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T 9 WW
Apostle Von Swartwout Comes Here
to Manifesto Congress.
Honey, Barter, Trade, Corporations, Deeds,
Bonds, Notes, and Stocks to Be Abolished.
New "Order of Builders" to Prevail His
Occult Coat-of-Arms Millennium at Hand.
Dr. William II. Von Swartwout, of Now York,
the founder and self-appotntod eipouent of the
"new departure in politics," and editor of tho
"Olombla Commonwealth Hercules," is In the
city, accompanied by Mrs. Swartwout, and I
stopping at the bt. James. His mission here 13
to present to Congress a petition embodying his
theories, and to formally project a plan which
he contends will inaugurate an era of unlrersal
equity and peace, and bring tho whole world
within the boundii of the new "Olombla Com
roon wealth.
The scheme he has matured, after twentr-flvo
years of patient study, la to do away with money,
barter, and trade, abolish tho charters of exist
ing corporations, cancel all deeds and titles to
land, repudiate bonds, notes, and stocks, and
render of no value all mouoy bearing the gov
ernment stamp, for which he will substitute a
system under his new "order of builders."
Dr. bwartwout is not a foreign-born citizen, a
fact which he Is anxious to havo fully under
stood. Jin claims his plan and the universal
panacea which he prescribes for the Ills of life
to be distinctively American.
lie was born of Dutch stock, in Utlca, X. V., In
1330, and is of a distinguished genealogy that
traces back to tho tlmo when his ancestry occu
pied tho ISlack forest hundreds of years ago.
IheJlrstof the family to land in this country
came from Holland in 1610 and settled with tho
ew Netherlands Colony, now New York. Tho
present head of the fumily is Raron onSwart-
rnout,uf Kirkovcn, Holland. The doctor Insists,
however, that ho traces his ancestry backbvjond
lhollm.dam,and consequently he taxes but
little stock in ancestral or family names. The
occult slguitlcauco of the fumily name, however,
and tho astronomical emblems, are claimed to
be of great value in dltlnlug the eonts and ap
pointed times of certain sacred prophesies.
Dr. bw.trtwout is a pleasant-faced, mild-mannered
gimtleinatu He di'iisbes his theories
earnestly and impresses the listener as one who
is thoroughly nt homo with the subject and fully
convinced of its Importance. Ho tells of the
family coit-of-nrma, dehcribes It minutely, nud
explains its several occult features mer 'y as ho
would discuss any other portion of thu scheme
ho expects to bring before Congross.
Ills i oat-cf-arma figures us a factor In this
economic structure of his. It consists of the flg
uroof a white lion, rampiut, bearing a heart
and surmounting a ducal coronet, signifying
groat humanity; beneath these Is a shield, upon
which appears tho ilguro of a black lion, ram
pant, with heart In I ho upper right and left cor
ner and beneath tho lion a heart.
The significance of all this is that he is the one
member of his family who was born for the ful
fillment of the preat work ujton which hois en
ga&'d. Ir makes him a cosmu.johtau fir tho
performance vf n certain work In this cosmojKtli
tan nation. The prophecy is tho millennium, and
Declaims the kingdom of heaven will start In
cosmopolitan America, tbo beginning of which is
at hand His full name has an occult or spiritual
signification, meaniug out of tho black forest."
or "out of darkness Into light,"
Trior 10 the Introduction of his plan and the
presentation of his petition to Congress, Dr.
Swartwout proposes to.elucldate both In a public
lecture, which Is announced to be given at Typo
graphical Temple, opjKslte tho IVnsiou Office,
on U street, next Tuesday evening, tho VOth in
stant To this lecture he invites .Vnators nnd
ICoprebentalhes, that they may bo prepared for
the reception of the formal document when he
appears at the Capitol lor in presentation. JlH
petition Is, In ellect. Hist, for a hearing by tho
iiousoof theOlcmbla manifesto; and, second)),
that tbo Uloinbiu peace Hag bhall be unfurled
from the dome of tho Capitol as a sigual to the
people of the United States and tho whole world
that tho reign of equity and poace on earth Is
begun under the now name of Olombla, and
now presents the only solution of the money
problem, etc., with an effective and permanent
8) stem for the elevation of tho universal pcopl
to prosperity. Justice and contentment.
1 he OIomLIa peace flag, which ho 1ms with him
and which be expects to havo no difficulty in
placing ujon the Capitol, was exhibited to a
'HUES reporter last eienlnc It lab" by 12 feet in
dimensions, with white ground bordcrod with
gold, and In the center a blazing sun with the
word ''Peace." He has alo with him a sample
of the new Columbia United Mates transition
flag, which is smaller than tho others. It has
fourteen stars on a b ue field, with blazing sun
In the center and bearing the word "Olombia."
Dr. Swartwout claims that his movement Is
purely educational. His appeal Is to reason,
and he pioffcrs, he doclarts, a reasonable and
practical solution of tho present social difficul
ties without impoverishing nnybaJy. His scheme
is quite us good fcr tho Congressman as for the
tramp. He docs not recognize the so-called in
dustrial armle-i as baUng any connection with
his movomen:, except as examples of tho pres
ent social unrest.
He says the country. If not tho world. Is stand
ing oh tho crest of a tolcano. nnd the Olombla
comes to save tho people from destruction. Tho
word Olombia has wven occult significations,
but one of which he is willing now to divulge.
That, briefly ;statd, Is .Millennial no-money
commonwealth, o- Itciven on earth-" The re
mainder of the interpretations will be given
when the present trouble Is settled. Tho form
of cotcriuneiit which lie will now Inaugurate
will supersede in competent government, and is
alreidv sufhciently systematized to become Im
mediately effect lie. It will become the founda
tion which will answer the world's needs for l.nuu
years, at the end or which period the people will
not require even a substitute for government
The doctor has, at his own expense, carried on
the campaign for the Introduction of tho new
system. It now comes Into position, not as a
reformation, but ns a transformation. We have
been nges In getting ready, and tho time 'Is now
ripe for tho fulfillment of the prophecy of Jesus
Christ when he declared that the time would
como when there would be greater works than
The author of this remarkable "new declara
tion of Independence" confesses to havingled an
eventful life. About twenty-five years ago he
introduced his theories, and for making the pre
diction that in tho fullness of tlmo tho new order
of things would be instituted, be claims he was
driven out of the country. He deeded away
$J0,(KX) worth of property and went to Pluropo.
After wandering through Palestine and mak
ing an extended tour through tho east on loot,
like a tramp," ho came back with more money
thau bo had when he started, which was tho evi
dence to him of tho fact that God Almighty was
back of bis life work. Since his return he has
been engaged in Journalism and In dlssemlnat-'
Ing information about the millennial period that
In his opinion has Jmt dawned.
He has not the appearance of a crank. His
most startling declarations aro made in a quiet,
firm tone, without the blind ow of excitement,
and his conversation is conducted precisely ns
though he wre discussing the most commou-
fdaco event and not a startling revelation of an
mpending revolution. Iho matter, ho claims,
has been in bis keeping for twenty-nve years,
but now it has gotten beyond him and Is ready
for the public
Just how the public will receive his Olom
btan" Idea, and how soon tho world will accom
modate itself to the new order of affairs, re
mains to bo seen.
Armour Will Die Poor.
P. D. Armour.thG millionaire packer,strolled
Into a dininK-car on tho St. Paul road tho
other day In his usual breezy and wholesome
way. The train conductor came along, and
Mr. Armour handed over a commutation
ticket to be punched. Though ho has a desk
full of annual passes he never tiaiels on a
pass, oven on roads of which ho is a director.
Tho millionaire was bound for the home of
his sou, P. D.t jr.. nt Oconomowoc. whero ho
spends what few hours he can spare from his
business during tho summer months. After
ho had Riven the waiter his order Mr.
Armour turned to chat with a friend.
He is n Kreat talker, and keeps at it all tho
time. ''Yes," he said, if I lit a few years
longer, as I hope to do. I shall die a compara
tively poor man. To my two sons I am turning-
over my fortune as fast as they show ability
to handle it. I don't tell ou this for tho pur
pose of talking about my money, but to bhow
you just whore I stand. I want to see my
money cared for whllo I am alive to direct
thobojs. I am doing now what Field nnd
tho others aro waiting to do at their deaths.
There can lxTno squabble over my estato In
the courts after I am gone, as tho estato will
be comparatively small. The two boys are
shouldering it rapidly, and they aro demon
strating their ability to care well for it."
Like All tho Rest.
Mother Your husband Is growing cold.
Daughter Mercy! Why do you think bo?
Mother He does not kiss me hair so affec
tionately ns be did before you wore married.
Kew York Weekly.
"Tis a Feat
1. raK
V'lifW '
Our Men's regular $4.50 Tan Shoes Bals,witli
Elite Toes, H S and H make, will sell for $2.90.
Men's Russia Calf Oxfords, with Globe Toes,
Tipped, usually $4, will sell for $3.25. 1
Men's $5 Patent Leathers, Bals and Bluchers,
with Ideal Toes, will sell for $3.90.
939 Penna. Aye.
One Believes in Peaceful .Measures, the
Other In rorcc Drone Ilidi-
culcs the Educational Idea.
There are two (actions in the nrmr of the
commonweal ono thnt believes in a peaceful
solution of the labor problem, which they con
tend can bo accomplished only throuzh tho
educational channel nnd by argumentative
nppeal to reason; the other a radical win,
that holds views that are revolutionary, it not
The first has tho sympathy nnd open sup
port of men who aro prominent in Congress
and out, men who aro even now mappingout
a campaign which has for its object the in
struction of the people of the stales in the
aims ami purposes of the spectacular demon
stration that practically endod on the Capitol
steps Jlay 1. Those who hold the conserva
tive view belloe that Coxeyand his army
did tho causo of labor all tho good it could
accomplish by'its march to tho capital of the
nation. They now believe the army should
disband and commence tho work of mission
ing tho maises. Tho hope is that by con
certed action tho influence of tue laboring
men can bo tnado effective in tho next elec
tion by the choice of men for Congress who
nro favorable to the cause they advocate nnd
represent. They have no desire to assume a
radical position. aad have practically aban
doned hope of securing legislation at the
present session of Congress.
The radical wing is led by Carl Browne.
JIo ridicules tho educational idea, nnd be
lieves In nnd teaches coercion. When asked
to co-opemte with the conservatives, he re
marked that there had been already quite
enough ljterature distributed throughout the
country;'tliat it H imjiosslble for the people to
comprehend tno money power.
lie had studied tho question for years, and
had reached the conclusion thnt tho only
possible means of escape is by force to "in
timidate thu ignorant legislators to legislate
in favor of the masses, and not of tho classes.
From this statement of the differences, ob
tained from representatives of the. movement,
it is orident that the two wings have ceased
to flap together.
It is understood that Browne has men
abroad recruiting tbo ranks of the revolu
tionists; that a meeting wk organized last
Sunday in Philadelphia, by one of his agi
tators, nt which an appeal was made for
largo enlistment; that he expects to obtain n
permit to liarado through the public streets of
Vashlugton on Independence Day, and
through forco of numbers, by reason of tho
accessions which he hopes for, to succeed in
somomeasuro in accomplishing what failed
of fruition on tho 1st of Slay, ills lieutenant
and coadjutor, Cristopher Columbus Jones,
has been heard to s-ay that "-lies will be lost
before tLIs thing is over, and that ho might
be one of the sacrificed; that he did not ex
pect to cct back home alh e, and there might
bo many others to keep him company."
This incendiary talk may be the vaporing" of
allely deire"for notoriety, but it is just as
well to bear it in mind.
A London Journal Undertakes a Philo
sophicul Discussion of It.
From the London Spectator.
In our opinion, the rapid lncrcaso of sul
cido fcust be duo not merely to the dwindling
religious faith of the day in both cases wo
speak of there seems to havo been a keen
feeling that God's forgiveness was needed
for tho suicide, so that it was not primarily
due to any scepticism as to tho existence of a
divine go eminent but to that horror of
troubio and grief which indicates a dwind
ling jiower of endurance and an almost ex
tinct senso of hope. Xo doubt this dwind
ling power of endurance, this extinguishing
of hope, undermines also the sources of faith,
rnlth without bopo U hardly cuncoH able.
Wo have little doubt that there are a much
larger number of persons who nro born into
tho world without any elasticity of nerve now
adays than tnere were in lcs exciting times.
Iu spite of the great extension of the average
ogo of life, there is a falling o!T, we believe, in
that eager wish for experience, that Instinct
for living even under a heavy load of dim-
cultlcs. which tliero used to bo in tho old '
times before all tho exnausting interests of
the presjnt day. Where children in the old
days ran awav from unhappy homes, they
often commit suicide now. Bereavement, in
stead of being regarded as a new burden to
be lrne, and to bo bomo patiently, however
overpowering it may seem, is regarded ns n
calamity to be evaded even at tho voluntary
sacrifice of a great deal of real happiness.
The Short of It.
Eight million people in tho United States
own their owu ho-nes.
Over 7,000 men have been sheltered at ono
time beneath the branches of the Indian ban
yan tree.
A bell still ringing in the belfry of tho
church at Xewington, T. H., was made "by
Paul Kevere in 1801.
A London writer notes that the penny-in-the-slot
machines were known in the timo of
Iliero of Alexandria.
In France 113.808 families havo claimed ex
emption from certain taxes recently voted by
the government on account of having seven
or moro children.
Betsy Shclton. notes the Honderson (Ivy.
Courier. Is !IG years old. and tho parent of H I
cnnuren, 111 granucuiiuren.M great-grandchildren,
nnd 10 sredt-great-grandeUiidren.
Duriug the year 1893 the people of Paris
consumed 21,'2'Jl horses. iiO donfcejs, nud 10
mules, the total amount of 'such me.it Bold in
the markets of the French capital being set
down iu round numbers nt 4.C15 tons.
A ceremony that is to be rcpoated every
year took place for the first time on Decora
tion Day at Mount Jloriah cemetery, Phila
delphia. This was the raising of a ling over
the grnvo of Betsy Ross, who made tho first
Stars and Stripes.
'ot to Touch Water.
Tho Salesman (in tho dry-good3 store)
Yes, this is n very pretty piece of goods, but
to be honest about it, I musf tell you that it
will not wash.
The Fair Purchaser Ob, that doesn't mat
ter. I only want it for a bathing suit, any
way. Chicago BecerdU
to Fit Feet!"
Expert at It.
ITH style, quality and price
all right, it's not strange
that we enjoy such a large
men's trade. We have the
men to fit the SHOES and
the SHOES to fit all men
in fact there's nothing in the
.way of stylish, well-wearing
footwear that we cannot give
you, ana tnat at a price
much less than you'll buy its
equal for anywhere else. This
week see these:
Ninety .titles Wide nnd rilled with Snakes
and Other Animals,
The southern extremity of tho peninsula of
Florida is one hugo marsh, known as tho
Everglades. This Impenetrable wilderness,
or rather jungle, is madoupof about nil of
tho largo county of Dade, almost all of Mon
roe, tho greater part of Dee, much of Do
Soto, and most of Brevard. At tho north end
of this slogular formation is Lako Okeocho
bee, into which the Kisslmce nnd other rivers
discharge their waters, and which are largely
responsible for the vast swamp. This great
stretch of tangle growth U in some places
ninety miles wide, extending from the Atlantic
across to tbo Gulf, and from Its southern ex
tremity northward 13 considerably over 100
There aro great stretches of cypress swamps,
wildernesses of vines, lakelets or open water,
immense regions of morass, with compara
tively dry spots in this desert of untraversibie
and bewildering intermingling of a semi
tropical flora with a fauna of alligators,
snakes, liears. wildcats, und other carnivora.
' while geese, ducks, sea birds, and other
aquatic fowl dot tne water and myriads 01 tno
other feathered tribes mako tho somber cy
press forests vocal. Tho entire state of Flor
ida is not much above the lot el of the sea, and
this dismal waste is scarcely more than a few
dozen feet higher than tidewater, says tho
Pittsburg Dispatch.
Throughout this everglade region no hu
man being has ever penetrated, nnd there are
lagoons that no human eje has ever seen that
aro much tho same as those of preglaelal
time. Whilo thero nro lnrge stretches on
which sail or rowboats miht be operated,
there aro hundred of Intervening miry bogs
of 007.0 and slime of unknown depth that bar
tho way. There Is no frost season here no
season when a frozen surfneo may be trav
erted and so this dismal area for thousands
of years has been given over to such produc
tion as was iu keeping with such an environ
ment. But it is now contemplated to penetrate
this great march with caunl-like ditches, with
a vie wot so lowering tho general water-line
ns to bring this swampy moss Into cultivation
for tho products peculiar to this zone, and for
which the deeatlng vegetable matter of the
nges is supposed to be a tmirablr fitted. Little
or nothing is known of the geographical sub
structure of this peninsular termination, but
that an immeusocoral formation Is Its b.tse is
altogether probable. It is safe to predict
that excavations through this material wifl
re eal many skeletons of creatures that found
death in tho treacherously yielding surface.
Inadrytim this compost bears up fairly
well, but when continued rains are precipi
tated on it the eutira area is inundated, when
the so'tene J material is incapable of sustain
ing any of , tho larger nuadrupeds.
The-ib everglades nre interesting in this,
that they typify In a manner tho early pale
ozoic conditions when about all the earth was
water and marsh. Of course there are 00
such creatures now ns wallowed in the la
goons and crunched the roots of the aquatic
vegetation In tuo eartti s earner time, and jet
in n small way the prcsimt fauna of the great
Tiorida swamp is typical of their long ago
ancestors. While t lie alligator is nearly ex
tinct in the regions of cay access, the sau
rians of the everglades have never been much
molested, nnd have thero attained a size nnd
fierceness uuknown to other part3 of the
Strange cries are sometimes heard coming
from within the borders of this inaccessible
domain, a churning of the waters attests en
counters between large and savage contest
nnts, while the flight and terrified screaming
of birds give evidence that the instincts of the
everglade brutes are still a sanguinary as
they were before man had so evolved as to
dominate over them and exterminate them
from tho earth.
Things in Which the Women Are .Specially
Interested. !
From the Indianipolls News.
"What is tho fad in your city?" was the
question the Chicago Tribune asked by tele
graph of its correspondents' in twenty of tho
largest towns in the country last Saturday
night, and the replies gave nn interesting idea
of the things that nro most engaging the fem
inine attention of the United States.
In Xew York female suffrage and bicycling
are tho rage.
Cincinnati is 'wild" on the subject of
horseback riding, with growing tendencies
toward bicycling and tennis.
Philadelphia revels in coaching.
San Francisco women want the ballot.
Cleveland lias n yellow shoe craze.
In Milwaukee "tea is supplanting beer,"
which sounds more like a s,neer than a state
ment of fact.
Cooking clubs are tho latest in Minneapolis.
Dress reform is making progress iu Denver.
Los Angeles is for femnlo suffrage.
Baltimore's fad fs said to be athletics.
"Polo Is also looming up," says tho cor
respondent. Golf and violets nre Boston's newest pleas
ures. In Jacksonville dancing and fishing are
tho most popular mean3 of amusement.
Dancing and sculpture delight St. Louis.
In Portland. Ore., St. Paul,, and Tacoma
amateur histrionics for charity engage the
young people.
Detroit is "daft" on horseback riding.
But the most popular fad of all is tho bi
cycle Washington, Spokane. Cheyenne. Salt Lake
City, Alliuqucrque, and Louisville, not to
mention the other pieces which havo been
mentioned, aro on wheels.
Xever was tho bicycle ns general ns it i to
day. Never was its conquest of tho whole
country moro certain. And yet it is only one
of tho many means of exercise. Tho young
women and young men of to-day aro living
out-of-door.,, ami tho result is that tho health,
lougovlty. and happiuoss of the country aro
nil increasing.
Tco .Much for Her.
Servant Yis, sorr; Mrs. Jones is in. Wbat'3
ycr name, sorr
Visitor Professor Yanderspllnkenhelmer.
Servant Och! Sure ye'd better go roight
in and take it with ye. Judge.
J m
Undo Baslus I fraz playing pokah last
night an' hold foh kings an' an ace.
Uncle Llge Wad'j win?
Uncle Itastus NufTln.' Peter Latherwoll
hah foh' aces an' a king. Philadelphia
The Gem of Washington Subnrbs. -Fifteen
Minutes from the City. CominiitatioirFare, 6J Gents,
Your Choice of Any
Why pay $roo to $500 for lots when you can purchase
a better lot, contain ng 2,500 feet, for $35 in beautiful Colum
bia Park, the Gem of Washington Suburbs, where there are
plenty of shade trees ?
This Beautiful Park
Is situated In Kont District, Trince Ceorse's
County, Sid., on tho main stem of the Pennsyl
vania Itullroad nnd on the New Chesapeake
Beach llallraid, which adrertlses to run trains
erery hour of tho day. Tho Tark is within a few
blocks of the Pennsylvania Ilaltroad station and
the new Chosapeake Iloaca l.'allro.id. which pro
poses to mako Its llrst stop and bnlld ono of the
finest stations ndjoinlng our property. The
Park is noted for the purity of its wator, there
Leing itltbln a few minutes' walk
A Celebrated Mineral Spring.
All lots are situated on a high elevation, com
manding a beautiful vlevr of the surrouudlni;
country. The prices of these lots 0J.5 to 475) are
We insure your life for amount of your purchase. A Loan Asso
tlon will lend money to those wishing to build.
AND SUNDAY AT 9,05 A. M., (.15 AND 4.20 P, M.
Come and see us and be convinced of what we say. Small
payment down and $i per week taken.
THE TITLE to this property has been examined by the
Prince George's County Abstract Company. Send for circu
lar. f
Amendments to tho Dill Authorizing a
Bond Issuo for This Purpose Sus-
ccstcd by T. L. llolbrook.
On account of the failure to obtain a quorum
tbo House District Committee had no meeting
yesterday to consider protests and communi
cations relative to tto proposed bond issue
for sewer extension, as had been!planned, and
tho matter consequently goes over to tho
regular meeting of the committee next
Among tho communications received is one
from Health Officer Ifammctt on health con
ditions in the District which was published
yesterday in The Times.
Another is that proposed by T. L. Holbroot,
chairman of tho committee from tne Washing
ton brick exchange, recommending certain
amendments as suggested by tho District
Committee on Tuesday. These amendments
aro as follows: In section 1. the clause in
serted "no part of the said S7,000.000 to be
made available until a schedule of the wore
proposed to bo dono and the estimated cost of
the sime shall have been submitted and ap
proved by Congress." In section 1, further
on, the clause is added, after the word "dol
lars," "this money to be expended In carry
ing out in detail project No. 1, and recom
mended by Doard of sanitary engineers, in
report before referred to, and described iu
appendix C. but no portion of the amount of
i3,330,000 is to be expended in experiments,
and no item of tho proposed project is to ex
ceed the estimated cot for such work as given
in appendix IS. Mr. Holbrook's communica
tion then continues:
"Fermit me to direct your attention to the
first paragraph on page 11 of the report of
the sanitary engineers. When they com
menced their work Major, Charles V. Ray
mond was Engineer Commissioner of the
District; during its progress Lieut. Col. Henry
M. Uobcrts succeeded him. Capt. W. T. Itos
sell nnd Capt. Charles F. Powell having
terminated the office. Please notice how fre
quent theso changes are. I earnestly appeal
to you in acting upon tho bill to define tho
work to be done with tho money to be derived
from tho proposod bond issue so clearly that
in the event the engineer oSlcers now de
tailed to spend tho money Congress appro
priates should, by any possibility, lm trans
ferred to other tleld of usefulness, their suc-ces-ors
may havo a lino marked out for them
to follow, which, nt least, would make them
independent of subordinate-."
3ir3. Briggs, who addressed the committee
at its special heariug Tuesday last, presents a
protest asainst the issuing of the bonds, on
tho ground that the bill does not provide
properly for the protection of small property
holders, and Is in the interest of syndicates
and others owuing large tracts of unimproved
and unoccupied lands.
A Plebeian Ingrain Pounded Between .Mar
ble Fronts.
In this moving and Spring cleaning timo
grounds on which carpet can be beaten nre
quoted high on domestic exchanges and their
value i3 sure to bo as far above par as is
Yerke3' street railway stock In parts of the
city where houses are thick. It was in one
of theso parts tho other day that one of the
"unemployed" who had been hired for tho
occasion by a family that was wrapping up
its peuates nud other bric-a-bric iu burlap,
preparatory to a shift in flats, went forth
looking for a bit of grass on which to pound
an Ingrain.
In fact it was iu the most exclusive section
of tho Xorth Side. On Astor street the "un
employed" spied a vacant lot. He made for
It, and presently hi! stout three feet of rubber
hnso which he bad nailed to a broom handle
was raising a ;Ioud of dust. It floated iazily
toward the windows of the two splendid
mansions thnt waited the grass plot in on
either side.
"Whose camet aro you beating?" was the
testy query that was shortly pelted down on
the "pounder.
"Oh. it's ono I've got a job to clean," ho
replied, with meek indiiTerence. This was
too much for the irate questioner.
"That land is ours," she said, with the
hauteur of Clara Yere do Vere, "and don't
you bring (mother carpet there to beat."
"Xo, I won't; but I guess I'll finish this
one," and the rubber hose continncd its ple
beian thud In the aristocratic street until the
carpet had yielded up its dust. Then the
"unemployed" took his renovated burden and
went back to the study .flat. As he dropped
the carpet to the floor .be said, in answer
to a question as to where ho bad given it an
niring: "Oh. over there on Astor, between
n couple of marblo fronts." Chicago Tribune.
Wclco,ln; the rircmen.
From tho Hnstr own Herald and Torchlleht.1
Hageretown has justly earned again her
right to the tttlo of tho convention city of tho
state. The Immense crowds entertained hero
yesterday, the good order prevailing, tho per
fect hospitality, and tho uniform good feel
ing shewn, stamp our city as the beau ideal
co-ivcntion town of the stato of Maryland.
It is to bo hoped yo-lerday's meeting of the
firemen, whose shadows we hope will never
grow less, will be but the beginning of a series
of pleasant gatherings in our midst in the near
future, as n result of which wo hopo. many
will forsako their idols elsewhere and come
within the charmed circle of this city's life
and hospitality.
Sheriff Hill Is Glad, No Doubt.
Chicioo. Juno 23. Post Offico Inspector
Williams, of St. Louis, positively identified
to-day tho prisoner here suspected to be
Sowlin, the Xoshvillo mail robber. Bowlin
mnylnot bo taken again to Xasbvillo, whero
he escaped, but to Atlanta or some other
dace, whero tnere is a good case against i
dm. The capture stops the government suit
against Sbtriff Hill, ol Nashville, for $23,000.
Lot S35 Until jy!
placed within tho re-.ch of all, the owners being
satisfied with n small proRt, oar motto being
now a PostoRlce, Church, School. Store, Express
nnd Telegraph Oluce within a fe v blocks of these
lots. Woopen?dup3fay27.and havesoldmore
than one-third of our lots. -"Contracts havo
already been given for four houses.
Get In on the Ground Floor Now
While you have tho chance, as we have only a
few hundred lots. Itemeraber. a chance like
this comes once Iu a lifetime. Don't buy land In
a suburb where malaria abounds, bet buy where
your family will reap the beneilt of pure water
and air. and whero your investment will treolo
In a year.
Wife .MurJcr Committed bv'ti .Man Who
Kcecntly Killed Ills Child,
j 3Iilav, Mo.. Juno 23. One. of tho most
I brutal murders ever committed in Sullivan
county is believed to havo been committed in
i this city last night. A. J. Phipps went home
drunk last night nnd quarreled with hb wife.
This morning sho was missing, and ha3 not
been found yet,
His littlo daughter says he hit "mamma"
i over tbi head thres or four times. There are
blood stains all over the bedclothing. and a
corn knifa was found a short dNtnucw from
the house, suptoscd to be tho instrument
J used to commit tho mupler. Phipps wa3
arrested and jailed, and uulesi his wife Is
found to-day ho will more than likely bo
I lynched.
Phipps is tho fellow who some time ago cut
out tho tongue of his little infant child.
I causing instant death, and narrowly escaped
i lynching. x
For Summer Complaint
Use To-Kalon Blackberry firandy. 1 per quart.
To-Kalon Wine Cu, 614 11th st.
V f
Old and now. are dellchted with their mounts,
and are not afraid to say so. Such testimony
carries weight with thoughtful purchasers. Too
practice true bicycle economy when you buy
Tho best Is always tho cheapest.
715 Thirteenth St. N. W.
Second-hand Wheels at Bottom Pri ca
31. A. WEAVEK, rnorniCTOK.
512 Etehth St. N. W. Telephone IStS.
Laundry work la nil Its branches noatly oxs
cuted at reasonable rates.
Tiie Wonder Gomel,
Given Highest, Award Over All
Others at the World's Fair-
necommrnttl and nsyl by I-pvy, Liberal!,
Ilocb, Knoll, Charabora, Kozers, UoJe, Sliort,
and nil other groat Buloists; nlo rceommonclM
byall prominent baadtnaslors. Including Faa
ciuIII, faousa. Inula, and others. For prices ad
Hot a salt bath. 13U O at. U.W. apl3-lyr
V . VFJ V "W . . S
mm wjJpM
iSg Bm!mt jtisK

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