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Tea Boys ami a 3Ian Killed by
One Suritnr of n Group f Tirol c
Persons VIi Soiieht HrriiKf From
n torin cnr Cliiensra Also Likely
to Die Four Vet bnlilriitllleil
CHICAGO July 1 Huddled under
Montrose Pier a mile above the north
end of Lincoln Park ten boys and one
man were struck dead by lightning in a
heap this afternoon during a tornado
which swept Lake View A twelfth vic
tim a boy was found alive under the
pile of bodic s He was unconscious and
badly bume He was taken as rapidly
as possible to Alexian Brothers Hospital
but it is not oxpected thut ho will re
This sole survivor is William Ander
son He -regained consciousness at the
hospital but remained paralyzed from his
hips down He was so weak he could
hardly talk but he gave the names of
two of his comrades who were killed
Those so far identified are
GKOKOK ItKAItlNDT eleven jears old
MEIKR JACOBS forti five yean oM
GEORGE IHIKBS eleven ear old
FRANK COOSKCK eleven jeans old
CAUL KKl K eJcilern leart old
KDWAltD BLOCK twenty five ars old
Four of the bodies are still unidenti
fied All the victims lived in the neigh
borhood of the pier where the lightning
The victims had been fishing and enjoy
ing the cooling breezes and when the
storm come up they got under the pier
for safety The lightning which caused
the catastrophe burned out all the tele
phone wires in the vicinity and it was
tome time before the police arrived
The patrol wagons and ambulances from
the Lake View town nnll and Halstead
Street Station were sent to the scene and
removed the injured boy to the hospital
and the dead to the morgue
The top of the pier was covered with
zinc one of the best conductors known
and the bolt of lightning tore it to pieces
Dr Sawtelle of the Marine Hospital one
of the Iirt to arrive at the scene in de
scribing what he sawwhen he reached the
pier said the bodies were twisted to
gether like so many worms or snakes and
every one of the eleven was dead when
he reached them
The police had to -make a house to
house search endeavoring to learn the
names of the dead
The same bolt of lightning also struck
an Evunston Avenue car just as it was
pawing Buena Terrace a short distance
from the pier It knocked the car from
the track turned it about and threw the
passengers into a panic besides burning
put the motor The conductor end the
passengers all felt the shock more or less
DnmnKc by Wind nml Lightning in
Outagamie County Wis
APPLKTON Wis July 1 A small
sized tornado and severe thunder shower
passed over Outagaciie County this even
ing doing much damage Telephone and
telegraph wires are down and details are
At Apple Creek one iran was killed by
lightning and throughout the county much
stock was kMIed
At Applcton two school house were un
roofed a church steeple blown down and
several plate glass store fronts beaten
In and many trees uprooted
Secretary ClimulierlninH Address nt
the Dominion Day llniiiiuet
LONDON JuKl Secretary Chamber
lain was oneii the speakers at the Do
minion Day banquet this evening He
made the friendliest and most apprecia
tive references to Canada In the course
of his remarks on the Dominions advance
since federation he incidentally said that
the advantages derived from federation
furnished a suggestion of the possibility
and advantages of a still greater union
In which the sister nations should be held
together by common interests and com
mon aspirations
Alluding to Sir Wilfrid Lauriers whilom
suggestion that the colonies be called in
to the motherlands councils Mr Cham
berlain said he belleed the movement
in that direction was progressing The
movemsnt must emanate from the colo
nies but if thry showed a desire for a
closer connection and were willing to as
sist not only with arms but in councils
he believed there was nothing in this
country that would be more readily wel
Much of the speech was taken up by
by an appreciation of colonial help in the
South African war ami in connection with
this subject Mr Chamberlain recalled
thaT a political opponent lately said they
roust look to the opinion of civilized Eu
rope for a verdict or their policy He had
great respect for civilized Europe but he
looked with greater confidence to the ver
dict of posterity to the unbiased opinion
of the colonies than to the unlnstructed
prejudice and envy of foreign nations
who greedily nwallow ed ever He foisted
upon them by enemies abroad and trai
tors at home
Three Inrcc foiriiiunlex nt IIIIIiou
Killer Into n Consolidation
LONDON Julv I It In stated that three
large steel companies at Ullboa Spain
have combined with a capital of 2Si0G0
At present the output of the mills U 50WW
tons but able to increase this to
2501SO tons
General Kitelienern Operation in
the ldKt Week
LONDON July L A despatch received
at the War Office from General Kitchen
er states that since June 24 the various
British columns ln South Africa report
seventy four Boers killed sixty wounded
1C0 captured and 13 surrendered
There were captured Hi rifles 15800
rounds of ammunition 301 wagons and
various stock
The Houae of Iordn to Hour His Cane
on July 18
LONDON July 1 Earl Russell who Is
under Indictment for bigamy for marry
ing Mollle Cooke in Nevada In 1900 will
be tried bylhe House of Lords July 18
10 Special CxcnrKlotiM to BufTnlo 10
Vin IeiniH Irnniii Itnllroinl
Tickets on sale for TM a m twin UwlricMlay
July 3 limited to da including date of
ale Good rtturmnp on all trains Hot and
fastest ienire Similar cjruraions July 9 IS
v iini t IJ IS SI and 27 Hcpttirbtr
U 17 nd iC
P51A S Vw r n
r JI Ik
Reported That the KiissnCliinese
Aureenieiit Will lie Published
LONDON July 1 The Berlin corre
spondent of the Daily News revives the
old story of a separate Russo Chinese
agreement according to the provisions of
which Russia renounces all monetary
claims against China in return for politi
cal and commercial concessions in Man
churia The correspondent declares that
the agreement will be published shortly
PEKIN July 1 The installation by
Russia of a civil administrator in Xleu
Chwang Manchuria has caused the
question of the occupation of that prov
ince by the Russians to become promi
nent again Some of the Powers have
already recognized the administrator but
the Ministers of other nations are doubt
ful as to the course to be followed In the
matter and are awaiting instructions
from their home Governments Among
those thus awaiting instructions is the
representative of the United States
It is understood the British and Jap
anese Ministers will recommend to Li
Hung Chang some plan for opening Man
churia to the world in such a way as to
constitute an effectual barrier to Rus
sian aggression and to avoid trade and
other complications that are otherwise
bound to follow a Russian occupation
The matter has not yet been presented
to the Court
Li Hung issued a proclamation some
time -ago regarding the treatment of con
verts in Chou Fu It was addressed to
all the magistrates of the Province of
Chi li who were instructed that all of
fenders were to be considered equal with
out regard to their religion The proc
lamation enumerated charges of overbear
ingcondtict and persecution on the part
of converts at Chou Fu and says that
the charges are almost wholly against
It is understood the edict for the de
struction of records and the dismissal
of clerks was suggested by the secretary
of Jung Lu the former generalissimo of
the Chinese forces who is said to be in
high favor at the Court It is agreed by
everybody that great difficulty will be
experienced In carrying out the edict as
a large and corrupt body is affected
Ilnspitnl fcliip Maine Presented
to the Admiralty
LONDON July 1 In the House of
Lords today Baron Selbourne First Lord
of the Admiralty announced that Presi
dent Baker of the Atlantic Transport
Line and owner of the hospital ship
Maine had offered the ship to the Gov
ernment as a free gift Lord Selbourne
added that the Admiralty had accepted
the offer with thanks
The British Government chartered the
Maine last February for use as a hospital
ship in the British Mediterranean squad
ron and It was then announced that if
the experiment proved a success the Ad
miralty would purchase the vessel The
Atlantic Transport Company handed over
the steamer to tho Government at tho
outbreak of the Boer war and the ex
pense of fittins her out appropriately was
borne by several prominent American and
English women She was then
tened the Maine in honor of the destroy
ed American battleship
The Cape Colony Expenditures Up
held by the Secretary
- LONDON July 1 In the House of
Commons today Joseph Chamberlnin the
Colonial Secretary replying to a question
from John Morley justified the expendi
ture of money for the public service In
Cape Colony by warrants signed by the
Governor without legislative authority
Mr Chamberlin maintained that such
action was warranted by the invasion of
the colony by the Boer and the fact that
it was impossible to fix a time for the
meeting of the Cape Parliament He
hoped that the Parliament might meet
early in October
Monarchic Appenrs With
Dedication ly Lur Sultices
PARIS July 1 A new paper called La
Mouarchle has appeared here It was
founded by Charles Devere for social na
tional and religious defence
The first issue contains a dedicatory
letter from the Marquis de Lur Saluces
who was banished from France recently
A Gold and Silver Instrument Mnde
Cxpecliilly in Loudon
LONDON July 1 Adams Co have
made two special cameras for the Sultan
of Morocco costing respectively 2100
and 300 In the former which is a
quarter plate all the metal work even the
screws arc of gold every piece of which
is hall marked The total weight Is 150
The other camera which is a half plate
has its metal parts of silver The lenses
and leather and wood parts are most cost
ly All the most recent inventions arc
embodied in the two cameras
Sl5 SycteniH Consolidated tn Hie
SllMliinilli Florida mill Western
CHARLESTON S C July L Six rail
roads owned and operated by the Plant
System were consolidated today under
the name of the Savannah Florida and
Western Meetings of stockholders were
held in Charleston Savannih Brunswick
Gn Jacksonville Fla and Montgomery
Ala R G Erwin the President remain
ed in Savannah and was notified by wire
of the result
The roads merged Into the new corpora
tion were the Charleston and Savannah
the Savannah Florida and Western
Brunswick and Western Alabama Mid
land Silver Springs Ocala and Gulf and
the Tamiw and Thonotassas
There are several other Plant lines
which will be merged into the new syhtem
at some future day It was stated thut
the object of the consolidation was to
have one big system rather than innum
erable branch lines and the work looking
to this end had been completed in ad
vance of the ratification meetings today
The officers of the newly organized Sa
vannah Florida and Western Railroad
are R C Krwin President Morton F
Plant First Vice President C S Gads
den Second Vice President O Moultrie
Iee Treasurer and R B Smith Secre
tary The directors elected were Frank
lin J Brown Robert G Erwin J 11
Esteli Henry M Flagler C S Gadsden
Edward B Haskell Lynn Harrison Mor
ris IC Jesup M J OBrien Morton F
Plant W F Vandlver and Henry Wal
ters -
Sjicclnl July Excursion
dar and nigbt steamers of Norfolk A Warfiins
ton Stumboat Co Day steamer lcatc wharf morn
ing uf Itli at 5 olioclc Ittgular kleamer pftiing
of 3d at 630 Tickets good to riturn d fcf 5tls or
night of Itb or StU Fare for round trip 350
lll Christian Kndenvor Cliielnnati
Tickets on rale via Clicuprake and Ohio Rail
xjlv Jilv 1 5 and 6 Kcturn limit July 11
ith t n to Ausu 31 by dtposil and pay
mint of 00 tcnt fie
Seventy five Fatalities From the
Heat in Three Boroughs
Within Two Decrees of the Highest
Temperature Known in the Citj
A Heavy Mortality Anions Horse
Slight Relief Given by it Breeze
NEW YORK July 1 The highest
cial temperature on record in New York
since the organization of the Weather
Bureau thirty years ago has been 100
degrees This was on September 7 1SS1
Todays temperature was just two degrees
below that figure
In the three boroughs of Manhattan
Brooklyn and the Bronx seventy five
deaths frcm tho heat were reported to the
police between midnight Sunday and mid
night tonight In Manhattan and the
Bronx there were fifty one deaths and
In Brooklyn twenty four The li3t of pros
trations numbered hundreds in Manhattan
and the Bronx alone
Today was the hottest of the present
hot spell and the hottest July 1 on rec
ord and It came within one degree of
touching the high mark of heat for any
day in any entire month of July since
the Government Weather Bureau was or
At ten minutes after 3 oclock this af
ternoon the oliicial thermometer in the
weather olfice nway up on the twentieth
greatest heat of Sunday
From 310 oclock the mercury dropped
until at 4 it was at 93 which was just
the record of the hottest July 1 that of
1S72 since the Government began looking
after the weather The highest tempera
ture recorded for July since the weather
observations began was on July 9 1S70
when the thermometer marked 89 degrees
But the oliicial temperature of 93 de
grees today was not by any means the
temperature in which New Vorkers lived
and moved and did their work The
htreet thermometers of course varied
according to their varying degrees of ac
curacy und also according to the places
where they were exposed There was one
that recorded as low as 92 degrees when
the oliicial teroiterature was 95 With
this exception however there was not
a street thermometer noted that was not
marking anywhere from 103 to 107 at 3
So far as the Weather Bureau here
and at Washington can see there is not
a peg visible all around the wide horizon
of their observations on which So hang
a hope of relief The best comfort to
be had from the weather observers is
that this thing cannot last forever you
enow there is bound to bc a change
sooner or later
There is not even a tramp thunderstorm
to be heard from and there is nothing
like cooler conditions anywhere this side
of the MIssisMppi River
The one saving grace in todays terrific
temperature was the fact that the humid
ity was not in keeping with the thermom
eter Coupled with this there was a steady
sweep of air up from the South veering
now and again to the southwest in a uni
form even blow that now and again rose
to the dignity of a distinct breeze This
doubtless saved many lives and averted
many m jre prostrations
Yet with all these more favorable con
ditions the number of prostrations ana
deaths was startling Todays record in
this respect did not fall far short of the
worst list of heat casualties known on a
single day in New York
The mortality among horses was vastly
fatalities is two dead six prostrations
and one attempted buiclde while crazed by
the heat
BALTIMORE July l Six deaths and
fifteen prostrations is the heat casualty
ture for the day was a record breaker
for this time of the year The thermome
ter reglsten d US degrees at 8 oclock this
morning At noon the report at the bu
reau was 102 which Mr Fasslg said sur
passed all precedents for the time of year
no deaths or prostrations have been -ported
ollicially today the heat has been
intense and great suffering has resu ud
The maximum temperature was 9fi The
heat wave has continued for more than
a week and reached its highest last
Tuesday when It registered G In towns
above Charleston the mercury was at
about 100 today The ocean breeze in
Charleston has alleviated much suffer
EASTON Pa July 1 The temperature
here this afternoon was 103 degrees at
9 o clock tonight it was DO There were
11 number of prostrations and two deaths
attributed to heat
PITTSBURG July 1 Twelve deaths
from heat and forty prostrations oc
curred in Pittsburg and Allegheny today
from 7 a m to midnight Three deaths
occurred in a small town in the county
Five Men Lout In n Mishap on Lake
EAGLE RIVER Mich July l The tug
Fern of Algonac Mich foundered off
here on Saturday She carried a crew of
five men all of whom were lost Three
were from Algic and tho other two
were Frank Johnson of this place and
Will Anderson of Eagle Harbor
Johnson leaves a wife and three chil
dren The bodies aro supposed to be in
the boat which lies in thirty feet of
A diver will examine tho wreck as soon
as the weather moderates The wreck of
tho yacht Marguerite of Hancock was
also discovered between here and Eagle
Harbor Several men an supposed to
have been lost on her
Rendex voiiM for Torpedo Ilontn
The Naval Torpedo Board has decided
to recommend the following points as the
rendezvous for tlfe torpedo boat llutilla
Poitsmouth Grove on Narragnnsett Bay
seven miles from Newport as headquar
ters for the North Atlantic goup Charles
ton for the South Atlantic group and
Pensacola for the gulf group The board
will also recommend that repair stations
fllOU To the SfMHlinre and IOO
Via IennsyU aula Railroad
Mlaiilic City Cape May Sea Isle City and
Oeran City X J Commencinir July 5 tuki U
jti sale for all trains Fridays and Jaturdajs
iod to return until folloninz Tuesday UeLnare
lliver Bridge route to Atlantic City
Jwaww wuigPpifHiji py uJywiM iif
Succumbs o Miilnrln Combined With
11 on it T ouble
ST YAUL July 1 United States Sen
ator James H Kyle died at his home In
Aberdeen at G oclock this evening Sen
ator Kyle was stricjkeii at his home at
Aberdeen about ten -days ago His trou
ble was of malarial origin and resulted
in a functional affection of the heart A
consultation of physicians was held and
his case s oon took sifturn for the better
the heart action growing stronger and
the general condition much more en
One of the latest bulletins from his
bedside last week was to the effect that
he had passed the danger point and that
his recovery would be certain He had a
similar attack in the East some time
ago and was liable to a recurrence of
the trouble His health has not been
robust for a year or so His relapse to
day was not expected however
The death of Senator James II Kyle
removed one of the most striking charac
ters In the West His second term would
have expired in 1908 When he was first
elected to the United States Senate he
was a member of the State Legislature
The Democrats and Republicans were
deadlocked There were factions in each
party and none would yield Kyle was a
Congregational missionary preacher he
was little known and inward the close
of the session he was named for United
States Senator and elected the same day
He was called a Democrat or Independent
often voting with the Republicans
In 1S37 after forty five days in deadlock
with the Republicans and Populists the
latter bitterly opposing him the entire
Republican vote was swung around for
Kyle and elected him This was largely
Hoor of the American Surety Building due to the attitude he had taken against
scored SS degrees and that was he top Senator Pettlgrew whom the Republicans
notch of heat for the day just a little
less than one degree hotter than the
nad dropped Kyle came out squarely for
the Republicans rtnd supported the Ad-
ministration in everything He and not
Senator Pettlgrew became the dispenser
of Federal patronage
Senator Kyle was a man of convictions
I could continue a Populist said he ln
good party standing but -the corporate in
fluence and he powerful machine In
stalled in the party in my State have
regardless of party welfare sought to
drive me out This I deny their right
to do and I shall continue to advocate
my convictions on all public questions ind
on minor matters I trust I shall not
prove ungrateful to the Republicans to
whom I am indebted for my re election
James Henderson Kylo was born ln
Ohio near the town or Xenla February
U 1S54 and was but forty seven years of
age He tntered the University of Illinois
in 1S71 taking a course in civil engineer
ing In 1S73 he took the collegiate course
at Oberlln College and was graduated in
1S7S He prepared for the bar but later
entered Western Theological Seminary
Allegheny Pa During these years Sena
tor Kyle taught mathematics and engi
neering After his graduation in 1SXJ he
engaged In educational and ministerial
work in Vtah and South Dakota At the
time that he entered political life he held
the position of financial secretary of
Yankton College Yankton S D
But He Is Still llopcfnl of the Conn
tr Future
liam J Bryan delivered axiecture here
tonight upon A Conquering Nation be
fore an audience of about 1000 persons
each of whom paid 1 to hear thespeaker
and swelter in the heat of a tropical
night Mr Bryan was typical in nearly
everything he said not forgetting to men
tion The Commoner and the Kansas
City platform although his address was
not supposed to be couched in political
terms He said he desired to ee this na
tion conquer the world and have all na
tions supplicants before us on bended
In speaking of the Constitution he said
I know that it Is under a cloud for the
present but 1 think the clouds will pass
by sometime His speech was received
with some enthusiasm but not as generous
greater In proportion than among men as usual with Southern audiences After
The Bergh Society estimates that not less the bpeech at the Academy of Music Mr
than 250 hordes died from the heat In tho
city between sunrise and sunset
CLEVELAND Ohio July 1 Upon the
tenth floor of one of Clevelands big otiice
buildings where the local weather olfice
Is located the mercury registered 90 de-
grees at 2 pm today while the
cters down on the streets registered 93
degrees According to the forecaster Mr Hoge Tyler The Constitution by Unit
Kenealy last night was the hottest night ed States Senator John W Daniel The
ever known in Cleveland Todays list of City of the Ships by Robert G
IJryan was the guest of honor at a ban
quet at the Warwick HotH Among those
that sat at his table were Gov J Hoge
Tyler and other notable political leaders
When the cigars had been reached Mr
Bryan led the speech making on the topic
The United States The other responses
were as follows Virginia by Gov J
ford of Newport News D G Smith
of the State Executive Committee acted
as toastmaster
On Mr Bryans arrival this morning at
Old Point he was met by Colonel E W
record for Baltimore today The tempera- Huffman principal of the Military Acad
cray and otners ana alter oreaKiasung
at the Hygcla came to Newport News on
a special car Here he was met by rep
resentatives of the city government the
City Democratic Executive Committee
anl many leading Democrats He was
kept busy at the Warwick receiving call
ers all day He spent two hours ln the
hands of a committee of prominent citi
zens who showed him around the city
the ship yard and Chesapeake and Ohio
piers being the principal sites visited
Slit -Odd Million Dollars Lets Than
It Was in June liMMI
The public debt statement issued yes
terday bv the Treasury Department shows
that in the month of Jtftie the debt of
the United States decreased J1772XT74 the
interest bearing debt decreased 453440
and the debt on which hit Test has ceased
decreased 40500 The debt bearing no
interest increased 1G3121 while tho
cash in the Treasury increased JH 491055
The debt on June 30 htoodi Interest bear
ing debt taS7141040 del on which in
terest had ceased 14U iJO bearing no
interest t2Xf015SI a totallof n3715A244
During the fiscal year tne public debt
decreahtd by 0307 133 or which 3C
oHTKU was In the interest bearing debt
through purchase and cancellation und
21127t70 represented increase of that
amount In the cash in the Treasury
During the twelve months past J13S
M5400 of bonds at 3 4 and 5 per cent were
exchanged for 2 per cent consols author
ized by the funding act of last year the
total amount of the latter now outstand
ing being 44VJ1070 of wliich 332121250
owned by national banks nave ueen de
posited i the Treasury tn aecure circulat
ing notes and deposits of public funds
There was a noticeable Increase In the
Issue of gold certificates during the year
the total outstanding yesterday helng
2S957CSJ or JC11C0710 more than on the
sumo date twelve months ago The Issue
of silver certificates In the period was
Increased by JlbW30o0 while in Treasury
noteb there was a decrease of 28214000
Ocean Steamship Movements
NEW YORK July 1 Arrived Aller
Genoa Jersey City Switf ea Zeeiand
Anrwerp Marquette London Georgia
Genoa Nomadic Liverpool Arrived out
Kmithuiirk from M York nt Antwern
be established at Boston New York and i Sardinian from New York at Glasgow
Kaiser Wilhelm der Gnistc
Vork at Southampton
from New
Flyims lliislne is Collegre tlt and IC
Uusiness Shorthand Typewriting Sil a jrar
iSr To ItlehiiKiiul and Return -IS
in IeniiNylvuiiin Railroail
Account rourth of Juli tlckitu on mIc July 2
3 and I good to return until July 8
y f tf Jbr
Steel Men Yiew the INew Strike
as Unimportant
Unlikely to He KxtciiNire They Sny
as eitlier the Carnegie Companies
Xor the Tube Works Are Union
Seotdnle Men Refuse to Go Out
NEW YORK July 1 Officers and di
rectors of the United States Steel Corpor
ation did not appear today to regard the
strike ordered by President Schaffer of
the Amalgamated Association as serious
In the stock market there was some sell
ing of United States Steel common and
preferred shares each of which suffered a
net loss of U point - compared with the
closing price of Saturday last
A reporter who called at the office of
the Executive Committee of the United
States Steel Corporation received the fol
lowing statement concerning the labor
The United States Steel Corporation is
simply a stockholding company and docs
not in any respect direct the management
of any company in whose stock the
former is Interested Information has
been received from the American Steeji
Hoop Company and the American Sheet
Steel Company respectively that the
questions which have been discussed by
them and representatives of the Amal
gamated Association grow out of the ef
forts by the latter to extend union labor
into the mills where it has not hereto
fore existed that the officers of the two
companies above named have expressed
a willingness to promptly sign the Amal
gamated Association scales for mills in
which their unions have heretofore exist
ed but not for other mills No question
of amount of wages is involved
A well known officer of the United
States Steel Corporation made the fol
lowing additional statement
We do not regard the strike of the
Amalgamated Association of Iron Steel
and Tin Workers as of very serious im
port In the first place neither the Car
negie companies nor the tube company
Is union and only about half the work
men in the sheet steel plants belong to
the union
PITTSBURG July 1 The difficulty
between the Amalgamated Association
and the officers of the American Sheet
Steel Company and the American Steel
Hoop Company took on a new phase to
day when it became known that the two
mill3 in dispute Old Meadows at Scot
dale and Saltsburg are claimed by both
parties Speaking of conditions at Scot
dale John Jarrett Secretary of the La
bor Bureau Sheet Steel Company said
Tho Amalgamated people have no
claim to the Old Meadows and Saltsburg
mills The men in Scotdale arc work
ing under special agreements with us
These agreements have been extended to
January 1 1903 They left the Amalga
mated Association of their own volition
We did not urge them to leave It Presi
dent Shaffer can order out his men but
the question Is can he stop the mill
With regard to the mill at Saltsburg I
can prove that prominent members of
the Amalgamated Association said there
was no lodge there and they wanted an
independent agreement
The whole thing in a nutshell Is this
The Amalgamated Association seems anx
ious to have us force the meaat Scotdale
and Saltsburg Into their fold again This
wo will not do
Word comes from Scotdale late txmlght
that the men have refused to strike and
will continue at work especially as they
were notified that the sheet company
would pay the scale asked by the Amal
gamated Association an increase of 10
per cent over last years rate
Scrnnton In Strikers Returning nt
the Old Wage Settle
SCRANTON Pa July 1 Apparently
the striking machinists of this city have
lost their fight This evening those em
ployed at the Cliff Works of the Dickson
Manufacturing Company held a meeting
and after a protiacted discussion decided
to return to work tomorrow morning at
tho old scale of wages
The men were moved to do this because
a great number of men were returning to
work as indiviuuals This has demon
strated the strike to be a failure and the
men who are yet out are feverishly anx
ious to get employment
The number of men affected In all
the works Is about MM
The Strlkaiifr Erie IIoileriunkcrH
SIv Great
Return to Work
SUSQUEHANNA Pa July 1 The six
months strike of the boilermakers and
their helpers employed by the Erie Rail
road Company in their locomotive shops
at Susquehanna Homellsville and Mead
ville is ended The differences between
the men and the company have been ad
justed satisfactorily and the men will re
turn to work on Monday
The Rending Shop Mrlke Likely to
End Minn
READING Pa July 1 Before leaving
for New York this morning President
Baer of the Reading Railroad sent for
Chairman Beschor representing the 1000
striking employes of the companys
shops and had a general talk with him
on the subject of wages and the de
mands of the strikers
A comparison of wages and the cuts
of the company was made and much in
formation given to Mr Baer which he
asked for specially The conference
ended with a proposition from the com
pany to the men for higher wages and
other concessions which was reported in
full to a meeting of the men held at
noon This afternoon nearly all the prop
ositions of the company were agiced to
by the men
Beschor was Instructed to go to New
York to see Mr Baer tonight to fix up
a fpV matters definitely He left here at
1 p m and will return tomorrow to re
port to a meeting to be held In the morn
ing by delegates from all shops along the
line The general belief is that enough
has been granted to Induce all to return
to work in a licdy without any dis
The strike of the 2C0U employes of the
Reading Iron Company will also likely
be settled by Mr Baer before he sails on
Thursday The new scale of wages fur
nished this evening Is for hlghtr wages
all around
Rnees at Bright ivood
B O Week End Country Trips
Tickets sold Saturdays and Sundays tor return
until following Monday at reduced rates from
nanhinglnn to Charlestoun Frederick Annapo
lis Junction and intermediate points
Open a lank account with I nion Tnut I j
age CO 1111 r 11 ami gci nuciesi on ucnosiu
HitlTnlo City Xntionnl Bank Direc
tor in Conference
BUFFALO July l Mr Vaughan the
temporary receiver took charge of the
City National Bank today William C
Cornwell the President arrived home
from Washington and summoned the di
rectors to a meeting which lasted most
of the day The clearing house commit
tee also held a session and conferred
with representatives of the bank and
other financiers
Neither tho representatives of the
Comptroller of the Currency nor the bank
dliectors would furnish any Information
as to the character or amount of loans
classified as bad by the Comptroller Mr
Cornwell gave out this statement
I did not know anything about thW
until Friday afternoon when a meeUng
of the board was requested by a repre
sentative of the Comptroller which meet
ing was held at 10 oclock in the even
ing Wo were then notified that the
Comptroller considered some of our assets
doubtful and that the bank would have
to go into a receivers hands on Monday
morning We hoped to nake these good
before that time but were unable to
do so
1 believe the assets of the bank ample
to pay tho depositors In fulland hope
that we may resume before long 1 saw
the Comptroller In Washington on Sunday
and he will extend every help possible for
fair realization on assets in the -interest
of depositors and stockholders
As to the loans disapproved by the
Comptroller the directors are making
earnest efforts to have these promptly
taken up and the meeting this morning
was in reference to this
The Fresh Air Fund for the Children
is tied up in the bank It amounts to
Mr Mason the bank examiner to
night denied that the loans made by the
City Bank on Pan American enterprises
had induced the Comptroller of the Cur
rency to determine to appoint a receiv
er The loans of this character are not
very large and the bank Isas well pro
tected as possible where the Investment
is so largely a speculation
This report became current because
Mr Cornwell is a stockholder in some of
the enterprises notably the Streets of
Cairo backed by a Rochester clothing
firm and three or four Midway shows
promoted by E S Dundy of Omaha
who Is credited with dropping 50000 at
the Omaha Exposition It was stated
tonight by an official of the defunct bank
that had Its other securities been good
the City National could have stood a total
loss on ai its Pan American loans with
out the solvency of the bank being af
The City National has a smaller inter
est in exposition ventures than most of
the Buffalo banks The paper of that
class is pretty well endorsed as most of
the business men of Buffalo are in
vestors in show or hotel properties
The loans to which the Comptroller ob
jected are to large manufacturing con
cerns which have renewed again and
again and seem unable to reduce their
liabilities and to business men
of speculative tendencies who have de
posited collateral of question lble value
To evade the national banking law
which puts a limit on loans to one indi
vidual one of these manufacturers has
borrowed the notes of his clerks and
bookkeepers which he has endorsed The
Comptroller ruled that he was the real
So Move FronPthe Slob Except Firing-
of IMxtolf
RICHMOND Va July 1 The lynch
ing at Lawrenceville this morning of
Joseph Walton the negro charged with
attempted criminal assault on Miss Kate
Clarke the pretty daughter of J H
Clarke of that place has caused a great
deal of talk here this evening
Governor Tyler said tonight that if he
had known that there was any idea on
the part of the citizens of Brunswick
County to lynch the negro he would have
ordered out the militia as soon as the
prisoner was arrested
The lynching was a quiet affair there
being no noise save the occasional tiring
of a pistol Many of the men It is un
derstood wanted to fire on the negro be-
forehead The lynching took place a
short distance from Lawrenceville on the
Meherrin River The negro is still hang
ing to the tree from which the mob swung
The crime for which the negro lost his
life was committed last Thursday morn
ing near Triplette which is a small ham
let Walton was living with J If Clarke
a white planter On the morning in ques
tion about 2 oclock screams were heard
from the room of Miss Kate Clarke a
young lady seventeen years old The ne
gro who slept in tho house was found
missing from his pallet A ladder had
been placed against the window of the
young ladys room and tracks leading
therefrom to a cotton patch fitting the
negros feet were found After a thor
ough search Walton was found hiding In
the cotton patch
The negro would havo been tried in
Judge Turnbulls court this week
Insseiincrs on n Lnltm Pnelflc
iftiglSil1 iff in
press Cut by Flj injc Glnss
CHEYENNE Wyo July 1 The east
bound flyer on the Union Pacific r ue
here at 10 30 this morning was wrecked
at Rock Springs 260 miles west of here
last night by crashing Into the rear end
of a freight train -A tourist sleeper
chair car two locomotives and several
freight cars were smashed
Fifteen passengers received slight cuts
from Hying glass and while the occupants
of the tourist and chair cars had a
severe shaking up no one was seriously
injured One woman name not known
was badly frightened and was taken to
the Wyoming General Hospital She is
lu a critical condition
The track was torn up and traffic de
layed for twelve hours
Proceeding to Newport XewN Where
She ill Urydoek
NORFOLK Va July 1 A despatch re
ceived by the Merrltt Wrecking Company
says the British steamer Star Cross lias
been hauled otf Lookout Shoal near Beau
fort N C and is proceeding to Newport
News where she will enter the drydock
The Star Cross was hauled off at 5
oclock last night by the wrecking tug
Willlim Colcy Tonight after darkness
fell an unknown steamer supposed to be
she passed in Cain Henry
The United States gunboat Vixen also
passed Cape Henry tonight bound in at
SIS Senihorr Week Unit Trlpx
In II V 11 II
Resinning Jul 5 all tiains IVidajs ami Pat
urilavs lhI to return until following rudi
to Atlantic City Cape Jliy Sea Isle City iid
Ocean Cit for the round trip
Epvtrtlt 1 eilKiie Sim Krmiclsco
Tickets o525 on regular trains July 1 to 12
ia Clie iaocnke and Ohio Kailua oliicial r utc
ahin3ton district bueclal tram Jul S mtli
sandard and ev ursn n Iuilinans thrcuyh nitu
out change Kcturn hunt Vugust 31
Price One Cent
Fnvored by Fortune in Her Enco
With the Constitution
Slovrncss at the Lnttern Crevr One
of the Causes Thnt Kctnnlcd the
Nciv Cup Uexender Her Defeat
Ilinmed to Her Untried Condition
NEWPORT R I July 1 The Consti
tution sailed her first race teday and
the old champion of IKtt the Columbia
was her competitor The race was sailed
in a wind that at the start was rather
light but toward the end of the race it
freshened considerably It was a fifteen
mile beat to windward and return and
the Columbia won by forty eight sec
onds elapsed time The Columbia has
not been measured this year but taking
her last seasons measurement the Con
stitution will have to allow her one min
ute and twenty two seconds so that on
corrected time the Columbia won by
about two minutes and ten seconds
This result was rather a surprise to
many who had expected to see the new
yacht sail away from the older one and
these yachtsmen were at a Ios3 to ex
plain how it happened There were many
things to explain the defeat of the new
yacht and it Is generally conceded that
when the Constitution Is In proper shape
she will beat the Columbia by about five
minutes In the race today the Colum
bia got the better position at the start
It looked very much as though Mr Dun
can purposely allowed the Columbia to
get across the starting line with tho
Constitution under her lee In order to
show just how the new yacht would go
to windward thus handicapped A very
pretty struggle followed The Constitu
tion was given a hard pull and romped
oft her course while the Columbia was
pinched and worked to windward- In rare
The Constitution footed so fast that she
soon drew clear of the Columbia with
the older boat pointing much higher than
the new one It was impossible to tell
whfch was doing the better work They
each made a long tack to the southeast
and the Constitution tacked to port
This It was thought would bring the
yachts together on opposite tacks and
show just what each had done after aa
horns sailing but Captain Barr who was
sailing the Columbia refused to accept the
challenge and tacked to port a few sec
onds after the Constitution had come
about After sailing for a few minutes
on this lack the Constitution pulled the
crinkle out of the clew of her jib Thr
jib llapped in the wind and had o
taken in
A new sail was hoisted and t
ten minutes after the accident
the new sail was drawing T
riously hampered the Constitutlc
the Columbia made quite a gain
the outer mark was in sight theO
mnde a short turn and then was uo lu
fetch the mark The Constitution at the
same time made a hitch and stood on two
minutes longer than the Columbia This
was two minutes lost and she came down
to the line with started sheets In spite
of these errors and the accident the Co
lumbia only beat the Constitution one
minute and fifty seven seconds to the
windward mark actual time
Then it was a run home The Columbia
broke out her spinnaker in less than three
minutes after rounding the cuter mark
It took those on tne Constitution six min
utes to get her big sail hoisted and draw
ing The Columbias crew was only five
minutes and twenty five seconds getting
the balloon jib topsail drawing whMe
those on the Constitution were more thin
fourteen minutes In spite of this tne
Constitution ran back in less time than
the Columbia gaining one minute and
nine seconds on the run
These delays will soon bs avoided after
the crew has hail more opportunity to
fore he was Hwunir tn the tree he I drill and If the sails had been handled no
- w r -
was lnched he was shot seveYal times quickly on the Constitution as they were
by the mob One ball hit him in the i n the Clumbi there Is no doubt that
the gain would have been greater Some
think the Constitution was favored a lit
tle on the run home by the wind freshen
ing and coming in with the starn boat
but impartial judges thought that one
boat was not favored more than the other
The Columbia was in fine trim She had
a suit of sails that were far superior to
those that she carried in the Cup race
of ISM The mainsail of the Constitution
appeared to have a little more fullness
than that of the Columbia There were
a few wrinkles at the head of the sail
which however will stretch out It did
not trim as flat as that of the Columbia
This fullness however enab the Con
stitution to foot faster than the Colum
bia but the old boat laid a little closer
to the wind
While the members of the Nw York
Yacht Club would have llketl the Consti
tution to have won the first race the gen
eral opinion Is that the new boat acquit
ted herself very creditably She gave
promise of a great turn of speed and of
being able to beat the Columbia handily
She Is not in trim yet nnd the crew have
not had a fair chance to get familiar
with the yacht
After the race had ended the Columbia
ran on and took In her light sails
Then she gybed her boom to starboard
in order to reach up the harbor to get to
her moorings In gybing the turn of the
sheet flew off the eleat and the boom
went ovur so hard that it snappeel and the
end dragged in the water The sail was
hauled on board the club topsail lowered
and then the malns all tent down and the
tender of the j acht the Park City towed
the Columbia home
It Is expected that the extra spar will
he here tomorrow and that the yacht will
be ready lo soil again on Wednesday
The tabic follows
Start Finih Time
Columbia 111034 25201
Constitution 114037 2rjD 25252
Columbia beats Constitution 4S sconds
elapsed time
First leg
Columbia 11401 12156 14121
Constitution ll4thS7 155 I481S
Columbias gain to windward one min
ute and fifty seven st conds
Second leg
Constitution 12855 2T3 10631
Columbia R2I5T 33SS 18743
Constitutions gain to leeward one min
ute and nine seconds
The Armenia n Total Wreck
ST JOHN N B July 1 The steRm
ship Armenia before reported ashoro
seven miles from this elf- is a total
wreck Captain Nash ot the Anchor
Une arrived this ufternoon and will de
termine whether or not any effort can
be made to save the hull
S - To Detroit nnd Return 1025
Via Jt O It It
Account National Educational Association incit
ing tickets good Jul C 7 3 talid for
return until July 15 except by d p suing and
ta ing fee of 50 ci nt return ma be extended
to September 1 Itcute nthcr via fitfburg and
tlecland or ia Buffalo Fur frMi r inonnv
Hun enquire at If O ticket offices t

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