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We took a whole page of newspaper space
we couldn't enumerate all the pretty, hand
some, appropriate, and acceptable articles
we have for holiday gifts to the Men and
Boys. Bath Robes and Dressing Gowns,
Smoking Jackets, Neckwear, Gloves, Canes,
Umbrellas, Mufflers, Silk Handkerchiefs,
Suspenders, and hundreds of other sensi-
ble, serviceable, and attractive articles at
equally attractive prices.
Initials engraved on Canes and Um
brellas free. Everything suitably boxed
free, and purchases retained and delivered
any day and hour you name.
Robinson, Cheru & Co,
Twelfth and F Sts. N. W.
Fartbfc magnificent Teari Pendant, with large
eoBWIie diamond center. Wwe it set made In
ourH&uMC H would cost just S4G mote.
WIN tor tWe lovely lMaweiMl Pertimt. Cea
' -white diamoees, awl vtevtd oeet
ewe in y other store.
HHTfc I 11 HiF, serrouDded by 12
Fee 6 sMjgiriflcMit ClueterlMng. Contains
dfamioado and 8 colored centered stones, liter
mreuotja, rabies, ernei&ldfc, or spiildree.
JJ ly Solitaire Diamoad Hing a regular
For a jlr solid jiold Link Buttons with diamond
ctot. AlbO a handsome knot Scarf Pin -with
diamond center, or a jtair small Solitaire Ear-
"WTH imf a Solitaire King, mounted In 69 differ
ent etriee of settings.
SS! '?r S : rat S"tire King or pair 1 carat
tooHtaiie Karnngs.
W gua-antoe quality and price. Our facfl!
" uuportisa:d manufacturers enable us
to2ote exceptionally low pric &
MKE(iMK EM.iS (ioods can be laid
aetae xjw and called for later in the month.
7th and D N. W.
EBiroom Suite, $12.75
Oak finish, 3 pieces, in ap
pearance equal to most of the
suites 3ou'll see quoted at $20
in other stores. Head of bed
measures 6 feet 4 inches in
height. Height of bureau
same as bedstead; width of bu
reau, 40 inches; depth, iS
inches. Washstand is 30
inches wide and has splasher
It's big value such value as
you cannot find anywhere else.
ll'e Vice President Gone to Ash evil I e.
Moe Presidont Stevenson has pone to Ashe
v Un, X. 0.. to remain with his family a few
lfc Ho will return to the city in "time to
lra6iae ovor the Senate Monday.
V Tfhgr"fi'
11th and F Sts.
F and 1 3th.
ry x"Iw7 ft
One of the most
appropriate and sure-to-be-likefl.
gi fts is a
Writing Desk. Be
sides its prettiness as
an ornamental piece
of furniture it serves
the purpose of mak
ing the correspond
ence of those with so
cial obligations- -a
lighter task.
As to the variety
we show, we have
them in all woods,
and in " every ingen
ious style of con
struction makers
could contrive. To
be had here in Nat
u r a 1 and Curly
Birch Ckenry Se
lected and Quartered
Oak Bird's Eye
Maple Walnut in
fact every wood that
a desk could be fash
ioned into.
Beginning at S3.00
and continuing up
dollars higher pat
terns are uniformly
pleasing artistic
patrician in style
plebeian in price.
F St. and 13th.
The Labor Strike Arbitration.
Two important changes in the bill for na
tional arbitration of strikes have been mndo
as a result of conferences between Labor
Commissioner Wright nnd Representatives
McGann, Springer, and Lrdmau. Thev arc:
Frst, that laoor unions bo chartered by the
government; second, that the charter of a
labor union be forfeited when its members
resort to violence in the conduct of n strike.
It is probable that the measure as thus
Hmended will bo the. form it takes in tlio dis
cussion before Congress. Commissioners
Wright and Kornan. who made the recent in
vestigation of the Pullman strike, will appear
before the Labor Committee on Tucsdny to
state their views on perfecting the bill.
Immediate ccd for a Bankruptcy Law.
The bankruptcy bill, which the Democratic
caucus of the Senate has indicated a will
ingness to consider at the present session, is
by no means the same measure as that which
passed the House. It carries the title of the
IIouso bill, but retains only the first two sec
tions of that measure, and oven these are
amended. The friends of the bill nro inclined
to urge that the steering committee shall
give it preference over other measures se
lected for consideration by the caucus. They
say that a bankruptcy bill is one of the urgent
demands of the time.
Christmas Holiday nates for Schools and
Colleges to Points in Virginia and
orth Carolina.
The Southern Hallway announces Christmas
Holiday rates of four (4) cents per mile. ONE
WAY, for tlio round trip, for distances of - 800
miles or less from AVashlnuton. Tickots for
above territory will be told December 15th to
21st inclusive, to students of schools nnd colleges
upon presentation to ticket ngonts of certiflcntes
signed by tuoir rospectivo principal or superin
tendent. Tickets at samo rates for tho General Pub
lic will toe on sola December 20d to 5tU and De
cember 9th to Jnnuary 1st, forwhich certillcatcs
will not bo remiirod. gord for return until Janu
ary Sd, 1S93.
Two styles of Mon's S3 "Wear Wells," $2 -13
Edmonston's, 1831 Fstreot.
When They Hear That the House Is
at Work in Dcail Earnest.
0 . 0. P. Senators Don't Proposo to Lot Any
each Moasnrei Pass tho Senate This Sos
sion They Will Talk It to Death
Springer and His Colloaguo3 Going Ahead.
Much interest was folt at tho Capitol yes
terday in tho prospects as to tho flnaucial
hearings which are to begin boforo tho Com
mittee on Banking and Currency. Tho
propositions offered by Secretary Carlisle and
tho President wero tho subject of much dis
cussion. Tho llopublicnn Senators nro inclined to
smile when they hear that tho members of tho
IIouso aro setting to work in real h nrd earn
est to try to accomplish something on this
line. Ask them privately about it, and
they will say that they don't intend to lot
any legislation of this kind pass tho Souato
at this session. It is so easy to kill a meas
ure of this sort by talking it to death, that
they look upon tho gravo propositions for
action on it in tho IIouso with a feeliug of
Nevertheless, Mr. Springor and his col
leagues aro going to work with a will and
propose, if thero is any failuro of legislation,
that the responsibility shall bo placed wbere
it belongs. Chairrana Springor is not confin
ing his invitations to Eastern financiers nenr
at hand. He has sent to Chicago, St. Louis,
Cincinnati, as representative We3torn cities,
and to Nashville, Tenn., and other Southern
cities. Care is also being taken to avoid pol
itician financiers nnd to sccuro only thoso
recognized as authorities in practical finan
ciering such men as Lyman J. Gage, of
Chicago, who is among thoso invited.
Tho hearing of Secretary Carlisle and
Comptroller Eo-iles on Monday is attracting
much attention and thoro promises to bo such
a crowd present that tho largo room of tho
Ways and Means Committoo will be used. On
Tuesday ex-Comptroller of tho Currency
Hepburn nnd Mr. Hornco Whito, of Now
York, will have an opportunity to bo heard
on tho merits of the so-nnlled "Baltimore
plan." It is understood by tho committee
that Mr. Hepburn is tho original projector of
this plan.
Kopresontntivo McCreary yestorday pre
sented a bill for the appointment of a cur
rency commission. It is to bo composed of
three persons uppointed by tho president,
three Senators appointed by tho President of
the fcenate, and threo ItepresentatUes ap
pointed by the Speaker of tho House. This
commission is to sit in Washington and else
whero. It is to inquiro first into tho past and pres
ent condition of tho currency, the necessity
for increasing tho volume or changing bank
ing laws now in force. Second, on tho change
in the relative values of silver and gold, tho
causes of tho change, the effects thereof.
Third, as to tho best moans of maintaining In
ternational bimetallism and at what ratio.
Fourth, that tho report of the commission
shall bo made to tho President and by him
submitted to Congress prior to December 15,
Champ Clark's Speech Consumed
.Morning Senate Not in Session.
The pooling bill was tho chief subject under
direct discussion in tho House, but was pre
ceded by a brief talk on othor subjects.
Tho proceedings wore enlivened by a char
acteristic speech from Mr. Clark, of Missouri,
which abounded in personal allusions and
was generally of tho slodge-hammer variety.
It was mndc in connection with the bill to re
tire incapacitated officers of tho revenue cut
ter service, with tho avowed purpose of talk
ing the bill to death. He succeeded in con
suming tho morning hour and tho bill went
over. Tho remainder of the day was con
sumed in debato on tho railroad pooling bill.
Thoso who participated in the debato to-day
wero Messrs. Gear, of California; Dalzell, of
Pennsylvania; Grow, of Pennsylvania, and
Mahon, of Pennsylvania, all in favor of tlio
Mr. Blair, of New Hampshire, offered an
amendment to give Congress tho power at
any time to nullify pooling contracts.
Mr. Patterson served notico that he would
demand tho previous question on tho bill
next Tuesday at 3 o'clock, and then at 4:40
p. :n. tho House adjourned.
The Senato was not in session.
The Appropriation Sub-committee Con
tinues Its Sessions.
Tho 6ub-committeo of tho Appropriation
Committee, having charge of District affairs,
held another nil-day session yesterday in con
junction with the District Commissioners.
Thny called In rep.esentntives of the gns
and electric light companies nnd listened to
the differences between them and the Com
missioners on tho powor of gns for lighting
the city lamps. They insisted that it is im
Dossiblo to make further reductions in tho
prices at which light is furnished for tho
streets and alleys of the city.
Thore is an ovident determination on tho
part of tho Appropriation Committee to cut
down the estimates largely. They have noti
fied tho Commissioners that there must bo a
eduction in some wav. as thev aro unwilling
o let the bill run much, if nuy, higher than
at msi session.
By It People Are Restored.
Vital Magnotism Cures When All Else
Should any ono doubt tho really wonderful
cures now being wrought in our midst thoy
would only have to pay a visit to that great
est of all living Magnetic Specialists, Dr.
Damon, at fiOS Twelftii street northwest, and
listen to tho reports mado of remarkable
cures by tho people waiting to seo
him. Seated in tho largo parlors yes
torday wero -many who had come long "dis
tances to seo this famous men. Among
them wero ministers, merchants, nnd farmers"
Ono reverend ircntlemnn had coino from
Bhodo Island; ho told how a sister of his had
been cured, and how hof after trying over a
dozen physicians of his own town, as well as
in Providence, without any benefit, camo hero
and plnced himself under this treatment that
has mado for Dr. Damon a reputation for
skill that but fow enjoy. Ho said: "I am
now well, and return to-morrow to my
home." Another told of his wife being
cured of rheumatism. He had spent over
1,000 with other physicians without re
lief, but she had been cured perfectly in
less than five weeks. I am now under
treatment myself, said ho, for a serious
liver and kiduoy trouble that has baffled tho
skill of five other physicians. Already I feel
Ilko a new man, and I havo been treated less
than two weeks. Tho doctor is in dally con
sultation with pntionts from 10 to 12, 2 to 5,
and 7 to 8, whilo his associates are kept con
stantly at work. Dr. Dnmou has" every
facility at his offices for treatment. Tho
largo rer-cption and treatment-rooms nro well
fitted and furnished, both for tho convenience
of physician as well as patient.
If jou arc ill do not delay, but go at onco
and seo this reniarkablo man. He will tell
you candidly just what he can do, and if ho
considers your case hopeless ho will not tako
a cent of your money, but will give you
such advice and counsel as ho can freo of all
In our window is attracting a lot of attention.
It's something new in the way of decorating.
Made entirely of incandescent lights arranged
in shape of a shoe. It lights in five sections
one after the other, and then is extinguished all
at once. The effect is startling. See it when
you're passing our way.
But to come down to business. We cannot
say too much in favor of the famous JENNESS
MILLER SHOES. Women never wore better.
Hygienic, comfortable, graceful, and elegant.
$5,co in price but $6.00 in quality. Two styles
broad toe, broad, flat heel, and low arch and
the Dress Shoe with narrow toe, higher arch,
and corresponding adjustment of heel patent
leather tip. We alone make and sell them.
Our MEN'S $2.50 SHOES would be cheap
at 3.00 calfskin, in London and Elite toes.
make, Elite toe, bals $5.50 shoes we're offering
at $4.50.
LADIES' SATIN SLIPPERS, in 9 different
shades celebrated makes best satin. Not $3
and $4 as they used to be, but $2.50 now.
939 PAo AVE.
WW)Wo ,V
ALB now on the
tightening, but prices are dropping to
meet the emergency our patrons never
tire wondering how we do it. The explana
tion is simple enough, we're going out of
Lease and Fixtures For Sale,
And we MUST BE OUT on or before Janu
ary 1, 1S95. We've only a few weeks in
which to dispose of this big stock and are de
pending on these prices to accomplish it. Can
you resist them?
Men's Suits.
$10 and 512 Suits, well made, in
neat patterns, excellent val
ues. Choice
ili and 513 Suits, mado of styl
ish, sightly goods, any of them
woll worth tho original price.
$17 nnd $18 Suits, honest all-wool
materials, in all tho newest
styles, and every suit a start
ling bargain. Choico
$20 nnd S22 Suits, lu desirable
patterns, price positively less
ttiau cost to manufacture.
$21 nnd $25 Suits; flno imported
and domestic fabrics, la nil
the nowebt styles, oqunl to
custom-made, some lined
throughout with silk. Choice..
Men's Overcoats.
69 and $10 Overcoats, well
made nnd serviceable. Cut
down to
$10aud$ll Overcoats, mndo of
durable, stylish goods. Cut
denn to
ilo and $18 Overcoats, stylish
and desirable matorinls,
6plondId bargains. C ut down
$20 and $22 Overcoats, nil styles,
good, honest material. Cut
down to
$21 nnd $25 Overcoats, all the
newest styles nud fabrics. Cut
down to
$2S and 830 Overcoats, made of
tho finest materials, good
many silk lined. Cut down
to :
SPO Light-weight Ovorccats, only
two or threo In a lot, orig
inally sold for $15 and $20.
Men's Pants.
$2.25 and $2.50 Pants, all wool,
neat looking and durable. Go
S3 00 and $3.50 Pants, in stylish
patterns nnd medium nnd
dnrk colors. Go for
$.1.50 nnd 55 00 Pants of superior
domestic v.oolcns.flt and finish
perfect. Oo for
$0.00-nnd $7.00 Pnuts, mndo from
tho finest fnbrlcs in stylish
puttorns. Go for
311 Seventh St. Northwest.
Tho city authorities will shortly begin tho
mncadnmlzlng of Pntriek street south from
"Franklin street to tho corporation line, aud
is soon as this work is linished tho Fairfax
county authorities havo agreed to macada
mize tho county road to Hunting Creek
Bridgo so as to give a flno driveway into
Besides this street improvement it is ex
pected that tho city1 council will at its next
meeting order tho cutting down of Fayetto
stroet to conform to tho grado of tho Alex
andria and "Washington railroad track
No legal grado has over been llxed for
this portion of Alexandria, but tho flrst
duty of tho now city engineer will bo to
arrange all tho northwestern section of tho
city upon a uniform grade, thonFayetto street
will bo paved from end to end.
Harry Uichards, seventeen years old, whilo
vaulting with a polo in h:s father's yard yes
terday had a fall on thebac'. of his nock by
tho pole breaking and was seriously injured.
Tho Catholic Legion has elected tho fol
lowing officers: William H. Sweeney, presi
dent; William Desmond, vice president; Ed
ward J. Qmnn, orator; James P. Quinn,
home-stretch Time is
Boys5 Suits.
Boys' Suits, strong goods, well
made and fit perfect, sizes 11 to
l'J years. Former price, $7.00. .
Go for. 54-75
Boys' Suits, double and sincle
breastetl, iu blue nnd medium
color, 'worth $10 and $12. GocC -
for ?ro-5o
Boys' SInglo and Double-breasted
Suits, in blue, black, and mixed
chovlots; reduced from $15 aud
$18. Go for i?9o
Children's Suits.
Children's Suits, double-breasted;
novcr before sold less than
$1.75 and 62.25. Go for
Children's Suits, double-breasted,
good, strong, honest goods
worth$3.50. Go for.
Children's Suits, all-wool, double
broasted, double seat and knees;
worth $4.50. Go for.
Children's Suits, double-breasted,
in gray, dark, and medium
color, sues 5 to 16 years; former
price$6.50. Go for
Children's Suits, double-breasted,
in blue, black and plaids, chov
lots and cassiniores, sizes 5 to IS
years; former price, $7.00, $S.00
aud $9.00. Go for.
Children's Reefers.
Children's Reefers, ages 3 to 15
years; former price3, $3.50 and
$4.50. Gofor. v50
Children's Beefors, in chinchillas
and kersoys, in blue, black" and
gray; former price, $5.00, SC.00 jj ,
and$7.00. Gofor, 4.00
Children's Overcoats
Children's Overcoats, with Capes,
in dark and neat patterns,
sizes 3 to 13 years; former price, . ,.0
$3.00. Gofor ??1.90
Children's Oercoats, with Cnpes,
iu neat, dark nnd light otleuts,
sizes 3 to 13 yenrs; worth $3.00.
Gofor T?z,7)
Children's Overcoats, Cnpes, or
ulsters, in dark or light colors;
former price, $7.00, $S.00 and
SU.C0. Gofor
Children's Knee Pants.
Children's Knee Pnnts, sizes 4 to
14 ears; former prlco, 69c. Go ,
for 37C
Children's Kneo Pnuts, sizes 4 to
14 years; former prlco, SSc. Go rrc
for 5OC
Children's Kneo Plants, sizes 4 to
15 years; former price, $1.50. Go -
for 92c'
chancellor; Thomas Burroughs, secretary;
John D. Normyle, collector; J. Harry Bice,
treasuror; Thomas D. Downey, marshal, nnd
Michael Downey, guard. Messrs. Edward
Quinn, Thomas Lnnnon nnd EawardE. Law
ler wero chosen trustees
James H. Branson, a well-known nnd pop
ular colored residont, died at his home on
South Boyal street yestorday. Branson was
ono of tho few of tho old Virginia family
darkies and was much liked by his white
neighbors. Ho was 84 years of age. His
funeral will take place to-day.
Many ojf tho wells in Alexandria nnd Fair
fax counties have gone dry for want of rain,
an unusual thing at this timo of the year.
Tho erection of tho now powder mill at
Springflold station. Fairfax county, is pro
ceeding very rapidly. The buildings aro now
under roof and tho machinory is being put In.
It is expected that tho making of the powder,
which will be of tho new smokeless kind, will
begin about the 1st of February.
Mr. John "W. May. who has been traveling
in tho West for tho last month, returned homo
The December term of the corporation court
of Alexandria city will begin before Judgo
Norton to-morrow. Only civil business will
come before tho court for consideration. Tho
UUILL.3 rKtb
with Candy, Raisins, Currants, Mixed Nuts.
12 lbs. Mixed Candy . . $1'.00
12 lbs. Choice Raisins . . $1.00
12 lbs. Fine Currants . " . $1.00
8 lbs. Best Mixed Nuts . . $1.00
One of the above beautiful French Dolls given with one dollar's worth
of Candy, Raisins, Currants, or Mixed Nuts. '
FLOUR-Llly of Minnesota, pest Patent, S4- bbl. Electric Light, Bes
Family, S3 bbl.
Special Tea, Coffee, Spice Presents.
LAR VASES, decorated with Hollyhocks and Moss Roses, gold decorated
motto CUPS and SAUCERS.
The above presents have Just been unpacked and are now on exhlbf
lon as the great Christmas attraction. REMEMBER anyone of these pres
ents given to the purchaser of one pound of Tea, three pounds of Coffee
one pound of Pepper or pound other spices.
JAVA and MOCHA COFFEE - 30c. lb.
Best Mixed Tea - 50c. lb.
Best Pepper, whole or ground - 35c. lb.
Every housekeepershould read carefully the following prices and secure
Christmas Supplies of Groceries.
Best Burbank Potatoes - - 65c. bus.
2 lbs. Best Citron ----- 25c.
2 lbs. Best Layer Figs - 25c.
6 lb. pails Preserves, assorted - - 50c.
The preserves include Damsons, Peaches, Apricots, Pears, Plums, Pinet
apple, Quince, Cherries Strawberries, Raspberries, Blackberries, and fruit
Jellies of every description, also APPLE BUTTER and MINCE MEAT, Q-V-palls,
25c. boxes Toilet Soap. Each 10c.
5 lb. palU Fatrbank's Cottoilne. Each. c
5 lb. pail Armour's Vegetole. Each ...Ac.
21ta Silver Prunes (largo white) ...., J5c.
8 lLs. Table Prunes 2V.
Si lbs. Lard (loose) SSc.
2 lbs. California Evaporated Peaches Ax
Baltimore Sugar-cured Hams. Per lb lie.
Saratoga Potato Chips. Per lb 25c
2ow York denned haisins. 1 lb. package ..10c
Baltimore isugai-cured Shoulder. Per lb b c
Baltimore Sugar-cured Breasts. Per lb .......... lie
8 lbs. Fat Mackerel 25e.
Squirrel Brand Meal Sack ...1;
8 cans Tomatoes, Corn, Peas, Beans. Each .. 25c
2caus Peaches ........35c
Blue lion Matches, dozen boxes ..14c
2 lbs. Best Mixed Cakes ...............25c
Apples, Wlnesaps, Greenings, Baldwins, Knssets, per peck...... ...........'Be
2 cans Baby Brand Condensed Milk ..25c.
8 packages Poultry Dressing. ...25
Sage, Thyme, and Savory, 6 packages. 25c
Johnston s
The Johnston Company.
Of Men's, Boys'
Suits & Overcoats
Has met with the approbation of the masses, If the Immense num
ber of eager purchasers who yesterday waded through mud and ra rx
to our stores. Is a criterion. Appreciating th.s confidence we have
resolved to force to the front not only our best efforts, but our Best
Goods. So that all who call to-morrow will find bargains as rare as
they are unapproachable. Our window displays continue to call for
your attention.
Number 1,
$11.00 All-wool Casslmere Suits,
pin checks, for 35. 50
$13.03 Dlacnnal Cheviot Suits,
Black and Blue, for 36.50
$16.00 New Encland Fancy Wor
sted, sincle and double
breasted Suits, for 3S.00
15.C0 Germnnia Mill, Sou fancy
Casslmcr salts, for 97.50
$19.00 Doable and Single-breasted
Black and Blue, all wool,
flno twill, Diagonal Suits. $9.50
$25.00 Genuine KiversidQ Diago
nal Frocks and dou Die-breasted
Prince Alberts, Black only. S 1 2 . 5 O
815.00 Mixed Choviot Suits Now. $7.50
$14.00 Neat Checked Fancy Chey
iots Xow $7.00
317.00 Germania Hairline Cassi
mores 2fow.... SS.50
$18.00 Pin-checXed Cheviots Sow 59.00
8 13. CO Iluddorsfleld Casslmeres
Sow S7.50
S14.00 Bradford Cheviots Now.. $7.00
516.00 Soft Imported Thibet Di
agonals, Black and Blue Xow. $S.OO
S30.00 Taylor & Littlewood Woo'
dyed Twill Diagonal, Black and
Bluo Sow S15.00
One case only: tho last of
our famous Men's Over
coats, all wool Black and
9vU Blue Beaver. Sample on
exhibition at Main Entrance.
Owing to the crowds attending this mammoth sale,
intending buyers may be unintentionally slighted. How
ever, a report to the manager of any neglect or inatten
tion of salesmen will be much appreciated.
803 Market Space, bet. 8th and 9th Sts,
January term will be a quarterly term, and a
large number of criminal cases await trial.
Mr. H. W. Steele, who was killed by the ex
plosion of a steam pipe at tho Washington
navy yard on Friday, is a brother-in-law ot
MajorGeorge Duffey. commissioner of reve
nue, and has many friends in this city.
Col. Dan Lee, of Stafford county, chairman
of his county Democratio committee, was in
Alexandria yesterday on busines?.
Mr. S. I?. Donohue, editor ot tho Fairfax
Herald, was in tho city yesterday on a visit
to friends.
Mr. Park Agnew and family will leave hero
to-morrow for Jacksonville, Flu,, to spend
tho winter.
Tho government dispatch boat Dolphin
camo up river yesterday morning and an
chored off this city for a short time, before
proceeding on to Washington.
Mr. W. W. McCaffrey, of this city, is taking
tho examination for the position of foreman of
tho naval ordnance foundry in Washington.
Euv. Mr. Millan will offlciato in tho Irinity
Methodist Church at tho 11 a. m. service to
day. Tho lecturo of Rev. H. P. Mann, supremo
templar of tho Good Templar order, in
Trinity M. P. Church to-morrow night, will bo
attended by Talisman and Golden Light
Lodges, L O. G. 1., and tho other temper
Seventh St.
' Telephone 816.
ancl Children's
Number 2,
A complete line of Cape Overcoats Keef-
ers and Prince Albert straight cut Coats
all at exactly one-ha If price.
$S.C0Xew England Fancy Mixed
Dlagoaal all-wool Worsted
Suits for. S4-.00
$7.00 Hockanma all-wool Ssite,
velvet finish Cassimares, in
three seat styles, far.... ...... $3.5 O
$5.00 Plummer's fancy aad plain
Cassimeres, only 13 left, for... S3.00
$5.00 Bradford imported plain
and fancy Cheviot Suit, for. ... 82.5 O
8.50 Casslmere Saits.small, seat
designs, in both hair Use and
plnchecks. f or $1.75
$&C0 Genuine Clay Worsted Diag
onal Suits, Black oaly war
ranted all-wool, imported $4.00
$3.00 Sew England's, gray mixed
worsted Diagonals. Sow S4-.00
$4.00 Baritan check, mixed fancy
tweed all wool. Sow. 82.00
$3.50 F. Flnmmer'a fancy and
plain Cassimerea Sow $1.75
$8.00 Genuine Clays aU-woot
worsted, fine diagonal Black
only. Sow - 4-.00
SO only. The hut of fur
famous Boys all-wool ' hir.
chila Reefers. Slaw, 2 to I"
years. Exhibited la show
ance societies in a body. Dr. Mann is one of
the most eloquent lecturers m Amen -a and
will havo a packed congregation.
' A reception of adnlts into the Sodality ot
the Blessed Virgin Mary will tnk p.a m bt.
Mary's Catholic Church this morning a'fr
the 7 a.m. mass. This evening a reee; ti ra c t
young girls into the Children ot Mary wi.. La
held after the vesper services.
The revival sorvices in the Methodist Tr i3
tant Church will continua through nextwr-k.
Tho new jacket of the Columbia fire r t: . a
has been fitted on, and will be sent to Y.z. "
ington on Monday to be nfckfed. Eng r
Wood expects to havo the Columbia in scrx. a
again before the first of the year.
The collections in all the charcbes tvevp
will be taken up for the benefit of the A. ji
dria infirmary, and it Is hoped that a Ira
sum will be raised
Snow fell in Alexandria yesterdaymorning.
Mechanical Inonkey Poddier Fined
Charles Bryan, a curbstone pedller, who
sells purple mechnnlcal moakeys that cl'
up a cord was lined ?60 by Judge M. . 'j s
terday for assaulting Leon E. PL..ts a
brother fakir, becnuso the latter interfered
with one ot Bryan's soles.
valatz beer.
, window.

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