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TOL. 2. JStO. 466.
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Lawyer Carre, Having Deceived
His Wife, Commits Suicide.
Rescued From a Mob of Negroes
Who Were Trying to Kill Him.
Mayor Strauss Says He Can Arm
His Acceptance of Office Cr
Five Hundred ifa.
ated a Mild Sensation.
Then She Shoots Herself , But Before
Dying, AsMires Him of Her
Pardon and Iao.
Ho Had Two Ribs Broken, Head
"Wound and Internal Injuries,
Hut Held His Prisoner.
y ' ti4$
Sentiment Is lied Hot In Alexandria
.Against the Garbage Fleet The
Nest Boat to Attempt Blockade
Bunnlnz Mny Be Diddled With Bul
lets and Sent to the Bottom.
(From Our "War Correspondent.)
Tlio next scow load of garbage and buz
rards that anchors in Alexandria waters
may be pent to the bottom, not with kero
sene oil and battle-axes, but by n shower
or shot and shell iroin the guns of indignant
"Kay to the Washington people," said
Mayor Strauss, of Alexandria, yester
day afternoon, "that, if necessary, I can
have 500 men with rifles in their hands
on our river front at any moment to pro
tect our people from this garbage outrage."
Mr. Strauss was not excited, but he was
terribly in earnest. He was deliberate and
"You can say, further," he continued,
that tiie bankers and solid men or the
city arc behind this determination, and
nothing but a revenue cutter can protect
one of these scows in the nuisance they
have been committing."
It ib evident that while Alexandria Is
not an armed camp, ft is a camp that could
be armed against the intruding scow fleet
In less time than It would take the battle
ship Texas to blow the biggest cruiser ia
tha herring fleet to the bottom of the Po
tomac. It is also not altogether a fancy scene
presented in The Times cartoon of the
ponding war against the scows It was re
ported yesterday that the scow fleet -will
Juslst on passing the Alexandria fortress
and other Hues of defense, so that the
rattle of rifle, and the boom of cannon may
be heard in the gray dawn of any of these
fine June mornings.
Mayor Strauss has not made nn idle
threat. He is backed up b the insulted
citizens to a in an and woman. 1 hey all ap
plaud his summary way or dealing itb
these marine night liners and they are
equally high in praise or Health Officer
Miller, who took summary revenge on the
first scow that goc within reach of the ax
and coal oil can of Superintendent Dobic,
of the street department.
Superintendent Dobie is still in his
fighting clothes He was taking it cool
and easj at his residence on Tairfax street
yesterday morning when he was called
on by The Times He is quite proud of
the feat bj which he sent the first fcow
down to the bottom, -which, not being very
far from tho surface, loft a very melan
choly iart of the wrecked offense with
its heels up in the air There is an inter
esting bit of bistorj connected with the
crew of the first sunken scow. It is said
that thoy stood the voyage as long as
they could and eventually got unspeak
ably seasick. They -were aground and the
breeze wn6 blowing strong from all sides
directly on the crew, who were two, a
captain and a first lieutenant.
"Nothing but a first clnss jag will cure
this tlnng," said the lieutenant,
"Then a Jag it is," said the captain.
"Lower the captain's yawl from the
davits." said tho captain to the lieutenants
"You've got your Jag already," said
the lieutenant; thete kind of scows don't
have no yawls nor davits "
"Then lets us sMlm out O'Grady." said
the captain, and thej plunged in and
wam to the Maryland shore. As soon as
the privates had disappeared Commodore
Dobie ordered out his canoe fleet and
-with a trust! marine with a battle ax
they rowed over to the deserted scow
which was emitting distressing odors
and flying other signals of distress, and
between the conflagation and the fctmenng
of her keel down it went, upside down
amid the acclaim of tho crowds on shore.
The second scow -was caught in the act
right opposite Queen street wbnjT and it
was sunk in an uncommonly deep part of
the angry river. At low -water yesterday
there wasn't a piece of thlh last -wreck in
Bight. Tiielieutenantatpoliceheadquarters
wn6aked about ltand he 6aid thatMiehad
been sunk under ordcrb from the mayor to
Superintendent Dobie.
This latter officer is still scanning the
horwon for the next scow and it is Just an
cure to go down as that the Bun goes down
regularly at Alexandria eery evening.
Judging from the -war talk in official
circles and among the citizens generally
It will be a perilous undertaking to run the
blockade of this port of nou-entry on
your life.
It has been denied that the contents of
these scows get loote in the river Alex
andrians think and say otherwise. The
two gentlemen who own the boat-house at
the foot of Queen 6treet said jeeterday
that one afternoon, whenthe wind was from
the East, a whole dead zoo came floating
In to their wharf. Washington cats and
dogs, and pigeons, geese, turkeys, and other
long-dead mammals and birds rioated about
In Tearful review. Both of these arc quiet
Industrious and sober citizens.
They told what they saw, or at least a
part of it, and the Imagination can picture
the rest.
"Of course we are going to fight," said
another wharf man. "What would those
contractors think if I w ere tocarry a basket
ful of bacilli and other wiggle tails and
dump them in the fish pond right in the
rear of their residences. Or w hat would the
K-orld think if we submitted to all this and
slept with our -windows down all night
and held our handkerchiefs to our noses all
day. Yes. sir, jou can sny that every time
a scow is knocked out of ngbt I eay amen.
Hit "em n comiu' and a goin'.
Mr. S 1' Bayly, the superintendent of
the Baltimore company having the gar
bage contract, said last night that the con
tract with the Commissioners called for
the delivery of the garbage outside of the
District limits. All of the garbage, he said,
with the exception of about thirty loads
was to be delivered at Kint i landing,
which is clearlj outside of the District
"If," he said, "any of the garbage is
being delivered within the limits in the
ummer time, without the special permit
of the Commissioners, such delivery 16
wit liout warrant by the contract,"
The Alexandrians are prepared to prove
that some or the stuff is delivered Just
opposite their city, and hence the contract
Js violated It isrcild, in fact, that the load
on the first scow that was Sunk was intended
for a Mr. Sweenv, who lives opposite
Mr? Bajly also said that if the scows
are anchored within the Dim riot waters
"wjihout a reasonable excuse the contract
is violated. The anchoring of the scows
at which the Alexandrians took umbrage
took place within the Jlistrict -waters.
The tS.ieateued suit agaiiist the city of
Alexandria lias no terrors for the people
there Mr Hubert Snowden. one of the
aldermen, said yesterday that the au
thorities neither reared a suit nor its re
mit He believes that there was ample
provocation for the summary vengeance
taken on the Intruders, and expressed tho
convlctiou that tills kind of d if case would
always be met "with heroic treatment.
Killed at Geitynburg.
Gettysburg, Pa., June 28. The prema
ture discharge of a dynamite cartridge to
I$rbt iubtantly killed Frank Cardonem
and badly -wounded another Italian. They
irere working on the new avenues being
feailt over the battlefield.
Faris. Juno 25. A woman named Mroe.
Carro was formerly the wife of a "Vicuna
banker named Balitzcr. She employed
Carre as counsel to obtain a divorce from
The acquaintance thus formed resulted
In her marrying Carre. The latter how
ever, had an intrigue and married the
tho woman with whom he was involved,
whose husband threatened to get hlni
disbarred from practice. -
Carre Induced him to agree to a duel
instead, whereupon the woman informed
Mme. Carre of the intended duel, with a
view to preventing it.
Carre-entered the room while the woman
was revealing the affair and, gathering
from his wife's countenance that Bhe nas
unlikely to forgive him, said that nothing
remained but to kill himself.
Mme. Carre replied "Yes," and rushed
to the dressing-room and seized a bottle
of laudanum. Carre's secretary, who fol
lowed, snatched the bottle away, and at
that moment a 6hot was heard. Carre
bad committed suicide.
Ho fell into the arms of his wire and
secretary. His wife exclaimed, "I for
give you, my dear. I love jou."
And while the secretary was wiping the
blood from Carre's temples she took the
rovoHer from her husband's hand, rushed
back into her dressing-room and shot her
beir. Both died in a short time.
Tho Daily News report from Paris says
that Carre was n wealthy advocate to the
citj of Paris and a friend and counselor
ot'most dramatic authors and actors.
He had been the friend of Gambetta,
Spuller and Clemenceau,and a host of dis
tinguished men. His wife "was an accom
plished and remarkably handsome woman.
Carre'e mistress was the wife of a
high legal functionary It was Mine
Carre'6"athonie" day and there was tobea
emart dinnerparty, followed by a theatrical
and musical soiree.
Mme. Carre had swallowed a portion
of the laudanum before the secretary
snatched the bottle.
The account In the Standard from Paris
s.ift that M I U menrciu nates that he
and Bernard dc Boa-e were to hae Lun
M. Carre's seconds in the duel with his
mistress' husband. Carre had asked that
the duel be postponed until Friday to
enable him to put his affairs in order.
His wife was passionately fond or him.
and they will be burled in the same gra-ve
at a village near Trojes.
Columbia It. It. Employe Place Their
Grievances Before the Director..
The Columbia Railroad employes placed
in President Baker's hands yesterday their
charges against Supt. Boteler.
The declined to state the contents of
the paper submitted, but it is understood to
to contain the substn ncc o f -what ha s already
been published in The Times of their al
legations and to be addressed rormally to
the board of directors.
"The men assert theirabilitytoconclusively
prove what thej have alleged against the
superintendent and express the confident
beliefthat the company willsee them righted.
They contend that they are laboring for the
interests of the company -with quite as
much zeal and fidelity as Mr. Boteler can
show upon his part, and the do not believe
the board of directors will tolerate a con
tlnuance of his conduct.
It was announced last evening that the
guard had been withdrawn from the old
car stables, and this the employes consider
to be an act of justice for which Mr.
Boteler is not rutpontible.
Senntor Butler Declares Democrats
and Bepublicnns Will Unite.
Raleigh, N C , June 25 Great interest
is manifested in the report made to the
Populists of North Carolina by their dele
gation which attended the bimetallic con
ference at Memphis Senator Marion
Butler, chairman or the delegation, sajs
in the report:
"The final outcome of the convention
was entirely satisfactory and the adoption
or tho resolutions is proof conclusive that
all bimetallists. whether Populists, Dem
ocrats, or Republicans, can and will unite
next year and present a united front to
the Democratic and RepubMt-nn mono
metalhsts who are arrayed against the
financial relief proposed in the Omaha
platform of the Populist party and now
demanded unconditionally by an over
w helming majority of the American people.
Butler says Democrats now really have
no organization, and then adds: "A ma
jority of Democrats were ready to take
more advanced ground than was taken, but
it was thought best for the cause of reform
to gie the minority time aud pass ouly
such resolutions as would be heartily con
curred in by every delegate"
If Tom Grny and HI Wife Go They
Jiuht Go Too.
Ocala, Flu., June 25 J W Murray, a
Canadian officer, arrived here to-day and
served extradition papers on Thomas Gray
and wire. A hitch arose, however, as to
Gray's six children in jail with him.
Sheriff Hodge holds that if the parents
are taken the children must go too and not
be left as a burden upon this country,
orricer Murray'has wired to Canada for
For He Lo ed Sillle.
Philadelphia, Pa,, June 25 Rev Dt
Duncan McGregor, who was expelled from
the Association or Baptist Ministers and
compelled to resign from the Centennial
Baptist Church, will wed Miss Sallie George
at noon to-morrow.
It was his affection for Miss George that
caused his wite to get a divorce, his people
to demand ins retirement, and his fellow
Baptists to drop him from their rolls.
This occurred two years ago.
Just a Kentucky Picnic.
Sergeant. N. Y., June 25. News comes
here from the mouth of the Elkhorn river,
Pike county, that early Friday morning
the Duskin boys, Charley and Tom, and
Joe anil Pete Edgerton engaged in a battle
near the little town of Elkhorn City, which
resulted in the death of Pete Edgfrton
and Charley Duskin and the probably
fatal wouuding of Joe Edgerton. Tom
Duskin was arrested to-day and is now in
the Pinevillc jail.
Cherokee Bill St ny-' the Hangman.
Fort Smith, Ark., Jun 20. Cherokee
Bill was not hanged to day, a stay of ex
ecution bamg been granted pending his
appeal to the Supreme Court of the United
States. Charles Smith and Weber Isaacs,
who were also to have been hanged to
day, likewise appealed and were granted
Rumored HexliriinrloiiofMur.O'Connell.
Loudon, June 26. The correspondent of
the Chronicle at Rome tclegiaphs that it ib
rumored that Mgr. O'Connell hab resigned
the rectorship of the American College.
Baltic Caiml Open. July I
Kiel, June 25. The Baltic canal will be
'opened to traffic July 1, to all vessels
of a draught not exceeding 2i feet 8
"""-jifek Vft IMM SpPraf 1 6
Or, What
Kentucky Silver Men Won't
Formulate Resolutions
Blackburn Beaten For the Besolutlona
Committee Membership From His
Home District Final Complexion of
the Committee Stniidfe 9 to 4 Against
Free Sller.
Louisville, Ky. , June 25 The admin
istration and Secretary Carlisle were cer
tainly favorites in tho Democratic State
convention here to-day
The silverjtes went into the district meet
ings in the morning and into the convention
at noon with confidence In the disrtict
meetings they were beaten 2 to 1.
Tbey claimed four out of the eleven dis
trict membersoftbecommitteconresolutions,
but the administration men claim that the
committee stood 8 to 3 originally against
free 6ilver, and as completed 9 to -1.
The complexion of this committee could
not have been changed by the appointment
of both membcrs-at-largefromthesilverites,
but when Judgo William Beckner, as tempo
rary chairman, divided tho members-at-large,
giving one of the two to each side, the
silver men felt that they had been outclassed,
although thoy would not confess to being
They claimed a victory in the election of
Beckner oer Stone, but after the former
divided the appointments equally on all
the committees and announced his conser
vative views, no claims were made on him.
Stone would have appointed only "sound
money" men on the committees.
Judge Beckner is a "sound money" man,
but favored Gen Hardin for governor
Although Gen. Hardin favors free coinage,
he has been supported throughout-by many
who insist on a sound money platform for
The silver men on the committee on reso
lutions are. First district, August Coul
ter; second, W. T Ellis; third, John S.
Rhea; at large, J. D 'Clardy.
The gold men on the committee are.
Fourth, E. D Walker; fifth, J M. Atherton;
sixth, R. A.Elhston; seventh, Arthu rYeager;
eighth, James B. McCreary; ninth, John F
Haager; tenth, John P. Salver; eleventh,
R. M Jackson; at large.Senator William
The feature of the day was the defeat in
his home district of Senator J. C. S. Black
burn for member of the committee on reso
lutions by Prof. Arthur Yeager, a man of
pronounced gold standard views, but who
has devoted his time to college work aud not
to politics.
Seuator Blackburn nspired to the chair
manship of this committee and expected to
have a majority of its members with him
for free coiuage and against Cleveland and
When Blackburn was defeated in the
Seventh district it was ascertained thai the
Hardin men did not want to be embarasscd
by bis appointment as oneofthe'uembers-at-large
and then Mr. W. T Ell" 'of the Sec
ond district, offered Senator Blackburn
his proxy.
Objections were raised in the convention
on the announcement of Blackburn's name
for the committee from the Second dis
trict and no further erforts in that direction
were made.
Numerous dilatory motions -were in
dulged in, the Clay men wanting an ad
journment till to-morrow. As neither the
committee on credentials nor the one on
resolutions were ready to report, this
filibustering was kept up forever two hours
-with much disturbance.
The committee on resolutions was ready
to report at i p. m., but delated its report
awaiting the outcome of the credential com
mittee, which -was fighting over contests
among the delegates from Louisville and
Senator sLndsay prepared the majority
report on resolutions which embraced a
strong, houest money plank and Indorsed
Cleveland and Carlisle by name for their
financial policy and administration. It
was signed by nine of the thirteen mmebers
or the committee.
There were two minority reports, one
6igned by Rhea and Ellis rorthefreecoinnge
of silver at 16 to 1, and the other simply
reaffirming the platform or 1892, signed by
Clardy and Coulter.
There was intense feeling because the
fight between the Hardin and Clay men
on seating delegates in the committee on
credentials delayed tho resolutions and
the Garbage War May
the proceedings of the convention, but
nothing could bo done toward facilitating
Several hundred motions to adjourn were
voted down and the convoutlon remained
waiting, although the committee on cre
dentials at 11 p. in. announced it could
not report till after midnight.
Senator Lindsay and Chairman Berry
refused to report tho resolutions or do any
thing till tho report on credentials came in.
Consuls Disputing Whether She Is a
Filibuster orNot.
Bands of Cuban Rebol-j Bouted.nnd
Demoralized Se oral Spnnlsh Victories-
Deported Senorn Marti.
Kingston, Jamaica, Juno 25. A dis
pute has ariEon here between the Ameri
can and Spanish consuls regarding the
character of the steamer Bridgeton, which
put in hero in a hair-wrecked condition,
which her captain said was due to her
having encountered a severe storm. She
followed close upon the arrival of the
George W. Childs, which is alleged to
have landed a fllbustering expedition hi
Tho Spanish consul here alleges that
Bridgeton is a filbuster, while the Ameri
can consul aud tho captain and crew of
the Bridgeton strenuously deny iW
Havana, Juno 25. Tho band of insur
gents recently commanded by Major Cas
allas, who deserted the enemy with a
number of soldiers and who was after
wards killed In tho fight nt the San Jose
plantation near Placetas, has boon broken
up. Twenty-five members of the band
have surrendered at Rcmedios, Caibarion
and Placetas, all in thu province of
Santa Clara.
The three columns of troops which started
on Saturday last from Hongolo Songo,
province of Santiago de Cuba, in the direc
tion of Gran Piedra, 111 order to nttack the
strong positions occupied by the iutur
gentsintheSicrraMaestra, have encountered
the enemy.
The insurgents lost many dead and
wounded and are being pursued in the
direction of Sibonoy.
New York, June 25 Senor Enrique
Trujillo, the editor or "El Porvenir," at
whose home the widow of Jose Marti is
stopping, said to-day. "i'lie senora has
recened numerous messages from her
friends in this country, bidding her b? of
good cheer. She will probably stay in this
city till next September, when her son will
enter a preparatorj school. It is hardly
hkely that she will return to Cuba before
that unhappy couutry is ruled by her own
HenndEighty Colored Menlll-Treated
at a Canning Ebtublishment.
Henry Tolson, a young colored man of
this city, charges Capt. Lewis, the former
owner of the Lady of the LaTce.and J. W.
Patterson, of the People's Transportation!
Company, with having induced him and
about eighty others to go )o the ojster
canning establishment operated by Lewis
at Lewisetta, under the prdmise of good
wages and steady employment, and with
having -violated the, agreement and prac
ticing gross deception upon them.
The men went to Lewisettnun the early
part of last week, some of tliemihavlng been
allured by tho offeror big wages into taking
their families with them. Tlnding they
could not live upon the ambunt received,
tho emplojes revolted, Tdlsbn says, and
told the managers they hud been grossly
deceived. This, he declares , brought severe
punishment, some of the me nbcing -w hipped
aud otherwise maltreatod.
The men were at last told to leave, and,
it is alleged, when some of them attempted
tQ do so, they were shot at bj the proprie
tors' agents.
School TencherH' Salaries Itudely
Druwn by Proxy.
Chicago, June 25. School Agent C. C.
Chase either lost or had stolen from him to
day 111 the corridors or the clt J hall a check
for $125,000.
The money represented was to be used to
pay the June salaries of the tchool teachers.
The only p nusible theory entertained
by the los-cr -ns that he was the victim of
Foreign Book BarredntLouh tile.
Louisville, Ky., June 25, The foreign
book has ben barred from 'the track of
tho New Louisville Jockey Club. Tho
directors at a meeting tb-day decided
upon this action and in the future tiie
foreign book will bo abolished.
Get your Cabinet Photo Free.
Come to.
Free Silver Democrats to Organ
ize Here for Campaign.
Thoy "Will Carry on Their Work
"Within Party Lines in the Hope
of Controlling tho National Conven
tion Regular Machinery .Not to Bo
Invoked Effort to A-vo!d Friction.
.Memphis, Tenn., Juno 25. Immediately
after the adjournment of the recent silver
convention in this city a mooting of a num
ber of prominent Democrats who attended
that gathering was held and plans outlined
for an organization of Tree-silver men
within the Democratic party for the pur
pose of ciirrj lug oh the silver campaign
within party lines.
As a result of this meeting the follow
ing address has been sent to Democratic
leaders throughout the country.
Soon after the adjournment of the silver
convention held In this city, on the 12th
and 13th Instant, many Democrats, repre
senting several States ot the Union, held
a meeting here for the purpose of consider
ing the best method of securing the free
and unlimited coinage of both Bdver and
gold into full legal tender money of ultimate
redemption, at the ratio of 16 to 1, without
regard to the financial policy of other
countries, aud It was unanimously agreed
as the confideut opinion of that conference
1. That the only hope of securing the
free and uulimltcd coinage ot &il erat 16 to
1, is through the action of the Democratic
2. That n large majority of the Demo
ocratic partj of the country and a very
large majority of the people ot the United
States, irrespective o party, favor such
:i. That tiie success of the Democratic
party m tho campaign of 18UG largely,
if not wholly, depends on the earnest and
activeadvocacy of the free and unlimited
coinage of silver.
" 4. That a thorough organization of
the Democrats or the several States who
ravor tfie free and unlimited coinage of
silver and gold on equality of 1G to 1 is
a necessity and the proper means or
controlling the action of the uational
Democratic convention of 189G upon this
vitally important question.
5. That in older to a-void friction and
the complaint of such Democrats as oppose
the free coinage of silver, we will not
invoke the action of tho regular machinery
of the party whose duty it is to act for
tho whole party, without regard to differ
ences of opinion upon a single question.
Therefore, we, the undersigned, were
appointed a committee to take such steps
as may be necessaiy to a thorough national
organization of siler Democrats, and
for the purpose we respectfully invite you
to meet us at Washington, D. C', on tho
1 tth day of August, 1805, in Older that we
may confer and co operate in establishing
such organization and you are requested
to bring with you sucli Democratic friends
as ore in full sympathy with this purpose.
It is important that a Democrat acceptable
to the Democracy of your State and will
ing to lepreseut it on i national executive
committee should attend this conference.
An eaily answer, addressed to Hon. Casey
Young, Memphis, Tenn., will greatly
oblige. Respectfully,
Iloineopnthlst Want Recognition.
Newport, R. I., Juno 25. The Ameri
can Institute of Homeopathy in its annual
session at Newport, to-day, adopted a
resolution demanding that in the medical
appointments in thu Army and Navy or
other branches of the government, ihc
members of the Homeopathic school shall
have equal rights with other tax-pajing
citizens and qualified medical men and
that tho claims of such members shall
not bo ignored because of any opinion
fliey may hold as to tho application of
drugs to disease, having the right of
private judgment in such matters.
Serious Charges Against a Young Man.
John Bute, a well-known joung man,
residing on Tirst street northwest, was
locked up m No. 6 station by Sergt.
Byrnps and Officer Gibson jesterday eve
ning on two charges of larceny.
S. W. Bussell Honored.
Boston, Mass., Juno 25. At to-day's
meeting the Juvenile Templars, among
other officers elected as corresponding sec
retary S. W. Russell, Washington, D. 0.
Policeman George Greer, a patrolman in
tho Eighth precinrt, was nearly killed about
8 o'clock last evening by a mob of negroes
on Eighteenth street, near S street.
With ttvo ribs broken, eevcrnl deep and
serious gashc-s or the head and internal in
juries, ho lies at the Freedmaii'H Hospital
in a precarious condition.
Battle Minor, a colored resident of
-Eighteenth street, and an express wagon
owner, was driving Ins horse at breakneck
speed up and down Eighteenth street,
apparently to nggravato the officer, for
whom ho ia said to have an old grudge.
Greer waited at the corner of It street, 1
and when Minor drove back at the same 1
speed, the policeman stopped him.
"Minor," said Greer, "consider your
seir under arrest for fast driving."
With jijtrlng of oaths, Minor, who ap
peared to be under the influence of honor,
Bald it Greer dared to touch him he would
kill Greer.
Greer grabbed Minor, and 1 shuffle en
sued, 111 which Minor nearly knocked down
the officer. A crowd of negroes soon gath
ered about the pair and a rock was throw 11.
Uric-, of "Mob the cop" filled the air,
and brlckd and stone- began to rain down
upon the head of the ofticer, who -vainly
attempted to keep back the surging crowd
with his baton.
Twice he was struck on the head with
mibsiles, but he held on to Minorand trie-d
to force his way towanl the patrol box?
The human mass with Greer aud his
prisoner In the center, moved slowly up
the street, aud the ycIU of the negroes
could be heard several squares.
Two joung men, T. B Bellcr and W.
Preeott, attempted to assist the orricer.
Preseott wae kuocked down and trodden
Boiler, seeing that he could not render
material assistance, rushed to the near
est telephone and called to the station Tor
The patrol wagon of No. 8, containing J
aergu Jiaruison aim emicers -wuwk, oiun
art, and Kelly responded to the calk
Tbey fouud that Greer had been pushed
into Gardiner's grocery store, where he and
the crowd were fighting, one against about
As the patrol wagon dashed up the crowd
fled, ono man administering a linal kick
on Greer's abdomen.
Thepolicemau and his prisoner, who were
on the rioor, were picked up rroni a pool
or blood and placed in tftf -wagon and
driven to .tfte Frccdmnn's .Hospital, where
the serious nature or Greer's injuries wa
ascertained. Minor, it -was found, bad two
bad gashes in the tcalp. Both were put
under the influence of eitier.
It is ex-pectcd that wholesale arrests will
be made.
It was in this ame vicinity tru Officers
Greer :'-& Johnson were stoned by a crowd
about a week ago.
ButTf Wi MnHt Hae Only One Metal
He Prefers SIHer.
Sweet Springs, Mo , June 25. Senator
Vest, who is stopping at his cottage near
here, had this to say to day on the money
question In its relation to the country as
a whole, and especially to Missouri.
"There must be a settlement of the sil
ver question without equivocation. We
must determine to adopt the gold standard
permanently, retire the greenbacks, and
perjv tuate the national banks with their
paper based exclusivelj on gold, or we
must open our mints to silver.
"I believe in real bimetallism, the use
of both gold and silver as Ktandard morey,
but if we must have one metal or theother
I would take silver, for we would then
at least be independent, instead or being
the tail of the English kite and the helpless
victim of the Rothschilds syndicate."
YVorUiiurnHMi Falling Into Line for
Labor Day Celebration.
The committee having in charge the
arrangements for the Labor Day celebra
tion met last night in the hall atthe corner
of Four-and-a-hair street and Pennsylva
nia avenue, and received reports rrom a
number or organizations, all of which were
favorable to the proposed demonstration.
More than halt or the labor unions and
assemblies of the District have signified
their intention to participate, and it is
confidentlj expected that the remainder
will send in favorable reports as soon as
the meetings can be held to consider
the question.
The committee enthusiastically pre
dicts the greatest demonstration 111 honor
ot the occasion that has eer been held in
the District.
Thief Klllr. tho Woman Who Was to
Testify Against Htm.
Winficlil. Va.. June 25. News has just
reached hero of the murder ot Mrs." Faulk
ner by a man named Johnson near Brarc
well, W. Ya.,011 the 22d.
Johnson was to be tried for the steal
ing ot a hog and Mrs. Faulkner was the
chief witness against him. At 9 p. m. he
went to the Louse of Mis. Faulkner and
shot the woman, killing her instantly.
Johnson is now 111 the mountains and
tho citizens are searching the country for
him. It ho is overtaken, the officers say
he undoubtedly will lie lynched.
Gen. Green Clay Smith Bcjond All
Hope of llecoory..
The shocking news was circulated last
night among the Triends of Gen. Green Clay
Smith that there was no hope of his recov
ery and that his deatli might be expected
at any moment.
The latest information, obtained this
mnrnhtg at 2:30, was to the effect that
he was rapidly sinking.
His serious illness has been heretofore
mentioned in The Times.
Peary't Itesciiers Start.
Halifax, N. S , June 25 The steamer
Portia, which sailed for St. Johti3, N. F ,
to-day, had on board the members of the
Greenland Scientific Expedition and the
Peary Relicr Expedition, including Enid
Diebitsch, brother of Mrs. Peary; Prof
Salisburv, of the Chieago University; Prof.
Dyche, ht the Kansas State University;
Theodore L. Boutilier, or Washington .and
Dr. J E Walsh, or Philadelphia. They
leave St. Johns July 1
Milk Law Xow in Force.
The regulations for the government of
dairy farms in the District, heretofore
published in Tho Times, were approved by
the Commissioners yesterday, with slight
modification, and are now in full force.
The penalty for violations is a fine of
not less than $5 no more than $10 for
each and every offense. L.
Delaware. Ohio, June 23. -Phillip Phill
ips, the noted evangelist, died here shortly
before 5 o'clock this evening.
Chicago, Juue 25. George S. Bi6scU,
well known in insurance circles, died to
day at Asuevillo, N. 0.
Duke of Devonshire, Balfour, Cham
berlnln, Hleks-Beach and Goncnen
Already Announced Torien Don't
"eel Quite Comfortable Outgoing
Liberal Quite Jolly.
' ' Yl
London. June 26 Yesterday was a day
of accomplishment rather than speculation
and it is apparent that the crisis ha been
temporarily smoothed o'ver, if not entirely
passed. The house of commons held a
brief session and adjoarncd without at
tempting to transact any business. The
Marquis of Salisbury held a ronferenco
early in the morning wnhR-gnt Ihnt. A J.
Balfour, the Iuker Devonsh.re. ihe Right
Hon. Joseph Chamberlain aud others.
Theoutconieof this meeting was a asty
visit oa the part r th-marcpsts tothe Qtieeii
at Windsor, where it is asiumed he pre
sented a list or names f members Tor a
proposed new cabinet and that ihey were
approved by Her Majesty Later in the
day the ofticial announcement that tiie
Marquis of f-alisbury hail formally accented
the premiership made vacant by the- resig
nation or Lord Ro&eberry, was made 1
This news created somewhat of a sesa
tion, as it was believed that under rte ex
isting c ircumstances the Tory leader would
hesitate, ir nut decline, to accept i&
The ne w ministry, as faras eompJetedaBcl
officially announced, is as follows:
Marquis or Salisbury, premier and seerer
tary or state for foreign afraira.
The Duke of Devonshire, presidnet ef.
the council.
A. J. Balfour, first lord of the treasury.
Right Hon. Joeeph Chamberfetm, aer
tary of state for the colomes.
Sir Michael Hicks-Beach, eJtaaeeNor f
the exchequer.
Bight Htm George J. Goachea, Mrs lrd
of the admiralty .
It is believed that the Marquis- of Salis
bury, before deciding to form a nw
ministry, received assurances tbat te
outgoing ministry wouKI asswt the new
goernment in passing t&e estimates in
time to enable parliament to dissolve by
July 10.
The Tonts were reluctant, it is saW,
to take oifiee before a new par bam
is elected, on the ground that it wottM
not be good party strategy to be aetay
in power and hi a measure responsible
before the general election. With the
Liberals still holding office, the Conserva
tives could go to the discontented voters and
ask them pointedly how things eooid be
different under the present government
adding if the Torws were in power tMngf
wrnntf be better. But with ttoe Torfls
actually in office the; will have t taSe
a share in the voter's mind of repea
sibliity for present conditions.
Both parties profess to be ready for a
general election in Jul The otgolg
nmiistf rs o not appear greatly dislwait
entd. Lord RoPebery and Sir William Har
court art particularly jaunty aud Jovial
and make it plain that their release from
office at this time was the thine most to
be-desired The Irish ptople are tatiBg
a gnat interest 111 the present situation.
Justin McCarthy has issued a mani
festo to the people of Ireland stating that
the defeat of the governmenr has, placed
Ireland's bitterest enemies in office.
"For a brut tpace before the eteetum."
tho manifesto says. "Downing street aad
Dublin" Cattle will oe occupR-d by men
pledged to the policy of coercion in Ire
land. This defeat was cotqxissd by the
factiomsts who still divide Ireland, and
by the votes ot the Chamberlaia. the
Russtlls and other false friends of Jad
reform " "
Advocating the continuance- of the- alli
ance with the Ltlieral partv a?i Irlaa's
only hope of n.dres. the manifesto- ap
peals earnestly to Irishman at home and
abroad for funds with, which to right
their enemies in the coming election
In an interview John Redimuul said it
seemed probable that the elections wohW
result in the defeat of the Liberal party.
The Parn Hitos had invited the govern
ment to dissolve Parliament whea the:
Liberal partv was united. Mr Gladstone
gave the same advice, and he tRtdsuoHdV
was in a pi sition to assert posnm-lv ttet
Mr. Gladstone resigned because the cabinet
rejected his advice.
ir the government had disselvt-d Paxfia
ment then tl-e Liberals would lav ear
ned the country on the aeroe rate pohry.
They now go to tl'e couutrv -vita a
policy, without a leader, beaten, dis
credited.. md thsl-eartcned. He tld rot an
ticipate that the Tory government wtofd
coerce Ireland.
Thev would have the power tn paw ifce
Irish laud bill through tin? House f
Lords and they -were more than likely io do
so quickly and to provide more money fr
the purchase of land tSan tfae Liberals. He
was not surethathome rule would evatnlly
be dealt with by the Conservative. T3e
political prisoners could not he we aft
under a Tory government than thty ware
under Mr. Aisnuitb, the retiring heme sec
Irene Hoyt Compromise-. With Her in
tin Alleged Scandal.
New York. Jnne25 Thes.tbeg,inasfcrt
time ago by Mary IreneHovt ag.uact Hetty
Green to recover $100,000 damages Pot
slander, has been compromised out of court
by the parties Interested.
An onler was entered by Justice Pat
terson in the Supreme Court to-day. dis
continuing the action without costs.
Miss Hoyt. In hercomplamr. charges that
before Referee Henry II. Anderson Mrs
Green made use of the'ollowmg Uiagimse:
"Did you ever see such a set of buzzards.
Oh. it is sad to think of poor Irene Hoyt.
Joe Choateand theother bii2Jurds got hold
of herandsheisinanaslumnow Bailing
wasa star witness forChoate In that ease."
Ilae-tlngs' Administration Indorsed.
Clearfield. Pa., June 25 At the Clear
field county Republican convention held
here to-day the administration f Gav.
Hastings was enthusia?tically endorsed.
The announcement of his name was rteored
to the echo, as was alo tTse rcselutioa en
dorsing Col. B. F Gnkcson for le-electloa
as chairman of the Republican State com
mittee. Bertha LirU's Body i:eeoered.
Rochester, N. Y, June 25 Lily Benna
Lark, aged t weuty vcars, coni.niUvdswteide
by jumping into the canal from, a bndgje,
Saturday night. Her body was fuuad this
morning It is said that thgirlhad trouble
with her parents over the attentions paid
her by jouug men.
Fair, with incrcasit'g doiMlimess arc!
probably thunder showers in th evening;
slicht changes m temperature; soutaeat
erly wmt.

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