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Bryan Tells Why Republicans-Will
Hold Aloof
IjCt Well Cnouh Alone ilic
In Good TIiiich l cnr to Make Con
ditions Worse AVIicn Adversity
Comes XclirnxkniiM Duy lu Town
lion William Jennings Bryan arrived
bcrp yesterday morning from Philadelphia
and registered at the Metropolitan Hotel
After hruBhlnE the dust of travel from
his clothing he partook of a light break
fast and then proceeded to the house of
bis friend Cotter Bride with whom he
spent the forenoon and took dinner
After dinner Mr Bryan called on several
Nebraska friends and remained with
them until 630 p m when he left for
the boat to so to Newport Ndws Va
where he will lecture this evening
At the wharf he was met by a reporter
for The Times Before the reporter
could ask a question Mr- Bryan taid
Well what news have you to tell me
And then be luughed
Come onjthe boat with me he added
and I will talk with you I havent
bought my ticket yet By this time
quite a number of passengers had ar
rived and as many recognized the
Ncbraskan he at once became the centre
of attraction
After securing his stateroom Mr Bryan
went on the upper deck where in a few
minutes quite a crowd of passengers
congregated at a respectful distance
Some came forward to shake hands with
When asked what he thought of the
prospects for Democratic success next
year Mr Bryan said Its too early to
prognosticate We can tell better afttr
Congress convenes next December
Do you think the Republicans will at
tempt any tariff legislation next winter
No they will not When times arc
good the Republicans say let well enough
alone and dont revise the tariff and when
times are bad they say dont make them
worse by enacting tariff legislation
The reporter suggested that the West
ern Republicans were making ail kinds
of threats and saying what they will do
if something is not done with the tariff
Tts I know said Mr Bryan but
you never can count on what the Western
Republicans say They remind me of the
man who says he will vote for the best
man and it always happens that the best
man heads the ticket he has in his hand
Referring to ex Secretary Herberts
cpeoch recently delivered fn Montgomery
Ala Mr Bryan expressed the opinion
that the Republicans would not care to
circulate it extensively
When asked what would be the subject
of his lecture In Newport News Mr Bry
an said I havent determined yet At
Philadelphia the authorities of Temple
College under whose auspices I lectured
requested that I speak on something non
partisan so 1 took for my text Civiliza
tion That was the only non partisan
suDject I could think of
After speaking at Newport News Mr
Bryan wl Proceed to Pocahontas and
thence to Bristol He will also speak at
several other points In the South He will
be In Lincoln Neb on the 13th instant
He has eight engagements in Uie West
and atlhe end of the eight lectures he
will take a vacation I will spend my
vacation In the mountains said he as
far away Irom civilization as I can get
Mr JJryan has grown considerably
stouter since he was last here He looks
the picture of health He says he never
felt better in his life
Bo Hope of Savins the Stranded
Anchor Liner
chor Line steamer Armenia from New
York for this port which went ashore
on Nigger Head seven miles from this
city is a total wreck
The Armenia struck about 343 oclock
yesterday morning The weather at the
time was so thick that it was Impossible
to sec- any distance ahead The steamer
was feeling her way along when she
grounded Her engines were backed at
full speed but unfortunately the tide
was falling and she was held hard and
fait As the tide rKeded the vessel
swung round and her stern grounded
breaking off her propeller
Word was sent to this- city and the tugs
Neptune and Lily proceeded to the scene
and made efforts to drag her off but
they were unable to do so They stood by
for some time Finally the Neptune re
turned ta tho city bringing the mate
Alexander T McHutchinson and the
purser Alexander Harrison who re
ported Uielaes to the agents J H Scam
raell CA At the time she grounded
the malwas navlgatipg the ship and
was taking soundings Only four minutes
twfore the steamer struck the lead
showed twenty four fathoms
The steamer had a crew of sixty six
persons on board including fifty Lascars
There was only one passenger Harold
EcamrneU of New York AH were bared
The tugs have Just returned from the
scene and resort that the vessel is a
total TTrecfc Her bow is stove in and
hhe has almost turned over her smoke
stack touching the water It Is expected
that she will slide oft Into deep water any
moment as the depth Is twenty fathoms
at her stern The captain lost all of his
effects Including a gold watch and valu
able papers
The Armenia was of 251S tons register
Ker length was 3CI3 feet breadth 3P
feet depth 2SC feet She was built at
Glasgow in issi was engaged In the pas
senger trade between Marseilles Genoa
Leghorr Naples and New York The
master Is Cant J W Shanklin
A Cruied Woman Take Iolnou and
Cuts Her TJiront
JBie Terhorst twenty six years old com
mitted suicide last night at her home
The excessive heat cajsed her to become
Insane She drank a bottle of carbolic
crit nd then calmly Informed her father
of the lac and said that she wanted to
Her brother started for a physician but
before he returned the woman went to
her rqpm and cut her throat She die
in five minute
1 Is the ideal fjoods for a Sum- t
- UfHHr -
i n
wiii j ue ouiy iigni v
way to get a good cne is
Wonder What
Will ay Today
ing high prices
have it
made to 1
ure Smart I
men real-
izc the f
ly c pay 1
Our BIui
Serge Suits fit and hold their
Prices commence at 0
Alcrfz Alerfz
tOO nd COS F itrcct
tfafcftSigi fffc3felaate j
The Hoon MnUer Called Ont by pres
ident Shnffcr
PITTSBURG Juno 30 Fifteen thou
sand union employes of tho American
Steel Hoop Company will bo notified to
morrow morning ta strike Including the
men union and unskilled that were af
fected by the open strike order sent out
on Saturday night from the Amalgamated
Associations headquarters here 50000
will be Idle 35000 of them being employes
of the American Sheet Steel Company
The order for the steel hoop men to
strike would have been sent out today
had not President Shaffer of the Amal
gamated Association of Iron Steel and
Tin Workers formerly been a minister
and therefore averse as he says to do
business on Sunday Tho cabling out I
of the hoop men is not a move in the
line of causing a strike in all the con
stituent companies of the United States
Steel Corporation That campaign he
says has not yet begun
The hoop men were calledout because
the hoop scale has not yot been signed
and the contract In use during the past
twelve months becomes void at midnight
tonight The chief product of the-American
Steel Hoop Company Is cotton ties
There are not many union mills in tho
trade as during tlie panic of a few years
ago the -manufacturers emancipated
themetve3Trbtn union inllucncc and ran
their mills non union
By Shaff6rs strike order four open
mills are affected open mills being mills
that are not organized but in which
Amalgamatedmen are permitted by their
union towork if they wish and seven
union mills in which non union men are
not allo ivcd
Striking Shopmen Threnten to Call
n Oencrnl Tic Up
SCRANTON Pa June 30 A mass
meeting of all the striking employes of
the Lackawanna shops in this city was
held this afternoon In Carpenters HalL
Captain McAndrews of the Carbuilders
Union presided The meeting was called
for the purpose of taking action on the
refusal of President Truesdale to confer
with a committee of his own workmen
fromjthis city After the meeting the
following statement was given out
President Truesdale consented to a con
ference to be held last Monday Juno 23
at his office 2S Exchange Place New
York That day he was met by Mr
OConnell President of the Machinists
and J M Ford a member of the execu
tie board of the same organization Mr
Truesdale postponed the interview until
Saturday June 29 The above named met
at tho office of Mr Ford at 21 Liberty
Street preparatory to meeting Mr Trues
dale At 11 oclock Mr Truesdale sent
word thatfhe would not meet them under
any consideration
Action was immediately taken to call
out the Kingsland shop the only machine
shop working on the Lackawanna sys
tem and advices given the Scranton dele
gate present to mane- every eiion iu tun
out everything on the Lackawanna from
the switchmen to the miners Mr
Mitchell has ahead y guaranteed every
support to the strikers
Two weeks ago a movement was started
to have th merchants in every town
reached by any other road to withdraw
their patronage from the Lackawanna
When word was received that a confer
ence was about to be held this movement
was called off It will be taken up again
at once and vigorously puBhed together
with any other means that will bring suc
cess Mr Truesdale might have been able
to have compromised matters with his
men Now only the original proposition
will bo accepted Financial support 13
Doubt is expressed here as to Hie ability
of the strikers to make effective any
boycott of the Lackawanna Already a
large number of the strikers have return
ed to work at the Dickson shops
The Superintendent of n Sew Orleans
Motor AVorks Attacked
NEW ORLEANS June 30 S Gard
ner Superintendent of the Gardner Motor
Works one of the largest machine hops
inhe Southwest was beaten within an
inch of his life late last nlghl with clubs
and brass knuckles by strikers
Mr Gardners establishment was closed
for several days by the strike of ma
chinists throughput the country He se
cured labor elBewhere and his factory re
sumed operations at the fullest capacity
In order to assure better reaultMr Gard
ner moved out to a house near the fac
tor in the rear of the city and took
some of his new hands in with him to
assure them of better protection Ills
hGie was surrounded by pickets of
-One of the new men started to New
Orleans Jast night but was waylaid by
the strikers and beaten He colled for
assistance and Mr Gardner ran out of
the house He -was
Immediately sur
rounded by fifteen men and knocked
down and badly beaten He managed to
get to his feet and Into the house where
he opened fire on his assailants with his
pistol but with what result is not known
Iloclicxtrr Contractor to
tempt to ItoHumo Work
ROCHESTER X Y June 20 The lead
ers of the striking laborers spent the day
in strengthening the weak ones in their
ranks and on the opening of the seventh
week of the strike the differences between
the contractors and the laborers seem to
be as great if not greater than on the
opening dajs Some of the men have
gone back to work but the strikers say
the only contractors who have men work
ing for them are those who have signed
the agreement proposed by the laborers
The strike is now beyond settlement by
the strikers themselves The Central La
bor Union is now the body that has the
entire mattefr In charge They have jjlven
an ultimatum to the contractors In which
they say they will not meet in conference
again Nothing but a complete acceptance
of the original proposal 22 cents an hour
and employment of only union men will
be accepted
Several times last week the men were
ready to make concessions but they can
do so no longer The contractors are as
II rm as ever ia their position They will
try to begin work tomorrow and the po
lice look for trouble Tho reserves are
tailed out for 730 oclock In the morning
Many of the strikers are known ta bo
armed as they have been watched and
were seen to purchase revolvers at a
necond hand store A clash now the po
ll -e realize would ba far more serious
matter than the affair of last Wednesday
Jutviillc OflTrnilrrjt Hellevcd to Ilnvc
Kindled the
BALTIMORE Juno 30 While flames
were destroying the Junior department
building of the House of Refuge for Roys
on the outskirts of Baltimore tonight a
perfect army of police and ofllcials were
guarding tho inmates
It Is supposed that the burned structure
was set on fire by one of th boys The
loan Is Sm Tho ollicers formed a cor
don around the grounds which are
rather spacious and by this means pa
tented what might have been a wholesale
Hod need llaln Fourth of Joly lOOl
houfhcrii IlullMny
Kor tb nbo occasion tli Southern Hallway
U1 fccll tickets to all points in the fctmtlirojiieni
1axnci r Association territori at a fae nj
a third for thf round trip tiiLcU U l sold
1 3 A final limit inj b 1001 Ticket
HI al o be- wild from ttanunjjton to Somprwt
Hn Tirtjnl nrs Illucmont juil uilcrmcdiat sta
tion at cne fire tut the round trip on tale
July 3 i alid to return Juj 5
A Young ColoreiT Girl Accidentally
Shot in an Alley Fracas
She SnceninbM Shortly Afterward
During n lloHnitul Operation A
Jtevmrd of 100 Offered by the Po
lice for the Assnllnnls Capture
While engaged In a fight In OBriens
Court shortly after 9 oejock last night
William Snowden colored a well known
criminal who was released but a short
time ago from JMoundsvtllo penitentiary
where he served three years for assault
with Intent to kill accidentally shot in
tho abdomen Florence Marshall a nlne
j ear old colored girl Tht fcirl wa3 re
moved to the Emergency Hospital In the
Third precinct ambulaacanflTJr Vaughn
chief surgeon of thatlnstittitlon per
formed an operation aSslsted by Drs
Bargonio and Stuart trutftbt patient died
while undergoing the ordaZ
The shooting crcatedlnterso excitement
among the negro residents of OBriens
Court owing to the badrccord which
Snowden bore He lgdFeen drinking
heaWly during the day jit is said nnd
last night attempted to eject Mamie Da
vis a colored woman from his house 3
OBriens Court The woman resisted
whereupon Snowden went outside and
standing upon tho front steps drew a
revolver from his pocket saying that
he intended to kill the Davis woman who
was limning out the window parleying
with him His actions were such that a
large crowd among whom was the Mar
Shall girl gathered She stood directly
behind the infuriated man Slowly Snow
den pulled tho revolver from his pocket
and throwing it up into the air pulled
the trigger but the bullet instead of strik
ing his Intended victim fatally injured
Florence Marshall Witnesses of the af
fair whom Lieutenant Boyle of the Third
precinct has summoned -to testify in
court state that Snowden pulled the trig
ger while the revolver was pointed toward
the crowd in his rear
Seeing tho child fall and hearing her
cries for help the crowd made a break
In her direction whereupon Snowden is
said to have run down OBriens Court in
the direction of the White Lot crounds
still nourishing his weapon A relative
of the dying girl ran to the House of
Detention on Eighteenth Street Just two
bloUts from where the shooting occurred
and told Policeman Houghlan who Im
mediately notiPod the Third precinct In
a few minutes the patrol wagon of the
Third precinct galloped down the street
with Tesenes under command of Ser
geant Judge The injured girl was placed
in the wagon and driven rapidly Jtp tho
Emergency Hospital DrsT Stuart and
Bargonii realizing that tho only thing
that would prolong her life would be an
operation at once consulted Dr- Vaughn
the chief surgeon and the- operation was
soon under way For a time it was
thought the girl would survive but ner
PuIm suddenly began toSveaken and In
a few minutes she diedi Her body was
placed In the morgue and Coroner Nevitt
Realizing the desperatet character of
Snowden tho Third officials
working under the direction of Lieuten
ant Boyle of that station together with
Sergeant Sl iiling and aJiJctaiL of men
from the First precinct made a thorough
search of the Monument Grounds think
ing that Snowden in thcconditiou that
It was said he was might possibly have
gone into the bushes aiulaid dewn But
up to an early hour thlSj morning their
search was of no avail
Immediately after the Marshall girls
death hadbeen reported to the police
by Dr Stuart Major Sylvester who
had been informed of the mans escape
by Sergeant Carter of Detective Head
quarters at once notified tho sergeant
to announce a 100 reward for Snowdens
Lieutenant Boyle accoljinanied by Ser
geant Sullivan of the Third precinct
last night at midnight secured a carriage
and drove out to Berwyn Md where it
is said Snowden has relatives in hopes
of locating him there JSvery police sta
tion in tho city was notified and a
close watch was kept over all rail
road stations by the detectives from
Headquarters -while tb countrr roads
were closely watchcd by themotmted
police in the county Snowden was cap
tured about 230 this morning by Police
man J A Foley at Langdon
Mamiu Davis the colored woman whnm
it is said Snowden tried to kill was
locked up at the Third prclnct last night
bv Policeman Owens charged with dis
orderly conduct In Order that the police
might have hor at hand whenthe case
is brought into the courts
urine llrnvos to Crlvlirnte the
Fourth AVltlt a Cnnlii Hnniiift
Brule Indians Tiow irtcamp at Glen Isl
and are preparing to celebrate the
Fourth of July with aadgjenst The af
fair will consist of a iaal W ToaslAT dogb
and a grand old hxx wja jt midnight
Just as the moon Is mining Its brbjhiett
This feast is one of tlie utimial custrms
of tho tribe
In the past few flays- men have been
in New Rochelle collecting dogs Mrs
Barr who lUes on Main Street gave up
her pet terrier as she understood tho ani
mal was to be taken to the pound Today
when she learned that her pet with sev
eral other dogs was at the Indian camp
where they are being fattened for the
feast she nearly fainted She consulted
the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty
to Animals but was told they could do
nothing If the dog3 are killed in a hu
mane manner
A reporter who visited the Indian camp
today was told by the interpreter that
the dogs will first have their heads cut
off They will then be rpsfd The In
dians consider them a rare dish
When they are ready to eat them the
bucks will put on their warpaint and as
they dance they will devour the dog meat
The squaws have not been invited
T Extrudn Ililma Talks Willi the
General Over Cuban AlThlrK
NEW YORK June 30 -Gen Maximo
Gomez spent tho greater port of today in
conference with Senor romas Estrada
Paliaa at the Waldorf Astoria He main
tained the same silence as to the purpose
of his visit as on his arrival on Saturday
The party went to tht Hotel Martin for
supper General Gomez discarded the
cool tropical raiment that ho worn tho
day before and appeared in a frock coat
white double breasted waistcoat and
striped trousers
Senor Talma and General Gomez had
had a long conferenco on Cuban affairs
which in fact took up most of tho day
Xeither would divulge the exact nature
of their talk It is ImaginSntTiat General
Gomez is hero to sound tho head of the
hito Cuban Junta on the question of his
candidacy for the Presidency of Cuba
General Gomez who is himself a promi
nent Presidential possibllKy declared
himself recently in favor of Senor Estrada
Palma But tho latter has not evinced
any anxiety for the honor Unless he can
be induced to commit himself It Is prob
able that General Gomes will remain in
the race
When this subject was mentioned to
Senor Palma tonight lie said I would
rather not discuss the matter It Is too
early anyway and tho Cubans have
really not jet made up their minds as to
whom they de3ire for President
General Gomez will leave tho city td
morrow morning with Senor Palma for
the lnttcrs homo at Central Valley N
Y He expects to go to Washington on
Tuesday nnd call upon President McKIn
ley Before olng to the Capital It Is
possible he will Issue a statement cover
ing tho object of his trip North and
setting for h his iews of Cuban affnlrs
Skeptics Turn Believers nnd Are
Cured Wlcn I read tliat Dr Asneua
Catarrhal Ttudcr could relieve Catarrh in 10
minutr a I was ir from bdiiK crmintcd 1 tried
it- a single pud through the hkmcr aflordtd in
stant relief topped pain ccr the eve and clean
od the naial parages Tudaj I am free from
fjtarrh 11 U Kai I iston Pa uld by I
S Willlann Ninth md P Street Edmoiid k
William Third btrcet aiid lcnnsjlvaiiia Ae
nuc 17
of sleep the nies ana tne neat or nap
ping when possible and sure that no
visitors would add to their discomfort
Mankind in general vibrated between the
ice box with the facilities It offered In
the way of cooling drinks and the coolest
places at the windows
The only heat prostration reported up to
a late hour last night was that of John
C King fifty years of age whose home
is In Culpeper Va but who since his
arrival in this city has been living at 31a
Missouri Avenue northwest He was
found lying In an unconscious condition
on Missouri Avenue northwest in front
of his home shortly after 8 oclock last
nlcbt by Policeman Lynch of the Sixth
precinct The ambulance of the Eincr
cencv Hospital was summoned and King
was removed to that Institution where
nfter an examination by tho surgeons it
was stated that ho had been overcome
by the interifao heat- He was placed in a
ward until he recovered after which he
was sent to his honip
Hulf Yearly Pnjiiicnt of Inter
est mid Dividends
NEW YORK Juno 30 Tomorrow Is the
beginning of the second half of tho cal
endar year and it is the day when the
Uhual half yearly interest and dividend
payments will be made
It has beerf estimated that the combined
interest and dividend payments in this city
will amount to from 120000000 to 125
000000 the largest on record for any July
1 and a striking evidence of the pros
perity of the agricultural industrial and
manufacturing Interests of the o untry
What tho payments outside of the city
will be it lias been impisililc to esti
mate with any -degree of exactitude but
there Is no dooot that It wU be corres
pondingly large
A year ago tho Interest due on bonds
having a face value of 330705C17S was
JGGJ 19328 and dividends duo then on
stocks haing a par value of 17414SSG
amounted to JSirrJSi That made a
total of I105CTOiT8 and that was a gain
of more than Sll0u00u0 over July 1S99
And from all bides came reports of tre
mendous development of the nations in
Tho Government Itself will pay more
than 15UO000 In lntm st on Its i per cent
and 4 per cent bonds
AmerlemiH Aid Iioer IlefiiKCCH
LONDON Jury 1 A despatch to tho
Dally Mail from Brussels says that
Arrcrlcan have sent J1000 to
Mr Kruger for the Telief of Doer women
and children
l aGilUClKWai 2 Afi
I i t
Hurrah for the Fourth of July
Suffering Ilnmnnlty Thnnfcful Yes
terday Wan Aot n AVork Day
At the Weather Bureau ycstCTday the
delicate instrument which records with a
traveling pencil the thermometer records
of the day from instant to instant suf
fered a case of sunstroke and was non
compos mentis as It were until the of
ficial physician 1 e the scientist in
charge of the bureau on Sunday gave
it the proper attention and restored It
to its usual equilibrium While In this
state of heat prostration the recording
pencil became delirious and noted tem
peratures of way over 100 degrees for
long periods during the day The scientist
in charge declares that these delirious
rumblings of the blue mark wero Insen
sate and false statements such as might
be expected from any person as well as
from the Instrument when acting under
the insane impulses of af evered Imagina
tion rendered so by maddening weather
The secrets of the rfou1ii Is asserted
are often laid bare in moments of delir
ium and the suspicion has gften been
directed at the Weather Bureaitthat tho
true altitude of the mercury in the ther
mometer In these days of abnormal heat
oppression vaaf notlvuigcd to the Tub
llc for fear of universal revolt against
an Institution w hich Is suppoaedfto make
the weather and should1 put a little less
spice in it -If lbe comfort of the- peo
ple is worthy of consideration There are
marry theref oVb iwhO haVcr -formed tho
opinion that
were exposed by the fevered records of
the prostrated instrument The charac
ter of the Instrument for veracity is In no
wise benefited
Whatever may have been the tempera
ture of mercury ijl the thermometer yes
terday and many undoubtedly scored
close to the eentury mark there could
be no question that the blood in human
veins was near the boiling point The
animals fared little better Horses stabled
ver Sunday stood In their stalls too
enervated to switch the tiles too languid
to discuss oats uogs wun proiruunie
tongues sought mud puddles under thg
pumps and had symptoms which usually
precede the dog days Cats usually seek
ing places where- the most heat is to be
found under the stove or in the full
rays of the sun yesterday hugged close to
the Ice box
At the churches benches nearly empty
were found Only the lean members of
the congregation and only tho very
leanest of those who best bear the heat
suffered themselves to remember mat
piety required church attendance Pas
tors preached with as Httle animation as
possible and with no gestures except
such as were required to absorb the mul
titudinous tiny beads of perspiration
from burning brows before they collected
Into rivulets to fall on manuscript and
Streets were deserted Pedestrianism
except where compulsory was absolutely
abandoned until tho cooler hours of the
day Over the hot gridiron pavements
the atmosphere rose in trembling waves
that gave indistinctness to any outlines
Within doors house wives reclined In
deshahille on sofas fighting tho enemies
Will On
Arbitration With Employers
pected to Be Snceeswfr 7
The conference In this city yesterday
between the representatives of organized
labor and Ihoso of the National Cash 1
Register Company at Dayton Ohio
where there is a strike of machinists and
metal workers is likely to result In a
speedy adjustment of the differences ex
isting yhen tho conference concluded
after a short session in Typograhical
Temple yesterday morning Frank Morri
son Secretary of tle American Federa
tion of Labor stated that he looked for
a settlement of the strike in a short time
F C Blckford and A J Lanver the
representatives of the Dayton Cash Regis
ter Company departed for Dayton short
ly after 5 oclock yesterday afternoon
They declined to discuss the conference
but admitted that matters were progress
ing satisfactorily and that they expect
ed a seltlerttent after they had made a re
port of the conference to tho officials of
the firm In case their report is favorably
recelved the firm will sign the nine hour
The conference began on Saturday but
after a conference of three hours no de
cision was reached and the conference
was adjourned until yesterday forenoon
at 10- ocioclc Thoso present were Mr
Blckford and Mr Lanver Frank Morri
son Secretary of the American Federa
tion of Ivtbor John Mulholland of the
International Association o Allied Metal
Mechanics D Douglas Wilson of th In
ternational Association of Machinists
and li J Lynch of tho Metal Polishers
Buffers Platers and Brass Workers
League of North Americat
Each o thetrades represented is em
ployed trf a considerable extent in the
Dayton workst and all are aff scte d by the
strike which has been In progress since
May 3 when President James OConnell
of the International Association of Ma
chinists issued a strike order which af
fected all shops refusing to grant to the
machinists a nine hour day scale with ten
hours pay The other metal workers be
came InvdlVtfd at Dayton and the situa
tion grew so serious that the works were
finally closed Ther has been a rcent
effort to start them again The confer
enco wa held at the solicitation of the
labor leaders who wre anxious to effect
a settlement
Tho representatives of the National
Cash Register Company indicated to the
reprctentatlves of the trades what con
cessions the linn was willing to make
The labor men stated their side of the
case and what they expected It Is un
derstood that the conference yesterday
dealt more generally with the machinists
strike than anything else but the differ-
ences of all tho crafts will probably be ad-
Justed before any final settlement Is made
with the machiniuta
A Man Killed by a
Trnl n
iam Corrlgan of Miners Mills found the
heat so oppressive last nignt that he got
up out of bed and wandered on the tracks
of the Central Railroad of New Jersey
where he lay down and went to sleep A
freight train ran over hint killing him
nUSSETL On Sunday June SO 1001 at 1215
p m at his- late residence 002 K Street south
east after a short illnea JOIX P beloved son
of the late XUry J and Thomas F Itucll
Notice of funeral hereafter lavcnport papers
please copy
MlC VRTHY At her residence comer of First
and X Strwts soutliucst at 1205 a m MARY
lielovcd wife of Junes V McCarthy aged sixty
four j cars Xativo of Llstowcl Kerry Ireland
Notice of funeral hereafter
FANNING On Sunday June SO 1901 at 530
a m at Providence Hospital MAKY A beloved
wife of Charles J Fannin
Funeral from late re3idmce 117 II Street
northeast Tuesday Jnly 2 nt 850 thence to
St Alojsrus Church where requiem mavj will
be said lielativca and friends respectfully in
vited to attend
BMSBINK On Saturday June 29 1501 at
Sihley Memorial Hospital JOHN MILTON only
son of John M and Susan llrishme aged eighteen
jcara and nine month
Funeral front his parent residence C0C I
Street northoifctr on Monday July 1 at 4 oclock
p m Yankton South Dakota papers please
MOIlONE Suddenly on Saturday June 20
1001 atJ2 oVlock p mr in his twenty eighth
jear THOMAS E MOltONEY beloved son of
Mary late James L OConnor
Funeral Tuesday July 2 1P01 at 830 oclock
a in from his latc residence G17 D Street north
west thence o St Patricks Church where mass
will he said the repose of his soul Relatives
and friends rcprctfully invited to attend
RANDOLPH On Saturday June 23 1001 at the
residence ol his grandparents 300 Eleventh Street
souUicast at 215 p m EDWARD MARION
twin son of Frank and Cecelia Randolph aged two
months and three days
Funeral private Monday 11 a m
WILLIAMSON On Sunday morning June SO
1901 at 1240 oclock JAMES WILLIAMSON
Funeral from his late residence 1210 S Street
northwest at S oclock on Monday afternoon
July 1 Interment at Rock Creek Cemetery
MASONIC A special communication of New
Jerusalem Lodge No 0 P A A M will he
held MONDAY JULY 1 1001 at Masonic
Temple at 130 oclock p m for the purpose
of attending tho funeral of our late brother
George Ilrcitbarth llrethrcn of sister lodges are
invited to attend Ily order ol W M W E
DUhMSON Secretary
REMOVAL NOTICE Re to Inform my friends
and the public that I have removed my ofneo
from No 614 F Jt nw to C27 E U nw FRED
C CIESE1UNO Real Estate Loans and
- T -
Tuesday July 2
Give One of Their
With Every Loaf of Their Bread Purchased That Day
These crackers can be fired repeatedly make lots of noiS9 create plenty of fun for old and young and
cannot hurt anybody Dont forget to buy
Boston Baking Companys Bread Tuesday
Sold By Every Grocer in the City and Vicinity
Because Its ttie Best Bread in To wshu
If you order Monday morning from your grocer youll not get leftv
- 03 - 4
---- ----
Trousers to measure from
the neatest Striped Wors
teds U and Jo values
Choice until Wednesday
Fit guaranteed
or money
The Tailor
637 R
T a
About People You Know
We are doing business at tho old stand
All shirts domestic finish and cellars
Ironed with a velvet edge Wagons call
Telephone G57 East
Under Kntlrc New Hanogcment
41 til Street near Broadway JS Y
Absolutely Ureproof modern nnd
luxurious In nil its appointment
Centrally located American nnd
Europe plan Cool and com
fortnblc in Hummer Ilooius
Klc or en finite
B 1IA3IULEVS SONS Proprietors
Most bclcct resort ou the Jfew
Jersey Conit
Only One Trial Necessary
to convince sufferers from Liver or Kidney db
rase that Warners Sale Cure mil cure them
B ta todays
MidSummer Reduction
Mens Oxfords
A mid summer bargain event to rid the store of too many
Mens Oxfords
Weve created two extraordinary values thatll set a new
standard of price lowness and
keep us busy supplying you men
with the best Oxfords youve ever bought
This is underselling in reality
For Mens Oxfords worth
4 and S5
For Alens Oxfords worth
up to 350
LY UP TO 350
Edmonstons 1334 F
Telephone Serace
The value of a telephone depends on
the number of subscribers you can com
municate with
Way l 1897
May I 1898
May I 1899
May lf 1900
May 1 1901
May 20 1901
Blue American v
Serges Flannel V
Suits to Order J
f 2653
5 59
From 5c a day up
From fOc a day up
For Particulars address
TheCliesapeace Potomac TeleplioaeCj
Main 1S33
Mens 15 True
fl nn j
503 7th St N W
Undertaker anil LUery
Tcnn Ave N V Washington D
Among the int resting exhibits
at the late Pans Eipoiition was a
fine display of Rurulc Air Cushion
Trusses of all UjaJs ttipportera
und ariou3 applunces for men
women ihd children from 3221
F it N W which took th fileh
eit awardvovcr all comrifetltorSi
Ameripan and foreign TaR5Hec
Air Obliion Trios Ognnatyf ISils
the norUL Tuo weete trialjiTwo
years Fitarantec CaUlcwiie and
ccnsultatioa free 1U F Sc N

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