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Number 2591
The Stafford House Entertainment
Causing 31ucli Talk
This Coupled AVIth the Recent Sale
of the Ilojul VIiitxiKCs rrinolits
Comment In the New spjiper
uioroiiH VIch of the Sltuntlon
Special Cablegrara CtsrJsliteu
LONDON June 29 Tile poor old British
aristocracy is really an object of sincere
commiseration in these degenerate and
shameless days Pride of race and an
cient lineage has assuredly fallen upon
evil times when the common herd can
hobnob with duchesses at two guineas a
handshake and vulgar millionaires may
buy the Kings sherry Inbottles bearing
royal labels at 100 a dozen To be sure
the ducal hand wears the glove of charity
and the Kings parting with the super
fluous vintages was not prompted by any
low commercial Instinct Still these con
temporary episodes have been a rude
shock to such Britishers as William Wal
dorf Astor who sends a curt refusal to
anyone so bold as to ask permission to
set tlftir profane fettfor an hour upon
his broad acres at Cliveden
The remarkable gathering at the Duch
ess of Sutherlands reception at Stafford
House for the benefit of the Lifeboat In
stitution anu the sale of the Kings wine
have indeed been the chief topics of con
versation of all classes for the last week
The comment has been Infinite in quan
tity and character It has even descended
to Verse some of which Is so perilously
-tainted with lese majeste as would as
suredly send the publishers to forced re
UremcncSlf It were written within Ger
man Jurisdiction
Apropos of Mr Carnegies recent gift to
the Scotch universities it Is suggested
that the next matriculation examination
at the Scotch universities shall include the
Geography Draw a map of the United
States marking London Glasgow and
Rule of Three If a man does a piece of
work in four days how much quicker will
an American do it at half the salary
Political Economy Yankee millionaires
over here state that they feel as if they
were in their own country The German
Emperor when last visiting England de
clared that he felt perfectly at home Ac
count for this
History Write a note on the invasion
of Great Britain rebellion and the
subsequent subjugation of Angles Give
dates of accessions ofYerkes I Sloanc
Morgan the Contactor and other con
querors also of the beatification of St
Carnegie Say what you know of any of
Trade Problem You -are an English
manufacturer An extensive order is re
ceived for locomotives forthe Trans-African
Railway Which would yjju do de
mand the entire alteration of the rail
way to fit the six locomotives you have In
stock or recommend an American rival
Travel You are an American million
aire traveling for recreation wtich would
you take back with you as souvenirs
London or Paris State your reason for
preferring one of these trinkets
Torpedo Bnnt Detroj er to Conihnt
Submarine Vesf el
LONDON June 2 The torpedo boat de
stroyer Vernon has been experimenting
for a few days at Portsmouth with secret
Admiralty devices for destroying sub
marine boats Engineering gives gen
5U particulars of the trial The sub
marine boats according to pref ent
all spar torpedoes
the boom Is slung out well fdfward and
lmmeraed at the proper moment The im
mersion carries the boom downward
and aft and it Is exphvded directly the
submarine boat Is passed
The speed of the destroyer carries hr
past the centr of explosion before its full
effects reach her though In any case the
destroyers are too light to be seriously
affected With the submarine beat It Is
different as It experiences the full force
af thecopcusslon Wlthjn sixty or one hun
dred feet ffr more of the centre of explo
sion according to the cliarge employed
the tides of the boat should be
compressed sufficiently to cause fatal
Jeaks while even at a greater distance
her htablllty should be destroyed
The experiment at Portsmouth was not
enough to indicate exactly the Hett posi
tion for tfie boom and thefirst boats fitted
cut with the new devjee will probably
Tary somewhat some having It on the
quarter or aft The ndditional weight of
the boom will be slight and in the case
of the destroyer which has been experi
mentally fitted the weight has been more
than compensated by fitting her with
aluminum instead of the usual torpedo J
This particular device Is merely one of
several equally simple guards against sub
marine torpedo boats
He Capture the InrJx Itirlln Motor
Cur Itnce
BERLIN June 9 A large and foshlon
nble csovd was assembled at the race
course today to witness the finish in the
Paris Iierlin automobile road race
M Fournler operating a Mors machine
was the first contestant to arrive His
time for the third and linal stage of the
race from Hanover to Berlin was 11
hours minutes and 10 seconds
Jf Giradot on a Pinhard machine fin
ished sceond In 12 hotlrs 15 minutes and
-JO seconds Sir Braisier the mnlre of
whose machine Is not stated was third
in 12 hotrrs 33 minutes and 3 seconds
and M Knyfi on a Panhard finished
fourth In 12 hours 31 minutes and 25 Sec
The crowd cheered each arrival There
were cries of Vive la Prance and the
band played the Marseillaise for each
newcomer M Founders wife was here
to greet him - t
The average speed fromPaiis to Ber
lin for the whole race was betweerksixty
and sevontjvflve kilometres -an hour -The
results of the race of the tourist
contingent finished previously were as
Dcbaclcr Renault machine S 29 0
Baron Klojilidn Serpollct machine S 31 2
Louis Jlors JIon muchine S 31 43
Competitors continued to arrive at fchort
intervals throughout lie day
The touritt section began arriving at
the West End race course at 829 and
were srreeted with phwrs Onp
blllst had been compelled to drive his
machine stern foremost for the last
seventeen -miles the motor refusing to
net otherwise It Is estimated that the
all around speed or the tourists since they
left Paris was from forty to forty live
miles on hour
Founder left Hanover at 510 oclock
and reached Magdeburg at SI2
The first fifteen cars to arrive
driven by benzine The first German car
to arrive the fifteenth was greeted with
the German national anthem
In the afternoon all the cars as they ar
rived wfnt in procession through the
West End to Berlin Many were bedecked
with llowers and the houses along the
streets were decorated
The automobile club gave a grand din
ner at the Kalserhof this evening The
formal proclamation of the winner will be
announced on Monday
PARIS June 20 Fournlers net time In
the Paris Berlin race beats the fastest
time made by the Paris Berlin express
trains by two hours
Brror an EiiIImIi Go eminent
Telejrrnplicr Lend to an Action
LONDON June 29 Preliminary steps
have brch taken in a libel suit which Is
remarkable even in this land of strange
libel suits Ten days ago Septimus Par
sonage and a co director were jailed for
contempt of court in having fraudulently
obtained COTXtJ proxies in order to secure
the voluntary Instead of the compulsory
winding- up of their company
In sending the news over the country
the Government telegraph department
telegraphed pounds instead of prox
ies and Septimus Parsonage was placed
in jail The injured persons who base
their suits on the accusation that they
had btolen 00000 Immediately demanded
substantial damages from forty news
papers with the option of standing libel
The newspaper turned to the Govern
ment telegraph department which while
deploring the blunder pointed out the
special net of Parliament under which the
department was exempt from all liability
The newspapers appealed to Septimus
Parsonage but he was obdurate and de
manded damages or he would go to
The strangest part of the case now
comes Septimus Parsonage has also com
menced against the persons who sent
tne news teicgramr He argued that al
though the message was accurate yet
iney empioycu me uovernment to
tions before attacking a ship must come tit it thu majdrig the Governme nt their
to the surface and take bearings or else jfTmit Ami Ant ff in Iavm a f I n
betray Its preeence with an optic tube
or a perescope With the new invention
the sighting of s submarine boat entails
on her almost certain destruction The
sighting i now practically certain It
I hot to the public bcpejlt however that
the means emppyed shouldbe stated for
the principle has Other and varied usee
But in general terms it may be stated
that It is proposed that each destroyer
shall be fitted with A crutch iiion which a
boom forty two rtet long works This
boom -normally stows inboard and
Air far end a charge of explo
sive ft carrfeaT which can be exploded like
i SVUl UUU VJV V at fcf3k UAJU1I12 I1 ld
a flint nritlftTWt o t n
of their aBent5
The Journalistic world is keenly inter
ested in the case and the newspapers
will combine to lght it but the vagaries
ofBfltish juries especially in newspaper
libel suits make the outcome dubious
VVinK of the IItiernl Party Plan
Gastronomic niitcrtnlmiiciitx 1
LONDON June W Dinners as political
weapons threaten to attain greater dead
liness than -modern battleships In the
campaigu whioh is now disrupting the
On going into actions liberal Tiartyv the terrjblu threat of the
JfuloiiKy nml a Dlsiiutc Lend to n
aa altercation over a pheasant and
Jealousy over the attention paid his wife
JIiry Labar of Gravl Place tried to kill
Benjamin J All- lute on Friday evening
Alle Hhot first and Labar was instantly
The tiheoting occurred at the farm of
Roland Mllli r a few miles from town Alle
lKiardfd with the Labarb and neighbors
bay that Labar had IrMiuintly told them
that Alle had b en too intimate with his
wife and he wis going tj hill him
After killing lalir Alle glanced calmly
t th dead man walked lack to the illl
Jtr house and iut on his best clothes He
then went to the railroad but returned
to the house after his watch He was
arretted thiM morning near the railroad
depot at Portland and brought to tho
county Jail this afternoon
Alle admits the shootlngrbht says it
wair in srlf defence
Get Ahead of the Crowd
time to complete all your anirtge
tccots for Jour Bjmmcr outjn After the Fourtfr
of Jul all retort ill 1 trownitil to tin ut
iro capacity The tons on tfce Southern lsil
KWiowers or iiernert Asyuitn mat tney
will give him a dinner in order to make
It clear that they differ from the Morley
divIsTon hns been met by the equnlly
drcaiiful menace of a gastronomic com
pliment to the Jatter champion
It is doubtful if this awful -climax can
be aoldcd although Sir Henry Caxnpbell
Bannermann is piling soft snow drifts of
cumbering language upon each faction
The bltuatlon after all amounts merely
to this thai while there are plenty of
Liberals in Great Britain the Liberal
party no longer exists
IJIJIlcuM Experienced by llvnNon of
the Small Coal MiiiIy
voe publishes an Interview with
Vice Admiral Makflroff in regard to the
northern expedition of the Ice crusher
Erroak The admiral declared that he ex
perienced extreme cilnculty as the Er
mak had a coal capacity of only 3JOO tons
On account of her shallow draft she
could not carry any more fuel
The admiral Intends to make a map of
the hitherto -unexplored portion of Nova
ZtmblaT He Is drafting a report on the
soil fauna and flora He will crost the
Kara Sea and make Port Pickscn where
he hopes to find traces of Baron Tolleys
expedition Thence he will seek to weath
er the northern limit of Franz Josef
Land visiting somo of the Islands which
he expects to find between it and Spits
He oxptcttf to return in September but
in cas of delays the Ermak has a years
provisions Admiral Makaroff left St Pe
tersburg last Monday to join the Ermak
at Troniboe
VVnrm AVordH for Secretary and -the
Lute Artclhcrt Hay
PARIS Jim 3 Thu Temps publish
es a bympnthetlc article on the sudden
deuth of Adelbert Hay It outIls his
career and also that of his father The
paper praise Secretary Hays moderate
policy In somewhat restraining Jlngolbm
The Temps declares that Mr Hays
Chinese policy whs pacific tonclllatory
humane practical and skillful - It re
joices nt tho statement that tin reports
that he la about to resign nrf untrue and
that he will continue to handle the af
fairs of the American Foreign OHIce
A Hare Opportunity
way between Wasliltijrura and Jllormont To viit California Round trip 6325 Berth
In tr reaeb J IVMhlritoit and HJ make ad- j i Thronslt deeper without dungc tia Southern
tmrable nuratner borao Lxiurittn tictcts aie j Itilway Personally conducted A J laston
jiovr en sale Central Afcnt 511 Pa me mr
The Cuban General Still Silent as
to His Mission
Xo Conference So Far AVIth T Es
triiiln Pulinn The Party Snt Met
at the Train 1j Any IJlRiittnrlOH
IKmiIhJh From honor Gonxulex
NEW YORK Juno 29 Gen Maximo
Gomez accompanied by his son Urban
and Alexander Gonzales who Is private
secretary to Governor General Wood ar
rived in the Jersey City station of the
Pennsylvania Railroad at305 oclock this
afternoon having been a passenger on the
Atlantic Coast Line express which was
more than two hours late
It General Gomez expected n delegation
of Cubans to meet him which probably
he did not he was disappointed There
was not a Cuban or a dignitary of any
sort in sight Had it not been for the
Interest taken in him by the newspapers
his arrival would have been as unosten
tatious as that of any private citizen Re
porters and photographers te the number
of a score or more swarmed down to meet
the swarthy faced trio as soon as they
stepped from the train It was evident
from the start that the presence of a
large representation from newspaperdom
was not a surprise to him or his son and
Mr Gonzales and that all three of them
were prepared for tho ordeal
General Gomez does not speak a word
of English but there were reporters in
the party who spoke Spanish and they
were swept down on hivti in a bunch literally
surrounding him as lie walked briskly
down the platform He seemed not in
the least disturbed by the attentions of
i2 interviewers For them he had lut
one reply and that was that he did not
know and had nothing to say
He did not know even to what hotel he
would go although just before the ferry
boat reached -Twenty-third Street Mr
Gonzales said that General Gomez had
now decided to go to the Hoffman House
He had made no engagement with T Es
trada Palma to meet him here at -least
on the day of his arrival
3Ir Palma lives at Central Valley N
Y about an hours ride from the city
and it was supposed at first that Air
Palma would meet the general here on
his arrival and take him at Once to his
country home This however proved to
be not the case
Mr Gonzales was entirely negative in
his statements as to the Objects of Gen
eral Gomezs visit to this country
He came here purely on a personal
mission said Mr Gonzales He did
not come to have a conference of any
y kind with President Of course
he will visit the President in Washington
but It will be merely to pay his respects
General Gomezs trip here has nothing
to do with the Cuban bonds I do not
know when or where he will meet Mr
Palma or whether he will meet him at all
I must decline to say whether General
Gomez is a candidate for the Presidency
I do not know howl long he will stay
in New York I do not know how long he
will stay in the Country I do not know
when he will go to Washington and
therefore that is all I can say
The fact of General Gomez coming here
accompanied by the secretary of General
Wood has been taken by some as indicat
ing strongly that he is on some sort of
an official mission In which the Governor
General df and hence the Admin
istration at Washington Js Interested
However that may be one thing is cer
tain and tht is that General Gomez
is not talking about why he is here
Ennllj Captures the lOO Yard Race
- at Stamford Ilrldge
LONDON June 23 At the meeting of
tho London Athletic Club at Stamford
Erldgt today Duffy won the first heat in
the 105 yaTd drffSh by tio yards Time
0lTi S Court won the second heat and
Jupp the third The time of both was
10 1 5 Seconds also Watson won tho
fourth Corarie the fifth ami Txemeer the
sixth heat
Kmenzleln did not tart in the lW yard
race as he wshed to confine his special
effort to He strained his
Lleg the other day when jumping with
Baxter but did not think this would af
fect his hurdling He thought the head
wind prevailing too strong to allow sen
sational times to be made- It was bril
liant weather except for the wind -
In the hurdles Kraenzlein who was
leading fell at the tenth hurdle but re
covered splendidly Ho would probably
have won but fell again at the next
hurdle and lay unhurt
Duffy won the 100 yards final in 10 sec
onds Hat He -was two yards ahead ol
Jupp the fcccond man Tremeer finished
third In the third htat of the hurdle
race Baxter fell in the run home
In the long jump Kraenzlein made 23
feet 3 inches Cornelius 21 feet Inch
and Baxter 20 feet 11 inches
In the weight throwing contest Coea
threw wa 45 fevt 1 Inch and Hendersons
35 feet 3 inches
Kraenzlein was a sorry figure when ke
started In the hlgl hurdles 120 yards His
left thigh was Uindaged and he had a
bloody bruise on life left knee There was
a high wind whit h was very obstructive
to good time There were four startcra
Kraenzlein won by ten yard in a grcnd
performance His time was 015 2 5 one
fifth of a second better than the British
record His performance was greeted
with great cheering in which the Uni
versity of Pennsylvania college yell was
particularly noticeable
Baxter won tht high jump clearing C
feet 2 InelKR Last Mica cleared 5 feet 1Q
Inches Baxter afttrnird tried at C feet
5 inches but he was too fatigued and
did not persevprr in the attempt
The handicaps were in the lOJ yard han
dicap A F Duff of Georgetown
scratch A C Kraenzlein the University
of Pennsylvania crack receiving one
yard Tln longest start allowed to any
competitor is 11V4 irds Kraenzlein was
at scratch in the ISO yard hurdle handi
cap Paget Tomlinson receiving five yards
and I K Baxter the New York Ath
letic Club and University of Pennsylva
nia athlete who holds the high jump
championships of America and England
receiving blx yards In the -high jump
Baxter was nt scratch while Kraenzlein
received two- Inches
Special IrlvIlK Areonlcil to Hint
by IvIiik IldMnrd
LONDON June 9 Dald B Hender
son of the United States House of Rep
resentatives accompanied by some rriends
and under the guiriiince or Henry White
the Secretary of the Amirlcnn Embassy
visited Windsor Castte today King Ed
ward grants them special privileges
The party visited St GeorgVs and the
AlbertyMemorial Afterward they
visited the royal library where they were
shown the priceless irt treasures
Later on they visited the grave ot Wil
liam Pehn
- i
Epirorth LcnRiir Sim
Tickets M525 on reiriilar July t to 12
via Chesapeake and Ohio Itafluat official route
Washington district Fpctul train Julj S with
standard and euriion Pullmans through with
out change Ititurn limit August 31
- M Ht f j
The jtoetthollr r the Xctherlnud
KutlMity Meet
AMSTERDAM Juno shareholders-
of the Netherlands Railway Com
pany met today the president Mr Oyens
presiding The report of the directors was
reach and a discussion followed In which
a complete answer was made to the alle
gations of the British Transvaal Com
mission as to the standing of the road
and the desirability oftnot granting any
further concision f
Thereupon -the representatives of the
French shareholders adopted a resolution
wherein it was stated that tho number of
shares held by the French on April 19
1901 waa4500 The resolution nlso ex
presseiTplcasure at hearing that the railway-
agents- had acted correctly during
the war between Great Britain and the
South African Republics though If they
had acted incorrectly tha French share
holders not having beenvreprescnted In
the council would still have not been re
sponsible for any fault committed by the
The company having been until today
exclusively managed by representatives of
the German and Dutch shareholders the
French shareholders feel compelled to
make all necessary reserves for the pro
tection of their interests
During the debate the dfrectors inform-
eu mo meeting tant tne Portuguese nau
violated the neutrality laws by confis
cating and delivering to the English 1000
cars and locomotives which were in the
depot yards at Loiirenco Marquez and
were the property- of tho Netherlands
Compriny This announcement caused
great Indignation
General Kitchener TcIIh of
IliirglierMiliiite Activity
LONDON June 29 General Kitchener
reports an attack oh the Delagoa Railway
line at Bragsprult on the night of June
20 The Boers Had four killed He also
states that tho Boers- attacked Richmond
Cape Colony on June 25 but were driven
off on the arrival of a relieving column
The Boers had five killed
General Kitchener also reports that a
Held cornet and forty four men have sur
rendered at Pictersburg
Hongkong Resident to 1etltlon for
a Sn ii I tary CominiMKlon
HONGKONG June 29 The peiple In
this community arcpreparlng a petition
to Secretary Chamberlain asking him to
appoint a sanitary commission with an
expei t at its head S enquire into the
healtb of this colony Since the year 19I
there have been 3000 cases of bubonic
The medical and sanitary staffs have
been disgracefully undermanned and
there is only one doctorXor all the plague
hospitalN All trades dndindustnes are
suffering severely
The Government Is parsimonious and
apathetic although it la expected the rev
enues for 1901 will show a surplus of
1000000 over expenses1
General JlaoArthurnpeecU at n
hundred officers of the American Volun
teer ard Regular Army In the Philip
pints Including Generals MacArthur
Sumner Smith nndFuostotx and Colo
nels Ballance CrWder and Greely and
the members of thcrPhIUppineCaintnf8 i
slon held a reunionnntruet last night
There were numerous4 clever speeches
The speakers toid reminiscences of their
experiences and manyj pledges of friend
ship were interchanged -
Governor General MacArthur made a
speech in jvlilcVi he said
The JiillppIno Arphipelago Is a step
ping stone to our commanding influence
and political commercial and social su
periority in the Orient To doubt Amer
ican supremacy hero is to doubt the sta
bility of republican Institutions
-He added that the Ellplnns are a chosen
people and that they win soon become
aware of the Important part they are to
play in the affalraof the world
A CoimiuIxmIqii Io InvCNilKutc Mnttern
in the Philippines
ROME June 2 The Pppe has appoint
ed a commission of Cardinals to
and report on the religious question
In the Philippines
One Life Lont in a CqlllMlou AVIth a
Perry Ilotl
NORFOLK a June 29 The Norfolk
and Portsmouth ferryboat Elizabeth
when about to enter the Norfolk slip at
nightfall tonight rammed the sloop Mar
tha Jane aboard which were some twen
ty colored mfch women and children re
turning to the truck farms at Craney Isl
and where triey prork -
A wild panic prevalledaboard the sloop
when it wasyident that the Elizabeth
wold strike her Seen persons from the
stoop jumped nboard the Elizabeth and
were saved George Chajiman colored
fell between the bpats and was drowned
Those who stuck to th6 sloop were also
The sailing versel was not greatly dam
aged Chapman s wife itnd children live
in Washington D C
ComiiM iiecuieiit Exercise nt This
AVcILKiio mi IiiKtltution
RELIANCE VaJune 29 The eight
eenth annual commencement of tho Shen
andoah Normal CflHegehns closed The
week has been an enjoyable one many
old studOnts and frieiias of the Institu
tion being present This enrollment during-the
year reached a total of eighty
eight and was more qnlformly maintain
ed throughout the ij trip than ever before
The addres s to the Alumni Association
was delivered by Hon - H Copeland
Prosecuting Attorney for lonroe county
W Va and a member of the class of
The annual banquet was the most aus
picious In the history of the association
seventy one covert being laid There were
present representatives of the graduating
classes of eleen different years Greut
enthusiasm was shown In the splendid
success of the yeur niist J emphatic
assurances were given rthat no effort
would be bpartd to maintain the Institu
tion to its full capacity during the ensu
ing year
IMniiN to Combine AVIrcliKB Tole
Kruph niul Telephone Coiniiuiilo a
PH1IADELPUIA June 29 The Inter
national Wirelsa Telegraph and Tile
phone Company chartered In Arizona Is
protected by persons who are In the
American Wireltss Telephone and Tele
graph Company of ths city It is said
that it ib intended in absorb the Americjn
and other incorporators
The -incorporators Dr G P Gehrtng
Dr- 11 Leamitnr William J Mosi Hvnry
S Bass and Harris Shoemaker all of this
city are officers of the American At the
American oflVe It wns sald that the com
pany is ImlUTng a station at Atlantic City
and would- have other shortly at Cape
May Sea Isle City and Ocean City N J
ijU to ttaltlnuire and Keliirn via
It Ar O Saturday and Sunday
June 20 and SO good or return until folloulnfl
Monda Tickets good on all trains except Itojal
The Alabama Convention Suffrage
Committee Reports
Exemptions Provided Until 1001
Educational Tcntx to It Applied
After That Date
Illiterate Eligible to Vote
MONTGOMERY Ala June 29 The or
dinance repord by the Suffrage Commit
tee In the Constitutional Convention today
disqualifies ill who have not paid In full
by January preceding the election a
poll of L50 It exempts all over forty
five years old and until January 1 1W3
all who fougit in any war of the country
and nil who are lawfully descended from
an ancestor who fought in any war ex
cept tho Spanish war
It absolutely disqualifies persons con
victed of any felony and of a number of
such misdemeanors as wife beating va
grancy and especially those convicted of
any misconduct in elections After Jan
uary 1 1903 all must be able to read and
write and also show that they have been
regularly engaged for a year in some law
ful business but Illiterate owners of forty
acres of land or 300 worth of taxable
property may vote
Boards of registration are provided but
their existence terminates on January 1
1508 After that the Legislature is to make
new provision for registration The
boards have power to admit persons of
good character and understanding other
wise disqualified except for crime
The intent is to make a permanent list
of voters by 1903 with as many whites and
as few negroes as possible After that
both races are put under the same quali
The minority report Is signed by four
members including ex Governor Oates
and objects to the grandfather clause ex
empting for a year anda half the de
scendants of soldiers This they denounce
on Its face as a violation of the Federal
amendments as unrepubllcan and un
American as putting the whites on a low
er standard than the blacks as undigni
fied and opening the door to fraud The
report concludes that we had better
stand by the present constitution
MIxh Laura Harney of Ogrontx Pa
Receives nn fnferitnl Machine
PHILADELPHIA Jurt 29 Several ef
forts that have been made to blackmail
Charles D Barney out Jf 10000 by threats
to kill members of his family culminated
Monday in an attempt to injure Miss Lau
ra Barney his youngest daughter On
that morning Charles Storm Mr Barneys
coachman went as usual for the mail to
Ogontr postoifflce He received several
letter and a package the latter being
addressed to Miss Barney
The box had been broken amLfrom it
dropped several fine blade grains Storm
-showed them to the postmaster who said
they were gunpowder He then took the
package to the house but before giving
nlla Bamiuet it to Miss Barney warned her to be care-
MANILA June 30 fimr a m OneTru Sh6 cut away theTJapcr and -found
box and when
within a two pound candy
she removed the Hd of this1 discovered
that the box was nearly full of powder
Fastened to the lid was a pin which
held lh place a diminutive hammer at
tached to a spring andbeneath it an ex
plosives cap so placed that the spark from
It would have Ignited the powder There
was sufficient powder to kill a person
standing near had it exploded
When Mr Barney returned home he
received the package and that night re
ported the caseto the police here He
also gave to the police several threaten
ing letters The first of these he received
on February 19 It demanded that 10000
100 In 10 bills and the remainder in one
hundreds be given to an agent of the
writer No attention was paid to the lct
terSOn Marcn a a second letter was sent
demanding that the money be mailed to
Stanley Wood Ogontz and threatened
that If It was not delivered the writer
would kill Mrs Barney or her daughter
and then kill himself
Two detectives were employed but they
learncd nothing Two weeks later a third
letter was received by Mr Barney This
demanded that money be placed near
Chelton Hills station at the foot of the
walk to John Wunamakers country place
A bundle was placed in the designated
spot and detectives hired to watch it but
with no success No more was thought
of the letter until the box was received
by Miss Laura The letters were printed
but the addresses were written in a fem
inine hand which was disguised by writ
ing backhand
Mr Barnev Is a prominent stock broker
his home is situated near those of many
other millionaires among them John Wan
amakcr AViliiam L Elkins P ATJ Wld
ener and John B Stetson It is said that
letters making similar threats have beeii
sent to otner men in tne neignoornooa
The CltyH IMiiniicInl Committee Fac
liifr a SerloiiM Predicament
CHICAGO June 29 Probably 1000003
worth of special assessment bonds will be
defaulted on December 31 when they
fall due according to estimates made by
members of the Finance Committee of
the council The total amount falling due
Is 1000000 and the committee doubts if
any of tlje bonds will be paid at maturity
The principal cause for default is said by
tho committee to be the inefficient and
negligent work of the special assessment
Kindergarten lawyers have been placed
in charge said a member of the Finance
Committee and they have failed
to do thelr vork properly The cor
poration counsel Mr Walker has not ap
preciated the gravity of the situation and
we are facing a crisis in the citys finan
cial affairs
The issuing of bonds against special as
sessment warrants began in 1S93 Until
last year the bonds were paid out of any
moneys that happened to be standing to
the credit of the special assessment fund
Comptroller Kerfoot awoke one morning
to tind that the outstanding bonds vouch
ers and rebate claims amounted to some
where bttween 700000 nnd 1000000 more
than this fund He immediate ly stopped
the haphazard payment of debts anil In
structed the corporation counsel to col
lect the amounts due on certain special
assessment warrants But it was found
to be too lute to repair the dumage done
A Elephant DIcn
lleliifr lviioeked Over
EAU CLAIRE Wis Juno 29 Light
ning struck the animal tent of a circus
here yesterday killing one elephant nnd
injuring two others Five elephants a
cd over Ella the trick elephant got up
first and then fell dead
Parker the trainer sas hc died from
fright The other elephants were greatly
iSJIU W IV lu tut UCAU
one ny slapping her with their trunks
and one poked nay Into her mouth
Oueim JiHiiiiiHliIp MoemeutH
JUW YOKK June 29 Arrived- Fuersf
Blrmarck Hamburg Etrurla Liverpool
Pretoria Hamburg Arrived out Steam
ers Imbriii from New York at Queens-
town Southwark from New York at Ant
werp Gorglc from New York nt Liverpool-
Grosser Kurfuerst from New York
at Cherbourg
Rending Shop ZHen Looking for Con
ccnftlonii In n Few Day
READING Pa June 29 The showing
today of the Reading Rnilroar shop men
now on strike here gave a denlaV to the
opinions In some quarters that the strike
would be lost All demanded their pay
today without the return of their relief
books to the company and the men gain
ed their point
They claim that the shops here will not
bo opened unless thelc demands are arbi
trated because all skilled workmen are
very busy at other points and labor Is too
scarce to be had Tho shop hands look
forward to an early adjustment because
there is a well settled opinion tonight that
the strike of the 2WO employes of the
Reading Iron Company will be shortly
settled by concessions on both sides
The wage advance has already been for
mulated by the company and only one
the men back in a body Mr Baer wants
to start for Europe early In July and it
Is thought concessions on both sides will
put all the men back to work
So Trouble on the New Orleans
Street Railway Likely
NEW ORLEANS June 29 The threat
ened street car strike has passed the
men and the street car companies com
ing to an agreement today largely
through the Instrumentality of Mayor
Capdevielle who arbitrated between them
The men demanded certain changes In
the rules which they regarded as oner
ous ten Instead of twelve hours as a
days work an abolition of swing men
and 20 cents an hour instead of 13U cents
The companies offered to concede the de
mand for changed rules and to advance
the wages of the ment to from 15 to 164
cents an hour
These terms were rejected and after
several conferences between the mayor
anu tne street car officials the latter ad
vanced their offer to 18 cents an hour and
ten hours to make a days work The
men at once accepted the offer and the
threat of a strTke Is over The men se
cured an Increase In their pay of thirty
per cent
AVIfhilrniTti of Money for Machln
int Cannes n CoIIapne
RICHMOND Va June 29 As a result
of the machinists strike the Prudential
Banking and Trust Company was today
placed In the hands of receivers
tlon was taken upon petition of Mrs Sa
die Fuller of South Carolina and Miss
Llllle Logan
For some- weeks money has been drawn
out by the machinists In large sums and
it wasr feared the concern would not be
able to meet Its half yearly payments on
July L
The company was started about ten
years ago -as the Newport News Building
antl Loan Association -and not -very long
ago was changed to a- trust company The
specific ground upon whIchrecelverswere
asked Is that the change waa made -without
the consent or the plaintiffs Theo
dore A Weller is head of the concern
specmeu amounts ot property
This would clear the political horizon so
far as the gubernatorial campaign is con
cerned The Republicans who are groom
ing a candidate to run against Montague
and have been congratulating themselves
that the constitutional convention would
furnish them with campaign material
would thusbe deprived of a large part
of the vote on which they have calcu
Xenrly 3 50
Persons 111 In AVeitern
New Aorlc
BUFFALO June 29 Nearly every phy
sician In Genesee County was busjvat 3
oclock this morning attending to about
150 patients oil of whom were suffering
from ptomaine poisoning caused by eat
ing ice cream
Lttst night Miss Grace Farnsworth a
prominent young woman of Oakland gave
a piano recital in tho opera housein that
place and nearly 200 persons attended
many of them from Batnvia After the
entertainment refreshments were served
including Ice cream and those who re
malnedpartook of them The Ice cream
contained ptomaine poison and the
poison began to work about 3 oclock this
morning At that tlm many of the
tlms were on the verge of death and phy
sicians were summoned from Batavla and
all parts of the country to go to Oakfield
and save their lives The worst cases
reported were those of Mrs Alexander
Mercer of Dunham Corners and her two
young daughters and Mrs Adell Wllber
and her daughter Grace and Miss Lulu
Harris All will recover
Crotvdx Gnther to ve the Pennsyl
vania Hulldlnjr IJedlentcd
BUFFALO June 29 While Philadelphl
ans were in mass meeting Thursday night
exciting themselves over municipal poli
tics Mayor Ashbrielge was enjoying him
self on the Midway He came to see the
exposition with the Pen and Pencil Club
of Philadelphia and was not among those
who admired the John Wanamaker exhi
bit in the Manufactures Building The
Philadelphia people are here for the dedi
cation of the Pennsylvania Building to
The Ohio commission received some as
surance from Washington yesterday that
President McKlnley may be able to at
tend on Ohio day which Is July IS Colo
nel Dick will be here with the Presidents
Own the Eighth Ohio A distinguished
representation of the Buckeye State will
be nere including oi naiors nanna anu
dozen ponies and two men were knock- Foraker Governor Nash and ex-Govern-
ors Foster Hoadley Campbell and Bush-
nell The exposition wouiu prercr that
If he can make onI one visit the Presi
dent will come onrn day to be known as
Presidents day
John G Carlisle Is the guest of ex-Postmaster
General Wilson S Blsselh Mayor
Fleischmann of Cincinnati Is nere at the
head of the shirt waist delegation from
the Cincinnati Fall Festival Alderman
Honore Palmer and Potter Palmer jr
are also seeing the show
14 Chrlxiluu Endeavor Cincinnati
Titlcts on iale via Chesapeake and Ohio Rail
ray Jul 4 5 and C llcturn limit July It
with extension to August SI by deposit and pay
ment ot WKnt fee
Price Three Ots
A Crowded Excursion Sfcamer
Sinks Off Xew Kochclle X Y
All ThooRht to Have Been Rescued
Londed AVItU MncUnndr d Per
Honx the Maliank Hit a Hock And
Goes Doirn A Panic on Hoard
steamer Mohawk owned by John It
Starln and used by him In carrying ex
cursionists to Glen Island struck a roclc
at 5 oclock this afternoon Just off New
RoeHc 305 passengers on board
and sank la less than twenty minutes
She lies In about forty feet of water be
tween Fort Slocum and Davenports Neck
ClniV hpr ltnrvT At ir txmflttret 1
thing remains to be done the ordering of j propellers are now above the water It is
Decisive Action Before the Guberna
torial Convention Desired
RICHMOND Va June 29 A move
ment will be made in the constitutional
convention on Monday to eliminate the
negro as a factor before the guberna
torial convention As soon as the con
vention reassembles Carter Glass will of
fer a resolution that the new amendment
to the constitution be submitted for
adoption or rejection to such persons as
shall vote under it If this is adopted a
suffrage clause which has already been
prepared will bo Immediately submitted
to tlfe convention for immediate adoption
and promulgation
Tho hope is that the suffrage question
will be by this means finally disposed of
without further delay The new suffrage
clause is understood to include a tax
able property qualification of not less
than 400 modified by something like the
famous grandfather clause the general
effect being to allow all white mtn to
- vote and such negroes as pay taxes on
believed that all of the passengers
there are a few or them
who are yet unaccounted for
The excursionists owe their lives to the
coolness of the captain and crew of the
sunken vessel and to the action of the
men passengers who bravely helped the
women and children to get Into life pre
servers and boats before making their
escape The passengers were the em
ployes of the John W Green hat fac
tories of Danbury Conn About one halt
of them were women and children
The excursion left South Norwalk
Conn this morning at oclock and ar
rived at Glen Island about noon There
were also on board a number of employes
of other factories in Danbury and a large
delegation of citizens of that place Harry
Green son of the hat manufacturer was
In charge of the outing
The party spent the day at the Island
They started back to South Norwalk at 5
oclock The boat got well under way
and was going up the sound at a lively
rate when suddenly off Fort Slocum the
passengers felt a sudden Jar They did
not pay much attention to the shock at
first but the steam from the engine
rooms came rushing up the stairways
Then the boat began to pound and a
shout went up from the lower decks tha
she had struck a rock
The Mohawk bad time to give only
three whistle fclaats when the water
rushed In from a hole about amidships
and put out the fires in the boiler rooms
The passengers rushed to the upper
decks and in the excitement tore down
the life preservers The captain and
crew ran among them and tried to quiet
them They succeeded In keeping fairly
good order among tho men but most ot
the womn and children were In hys
terics and many sprang overboard
The cooler passengers helped the crew
to adjust life preservers- on the women
and children- and asa to let down the
lifeboat In the excitement many of the
men proved themselves heroes
The accident happened- In plain view ot
Glen Island and was- witnessed by thou
sands of people aLthe shore Myndert
Starin son ot Johw rH Starts was at the-
at the thneu As soon a he heant
Tan dowiv to the landing and ordered th
Mattewan to go to the resctle
AVIth a dozen artlllerymenanffdeckhands
Captain Sypher began picking Up the peo
ple at once They rescued according to
their statement 2i passengers The Mat
tewan and a half dozen sailboats and
launches came alongside shortly after
wards The Myndert Starin which had
followed the Mattewan was only a few
minutes behind the others These bloats
rescued nearly all of the nine hundred
passengers except a few men who swam to
Davenports Neck a half mile away They
put in their appearance afterward and
Mr Starin furnished them- dry suit
The band which wits playing A Hot
Time at the time of the accident es
caped in boats but some of the players
left their instruments behind The pas
sengers drenched to the skin were land
ed at Glen Island where the management
did all it could to make them comfortable
until the Myndert Starin another side
wheeler was made ready to take them to
South Norwalk A hundred or more did
not trut tc5 this bpat but went to New
Kochellej where they took trains I
A Hent Crazed Cleveland AVoman
AValks to Her Death -
CLEVELAND Ohio Juno 3 About
daylight this morning two men who were
walking across the Wheeling and Lake
Erie trestle at Brookslde Park stumbled
over the head and right arm of a wo
man Below the -trestle wiich is sixty
feet high they discovered the remainder
of the body After it had ben taken to
the morgue the body was identified as
that of Mrs Anna S Taylor aged fOrty
tfcree years the wife of A T Taykjr tho
proprietor of a fashionable boarding
house on Euclid Avenue
Mr Taylor and the police had been
searching for Mrs Taylor all night with
out success She had been overcome by
the heat on Friday afternoon and in
the aosence qf her husband from the
room had slipped out of the house and
walked to where her body was found six
miles distant Previous to her escape
from the- house she had been raving
about the country and how much nicexit
must be than the hot city It Is thought
she was endeavoring to reach the rural
district when struck by a train
Inllure of a Hypnotic Exhibition at
AVheeHnsr AV Aa
WHEELING W Aa June 29 As an
attraction extraordinary for the butchers
picnic Prof Charles Cooper on Thursday
night hypnotized James Morris and put
ting a black snake under a spell burled
the two In a box five feet under ground
at Mozart Park where they were to be
resurrected for the edification of the
crowd yesterday
About daybreak the sentinel posted at
the mouth of the air pipe leading down
to the box was astonished to hear Morris
begging to be relieved The snake had
come to life nnd hid wrapped Itself
about Morris neck The guard brought
assistance and soon had Morris and the
snake above ground
Morris was almost dead having barely
saved his life by putting his hands at the
sides of his neck so the full force of the
snakes coil did not come upon his wind
The Secretary to Remain nt III Sum
mer House Until After July 4
HINGHAM Mass June 29 Secretary
Long arrived at his summer house here
last night from New London Conn He
will remain here with his family until
after July 4 but will not go to his coun
try place at Euckiield on this trip
Mr Long will be entertained at a ban
quet next Tuesday nt Nantucket by tho
Massachusetts Club He Is In very gool
Ilerr Krulimnnii of the Defunct
LeipxlKer Jinnk End III Life
LEIPSIC June 29 Herr Krohmann
one of the manager of the defunct Leip
ziger Bank committed suicide today
Two- ot the directors of this- bank are
now under arrest for malfeasances In con
nection with its failure
F 1 iium ItuslneMM College Stii and 1C
llUiUiess Micrtiiud Typewriting 25 a year

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