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A New Hat
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Gas Appliance Exchange,
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John G. Jam. "F. M. Detweileb.
Neatness Punctuality Fair Prices.
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Printers and Publishers,
420-422 Hth St N. W.,
Washington, D. C.
Printers to tho Scientific Societies of
Washington, U. S. Supremo and District
Print anything from a visiting card to a
thousand page book.
Kain's Sample Rooms,
606 Thirteenth Street N. TV.
New, Neat, First-Class.
Quakers Took Advantage of the Sen
ators and Twice Defeated Them.
"Washington's NewTwirler Qavo Eight Bases
on Balls and "Was Hit Safely Twelvo Times
The Senators Made Numerous Errors
in Both Games "Which Helped to Beat Them'
Results of A'cstcrday's Games.
rmuiDEU'nu, 10; Washington, 8 (first gome).
Pjhladeltjiia,U; Wasiiinoto.v,G (second game)
lUirwoHE, 0; Cleveland, 1.
New Yoke, 5; Boston, 3.
No other games played,
The Championship Record.
W. L
Baltimore.. 09 ST.
Boston. 69 Si
Now York.. 09 S9
Phlla'phla 59 4G
Brooklyn... M 49
Pct.1 W.
.057! Pittsburg.. 52
.615 Chicago.... 49
.CJ0 Cincinnati.. 40
.KiSl Louhv... 41
.ISSiWash'ton... 37
L. Tct
51 .491
63 .458
CO .431
G3 .411
71 .343
74 .302
54 50 .518 Louisville.. 32
Scnntors Dropped the Double-header
Played Yesterday at Philadelphia.
Philadelphia, Aug. 3L Philadelphia won
Irom Washington in both games to-day. Tho
first gamo was exciting and close up to the
nintli, when tho visitors' costly errors per
mitted tho homo team to scoro threo runs.
Victory also awaited tho Phillies in tho sec
ond game. Umpiro Lynch was hit several
times in the first game, leaving McGuiro and
Iteilly to umpire tho second. In tho fourth
inning Delahanty was hit in tho side with a
pitched ball and retirod, Iteilly taking his
place, and Carsey succeeding thelntter assec
ond umpire.
Tho visitors were playing in thoir now
black and white suits, but in tho sixth inning
Joyce tore tho side out of his brooches in slid
ing home and left tho field Stocksdalo tak
ing his place.
Tho feature of tho second contest was Ham
ilton breaking tho record for stolen bases,
making feeven in tho coarse of play. Tho sec
ond game was called on account of darkness.
Attendance, 4,100. Scores:
rn'ADEL'u. a in ro a EjwsniNorx. rib ro a e
Ilnmilt'n, cf 1 2 1 1 0 Shlebeck.ss 2 113 0
Boyle, lb... 117 11 Joyce 8b.. 12 4 11
Cross, 3b.... 0 0 2 8 01 H's mor,2b. 0 3 2 3 1
Delh'nty.lf. 0 2 8 0 0 Abbey, cf.. 2 2 5 0 0
Tho'pson, rf 2 2 0 1 0'Maguire, c. 1 1 1 0 0
Hallman.Sbl 2 8 8 OSelbach, 1M 4 2 0 1
Grady, c...... 8 2 5 2 0 Cart'w't, lb 1 310 0 1
Sullivan, ss. 1 2 5 2 2:Mercer, rf.. 0 1 2 1 0
Taylor, p.... 1 4 12 0 Maul. p.... 0 10 3 0
Total. ... 1018 2713 3 Total..... 8 IS 2711 4
Philadelphia 0 3 0 0 3 0 0 1 310
Washington... 101011310 S
Earned runs Philadelphia. C; Washincton, 3.
Two-base bits Grady, Sullivan, ilass.imaor,
Cartwright, Abbey, and Mercer. Three-base
hits Hamilton and llallmnn. 'Homo runs
Boyle and Thompson. Stolon bases Boyle, Sel
bach, and Cartwrlght Double plays Grady
and llallman; Joyce (unassisted). First base on
balls-Off Taylor, 8; off Maul, L nit by pitched
ball Hass&niaer and Maul. Struck out By
Taylor, 2. Passed ball McGuire. Time 2
hours and 5 minutes. Uinplro Mr. Lynch,
rn'ADELrn'A. k 1b ro a e' wsniKory. r ib ro a e
Hamilton.cf 3 3 4 0 0 Sblebock.'ss 12 15 2
Boyb, lb... 2 14 2 0 Joyce. 3b.... 0 10 11
Cross, 8b... 12 0 3 0 Sfcksd'le,3b 0 0 0 10
Del'lianty.lf 2 0 0 0 0 Hass'mr, 2b 0 1 3 5 1
Riley. If ... 1 1 0 1 0 Abbey, cf... 0 2 2 0 0
Thoin'son.rf 118 0 0 Dugdale, c. 0 1 2 1 2
Hallman,2b 115 2 0 Sol bach, If.. 110 10
Clements, c. 0 15 0 OCartrighUb 2 313 0 0
Sullivan, ss. 0 0 2 1 0 Mercer, rf.. 112 0 0
Weyhing. p. 0 0 1 1 0 Wynne, i... 0 0 0 10
Total 11102410 01 Total 5122315 6
Snllivan hit by batted ball in second inning.
Philadelphia. 4 0 12 10 1 211
Washington 0 30101005
Earned runs Milladelphla. 8; Washington, 4.
Two-base hits Hamilton, Shlobeck, Cartwright,
Joyce, and llassamaer. Home run Solbach.
Stolen bases Hamilton (7), Sullivan (3), and
Boyle. First base on balls On" Weyhing, 4; oil
Wynne, 8. Hit by pitched ball Sullivan and
Delahanty. Struck out By Weyhing. 3; by
Wynne, 2. Wild pitches Wynne, 2. Time 2
hours and 5 minutos. Umpires Messrs. Mc
Guire, Kiley, and Carsey.
Giants Walloped the Beancatcrs.
Xnw York, Aug. 31. The Now Yorks and
Bostons played oil a tie game to-day and tho
Giants won. Tho visitors would havo been
shnt out but for a wild throw hy Davis. At
tendance 20,000.
r. n. e.
New York 5 13 1
Boston 1 5 0
Batteries Kusie aud Farrell for New York;
Nichols and Ganzel for Boston. Earned runs
New York, 5. First base on errors Boston, 1.
Left on bases Boston, 12: New York, C. First
base on balls Off Kusie, 7. Struck out By
Nicbols, 2; by Pusio, 3. Three-baso hit Tiernan
Two-base hit Doyle. Stolen bases Lowe, Mc
Carthy, Baunon and Burke. Umpire Messrs.
Hurst and Mc(iunid. Time 1:51.
Orioles Still in the Lend.
BAxrraiOBE, Aug. 31. Esper pitched a very
pretty gamo for the Baltimores to-day and
but for an error in tho field would havo shut
out tho Cleveland Club. Attendance, 4,100.
n. n. e.
Baltimore. 5 13 1
Cleveland 17 2
Batteries Esper and Poblnson for Baltimore;
Young and O'Connor for Cleveland.
Earned runs Baltimoro, 5. Two-base hits
Brootbers. Kellcy, Brodie, nnd Jennings. Three
base bit ltcitz. Sacrifice hit McAleer. Stolen
bases Kolley, Keeler, Brouthors, McOraw. and
Jennings. Double plays McKean and Tebenu;
Beilz. Jennings, nnd Brouthers; JIcKcan, Childs,
and T-beau. First base on balls Off Young, 2;
off Efper, 1. Loft on bases Baltimore, 9; Cleve
land, O. Struck out By Esper, 1; by Young, 2.
Passed ball Hobinson. Tlmo 1 hour and 45
minutes. Umpire Mr. Botts.
Miscellaneous Sporting Notes.
Senators will piny two games to-dny at
Orioles strengthened their hold on first
Anderson Bello. a trotter, dropped dead in
a raco at Port AYayne, Ind.
Tom O'Bourke is looking af tor Peter Jack
son's pugilistic interests for tho present.
Yosterdny's yacht raco between Vigilant
and Sntanita was declared void, because n
calm prevented tho completion of the contest.
President Hart, of tho Chicago club, be
lieves in tho existence of a conspiracy to burn
baseball parks throughout tho country-
Results on the KunningTurf.
At Sheepshoad Bay: Stononell, Figaro, Long
shanks, John Coopor, St. Veronica, and Havoc.
Entries for to-day:
First raco Five-eighths of a milo. Correction,
119; Kubicon and Ed Kearnoy, 109 each; Yo El
Bey and Galilee, 100 each; Harrington, Flirt, and
Florence, 103 each; Strephon, AJax, and Bimbo,
102 each; Stonenolllo, 103, and Lustre, Melba, and
Panway, 93 each.
Second race Futurity course. Autumn stakes.
Gotham, 125; Brandywlno, Monaco, and The
Sage, 10S each; Handspun and Applause, 103
each; Bright Phoebus, 104, and Sadie, 10L
Third race Ono and one-eighth of a mile.
Omnium handicap. Sir Walter, 125; YoTambien,
122; Domino, 120; Faraday. Ducat, and Koche, 117
each: Dobbins, 107; John Cooner nnd Victorious,
104 each; Candelabra, 103; Hornpipe, 100, and
Hedskin, 90.
Fourth raco Futurity couree. Selling. Crom
weU. 113; Harry Reed, 110; Pepper, 103; Owlet.
Bravuria, and McKee, 100 ench;Nankl Pooh and
HanweU, 97; Beauregard, 90; Urania, 94; Siberia,
92, and Glen Lily, 90.
Fifth race Sovcn-clghtbs of a mile. Handicap.
Peacemaker. 115; Buck Bene, 114; Discount, 113;
Chant. 105; Bon Lomond, 104; Boldemere, 102;
Patrician, 103; Hyderabad, Prig, and Longdate,
100 each: Black Hawk and Ellon, 95 each; Canary
Bird and St Pat, 92 each.
Sixth race One and one-eighth miles. Sell
ing. Chiswick nnd Jnck Rose, 119 each; Watter
son and Miss Dixie, 116 each; Pulitzer, 115; Live
Oak, 109; Inquisitive. 109, and Zoullkn, 100.
At Harlem Nobuchadnezzar, Tim Murphy,
Janus, Diggs, Delia, and Hacienda.
Entries for to-day:
First race One mile. Rover, King Richard,
My Luck, and Adam Johnson, 104 each; Blaze
Du&Oj Vulture, and Repeater) 107 each; Golda,
Toxas Star, Sly Lisbon, and Pico, 109 each, and
Glenoid, Buck McCann, Dmdoe, Oregon, and
Mordotte, 112 each.
Second race One mile. Equator and Florry
Myers, 93 each; Lulu T., CG; Encorla and Wolsoy,
05 each; Two O'clook, Mulborry, Nephew, and
Brahma, 9S each; Mockahl and Hampton, 103
each; Belle Poster. 105; Eaglo Bird and Dago, 100
each; Snow Ball, 107, and Corduroy, 108.
Third race Six furlongs. Imp. Full Measure,
01; Lillian LeeuU2: Highland and Goraldino, 101
each, and Shuttle, 104.
Fourth ratio Onn and oue-slxteonth miles.
Cnsh Day, 102; Rudolph and Sister Mary, 109
each, and Henry Young, 112.
Fifth race Ono milo and seventy yards.
Eranatus, JO; Somersault, 100; Dobracy, 107;
Linda, 108; Hawthorne, 100, and Olcoly, 111.
Sixth race Six furlongs. Madeline, 85; Ratio
B., 87; Dalibar. 90; Midas and Valderar, 97 oach;
Mlllio P., 95; Don Crcsar, 00; Voladora, 98; Lily
of tho West. 101; Kopeator and Miss Allco, 103
each; Monterey, 110, nnd Neutral, 112.
Entries for Latoula to-day:
First race Ono mile. Charity and May Be,
97 each; Strathrol, Lake Shoro. and St Maxim,
101 each; Charlio McDonald, 109; Beatlflco, 110;
Interior, 111; Orlnda, 112. and Oakwood, Koy El,
and Santa Anita, 115 each.
Second race Six furlongs. Santa Maria, 101;
Strathrol, 10(5; Cllntio O. and Invorcauld, 107
each; Philopena and Buckway, 103 oach; Lizetta
and Cyclono 109 each; Mr. Jingle, 111, and La
Colonia, 112.
Third race Selling. Ono mllo and seventy
yards. Elmer F. and G. B. Cox, 97 each; 11,
Groonwich, Clementine, Emma Ma, and Mezzo,
tint, 107 oach, and Michel, King Star, and Re
morso, 110 oach.
Fourth race Avondale stakes. One mile.
Captain, 101; Frauloin, 111; Portugal and Rhette
Goodo. 114 each; Ellen Douglass and Mill Boy,
119 each, and AlBoyer, Sonolla, aanelon, and
Pearl Song, 122 each.
Fifth raco Flvo furlongs. Hazoma and La
Creole, 100 each; Onion D'Or, and Sant Ilarlo,
103 each; Miss Reynolds. Eva L, Catherine, Myr
tell, Lexington Bello, Imp. Lizzlo Keller, 31c
Jncrney, and Bridget, 105 each; Piantoui, Danto,
nnd Simon W., 10S each, and Buck Fly and Ells
worth, 110 each.
Sixth race Six furlongs. Canewood, Ellsbert,
and I. H. Goodnight. 86 eacn; Miss L. and Mill
Boy, 101 each; Velocity and Darevila, 107 each;
Susie 11., 103; Prince Imporlal, 112, and Charlio
Wilson, 117.
Three of tho Five Events at Alexander
Lslnnd Tnken by Outsiders.
John JIcGarriglo and Julia L-. werotho
winning favorites yesterday at tho Alexander
lslnnd courso. tho other ovonts being cap
tured by two second choices and an 8 to 1
shot. Tho starting in tho fourth nnd fifth
races was poor, tho jockeys being to blame.
Tumult acted meanly at tho post in tho fourth,
.and after a long delay Mars Cassidy sent tho
flold away in straggling style. Summaries:
How the Horses Ran.
Track fast
lO i First raco Five furlongs. Selling. Purse,
8100. Time, 1:02)4.
lie. Horse and icL SL
171 J. McGarrigle,107 1
412 Lum, 100 4
423 Craftsman, 100.. 3
203 Gardner, 100 5
W SL Fin. Jockey.
13 13 UDonnolly.
4 2y$ S10 O'Brien.
3 3 2t0 Johuson.
5 6 44 Clare.
2 4 5 Burns.
243 Mirtbwood, 100... 2 2
Fair start on handily.
Scratched King of Scotland, 100; Ada Blue,
Betting John McGarriglo, 3 to 10; Lum, 20;
Craftsman, 5; Gardner, 30, and Mirtbwood, 4.
AOr; Second race Six and one-half furlongs.
t-"J Selling. Purse $115. Time, 1:24)4,.
Ind. Horte and cL SL H SL Fin. Jockey.
(416) Tioga, 100 1 1- 1-'. 13 Donnelly.
893 Qunrt'rm'st'r, 101 2 31 3-!F.Murphy.
393 Odd Socks, 105.... 3 4. 4 33 Zoller.
421 Lyceum, 111 4 23 22 4 Foster.
Good start Won easily.
Betting Tioga, 5 to 2; (uartormaster,
Socks, 7, and Lyceum, 3 to 5.
O . Third raco Four furlongs.
4; Odd
t-jvj Purse, flOO. Time, 0:502.
J no. Horse and xcL St. 1 St. Fin. Jockey.
379 Helen H.,llK 5
(409) D. ofGVst'r.lOl. 4
891 Panjo, 111 2
422 Llewellyn, 111... C
Pr. Rhelda, 109.. 1
UA It 14 Burns.
'2yi 2! i'h Johnson.
4 3U 3n Bobluson.
0 5 " 4 O'Brien.
31 4 5 Zeller.
0 6 0 Bender.
357 lle'ther Boll, 103. 3
Good start AVon easily.
Betting Helen II., 11 to 5; Duke of Gloucester,
8 to 5; Banjo, G; Llewellyn, 40; Princess Phelda, C;
Heather Bell, 5 to 2.
A O, -T Fourth race Six furlongs. Selling.
' Purse, ?125. Time, 1:17.
Ind. Horn and icL SL H SL Fin. Jockey.
400 Julia L., 97 15 1 12 In Murphy.
410 B. Bl'kb'n, 9SJ.. 2 2i 21 2 Johnson.
(401) Mayor B., 103.... 3 3J 33 3i Burns.
41li Hemet.102 4 4 4 4 King.
(107) Tumult, 110 0 0 5 5 Zoller.
SOS Lento, 95 5 5 C 0 Donnelly.
Poor start Won handily.
Scratched Emily V 97.
Betting Julia L.,4to5; Belle Blackburn, 6;
Mayor B., 3; Hemot, 30; Tumult, 6, and Lento, 15.
A Oil Fifth raco Five furlonga Selling.
Purse, f 100.
Time, 0:50$.
Ind. Horte ana ttt
SL W A't Fin. Jockey.
411 Cicada, 83... 'Sh S- 11
1 U'iirion.
21 It Ponder.
3h Johnson.
. 4 Dwyer.
5 Claro.
0 Donnelly.
22) Lady Teacher. 91 3 3 31
412 To'yBrophy,114. COG
419 Eunice, 109 ly 1 -J
403 Aunt Jano, 109.. 5 5 5
(407) Theckla Ally, 8S. 4 4 4
Poor start Won easily
Bettluc Cicada. 8: Lady
Toacher, 10;
Tommy Brophy, 20; Eunice, 3; Aunt Jane, 20;
xnecKia nny, i to a.
Cnrd for To-day.
First raco Four furlonga
Index. Horse. Wt.
423 Pee Lino 113
Dash... 113
409 JooKnot 113
422 JohuDufly.... 11G
Index. Horte. Wt.
Orange Ill
7 Columbus.... 113
409 Nemo 113
Second race Six furlongs.
Index. Horse. ll't
419 Noedmoro 110
403 Solab 10J
42S T. Brophy... . 103
403 Martel 100
421 McKoevor 107
Index. Horte. Wt.
402 Dr. H Imuth.. 107
401 W. CainpbelL. 101
414 Verbia 97
408 Radiant 100
Third race One and one-eighth miles.
Index. Horte. 1(7. I Index. Horte. WL
395 JC. of Scotland 91 418 Telephone.... 103
421 Daybreak 95 (KB) Brooklyn 106
418 Wyoming liS
Fourth race Five furlongs.
rndex. Horse. WL
Flyaway 103
Fritz 100
407 Gazello &i
411 Finnwater.... 97
Index. Horte. Wt.
05 Lady Brooko. 93
420 Outsider 105
400 Suspense geld 90
(411)Lura 97
Fifth raco Five furlongs.
Index. Horse. WL
410 Florist 123
(4231 Mamie B. B... 127
(410; Pickaway. 120
Miss Maun.... 127
Index. Hone. WL
293 Barrientos.... 129
422 Flagrant 126
333 Topmast 126
415 Jim Lamb.
First race Nemo; Joe Knot.
Second race McKeever; Neodmore.
Third raco Brooklyn; Telophono.
Fourth race Gazelle; Lura. 4
Fifth race Jim Lamb; Topmast.
Results at Charter Oak Park.
nABTFonn, Conn., Aug. 31. This was get away
day at Charter Oak Park. Tho winners wero:
5.-22 trot Alax; bost time, 2:lljfcf. Free-for-all
pace Guy; best time, 2;0SkJ- Three-year-old
trot Merqulte; beat time, 2:25J. Two-year-old
trot Lady Alcy; bost tlmo, 2:37.
Championship Game To-day Between
Philadelphia nnd Washincton Tcmnlcs.
This aftornoon at National Park tho Shrin
ers of Philadelphia and "Washington will
meet on tho ball Held in a championship base
ball game. Tho contest will commence at
4:15 o'clock, and the teams will bo made up
from tho following:
Almas, of "Washington; B. D. James, F. A.
Chandler, "W. L. Hughes, C. M. Shreeve.
Charles Childs, S. P. House, F. H. Bnrbarin,
P. O. Mclvnew, C. T. Stokes, and P. SI.
Hough. IjuLu, of Philadelphia; C. W. Evans,
C. S. Bair, Al. Dlegel, A. B. Dornan, Gus
Siegcl, F. B. Hoffman, Charles Mason, Gus
Sliller, "William Maguire, F. P. Mason, E. C.
Dungan, and J. T. "Walfender.
No One Identified the Body.
Tho remains of tho man who registered
at tho Virginia Houso as John Parker, nnd
who died on Sunday last, wero yestordny
buried in tho potter's flold by order of Coro
ner Hammett, no ono having appeared to
identify him.
"The Times" Will Move.
In tho course of a fow days the office of The
Times will bo moved to tho now building at the
southwest corner of Pennsylvania avenue and
Tenth streot. The entire building has been
leased by The Times and is now being fitted up
with all Improvements and conveniences for the
publication of a modorn nowspapor.
Congressman Bryan's Speeches.
TnE Times has secured a limited number of.
copies of Congressman Bryan's speeches, and
will furnish them to readers of The Times at 25
csnts per single copy, or five copies for $1. They
coverall the great questions now before tho
people tariff, silver, income tax, election of
Senators by the people, anti-option, eta Call at
onico oi the times ana bring a copy of this
Disease of Ear, Nose, Throat
and Lungs.
Catarrh, Asthma, Bronchitis, and
Consumption Cured.
The above diseases havo baffled the skill of
physicians for ages and ages, and ovon now aro
considered incurablo by most of them. But Dr.
Plegel has mastorod tho socrot, and with his new
method can cure most anycaso of Catarrh.
Soventy-flvo per cont of all porsons sufforing
with Consumption, Asthma, or Bronchitis who
have sought his advice have been ontiroly curod
or greatly benefited.
Diseases of the Ear and Throat speedily re
lieved. Enlarged Tonsils and Nasal Tumors ro
moved without pain.
Dr. Klogol will guarantee to euro any case of
Neuralgia of tho Head, or Sick Headache, in two
Asthma, Hay Fover, Bronchitis, and Consume
tlon treated by inhalation.
ills local treatment of Catarrh Is mild and
soothing but effectual, rellovlug the very worst
cases in a fow days.
Hearing rcstorod in a short tlmo. Tie has re
stored the hearing of porsons who havo been
deaf for years, in throe to flvo weoks.
Dr. Plegel can be consulted in English or Ger
man at bis office rooms, 1234 Fourteoath street
Ono week's free troatmont to all who apply in
New Baseball League Said to Be in
Process of Formation.
From Chicago Comes the Information That
Arrangements Aro Being Perfected to Or
ganize a Eival to the National leagno in
the Pield Plenty of Capital at Command.
Chicago, Aug. 31. Al Johnson, backer of
tho old Cleveland Plnyers' League, and a
brother of Congressman Tom Johnson, ac
cording to n local paper is said to bo engineer
ing n schemo for another players' longuo and
with flattering prospects of success.
IIo has nbundant means to carry out any
plans that ho may attempt, and tho fact that
the Western cities in the Nntional Lenguo aro
rioo for a chango will help him materially in
any changes that may bo suggested. Mr. John
son will himself back tho now clubs in Now
York and Brooklyn and will build a park
near an electric line thnt he owns in Brook
lyn which will bo second to nono in the coun
try. Philadelphia is anxious for n change, and
several business men in that city will put
money into a club. Buffalo, Providence, und
Pittsburg men nro ready to take hold of clubs
in those cities and Billy Bnrnio will handle
tho Baltimoro end of tho deal. Several Chi
cago men who aro known to possess tho
capital and ability to push matters to a suc
cessful result havo already taken hold of the
matter, and Fred Pfeffer is said to bo tho man
who will bo secured to organize the club.
Fred's success two years aso when tho as
sociation was to havo n club hero stands out
as ono of tho greatest efforts over made in tho
history of tho game.
Johuson is snid to havo expressed himself
as willing to put 6100,000 into tho now organ
ization, aud "there aro soveral other men who
would be willing to invest nn equal nmount.
lie believes in the 25-cont admission schodulo,
Sunday games, nnd broad gunge lines, and if
tho other cities mentioned nro as ripo for a
chango .is Chicago, another year may seo two
clubs in this city.
Neither Railroad Company Nor Its Em
ployes Responsible for the Accident.
Tho most important ovidenco brought out
at the inquiry by Coroner Hammett and a jury
yesterday into tho killing of Miss Mary Fla
herty was that given by Michnel Curtain, tho
gateman nt tho Baltimoro and Potomac Rail
road crossing at Virginia avenue nnd Sixth
street southwest, where tho accident occurred.
After Curtain had testified that ho had low
ered tho gates beforo Miss Flaherty had
reached tho crossing, becnuso he saw tho en
gine coming, ho added:
"There is too much for ono man to do there,
anyhow. I havo two sets of gates to look
"Is it not your business to warn people not
to pass around tho end of the gates, if they at
tempt to do so?" askod the coronor.
'Yes, sir, if we seo them. But there aro so
many trains passing thnt persons can often
get around the gates without our being nblo
to soo them."
"Do you think you nro competent to attend
to both sets of gates?"
"No, sir." was tho reply.
"Don't you sometimes think when you close
tho Virginia avenue gato that tho Sixth street
gate ought also to bo closed?"
"Yes, sir; but a man cannot do two things
at once."
"I agree with you," said tho coroner.
"How far is the machinery of the two gates
"They aro on either side of tho same post,
and it takes a little time to get from ono to
tho other; but I do tha best I can."
"This matter of a man attending to two
sots of gates is a protty serious thing." said
tho coroner. "Involving as it does the pro
tection cf the public."
L. M. Steets, engineor, nnd C. J. McCnfferty,
conductor, on tho engine 113, J. Stafford
Taylor, yard conductor, B. M. Fry, flagman,
and H. Swann,flreman,all testified thnt Steets
did everything in his powor to stop tho en
gine as soon ns Swann told him that the
woman had gono on the track, but although
he threw tho reverse har and put on tho
brakes it was lmpossiblo on account of tho
heavy grade to do so beforo going about 125
feet. The body upon being struck and
mangled was thrown to ono side of the track.
J. W. Sonoll. Orange McNeal, William
Hardaway, James Coleman, James West, and
Willie Follheimor, a boy. testified that they
saw Mrs. Flaherty walk around tho gato and
on tho track.
Tho jury rendered a verdict oxoneratine
tho railroad company and its employes from
all blame.
He Is Disowned by the London Ami
Lynching Committee.
London, Aug. 31. Tho Duke of Argyll,
Jacob Bright, Sir Edward Russell, and tho
editors of the Daily Chronicle and Daily
News, of this city, members of tho national
committee appointed as a result of tho anti
lynching movement started by Ida Wells, tho
colored woman who recently visited this
country, denounco tho missions and similar
objects of Sandfofd, the colored man, who Is
said to bo backed by Birmingham people
Tho members of tho committee alluded to
class Sandford's missions, etc.. as senseless
and unauthorized by them. Tho Duko of
Argyll's committeo sent threo of ib members
on a tour of tho United States in order to In
vestigate tho charges made by Ida Wells, but
for obvious reasons thoy refused to authorize
any colored man to act in their namo.
--- 1
He Helped the Confederacy.
Baltimore, Aug. 31. Tho funeral of Mr.
Thomas J. Wilson took placo at 10 o'clock
this morning at his lato residence, 180G North
Calvert street. At the beginning of tho war
Mr. Wilson was a prominent planter in Talbot
county, where ho harbored Confederate sol
diers going South. He was arrested for this,
but persevered in aiding tho Confederacy.
Among those ho protected was Col. George
Peters, father of Col. Winlleld Peters, who
acted as ono of his pall-bearers to-day.
Major A. H. S. Davis Removed as
Superintendent of Streets.
Chief Clerk Tracy, of the Health Office, Also
supplanted Counsel for tho Discharged
Policemen Enter Protest Against Boing
Befcsed an Oral Hearing,
Tho Commissioners yesterday removed
Major A. II. S. Duvis irom his position as
superintendent of street and alley cleaning,
his successor being Mr. Alfred G. McKenzie,
who has been chief clerk of tho ofllco for
some tlmo. Mr. Iko T. Tobo, of Tennessee,
has been appointed assistant superintendent.
Major Davis, when seen at his residence
last night, said:
"l know nothing at nil about tho cnuso of
my removal and can only attributo it to po
litical reasons. Thoro has been no trouble
whatever in my department, everything has
been going smoothly, and I was perfectly
astounded whenl received official notification
of my removal to-day. Somo timo ago I heard
something to tho effect thnt I was to be re
moved, but paid littlo attention to tho matter,
attending to my duties with tho conviction
that my work was dono properly aud that it
would bo appreciated. I "am a Republican,
having been appointed during tho Harrison
administration. Mr. McKenzie. who has been
appointed to tho position, is a personal friend,
and our relations havo always been amicable."
Major A. H. S. Dnvls has been a prominent
man in District affairs for many years, and Is
perhaps as well known as any man in tho
city. Ho is a soldier, served with distinction
in tho late war, and has held many high and
responsible positions. Ho was editor and
proprietor of. the Farmington (Me.) Chronicle,
military secretary of ex-Gov. DIngloy, of
Maine, a closo personal friend of tho lato
James G. Blaino, and of Senator Morrill, and
was for many years tho Washington corre
spondent of tho Minneapolis Tribune. Ho
has achieved distinction ns an author and
contributor to magazines, is a prominent Elk,
and has taken the thirty-second Masonic de
gree. In tho ofllco of tho health officer also tho
long expected has happened, for E. D.
Tracy, chief clerk, has been removed and
Henry Clay McLean, until recently a clerk in
the office of tho supervising architect of tho
Treasury department, appointed in his place.
Mr. Tracy has filled tho placo of chief clerk
in tho health office for several years, having
been, beforo bis appointment to this post, a
clerk in tho auditor's ofllce. Ho was ap
pointed to succeed S. P. Bailey, now man
ager of tno National Sanitary Company. So
fnr ns known no charges of any kind havo
been filed against Mr. Tracy.
Charles Maurico Smith and Robert Christy,
attorneys for Philip J. Hoyden aud others,
recently dismissed from tho police force, aro
not disposed to accept as final tho judgment
of the Commissioners in tho matter, and havo
addressed to tho board a lengthy replication
to tho letter sent them under dato of Au
gust 24.
Tho attorneys characterize tho refusal of
tho Commissioners to hear ornl arguments as
something never before dono by any judicial
or quasi judicial body in this country, so far
ns they are advised. They cite tho principle
. of law that no person can bo tried without bo-
i&g confronted by tho witnesses against lum,
nnd refer to tho acquittal of the "meritorious
officers" by an "experienced nnd impartial
trial board" after a full hearing, nnd say:
"Thereafter Mr. Truesdell, of your board,
without coufereuco with his associates, con
ducted a secret investigation, as it has been
called, nnd proceeded to try these men upon
n totnlly different chnrge without notice to
them nnd, of course, in their absence. We
nro informed thnt this so-called trial by Com
missioner Truesdell was conducted by him by
conferences solely with the enemies and op
ponents of tho accused. Wo submit that such
action of Mr. Truesdell "was unprecedented,
unfair, and unjust."
Tho attorneys say it can bo clearly shown
by tho best evidence that tho Fat Men's Club
was not composed mostly of liquor dealers
and policemen, and say it is not true that
there was an understanding that tho police
men wero to protect Wells or any ono else in
tho illegal snlo of liquor.
"It is true that not ono of tho flvo dis
charged men," they assert, '"was on the Wells
bent, and consequently could afford him no
"It can also be shown," according to the
attorneys, "thnt Officer Fenton had no knowl
edge of or connection with tho meeting of tho
club on tho day of tho raid; that Mr. Trues
dell is mistaken when ho assorts that the
charges against Wells wero dismissed on tech
nical grounds, nnd it is also untruo that tho
club was orcanized in the Genrst bar-room."
Tho attorneys closo by expressing regret
thnt tho Commissioners havo seen proper to
deny to them tho right to appear otherwise
than by briof, which thoy regard as a clear
denial of tho inalienablo right of every Ameri
can citizen.
Annens Collins, whoso appeal for a rehear
ing of his application for n license to sell
spirituous liquors at retail was beforo tho
excise hoard yesterday, was again turned
down, the board declining to reconsider tho
former action. Collins had been convicted
beforo llling his qriginnl application of sell
ing liquor to minors." Upon this being made
known, the Commissioners, prior to vacating
as "oxcisemen," refused tho license, as they
wero obliged to do under the law. Collins
renewed tho npplication, upon tho ground
that his conviction rested upon a confession
made undor the assuranco from Lieut. Amiss
that his admission of guilt would not affect
his license. At yesterday's hearing the lieu
tenant positively denied tho assertion of Col
lins, and his testimony was supported by an
equally forceful statement from Sergt. Wil
liams. Tho board accepted tho officers' statement,
but oven had it been true that Collins was in
duced to make a .confession upon nny such
promise, tho members of tho board say they
would have denied his application. His
conviction upon confession or other proof
settled the question, and tho case was simply
held open as a matter oi courtesy, jno ono
cognizant of tho facts believes that Lieut.
Amiss made tho promise alleged. The
minors to whom tho liquor was sold con
sisted of two girls nnd threo boys, and tho
lieutenant said if tho board entertnined a
doubt that thoy wero under ago ho would
bring them to tho board room for ocular
As foreshadowed 4n The Times of yester
day tho board of assistant assessors havo de
cided upon n now official location. The
rooms at 233 First street are not suitable for
tho accommodation of the business nnd new
quarters havo been rented in what is known
as tho Adams building, at 10G C strett north
west. Tho romoval of tho office fixtures will
tako place to-day, so that from and after -Monday
those having businoss with tho board' will
call at tho now ofllco instead of at 233 First
Attorney Thomas decides that tho por diem
employes of tho District cannot draw pay f6r
tho time occupied in tho celebration of Labor
Day, notwithstanding it is a legal holidny.
His opinion upon tho subject was rendered
yesterday and is now on fllo with the Com
missioners. Tho attorney quotes tho law un
der which Labor Day was mado n legal holi
day, and says:
"It -will bo observed that tho law is silent on
the question of pay. It results that laborers
on tho District roils who are paid by tho day
aro no more entitled to pay on Labor Day
than they are on other legal public holidays."
Tho Commissioners yesterday ordered:
That the sower inP street northwest, between
Eighteenth street and New Hampshire ave-
I uu, auu iu mo khvw vu pvum uuu svum-
1800 Pa. Ave.
west flanks of squnro 13G, be replaced; that a
water main bo laid in Connecticut avenue
extended from Florida avenue to Bancroft
street, nnd in Bancroft street to the alley in
block 3; also in tho alloys of blocks 2 and 3,
Connecticut Heights sub-division, and in
Leroy place, n distance of ninety feet west of
tho westerly alloy in block 3, including two
flro hydrants; that tho oil lamp at tho south
east cornor of Twenty-second and C streets
northwest be discontinued, and that this
lamp post and tho one out of service at
Twenty-second nnd D atrcets northwest bo
removed to tho property-yard.
Tho board of appraisers whose duties are to
take cognizance of tho claims of the property
owners for damage incurred and locate the
proposed now observatory circle, held its
second meeting yesterday. Letters were ad
dressed to the holders of property inviting
them to meet tho board next Wednesday and
on the Wednesday following, to present thoir
estimates of damages, and tho board nd
journed. The proposed presentation of the "War
nnd Peace" spectacular cantata at tho Na
tional Baseball Park on Labor Day is objected
to by Dr. John It. Francis, resident physician
of the Freedmen's Hospital, on tho ground
that the noiso attendant will harm certain pa
tients in his charge.
Tho Instantaneous Fire Alarm Company
obtained permission yesterday to connect
with municipal fire alarm circuit one of its
boxes nt tho Patent Office and ono at tho Pen
sion Office.
Heulth Officer Woodward has been nuthor
ized to employ two additional garbage in
spectors, at a compensation of $3 per day
each, chargeable to tho contractor.
CharlesLyman, tho owner of an old wooden
building at the southeast corner of D and
North Capitol streets northeast, known as
"Soldiers' Best." ha3 been notified by Build
ing Inspector Entwlsle that the building i3
dangerous to life and limb and must bo taken
down within thirty days.
Mudd fc Brown obtained a permit yester
day for tho erection of n private stable on lot
58, square 117, in tho northwest, to cost $600.
Papers TakcnVndcr Advisement by Judge
Cole nnd Decision Reserved.
Judgo Cole, after hearing yesterday tho
reading of affidavits and arguments of coun
sel in the matter of Dr. Leon's motion for a
new trial, took tho papcre and reserved his
decision. District Attorney A. A. Birney rep- ,
resented the government and E. G. Niies. S. ,
D. Truitt. nnd Judge Barrett the petitioner.
The motion was based upon alleged evi
d ence intended to show that the verdict was
not in accordance with the facts. Mr. Birney ,
objected to tho presentation of tho affidavits
containing this evidence upon the ground ,
that they should have been filed two months
earlier than they were. Judge Cole said he ,
would hear the affidavits and pass upon Mr. .
Birney's objection later. Tho affidavits, the
substanco of which have been published in
advance, wero read. They wero intended to
show that Miss Beach might havo been mis
taken as to tho physician who performed the
criminal operation upon her, and to establish
tho Tact that it might have been a physieian
at No. 456 C street northwest, who was
guilty instead of Dr. Leon. To refnto this
evidence Mr. Birney read sworn statements
from C. B. Robinson, the veterinary sur
geon of No. 222 C street northwest, Cather
ine Hammersleo and Edward Burns.
Mr. Birney. commenting upon this evidence,
said it ought to have more weight than that
of any casual observer who merely noticed
that a physician had an office at Mr. McCor
mick's, the house in question. Ho called at
tention to tho wido difference between this
testimony nnd that of Woods. Following tho
presentation of these papers came an unusual
episode. Mr. Birney said there was ono
affidavit presented by opposing counsel which
he hoped would not bo insisted upon.
"That is tho one," said Judge Cole, "in
which some charges aro mado as to an inter
view between a member of the United States
attorney's force and one of the witnesses. I
know Mr. Given too well to suppose thnt he
would resort to anj underhanded work. I
hope the affidavit will be withdrawn. I have
no doubt that it was filed by counsel with the
utmost good faith, in an effort to do their
full duty by thoir client, but it would have no
weight whatever in securing n new trial, and
I am unwilling that such an affidavit should
go upon tho records of this conrt."
The objectionable affidavit was withdrawn
by consent of counsel.
McQunid Is Not a Member of the Young
Men's Catholic Club.
It was inadvertantly stated in The Times'
account yesterday of the McQuaid-Eoberts
encounter in Willard's hotel that the former
was a prominent member of the Young
Men's Catholic Club.
It has been subsequently learned by a com
munication from President A. W. Yan Eeutn,
of tho club, that Mr. McQuaid is not, and
never has been, a member of the organiza
tion. It should be stated that the article in
question was derived from what was thought
to be nn authoritative source, and The. Times
sincerely regrets having occasioned one of the
most popular Catholic social organizations in
Washington any undeserved notoriety.
Mr. Roberts, "ono of tho participants, in
sists thnt ho only struck McQuaid in self-defense,
and that he had no Intention to repeat
his action unless such provocation is given
him as a gentleman cannot honorably suffer.
New Yorlc Stock Exchance.
Fnrnished by Sllsby & Co.. bankers and
brokers, Metropolitan Bank Building, Fifteenth
stroet, opposite Treasury, Washincton. D. C
On. Rich Low Closing
Amorican Tobacco 10J llBt 102 10K
Atchison, Topeka&S. F.. 74 T 7M 75i
C. C. C 40fci 405-4 3!ft 39)6
Canada Southern 5SH aivj 5-& 56
Chesapeake & Ohio. tHJC M 'il ZlZ
C.,B.&Quiney 7r$8 78 77 77V4
ChicaKoUas 75 7t4 74-4 7lj&
Delaware & Hudson 135 1S1 15 136
Distillers i. Cattle Fdrs.. 19 19Vi 1S 1SmJ
General Electric Co...
toid 4i aov
Loulsvillo & Nashville
Lake Shoro
Lake Erie & "West.....
Michigan Central
Missouri Pacific
58 57J4 5BVj 554
138t 1861$ 18et 136
ii?4 ?4 i.?4 l.Ji
119 119 11S& V.fy.
S9 99 Oil 99
29t 29SJ 23; 23
-T .?T 28a 27
"III 1063$ 1001 105)4 106)4
51 514 5
2054 20 20 ZQ
431$ 43?4 4-2H 4-
101 101 101)4 101,4
Now England
Northern Pacific...
Northern Pacific pfd....
National Lead
New YorK Central. ,
in asvi m ask.
17 17?! 1"H 1T&
10-J ltti ItS 182
22V4 H 21J4 21
, 6U4. cohj g.- a-i
iilW 5il)d 21 21)6
im 18)6 IT'H 18
Cuihi Kni KVi 65)d
Ontario fc Western.....
Pullman P. C Co.
Rock Island
Southern Pacific
Southern Railway.
Supar Trust.
Tennessee Coal & Iron.
Texas Pacific
Union Pacific.
107 107 10i 10-134
18 1S ISV. lSK
10 10 10 10
It 14 14 14
U. S. Cordage ISaj 1S 17W 17
Western Union S9fct SOU S9ki S9)4
Wabash preferred 16 16) 10)2 lfi)4
Wheel. &L.E 13)4 13)6 ty K
Whee. &L. E. preferred.. 45 45 45 45
Baltimore Markets.
Baltimore, Aug. 31. Flour dull, unchanged
receipts, 7,342 barrels; shipments, 17,124 barrels;
sales, 450 barrels. Wheat firmer spot 55a
56; August, 557ia55; Soptomber, 55a56; De
cember, 59a59)& steamer. No. 2 red, 52?i
bid receipts, 41,G04 bushels; shipments, Sl,
000 bushels; stock, 95J.367 bushels; sales, 121 ,
bushels; milling wheat by sample, 56a55)4. Corn
dull spot, 57J& August, 57)4; September. ffJ
asked recolpts. 751 bushels; shipments, 14,129
bushels: stock, 98,381 bushels; sales, 2,000 bush
els; eonthem white corn, 5Sa59; southern yellow
corn, 59aW. Oats dull No. 2, white western, 36
asked; No. 2, mixed western, 33)4a34 receipts,
17.755 bushols; stock, 185,781 bushels. Rye quiet
No. 2, 50 receipts, 2S8 bushels; stock, 12,149
bushels. Hay steady good to choice timothy,
$14.00a$15.00. . Grain freights dull, rates barely
steady, unchanged. Sugar, butter, eggs and
cheese firm, unchanged.
'Attention, Bicyclers.
If von want a Brldtranort cTclometer free read
j oesj Sunday a Tws&
To mako room for a larger stock of Lovell Dia
monds we are slaughtnring: price of second
band Bicycled. Those $115 LoveU Diamonds ar
great wheels. Soo them.
We Will Open
Your Eyes
To-day, and until Wednesday next vtn
will offer
00 pairs Infant Kid Button, for 20C
350 pairs Child's Dongola Button . -
for 40u
100 pairs Misses' Kid Spring-heel r--.
Button for. Ou
100 pairs Ladies' Kid Butten,3 o -,
slmjv for ........... Oyv
00 pairs Men's Fmo Dress Bala r
333 Pennsylvania Avenue S. E.
1606 Fourteenth St. N. W.
Washington Monu
mentand the United
States Capitol.
(Approved by the Lady
Largest Stock oP
Sterling Silver Sou
venirs in Washing
ton. Knights of Pythias
Moore & Leding,
Jewelers and Silversmitta,
1109 PM, AVE.
For $2
f We repair your ?
1 Watch and insure it
? For One Year. ?
a ft
a GEO. W. SPIER, 310 9th St.
a Watchmaker, Jeweler, and Optician. A
If not, give ns a calL In
stant and permanent re
lief. Oar specialty,
Corns, 25c. 8 too
p. m.
days, 9 to
e--o-o-o3)-o --a--"ffl-
Milwaukee Beer .
9 Washington Branch, 9
703-705 North Capitol Street.
THONS, -T3L anll-ly
0-iO'0-00 -4
Ironing Done
801 R St. N. W,
jy23-U -!V,s,5
Wnshinston Stock. Exchange.
Government Bonds U.'S 46. f egiatered. 1I2
bid, 1M asked. V. S. 4a, coupoe. 1144 bi.1,
115 asked. U. S, Ss, IIS & bid, 1 asked.
Distrtet of ColuaiMrf Jlootte 20-jear fun!
5s.lttS)a bid. 20-jear ftt&d 6s.goM. 113 til
3.S53, fumlliic. ciureijcs X12) bid. 3U, reg.a
tered, 2-108. 100 bW.
Miscellaneous Bonds Washington and George
town Railroad conic , 1st, 133 bhl, l-TT'-j
asked. Washington and Georgetown Kailroa i
conv. 8a, 2d, 138 bid, 137)4 asked. Metropolitan
Railroad eonv. fe, 100 bid. Hfc asked. Eckingt. a
Railroad 8s, 10H asked. Washington Ga torr
pany Ss, sorii A. 114 bid. Washington ia3
Company te, series Pv, 114)4 bid. Washington
Gas Company conv. Ss, 130 bid. t . S.
Electric Light cwv. 5s. 120 bid. Cheaspeake
and i'otomae Telephone os, 9U dm. ie askod.
American Security and Trust ae, F. and A.,
100 LlL Aaaorfcan Security and Trust 3s,
A, ana O., 100- Wd. Washington Market
Company, 1st, Ss, 107 bid. Washington
Market Company Imp. 6a, 106 bid. Waehingtii
Market Company exton. 6. 10 bid. Ma-ton ..
Hall Association 5s, 100 bid. Washintrr. u
Light Infantry 1st 8. 100 bid. Washington iugbt
Infantry id 7s, MM bht
National Bask Stocks Bank o Washington . "5 "3
bid, 330 asked. Bank or the Republic, Stftid,
275 asked. Metropolitan. 2SI Md, 397 asked. Cen
tral. 20 bid. 30t) asked. Farmers and Mechanics ,
190 bid. Second. 150 asked. Citizees', 1:15 bid,
145 asked. Columbia. 137 bid, 150 asked. Cap.
tnl, 114 bid, 124 asked. West End, 16SV4 bid. l: 1
asked. Traders', ICO bid. Lincoln, 94 bid. Ohio,
Safe Deposit and Trust Companies National
Safe Deposit and Trust, 137 askod. Washing
ton Loan and Trust, 120 bW. m asked. Amer
ican Security and Trust, 130)$ bid, 134 asked.
Washington Safe Deposit, 100 aakvd.
Railroad Stocks Washington awl Georgetown.
2S0 bid. 312 asked. Metropolitan, 8 bid, '5
asked. Columbin, 70 asked. Georgetown and,
TonnaEy town, 35 asked.
Gas and Electric Light Stocks Washington
Gas, 49 bid. 52 asked. Georgetown Gas, 50 bid.
54 asked. U. S. Electric Light, 122 Md.
Insurance Stocks Firemen's, 48 asked. Frank
lin, 44 Did. Metropolitan. 73 asked. Arlington,
115 bid. German-American, 137 bid. National
Union, 14)4 asked. Columbia, WJ bid. 15
asked. RijCRs. 7 bW. 8 asked. People's, 51 1
bid, 5 asked. Lincoln, 7 bid, S asked.
Commercial, ft asked.
Title Insurance Stocks Real Estate Title, 110
bid. Columbia Title. 7)d bid, 8 asked.
Telophono Stocks Pennsylvania, at bid.
Chesapeake and Potomac 50 bid, 544. asked.
American Graphophono, 3 bid. Pneumatic Gun
Carriage, .30 bid.
Miscellaneous Stooks Great Falls. Tee, 153
asked. Norfolk and Washington Steamboat,
95 bid. Lincoln Mall, 100 asked. Inter-Ocean
Building. 100 asked-
On motion, the board adjourned over Saturday
land Monday
)t-.fTMlJ I Wuiajftaa. B.C. 3
a -x-iiua, sd. auxi-iy b
Otlca Hand Laundry,

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