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The Question of Legal Power to
TakoTcstiinojivin the Island
Slinnixh Treaty Claims CoiiiiiiIhnIou
lfearn ArjituiieiitK tin Itn UiKlit to
Receive nvliluncc Outside tlic Unit
td tiite Uriel of tlie Lnwycm
If a conjecture of the probable ruling
of the Spanish Treaty Claims Commls
blon in reference to the important ques
tion of the power of the Commission to
take testimony beyond the territorial
limits of the United States may be haz
arded from the apparent disposition of a
majority of the Commissioners as ex
pressed in questions and in direct state
ments of opinion during- the discussion of
the subject at a hearing held yesterday
it is safe to conclude that the Commis
sion will find that it has no such power
TJ19 hearing was a lengthy one lasting
from 11 oclock in the morning with a
llrief interval for luncheon until well af
ter 4 oclock All motions before the---
Commission were soon disposed of and
the question of taking testimony in Cuba
initiated by the Commission with a re
quest for -expressions of opinion from the
jurists interested Jn the prosecution of
clairns before the Commission was token
-Frederick D ilelCnncy Benjamin
Jiicou of the law innbf Herbert
licou Frederick Beall and Messrs
Jlorse and Rogers assistant attorneys
representing the government took part
in the discussion All argued in favor- of
the affirmative oflhe proposition- holding
that the Commission had- the requisite
power to take testimony in Cuba The
accord of the Government and of the
torneys representing claimants on this
proposition -was a strange condition made
no less so by the apparent opposition of
that majority of the Commission which
gave any expression of views to the
position taken by thelawyers in their
Mr Chandler President of the Com
mission did not hesitate to stateat one
lime during the hearing his conviction
that the Commission had no power to
take testimony A grave defect in the
law creating the Commission in Its in
completeness in not properly defining the
powers of the Commission no doubt ex
ists and should the Commission llnally
rulc that it has no power to take testi
mony without the limits of the nlted
States further legislative action to af
ford that power or to extend the power
to take testimony and inflict direct pen
alties for perjury will be Invoked
The Government Jn the scholarly argu
ment prescntedTUy Mr Morse who seem
ed less disposed to view the question at
Issue from the standpoint of self interest
as did the attorneys representing claim
antsbut rather as a question of fact to
be elucidated claimed nothing more in
favor of his position on the question than
that the present relations of Cuba and
the United States gave the Commission
lull power to take testimony He did not
believe that the Commission had any
power to Inflict penalties for perjury con
Tnitted before the Commission or Its rep
resentatives whether here or abroad
and hazarded the opinion that the Com
mission had no power at all to enforce
any oX its mandates
The hearing was held in the Commis
sion room and commenced shortly after
II oclock William E Chandler presi
dent Gerrlt J Diekema James Perry
AVood William A Maury and William L
Chambers comprising the full Commis
Eion were all present Upon the entrance
of the Commissioners to the Commission
room the assembled attorneys rendered
for the first time the -courtesy of rising
and standing until the Commission was
In the absence of the Assistant Attorney
General William E Fuller the Govern
ment was represented by the assistant
attorneys Messrs Morse Rogers and
Charles F Jones of Indiana Mr Jones
Is a newly appointed assistant attorney
and -was introduced to the Commission
on this his ilrst appearance before it
Among the attorneys representing
claimants present were Benjamin J Ml
ou Frederick Beall Levi S House C S
Walton H Randall Webb Mr Van Dyke
representing Coudert Bros W C Wells
Frederick D McKenney and others
On the call of the Governments motion
to dismiss the Maine cases for want of
Jurisdiction Mr Morse explained that in
the absence of Mr Fuller and In view of
the fact that the opposing attorneys were
not prepared to argue the motion he
wished It postponed This position was
mildly opposed by the lawyers represent
ing claimants but the Commission direct
ed the reading of the reply to the Gov
ernments motion setting forth that the
Governments course should have been a
motion in demurrer and not a motion to
No argument was heard by the Com
mission and the motion was postponed
subject to the call qf the Commission or
agreement of counsel -
After several minor motions Jfiid been
disposed of the Commission presented the
question propounded in regard to the pow
er to take testimony without the United
Mr McKenney presented a brief com
prising sixteen pages of primed matter
upon which he proceeded to elaborate or
ally He prefaced his remarks with a re
view of th2 situation created by the
treaty of peace laying stress on the
acreemrnt of the United States to adju
dicate and settle the claims of its citi
zens against Spain The Commission had
been created by Congress in order as
Mr McKenney noted to properly dis
charge the obligations assumed and im
posed by the treaty stipulation and upon
it had ben conferred Jurisdiction to re
ceive examine and adjudicate all claims
according to the merits of the several
cases the principles of equity and of In
ternational law Such duty held Mr Mc
Kenney and jurisdiction was not and is
not limited to some of the claims speci
Mx MiCKj argued that the Commission
had full Judicial powers that making
false swearing before it perjury could not
under any construction of law limit It
to the United States in taking testimony
that all courts and all previous commis
sions of International aw rd took testi
mony aU over the -world aud had never
been restricted to the countries whete
they w re situated because false swearing
before these tribunals constituted perjury
that judicial tribunals were never created
by1 haUfH and the power to determine
carried the power to examine untram
jneled by either the possibility or the
probability that witnesses swearing false
ly might go unwhfpped of justice
argind and cited authorities that
perjurj in proceedings before this Com
mlsftivi In fuba could be punished In the
Unlt d Ftatcs Just as well as if commit
ted h r that therewas a power to pun
ish and thit as to any greater df I Acui
ties in lmig the ofttndf r the con
Btru tic- of th statuf had nothing to
do with thrft though practically there
-would b i advantage in examining the
wltnepe 1 1- hrt berause p rjjry could
rarely 1 dttd during lis commission
needing t Mlmonv of two witnesses
to convict and arrest would rarely be
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3iiiqlajMByjfeWj JyfgiBjlHlgt
justified before the witness left the coun
try that once gone extradition would bo
eis neccss ary before punishment when
the witness swore falsely here as -when he
did so in Cuba
Mr Mlcou held that every advantage
favored taking the testimony In Cuba as
neither the claimants nor the Govern
ment could compel the attendance of wit
nesses here and to require the testlmony
lo be taken here would give material ad
vantage to claimants having the means
to bring their witnesses to the United
States that tne truth could best be got
ten at by examinations in Cuba where
J the Witnesses lived where their reputa
tions were Known ami wnere tne losses
occurred tlut in Cuba there was greater
opportunity libth to get at the facts nec
essary to decide these cases jtfsciy and
intelligently and also to detect ihc of
fence of perjury if committed
Following Mr Mlcou Mr Beall spoke
briefly regarding the relations of Cuba
to the United States as such as would
permit the taking of testimony as If
within the territory of the United Suites
Mr Beall quotl the ruling of the Su
preme Court that Cuba was held In trust
and asserted the principle that Cuba was
to all effect in the position of a con
quered country the United States having
guaranteed to protect life and property
in Cuba had also pledged itself tp take
care of these claims which were property
Upon reconvening after the noon inter
mission Mr Morfce stated that he had
been given a fragmentary brief by Mr
Fuller the Assistant Attorney General
before the latters departure- with Instruc
tions to add thereto any point that he
should consider of moment in throwing
light upon the situation Mr Morse then
read Mr Feillers views which may be
summarized as follows That the act
creating the Commission needed amend
ment in several parts that he did not
wish to be understood as holding that
testimony could not be taken and received
under the act but that testimony could
not be taken anywhere in any case before
a Commissioner and the Commission had
no power to execute its mandates Con
tinuing on his own lines Mr Morse pro
ceeded to state that the anomalous posi
tion of Cuba must be regarded as having
especial value Its political relations to
the United States he considered impor
tant The poll ical relation however he
acknowledged was continually changing
and what were now the conditions he be
lieved might be entirely different when
the time for taking testimony should ar
The act stated Mr Morse gave the
Commission authority to adjudicate and
unless limited by some of the act was
sulllclent Theprescribed authority of the
Commission to appoint commissioners to
take -testimony he construed to suggest
that testimony was to be taken elsewhere
than In the United States From the
contents of section 7 of the act the Com
mission Mr Morse said might conclude
that it had the power to take testimony
In Cuba but no power to inflict penalties
Mr Morse made his chief point in con
clusion -stating that under present condi
tions to which the s cope of the Com
mission must be confined Cuba was un
der the dominion of the United States
and under this condition the United
States through the Governor General
had full power to extend the penalties
provided in the act for the punishment of
perjury to the island
Mr Morse was frequently interrupted
by the Commissioners Mr Chandler de
fined the situation at one time as follows
The whole question is whether there Is
anything in the act -which limits the pow
er of the Commission in taking testi
mony Again Mr Chandler explicitly
voiced his opinion that he doubted if the
act gave a commissioner appointed by the
Commission the power to take testimony
out of the United States Again Mr
Chandler asserted that the only point Is
whether the Commission can take testi
mony in Cuba and inflict penalties and
compel its mandates Judge Maury and
Mr Chandler both suggested that Mr
Morse differed with the opinions of Mr
Fuller as expressed in the brief prepared
by Mr Fuller and presented by Mr Morse
Judge Chambers saed what might have
been an uncomfortable situation by a
kindly suggestion that Mr Fullers brief
was nothing more than a fragment
Mr Rogers for the Government pre
sented the final argument commenting on
the fact that the attorneys for claimants
dnd the representatives of the Govern
ment were unanimous in their opinion
that not to take testimony in Cuba In
support of claims would be a denial of
justice lie discussed the difficulties ot
securing within the United States evi
dence in support of claims
Mr Rogers nrgued that Cuba was not
necessarily foreign territory and could
be considered as part of the United
States for the purposes of the Commis
sion in taking testimony Mr Roger
was asked by one of the Commissioners
of what country then he considered the
Cubans citizens and provoked a smile
by his facetious reply that they were
citizens of the -world
After the hearing the Commissioners
held a closed conference lasting a con
siderable time
The Xct of CirciuiiNtitntlnl Evidence
licliigr Drawn Tighter
reported here that Russell Van Arsdalc
arrested In Richmond and yesterday held
by the Warwick County coroners jury
charged with the murder of his great-uncle
Robert Kelly is the son of a clergy
man of N J and Is a Rut
gers College man
He is said to have come South because
of iis wlldness
The grand jury will probably be drawn
Monday to take up Van Arsdales case It
is expected that a speedy trial will fol
The story of the murder is pretty gen
erally known and Van Arsdales move
ments since last Sunday when he visited
the old man at his home on Deep Creek
and when he says he received from him
the watch which was found on hla jerson
when he was arrested in Richmond have
been published There are certain phases
of his supposed connection with the crime
however which are not so well known
Russell Van Arsdale lived on Scones
Dam with his mother and his brother
George It is known that for the past
week or so he had no money Sunday he
and his brother visited the Kelly broth
ers Samuel Kelly stated his Intention of
leaving for a few days to visit relatives
at Xorth Newport News The next
morning at 7 oclock Samuel Kelly left
after bidding his brother good bye About
noon that day Robert Kelly was struck
from behind with a large axe two vicious
blows being dealt on his head
It has been established that the murder
er of Kelly worked side by side with him
cutting wood Just before the crime There
are still two wood idles standing In front
of tlie house Where the body fell near
one of the piles was found a large hatch
et which the old man was evidently using
when struck Close by was the bloody
axe which did tlie work The presumption
is that the other man crept up behind
Kelly or stood over him while he was
stooping and delivered the cruel blows for
the purpe se of robbing him of his money
Young Van Arsdale s clothes were not
of the best prior to his departure from
his home Monday morning at 3 oclock
but when arrested In Richmond It is
stated he wore good clothes new clothes
He has not yet explained why It was that
it the old man gve him his watch as
he claims hi- did not give him the chain
also Xejr the trunk which had been
pried open with a large chisel was found
the chain belonging to Robert Kelly This
was Tuesday night The coroner s Jury
regarded it as blrajige that the watch
chain should be on the floor outside of
the trunk when the watch was In Van
Arsdales pocket
Now comes tfre statement that Sheriff
Curtis brought back from Richmond with
his prisoner the shirt which Van Ars
dale removed in Jail or bomewhpre elso
prior to putting on new clothes and that
this shirt shows evidences of fresh blood
It is reported that another person was
seen in the same vicinity on the day of
the murder and it is possible that he may
be arrested as a material witness it not
as a suspect The direction of the au
thorities searching enquiries however
would Indicate that they are not so sure
that this person knows anything about
th crime
The prisoner Is not so composed In his
c H at the Warwick jail as he was when
arrested In Richmond and brought to the
court house
It Is said that he Is apparently laboring
undtr a great nervous sttaln He Is being
closely watched
Tvo GirJs In Jollce Court
rtosa Uroan and Daisy Johnson colored wlio
sal dtliey me and seventeen joars old
respectively were In the Police Court jestenlay
charged with dltorJcfly conduct Tlic Johnson
girl was lined i0 and in de fault went to the
uorkhousc for sixty days Judge Kimball ecnt
IIwl Drown to the Home of Detention to make
further enquiry as to her 9pC
Eqircss Train Passengers Narrow
Escape in Baltimore
Uncles mill Mnson Work Full Down
on the loiiiiKjlviiiiln ItnlHvuy
TradCK One of the Cnrs
o One Injured in the Accident
BALTIMORE June -29 A yawning
chasm as though made by an earthquake
extends clt aracrpss Hoffman Street near
Central Avenue and runs west for nearly
half a block toward Hartford Avenue
The houses on each side seem perilously
close to the brink and should any fur
ther cave in occur they would be precipi
tated into the cavity below
The chasm -was mnde by the falling In
about 130 oclock this morning of a part
j of the TTnion Railroad tunnel roof The
1 tunnel Is used and controlled by the
sylvanla Railroad Comxan y The exact
I cause of theaccident is not yet Known
but It Is supposed to have beenfrom some
defective arch of the tunnel resulting
probably from the lpse of time and the
constant vibration caused by the passing
of heavy trains
i A wonderful escape from death or se-
rlous injury was experienced by the pas
j sengers and crew of an express train
which was caught by the falling debris in
the tunnel As it was not one received
so much as a scratch The train was the
regular northbound express which leaves
I the union station at 10S oclock in the
morning Jt consisted of six baggage and
express cars and three passenger coaches
As far as can be learned the avalanche
of earth and locks caught the third ex
press car The train was not running at a
high rate of speed and the jar was not
severe The engineer stopped his locomo
tive as ejulckly as possible and with his
fireman made his way to the Gay Street
signal tower where the word was sent
to the Union station without the occu
pants being aware of the danger through
which they had passed The three rear
express enrs were also pulled out and
serrr through to Philadelphia
Engineers and workmen sent into the
tunnel found the passageway completely
blocked from side to side and from bed to
roof by a mass of earth and rocks The
tracks for some distance on each side of
the break were epvered with about three
feet of mud caused by the inrush of wa
ter from the broken main In the bed of
the street Several hundred mon were at
once set to work on both sides of the
break in the tunnel and In the street
above to repair the damage It Is thought
trains ian be run through In about forty
eight hours but it will be more than a
weekbefore that sectipn of the tunnel can
be rebuilt and the hole in the street filled
The Pennsylvania Railroad officials at
once made arrangements to use the Belt
Railroad tracks from Bayvievv Junction to
Mount Royal Station and all trains be
tween Baltimore and Northern points are
being run In that way Trains to Wash
ington arc run direct lrom the Union sta
tion as usual Through passengers are
transferred between Union and Mount
Royal stations by busses
Officials of the railroad company refused
to make even an approximate estimate of
the money damage It -would seem
though that it cannot fall much below
25 000 and it may reach a much higher
figure The break caused consternation
among the residents on the surface and
the street was quickly filled with a crowd
which stared curiously into the cavern
The water main was broken and from
each jagged end poured a Hood of water
which swirled about and ran down us
through a gigantic funnel It was about
two hours before the water was shut off
and this undoubtedly had the effect of
greatly enlarging the hole
He AllcRi s That u Hoxpltnl IlefiiNcs
to Receive His Patients
Dr Le Roy R Stoddard yesterday filed
a petition in the Supreme Court of tho
District asking that a writ of mandamus
be Issued against the trustees of the Na
ticnal Homeopathic Association of Wasir
ington D C to compel them to receive
his patients for treatment at that insti
It Is stated in the petition that in May
last Dr Stoddard tendered his resignation
as assistant resident phj siefan of the hos
pital to the board of trustees and it was
accepted He severed his olliclal connec
tion with the Institution on June 1 last
he says and soon after sent a private
patient there for treatment About a
week later Dr Stoddard stat s he was
Informed by resolutions -adopted by the
board of trustees that In the future his
patients would not be received
Ignoring that notice he states that on
Thursday last he made application for
the admlssltm of one of his patients to
the Homeopathic Haspltal He says this
application was denied He now seeks the
aid of tlie court and asks that the trus
tees of the institution be made to show
cause why they refuse to admit his pa
tients for treatment
Ralph Jenkins Charles Lyman
Charles B Bailey Henry Wells Sara A
Sjiencer Lucy Quniffe Samuel S Shedd
Anna K Wight James G Hill Arthur A
Birney and Thomas L MacDonald con
stituting the board of trustees of the Na
tional Homeopathic Asrociaiion are
named as defendants in the proceedings
Tracy L Jeffords and G P Chase are
counsel for Dr Stoddard
Gatcliel Ahkx 10100 DninnKet for
Suit was Instituted yesterduy against
Moses SInshelmer and John A Barnes by
James Fred Gatchel to recover 10000
claimed as damages for false arrest and
It is alleged that on June 8 1901 SIns
helmer at the suggestion and -direction
of Barnes alleged that Gatchel stole a
horse and buggy valued at 150 the
property of SInshelmer
It is also rtated that SInshelmer at the
instigation of Rarnes procured a war
rant from Justice of the Pence A S Tay
lor for the arrest of Gatchel and as a
result he was taken Into custody and Im
prisoned for a period of right hours On
the following day Gatchel states that he
gave bail for his appearance In the Police
Court toranswer tlie charge against him
but the assistant attorney for the Unit
ed States rcSuMMl tj Issue an Information
against hImon the evidence presented to
him and caused the prosecution to be
abandon ed
Brandenburg Brandenburg are named
as counsel for the plaintiff
Tin- circumstances which led to the ar
rest of Gatchel are substantially as fol
lows On June 8 last GutCiI desiring to
purchase a horse and buggs made known
thlc with to SInshelmer Tho latter had a
horse and buggy which Gatchel thought
would suit him and which he took for a
trial spin Hedld not start however
until some time after the horse and buggy
had been turned over to him by SInshelm
er He was late In returning and SIns
helmer becoming alarmed over the ab
sence of Gatchel with the horse reported
the matter to the police A hen the mat
ter came up for hearing in the Police
Court the charge against Gatchel was
promptly dismissed
Recovering- Slowly Hut ZVot Allowed
to Sec Friends
Samuel Gompers President of the Amer
ican Federation if Labor who was
seriously injured by falling from a street
car last Thursday evening in consequence
of which he Is under the medical care of
Dr Edward Balloon was said to be test
ing easy last night though still under the
influence of natcotio
lir Gompers homr 327 II Street north
cast was besieged all dny yesterday by
personal friends and members of the asso
ciation of which he has been the presi
dent for so many years anxious to en
quire nbout his health Mr Gompers is
confined to his room and by direction or
his physician no one is allowed to see him
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overland tre it 1or the week cmlins July C
1001 the las - meeting closes will be made from
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ler s s Alleghany
DUTCH and FItENCH GUIANA per s s Fbn
tabelle from New York Mail for GRENADA
and TRINIDAD must be directed ler s s Fon
c At 1105 p m for MEXICO per s s
Orixaba from New York via Tampico Mail must
be directed Per a s Orizaba
TriuiH Iuvlfiu Mnlli
Mails for CHINA and JAPAN via Vancouver
close here dally at 6S0 p m up to July 2 in
clusive for despatch per e s iiipres of China
Registered mail must be dir Via Van
couver o
Mails for CHINA and JAPAN via Seattle close
here daily at ft30 p in up to July 3 inclusive
for despatch per s s Kamakam Mam Regis
tered mail must be directed JVSa Seattle-
IPPINE ISLANDS via San Francisco close
here daily at 30 p in up to July 1 inclusive
for despatch per a n Doric o
Mails for AUSTRALIA except AVest Australia
vvhUh is forwarded via Europe NEW ZEALAND
FIJI VMOA and HAWAII via San Francisco
close hor ttaily at 030 p m up to July 8 in
elusive for despatch pers s Sierra o
Malls for CHINA and JAPAN via Tacoma
eloe here daily at 030 p m up to July 11
for despatch per s Uraemar o
IPPINE ISLANDS via San Francisco close here
dally at 030 p m up to July 12 inclusive for
despatch per s a Nippon Maru o
Mails for HAWAII via San Francisco close here
daily at 6S0 p m up to July 15 for despatch
per s s Zealandia o
Mails for AUSTRALIA pxeept West Australia
which goes via Europe and New Zealand which
K0cvia San Francis and FIJI ISLANDS via
Vancouver close here daily at 030 p m after
July B and up to July 20 inclusive for de
spatch per s k Aorangi o
Mails for COCHIN CHINA are forvvardwl to
New York for connection with European steam-
spalched to San Francisco at all closes for that
ofllce to connect with Government transports the
sailings of which are irregular
h Registered mails close at 1 p in same ilay
c Reglsfered maiLs doe at 8 p m same day
dHesIJtereii mails sloso at 8 a m 6ame day
c Registered mails elosc at 1 p m previous
f Registered mails close at 1 ps m previous
h RegUtcrcd mails close at 12 p at previous
W Registered mails close at 8 p m previous
10 ltegistereti mans cioie at u ii uu icww
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IWUl 4 llJhl4
Three Days More
of Straw Hats Sale
With the addition of the line of samples that were added on Saturday we
can continue this most exceptional and extraordinary selling of Straw Hals at
least until closing time on Wednesday next
The variety will be almost as unstinted and generous as at any time since
the sale began and ttle sizes are quite complete This will stand as the ban
ner Straw Hat offering of this or any past season
Choice of Hats actually
worthi75r for -
Choice of Hats actually
worth up ta 4 for
Genuine Golden
Oak finished Ice
Ctlest lined with
galvanized Iron
tilled with charcoal
sheathing ball
l e i r 1 n g rollers
Cash or Credit
An elegant line of
h a n ds o m o oak
Chiffonier- Carved
back five drawers
Worth even bit of
350 Cash or Cred
The largest and
most extensive as
sortment of Go
carts In the city A
special Reclining
Go cart well
made and a 7 val
ue Cash or Credit
14T5 and 1850 for 4000 and 7500 Bicycles
Photo Specials
Wizard A Double Lens Box
Cameras with bellows S Q6
and bulb worth 510 - 7 U
Saks Dry Plates size QAC
by 5 dozen JU
Lovell dry plates size 1 QflC
by 5 dozen t J u
Ray Fitters worth 25 CC
cents i 5
Printing frames sizes QC
up to i by 5 or
Hypo pound package AC
Seeds developing pow- 9C
ders pure and fresh 6 for 6
Photones albums nf Qc
grey worth 15c for -
Fishing Tackle
75 foot Potomac Cass 5QC
Fishing Lines J 7
75 frot Saks Pickanny Ac
Lines V
Sl foot Braided Cotton QC
Lines O
Multiplying Reels hold- QC
Ing 10 yards of line
syolnt Bamboo Rods - J
2 JoInt Calcutta Rods
with reel seat and nickel QQC
handle O
3 Joint Lancewood Rods Oy
Bathing Suit
- Specials
Boys 2 picco Cotton
Jersey Bathing Suits
Boys Bathing Trunks
Mens 2 plece Bathing
Suits fast color
Mens Fancy Striped SI
Suits Sneclal 1
Boys Coton Jerseys
fancy striped
sted Jerseys worth 1
3 Special
4 ply Cotton Hammocks very
strong and durable the best
low priced Hammock in 50
Large size Cotton Hammocks
with pillow and spreader no
where else for less than QQC
1 Special O
Hammocks in gay colors with-
fringe on side extra long and
wide Special price SI Cfi
Saturday 1JU
Success measured by response that is quickly accomplishing the end aimed at by such de
cisive sacrificing The loss does not concern you The invitation to take your choice of Suits
that have been culled right out of our regular stock where they have been selling up to 15
was flatly and unequivocally given and as literally accepted We earnestly want to lower
the quantity so we can viiw the rapidly thinning counters with satisfaction
You find the magnet a true one the values eminently worthy of your consideration
One word Saks Suits guaranteed that You find the quality strength underestimated for
w6 have quoted the reductions as they actually are not the comparative values Day before
yesterday youd have paid up to 15 for these same Suits the best in the land for the meney
Tomorrow You Take Your
Choice for
There are Fancy and Mixed Cassimeres and Tweeds
And too there are Plain Blu Serges and Plain Black and
Blue Cheviots
There is every size from smallest to largest
We have been thoughtful and painstaking in our provision Asking every mans attention we have provided for every
mans taste and size as we know it- And who knows better or what sock can supply the requirements so well
Tomorrow is the second day as good for choosing as was Saturday
iw - - ra a ffixr5 o
RoimtTi HiaassT un
i gJHoaiygs iism sss
3 99 fiUrB X
4 sywwiia
Profits Thrown to the Winds f
Unbeatable Furniture Values That
Can Be Had for Cash
A fine line of sol
den oak finished
Refrigerators lined
with charcoal
sheathing hand
some cast brass
trimmings Cash
or Credit
A special bargain
that cant be equal
ed elaewhere Made
Qf good design
bevel plate mirror
Vorth 15 Cash or
The finest and
biggest values in
the city for the
money Handsome
ly carved finished
with fine plate mir
ror 15 value
Cash or Credit
Closing out our entire line of fine Upholstered Baby Car
riages at half and less than half regular prices
Ail 10 Carriages S408 I All 6 Carriages S2i98
Jsurks I
JQJ3J0J5 Seventh Street 9f lit

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