subject to adjustment. and
Benjamin Xields, representing the sales
people. said: ''There will be no adjust
ment u> the matter." The shares were
taken up
sale result
$2,000, Philadelphia A Reading K. R.
Co., mortgage 6 per cent coupon bonds,
due 1010, interest January and July, to
F. D, Lackey A $U0M-R.
$1,000, the Union Passenger Railway
Co. of Philadelphia. 5 per cent bonds, due
1911, interest April and October, to John
Danby. $104VL
$13.000, Wilmington A New Castle
Electric R. W. debenture 5 per cent bonds,
due 1907. interest February and August,
to F. D. Lackey A CW, $S5.
497 shares the Jacoby Improvement
Co., to K. D. I-ackey A Go.. $1 a share.
496 shares the Real Estate Trust Co.,
to Benjamin Nields. 5 cents a share.
$500, the Union Passenger Railway Co.
by F. D. Lackey A Co. '
cd as follows;
I i.c
of Philadelphia, 5 per cent bonds, due
1911, interest April and October, to John
Danby, $105 5-8.
85 shares the Wilmington A New Castle
Electric Railway Co., to F. D. Lackey A
Co., 80 cents per share.
$1.000. New Castle A Delaware City
R. W. first mortgage 5 per cent bonds,
due 1930, interest March and September,
to F. I). Lackey A Co . $50.
$3,000, United Railways Coll. Trust 4
per cent certificates, due 1949, interest
January and July, to John Danby, at
$88?* per share.
$1,500, the Union Passenger R. W, Co.
of Philadelphia, 5 per cent bonds, due
1911, interest April and October, to John
Danby, $105'* per share.
$1,000, New Castle A Delaware City R.
W. Co. first mortgage 5 per cent bonds,
due 1930. interest March and September,
F. D. Lackey & Co.. $50.50 per share.
UK) shares the Wilmington A New
castle'Electric R. W. Co., r. D.' liickiy
A Co., 50 cents a share.
500 shares Wilmington A New Castle
Electric R. W. Co., to F. D. Lackey A Co.,
50 cents a share.
$1.000, Syracuse Rapid Transit R. W.
Co. first mortgage 5 per cent 1 Kinds, due
1946. interest March and September, to
F. D. Lackey A Co.. $106.
$1,500. Wilmington A New Castle Elec
tric R. W. first mortgage 5 percent Ixmds,
due 1926. interest February ami August,
to F. I). Lackey A Co., $80 tier share.
$5.000, Hudson River Electee Co. first
mortgage 5 per rent bonds, duo 1931,
interest May and November, to Robert
Richards, $99 per share.
$3 000, Wilmington A New Castle Elec
tric R. W. first mortgage 5 per cent bonds,
due 1926. interest February and August,
»0 F, D. Lackey A Co.. $80 per share.
$3,000. P.. ». A B. R. H. Go. registered
slock trust 4 per cent cerlifiactes, due
1921, interest January and July, to John
Danby, $l03 a *
l.tkV) share- Wilmington A New Castle
Electric R. W. Go., to F. D. Lackey A Co.,
Go., to Lackey A Co.,
61 cents a share.
$ 1,500, American Vulcanized Fibre Co.
first mortgage Coll. Trust 0 per cent
bonds, due 1921, interest June and De
cember, to F. D. Lackey A Co., $105 per
$ 1 , 000 ,
United Railways Collateral
Trust 4 per cent certificate, due 1949, in
terest January and July, to John Danby.
at $88*4 per share.
$5,000, Peoria A Pekin Terminal R. W.
first mortgage 5 per cent bonds, due 1930,
interest January aod July, to Robert
Richards, at $10bG_. per share.
$2,000, Syracuse (las Go. first mortgage
5 per cent bonds, due 1946, interest Janu
ary and July, to F. D. Lackey A Co., at
.$102 per share.
At the close of the above sale the follow -
mg stocks and bonds pledged bv Evans
A Co. with (he National Bank of Delaware
were sold. The announcement being
made that the bank gua/nnpes the title,
to the purchaser made the bids more
Five shares of the capital stock of the
First National Hank of Milford were
seid to Geotgc Russell of Newark, at
1355)4 per share.
The Truth -r* Mutual Life
HIS is a matter of great interest to the public, and of still greater
interest to thousands of individuals. People with the fairest
minds—and that means most people—have been disturbed and
unsettled by the developments and denunciations of the past
What these people want is the truth—the plain unvarn
To give them this truth is the object of this announcement.
The Mutual Life Insurance Company was organized in 1843, the first
of its kind in America.
lew months,
ished truth.
In 24 years it had become the largest in the
world. For 39 years, in spite ol the Keenest competition, it has held the lead,
passing unharmed through panics, failures, strikes and wars ; meeting with
promptness its every obligation and having 460 millions of assetg to-day.
The recent Insurance agitation was unique. The investigation
certainly was thorough. As every one knows the Mutual Life was on the
tiring line. The smoke has now cleared
away. What do we find?
In the first place wc find that the Mutual Life is still the largest
and staunchest Life Insurance Company in the world. Without defend-,
ing or in the least belittling the abuses and extravagances recently brought,
to light, everybody should keep in mind the fact that the solvency of'
this Company has not for a moment been ailectcd thereby. ■ Concerning'
the work of the finance committee which has been attacked in the press,
this Company's auditing committee consisting of Messrs. Trucsdalc,
Auchindoss, Fish and Dixon stated on February 15th, 1906:
t V "I I- I , . 0*
"The Committee certify that the investments of the Company are 0) )
the highest order and udl selected." and " have found the valuation given <
safe and conservative, in many instances less than the market value and in'
none in excess of such value."
In the next place, extravagance has been stopped, and those res
ponsible for it have gone; a new management has been installed, and
retrenchments have been effected that have already saved vast sums ol
money and will save much more as time goes on. Legislative reforms
have likewise been anticipated, and the Company is now as sound at the
circumference as it always has been at the core "
In the next place, the ending of the first quarter presents an excel
lent opportunity for comparing this year with last.
The amount paid policy holders is $o,60S,416.50,""an increase of
S/,070,Sjj.e6,_ t The receipts for premiums were $15,0/12,43457, a decrease
or the period. This is a shrinkage of less than gtj per
ent paid for expenses was S-'iÿJJJSJ jt, a reduction of
east. The amo
$1547,270.36. J
This remarkable showing is a good thing to be kept in mind by everybody—
those now insured in the Mutual Life, and those who should be. It cannot
s be accounted lor by the smaller amount of new business written. Of the
saving for the quarter, the sum of $390,961.52 is in items not connected *
with the obtaining of new business. •
In the next place we find that this Company is doing business
more business than any other company in the world with one exception.
Far from being paralyzed or demoralized it is forging right ahead. Policies
by the hundred are being written each day; honest trustees, keenly
alert, arc directing its affairs ; faithful and experienced men arc doing its
Intricate work; loyal agents are explaining its advantages and discriminating
people arc obtaining its protection.
In the next place wc find that there need be no question as
to the future. A policy in the Mutual Life is just as good as gold.
No obligation could possibly he better. A bond of the United States
Government is no safer. It will, therefore, be a misfortune if ary one
is misled by the writer who prints for revenue or lor notoriety, or by,
the attorney who is out for his clients, or the competitor who is out for
himself, or even by the gentlemen who have organized themselves into
committees under an honest misapprehension of the facts. Such incidents
may tend to hinder business, but need deter no one who needs insurance.*
With economy, which means rapid improvement in regard to earning
of surplus for dividends, everywhere at work in the Mutual Life; with
its immense size as the »asis for moderate general expenses; with smaller
liability for renewal commissions to agents than any other Company; with
the cost of new business limited by law for all Companies, how can any
possibly better provide for the uncertainties of the future than
through a policy in the first Insurance Company in America, and the
•trongest in the world— (
The Mutual Life
Insurance Company of New York
New York ; "
, tO I- y jiti
The Mutual Life has devised and placed on the market a! a nolahty Ion
rate, a policy which provides protection more far-reaching than an ordinary
contract. Send your address and let us injorm you as to the particular «
I fli'.no'i*
of the Jessup A Moore Paper Co, to
I-ackey A Co., at $!K) jier share.
Two hundred sharps of common stock
of the Jc.-stip A Moore Paper Go., to F. I).
Lackey A Go., at $75 per share.
Ninety shares of slink of the Alabama
land and Mineral Go., to J. Wilkins
Couch, at $5 |«-r share.
Six $1.000 5 per cent bonds of the New
Castle A Delaware City Railway Go., to
F. I). Lackey A Co., at $3lj per share.
Three $1,000 5 jn-r cent bonds of the
New Castle A Delaware City Railway Go.,
to K. 1). I-ackey A Go., at $26 |n 1 share.
Borne stock of the Jackson A Sharp
Co., and loads Of'the Wilmington, New
Gas I lr A Southern Railway Go were not
disposed Of, as their Sale had I teen stopped
by legal action.
Stocka held by others, not in connection
with the Evans matter, were sold as
Ninety shares of the American Vul
canised Fibre G»., preferred, to F.Lackey
A Co . at $102 per share; 18 share of
Wilmington Trust Co., to F D, Lackey
A Co,, for $99 per share; $lo,(HMi New
Castle county, I i>cr cent, due 1925, to
F. D. Lackey A Co., at $90 per shore;
$5,000 Wilmington A Glicster Traction
Co,, 5 per cent, to 1 l>. lackey A Go.,
$103Gj; $4,51)0 Wilmington A New
Castle Railway, first mortgage. 5 per rent,
due 1926, to F. D. lackey A Co., at $7)3
wr share; 37 shares American Vulcanized
Fibre common stock, to Benjamin Nields.
$39 1-8 per share.
AMorintcd ITrw Dispatch by special Wires.
Hopkinsville, Ky., June 7.—Fire,
originating in Wheeler's warehouse, has
destroyed the (oau amers' ice plant and
several residences.
It apparently is beyond control,
high wind is blowing.
Louise F. Knox, aged *?7 years, died
on Tuesday of apoplexy, at her home
1 11 1 crest lug T»|)
fur I',insiders!Ion of
(•«•ucrMl Itodjr.
AhRTK'UiUMl I'rcMH IHkpnlch by S|H.viAl Wire«.
New HaVen, Genu., June 7. The
iiminal «invention of the Knights of
Columbus met early, today, for an all-day
session,when 11 gnat part of the unfinished
business to b< transacted by the National
Convention will la, disposed of. Hovi ral
matters of considerable importance to the
order are on the programme for discus
sion. the first of which will lie on the ques
tion ol the Knights of Columbus acting
as sponsor for the Paulist Fathers, an
order of Catholic priests whose hcadquar
in Washington U B said that
the Very Rev. A. P Doyle, rector of the
Apostolic Mission House at that city,
will appear Iteforc the national Ualy hero
today, for the pur)«wo of making an ap|tcai
to the Knights of Columbus for their sup
Another question which will lie taken
tip today is that of raising a fund for the
San Francisco members of the order. An
effort will be made to raise $100,000 by
assessments on the various councils.
One of the more important matters
disposed of at the meeting late yesterday
was that of raising the minimum initia
tion fee from $4 to $10. This increase
is only the first step, it is said, toward a
raise to $25 for the lowest foe. at the
annual convention next year or the jeur
t* PH aru
A Desperate Thief.
hs chloroformed and
Henry Walls
his wife choked by a negro burglar who
entered their house. 937 Poplar »(reef,
early yesterday mottling, after which
the thief got away with AIM. Mrs. Walls
•s still suffering from the shock, but she
was muc h better today.
? oo -tair lu «riassitii.
tConttmicd Irom uccond pom-.)
la-side. ! have Imptized three children
and married four couples, and have entere
the sumo upon the church record. The
ladies have organized an aid of between
40 and .50 members. They Ix-gan their
work last November, and 11 more bar- 1
island efficient organization it
licrWIioult to find. They have,
furnished the new parsonage throughout,'
that all who have seen it in the church
or as visitors have expressed surprise and
delight. Mrs Mary F. Taylor is the
president. We arc ttreparitig for Chil
dren',- Day next Sunday and have a good
prospect Tor a delightful and profitable
occasion. The programme is in charge
of William E. Marks, a musician of reoog- ;
Ilizeil ability at borne and abroad, and »
worker of w hom we are justly proud, i
We have a growing community and there-
fore an increasing opportunity and re
s|K,nsihility. We have faith in our enter- '
prise, and purpose to show our faith in
our works. Respectfully submitted,
W. L. 8. Murray, Pastor,
A Bake.'
A hake will be given at t he home of
George R. Garrett, 229 Concord avenue,
Saturday, June 9th, under the auspices
of Epw-urth Ix-aguo of Harrison Street
M. !.. Church. Proceeds for benefit of
Philadelphia Quotation«.
Awool«l«*d Pnw Dlapatch by Special Wire«.
Philadelphia, I une 7—2 p. m.—Market cIoaM
Aiuer. Cement .7 > iSiPhlla. Electric. ..
Amer. Railway Co... Phila. Co.
( aml.ria Hleel -...^. H6 Phila. ro., pfd.„.
L- Sup rCorporat'n JO 1 » Phlia. Trmo.
Elect Co. of Ainer... 11 \ I'hila. A Erie»....
(ten. Amp halt. 9 Kt-ad. Kailroad..
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