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Bargain In Spring Shoes-
We have just opened and placed on sale the following:
1 lot Ladles' S3 Button Shoes for $1.C0.
1 Lot Ladles' High Russia Bluchers for 81.03.
TVorth $3.
1 Lot Ladles' RusslaBlucher Oxfords for $1.50.
Worth KM.
1 Lot Ladles' S2.D0 Oxfords for SLSO.
There are about 40 different stylqs to select from.
The Warren
Mighty few people can af
ford to put their hands in
their pockets and plank
down money enough to fur
nish a house. Our
"Equitable Credit System"
Opens the door of a Treas
ERATORS, etc., and bid
you help yourselves to much
or little. You can arrange
with us for immediate pos
session on a promise of tri
fling weekly or monthly
House & Herrmann,
917, 819, 921, 923, SEVENTH STKEET,
2,000 pairs Men's All-Wool
Pants, f oi' $2.20, worth $5.
1,000 Men's Suits, All Styles,
for $6.75.
500 Spring Suits.
Latest Styles for Boys,
From 14 to 0 yoars, made of all-wool Chovlots
In Fancy Designs of Black and Blue, 5 SO,
worth flu,
1,000 Children's Suits at SI.23, $1.73, 2 and 12.40.
Each Suit is worth double this price.
An interesting present Is given away with
every Suit.
Cor. Ninth and E Streets ". W.
Poor Gaslight
might be caused from insuf
ficient or poor quality of gas.
But it isn't. It is caused by the
gas tip. The common tip does
not burn all the gas, and it does
not bum it perf octly.
The Welsbach Gas Burner
is the "remedy." Ture, white
steady light comes from tho
"Welsbach," and it's easily at
tachable to any gas pipe. 2.25
and up.
Gas Appliance Exchange,
1428 N. Y. Ave.
cured by the treatment
Washington Hernia Institute.
A skillful physician in charge.
1110 F St.
Open Daily. 10.30 to 5.
Our Prescription Department may
bo said to bo thoroughly Up to Date.
Wo handle only those Chemicals and
Drugs that are of the Highest Stand
ard of Purity and Excellence. .
Physicians and families Bending
prescriptions to us may bo confident
that they will bo carefully and skill
fully compounded.
corner Eiarrrn and i streets a e.
Make inquiry about the New $10,000 Combina
tion Accident I'olicy that pays $M per week for
a year if injured .by any com eyanco using steam,
electricity, or cable, and half such idemnity if
otherwise injured. Costs less than 7 cents a day,
only $0 for three months, or $-H per annum. No
examination required Issued by tho old Relia
ble U. a Mutual Accident Association. Call or
address. J. D. KINO, Agent
Room 30, Washington Loan and Trust Bld'g.
Ted Fisher, an old Craftsman, is now blending
drinks for us. Now, boys, call and seo him. Ho
will prepare a drink for you "fit for the gods"
and a lunch 'fit for a king."
CM to C10 G street northwest
Dealer in
Fresco and Flain Fainting.
Estimates cheerfully given.
1111 rourtccnthStrcctN. TV.
801 D Street Northwest
Gold, Silver, and Nickel Flatting. Soft Metal
Repairing. Brass and Metal Signs a Specialty
S1.S3 for 2.00 Oxfords.
81.05 for $2.50 Oxfords.
81.W for $2.75 Oxfords.
12.00 for S3.00 Oxfords.
S2W for $3 50 Oxfords.
JiW for &3.T5 Oxfords.
83 S3 tor $L00 Oxfords.
Shoe House,
919 F Street.
Advertisements and subscriptions to The
Times may be lelt at tho following branch
offices up to 10 o'clock at night:
O'Donoghuo's, Tirst and 0 streets.
Noel's, Seventh and L streets."
Crlswell's, 1001 Seventh street.
Haley's, Ninth and Y streets.
Lynch's, Fourteenth and Ithodo Island ave.
Epplcy's, Fourteenth and Stoughton streets.
Jcnulng's, 1112 Connecticut avenue.
Ware & Co.'s, Nineteenth and N streets,
Herbst's.Twenty-fllth and Pennsylvania ave.
Baldus', Thirty-first and 31 streets.
. Bennett's, 12C0 Thirty-second street
Gross', Fourteenth and Park streets, llount
Walter's, Fifteenth and G streets.
Trico Quiglpy's,Thirtechthand H streets.
Mitchell's, 1219 Tour-and-a-haU streets.
Price's, 120 Seventh street
Judd's, Seventh and F streets.
Hodges', Second and Pennsylvania avenue.
DeMoll .t Helmscn's, Ninth and East CapitoL
Pj-wcU's, Eleventh and K streets.
WoIIcr's, Eighth and I streets.
The Times Is for sale at tho following
American Houso.
Hotel Johnson.
!?t James.
The Times is for salo at tho following news
Ewell's, S15 Ta. ave.
Oram's, 355 Fa. ave.
Moore's, SOS 0th st
Pouter's, Uiiyi 10th st
Morcoe's, 431 12th st
News Exchango, CjOI
Schultze's, 455 Pa. ave.
Hall's, 607 G st
Liuder's, 031 O st.
Cross Bros , 101 II st
Hays', SW II si.
Crescent Cigar Store.
Smith's, ll(. and G st
Gunther's, 505 F st
Oxford cigar storo, 733
nth st
Buckler's. KT 15th st
Joyce's, 1705 Pa ave.
Baltimore and Potomac
Baltimore and Ohio
Washington Loan and
Trust building.
Whttehand's 3U5 7th st
Lacey's Gem cigar
store, COO 7th st
LItz's,81IIst Mrs. McCarthy, 719 Hst
Webber's. 33D Pa. ave. I Clark's, C39 Sth st
Linden's, U7 Sth st. Hall & Shoemaker's,
Thornton's, 516 6th st bth st, cor. K.
Bnrt's, 313 7th st Pottignott, 715 7th st
Lake's, cor. 7th and B.
Tho suburban agents of The Times are:
William Hamilton. Aniicustla. D.C.
C. W. Mandcr, SOS Wolf st, Alexandria.
a W. Mattlngly, Brlghtwood, D. C.
1L Elbert Warren, Tnkonia Park, D. a (mall ad
dress). North Takoma, Silver Springs, bligo,
Avondale, Lamond. and Bricbtwood.
J. J. Gleason, Brooklaud, 1). C.
M. Leizear, Laurel, Md.
M. Armstrong, Laurel, Md.
Henjimin Smith, Rockvllle, Md.
Virgil Poole, Rockville, Md.
C M. fclzer, Riverdnle, Md.
A. Barnes, Scabrook. Md.
She I as Most Devoted Wife and Charm
ing Woman as Well.
One likes to read how tho Czarina con
stantly accompanies her husband in his rides
and drives. Not only does it indicate wifely
devotion, but it proves an intrepidity too
often denied as an attributo to woman. It is
said that she thinks her presence la a defense
from nihilists. Certainly sho knows that a
shot aimed at him might reach her; that a
bomb under the carriage would not bo dis
criminating. Yet she hopes that herpresenco
may prevent tho bomb-throwing, and sho
equally hopes that tho bullet may reach her,
if so it bo that she saves his life.
Rut one of tho pleasantcst things to read
about her is tho motherly devotion to tho
moral welfare of lier children. In this sho is
nn cxnmple to all mothers. Sho allows no
governess, but employs teachers, who, com
ing but a few hours a day and those days not
consecutive, havo not time to make a lasting
impression on the moral natnte of her chil
dren, as would ono employed constantly.
Sho is very small, and tho contrast between
her figure and that of the Czar, who Is almost
gigantic, is very remarkable. Her oldest
boy is like her In size a fact that somewhat
troubles the Russian people, accustomed to
great sizo in rulers. But his mother's train
ing has developed in him a strong, resoluto
character, conscientious and studious an'd
capablo of standing by a conviction.
Lynching Suit Dismissed.
New Oeixass, La., April 7. Judgo Tar
lange. In tho United States circuit court, has
dismissed one of tho Italian suits brought
ngalnst the city ns a result of the Italian
lynching. In most of the previous cases tho
Italians were given damages, tho procedings
being before other judges, how oyer. Tho
suit decided this morning was that of Monas
terlo against tho city for 30.000 damages.
The city filed an exception of no causo of ac
tion, and this niornin? Judge Parlango sus
tained the exception and dismissed tho suit.
Cinccrr Cocet, No. 1 Justice Bradloy. Penn
sylvania Anthracite Coal Company vs. Strauss
& Co., motion to vacate; Judgment granted.
Walter vs. Spencer ct aL; deposit of $40 in thirty
days as security. Hcurich Brewing Company vs.
S. T. Bridwell; motion to set aside demurrer. J.
Coker vs. Ada B J. Farran motion for ludtrment
granted. Berry & Co. vs. Bayly et aL; mo
tion to quash summons overruled. Mitch
ell vs. Perry; motion for Judgment
granted. S. Frank vs. D Sondhelmcr;
motion for security for costs overruled.
Cannon vs. a Benslnger; motion for security for
costs overruled. Wilson Printing Company vs.
Brodix Publishing Company; Judgment by de
fault B. D. Stono ct aL vs. J. Lansburgh; Judg
ment by default Jassen & boblcin vs. J.
Lansburgh; Judgment by default. Corpy
and Maubee vs. T. 1'. Jannarone;
Judgment by default Portsmouth Savings
lank vs. P. I Wilson; time for filing
record in Court of Appeals extended to Mayl,
1S94. IL McShano Manufacturing Company vs.
F. L, Marsden; Judgment by default . A. Tot
ten vs. It Carroll; Judgment by default Chapman
vs. Clark; Judgment by default French and
French vs. Campbell and binydr; motion for
leave to Intervene withdrawn.
Circuit Court, No. 2 Chief Justice Bing
ham. Barker vs. B. and O, R. R. Company; term
extended to April SI, to settle bill of exceptions.
Hodgkins vs. Mucllor; term extended to AprllSl,
for settlement of bill of exceptions; motion for
new trial argued and submitted. Johnson vs.
Varbryck; motion for new trial overruled.
Eqcitt Cocrt, No. 1. Justice Cox. Low vs.
National Bureau of Nows and Inquiries; rule on
defendants returnable April 14 granted. Zur
horst vs. Murray; appcaranco of absent de
fendants ordered. alker vs. Bird; appearance
of absent defendants ordered. McCormick vs.
Hammcrsley; receiver directed to pay certain
taxes. In re estate of Maria Egll. lunatic; ne
gotiation of new loan allowed. Benjamin vs.
Herbert; report of Roceh er Taylor confirmed.
Eqcitt Court, No. S-Jusiice Hagner. John
A. Hawkins vs. Sarah A. Hawkins; decree dis
missing bill with costs. Maisek vs. Black: time
to take testimony limited. Birney vs. Spalding;
order striking out pleas with costs. Bushnell vs.
Bushnell; testimony beforo John Cruikshank,
examiner, ordered taken. William U. Codding
ton vs. Mary V. Coddlngton; divorce "a vinculo
matrimonii" granted. Gully vs. Gully; order de
nying prayer of petition of J. Wolt, guardian.
Willis 1 lbbs vs. Louisa Tibbs: divorce "a vinculo
matrimonii" granted. Lehigh Valley Coal Corn-
panyi-s. French etaL: 2
abUjf.prilH, mi.
restraining order return-
Growing, Hostility in the Senate to
the Taylor Nomination.
Action of tie President in Violating the
Democratic Principle of Horns Bale for tho
District Severely Criticised Senate Com
mittee Opposed to the Appointment
Although all tho Senators refused to bo
quoted yesterday on the question of tho con
firmation of Mr. Taylor, appointed by Presi
dent Cleveland to be Recordor of Deeds for
the Dlstrlctlt was declared very emphatically
by every one approached that the selection
was a very injudicious ono and would proba
bly not bo confirmed.
Tho .opposition to Mr. Taylor has been
growing stronger all the timo, and it may be
stated, without contradiction, that the Senato
Commlttoo on tho District will report tho
nomination unfavorably, probably with not
more than ono, or at most two, dissenting
votes. In this case there is very small hopo
for a favorable vote by tho Senate. So far as
a voto in that body i3 concerned, thero is no
possibility of getting favorable action. AH
tho southern Senators will voto against it, and
tho sentiment against the nppointoo has been
so strongly presented to northern Senators
that a number of them will oppose it. Tho
principle of homo rnle for tho District is gen
erally admitted to bo more and more a matter
of justico as tho local interests of the city in
crease. A Senator who refused to havo his name
used declared yesterday that Taylor would
not get more than a dozen votos in tho Senato
at present indications. He was not merely op
posed to tho principle of non-resident 'ap
pointments, but thought tho President had
gone out of his way to select Taylor, whom
ho knew would bo an ofTensHo man lo a great
manp people. After criticising this conduct
of the President he declared that there was so
slight a ehanco of confirmation that it was
not worth worrying about,
It is understood that a number of letters
havo been received and are on Hie in the Dis
trict Committee room opposing the appoint
ment and urging that it bo reported un
favorably. -
Managers Fighting to Secure .Mrs. Langtrj'
for their Theaters.
Copyrighted, 1S0I, by tho -Associated Press.
London. April 7. Tho theaters, with fow
exceptions, aro again presenting their various
attractions, and a few additional novellies
ate contemplated.
At tho Criterion theater, under the man
agement of Mr. Charles Wyndham, Lady
Grevelle's new comedy, "An Arlstocratio
Alliance," has been presented with Mr.
Wyndham impersonating the leading male
character. Tho dialoguo is bright, but tho
plot is of tho thinnest, and does not offer tho
plnvrights any opportunities to display their
The managers of the London theaters ap
pear to bo lighting In their efforts to secure
Mrs. Langtry a3 the next attraction on their
boards. Manager Hawtrey has arranrffcd with
3Ir. Wyndham to produce at the Royalty
theater an adaptation of n Trench play, and
he is trying to obtain Mrs. Langtry n3 tho
lending lady for the new production. It is
bellev ed, howovcr, that, as already nnnouncod.
Mr?. Langtrv has contracted to" play for Mr.
Robert Buchanan at the Opera Comiquo when
ho produces the theatrical version of the
novel which he is now engaged in writing.
Mr. Buchanan's new work Is nearly finished,
and he intends to asume personal control of
its publication and advertising as well as of
its production upon the stage.
King Oscar, of Sweden, who Is an accom
plished musician, has composed an odo to the
memory of Gounod.
Mr. Dorrington Grimston, tho eldest son of
Mr. and Mrs. Kendal, has resolved to follow
tho-cxample set by tho sons of Mr. Henry
Irving; Mr. John Hare, and George Gros
smlth, and adopt tho htage a3 a profession.
Ever since leaving Cambridge young Grim
ston has been anxious to go on tho stage,
but his parents, moro especially Mrs. Kendal,
would not hear of it, and wished him to bo
called to tho bar. Tho legal work, however,
was distasteful to the young man, and he has
Anally decided to abandon it. Recognizing
the futility of touring tho provinces in a filth
rate company without a thorough grounding,
Mr. Grimston has wisely begun at tho bottom
of tho ladder, and merely walks on ns a
"super" in "Once Upon a Time" nt tho Hay
market theatre.
Tho little book presented to the Trincess of
Wales by Mr. Daly, in response to tho wish
expressed byHcr'lioyal Highness to havo a
copy of tho musio of "Twelfth Night." was as
appropriate ns it was artistic The music
itself was in the clearest script, almost like a
coppprplato engraving. The title-page boro
an original design in colors by Jules Good
man, incorporating a dedication to tho prin
cess, and also n portrait of Miss Reban ns
Viola. Tho book contained a special photo
graph of the serenado scene, mounted on art
ist's drawinc-bo.ird, a photograph by Mendels
sohn of Miss Rehan as Viola, "and a water
color by Jule3 Goodman of the arms of tho
rrineo of Wales. Tho whole was bound in
white moire-antlquo silk, with gold orna
mentations. e
Representative Lacey Wants Prevention
of Poaching in Yellowstone Park-
Representativo Lacey, of Iowa, has re
ported to the Houso from tho Committee on
rublic Lands a bill having for its object tho
protection of the birds and animals in tho
l'ellowstono National Park. In an accom
panying report Mr. Lacey says in part:
"There has been for some years a necessity
for a law to runish crimes in tho Yellowstone
National Park. Perpetration of crimes havo
escaped all punishment for want of the nec
essary legislation. Tho bill reported attaches
the park to the judicial district of Wyoming
and gives tho criminal statutes of that state
full force over tho park.
"Out of the vast herds of millions of
buffaloes that a fewjyears ago covered the
plains of America a few hundred only remain,
and tbey aro now in the Yellowstone Park.
Ono of the purposes of setting aside tho park
has been to preserve this little herd. A fow
days ago poachers entered tho ptrk and com
menced tho slaughter of theso animals."
Odd Items from AH About. ,
Statistics show that widowers aro moro
prone to marry maidens than widows.
Marriage is tho only contract minors can
make which in a court of law will hold good.
A native of Hawaii, seeing a man riding a
bicycle, said that it must bo very nice to "walk J
The -Persians believe that when Christ
comes to the earth again ho will como in tho
form of a woman.
Torty new warships of tho British navy aro
lying idlo in dockyards because of lack of
sailors to man them.
Tho population of China to-day is sufficient
to furnish inhabitants for somo thousands of
cities liko the Athens of Pericles.
During this century tho barriers that sep
arated 800,000,000 heathens from Christian
civilization have been broken down.
Tho averago duration ot marriages in Eng
land is twenty-seven years; in Franco and
Germany, twenty-six; Norway, twenty-four;
Russia, thirty.
It is estimated that the average amount of
power lost in overcoming friction in machin
ery and mill work is 50 per cent, of the gross
power, tho loss occurring at the lubricated
Only Die. Once.
"People den't die very often ovei hero, do
they?" inquired the smart Now Yorker.
"Xo, only once," replied the Philadelphian.
And there was an intense silence. Philadel
phia Record. ,
Very Costly Suits
Now pending in the District of Columbia courts,
simply because you have failed to caU and see
our select line of domestic and Imported suit
ings. The cheapest and best workmanship in
the city: Suits to order, $14.50 and upwards.
Trousers to order. 3 and upwards. Uniforms a.
specialty. J. J. Buck & Bra, merchant tailors,
room E, Warder building, comer Ninth andF
treeU.Waahlngton.1). C
In these times ot monetary depression It Is In
teresting to read ot tho transactions o( a finan
cial Institution like th. I'EBFETCAL BCILDINO
Association op Wisnisnrox, D. C The past
month was a great one for the members. Series
Xos. 3, 4, and 5 are In course of redemption. We
refunded $C3,4M.SC of dues on shares to mem
cers. We paid out f 19.CSI.29 in interest, some
receiving as much as $9,000 and $3,000 down to
$50 of interest on their Investment, at tho rate
oflSporcentper annum. Notwithstanding the
heavy disbursements of the month, aggregating
$108,013.45, our receipts were still larger, amount
ing to 9113,331. The month's big business still
leaves pur assets at $1,130,971.35, and our surplus
or Interest fund remains at $102,034.35. We are
paying out thousands of dollars every month a
PERPETUAL dividend-paying concern. AH
profits belong to the members; we have no other
stockholders to take the cream of the profits
away. Every one having money In the concern,
either as regular dues or as special payments,
am) members and entitled to their prescribed
sharo of dividends, some every month, some
every three months, and others as they may
elect The rates of Interest are 5 per cent, per
annum on shares withdrawn before maturing;
G por cont per annum on Bpecial payments; 13
per cent per annum on matured shares. We
are a purely local concern, and infinltoly more
satisfactory to our members than are tho so
called national concerns to their members. Ad
vances aro made on good Washington city prop
erty on such accommodating terms as cannot be
obtained elsewhere.
Offlco at 506 "Eleventh street.
C. C. DUXCAKSOX, President
LEWIS ABRAHAM, Vice President.
JOHN COOK, Secretary, 500 Eleventh street.
CHAS. F. BENJAMIN, Attorney,
TO Corcoran Building.
A. N. MEEKER, 207 Third st S. E.
Fifteenth street, opposite Treasury.
Branch offices Lo Droit Building, corner
Eighth and F streets, and Central National Hank
Building, second Moor, corner Pennsylvania ave
nue and Seventh street Telephone 514.
Prices Have Ranged Higher in Splto of
Occasional Iiajs of Depression.
New YonK, April 7. An active business was
done on the stock exchungo during the two
hours of trading to-day which was well dls
tribuled throughout the list. Thero was
somo London selling at tho opening in St
Paul, Louisvillo and Nashville, and Atchi
son, tho latter giving nway only , but
tho other two 6tocks receiving Jf. In tho
early dealings the speculation w.13 weak and
a fractional decline took place. The depres
sion was of brief duration, and prfccs soon
took an upward turn under the leadership of
Chicago Gas, which, after a decline of , sold
up 1 on covering of shorts. Distilling
was bought on the advice of President Green
hut, of the trust, who asserts that the recent
decline against tho company is of no import
ance. The improvement in tho rest of tho list was
merely.fractlonal, and toward 11 o'clock the
upward trend was checked by the inaugura
tion ot a selling movement in Chicago Gas,
which was based on fears that the attorney
general of Illinois will decide against tho
compnny in tho quo warranto proceedings.
Iioforo the bottom was reached the stock had
declined 2 per cent, with only a rally of H
at tho close. Tho break in Chicago Gas had
the effect of weakening the entire market
and the general tendency was downward.
Up to 12 o'clock some of tho specialties
made material advances, but in the main tho
market was heavy at the closo, prices, how
ever, compared with tho closing 'figures of
yesterday, being irregular. Tho changes,
however, are. very narrow, the declines being
within a fraction, while only in one ca30 was
thereon ad vaneo over a fraction, the excep
tion being Susquehanna and Western pre
ferred, which shows n gain of 1 per cent
Chicago Gas is down , and tho Grangers
a.i- General Electric, Lead preferred,
and Pittsburg C. C. C. and St Louis pre
ferred uro. higher. Theheaviness of specu
lation in the late dealings was rather unex
pected, in view of the good bank statement
which, especially by tho increase in loans,
showed a revival In trade, which the mer
cantile agencies in their weekly circular re
ports has liegun.
Tho stock market has in tho main moved
upward as a result of tho week's transactions,
notwithstanding that tho latter trading cut off
somo of tho earlier advances. Somo few
shares show loses, including Oregon Naviga
tion, 3; Lako Erie nnd Western preferred, 2,f;
Minnesota Iron, 2; Chicago Gas, : General
Electric, J; Distilling, ; Burlington nnd
Qulncy,, and St Paul, yt per cent.
The" principal advances established are:
Colorado ruI and Iron preferred, 9 per cent;
National Starch first preferred and Edison
Electric Illuminating Company, each 5; Dela
ware and Hudson, -i; Northwestern pre
ferred and Interior Conduit Company, each
3Jf ; Rubber preferred, Z)i ; Missouri Pacific,
3i; Colorado Coal and Iron Development
Compnny, 2; Minneapolis and St. Louis
preferred, 2J; Pittsburg, Cincinnati, Chicago,
and St. Louix preferred, Baltimore and Ohio,
and Duluth. South Shore, and Atlantic pre
ferred, each 2 Sugar, American Express
and Iowa Central preferred, each 2 per cent
New 1 ork Stock Exchange.
Furnished by Sllsby i Co.. bankers and
brokers. Metropolitan Bank Building, Fifteenth
street, opposite Treasury, VI ashington. D. C.
Op. High Low Closing
American Cotton Oil Co... Sfl.fi iKVS 32 32MS
American Tobacco S4Vi MH W& WJ
Atcu.,Top.iS. F 15 15U 15H 15..
U.C.0 WW 40J 4l4 40JJ
Chesapeake A Ohio. lSjJ SOfci li 20
Canada Southern S2H: 5SU 52W 52tj;
C. B. & Qulncy. 63W 83 tail 8-Js
Chlcagotias Cllf C5M G3?a C3JJ
Delaware Hudson 143 HlUJ 143 143
Distillers & Cattle FMrs.. 20& S7 2S MH
General Electric Co 41 42 40J$ 42
Louis ille Nashville.... 51? tCHi 6liZ 511$
LakSbhore 1 19)4 l!i 130,4
Manhattan liiM 1S6K 1215.1 VXyi
Michigan Ontral 9SW INtf WJf SbJ
Missouri Pacific SIH 32W S1S 33
New England 11)4 n
Northwestern 110 110109)109
Northern Pacific 0 CJJ 6 GW
Northern Pacific pfd 22 -'H 21H 21H
N. Y. Central 101 101JJ 101H 101$
National Cordage 22 22 22 22j
National Lead 39?$ 4041 39 40
Omaha 41 4I 41 41
Ontario & Western 17 17 17$ Wi
Jersey Central 114 114 114 114
Pacific Mail 17M 17 17 17M
Reading 21& 224 21 21
Rork Island 72 72H 71)? 71W
Southern Pacific ZS-1 234 2344 23)1
St Paul C5US C5W 64j 64J$
Sugar Trust 8lk i; 91JI 92
Tennessee Coal & Iron.... H 19 19J.J 1911
Union Pacific 2i;s 28 S1J4 21
H estcrn Union 65 65W 85 b54
Wabash preferred K'i iSH 18 IS
WhoeL&LE. 1SU 13H 13J6 13?fi
WhoeL & L. E., pfd- 50j 51J$ 50$ 51J6
Chicago Board of Trade.
Open. High. Low. Closo.
Wheat -(May
Corn -May
Oats -)Mny
Pork -(May
1 April
New York Cotton.
Juno .',
Motz & Schneider.
Motz & Schneider, who have recently opened
up an attractive merchant tailoring establish
ment at No. 467 Pennsylvania avenue, are meet
ing with flattering success. Their store is well
stocked with the latest and jiretttsst designs in
sloth goods.
Up to Date
'The bang early or the bang straight Is no
longer in favor. Society girls now wear
their hair combed book smoothly from their
forehead. At least those who can stand it
do, for it la undeniably a most trying fashion.
Mrs. Cleveland and Mrs. Blssell seem to have
set the fashion here. During the early part
of the season an enterprising press woman
called at the White House and made a study
of the way Mrs. Cleveland arranged her hair.
After this she arranged her own in tho same
way and had a picture taken. It was pub
lished under the heading ''Mrs. Cleveland's
Present Stylo." Everybody wondered how
any paper could produce such a wretched at
tempt at a likeness, and criticised the paper
accordingly for a poor cut
Mrs. Bisseil's singing was heard for the
first time in public hero on Tuesday after
noon at Senator Hale's residence. Her voice
is a rare and beautiful mezzo soprano, very
equal in quality and faultless in culture.
There is an unusual depth of tone in tho lower
register that stirs the listener with a certain
intensity. Mrs. Bisseil's specialty is the senti
mental song, Intellectual es to music, like
those of Schubert and Schumann, a great
relief after those light ballads in which sing
ers of to-day beg some indefinable somebody
to "kiss them quick and let them go," or
warblo sweetly about "No, sir; no, sir, no,
ho, ho, ho, sir." or vocalize in operatic
pyrotechnics, ending with a spurt upward
like a water spout on the high o's, a crescendo
shriek, and all the dreadful sounds that are
colled cultivated singing.
First Young Girl I'm so glad Marie Stirling
is to be married at last.
Second young girl Why?
First Y. G. O, I'm so dreadfully tired of
hearing about it. you know. Ever sinco her
engagement was announced last year tho
papers have periodical spells of saying tho
same old things about her once every seven
days or every fourteen days or so, like
malaria, you know.
There is a man who occasionally visits
Washington, n brother-in-law of a Senator,
who enjoys tho proud distinction of being able
to say that ho danced with Mrs. Cleveland at
ono ot Mrs. Whitney's bolls.
It happened in this wny: He escorted his
wife and ber sister to the ball and communi
cated to them his ambition, namely, that of
dancing with tho President's wife, never
dreaming that such a thing would be possi
ble. When no lounu nimseu iaco to lace with
tho President nnd hi3 lovely bride, this
brother-in-law of a Senator asked Mrs. Cleve
land for a dance, respectfully deferring to the
cniet .Executive.
"Its just as Mrs. Cleveland decides," said
the President.
Mrs. Cleveland, with her usual tact, de
cided that while she would be glad to grant
tho request it would never do, as so many
others would ask for a dance and there
would be no end of dancing for her.
Just then Mrs. Whitney came up and her
aid was enlisted.
"We'll manage it," said Mrs. Whitney, and
letting down the portiere that screened the
alcove where they were standing from the
ball room, she gave her sanction as hostess
of the dance. "And I danced with her for at
least five minutes," said the delighted man.
The Woman's National Press Association is
looking up. Wo don't mean by thi3 that it Is
so Hat on its back that it can't look any other
way, but the ladies aro arranging a trip to
the Mid-Winter Fair in California. Tbey
have u bureau of publication, which is send
ing off the productions ot its writers like hot
A story of one of their members, Mrs. Dora
T. Yoorhis, of 1423 Q street, will soon ap
pear in the Cosmopolitan. This Etory is
called "A Romance of tho Midway."
It is astonishing how many widows there
are In Washington. A bright young girl says
that, "next to the monument, the widows are
the most noticeable thing about the place."
A Congressman was telling some ladies a
touching story of a widow the other day. He
was single and wealthy and she was a single
widow and a poor ono, nnd, of course, sho
naturally came to him for aid and a government
Elace. She was on the verge of starvation,
ad broken her last 55 note to pay car faro
to the CapitoL She owed a week's board at
ono of the most expeiislve hotels in town.
The widow wept tears that destroyed the
freshness of her scented black-embroidered
Not being proof against a widow's tears, the
Congressman indited a note to his friend, the
Secretary of , and told him he must give
this poor widow a place in his department.
Handing her the note he directed her where
to go, and told her what to say. "And," ho
ndded, "if you have any more tears on tap
just turn them on," but tho last state of that
widow was wcrse than the first
Thinking be would call to see her one day
about a month afterward, the Congressman
started out and inquired of his friend, the
Secretary, where she was?
"O! she's married," said tho Secretary,"and
has gone to New York."
First Maiden "Isn't this Ereckinridgo trial
disgusting? I never read such things myself
and nothing in this world could induce me to
re.td it; but I think it's shameful for tho
papers to publish thoso shocMngdetails about
their relations and how ho wrote her such
dreadful notes and how ho kh-sed her and"
Second Maiden "Dear me! how came you
to know all that if you haven't read it?"
Rev. Clarence BIspham, who was married
to Mfcs Elizabeth Gray Casoy in St John's
church recently, is a prince of good fellows,
clergyman though he ls.but everybody knows
tho clergy are a jolly lot when they are off
duty, so to speak.
Mr. BIspham can tell as good a joke and
laugh as heartily at one as any other fellow.
Like all persons possessing a lively sense ot
humor, he is just as quick to seo the solemn or
pathetic as he goes on his rounds among his
Ono night he was walking down rennsjl
vania avenue. It was late, and ho was
accosted by a man who asked:
"Aro you a clergyman?"
"Yes, he replied.
"Well, will you come with me? I have just
arrived In the city and I want to bo married."
As they walked along Mr. Blspham's now
acquaintanco confided to him the fact that be
was an actor and manager ot a large com
pany that had just come to town and he
wanted to marry his leading lady.
Tho ceremony was performed according to
the prayer book, and tho next day Mr.
BIspham, wishing to show some kind atten
tion to his new friends, visited them and
took a handsome new prayer book as a bridal
In a day or two Mr. BIspham saw the actor,
who thanked him again for the present he
had given to himself and his bride, and
said: "When I went home last night I found
my wife sitting by tho fire reading it and I
saw that she had been crying. Then I asked
her what it was. She handed the book to me
opened at the marriage ceremony, and said:
"OUohn, let's live up to this beautiful mar
riage ceremony all our lives."
Mr. BIspham kept sight of his new friends
while tbey were in the city, and the next
Sunday all of the company went to service at
St Michael's. All of w hich goes to show that
a clergyman with broad human sympathies
can do an immense amount of good as ho
goes his way in this naughty world of ours.
"What do you think of the pictures of
yourself in the comic papers?" asked a young
gin 01 secretary uoice smith.
"Do I'really loot like them?" he Inquired.
"No. of course not." she said.
However, no one, not oven a woman, could
bo more regretful of a growing tendency to
adipose than tho Secretary. In his case it is
more of a foe to gallantry than to good looks.
Last winter when a lady caller dropped a
card case at tho Secretary's feet, he imme
diately stooped to pick iitup, forgetting that
he had on his full dress suit, which must have
Deen tighter somewterethanbisomceclothes.
He did not quite get down to tho card-case;
some article of his apparel, I'll not attempt to
say which, prevented a complete stoop, and
had not a younger man accomplished the feat,
the situation might have been mora cmbarass
ing to the Secretary than it really was.
Among tho illustrations of the mutations of
lifo there can hardly be a sadder one than
the bereavement of the family of Sena
tor Cockreil and the lovely daughter
Marion, whoso presentation, to society early
in the Winter was made with such brilliant
promise for a pleasant season. The death ot
her mother so soon after her arrival at' home
from her studies abroad, was a sad blow to
the young girl, but, with patient heroism, she
has taken up the life work of her mother
where she laid it down, the care of her
father's home and the yonngei sisters and
We've gotten it
seems as though, every
the" $5 ones we re selling just now for $3.90.
They're Bluchers, with the new "Needle'toe.
Another "gcod thing" for MEN is the $5
Hand-sewed Patent Leather Blucher at $3.90.
All sizes in the popular shapes.
The MEN'S Calf Shoes with the 5 BIG BUT
TONS are "flying." They have "Razor" toes,
with tips. $5 everywhere. Here. $3.90.
This is one of the best Shoe values the Shoe
world has known. Vici Kid Bluchers, Button
or Cloth top Shoes, in "Opera" or "Common
Sense" toes, with patent leather tips, $2.40.
Every pair is warranted. $3 couldn't buy bet
ter Shoes anywhere.
Want LOW SHOES? Then here you are!
The "Juliet," "Needle" toe Shoes, either black
or tan. Hand-sewed and warranted.
$3.50 Tan ones for $2.90.
$3 Black ones for $2.60.
Treasurer, M. Strickland, Inc.,
Owing to our rapid increasing trade we have betn forced to make considerable
extensions to our, store. We must have room, and in order to do so we quote the
following extremely low prices for our ttioronghlr reliable SHOES XSD SLIP
l'LKS, iien's. Ladles', Mlsse', Boys. Youths', and Children's.
DOXT MISS THIS CHANCE, as tho prices quoted will surely run us out of sizes.
So delay Is dangerous. Prices as follows:
Infants' Shoes 23c
Children's Worked Button Srrlng Heel 4Sc
Youth's Solid Leather bboes 75c
Boys' Solid Leather Shoes
Men's Solid LeatherShoes. SSc
Ladles' Spring lleel Button &c
The jest S2 Men's Shoe in the city. The best SI.50 Ladles'Shoe In
the city. Our Famous SI Guaranteed Ladies' Shoes.
The Famous SI.25 Boy's School Shoes,
And we are Agents for the Celebrated Stacy, Adams & Co. Hen's Shoes.
Morgan, Violett & Co., 706 seventh st.N.w.
brothers. In this she br.i shown a wonderful
decree of womanliness and fortitude.
During the week her friends who received
her card with her father's, deeply bordered in
black, wero reminded that she remembered
them, in this touching response to their colls
of sympathy.
Mrs. fjecretarv Lamont has also sent black
bordered cards In response to calls of sympa
thy from her friends at the timo of the death
of Secretary Lnmont's father.
A striking coincidence of resemblance be
tween husband and wife Is the case of Repre
sentative and Mrs. Eland. To seo them to
gether is to notlco this at onco. And what is
still more of n coincidence may bo cited in the
fact that their name 13 expressive of their
countenances, which are really and truly
bland. Mrs. Bland is a niece of Judge
Thomas, of Missouri, the new Assistant At
torney General, and Is frequently seen In so
ciety with Miss Thomas, who is more like Mr.
Bland than her own daughter (another re
semblance.) A very readable article concern
ing the Blond children was written by Grace
Ilarrie'. Stelle, one of Washington's youngest
journalists, and appeared In last Sunday's St,
Louis Bepublic.
Ask for Something Else.
Teddler "I've got somo signs that I'm sell
ing to storekeepers right along. Everybody
buy3 'em. Here's one, 'If You Don't See
What You Want, Ask For It!' "
Country storekeeper "Think I want to bo
bothered with people askln' fer things I
ain't got? Give meonereadin', Ef Yeh Don't
See What Yeh Want, Ask Fer Something
Eise!' " Puck.
Why pay rent
when the way
is open for you
to own the
house you live
ings, LOAN and INVEST
MENT CO., of Washington,
Washington Loan and Trust
B'ldg , will help you to find
the way.
W. C Motz. John Scuxbider.
487 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest.
"We take groat pleasure In Informing you
that wo, the undersigned, have opened a flrst
class merchant tailoring establishment at 4S7.
Pennsylvania avenue northwest. V. CL Motz,
having been connected with L Ilamberger &
Sdus for flfteon years and lately "with M. Dyren
lorth & Co., and Mr. Schneider being a practical
cutter nnd tailor, places us In a position to givo
any order you favor us with our personal and
most careful supervision, as all out work is
made In Washington by competent union work
men. Mr. Charles Sacker, an experienced and
thorough cutter, is also associated with us.
Hoping to be favored with a share of your
patronage.wo ore, respectfully,
L. E. COLE, k
38 II Street Xorthwcst. Washington, D. C.
Watches Cleaned, $1.00; Mainsprings, 81.00.
Watchmaker and Jeweler.
Manufacturing and repairing ot every descrip
tion neatly and promptly done. Clocks called
for and delivered. All work guaranteed.
6. L. WILD'S BROS. & GO.
709 Seventh Street N. W.
Sheet Music, Music Books and Strings. Tuning
and Repairing Pianos and all Musical Instru
ments a Specialty and Prices to suit tho llmea
G. L. WILD'S BROS. 4. CO.,
709 Seventh Street N. W.
The best lunches in the city at
935 D st nir.
Open all night Near News office.
down to a nicety!
many "bhoe tastes" as
there are MEN and
WOMEN, but we're
well prepared to
please them all. And
there'll be lots of
"good things" here
for you this week.
Everybody's wear-,
ine Tan Shoes, and it
MAN wants a pair of
Ladies Common Sense 884
Ladies' Opera Patent Tip 9So
Misses' Finest Oxfords 98c
Ladies' Strap Slipper, Patent Vamp.......... 96c
Ladles' Strap Slipper, All Leather..... 75c
C. B. Xitnois.
J. Z. Todeb.
Undertakers and Embalmers,
Fens. Ave. and Second Streets. E., Capitol HITI,
Chapel for Funeral Services.
Phone "81-3.
Have You Tried Our Health Drinks.
Mott's Best Ciders in one-half gallon bottles for
23 cents. The best sweet, hard or crab cider.
Equinox mineral water in one-half gallon bottles,
23 cents. The Genisee Fruit Ca's non-alcoholic
beverages, vin de 1'omme, hop tonic ale, Equinox
ginger champagne and mineral waters, all
sparkling, in pint bottles, S3 cents. Goods deliv-,
ered free, J. W. IZD, cor. 2Inlh and D N. W.
At Max Oppenheimer, 1(G1 Seventh street
northwest Ice-cold bottle beer only 5 cents; also
choicest wines, liquors, and cigars constantly on
hand. This Is where you can get your money's
worth, and you will not be disappointed. Ke
rn em ber, ice-cold bottle beer. marSWmo
Opening of the Soda Season.
I desire to inform my patrons and the general
public that I have opened the soda season at my
store. Our syrups ore always fresh and made
from sound, ripe fruiL Our soda Is made of tho
purest sprlngwater. Our Ice cream isdellcioua
Try It nnd be convinced. Six tickets for 23 cents.
D. O'D00GHCE, proprietor District Pharmacy,
First and C streets orthwest- marMmo
Tho public follows the styles, and that brings
them to a place where the latest, best, and most
fashionable can bo secured for the least money.
For instance, before you purchase your Spring
Suit, if you are wise, you will go where you can
havo a large and elegant assortment of goods to
select from, and where they have on enviable
reputation for perfect fitting where Is that
place? hy at
John J. Costinett's,
Merchant Tailor, 635 O St N. W.
J vision store. Apply 303 Second st. nw. 9
Separate rooms it desired. Goods hauled,
packed.and shipped. Lowest rates. EASTEND
warding Agents. 8th and Md. ave. new apS-lw
Suit pressing. SOc; suit cutting, 81.23; pants
pressing, 5a; suit cleaning, 91. 8
Moore, Lmployment Agency,
jm u st nw., vi ashington, u. u.
Send postal card.
of Carpenters and Joiners, meets every Mon
day evening at 423 12th st nw.
opposite Pension Office Rev. Alexander
Kent, pastor, will speak at 11.15 a. m. on "The
Housljgottho Poor." Seats rreet Everybody
welcome. Sunday school at 10 a.m. 8
Buy your nats. Caps, Boots, Shoes, Shirts,
Pants., etc, irom -.,
1233 Eleventh street southeast.
And notico how much you save:
Sewing Machines selling so rapidly at 10 at
Auerbach's Capitol Hill branch. Domestic sew
ing machines. Pattern agency, corner Fourth
and Pennsylvania avenue southeast Complete
with attachments and warranted tor five years.
t Manager.
ON APRIL 3, 4, jjtD 5,
Given hy tho People's church at Typographical
Union Temple, G st, opposite the Pension Ontoa,
between the hours of 11 i. M. and 3 r. M. 6
Printers and, Stationers. Law Printing.
51S Fifth st n.w. M. W. MOORE, Manager.
binders to patronize my first-class tailor
shop. Good work, and prices reasonable. Near
the G. P.O. N.CONOVEl,4WIt nw.
I employ local labor, therofore patronlzs
mrSlmo THE TAILOR, 810 F ST. N. W..
i i
-T- -r.
'im&ZP'Sxlkg'.. C.t
. "f
j - -f.y Ji -? M e'ii

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