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Their Capture. Which Seems In
evitable, Would be Fatal to
Kaiser's Ambitions.
From The London Times, Sept.
AA e are now in a position from which
we threaten either Douai. « rt'an brat from
which we are distant respectively some
•'ighl miles (at Elaing) and 10 miles
of these places are
Without Cambrai, St.
and with
and I-a lore
f t lie < lob
at Qucantb Moth
pivotal positions.
<Juenlm could not Is' held.
Si. tjurntin w mid go Loan
and I lie great wooded glacis
am Forest
t »
of Douai we
AA ith us in possession
should have aeheived ««n«' <»l th*' great
f Hntish fighting m the neig i
There are t»v<* ways
from the north side,
(th* way-favoured b\
• »bjects
bourhood of bille,
to bille. One is
«•Uber by Minin
General E'renrh and by
before him) <»r by th*- Anbera Midge,
the other way from the south by the
Thus towards
Douai plain
. at last in a fair way to achieve the
bjeels for which the battle« of Neuve
<'hafu'lle and boos »»« re fought m vain,
and towards t'ambrai we are nearer to
the true line of strut« gi approach than
at t'ambrai its«'lf
. «
we were
In other words. »»«• are for the first
time in the war beginning »«» g«'l a grip
the pillars if German military ag
gression m I raner. I'« » get a grip i«
not 1»» pull down; we must guard against
reason to be proud
Mut already we have
t *u t he top of this
the news of the «'vaeuation
news conies
of lens by the «u'Àny . I he sigmtuninee
of this ih'ivs is that it shows that the
eoemv has for the present abandoned
any idea of
If he had sin'li an
have straggle« I hard t
narrowness «>f our pi'netratioii, lh is,
ontrarv. enlarging it. and <>n
«he north sale
-o far (Imre has lieen
a rounter-plTensive
idea, fie would
» maintain th«'
f the Scarpe. »• hen-,
lit ♦-!«• pressure so tar a« i- known.
Th.. alternatives la-foiv (lie enemy
an- to hold on b> the oxtmiiifit's of his
line and witlnlraw In- eent.'r, or evae
nation mneli I >rger than anything tha
he has vet though of n evacuation
that would in cffc« t mean the «ban
t (he greater pari of V'tanw
It the fust alter
be (t'e true one. the backward
sin. ehe« I
In th«»
that hi
vet holds.
movement has already been
full limit of elasticity
what «\actlv i;
n* it«
second alternative.
that the enemy he« in mind"
If we nun anticipate , vent« s. anew hat
tin« aeeond
the new strategy I« (xolltie i' AA « a!| talk
of the eonong . ..tden-ive. but the »mb
form that It could lake would be ill ••ffei
• >t pea « .. th«' AA e-t on th« 1 barns of a
re.-ogmtion of G.'rniany « cams in th*
I '.apt Supposing that Germany, making
a virtue of military renvmionre and
to make -lieh an offer
extravagantly an«l discuss
alternative, it c- possible that the ke» to
nei'CSelt V. were
not as a condition of evaeuating Krane«
(alt after. Ill fact, « varnating rno-t ol it
Suptinsing, furl her, that sh" has made
a bargain with Austria bv which, in re
« ii.Mi- thfrman help against
will make her frontiers quite
Austria were to promue 1er
a««istanee m what would 1>* proclaims!
:«« a purely <t».fensix'e war for the defense
of the Fatherland: we shouhl (hen have
a s. h« ni<- that would, at anx rate. Iff in
with "hat has hap|s ne«l <> far
turn for
Italy which
Mines Now Worked by Invaders
W-.ll lx Wrecked When
Huns Ret rest
Iwn*. once a town of between
d TUt.nOM inhabitant-, o the «•«•litre *>i
th,- T*:— *1, » ilao coalfields "f I'ranoe.
wfiteh have an area of 200 «, filar«- Tnii«*.*-,
•ml yield 15.nHOJWg) ton" a x-e»r About
25.IHN» workers w.'iv employe« i in fh<>
iniiu's In-fore the war
Mut tie G«-rman r«'treat. even it it w«.re
in-* ilie ;.r<•■•* • >1 Northern l ?:,nee at
o little to relieve the coal
Allie« for many tnonths
1" >m* vime of the French pits m tin;
h .i-k .-re;,s ha vi- l>een. and are being.
"ork*-ci !,» tin t.errnans Others, th«*
^ j i:it t v and brad (rear of "bn b tIum iiüxo
de-T-'ed. i»!,», Ih'coiiu* llooth'-l It is
«■«rtain that it Me enemv i* forest to
I en r, tn*'ii.
f »« • omplet* the work ot destruction
b' dx i.amiting shaft * and underground
v ckiiiCs To make good sue!: ; «mage
will ..» v **lv. a vast amount of labor and
f ,0 "* of ,,mf E.v-en lonc-r will
h< th«'job of pumping out the fl«M>d«'d pit#
Thixnighoiit the war Trench pits on
tin Allied aide of the line, in som* cams
it, haxa been kept going.with
heroic constancy, W ork at these pit-heads
ha.- been earned on h> old men-mtfiers,
wn... in the ordinary course »vom, have
r.-tiTv.i on pension «Men for "♦« ks to
aether under intermittent -h.-l t,re wm,
many .-asua ties to Hi* w-rk-rs and
damage to rot mg st.wk ana winding gear
It was in Deioiar I. 14 m lia .-ours
of the operations folmwinp upon th*
Genna., r.-treat from the Alarm. that
i.ens »»;,- ocen puff h» tiic enemv »«Lio :«»
h.s first onset had left Mi* t ,.w„ ; ;,-w
miles to ins right The Germans strength
erit-d their hohl on Lens by pushing out a
salient into the Frreneh lines marked hy
th*- ftnir k*-y tw,siiioii' ot Notre Dam* de
Lurette, A I,lain. < arenev ^i.<J SuiicIk*?.
l h* ..up.ition of Hits important junction
aeverd raii»»;«» nunmunication between
Arras and Bethune 'Th«- Lens Oasuon
tInTeaft* r r* n,aim-«i (horti in ti,* >>□,
of lh* 1 ren.-h, and later »*t t!,< British
when they {«.ok over this part of the front
I h« Britisj, attack on the la*n- salient
in April Iff! fh. storming Mill f.5 in
siun^ f and Sir lJougt;i> il î^int during
th?- following August. »»ti.Mi t .enera.
( urn- so splendidly inaugurated his
«•ommand ot the f ana» ban < orp.-.
Mi'liici{j nwiit- Mo;. .- « i < witiun recent
memory. London J imes.
nf'f'ON^lt |«*N !»1 OUI
close UP 1
Bri-ath" H»f>mc, for Two Minutes and
Stulfcd Up Head Will Get Relief
II y»»u want to get relief from eatarrh.
«•old in th, n«'ail or fr«»m un irritating
cough in i h, shortest time (»real lie Hj-omei
I ' «ill clean out jour head in t»»o luinuttw
and allow you le breathe frtjely
Hyomei wifi end a
■old in one day. it
disgusting »nultl»,
.ITenaive breath in
y ou of
haw a ng spitting un* 1
a week
ing. healing
I'omt* from
i* Uiade <-El,e3 y fr«,n, a soo::h
gern, killing ant ineptie, ttia*
t h* eucalyptus forests of in
iand Australia » Ui-ic catarrh
as ihm* a lid
consumption w"»- ( never to exist
Hyomei plea «vaut anti « asy to hreaf Iw.
Just |H>ur «i Je* drops into Mu* hard rub
♦ mt innkler, uy id directed tnd r»*ll»,f is
atnuM»! certain
2 'uinplei« liyoinei outttt. iucludir»K iu
haier ami on«* Got • le of ilyomei. costs but
Id lie at dru^jkriNt
Danfort ti 's
vrywher«* and at N B.
'■ .»*", aln-ady own an inhaler
jro.. call '4f ul t| t,r»i Life ? *>f Hvoffiei Sht
dr U
>Va.Hin(s Fret Under Boche Burden*
Likely to Fly tu Arma Again.
Pans, Sept. 25.—There is si steadily
growing i*eiief in Rumania that if the
(Jennnn domination and oppression con
tinues, tiiero may !«• an uprising among
the people particularly if the food and
clothing famine is no I relieved. There
are many who feel, say n prominent.
Rumanian who has just, returned here
from Jassy, that it. may not lie impossible
that the Rumanian army will again
take up arms against the Central powers
This conviction, said he, is the stronger
since the recent, decisive victories of the
Allies on the Western front.
Already there is grave unrest among
the peasants, who an forced by the
German agents to work along and la
boriously in farm and factory,
scarcely sufficient wages to buy their
daily bread. The Germans are i thor
oughly disliked by all from the royal
family down to the humblest peasant.
The belief that the Rumanian army
may fight again prevails not only among
the jieople, but m military circles. Dfb
errs are confident that, with America s
legions now participating us the struggle
on the Western frohiff- and their number
stead 1 1 v increasing, the < 'entrai Towers
will be compelled to
troops from other fronts to the held
f operations in I ranee in order lo cheek
Allies. This would be
these observers
IT the
all (heir
■ liv«-rt
( yok«>
* ■
(he fast-moving
an opportune moment,
believe, for Rumania to throw
and re-establish its
of < »erniany
the fielil ns an aid «»t the Allies
army *n
Two Score Sr«ts in Senate Als«)
to he Filled hy American
i Washington. <•■ «
j ,, n nial "«Inv«' m
j ,auisrres«i*ma! ele«t|.»ns i
j ( .ending
, Sept»mber marks
| sfnfr ,, n n»ary elections an«) nominating
.-««nv entions, leaving their tram «>< "lame
j ,t„<'ks" ami ..thcr (»olitical » npiAh
- |, r ..„|,,,^ ,,f n || partie.«, no»»
j «halliiiff their forces for the
î whe h pree#.»l«'s cld tiiin dav in
t -The great
American polite
I« now irn
the «•onelusien
are mar
The line?* of battle. alrea«ly an fairly
ell d< (iiied U|w»n the r»'«ult" of ill»* balh't •
j mg dejrc <1 political e«>ntrr»l of the Sixty
Inch «»»nvenep in D*
I «ixth Congres,«.
«•ember. UMtl. unie«« sooner «umtw*ne»l
|,\ Prc*id« nt AVils.ni Depen«lcnt upon
the return« am the fate." of aspirant«
j or ,, rar | % tw „ „ <vr ,. seats m the iS'liat«
;M)i ) , n j(„. hou«e
j p,^,. prrsulent l»l e|e«'tmn of 19Hi,
j „ j„, n California's v«»tes. after a week's
' wn|t finall» determined the nation'«
! p rrH |rf Pn<< the ongreasioruü result, a«
| ( o r «img tô j,n» ate statement« <»f pnxnii
nf ,,,( republicans and «lern* «yat« in AA «ch
eet «1 to be «'h»«e The
ington, î« ex
,ats no»v have 52 Senators against
n repubhean«. while in the House the
| nv . p^f,,^ strength 1 « 216 an« l 2»>9 Seat«
^ s) , t)f t | >( , | at i,r are involve*! in the
prp ^ r „ ,*„ m paigT» while iwr,»tv «me *)em
(> ,, rntl|> ,„.i tift.en republican Senate
^r,* „* «take
p (>r pra ,-(„* a | nnVjstae«. the election
|a iiyot U( ,, num her of täte« In the
j io j„j „„„j,-- „here nommatmn on the
! drmoeratie ticket i« equivalenl to ehm
IVimanes and convention« in these

{slate* however, with*,ugh changing pn~
Senate ami H«*,iæ from
r,(T« v ct«si the
1 ent pera»»nne1 in
j «ever ai 8 täte«
final result For nonv repuWieans, «ifh
j out «ipfwmitmn, the primanes also have
«•h'ction 'ti Novi'hiIht;
axm not
meant _
i th«vie »Is«» «Jo n**< change present line
meutn ent"
cer; »m
* ontrwn,
n;*mnci for r<'d'lr»i4on

l»*,wever, the primaries have
result«"! m defeat of many present mem
Among them are Sena
tor. A ard:tm»n «*f Mi««ism)>|»i and Hard
\x»ck ol Ge«»rgia. deni««-rats win, w«r
. opitosod by TVesidont A\ tison, and tli«'
: foi|o»mg 1J« .presentatives M. la'm.nv,
Slavdeu *nd < larret *,f Texas. Shackle
j tori 'j ,j |>,*rland of Mi c -"'in, AA.«s|«
• j mv:) ;)n< j others
- | r ,„„ fhrir present pia* s
w ,jj | H , toun»i ot tiers who are not
««a-king re-election. <»r Hons** members
who have foregone TMtominatJon f«>
«.{or-tuxit 1" the .S-irUe Among
j th.'in are S-nator* Smith of Michigan.
| u h| )nui; Hollit« of New Hnnipshin»,
rr,i and Mcpresenf;»tives Me
(y orni i,. k a „ff (■ ,,«,« Uimoi" repnbli
Howard of Georgia, «h-momtl
Churrh of (alifomiH. druwrut. and
, ^; a i 0 (, Power* of Kentuck». republinan.
(>n t i, r other hand rno«t of the rep
resent at »x'"? from the southern demo
t ptnlrS t.avc lawn assured of rr
rl ^. tion to fh,- Stvty-mxth Gongr*-*«
j, v xjrture «>f their primary nommai ion
; , n lh)S rlf , rtIot) f„ r ,h, first tun«
: w „ ni) . n . t „, M ,, kmu «,-ats ,n the S-nat.
Hepresentattv.- Jeannette Hankm of M«m
1 ls ma king elc fion from her state
Anne Martin of the AA ,,m»n
,, arn ^ nn ,„ m i candidate in Ne
N(U y . , r k also has a woman
foT ,
: s ,„. 1;i!|M , w hibMion ami other par
I ^ ^ ,\ a%v candidates in th*
j , aiR „ Coalition of ,le rn -
^j' n '„hliean force« against
fho hf|!t ,„-eured in some local
j i(i j, ut ,he campaign now is Gung
, , , '
^urted largely
ending pa riles in ae
: unque«t.*.ned control
t ''T** . " lUi, .
«» I MJ " e
Aineri, a) >»ailors Take Part in < lean I p:
• Dur Red <>•»>> Mini.Hters to Wounded.
| \ ladiv-istok 8ent !5. Wound©«!
Cz.-cKs and Slovaks, xiciims of th* 1 fight ■
, !ll>: nort }, t ,f x.kolsk »»er*- the spe«ial
ob a r go *»i tho offirer.** and mf*n of an
1 Ann-riean warship prior to the arrival ot
. th , Am. ruan Red Cross contingent
) frolr) Tokl(( Thev w ,, r , attended by
; the ships doctor, fe«l by the ship^'> steward
and waited upon «lay and night l>y th«?
big-hearted sailors.
When the need became apparent
Adnural Knight ordered a nearby w are
house «jmptied of its content« and there
he improvised a hoapital. Several of
the more serious eases had l«i be removed
to a marine hospital for special treatment.
They bi.'gged to return to their cota in
th«- warehouse and t<? the ministrations
of the "jacki«*." The efforts of the
later to outdo one another in showing
kiminess to the wounded men was touch
ing They gave up their Ix-ds and pillows
to them
AA hen the Czechs arrived they were
naturally in a filthy and ragged state
Tin- sailors provided them with sheet
in »vfiieh to wrap themselves while they
the sailors, washed their tattered g«i
The -hip'« office?« were deeply
l»pt ween fh»- two
effort to «-eure
of the >*-n;«1<
without interxeiition <>t any
from fh« minor
: organization
moved by the devotion of the ?ncn ami
listened good twfurodly »<« oovimwlx
manufacftirci r,r«'tc\t« put forward by
the sailors to go n-h<>rc and look after
th*'ir chai ges.
Fine as Scouts and Pickets, but
Have Superstitious Fear
of the Dark.
With the American Troops in France,
Negro soldiers in
Sept. 25. American
France arc a source of never-ending in
terest and amusement to the French,
who do not t » r«• of watching and listening
they wield pick" and shovels, anil chant
as they work in a whtiI minor key .
They have shown « fearlessness amounl
«Imost to utter indifference if their
white officers are with (hem a eareleas
where personal «langi-r is involved
that is nt once amazing am! sometime«
annoying to the officers, and a ib-ir« t• »
fight that amounts to a mama
The American Negro sohlier. in (,be
words of a colonel who commands a regi
ment of them and has for years known s
g.Mvl deal at mu it their characteristics, is
very eins« to a fatalist when it contes to
fear Repeatedly his own troops bandy
remarks among themselves, the gisl of
which is about ns follows:
"Don t worn" alw'ut that shell. Rnstus.
It ain't g t \«>nr numb«-r on it
And the shell screams by, the Negroes
who believe it had not their numlter stand
idly around and evjKtoe
they should not
admits being afraid when lug shells are
Hving about, and seeks rover
The first regiment whieh went into ac
tion. long ago now. went in primarily )>«'
it threatened to decimate itself in
Mar.ors and knives « ame more
and more freely mto play, an»l *h«' n»< n
frequently and so insistently
dicer« why they might not pvt
th«'msrlv«s< mi
•olonel frankli
rmiPf 1
demaml«*«! so
of their •>
some net ion that it was final!» arranged
for them Tlrnv prove«! »)nit<' as stn'nuoiis
fighters in the line as they had Is'himl •!
It go«s- without saving that the Negro
soldier is as boastful as any in a similar
profession Dm marine« hail jusl «aryen d
(henis«lves with glofy in the < liateau
Thierry light when a delegation from a
Negro regiment in line in a qui« t se»-t««r
■ommainling officer and
a«.k«'d il they too might not pel in on the
"Im'1 us g«' in. colonel, they «aid A' **
the only real fighters The marine«
all right ot coupe but le a- hav* 1 a
whack at the Moche« I hen th«' marines
wont U- in it And as for the n«t, I or«l
th«'» «l<*n t ■ min' at all
»»altisi on (tie
Kiskv to Drop F. xpbwivra at Alti
tude of l>e»w Than Eight
Thousand Feet,
bines in l*ranee,
o.S tCorreepim.lrn.'e « l f I la* A«.« ,> -
EAoinEie of an in» re.lible
earncddiv American air* raft.
H«>hmd the American
.-»»ted Tie"«'
sue ate now
ah«l s»»ip*' i*len of their .leatiaRetix-e ©apa«
itv max le gained from the fact that M'« »
.-annot Is- dr»p|e«l <*t » lower altitude
thwn s oon t«st. «*» greatly t" the an di«
t url»e«l by fh©explosion
An amusing im ident
hr t «>f these was «lroj»|»e«l «»n enemy terrt
tor». which n much name«! by Amenean
Esimi'er*» and ,-«>n»«ajiien*lv bristles with
ceurr*-«! when the
»..are(»lights an*
1 anti-aircraft
the rx),|o*-l.,n that even*
hhght went ont instantly, and (he
v«us deprived of the lamlmark« <>n
(uch he had ««Minted t*» (itl<l his wav
S> ternll«' lew
sen r>
ho 111«
thr- squadron have hn«l
In UNO weeks thev
Americans in
rem«rk«Mc au< e,
aeoonntrs! for (w.mtx -six runny mm Inn«-"
i,,«(i vC*, A - rash.-* I. ami « »lie
nit the idea of
maintaining the off« iiuvi
Ail ar«' itnl*u«'»i
under nil , ir
J selves « ill
j while returning t«« esunp. r.
• «afetx in fbtfii' Instead, »hex «wi-pt up
»1 tlie German umclitnag. whn-h Were »II
• ?«l»ove them, and -<) mftlcd fh«- enemy by
tlieir iinexpeefe«l «litrmg th»t thev ni'tiinllv
j brought down four «>( hi.« machines an*i,
I fhongh nui undi»mage<l thenis*|v«.«, wm
able to land U-hind «ur lines
A sin-cessfnl attack wa« made by mem
l«er* of this squadron not long ago ttp'"i
» tmubhuoiue enemy aerodrome which
long had evaded discovery . «<» c|<-v*-r!v
»;,» it concealed in the ground" of a
* bat «au The chateau «erved as the hea« I
r»f tUo oOnvr> ^ »•'nnun
| squmimn. aiid-the hangar« "ere hid«lrn
! in the ©dgi* of the w<mds »Unit the Innwe
! Th«- Amer- an squadron »va.« acting t*s
E .s<-«»rl to the ixnnben» chnrg»'d with the
i destruction «>f the aenslmme.
lo a fwl*! almut half ;i dor.«-n enemv
airi>!anes yver© difeovered. moot of them
with thcr prjipeller« running and pre-j
j,anng for flight. The American m»» hine»
swoop*«! down within a hundred feet «>f
the ground and circled shout the field,
1 ©weeping it with th.- Hire from then
inachine-ffuna until all of the Dennan
machine*» were blazing and the men attead
j them «ither slot or driven int»' a nenrliv
M.-antime ityinlts had lieen dropp»'»l o»M
. nil the hangar- and on the chateau .»sell
. which burnt like a torch and light,-.1 the
1 nltackers *>n their r.-turn journey
Re entlx (w-*> **! them, hn.iing them
of t he « netiiv
'fused t« seek
.ff by t»».'iity
j _
j Everyone Should
Drink Hot Water
in the Morning
{ i
' 'J
'] Wash away all the stomach, liver,
•nd bowel poisons before
To t«-ci your liest day in ami day ot..
to feel clean inside; no sour bite to e,,al
your tongue and sicken your breath or
«lull your head; n»i constipation, bilious
attacks, sick headache coi«]«, rheumati-m
or ga.«sy. a«'id stomach. You must bathe
♦be inside like you bathe on the <»ut
sids This» is vastly more important, b«*
cause fh« skin pore.« do not absorb im
purilics into the blood, while the bowel
pores d<>. savs a well-known phyeician
To keep tln-se poisons and toxins well
Hustn-d fr-irn the stomach, liv*-r kidneys
and bowels, drink before breakfast each
day a glass of hot water with a fra spoon
ful «>f limestone phosphate in if 1 his will
el.-anse, purify and freshen (he entire
alimentary tract, before piffling more
food into the stomach
t.«-( a quarter pound of limestone
phosphate irom your pharma«i*ff. Ji is in
expensive and almost tasteless Drink
jihosphated hot water every morning to
ri«l your sy stem of these vile poisons ami
toxins; also to prevent their formation.
A« «oap an«! hot water a*'t on tin- skin
•■leansing sweetening and purifying, so
limestone p)njs()hatc and hoi. wab'r »»**1 » >*<*
breakfast aet on »lie htoiuacli livei kid
neys and bowel«
. ■ a
Dug in Trench, Without E'wl Until II«*
Win Able lo drain Ilia Guard and
With Eli« American Force« in France,
Private Edwn.nl F Maker,
Piffebtirg, is nnr <if the few Aim'd
who claim to have been n priaonnr
in Get many and then escape«I bark to
Ihn line of his comrades Here is an
outline of the story fold by (taker when
lie ennie ihto Firmes Inle one night soon
after the Americans tool possession
ol that town.
Early one morning there had been
street fighting in Frames ami in an en
eounler Severn) Germans got the drop
on linker and march« «I him back to their
li ne«
IVefore noon th© Germans lia«f Hak«>r
working in trenches, and they kept him
digging in one place <ir another most of
the afternoon without as much as even
suggesting (hat he might want some
thing to eat bale in the afternoon the
Americans lnr(e»l an attack, pree«>ding
it with a heaw barrage from trie artillery
Naturally this eiiused ijiiite a commotion
among the German« «»n the hills north
<>f Kismcs
When the German guarding Maker
turned his head to look in th« 1 direction
of the whir of an American shell Maker
Hi'iseil a slick of wood and struck (he
guard a blow on (he head, and then ran
info a nearby »»<>od, toward tin Amen
None <>t the Germans fo|l«iwe«i
although si-veral solilli'rf} fired
with fla ir rifles a« he .lisnp|*eared in the
Maker reached his companions »bat
flight just eighteen h«»urs after he had
been taken prisoner, ami he had nothing
lo «uit all da»
's., ,, a ,, r v i).i r. Athlete gyppb- •
lln( ) ( .,pupnnTit will face -»»»'«ping r«alu>
result of th« 1 latest r « « 1 1 r> it •-• <>f t h*
War Imlustries Hoard and it is not uo
r«'ason'il<l< <•« »-xiieet pie» ailvnnres if tE»e
«.utsfrips tl • "-«ppl»
f,,,,,* h ive be. u plrtri»! upon the posln»'*
i ) lnn ,,( , ,,f *«««, more » <>nuu*>n sport
Wm B«iar«l Stops Mannfacttiring
nf Ball Using Rubber ;
Also Hits Uniforms
II» in
siippli«*" an*l in nth«-» ea"»'s further manu
farture i" prohibiti'd afb-r the presenf
st*n k of material in band t i: e\ban«te«l
The follow er* of f he » ari'ius br-«n«'h' "f
sport will not., «nil, ml»'H'st that in«,re
leeway i« ail
ba-eball and f,M>lt,all onEnut than •" the
tennis and golf This t= du«' not to
<1,«crimination but ra*l»e| to the fact tha*
groat« a quant it i«s .,1 rubber are u«c«l ir, the
ball« UHe«l in thw
games than ,n ba'-cball and f<»,tl>all
Verorrling to 111 «- tat.*! ruling n««t rn«,rc
of fin- tennis anil golf
I «hiring itte last four
•f TM. «hall b« nianiifaef«if*v|
«hiring (he find month« of - the present
In th* field of hrts«'hal| nn»f football
t(»r maximum i« pu* at «t*lv p,-r rent
which i/oye« a »» n|ei lafifmle f«, fh« pro
In th«' uniform- «h'parftnen* the régula
non« spis'ifv (tint no materiel will be
available aft«T (he mannfaetnur ha« nr«*l
f (,«. o,i)>i>li«"» now i», st,M>k This will effe*
(iHiflxtll and Imvi'IwII t*> a (ar greatei
extent than will be th«* * ase among th« 1
golf a ml tennis players for whib «|mh ia|
, lothmg is consul« i«'d «l«'»irat,l«. urnonr
many of th«' «!e»*ol«sr» of tli«>"«' g.-un««, if
I ,n t(,e ImbUi'I of th*
I < H"e III
mannfactnr«' of th
I hut, fort » I*«'? cent
e«fnipm«'i,< i'iisln*
month« «
• •
» ear
!■- not nl>«ohii*'l» ner'esaary, M* < ana«- «»f
tire greater personal eon (.inf m bm«'i>nll
an*l foolball, nnifoiniH w,t|i special pad
ding and armor are ln«t a mailer <>f pe?
sonal « hoi* • but rather essential as a j>r<>
lection ogam -t b<>*h!» mjnriiv
During tin past year th«' price nf n«'w
equipment ami repair
paraphernalia ha- mountisl in k's'pmg
writ, all other iai||lino«llt IC-* Th«* •■-*«*< "•
ail materia) and Inboi uivolvrsl has m
;,-«•* j as flic plaver of am game realt/, *
hen tie. 11,*- a tennis rnequi't to be i* -
golf club to !•«■ r«'(»air«-d or sport
Ululer the cif, um
tli< out titling <>( (cam next -«>.•«
( athlrtie
■ •
a,,?,, should organized «port play In* jh wi
(,(,-. »»ill !>«■ an »dditumal tax ii|hmi (lie
«naiiagi-ntent nf sueji team.
Tl»«- national « liainpi««ni*lii|
io.,iball may be mivlnslv's prize llus ««•a
son A« in nearly «nery other sport, the
«lope i« <-.-m|.|.-t«-lv ups.-t m the major
league of Hie kicking game In all proba
i*ilit x ... entirely new f.»
fh*- National Challenge Cup ('ompetition
will w* «r th«- moi « « r ■■ru»»n when ft,«- 1'M.H
p.f season is brought to a conclusion next
\ pnl
which has won the national trophy fhr*-e
tim.s I »»<• s' ns of th«' Methleln tn mu
(.-Ian* Totiimv Murrav. one of Hie last
l.alfb..* ks m the latnl. and J.mn.v Murphy.
a leading forward Iihm been «ullefl fir
amiv service The championslitp aggn-gu
tion of last season Iws been mat.naliv
weaken©«I a ta« i which injects a new
| interest into th.- N t < t'ompetitioo
, a dozen new elevens» >>t the very first
rank are entering the lists for the national
title They -ill reprissent lending ship
building plants on the Atlanti, Coast and
along tin t.r, it l ikes Many of the.-
; giv. great promise and «evrral prophet»
of the kicking gome hold to Hie opinion
,ha. then- will be ,, h. nl ol dark hors.,* in
1 th.- « . er elassi«- soon t„ get under wav.
• l
«ftung: i
f*. I
t >
«( III* «
'Tin long arm of the rnilif.-irv • ImfI has
- i, lied into the Mettil«'h«'iu Sie, I I Ç .
■ .» •
x/cv V
Best Service
And Lsrûtti Slock in D<fmearg
Gewehr Piano Co^
JI« W. 90 » St, WitmhiiUm
tC- j—vam
T>jkI « what it»* liar* will
ail huf when yoaruk hr
wa oevf Davidusn
Wke, Built la fh© fEkme
w mf aa the ILar
ley ihiTidfion mounrrrcle—
the miu*htlial Kaui 1«*^
them WI f«e more* than 15
years, nrraahi t%r rvrordnf
!<T reetml Cdt
■ r
t J
Tbo un Harley-fiarùlum
is a taci-dj tu hi neoed
mt -m brwtrfïvim
bar to tfr«
tread. Tba mr
jneaf. *iinf|ss**it
f fde
t range St
Nearly 75 Per Cent of Young
Braven in War Zone Are
Washington, I> «', Oct 5 In flu
sfr*-*.« of war »Kork no«! the preSs of new
conditions many happening» of p* < u
liar import pav unnoted, yet then
more than ordinary inter»r»i in the an
noiincement that th«- North Arneri«'nn
Imlian« have contributed SJFHJ young
men to help sav* the n vibration whbh
is th«' white man's boast and to maintain
which ts his self appointed tark « «ut»
five per cent of t.hcae young braves ar«
volunteers, th«' ofl era reapomle«l « !>e< r
full» to th« draft. Word ha?» r«ien(ly
liecn received that a large contingent (, «
arrived afely in linn pe
1 her« - in » it I • r*'» more than appear" in
fit«' bald fart, of (hi it«l<lllion «if hgliting
men to th*' armi'S of the Alii«--» ft mark*
the obliteration of the old tribal lin««
an»l (lie crumbling <»f the wall between
white men ami re»l men Praeti» ally
e» «>ry trd»»' is represented, nn»l «om«
the tribes have dwjn<lle<l «iritd their
young men are fri» I he o|»( lighting
names appear, liwh« 1 , Sioux, Paw ne* ,
( 'herokecu, Bla'kieef, ninl th«' olrl fight
ing trait" charnel «rire the young men
Pr»*»aic khaki has repla««s| feathers on«)
war r»aiof, luit flie rnoilern bulian main
tains the figtiting tradition« of hn ra« «
In a Dakota village full bl«»«»ded North
American Indian« enli«t<<( tieanng sueh
pii-f tirea«iue nnmea ns Samo«'l Mrav« « r><
Ja men Vijlngeeenter, John (fonf.hunrh r
ami I holnie Then ainf Among the fir-t
volunteers of the race wa* JoEui P*■ t «■» -,
a Mennmiiu'e Indian, with fompany A
flr«t l'Ogim ep» »»ho fought firavi'lv ag'.iic t
(lie Chuman«
Several eompniur" ha»< l»e«'n forme«!
whollv «J Indiarif». tint in gmiefal they
mergfsl with the white and make
Chit« »reseveral « Eiiefs
re«| men have
poo»l ri fnn««!'
iu <h»' army and rnanv
offirial rank
( 8 f'nt«vSel|e. ( '., 110(1 i.iurr >.f In.lian
I am proud of the w-ork
There are
n v«- r< -si
Affairs, sav«
of th*' Indian" in this war
no better fighter«
tie' slnctfwt
They have a«'e
discipline ;«n»l
= with eoiimg*. an» I credit
posaihle danger
Thev have fus« «a! t h< m-cl » < s in a
• he governmen*
vital re In I »< >n to
nn.Eor wh«»i»e prote«fion th»'»* live - r» « I i
The administration
«f w-hicb they a r <
Th" t bristjan
dn-fined t<> participate
Heien«-" Afr«nib«r
Hammer in Russia's New t .r«itrh"oh.
Reyolnf ionarv
Amsterdam, Sent 2 >
MllHsta has adople.,1 nc* ,rrn,,ri-,l bcarim
CSC,) f «■(,«« > ,
revolnt tonal v
hamm -r < rosse« over
It «tnvbo!i/ed the
a si«'kl
♦ wo l,(,n«l c jf.inr,!
union b»lw«*n
work* rs an«l
You'll Finrl Sloan'« I inimrnt
Soften« the. Severe Rheu
matic Ache.
What a --«'Ute ut
[Vi?, ? riff, it in
Hut it on freely
let if (u ncir«*c naf'irall*.
rndthitiK rein*! -<»,n to!low
«I iff?, es«
I -\t« rind
et» mi»*-«I muscles, straine«! «mew«,
"crick«" th,*«- ailments can't fight off
tfu- relieving qnalit les «,t Sioan lam
t'ican, mnvenwnt, *■< «»nomicai
;!Oe fftk
Ask nil»* druggist fur l !
.» j.*
Kills Pair* i
i , ÎL*V«r u rs, 1 .'- 1 w u 'v'pfi n < » i-vp
; rituil'K PXPl.ll' ToibhT pm*.
kr.«; I'M'EK ToWKi.s. f'APK.H NXP
£IN8. * vj AJi ANI» . Vvn
gf jj+l'UEs IfK CKKAM OAMTEK \N!)
j dkxK'\TU.hsKN IVMEA PAPKIi it Ab
IWj »'«fS8tî?v^ÏÏX .TUMtl'B TOW
Panpr ^dflLlbl» lllf Tf « 19 Iflv
fipCT TOdllUIdtlUICIS VU , l H«
Specialists in hpecialt*«*
t P-i-—
J. WdltCF ll3llOW3y, RCprCSCIU3llVC
s. W Corner 23th and West Street»
n . ... up? i puoNL vt
» «ONE ML HEU- ! HONE .b.L
- w
, *
A wonderful collection from whieh
to choose, sei-urtal when costs were
lower, the savings w t * share with you.
A splendid tim«- to «'cure a bu yele
of genuine worth as a Christmas gift
for much less than you w ill have to
pav later on Christmas Bikes. J2S,
%W. $ 52 . 50 . 135 . $ 37 . 50 , $ 10 . $ 42 . 50 ,
$ 45 .
A'alucs from $i5 to $»it( if bn cl on
tofiay s c»ists Early buying sax-es
you the «liffereme, for we secured
theAc bicycles months ago
Show us a receipt for that blVT
f RT\ MOND and get $,■> »ff on any
bike in our showniom
Raymond H. Stout
•614 French St.
Two squirt s from Market >u*ct
Walk it anti save from $2 to vit»
on bicycles, tires. ae«v«sori,
\( Oull>r< ttk of VV nr Pekin Helie*«-«!
Kaiser V Force* « niliit n«»f I«" M< ilcn
- < nitia ha
Peking, Kept
impressed by t b*
Koch's counter <
A 'ncncnn
very milch
which rno«t *«f th« m considered invincibh
Now a > hange ha« taken pine»- wlo«h
reflncfe»| in the Peking pr» s> I he
Mi nie inprio urges the < crilral Power*
to make J ware with Mi< alii« ao»l ».
the defeats <«f M,<- An»tmn ami German
Armies m Italy nn»l I'ran»*' how » I» arty
that a complet«» military victory over
the Entente i« imp»«-'il«|e * «(»e«'ifUlv
now that the young American army
has prove«I itseff caliable of »Hacking
the eK|S'ricnce<l German tro*»|w with
Previous to flu- EniiK'O Am»n«nn vie
lory in Frame. . ma,«rity "f
« hniese people, especially 1 hme«e nul
itarv officers most of whom had been
trained in Germany «ml Japan or e.lucat
...I in China umler German and J-q.ar.ese
military mstnieton exon-sw« great doubt
f the 'experienced
suecensfullv I he
of «Icncral
iffensive an«l fry th*
successes «ui the wc*tern
Hitherto flu' r *t*ir»<*o«* hav«* l«e. n
overawed by « iermanv.
,fmm the dulitv
i •
f«i combat
Americans '
Western Iront.
Fran«'*»- American
has shown the intelligent cla
what (tie American army cm <1
raises the prestig«' <«f the
fh«' Far Ea«t as
t «eririafis on
of f 'tunes«
American in
a military pe*>pl*
Our soldiers are a cheerful lot
nr«> you going 7 asked *>ne r«iokie of an
■ fining to the blacksmith «h«»p to
Kansas f it v
get mv till hat r«-b)ncke*l
* Our Boss
the satisfied customet
?irr always an v ions o
save money for our c
shown njr 1 1
more years of wenr fro?
paint joIes.
always recommend
1 V
inn fiow fr» jfft
f hn r
1 /
fh* ft 9
Lead and Zinc Paint
/>u?er —U r o«»rt f ««ngrpe
If rc ,ntginc ne» whinner, xilira, china
«♦uff It cs mad«* of the «am«
intrrcdienf« that the old time pamtev
td, Pure VV r hife /,mc,
Jrvoe i;
i *uef
Pure »Vhife i
Pure Ltnxeed Oil, ana rtnthmv
mixed 1?» rharhincn;, . "'EM aailon« at a time.
T hat makes it absolutely uniform in «frenrrrh.
mini and c ovrnno
frwet gallon«,
apacity—aiwavs fakes
>? ?
Let i« «how v«»u the real ccnnomr of nainf«
mp Drvoc pamr. Wil! be i;iad te. *en l
you copy
Appearance* F'p
f the - ractir. 1 ' ho«>glrt— Krep
and Expense«
contra« ting
622 King Street
The Most Convenient and Thorough
Soap for Autoists
Why 1 Because with a can
Spec-Dee in your, car you tan wa*h
your hands anywhere, any time,with
out water. Tire changing and road
side repairs no longer mean un
sightly hands.
Spec-Dee is a
splendid auto cleamer that will not
dim the lustre of your car's enamel.
A gritless cleanser of clear attractive
odor. For sale by
That's not ail
sSecand S S/upley xSts.
l he largest and best equippe.l Billiard Parlors a
ihe Stale, twenty-two tables for recreation of busi
ness, professional and working men. To save
fuel this place of business will he open ten a. in.
and close eleven p. in.

t |(tf r) f yj l,ir»l h*>wti a<
, ^ , ^hj(,it r
^j t (, rutv ,
f NVI«m? < .reentieli).
|| ) (,„„,p
v ,(|, ' ,,f ,(.right
isrns. William
#• « * , „ T.r , i
TSR oli
,| tr („ r ,) K
^ f,.,.|ttire «
f j (f (*„,
( ( ( , |r |r f!y
with Urn congest
of Her
rjv , |f ,,,
At a meet mg
ti< .roil War Emergen« y
eratton, held a* the I ren?«»n
j barn 10 l/angsliaw.
1 elected -f»tc « Ecorne
I Eelaware
Wilmington Pouflrymrn Captor
F'rrty Out of Fort y -two
the Trr
nllv E

pi a. « <1 under
pi wer«
of th<
\ Wolf, Marc >1 It««« k.
Kh«s|r lslan«l
on, of tireen
r.d Huchen Mait
Jr , 1 brk I
I «eghof r.
Ha« 1
is conges r|f ,n m«*
ik«n bv autz. trml
jcit, m a* f mn
Rff r*'
H««»* ,
I. wn
tea«! ««f tak
, n
ly r
*.f «.fEi- inl
•» «
I »«1
ove led« rats
«.J* rating or.*fi tv
subject«» affecting i««
al)ie«| industries.
«Dry rsi»mg and i
banc-haw wi
• l e w« r
j 1-' plei
of the

«■«I f«> aend literstur*
Is.«! v
iddr' - ifig Liitn

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