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Lansburgh Bro
Washingtons Favorite Store
Closed all day
Thursday5 July 4
Dont fail to be oil baud early
Well offer you some wonderful
values for one day only
Lansburgh Bro
420 to Aid Seventh St
Will buy the RefrlKer
ntor Matting- Gnu
Rnncc 1orcli Rockers
and nil other liouse
Iiolil furniture Just n
economically us cash
irill In other store
Easy or month
ly payments
JO JUammoUi
10111 S
ti7 19 521 523 7th St S W
Bet H and I Sta
Steinway and Other Fianoe
925 Pa Ave
Cnrpet taken up thoroughly
cleaned stored or relnid We
allow no moths to exist Works
rear of
1340 22d St N W
Phone Main 411 2
Pianos For Rent
during the summer months from
sj per xnomn up au money po v
in rent applied on purchase d
Home made
Blackberry Brandies
pir f safest cure for SUM
Chris Xander9Ki
tf Kkt
8 Set 5
Including Painless
Guaranteed Extraction
Hiitfi ii Gold Crown So
Or Patton 910 F St
S- ond floor la1y aitant
Perhaps you would like to laugh
If so jcatwant perfwt teeth You csn
hae nothing in DLSTI TRY at the lowest
ln cs dtiJattion guaranteed rainless op
Electniai appliances for evening work
Consultation frw
Invalids vieited at their homes by compe
tent dentt 13 vears eipenence
WeeU or monthly payments
Office and Residence 1011 II St X VT
Is the
cheapest and
best fuel
TV ii- for the summer cooking It
tat In- qi tkly and maies a good hot
6u iti tin pne of cole is low
U huviirii Larse Coke dlrrerediGO
jOliir Large Coke delivered S2M
00 Lc hela Large Coke delivered 410
S3 bu ixs Crushed Coke delivered 260
40 bukhtis Crushed GAe delivered 370
CO buJieU Crusbcd Coke delcred5SQ
413 Tenth Street X W
Buy and Try a Box Tonight
While you think of it go buy and
try a box of Cascarets Candy Ca
thartic ideal laxative tonight Youll
never regret it Genuine tablets
stimped C C C Never sold in
bulk All druggists roc
S 2 814 7th St 71S Market Since
CO Main Store coraer 7tb am K
Strecta Dranches all over the city
and in all markets
BOiiS will continue to annoy you as long
as your blood remain iu tied condition S S S
pets the blood in good order and C gb CJ
teeo it so s 5
The Evans Dental Parlors
1309 F St X W
Mill Ihtc Will be plemd to
at 1 s 11 ttvrmwtrt tin
rfji5y U oUwn who call Re-V-
irable work jrJ iire mod-
mi i i nrunwnt and material for all
r ork Ti rxtiatfd ree Kithoat As
iirpiftajit 1j t I tlt
Uu F M N W
Austins Dog Bread
keeps dogs in floe cocditicn
Enthusiasm Unbounded for Ameri
ca Xiital Day
Celelirntlons of Sentiment in Hull
uuti Theatre ff Quiet Cloriflcu
tion in Country Clutles null of
Aoisy Uxplonles iver vt here IJIxe
One liundred and twenty live years ago
Hip fathers of the nation adopted the Dec
laration of Independence in Philadelphia
and today the patriots of the Uepuhllc
which then and there had its birth will
commemorate that historic and
The manner of celebration will depend
largely upon the Inclinations of the cele
brants rather than upon their patri
otism which never knows any differ
ence of degree upon July 4 For the
enthusiastic and demonstrative persons
there are a variety of methods for rejoic
ing and remembering- the day upon which
was blown the first blast which sounded
the death knell of English supremacy and
it would he fruitless to attempt to enum
erate them
Those who delight to recount the deeds
cf valor and pay their annual tribute of
words to the Revolutionary patriots will
meet and while instilling patriotism and
love of country into the minds of the
yunger generations will tell of the strug
gles trials and triumphs of the fore
fathers and recall the progress which the
country has made during the past cen
tury and a Many will enjoy the
day as one of recreation in rest from
labor and the excessive heat and In so
doing will seek out cool and secluded
spots where they will have opportunity
for meditation
For the ubiquitous small boy there will
be the Inevitable firecracker toy pistol
with paper caps torpedoes and other
peace destroying inventions with sky
rockets Roman candles spinning wheels
and an array of pyrotechnics for the
night In fact all the devices which with
gunpowder and lulcfer matches will aid
In making a noise With the liberal use
of all these Young America the future
defender and protector of the nation if
need be will make merry upon the anni
versary of the nations natal day
It will matter not to him if on the mor
row there shall be a few blinded eyes
shattered legs and arms thumbless hands
burned fingers and scarred and burned
faevs Did not the soldiery of 7G lose
all of these and many of them even their
lives to achieve that which the boys now
enjoy is it not this fact which makes
a celebration of July possible and the
day wholly different from other dnys of
the year So the juveniles will celebrate
in their own way as will the adults and
in fact the oldest of old people too
Local dealers in firecracker goods have
this year laid in their usual supplies and
for the past three or four day the de
mand for them has been about the same
as in other years thus evincing the fact
that the Fourth of July will continue to
be celebrated as long as it recurs each
year as time moves on
Generally as heretofore places of busi
ness will be closed in observance of the
day The departments of the Government
dismissed the clerks early yesterday af
ternoon in order to enable them to make
preparations for celebrating the glorious
The principal observance of the day will
probably be the exercises field at the Co
lumbia Theatre at 10 o clock under the
ausp cts of the local society of the Sons
of the American Revolution Noble D
Lamer President of the organization will
preside and music will be rendered by the
Marine Band
The Rev Thomas S Chllds D V
chaplain of the society will pronounce an
invocation The colors will be presented
by Compatriot leon L French Viva
LAmerica will be sung by Frank 3
Pierce after which Col Edwin B Hay
will read the Declaration of Indepen
dence The Star Spanzled Banner and
Our Glorious Banner will be played by
the band The oration of the day will be
delivered by the Rev Frank M Bristol
The prayer and benediction will be pro
nounced by Rev Thomas S Child D D
preceded by America by the band
The Society of the Oldest Inhabitants
will hold their meeting as usual and there
will be gathering and exercises conduct
ed by other patriotic societies and organ
izations although there wilf be no general
formal exerchee on the part of the city
There will be but one mail delivery
Among the attractions which Washing
tomans will have an opportunity of en
joying today will be races at Brightwood
Park Several trotting heats are to occur
of which the feature e ent will be a
match race for WOO between the well
known trotters Knee Bang and Tom John
sun There will also be a itacing race and
a running race of half mile heat In the
last eent such well known runner as
MJ onso Rough Rider Sappho and Gip
sey are ntered and are sure starter
As the entries for thi irticular event
d j not clone until this morning many
more will probably enter o that the lleid
will be large
Special attraction will witnessed at
Chvsapcake Beach and arrangements
have keen made for ampie and comfor
table transportation facilities for all who
wish to go down to salt water for a
days outing Beeidei there are meana
of diversion and pleasure for all in the
shape of bathing boating crabbing fish
ing as well as many other spoits on land
The Beach has abundant facilities for ac
commodating without any discomfort
all of the thousands who will doubtlefn go
there today
Mount Vernon today more than ever
will b a place of rtsort for sightseers
and Many will tike this
occasion to pay a visit to the home and
the tomb of the Father of iiis Country
and from thvre the trip is a short one
across the river to Marshall Hall on the
tMinr Macalrter and at this famous
rivi r outing place thete is a variety of
araisements and means of recreation
Glen Echo will abso make a strong bid
for a large share of the popular patron
age of those who desire a days
away from the heat and noise of
thr city streets The character of the
J plac attrart a liigh ciam element
j Spxa precautions will be taken by
the Fire Department to guard against
hrea today All hreinen with the excep
tion of those absent on their annual
le- e will be required to serve at their
respective fire houses from S oclock this
morning until S oclock tomorrow morn
Chief Dutton will issue an order today
reducing the number of lire companies
which now reupond to alarms This
action will betaken to protect the horses
The department fear that in the event
of many alarms tomorrow the horbes
Hill become exhausted and the depart
ment incapacitated Three and four
engine boxes in the business portion of
the city will today and during the pres
ent hot spell call out only two companies
instead of the usual r umber Should the
alarm be given for a serious lire tha
police olHcer in control will Immediately
sound a aecond alarm and Uie addi
tional companies will respond In this
manner the horris will be saved in the
case of false alarm and only a few min
utes will be lout in the event of a serious
The drivers of the trucks and engines
have leen ordered to reduce the ppeed of
their horses when attending fires at a
distance Irom the company house of
more than half a mile The engine horses
liave suffered particularly during the hot
weather on account of the fact that there
is steam in the boilers of the engint s con
stantly The truck house and chemical
engine house re considerably cooler
The city will carefully watched all
day and it Is believed that the work of
the Fire Department will not be heavy
Last year there were but three fires on
July 1 and the aggregate lose resulting
was -very smull All of Uiese llres were
caused by a omlunatioii of small boy
matches and firtiraikirs
Several years ago as thp Fire Depart
ment rfmemii rs was th hardest days
ok e r on the Fiurlh of July
An old menili r f the dcrmrlnent speak
ing ilut li yetepla s nid that tin lirr
ii1 Ufxiid ring fr fir-
rn - i m - -
I tiwii uf thi clt ivlulc tin ii pirtiiituL was
on its way to n blaze In an opposite di
rection The entire Fire Department was
out almost all day and the men vero
complete exhausted On that day many
of the horses gave out and the depart
ment was crippled This was at a time
when strict police regulations were In
force and the majority of the fires were
in alleys where celebrants repaired to
evade the police Last year was very
quiet and it is confidently believed that
today will puss off without accident In
the event of a serious fire or numerous
blazes the department Is fully prepared
to meet the emergency
Major Richard Sylvester Superinten
dent of Police believes this will be the
quietest Fourth of July known in Wash
ington for some jears although he
thinks also that very stringent police
regulations sometimes have an opposite
cfltct lroni that desired The recent edict
which has gone forth and which the
police will enforce strictly is the most
rigid in years It prevents the tiring or
the large firecracker tho dynamite bomb
cannon pistols and other producers of
excessive noise
Years ago a pretty big firecracker
didnt make such a loud noise said
Major Svlvestcr yesterday but the an
of manufacturing the explosives has pro
gressed to such an extent since then that
now a very small Uahtly wrapped crack
er produces a blast like a cannon There
is no objection to fireworks proper The
only thing to be suppressed is the noise
producer The police will arrest all vio
lators The- children who commonly
cause a great deal of trouble will be
taken home for punishment by their par
ents when discovered violating the law
Washingtons population is a peculiar
one and it is dltllcult to satisfy every
body In course of time public opinion
will be educated and until then the police
can do very little in abating the fire
cracker nuisance
Fireworks of any description will not he
allowed in the vicinity of hospitals or
residences In which there is illness Sev
eral requests have been made to the Po
lice Department by citizens In whose fam
ilies there is sickness to see that no noise
is permitted within a certain distance of
the sick room in every Instance the de
partment has complied with the request
and so far as iossible firecrackers will
not disturb the sick in Washington this
The number of casualties resulting from
explosives has been steadily on the de
cline for a number of years Drunkenness
due to over celebration has also become
less common on li Jeendence Day in re
cent years If the police able to en
force the order of the Superintendent
Washington tomorrow will be one of the
quietest cities of its population In the
The following order relntlvc to the day
was issued last week by Major Sylvester
In conformity with Article IX section
3 of the police regulations relating to
loud noises cries and the use of fire
works and explosives you are directed to
regard such section as suspended from
operation on the Fourth day of July 1001
after the hour of C oclock a m and per
mit the use and discharge of firecrackers
squibs toy pistols over 5 inches in length
using paper capsi or fireworks within the
District of Columbia except that the sale
storage or discharge of dangerous bombs
toy cannons toy pistols less than a inches
In length and firecrackers of any manu
facture exceeding 3 inches in length
and three fourths of an Inch in diameter
are strictly prohibited and where persons
are careless or disorderly in the use o
firecrackers squibs or fireworks they
will be amenable to the operation of
ATticle IX section 5 without regard to
the suspension herein referred to
The regulation will continue in effect so
far as It relutes to the discharged guns
air guns ritlcs revolvers pistols can
nons torpedoes other than paper and
other firearms even where blank cart
ridges are employed
Members of the force are directed to
strictly enforce the regulation so far as it
relates to firecrackers of any manufac
ture more than three and one half Inches
In length and three quarters of an inch
In diameter dynamite and other danger
ous bombs guns and revolvers and in
Instances where crackers exceeding the
regulation dimensions are discharged the
police wIU ascertain from whom the same
were purchased and not only take action
against the peraon or persons using them
but against the dealer who may have sold
Members of the force will use every ef
fort from nowTin to ascertain the names
of dealers wholesale or retail who may
dtsposc of fireworks or other explosives
to children under sixteen years of age
and tike proper action against them In
Members of the force will do every
thing in their power to prevent the firing
of crackers or other explosives In the
vicinity of hospitals and places where
persons are known to be sick and where
the orders of the police are not respected
the person or persons so offending should
be taken to court
The lieutenants of the soveral pre
cincts will employ all available reserve
force on the night preceding the Fourth
of July in order to sccuri complianec
with law and this order and continue
such extraordinary detail on the night of
the Fourth for the same purpose
Lieutenants will please instruct the
members of their commands to strictly
enforce the 1th of July regulation tonight
and tomorrow
Have mounted men detailed in the
vicinity of hospital grounds to keep
down noiFes
Where the sick are known make re
duced beats and reduce noises allowing
no firing in close proximity
Dangerous iliness I between
and Fifteenth northwest Prince
ton lH twcen Twelfth and Fourteenth
northwest Harvard between Twelfth
and Fourteenth northwest JU E north
west 212 First southeast 1539 Ninth
uorthwest all Twelfth northwest 1510
Kingman Place northwest 1741 Rhode
Island Avenue northwest Q between
Seventeenth andEIghtenth northwest G3
K southeast Twenty fourth between
Pennsylvania Avenue and L northwest
L between Twenty third and Twenty
fourth northwest D between Second and
Third northwest 515 Sixth northwest
Major and Superintendent
More Experiments Made nt the In
dian Head 1rovillfc Grounds
A test of armor plates treated by the
Cosgrove new face hardening process was
made at the naval proving grounds In
dian Head Md yesterday Two plates
were used as targets each six inches in
thickness and a six Inch riile did the
firing with armor piercing shells
Only two shots were fired the first at
a velocity of 2000 feet a secondpcrfo
ratlng the plate The shell broke In
pieces Some of the fragments penetrat
ed the backing of the plnte The second
projectile fired at a velocity of 1430 feet
a second was not broken and its face
was flush with the hard surface of the
The result shows that the process had
ben improved since first tested several
months ago hut naval officers are not
ready to piedict that the official report
will be fatorable
Albert I JuIminoiim Career
To the Editor of The Times I wish
to correct the erroneous statement made
In the article in regard to the career of
Albert L Johnson whose death is an
nounced in this mornings issue of The
The article states that he betfan life as
a street car driver
I as his kinswoman desire to sny that
this statement Is Incorrect as no mem
ber of our family ever occupied a menial
position The late Mr Johnson when a
ery young man after the completion of
his education accepted a position of
trust and responsibility In the Citizens
Street Railroad Cnn pany of Indianapo
lis Ind of which his father the late Col
A W Johnson was uresidwit
quently he was director of it line In
Cleveland owneu ny ins oroiner 10m l
Johnson This was his only experience
and training together with tireless en
erny thnt developed the faculties of mind
and bxly that made him the successful
j promoter of railroads and the possessor
ol vast imerei line aiuii i junua
Johiufon was thus the architect of his
own fortune his distinguished ami in
fluential family connections in the South
weie not the lenst stepping stone to his
success 1 U D HARMON
July 3 lSOl
a Sinn criii koii mvititiioisi
Coullng it doe In the busiest iseason when
a raau ran kaat aflord to hue tune a ure anil
quick cure tor diarrbova in ery desirable Any
one ho Iiaa given it a trial will tell ou tiut
tlic qnickeat suiet anrmot pleiuant remedy
in wr fnr hw heaw i t hambi rlains
holers nnd lliarrnnej Itniiih is no lom
ol t mir rtlcr it i u rfsl u one or tw iose
ol it will oir ai mhnjrv jit n k It li V r
IiiN n i ft n in i Ik hi l Mir jnJ ijiLi i
cm ui 1 m j 1 Id nr Ivm Ulijeaaic
aim ItcU I ami al diuguu
Chiiiio CM of Prominent Ilepulillciius
Already Dlncuised
Speculation Is rlfo in Administration
circles as to tho probable successor to
the Into Senator Kyle As the Legislature
that will choose the lnte Senators suc
cessor will not be elected until the fall
of 1902 Governor Herrold will be called
upon tojill the vacancy by appointment
The names mentioned yesterday In
connection with the Senatorshlp are those
of Representative Burke Col Lee Siover
and A E Klttrldge Those gentlemen
nro prominent Republicans and earneB
workers in the party It Is said that
Governor Herrold Is under moro or less
obligation to each There seems to be
no question that the Governor wilt ap
point an out and out Republican but it
Is said that the Administration desires
the appointment of a man who can be
depended on to stand by1 the pet schemes
of Senator Hannn It will be recalled
that the Junior Senator from Ohio took a
personal hard iu tho Senatorial deadlock
in 1S97 which resulted in the election of
Kyle every eptibllcan in the Legisla
ture voting fi him
The Governor however It Is said has
ills own eye on the Senate and it Is
thought not to be Improbable that he may
make a deal with one of the candidates
by whicii the appointeo will support tho
Governor for Senator in 1908 when the
term for which Mr Kyle was chosen ex
The Will of Surnh Ilurron AIho
Leaven Money to Relatives
The will of Sarah E Barron was filed
yestetday for probate The document
dated November 17 1S9S has attached to
It three codicils dated as follows June
2 1900 March 26 and June 10 1901 By
the terms of the will the testatrix directs
the following disposition to be made of
her estate To Annallne Brown 1200
Anna Harkness 1000 to E Walsh 500
to Ellen Braggs 500 to Maria Hall 0
to Mrs Hall 200 to Mrs Slaybough 300
to Mrs Cherry 200 to Mrs Gould 300
to Mrs Williams 300 to Cora Hall 00
to Mrs E Herbert 200 and to Sarah E
Greenawalt 200
To the Lutheran Memtrla Church Is
left 500 to the Home for Incurables Help
and Hope Mission Young Womens Chris
tian Association and Bruen Home equal
shares of the proceeds of the sale of
premises MI P Street 1917 Vermont Ave
nue and 78 Defrees Streat Certain
money stnted to be on deposit in bank In
the name of the Lutheran Memorial
Church is to be withdrawn and used for
the benefit of uncared for poor
By the codicils the bequests made to
several of the beneficiaries named were
increased to the amounts mentioned
The Attorney General Olllelnlly In
form the President
Attorney General Knox called at the
White House yesterdny morning and no
tified the President of the resignation of
Judge Addison Brown of the Southern
district of New York
Judge Brown was appointed to the
bench on June 2 1SS1 and hns served for
twenty years No reason Is assigned for
his resignation
Cuban Fever CoiiijiiIh Him to Leave
Ills Duties In Havana
General Wood is exjiected to return to
Washington in about two weeks An order
authorizing his return was issued yester
day by Secretary Root
General Wood is now suffering from
Cuban fever and while reports indicate
that his condition is not dangerous it has
been thought advisable to give him an op
portunity to recuperate in a climate
somewhat cooler than that of Havana He
will come here and consult with the Sec
retary of War and will probably take a
vacation before returning to Cuba
Cn it ii lii Ipiiiliiin Xevr Environment
Could Not Replace the Old
Capt O L Pruden after serving two
days in the Regular Army under his re
cent commission as paymaster has re
signed and returned to his old Outies as
assistant secretary to the President
Mr Pruden was a major and additional
paymaster of volunteers for two years
prior to June 3o last and was assigned to
duty at the White Housu On July 1 ho
was commissioned as captain and iiay
master In the regular establishment The
late Adalbert S Hay was selected as his
successor at tKe White House and upon
his sudden death the place was left va
The President regretted the loss of Mr
Pruden and asked him to return He has
accorilingly resigned from the army and
resumed his old duties at the White
House yesterday
hV I n el villi Scheme StiKRested to
the Postmaster General
Postmaster General Smith has received
an anonymous communication pst
mnrked Osborne S C and nddressed to
Dear Sir Tho Honorable Postmaster
General and which Is as follows
If you wish to immortalize yourself
and accomplish a greater amount of geiod
than any other general in tho United
States Government formulate and or
ganlze all the postmasters In the Gov
ernment into a society to be called the
Postmasters Beneficial Association of
which the Postmaster General will bo
President Let every postmaster who
wilt join the association send in his or
her name to be enrolled iu a book fot
the purpose Let tho object of the asso
ciation be for the relief of any worn out
postmaster even If he lias passed out of
tho services of the postotUce whose
worthiness may be determined by the
term of his services Should necessity re
quire and misfortune accident or sick
ness poverty or old age deprive a post
master from supporting himself an as
sissiuent of a nickel from all the post
masters would bring an untold amount of
good to many who would have to drag
out a miserable existence
The Chinese Reformer Permitted to
Iind nt Vnn Kriinclneo
The Secretary of the Treasury sent a
telegram to the Collector of Customs at
San Francisco Informing him that the ap
peal In the case of Su Shin Chin had been
sustained and that he should be released
from custody Su Is the Chinese reformer
who was held at San Francisco several
weeks ago on a charge -brought by Wu
Ting fang the Chinese Minister and Ho
Yaw the Chinese Consul General in San
Francisco that his passport had been
forged and that h had no right to enter
the United States Su Shin Chin Is said
to have plotted uguinst the reigning pow
er in China and his custody is very much
desired by the Iekin authorities
To Direct IiiiiniKnitloii nt Sun Tumi
The President has decided to appoint
Fred V Martin of Attica Ind to be
Commissioner of Immigration at San
Juan Porto Rico Mr Martin was rec
ommended for appointment by Repre
sentative Landls
Few are entirely free from It
It may develop so slowly as to cause
little If any disturbance during the whole
petiod of childhood
It may then produce Irregularity of tho
btotnach and bowels dyspepsia catarrh
and marked tendency to coiibuuiption
before manifesting itself in much cutaneous
eruption or glandular swelling
It is best to lie sure that you are quite
free from it ttnd for Its complete eradica
tion you can rely on
Hoods Sarsaparilla
The best of all mediciaea it all humors
The Postnl Company KUcs Objections
to nn Olllcliil Order
Secretary Root has recelveil from C C
Adams the Superintendent of the Postal
Telegraph Cable Company a protest
against the decision of the War Depart
ment recently made in regard to the
transmission of telegraphic messages
from this country to Cuba
Under tho rules promulgated by tho
department it Is alleged that the United
States officials in charge of tho Cuban
telegraphic lines in Santiago arc directed
to refuse to receive all messages sent
from this country to Cuba by the United
States and Haiti Telegraph Company
which is controlled by the Postal Com
pany This action it is stated will have
tho effect of excluding the Postal Com
pany from participation in the business
of transmitting cable messages to Cuba
In his letter of protest Mr Adams says
We understand that you are about to
pass upon this application of the Inter
national Ocean Telegraph Company and
hence we beg leave to submit tho follow
ing consideration In opposition thereto
This application involves a going busi
ness of three cable companies and one
land line company these cempanies being
the Commercial Cable Company the Pos
tal Telegraph Cable Company the United
States and Haiti Telegraph and Cable
Company and the French Telegraphic
Cable Company
During the years 1S99 and 1900 on the
complaint o this same International
Ocean Telegraph Company which is
owned by the Western Union Telegraph
Company the Commercial Cable Company
was prevented by an order of the War
Department from laying a competing
J cable from thes Unlted States to Cuba
chlelly on the ground of the Foraker
amendment which prohibited the execu
tive department of the Government from
grantliyx any franchises in Cuba
Fortunately the Foraker amendment is
not and cannot be involved in this ap
plication ofthe International Ocean Tele
graph Company or rather of the West
ern Union Telegraph Company No new
cable or new franchises are Involved at all
The lines over which these messages are
transmitted by way of New York Canso
Haiti and Santiago are lines which have
oeen In existence many years and their
legal existence Is not questioned Hence
any complications due to the Foraker
amendment are eliminated from the eures
Our occupation of Cuba is now other
than analogous to a military occupation
of a foreign country in time of war
Since the exchange of ratifications of the
peace treaty it has been an occupation of
a foreign country in time of peace and is
in no way affected internationally speak
ing by the circumstances that the army
has been used as the agency
The application of July 10 1900 of the
International Ocean Telegraph Company
affect3 the existing tralllc of all four of
the companies named above It is an at
tempt of the Western Union Telegraph
Company to use the military power of the
executive branch of the United States
Government in a time of peace to enforce
by peremptory order of the Secretary of
War an alleged monopoly which has been
and is now denied on tho following
First That the grant now owned by
the Western Union Telegraph Company
was obtained by false and fraudulent rep
resentations which appear on the face of
the grant Itself
Second That the grant expired In 18S0
Third That the grant was not an ex
clusive grant
Fourth That there has not been any
legal condonation of the fraud or con
Urination of the grant Moreover the
grant haa never been made exclusive
Fifth That the rules of public policy
as laid down by President Grant relative
to cable monopolies apply to this Cuban
Clin Hires Announced in the Interior
The following changes have been made
in the Department of the Interior
Secretarys ofilce Promotlort P Oscar
Tolson of the District of Columbia la
borer regular roll 680 from S0 General
Postolfice building roll
Assistant Attorney Generals ofilce Pro
motions Samuel V Proudfit of Iowa
assistant attorney S00 from 2750 Fran
cis W Clements of the District of Co
lumbia assistant attorney 2750 from
2500 William C Pollock of Illinois as
sistant attorney 2500 from 2230 Arthur
B Pugh of Virginia assistant attorney
2500 from 2250 Everard Bierer jr as
sistant attorney 2500 from 2000 John
H Flmple of Ohio Vivian Bront of
Maryland Joseph R Webster of Nebras
ka and Alen S Tate of Tennessee as
sistant attorneys 220 from 20j0 Resig
nation Carlton J Wellborn of Georgia
assistant -attorney at 2009
General Land Ofilce Appointments
Edward S Wiggins of Oklahoma re
ceiver of public moneys at Woodward
Okla Percy Hobkirk of Del Norte Col
receiver of public moneys at Del Norte
Col C C Gose of Washington and Mar
tin A OConnor of Illinois special agents
at L20O Louis R Smith of North Caro
lina copyist at 9 by transfer from
PostotUce Department Miss Bessie W
Mason of West Virginia copyist at 9C0
by transfer from Patent Olilce Promo
tionsAnthony F Rice of New York
clerk 1300 to 1460 Joe T Allison of
Illinois and Guy L Camden of West Vir
ginia clerks 100 to 1200 John T Mur
phy of Wisconsin and E Harper Hoff
man of Pennsylvania copyists at to
clerks at 1060 ireslgnations John A
Barnes of Georgia clerk 1400
Indian Office Transfers Mark Goode
of Illinois clerk 1600 from Chicago In
dian warehouse Promotion Robert C
Gulley of the District of Columbia as
sistant messenger 720 from messenger
boy 3C0
Army Orders
First Lieut Tenney Ross Third In
fantry upon his arrival at Vnncouver
Barracks with recruits is ordered to re
port to the commanding officer of that
post for duty with the Twenty eighth In
Capt Joseph C Cnstner Fourth In
fantry has been relieved of duty at Fort
Mcpherson Ga and ordereel to join his
regiment In the Philippines
First Lieut Wallace M Cralgie
Twelfth lnfantiy has been transferred to
Company M Seventh Infantry
Capt Charles F Mason assistant sur
geon Is detailed a member of the exam
ining board at San Antonio Tex vice
Lieut Col Charles B Byrne deputy sur
geon general relieved
Capt Charles H Mulr Second Infantry
now at San Francisco has been ordered
to proceed to Fort Thomas to Join his
regiment and to go via Fort Leaven
First Lieut Edward P OHern Ord
nance Department has been directed to
proceed from the Watertown Arsenal
Massachusetts to Buffalo N on of
ficlal business for the OnuTance Depart
ment and to return to his post via Wash
Col Frank E Nye assistant commis
sary general has been ordered to Van
couver Barracks upon expiration of his
present leave of absence and thero re
lieve Major Charles R Krnuthoff as
commissary of the Department of Colum
bia Major Krauthoff Is to proceed to
Chicago and become chief commissary of
the Department of the Lakes to relieve
William 11 Hart Captain Hart will
continue on duty as assistant to the pur
chasing commissary
Anvy Orders
Commander C K Curtis from Vixen
to Norfolk Hospital for treatment
Cadets AV MeEntee and W B Fergu
son additional duty on Vermont
Chief Carpenter J S Waltemeyer de
tached League Island Yard July 20 to
Bath Iron Works July 22
Chief Carpenter M F Roberts detach
ed Bath Iron Works Bath Me July 20
to Boston Yard department construction
and repair July 22
Carpenter S C Brearley retired from
July 2 10L
Mrs Edwards Xnrrinv Escape
Mrs Edwards the wife of Lieutenant
Colonel Edwntds In charge of the Insu
lar Division of the War Department had
a uairow escape from the Homestead Ho
til at II t Springs Vt wlikh 1mm d
Tuesdav night She w i iininjun u hut
li t n hrl ill of lur wt arias appar 1 m 1
The Lnfnyette Uncle Toms Cnliln
Uncle Toms Cabin wilt have a revival
at the Lafayette Square Opera House next
week when the stock company will be
seen in the venerable classic which exerted
such a potent influence upon American
history nearly half a century ago Not
In eighteen years hns the play been seen
In a first class Washington theatre so
that next weeks production Is expected
to create something of a dramatic sensa
tion and attract people who have not
been to the theatre In many years It is
taken for granted that the older genera
tion who saw tho piny thirty or forty
years ago will relish thia opportunity
of seeing it once more in adequate sur
roundings The younger generation has
had practically no opportunity of seeing
the play and it is therefore expected to
draw large audiences Tho play has been
revived In other cities with such remnrk
able success that the local management
anticipates the biggest attendance of the
season no matter what the weather may
In next weeks production Edwin Ar
den will play George Harris the negro
who escapes from the South and Is pur
sued by bloodhounds Minnie Radcllffe
will be the Eliza whose thrilling escape
across the Ohio River on the cakes of
floating Ice Is one of the notable dramatic
exploits of tho century The full strength
of the Lafayette company will be seen
in the production and in addition a
number of extra people have been special
ly engaged
Chases A Illaclc Sheep
Charles H Hoyts A Black Sheep
with Otis Harlan in his original role of
Hot Stuff has been selected as the
most appropriate and attractive offering
with which to launch the midsummer
season of Chases Musical Comedy Stock
Company at the Chase playhouse Monday
next It is announced that the most elabor
ate presentation the Hoyt farce comedy
hS eve had at any bands in this clty
will then be seen The company said to
number forty people in all includes some
of the best musical comedy artists in that
line of work a cast of importance and
a carefully selected and well drilled
chorus Special scenery Is being con
structed and a new outfit of costumes is
promised for the inauguration of the mid
summer season The cooling arrange
ments at Chases are being re enforced to
fully cope with the record breaking tor
rldlty in order that comfort shall be
assured the patrons no matter what may
be the tehiperature outside Each week
it is proposed that the Chase company
shall present a revival of one of the
Hoytian pieces and each will be inter
spersed with specialties No less than
sixteen of these diversions are provided
for introduction at various points in the
progress of A Black Sheep
In addition to Otis Harlan the company
will include William DeVcre another
member of the original company John
W Dunne Mary Marble Henrietta Lee
Tony Hart the three Fanchonetti sisters
and a number of others During the mid
summer engagement there will be three
matinees weekly Monday Thursday and
Saturday the regular house price of 25
cents with all seats reserved prevailing
At the evening performances the regular
prices will also prevrjl 25 and 50 cents
being charged The first matinee will be
given Monday afternoon next
Popularity of Chesapeake Ilencli
Few resorts within the reach of Wasn
ingtonlans possess the popular features
of Chesapeake Beach where are com
bined tho best attractions of the regular
seaside resort with the favorite inland
amusement places The management has
made provisions fo handling immense
crowds today and there is hardly any
doubt but that the transportation facili
ties will be taxed to the utmost as every
body seems to have selected Chesapeake
Beach as the best spot at which to pass
the day The bathing is splendid while
the band concerts by the Haley Band otLo
age musical affairs commonly heard at
similar resorts The new system or
bringing excursionists into the city in
stead of depositing them at the Junction
as was done formerly is a very popular
move and one that has evidently met
with the decided approval of those who
visit the Beach The transportation to
and from the Beach as at present ar
ranged is unsurpassed and makes a
trip to Chesapeake Beach a real pleas
ure There will be many special features
for the entertainment of the visitors to
this resort today and it will be a most
captious person who will- be unable to
llnd something that will please
The Day at Marshall Hull
Today will be a great day at the tomb
of the Father of His Country and on the
green lawns of Marshall Hall Those who
wish to be patriotic in a qtiet way and
enjoy the nations holiday away fiom the
din and smoke of fireworks will And
Mount Vernon an Ideal spot to visit At
Marshall Hall there will be patriotic
music and daneihej all day and evering
Amusements of all kindu to please both
the old and youig will also be found The
steamer Charles Macalester leaves for
Mount Vernon at 10 a m and 230 p m
and for Marshall Hall at 10 a m 230 and
630 p m returning leave the Hall at
1230 430 745 and 1030 p m
Orders to Organizations Lately Re
turned From Muuiln
The Secretary of War issueil an order
yesterday carrying- into effect recom
mendations of IJeiitenant General Mile
for the distribution among army posts in
the United State of regular troops re
cently ordered home from the Philip
pines Headquarters of the Fourth Cav
alry will go to Fcrt Asslnnlboine two
squadrons to the Department of Da
kota and one squadron to the Depart
ment of the Columbia Of the coast ar
tillery companies the Twenty ninth and
Thirtieth will go to the Department of
California and the Thirty second and
Thirty third to the Department of the
Columbia Of the field artillery the First
Battery will go to the Presidio of San
Francisco the Eighth Battery to Van
couver Barracks the Tenth Battery
whese commander Capt H J Rellly
was killed before Pekin to Fort Walla
Walla Wash the Twelfth Battery to
Fort Douglass UJah and the Thirteenth
Battery to Fort Logan Col
The returning infantry regiments will
be distributed as follows Fourteenth
Headquarters and Third Battalion to
Madison Barracks N Y two companies
of the Second Battalion to Fort Porter
and two companies of the Second Bat
talion to Fort Niagara N Y Fifteenth
Upon arrival of the companies of the
Fourteenth at Fort Porter Company II
of the Fifteenth will take station at ort
Ontario N Y Eighth Headquarters to
Fort Douglass Utah Seconel and Third
Battalions to the Department of Colo
rado Twenty third Headquarters to
Fort Logan Col one battalion to the
Department of Colorado and one bat
talion to the Department of the Missouri
When tho retcrning regiments reach
San Francisco their respective colonels
will designate the posts to which troops
companies or batteries will be assigned
when thev have not been so designated in
the orders
The orders also direct that Troops A
and C of the Thirteenth Cavalry Just
organized le transferred from the De
partment of Dakota to the Department
of the Missouri one troop of the Eighth
Cavalry from Fort Riley Kan to Fort
Iteno Okla and one troop of the same
regiment from Fort Riley to Fort SHI
I have found that your liquid SOZO
DONT used full strength ieds more sat
isfactory results in tne treatment of root
rani nrenaratorv to filling than any
other agent I have yet Jised I have like
wise found It quite as an
auxiliary in the remo al of
taltulus Sample J cent
hi nud
th Tfflh nmf fitvnth
i and 7 c IUh Uu V Y t t I
New York Washington raris
- Store will be closed Thursday
July Fourth and continuing dur
ing the Summer will close on
Saturdays at i oclock other days
at 5 oclock
Fridays Our
Remnant Day
and this week therell be oppor
tunities all over the house that
will prove more or less interesting
to the economically inclined Host
of odds and ends short Iengthss
broken sizes and assortments etc
of every kind and condition and
all marked for easy buying
Co ton Dress Goods offer un
usual inducements in lengths suit
able for waists wrappers and en
tire dresses
The following list is by no means
complete Equally as good bar
gains are not advertised
Suit Department
15 All wool Homespun and
Cheviot Tailcr made Suits silk
lined jackets percaliue lined
skirts tan gray Oxford and
brown sizes 32 34 36 and 3S
975 each
Eeduced irom 1850
2 Blue Sill Iltoiis all over tucked lined
with white silk sizes 34 and 35 Reduced
from 1250 to 6 each
1 Imported Light Blue Madras Dress
lace trimmed slightly faded size Re
duced from 30 to 15
10 Taffeta Silk Waists all over tucked
delicate shades sizes 30 33 and 40 Re
duced from 5 and G to 158 each
20 Woven Madras Shirt Waists sizes
32 34 10 and 42 Reduced from SL25 to
29c each
Third -floor
Misses Department
9 Girls Fancy Pique Dresses medium
and dark effects suitable for outing pur
poses sizes 10 12 and 14 Reduced from
5 to L9u each
7 Glris All wool Reefers and Jackets
some silk lined others without lining
sizes 12 14- and IS Reduced from 5 and
750 to 23 each
Third floor
Womens Neckwear Dept
5 dozen Silk Windsor Ties plain and
hemstitched enects solid and tancy coi
2 for 25c
Regular price 25c each
25 dozen Narrow Point de Geae Lace
Collars dainty neat effects
5c each
Regularly 15 c
First floor
Millinery Dept
Balance of our Trimmed Hats
and Bonnets that
Were 500 and 600
Now 250 each
That were 800 to 1200
ISTow 5 each
Millinery Parlors Second floor
Boys5 Department
6 All wool Sailor Blouse Suits grey
with plain reel trimming sizes 3 to 7 Re
duced from 430 to L50 each
IS Washable Kilt Suits new patterns
well made good hem wide skirt sizes
-V 3 and 4 Reduced from L25 and L59
to 73c each
12 White Straw Hats narrow brims
for boys from 7 to 12 years of age Re
duced from 5tte to 25c each
41 pairs Blue Denim Wash Pants well
made well fitting sizes 3 to S Reduced
from 3flc to 25j pair
Third floor
Hosiery Department
11 pairs Womens Black Lace Hose size
10 Reduced from TCc to 50c pair
24 pairs Childrens Tan Cotton Hose
dropstitch effect sizes S o and 7 Re
duced from 25c to 3 pairs for 50c
First tloor
Shoe Department
5S pairs Womens Vici Kid Oxfords pat
ent tips and tips of same turn soles
something light stylish and dressyLsizes
4 to 7 AA 3 to 7 A 4 to 6 B 4 to 6 C 1
1 2 2 7 and 8 D Reduced from
i50 to L50 pair
20 pairs Womens Tan Vici Kid Oxfords
turn soles English toes sizes Ss and 7
A A 3 3 iV and 7 A 7 and S B 1 V
7 ami 7C 2 34 6 and S D Re
duced from 2 00 to 150 iair
10 pairs Boys Tan Russia Calf Lace
Shoes English cut sizes 4 5 3 B
C 5 D Reduced from 230 to L09 pair
24 pairs Children a Black Kid Oxfords
lurn ami mcii jvio a
and 10 B ti 7 S S and 9 C ReducJd
from 200 to 100 pair
Third floor
Picture Department
4 Florentine Gold Frames size iSxil
Reduced from 3wi to 96c each
25 Black Oak Frames sizes Sx anel
10x12 Reduced from and SOe to lc
10 Gilt Photograph Frames hold five
photographs Reduced from 5e to 25c
Fourth tloor
Lamp Department
1 Rubv and Brass Urap Reduced from
10 to 5
1 Parlor Lamp and Glebe Reduced
from 236 to L95
1 Handsome larlor Lamp and Globe
Reduced from 20 to
1 Pink Lamp Shade imperfect Reduced
from 125 to 50c
1 Brass finished Table ocyx top Re
duced from J3S5 to 225
Fifth floor
iiousefurnishing Bepf
1 5 ett Ohio Ice Cream Freezerwith
fl wheel Reduced from 325 to JLa
l 2 it Easy Ice Cream Freeaer Re
duceu from 3 to 15ft
1 0 qt Clothes Horse slightly damaged
Redutid from 85c to 50c
1 Cutting Table sifchtly damaged Re
duced trom S to il50
15 Salad Sets spoon and fork Reduced
from 3uc to 10c each
Fifth fluor

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