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--VrtE fig-l
Thing, now that the schools
have closed, is to get the
boys ready for their outing,
and of course that means
new clothes of some sort.
And j'ou want to come here
for them, where you'll get
the kind that will stand the
hard knocks and rough
treatment that a boy usually
gives clothes.
Sailor, Royal Middy, and
Blouse Suits, in flannel,
serge, and washable fabrics,
from $1.50 to $10. The
correct st3'le for the sea
shore, for the mountains,
or the country. They will
need a pair or two of cordu
roy trousers and some shirt
waists. Good corduroy trou
sers at $1.00 and $1.50, and
the biggest line of SHIRT
WAISTS in town. All'
GOOD ones, too, 25 C to
There's great picking in
the men's suit sale at $8.50
and $12.50, and the neg
ligee shirts at 75c, $1.00.
and $1.50. Look them
over to-day.
Robinson, 'Ghenjlfc Go.,
Twelfth and F Streets.
Ddxr pay f 100 foi: a lot when you can
buy lots at Columbia l'ark Irom 25 to .V).
LntllJulylwe will give 3 ou your choice for
J25; cash or Installments: 10 ier cent, oft" for
cash. Offlco. IK 1' St. uvr. Jc22-2t
e a-o-a-aoos-"
buy loth at Columbia l'ark from $23 to $50.
I mil July 1 we will givo you jour choice for
15; cali or installments; 10 per cent, off for
cash. Oni'-e, tii F &t. mv e22-2t
f Cook On a
S Gas Range
T and saoll tl"
o discomfort of
cooking on a coal ranee, and
sate a bis pat t of the money
you would pay for fu"k (las
doesn't cost nonr at much as
coat, and If it did it wouldn't be
economy to roa-at oeraLot
coal stove We can save you
money on the ranges
rwbumer Gas Kauge, $13.
3-burner (las Range, 411
n 4-burnorGas Hange, lis,
a 413 10th St. N. W.
Less Than a Dollar
Will buy a good r.MBRELLA or
Sl'N MI Mill here But ilon't
think they're not moro than $1
qualitls They are
II Ul Bl-ick Gloria bun Shades,
2t-iuch Gloria bilk Umbrellas,
usually 51 37, now 11 CiN
20-int'h t.lorla bilk Mourning
Uinbrellas,wpre$I 40; now 99 CI :?.
20-inch ngllsh Gloria Umbrel
las, w ere ii 25; now S7 CTb.
717 Market Space.
& in i rrnnn
Hatter and
Gent's Furnisher,
Xo. 1012 Sccnth St. N. W.
Old and now, aro delighted with their mounts,
and aro not afraid to say so. Such testimony
carries weight with thoughtful purchasers. You
practice true bicycle economy when you buy
The best is always the cheapest
715 Thirteenth St. N. W.
Second-hand Wheels at Bottom Trices
Prescriptions Compounded by
Graduates of Pharmacy.
Easterday's Drug Store,
COK. O bT. AND N. J AVE., N. W.
buy lota at Columbia l'ark from 423 to fStt.
Until .fuly I n o will cive you your choice for
VK: cash or Installments; 10 por ceat off for
icsh. Offlco, t)23 F st nw. e22-2t
SIS Eliebtli St X. W. Telephone 1C13.
Laundry work In all Its branches neatly exe
tutel at roason&blo rates.
buy lots at Columbia Park from $23 to $3X
I mil July 1 we will giro you your choice for
(S3; cah or installments; 10 per cent off for
ecsu. Office, C3 F st. nw. Je2C-Ct
'"t-fr ,.,aj
I Jpu?m, Repairing, o
L 18$ ? WX Mainsprings. $1. L
V 8 EXPERT Efj Clcanlue. i- y
' 8011 jX maker y
SSMtf&ir 3io mil st. N. O
Y Si .t ncar Ja. V
Ac. A
The Two Boston Titdiers Hit For a
Total of Fifty-one Hases.
Hassamer, Cartwright, and Abbey lead in
Hitting, and Are Closely "Followed By
"Radford. Who Also Fields His Position in
a Clever Manner Boston Again To-day.
Results of YcMcrdnVs Games.
Frrr&BCRa, 11; Chicago, 4.
Brooklyn. 7; New York, 0.
Clevflamj, C; St. Locis, 3.
Washington, 20; Boston', 12.
Clscissati Louisville No game.
Tlic Championship Record.
w. i ivti h-. r. ret
Baltimore 32 12 .727 New York.. 86 22 -M2
Boston. S3 IS .047 -L Louis. .. 21 29 .420
Brooklyn... 29 IS .f.17 Cincinnati.. 16 30 .81S
Clm eland.. 27 17 .014 t'hlcago.... 10 32 -SSI
Plllla'pllla.. 23 18 .U IVaHh'tnn... 10 31 .320
Pittsburg.. 30 20 .10 Louisville.. 12 30 .233
Tlic Cx-ltrldcgioom M'ns Knocked All Ocr
the Iark.
The Senators yesterday put up the best game
of the season aud give the Bobtons ono of the
worst dofeati they hare received cinco the cham
pionship season openrd. The home team hit
the ball all over the lot, end handsome Lovett
was forced to retlro at the end of the third In
ning, having been hit for a total of eighteen
bases and at the end of the game they had
flftv-onu to their credit.
1 he Ueaneaters also hit Quito lively, but it was
done alter the Lome pitchers had eased up.
Meicer pitched for six innings, and because the
game was apparently won Petty took his place,
but he soon retired, being hit on the linud by a
batted ball by McCarthy. Sullivan took his place,
and did not exert himself in tho least.
'Ibero waa fairtrowdof ludles present, and
the rooters on the blcaUiers wore out in force,
aud they rooted loudly, having good cause.
rnmE nrcs is tukfe ivmngs.
Tho Senators began on Lovett In the first In
ning, four runs being Bcored on Ward's base on
balls, singles by Ilaesainer, Cartwright, and
Abbey, a put out and Dugdale's double.
In the second they made ono on "Ward's hit,
hi steal, and ej-rora bj Dutly and CanzeL
een more were made in the third on n single
by ,clbach, doubles by llassamer and Abbey, a
triple by Ward, a base on bulls, and Cartwrlght'a
home run hit to right center. This settled 31 r.
Lot utL
Staley went in the box In the fourth, but ho
failed to stop the hitting, belbach opeued with
a two baser, Tebeau following with a biso ou
balls, and after Itadford sacrified Mercer hit
fortnoba-es. Ward then went out, but llassa
mer made a homo run, and was followed by
Cartwright with a triple.
In the iifth bimrlos by Abbev, Mercer, and
Ward, a put iftit.aud itrlplo by Hid ford puttuo
more to the credit of the enfttor.
Krrors by 1 ucicer and Iong, a home run drivo
by Abbey, and a single byelbach netted four
Itassamer's double and Cartwrlghts single
scored one in the seventh
One run was scored in tho eighth on Ilad
ford's tnplo and .McCarthy's error
In the ninth l)tigdal aud Abbey singled and
Itadford lined out a double Then Lowe made
an error and two runs crossed the plate,
now koston's nros wjre scored.
Lowc,who had gone to first on balls in the first
Inuing, wa-r forced at second by Long's hit to
Had ford. Duffy hit for three bases and came
home on a put out at first.
Nash a three-bngger and fianzel's outtoSel
bach In the second scored one run
Another run was made in the third on Lowo's
single, a put out, and Dully s dmible.
Mnglos by Tucker, llannon, and Nash and a
put out In the sixth netted two runs.
feafe hits by Long, DuPy, and McCarthy, two
stolen baes by the latter, a drop tly by Tebeau,
and two stolen bases by Tucker resulted In four
ruus lu the e euth
Two more ruus were made In the eighth on
slncles by Long. Duffy, McCarthy, and 'lucker.
the score:
Wnrd.'-'b.... 3 3 -1 3 0 Lowe, 2b.... 0 15 2 1
Haas-nTr.Sb 4 4 7 S 0 lxng. ss ... 4 3 3 C 3
Cartwr't, lb 2 4 't 0 0 Dufiy, cf.... 3 4 4 0 1
Dugdale, c. 4 3 0 0 0 M Ca'y, lf.. 12 111
ALbey, lL. 5 10 0 Tucker, lb.. 5 2 1 1
Sclbach.rf.. 2 3 2 0 0 llannon. rf.. 1110 0
1fbeau,cL. 4 0 10 0 Nash, 3b.... 13 2 2 0
Uadford, ps. 2 3 3 T 0 (Janzel, c. .. 0 0 5 0 2
Mener,p... 2 2 0 0 0 Lovett, p.... 0 0 0 11
fculhvaii,p . 0 0 0 0 0italey, p.... 0 0 0 0 0
Total 28 7 27 13 0, Total 1216271310
Washington 4 17 4 2 4 1 1 226
Donton 2 110 0 2 4 2 012
Karned runs Wafehtngtons, 11; Boston, 8.
Two-bao hits llassamer, 2, Dugdale, Abbey,
Selbnch, Hadford, Mercer. McCarthy. l"hree-Mse
hits ard, Cartwright, Hadfork. 2; Duffy, Nah.
Home runs Hasamer, Cartwriaht, Abbey. Sac
rlllce hits Kadford, 2 Hrt ba- on errois
Wa-hiutons. ti Left on bases Washington, G;
Ifostona. t. Mruck out By I-ovett, 1; by Mnley,
1 laied ball Duedale. stolen bisezj Ward,
Dugdale, Abttey, lebeau, Mercer, McCarthy. 3;
Tucker, 2. lime of game 2 30. Umpire Mr.
Orioles Ouilavtcd the Phillies.
TUitimorK. June 22 To-day's DalUmore
rhlladtlphia content was a pretty good practice
game, especially tho latter part. Attendance,
3,C1 Score:
miTiMOKE. Rlnro ie1 thu-a. iUbtoae
McGrav,3b. 3 3 3 1 0 Ilnmilton.cf 3 3 ( 0 0
Kteler, rf... 2 3 10 0 Hallman, 2b 4 5 3 3 0
Ilrodie,L-f ... 113 0 OTurner, If.. 2 15 0 0
ISr'thcrs. lb 2 211 1 1 Delch'ty.lb.. 3 3 3 1 0
Kelley,lf.... 12 5 0 0Cn,c ss .. 1 3 2 1 1
lteitz,2b.. .2317 0 J ho pon,rf. 13110
Jeuninrst-s 3 1 2 1 1 (eillrt3b... 0 3 12 1
ltoMnHon,c 3 3 0 1 Ol.rady, c ...00000
lnkK.p 1 2 1 2 0 Inkling, ss.. 0 112 0
Mullaue,p.. 0 0 0 1 OCarsey, i.. 0 0 0 0 0
Durriss,p.... 0 2 0 10
TotaL 13222714 2,
I Total 14 24 2711 2
Daltimoro 122 3 0004 0 IS
Philadelphia 10 0 0 0 2 4 5 2-r-M
Karned runs Haltimore, 1C; rhiladelphla.il.
Two-base hits Itrouthers, KHley, Ueit2 2, ltol
Idhjii, llitlltnan, Debhaut 2, ("rons Threo base
hits heeler 2, Koitz, Jennings, "Ibompson.
Home run Keeler Molen bios Mcdraw,
kcelet, Druuthcrt. Kelley, .lehuiugs. Double
I lay Median, lleltz -ind Itroutln'rs. 1'lrst bao
ou balls. Hy Inks, 1; by Carey, 1; by Hiirrles. 1
Hit by piMied ball Delelianty. truckut
Inks. WildpiUh- Itnrrivw Time of game 2.20.
Umpire MrsMeO,uaId.
Diratcs Sicd Up Ditcher Griffith.
Pittbckg, June 22. Pittsburg baited Griffith's
curyes at wfll to-day aud won easily. Attend
ance, 2,000. fccorc:
rirrBUi:fi. k IB vo A E' CntCAGO.
Khieb'k.lf. 4 4 2 1 0 Kau. rf...
0 o : o o
2 1 2 C 0
12 111
1 010 0 0
0 3 2 0 0
Donovan, rf 1
2 0
0 0 Dahlt n, 3b
Deckley,lb. 2
btenyel. cf.. 1
Lyons li... 1
OIatHtok.fS 1
Ulerb'on 2b 0
Merritt.c... 0
KUIcn, p .. 1
0 0 WUinot. If.
0 0 Anson, lb .
0 3 Lange, cf. .
4 0 Irwin, ss.... 0 112 1
3 0 Parrott, 2b. 0 0 2 2 0
0 OCrlflith, p.. 0 1 0 2 0
1 0 Kittredge,c 0 0 5 0 2
Total.... 1117 27 9 3, Total..... 4 821 IT 4
I'ittsburg 5 0 0 10 14 0 x II
Chicago 0 0020 2 00 0 4
Karned runs Pittsburir, G Twc-base hits
Iherbauer and Ileckley. Three-base hits
Lyons and Schiebeck. Molen biscs Donovan
and Berkley. Double play Irwin and Anson.
I irstbnseon bills OtTKIIlen.4; off Griffith, 4.
Hit by pitched ball Hockley 2. Struck out By
Killen,3;by Griffith, 1. Time 2.05 Umpire
Mr. Ljuch.
Giants Outplaced at All Points.
New York, June ii Brooklyn outplayed New
York at all'polnts and Mage's umpiring was
execrable. Scores
Daly, 2b.... 1 1
5 4 OKuller.ss.... 0 0 J
Corcoran.ss. 0 2
Tredw'y. If.. 0 1
Orlffln.cf... 0 2
bhludlcSb.. 1 1
2 3 0 Burke, If.... 0 0 0
2 0 0 Davis, 3U... 0 0 1
4 0 V Doyle, lb... 0 010
1 1 0 Ward, 2b... 0 0 1
Burns, rf ... 1 1
0 0 Stafford. 2b. 0 14
Koutz,lU... 2 2 9 0 0,Vn HTt'mcf 0 0 0
Klns'ow.c... 2 2 10 1 I lernan, rf.. 0 0 3
Stein, p..... 0 3 12 OFarrelLc. 0 0 C
Husie,p.... 0 3 0
TotaL 71527 10 1
Total 0 4 2716 4
Brooklyn 1 002020117
NewYork 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00
Karned runs Brooklyn. 3. Two-base hit-
Burns. Three-base bit Klnslow. Homo run
Daly. Stolen bases Burns and Fuller. Double
Flays Fuller, Daly, and Doyle: Corcoran and
butz. First base on balls Off Stern, 6; off
Husle,3. Struck out By Kusie, 3. Wild pitches
Husle, 1; Stern, 1. Time 2.10. Umpire Mr.
Results of Other Games.
Wilkesbarro,6;Troy,2. Harrisburg,I6;IIazle
ton, 7. Heading, 12; Easton. L- Allentown. 10;
Pottsville, 9. Krie,7; Providence, 5. Springfield,
20; Buffalo,?. Grand Kapfds, 12; Indianapolis, 10.
Arthur CInrkson Batted Hard.
Sr. Louis, June 22. CI ark son was knocked out
of the box by the TLaltors Is the second Inning,
'sJkxfxt. ?,'", "j.fsy
is your last opportunity to take your choice ef ANY
is the best chance any man can have to make his
selection of a SUIT a PAIR of PANTS or a
THIN COAT and VEST out of the DEVLIN
BARNUM variety. The end of this sale is fast ap
proaching and if y. n know the value of a dollar
3'ou'll spend it now while these superb garments are
to be had at
May be the wind-up of that FANCY WASH VEST
SALE. We bought all the maker had so, of
course, the qualit' is limited. There are Single
and Double Breastpd styles both in the lot.
They're marked what they are worth but we've
sliced 'em at exactly
Open until late to-day.
Your money back for any cause whatever.
Pa. Ave.
and was succeeded by Hawley, who pitched a
wonderful gam. .Attendance, 1,500. Score:
Child, 2b.. 0 0
Hiirkett, If.. 1 1
McKean,ss. 2 1
Lwlntc. rf... 1 2
Tebeau.lb.. 0 1
2 0 Dowd. rf.... 0
4 0 0 Frank, If.... 0
1 0 0 Shugart. cf.. 0
5 0 0 Miller. 3b... 1
4 0 9 Connor, lb.. 1
1 3 0()uIun,Jb... 1
10 0 Kly, S!, 0
0 2
McGarr, 3b. 1 I
lrtue, cf.. 0 2
O Conner, c. 1 0
Young, p.... 0 0
Total G 8 2
G 1 1 Feitz,c 0 0 10 2
0 2 OClarkson.p. 0 0 0 0 0
lllawley, p.. 0 2 2 0 0
I Total.... 313 2711 3
Cleveland 2 2000000 26
SL Louis. 0 0001000 23
Earned runs St. Louis, 3; Cleveland, 2. Two
base hit Dowd Three-base hits McKeau.ilc
Oarr, and Connor Stolen base Dowd Double
plays McGarr and Child; shugart aud Connor;
r.ly, (Julnn, and Connor First base on balls
Off Hawley, 2; off Clarkson. 1 Struck out By
Hawley, 1; by Young, 2 Pased ball O'Connor.
Time 210. Umpire Mr. llursL
On the Race Lines.
Dugdalo Is a fair backstop.
Magulro was sick yesterday.
Not au error by the Senitors.
Joyce was on tho toaching line.
Washicgtons scored-in evcry inning.
A total of fifty-one hits by the Senators.
Senators, you cm win Just as easily to-day.
What's the matter with either Mercer or Maul
The Boston outfielders earned their salaries
Fetty's name does not appear In the score for
the reason that he did not do anything, pitching
to but four men.
llassamer was in the game all over. lie
caught a foul fly, aud throwing his cap to the
side he walked to the bench with the style of a
Miscellaneous Sporting; Notes.
Billy Young irants a match with Jack Bolan at
123 pounds for from 4100 to $500 a side, ten
rounds or to a finish, winner to take alL
Entries for the tenuis tournament for the Dis
trict championships will doo this evening with
H. H. Wcstcott, No. SOS Seventeenth street north
west. Commencing this evening the Columbia Ath
letic Club will give a series of outdoor smokers
on the tennis courts adjoining the club.
The New York and Brooklyn Jockey Clubs will
give an extra day at .Morris Park on July 4
Brighton Beach and Sheepshead will also ruu
the same day.
On next Thursday night, at Henrr'fl theater,
Alexandria, Jack Dougherty will meet JoeCor
rig'in in a s ecinl ten-round bout Among the
prdlmluary bouts wilt be one between Jim
Jaynle, of this city, and an Alexandria unknown.
Wnlcott Defeated rharris.
Boston", Juno 22. Walcott beat Sbarris In six
rounds in the fight here to-night.
Pouring in Fast.
Is your baby's photo nmong those
- we have received as contestants in
our Babies popularity contest? Ir
not send it In at once U o want
eny babys photo In Washington.
- We offer four handsome prizes of
-$), $25, ami $10 in gold, and a pair
each of finest Bhocs to the baby and
its mother They are well worth
trying for and your baby stands just
as much chance of carrying otT one
of the prizes as anybody else s baby.
The contestants photographs are to
be placed In n huge exhibition frame
and -voted for by our patn ns. The
prizes are i ow ou exhibition In our
show window take a peep at them.
rzThe small sum of .150 buys a
good summer shoo here und we
charge you nothing for the cold
watcifuruished by our two immense
electric fans while you try 'em on.
929 F St. N. W.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In
Prices as low as any ItESPONblBLE COMPANY
In the District.
Office: 910 Pennsylvania atonue.
..,. ISth Street Wharf.
Depots. 3103 Water street.
Hot Ma salt bath. 1329 Q sk n.w. aplS-lyc
.ittftriifvhl' r" -W4-..J..., ..., id
kJ..J;i:inr':.iilJ.,SSi.-". ir"- ?' -.-.
Half Price
Half Price
Half Price.
and 7th St.
Another Subcommittee to Investigate the
Iniquities of the Sstcm.
The recent trip of the House Committee on
Immigration to New York will not conclude the
pers nal investigation of the immigrant system.
A subcommittee of three, Representatives
Bartlioldt, of MKsourl; Davey, of Louisiana, and
Maguire, of California, has been appointed to
follow up the subject, and nartlcularly to give
attention to the padrone system. Mr. Bartholdt
weut to New 1 ork last night to join his col
leagues, and will be at Ellis Island for a day or
two to look over arriving vessels.
Hecom mend at Ions probably will be made by
the committee that the board of inquiry on Ellis
Island b emiowered to subperna witnesses,
and that Dr. Seimer, the superintendent, and
his assistants be gh en official standing bylaw,
as they now hold thoir places under executive
order and are paid from the immigration fuud.
Chance for the Babies.
Many of the most aristocratic tots in town
hare entered that unique baby popularity con
test Inaugurated by F. II Wilson, the F-street
shoe merchant, aud a very lively and Interest
ing contest Is to be expected. The photographs
of the wee little ones are to be placed In a huge
frame ami voted for by Mr. W llson's patrons.
Thoouerecel.iug the largest number of votes
secures a prize of $35 in gold: the nxt largest,
f& in gold; the next largest, 10 in gold, and the
next largest, a pair each of llson's finest shoes
for Itself and mother. The prizes are now ou
exhibition In Mi. ilson's show window.
.Marriage Licenses.
Marriage licenses issued yesterday: Baylos
Fairfax and Mary Catherine Braxton; Edfin E.
Harris, of Sidney. Iowa, and Louisa A. Fairfield,
of this city; Thomas I) shelton. of Leesburg,
Vo., and Llzzio B lock n ell, of Jefferson, Va.
Sanger's Term Reduced.
Tho President has reduced to three months
Imprisonment the sentence of IJ0 daysimpris-
enmeut and 120" I flue of 11 It. Sauter. convicted
In the District of carrying concealed weapons.
Washinsfon Times.
Daily and Sunday.
The Washington Times Co.
!- 3-ve,SS5, . ,
- 5!JsStea; - W - - .A - ..T?.'.i
,.t - iSiBBBBaA - jS - aJrjiii3ri.rii.S.'
Talent .Put Their Mbney Down and It
Didn't Come Back.
Syracuis Apparently Won the Sinai Haes,
bat Elmitone Was Oiren tat Decision,
Much to the Indignation of the Backer! of
Miller! Horse Manlove Bode Poorly.
Favorites had thatest of it at the Island track
yesterday, as Mattle Chun, Senator, anil Honest
Tom vero all heavily played and succeeded in
landing the monoy. Traitor was the dump of
the day, the talent accepting 3 to 5 and 1 to 2 for
their money, but, unlike the cat, It never came
back, as the horse quit like a steer when Man.
lo o weut to whip In the stretch. Traitor Just
as soon as he felt the lash stopped and started
to kick, which little pleasantry lost him all
chance of winning and permitted Some Mors to
b-at him out for tho place.
The sensational finish of the day was in the
final event, when Syracuse and Elmstone drew
away from their Held 100 yartls from home and
finished heads apart. Syracuse was apparently
In-front, and the man who ruus up the numbers
thought so. us he started to hoist byracuae's
number, but the Judge's placed Eluistoue first.
A crowd gathered about the stand and rotested
aculusttbe decision, but without effect, except
that one excited Individual was ordered to be
removed by 1'rosideut Ike Jones.
1 ho first race had a very unsatisfactory look,
as it seemed as if Mattle Chun, the winner, was
the only horse trying. Manlove had the mount
ou Psyche, and nfter leading clear of hja field to
the middle of the stretch Mattle Chun cot up,
and then Manlove appeared as if no more was
expected of him, as he rode a very Indifferent
finish, and was content with second place. There
was no Investigation of the race by the Judges.
Senator was favorite for the second race, nnd
after indulging Ited Elm with the lead for half
the Journey he shot to the front and won easily
from Lily M., a well-backed second choice, lto
nald won tho third, lioneit Tom tho foutth, and
jLlmatone was given the fifth. Summaries:
Hon tho Horses Ran.
Track fast.
IO'J FfRST Hack Six furlongs. Non-winners.
O Purse IM. Time-I:1CH
hid. Horn and iff. SL .Sf. 'ul. Joelty.
tn.Vjttiethnn.9G.. i 4 2IK1 Murphy.
W Psyche, !W 1 If 11 i3 Manlove.
97 Inn M'l LlB't.107 3 23 33 Bender.
1S1 Mrlligfellow. 113. G 5 3 4 11. Lewis.
IDUIIIackwood, 114... 5 6 0 5 Casey.
7-.'( DutchLou, 11J... 2 4 t 6 Kuchen.
IBiieiito, 1U1.A 7 7 7 7 Dcnnelly.
95 Poverty, 111 8 8 8 8 Dorsey.
C.cod start Wi n easily.
lletting Mattie Chun, i; Psyche. 6; Imported
Night Light. 8; Strlngfellow, i: Blackwood, 8;
Dutch Lou, 6; Leuto, IS; Poverty. 50.
1o i fsECOMi IUck Four and a half furlongs.
i-r Selling Purse 1W. Time Not taken.
lnJ Horn and nt At i it fin. Jorlrt.
HOt-enitor.91 S S !! 11 King.
MLIly.M..9 5 6 3 '-JHIKobinson.
10 I aragoii, 105 3 4 4 3H Bender
ll'JCaraccus.HO 8 7 5 4 Williams.
1U7 lied Elm, 83K.... 6 1 Hi 5 Brown.
30 Slander, 9"Ji. ...7 8 6 0 Feuulmore
IDS Oregon. 90. .. 4 5 7 7 IJounelly.
Warfleld.100. ... 1 3 8 8 Murphy.
Fair start. Won handily.
Scratched Martel, 90.
Betting Senator, even; Lily M.,5; Paragon, 8;
Caraccus, 15; lied Elm, 5; blander, 6; Oregon, 8;
Wnrfleld, 10
-l rt" TlllKD KlCE Six and a half furlongs.
1 Selling Purse f 150. Tlnie-1DM
Ind.HoritsanJwL SL SL Fin. Jorley.
(111) iionald. 105 . ... 1 lh In II Bender.
'lllsoiiic.More,94... 4 35 3 S Murphy.
(U!) Traitor, 3 25 2i 3W Manlove.
.LyndhmsMtC... 2 5 5 4 Jennings.
(59J'rcruwoud. 112... 5 4 4 5 H. Lewis,
(lood start Won handily. y
Scratched Blatkburn, Hi.
Betting Uouald, 3; Some More, C; Traitor, 7 to
10; Lyndhutst, 12; Femwood, C.
1i FoncTIl lUCE Four and a half furlongs
iO Selling. Ptjixo 1150. Time-O-JSJi.
Ind. Hone and kL St. M SL f'tn. Jockev.
IDS Honest Tom, 93 1 1 1 It Brown.
MS Bingham, SO 2 2 2 21 Donnelly.
101 Blue Bird, 101.. . 5 4 4 Sh Dorsey.
lOfi Banjo, 90. 3 3 3 4 Robinson.
'ja Parthian, 105 .... 8 5 5 5 Burns
1J) Challenge, 99H--7 7 7 G C.Lewis.
. ...Joe Knot, 9.1 4 6 6 7 R. Bender.
Fair start Won easily. .
Scratched-Bunker Hill, 90.
Betting Honest Tom, 7 to 5; Bingham, 4; Blue
Bird, 2; Banjo, 7; Parthian, 10; Challenge, 4; Joe
Knot, 8.
jn" Firm Hack Five furlongs. Selling.
1 L I Purse 1150. Time loll
ini Hurt and trL SL H SL Fin. Jocttt.
Elmstone, 119.... 3 3 3 lh Kuchen.
112 Syracuse, 124 .... 1 1 1 25 Bayley.
(112) Salisbury, HI... .10 5 4 3! King.
Gypsy, 114 2 2 2t 4 Jennings.
Quartorm'st'r.lll 8 8 6 5 Fennimore
.. .Aunt Jane, 109... 7 4 5 6 Williams.
107 Aftermath, 119 .. 6 9 7 7 liichards'n
66 Aristocrat, 131... 5 7 8 8 Norman.
Bonnie S , 116 ... 9 10 10 9 Parson.
Calcium, 111 4 6 9 10 CUro.
Fair start. "W on driving
Scratched Topmast, 111; Markstone. IK.
Betting Elmstone, 11 to 5; Syracuse, 2; Salis
bury, 5 to 2; tiypsy, 40; (Quartermaster, SO; Aunt
Jane, SO; Aftermath, 20; Aristocrat, 40; Bonnie S ,
30; Calcium, 10.
Car J for To-Day.
First Race Five furlongs.
Index. Hoik. WL
Index. Horse.
108 Cloverdale
RS Ruby
IS! Lita
119 Mcllle Davis...
10i Prince Albert. 107
Milklns 107
Nubian . 107
Alarmer 107
Roman 107 (124) Senator
Ada Blue 105 lOi C. O. D
98 Keystone 107 103 Dr. Uelmutu
102 Jim lagan.... 107
Secovd Race Ono mile.
Index. Horte. W'L I Index. Hone.
, S3
. 95
116 Larrhmont. .. UK
114 Headlight..... W
Rapldan 105
116 IT.fortunatus 11)0
109 Lotion 102
14 Little Charlie..
(109) Red Star
110 Kinilllrd.
1J5 reinwood......
(116) Freozer 101 1 116 Annorean
Tiiikd Race Five furlongs.
Index. Hone. lit I fnJ. Worse.
Trlx.dardner. S7 .(120) Sweet Alice.
Mollle Penny. 117 1X1 A. O. 1L
120 Meadows 96 ,(110) Camden
Fourth Race Four and a half furlongs.
Index. Hone. VTL , Index. Hone.
115 Dr. I-aust 109 115 Turco ,
115 U Falls filly 108 (90) Agitation....
79 Refuse 94
Fiktii Race Six and a half furlongs.
Index. Hone. lit I index. Horse.
. 112
. Ill
. 97
. 103
. 103
Gonzales 114 ,117 Hay Tay...,
Kildle M 114
125 Lyndburst 109
99 Queen d Or. . 103 '
Lfcculus 105 J
117 Luray 103 ,
Sixtu Race One mile.
121 Detroit
Ponce de Leon.
109 Radiant
122 McKeever
Gentlemen riders.
Index. Horse.
92 Greenaway...
Index. Hone. 117.
(113) Marlboro 175
121 Cnpt-Mnnnlng 165
(81) Elphin 155
First race C O. I : Llta.
Second raco Larchmont; Freezer.
Third race Mesdnws: Sweet Alice.
Fourth race West Falls filly; Agitation.
Fifth raco Detroit; (Jueeu d Or.
Sixth race Captain .Manning; Marlboro.
Pointers from the Paddock.
Backers of Syracuse were hot under the collar.
Unkind people said Mattle Chun was "shooed"
Manlove's weak finish on Psyche had a very
suspicious look.
Paragon pulled up very lame behind in the
third race and hobbled to his stable.
Fernwocd ran a very Dcor race, and never
seomed to be able to catch up with tho leaders.
Jockeys Donnelly, Williams, and King were
fined 110 each for bad behavior at the post In the
second race.
Senator was generally considered to have
fallen into a soft spot, aud the result proved such
to be tho case.
lttwas the general impresston that Ronald was
liable to quit if challenged, bu Traitor was at
his thrcatlatih for three turlongs aud tho horse,
never weakened.
Wind-up at Hawthorne.
Hawtiioun'e, Juno 22 Last day of the meet
ing. Summaries:
First Race Flve-elgbths of a mile. May. 3 to
1, won; Wells Street. 15 to 1, second; Rodegan, 2
ml, third. Time 1.-041$.
Slcomi Race Tbree-juarters of a mile. Tom
Oriflln, 7 to 3, won; Full Measure, 12 to 1, second;
Designer. 6 to 1, third. Time 1.16S.J.
Third Race One and one-eighth miles. En
thusiast, 11 to 5, won; !ngoniar,.1' to 1, second;
Strathmeath. 9 to 3, third. Time 1:56.
Fourth Race One mile. Patrick. S to 5, won;
Ellen, 3 to 1, second; Pat Malloy, Jr., third. Time
Firm Race Three-quartors of a mile. Queen
Bess, 6 to 5, won; Springtiino,4 to 1, second; Fred
Wooloy, 13 to 1, third. Time l:17i.
Sunt Race Three-quarters of a mile. Jack
Richelieu, 10 to 1, won; Caprees, 15 to 1, second;
Tartarian third. Tims 1:17K.
Last Day at St- Louis.
St. Louis, June 22. This was the last day of
the meeting. Summaries:
Fust Back Six furlongs. Jardlne, ts I,
. - 3- . . .t r . -WJ . , '.- . . Jl
,-i?niv;rti .-. s.- i''r.'?"Ml!rf. i 7;
i nrr--3"1 in in maTlffli itiiirriiii
Star Soap 3U cents cake.
JOHNSTON'S, 729 7th St-X W.
Beautiful Windows and Beautiful Shoes.
This Is what can be seen at the Economy Shoe House. 706 7th st n.w. Wo Invito
the public to Inspect our newly decorated windows, something that has never been
seen before. Below will be found a list of bargains such as neror was offered
Men's Hand-sewed Tan Shoes, $-1 value. 9Z50.
Child's Hand-turned A, If, 7 to 10.2. A, B, C worth $1.23, for SSc.
Misses' Hand-turned A H, 11 to 2, A, B, and C last, f 1.50 value, for C2c
Boys' V. Calf Shoes for 98c.
Ladles' Tan and Black A II for 73c.
Ladles' Stripe-toed Patent Leather and Dongola and Tan for 93c; for Saturday,
28c only.
. 100 pairs Children's Shoes, were 1.23, now afe
100 pairs Misses Shoes, were $1.25, now 38a
Economy Shoe House, 706 SeventK". Street.
The Men's Suits we aro now selling at (Dy c-j v
Are strictly ALL WOOL and have been selling at $10 and ill. '
Tho Men's Suits wo aro now selling at JCIO CQ ',.
i CANNOT BE DUPLICATED for loss than 415 to S20.
Large selections at these prices and all sizes.
907-909 8TH ST. S. E. ,d.,m
won; Little Fbil, 20 10 1, second; Envy, 30 to 1,
third. Time 1:1MsJ.
bECOVD HMce One and one-sixteenth miles.
Unito Jim, 5 to 2, won; Itcd (Jap, 10 to 1, second;
Jaa;S to 1, tnlrd. Time LSI.
THtKD Hack One mile. Francis Pope, 5 to 2,
won; Tip. 5 to 1, setoud; Key Delilar, i to I,
third. Time 1.44.
FotitTH lUCEMx furloncs. The Missouri
stakes for two-year-olda, Caprivl, 3 to 5, won;
Prime Minister. 2 to 1, second; fcipnora, 5 tol,
third. Time 1:16)
Fit-Til I! act One mile. Guido, 7 to 10, won;
Cbbtwell, 3 to 1. second; Constantino, "10 to 1
third. Timn-1 M)A.
sunn Hack Mx furloncs. Lottie Mills, T to 10,
won; lteadina. 15 to 1, second; Tiamp, 15 tol.
third. Time-l:15j.
Winners at the Ba Had to Hustle for the
New York, June 22. Fully 3,000 persons were
present to watch some very good racing at
Sheepshead Bay to-day Nearly every race re
sulted in a head finish, and not until the last
Jumps were several contests decided. Hush
Penny had a sharp tussle with Merry Monarch
in the first, and tin ally won by a short head,
while Wernberg was two lengths away In the
third place
In the race for the Daisy stakes Anisette
looked like a winner, but Harry Heed came very
fast at the end and caught her at the post.
Ferrier went off with thejead In the third race,
and bog-gelt obeyed orders, maklnic every post
a winning one. Arab and Captain T. chased
him In, but could not catch him. The time for
the mile, 1.39 4-5, was within a second of the
fastest on record for the track.
In the fourth race Mowaway let PicVnlcter
get too far away from him, anil then he
could never beat him, finishing second. In
the fifth race there wa a splendid contest be
tween Belmar aud The Bluffer, aud The Bluffer
won by a short head on the wire
The last race was on tHe turf, and Rubicon,
the favorite, tried to mnle a runaway racn of it,
but had to give it up, and a close finish resulted
between 111 Fou-mj, Ed Kearney, Watterson,
and Lizzie, and they finished In that order very
close together.
Fibst Kact Five and one-half furlongs. Hugh
Penny, 103 (Keiff),B tol, won by a head; Merry
Monarch, ll (Griffin), ". to 1, second by two
lengths; Wernberg, 111 (Doggett), 8 to 1, third.
Time 1:0$
isECOND Race Dafcy stakes. Five furlongs, on
turf. Harry Keek, llSOlms).? to 1, won by a
head; AnnUette, IlVLnmley), tt) to 1, secund by
two lengths; Prince of Monaco, US (Perkins), 6 to
I, third. Time 1:04.
TiiIKb Kace One mile. Selling. Ferrier, 107
(Doggett), 3 tol, won by a length; Arab, W
(Grimu), 13 to 5, second by two lengths: Captain
T 87 (Keefe), 2 to 1, third. Time 1:29 4-5.
Forum Race Nine furlongs. Pickniciter, 93
(Penny), 3 to I, won by half a length; Mowaway,
109 (i?liusl to&seccnd by twolengths;l:ebtraIut,
90 (Keefe), U to 1, third. Time 1.37.
Fifth Race Hie furlong. The Bluffer, 119
(Doggett), Vaj to 1, won by a head; Belmar, IIS
(buedeker). 7 to 1, second by length; Dolabra, 113
(Lamley).7toI,thtriL Time 103.
Sixth Kce Grass inaugural staVes. Seven
furlongs on turf. Will Fonso, 122 , Doggett), 10
tol, won by ahead; Ed Kearney, 122 (Thomp
son). 5 to 1, second by half a length; Watterson,
135 (UcCaSerty), 4 to I. third. Time 1:29 2-5.
Entries for to-morrow:
Fikst IUce Futurity course. Sweepstake.
Clifford, 122; Monell, 121; Lord Harry, 114; Annie
BUhop, 107; Robin Hood, 100; Trevelyan, 111;
Kazan, 10&
second Race Five furlongs. Foam stakes.
KennelL Kitty IL colt, 113 each; Gutta Percha,
Third Rice One mile and a furlong. Selling.
Melody, 82; .fcdin. 99; Bine Garter, 94; Candeli
bra, 107; Deception, 97; Count, 102; Long Beach,
10; His Grate, 90
Fourth Kace Futurity course. Coney Island
handicap Hurlingham.lf7tonenellie,r),felrocco1
123; Bocfae, 113; Ducat. Lowlander, 114 each; Wan
Jim. llb;Armitage, 105; Aurelian, 102; Prig, 105.
Fifth Race Un and three-sixteenth miles.
Handicap. Roche, 117; Herald, 109; spread Eagle,
SIXTH IUck Extra. All agesL Selling allow
ances; over Futurity course. Lord Harry, Hoey,
109 each; Poor Jonathan, Old Dominion, Chat
tanooga. 107 each; Walcott, 100; Trtvelyan,
Dolly colt, 100 each; Bough and Ready, 99: Uln
tou, Runyon, Cactus, 97 each; Gold Dollar, PC;
Polydora, Rosa IL, 94 each; Torchbearer, SO;
Pulitzer, S3
SEiEvrn Race Coney Island Grandi National
Steeplechase. Frll course. Ballarat, 176; Ian
Jose. 137; Max. Ill; Ingot. 146; Rodman, 135;
Persistence. 141; Glenfallon, 150: Alchemist, 152;
Miles Standish, 135; Luck now, 110.
American Derby To-day.
Chicago, Juno 22. Washington park entries
for to-morrow:
First Rack One mile. Flora Thornton. Pey
tonla. Fair Knight, 92 each; Sonator lrby. 97;
Sister Mary, Monrovia, 102 each; Maid
Marian. 107
'SKCon Rack Six furlongs. Arena. 81; May
Fern, 91: Rosalie, Debracy, 101 each; Helter
Skelter, 101; Fourth of July, 112; Penniless. 106;
Gascon, 119; Ruby Tayne, Highland, Gcraldine,
114 each.
Thiku RACE One and one-half miles. Ameri
can Derby. SweepRtakes for three-year-olds.
Orlnda. 117; Domino, 1C5; Cash Day, Despot, Sen
ator Urady, Resplendent, Lucky Dog, Dorian,
Hey El Santa Anita, Hornpipe, Prince Carl.AI
ceuor, 122 each.
Focrth Rack One and one-sixteenth miles.
Mary B. M.'. 77: Pat Malloy. Jr , Elva, 92 each; Car
men, Phllora, "0 eath; Cicely. W; Ragner, 100;
Long Shot, Jack Richelieu. 101 each; Joe Murphy,
102: Illume, 103; Vallera, 103.
Finn Race Four nnd a half furlongs. Mln
nette, Nona, 105 each; Helen, Fabriola. 108
each; Llzzick, Dick Behan, 111 each; Elsie, Katie
B . 115 each.
Sixth Rack Four and a half furlongs. Gle
nune, Mollle R., La Fiesta, Diggs. 115 each;
Mainstay, Handsome, IIS each; Kitty Cllve,
Esther Cleveland, 129 each.
Getaway Day at Latonla.
Cincinnati, June 22 To-day closed the Spring
meeting of the Latouia Jockey Club. Sum
maries: rinsT Rce Six furlongs. Minnie Baxter. 92
(A. CIaylon),even,won: Footrunner.103 (J. Hner),
7 to 2, second; Ruth V., 92 (Sheerln), la to 1, third.
Second race Selling. One mllo Nephew,
(A. Clayton), 3 to 1, won; Cass. 9b (a Weber). 4
tol, second: '1 assco, 100 ill. illiams), 2 to!,
third. Time 1.4114
TntRn Rice. Six furlongs. Somersault, 105
(A. Clayton), 3 to I, won; Preference. 92 (II. Wil
liams). 7 to 1. second; Emma Me, 103 (J. Fisher), 8
tol, third, 'lime 1.15.
Fourth Race Five furlongs. Tho Princess,
104 (Beckley), 4tol.won; Annlo M.,98 (a Wil
liams), 8 to 1, second; Sunburst. 113 (liny), 13 to
5, third. Time 1-04
Firrn Race Cincinnati Hotel handicaps One
and one-quarter miles. Ida Tickwick. 123 (It
Vt illiams), 4 to 1, won; J. P. B.. C5 (IL Williams),
4 to 1, second; Henry Young, 112 (J. Fisher), 5 to
2, third. 1 line 2.12. Foraday finished first, but
was disqualified lor fouling.
"Rockbridge Rye" best In world for money
4 gallon, tl quart. 50c pint, 25c sample bottle.
Lt.nCU-, 404 Ninth street northwest. wed&i
Every Hat every Summer .Suit and every
other article of Men's F urnishings which for
merly belonged to the English Haberdashery
Company, Ld., of ls9 Broadway. Now York, Is
Ol'lte We wouldn't have bought a dollar's
worth of It If it hadn't been a big BARGAIN. It
won't be hero long at these prices;
Silk. Alpaca Coats and Vests .4 $3 73
Silk Pongee Coats and Vesta 3.00
Men's SIS Suits 50
Seersucker Coats and Vests. G5c
Men's $20 Suits SOU
Men's 23 Suits 1100
Men's "1 SOTrousers. 73c
1 Men's $5.00 Trousers. .'. 2.25
t Men's ffOJ Trousers. 2.75
Men's $7.00 Trousers. 3J75
Mohair Coats and tests 73
Percale Shirts lanndered with two
extraCollare -75c
Percale Shirts laundered Collar
attached ..69c
Four-ply Limn Collars... 3 for 25c
White and Fancy Double or Single
breasted Vests.. L23
Egyptian-combed BalbrigganX'nder
wear tOc per Salt
Full Dress shirts op.u front and
back G9c
Men's Imported Seamless Half Hose,
all colon worth 25c Our price.. 12t4c a Pair
Straw Hats for all mankind 50c
Silk Web Suspenders. ,10c
H. Fnedlanf8r& Bro
Corner 9th and E.
The Wonder Cornet.
Given Highest Award Over AU
Others at the World's Fair-
Recommended and used by Levy, Liberate
Hoch, Knoll, Chambers, Rogers, Bode, Short,
and all other great soloist; ab-o recommended
by ail prominent bandmasters. Including Fan
eiulli, Sousa, Innis, and others. For prices ad
dress C. G. CONN,
A Suitable Suit
For Summer wear can be made front
those Black and Blno Cheviots we're mak
ing to order for $25. Good cloth", manu
factured by the leading weavers and guar
anteed to keep their color. Tho cheapest
good, reliable suit of clothes that you can
get anywhere,
Military and Civic Tailor.
Registered Pharmacist.
North Capitol nnd I Streets N. E.
Puro Drugs and Medicines. Ico Cold Soda and
I Mineral Wntera
We eu "uswi -made' cigars.
MNlght boll promptly answered."
your patronage earnestly solicited. ap22-3im
Will make a suit to your measure and made on
the premised for 315. No sweatshop wort here.
mr24,3mo THE TAlLOlt 810 F ST. X W.
Ted Fisher, an old Craftsman, is now blending
drinks for us. Now, boys, call and see him. U
will prepare a drink for you "fit for the god"
and a lunch Mflt for a king."
(04 to em Q street northwest.

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