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» . x x-iL- r » I o _i . .
Aooorduig toChief Joseph C. lyu '
of the Wilmington Fire ! Jepartment there
are a large number of lire hazards m this
city, more su m stores in tT» heart of the
business district than m any other section.
Every business house and manu factor
mg estabusluucnt will he paid a porsonsal
visit by the eluef foi tliepurpoaeofe unn
fcUng every source of danger as far iw
possible. By keeping qcHars and bac
vsrds ns clear as possililo of rub us i.
householders will comply with the request.
jf the dejmrtniont.
Huge pik*s of combustible material,
£."Âx r s çi°.Â"a|
Iivudman. In most instances the ruer
chant« are interested and heartily co
o pi'rating, he said.
In a great manv cities, ''fire prevention
week ' is an annual event when the people
remove everything that would aid in
starting or feeding a lire, For this pur
post', special committees are maintained
bv the fire departments and lower in
suranw rates haw resulted in a number of
places. •
The chief's work will require two month«
in which time every section of the city
will lx' insp«'cted. Mr. Hyndinan says
that it is the duty of every citizen to aid
in this movement as far as possible. Pro
vention nearly always eliminates the
necessity of a cure, he said, and it costa
Event at Hotel du Pont Saturday Night a
Gre t Success.
at the Hotel
W ~ z*
on eve v clan, ana was in
; , -w> K». •• r n, »nlullM enthenerr nf
J 0 co "> a r. pr «entativc gatnermg oi
the debutan e t who had co-operated
WMtar Uw 1 .lorsl.il. of Mr... W.U.KO C.
s akman for the cncfit of the American
Star's work m France. A rnher of
. veltv dances ma . the ocasion unique.
Thoem» ed a Icap-y-ear dance in which)
Chief Hyndman Making Inspec
tion to Eliminate Combus
tibles and Waste.
The Salmagundi
m Pont, Sv.i . U: y night was u
the iris in tod ti-c men to dan c; a
lucky number dance in which attractive
pri w r given to t - successful couple;
a "Rainbow Dan c'' and a "Heart ■ ancr,
t e latter especially c y with two long
bues of the da ce « «d by Miss Mary
Ramsey a Stuart Groves. Mrs. krruik
L. de Atmend, Mr. and Mrs. MacMillan
Hoopcs and Rodgers W il ti were the
ju .g s in the competitio dance, for which
Kr nch souvenirs were pres n «-d by Mrs.
Spoakman. A "Bl e Moon danc ■ clostol
the program t I 45. I h music, fur
rushed by the "Original rix orchestra,
n small feature of t a- * veumg s
Coroner Bu .< - k is «Ictermmed that in
ease» of deaths requiring the attention of
!ii" oftioe the effects ot -uch persons
»haï! not K* removed without the consent
«u his office. A recent care is exporte«!
to result m the.arrest of an undertaker of
this citv, who is alleged to ha\e lH''-n re
sptmsihlc for the removal «>f the effects of
a de.'ui person. _
In the ease in question several under
takers of th«* city are involved. (.oroner
Bullock announced at his office today
that in th*' future h- wants the under
takers t<» understand thftt h»* will stnrtly
rnfonjr all the* I.iw - relating t • his office,
Insists That Effects of Dead Requiring
His Attention Not he Moved.
i .i j *e i« »
me early in the spring and u possible have
VooT a 1 y /u r T UpaDCy •' ,SeP S?*^'
i 1 ? 1 ; ln f* '«^nxirated Un
latest accepted standard» of architecture
and school requirements including the
ZZT D <ll™ Xer " Weil " th0 educa '
in examining the reports of some of the,
volunteer workers who engaged in tiic
Wilmington Community Service drive
last week, it was leaned today that man>
large contributors had not been personally
approached. While the active campaign
closed last night, these public spirited
citizens who usually contribute to «-am
paigns for the community good wiU be
seen some time this week and asked te
«-Mributeso that the tcul Am,ed al may
be reached.
removal of Lie effects of dead persons.
The Board of Fxlueatiou will this week
pass finally on the plans for the new school
hous.' to replace Gnwie School No. 25 at
Third street and Bayard avenue. The
estimated cost of the building is $300,
00< k C ity Council having s«'t apart $100.
000 in this year's budge t toward the school.
It is proposed to begin work on the build
Miss Some Big Contributors.
Kenneth M. Peacock, teller of the !
Central National Bank, who has beim
confined to his bed for the past few weeks I
with an attack of pneumonia, is showing
improvement and Is expected to return to !
businesa in a few days.
Kenneth Peacock Improving.
Prof. Berlin Ha« Recovered.
Professor A II. Berhn, principal «if the j
Wilmington High School^ is «-xpected to
retuni to his office tomorrow after being |
ÄTAÄ t i
Fabrik oid Co. Luncheon.
The du Pont Fabrikoid Co.
pit a
hmrheon in the Hotel du Pont today.
! ;
Regarding Your Ky« .sight.
Only diseased eyes
quire the
rors oi refraction
- 1
i e
«ervicea of a
praetiliouer. Kr
to give you the vision you
should have,
If you hav*- a refractive
cn-or, musruiar troubles,
or eyes sirainod irum over
work— then jou need ex
actly the servi«» we nn
dti. Jf your eye- need any
thing further we will ad
vise you' Let us be your
llrst ,
S. L. McKee
*•1« VlAKhKT ST.
Artihcial Kyes a Sfiecialty.
2ggaa^g^>^ara».' :^r~û
Arbitration Commitlrc Falls to Reach
Agreement on Question.
A satisfactory agreement has not. yet
been reached by the committees ropre
sent in g (he Master Masons' Association
and the Bricklayers' Union on the ques
tion of wagi". for the year beginning May
I. The committee representing (he brick
layers refused to sign a written agreement
setting the rate at $1.26 i>er hour, and
* advance of 15 cents over the present
seule, according to Ix>on W. Syfrit, chair
man of the joint committee. It was said
they wanted the wage question to remain
p ■ 1
M cn ,| )0rs ,,f t j l0 Bricklayers' Union
rontondc<1 M their work 'is an open
W| . atht , r propos i tion nnd they have
nQ RUJlrant , M , l(l0 r(wt of i iv f nR w ill
n()t inrrcast , thcy siirilific d t \ mr wl ll
< j n p„ oss , 0 g tV o the usual tit) days' notice
j if th fdt ( . ont |itions warranterl a
, but did not fee!
| j us (ii, 0 d m entering an agreement binding
,j u . m , or , x year
l\l 11 n It In II U •• «L» IIULU
Pflkl* f II TIP II i A) PjT\l
i.llil V ill I ffill 111 I. I I
One-Day Meeting of Représenta
; tives of Clubs of Capital Dis
trict Here Next Saturday
i !
\ one-day convention of delegates
representing the Kiwams Hubs of the
capital district will be held here next
Saturday, when there will is* a discussion
of plans for the development of the work
u f the clubs.
The visiting delegates will be welcomed
by Mayor U illiani G. Taylor, president
i of the Wilmingt >n (dub ' P
The ollioors of the capital district arc;
'District governor, Alfred G. Goodrich,
n f Baltimore; lieutenant-governors, Edwin
j W'. Lintner, of thvscity, and.1.1). Hank,of
Richmond ; secre tary, Àlaxime Ducharme,
i of H.clunond and treasurer, John Boohar,
. n i n t.t, vi.iyor *> iiunie o. i*j>
1er virv-nri'vi.lcet i \\ irl Willi- i . n-
nr. vice pit nicni, j. win vvim. . < on
tarv. James K. Stem, and treasurer.
ft.UiM. F. «aUtnanb.
I -
Mrs. J. Paul Mullln, Daughter pfS. K.
Smith, TVII1 bo Sponsor.
Mrs. J. Paul MuIUn, daughter of Sam
U( ,| j) Smith, awistant grm'ral manager
0 f the Harlan plant of the Bethlehem
Shipbuilding Corporation, will tie sponsor
n f H, r Maddequet, to be launch«'«! there
(next W'«*dnre<iay. In the launching
. party, in addition to Mrs. Mithin, will l»c
her parents, Mr. an«l Mrs. Smith; Mr.
an d m,^ i p Germain, Mr. and Mrs. C.
\\ . Weaver and Mr. and Mrs. W. IL ( «I
jij, s
Mad«i«'quet, the third government
boat to lie launched at Harlan » this y«'ar,
ls ft 5,100-ton cargo carrii'r, 346 foot, long,
4l> f«?et Fw'ntn and 25 f«*et deep. The
launch w ill take place nt 11.45.
, . , .. t, . * .t .
Intefnal Revenue Deputies to Help Down
State < itizens.
Internal Revenue Collector Harry T.
Graham is this week sending deputies
down State V> aid citizen* in making up
their income tax returns and to answer
any questions about the law they may ask.
- .John G. sharp will lie at Bridgeville
today and tomorrow; at Harrington,
. ednesday and at Georgetown the re
mainder of the week.
\\ . A Sharp will be at Middletown to
: dav and tomorrow: Newark. Wednesday!
and Thursday and Delaware City, Friday |
and Saturday. !
j- - -
r '
of *5«? W1 ]' ** *»** Tt l rhureday,
rritiflj a*3fi SEturdsv, wricu tiii^ niänn^
ment of the Quren Theatre will give the
c,uba {,rnpfit :lî «Hernt«n and
evening performance*. The Keystone
quartet composed of Ahern. Brainard.
Bottsford and Moore, wall render select ions
at aU evening performances
. .
Register of Mills Isaac R. Brown has
grart*-(l letters as ...How*
Administration—On the estate of Fran
ctszek Kuczorowski to Sczepao Kaczorow
Testamentary—On the estate of Irene
V. Rogers to Theodore B. Rogers; estate
of reonl Osowski to Kanstancia Oaowski;
®*tate of Eliza J. Drummond to Der» B
D. England.
— .. - f..
.* inoounsç will be hold this afternoon
by the Keystone Field Club at ther rooms.
204 Fast Fourth street. The dub is
after $5.000. and the final report of the
campaign committee wdl bp
The total amount heretofore noted was
ji io Vliib will run several hie benefit
affairs during the coming months.
,, ... , ,, Ti
T>^ r r n v nd °[
re obf rt J Forman is ba*n et he« desk this
morning after a siege of colds which kept
,a ® at . ho " ,e for . th t Ji ^' 1 fortnight.
A coincidence is the re-establishment in
«®»lth of h s pet eolhe, the notice that bo
wrs tnrough with a treatment at a Pliila
«lelphia veterinary hospital having come
to hand this morning.
Tho following building projruta were
ssg- b -' »« ^
Market street, 503, 503 H; Wolf man «te
Poland lessees, Harry la'vy* builder; ad
dition, $1,700.
Washington street, 813; M. Hayward
owner, A. L. Coofier builder; addition,
looive For San Francisco.
Mr. and Mrs. William Gamble of 2008
Jefferson street left for San Francisco
this morning. Mr. Gamble who uf one of the
Leads of department* at the Harlan plant
I« making a business trip to the West
in the interest of his department and ex
pects to be goiic a month.
.... ... , , .
The Circolo Itaha-Amerieano will hold
its February meetmg on Friday, February
20, at the Settlement Home, 710 Lincoln
.. wa
p" in 1A o, il t l«v «ti virV * ° U
urauneia wm piay me vioun.
Invite Rotary Club to Spack man Funeral.
AU members of the Rotary Club who
can arrange to do so nre invited to attend
funeral services over their lab- president,
George H. Spaekman, at his horn«* at
Holly Oak at 2.30 o'clock tomorrow after
noon Six members of the dub will act as
Cfrcol Itali -Americano.
Htr ct.
Officers Were Chilly.
Because of the low temperature and the
strong west and northwest wind today,
officers exposed to the west and nortli m
th. «ju Font building were pretty chilly
this morning despite the best efforts ù>
heat them.
Exercises were held ami a hronr.o tablet
dedicat . at the Monday morning oxer
ris< -s at the Wilmington High School, tliis
morning, in honor and memory of ,1.
Ferdinand Spcor, a upil of the fiai» of
'09, who w ah killed in action at Madeleine
Farms, France, in the Mots**-Argonnn of
•onsive, Ortobcv 22, 1918. He served in
the iieiuiquarters company, 388th U. 8.
infant rv
Joseph Tat nail, president, o the '00
«•law, made a few remarks on the life of
Mr. ."speer in s. Fiool and on hi« Acquaint;
i nnee with him. He said that they had
I gone through school together and that
! t hex had «pent mmw good tirm
Mr. Tatnall placed himself in the poru
t,on ,,f ' ,on * r ' r "wn, m the Im t chapter of
, the story. "Pom Brown at Rugby,
where Tom hoard of the death of his old
I he ad master while on a Wong trip He
j returned to the school wl < re he hod been
I taught by the master ami his memory ran
through the days when they had been mde
1 by side. "Even as I am in the school Hus
I morning, my memories carry me back
j through the five years we spent in ' i
school l>ack tmeause of Hi® less of
herdinand Speer,' said Mr. latnail
Mr. b]>eor b college career wiw eut at
Cornell by the death of his fattier and In
his being called home to take up the bust
Dieu lus business career was cut
-Dort by his cal to the colors. Hpeakmg of
«ncer.ty, h« «nul that Mr Sjh.,- was sin
' ,,pp l m every thing he ur.dertook. that he
<' ,, «tld nov help being Kinetic, to give him
"V ' °r/ ,0 niunanity. I hen Mr
I a'nall puob-d pari of i.mcolns «.ettys
burg addn ss. I hat they «hall not perish
tha? wo'ul'd Ä
indofiniixr.lv *
UÄ™ Mr. Tntn»l!
, , ' . , ... ,
the bronze tablet ul bchal ot the class o
. riiff..r.l i s. n «i. , , > ,,,
, , V f i i W ' 1 P< 1 11
< 'n.^ïn 4 .- .. , ,
ss 11. an intimate fnend of
Mr bpj-cr un.l fas family. H id of « nie
of \{ e ,,f ]*■ ^ a«»jl hi« attain
fhat he hî/KlnHIl ïaVî^kon"^
lîd wailÆ in bo^ that there wtïdd &
no confirmation of the dread mr««age He
said that hr had received word (hat Mr.
Speer had Ix - n fghting for hours and w as
completely fatigued, but when it was
suggested that he take a rot, he replied
that he would fight on. At that time, Mr.
Rossell's son Paul was in the thickest of
the fighting wit h a corps of Enginee rs and
he entertained fears of his part
Mr. Russell th<n read a
Exercises Held This Morning and
Tablet Dedicated in Honor of
J. Ferdinand Speer.

Eller from
Mr*. Speer, «fating that it waa the desire
of th«» familv cf Mr. Speer to art aside a
permam'til ftm<i for two annual priz* «
of at>out $20 in value, one to go to a bov
in the »ehonl and one to go to a girl.
These prizes are to be known :m the "J.
F'crtlinaml Speer Prizes.''
Aft«T Mr. Ross« 11 had finished his (rib
ute to Mr. Sneer, the student la «lv ar«M
^ «tood f.ir one minutii in silent i nuvr.
MiaaJessie Collis« nrecited "In Flat «!« rs
Field," and Miss Dorothy Sturg s rend« r
cd ''1 Have a Hrndevouz'With I) ,th "
Among the guests pri s* nt wer**: .1« s< *>h
Tatnall!. Superintenuant nf Srh■ >•!* ( iif
fofd J. Seott, Dr. Jf. Draper Brown. Fr i
errick W. Kurtz, Mr. an«l Mrs J. Hamn-r
Kile. Miss Helen Bradford, Raymond T.
Hoope«, \V. Carlisle Hemple, Emil Topkis,
John S. Rossell, repres nting Mr. Sjwer's
family, and Mr.' Specr'a immediate family,

■ — — ■
Rev. W* A. Vrooman Says Inte llect of
, ,
. subject, * Science, Mystery and Religion
Sushis ! Sr.s 's
I aSt'bîtf 1 *'
-TU liihlo >. ,1.,- . U.-,- ül.-rKlnrc
j of Israel, which w the least scientific
Uf ali the writings of antiquity. hi
; gpcpni jhc tFc.* g&crpd r»oolc tii<* infallible
£mTofGod' the Siirch pm the Stellect
{ of Christ iaM in lamdago to a reliai ««
j but «mSen™ c people We in our ri e
! hïve tTprwluoe^ t ivüizat.on t at shall
WenV tit three spirits If science '
materialistic, then U will be oppo^sd by
religion. If religion is dogmatic, then
it will be opposed by science. But
science need not be materialistic nor
re |i R i on dogmatic. It is j«»s-ible to
| the Gr**ek spirit of -fieu,*»« \vi*h
j t p c Hebrew idea of the modern church
... ♦ _
Caroline Gibbons Tatnall Tent No. 1,
■ Dau^hv-rs of \«t<ran \ ill hold a Wash
; ington-Lincoln cek bration, Monday even
: r^hmarv 16 at A o'clock inf; a u
I Kl(tb SJäJ£J A
| Some of the speakers will be Mrs.
Christians Has Keen in bondage.
I l„ his sermon yesterday at the First
Vnitarian Church, West stn r 4 . Rev.
w A . Vrooman. the pastor, (ook as liis
, George C. Hall, State regent of the D. A.
! R.; Mrs James H Scott, regent, of the
Cæsar Rjdnev Chapter D \ R Mrs
William A. Rilev. pa t department «-ora
mander of the Department of Delaware
q a R-< an j ftjue Helen Hart of the
Americanization work.
- -
Grace t hurrh Activities
.. . r , ,
c eeti g o «, ee . • *■ ■ n r tc
Association will be held m the church
4 *^ 1 , *'• it i* ' i rfr * c*i «
M James Bothc-rluxid of Grace* luireb
wii! attend the meeting at luunai.iiel
pve.U'lkonlbe.orkodheV- .M.e.A.
n J. l T n '*:__ . „„„ •
bv t) women of* Crape vi'* K (J? V' >
n i7 ;• h C |
w-t ! lie hdd tomorrow mght at 0° dock.
j /* ii' ursd f^i night the members pf the
1 Goodfellows Club wdi give a social m
the church house.
I Saturday night is hoys' night at Grace
.Assistant Minister Hearn is
i Ghurch.
j conducting a series of illustrated talks.
j The illustrated talk this week will h<>
! ^ Visit to the Cologne Cathedral,''
af, er which there w ill be games and **eat>
3he Kpworth league of Gra«x*. M. K.
Church is plan rung to give a pageant on
Sunday evening, February 29, at 6.30
p. m. in the chapel. "The Hour of Awake
mg" is its name and it will be presented
i by a cast of twenty Fpworthians.
r . ,, r .. , n
former Governor t Jiarles R. Miller
was one of the guests at a dinner in New
Y ork on Saturday in honor of the 75th
birthday anniversary of Eliliu Root. The
dinner waa uvea by Nirmolaa Murray
Butler, president of Columbta University,
at Ins home, on Monungside Drive
—-—— —
H«elWng ronKr.tuttaioiu,.
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Blatg are re
eeivmg congratulations on the birth of a
daughter, I a mit» Louise Blau born
February 14.
Ex-Gov. Miller Dinner Guest.
Wind Damages Store.
Tire store of Nathan N. Weiss, at Elm
hurst. was {lardally wrecked by wind
Saturday nigh;. The building and contents
were dajnagt d.
Now York Safety Man Will Addrcan
Foremen*« Meeting en "Plant Con
Cheater C. Rau«rh, assistant director of
the American Institute of Hafrtv, N< w Vor
Yoik City, will ho the speaker tonight
Jit the foremen'« safety course to F>e Told in
the Irish-A morion n Hall. The topic of the
talk will he "Plant Conditions." Mr.
It a I inch is nn experienced safety engineer
who ha« heen very active in the work in
various parts of the country and ha« a
knowledge of hint what, ought to ho
u> eomhtmns a« they art«- in
' i,ril>u ' < P i6s talk is sure Jo he in
^resting and ho will moreover, lx- randy
#°u in iho dipcurFiofw tnni will
his fjw« oh. I lie men n pc in Uie
nf n, <" attending ihn foremens
% 1ciy ê fî 1,îrHf ' fcratJfyiM.
One of the most simoresful feattimi of the
^oun<* has I wen tho nwnlrr of int< ruling
d^ÇUssiona started on actual conditions
pcohlenis that exist m Wilmington
"""" ,n ; , rh * ' f,n ? n 'i t1 ' *' r} '? rf "' ,bl *
co t V 1 *" cl that they have teen
I * , *9 o*da ,n the s*»rv'icc*-. o Mr. Ratiseh,
1 he is an authority on many of toe {nrob
a; Ol.t w he h the fox ne i. wish I*.
i hear
Eaft er and Pen dinners v II he riven
} , »<hniar(ef« .if Hi« V-.uiur Mon «
, hSti m tWd ôn a T! f, J
by qSv i.l, 'i .■T " „ ' iwh. . omî. Sow
n j j |t , v (< 0 , j. „ n i ,, v , r j, .
' |.;„i« r o, )ft | < . ;i , • ... s . i , , j TI , „.»1.*
Mrf'abe Methodist f >>nconal ('hur ch'
j r |„.,' inrv o|. bv ME Salem Methodist
j,'pj, pona j e^hurch
Grammar school'boys will have a big?,
of living social in tie V'. M. C. A.
' WniMi.-rr r-.t M.mrfny nisht. Thrr- wrl I
be mm« rimes end movine pictures arid
, , . * 7»,' , ,
refiw ne-nts wnl be served, lines will be
irameci as f ollnws I <>r wearing a mack
SS. 2 -nl., mto£ J l "
„ f„ur-h«nd tie
, ^ , aM *.! ,J. 2 centV
fiST*2 Sü !
2 «nt«; patch h w 'tousers. 2
*** %%"'■} I"
having a ft wdc air part, 3 cents, «hoc
® hmr ' 2 f ' rnts : dir, v " f r< - nt "
,, ... , r . , . .. ..... , -, ,,
^ ,r * Mhlral C allure
^uAy. Says Serfdom Responsible,
AT THE l M. C. A.
Schedule of Dinners in That Be^
half to he Held in the As
sociation Building.
The economic and «octal condition« pre
vailing In Russia were touched on in a
lecture delivered yesterday «fiernomi in
H'« «lu Barry room of tin* Hotel «lu Pont,
by Dr AIIktI Robin, of the Wilmington
Ethical So«-i*'ty. 'I he Fubjert «»f the
lecture W'a.- "Lolstoi and iii« Relation«
to »odd Problems.'
I'he lecturer gave a description of the
condition; prevailing in Russia under the
old system, and the development of a
religious belief that the land b< longed to
God, who»*, privilege of ownership therein
bail been usurped by the nobility and
reduced the Rm ian jieasantry* to à eon
dit ion of serfdom. They* thy« came he
»aid. «» b« lieve that the huieauerata w-ere
anti-f'finsts. The Soviet government, h*
« o*.ttnn*-.l. did an a*-( «if justice when it
i.uve th*'land to the peasant«, but whether
°r not they will revert (<» private owner
-hip, whether or not the land will again
l».-eome the property of the few i» a matter
which on the future can solve, he h«*
The fundamental precept of Tolstoi's
lielipf, said Dr. Robin, was tbc principle,
4< î.ovc thy neighbor thyself; do not do
P 1 ' tr - ,_
MKi!,ri,v do^ward.
>«« Tcmpt-raiureî. ,,f Us. Wttk S„c
j ceoded by Freezing .Sunday.
i A »er beirg very conservative and
■ reasonable for the better part of last weck.
which j ncluclfd scv r crul dnvs iff sunshine
«bat made people talk and think ef»*.riug
and flowers and gardens and »„.aller eotî
bills, the mereurv took a sudden turn for
the .lenths. and jazzed downward, furnish
if« a brand ofVeather ,.n Sunday that
| tniwle the folk« shovel cord into the fur
nace and put on all their wraps when
| They went out to church.
! The drop in the temperature was ne
companied by a chill wind that was cut
ring in its t-upi'r«. At midnight Saturday
night the Umperatur.- was about I above
zero. It rose slowiv «luring the day, but
did not get above 2b.
, . r . . . a c , 4l . „
antj * Ftalph h. rantaharriara, 1,10 Wc
Hall, a.,.el, l-J.y rnlMnl ... .he l;
! for a I*»"' 1 of \hrce years. I
I young men were members ot the ' '
11 months' service.
unto thy noi£hl>ory that which you would
f* 5 » t,um ,!o to yo'h" guided by
w hioh the n e of property for the enjoy
«wot of the lat*«r of others would disap
William F. Fluharty, 49 Kent mere road
! snd , .
' key like mtnv life and ilisciphne so well
that they «lended to re-enhs?
llie X will report at l pit rilocum, New
' ork » wl ' M 'h is the receiving station for
troops to be sent to Panama.
Commissioner James I, Ford was the
| only niember of fhc Board of Water Com
I missioners at the regular meeting this
; ülolI . in ^_ Älr . ( ox | H .f nR out of (own and
. Mr NV ^ lker at horn«- bv illness.
lltj.Tr' - "• 2HW
for wc , k of
678.720 is a gain of 12,784,060 gallons
ovpr last vear, and the consumption
102,287,000* gallons is also a gam «.
■ ^ pufona.
' M *■ ---
Carroll H. For«l and Miss Greta I«.
Parsons, both of Wilmington, were mar
R«*v G C Williams of McCabe
Memorial Church, road* a paper (his morn
mg at a meeting of the M. E. Preache»'
A Leim ion. on " Methodism's Relation
p, t j M . Jnter-t huicli World Movement."
q*j u , brought out the advisability
0 f jt, c imcr-ihureh nmveinent at the
present time The subjccl was discussed
by a nurob^ of preachers hut no action
,.«« be^k-n in ml va nee ol the genera«
Confer« ace which will lx- h -ld at D*-s
Moines Iowa during the month «>( Mav
Amo Stolen and Abandoned.
A Cadillac coupe. Itelonging to John J,
Raakob wu> taken f om the corner of
Delaware avenu and Harrison street
yesterday afternoon, by two boys. The'
di appearance of tho machine was re
jHirted to the police. It, was Boon found
at Twenty-third and Boulevard, wdwiro it
had been abandoned. Tbs two youthful
ottemiors aie not Known.
Saturday afternoou by Rev.
Melvin B. Wright, in this city. The
young couple left on an evening train for
a bridal tour, after, which they will take
up their residence here.
Intef-Chureh Movement Discussed.
t hicflgo, Felt. Ifi 1 )Lssatl■rnefion wi*n
the name "league of Women Vot.-r«' is
already apparent among numrrmi« «H<
gales to the annual convention and
yi'sterday girnijm of fvmlhein and West
ern women were «een gathered In Hr
«•'*"»« " ' r «he i -mgr» ' ((-il- I t
over n suitable sub (itufe 3he question
Of •< I - will hr- ht II gl ■ up
row morning's Mission, which promised
SuffragistR Opening Headquarters
for Candidates; Mrs. Colt Ex
presser. Admiration for Wilson.

to b,. fin. of the avtli' < st. of tfir slaily
meet .' i
Mr*: Georg® Bass, chairman of the
women'« bur* - ui of the I Wnocratic Na
H.rnal Committee, who ha« political hc; d
quarters in ,, rr«'Kirlcnti«l row '
trie first to voice objection to the word
"voters." And this despite the far t that
in hi« telegram t f > the convention i'r< i
dent Wilson expmsed tfie hope rh«t the
national League of Women. Voter«
would have a «ucccssfni future
though she admit«ed a luke warm at fi
lmic toward the new organization, Mr«.
Pass declared today that the nanc
W omen'« I. gi.dative Council ' would
nrove virdly more acceptable to the ma
jciHtv of the flclceetcs to tie- convention.
" I'his name is more in accord with the
{»urjxs'cs of (ho organization as stated
by .Mi*. Raymond Brown, who in out
Honing th*' pur|K«es of the league said
that if was to !«■ primai fly educational.''
Mrs. Bass raid
Mrs. E. B. Simmons, who heads the
Oregon delegation, «apports Mrs. Pass
in tiiis contention. "'I he Western women,
those of Oregon, California and V»'aching
ton —dislike t tt» • word 'voters,' " she ex
plsined. "Tlie women's legislative
council of California is already an estab
fished organization and has the «am®
aims ,
Lined up with tlie Western women in
this opposition are many of the Southern
delegates who have not yet been en- ;
franchised. As these two sections of
the country have the largest représenta
lions ever sent from the West and South ,
to any nation»! women's sufTrngc gath
criug it, looks ns if the fight would be »
close eiul fiornbly a bitter one. J
'I Fie ( 'sliforni ' women will open head- }
quarter« for Hiram Jonson's candidacy
for Presidential nomination tomorrow
in headquarters row, when they will give j
a tea to the delegates, Mrs. Katherine !
Fdson. of lym Angeles, will be in charge,
assisted hy Mrs J. H. Hume, of Berke- j
ley. Already headquarters for the nom
ination of Ciov, Frank O, Lowden, of
lllirioH, arc- flourishing umler the pat
ronage of Mrs El* (cher Dobyns, one of
the leading delegates. General foonnrd
Wood has a group of women campaign
its presiding in this political centre, |
All of winch mIiows that some of the j
delegates arc rmr devoting their entire !
lime to affairs of the new women's league.
Mrs Carrie Chapman ( aft, chairman
nf tFic H ague, called at the Democratic
headquarter* to regiswT :uk! later in the
day Mrs. George Bas«, who pr»*»iflo«
there, r»aid a visit to the Women's Na
tionnl Republican Executive (Committee
rooms, where Mi - Mary Garrett Hay
«fiends her time not engaged with the
convention routine. To Mrs. Bas«,
Mr«. Catt said a« she, wrote her name
in the visitor - book:
t arri a very honest non-par* wan. I ;
urn Waitimg fur t.ie pl?-to:>rras ;hi* 1 th« |
rmr, that are to he recommended by the
two political parties.
I will give you pcmuosion right now
to hi'«- tla Democratic platform, re
pli**d Mn. Ba- .
I will if you will bring me the signed
nerrn;--ion of .N-caton I nd* rw<««l and
Reed/ Mrs. Catt answered.
"1 will give you the written
»ion of this man. - ' promised Mrs. I
pointir g to a large picture of Preside.nt
Wilson hanging over the dt-k.
"I think he would do that," a
Mr- Catt. 'T admire Presicmt w u-oti
w " rd
»» W.
i that «Oi»t-,r R
v , C
I 'lA/ *
\« < ti j , ; r ,, n e .
^ . r\- ' n ' r
Vo a T in <• 1 hit
1 !£> ,Vn
! H r determination
1 U * ht
! Placed on a Shelf to Keep Company
With Liquor.
Denver, Col, Feb. 10.—Detective«
red the home
dgw r
îverved Miss
ir re-elec tior
ini to » (snLsli.
his QODiu
"I'm going
j she said. "And I will corue down to
j New York and help you if you'll «*ome
! out to Missouri and help in - tight Sena
j tor James A. Reed," Mrs Bass nroniistsi.
The delegates today attended an im
! pressive memorial K*-rvice to Di. Anna
i Howard Shaw at the Fourth Presbyterian
Church. The Rt. Rev. Samuel Fal
lows, D. D.. L1..D.. read the lesson fboin
(he Script are, and the Rev. Joint Tmio
thy Stone, D. D.. LL. D., spoke a few
words. Mrs. Ca(? paid a great tribute to
the late suffrage leader.
! ;4chncider and Chuvon <
j of \S A Sevan, an lectrca! engtneor.
| Immediately they s w a row of dark
j Ixittlcs upon a shelf. Schneider, scenting
illicit liquor, made for th - sh if and
| opened one of the t itles
! instant he dropped the bottle and leaped
i clear across the room.
From the bottle where it lav cm the
I floor came a hissing rattlesnake. ' Don't
I pet excited, gentlemen," said Revoii.
' Schnoidor «nd Ch,iv™ found that th.
remaining bottles on the shelf contained
lizar«!s, hnrm-d toads, mice and other
reptiles and rodents Elsewhere wore
-ound several dozen bottles of freshlv
brewed liquor and a jar of mash. Revau
was held for violating the Prohibition
The next

FNports ol 5' heat and Flour.
Exports of wheat and flour. July 1. 1919,
. . , nnn .
to February (», 1920, amount to Sq. l.io,- j
000 busheb of wheat and 9,881,359
of flour, making a total equal to ISO,- j
901,000 bushels ot wheat, com pared^with
115,831,000 bushels of w heat a ml lî,0.a,
^bamtteof flour ^tymrto Febraary^
. ma H. l0K , A t ? >t ' al cqual 10 1 '*J*>J.000
h ' M:i ° { __
„ . „
Joshua Cavanaugh and Lc-ih M.
Hanna were issued a marriage lie* cse
bv Magistrate Harry Ö Slradloy. They
are to be mar* ed ihia uftern(H»n at St
Paul's H. O. Ctmreh, Fourth and Jackaon
' streets.
,l aek From Road Convtnlum.
t; „ 8 , nwr nroN> Uy>
Court Commissioner« Buekson Shaw ami
Steuer have return«! from lamisviUe.
Ky., where they attended a convent;-of
roatt builders.
Company ten for Chi*
lend » ny oting «>( lira«
in th«« Wunly City
Attending Conference in Chicago.
Charles Warner of the Chare - W .um-r
go today to at
ttiii txuue.nl tueij
Admiral Wilson Entertains People of
Bridget an of Big Warship.
By Associated f'r* -<» to Kv-ry Kv* nlnr
Bridgetown, Barharhut. i'ntigfKy, Keh.
Tils I "tilted Ht« tee bftUl*«htp North
Dakota has arrived Fier*- from the Me<li- .
tern.aeon, having been r«- nf to Italy with *
the tesly ni Count V. MivviKi Di C'»*llero, j
late Italian Amhnssvlor at Wubinrton
Admiral W d«on. in command of the ;
soni-tirr' yav-a Ire c r* ept.ion on te.ard
p. ( «„ \, , « .| v .,
m honor of < .< r < ral f) Ct and the people
,,f Barbados
j , kt ,, r ,,, , ,j ffc y t f in (Vnrrvlvama
Kevivla. OkieI o».- -I Ar./on-. left lor
fol-.n Th.
departed from Trmirivi tor M.is port. to i
I t
A tmmi rn«.rke<l friendly f<«-lmg was
tnanifi i«| bs tw. i-n th<* Anc ricsi'i sail'.n*
■ luring
fU*,t's str.y hen lÿcH.wn m -*«
p r -,p. r » have pr- ' d r.» . -.r-anf. ar,<l
< ondu«-t <;f t!
* A ... _
Scores of Agents on Way to Ex
amine Papers Captured in
Patcr';c)n Raid
government raid» on I/Era Nuwva ter- I
fon t group <g in l*alemon, N. J., j
vester<iay, it wa* »nnouneed today by
F rank R. Stone, eh;'f of the New Jersey
division of th-- liqiirtment. K video
connecting the I. W. W. with the plans |
and activities of the terrorists and with !
t.heir financial support i» Isiing sought, j
The records s

Newark, N. J., Fd». Ifi.
lu e agents from two score indi
in the cn«t art on the way h
examine Hk- f, W W. rccorrls seized in the
f department
files of J. W. W headquarters formerly '
at Chicago, for the entire eastern section |
of the country. They showed I W. W.
l rauche« in nearly 50 industrial center*
throughout the territory, mostly in
Pennsylvania, Illinois, New Jersey and
the mam f set ;rir,g cjtie« of New England,
it was
I'd Were the comriWe :
im m in- « i
aid. rVarch is l«eing eondoetMI
on a nation wide Iswis for V F. Don«, •
secretary of the I. W. W., !
a room jointly with Andre«, j
The 1
Craziano of me terrorists group
I. W. W. ri'roriin were found in this room !
after the nrn had fled It is F*clh ved that.
both can make plain the relation« of the f
|, W. W, with th'* terrorist«.
The 20 memls-r» of the L'Era Jfoova 5
arrcjfed yesterday, dr-serilied hy the j
Department of Justice as among the most
dangerous terror:"t ■■ in the United State« -
were »ent to Kilts Island today to await '
deportation pT'oeed ings 1
Dcseribing the I. W. W records, Stone :
«aid they «bowed a branch for every 1
inqort-qot indust rial cm i cr frrrm Chicago |
* ' -•■."gh lllino»-, Indian» Ohio. Preoiyl- t
vs*- » », New Jersey, New York, Connect»- ;
c.' Rhode Islaraj. Massaebusetts, New'
1 lam;whire and other States east of ,
Chicago j
. . . . —
Contracta For Eastern Section of ( oontry
Last Month Set New Mark,
By Amrwtauvt Press to Kvery Kvetting
New York. Feb. I6.~- ^kwitrocts awarded |
f nr building and engineering operations,
d , ir j ng .K nuar ,- m states north of the ;
Ohm and East *»f the Missouri nver j
rear hot the recr.rd total of I235H4H.00.
morf> lharj 1w , r . p of eontraets
awarded during .any January m the last
l() vf ,. irs riCr .„ r(ling to sta i, stlca marie
pu bîjc i«-day bv tiie F W Dodge Com
pany. ' 1
w ho occur« <
*,f projects with 024 eontraets. valued at
$91,711,700. There were 1,054 residential
doling $47.727,425, awarued
during t ms pen««!.
New Vbrk with 761 «contracts valued
at $79.569.(150, led ail other districts,
The Chicago, Pittsburg, Philatieiphia.
Best n and Mmneap-.os «dstnetafoil*«wed
m the order named
Attorney General of
Virginia on Federal Commission.
By Associated Pre« to Kvery Erroin«
Name» Former
stungton. Feb. 16.
Virginia, has been seie
A »bon :»t a merai«r oi
who formerly was alto
ÿinia, will succeed former
oi New Jcr
r-red by
l ederai Trade
.Hard i
sneral oi Vin,
iovernor J. Franklin 1
w«k> resigned
itly oa accou;
rom toe conumatt.m
■ of illness.
Pollard is a native ot \ irguua and is
49 years old. He was a Democratic presi
dential elector in UH)4 and was a candidat
tare in the last election.
*d Press to Every Kvcmug
D . ,, , ... ,. . , ^2
Boston, Feb tfi -The United ht*ies
»nipping board steamer Orion bound
rotu Hamburg for m. John N R., has
been caught mania* field intuc Barring
pa-sa^e off Nova M-otia tmd is m
neKlofsBsistanee. A moaaagereceived said:
Not'd m.hieii ate a.—:>t;vuce on account
of ice. Fuel supply very' low.
Ro>al in Numbers Came to Sandringham
"Below Stairs," F'unction.
By Associated Pre
Kmg s I.vnn, i
— Li* >wam
to Every Evening
gland, F'eb. 7.
;mci Queen Man
Maud, of Nom
and Princesses of the tw o Royal houses
were part of the company attending the
servants' ball a; Sandringham, Queen
Afexandra s home hero
.'f 1 Jiglaad. and Queen
several FYinces
>t her night.
servants at
Tht* b;
Sandringham, was an auniÿi
pre-war days.
air m
400,000 Hunters Licensed in Penna.
By Associated Press to Every Kveuuig
Harrisburg, Pa., Feb. 16.—Game Corn
mission olheiols arc inclined to the belief
that clos« to 400,000 persons took out
license* to hunt in Pennsylvania last
year. Tho estimate, which tweaks aff
cords, is based upon the aunff«r of tags
—-- —.. -
Two Players Biz For Pitcher.
By Associated Pres, to Kvery Kveoio*
CwcmnaU, O.. Feb. 16,-—Piesklent
Augu-'i Hvirn-Kinn, of the Cincinnati
world « hitnpioiis. i >5; ' n'-'eu-M an offer
» r*>m the New Y ork N tion « : Dvigue -!uh
of Hemic /fimmcrtn.u' u i ! to r i>! t>er
oaw pit.-h*-.
--- -
Claim- igainst Peoples i .«a! to.
\.. «*.
Crone! ind hi' ;« >).- iai.t- w* *• k.-p* b-!.--.
tmlav filing -Us-kb-oldere' eloin,' -igamst
tfc« Peopl« « (td Core,nay
the hands of a rtui\tr
1(1 With Influenza.
street an entrai
railroad is
the flu.
2010 Jefferson
>n the Pennsylvania
«rîlicaUj di ui Li;- home with
( re
Hop right in
good '-Tee
arid g-t, «orne of th
IT «pr» id « l(j
%r>. e ,n
SA and SIO
that w r
ami si I srssr'h rre<r>- r.
for Phoe* that w«r<
nod worth more n-'V*
sizes, magic
and all sizer
rkiecdal f
stylr^ carri*,
a fiair or two now
worth 50 fsi
o n%.
B lots.
pairs i
i «ome sfapla
s Buy
wilt he
cot more u> ihs
r -
d over I>,w SI
w n
nf d
F*ize?i lyi to 5
of them on/ -* lolay.
a lot 'if Hi«-m h-ft
and t-H in best shades of Mgh far
» lot
n have
rf/rih V
Goo<f Overcoat«
Now Off
Good Suit«.
Now ^ Off
$3H now msSi
VS> now r* 25
$t0 now 130 00
$90 now $77 '/)
%m now M5.no
»55 now »18 75
$75 row %5f> 25
The Rrte • grades and best mr
ment.® sre jmnf faet
idM now
afrd re* vo> -
fith and Market
Pr»«« to Bverv
The Hague. Keb. Ifi —The Carnegie
P**'*' pshww, the aetiviti«* within wW
marble halls since completion in WU>
have been con fir- cd to vis'»« of tow**«"*
part- , e i •■•»dy ^*Miy
trgtusbod guc«ts l se t f t
- or the *ir*t ' me f*ir o*t
arTÄr> red
°* 'he ! urepean
ment« to di
the permanent
justice provided for
r '^ Notions
• rA G for ''ne meeting '.>*as
Holland he natior,*
Nor way,
'U*m nations
Holland, were exr-ectod to
the conference,
uom * of Jorui Feliegnno
pres« and barrel of
are chargea with vioiaUon
P TO<u&mon
Federal ; .gents made the
nf Eg r ope»* Veotrel f nnn*r*e*
Sirnmnn**) Bvlttirefi ToTti*" Harrt»
Hi fmiMmr f*
■it w*
r^it ml
rij«* tb#tr pi
<*mr t ot
•TT) Alton*)
14 ot thw
: r* *Ti
~ w*-iVr
Bi p r o w ni
rewether wtth
ake, r,*rt
Fire Men and Ser er a I Barrel.« of "Drink "
Taken by U. S. .Agent«.
By \mnrrlated Press to t.reey Kvemr.«
Morrmtovn. N i ch. ifi — -
were jTedted early today
setaed. AJ
the nauonr
w w
I By Asino-.aMd Pres« co irl very Emu»
f Chicago, Feb.
t 'veak.
J.Tfi.TSS . 4 > >al.5.oO;
! , ' il **'T v '
I 3.40al3.$5 .packing
j 13.40; pigs, 23..>0»i4.
Ca i tie—Recei p ta,
steers, medium and neavy
Pf 1 ?'*', l4-«3al8i*5; medtui
j 11-50*14.75; «roMWO, 9^5iallJO; z«
»ndcnoM», 12 ^lP.OO: m
medium. 8.« 5sl2u>0; butcher catt«*, he«
!*rs. fi.4i)ai3.00; cows, fi-ô(JS»I1.75; *-ox
i n*:-rs and cutters, 5.00*6.40; veai «-aivr
I 15.75*17225; feeder steers, 7.50nil.5(
! stocker steers, fi.75aI0.25.
Sheep—Receipts, 2
riadl.00; cuils an«i <
o: ewes, :nt*iium, ai
culls and
( ,
2P.0Ü0; stow. Lamb-.
ommon. 14.51 ta
«xi and. choie* ,
sou, fi.UUu
| n. "5;
I By Associated Press to Every Evening
Philadelphia, Feb. It»,
j to grade and location, 1.62*1.70; the lot
! ter or No. 2, vtilow.
Oats,—No. 2, white, 1.02*1.02 1 3 . No
1 3, white. l.Olal.OiV<j.
, Butrer—W
i nearby prints, tancy
i Cheese—New Y or!
milk, held, 30*32.
Fggs—Nearby firsts, 19.20; current re
ceipts, IS.60: western xtra firsts. IS.Nf;
first, 1S.30; fancy selected packed, 70*72
per do en,
live poultry—Fowls
quality, 35*39; chickens
°5&2fi; young
j chickens, 50a55;
j Indian Runner, 40*42; Muscovy, '2S*F
Î turkeys, 45*50; geese, fat, 42*45; fair \
J gooa, 30o3o.
; Dressed poultry—1 urKc\w, aearre
choice to fancy, 58*56; air to giwd. 53*5*
nld t««*, 48; owls, fresh killed, choice •
i faacy> sr , ; 2sizes, '.1*35; rouswr
, ._* 7; broilmg chickens. Jersey, .55abO.
; uear by,
j ro ^ sting chickens, as to sue a
ducks, western, 3>ai0; gees« w .
j ern , W ;r>; air to good
western choice, 54*55; fair to g«xd.
I '
em creamery, extra, 6»;
and 5V isconsm, fufi
to size

çy, 29*30; brui
œ. Pekin. 44

!5a27 ; c
Potatoes Femisxlvam», m 100j.*oun
3.90*4.411; New York, in 100 poun
a 90*4 25
Flour Soft wmtgr suanm; w,
I 10 75all25' nearbv 10.65*11 00*
, »inter, straiglu. 1225*12.75; she rvitct
13 (Xtii:; .*0; t,:*ring firs - i-'u> 9 r Va
I lüiuü; 'Mtcnt. t3.25al3.fi5; -pnng ...
14.25*14.65: fa. > spring a* ? - rv >
P*unu. t*rm! : . bra. ! \ v .
Ibiy Dnmthy. No. I. *vik rions*
No. 2. 2.'X.'a'. ^ Nw A m* -.
- " "e, .>(s'n.-. s • •>
21 •«»: ' u '_" ;v !
-' '• -7-»-a 7. s N<- 1
- "
>•> ' ' s
*;«■*.-*...■*••• ' ! "
" '* '*

- .
light mi v «**l.
ixèd, 35.0t v o
W 1
'MV'* 13,
Î TWO ladies
h •
minx cap*- «t Ma ■ s
île Tfuativ bt'lwcvn 4 and 4 o'etoea sut
unlay afternoon, are kuown. If the>
return u> Kvery Kxening u<> aeuou sill >.
uikl N
H*Ty iHtl vfctvn h( iuii v*.. 41 I
• 1
• ^ >. i - . t- *

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