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vol. 2. :no. 401.
Is as good time as any to se
lect 3'our Spring Suit. You
Puken From the Guards By a Mob
and Hanged on Trees.
Irving Lysle and Katie Canter
Drowned at the Navy Yard.
Remarkable Results Followed
Mi Moody's Prayers,
can get . one
HERE, correct
in every partic
ular, as low as
One of Them Confessed that They Had Mar
- rdored Watts Marphy'and
Burned His Body.
m1 w a -ib w w--m -v si m y "IV
Ml A lav 1 ma 1 i 1 K m
f T jLJlKJj-- lXl'VJI JL v-Ll
An lionest, all
wool one, too,
stylishly cut
and perfect fit
ting. A big va
riet' to select
from all neat,
dressy patterns
including our
c e 1 e brated
Crow Black and
Im-berial Blue
standard rough cheviot. The
best suit ever seen for the
I2tll & F Sts, EssF,Ws'
Rev. S. H. Greene's Brother-in-Law
filet Them Face to Face.
The Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church and
His Family Were at Divine Eervics
Wbea the Attempt Wai Hade Their
Work Was Done Boldly and Expedi
tiously Hissed a Large Sum of Honey.
Another Sanday evening robbery was
committed last night, two unknown white
men entering tbe bouse of Rev. S. H.
Greonc, No. 1322 Q street northwesti while
tbe family was at church, and nltliough the
plunder dW not exceed ?5, tbe boldness
of tbe attempt places it on a par witb any
recently made.
As in tbe case of Rev. Dr. Butler a few
weeks ago, Dr. Greene and tbe entire
family werea t church and tbe servant away.
The robbers, after trying vainly to get in
through the front window, forced open the
baseaent door, and proceeded to make a
systematic search of tbe premises.
Mr. J. M. Buzzfll, Dr. Greene's brother-in-law,
returned borne before the rest of
tbe party, and upon entering tbe bouse
beard some one moving around on the sec
ond floor, bat supposing that it was Dr.
Greene's eon and a friend, paid no attention
to tbe noise.
He moved around down stairs for a few
minutes, when he beard some one coming
down tbe steps, and turning to look saw
that they were strangers.
He started towards them to ask them
what tbey -wauted, but the men bad reached
tbe first floor, and one of them drawing a
revolver covered Mr. Buzzill witb it,
backing slowly out of tbe front door, while
tbe otlier one ran down tbe steps and out
into the street.
As soon as the one with the revolver got
outside both men took to their heels,
running down Kingman place, which
opens on Q street a few doorb from Mr.
Greene's residence.
Mr. Buzzill's cries for the police soon
drew a large crowd, and several started in
pursuit, but the men had too much of a
start, and soon disappeared. A couple of
policemen from tbe Eighth precinct came
np a few minutes after the men got away,
and upon investigating the affair, arrived
at tbe conclusion that they were the same
men wlio robbed Dr. Butler's residence
several Sundays ago.
Mr. Buzzfll said that the men wore white
and were rathor young looking, loth about
medium h eighth. He could give no better
description of thorn and does not think he
could identify them, as the affair took place
in so short a time.
Dr. Greene says that there hapiiencd to
be a large sum of monoy ami n quantity of
valuables in the bouse, which, fortunately,
tbe ttivQS did not get track of. They had,
evidently, been iu the house only a short
tnue when Mr. BuzzHl returned, as tbey
bad ransacked only tbe Eeoottd floor.
Ob that floor Uiey Killed .jkjii bureau
d ra were and t ra nfcs, sea Uenwg Ue4r foments
on tbe floor, but so far as oeabl l awer
tartiea last night they only suoceoled in
finding abont five dollars iu money.
Tbe condition of Representative Hitt,
of Hltoois, was practically unchanged
last night. His physician Is In constant
attendance, and last night a consulta
tion was bold over him by two city physi
cians and a prominent socialist from
Baltimore. He is desperately ill, but ibore
is stHI bope for bis recovery, and a fatal
termination is not thought imminent.
Representative Cogswell, of Massa
chusetts, is better and is expected to im
prove steadily.
A I'GSHililcFrnnco-Bnclibli Imbroglio.
Paris, April 21. The Temps, referring
to a statement that an agreement has been
arranged between Great "Britain and New
Fouudland on tbe French shore ques
tion, insists that this matter must be
settled to France's approval before New
Foudland enters the Dominion of Canada.
St. Johns, N. F., April 21. The dele
gates -who went to Ottawa to treat for
the entrance of New Fouudland into tho
Dominion, arrived here to-day.
Fratornal Meeting of Tenipornncn Folks.
There will be a fraternal meeting between
the Sons of Jonadab aud Good Templars at
Harris' Hall, corner Seventh and D streets
northwest, to-morrow evening at 8 o'clock.
Hope Council No. 11 of the Sons of Jonadab
and UistnocLodsre. No. 13, 1. O. G. T., will
participate. The meeting will be public,
and several temperance speakers from both
Organizations will deliver addresses.
Rarlhuuulics in AHintlo ItntMlu.
Loudon, April 21. A dispatch to tbe
Times from Odessa says that there were
Bevere earthquakes Friday at Tashkend,
Asiatic Russia.
They Tried To Exchange Places in the Eoat,
but the Youne lady lost Her 'Balance,
and, Catching Hold of Her Escort, Both
Fell Overboard Drowned Before Help
Could Beach Them One Body Becovered.
Irving Lysle and Miss Katie Canter, both
well-known and popular residents of Ana
costla, fell out or a row boat and were
drowned a few hundred yards from the
garbage wharf at the foot of South Capitol
street yesterday afternoon about three
. Both tbe young people were members of
the choir of Emanuel Episcopal Church in
Anaco6tia, Lysle, who was nineteen years
old, having been a cross bearer there for
about three years. They sang at the church
services yesterday morning, and early in
the af tenioon Jiired a small row boat at
rrench'B wharf, at the foot of Eleventh
street southea&t, and started out for a row.
They passed beneath the Anacostla
bridge, and oil down the Eastern Branch by
tbe Navy Yard, and were rowing around
iu the channel, off the foot of South Cap
itol street.
According to the story of James Martin,
an Anaootlia boy who witnessed the acci
oeut, Lysle was sitting in the bow of the
boat and Miss Canter in the stern.
Both got up and started townrde each
other, evidently lnteudiiig to change
places, when tlie young lady lost her bal
ance, and, catching bold of Lysle, both
plunged averboaru.
They west down together, but while
under the water, became separated, and
oh reaching the surface Mlts Cunter
again eUed Lysle around the waist.
Lvele c-Murht Iraki of tlH side of the boat
and called foraftatotaiice, Imt probably be
coming numb withruld. and unable totup
jtort tbe wclfftit of both, bis hold on the
boat broke ami both went down.
When titer ram up tbe second wine they
were glHI together, but the 'bird :.me their
iokl on each other relaxed, and tbey
(lteaptteared separately and were teen no
i bo re.
Two roen In a sailboat, who w-re a few
hundred yards from tlte place, started to
their rwue wlien they heard Lyslc's cries
for assistance, but arrived too late to do
any good. The boat wah rec-ov-red by a
young man named Lew Be.vb, tmd
contained the young lady'ahat and parasol.
The police boat Joe Blackburn was tele
phoned for, but was in Georgetown, and
it was tome lime before it reached the
scene of the disaster. Preparations Ti-ere
immediately made for dragging the river
for the bodies, however, and fibout G:S0
o'clock the small boat in command of
Pilot Russell Dean found the body of the
young lady about 100 yards out in the
stream off One-half street.
It was carried to the harbor-master's
wharf, and the police ambulance from the
Second precinct wab tent for. The body
was then removed to Miss Canter's late
home in Anacostia.
All efforts to locate Lysle's body last
night were unsuccessful. H.irbor-inaster
Sutton, however, will resume work early
this morning.
Lysle had no regular occupation in Ana
costla, and lived witb his mother, Mrs.
Perkins, on Monroe street. Miss Canter
was eighteen years old, and kept house for
her father, Mr. George T. Canter, at No.
228 Fillmore street, and bad just recovered
from a protracted sick spelL .Although
not engaged, the two young people have
beenon friendly terms forseveral years.
Preparations were begun for Miss Can
ter's funeral last night, and the ceremony
will probably take place to-morrow after
noon. Rev. W. G. Davenport, pastor of
Emanuel Episcopal Church, will officiate.
UarHhall Tippett Shot lu tho Shoulder
WLUu IlnvliiK Somo Fun.
A serious accident occurred above the
Chain bridge on tbe Virginia side of the
river about noon yesterday, to Marshall T.
Tippett, while be with two friends were
practicing marksmanship with a revolver.
A young man, named Leary, had the
pistol, which is a 32-calibre affair of old
date, and was finuz at a tin can on a tree
stump. After the first shot Leary. it is
said, bandied the weapon carelessly and
it wasawidtjntally exploded while preparing
for the second shot.
TheiMlivt locUed i ii Tippet fsleft shoulder,
below the bone. Theinjuredman,whowaB
bleeding profusely, was carried to his borne
on LoiHlixin road and medical ahl secured.
He is reported in a serious condition.
Tiuueu Uvea with Iu- uncle on the old
Field farm and he but lately returned from
a Pennsylvania law school. He has a large
number of friundB in Georgetown and
Nmm-rnuH Smnll Hobherio.
Richard N. Brooks, of No. 1700 Pennsyl
vania avenue northwest, reported at police
headquarters jes tenia y that some time
during the past week a suit of clothes and a
pair of shoes were stolen from bis house.
Miss Virginia 8. Benjamin, of No. 2319
Pennsylvania avenue northwest, reported
that a small gold watch was stolen from a
bureau in her room about the lflth of tho
mouth. Miss S. Newcorab, of No. 1620 P
street northwest, reports stolen about the
bth iiiBtaut, a gold pin and a gold necklace.
MisseeMary Reed and Mary Johnson, of No.
32G0 0 elreet northwest, report stolen
from their residence two pocketbooks, one
containing five dollars and tbe other ten
Mad Doc Killed at tho "Wharves.
A mad dog started in on a terrorizing
career in the neighborhood of the oyster
wharf at TweUtb and Water streets south
west about 5:30 o'clock Saturday evening,
to run at large he succeeded in biting two
other dogs and frightening several people.
He waB finally run down by Policeman
Coffin, of theFourthprecinct.and Mr. James
Burch, of the wharf, and killed by tbe
Meeting of the Anti-Saloon I.eujjne.
There was a very large attendance at
tbe meetiug of the Anti-Saloon League,
which -was held at Zion Church, No 335
F street southwest, yesterday afternoon.
Rev. L. B. Wilson presided, and addresses
were made by Hi H. Smith, Judge Anson
S Taylor, aud Rev. v. II. Brooks. The
subject of Intemperance in tbe District was
fully dlscused by the speakers. There
were no resolutions passed.
Jcnlous Huckster Arretted.
Charles Stewart, a huckster, vras lodged
in No. 8 station yesterday by Officer Ken
nedy on complaint of bis wife, Jennie
Stewart, who alleges that he attempted to
knock ber down with a chair in a fitof pas
sion, caused by jealousy. The charge
against the man is threats.
Mrs. Butts, of Fredericks, Barely
Escapes a Negro's Clutches.
Two Men Heard Her Cries, Rushed To tho
Rescue and Canght the Fellow After a
Hot Chase In the Mountains Captors
Defend Their Prisoner From a Mob That
"Would Have Lynched Him.
Fredericks, Md., April 21. Mrs. Thomas
Butts," a - highly 'respected rarnwr's "wire
living at Broad Run, fifteen miles from
Fredericks, was brutally assaulted this
morning by Frank "Winterchief, a burly
eighteou-year-old negro, who works on
the farm of Col. J. Columbus Odonnell,
near Fetersville. Although he failed to ac
complish bis purpose, Mrs. Butts was
fiendishly dealt with.
Mrs. Butts attended early mass at St.
Mary's Catholic Church, four miles from
ber home, and was returning when the
negro, who had been seen following her,
overtook heron tho road, and armed with a
club, seized her, threw her to the ground
and dragged her toward tho bushes.
Shescreamed for help, aud by superhuman
efforts threw off her nEtailaut and sprang
to her feet. Three times he threw ber to
the ground.
In the struggle ho Jammed his finger
up her nostrils, tearing open her clothes,
scratching and braising her flesh and
throwing her skirts over her head.
Frightened before accomplishing his
purpose, he sprang up and fled. Notwith
standing the fierce struggle between the
brute and his victim, Mrs. Butts still re
tained possession of her prayer book and her
beads iu her bands.
Peter Hemp and David Majaba, who
heard the screams, saw the negro run
ning and started in hot pursuit. The
route lay towards the mountains.
After a chase of four miles, and after
firing two shots at him, the negro halted
and surrendered. In the meantime Mrs.
Butts bad made her way to a farm house.
On their return from the mountain with
the negro, bis captors were escorted by a
mob, who demanded the surrender of the
man, that they might take him to tbe
woods aud hang him.
Hemp and Majaha refused to give him
up at the point of their drawn revolvers,
escaped from the mob and brought Wiu
tercbief safely to Frederick.
Gov. aiorton ItorubeK to Interfere Ar
rnnuiiieiitK for tlio Kloolrncut ion.
Sing Sing, N. T., April 2 1. Warden Sage,
at noon to-day, sent out the twenty-seven
invitations to tho witnesses who are to bo
present at the execution of Dr. Buchanan.
This morning the warden received official
notification from Gov. Morion that be bad
refused to Interfere in the case and be went
at once to the cell of the condemned man
and said: "Buchanan, I nm sorry to tell
you that Gov.Mortonhasrefused to interfere
in your case."
Buchanan flushed, but without displaying
emotion, replied simply: "Well, warden,
will you telegraph to. my wife and Lawyer
GibbonsthatI want tosee them atonce."
Buchanan's wife "was laterin the day ad
mitted to the death bouBe and remained
with him two hours.
lioth lien Cuino to Grief.
Martin Lynch, residing on Second street
extended, was knocked down by a bicycle
rider on Florida avenue near Fourth street
about 9 o'clock last night and sustained
severe bruises of the bend, face and arms.
The bicyclist, Henry B. Thompson, colored,
was also severely gashed about the right
temple. Both men were treated at Freed
man's Hospital.
Vroeport Follows WiibliiiiRton.
Freeport, Ills., April 21. At the school
election just-held here Mrs. R. H. Wiles and
Miss Fannie Stevens were elected members
of the board of education, the first time in
the history of Freeport that women were
elected school officers.
Domestic Churned With LarciMiy.
Policeman Quails, of the Third pre
cinct, yesterday locked up Isabella Mo
Inn, a colored domestic, on a warrant
charging her with the larceny of a gold
locket, gold ring, and a pair of shears,
of tbe value of $21.
Sam's Own Peculiar Game.
Gruesome FindoF the Police Relating
to the Dnrant Murder.
Though Found in Dr. Gibson's Study, They
Bo Not Seem to Segard it as
Implicating Him.
San Francisco, Cal., April 31. The po
lice are still busy in picking up the threads
and weaving their networkof circumstances
and evidence in the Emanuel Baptist Church
cases, so as to leave no weak mesh tnrougb
which the accused can escapr- for they
believe they have tho niu;rdererin the person
of "W. H. E. Durant. ?
It is now thought ty will avikc on
endeavor to try Durant cst on the charge
of murdering Miss Lampnt, as tho evid-jnee
in that ca6e Is said tojbe much suonger
against the prisoner than In tbe case of the
killing of Miss "Williams.
Referring to tho runior that Biarhe
Lamont was lured to the lihurch by D it rant's
promise to perionn a opjninal operation on
her to save hor from ilsgracc aud that
when she shrieked in afcbuy he caught her
by the (hroat to btifle her cnes and choked
her to death, Dr. BarTett, the city autopsy
physician, stated the ?umor was without
He says he took especial care In the
matter of the autopsyr and ho is satisfied
that no criminal operation was performed.
He also states that both young women died
of strangulation and that the knife wounds
in Miss Williams' bodiverc not tho cause
of death.
Among the gruesome exhibits in the case
is one thafc was quietly taken to polleo
headquarters and locked up, and not until
a late hour last night did the police ac
knowledge they had it. This exhibit is
a shoe and on its sol6 arc dark spots of
blood that came from the body of Miss
Tho shoe is the property of Rev. J. George
Gibson, pastor of tile church, and it waa
found in bis study In the edifice last Sun
day just after the finding or the body of
Miss Lamont.
This statement has created a sensation
and gives those who have been hinting
that Rev. Gibson may be the guilty party
an opportunity -to emphasize their sus
picions. -'
However, the police do not seem, to see In
it anything that implicates the pastor, for
they argue that tho person who Mlled the
two girls was familiar with thpehureb, must
have known the Bhoes wore there, iiul must
have worn theui in hl&bloody undertaking.
Debute ut Hip Y. at. C. A. Decided in
Xiivor of the Negative.
Another of the series of popular de
bates was given In ''the parlors of the
Toung Men's Christian Association Sat
urday evening. Tho question for debate
was, "Resolved, that there should be free
coinage of silver aud gold at the ratio of
16 to 1," tbe decision being rendered in
favor of the negative
Tho tjuestion was "discussed for tho af
firmative by Mr. O. M. Mather,,and for the
negative by Mr. W. J. Campbell. Before the
debate an oration was delivered by Mr.
At A Wnlcnn Til tliA nlirnnnn r tlr nme.
idcnt.'jdr. N. W. WatEou, the vice president,
T ..' . -.
W. N. Weston, took the chair and formally
opened the debate, Mr. W. O. Gotevals
being elected Judge. r
"Buffalo Illl" in.K J iii.-.u With Ilim.
A party of Washington people left the
city this iliorning in a special car for Phila
delphia as guests of Col. Cody to attend
the Wild West opening. The party con
sisted of Qen. Stanton, Col. Corbin, Col.
Ainswarth, .Col. Gordon, commander of
Fort Meyer: Col. Mills, Major Mullinberg,
Liedt. Lucian Young, Capt. Heywood, of.
the. Navy; Major-Irving, Major Townsend,
Capt. -AHtson Nailor and wife, Mr. John
Trucsdaie, and G. C. Crager, of Rosebud
Indtan agency.
I r , . .
Down Wont Mr. Glnty and Friends.
Mr. John Ginty, wbile out driving with
three friends on H -street northeast yes
terday, met with an accident which re
sulted ini a general smaJsh-up of the team,
and several severe bruises were sustained
by the members of the party. The lorso
became frightened at a cable car aud ran
away, dashing the" ,carriage against tho
curb and throwing the occupants out. Mr.
Ginty was badly bruised about the face
and head, and the other three eseuped witb
Bligbt injuries.
. 4 t-
Dentil of an Atheistic Puhlishcr.
Indianapolis, Ind., April 21. This morn
ing LuliQ Monroe Powtfr, editor and pro
prietress of the Iron Clad Age, tbe only
atheistic paper published in the country,
died f rdm tuberculosis after a confinement
to her home of buly two weeks.
lira &i i
Murder of a Woman -That Re
calls Jack the Ripper.
Post-mortem Examination Disclosed the
Shocking Fact that the Poor Creature
Had Been Inhumanly Beaten and
Stamped Upon and Internally Mutilated
Hemorrhase Waa the Cause of Her Beath.
-"New York, April 21. A murder was
brought to light in Bellevue Hospital this
a f tenioon, which is suggestive in some
of its details or the White Chapel crimes
in London, that made "Jack, the Ripper"
notorious. The victim is a woman of the
lowest class. Her name was Alice Walsh
and she was welL known in the resorts in
the neighborhoodofBIeecker and Thompson
When the autopsy was performed upon
her body, it was discovered that certain
mutilations had been made which dis
tinguished the White Chapel murders,
although not of so serious a character.
Up to a late hour the murderer had not been
arrested, but one man who is thought to
bave some kuowledge of the matter was
held ou suspicion.
The circumstances of the killing of Alice
Walsh are peculiar in almost every aspect.
About 5 o'clock this morning a woman was
found in the hallway of No. 1-13 Thompson
6treet half unconscious and bleeding.
The woman was conveyed to St. Vin
cent's Hospital and inquiries instituted
at the tenement. No one who was there
knew the name of the woman, butthe night
clerk ot a restaurant readily identified
ber as Alice Walsh.
Every effort of the physicians to stop
the blood proved futile, and the patient
expired at 11:15 o'clock, having been in
tho institution less than four hours. During
that period she showed no signs of returning
consciousness, and diqd without indicating
in any way how she met with the circum
stances which resulted In her death.
In the course of the afternoon Dr. Phillip
O. llanlon, coroner's physician, made a
tiosjt-mortem examination of the body and
discovered the real cause of death. He
found that the woman was bruised and
black and blue iu almost every part of
her body.
He found also that she had been bru
tnlly mutilated with a knife or dagger, and
thnt the wounds thus resulting had started
the hemorrhage which bad terminated
After much searching about the neigh
borhood the police found that the woman,
iu company with a tall, broad-shouldered
man, who looked like an Italian, a wo
man, known as "Girnpy" Amanda, a girl
called "Teenic," and another man, had
spent a portion of the early morning hours
in the-saloon of E.
N. uarland, at 108
West Houston trt.
hue there she
I pecame greatly intoxicated, and she and
I line foil nftmvinittswi mtnVMillud
her tall companion quarrelled.
They loft there, so far as could bo ascer
tained, at about 4 o'clock, a. m. Whoro
they went during tho Intervening two hours
cannot uow be told.
It is surmised that the man who killed
hor is tho Italian strangor in whoso com
pany sho was in Garlavd's saloon.
A womau iu Bellevue Hospital, who had
met her whilo serving a term on the island,
said that she had been living with a man
named Terence Collins, who, a short time
ago, was sent to the Elmira Reformatory.
After hor lover had been sent away, Alico
took up with an Italian, or a Spaniard, so
the woman said.
Philip Mewloy, tho night clerk, is being
held until further investigation is made. 1
Mystery of tho Suicide TJnsolvrrt.
Nothing has yet been heard of by tho
authorities in regard to the identity of the
mysterious Amnrtoan House suicide. The
nuniVer of visitors at Lee's undertaking es
tablishment, on Pennsylvania avenue,
between Third and Four-and-a-half streets,
yesterday was much smaller than ou Sat
urday, and none of them was able to fur
nish any information about him.
If the body is not identified by to-morrow
it will probably be buried in potter's
The Sea Gives TTp Its Dead.
Westerly, R. I., April 21. Portions ot
human bodies 'cast upon the beach here last
night were identified to-day by clothing
as parts of the remains of Charles Carney
and a son of Capt. Tucker, both of whom-
I were lost in the barge wreck off Point
.TnrtiHi incf: tvlntnr "
Judith last winter.
LojjJsville, Ky., April 21. A special to
Ala.T says; A gentleman who arrived at
8 o'clock to-night from Greenville, Ala.,
forty miles south of here, reports that five
negores were lynched near there laat night.
Just before his train left Greenville to
night the sheriff of the county came Into
town and reported that In passing Buck
alow plantation, three miles from town,
he had found five negroes, three women,
hanging by their necks to some trace,
their bodies cold, aud tbey cvkhnrtly totl
frvii dead some hours.
Luh tnlght now raMhed GrevM mt
the brutal murder ruar Itntier. in tfcat
county, or Watts Mnrpny, nonntf yanng
wbiteinan.bynogroes. Ma rony wi unmm)
nent youne farmer, being a nnhew of ItM
Into Gov. V.'attH. of tain SUMe.
After murdering him tbe negroes nlacwl
his body on a brush henp awl tmmeri tint
heap. Tl e debrto waa examtnwt mhI 0m
teeth, liver and neatr of tktt victim wef
found, the balance of Ute Ixxty fe&vtog bmmi
pun jpoq ao) jo nonwifarexa rnJOUi ymd
An investigation was IntOtNted. Tnwo
negroes were arrested. Ftonlly t-ay one
of the negroes gave way ami confeeecd tbe
crime, implicating two otner negro man
and two women.
TheorflcereiieeuredthemniMl wereclosely
guarding the prisoners when last beanl
from last night.
The report to-night doesnotgiveaayoTtne
details of how the mob secured tho mur
derers, except that they were taken by
force. A telegram from Greenville con
firms the story.
Fr rorty-tUrof l't-nrs Ho Sorvtl IIIh
County ns a Soldlor.
Denver, Col., April 21. After serving
continuously in the service of tbe United
States for a period of forty-three jears
Major General Alexander McDowell Mc
Cook retires from the army to-morrow , a
step made necessary by the law, the limit
of age, sixty-four years, having been
Gen. McCook will leave Denver this week
for Dayton. O., where he will remain until
May. He will then go to Washington and
New York, reaching the latter city June 1,
to be present at the graduation of his
Later in th summer, the General will
sail, with his family, for Europe, where he
will spend several months. He has made no
plans concerning himself atter returning
to the United States.
With the retirement of Gen. McCook, the
last of the fighting McCooks goes into
private life, and for the first time In
nearly half a century the army will be
without a McCook on its active rolls. It
is a most noteworthy fact that Gen. Mc
Cook, father of Gen. McCook, who will
be retired to-morrow and tho sons, were
all in the field, fighting for their country at
onetime, aud thatfour of them attained the
rank of General.
CeremonlcH Otit u New Catholic! School
in I'ottuville.
Pottsville, Pa , April 21. The Catholics
of the Schuylkill coal regions turned out
In large numbers to-day to honor Mgr.
SatolU, who came here to lay the corner
stone of the new school of the St. John's
German Catholic Church.
Pontifical mass was celebrated tnis
morulng by Mgr. Sntolliaml thte afternoon
he laid the corner-atone, in Ute presence of
6,000 people.
After the ceremonies Mgr. Scaroeler, of
the university at Washington. D. C , de
livered, a sermon. This waa folio khmI ay
the benediction of the btetaed aacnuaeac
by Mgr. Satolli.
I'lio Family ClunUatlHTw t CVI-lwt
Eighty-fix YeHM.
Canton, Ohio, April 21. Gov.McKlnley
and wife are here to celebrate tbe eigaty
sixth birthday of the Governor's raotber,
which occurs to-morrow.
The aged lady is hale and hearty for one
of her age, and this morning she walked to
church with her son, a distance of six
blocks from her home.
About twenty members of the immediate
family will attend the birthday party to
morrow aud partake of the dinner which is
served yearly upon Mrs. McKinley's birth
Uronjriit to Mar.seillert unil Put llclifnil
French I'rinon Willis.
Marseilles, -April 20. John L. Waller,
formerly American consul at Tamatave,
who was brought to this port on thesteamer
Djcmmah, after having been tried by a
French court-martial and sentenced to twen
ty years Imprisonment on the charge of hav
ing been a Bpy in the interest of the Hovas,
was taken from the steamer by the police
and lodged in jail.
Death of a Court iterate Veteran.
Mr. Alexander Breckenridge died at his
residence, No. 1205 M street northwest,
yesterday evening from Bright's kidney
disease. By his death the Confederate
Veterans' Association of this city has lost
one of ts most earnest and respected as
sociates. He served in the Regular Army
up to the breaking out of the war, and then
came witb Gen. Longstreet, in whose com
mand lie was then serving, across the
Staked Plains, and joined as he did the
Army of Northern Virginia. He was a
lieutenant of one of the Virginia tavalry
regiments, and at the last desperate charge
runde at Sailors' Creek, he lost his right
arm. At the time of his death be was em
ployed in the Interior Department. His
funernl is to take place on Tuesday evening
next, from his late residence, and will be
attended by tbe Confederate Veterans' As
sociation. ItejnneTruvels via tho Southern.
Madame Rejane and her company of forty
left here at 10:45 o'clock Saturday night
for New Orleans. They were carried by
the magnificent Pullman limited train
over the Washington and South Western
branch of the Southern Railway and will
reach their destination this morning.
Held for a Murder in 1881.
Baltimore, Md., April 21. Richard Jef
ferson alias Thomas Graham, colored, has
been arrested in this city on the charge ot
murdering Daniel High, also colored, at
Willow Post Office, Calvert county, in the
summer ot 1881.
IMerru Zucconc.
. Paris, April 21. Pierra Zaccone.-a. well
known French writer, died to-day at Mor
lalx, aged seventy years. He was tbe
author of a creat number ot literary
works, and also wrote several dramas and
n mmln nnnrn
a comic opera.
But It Fell in Such Torrents That
the Roof Caved In.
Taty Had Ji Fiihd Stngfei a Jeyem
Hyanvaf ?rafe "VTbMSetau asd Batten
QtmA By pa tfce Imsaiue Cea
Wtygalata Farty Partaaj Were Hart,
Saaieia Saratetigr TJut Tr Will Prab
aWy Bfe-Lbt f Baad ad Iajond.
Fart Warth, Txm. Apr SI. AH af
Taxaa aaa naoiind lain, so ta great
Kraagetaw, Dwfeat Moody, called anon Ms
aaUeaca of 8,000 Clulatiaaa to pray fer
veotty Uaat tn floodgates nwght be opened.
Tata was at 3 p. m.
To-narM. wten tbe tabernacle was crowd
ed by 10.000 people from Fort Worthandsur
rounding citterf, Mr. Moody announced that
word had come from several points that rain
bad fallen. A few minutes later the stoma
burst on Fort Worth and torrents ot rain
Then Mr. Moody gave thanks to God and
called upon th congregation to join in sing
ing "Coronation" and "All hail the power
of Jesus name; let angels prostrate fall."
The sonic had su rged forth from ten thou
sand throats whena cracking noise washeard
and then the roof sank and the rafters gave
way and the heavy timbera and boards
covered with tar and gravel -came down
on a portion of the congregation.
There was a panic. Scores upon scores
ot women fainted; some men Joat their
heads and piled pell mell over those near
Mr. Moody grasped the situation and
moving to the middle or xhe platform,
lifted both hands to heaven mowing hisarms
slowly to and fro. His attitude and cool
ness stopped the panic and men tegan to go
to work to rescue those in danger.
A drenching rain was falling, but they
worked hard and the wounded were 60on
taken out and earned to their bomea or to
the houses near by.
J. V. Ingrabara, cut on bead and ciest,
arm hurt, internal injuries; will die.
Will J. Parsley, left leg crushed, back:
injured: seriously hurt.
Mrs. Mary Murphy, cut on. bead asd left;
Miss Scarson, of Weatherford,otonface
and right arm.
MtssLBtaHawleyTenton head.
J. W. Maucheeter.prorifinewe. A. JCraea,
cut ou sbculder asd left arm.
Mrs. Morton Logan, wife of city treas
urer, cut on sbouldere.
Some forty others were sligatly aart.
Saves a Iieatoa Woman Prom Bara
iso t Death.
With Grsot Fre3nce of Klad Enllivaa
Wrapped Her In a Hat, Scorching?
Kiraself la the Ojwratien.
Boston. April 21. Ex-Caaraptoii Jean L.
SnlUvan diatingateaed anncelt as a life
saver tnfs afternoon. As Joan -was leaving
bis boarding house on Dover street Jast
before 4 o'clock be board a woman scream,
in tbe rear ot the bouse.
He ran down the stairway and mvr at
once that there was a fire in tbe kitehen
awl that Mrs. Margaret Donnelly, tbe eook,
was in dai.ger of burning to 'Jeath, her
clothing having been ignited by blazing;
fat on the stove.
ne quickly wrapped a bsg mat around
the woman and succeeded in extinguish
ing the fire. She was badly burned, but the
chances are favorable for her recovery.
Sullivan's hands were burned in several
places and he was obliged to .all on a
doctor, but the wounds are not serious.
fiolil irt His l.nnoh lluskot.
San Francisco. April 21. Henry Piper
has been arrested by N.R.Harris, theUnited
States Secret Service agent, on a charge
of stealing gold and sdver from the Carson
Piper was formerly employed in the
smeltinc and refining department of the
mint. Ho took his lunch In a tin bucket.
It is alleged that be carried large quantities
of gold out with him in bis bucket when be
went home.
Fire Drtroyi French Model.
Paris, Aprirai. A fire in the School of
Arts and Industries at Chatons-Rue-Marno
has destroyed the models and machines that
had been, or v.-ere being picrarcd for tho
cxhibStlou to be held in Paris in 1900. The
loss exceeds 1,000,000 francs.
Sunday I.iiaor Seller in I. Imho.
nenry Sander, a German, who runs a
saloon at 303 Four-aud-a-Half street
southwest, was arrested last night by
Sergt. Daley and Policeman Shannon, ot
the Fourth precinct, on the charge ot run
ning a Sunday bar. The officers walked
in and found the festivities in full swing.
K'V-fonsrressman Sweeney Dead.
Louisville, Ky., April 21. A special to
the Courier-Journal from Owensboro,
Ky.,says: Ex-Congressman W.N.S weeney,
the most prominent lawyer ot Western
Kentucky, died suddenly to-day, aged sixty
three. Spain "1 renin lelols Like Annrohtxtx.
Madrid, April 21. A committee of the
Chamber ot Deputies bas decided that the
same penalties shall apply to tbe Cuban
rebels as are applicable to anarchists.
It at if led By tho ilikado.
Yokohama, April 21. A dispatch from
Hiroshima, the temporary headquarters ot
the Emperor of Japan, states that his
majesty ratified the treaty if p-?ace on
Tliu Weather To-day.
Increasing cloudiness, probably showers;
cooler Monday night; southerly sblfting
to westerly winds.

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