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i -
Even th
ilnrc flW lint
feet upon the size or the enthusiasm of
the audiences that wltnesseu j
lormances at the Lafayette or Chases
or keep the crowds away from the out-of-door
resorts The fctock company gave
of The Xady of
a very good performance
and this old play has seldom been
better prtscnted than by Manager Ber
gers plavers The audiences were of uni
formly good size and the work of the
membeis of the company generally satis
factory At Chases the Marcel art re
productions proved artistic to a remark
able degree and so popular that
they are announced as the headlineefea
ture of th s weeks offering Mclntyre and
Heath undoubtedly liad much to do with
attracting the large gatherings L the
Grand and in tleir old time sketch he
Georgia Minstrels were as funny as
The lAfayrtte organization will oner
Captain Lettarblair a comedy that was
given with much success seme years ago
by E H Sothern and was con
sidered by many admirers of that actor
as one of the best pieces he ever present
ed The production of this week will be
under the personal direction of Mr Arden
the leading man who has assumed the
manager succeeding William
duties of stace
liam Sevmour Manager Chases bill will
include tin Marcel art reproductions and
a numtier of other acts that promise much1
merit Glen Echo will offer Phantasma
for the hrst time this after noon and dur
ing the remainder of the week It is
in amuse
heralded as something unique
ments and it the performance is any
Rhere near as good as the preliminary
claims it will be well worth seeing
The Lafayette Cnptaln
Captain Lettarblair the fine comedy
of flelicate sentiment used by E II
Sothefn with such great success some
seasons ago will be presented by the
stock company this week with
the usual Wednesday and Saturday mati
rifess The play was written by Mar
guerlUfcJtferlngton and in it Mr Sothern
madeoro of his most effective appear
ances The hit he scored as the young
cantaia of the Itojal Irish Tusiliers mak
ing love Jn a delightful love comedy for 1
three acts made a lasting impression
Upon young ladies who frequent mati
nees It also pleased those who were no
longer joung enough to be so easily
swayed by stage sentiment In fact
Captain Lettarblair bids fair to please
e ervone as it is said to be a thoroughly
v holesome ana dainty comcuy love aiorj
understood to e a very successful en 4
pagement In one of the principal music
halls of London the Palace will present
their one act comeOy The Morning Aft
er which is said to be one of the bright
est and best acted entertainments In vau
deville Chev lei a comedy trick violin
ist will offer Vis act reputed to be a lead
er of its kind
WLiicIe Toinn Cnlilu at the Lnfnyette
Frederick G Uergcr manager of the
Lafayette stock company tUs decided to
present 1ncle Toms Cai 1 on a mam
moth scale at his theatre -luring the
week of July 8 commencing one week
from tomorrow- evening Edwin Arden
will be trw UiKjJe Tom and Minnie Rad
cllfrt -a-Hl be the Kllza The full strength
of th stock coinpanj will be required to
produeo th play and In addition soveral
is not a toilet soap but it
Tvill clean and remove all
stains from the hands It
contains no acid or alkali to
redden or roughen the skin
mi- i jhu m w i i
few rxtra people will tbe specially engaged
e Intense nefli of wii past i
fpom Xpw yort Thlg wm b Uje flgt
seen to nae an ereui u tlme in ncarIy eighteen years that ITrcle
Toms Cabin lias been done in -a llrst
clas AVashingtoir theatre by a lirst class
company It has recently been revived in
other citks with much success and is
now on in Chicago for afti all summer run
with a cast of notable people Mr Ber
ger bays the production he will give his
patronu will be the original and unadul
terated Ijicle Toms Cabin of the past
without any attempt whatever to bring it
up to date It will be shown to the new
generation of theatregoers precisely as
those of thirty and forty years ago saw
it with the bloodhounds slaves escape
of Eliza across the ice the death of Utile
Eva and a panoramic view of little Evas
ascent to hea en
The production of Cncle Toms Cabin
is expected to ci elite much talk and inter
est and certaiab the performance of the
play by th Lafayette players may we be
calculated to ensure a good attendance
throughout the week
What plot there is concerns an averted j year To these citks go players who for
the othefnlne months in the East
nmnnsal and the reason therefor Cap
tain Lettarblair is about to propose for
the hand of Fanny Hadden he having
recently come Into a legacy which lirts
him from poverty to -a position where he
might aspire to her hand But the very
day of the intended proposal the villain
himself a suitor for Miss Fannys hand
steals the letter which conveys the un
important papers to Lettarblair The pro
posal is averted much tQ Fannys disap
pointment In the last act the missing
papers are recovered the future looks
bright once more and Lettarblair vir
tually forces the young girl to propose to
The- role of the effervescent Captain
LettarBliirfavIll 66 in the stands ofEdwln
Arden- iMitmie Hadclitrwin Uethe
Hadden an incenuous and attractive
role created in tho original production by-
VirgjniailarnetL Thomas L coieman
will be the rascally rival for the hand of
Miss Fanny Bijou Fernandez will have
the pleasing role of Polly Messiter and
Louise Mackintosh will be Hyacinth Mes
siter her aunt Hans Robert will be Jor
kins a soldierly servant Mron Lefiing
weli Kolert Rogers Horace Xewman
Wright Kramer and others Will be in
the bill As this will be the first produc
tion made under the personal direction of
Mr Arden -much interest will naturally
centre around the first performance to
morrow night
Chnii Iolite Vaudeville
The Jean Marcel art reproductions at
Chases scored last week the p ipularand
artistic success which was claimed for
them and it is more than likely that
their sojourn at this playhouse for Ihe
present week a second and final series be
ing announced will prove equally as en
joyable The subjects will be new from
cinning to end says the management
Some df the most famous masterpieces of
sculpture in statuary and bas reliefs will
be reproduced -with the same artistic ap
preciation and fidelity to detail as served
to make the first group of studicl so strik
ing A number of new tableaux vlrants
will be included in tills weeks list The
Marcel reproductions are- marked by a deli
cacy of Tefinemcnt and show the touch
of the true artist in many ways They
grow Immeasurably upon one on second
eight whe n a full appreciation of their
character and worth Is attained The
models reflect in their difficult but well
niph perfect posings a training which rep
ressnts much time 4id care They are
thoroughly drilled and during the period
of their appearance before the audience
not the slightest tremor is apparent the
illusion as to thf marble statues or repro
duced painting being most effective
The bill arranged in conjunction with
the second week of the Marcel groupings
is one of varied novett and specialty
actsembracing in its headline section the
Trucad ro Quartette- composed of Steve
Prideau Charles Lomier Joe Blrnes and
Jack Sample soloists and comedians It
is said that this quartette is organized
and works along entirely original lines
It was -formed in lKt and since that
time naloured the country as a leading
feature Of- various Jirjanizations includ
ing the Barlow Brother minstrels Rices
mE t and Other productions The quar
tette will pc heard in a black face ihar
ACter creation The Telephone Agent
which Is ald to be a novelty Another
4ict on the bill for which much Is prom
ised will be furnished by Kitty Fox Allen
who will make her stellar vaudeville debut
in Washington this week She is a sing
ing and dancing comedienne aiid has been
been seen here a numlMr of times before
in dramatic and comedy productions The
McGutm family of four including Baby
Geraldine and Master Carroll will pre
pent their novelties and specialties which
are said to cover a wide range of en
tertaining features
Mr ami Mrs William Robyns who have
recently returned from what Is generally
To those of the player folk who can
afford the luxury of a sumnier rest has
come the most delightful period or the
These fortunnte and thrifty ones are
crossing the ocuan or seeking cool moun
tain heights or lounging In seaside cot
tages or enjoying the calm of country
places according to the Chicago Tri
bune Few players are summer re
sorters In the general use of the termT
us -such A mode of existence too closcly
approaches the conventional Many how
ever are members of colonies and the
Long Island coast in particular is dotted
with groups of the count y homes of
net ore and actresses Even in the pleas
ures of their leisure hours they desire
the company of their stage acquaint
But this vear the number of those able
to devote themselves to the search after
amusements is less than usual Last year
it was less than the year before JCcxt
enr It Is likely to be diminished again
For several years the regular dramatic
season has been growing shorter and
the players necessity of bridging the long
summer with labor greater
Fortunately ways have opened before
tht m and to a large portion of actors
and actresses aside from the opulent
stars the end -of the regular senson
means the beginning of summer work as
members of stock companies and as mem
bers ot organizations making special sum
mer productions Musical pieces give em
ployment to scores of comedians sou
brettes dancers and singers In a nuny
bcr of the- cities of the far West the con
ditions of climate are such that the sum
mer is the active theatrical time of the
Even the stars are more given to sum
mer work this year than usual though
not from any financial need It happens
that the engagements of several of them
have been of such a sort that they must
be continued beyond the ordinary clos
ing time London considers that its the
atrical season docs not end until August
L So Alice Nielsen and Edna May play
ing there in The Fortune Teller and
The Girl From Up There will not seek
rest until then unless the public should
rooA trt lo 1 tiff fie A li hp ilw Vm
J Bernhardt and M Coquelin likewise arc
in London embarked upon a season not
to end until late In July At its end they
will go to Pari for a rest of Wo months
In this country Blanche Bates fsto
nlav the melodrama Lndcr Two Flags
i in San Francisco throughout the summer
JIHUIIUV UUUit uiaJ will eijciju iui7
mer in a theatre in the same city Fran
cis Wilson Is to begin what Is expected
to he an all summer engagement this
week In ja new musical piece The -Strollers
in New York City In Chicago
Leo DietrJchstein Thomas Vlse William
Courtleigh Olive May Joseph Sullivan
William Xorris Lillian Greer Charles
Dickson Frank IMordaunt and their
many associates in the plays at the va
rious theatres are working as if vaca
tions did not exist
The list of present and Intended pleas
ure seekers jieverthiIcss is a long one
RIcharH Mansfield having concluded his
season In Henry V In Portland Me
onnhe day when the tcaegrapn proclaimed
tbvwflH bplne served with naners in the
------ - - -
Uross suit at inuianapons nus saiieu
away to Italy there to Join Mrs Mans
field who has been in Europe since last
Mrs Fiskc is in the heart of the Adiron
dacks worn out It Is said with the toils
of a year given to the performance of
Becky Sharp and Tess of the 13 Urbej
llles In cities ranging from the Atlantic
to the Pacific Coast She wyi need the
energy sue expects to gain lor me coming
vearTtromses to be the crucial one in her
career She has secured a Jsew York-
theatre the Manhattan and is hence
forth to be a theatrical director as well
as an independent actress In a little
while she will begin to plan for the new
play she will produce in October
Mrs- Carter is in the same mountain
district also recuperating and preparing
Tor a nev production It will be either
Ibsens latest drama When We Dead
Awaken or a play of David Belascos
own making La DuBarry
Viola Allen will go to Roma In a short
time to consult with Hall Calne concern
ing the dramatization of his new novel
The Eternal City for her use At pres
ent her country place on Long island is
diverting her sufficiently
Julia Marlowe has a country home at
Ilighmount X Y and now that When
Knighthood Was In Flower has been
given Its last performance of the season
she will tool be under its roof
Annie Russell is the proud owner of a
farm at Great Neck L I but she will
hve to leave it before the summer la
much more than half over She is to
present A Royal Family to San Fran
cisco audiences beginning the lirst week
in Augubt
W 11 Thompson the Cardinal in the
same piece and Mr Gilbert the Dowa
ger Queen of the play will have to short
en their vacations for the urae reason
Mr Thompsons wife Isabel Irving In
consequence has gone to Europe ac
companied by her bister Evangeline
Otis Skinner a skilled fisherman an
expert canoeist and a lover of outdoor
life has gone to the- lakes of northern
Wisconsin where hwill accumulate tan
and muscle until August Is npar Its end
His wife Maude Durbin 13 his com
Jeseph Jefferson is at his country scat
at Buzzards Bay fishing boating and
enjoying life to the full extent of his
wonderful capabilities In that direction
Later in the summer his new daughter-in-law
Christie Mac Donald will be his
guest She ana nor nusuanu w imam
Winter Jefferson have not yet returned
from their honeymoon trip to Europe
Amelia Bingham lias a place in Vir
ginia she and her husband Lloyd
Bingham will be found there until it is
time for her stock company to assemble
again to begin the touring season of The
William Gillette is said by one Tcport
to be abroad but Us truth Is somewhat
more than doubtful Mr Gillette is to
begin the next season of Sherlock
Hulmos In London at the Lyceum Thea
tre and when that time comes he cannot
escape the travel -But he dislike ocean
vovages and is not given to foreign wan
derings It is more likely that he Is the
author of the story of his European
whereobnuts but is himself not far from
New 1ork He 1 ia a fondness for the vll
Ingeti of Connecticut and for scorching
summer in New York and his log hut in
the mountains of North Carolina and is
apt to dildc half his prowllngs between
UK- contrasting piuces
Ethel Bnrrymore may go to London
She may conclude however to Tc main
near her unfortunate brilliant father
Maurice Barrymore from whom the
shadow of madness never will lift
Maude Adams Is In France and by this
time she may have heard the yarn that
she In the semblance ot Juliet is to listen
to Mme Bernhardts Romeo love making
She has facts enough to claim her atten
tion however without giving ear to fan
tasies She knows she must gain new
strength if she is to be able to personate
the heroine J M Barrie lias created from
his imagination for her express Ube She
will meet Mr Barrie In London in a few
Mmc Modjeskn Is visiting her sister In
far away Poland While allowed the priv
ilege of social Intercourse she Is barred
from all public -performances in her na
tive land She will return in the fall to
f d0a4SuLJ
stt j
star with Louis James -in Aground of
tragic rolqs Mr James has a cottage
at Long Branch- 3
Frederick Wnrdo the tragedian re
sides in Brooklyn X He is busily en
gaged at the present in packing up his
fishing outhf for a trip to White Lake
Sullivan County N Y
Henrietta Crosman who made pne of
the hits of the season in MIstress Nell
has gone to Europe with Maurice Camp
bell her husband and manager She
hopes to secure a play or two abroad
Ada Itehih with the patriotism of a
daughter of the Emerald Isle has gone
to her 1 ozy cottage In Ireland She Is
leaving to her managers the plans for her
next season
John Drew and liis dauchterr Louisa
Drew are taking a trip through England
and France
Stuart Robson will spend the summer
at Nuvcsink Highlands N J In the fall
he will revive The Henrietta which
Bronson Howard wrote for the old firm
of Robson and Crane and which made
fortunes for both players
His old partner William IL Crane is
on a trip to Europe spending a jwrtlon
of the profits of the successful dramatiza
tion of David Hnrum
Lewis Morrison the time honored stir
of Faust has gone to his ranch in Cali
May Irwin who has a fine piece of prop
erty tit the Thousand Islands will spend
the summer there
Edward Harrigan lives In a part of
Brooklyn N Y once known as Fenian
Hill famous for its goas and shanties
It is now the resting place of many Demo
cratic politicians who have waxed
wealthy through close study of the
science of statesmanship and of other
thinirs Mr Harrlcan as usual will
spend the summer at Schroon Lake N Y
where he will put tho finishing touches on
a new play The Old Now YorkcrT
Margaret Anglln who is to be the new
leading woman of the Empire Theatre
stock company next season will go to her
home in Canada after tho brief tour of
Diplomacy is ended
Maggie Cline cannot rest in peace dur
ing her summer vacation without visit
ing her favorite State of New Jersey
She has a cottage at Bed Bank and fre
quently visits Long Branch and Asburjr
Mrs Thomas Whiffen of the Diplo
macy company will visit Europe when
that company disbands -
Annie Ward Tiffany once a tearful
leading woman but now as expert In
acting rough and ready Jrjsh females as
Annie Yeamans has a nome In liuzzard s
Bay Mass She wll remain there during
the summer with hcr family
Clyde Fitch who was- the most prolific
and prosperous playwright of last sea
son is now in Sicily laboring on new
vvniinm Vnvirslmm has chartered a
yacht and will cruise along the Atlnntlc
coast He Is an enthusiastic yacntsman
Lillian ltussell has gone to Rockaway
Beach where she has a cottage She has
selected Rockaway Beach to be near the
race track When the Saratoga race
meeting opens Mlbs Russell will move to
Ballbton Spa to enjoy the waters and view
the work of the thoroughbreds -
Fa Templeton has gone to Europe ui
get some new ideas on English character
Mr and Mrs James T Powers arc now
in London where Mr Powers is studyin
his role in the musical comedy Tho Mes
senger Boy
Joseph M Weber and his wfe have
started for JSurope Mr Weber will pick
up some new and comic Ideas for the
Weber Ficldians Lew Fields will be at
West Baden much of the summer
William H West leads the theatrical
colony at Bensonhurst Brooklyn N Y
which includes Lloyd Prince Peter F
Dailey and Helehe Mora Mr West has
a beautiful property called West Lawn
Mr Dailey his brother- in law tries am
ateur farming-
James K Hackett and his wife Mary
Mannering are taking a European trip
Reginald De Kovcnr the composer and
his wife who is well knefwn In literary cir
cles have taken a cottage at Newport
William Collier and his wife Louise Al
len will go to St James Lortg Island
where they have a cottage Mr Collier
calls It On the Quiet after his success
ful farce
Bessie TTee has gdne to Europe to se
lect a play for a starring tour
Nat C Goodwin and Maxlne Elliott have
a house outlde of London in one of the
most beautiful suburbs Mr Goodwin has
no plans boyond a needed rest for himself
and his wife-
Much interest centres in the Lafayette
stock companys production tomorrow
night of Captain Lettarblair which
aside from the merit of the play will
maik Edwin Ardcns local debut as a pro
ducer During Mr Ardens dramatic ca
reer and especially that portion covering
the last few seasons he has made such a
brilliant record as an actor as to almost
eclipse his success as a stage manager
and not a few people pro ignorant of the
fact that he is thoroughly versed in all
the Intricacies of stage direction having
served a long term at holding the book
As is quite w ell lcnojvn Mr Arden Is a
playwright having contributed a half
dozen or more successful plays to the
stage so there is no part of the dramatic
field left unexplored by him la the mat
tcrof active stage management he has
had a long and profitable experience His
own plays were all produced under his
personal direction and for -several sea
sflns he occupied ihc position of stage
manager for the late Thomas W Keene
and was responsible- for the very complete
Shakespearean productions made by tnat
distinguished actor He has at various
times staged plays for many of the stock
companies in the country hut his produc
tion of Captain lettarblair at the la
fayette will be an unusually interesting
one from the fact that It may be consid
ered almost in the light of an original
production When an agent furnishes a
manager with a play It includes beside
the manuscript and separate parts all the
side plots such us the stoge settings ar
rangement of lights and s list of furni
ture and articles to be used In the play
-Indeed to the uneducated eye tho whole
plan Is a very complicated one but the
stage manager has no difficulty In reading
it and in directing the mechanics in fur
nishing him witli all the accessories By
omc mischance however these plots for
Captain Lettarblair were not forwarded
to Mr Arden and he was forced to the
necessity of making out an entire set of
his own The scenery has 1 een painted
under his direction and -some very effec
tive sets are the result so the peiform
ance tomorrow night will be btrictly orig
inal with Mr Arden and being familiar
with the superior methods of Mr Arden
as an actor the local public will feel as
sured of an Interesting and accurate pro
duction of Miss Mcrlngtons play
Frank McKee has learned since he de
cided to call Augustus Thomas new
comedy written for Peter F Dailey
Champagne Charlie that he selected a
very popular title No less than thirty
one claims to this title have been filed
with Mr McKee since the announcement
that he would use It This brings to
mlnd fi scheme for making a few dollars
that was very extensively worked before
the copyright law wan changed three or
four vears ago Several persons made
qultea business of copyrighting titles
sending them to the librarian of Congress
in strings of fifty to one hundred at a
time As the cost was only 50 cents a
titlo for copyright the project proved
very profitable when one found he could
make a producer buy from him a new
play name he had copyrighted without
the remotest idea of ever actually using
St A man noiuing a puouc orncc prontea
by this expedient for years Mr McKee
will produce Mr Thomas comedy under
the title of Champagne hariie and
those who claim the name may hjarn that
according to several hundreds of deci
sions the same title may be cop righted
any number of times so loiig as the ac
companying matter is different
Manager Fred G Berser of the Lafay
ette stock company Is suffering with an
attack of Uncletomltls a malady that has
been quite prevalent in theatrical circles
during the past season Heretofore it has
been principally confined to the smaller
cities of the country but luring the year
it broke out In New York City where
William A Brady and several other man
ageia succumbed to the fever Friends of
Mr Bcrger hnve predicted that the ar
duous task of presenting a diffeient play
each week would ultimately bring on Un
cletomltls and a communication from
the press agent of the lifuyette or
ganization that reached The Times
office- late Friday slated that this long
delayed disease hud broken out among
the members of the company
Mr Bergcr was the first to be taken
with the fvver and for a day or so he was
quite prostrated It Is believed that the
the Berger company will by their combined
efforts able to drive out all traces of
the malady from their ranks and it is
announced they will Inaugurate their
task at the theatre on Monday night
July S Mr Arden the leading man of
the organization will do the mjor por
lion of the work He will bo asKlsted by
Minnie Radcliffe who will dlsguie her
self In the garb of Eliza and little Eva
the favorite child actress will also be In
evidence The other players of the com-
t - n dai j
pany will be assorted In the task and
there will He In iuldltlon a troupe of
dogs sufficiently vitlou on the stage to
add realism to the several scenes Im
mense cakes of rcililct1 will be supplied
by the management for the double pur
pose of keeping tHemfeaire delightfully
cool ami to inakefEllzas f scape across
the ice filled river mow realistic than
ever It Is said that fiffcletomltis has not
broken out in any first class theatre in
Washington for avbrnttshtceji years
Frank J Wilstachrtnsness manager of
Viola Allen and uGo Twill in addition be
associated in theTnanagenient of Ade
laide Thurston in A newf play next season
has summarized his experiences of the
past dozen or so years in the theatrical
world in the following which ho terms
How to Succeed in the Show Business
Accept that play which the shrewd and
successful managers have declined
Ask the advice of your friends and then
go and do otherwise
Fall in New York If possible Success
on the- road is then assured
Never lie about receipts If business is
bad tell everybody the exact figures Aim
always to surprise
If your star Is strong in tho cities
jump into the tall grass and get the
Dont feed the critics and starve the
Give your star an interest in the prof
its then she wont quit you when there
are none
In rspect to plays the unconventional
Is usually unprofitable
Curtail expenses when you have a suc
cess Increase them when you have a
doubtful property on your hands
One sheet of beautiful paper Is worth
five hundred that is unattractive
Always speak handsomelyof opposition
stars It is only magicians and nigger
singers who are licensed to knock
Dont sneak into town on rubbers
If acquainted with the alchemy of adver
tising a pint of printers ink may be con
verted into a hogshead of gold
It is cheaper to store scenery than to
try to make the public accept what It
does not like
Always rush In where angels fear to
tread A play which an angel Is will
ing to back with cash never succeeds
Plays and real estate are much alike
It is difficult to dispose of property with
a bad title
The public often Judges the play and
players by the manager- Large Jewels
indicate- a small stock of gentility just
as a sparkling and bedizentd shirt front
is the mirror of an unpolished brain It
Is only the ten twenty thirter who finds
it profitable to Hash screaming yellow
diamonds on the populace The low brows
are dazzled by headlights
Dont mistake a theatregoer for a shot-
gun and attempt to ram unpalatable dra
matic morsels clown 111s tnroau 11 you
do you are likely to gain n early and In
timate acquaintance with the financial
hospital presided over by the sheriff
It Is always wisdom to accept the in
evitable quickly While you may succeed
In deluding yourself you are not likely to
fool the public
After a big success retire
At the Knickerbocker Theatre New
York last Tuesday George Lederera mu
sical piece The Strollers was given its
first presentation and made what is com
monly termed a questionable success
That Is to say the first nights audience
realized that The Strollers possessed
some good points and a lot of bad ones
The performance lasted fully an hour
longer than it which naturally
wearied the spectators It Is understood
that Mr Lederer armed with a blue pen
cil attacked the plsyvon the following
morning and tat tho Inter performances
during the week werolmuch better than
the Initial one to
The Strollers introduced Francis v 11
son in a part that somewhat resembles
his famous Caddy ot HErminie Before
the production It generally conceded
that he had the bWt part of the comedy
but the newspaper criticisms were very
partial to the work of Eddie Foy ana
Mr Wilson and hfen comedy legs were al
most lost sight of in the triumph of the
former Chicago aotbroltwas the- inten
tion of Nixon Zimmerman to present
Mr Wilson In Thd Strollers In case K
proved a success in th2 Metropolis but is
view ot the- greatlhiv acoreti by Mr Foj
it is extremely doubtful J Mr A ilson will
consent to appear in tho play certainly
i Je n i0Ti fnrm for he is not un-
Uike other funmakers and espepJaUy sta
all of whom demand that theyashall DO
supplied with the best roles
The present theatrical year In Washing
ton will go down in local history as a
notable one in many respects Never be-
rfore have tho theatres remained open so
late in the summer and probably never
before have the amusement geeklng peo
ple been provided with po many forms of
attractive entertainment The latest and
most important announcement in connec
tion will the amusements of the heated
term is made by P B Chase of Chases
Theatre who will on July 8 inaugurate
at his playhouse a midsummer season of
farce comedy Great things are prom
ised in this latest Washington stock or
ganization and folks theatrically inclined
will not want for merriment or a high
class of summer entertainment
The popular farce comedies of the late
Charles H Hoyt have been decided upon
as the presentations to he made They
have never before been plai ed by a stock
organization In Washington and the re
vivals Mr Chase declares will be made
upon an elaborate scale The first pro
duction will be one of the cleverest of the
entire Hoyt gTOup A Black Sheep and
Otis Harlan the urbane and original
comedian will be seen in his original role
of Hot Stuff the black sheep of 11 dis
tinguished family In each of the suc
ceeding productions which will include
the perennial favorite A Trip to China
town A Milk White Flag and the
like several members of the originalcast
will bo employed In the presentation
Among the other principals engaged will
bo William DVere and John W Dunne
both of them prominent members of the
early Hcryt forces In A Black Sheep
Mr DeVere will have the role of Mr
uoocueiiow running eqitor 01 111c xuhiij
stono Inscription Mr Dunne will take
charge of the stage His work behind the
scenes contributed much to the success
ful runs of the pieces when they
were first brought out Others in the
cast will be Henrlette Lee and Mary Mar
ble two vivneious and interesting young
women D Andrada G W Wiseman Os
car Figman A Bode Tony Hart John
Jess Will Harris Lynn Hall T Henry
Sanger Eva Burnham the three Fan
chlonettl sisters Florence McNeil and
Gertrude Hayes These players will Uo
supported by a feminine chorus The cos
tuming and the special scenery and stage
effects will be most elaborate according
to the prospectus
Notwithstanding the expense attached
to these presentations said Mr Chase In
speaking of the midsummer season
there will be no increase over the regu
lar prices The only deviation fr6m the
present arrangc ments for performances
etc at the theatre during the coming
comedy season will be a change from
daily to tri weekly matinees The mati
nee performances will he on Monday
Thursday and Saturday ufternoons when
the prices will be 25 cents for the entire
house The evening prices will be accord
ing to the present standard 23 and DO
cents The Monday matinee is expected
to be one of tno most popular of the
week Patrons of the theatre will have
the same comforts and arrangements as
at present The Grand as is well known
Is usually from 13 to 20 degrees cooler
than the streets and the people are going
to appreciate this fact more and more as
the season advancesj We are going to
give Washington playgoers something dif
rnroni fmm jmvihlnrT thev have had be
fore and the productions of the stock
company will be on a scaic mat win un
doubtedly surprise theregular patrons of
my theatre
My reasons continued Mr Chase
for deciding upon the Jioyt comedies are
many In tne first plaCe they have proved
thelt ntrinslc merit In the second place
thev ire elastic and are well adapted to
tho Introduction of vaudeville specialties
In this way the vaudeville character of
the theatre can be maintained while at
the same time there will be the added
charm of the musical production and the
ennsocutiveness of the dramatic prcsenta
Hon It will be noticed that included in
the company are sp eralTople prominent
in the vaudeville held and each piece wil
simply abound in the crlspest cleanest
and snappiest kind of vaudeville
Max Figman is tho latest addition to
the Manhattan Theatre company Nv
York to suppoit Mrs Klske next season
and his engagement following the other
notable ones recently announced makes
it char that Mrs Flakes organization
will the strongest seen in support of
nn American star in years Ot course
several engagements arc yet to be an
nounced but a company that iacludes
among its men such players as J L Dod
son Robert T Haines Tyrone Power
Robert V Ferguson and Mr Figman and
among its women Hitch splendid actresses
as Annie Irish and Mrs Pattison Selten
promises remarkable results under the
eadershlp of Mrs Flske Mr Itgn Iih
been engaged both to play character parts
and to ussist Mrs Fiske in the d6tnll3 of
stage dU eciion Jle was associated with
the actress brioHj some seasons ago at
the Fifth Aienue Theatrewhcre he play
ed the part of Adhemnr In Dlvorcon H
In the production of that play that illus
trated Mrs Flfrkcs skill as a comedienne
she appearing- in the Tola of Cyprienne
May Buckley will become a vaudeville
Stuart tho male Paul is appearing in
Russia - -v
Are You a Mason closed its season
last night in Chicago
The Murray Lane Opera Company has
disbanded- at Rochester
Amy Ricard will head the No 2 Ja
nice Meredith company next season
Georce Probert has renlaced Joseph Hol
land In the cast of The Brixton Burgla
ry at the Herald Square Theatre New
Tolstoys novel The Resurrection Is
being made into a play by Pierre Cor
nelllc and Jaques Landau t
Minnie Tracey a former favorite of the
Metropolitan Opera Is singing in Paris
Th6 students of Wcllesley College gave
an outdoor performance Ot The Wln
ters Talo June 13
Eleanor Merrons new play In Love
was shown for the first time last Monday
night in Philadelphia and scored a suc
cess Miss Merron appeared In the lead
ing role
The Boston Theatre Boston will open
its season August 31 with the Llebler
production of The Christian with Ed
ward J Morgan as the star and Elsie
Leslie in the role of Glory Quayle
Edwin Milton Royle has written a new
play called Loves Victory In which
the author and his wife Selena Fetter
Royle will return to the regular houses
as co stars
John Dunsmore who made his profes
sional debut two years ago as the basse
of the Bostonians has been engaged to
support M rguerlte Sylva in The Prin
cess Chic
Ninety and Nine a new play by Ram
say Morris has been secured by Frank
McKee who will produce ltncxt season-
Creslon Clarka and Adelaide Prince are
preparing an elaborate production of The
Merchant of Venice for next season
Hamlet and Don Caesar tie Bazan
will be included In th3lr repertoire
Lulu Glaser has signed for next season
with F C Whitney She will be seen In
a new musical piece by Stanllaus Stange
and Julian Edwards
The news ot the death of Fanny Morant
at one time a popular actress in this
country has just reached America from
Brighton England -
Miss Simplicity the R A Hornet
musical piece whichwas given aTsUccess
ful trial production some weeks ago has
been secured by Frank Daniels for next
Francis J ONsill advance agen for
Henrietta Crossman last season has- ac
cepted a position on the staff of the Phil
adelphia North American
Eugene Cowles the former -basso of
the Alice Nielsen Company arrived In
New York from London last Wednesday
A feature of The Explorers the new
musical comedy which wilfbe produced
for the first time tonight at the Dearborn
Theatre Chicago will be a song en
titled Cupid Might Have Ben a Little
Coon which will be sung by a chorus
of twenty colored women
Daniel Frohman Is spending a few
weeks at the Lakes of Killarney Ireland
Mrs Langtry has relinquished the man
agement of the Imperial Theatre London
the scene of her dismal failure A Royal
Necklace Herbert Waring succeeds her
Katherine Osterman will forsake vaude
ville next season and becomea regular
New plays are beginning to crop up
thick and fast The latest is a farce com
edy called Why Miss Wood Wouldnt
Ralph Johnstone whose marvelous
feats on tho wheel have Interested vaude
ville patrons will leave the stage and
open a clothing establishment in New
Captain Jinks of the Horse Marines
with Ethel Barrymore had its two hun
dredth performance last night at the
1 Garrick Theatre New York
A dramatic version of Charles Reades
novel Peg- Wolllngton was jrecently
copyrighted at the Congressional- Library
by Eugenia Blair
Adelaide Ctishmart Morgan has secured
a decree ot divorce from her husband
Edward J Morgan -the -well-known ac
Eric Hope is negotiating for the Amer
ican rights to a new musical comedy
called The Golden Chord
Zelma Rawlston will become a star
James Horan is at work on a melodrama
for her it will be called The Great Sac
Eleanor Falk has been engaged to sup
port the Russell Brothers in their new
Maude Fealy has been specially engag
ed to play Babble in a production of The
Little Minister to be given by the Bel
lows stock ompahy of Denver
Lucienne Breval has returned to Paris
and will appear at the Opera Comlque In
the title role of Massenets new- opera
A Runaway Girl will be sent out
again next season with Arthur Dunn in
the role of Flipper the jockoy which he
played successfully last year Clara Belle
Jerome will continue In the 1 art of Alice
the maid
Sarah Bernhardt has acquired the
rights to a new play entitled Bagdad
by Lucie Delarne Madrus
A Japanese one act play by Victor
Mapes called A Flower of Yeddo will
be given at Keiths next week with a
special cast Including- N L Jelenko Net
tie Bourne Edith Fassett and Grace Gib
Malcolm Williams who appeared last
year as the first husband In Cnieavened
Bread and who is now leading man of
the Albee Stock Company Providence R
I has signed for an important role In
The Altar of Friendship Madeline Lu
cette Ryley6 pla In which Jacob Litr
will present John Mason as a star
E E Rice will be associated for a timo
next year with David Henderson in the
production of extravaganza at the Colum
bia Theatre Boston
William Faversham in A Royal
Rival will tic among the enrlient attrac
tions In New York next season He will
open at the Criterion Theatre August 26
Benjamin Howard has been engaged to
succeed Robert T Haines as leading man
with Viola Allen in In the Palace of the
The Giffen Stock Company in Richmond
of whhih Grayce Scott is the ingenue
continues in the glory of success Last
week they ave East Lynne for three
performances to the receipts of about
The Forest Lovers with Bertha
Galland as the btar will have Its first
production at the Lyceum Theatre New
York September 0 The play is in five
Leo Dltrichsteins new play The Last
Appeal will be seen for the first time
next fall at the Grand Opera House Chi
cago Robert Drouet formerly leading
man with Viola Allen and Mary Manner
Ing has been engaged for the leading role
and others In the cast will be George C
Boniface sr Anne Sutherland John
Glendennlng Eleanor Carey and Alexis
Law Geslcko
Rip Van Winkle formed the bill pre
sented by the Hopkins stock company
Memphis last week
Lovers Lane continues to draw
crowds to McVicke rs Theatre Chicago
Georgia Cay van theformer favorite of
Daniel Frohmans Lyceum company Is
said to be dvlng at a sanitarium near
New York She Is a physical and mental
wreck and is almost blind
Gus Hill will have two companies of
mlilfts nlnvinir The Merry Tramps
The Royal Lilliputiins will appear in the
larger cities and a second company will
be sent to the smal er towns
Lillian Lawrence will not continue with
The Wooing of PriFCllla In which she
scored such success in Boston recentlv
but will become leading woman of the
American Theatre Stock Company
Lawn Fete5
oronoKTOwv in kissity campls
July i 2 3 and 4
ImcmT Music bj Marine IJaml
AdmlHulun Uoe CrnnUxtand Bo
Talc U fctrtct Cor Direct to Vmoricau League
sfaaas5 -
T7j h
Evenings I faJM Daily
at 15 All Seats Reserrerj Matinees 215
25c and 50c Be Delighted 25
Second and Last Week of
Marcels Wonderful Art Reproductions
Entire New List of Subiects
TlteMont IlcviUrici liiK niul Bcnntlfnl the Most Artistic Statunry
uroitpN um ueiicl nnrt Tnlilcnnx Vlvnttts Knomi to the
Modern Stnsrc Teir five Celebrated Inrlslnu Mod
el The Hit ot the Vninlevtllc Yenr
Mttot Artistic The Pct Host Wondcrtur The Star PcrfecC Tlie Tunes
The Trocadero Quartette
In their lilnck fncc character ere
The Telephone Agent
Comedy Trick Violinist
4 The Great McGann Family 4
Voveltles nud Special
Direct from lnlncc Theatre Lon
Mr and Mrs Wm Robyns
In the comedy
y The Morning After
Kitty Fox Alien
The Dainty Slntrinjr nnd Onnclnp
Hungarian Gypsy Band
M3XT AVECIC Inauguration ot Jlltlnnninier Seson Chnxes Mnnlcal
Comedy Stock Compnny irefn finer Hoyln A Ilinck Shocp with
Otln Harlan mill Metropolitan ArtNtx licnntlfiil CIioruH
Elaborate Costume Special Scenery o uilvnnce In prices Or
tler nenis enrly
Stock Co
This Week
IVlarguerite ftfleringtons Successful Play
The Plav that
Made Mr E H Sothern
Wed and Sat
i ipii fir iSBa
Prices 50c
and 25c
Week uly 8th
An immense Production of
Uncle Toms Cabin
4 yvVVv
rmmm im m m
Haleys Full Concert Band
All Day and Evening
Fine Salt Water Bathing
Amusements for All
Trains Leave District Line Station
930 a m 1030 a m 1130 a id 230 p mf 330 p n 530 pin 730 p n
Returning Leave the neach
2 p of 330 p m 6 p w 8 p m 10 p m
Only Fifty Cents Round Trip Children Half Fare
OdilCr Eril
The Place to Spend the 4tha
The Finest Salt Water Bathing
The Finest Amusements and Recreation for All
Spend the Day Where it is Gool and G omfortable
Strictest Order is Maintained
Beautiful Display of Fireworks Will Close the Day
Trains will leave District Line Station 330 1030 1139 a m and 130 230 330
5 Retng traTns will leave the Beach 1230 200 3C0 60 SW 900 and 1000 pm
Only 50 Cents Round Trip Children Half Fare
ft Echo Fat
An Invigorating Innovation
The Pioneer Promoter of Theatrical
Novelties Mr J II Havcrly presents
The Climax of Inventive Genius
J W Shermans Marvelous and Bewilderlrg
Tlxe Enchanted Bower
Positively bafllinB description
Hosts of pretty girls bright costumes
Afternpotis ut 330 Evenings nt S30
Grand Display of Fireworks
Every Evening Special cars leave Glen
Echo nightly at 1030 nnd U oclock p m
Fir Charles Uscalestcr leaves at 10 am
230 and 650 pta Indian Head trips every
Thursday Friday and Saturday at 630 pm
Sundays 11 a nt 2 0 and 630 p ro
Chautauqua Beach
Formerly Bay Ridge Sow Open
The mora and mot attractive resort on Chesa
peake 13ay Bet Bsthms CrabWnj Music
Amusements Field and Aquatic Sports Traiaj
leave B 0 013 am 4JO pm Sundajs
010 a m 1 15 pm Leave Bach C30 ara
750 pm Round trip 50c Childicn Sae
The tree Cluntauqua programme begins with
Sunday 11 a a Opening wrrnon by the
clianctlior Rev C C McLean D D 7 5
esper wtvkc The sweet iinsr ot the South
lira It V Cutler sinsrs at Uith wrU es Dur
iiv the entertainments at 330 and 745
65c qt
- m iA
The most pop
ular and deli
cious of all
summer drinks
Sole distribu
Chris Xander
o 7th st
Thene JJS

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