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Ml 411
This Wrapper Is made
of fine Lawn In all
delicate shades; also
xhetrue Blue and the
Fast Black guaran
teed. Square yoke
with four-Inch ruffle.
Trimmings of novelty
braid. Full gathered
front, belted In at tne
waist. Plaited back
from the yoke over a
tight-fitting lining,
giving a perfect fit.
Large Leg-o- Mutton
Sleeves, finished with
deep cuff. Turn-over
Collar. The Skirt Is
extra full and long.
All sizes, from 32 to
4-6. Price
If you live out of the
city order by mail. State
exact size desired.
I f-ooo ,- --'
420, 422, 424, 426 7th St
t Lemon Cling ?
! Peaches. I
Famillos desirous oflay
lnK inasupplyot poaches
to last until new fruit
grows, have a rare chance
C", to buy NOW. Wo bought
1 1 f a largo quantity at a
creatlr reduced rr"co fi
-which enables us to sup-
TV Plr our patrons at S2. 5 0
I Ifj per dozen. They are A
-"-'- "FANCY GOODS" in f
extra heavy syrup sold X
lT R R everywhere at 44 a doz. w
B I I a clear saving of. SL50 JL
on each doz. cans. 9
tT"Good8 packd and Bhlppod WITH- A
& Son,
Choice Groceries and Table Luxuries, f
1412-14 14 Pa. Ave. !
We Are Funny
About Nome tliinjrs maybe yon
liave noticed It; for Inst unco, -we
multe and lay all carjiet free of
Mist other dealers charso for the
wnnto In matcliliia f!j;ure and
lt' nil rlslit to do so hut wo
DON'T. Wo Noud a man iilonz
-vltb your iuattlns: to tack It
flown it wives time for you and
mayho a fljurernall. "Wliun he
gt'W tliroiiKli just Niy "muoli
oljllgd" tliere'H no oliurge.
Vi'e Sell on
At Cash Prices
And we liave nmrktxl ovory arti
cle on these lx. bis double floor
In plain neuron o that you oan
VEHIF1' thoalKiveMatomont. Wo
are dolus a bi buHlnes with
nloo people people who pay their
bll lis that's why wo can soil on
credit at catsh prlcos MJe? Why
don't you net tho mattiiiKnnd the
rofrlcorator XOW pay for them
a llttlo at a time weekly or
xnontlily no note no Interest.
Here's the only place you can buj
tlie Xorth Star Itelrlnorator
took flrt prize at tho "World's
Tair all Blzen $2.50 to $50
yeed a liaby carrlaso? see tho
one wo sell for $5.00300 others
way up to $50. How about a bed
room suite? wo sell one In solid
oak for $i:i. Plush or Tapestry
- parlor suite $22.50. Thuy are
all yours for a promise to pay.
HOUSE, 823
Between H wi
A Worse Condition.
Bhe Itmustbe terrible foraman when he
Js married to have to ask. his wife for
Ue There is something far worse.
She What is that?
He Suppose she hasn't any to give him?
Detroit Free Press.
No horrible eight with garments white
Is the vision that haunts my dreams.
But a phantom fair with blue eyes rare.
From which love so tenderly beams.
And oh. that sweetface hanntsmeKO
With Ue witcldngsmileaiid ltsgoldenhalr;
Ah. could its possessor but only know
How her dear f ace haunlsmeeverywhere!
Taylor Grimes.
fj fe
IPl W!f 'fl W vWra WllfPflfi $Wm I Oil Bli F ff Hm ram fflffffWwl
Myn i i 1 1 l I If J, , i u
School Girl Cooks Gave a Lunch to
. the Commissioners.
A IVactteal and Pretty Affair Ar-
ranged by Supt. 1'uwcll "What
-Eighty r.ofthuii-3 "Will Do.
The venerable and moss-covered joke
about the terrible effects of the .American
piri's amateur cooUiujr was peniiuiicntly
buried Testcnlay afternoon at Uie Jfjuee
School building, where tliirteen pretty
Kirls of iiiss Palrley's eighth Rrado served
luncb to a pHr?y toimlbtiiifr of Conmiis
slonors Itoss, Powell and TruesilcH, Su
perintendent Powell and Supervising
Prlnciial Clarke, of the District schoolb;
liiss Kuiina 8. Jacobs, in charge of tho
culinary work in the schools; Miss l-'alrley,
of tho Force School, and liuiory Fouler,
of tho wa&uliiRtou Times.
The entire lunch, and it wnsone of the
daintit ever served in WuMiinutoii, was
cooked and Eurvcl by public hdiool k'Hs,
who had two years of truiniiiK in xok
ini, roprcbOiitiiiB a tqtiil of eighty lessons.
It Avas a rcpicMsiitativo lunch. The leg
of mutton represented the most dirflcult
accomplishment in the cooking of im-.-its.
Tho tomato Mijad with Ljomiaisc dress
ing was a delicacy of perrcvliou in Uiat
line. The cream of asparagus required
the most careTul ireiiarutjon that could
bo glveirto any fouji, and the mouse, frozen
deshert, was as far ahead of Ice cream us
that popular dlMi is in the lead of the
Irish potatbl
Tlie arrangement of the table and the
Eerving of the lunch represent the last
work of the little artist in cooking before
she is sent out Into the .world to be the
mistress of her own kitchen.
One pretwy little miss of twelve years
was the chief waitrej-saud played her part
with that exactness of movement aud im-
mobility oLcountenance which cliaraterlzes '
the butler of high degree. j
Although . there were thirteen white- i
aproned lady chers preparing the meal le
hind a set of pretty Japanese bcreens.
scarcely a sound could be heard where the ;
guests were seated, so perfect was the
system and so well arranged were tlie
kitchen utensils. ;
Each feature of the lunch was In charge
of one girl. Each kuew her part and Uie
lunch as a whole was greatly enjoyed by
the Commissioners and other guests. I
After coftee had been served coffee, S
by the way, such as we do not get in the ;
various lunchrooms of the city, and rarely
at home Commissioner Ross, on behalf
of hlft conrrpros. th.nibrd tin jvfiubU'd j
youg ladles and spoke of their practical '
Hcomplielimeuts In the most enthusiastic
Supt, Powell followed in some wcll
choMU) words- of appreciation. Mr.
Chirk and Mr. Foster also sp-iko in pralfe
of the lunch.
Since its inauguration in the public
This Joke Is
schools, four or five years ago, the cooking
lesson has become almost as necessary an
adjunct to the education of the girls as
any other branch of fctudy.
The system at first was received with
some criticism on the part of parents arJO
the girts, but its practical success was so
marked and the lesEoifs are so interesting
that it is enjoyed by the gills as much as
manual training by the boys.
Miss Jacobs may well point with pride
to several young households where the ef
fect of her work is being daily dt-moimtra led.
The amateur cooks were: Anna Kcyscr, i
Mary Ball, Aline Lunsbnrgh, Adda Wil- !
cox, Bessie McChesney, JC1I1U1 Emmons,
Mary Linn, Annie Dillow, Mabel Uould,
Lucy Hayes Breckinridge, Eniille Fitch,
Mary Foley, Etta Miller. The waitrehbea
Mabel MeCabiioul, Kathleen tirahaui. Cook
ing teacher. Miss Jacobs.
Verdict A en Inst Joseph Tt. West.
A verdict against ex-Commissioner Joseph
R. West for $557 balance on his accounts
with the government as disbursing ageut '
of the Treasury in connection with the j
World's Fair exhibits from South America,
was rendered by a Jury in Judge Bradley's
court yesterday. '
I TWA kiiuli
" ilMllfl ImM!
111 ,4 W
r ) - h
Economical Menu. for a Savory Sum
mer Dinner.
(By Mrs. Will H. Low, a French woman
with experionce in the method of cooking
as practiced in her rativo land. Copy
right, 1S05, by Mrs. Will H. Low.)
an economical way of making good bouil
lon is by using anything left over, in tho way
of meat, which can be, of no rnoro uec for
the table, as long as it is ttlll frefh and
good. Thcbones coming from thoroast beef,
T;he giblets from the poultry or the carcass
of any bird. When I tay giblets I mean not
only the gizzard and liver, but also the' feet
of chicktu ard turkey (the feet of other
fowls like goose aifd duck aronotgood), the
necks and head (the heads of duck andgooe
excepted) and the fmnll last joints or the
wings. The feet aic very gelatinous, and
add greatly to the quality of the bouillon.
They are coveted with tcnlcs, which are
easily fcraped orr alter plunging- the feet
for two or three minutes in boiling water,
or putting thtm for an Jnbtant on red hot
coals. When the claws are cut off they are
clean and ready for tho pot.
Tho galls should be carefully removed
j jt-v
Scene at the Force Buildine.
from tho livers, without bursting, for tho I
liquor contained iniside is to Utter that
it spoiis anything with which it romes in !
contact. If the liver is spotted at tlie
place from which the gall has lieen re- !
moved, ait out the spotted port. Cut open j
the gizzard, remove the lwgofsand con
tained inside and wash them. Singe the
neck and wings and plunge tho head in
boiling water, fo that the feathers will I
cotnc off easily. Cut ofr the backs and j
wash carefully inside the mouth. In fact, !
the giblets, carouses or Lones of either !
beef, lamb and mutton or vial, alone or !
together, will make a vry good bouillon.
A Delicious Summer Soup. Bouillon is I
mode in exactly the same way uk inrti- j
cated for pot-nu-fen, with tho exception
of the quantity of water used, which i
should Ikj one-third less in proportion to i
the weight of the material used to make
it. All thete debris ore not as htrong as
good fresh Icef, and consequently will
bear less wator.
Avoid using fat; it dors rot add to the
quality of the Louillon; it only makes it
greasy. Cut the bones used into pieces.
Knocked Out. '.,4-
A saw for that purpose is a necessary
article in a kitchen. If you l.ave not
enough material lert over to make as
much bouillon as j-ou wish, one or two
pounds or shin of beef can bo added. A
small piece of savory cabbage, as big as an
apple, added to the vegctaLles mentioned
for pot-au-feu, would give a nice flavor.
The only drawback would l)c that the
bouillon wriuld not keep as well. Cabbage
sours very quickly, and especially in sum
mer. The bouillon in whicli cabbage has
been cooked would not keep more than
twenty-four hours.
Skate-Fish With Browned B':ttrr (in
French, rale au beurre noir). I want to
say a few vords in favor of itlifh which
can be obtained here (at least in New York,
at Fulton or Washington markets) a ::d
to which Americans do not do justice.
The reason may be, that the proper way
of preparing it lias not yet been tound in
this country; but in France .it is appre
ciated by the most refiued gourmets.
When full grown, it is a large. Hat f:sh,
very much like a kite in shape; it lias
also a long tail and transversal boi.es, nil
through the body. When it is very small,
that is, as big as a, flounder,--afLer being
skinned, it is fried. When It Is large (and.
some of them weigh as much as ten or
twelve pounds), it is boilrdand pr pared
with different sauces. However, the lavor-
Ito way in Franco dt eating it la with
browned butter. I
The dealers cut jit into pieces and sell
you as small a quantify as you wish. The
center pieces aro the thickest and the best.
I have heard it called' lit Washington mar
ket by Its French namd, "rale."
Wasli two pounds ofcekate-fislr, carefully
scraping orr with a knife the slime with
which tlie skin is always covered, especially
when it is very fresh'. Put it to cook; In
enough cold waterlo cover it, and with a
handful of salt. Bpil 1 for fifteen minutes,
and take It out on a platter. Now scrape
off with a fork the.skiti which covers it on
both sides. Ou one sIUo the skin la gray,
and it is white on the other. Place tho fish
on the dish on which is going to he
served and keep it warm. Meanwhile, put
lu the frying pan tlie size of two large egga
of butter, with a piuch of salt and popper.
Brown it on a good fire, moving it about
lu the pan until it is almost on the point
of burning. Do not let it bum, however,
as it would become bitter, unpleasant in
appearance, and In that condition would
spoil the fish. When browned enough, add
to it two tablespoonfuls of. vinegar, let
itcome to a boll, pour on the fish, sprinkle
over some chopped parsley and serve.
I have had American friends at my table
who have found rate a delicious dish. I
hope that ir any of my readers try it, it
will become with them a favorite article
of food.
Lentils with Butter I do not think that
lentils are appreciated here much more than
the skate-rish. Prepared, however, in
the same manner as the white beans, they
make an agreeable change, especially in
the winter, when fresh vegetables are
scarce and dried ones have to be resorted to.
Tne largest ones aro the best.
Salad of Escnroljo or Endinn. I have
heard thiB plant, called In the markets so
often by its French name "escarolle," that
1 have concluded tliat it must be known
under this appellation, as well as by its
English name, "endine." It looks some
what like chicory, although the leaves are
large in comparison..
Like other salads, nothing but the white
part of the leaves should be used.lt being
tho most tender. It Is generally clean,
and needs little washing, if any. Use the
whole leaf, as, unlike lettuce or ro
mainc. it has little or no rib. Cut it in
two or three pieces, separating It in the
middle. When in the salad bowl, sprinkle
with chervil, taragon and chives. Dress
with salt, pepper, oil and vinegar.
Chtiime Wuutod.
Mr. Poorpay Iwaut u change my room.
Landlady Tory well; give me $20 and
I'll give you the change. Detroit Free
LicciiFcs to marry were issued yesterday
to tho following:
Daniel P. C:npbell and Annie V. Brooks.
John Sturdy and May L. Brown.
Stephen Halton and Maggie Ilobfson.
James A. Smith and Ph kie Ann Adams.
Ii'-njainiii Holmes and Maggie Holmes.
William Ellis and Isabella Lane.
Robert Short and Rachel Harvey.
Robert Jackson a:d Minnie Coleman.
James Uoouall and Rosa Brown.
John Dodson and Ellu Spriggs.
Peter Wilson and Maltha Bailey.
Edward Thon.ton ard May RoLison.
William J. Holland and Lizzie nood.
Rolcrt E. Scaggs and Laura Palglaise.
William Givtr.s and Annie Hawkins.
Andrew Jackson and usan Spriggs.
Joseph II. Poore and V. M. Robty.
Ottway Bc.okcr and Nellie Duly.
Allen M. Dickson and Salhe T. Spencer.
William Lylos aud Ai.nie Johnson.
Fred Henderson and Sarah Ferguson.
Nathaniel Wood and Emma Johnson.
Isaac Snowden and Martha Bojd.
Frank Taylor and Eliza Powell.
Itolwrt A. Pumphrey and Ida C. Davis.
William W. Levi and Virginia Rollins.
Charles Peters and Roso Ford.
Richard Baxter and Mary Pierce
Charles Coleman and Martha Devine.
Ilenson Stewart and Amanda Thomas.
George Holmes and Lily Hayes.
Charles It. Goldsborougb and Alice Ben
son. James Myers and Melinda Johnson.
Frank Mack and Louisa Ncal.
Samuel Sales and Annie Robinson.
. It. W. Buchanan and L. G. Pinkcutt.
James Mack and Mary A. Colbert.
. Greenville Wood and Mary Newman.
John E. Flynn and Sara L. Elly.
Flcronce M. Hall, of Frederick, county,
Md. . and Minerva Fivuer.
Wiiljahi J.ohnson rand Georgie Washing
ton. James Jackson and Cornelia Robisun.
William Tate and, Fannie Elliott.
Samuel Bell and' Mary Thomas.
H. II. Snyder, of Prince William county,
Va. . and AhiTy E. Rollins.
William Washington and Martha Jack
Son. James Simms, of Fairfax:, county, Va.,
and Emma E. Everfiekl, of Prince George's
county, Md.
William Alexander "and Eliza Hawkins.
Richard Dant and Mollle Williams.
Charles Quartos aiuUgophlc Johnson.
Herbert Fdrd aniilMary Ford.
Alien Jones and Kate Runnals.
James Moss and Lizzie Carter
John Rids way apd-Ida F. Willit.
Henderson Cash and Ellen Cole.
J. H. Smith and Kate Buchanan.
Horace Gilbert anjlfSiary Smallwood.
James A. West and Amy King.
William H. II. Pavue and Annie West.
Ghnrle? Turner and 'Mary Jackson.
Daniel Ransom and Belle Turner.
Louii E.. Williams"aj5l Amanda M. Lee.
Un-eiiiintn1 "Whin: iSulpluir SirlniH.
Will opiMi J ii no. 1 u iiidor lie v ma nagemont.
Many luipioM'Ui-nis; lumiur pnu.M. Oi ly
si'vvn hours intm WiiUimgion. Two Iim
IIihI vi stih lu irwhi-Pcfinly. Appiy to 0.
& 0. oif'cv3, or address Etihauk "c (Hover,
While .Sulphur SprtngaF.sGn-i'iiliniT county,
W. Ya.
Telephone Teas Are Informal, But
Somewhat Exclusive Affairs.
Mr. and Mrs. A. L-. Barber Enter
tufned Friends on Tholr Yacht
" i'Sapphlro" Other Events.
The society girls of San Francisco, who
are always, progressive In their ideas In
all things in as well as outside of tho
fashionable world, have instituted this
season a new order of entertainment that
is, bo far as the name goes it is new. In
reality it is an old friend In a new guise,
none other than the regulation afternoon
tea. In this instance, however, the
San Francisco girls have dubbed it the
telephone lea,-inasmuch as all Invitations
for these entertainments are sent by the
hostess of the afternoon over the tele
phone on the morning of the day ou which
the tea is to take place.
It is thus much less formal than an
afternoon tea for which cards are sent
out, and the company is a smaller one
becauso of the fact that no one Is asked
other thuu such as liappen to have a tele
phone In the house.
At first sight it might look like a big
boom tor the telephone company, but in
reality nolhingof tho kind Is intended. The
girls generally meet at the telephone teas
to discuss mainly their respective plans
for the summer, the last new engage
ment announced, and the latest morsels
of society gossip generally. The plans
for the summer have the right of way,
however; so much so that, according to
tho authorities on the subject, even the
all-important subject of new gowns and
fetching toilets are for the time Elven
a place in the background. Whether or
not this is true, the idea of the telephone
tea being a new one In Washington, it is
given as a hint for what it Is worth, that
those who choose may follow in the lead;
of the rich girls on the Pacific slope.
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Barber, with their
daughter and ton, were- the entertainers of
the afternoon yesterday on board their
yacht Sapphire, which was anchored, off
the whnrr at Geoigetown iiiHi-uu oi at the
Analostan boathouse, as was at first
planned. The guests who were enter
tained from 3 until 7 o'clock in the altor
uoon were conveyed to the yacht in small
boats aud enjoyed to the fullest extent the
pleasantlittlechange from the conventional
iu the matter of tho entertainment gener
ally. The bright afternoon after the long period
of cold aud rain Eufiiccd to bring out the
guestsiularge numbers, so thatthe responses
to the informal invitations wero quite gen
end on the part or Mr. ai:i Airs, butters
friends. Informal as was the cccasion,
the yacht had bce-u put in gala dress for
the reception of tlie company, and as an in
spection of eery part and pomoii or the
floating heme was enjoyed by those who
visited it, the effort en the part of the
crow to have everything in the most ship
shape order was very apparent. The
brasses shone in the bright Funhght and
in the cabin the unusually comrortablo
rumlshings were added to by iloral decora
tious. Flowers were also on the table
from which the guests were served with
a light collation.
At the parsonage of St. Patrick's Church
was celebrated yesterday morning the rn.tr
riage of Miss Susie E. Fletcher to Mr.
Sumner Albert. The bride wore a pretty
traveling gown of made cloth, and carried
a bouquet oC me-rmet roses, ami had her sis
ter. Miss Kaf i Flrtcher, as maul of honor.
Mr. J. C. O'Looghlan -was beat man.
The- wedding- party was quite a small
one, and consisted of the irnniediuto rela
tives of tlie bride and groom. Kv. Father
Uloyd iierformed the marriage service.
Thost" present at Uie ceivmuny were ilre.
and Mr. Charles Fletcher, mother and
brother of tlie brIde;herauut,MisiO'Ljugh
lan, aud Mr. and Mre. Uerltcrt Wright.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert tort oil one of the.
mo ruing trains to New York, where they
will remain until Sunday. Thuy will tti.n
go to Atlanta, and upon tht-ir retr.ru to
Washington will make their homo at No.
701 Twelfth struct UorUieaat.
The marriage of MIrs Klizatvtii Veronica,
Fealy to Mr. Charles bVaumout llt-plxim will
take pbie Tuesday evening, Juno 'l,at7 10
o'clock, in St, Paul's Churvlt, vwrnr of V"
and Fifteenth streets. Attur the 2rth of
Jiinu the initio aud groom v. ill be at lioitk:
at 1C1S Nineteenth btreet.
The marriage of Miss Gertnide Lynch,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Augustus D.
Lynch, to Mr. Ruter William Springer.
Post Chaplain U. S . A., will take place at
the Metropolitan M. E Church, in thlsclty,
on June 5. The bride aud groom will then
go to Fort Thomas, Newport, Ky.
Tlie Spring Market to lie given at Met
zerotl Hail on Saturday morning by the
Daisy Chain Guild, for the benefit of the
Childron's Hospital and the Guild fund,
will be under the patronage of the most
fashionable element hi the city.
Among those who will take part and have
Etands will be Mrs. Lamont, Mrs. Rnmsay,
Mrs. Archibald Hopkins, Mrs. Skerritt,
Mrs. MacDonald and Mrs Preston Sands.
A notable feature of the Market Garden
will be that the usual market prices will
prevail, and it Isthcrefore hoped that every
one interested in the welfare of the Chil
dren's Hospital and-Daisy Chain will make
a point of doing their marketing at the
attractive elands that willbc arranged
for the occasion.
There will be a luncheon served, and later
an afternoon tea to wind up the entertain
ment. The tea will be at (3 o'clock.
A Llttlo X'rofit.
"Do you value you rreputation in your
business," she asked, earnestly, "or do you
wish to Ikj considered an imposter?"
The brigand shuddered.
"Then," she said, "you cannot afford to
take my diamonds. I I am an actress."
He paled.
"Can it be." ho muttered, "that the crit
ics are mistaken, after all?"
Her manner waavery confident and he felt
that the risk wasgreat . The gems fell from
her nervous grasp. With a sigh he turned'
aud fled. Detroit Tribune.
Never "Know "When "We Are Safe.
Stills What was Bixby arrested for?
Allison Bigamy. Married the two-faced
woman in a Treak show.
Stils Waow! Guess I'll skip the country.
My wife Jiub been two-faced for overtwenty
years and 1 never knew 1 stood in danger.
New York World.
The Robber Fi'ifco.
"Well, Jimmy, how much did you put in
the Sunda yschool box to-day?"
"Ten cents," said Jimmie. "It was good
business, too. Teacher gave me a card for
being the mostgenerousboy intheclassand
I swapped off for a postage stamp worth
15 cents with Bijlie Wilkins." Harper's
?1 .51 fi. To lliLltluioreaiid Henini.Jjil.HS.
The Pennsylvania Kail road will sell
Saturday. May 25, anil Sunday, May 2G,
good returning until Monday, Ulu 27th,
excursion tickets to Balliiuure at thu late
of $1.23.
Selected snides of Anthracite. Coal,
nil sizes for lauilly use. Also steam
nud irns Coal and Coke; nil of very
best quality. Hickory, Oalc and I'ino
"Wood, sawe'd and split any lenuth.
A 11 CoalHiiil Wood undercover. Orders
delivered promptly. Pea Coal, 4.50
per ton; very seed for conk tun;, for
summer use. lite us a trial and bo
made happy.
.Main ofQco and jrnrUS. W. cor. 11th and C ru w.
Branch offlee, I5W!lthBLn.w. TelophonoXo. 89.
Figures for Last Week A re, However,
Below tho Annual Average.
The reports of deaths to the Health De
partment during the last week showed a
slight increase over those of the previous
week. Tbcftotal number wentup froruSl to
01 , and in the same ratio the death rate
Increased from 1C.57 to 17.49.
These figures are much below the annual
average, thus Indicating a fair condition
ofthegeneralhealthoftheclty. Three fatar
cases of typhoid fever were reported.
These, added to the twoinMarch, aud oneln
April, make butsix. deaths fromtbis malady
since the first of March last, as against
sixteen during the same period last year,
aud twenty-seven in the year before that.
The limited number of cases of diphtheria
and 6cariet fever, and of that number of
deaths therefrom reported goes to Indicate
that these diseases do not, at this time,
present any alarming phase. The usual
summer ailments among young children
have not as yet tnadu their appearance,
and hence the mortality among this class
is at the normal.
Third Annual Concert of tho Concor
dia Maonnerclior Iturgely Attended.
Quite a festive crowd of German-Americans were
la attcnUancu at Odd Fellows' Hall last errata);
at the -third annual concert or the Concordia
Maennerchor, assisted by the Immanuel ilacn
ncrchor, of lialtlmore. Doth clubs succeeded la
enltvenlnK tho evening with their rousing Ger
man, and English songs, and recelYed the hearty
plaudits of an appreciative audfonce.
The pr-raniuie consl.iti-d of vocal and Instm
mental music, recitations and comic so-nes, and
with few exceptions was enacted entirely by
men. The ladles who appeared rendered vocal
solos, and were Mlsa L. BchralU. Mlas Marie
A. Kuhnel.Mlss J. .Morrison and Miss J. Fischer.
Those- who participated for Concordia Maen
nerchor were Messrs. M. Setbert. M. Kernweln
F.Wassman, K. Horning. F. Zobel. O. H. Aschen
bach, II. scraldt, 0. W. Luebiert, O. Keller,
Conrad Zimmerman, c. Keislnser, P. Kunnel,
and G. Loehler, with Mr. C. Kapprecht, di
rector. Immanncl Mennerchor. Messrs. Z,. Ileemann,
Tred. Kalthor, U. W. Lance. E. Parries, A.
Schramm, christian HaKcdorn, F. Schuette. VT.
Sallmann. William fierKer. u. Kasch. J. Link.
1. PorrUu, 11. Thomas, Fretl. Bcha&T. W. c.
Seldel, and C. A. Budenbohm, and Mr. L. Krie
ger, director.
Tho "Woman's JJditlon" of the
"Washington Times, to be Issued July
4, for the benefit of tho Home for In
curables, offers three prizes to tho
scholars of tho High Schools and pub
lic hehools of "Washington who will
furnlnh tho largest Hat of subscribers
to tho paper.
FlrstPrlze Harper'sMasazlne one
Second Prize Cosmopolitan Masa
ziiio one year.
Third Prize McClure's Magazine
one year.
Send subscriptions, -with, subscrib
er's addrens, to JiiisIucsh Mniuiors,
Woman's Edition, Times Office.
At the Georgetown College to-morrow
the Philonomosian Society will hold its
annual debate on "Resolved, That capi
tal punishment should be abolished." The
debators, pro, are Messrs. Thomas M.
Pierce and Clark "Waggaman, and, con,
Messrs. illlam Ford and Raymond Staf
ford. Louis H. Sunnerman, eighteen years of
age, died at the home of his uncle, H.
oigt, on iciggs road, Tuesday. The
funeral services will be held In St. Paul's
Church this afternoon at 2:30 o'clock,
and the burial will be in Itock Creek Ceme
tery. Cards are out for the annual May ball
to be given by Prof. Henry SchIo6ers
dancing academy May 28. at the Carroll
Institute, on Tenth street near K.
During the game at university grounds
yesteniay three runaways occurred near
the park. John Hurley's horse ran
away, and after knocking down a picket
fence demolished the buggy of a colored
man named Slices.
will sail during the present week fr
Boston: John S. Amea, William Lippeet,
Bertha Deane. and Earl P. Mason. TS
barges Consol, No. 5. J. Alvcy, Plouga
Boy, and Nos, 120 and 110 hav cleared.
Sergt. "W. Thomas Anderson heB begsa a
crusade agatnst several allegpd gambling
rooms which arc said to exist In Amteostfet.
As a result of a recent visit to a tct
store on Monroe street one evening lust
week, accompanied hyPollcumnnReagiUi.a
warrant was to-day issued and sarwd oa
its proprietor, VT. I). King, charging bfcii
with allowing gambling on bis premises.
The of floers walked into a war room where
several games of cnnls -were being played
and discovered many patrons of the games
of chance. Among the perrons In the room
was Poitcetnan Roble, who, however, was
off duty. The cas will come up to-day
In the police court. King maintains that the
games wsra only for pleasure.
A large crowd of young twople last night
assembled at the home of Mr. H. A. Linger,
on Harrison street. They comprised sev
eral classes from the Methodist Sunday
school, and were entertained by Mr. Linger,
the superintendent, who was assisted by
Mr. J. E. Powell, tho president of the
Ep worth League.
And Aro Now Wondering How to Act
"When Next They Meet.
They had eaten a philopena and as the
result was doubtful each decided to pay
forfeit, whicli had been left for the loser's
own selection, sayB the Pittsburg Post.
They happened to meet on the street that
day, and as he turned to walk back with
her lie said:
"I've Just come from your house, Miss
Edith, and I hope you will like what I
have left there."
"Oh, I'm sure I shall; you always have
such lovely taste. I, too, have Just sent
yo ua trifle which I hope you may find
to your liking."
"Oh, Miss Edith, you know I couldn't
help liking anything you would select."
"Oh, I can hardly wait to go home to see
what you have brought me."
"I, too, am curious to know what my
present is., But where have you Tieen?"
"I just came from May's. I had intended
to remain all the afternoon, but that horrid
little dog of hers made me so nervous that
I really couldn't stay."
"Don't you like dogs?"
"Oh, yes, some dogs; but this Is one of
those horrid little pugs I never could
bear a pug."
"Oh, Miss Edith, I thought you "
"Had too much good sense to like the
horrid things? Thank you! I knew
you would understand me, you always do."
"I er isn't that Dick Brownsmith com
ing toward us?"
"Why, yes it is. What a well-dressed
man he is."
"Rather, yes that is, barring his ties.
I never could think anything of a man who
wears red neckties."
"Why. I though tyou "
"Would never be seen wearing such a
thing? Thank you for your good opinion; I
"I ah well, here we are at home. You
will come In, won't you?"
"Why er no that Is, I really haven't
time. I I must go home and gee the loving
gift you have sent me."
"Oh, don't be in a hnrry about that.
You really ought to come In aud see my
surprise and pleasure when I first Bee
your charming present."
"You are sure to be surprised, at any
rate. Mlas Edith." said the young man,
with a sickly smile, as he backed down
the steps.
His words were verified, for she found
that lie had bought her a pug, while on
reaching home he opened a perrumed
packet to find she had sent him a red
necktie. And now they are wondering
whay to say to each other when they
next meet.
' f
I Four Cents
A loaf is bread at cost!
See that y.ou take ad
vantage of wJaat our en
terprise provides.
All our goods are
sold at as close a mar
gin, and closer, as any
concern in. the city
We have the busi
ness, the facilitieSjthe de
sire to sell close. That's
Bread at cost - 4c loaf
Cream Cheese - - 12c
Fresh Pork ----He
Cooked Ham - - - 30c
Honey Cured Sliced
Ham, with fat off - 20c
Oyster's Best Butter - 25c
Fresh Eggs - - - 14c
California Ham - 9c !b
2 jars English Pickles 25c
Fruits and Vegetables;
fresh and reasonable.
Bartlett Pears - - - lOc
Chipped Beef - 10c box
Lard 7c
Sugar Cured Ham - 12c
All goods guaran
teed. Our pound weighs
1 6 ounces.
hMRiCH t
MAEf MARKET 133C-M12 32J 3t
171S 14th st nw. 21st and K 3t3. rnr. W
S035 14:h st air. 215 Ind. ava mr. L
SUi anil M sta. hk 5th and I sts. ntr. W
037 31 st nw. 4tb and I sts Bin 1
20th st and Pa. ave. nvr.
ZitiLSt. and". Y. ave. nw.
H siBgeattgasitigiggj iEiIl
r-,,rW r- M
EVCrvI iiivin p.
we sell a GAS RANGE we connect Is K3
and guarantee oara to week, from tSit
small pipe hi your tiKlwn htn3 BgU
Gas Stoves
From 75c. to $49.
UatlettafcMH sad KMtakMss,
No. lbS 8wvmm SC kt.
Service Prompt; THa MwwMitMfc
WRinrr3 itnmrtaken-g mvAnumi
mBt, SJ Teste tret MrtStweae. Spltfc
UMrtfcMi 10 MtbatartBf. Opea day as align
tRS FesnejlTanla aetreo DortaweaS.
First class serrice. Pfcons 13s5. al-3ia
"WIIXIAil C0GSTYEL.L Born August
23, 1S3S, 1hmI May 22, 1S95. Services
will be beltl at Ma late resilience, 1349 L
street north wet. May 23, at 2p.m. Inter
rnont at Salem, Mass.
Funeral party will leave "Washington ati
3 p. m.. May 23. It
FKEEMAN On Wednesday, May 22,
1895, at 3 o'clock a. ni., John B., beloved,
and only son or Jobanna A. and tlie late
John F. FreeiUiGti, aged three years and sec
Funeral from his prandfather's residence
(Mr. Edmund Kins), No. 122K New Jersey
avenue northwest , on Friday, May 4, at
11 o'clock a. in. Relatives and Irientl
HEX1CLE Suddenly, on the morning at
May 21. 1895. Gen. S. S.Henkte.
Funeral "will take place hum the Metro
politan M. E. Church ,May 23, at 2:30 1. m.
LEE Departed thlsllfe Monday .May 20,
1H95, at 1220 o'clock p. m., at biu resi
dence, 240U "Virginia avenue northwest,
William Henry Leo, the belued hutiaud
of Mary Elizabeth Eee.
Funeral will take place Irom the Union
"Wesley Church the 23d instant, at 3 o'clock:
p. ni.
MclONALD On "Wednesday, May 22,
1805, at 11 o'clock, James Artliur.ytiunsent
son of James H. and Sarah A. MeDonald,
aged eight years, two months and thir
teen days.
Notice of funeral hereafter.
MIDULETON Departed this life May
20. 1895, at her residence. 234 It tlrett
uorthwest, Mrs. Betsy Miduieton.
Funeral will take place Friday. May 24,
at 2 odock p. m.,fiom the Third JJaptisc
Church. Friends and relatives art respect
fully iuvittd to attend.
SEEUODE Ou May 22, 1895, at Bn.nx,
a long and painful illness, which, she
lore with (ImMiau fortitude, Hophio, W-,
beloved wire crF. XV. St:bode,txetUttiy
four years and seven months.
Fuueral from her late residence . 1S02
Sixth street northwest, at 3 p. nuFxhlay,
May 24. Friends and relatives repecUuUy
invited to attend.
SUN'NKUMAN' On Tuesdy. May 21,
lS95,at 4:15 a. ru., Lnuia H.. beloved. sou
of Mrs. Sophie Sunimnnaii, aged eighteen
yearn and four months. .
Funeral from Ms uncle's residence Mr
II. VoiKti.ItlKRarund. D.C.. on Thursday
May 23, at 2:30p. m. S?rvicuStraui'i
Church . Rock Crrek Cemetery , at 3 o'clock.
Relatives and friends ate xetpecttulty in
vited to attend.
JOHNSON On Monday, ilay 20. 1895,
at 8 :45 p. m., after a Ion? and painfnl jll
uiesa. Thomas Johnson, husband, of Annie
E. Johnson, in the sixty-fifth year of his
Funeral from his late residence, 1205
Fourth street northwest. Thursday &t4-30
p. m. Friends and relatives respectfully
invited to attend.
TnOMTBON On Tuesday morning. May
21, 1S95. at 9:45 o'clock, at her resi
dence. 409 1 street northwest. Emma. B.,
beloved daughter of Mary V. and the late
Christopher C. Thompson, aged, twenty
two years.
Funeral will take place at McKeralrea
Church, on Thursday morning at 10 o'clock.
Friends and acquaintances respectfully in
vited to attend.
014 IJthSt. X XV. g?

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