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The Ilriiublicnii Attltnilc
No stranger iolitical spectacle was
ever witnessed in the worlds history
than that presented by the attituae of
the Republican party on the question
of the Constitution in the Territories
The Republican party came into ex
istence as the peculiar and extreme
champion of the principle of universal
liberty and the doctrine of the absolute
equality of all men before the law In
the early days of the partys history it
indulged in no hair splitting quibbles
it refused to accept geographical lines
either natural or artificial as separat
ing zones of freedom from those of sla
very or restricted political rights With
the Republican party of Abraham Lin
coln whatever may have been its
shortcomings from a strictly legal
point of view right was always right
and wrong was always wrong regard
less of the race or color of men or
where they chanced to live Xow we
find the leaders of the party sounding
their tomtoms and singing hosannas
over a decision by the Supreme Court
that the Constitution does not follow
fhe flag
Recently the Detroit Tribune tak
ing the mishap to the yacht Constitu
tion as a subject published a cartoon
in which the boat is shown dismasted
and stranded her colors and rigging
drifting upon the tide while under
neath is the inscription Let us be
thankful that the Constitution did not
follow the flag Obviously the car
toon was intended to satirize the atti
tude of those people who are rejoicing
in the fact that the Federal Constitu
tion does not accompany the flag into
newly acquired territory or at least
does not get there o securely that Con
gress cannot cast it out again at will
What does this doctrine mean Sim
ply that when we take possession of
foreign territory we may if we choose j
deny to the people all constitutional
protection and treat them just as j
sia or any other despotism would treat
them That is what it means neither j
more nor less If this is not directly in i
the teeth of all American tradition and I
diametrically opposed to the principles I
which the Republican party was formed i
to uphold then it is impossible for the
human mind to imagine anything that
would be
It is no answer to say that we intend
to treat those people kindly and give
them good government This is exact
ly what Lord North said when he as
serted the right of Parliament to tax
the American colonies without their
consent And the colonies did have
good government as government went
in those days Nevertheless they de
clared that taxation without represen
tation was tyranny and in defence of
that declaration they threw down the
gage of battle to the greatest military
and naval power of the world
So In defence of slavery In the South
it was claimed and generally with
truth that the slaves ware treated
kindly by their masters but that did
not satisfy the moral sentiment of the
Republican party It planted itself
upon the high ground that there should
be neither masters nor slaves and
when emancipation dawned for the
negro not a vestige of serfdom was per
mitted to remain whether the masters
were good or bad kind or cruel
To deny the constitutional safeguards
of liberty to the people of the islands
over which we have raised our nag in
sovereignty is equivalent to declaring
that those people have no rights which
the American Government is bound to
respect and that we intend to hold
them in such a position that we can do
with tbetn as we will according to any
coitTngency that may arise or that we
may choose to invoke This is nothing
more or less than political slavery
however it may be sugar coated and
glossed over with false rhetoric about
the American Hag standing for liberty
Would we consider that the American
flag stood for liberty in New York or
Maryland if it were held by the Su
Itreme Court that for any reason those
States were not within the protection
of the Constitution We all know bet
ter To deny constitutional rights to
the great State of New York would pro-
voire an armed conflict perhaps before
the setting of the sun on the day ot
such denial Why Simply because
the people of the State regard the Con
stitution as the bulwark of their liber
ties and Believe that without it those
liberties would be insecure And they
are right about it If constitutional
safeguards lad not been deemed neces
sary they would not have been pro
vided by the founders or the Republic
If they are necessary in the States
where the people have a potent voice in
all the affairs of the nation how much
more essential must they be in outlying
ltoseesstons where the people have
neither State nor organized Territorial
governments where in fact they are
subject to every whim of Congress and
the Kxecutive
The Republican doctrine of today is
that If strong enough we might conquer
the entire world beyond our own con
tinental boundaries and deny to the in
Itabiathls every one of those privileges
which for more than a hundred years
we have vauntingly proclaimed to be
the inalienable rights of man Such is
tike attitude of the Republican party
and it l an amazing thing to contem
plate A more complete metamorphosis
probably never took place in any politi
cal jmrty
Parties frequently change their posi
tion upon questions of economics and
of policy where no vital principle is In
volved Changing conditions require
frequent changes In such matters Hut
tjo change of conditions can change an
p - essif rS
absolute wrong into a right no change
of conditions can justify us in denying
to other people the full measure of con
stitutional protection which we regard
as absolutely essential for our own
safely That is what we are doing and
it is the work of the political party
which professes even now to be follow
ing In the footsteps of Abraham Lin
coln a man who never thought of de
nying constitutional safeguards to the
humblest of Gods creatures anywhere
under the American Hag
JIniv About Cuaiiif
A report from Honolulu is to the ef
fect that Judge Estee has refused to
admit to citizenship in the United
States a native of the Island of Guam
We are not advised as to how the case
arose but from the meagre press des
patch it is to be inferred that the
Guamite sought to be naturalized the
same as if he had been a foreigner If
so it faeems as if the judge would have
been right in declining to issue natu
ralization papers but it would have
been upon the ground that a native of
American territory did not require any
such and that the naturalization law
dldnot apply to cases of that sort
It is likely though that the Federal
judge treated the Guamite as a for
eigner in the fullest sense and refused
to naturalize him because he was an
Asiatic If this is so it raises another
question and a very peculiar one as
to the status of the -natives of our new
insular possessions
It seems bad enough to hold that civ
ilized people over whom we claim full
sovereignty should not be accorded full
American privileges But when It is
held that they are not only foreigners
but a class of foreigners who cannot
even become American citizens by com
plying with the naturalization laws of
the country it presents a monstrous
incongruity that a few years ago would
have been deemed impossible in the
United States It will be strange in
deed if such a doctrine can ever be
come a part of the permanent policy of
the United States
The Chlm e Sltnittiun
After weary months spent In negotia
tion the representatives of the Towers
in Pekln appear to be as far away from
agreement on the details of the indem
nity question as they were at the be
ginning The lack of harmony indeed
is great enough to make it possible that
a common solution may prove imprac
ticable The chief trouble seems to lie
with the second and third rate Powers
which are not especially concerned to
conserve commercial relations with
China but are extremely anxious to get
as much out of the Empire as they can
It happens also that the same States
are least able to iloat liabilities at low
Interest and so they are uncomfortably
insistent upon a high rate The finan
cial powers the United States and
Great Britain would experience no dif
ficulty in placing their shares of the in
demnity severally guaranteed at three
or even two and a half per cent in
terest and realize par for their bonds
That however is not true of Austria
Belgium Holland or even Russia so
this Government reluctantly has con
sented to an interest rate of four per
cent Considering the provisions which
must be made for a sinking fund and
paid in year by year and the crude
character of the Chinese fiscal system
it is open to doubt that China can raise
the revenue necessary to liquidate the
indemnity debt and have anything left
for the necessary purposes of national
The whole question resolves itself into
one between the open door and parti
tion This country and Great Britain
want the open door and Chinese terri
torial integrity because with partition
the open door would be slammed shut
and locked against us as far as any
one can see today Compared with our
trade Interests in China the twenty
five million dollars we demand in in
demnity is a consideration almost
Were Russia honestly -with us
in the premises the difficulty of the sit
uation would disappear since a combi
nation of the Russian with British and
our own influence doubtless would be
sufficient to compel a satisfactory solu
tion Unfortunately only Great Britain
has an obvious policy in connection
with the matter identical with ours
The Czars interests are territorial J
rather than commercial in the sense
that American and British interests
are Unless the diplomatic impasse
can be quickly overcome there is too
much reason for fearing that the bur
den which a majoi ity of the Powers are
inclined to place upon China will prove
greater than she can bear and then of
course the menace of iartltlon will be
come again Imminent Altogether the
situation Is not without discourage
Aiiothi r 1iillh Cure Victim
It would be unfortunate to give the
Christian Science humbug any more
prominence than it deserves Certainly
The Times does not desire to dignify
tne fraud by engaging in serious argu
ment to show that the claims of heal
ing powers put forth by Mrs Eddy and
others are wholly without merit The
claim that illness is not a real physical
condition but merely a spiritual condi
tion produced by sinful thoughts is so
perfectly monstrous in its absurdity
that one might as well waste his time
in arguing that a boiler explosion a
shipwreck a tornado or an earth
quake Is altogether unreal A person
who can believe that smallpox or can
cer in an advanced stage is not a real
thing is entirely beyond the reach of
rational argument
We bring this matter up again mere
ly because another life has gone out as
a forfeit to the abominable fraud
True the life was that of a Christian
Scientist and It may be claimed that
Ids death is a matter of no concern to
those who reject that belief But while
it may be true that this young mans
value as an Increment of society was
made less valuable by his blind accep
tance of a farcical and fraudulent re
ligious creed every human life Is of
some value and from a humanitailan
point of view of concern to the public
This young man had buried his wife
and two children within a year the wife
being also a Christian Scientist Pre
sumably she and both of the children
died under the ministrations of the sect
Finally the young man himself whose
name was Morris W Allen and who
resided in Philadelphia whs taken
down with typhoid fever He was at
tended by a faith healer until hia con
dition became alarming and then when
It was too late a physician was called
In He died of course and the
given by his Christian
Scientist friends is that the faith was
not strong enough in bun to J mi
If anything were- needed to demon-
strate the utter lack of merit in the so
called creed this case should furnish it
to the full satisfaction of anyone who
has not completely lost the power to
reason Here we have a Christian
Scientist who had given all the evidence
of faith possible succumbing to disease
and the specious plea was that his
faith was not strong enough That
excuse can be given and doubtless is
given at least in substance in every
instance where a patient dies under the
treatment of a healer The dead per
son cannot contradict it and there the
matter must rest so far as the question
of his faith goes
- What possible value can attach to any
healing art that rests upon so lllmsy a
basis and where excuses for failure are
so numerous so easily fabricated and
impossible of contradiction by the vic
tim If there is anything at all in this
question of faith then Sirs Eddy her
self the founder of the sect and in her
own estimation as well as that of her
deluded followers the embodiment of
human perfection should live forever
but she wont She will go the way of
all llesh when her time comes and her
faith will not keep her alive for a sin
gle day when a mortal disease strikes
her Doubtless those of the faith who
survive her will have their excuses for
her death plenty of them but she will
be buried just the same and some other
charlatan will take her place at the
head of the sect
Probably there is little doubt that the
most available leader the British Liberals
could call to command would be Lord
Rosebcry They understand this and are
reported to have urged him to ac
cept leadership but he does not appear
anxious to comply Under present po
litical conditions in England Jt Is not im
possible that the Conservative party
might be driven from power but Lord
Rosebery presumably would not at this
time care to assume the burden of the
gigantic Tory blunders of the past two
years and it is probable that his admir
ing followers will have to wait some
months at least for the situatfon to ad
Just Itself to the distinguished ex-Ministers
According to Senator Martin of Vir
ginia the Eastern Republicans in the
Senate are determined to defeat any reci
procity legislation in tho next Congress
Should they succeed the couiitry will
have cause for regret The alternative to
reciprocity with the leading commercial
States or the Old World will be a Eu
ropean coalition and a bitter economic
war against the United States
A day or two ago it whs reported that
General Chaffee was preparing to push
the war in southern Luzon Now comes
tho report ostensibly from Admiral
Rodgers that the Insurrection Is ended
In the Philippines except in Snmar We
really would like to know something
about the military situation In those fur
oft Islands but we do not At all events
not much
President Charles Kendall Adams of
the Wisconsin University has been hon
ored by Glasgow University with the de
gree of LL D
Theodore S Parvln who died In Cedar
Rapids Iowa the other day was grand
secretary of tho Iowa Masons He was
born In New Jersey in 1S17 was graduat
ed from Woodward College Cincinnati
In 1SS6 removed to Iowa In 1S38 and was
appointed secretary to the first Terri
torial Governor Lucas He was the first
librarian of Iowa Territory He served as
district attorney county judge three
terms was State Register of lands and
was professor of natural science and li
brarian at the university of lown He
founded and built the first Iowa Masonic
library occupying the only Masonic li
brary building in the world
The RL Rev William H OConnell
Bishop of Portland Me was recently
tendered a reception and dinner at the
parochial residence of St Peters parish
in which he was born In that parish he
served as altar boy until he left the city
to pursue his theological studies
The only member of the first Australian
Commonwealth Parliament whose return
is to be petitioned against is King
OMalley Mr OMalley is an Irish-American
who went to Australia ten years
ago as the representative of a New York
assurance society It is alleged by the
petitioners- that he never went to the
trouble of legally making himself a Brit
ish subject However that may be he
lias already sat without objection in tho
local Parliament of South Australia
where he distinguished himself by his
fanatical leetotalism and by bringing in
a bill every ydar for the abolition of bar
M Hanotaux late French Minister for
Foreign Affairs has Informed the Elec
toral Committee of Vervins that he will
not offer himself for re election having
decided to retire definitely from politics
and devote himself to literature
Theodule Ribot professor of experimen
tal psychology at the College de France
the founder of the Revue Philosophlque
and the Insplrcr of anjentlre generation
of students and professor of the new
psychology not only In France but all
os er the world will retire on a pension
at his own request at the beginning of
There are not many peers still In the
English House of Lords who Herved in
the Crimea One of the few is Juat seventy-one
The Earl of Lucan retired rrom
the army more than forty years ago but
he had acted lx fore that time as aide-decamp
to his father in fhe war against
Ruturia and had been present at Alma and
Bulaklava -Lord Lucan was born In 1S30
so that he has lived under two kings and
a queen He sat for ten years In the
House of Commons before some of its
memlers today were born He was a
Conservative member for an Irish con
stituency Lord Lucan who has not
greatly distinguished himself In politics
has an estate of over COOUO acres
It Is not generally known that the King
of England pays taxes under protest
that Is to say his Majesty like Queen
Victoria claims to be exempt from Im
posts and yet is willing to contribute
without prejudice to the rates For In
stance part of the Windsor Farm lies
within the radius of the borough The
municipal authority Issues demand notes
for the rates The royal officials respond
by paying a sum juat under the amount
requested and the collector is satisfied
Mrs Craigie more widely known as
John Oliver Hobbs who has just been
elected a member of the council of the
Authors Society In England Is the firth
woman to be thus honored the other four
belnsr tho lato Charlotte Yonge Mrs
Humphrey Ward Miss Flora Shaw of
the London Times who was notorious
In connection with the Jameson raid and
Mis Eleanor Ormerod a atudent of bo
tany entomology and agriculture
The Duke or Connaught will be Installed
as Grand Master or the English Free
masons at the Royal Albert Hall on July
Lord Dufferln was seventy live years old
on June 21 Among the great men of the
times he Is regarded by many English
men as the most famous for only to
enumerate all the ofHce s he has held
would require a great deal of apace He
once described himself as
to British Governments and he
luu ervel his country in many puri of
the world
Chairman Burton and eleven members
of the River and Harbor Committee after
their return from Alaska expect to visit
the Inland empire They will Inspect
the Columbia and Snake rivers from Port
land Ore to Lewislon Idaho
Perhaps the onlv woman railroad presi
dent in the country and certainly the
enIone who also does her own house
work Is Mrs John I Kidder of Gthks
Valley Nevada Cuuntv Cal To be sun
her narrow gauge road Is only
three mles long running from Colfax on
the Central Pacific through Grass Val
ley to Nevada City but Mrs Kidder is a
railroad president tor all of that Her
husband practically owned the road and
when he died a few weeks ago his wid
ow was elected to the position which he
neio inc 01 ices of the road are in urass
Valley a town or about 5000 inhabitants
north of Sacramento and her home is
opposite the olllce so each morning it is
only a short trip across the street to her
desk and every morning she Is there
For nearly a year during the illness
which preceded Mr Kidders death she
familiarized herself with his work so that
as soon as he dropped it she was quali
fied to pick it up and go ahead
Prince Arthur only son of the Duke of
Connaught Is now a subaltern in the Sev
enth Hussars Physically the young man
is suid to greatly resemble his famous
grandfather Prince Frederick Charles
the Red Prince of Prussia
Some of the London papers have nick
named Sir William Vernon Harcourt
The Parliamentary Achilles because of
his habit of temporarily retiring from
AVestmlnster when affairs in the House
or Commons do not go to his liking
The house which ex President Cleveland
nnd family are to occupy In Tyringham
Mass this summer is a farmhouse built
In 17C7 Although Jt has been remodeled
In recent years to suit the convenience of
summer guests it retains much of its
quaint ancient charm it is pleasantly
situated nnd has a fine view of the val
ley to the south as well as excellent
views of Lenox and Stockbrldge Many
notable persons were Its patrons while it
was conducted ds a summer boarding
George Croat of Edinburgh now sound
of body and mind though ninety five
years old is the only survivor of the large
company which In JS27 at the Edinburgh
Theatre Royal dinner heard Sir Walter
Scott acknowledge that he was the au
thor of the Waverly novels
At the last annual meeting of the board
of trustees of Tabor College the Rev
Dr John Gordon was elected dean and
acting president Dr Gordon has held
the chair of history in Tabor College for
one year and was for eight years pro
fessor of ecclesiastical history in the
Presbyterian Theological Seminary at
The late Gen Digby Willoughby who
died recently at his home near London
was the man who organized the forces
of the Kingdom of Madagascar for Its
future conlllct with France He also
served with distinction In Basutoland and
against the Zulus and returned to South
Africa in 1893 with the Intention of offer
ing his services in the Bber war Ill
health prevented his so doing and he re
turned to London without getting farther
into Africa than Cape Town
A New York paper wants the recent
head or the Seventh National Bank of
that city sent to prison It is evidently
so vindictive that it wishes his friends
put to all the trouble of getting a pardon
for him Pittsburg Dispatch
Senator Lodge proTesses in Colliers
Weekly to be Tearful that some rorelgn
nation will take In Cuba ir we do not
throw a protecting arm about It It Is
hard to be convinced or any mans sincer
ity that makes such a statement There
Is no mure danger or a rorelgn nation se
curing control or Cuba than there is or
it securing control or Maine or Indiana
Indianapolis News
Lord Wolseley declares the American
Army to be the finest In the world ror Its
size but that may just be a British official
compliment preparatory to striking us for
another loan Chicago News
Senator Fairbanks was born In Ohio
which fact alone is sufficient to make
some people regard his Presidential boom
as a serious matter Chicago
General Callles followed his dramatic
surrender at Manila with an application
to be appointed Governor or one of the
provinces This proved him a true con
vert to the American idea Toledo Times
Boodlers and incompetents could get
into the Senate under tho popular vote
system just as they do Into Governors
chairs The scandal of long deadlocks
however would be avoided under the pop
ular vote system and in the opinion of
a constantly Increasing number of Amer
icans this change wou d justify the al
teration of the Constitution which would
bring- it about St Louis Globe-Democrat
Thomas C Piatt Is vindictive in his po
litical acts and hablt3 beyond the charac
teristics of most men in polities Expedi
ency may compel him at times to make
terms with an enemy but he rarely for
gives and never forgets His long and sin
uous trail is covered with the scalps of
Republicans who dared oppose him at one
time or another Albany Argus
The promise of the United States to
leave Cuba free to establish and maintain
her own Independence Is not half so In
teresting to Cubans as the consideration
of a policy that would hold the United
Stales to the fulfillment of that higher
purpose ror which we rrecd her rrom
Spainthe liberty prosperity and happi
ness or her people If these can be best
promoted by annexation then it Is
for her people to say whether they want
annexation They are saying it unexpect
edly early We are going to have more
trouble to keep her out than to bring her
in New Haven Palladium
The declaration that the Filipinos may
have independence as soon as they are
ready for It loses some of its force when
accompanied by the statement that it Is
believed they never will be entirely ready
Boston Herald
This plan now before the Alabama Con
stitutional Convention will if adopted
disfranchise the mass or the colored men
who are practically disfranchised al
ready Should It be adopted Tew pro
ttsls will be heard There Is a pretty
general agreement now that the Fifteenth
Amendment cannot be made to apply In
the States ror the special benefit or those
colored citizens It was Trained Chicago
The announcement or King Edwards
coronation to occur next June was made
with all or the ceremony or the Middle
Ages It would have been much nearer in
keeping with the spirit or the times ir
the announcement had been made In the
special notice columns of the daily
newspapers Heralds and pursuivants
and kings-at-arms are a lot or rubbish
belonging to an era that became ancient
and obsolete when daily newspapers and
telegraphs came into existence Savannuh
By taking 10 worth or trouble you can
now have J2 worth or unused revenue
stamps redeemed Philadelphia Ledger
The German Emperor Is most eloquent
and earnest In his appeals to his fellow-
countrymen to strive for supremacy on
the water In his view the land at least
is secure And he longs for the dominion
of the pen Yachting in Germany has
been developed so rapidly that a Teu
tonic clmllenge f6r an international cup
may ere long be In order New York
Will Roosnvelt fighting rrom the poor
vantage ground or the Vice Presidency
be courageous enough to fight against
the annihilation which threatens him
Thereby hangs the issue of his fate St
Paul Globe
Mr Schwab asserts that he objected to
being paid a million a yenr Mr Schwab
Is reaching his funny stage Baltimore
Now that the Cabinet has formally en
dorsed Secretary Gages arbitrary ruling
which led to Jhc tariff war with Russia
nothing remains but to call a meeting or
the Sugar Trust tor the purpose or put
ting through v f solution endorsing the
Cabinet Chicago Chronicle
It should be remembered that Mark
Hanna has slid nothing to indicate that
he would reftis a third term Salt Lake
General Sickles confirms the statement
that the Republican National Committee
had promised him the removal of Com
missioner Evans This makes It all the
plainer that if Evans is removed It must
be ror political reasons which would be
far from creditable to the Administration
Austria his f rmi il re established dip
lomatic relations with M iio Interrupt
ed by the- execution of the invader and
u urpc r Ma Jnidiun in 1M7 The United
States without firing a shot convinced
Europe at that time that the Monroe Doc
trine forbade monarchical restoration up
on soil made republican in America A
McKlnley Administration in otllce at that
time would doubtless have looked with
indifference upon the pretensions of the
Austrian and would have loft Mexico in
doubt about what course this Republic
would take ir the liberties or the sister
Republic were assailed in revenge Tor the
deserved rate or tho invader Chicago
It is rather a curious and it i3 certainly
a suggestive coincidence that upon each
side or the Atlantic tho boat that was
newly built to take part In the Impending
race ror the Americas Cup has been de
bated by the boat upon which It waa
meant and believed tp bo an improve
ment The Shamrock I several days ago
outsailed the Shamrock II nnd now the
Columbia has distanced the Constitution
It stands to reason that tho possibilities
in the way or building fast yachts aro
limited Whether they have yet been ex
hausted is a question which admits of
a radical difference of opinion but that
we must get there eventually will have
to bo conceded The elements which
make for speed In the construction of a
sailing vessel are no less restricted than
familiar Tho time will come when the
combination of them will have been ex
hausted when the precise manner of pro
ducing a desired result will have been re
duced to a mathematical certainty How
far removed we are rrom the arrival or
that period can only be conjectured but
there is no reason for supposing that it
will be very long delayed How much
was there to choose between the Sham
rock and the Columbia vVery very lit
tle The one boat was just about as good
as the other Another step and races will
be won only by luck and seamanship
Philadelphia Inquirer
Isnt it about time for a reaction for
a Fourth of July In accord with our prin
ciples In accord with our position Arc
wo so crude that we can think or no
moro fitting no more Intelligent way or
celebrating the greatest day in the his
tory or human liberty than as a naked
barbarian might celebrate the Teast day
or his tar stick totem
Not tne day we celebrate But the
day we mutilate New York World
Of the Boer prisoners expatriated to
Bermuda In defiance of the laws of waj
and of humanity two were so old and
feeble that they had to crawl ashore and
several -were children of eight and ten
Add to this the admitted horrors of those
pest camps where the British are permit
ting disease and exposure to ravage the
women and the children of the foes they
cannot conquer in such war as manly men
wage and you get Some measure of the
despicable and the abhorrent phases of
Britains great crime and shame New
lork World
Sampson gets more prize money than
Dewey Just why the navy should be
awarded loot which the army Is obliged
to get on the quiet or go without is some
thing no one outside or an officer or the
navy understands The whole thing is a
relic or the dayaor piracy arid privateer
ing Piracy is dead so we are told by
those who claim to have attended Its run
eral then why not abolish prize money
There Is no more reason why the marines
should be siven loot than there Is that the
soldiers should be awarded town lots In
Pekln Tor capturing the city Chicago
The Administration Is trying to prevent
the Supreme Court of the United States
Pay seats in public places which were
rejected In this city have been adopted
in Xew York A speculator has paid JoOO
for the privilege of placing them in Cen
tral Park and now has a number in posi
tion He clmrges 3 and 5 cents according
to style for the use of thfm and the
patrons may sit in them as long as they
will The plan is popular In London
where such seats abound in the parks and
other public places und are well patron
ized It is sfid to be received with little
favor in Netv York American people
object to paving for that which they have
beea Hceustuint d to have for nothing
Englishmen are also required to pay for
railway time tables which in this coun
trv are freely handed out to every appli
cant Philadelphia Public Ledger
From the Philadelphia Ialr
tralSkl cannot make the American
Ile think tbut U
A It meam irand Arnij of
Kium the Tkn Journal
1iiplt jjipur t 1m criiij m ie retlles i all
th time I l il I i in a KeiiublK
an tuper in Miwasiriju
A remarkable Instance of the methods
employed by Great Britain In recruiting
Its soldiery Is reported In the use of mov
ing picture or blograph devices It was
assumed that part of the unwillingness of
the British subject to accept service lay
In his Ignorance regarding Its require
ments and that this ignorance might be
dispelled if photographs were employed to
show the actual life or a soldier The War
Office authorities gave the neeeirul author
ity In order that photographs might be
secured A large number or photographs
were taken showing soldiers both at wo k
and at play In the gymnasium and in the
reading room reclining at ease surround
ed by their pets or engaged In thoe
sterner exercises which would stand ihem
In good stead In war Various preliminary
shows wore given and at each or these
General Borrctt Inspector general ot re
cruiting attended
AVhen the recrultograph was ready to
go on tour it was decided to take Stat
fordshlre and Worcestershire for the Ini
tial visit and before an audience com
posed or hard headed Midlanders the first
public performance was given It was a
success From chilly applause the enthus
iasm gradually grew as the career or tho
raw recruit his physical drill and gym
nastic exercise was traced now treating
him as a member or the infantry now as
an engineer engaged in escaladlng or at
redoubt exercise or again as mounted
inTantry Various types or cavalrymen
were thrown upon the screen and jeuch
pastimes as hurdle jumping and racing
were shown to the audience The show
wound up with an appeal to those present
who could do so to join the army
In all manyor these lectures have been
given and they are usually received with
enthusiasm In some instances the help
or the recruiting sergeant is evoked but
sometimes even when Interest is aroused
the actual enlistment Is fOr many reasons
a matter of time
As usually happens after Turkey has
been kicking against the pricks she Is
now being besieged with requests for con
tracts backed by nil the available diplo
matic pressure
Having given an order to the firm of
Armstrong for a cruiser which it prom
ised four years ago after Its refusal to
take over a large contract for guns Tur
key is now menaced by the French Em
bassy with a request to order Tour trans
ports at a cost or 120000 900000 each
while the Russian Embassy Is reminding
the Porte or the arrears or the old war
It is amazing how the -Ottoman treas
ury succeeds in keeping up to the recurr
ing demands though the last report upon
the public debt administration practically
announces an act or bankruptcy in stat
ing that the customs receipts devoted to
certain guarantees have not been paid
This administration is also practicing
every sort or financial gymnastics and
suffering severely rrom thererugee stamp
Issue which seriously affects the regular
stamp revenue Meanwhile the official
salaries for March arc still unpaid
The French Chamber of Deputies has
adopted tho law of associations bill as
amended by the Senate Nearly six
months have elapsed since it was first
introduced in much the same form In
which it was passed The only material
change is that in the event of the disso
lution of any Illegal association its prop
erty shall not be confiscated by the State
but whatever the association has ac
quired by giftv the religious associations
have acquired much or their property in
this way shall revert to the donors or
their heirs
The law does not mention religious as
sociations but It was enacted only to
strike a few such associations which are
looked on by many as inimical to the
Republic Among these aro the
f cans Carmelites and other -religious
orders which are governed from outside
or France It is to reach them that the
i law provides that no associations shall
from handing down a decision in tho I be formed without the mnwnt nf
Philippines cases that will force the j Government between French subjects
Treasury Department to rerund duties
heretorore collected on imports into the
islands from the United States This is
Indicated by the announcement today in
connection with the appointment of Judge
Taft that he is to be Civil Governor but
credited to the War Department This
means thnt while he will establish a civil
form of government it will be under the
direction or the Secretary or War thus
keeping up a pretence that the islands
are under military rule which General
MacArthur has reported is not neces
sary Chicago Chronicle
Go South young man Consider what
she Is doing In cotton spinning In 1
her factories used afSOCO bales of that
staple while in 1500 they used 1597003
bales Observe how she is Increasing
her output of pig iron her product hav
ing increased from lCIG UO tons in ls9a to
S147810 tons In 1900 Notice also that
her coal production rose from 122970JO
tons in 1S91 to 1997S297 tons in 1S99 And
do not overlook the fact that she is not
only making money but saving it her
savings banks having 80131 depositors
with tptal deposits of 11840199 in 1900 as
against 43OS deposiitors with aggregate
deposits of S71Sl in 1S89 Leslies
Today the stage of history Is relieved
of the weight of the bulky personality of
General Shafter who goes on the retired
list Only when all the political and mili
tary smoke of the Santiago campaign has
completely rolled away when its politico
military heroes cease from troubling and
the contrDversialists are at rest will
history have a chance to make up its
mind as to whether that fattest or all
commanders was an able and faithful
s ervant or his country or 5 man who
had greatness thrust upon him without
knowing what to do with It Boston
The flag which first floated over thirteen
States and a population or about 20000TO
is now unTurled in forty five States and
over a population or 76O00OiX
It waves over a land which has with
stood all the dire predictions of jealous
monarehs a country which although
young compared with other nations is
strong rich and prosperous
Nothing is more ntting and appropriate
than for the people to unfurl Old Glory
on the Fourth and thus show their patri
otism anil love of country Besides doing
this they can still further pay homage to
the liag by singing wherever they may
TU th sUr dnled lnnr Oil long may it
Oer the land of the free and tlw Inline of the
-Boston Globe
and roreigners or any association be
tween Frenchmen and Frenchmen of
I which the headquarters and directorate
are located abroad or entrusted to for
J The charge brought against the
ciations whose existence in France is
threatened by this measure is that they
own about 200000000 worth of real estate
j and personal property to a greater
1 amount which wealth Is used for politi
cal as well as for religious purposes to the
constant danger of the Republic Hence
it is alleged that It is necessary to place
these associations in a position where
their existence will depend on the will of
the State so they may cease to be the
centre or an anti republican propaganda
Among the funny petitions addressed to
the French Chamber of Deputies that of
a retired schoolmaster M Guiilemard
leads the way for originality Here is an
extract from this curious document
It appears to me that the time has
come t substitute Tor the playing cards
now in use which reerall effete mon
archies a real republican pack I sent
drawings to the proper state department
which replied that my idea was very orig
inal The Tour kings are replaed by the
first Tour presidents or the Republic The
queens and jacks are also symbolized by
republican notabilities
The Committee on Petitions Tears that
the idea would cause a revolution among
card players
The receipts or the Suez Canal in 1S93
were 93000000 francs This was on a
capitalization Including all Improve
ments up to the end of 1S99 Of SSSG7013S
francs The net profits last year were
52000000 francs The total number of
vessels that passed through the canal
was 3441 of which 1985 or more than
half were British The United States
sent twenty two ships and Germany 402
ships through the canal More improve
ments on the canal are contemplated
and a loon of 560Q0w to make thtwe im
provements is to be issued In this coun
try if a corporation wants to make im
provements it borrows the money cre
ates a debt and works It out In Europe
where corporations have the money of
the public in an investment if any new
great Improvement is required instead of
creating a debt the capital stock cf the
company Is increased by that amount
the theory being that each stockholder
has a right to the net earnings of his
own money
M Marc Landry gives In the Figaro
Interesting particulars concerning the re
cent trials made with the French sub
marine boat Nnrval
That little vessel displaces 116 tons when
navigating on the surface and 200 tons
when under the surface oT the water
She Is constructed and equipped Tor a
maximum voyage of 460 miles and is pro
vided with apparatus Tor firing Tour tor
pedoes For navigation on the surface
she has a steam engine with a Seigle
boiler the fuel being petroleum An elec
tric motor fed by accumulators is em
ployed for navigation under the surface
of the water This submarine boat is
called autonomous because while on the
surface her accumulators can be re
charged with electricity by means oT a
dynamo worked by the steam engine
The Narval had previously successfully
undergone trials demonstrating her capac
ity Tor immersion and steering The re
cent experiments were destines to prove
her endurance or autonomous capacity
The Minister had ordered her to make a
cruise or torty consecutive hours She
navigated without any stoppage during
that time covering 2 miles at the aver
age speed oT six and a hair knots an hour
in a heavy sen During the voyage she
navigated several hours under the surface
oT the water and recharged her accumula
tors twice while on the surface
At present the Czars subjects are divid
ed into Tour general classes the nobility
the clergy the inhabitants of the towns
aniT those of the country The nobility
Is itself of two kinds hereditary and per
sonal An officer acquires a life nobility
on acquiring a certain rank in the army
or navy Those who attain the rank of
colonel In the army and of captain In
the navy become hereditary nobles It
is most prohnbe that when the proposed
reTorin oT the Russian system of class or
ganization takes place the nobility will
eeuse to exist as a separate cjass in the
xa t i
Mr Gerald Lowther and Mr Perc
Wyndham of tho British Embassy ao
registered at the Casino Newport
An engagement of social just
announced Is that of Dr uncs Spotts
wood Taylor United States favy and
Miss Louise Draper daughter of Dr Ed
gar L Draper of Holy ok o Mass Dr
Taylor Is the son of the Rev Dr George
B Taylor of Rome Italy and Is now
stationed at the United States Naval Hos
pital at Yokohama
At the Ward Cutting wedding which
took place in London on Tuesday to the
surprise of tho home friends of both the
bride and groom the former wore a web
of rich creamy lace over a slip of Ivory
satin the- edge of the train billowy as
seafoam with tiny ruches of lace and
chiffon A wreath of orange blossoms
held her tulle veil in place and around
her throat were several strands of splen
did pearls Miss Alice Morton daughter
or ex Vice President Morton and Miss
Caroline Drayton both girl friends Trom
their mutual home New York and who
were her attendant maids wore misty
robes or white gnuze embroidered with
green leaves nnd tendrils In trailing de
sign Cool looking green leaves wreathed
their largo white hats Little Olivia Cut
ting made a pretty picture In a frock and
flat of white chiffon both garlanded with
blush rosebuds The ushers as already
announced were from New York but
the bridegroom had for his best man his
cousin Baron von Hoffmann The Ameri
can Embassy which Mr Choate had lent
for the reception was abloom with white
flowers of every variety a pretty feature
of the decoration being a huge wedding
bell of snowy blossoms with the clapper
of white lilies The wedding presents are
most of them at the brides home In
New York It will be remembered that
Mr Ward and Miss Cutting were to have
been married in New York but at the
date appointed Mrs Cutting the brides
mother was seriously 111 and the mar
riage was obliged to bo deferred No
formal Invitations were sent out for
Tuesdays wedding as It was more or
Ies3 hurriedly arranged that It should
take place in London to avoid again
postponing the date Nevertheless a good
number of people had gathered together
in uucm me ceremony at ine oratory
which with its beautiful vari cotored
marbles and great size Is an ideal church
for a wedding The ceremony was per
formed by the Rev Frederick Antrobus
who was formerly so well known as
British Charge d Affaires in Washington
under Sir Frederick The bride
groom who is a son of Mrs Thomas W
Ward Is descended on his fathers side
from the old Ward Tamily of Salem and
on his mothers from the Howards or
Maryland -He was a graduate of the
class of 9S at Harvard The bride is a
daughter of Mr and Mrs W Bayard
Cutting of New York and a sister or
the Mr Bayard Cutting who so recently
married Laoy Sibyl Cuffe
Some timo In the near future an Ameri
can castle planned after Irelands fa
mous Kilkenny Castle with modern Im
provements of the most extravagantly
splendid sort will rise conspicuously from
a high breezy bluff at Sands Point on
Long Island Sound It will be the country
home of Mr and Mrs Howard Gould
who salted on their Niagara yesterday for
an all summer cruise in foreign waters
Mr Goulds architect will go to Europe
shortly to cull the most picturesque and
classic features of sv dozen or more 0d
World palaces and when he has com
bined them with the geieral outline of
Kilkenny Castle which is Mr Goulds
Idea of what he wants his own to sug
gest the plans will be submitted to Mr
and Mrs Gouid who are anxious for their
dream of a palace to be realized In stone
Ex Governor and Mrs Baxter of Colo
rado went on from Denver to San Fran
cisco to meet their daughter Mrs Hugh
Tevis who brought her husbands ashes
to San Francisco from Yokohama The
body was cremated Mrs Tevis reached
San Francisco on Saturday on the Pacific
Stall steamship Doric The -ashes wero
interred In th Tevis vaultTnear San Fran
cisco Mrs Tevis will probably return to
Denver with her parents
Col O G Staples and Mrs Staples have
gone to the Thousand Islands for the
summer Colonel Staples is the proprie
tor of the Thousand Islands House
Mrs C H Armour formerly Miss Fan
ny Kejley of Fort Smith Ark is here for
a week visiting relatives at 906 Eighth
Street northwest
Col and Mrs John Jacob Astor are at
FerncllfT their villa at Newport Colonel
Astor spends a great deal or his- timo
touring around In his motor carriage
which he handles In masterly fashion
though with no apparent Idea of proclaim
ing himself an expert It seems that Colo
nel and Mrs Astor have been attracting
wondering attention because of their un
doubted attachment to each other after
so many years of married life and one
of the little anecdotes toHI of Mrs Astor
which is good enough to be true whether
It be or not is to the effect that a
friend a woman asked her one day what
she would do if Colonel Astor were to
lose his money as rich men have been
known to do since the year 1 Mrs Astor
took time to pucker her handsome face
into reflective lines and then stated I
like being rich but if I had to be poor I
wouldnt mind so very much with John
And when the friend told the incident
she wound up with And Just think
theyve been married years and yearst
The marriage of Miss Carrie Maher ot
this city to Mr John C Gallen of Phila
delphia took place yesterday at noon at
the Church of the Immaculate Concep
tion Rev Ambrose Beavnn officiated
The ushers who preceded the bride and
groom to the altar were Mr William R
Carson of Philadelphia and Messrs
John Speed Smith Frank Flynt and Jo
seph T Byrne all of this ciiy The bride
wore a graceful toilette of grey crepe de
chfne and a white hat A wedding break
fast for the bridal party and immediate
friends was served at the home of the
brides parents Mr and Mrs George W
Maher en Ninth Street northwest
The brides father is Supervising -Special
Agent o the Treasury Department
and for the past five years Mr Gallen has
been special agent In charge of the Phila
delphia district The official associates oT
the groom at the Appraisers Office have
presented him with a handsome service
of Havitand ware After a honeymoon
trip or six weeks Mr and Mrs Gallen will
reside at 4721 Hazel Avenue Philadelphia
Lieut George B Maher oT the -Revenue
Cutter Service and Mr Arthur F
Maher a brother or the bride were on
from Philadelphia Tor the weldiiig
Mrs Susanne Oldberg the well known
singer is with Iier parents Major and
Mrs A E II Johnson at Garrett Park
Md where the family are spending the
Mrs E G Davis and the Misses Davis
are occupying a summer cottage at East
Gloucester Mass Mr Davis will Join
his Tamily later
A Question
From the Chicago Triaww
If the provision of the CUrttttiott that duties
must be tHuionn follow the liar Most the fLu
come dowa Ypu Mid so hwt jctir Mr Woraker
do vou iy so this year What atfcane do
fr -
The Sellisli lMutt
From the lixiianapeli Xawsk
Senator Oiville II Phm wants a waj mml
11c in Cuba a republic that will iiiiinc ur
peace and qniet and safeguard oar atttnsta It
fat to first jnd atl the thae
Historic iiml IlciiHstic
From the Atlanta Journal
To make that Santiago nrdal trvm t V iora j
well as realistic the reerse inle io sho
Admiral SampoonV naMp mure tli in in mika
In lint Water -
From the Vtlanta Constttutren
With tl uwr Trust pulling at one conttj
ml the tiv Tnit it the other Secretary tJaiJ
pinhaHv ui Jifa that he had liU old bank j
uk jyjKi

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