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They Fairly Grew Fat Off Gov
ernment Employes.
x at
if the Negligee Shirt
you bought of '"'Tom, Dick
or Harry" fits poorly
you'll know better next time.
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Cook's Balm of Life,
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Carriage Co.,
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Thruished His "Wife a Ycnr A:o and
la Xow in Jail.
A. former colored resident of Georgetown,
named Enoch Smith, about two years ago
aarried and lived "with hiB wife one year.
One day he came home about a year ago
jtnd did not find Mary home or his supper
ready. After considerable skirmishing he
Jound Alary in tho cook-shop of James
Saunders, gave both a severe trouncing and
tteparted for Philadelphia.
He returned to IhiBcity Sunday and found
Mary and Saunders living together. "When
ho tried to find out the reason -why, the
police wore "Bicked' ' onto him and yesterday
Judge Miller Eent him to Jail for sixty days
or the assault he committed over" a year
Damajro Done "by Carelessness.
Carelessness about the flow of -water
In a sink may cost Judson T. Morley a neat
sum. Scott & Bro., tdbacco dealers at
.No. 4.66 Pennsylvania avenue northwest,
brought suit against him yesterday for
$2,500. They say that he rents the third
floor of the building, where thoy have their
stock of tobaccos, cigars, pipes, eto. He
has there a sink, exclusively under his
control." On Juno 3 last, either Mr. Mor
ley or 6ome employe let tho "water jrun,
and, tho sink being clogged, it ran over
and down upon Scott & Bro.'s 6tock,
doing heavy damage. J E. Smith and J. J.
Darlington are the firm's attorneys.
Hut a Hrink Haziness Done Vet by
Some Ten Per Cent, ti Month tho
Charge There Is One Man "VTlio
Malies n Specialty of Fleecing tho
No class of people in "Washington has
done more to feather the Shylocks' nests
than the government clerks.
The abuse of usurious interest charged
these people was once upon a time a
scaudal, but oven at this lato day there
are victims unnumbered of the good-natured
fellows who will givo you $90
cash and wait a whole month to collect
your $100, take out $10. and do the
same thing for you next month, as you
will be just $10 behind in your accounts.
If you get $200 they will let you have
$180, and so on in proportion to your
In the good old days of this kind of
highway robbery it was an easy Job, and
Shylocks were Shylocks. It was the priv
ilege then that a clerk could give an
order on the disbursing officer for his
salary, made payable to KIchard Roe, John
Doe or Jay Gould.
And this was very necessary the month
after the country clerk came to learn to
live like city folks. The first thing he
usually did was to get a city girl or two,
according to the divisibility of a bucolic
heart, and then came the Shylock into the
Theyoung fellow foundfromanotheryoung
fellow of lust year's crop that he could get ,
all the money lie wanted by the very simple
process of "an order on the cashier," which
sounded mighty hlg to a man who used to
get $25 a mouth and ills washing in a
country store. All the money he wanted,
of course, meant less 10 per cent, and if he
was an absolute stranger $5 for a friendly
endorser, who was usually another Shy
lock. Gentlemen Shylocks did not scruple at
placing advertisements in the newspapers
that clerks could be furnished in this way,
aud the Shylocks got as fat as rice birds
on a Southern plautatiou. Some people
in high places in "Washington are credited
with fortunes made in this way, while
the ex-clerks, whose girls are now hap
pily married perhaps to the Shylock ge
nus aro again hoeing corn or following
an acrobatic mule up the hillsides of
their native county.
The departmental Shylock boom col
lapsed under a Republican administra
tion, when a fiat went forth that orders
on the disbursing officer were no longer
receivable. Banks that had been in this
blood-sucking business went out of ex
istence, and tho Shylock went to study
ing up a still practicable schemo. ,
Although tho money changers were
driven out of the various granite temples,
ostensibly some of them are there yet, and
it is said to be a most remarkable thing
that the fellows who have money to lend
can hold their places through every admin
istration. A talk was had with several
clerks in the departments yesterday and
whilo they all agreed that the bottom had
dropped out of Shylockism, there were a
few still in the business. Said one
"Oh, you don't expect me to Equeal, do
you? I would much rather continue to bo
squeezed. As between tquealing and
squeezing I remain a squeezed. I don't
suppose you'd believe it, but the man who
did one of the biggest businesses of that
kind here was a colored man, who occupied
one of the most menial positions in the
gift of the government.
"He held his place Just as long as he
wanted it. He was a Democrat and a Re
publican in turns, and I believe he could,
if the occasion demanded it, prove that he
was a Caucasian."
"Are there any loans made now at big in
terest?" "Yes, but everybody can't get them. If
the old rule were in force, you could draw
your pay three months in advance from one
of these fellows for a money consideration;
say $30 for three months pay at $100 a
month; thatls 120 percent ayear."
"And you can't do that now?"
"Oh, yes; what I mean is that 1 can't. It
is not every body who will b; indulged by the
sharks Some men aie in to deep that they
can't get out and it is a safe thing to in
dulge them as long as they hold ornce and
it is pretty well known who will be the
elect. Of course, you know the lender runs
some risk.
"If hchasadvancedthreemoutbs'payand
the clerk is dismissed during the first month
of indebtedness, all of the advance is lost,
unless the Shylock chooses to travel to
Louisiana or Texas to prosecute the
claim. They are usually, however, aban
dnetl and charged to profit aud loss.
"Arc there any money lenders in this
department now?"
"Only two, but, as I tell you, they
know whom to deal with, and that there
will be no kicking. None of their friends
will do the baby act. They are perfectly
safe from official supervision. No orders
nre recognized by the officers, and there
tho matter ends. For instance, if I were
to say to an officer, 'This man charged
me $10 per month on $100,' the officer
would probably say, 'Then, why don't
you get It in some place else at 6 per
cent, or 'What are you borrowing money
for anyhow?' "
The same story is told In all the depart
ments. The Shylocks are in the cellar or
on the ground floor and only those who pay
an initiation fee of $10, payable every
mouth, know anything about them.
Even the policemen have a Shylock. There
is at least one man who lends the men money
when they are strapped, and he straps
them tighter by a charge of 5 per cent a
mouth and 2 per cent discount. It is re
ported that his business is perfectly safe,
and that while headquarters knows some
thing about it, there is no specific law to
prevent it. On collecting days people have
noticed bim about the detective bureau.
Here is a case in point. An officer's
son died. The father wanted $15. He
got it from this money lender, but it
cost him $33 before he got out of the
clutches of the Shylock.
There will be something more about
this case and these methods when the
proper time comes.
Dunn Estate Difficulties.
Another turn in the troubled administra
tion of the estate of the late Patrick Dunn
came to notice yesterday in a petition filed
by Cecilia N. Dunn, one of the children,
now of age. She says that Thomas M.
Fields, the attorney who was put in charge
of the minor children's interests, on Feb
ruary 20 received from C. A. Brandenburg
and A. A. Birney $11,583 in securities,
realized upon them $7,866.66, loaned from
thlsmoney $4,057 ontheDunnhomesteadat
No. 508 Sixth street southwest, $3,000
on No. 1 50 1 Yermont avenue and paid $722
to A. A. Ashburn. YetT there remains
unaccounted for $2,904. Mr. Fields, it
is alleged, refuses to account for this re
maining sum. She asks that Mr. Fields be
called upon to state what moneys he has
received from the Dunn estate and what
he has done with it.
2,000 Feet Elevation in Virginia
Reached by the Chesapeake and Ohio
Railway via Virginia Hot Springs. Two
limited trains daily. A famous family
resort at popular prices, conaucted with
genuine Virginia hospitality. S-wini-ming
pools of natural warm water. De
lightful "clunate and surroundings. Apply
0. and O. offices, 613 and 1421 Penn
sylvania arenue.
We are selling- the last off the Boston Stock, and
many sizes are missing-. Those whose size we have
can pick out a $10, $12, $14, or $15 Suit for Six Dollars
and Twenty-live cents,
The materials are line "Worsteds, Homespuns, Chev
iots, etc., in all the popular light and dark shades and
patterns, and you can take your pick.
a... .'. i-i miuujji m m .-iLLU iiijii) m '. urn ii -. i u. mi ..mil , ,,, m iuiu I . MTrmj
Superb Worsted (TP nr Elegant Casslmere (TC TL" S
Suitsat 4)0, ZO I Suits at 4)0. ZO
Durablo Homespun (TP 0C
Suitsat 4U.U
Ever- Suit is as we represent it, and we guarantee every
thread to be all wool and the best.
803 Market Space.
Shylocks Preparing to Escape Ex
ecutions. Barrett Found Suddenly That Ho nud
Business in Town mid Yennawlno
Mny Turn TT-n Shortly.
The execution against the Capital Guar
antee Loan Company was to have been
issued yesterday when Mr. O. J. Barrett re
turned to the city. It is not known whether
tho publication of the iutended execution
had anything to do with ifiB reappearance
in tho city. He will remanlu over here
It is inferred, as the execution did not
lssuo yesterday, Uiat a settlement of the
Judgment of Mrs. Messer against the com
pany Is in order and will be made to-day.
The diligence of The Times' attorneys
has placed fourteen other cases against
this concern in shape to be pushed.
The aggregate amount of Judgments, it
obtained will be very heavy and there does
not appear to be much doubt about the
success of the suits, even it no further
testimony is elicited than that.given by
Mrs. Messer.
Whether Uie remaining suits against tho
Barrett Company will be tried depends
on whether the company will stand trial.
It is not thought Uiat even if the com
pany settles all the cases, it will bo any the
loser as to the principal of the notes. For
instance, the judgment of Mrs. Messer is
ouly for $28. U5, iucluding costs. The
unpaid balance on her note is $15, so that
it paid her to assert her rights. She has
of course lost ail the usurious interest sho
paid other than within a year from the"
commencement of the suit.
The difficulty heretofore has been that
the people who owed these bills have been
terrified and terrorized by bailiffs and
constables, and of this there can be no
better proof than the mental condition of
those who go to the bureau of legal advice
to make complin ts. They usually ex
press themselves as utterly helpless, with
out money to help them out of their straits,
and altogether in the power of Uio bailiffs
aud money lenders.
Only recently a lady came to The Times
office in a terrible condition of trepi
dation. She acknowledged her debt
aud said that she had giveu the money
lenders ample proof that she would soon bo
in condition to pay pajt of it They were
inexorable and threatened to put her out
at a certain time next day.
They made some amusing preparations
for a siege which were not necessary, as
Uie threat was only another twist of the
thumbscrew of the bailiff. The officer
of the law did not put in appearance with
his wagon to haul off the fcurniture, but
Uie lady and some lady friends camped
upstairs all day, hung crepe on the door,
and otherwise passed a very disagreeable
They had advertised for boarders. The
bell rang twice in the evening, but the
besieged did not dare to go down, although
they were sate from a bailiff up in the
second story. They believe now that the
gentlemen who rang the bell were looking
for rooms. This case is somewhat different
from tho ordinary usury case.
The Washington Mortgage Company cases
are still in the air on account of the absence
of the defendant, lnittthereissomc reason
to believe that Mr. Yennowlne will return
to tho city before the attachments are
Three new cases have been prepared
against one of the Shylocks who has left
town. It is proposed to issue attachments
in these cases, which the law permits,
when there is foundation for the belief
that the defendant is evading arrest. All
that is necessary for this proceeding is two
affidavits setting forth that belief.
As the matters now stand nothing will
save the usurers from verdicts, attach
ments, executions, etc., except a dis
gorgement, jyhlch is a term not found in
Bouvier's Law Dictionary, but a good
wordin this connection.
Steamboat. Company Incorporated.
The National Steamboat Company of
the District of Columbia was Incorporated
yesterday with $50,000 capital in $10
shares. The incorporators arc Daniel B.
Webster, John A. Gray, Br., Oscar D. Mor
lis, jr., Robert H. Key, William H. Thomas,
Willis Headeu, William F. Tolson, John
II. Matthews, Harrison O. Gordon, John
C. Norwood, Marit Wilson, Daniel Wil
liams, Ferdinand D. Lee, Austin Fickllng,
Lewis Collins, John T. Fltzhugh, Joseph
N. Meyers, William Humphreys, William
White, George W. Hutton, John Holmes,
and Frank Smallwood. The trustees for
the first year are Messrs. Webster, Morris,
Thomas, Gordon, Noiwood, Fickling, Key,
and Smallwood. The business of the com
pany will be the transportation of freight
and passengers and any other trade usual
with a steamer line.
Rescue X.odjre Meeting.
Rescue Lodge, I. O. G. T., met at their
hall, corner Four-and-a-balf and G streets,
southwest, on last Monday evening. Chief
Templar Henry P. Thomas presided. A
petition was read to be sent to tho District
Commissioners in behalf of ex-Policeman
John T. Hatton, a member of the lodge.
The social session of the lodge was
thrown open to the public and was taken
part in by Master Everett Griffith, Miss
Netta Gigdon, Mr. Roby, of Silver Star;
Mr. A. W. Campbell, W. B. Webster, and
E. W. Libuey.
' I'FJI 1W' U. JTP
Finest Tweed Suits
at :
W. L. I. Nine Played All Around
the City Postoffice Team,
Their Field Work Fine nnd Pitcher
TViso "Up to Tricks" Gray Coats
in Very Bud Form.
With "Billy" WiS3 In tho box, Gilroy
behind the bat and an Al team In tho
field, tho Washington Light Infantry nine
had everything their own way with the
City Post-office boys in the game at Na
tional Park yesterday arternoon.
Although tho Letter Carrier's rooters
wore out in full force they failed to put
up as good a game as they did Saturday,
for they pluyed at a great disadvantage.
Tho men seemed to be placed badly. The
management put in Rebstock to pitch and
left Hamacher on the bench; Ogle was
out of place at short and Ambrose put up
up a very stiff game. Had cither Ogle
or Hamacher occupied the box and Reb
stock been allowed to play his old posi
tion tho defeat , would undoubtedly have
been les3 pronounced.
Tho Infantry nine played winning ball
from -the very begUiulug, allowing no' 6j-.
portunity for a star play to escape them.
They handled the ball with great akill
and used the stick Vith telling results.
"Billy" Wise pitched a very creditable
game, although his puzzling curves at
times were hit very hard. Gilroy caught
excellently behind the bat, Wiiikleman
played second base like a veteran, and
Lee at short proved an immense success.
Phil Wisner, as usual, covered xhird'base
Jn good style, anfl Manager. House with-
his little Shrine uniform was noticed at
times in the coaching-box.
The Post-officers, with the exception of
a very few, had an "off day." Frank
Ilebstock, the Comedian "Reb" even, had
the blues, and that old familiar voice of
his was not once heard during the game.
Fogarty fell all over himself at third base,
and Hennessy on -one occasion came very
near making a successful attempt at throw
ing the ball from center field over the
grand stand.
Wash. Light Inf. R. H. PO.A.E.
Wisner, 3b 2 2 12 0
Kleinschmidt, if 110 0 0
Gilroy, c 3 3 8 0 1
Winkleraan, 2b 113 2 0
Wise, p 2 2 0 3 0
Heydler, cf 2 12 0 0
Stewart, lb 0 1 8 1 3
Shrevc, rf 110 10
Lee, ss 1 3 4 2 l
Totals t. .. 13 1526 11 5
City Post-office. R. II. PO.A.E.
Wood, If 2 10 0 0
Bishop, c 13 3 11
Chamberlin. lb 13 6 0 1
Ogle, ss. and c 12 4 2 2
Rebstock, p 0 0 0 11
Henncssey.cf . and 2b 0 0 10 1
Ambrose, rf. and ss 0 0 0 0 1
Fogarty, 3b 0 0 2 0 2
Holmes, 2b. and cf 0 15 11
Hamacher, ss. and rf 0 0 3 0 0
Totals -5 1-0 2-1-5 10
Fogarty out for running out of line.
Wash. Light Inf.. ..32331010 x 13
City Post-office 2 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 0 5
Two-base hit Wise. Three-base hits
Winkleman, Gilroy, and Wood. Stolen
bases Gilroy, Wise, Hennessy, Wisner 2,
Bishop, Chamberlin. Hit by pitched ball
Rebstock, Ambrose. Double play Lee to
Winkleman. Passed balls Bishop, 3; Gil
roy. Bases on balls By Wise, 2; by Reb
stock, 1. Struck out By Rebstock, 6;
by Wise, 5. Left on bases Washington
Light Infantry, 7; City Post-orfice, 7.
Time 2 hours. Umpire Mr. O'Neill.
People leaving tho oily for tbelr
summer vacation cannot otfordtoalso
h'avo THE TIMES. Is V7lllbo mailed
to any address mul iH continue to
bo the best lcal novrepaiier in Washington.
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If so, write your name and address
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NAME ;; ;.
You can help to save Washington a
half million dollars each year by writing
your name and address in the above
coupdnand sending it to THE TIMES,
to be f used in preparing a petition to
Congress asking for cheaper gas.
iSF u'y
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Situated on the main stem of the Penna. R. R., in Prince George's County, Md., within a few
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ful view of the surrounding county.
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VW w J ire will have r T..io -S aa -r ,i -i.l -cvrrra
3 Grand Balloon Ascensions
To the Lofty Clouds Above.
Tho grnnd jury in the Tnited States
court yesterday found Indictments against
Kobcrt Duncan, Walter Turner, and F. N.
Asbford for larceny on the United States
reservation, and against Henry Hall aud
Ncednam Miller for selling liquor in King
George county wltliout the proper license.
Tho case of Ira. Marian Douglas, charged
with stealing registered letters from the
malls in Orange county, "svas heard by
the court yesterday. She made no attempt
to di&provo the charges and was found
.guilty. Mrs. Douglas was in court with a
baby only a feiv months old, and Judge
Hughes, before -whom the case was tried,
fatateii that as he thought Mrs. Douglas
was not responsible for her acts when the
crlino was committed be would suspend
sentenco and take her personal bond to
nppuar at the January term of the court.
Supt. Chase, of the Hydraulic Press Brick
Company, at Waterloo, Alexandria coun
ty, met with a very painful accident yes
terday evening. He bad started from the
works in a light cart, to drive to his home
in this city, when the horse became rest
ive, and in turning. suddenly threw Mr.
railway tracks, cutting bis head badly,
Cbasc out and down a high bank to the
breaking one of his arms and otherwise
hurting him.
Rev. James J. Kcnfick, who for two
years has been assistant pastor of St.
Mary's Catholic Church in this city, has
been appointed by Bishop Van de Vyver
pastor of the Catholic church in Fred
ericksburg, relieving Rev. Father Wilson.
Major John G. Beckham and Dr. Wil
liam M. Smith will, it is understood, sail
from Southampton on the 13th inst.,
reaching this city about July 20.
The city committeo on light have ap
pointed Mr. William H. Hautzmon su
perintendent of the city's gas works and
Mr. W. B. Dobie has been continued in
office as superintendent of police uutil the
next meeting of the city council.
America Temple's Election.
Amercaiu Temple, No. 3, Ladies
of the Golden Eagle, have elected
the following officers for the ensuing
term: P. T., Mrs. Lizzie Thompson; N. T.,
Mrs. Ella Scott; V. T., Miss Alice Ward;
prophetess, Mr3. Mary Tavender; priestess
Mrs. Katie Uobey; M . of C, Mrs. Fanny
Donaldson; G. of R., Miss Florence Womers
ley; G. of E., Mrs. Ida Kerper; G. of T.,
Mrs. Katie Ober; G. of M., Mrs. Katie Frey;
G. of I . P., Miss Mattie McKInney; G. of
O. P., Mrs. Katie Kail; trustees, Mr.
John Thompson, Frank Kerper, and George
Zimmerman. The installation of officers
will take place on Friday nest.
Greenbrier TVlilto Sulphur Springs.
Seven hours from Washington, via Chesa
peake and Ohio Railway. Two limited
trains daily. A century-old pleasure
resort on the crest of the Alleghenies. New
mauagement, great improvements, former
prices. Apply C. nnd O. Ry. offices, 513
and 1421 Pennsylvania avenue.
Norfolk nnd Wnshlnaton Steamboat
Company Special Hates for 4th
of July.
Round trip tickets will bo sold on July
2d and 3d to Fortress Monroe and Norfolk,
limited to return on the 5th, and will be good
fortberouudtrip. JNO. CALLAHAN,
Gen. Man.
On which Days vye' will Give Away 75 Solid
Gold Tuxedo Souvenir Watches.
I T-v Small Payment Down; SI Weekly.
,hJ Ton Per Cent Off for Cash.
J.VLUUUO) , JUl O, WC VU1 glVC i UCCU 1U1 ScllU JUL P rv I', rtr
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depot, Sixth and B Sts. N."W. Circulars and tickets at our
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Co., 623 F St.
New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington.
LOCAL OFFICES: Met. Bans Building, 7th & F Sti, 7th St & Pa. Atc. Lons Dia:. Phon9, 503.
Sew York Stock Exchange Quotations.
Furnishod by Sllsby & Co., backers and
brokers. Metropolitan Bank, Fifteenth street,
opposite Treasury, Washington, D. C.
On Hlch Loir CIolnj.
Am. Cotton Oil Co 27W S3 27 2S
American ToDacco I0Si 112 1GS& 112i
Atchison. Topefca. & S F. 9 $1$ &1 01$
C. C. C. 4Gli 46U Ss 435
Canada Southern 55- 555 55?$ 53$a
ChesaceateJsOhio :? S2 "li J4
C.B. CQulncy &l?i &5Vi S4 SIX
CticacovJaa GSJ 631 62 62
Distlliors Jt Cattle Feed.. SO'a 20$fi iH S0J4
Frio im 10ia 10?s 10j
General Electric Co 36 37 $& 30?
Jersey Central 101 lOIJs 101 lOIJi
Loui8Tilles NashTille... 5S; 59 5751 53
Lake Shore. 150?2 1505 130i 150k
Lake Erie & Western 34j6 2tt 24 24&
Mnnhattan II3J4 113S1 U3H 1121-4
Michigan Central 103 103' 103 103'
MImou PacIQc. 31J6 32 31 31J
ewEncland 4S4 503 4S5-J SO
Northwestern 9S?s 934 974 97;ft
Northern Taclflc p'f'a.... IV U 176 178 17
National Cordage lt IV9 ltg lfcj
National Lead 35J-4 '33V4 344 34J-4
New York Central 101 101 101 101
Omaha 39& 405 39VJ 40
Ontario fc Western 1SV4 lSVi 17 17
Pacini: Mall 29 29-H 29J-I 29
Readlne lSy; 194 1SJ$ 1SH
Rock island 72?$ 7i 71 71
Southern Pacific. 143 14 14 14&
HLPaul 6S? 6S$ 67Ji 67H
EugarTrnst 109 111 10Sj 109$
Tennessee Coal & Iron. .. .19 40 39 39i
Texas Pacific 133$ i3t I3i 13ki
Western Union 9lf$ 92 91?$ 91?$
WaDasn prefeirod 19?f 20 19?$ 155$
Wheo. &L. 17?$ 17?$ 17 17$
Whee. & L. L o'fa. 54$ 54 54 54
S.it.Pr .". 41?i 42?i 41J.J 42
Chicago Board of Trade.
Oi"n. High. Lot. Clos.
September 71?$ 71J$ 70 71J$
December 735$ 74J$ 7ii 74
Corn: r
Soptomber 46U 46? 45?$ 481$
Decomber 3SJ$" 3S& 37 37J$
September 24$ 245$ 235$ 2
September 1130 12.40 12.20 12.32
Decomber .".
Soptomber 6.67 6.70 6.60 8.62
SrARE Ribs:
September 6.50 6.52 5.47 6.47
New York Cotton.
Month. Op'ng. High. Low. Close.
August tLSM 6.97 6.91 6.97
Soptembor. a97 6.99 6.97 6.99
October 7.01 7.06 7.01 7.06
Baltimore Markets.
Baltimore, July 2. Flour quiet, un
changedreceipts, 11,333 barrels; ship
ments, 210 barrels. Wheat steady at
the decline spot and month, 71a71 1-4;
August, 71 3-4a72; September, 73a73 1-8;
steamer No. 2 red, 68aG8 1-4 receipts,
43,438 bushels; stock, 342,399 bushels;
sales, 78,000 bushels; Southern
wheat by sample, 70a73; do. on
grade, 6Sa72. Corn weak and lower
spot, 49 7-8a50; month, 49 l-2a49 3-4;
August, 49 3-4a50; September, 50a50 1-4
receipts, 3,143 bushels; stock, 307,070
bushels; sales, 54,000 bushels; Southern
white corn, 51 l-2a52; do. yellow, 53a
54 1-2. Oats easy No. 2 white Western,
34a34 1-2; No. 2 mixed, 31a31 1-2 re
ceipts, 27,378 bushels; stock, 114,604
bushels. Rye dulKNp. 2, 58 receipts,
144 bushels; stock, 6,612 bushels. Hay
firm choice timothy, 16.50al7.00. Grain
freights steady, unchanged. Sugar firm,
changed. Butter and eggs steady, un
changed. Cheese firm, unchanged.
"Washington Grain Market.
(Reported by the GrainExchange.)
Spring patent flour,perbarrel,4.50a4.75.
Spring straight flour, per barrel, 4.00a4.50.
Winter patent flour, per barrel, 4.25a4.50.
Winter extra flour, per barrel, 3.25a3.50,
Clipped white oat.i, per bushel, 37a38.
No. 2 white oatsrper bushel, 35a36. No. 2
mixed oats, per bushel, 31a32. No. 2
yellow corn, per bushel, 5oa56. No. 2
white corn, per bushel. 56a57. No. 1 tim
nthv linv. Tifir ton. 1R ROn 17.00. No. 2
timothy hay, per ton, 14.00al5.00. No. j
1 mixed hay, per ton, .14.00al5.0O.
No. 2 mixed hay, per ton, 11.00al3.00
No. 1 cut hay, per ton. 16.50al7.00. Bulk
bran, per ton, 15,00al6.00. Bulk mid
6t- 6- a
To Loan.
This company has mosey to loan
uponDistrictreal estate anuaceeptable
collateral securities in terns to suit.
If you desire to improvo your pres-
ent property, or erect new buildings,
this company will advance the nece3-
sary amount.
Call for particulars.
JOHN JOY EDSON. . . .President
JOHN A. SWOPE Yice President
H. S. CUMMTNGS. ..SdTIcePresident
JOHN R. CARMODT . . .Treasurer
ANDREW PARKER . . .Secretary
Loan & Trust Co.
Cor. 9th and F Sts.
American Securitr & Trus: Co., 1403 G at.
This company has abundance of MONEY TO
LOAN on real estate and collateral securities,
such as stocks, bonds, eta, at tho prevailing:
rates of interest in sums to suit. It you hava
unincumbered and unimproved land and de
sire to build a home this company will -loan 70a
the MONEY.
American Security and
Trust Co., 1405 G St.
C. J. BELL, President
and others whose occupations prevent
them from making deposits durins
regular banking hours will find it con
venient to visit the
Union Savings Bank, 1222 FStJ.W.
which ia open EVERY" SATURDAY
NIGHT between thehoursof G and8.
(Four per cent, interest on savings
a 1 a liuaiii vy uia
Dealers In
Stocks, Bonds, Grain and Provisions.
1319 F Street N.W.
Constant Quotations. $ Commission
dlings, per ton, 16.50al7.00. Rye straw,
per ton, 13.00al4.00. Wheat straw,
pcrton,5.50a6.00. The above quotations
for carlots delivered on track, Washington.
Wholesale Perjury, Said tlio Jndjje.
"There is wholesale perjury here," said
Judge Miller when the case of Leona
Thomas, colored, charged with having:
stolen a $90 gold watch from her former
employer, Mrs. Louisa Ward, some time
ago, was before him. There were several
witnesses in the case, and they contra
dicted each other on general principles,
causing his honor to exclaim in disgust
that somebody was violating the oath.
"I will turn this case over to the grand
Jury," ho said, "and see what they can
make of It," and Leona went down.
Alleged Chicken Stealer Arrested.
When Policemen Bruce and Purkes went
off duty last night they took to No. 4 sta
tion William Jackson, colored, of South
Washington, and one dozen fat chickens,
which William had in a basket and for
which he could not offer a satisfactory
Charged "With Stealing: a Horse.
William Wilkins, alias Wilson, colored,
was committed to jail in default of $500
bonds, on the charge of stealing a horse
from William Wells.

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