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WED. and SAT. ONLY-—Four Pounds to a Customer
VERY BEST TEAS, All Kinds, 37
7th and King Sts.
WM T. M ANSLITT. Manager.

The Best Bargain News We Can Print.
Instead of waiting until after the Fourth of July (as is custom
ary) before sinking the knife into prices, we do it now. Our
policy demands that all outter garments be sold within the season
for which they were designed. That we are determined to accom
plish our purpose is clearly shown in the price reductions here
Tailored Suits.
A Tailored Suit is a necessity.
Every woman must at least own
one. We here offer 25 Suits,
mostly Wooltex, all wool. These
Suits have been 512.50, 515,
519 and 525; light-weight broad
cloth, panama, voile and serge.
The jackets are not all the new
est; some skirts cut after the new
gored patterns. Our price will
justify you to buy one even
though you do not want to make
use of the jacket; your own
judgment will convince you they
are the biggest value ever offered ;
to dose out all, 57.50.
Our Waist sale is out of the
ordinary because we give you
better quality.
Fine lawn and batiste in
a large variety of styles and
patterns, elaborately trimmed
with fine Val lace or with
dainty embroidered yoke and
panels, buttoned hack and front,
long or short sleeves ; worth
51.50, at 9«c.
Embroidered and fine India
lawn Waists, styles are those of
effective yokes, straight up and
down effecta, beautiful designs of
eyelet arid blind embroidery
worh; kworth 52.50, at 52.00.
Our line of the better class of
Waists is the most elaborate in
the city; made of very fine ba
tiste, mull and lawn, handsomely
trimmed with crochet, baby Irish
and German Val laces, ranging
in price from 52.50 to 53'0°
228-230 KING STREET.
Philadelphia Bargain
Continuing the Greatest Sale of Spring
and Summer Merchandise by Of
fering Bigger Values Than Ever.
We want the people to know of the many advantages of thia
«tore. We want them to see our floor crowded with merchandise
of the neweH and bent and moat wanted and to aee the many sav
ings possible by our methods. These items but briefly tell of the
gloriuua bargains now obtainable here.
203 Lawn, Linon and
Mixed Bkirta; latest ,!.■ Qgg
30o Men's Stripad
Men's 75c Whits Pleated Afin
Fancy Shirts. 4yC
-$1.25 Embroidered Lawn 7c.
Valato. (DC
75o lace and embroidery A On
trimmed Imwn Waists.
0Bc Polka dot Wsiata, of 0(t A
.flue lawn. OjjC
Women's 7ÔO Girdles and nn*
Corsets .. J«jC
Women'» 11.00 Corsets,
straight front, dip bip AQ.
'front and side garters. 'tiJU
$3.50 China Bilk Waists trimmed
with tine Val loos and silk em
sleeves, b
Aten's plain block and in.
colored Fancy Hose. I Du
Ladies' Uiic Hale thread
and drop stitob Hose.
15o Children's plain
black and while lace Hose,
Men a French Balhriggan
Underwear that sells else- no
where at t»c, here at. JOG
1 au it for 75c.
10c Belts of black and red
liaient leather and ero- 10,,
broidered wash Belts.... I
long and elbnw
Closing Out Our Spring and Summer
Millinery at Less Than Cost.
Do not buy your hats or flowera before seeing us, for we will
save you money on every article you buy.
TEETH, •» and •* and »10 l'«r Hot. No ch»rgo
tor eatrmcUng when best Tvetli are ordered, old Teeth
put on new plat«» made •» good a* new, W to K IVelh
crowned lut» and up. Iirtilge Work, at to *3 per Tooth
lotah aikd lor 30c tud up. All work truftrwutce«!.
OOivs ttwur«itau .10 H.iio p. ,u.
Hunds;« 1 to In la a. m.; J to 4 p.
I«. » A. PUONK, 23117 A.
MrauUi UtSvii, lilkum, Ud., Newark, u«u
Back Combs.
From the most elaborate to
the dainty kind. The best values
ever offered in new goods. Not
one pattern worth less than 75c
and ft. 00. These Combs are
round, polished
teeth, gilt and silver trimmings,
of shell.
jewelled and plain ; all go at the,
ridiculous price of 33c.
Val. Laces.
Just received a shipment of
French and German Val. Lace.
On every bill we And printed in
large, bold letters "Prices subject
to change without a moment's
notice." These goods have
been bought months ago; even
though the scarcity continues we
have a large assortment at old
prices,35c to 52.00 adozen yards..
hosiery for
Children's Day.
You will find a vast saving in
buyingyour white stockings here.
At nyic child's fine ribbed
cotton, $ to 9.
At 15c child's fine ribbed maco
yarn, 4 to 9.
At 25c child's fine lisle, 4 109.
At 15c child's fine lace lisle,
worth 25c, 6 to 8
At 25c child's lace lisle,double
heel and toe, 4 to 9,
At 25c women's plain gauze,
lisle and all over lace.
At 35c lace lisle, plain and
boot lace, worth 50c.
At 50c different designs in all
over lace and plain, many style^
to select from.
One Hundredth Anniversary of
Naaman's Creek School.
Fine Historic Address by Judge
I. C. Grubb.
■(.mark. V«. 41.» Mad. b, K.i.J.IUn,
« ••.alar, l'»aiuia.l«r H
O C. 1 ourHif,
Ks Al»v..r MurlHl). in. «I, hup* 4l .,.
«ul A. it. kptia Mini A. H. luu|ter.
With appropriate exercise* (lie 100th
anniversary of Noaman'a Creek sol.I
nWmtfd yesterday
afternoon. Among tlmsc present wore
many who received their first education
in the old aclmol Mi.«* KoHnson, the
n cipel, had charge of the in owe Rev.
farry t'lmley presided and addresses
were made by Judge 1. C. Grubb, Henry
C. Conrad, ex-Mayur Charles 0, Bird,
who attended the school. Superintendent
of County School« A H. Spaid and Alex
ander B, Cooper of New Castle. Mr.
Bird will give two prize«, to be known
as the Alfred I> Bird and the Ellen
Elisabeth Bird prizes, for tlie Licet average
in, mat hematic* during the year.
Judge Gmbh piesented to the school
the original parchment deed of the
ground upon «hieb Ihe school house
stands, made August Oth, 1805, by John
Dickinson, also the portrait* of John
Dickinson, Judge Willard Hall, father
of the free seliool system of Delaware,
and photugraplut of I lie old achool house
'«fore Ihe recent additions were made.
Judge Grubb, in prescuting Ihe r;
traits said he «tu, especially gratified
join in this centennial celebration of
the erection to this historic achoolhouse
liecauae he »a* horn in Brandywine
hundred and this wo* where be began
hie education, when huf 5 ye
Continuing, lie «aid, many former
pupil* of the school have afterward
attiuned success and distinction in
various line#. One of these is Diaries
D. Bird, a native of the hundred, who
was the late mayor of Wilmington,
also recalled another. William Dyde,
president of the Clyoe Steamship Co,
of New York. In fact Brandywine
hundred lias not Ixsen wanting in pro
ducing men of worth and distinction
in after life. Speaking of mayors, John
P. AUmoiid, a native of tlie hundred,
was also mayor of Wilmington. Charles
Gilpin, yeara ago mayor of Philndcl;ihia,
and l idled Slates District Attorney a
son of Edward Gilpin and Lydia Grubb,
was also of the old Brandywine hun
ched stock, as was also Edward W. Gil
pin. one of Delaware s best and worthiest
chief justices.
Victor d.« Pont, a former president of
the Union National Hank, Wilmington,
and one of the best lawyers and most
beloved citizen of bis day, was bom and
bred in Brandywine hundred and his
distinguished unde, the gallant Admiral
du Pont, from his childhood to his
death, waa a resident of the hundred.
"Today," he continued, "our present
governor, Preston Lea, was also a native
of her soil, so you see our old hundred
of Brandywine, ran walk erect and hold
her head proudly among her sister hun
dreds of the State,"
In referernce to the deed and framed
portraits and photographs, presented
by Judge tiruhh, he said: "This deed is
Ihe original parchment indenture made
and signed by John Dickerson, more than
100 years ago. This old deed I found
some muni he ago among some pa tiers
of my grandfather, James Grubb, Eng,,
of Grubb's Landing, who waa one of the
five trustees to whom John Dickerson
conveyed t he ground for school purposes
forever. This framed likeness of John
Dickinson is taken from a rare portrait
of him. John Dickinson waa one of tha
most noted
the period
lionary War.
«»me time, was governor of Delaware,
f overnor of Pennsylvania, mendier of
'ongresa from IVlawnre and ex-officio,
chief justiee of the High Court of Ap
peal* of Pennsylvania."
"Three Slates clamed him as a citizen,
Maryland, «here he waa horn. Pennsyl
vania, where he practiced law, and served
her in the high positions mentioned, and
Delaware, »here lie was reared from the
age of eight year* and served as a d< legale
in the Continental Congress, a signer of
the Articles of the Confederation of Ihe
Kedeial Constitution, as well us a mem.
her of her constitutional convention in
1702, He diet! in Wilmington in 1X01 at
hi* residence,which stood on the present
•He of the Wilmington Institute Build
ing at Eighth and Market streets. He
«a» buried in the Friend»' burial ground,
at Fourth and West streets.
"Thin other framed |ioitrait is an excel
lent likeness of Judge Willard Hall, who
was born in Massachusetts in 17(50. and
died in Wilmington in 1875. in his tl.ith
year. He cams to Delaware in 1903,
practiced law at Dover until 1823, when
be was appointed United (Mates District
Judge for the District of Delaware, by
President Monroe, which office he lielii
for 48 years until his resignation in 1871."
Judge Grubb also referred to Ihe various
other offices and poaifions of fruit which
be had held in I Ma ware, and said:
knew him while he waa eminent os an
earnest Christian philanthropist, lawyer
and judge, and with hi* New England
training, ideas and methods, and a dis
interested public spirit made an enduring
impression upon Ihe institutions and
people of hi* adopted Stale,
he always remembered hy the people of
Delaware as a framer of our first State
free school act of 1829, and as the real
founder of the public free school ay stem
Delaware, Jo which he gave the best effort*
of hi* youth, hi* prime and hi* old age
Therefore. I have llumghl it most appro
priai# that his portrait should hang upon
t he walls of t his oldest. at least one of t he
eldest existing schoolhouses which has
l'oeil longeai in use under the free school
act system, secured by him by the act
of 18*29. This framed picture'ia a pho
tograph of this old scnoolhousc before
the recent addition and enlargement
was made to it. It represents practi
cally the schoolhouae os it stood when
1 timt entered it in my early childhood,
and as it had stood since its erection in
1805, 100 yean ago. It was then known
H-oulinued on IllUi pass.,
at Daymont, «as
t * »
a im old.
liai riots and statesman of
liich included the Revolu
Dickinson at one and the
But he will
of ihe
9 ?
New Confectionery and Ice Cream Store
As wc manufacture all of our own
All kinds of the choicest Confections, comprising Bon-bons, Chocolates, etc.
candies we can guarantee their absolute purity.
Ice Cream.
With our Ice Cream it is the use of Ihe choicest materials, fruits, etc., combined with the taste and skill displayed
We make a specially of Ice Cream in Bricks. In this
in the manufacture that has resulted in its very superior quality,
form it will keep for fully an hour, enabling you to carry it home in the hardened form.
Soda Water.
We will serve all the different kinds of fancy and
we use nothing but pure fruit flavors.
Try a glase of Soda Water from our beautiful new fountain,
popular drinks, including egg drinks of all kinds. In the drawing of our Soda
Our Soda and Ice Cream Soda are 5Cta per glass.
J. P. Laskaris & Company,
719 Market Street
and the Sugar Bowl,
9 420 Market Street.
Features :
Painting in Oil—"Hector Leaving Andromeda," from Siege of Troy.
Improvements to be kflade by
the New Castle Water
Works Co.
Some Interesting Playing Yes
terday Afternoon.
Children*» Uaj at the M. E. Church—The
l |il*ud Baseball Club to Hay Tomorrow
Alternooa—bovial and ft*«rioaal Item*.
Staff Correspond en«' of Every Evening.
New Castle, June 8.—The New Castle
Water Works Co. ia making extensive
repairs to the plant and President James
G. Sliaw staled last evening that the
company was going to increase the steam
pressure, which will make the water
belter than it lias been in hot weather,
by destroying the nig® or growth that
is*bound to form in hot weather. The
eoni|iany will also try the aerating plan
and erect a stand pipe about SO feet in
height, whieh will give a pressure suf
ficient to force the water by gravity
over the highest building in the city.
Childrens Day will 1« approiiriately
observed in the M. E. Church on Hunday
evening at 7.30 o'clock. The full pro
gramme of the service, which is entitled
"Nature's Glory," will be published to
Negligee shirts, undernear, belts.plain
and fancy hose, suspenders Biggs *
The opening of toe season of the New
Castle Tennis Dub took place yesterday
afternoon on the grounds of the club at
the Old Founrlry yards, where sn excel
lent court ha* been made. The affair
was under the direction of Miss Mary
Shaw and Miss Rubv Warner, with Mrs.
Alexander Van R Barmwall. Mr* John
II, Kodney and Mr».'Henry Hanby Hay as
r tronesse*. A line repast was
at Ihe tent. In three sets Miss
Alice Bürgin and Richard 8. Rodney
won two of them from Miss Rosalie Wil
son and Alexander B. Cooper, Jr . and
received Ihe handsome silver cup donated
by President John R. Larabson. The
cup must lie won against all comers, and
at the end of the season »'ill become the
property of the winner. A Bryson Tay
lor defeated Alexander B Cooper, Jr , in
«ingles. Mias Rosalie Wilson and Mrs.
Harry V. Holloway defeated Dr. Dupree
and Miss Alice Bürgin in a elose contest,.
In the evening, at the home of Mi«s Mary
Shaw, a dinner was served At bridge
whist. Harry Wilson and Miss Warner
defeated Miss Mary 8haw and John R
Larniwon. A pirtiy traveling clock was
the souvenir. Among the guests were
ninny of those who attended the Rodney
Walton nuptials.
Shoe hergsins Ladies' while ties, 65c;
ladies' Oxfords, 75c; Juliettes, $1.35;
men's canvas. 60e -at Stoops'.*
Mis# Mildred Stoops entertained a
number of friends at a lawn party at her
home last evening A feature of the
affair was playing croquet hy lantern
The Jim Shoe. $3 50—Shaw a
At the marriage of Francia J Berk and
Mias Irene Flynn, on Tueadav next in
St. Anna K. C. Church, Wilmington,
Rev. Frank J. Connelly will officiate
Emmet MoGrory of this city »ill be beat
man and Miss Kate Reilly of Wilmiug
ton maid of lienor The »'edding trip
1 ho
Tea, Cocoa,
Chocolate, even Milk,
disagree, wise people use
Get the little book, "The Road to
Wellville,'' in pkgs
will be to Atlantic Pity. Mr. and Mrs.
Beck will reside in thia city.
For game of pool, atop at Kline's.*
Diaries Munson, who is recovering
from a severe illness, was out for a short
time yesterday and was able to reach the
store of Alexander E. Goudiss, where he
spent some time before returning to his
home. The outing did not appear to
have any ill effect
Dosiiig out go-carts at Stoop».*
Dr. William H. Kuntz has returned
from Philadelphia where he met his
brother, Hev. John J. Kuntz, and wife,
of Freeland, Pa. This was the first
meeting of the brother* for several years.
The body of Mis* Mary MrCabe, whose
death occurred on Wednesday, will be
buried in St. Peter's churchyard on
Monday rooming. The services, con
sisting of high will be held in St.
Peter s Church at 9 o'clock.
Word was received here last evening
of the death of Mow Emery, colored,
of Delaware City, at the Delaware Hos
Hammocks, 60c; suit cases, Wc; oil
stoves. $4.25; matting. 12c—Stoop».*
Hannah Green, aged 84 years, mother
of Alfred Green, coachman for Vice
President Thayer of the Baldt Steel Co.,
died at her residence on South Third
street, yesterday. The funeral «ill take
place on Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock
with services at Union A. M. E. Church
and interment in the churchyard.
William Kirk, clerk at the Atlantic
House, moved from Chastnut and Second
street* to Third street near South yester
Charles McGuire is suffering from a
sore right hand, the result of molten
metal at the plant of the Baldt Steel Co.
striking it. He expects to resume his
work on Monday.
Straw and crash hats, caps—Biggs •
Daniel Klein, who has been a resident
of this city since the starting of the Bryl
gon steel works, »rill move bis family to
Beading, Pa., on June 18lh. Mr Klein
has been employed as day watchman.
His daughter, a musician, will he greatly
Constable Thomas H. Buckley was in
this city yesterday and laid a number of
attachments against wages of workmen
for bills of various kinda, including board
and store bills.
Clams and ice cream—King's *
The Upland ball team of Chester, Pa.,
claimed «0 have two of the finest pitchers
in that citv, »ill be the attraction at
Battery Park tomorrow afternoon.
Several players have plaved here liefore
and are well known, Taylor. Burrell, Al
eut, Ousey. Wilkinson, flowney, Draper,
Carroll, Conwell and Lanahan' being in
The New Castle Juniors defeated the
Allas Dub at Battery Park yesterday bv
the score of 10 to 7, in a fairly well play *!
ame The batterie* were: Hatton,
jormley, Walls, McCaughan; umpire.
James Foster. Jr.
apectnl Oortenpondenrr o( Kvery Evenln*.
Milford, June 8.—Mr* Cornelia A
Blockaom, formerly of Wilmington, was
married yerterday at noon to Robert C.
Hall of Saratoga Spring*. N, Y.
Tho bride* residence on South Walnut
et reef wa* a bower of love Imres »ith
flower», handsome costume* and happy
face# Mr*. Dawson »ang "O. Premise
Me." and to the airains of the wedding
march, played hy Mi*» P*>dine Abbott,
the bridal party descended First came
Mis* Blanche BWkaom. daughter of the
bride, hearing Ihe ring. The bride wh*
in a lovely creation of white. The
solemn and impressive ceremony wa*
pertormed hy Rev. Henry L. Bumtcin,
pastor of the First Presbyterian Church
Mr. and Mr*. Hall left on the 2.40
train for Baratoga Borings. N. V., wh. re
they will reside. Many gueets were
prr-ent from Wilmington. Dover and
other place*.
Soapine Is the Best.
Come to fair at the Springs; ask the
Soapine agent for book of directions
showing how to make 2« pounds of pure
"Lite soap out of each fixe cent patka
of 8oaptne. Soapine is tho best.»
To Havs a Lawn Fcts.
The Ladie* Auxiliary of the Sons of
Veteran* will hold a lawn fete at the
residence of Frank P. Gentieu, 2521 West
Eighteenth street, this evening.
The Summer Companion
No Town or Country home, Camp or Yacht,
should be without the Ideal Entertainer, the
Columbia Qraphophone
Disc and cylinder types, priced from $7.50
to $100.00. Compact, substantial construe
tion and exquisite tone qualities are
combined to make the Qrapho
phone the best Companion
afloat or ashore. Dance
Music perfectly timed,
popular and operatic
vocal and instrumental
selections—in fact "Every
thing for Everybody" in
Talking Machine Product.
Easy Payments ? Cerlamly.
Columbia Phonograph Co.
Eighth and Market Streets, Wilmington.
Grand Prize, Paris, 1900.
Double Grand Prize, St. Louis, 1904.
Highest Award, Portland, 1905.
A Dinner Set For You.
This is a cut-piece sale nothing more, nothing less. We find
that we have entirely too many dinner and tea sets for the amount
of space allotted to them, and we therefore intend to sell at the
lowest possible prices. As every article in this store is fresh, new
stock, you run absolutely no risk in buying these goods. Anybody
who delights in pretty chinaware and people on the lookout for
something new for the bride, cannot help being interested in this
sale. 1 tie quality ia the best domestic porcelain, prettily decorated
in gold, with floral decorations of red and
Dinner Sets.
42 piece», green trimmings: worth te.Tfi, now
S piece«, green trlmmingr. worth um,
KW pteee«. green trimmings «n't gold treeing«: worth »Too
)I2 pieces, goM border trimming«: worth Sir so.
112 piece«, gold trimmings «nd (toml design*.
W pieces (tea sets), gold trimming«: worth !■> on,
...a 3.00
.„ 3.2»
... 0.30
... »4.00
_. I0.»0
worth $13.00, now.
Chamber Sels.
Worth IS 30 : now—. «3.00 «•„„* «« n „_
Worth »4 00 : now.... 3 „„ ww ~
V) pieces to »set. be.ullf.,1 design, in green, white .ndgokt,' n ° W "'
4 7$
Charles E. Salfner,
13 East Third Street.
Injector« in Connection With the New
Sewage System Are Working 8ati«.
factorily. B
George Rommel, Jr., engineer for the
Mrcct and Bower Department, is of the
opinion that the proposed plan f or n .. w
•ewer project in South Wilmington will
prove a sûretés The test of the Spruce
street sewer, which wa» lieg,.,, meverml
day* ago, IS still in progre-v and, so f-,,
ha* proved satisfactory The object of
the tost is to ascertain whether the
which has not been in service for some
time, I* in working order and whet her
it will take care of ihe drainage from
some of the lowlands.
The injector*, which Are uaed in 'Tf'
nection with the lift, are trerking »meet hi}
and Mr. Rommel believe* that the iJJ*'
chinery can be operated without dinu 'i 11 )'
Take Bnralfirtr* Avid I'luMpt'»'* .
1« quiets the nerves, relieves ns'jse» an>yt
headache and Induces refreshing *le«P'

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