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Toy fill New
The Jaffray receiver's sale is the
cause for this happy occasion.
We were1 heavy purchasers at their
sale. The result is evident in our
Dress Goods Rooms. The counters and
shelves are crowded with the newest
fabrics at prices much less than we
ever dreamt of selling such materials
for right in the beginning of seas 1 .
All-wool Mixtures and
38 inches wide goods that retail
at S9c aodTiOc Tiwre ar only 20
pwceo in the lot Thej hav thelook
and fnel of tUe liigher-imeed goods.
To-morrow's price,
25c yard.
All-wool French Serge,
In Mack. Nan, Hod. Garnet. Gray.
Tan. Mode, Reseda, Myrtle, Old
Blu. Brown and many oilier shades.
We lH-vor heard of those retailing
for lens ttaan 46c si fa r ao we know,
except over our OWN counters. Wa
took U tbat Jaffrej & Co hud. Urns
enattitBg hs to make them
27c yard.
54-inch Covert Cloth,
I Tan. dark and medium Gray,
GFreen and Brown. Extetwivwy used
for tauor-tuaile tiu. Yw'll hard
ly blve iar own as. Never
a j a rd ewr retailed tor 1 a tluin 75c.
To morrow,
Only two pieces of aaoh color, bo
52-inch Cheviot and 52
inch Storm Serge.
These goods arc made of high
grade woo), and are t to he con
founded with trashy stuffs usually
linked with cheap pnees We own
all that Jaffrvy & Co had. 75c
is their real worth. They oonie in
Navy Blue only.
50c yard.
52-inch Vigoureux and
All-wool Coaching
In mixtures of Gray. Tan, Old Blue,
Brown and Illuminated offeote.
Thews were $1 and are worth $1
ytwd. The shopping puhlic have
never before been treated to such
50c yard.
46-inch Luster Finish
In Old Hose, Navy. Myrtle. Gray,
Tan, Pearl, Reseda. Brown,. Old
Bute. Cardinal, Bluet, Heliotrope,
Creani and many other desirable
colors Would be good value at
75e. Only
50c yard.
Out-of-town folks can order by mail.
420, 422, 424,
From the old-fashioned Idea that
Furniture and Carpets cost more
on credit than they do for cash
Be modern be reasonable com
pare our prices with other peo
pled prices wo don't know of
anything fairer than that DO
With Its oasy weekly or month
ly payments Is OUR way of
showing gratitude for your pa
tronage it's more substantial
than simply saying: "thank you."
There's only one price here
cash or credit but there are
six bigr.double floors full of Mat
tings, Refrigerators, Baby Car
riages, Furniture, &c. Help your,
self for a promise to pay.
We make and lay all Carpets
free of cost. No charge for
waste in matching figures.
T3aah er Tapestry Parlor Suite cholco
est 50.
EoHd Oak Bed Boom Suite, ill
Splendid Brussels Carpet. 50a per yard
lfeMuhtc Jncrata Carpet, 25o poryard.
SM Oak Kzlunalen Tablo. S3.5X
46-pound Hair Mattress. ST.
even "Wire Springs. SL73.
Matttags all reliable grades,
liahy Carriages, $5 to50.
lieirigorators all sizes.
SI 9, 821 , 823 7th St. N. W.
Betjreen H and I Streets.
3'Jnnk Shad on the Crren Lawn.
The second plank shad dinner of the
reason will be given this beautiful Easter
Sunday by the Marshall Hall Steamboat
Company, and every person that enjoys
plank shad dinners should not miss this
rare treat, and especially the way they
&re cooked on the green lawns of Marshall
HaH. Besides being a very pleasant
way to spend Easter, there are numerous
KttracOoas that will amuse the young and
ftW folks The ladles of Washington are
specially invited on tnese trips. The
Sft&ttal steamer Charles Macalestcr will
pake two trips to-day at 11 a. m. and
ESO p m.
Planked shad, at Marshall Hall to-day.
Kicalester at 11 and. 2 o'clock.
"I I
& Bro
3S-inch C ert C i and
All-wool rench Isn-
n ,
In Bed. Brown, Tan. Navy. Gray
and Myrtle. Novor a yard of these
goeds retailed at less than 40o.
There'll be a rush for them at
All - wool French Whip
In Navy. Tan. Myrtle. Ilea. Garnet,
Old Blue, tteeeaa. Brown. Gray and
many other destraWo colors for
tfirtng. Not a thread in these that is
oihwr than woL On Inspection j our
judgment will tell you they're
worth C9e. For to morrow, only
33c. yard.
All-wool Navy Blue and
Brown Storm Serge,
The Identical fabric we had such
a big run on last sca-soa at 50c.
We'll give yoa fair warning there's
Hy 10 iikcs. no more -when these
are gone. As long at. thsy last,
32c. yard.
75c and S7 1.2c Imported
At least 100 pieces, displayed
on two separate tables. Among the
styles are Checks. Stripes; Illumi
nated Effects and Mixtures. The
most beautiful color blending imag
inable You can take yourchoiceat
59c. yard.
69c Novelties,
In checks, stripes, beauti
ful mixtures crepons,
melangesi covert cloth,
and many other desirable
50c Yard.
426 7th St.
Brainy Women Uavo a Two Hours' Con
versation About -Mistakes.
The Academy of Forty met last Monday
evening, and in spite of the rain, a goodly
number ot bright and casary womon raade
their way to the Wimodaugksis parlors,
and spent tvo hours delightfully in con
versation about "mistakes."
The society received three new members:
Mrs. Sarah A. Spencer, MlsaEmmaM. Glllet
and Mrs Dickie Lee Sbipp, all of whom
were regarded as desirable accessions.
In the preliminary business meeting, a
flowpr, a badge and a motto for the
Academy were discussed, but no decision
was reached Judging from the enthu
siasm of this magneUc circle, the Academy
will be sought, as on ot the restful mount
alstops of this busy city, miles on miles
aboe the dead level of the 6ea of daily
toil and triaL
Already tho Academy has its imitators
for Mrs Byron Sherry, having read the
notices in The Times, is engaged in organ
izing similnx clubs in Chicago. If this
work prospers, there is hope for the per
petuation of the English language in its
purity, and the Boswells of the future Kill
not be like the Boswells of the present.
listeners, "out of a job."
The May besslon will be directed by Miss
Belle C Morns, and the topic, "Charity."
Louis Kane's Carelessness Cost Him S25
and Annoyed tho Fire Department.
Louis Kane and Melville Tucker, well
known young men, were in the police court
yesterday charged with, turning in a falso
alarm from the keyless fire alarm box on
tbecornerof Ninth aad Fstreets northwest.
After hearing the evidence of Policemen
Garraway and Kimmell, Kane was fined
$25 and Tucker was released.
Tho alarm wa turned about 3 o'clock
yesterday morning and several companies
responded. It was tlie second false alarm
from that box within the past three days,
nnd Policeman Garraway was on the alert.
He saw the two young men loitering around
near the corner, and, suspecting that
they were going to turn in tlie alarm, kept
his eye on them.
In a few minutes ho heard the gong sound,
and he promptly went over and arrested
them. Kane said that he turned the handle
accidentally while fooling with the box,
but Mr. Garrav. ay declared that the handle
could not be turned so easily. Tuckerwas
several feet from tlie box when the handle
was turned. ,
e -
J'nlnter Arreisted for I'etlt I.nreeuy-
James M. Allen, a painter, twenly-ono
years old, wa6 arrested last night by Police
man "Vandewalker and locked up at No. 2
police station house, charged with petit
larceny. The arrest was made on com
plaint of Robert Lavender, ot No. 1222
Sixth street northwest, who said that Allen
stole a bunch of bananas from him at the O
street market.
e j
Not A. G. Bennior.
The man arrested at the house of Julia
Gallagher Friday uightwas Andrew Babrner,
and not A. G.Eeamer, of No 1 F street north
west, w
o o cKJo o o o o o ooo 000000000 o Q
Mrs. Mussev Defines Her Statement
About Woman's Property Bights.
Practically the Old Common law EtiU la
Force Boinj3 in Woman's
Clubs and Societies.
Editor Times: Will you kindly confer
another f.ivor upon tho District Feder
ation of Women's Cluba by uotlcing an
omibslou in its summary of the first pirt
of my address given Wednesday night
before that organization. I defined in
the words of the statute of 1SG9 a mar
ried woman's separate estate as "consist
ing of property, real or personal, acquired
before or during marriage in any other
way thau by gift or conveyance from her
husband." and also added, that save for
Married Womao'i Property Act of 18G9,
the laws in force hero relating to married
womeu weru practically the old common
While that act has not been much criti
cised, and limited by the decisions of the
court, jet il was the first progre&she
.step, and I am pioud to remember tliatmy
bmband, the late Gen. It D. Mutsey,
was instrumental in securing at so early
a date a partial recognition of tlie property
rights of women and the securing to them
the power to dispose by will of their
separate estates. E.S. MUSSEY.
Columbia Chapter, D. A. It., held its an
nual meeting on Tuesday, at No. 1337 L
street northwest. Miss Sarah Adgate Lips
comb, regent, in the chair.
The meeting was conducted under par
liamentary rules, in which the members
appear well posted.
Iteports from tho officers of the work
accomplished during tho past year were
Tead and accepted, and the-officers
thanked for their services.
Somo axrangcmmilB were made looking
to a course of histoiical lectures to be
delivered before the chapter next season.
The chapter then proceeded to the election
ot officers with the following result:
Ecgent, Miss Sarah Adgate Lipscomb; vice
rcgent, Mrs. Mary Davenport Chenweth;
recording-secretary, Miss Mary Stevens
Sensabaugh; corresponding secretary, Miss
Carrie Mildred Wilson; treasurer, Mrs.
Jesse DaTis Stskely; registrar, Mabel God
frey Swormstedt; historian, Mrs. Anna
M. Stillwell Coleman.
Mrs. Elizabeth Winston Hendrlck ia chair
man ot the local board ot management, and
the other members ot the board are Mrs.
Sally J. Broadus, Mrs. Battle L. Scribner,
Mrs. "Willie West Harris-Martin, and Miss
Leta Bryan Stakely.
The membership of the chapter now num
bers thirty-three, among whom are Mrs.
Nellie Grant-Sartons, and Miss Mildred
Ten or twelve applications are pending;
these have been accepted by the charter
council, but the papersliave not yet been filed
with tho registrar.
Continental Chapter, D. A. It., "will hold
The New
A portrait of the president
Tawdry Leerdsley,
-""""''' ' '' 1 . . , J
ltsnoxt regular meeting at the Oxford Hotel
on April 15,8 p. m
Hon. William E Curtis will make the ad
dicssof the evening.
Mrs. Lonsfellow-O'Donohue, Miss Jeannie
O'Neal Potter. Mies Alice Judson and others
will contribute to tlie entertainment with
recitations, songs atid instrumental music.
A clas for the study of parliamentary law
has been organized by tome ladies under
leadership of Mrs. MarthiS Strickland, who
has given much study to tv subjjoct and is
an accomplished parliamentarian.
Mrs. Strickland lectured last week to a
number of ladies upon parliamentary organ-
mibject so very interesting that MibS Mary
Desha, of thiB city, at once proposed the
formation of a club or class to study, sys
tematically, parliamentary law.
Mrs. Strickland will lecture on Saturday
t?ulby and all ladies interested in thesubjtct
are invited to attend.
Tho class will meet at Strathmore Arms
The Department of the Potomac, W. R.
C, Is making things hum. It haa been
discovered that there are school buildings
in Washington above which the flag, fur
nished for the purpose, doe3 not float,
principally because a folded flag could
not accomplih that feat. At the last meet
ing of the council a committee comprising
Mrs. Eliza F. Nay lor, Mrs. Charlotte
Kibbey and Mra. Mary A. 'North was ap
pointed on patriotic teaching and instructed
to learn tke reasons for "the Acglect to float
Old Glory.
Mrs. Indiana Cowling ( paU president of
the department, Mrs. A. J, Neale and Mrs.
Cornelia Wilkerson were appointed on the
pension committee. Mrs. Martha Burgess
was appointed chief or slaff, with an effi
cient corps of aids. Tho work of estab
liahlng tho Woman's Iteliet Corps Home
or the District of Columbia is to he pushed
as Tigorautly as possible.
Tho fumds on hand will be augmented
duriag tha summer by entertainments,
and it is hojitd, by donations, that the
home will be a possibility by fall. The
officers of tie home for tha cisulng year
are Mrs. Bupie McCabe, presiattit; Mrs.
Mary M. North, vice president; Tina Cal
houn, secretary; Ha Sarah J. Noale, treas
urer. The department president, Mrs.
Anna Hamilton, and secretary, Mrs. Nan
nie G. Davis, are trustees by virtue of
their offices.
The office of department corresponding
secretary has been abolished by order of
tho natlonaljprealdent, Mrs. Emma R.
Wallace, and that ot department press
correspondent substituted. Mrs. Isabel
Worrell Eall haa been appointed to fill
tho office for the ensuing year.
Tha membership in the department has
of tho Premier Latchkey club, hj
shown an appreciable Increase during the
first quarter, and affairs aro running so
smoothly that a prosperous jear Is hoped
for. Among thodlttlnpuisbcd itamey added
to the membership or tho W. It. C.this jear
is that ot Mrs. Cleveland, wife of tho
President. The corp3 ot Clearfield, Pa.,
has tho honor of claiming her as one of Its
members since the last of December.
U. S.. Grant Circle, Ladies of tho Grand
Army, will celebrato the th.rd anniversary
of tho institution of tie ordor in this city
by a grand literary and musical entertain
ment in Typographical Temple on Tuesday
evening, April 1G. Exceptionally good
talent has been secured, and nnenjojable
evening may bo anticipated. Dancing
after 10 o'clock. The ladies hae prepared
for their patrons on that occasion. Tho
entire proceeds will be devoted lo their
chanty fund lor the relief of old soldiers,
widows, and orphans. Comrades should
come out uud help in tho good work.
Lost Obsequies 0erthe Remains of Mrs.
Adelaide Thorn.
Funeral services over the remains of
tho Into Mrs. Adelaldo Thorn, wife ot
Samuel Thorn, took place yesterday after
noon at 1 30 o'clock, and were attended
by a large concourse of relations and friends
of the family. Her death occurred at
the home of her mother, at No. 105 F
otreet northeast.
The Eervtces were held at Pt. Aloyslua
Church, the Rev. Father Dolan officiating.
The floral offerings were numerous,- the
casket being literally covered with beau
tiful tokens of remembrance.
Mrs. Thom was the daughter ot Mrs.
Elizabeth and the late P. H. Sweeney.
She leaves her husband and two children,
a son and daughter, to mourn an irrepara
ble loss. Naturally of a sunny disposi
tion, the deceased had won many friends,
and their kindness was fully manifested
in their solicitude for her comfort during
her last illness. Her bereaved relatives
desire to express their gratitude for the
many bestoTred.
Thu pallbearers were J. A. Diggs, C.
T. Rose, Harry Thom, W. Hobbs, John
Husbaud and M. D. Rose.
Tho interment was at Mount Olivet
? o
Ho Was tho Tirst Tajographer of tho
Post-office Department.
After a long period ot declining health,
Mr. Walter L. Nicholson, tho first topog
rapher ot tho Post-offico Department,
died at the residence ot his son-in law, Dr.
Davis, yesterday morning. Mr. Nicholson,
who held the position ot topographer for
twenty years, was well known in Washing
ton scientific circles.
He came to this city from his native home,
Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1856, at the re
quest ot Prof. Bache, then superintendent
of the Coast Survey, and filled a responsible
position there seven years. I 1863 he was
selected to establish tho topographical
soction of tho Post-office Department, a
position which was then otrreat importance
to the government. He held this position
for about a score ot years and then retired,
after which ho engaged in scientific work.
Mr. Nicholson was a son of "William
Nicholson, a noted Scotch artist, one ot
the rounders ot the Royal Scottish Academy.
Ho leaves two daughters and a son, Dr.
William Nicholson.
The funeral services will bo held to
morrow afternoon at 4. o'clock at No. 1013
Sixteenth strcetnorthwest.
-3. o a
Mural Painters Organize to Poster Devel
opment of All Orsanaental Work.
Now York, April 13. Tho mural painters
ot this city have formed an organization far
the promotion of the dolineation of tho
human figure in Its relation to architecture
and to foster the development of all
ornamental work.
In order to further the objects ot tho
organizatiox it is tho aim of tha society
to hold competitions and provido lectures
on tho subject of mural painting. The
society also haa in mind, tho question of
advocating what they term rational doc
oration for all public buildings.
The officers of tho organization are:
President, John La Fargo; treaiurer, D.
Maitland Armstrong; secratary, Charles M.
Shean, and corresponding secretary, Charles
R. Lamb.
Dispute About a Fee.
Judge Cox yesterday granted an injunc
tion to restrain Secretary Carlisle from
paying and Charles Brownell from receiv
ing a fee of $1,883 now duo from the Gov
ernment for prosecuting certain Indian
claims before tho Court of Claims. The
complainant in whose favor tho order was
mado is Michael Colbert, as administrator
of tho late Gon. James W Denver. Gen.
Denver associated himself with Mr. Brow
nell and furnished him tho money to
prosecute the inquiries necessary to estab
lish the validity of the claim. It is now
claimed if the fee were paid to Brownell
tho estate would not be able to secure its
-4 o te
Two Brothers on a Spree.
.Michael and Dennis Daley are brothers,
aged thirty-one and thirty -two respectively,
and last night they went to tho O street
market and. Dennis purchased a large shad.
When they left there Mike proceeded to get
very drunk, Dennis keeping pretty well up
with bira, and holding on to his fish. They
got very disorderly after a while and Po
liceman Auldrldge coralled them near the
marketand piled them into the patrol wagon.
Miko turned a big bottlo of whisky over to
Driver Murphy with an earnebt injunction
that it be carefully kept for to day.
O !
Funeral of Jntlgo atoComns's Father.
HagorstQwn,Md.,April3 F.C.McComas,
father of Judge Louis E. McComas ot tho
Supreme Court of the District of Columbia,
was buried hero to-day. The cortege
Btartcd from the homo of his son Mr. Henry
A. McComas, and services were held in St.
Paul M. E. Church. The interment was at
Rose Hill cemetery.
A large number or neighbors and friends
were present and followed the remains to
the grave. Judge McComas, Mr. N. Carroll
Downs, clerk in his court, and other Wash
ington friends wero here.
o P
Fublio Temperance Meeting.
Attbo regular meetingof Goodwill Council
No. 9, S. of J., held Friday evening, April
meeting at their hall, corner Four-and half
and G streets southwest to-day, at 3 p.m.
Good speakers will address the meeting.
sa e
Ills Sanity Doubted.
The case of William Rowley, who Is now
In Jait pending a hearing as to his sanity,
was yesterday sot for next Tuesday.
Spring Dons Her Roiies fa Greet
the Festai Day.
Boroan Elasts Givo "Way to Gentlo Zephyrs
and BIossoks Eavel On the Sward la
. Bush and Tree Birds "Warblo Hymas cf
Fraise, Whilo Choral Chant and Crgaa
Note Toll of tho Risen Christ.
This is the day of thu festival commem- )
oratlve of the resurrection of ChrJstand ob
served in the Roman Catholic, Greek, Ang
lican Lutheran, nnd other branches of tho
Christian church. The name of the festi
val In English is from Uie Anglo-Saxon
Eostre.a goddess of llghtor spring
The day, though not so in an astronom
ical sense, for it is weeks since that the
snu entered ArieB and the earth rolled
Into Libre, is by custom made the great
divide between tlie blasts of winter and
tlie blooms of spring; when the regime of
King Frost ends, and tlie rclgn of Queen
Plora begins.
It is sprlog's inauguration day, and in
its honor, the trees of town and country
are donning robes of leaves; bright blos
soms are waking from their beds of moss;
brooks are murmuring soft applause, the
birds are joining in the chorus; and tlie
God of the Delphic Fane Is gilding all
creation with a golden sunny glow
Out in the country all the scars ot winter
have been overgrown with green, jeweled
with violets, blue as a sweetheart's eyes;
spangled with dandelions golden as her
hair, and cented with anemones as tender
and as gentle as the youtn from who'sa
blood Venus thought they grew.
The only winter colors that remain arc
the perfumed snows of the dogwood and
wUd haw. Peach and pear, cherry and
apple boughs aro breaking out in pink and
white; tho tawney tassel of tho sassafras
swings and sways, asd clusters of wild, red
honej suckle are lighting the south side of
tlie hills with burning buds.
Poplar, birch, and maple, myrtle, elm.
and linden are beginning to unfold, the
oak seems yielding to the leafing mood,
and the graceful willows, that bow under
the caresses of the winds and sigh a dirge
to every passing breeze, are making foliage
gowns of jellow-green. The ivy, plae,
and cedar have shaken off tho crystals
ot the skies and taken on a cbeen as though
happy the ngora ot the winter are no more.
Bleak old gum trees, around whoc trunks
the coon dogs yelped for months, are comisg
around to drink the ectar of the April
clouds and bo Cheered by the kisses of the
sun. Rough -barked perslmmom trees
are togging up to help receU e the season.
The locust and magnolia arc scarchlag
their souls to bring forth spotless crown
of white to deck themselves at Nature's
carnival or spring, and the multi-rooted
silver poplars are freighted with catex
pniar buds.
Tulip tips, flags and ferns are peeping
upward on the Margins of the tinkling
streams, and the spicewood shows a wil-.
HngneKs to blow. Acres of freahloughed
ground are venting purgent scents, and
bronze-faced, sturdy-sinewed planters are
sowing what they would reap.
In tho ieep and undiaturbed woodlands
fcathereS choirs aro staging the praises of
the day. The roibird. tho chewink and the
linnet are carolling their gladness in their
own peculiar way, and the only sounds that
seem unhappy are the piteous piping of
the ral-crow and the woeful warblo of
tho sad-tongurd thrush.
Song is bursting from every bush. Bees
are stirring to filch sweet juices from the
bosom of the clover bloom, and the swal
low, the oracle of spring, is 011 the wing.
In the city the parks are bing gemmed
witb jonquils, naxc.snis, crocus, hyacinth
aad tulip bulbs. Gay throngs, clad in
rainbow hues, promenade ta wayu, glad
cliim w ring out from heaven-pointiag spires
and Easter carols sound from, evary side.
Blaboratp lluulcal Froarammo Arranged
?tn .
forSt. linry'aChnpol, St. Joku's Parish.
Tho following Easter music will be ren
dered at St. Mary'sP. E. Chapel, St. John's
parisa, Tweaty-thiril street, between G and
H streets northwest, to-day. Rev. Oscar
L. Mitchell ia the pnest in ciiarge, and
the lay readers arc Eugene L. Henderson
and Wra. G. Avant. Processional hymn,
SS8; "Christ, Our PasaoTer," Schilling;
Psalms, 2,"&7, 11; "Gloria Patri," cnaats,
290, 140; "Te Deum," Meitzke; "Jubi
late," W. Patte; "Introlt," kyran 112;
"Kyrie," Tours; "Gloria Tial," Tours;
Hymn 116; strreon; anthem, "Christ is
Risan," Sauki; offertory; recessional
kymn, 110; koly communion. Tours' Cora
munIouSrrviceinF;Hyma S28.
Tho Testsd ckoir coaaitts of Masters
Harry Saunders, Maria. Saunders, Hiram
Gray, James Gray, Roscoe Gray, Leon
Turner, jr., Charlie Turner, Howard John
son, Josepa Hill, Ealph Itidgely, Fred
Crusoe, Ridgley Dyer, Alonzo Saunders,
Ford Dabney, James Mahoncy, Charlie
Stuart, Willie E. Reed, Hayward Jennings
and Georgo Pryor.
Tho unvested ckoir is composed of Mrs.
Lula Joy 3rooks,Misses?ri3cilla.Marbhall,
Lula Warner, Georgle Makall aud Flor
ence Carter, soprani; Miss Cora De Neva,
alto; Mr. HaTry Wythe Lowis, tenor. Miss
Cecil Francos McKce is organist and mu
sical director, and Mr. A. K. Erodie choir
master. At 4 30 p. m. there will be a carol ser
vice by the children ot the Suuday-school,
Mr. Parker N. Bailey, superintendent. An
address will be made by Rev. W. V. Tun
nell , warden of King Hall.
Sho Wanted Clotboi for Easter.
Amelia Baptist evidently made up her
mind a few days ago that she was going to
have a complete wardrobe for Easter
Sunday, but her methods of securing tho
desired outfit were contrary to the stat
utes in such cases mado and provided.
She was in Judge Miller's court yesterday
on two charges of larceny, one of a coat
from Rachael Montgomery, Ld th othor
ot one pair of shoos, ono drets, one apron,
and one waist from Came Norton. In both
cases she was ordered to return the prop
erty, and sentenced to pay a fine ot $5
or go to jail for fifteen days. As the
fines wero not forthcoming sho will prob
ably spend the showery month in jail.
Appointment of Administrator.
Mr. Louis Shocmakeris named for admin
istratorof the estate ot Ann M. Jones, who
died February 28, 1893, by the petition
fded yesterday by her daughter, Mrs. Mary
E. Barnes. The other heirs are Mrs. Louise
Pearson, Andrew P. Jones, and the children
of John Jones, children and grandchildren.
The personalty amounts to 7,100 in real
estate, notes, and furniture.
Marringo Licenses.
Licenses to marry were issued yesterday
to the following: William E. Parker and
Bally Grayson. Thomas C. Weaver and
Mollie Boswell. both ot Montgomery Co.,
Md. Joseph A. YatesaudElizabethKern.ot
Baltimore. William E. Oliver, of Erie, Pa,,
and Gertrude Clark. Honry D. Fry and Ida
B. Lindsay. Frank S. Lerch and Dorathea
Dochrer. Warren King and Gertrude M.
Barr, both of Anacostia,
Citno CoiitlnutHl Indefinitely.
The case at Augustus L. Grimes, charged
with violating tho fishing regulations,
was again called in Judge Millar's court
yesterday. After a partial bearing it
was continued indsfinitely.
A Man or Woman
Speaking seven lan
guages may not know the
right price of things
needed to be bought for
the table every day.
At these markets may
be found every good
thing for breakfast,
lunch, dinner or supper,
with the certainty that
the quality is to be de
pended on and that the
prices are at the lowest
? F
ilATN MARKET 130C-1312 aed St
(Tolephona 317.)
9 1718 ltth st nir. 2lst and K sta, mr. a
2028 11th st nw. 2d and Ind. to. aw. $
9 8th and il gta. n-sr. 5th and I sts. nvr.
037ilatmr 4thandlsunw. V
ft 20th si. and Pa. ave, nw. m
V 13th st. and N T. ave. aw. ?
? 9
Undertakers and Embalciers,
Penn. rto. and 2d st st; TTiono 751-3, Capitol
Hill. Prompt attention; reasonable terms.
r meat. 1337 Tenthstreet northwest Speck
attention to embalming. Open day and nigh:
Phone, 7TO inr3-3mo
is! PenniylTaaia arsaua north-arest
First class serrita. Psoas X335 lat-teio
HARRIS Saturday afternoon, April 13,
Susan V Hams, wife ot William Hams,
aged forty-eight.
Funeral Mouday, April 15, 2 p, m.. uG
627 K street northwest. Relatives and
friends are Invited.
EDELTN On April 12, 1895. at 1:35
p. m., Patrick F. Edel.n, beloved bosband
of Martha Edeiin, at his resdeaea, Nictwb
avenue, Hillsdale, D C, In the filty-fcenh.
year of his age.
Funeral wid take pJaco at St. Tberesa'H
Church Monday, April 13, at & a. m.
Requiem mass. Friends and relatives In
vited. Requ escat in pace.
BATES On Friday, April 12. 1895, a8
11 30 p. m.,AUenBates,sonofS.B.andM.
E. Bates, aged eleven months.
Funeral to-day at 4 30 p. m.r from tha
late residence, 15G P street northwest.
BAXTER Suddenly, on April 13. 1835,
Frank H Baxter, aged thirty two yeais,
at his residence, fa24 Seventh street north
east, SOYER On April 12, lS95,at7-45p.m.,
Mrs. Eliza Boyer, beloved wife of C. Eoyer,
in the forty ieventh year of hor age.
Funeral at 2 o'clock p. m. to-morrow.
Anl 15, from her late residence, 943
Virginia avenue southwest.
BURY At her late residence, 300 East
Capitol street, April 13, 1895, at7:45 a.ra.,
Miss Martha A Bury
Funeral frra Christ church, to-morrow,
April 15, at 11 o'clock a. m P.elativesswd
friends invited. No Flo wart. al4-2
CARPENTER Departed this life on
April 13, 1S95. at 5 40 a m.,AnnaM., fee
loved wife of Eenjarain D. Carpenter, in
the seventy-third year of her age.
Funeral from her late residence, Des
Moines street, Bnghtwood Park. D. C,
at 2 p. m. to-morrow, April 15. Relatives
and friends respectfully invited to attend.
CORCORAN Suddenly, on April IO,
1895, at her residence, 1940 New Hamp
shire avenue, Jane, wife of Edward D. Cor
coran. Funeral to-day. Services at noose, 2 30
p.m., thence to St Paul's Catholic CkurehaC
3 p. m. Relatives and fnonds of the family
respectfully invited to atteud the funeral..
FANNING Friday, April 12, 1895,9:30
p. m., Julia Katharine, only daughter of
Joseph and Margaret Armour Fanning,
aged ten years and ten montas.
Funeral from Trinity Cimrch.Georgotown,
D. C, Monday, April 15, at 2 p. m. Inter
ment private. Baltimore and New Xark
pa?era please copy.
FITZGERALD n Saturday, April 13,
1895, at 1 10 a. m., Katherine A. Fitzger
ald, daughter of the late Margaret and
David Fitzgerald.
Funeral from the residence of her brother-in-law,
M. B Gorman, No 405 Massachu
setts avenu northwest, to-morrow morn
ing. April 15, at 9 o'clock, thence to Ss.
Aloyglus Church, where solemn nigh, re
quiem mas swill be celebrated. Rotatfeus
aad friemds respectfully invited to attend
HOPKINS On Saturday, April 13. 1896,
at 4.45 p m after a snort Illness, Emma.
L , only daughter ot Jason R. and Phoebe
B Hopkins
NoticeoffuneralinMouday'sPost. 14
HIGGDiS 9n April 11, lS93,at& p.m.,
Mrs. Nora HiggiM, aged eighty-six years.
Funeral from her late residence, No. 34
East Capitol street, to-morro w,AprIl 15, at
9 30 a. m., thence to St Peter's Church,
where requiem mass will be celebrated.
Relatives and fnends respectfuUy invited
to attend.
ISEMANN At3 50p m.,ApriI12,1895,
Catheriuc Isemann, relict of the lata
Honry Isemann, aged fifty years.
Funeral from her late residence, 603
Pennsylvania avenue southeast, to-morrow
at 3 p m Friends and relatives invited.
KURTZ Saturday, April 13, 1S95, at
2a m .Alwina.youngestdaughterofLoufa
Kurtz, Sr , in the nineteenth year of ner
Notice ot funeral hereafter.
LANUM Departed this life at 1 adetk
a m Saturday, April 13, 1895, Beajam.n
Lannm, the beloved hi&band of WlBfe A.
Lanum, at his home, I18 Vermont ave
nuenoitlitv est, atan advanced age.
Funeral from Israel C. M. B. church to
morrow, April 15, at 2 o'clock p. m.
McDONALD Departed this life Friday,
April 12, 1895, at 1-35 p, m., George, J.
McDonald, aged twenty-two years and two
Funeral private, from his parents' resi
dence, 234 Eleventh streefc southeast, to
morrow, April 15, at 10 a. m. al3-3c
NICHOLSON On Saturday, April 11,
1893, at G a. m , Walter Lamb Nicholson,
aged seventy years, a native of Edinburgh,
Funeral services at the residence ot lia
son-in-law, Dr Davis, 1013 Sixteer ii
street, to-morrow, April 13, at 3. p. m.
Friends of the family respectfully Invited
to attend.
SCHNEIDER On Thursday, April 11,
1895, at 6 30 p. ra., Ruflna, beloved wiTo
of Joseph B. Schneider, aged forty-nino
Funeral from her late rosidasce, NX
1234 Third street southwest, ta-mornw.
April 15, at 8:45 a. m. Requiem mass at
St. Mary's Church at 0-30. Reiativ.s
and friends aro respectfully invited to
WARRICK Departed this IKe on Tues
day, April 9, 1&&S. at S.10 p. m.. Cbarlts
Henry, the beloved son of JuHa and Swbu 1
Warrick, at his residence, 1217 D street
Funeral from Ebonezor Church, dltwr
Fourth and D streets toeUienat, today, at
2 pm.
WILLIAMS Suddenly, en Friday. April
12, 1895, at 7 15 p. m , Mary, botov nl
wife of Joseph Z. Williams, in tfce stxty
third year ot her age.
Funeral from her kite residence, Ne 1U1
Third street southeast, April IC, at S JO
a m., thence to St. Peters aaurch. Rcu
tives and friends respectfully invited to

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