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Washington Swelters Under the
Suns Scorching Rays
Ko Rnln Comes o Relieve Hie People
of tlie Cnpltnl CItj The HisliTim
pcritlurc to Continue To Iroi
trillions Jleiiortert the Police
For 121 hours yesterday Old Sol with
bright and sKiriing face unveiled by either
cloud or mist from his lofty elevation In
J e heavens looked down upon Mother
J2arth and smiled his warmest smile It
was a smile unminglcd with either sigh
or tear for until evening not even a gen
tle zephyr was wafted through the green
leaves of the trs to kiss the perspiring
brows of suffering humanity and not a
drop of rain fell to moiten the blistering
concrete of the city streets
As early as C oclock in the morning the
smile measured 73 degrees Fahrenheit
and as the day progressed it stretched to
91 degrees at 4 oclock in the afternoon
-when It was little less than uproarious
laughter That is It was probably all
very funny for the glittering orb of day
hut it was mighty hard on sweltering
In fact yesterday was the warmest day
of the year thus far experienced The
downtown thermometers registered 9C and
87 degrees a Blight increase over the offi
cial record at the Weather Bureau It
was a day which made people long for a
trill of the robins note and a whiff of
the new mown hay for a shady nook and
an interesting book for a hammock and
a big tin can for repose at some moun
tain resort or seaside inn for a cooling
breeze and a great deal of ease Yet de
spite the fact that all outgoing trains
were crowded with comfort seekers there
wete some thousands who were left in
to n over Sunday to endure that which
t c mot wciri void - -
iUat erratic individual known as the
official forecaster of the Weather Bureau
whise dally histories of climatic condi
tions so far surpass in point of accuracy
his prophecies promised that rain would
fall n Washington yesterday Some peo
ple were otherwise enough to take this to
mean that there would be showers yester
day but they do not understand the jokes
of the professional meteorologist As was
to be expected there was no here
yesterday Having perpetrated this play
ful prank upon the public the weather
man said last night that there would be a
continuation of the elevated temperature
for Sunday and Monday over the District
of Columbia
But we were not the warmest people by
any means yesterday This statement Is
literally true although It should not be so
stated figuratively There were others
just as warm as we For Instance what
was once bleeding Kansas was perspiring
Kansas yesterday for the temperature In
the Sunflower State ranged from 100 to
162 degrees Missouri kept pace with her
sister Commonwealth and registered an
equal amount of heat
There are no indications of a break in
the present hot wave which inundated
practically all of the region east of the
ltockies even In those sections along the
Jakcs and in New England where there
have been local showers the eonditlons
favor a rise in the mercury today and to
morrow If it doesnt get warmer on Sun
day the prognosticator says It surely will
on Monday lot he Is determined to get
the warmth in somewhere
Horss suffered a great deal from the
heat yesterday and looked with envy
upon the ttlilzzlng and steaming automo
biles and speeding electric cars as if to
welcome the day when all etnoines might
be relegated to the paddock and pasture
Two cases of heat prostration were re
ported yesterday fromtne Emergency
Hospital Those overcome Dy the ex-
years of age whose honre Is at 620 Fitz
gerald court northwest ana Thomas
Noonan about thirty years old who lives
at C6 North Capitol Street While at
Fourteenth and G Streets northwest dur
ing yesterday afternoon McFadden suf
fered greatly from the heat He was
overcome and wa3 sent by the police
to the hospital In the ambulance Under
treatment he revived and last night was
able to go home in a carriage
Nooruiti is a driver employed by the
ICnox Express Corapa iy He was mounted
on his wagon late In the afternoon when
he was overcome by the heat It seems
that Xoonan was about to pick up a box
to remove it from the wagon near Ninth j
street anu iennsyivania Avenue norcn
west when he reeled and fell In the ve
hicle Several people saw that something
was the matter ana went to his assist
ance The ambulance was summoned and
Noonon sent to the hospital for treat
ment He Is thirty eight years of age
TorUn Fntalitiea for the Day
Ten in Number
NEW YORK June a The hot wave
continued here today In full blast and the
city was like a bakeshop The maximum
temperature of the day before was rot
attained hut the heat was nTorc even aid
really more oppressive than on Friday
The figures however give only a faint
ida of the heat that stifled and oppressed
the whole city It was fortunate that It
was a half holiday allowing thousands to
save themselves from the heated walls
and riavements by a hasty departure from
the city Otnerwise the number of deaths
and prostrations must have been much
As it was there were ten deaths andj
tnirty tnree prostrations recoraea as aue
to the heat
An Old Man Charged With Slushing
Ill t Step DatiRutcr IJndly Ilenteu
As the result of a fierce fight which
was Indulged in by several men on Acker
Street northeast shortly after 10 oclock
last night James Price colored sixty
years of age occupies a ward In he
Casualty Hospital and is in a serious con
dition His alleged assailant John E
Boone also colored is looked up at the
Ninth precinct station charged with as
sault and battery He will be held there
to await the result of the older mans
About 1020 oclock last night the resi
dents of Acker Street most of whom are
colored people were startled by hearing
screams of murder issuing from house No
COT on that street The outcry was fol
lowed by the appearance of a young
woman bleeding profusely from a stab
wound In her back who ran across the
street into a neighbors houss Word
was pent to the Ninth precinct station
and Bicycle Policeman Johnson respond
ed with Policeman Haydcn Upon go
ing to- the house from which the cries
came they discovered Price lying Jn a
pool of blood and in a leTible condition
Ills eyes were both closed and swollen
while his faca was terribly disfigured
Near the old man lay a bloody razor
ivhlch the I Jjecoats at once secured The
police heard that Price who lived there
with Boone his stepdaughters husltand
had bet n drinking heavily during the day
Last right as Cornelia Boone hu slei
daughttr started to go downstairs Price
met htr with a razor It Is alleged and
informed her that he Intended to kill
her As she endeavored to pass him it
Is said he mode a vicious swing giving
lier a plnful cut In the bnck The woman
ran screaming from the house Just
about this time her hJSband John E
Boone put In an appearance and hearing
what the old man had done started In to
teat him
Boone Is said to have knocked the old
man down and to have stamped on him
nnd after seeing that he had almost
killed him left the house and went for a
doctor 1pon returning with the phy
sician Boone was placed under arrest by
Policeman Johnson
Upon the Injured nans arrival at the
hospital the doctors found that he had
two fractures of the skull a badly lacer
ated face and van badly bruised and cut
about his body While his condition is a
serious one the surgeons do not as yet
anticipate a serious result
Jn the meantime the Ninth precinct po
lice are making a thorough investigation
Into the case in order that they may as
certain whether or not they have the
Tight man in custody
P noilrlck EleeteiT Secretnry
to Succeed Major Titomlily
Walter F Rodnck has been elected Sec
retary of IheBdaWof Education to suc
ceed MaJqJ H Twombly who resigned
that position on Wednesday Mr Rod
rlcks name was presented to the board
by Dr Kmgsman at a special meeting in
Franklin School last night He had the
unanimous recommendation of the Com
mittee on Ways and Means and was chos
en from a group of thirteen candidates
hearly all well qualllied for the duties of
the office Mr Rodrick will enter upon
the duties of his office at once
Major Twombly was granted a leave of
absence for thirty days with pay before
his connection with the board ceases He
was again highly commended for his
splendid work as secretary in the eleven
months he has held that olHce
Mr Rodrick has been for over twenty
years a resident of Washington and dur
ing that entire time has been connected
with the Government Printing Office In
various capacities He is at present a
jopy editor In the specification room A
reputation for energetic business intelli
gence Is what more than anything else
brought fiim the position He lives at 131
Kentucky Avenue southeast and is the
ished condition It is now one of the
most flourishing in Washington due
largely to his successful administration
Those who besides Mr Rodrick were
candidates for the position were G L
Peckham H H Burroughs B W Murch
R A Church H O Hine F F Schrader
Harry Y Domer James E West Clifford
Howard G A Lyon W B Bryan and
Harrison Dingman -
Houghton Milllin Co o New York
publishers of FIskes Hlstpry of the
United States which was recently de
clared to be erroneous in certain chap
ters relating to the civil war have com
municated with the board stating that
Local Crohciy Discussing -the
Feasibility of -Organizing
Much Complaint AriiJ Ii q Snn
lovwi anil Curlintonc Men Who
Do HunIiicns AVI thou t OHiccn
Legislation -May lie Kennetcd
A number of the Important local real
estate brokers are discussing the feasi
bility and desirability of a real estate ex
change or real cstato mens association
for the furtherance cf legitimate busi
ness methods and the protection ofrecog
nized brokers against curbstone men
It is said to be probable that some such
organization will be formed during the
coming summer or autumn
The increase of activity in real estate
during the past few months has been
notable and brokers generally are of the
opinion that the better business is only a
beginning It is figured out that some
thing very like a boom Is due ns busi
ness in almost every other line has been
prosperous xor two yeare or more now
und it is generally not until general pros-
treasurer of Wesley Chapel M E Church 1 perity is well started that real estate be
TUU 1 os4tion lit accepted about ten years J gins to reflect It The prospect of good
ago when the parish was in an impover
times makes brokers doubly anxious to
reap what they consider their fair share
of the rewards It Is stated by a number
of prominent brokers that recent in
stances of unfair if not dishonest meth
ods in the business have een numer
ous and flagrant
The objects of the organization if It Is
formed will be several but they will bo
chiefly along thq in indicated It will be
the endeavor of the association to make
every recognized broker in the District a
member Sundown brokers who sell
real estate as an adjunct to Iiotdfiig office
under the Government wilt be dlscoui
nged in every possible way Curbstone
asking that the restriction against the fail to pay the brokers license will also
Study of the chapters In error be-re- b driven out of the business If nossible
moved The matter was referred to thi It Us nnld that these people operating nsl
Committee on Text Books and the sec they rli v fn lli rltrbl 1 f I
retary of the board was instructed to pre
pare a letter to be sent to publishers who
have revised their text books udvislng
them of the action of the board In lifting-the-
previous embargo
The report of the Committee on Teach
ers and Janitors of which Mrs Mary
Hope West is chairman recommended a
large number of appointments and promo-
Ltlons which were approved They are
given hereafter
The following have been ordered ap
pointed kindergarten principals Miss May
Reynolds Frances Payne Augusta Swan
Jennie P Grady and Daisy Prentice As
assistants the following have been ap
pointed Frances Weems Florence J
ans Edna R Westcott Edith E Wil
liams Irene Bock Edna E Sawyer Lulu
M In the colored kindergar
tens Miss Davis and Florence Williams
have been appointed principals and
Mary II Walker and Clara Shields as
The following teachers now on leave
have been ordered re appointed S B
Holland C C Dessez Ethel Foster Ma
rion Everett Theresa Schoenborn M E
Barney E E Stacey
In the following promotions each teach
er Is advanced to the grade next highfcr
than the one In which now stationed
Second division S E White seventh
S B Brown sixth M JL Hendley fifth
M Breuningcr fourth A M Williams
fourth S Lamborne third H R Evans
third M F English second R E
Fletcher second M M Stockbridge
first H A Deunlson first G E Senior
Third division L M Mcintosh fourth
S C fiooilman third I X Randall
third ts E- Carpenter second A I Lit
tle second M It Burbank second M M
Myers flratjIf A McNally first May
Weide first Mary Kearv Principal Dent
Fiftft division B H Thomn on third
treme heat are RobertfMcFadden forty fB BMukord second M L TrunnellJ
fc first I Turknton fourth cradt to Bus
ness High school a j Lynch tnira ii
M Donovan second
Sixth division E Mueden seventh M
Blanche Pearson sixth E W Malloy
llfth L R Emmerson fourth S J Bor
land third Elizabeth Weedon second H
O Morrison first M Williamson fourth
D C Alwlnenhlrd E B Grahamercc
ond J W Moore first P Mueden
Seventh dvislon C A- Heathmen
sixth N N Atwood fifth A- D Bell
fourth Mathiel Williams second H FH
Ross second H E Bell second A M
Waring nrst E W Tracy second and
third Valeria Marshall first C H Pim
per fourth and fifth Margaret Bayly has
been ordered appointed principal of the
new Takoma Park school and will teach
the seventh and eighth grades
Eighth division A M Farrington
- -v
Ninth division M E Shorter fourth
I R Crusor third J G Westqn first
S Hall second
Eleventh division I I Kinner fifth
grade A V Smith fourth B E Tucker
third A T Brown second M E Morris
first L C Randolph secocd
Miss Hannah Draney has been ap
pointed teacher of the new Manual Train
ing School
HenrcKcntallve of n Dnylon
Talk With the Lender
The conference now being held in Typo
graphical Temple in this city between the
representatives of the National Cash Reg
ister Company of Dajton Ohio and the
Selegafes arpointed by the striking em
pfSyvS of the company was adjourned
shortly after 5 oclock yesterday after
noonLaffer a three hour hesslon and will
1 be resumed at 10 clqck this morning
jLlio pres eni uimcuiues are oems
adjusted to -the satisfaction of both
the Federation of Labor and the com
panys representatives
In speaking of the matter to a Times
reporter Immediately after the adjourn
ment of riie conference Frank Morrison
Secretary of the American Federation of
Labor stated that the Dayton difficulties
had been fully discussed during the meet
ing and excellent progress toward reach
ing an agreement satisfactory to both
sides was being made Further than this
Mr Morrison refused to dlfecus the work
accomplished so far stating that as yet
no definite action had been decided upon
The Dayton difficulty has been one of
several veeks duration and grew out of
the refusal of the officials of the Nation
al Cash Register Company to allow their
employes to labor nine hours per day and
receive compensation for ten hours work
lTpon the refusal of th company to grant
their demands the machinists at once
declared a strike and since that time the
factories of the company have been Idle
In order that the present state of af
fairs might be satlsfactcnly adjusted to
suit both sides it was finally decjfled to
appoint delegates who would ome to this
city for a conference with the American
Federation of Iabor officials to adjust
matters more quickly
In the opinion of many of the parties in
terested in the difficulty the sessIon may
continue a week before a final settlement
wili be reached
Among those who attended yesterday s
session were F H Blckford and A J
Lanver representatives of the National
Cash Register Company E J Lynch of
the Metcl PolUhcn Buffers Platers and
Bras Workers Union of North Ameri
ca John Mulholland President of the
Internatu nnl Association of Allied Metal
Meehanifs S Do iclas Wilson of the
International Association of Machinists
and 1 raiiK Morrison Secretary of the
American Federation of Labor
James OConnell President of the Inter
national Association of Machinists was
to have attended the conference in thib
city but was called to New York yester
day for the purpose of conferring with the
officials cf the Delaware Lackawanna
and Western Railroad toward settling a
strike which has for the past three
weeks bren In progress on that road by
the machinists of the company Mr
OConnell Is represented at the local con
ference however by S Douglas Wilson
Vice Prtfcldentof the liachlnlsts Asso
A Huobnnd Sued for Divorce
A petition for divorce was fllcd cttrday by
Alice n Ihisbcs against lu r liusband Walter
Krwin Hughes on the ground of desertion and
abandonment The parties were married at Dres
den N June 22 1633 and two dajs later
ilrs Hughe legea her husband detrtcd her
Biker Lambert arc named as counsel or the
brokers who nav no rent hnil hn n no
the errors have all been corrected and otlw expenses and In many cases even
the outskirts ofthe business
and under no expense cut commissions
below a living limit and steal business
from each other and the legitimate
brokers with no regard whatever for the
ethics of the prpfesrion
A particularly flagrant method of the
curbstone artists Is to offer property hap
hazard to a possible buyer without the
consent of the owner or knowing that the
owner has placed it In the hands of a reg
ular broker Having found a customer
the curbstone man then sounds the owner
and sometime makes aatle by offering
to accept half the usual commission
Sometimes and frequently of course the
owner refuses to do business except
through his regular broker
Another object of the association will
be to secure a law upon the coming ses
sion of Congress against all such curb
stone methods Of doing business The
State of New York has Just adopted such
a law to go into effect on September 1
and its provisions have been Rtudled care
fully by a number of the local fraternity
The law reads
Section CSPd In cities of the- first and
second class any person who shall offer
for sale any roal property without the f j
written authority of the owner of such
property or of his attorney in fact ap
pointed in- writing or of a person who has
made a written contract for the purchase
Of such property with the owner thereof
f shall 1 guilty of a misdemeanor
it has been suggested that with the Im
portant firms of the District as an association-
asking for such a law Congress
would probably pass it While the individ
ual efforts of brokers acting separately
might not secure that result In years
CcorgfdiiTji Field to Be the Scene of
CjClxlblr Merry MnUingr
Georfjetowh Field has been undergoing
a decided transformation during the past
few days in preparation for the opening
of the lawn fete tomorrow night For four
Jays the campusPwill Tie nightly trans
formed into acene of brilliancy by col
ored electric lights which have been
strung everywhere
The management has practically com
pleted all arrangements for the opening
of the fete The -large dancing platform
has been erected as hasa stand for the
Marine Band which Will render a concert
each night
On the evening of the Fourth of July
there will be an elaborate display of fire
works A special concert by the Marine
Band will be another feature of the holi
A tpecial vaudeville programme nas
been arranged for each evening while the
lawn fete is In progress The programme
for tomorrow and thfe Succeeding evenings
follows Monday Comical songs George
OConnor vocal selection Mrs Edith Mc
Coy White contralto legerdemain and
magic Messrs Euston and Costigan vo
cal selection Philip Lee Scantling bari
tone Tuesday evening Selections George
town University Alumni Quartette vocal
selection Frank Rebstock basso recita
tion James OShea Wednesday Min
strel sketch J C Spottswood and Thom
as Trudden cake walk Thomas Trudden
and Edward McDonald recitation George
Mullahy Thursday Special concert by
the Marine Band and fireworks display
About a dozen booths will be in charge of
ladies who have contributed their ser-
vices A meeting of the following ladles
who will look after the work designated
has beeh called for this afternoon at 4
oclock at fiie college to perfect arrange
ments for the fete Fancy work R T
Worthington University booth Mrs J
Hadley Doyle refreshment table Mrs
George Hyde punch bowl Mrs Patter
son cigar table Miss Mary Beckley
flower table Miss Alice Guy
End of the Fiweal Year Cmitte n
lluoli of ltetenuc IluineK
The clerks employed in the internal
revenue office 707 G Street northwest
were kept very uusy yesterday on ac
count of the renewal of all kinds of li
censes issued by the Internal Revenue
Bureau Nearly all the brokers In Wash
ington appeared In a body at the local
office to renew their licenses bo that they
could continue business tomorrow with
out interference from the internal rev
enue officials Many of the local brokers
paid their license fee for next year many
taking out licence s for brokers No 2
which Is known us the bucketshop license
The leading brokers however who have
connection with the exchange refused to
he classified as brokers No 2 and re
frained from taking out the required li
cense 4
Under -he recent ruling of the In
ternal Revenue Commissioner said a
well knoVn broker any firm or broker
that in not a member of an exchange
comes under the bucketshop head The
leading brokers do not regstrd this ruling
as fair or Juit as it would include such
firms as Lewis Johnson Co Crane
Parrls C Bachman Co and others
who have no seats on the New York ex
change when they do business as brokers
No 2 or bucketshous Hence brokers of
this class did not take out licenses
The Attempted Suicide Removed
tdkfc iJr5
the Ilouwe of Detention
Mrs Mary Dniley who attempted sui
cide Friday a week ago by cutting her
throat with a razor while under arrest
on a charge of shoplifting had sulllcient
Iv recovered yesterday morning to leave
the hospital She was rerovcd to the
House of Detention where she will be
held until Monday
There seems to be some doubt as to
whether she will be placed on trial as It
Is understood that lunacy proceedings
may he instituted instead However the
physicians at the hospital it is stated
were unable to detect any evidence of an
unbalanced mind
A 00 Klre Xenr P Street
A fire In Slate Alley near Thirteenth
and F Streets northwest caused
late yesterday afternoon and n
loss estimated At 500 Flames started In
house MM Slate Alley occupied by John
W Dorsey and owned by Col James
Stong The origin of the fire hns not been
learned A citizen turned In an alarm
from box 172 mnd several engines respond
ed The firemen had no difficulty In put
ting out the blaze
0V4 09044 tOe04
Sonic J i
IV o
Ji -
50 white I Kskirts SII9
T GT of the newest aniT most desirable
white pique Skirt with the new
flounce effect nrif tjrimmpd with one
row of cmtfroidery inserting will ba
Y scJd for quick clearance at SL19
15 4 5 silk waists 98c
X Not many of them not more than la
Iwliicli means that you shall have to
a come early for them They are of fine
Jtnd OesiralflcJanletajsllk and In
lsh effects and colors - buTthey are
S slightly soiled from window display j
hence theygoat Sc -
S 120 wrappers 69c
X A goodly assortment of percalo
X wrappers embracing an assortment of
X 25 different styles and In both light
X nnd dark colors fitted wnist lining
knee flounce perfect and desirable
a Former price of these excellent wrap-
4 pcrs was 1 and 123 Special price CUc
s A truly exceptional offer
5 15c India linen 10c
This excellent grado of sheer Indln
linen that is positively a lZc grade
O Special at 10c yard
125 to
Alexandria Bay Jfew York Tlic finest hotel on
the St Lawrence Ititcr nill open for the re
ception of RUst9 on June 22 1901 For booklet
and terrnn phase address 0 C STAPLES Iliggj
House Washington V C
West Once Arretted IresUlent Grnnt
I for Piwt Driving
William West a negro policeman was
arrested and subsequently suspended from
duty last night by Lieutenant Amiss of
the First precinct station It Is said that
West was disorderly on IC Street near
Eighth Street northwest He Is alleged to
have been drinking- and afterward to have
attempted to beat a negro boy whom he
lid employed to hold his horse while he
was In a saloon nearby
Ilaltliiiorc mid
H Ar O
Saturday uJ Similar June 29 and 30
1901 at 1240 oclock
Return vln
mornlnir Julv 30
IineraI frofn his late residence 1210 S Street
northwest at 5 o tlocK on llonuaj afternoon
July 1 Interment at Hock Creek Cemetery
MOIIONEY Suddenly on Saturday June 29
1801 at 2 oclock icm in lus tumly eighth
ear THOMAS E MOItONEY beloved son of
Marj and tc ate anf1 k OConnor
Notice of funeral hereafter
Charles W CeddeJ eldest daughter of the late
William W Hill of Prince Ueorgc County in
tlie fifty third J ear of her aBe
Iuneral 1 p today from St Joseph a
I1ILEY On Saturday June 29 101 at 7 a in
SARAH A beloved wife of Midiael Jtiley at 001
Maino Avenue houthwest
funeral will take plate at Alexandria 7a on
Monday July 1 1901
COLLINS Departed thU life Fridarnight June
28 1901 at 0 oclock MAKY COLLW3 belorcd
wife of Michael T Collin aged 65 yean
Funeral from her late residence 23 V St nw
Monday morning 830 Mas at St Aloysiuj
Church Uelatlvei and friends invited to attend
j ri5 MrKct Spc
Womens 75c untrimmed J
rough split Jap straw hats Ov
The fashionable summer hat of Rough Split Jap Straw at
less than half Tomorrow we shall sell them in the nobby
Shortback Pan4Vncrfcarr and Exposition shapes in the fashion
able rough split Jap straws all size Shortbacks with high me
diunij and low drowns and medium and wide brims which are
being sold elsewliere at 50c to 75c for 23c
4 and5 trimmed hats 198 -
Those who have atrlmmed hat to buy can congratulate themselves for
having such5 an opportunity as this A lot of lovely trimmed hats- In many
shapes and all colors--hats which formerlv sold for 1 and 3 will be sold-to-morrow
at 193
f -
- 150 trimmed split Jap A An
- strsw shirt waist hats lv -
Enormous lot of the very stylish shirt waist hats trimmed ready to wear
In white with assorted color trimming pink white blue maize red polka dnt
and plain effects in Pan American Exposition Beauty and Floradora shapes
being sold about town -for JlEO f or 41c
75c mousselines 29c yd
All silk moiisWilnas 42 Inches wide
and in all colors will be sold tomor
row at 29c a yard the former price of
this was 75c -
I9c ribbops lie
The handsome soft finish metallic
taffeta ril bons Inches wide and in
all desirable colors lnste d of 10c a
yard as they nro sold elsewhere to-
morrow for ilcyara
I6c for 1 0 yard pieces No I
black satinback velvet
And other widths will be sold at the
following extremely low prices
No 5 1 inch wide tI5c yard
No 7 lit inches wide 7c yard
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No 103 lncheawlde lie yard
25c Persian lawn 12c
At just half the original figure this
lot of white Pelslqn lawn will be put
on sale Its of excellent grade and
canno be duplicated about town for
less -than 25c Special 12Jc yards
1000 yds I2c nr
Batiste Lawn 2V
This- lot of Ood grade colored batiste
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a large assortment of pretty
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fects in dotted figured and striped
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checked and striped patterns The
grade for which others are asking 8c
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Telephone Service
The value of a telephone depends on
the number of subscribers you can com
municate with
The Ciiesapeaie anfl Potomac
According to Policeman McDonnell 5ndJ May I 1899
others west spent some lime in uismers
saloon last night while a colored boy held
a hgrse attached to a carriage without
Finally Wot came out pf the place it Is
said the worse for llauor He threw 5
cents at the boy who remonstrated at the
amount West then is alleged to have be
come abusive and to have gone across the
street to thrash the youth who dared
to question his liberality While the
thrashing was going on Policeman Mc
Donnell took a hand as did others and
the patrol wagon was summoned
On arriving at the First precinct station
Lieutenant Amis decided to suspend
West from duty The negro wore a part
of his uniform His badge and club wero
turned over to Lieutenant Amiss Later
In the night he was permitted to deposit
collateral for his appearance for trial
Policeman West has been on the force
for many years It is recalled that while
General Grant was president the latter
was once arrested by the negro police
man on a charge of faHt driving Pres
ident Grant went to the station and de
posited collateral and was released Im
mediately Afterward he commended
West for his action in the case West Is
now stationed on post duty near the jail
May I 1897
Wlay 1 1898
ftflay I 1900
May I 1901
May 20 1901
5 J 59
From 5c a day up
From IOc a day up
For Particulars address
TlieCliesancake Potomac Telephoned
Telephone Main 1S93
Mens 15 True
Blue American
Serge Flannel
Suits to Order
505 7th St N W
Washington Paris
Among the interesting eihibiU
at tlie late ParU Exposition was a
fine display of Ilorick Air Cushion
Trusei of all kinds supporters
and various appliances for men
women and children from 1221
F fct N W which took the high
est award over all competitors
American and foreign Tlie Ilorick
Air Cushion Truss Company leads
the world Tuo weeks trial Two
years cuaranfec Catalogue and
consultation free 1221 F St N
UAilULn treatment no knife plaster or
rain Book and Testimonials mailed FltEE CAN-
75c underwear 39c 4
Odd lot of gowns -drawers corset
covers skirts and chemise of excellent
quality Gowns made Empire Moth
er Hubbard and V shape some with
embroidery and lace trimming somo
with hemstitched yokes drawers havo
wide flounces of embroidery and tucks
corset covers of good grade cambric
lace andiembroldery trimmed some
exccllontTrrades of chemise
and skirts Slightly mussed
Goods that are posltU cly 75c fjj W
values for
39c lot underwear I7c
Odds nnd ends of corset covers
childrens dresses and childrens
drawers will be put on sale tomorrow
for 17c All positively 23c values -These
are alt perfect afld desirable gar
ments Corset covers tnade of good
grade cambric trimmed afound ntck
and armholes with narrow embroidery
another style lace trlmmeI drawers
umbrella style trimmed with 4 lncIi1
cambric ruffle yoke bands cut gen
erously run cnuaren s draw
ers all sizes prettily trim-
med with embroidery tucks
above all are made of su
perior gTade of musijn
8c ribbed vests 5c
One case of Swiss ribbed vests with
drawing tapo in neck full size at Sc
a good value Special for 5c An ex
ceptional offer
49c sheets 36c
25 doz extra good quality sheets all
hand torn and ironed wliihem size
63x90 An excellent grade for ic and
cannot be duplicated for less In other
stores Special 36c
I2c pillow cases 7gc
0 dozen cotton pillow cases extra
good grade wide hems size U5x4j for
mer price wa3 liJSc Our special price
of 7J3c Is a remarkable one
Boys 50c blouses 39c
One lot of boys percale blouses em
bracing a variety of different pat
terns some have side pockets sizes
range from 5 to H years Former price
was 50c Special for 23c
Childs 25c skirts 1 5c
Bargains like these are few and far
between cambric skirts with wide
hems well made and good grade also
a few waists with pretty lace trim
ming sizes from 1 to 1 years were
25c tomorrow for 15c
Caps and Hats up to 75c 10c
One lot of Infants caps and ats
that are slightly soiled from handling-
that ore SOc and jjc grades will be
offered for 10c each while they last
Some are prettily trimmed with lace
some French style others high
fronts In all an exqellent assortment -
cne opportunity scouiant pe misseu
50c dresses 21c
This assortment of childs colored
dresses is In sizes from 1 to 6 years
Well made and prettily trimmed Some
with ruffles over shoulder fancy braldf
trimmed forming V effect In dark
blue and red Think of getting the
regular 50c grade for21c Is it not a
SI25 waists 69c
This lot of high grade waists are
made of white India linen of excellent
grade an assortment of the
seasons desirable effects over 5 dlf
Tfcrent styles from which to select
some hemstitched others with tucked
fronts and backs all have Bishop
sleex es and full fronts were excel
lent grades aMl and J325 The special
price of Be offers a remarkable oppor
free -with
earance sale previous to stock taking
Another gigantic slaughter of prices an unprecedented sacrifice of profits to reduce stock to the minimum
before we take stock in the middle of July Such bargains have never been offered as we will offer during this
short period beginning tomorrow morning at both stores
13000 untrimmed hats
formerly sold up to SI
v 0 greater hat offering has ever been made than this One
thousand or thereabouts of womens misses and childrens
untrimmed liatsj which sold formerly for as high as 1 will be
thrown out on centre tables and sold at the sensational price of
Gc each The assortment embraces plain and fancy straws
iGiiable shortbacksxancakes picture hats Hats c including all
the latest and thoroughly fashionable effects some made on wire
frames some machine stitched Choice Gc
Crash skirls 29c
50 of those -very popular tin-
en Crash Skirts full width and t
made with deep hems instead
of 100 for 29c tomorrow
Summer skirts 95c
A lot of very stylish Tlain and
Polka Iot Skirts and Covert
Skirts black blue tan grey
and brown with flounce and
new flare the same garment
selling at 2 elsewhere for 9oc
A9S for womens
SI0 to 518 suits
Lot of Spring Suits of The
lihndsome and most fashionable
fabrics and thoroughly fashion-
able which formerly sold for
10 to 1S and most suitable
for people going farther north
will be offered for 498
S3 shift waist suits 98c
A small lot of Womens Two-
piece Shirt Waist Suits in pink
TiliiCj and lavender in all sizes t
and well made and ffnishjed at
9Sc - - I
19c hosiery 12c t
One lot of good grade black and
white showing pretty dotted striped
and fleur de lis patterns The regular T
13c grades for I2c pair J
39c hosiery 25c
23 dozen lmpprted drop stitch lisle
thread hose showing 5 different styles
of pretty new effects Usually 23c
Special price 23c
Notion sale 2c
Excellent opportunities are offered In j
this line of 5c rtotionfc your selection T
for 2c each of thehlowtng Best T
make safety pins hooks and eyes 2 r
dozen on card Kings best sewing x
cotton IPO yard spool silk Turkish i
wash rugs 2- papers- of hair pins 2
plain cnnkledrand invisible ball of J
colored darning cotton 2 boxes of X
black pins
SI spreads 79c
One lot of honeycomb 1 bedspreads
of good grade ejetra beavy showing
pretty Mafselllea patterns Aigradefor
which others rf itskini sitt nr
ior 79c Intelligent buyers will be- T
L - T
prompt in accepting this opportunity
12 towels 8c
50 dozen Turkish bath towels size
40x20 fringe colored borders extra
heavy weight positively 12Uc values
for Sc
IOc Towels 6c
40 dozen honeycomb towels and a lot
of Turkfrfb towels with colored bor
der The grade forwhich others are
asking 10c We offer for 6c
Val laces 2c yd
Lot of Vat laces and Honiton and
point desprit edges and irsertings in
match sets scroll and other effects
double and single beading designs In
assorted widths 2c yard
o4ee69 j 4 4Gi je
During July and August this store clcJses atoip
in Saturdays at 1 pm
As usual goingsdarffully through our stock
piece by piece we discover many articles that have
been overlooked during the pastbusy season It
has also shown us in which lines we are too heavily -loaded
and it has furthermore brought us a realiz
ing sensp that summer is upon us and it is high
time to be disposing of summer goods
During tlie coming week we shall hold a sort o
elearing up sale in which all summer goods such
as Refrigerators Mattings Baby Carriages will
figure prominently and a whole lot otodds and
ends will be included Xeedless to say that prices
are very much reduced Credit if you wish
901 903 Seventh St Corner of I Eye Street
MASONIC A special communication of New
Jerusalem Lodse No 9 F A A M will be
held MONDAY JlIY 1 1001 at Masonic
Temple at 130 oclock p in for the purpose
of attending the funeral of our late brother
George llrcitbarth Brethren of sister lodges are
invited tp attend Dy order of W M W E
SPECIAL NOTICE Tlie Coreoran Gallery of Art
will be closed to the public from JULY 1 to
OCTOBEIt 1 1P01 Include V B McCCIRE
HEMOVAL NOTICE Bee to Inform my friends
and the public that I hare rnored my office
from No GU F St nw to C27 E st nw FKED
C C1ESEKING Heal Estate Loans and Insur
Greater boon to man llian wealth
Warners Safe Cure gives him health
Undertaker nnd LI very
832 Penn Arc N W AVasliIrcton D
In the Heart o Brosdway
Broadway and Forty first Street New York
Five minutes from Grand Central Station Five
minutes from Central Park A good hotel whera
a hearty welcome awaits you and reasonable
prices prevaiL
Fireproof Centrally Located European Tlan
Visitors to Buffalos Great Exposition -who con
template a trip to New York City are invited
to correspond Trfth us in advance regarding ac
commodations etc If COMING to New York a
telegram at cur expense to secure apartments wilt
facilitate UOBACE E ROOD
- i

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