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1 itye ht
Natives Wish Their Status Con
firmed as Americans
ComiiKsloiiPr Iosctaii ArjjiiPK Tlint
the Iiiiiilrs Are Cmlvnliilily Cill
yeiK tit the ITiiion Vutes TeniiM tit
the Foraker Imv In Suiirt
The recent decisions of the Supreme
Onurt In the so callrd insular cases anil
the prostiective proclamation of the Presi
dent declaring free trade between the
I nited States and Porto Rico will not by
any means have nettled the future of that
isaml and its relation to the Union Af
fecting the welfare of the people of the
inland there are other more important
lucstions in which they are most deeply
interested and which are still to be met
Chief among- these is the question of
citizenship Are the native inhabitants of
the Island of Porto Itico citizens of the
United States Mr Fredcrico Dcgetau
the resident commissioner from the Island
to the United States makes a strong
contention that the native inhabitants of
Porto Rico arc American citizens and as
such are entitled to the rights and privi
leges enjoyed by either native born or
naturalized Americans
In speaking of his opinion regarding the
status of Porto Ricans yesterday Mr
Degetau said
A great deal of confusion of thought
seems to exist In the minds of Americans
regarding the Porto Ricans and the ques
tions which have arisen regarding them
and their status The discussion of af
fairs relating to Porto Rico is interming
led with considerations affecting the Phil
ippines Hawaii and other Territories and
possessions of the United States which
are entirely foreign and Irtelevant to
Porto Rico questions which are not at all
similar to ours We are classed with the
Filipinos and Ilawaians while as a matter
of fact we have almost nothing In com
mdh with them and came to the United
States under very different circumstances
and conditions Because of this confusion
the people do not seem to appreciate
either our capacities abilities or poli
tical and civil status
The question of citizenship arose dur
ing the last session of Congress in tho
Committee on Insular Affairs I inform
ed the committee then that in my opin
ion we were American citizens The ques
tion was not discussed by the committee
because according to the opinion express
ed by the chairman the committee could
not consider it until the Supreme Court
had rendered its decisions in the insular
I contend now as I contended In my
addresses to the people of Porto Rico
when I was a candidate for the office of
commissioner o the United States that
the- Inhabitants of the Island of Porto
Rico are citizens of the United States
I maintain that we were made so by the
Foraker act taken In conjunction with
the declarations and stipulations of the
Treaty of Paris
In Article IX of the Treaty of Paris
the United States jyid Spain fixl the po
litical status and rights of the Inhabitants
of the territories ceded by Spain to the
United States considering them in two
classes the natives of the peninsula of
Spain and the natives otthe territories
ceded By the lirst paragraph they stip
ulated that the natives of Spain who re
sided In the territories ceded by Spain
could preserve thtJr allegiance to the
Crown of Spain and fixed the form and
method of their doing so They were giv
en a year front the time of the exchange
of ratification of the treaty in which they
could preserve thelr alleglanee by mak
ing a proper declaration of their Inten
tion to remain subjects of Spain It was
then further stipulated that in default
of such declaration they shall be held
to have renounced it the allegiance to the
Crown of Spain and to have adopted the
nationality of the territory In which they
may reside In the case of Porto Rico
the nationality which they adopted Is the
American Porto Rico having been hold
by the Supreme Court to lie a territory of
the United States as distinguished from
the nationality of Cuba
By the second clause of the same ar
ticle of the Treaty of Paris it Is stated
that the civil rights and political status
of the native inhabitants of the territo
ries ceded to the United States shall be
determined by Congress Now we come
to the Foraker law In section 7 of that
act it is declared that all Inhabitants con
tinuing to reside in Porto Rico who were
Spanish subjects are to be deemed and
held as citizens of Porto Rico Thus the
Foraker law fixes the political status of
the native inhabitants as equal to that
of the natives of Spain who according
to the Treaty of Paris were to be held
as having American nationality The
term citizen of Porto Rico is a local term
for American citizenship like that applied
to the citizens of the District of Colum
bia the State of Massachusetts or the
Territory of Arizona
The last part of the same section of
the Foraker law to which 1 have referred
provides also that they the inhabitants
together with such citizens of the United
States as may reside in Porto Rico shall
constitute the body politic under the name
of the people of Porto Rico This body
politic so constituted has performed cer
tain functions and those who were pre
viously American citizens and who now
reside in Porto Rico have taken part In
the elections and are among the 5SS67
electors who cast their votes in the elec
tion In which I was chosen as commis
sioner to the United States Others have
been elected to various positions as for
Instance one member of the House of
Delfgates of Porto Rico
So I ask how could we form a body
politic with American citizens if we were
not American citizens also An American
citizen may form a commercial body with
a foreigner with a Chinaman for in
stance in California but can
not voto or be elected to ollice unless
born In the United Statts because they
are not American citizens tnd thus an
American and a Chinaman could not
form a body politic On the other hand
the Foraker law in extending Porto Rican
citizenship to Amrrican citizens could not
alter or modify their American citizen
ship because the Constitution provides
that no law shall be made which shall
abridge the privileges or immunities of
citizens of the United States
Again we are made American citizens
by section 8 of the same law which de
clares in full force and effect the laws
and ordinances of Porto Rico except as
altered or modified by the military lnws
when the act took effect Now by the
laws of Porto Rico the native Inhabitants
of the island were equal to the natives
of Spain If then according to the Treaty
of Paris the native Spaniards who re
nounce their allegiencc to Spain are to be
considered American citizens the same
Is true of the native Portt Rican Again
by the military orders recognized by the
Foraker act as being in effect those Por
to Ricans occupying olllclil positions and
lawyers and teachers practicing their
professions renounced their allegiance to
Spain and took oath to suppott the Con
stitution of the United States thus be
coming American citizens
The Porto Rican Judges have adminis
tered the oath of allegiance to foreigners
Frenchmen Kngllshmen Italians and
others who have declared their intention
of becoming American citizens The list
of those foreigners can be seen in the
report of the Covernor of Porto Rico
Therefore how could the Iorto Rican
judges do this If they are not American
There is another matter continued
Mr Degetau in which the people of
Porto Rico are much Interested and that
is their future relationship to the people
of the United States they desire a cloer
association than they are at present en
jovlng Material progress is not alone
the aspiration of the people of Porto Rico
History shows that we are a people who
have borne political responsibilities for
many years The first historian of tho
island Fray Inlgo Abad in 172 speaking
of the political feelings of the Porto Ri
cans says that they asked of Spain a
government gentle and moderate and de
clares that the ppointment of a military
man as governor of the Island was con
trary to h snttments of the people
In the first years ot the nineteenth cen
tury we -were declared not to be a colon
or a pos session of Spain but a province
and since 1S12 with the exception of the
period of from 1S37 to ISO we have been
fimtaastji frMsaaaijih
represented in the Spanish Congress Our
first representative was Ramon Power
who was elected Vice President of the
Cortez In 1S12 Ever since that time our
people have taken a deep Interest In polit
ical affairs In later years the Island has
had In the Spanish Congress sixteen rep
resentatives and three Senators
Coth of the political ixartics of the
island the Republican and the Federal
divided by local Issues alone are In favor
of organizing tho island as a Territory of
the United States similar to New Mexico
and Arizonn as a way to become a State
of tho Union with a full Legislature
elected by tho people and represented by
a delegate In Congress the appointment
of a Governor being of course re served
to the President as in the case of the
other Territories How else can the needs
and requirements of tho people be made
known except they are represented In
the American Congress which legislate
for them as for other parts of the United
Tho Porto Rican citizens arc prepared
by their iovo of liberty and their wor
ship of justice and peace to face with
other American citizens the great prob
lems with which we must deal in the fu
tureperhaps in the near future Not by
mere caprice of the heathen god Mars but
In the accomplishment of cfernal laws of
providential decracs has the island be
come an Integral part of the American
Union In the maps of geography and
the plans of history this political event
was long ago outlined And we accepted
it gladly with the plain consciousness of
our duty the responsibilities that it im
posed upon us of partaking in the glori
ous labor of contribute g to human wel
fare and progress under Old Glory
-which covers brothers and equals In the
land of tho free and the home of tho
Many OHloer Advanced In the Iteitn
Inr HxtnlillMhiueiit
The President has signed the following
army commissions
John V Bubb colonel of infantry
John J OConnell lieutenant colonel of
John W Hannay lieutenant colonel ot
Wiliam A Mann major of lnrantry
Millard F Waltz major of infantry
Kdwin F Glenn major of infantry
George R- Cecil major of infantry
John IL H Peshine major of Infantry
Isaac Newell captain of Infantry
George H Shelton captain of Infantry-
Herschel Tupes captain of infantry
Celwyn E Hampton captain of infan
Harry F Rethers captain of Infantry
William B Cochran captain of -Infantry
Alga P Berry captain of Infantry
Herbert A White captain of cavalry
Harry LaT Cavenaugh captain of cav
Nathan K Avcrlll captnln of cavalry
Thomas C Goodman paymaster with
the rank of major
James B Houston paymaster with the
rank of major
James G Warren major in the Corps cf
Gec ge P Howell captain in the Corps
of Ergineers
Samuel A Kephart captain in the Ar
tillery CTps
Rawson Warren second lieutenant in
the Artillery Corps transfer from caval
Joseph Clemens chaplain
Timothy P OKeelc chaplait
Robert Burns surgeon of volunteers
with rank of major
Ralph S Porter surgeon of volunteers
with rank of major
George H Calkins assistant surgeon of
volunteers with rank of captain
1 To be assistant surgeons with the rank
of first lieutenants C C Geer P II Mc
Andrew G McD Van Poole II II Ruth
erford Ernest L RufTner William II
Brooks Matthew A DeLaney Horace D
Bloombergh Compton Wilson John A
Murtagh Eugene R Whitmore Charles
Y Urownlee Irvine W Patten William
W Reno Robert U Patterson Carroll D
Buck George H R Gosman Conrad E
Koerper John II Allen Roderic P OCon
nor William Roberts George P Heard
Robert E Noble James W Van Dusen
Roger Brooke jr Wallace Do Witt Al
bert B Henderson Robert M Thorn
1 burgh Arthur M Line Paul S Halloren
Herbert G Shaw Clement C Whltcomb
Robert ITTGrubbs Edmund D Shortlidge
Verge E Sweazey John B Devereux
Kent Nelson Peter C Field Iloyd IeR
Krcbs Robert Smart Louis Brechemin
jr William P Woodall Charles N Bar
ney Milton E Lando George M Ekwur
OrdeiN Isiueil for Jlie Transfer of
Undies of Trctiit
The following changes have been order
ed in the stations of troops
One squadron of the Eleventh Cavalry
to be selected by the department comman
der to proceed from Fort Ethan Allen
Vt and take station at Jefferson Bar
racks Mo Department of Missouri
One squadron of the Thirteenth Caval
ry to be selected by the department com
mander from the Department of Dako
ta to the Department of Missouri to take
station at Fort Robinson Neb
One squadron of the Fourteenth Caval
ry to be selected by the department com
mander from Fort Leavenworth Kan
to the Department of the Colorado
The headquarters staff and band and
Second Battalion of the Fourteenth In
fantry under orders from the Division of
the Philippines to the Department of Da
kota to take station at Fort Snelllng
Companies E G and II of the Fifteenth
Infantry stationed at Fort Ethan Allen
Vt Plattsburg Uarracks N V and at
Fort Porter N Y respectively to take
station at Madison Barracks N Y
The Twenty seventh Infantry tiow In
the Department of the East to take sta
tion in detachments at Plattsburg Bar
racks Fort Ontario and Fort Montgom
ery N Y and Kennebec Arsenal Me
One battalion of the Twenty ninth In
fantry to be designated by the depart
ment commander from Fort Sheridan
111 to Columbus Barracks Ohio
ChcUIlt ney Conies io Take the Place
of AH Kerrooh Ile
Chekib Bey tho new Turkish Minister
called at the State Department yesterday
In company with the retiring Minister
All Ferrouh Bey and was Introduced to
Secretary Hay He will not bo able to
present his credentials to the President
until Mr McKlnley returns to Washing
ton but he will nevertheless exercise all
the functions of his office
Tho new Minister arrived In Washing
tan Monday night and is temporarily
quartered at the Shoreham Ills family
is now in New York City and will remain
there until he has made plans for their
reception at the Legation All Ferrouh
Bey will leave within a few days for
Xavy Order
Capt G W Plgman to home
Lieutenant Commander G L Dyer to
Naval Academy July 15
Lieutenant Commander F R Bralnard
retired detached Buffalo to home
Lieutenant Commander M G Gorgas
retired detached Iowa to home
Lieut M A Anderson to Boston Navy
Yard July 15 steam engineering depart
Lieut A J Dabney retired detached
Hydrographic Ofllce Bureau of Equip
ment to home
Assistant Surgeon M V Stone to Mare
Island Hospital July 20 relief of Assist
ant Surgeon Orvls
Assistant Surgeon R T Orvls detached
Mare Island Hospital July 20 to Iensa
cola July 20 relief of Assistant Surgeon
Assistant Surgeon R R Richnrdson
detached New York Hospital to Newport
Army Orderw
Major Frank E Artaud surgeon U S
V recently appointed now at Lake Prov
idence La has been ordered to the Phil
ippines for duty
Leave of absence for four months has
been granted to Major Edward A God
win Seventh Cavalry
Leave of absence for four months has
been granted to Capt Carter P Johnson
Tenth Cavalry
Capt Alvin A Barker quartermaster
lias resigned and Ills resignation lias been
accepted to take effect July S 1901
Capt Lloyd M Brett Second Cavalry
has been ordered to join his troop at Ma
tanzns Cuba
Cant Moses G Zalinskl quartermaster
has been ordered to the Philippines
Longing for Her Deserted Mate the
Errant Fowl Came Back
Her IUnlnUve Cnlllnir Attracted the
Attention tit IImIi Co in hi I h si on Km
ploycs The lllnl StiI1 to Have Ilcen
Seen In loiva Circle XorthvrcMt
The big black African swan which ex
Ropresentative Reyburn of Pennsylvania
purchased buthus not yet received ow
ing to its escape from the carp ponds back
of the Monument on last Saturday night
has at last been located on the Hats near
the Bathing Beach and Mr Schmid the
bird man who sold the fowl to Mr Rey
burn will draw the net around her today
The proud bird from Africa which en
joyed freedom for po short a time is a
victim of love and but for tho fact that
she could not remain away from her
mate she would now doubtless be many
miles away In the cold pleasant climate
of Canada where blrus fly when the
thermometer goes up Monday night tho
swan returned to the neighborhood of tho
lakes in the Monument Grounds and
called repeatedly for her consort The
male bird however would not listen to
the call or If ho listened and heard it
lie evidently did not think enough of hia
wife to seek her and accompany her to
the north Yesterday morning he was still
swimming contentedly about his pond ap
parently satisfied and happy Mr Schmid
thinks that they arc not happily mated
If this is not so thq bird man says the
male swan has shown the white feather
decidedly in spite of his coal black plum
age A gallant bird he said would have
joined his partner whatever the conse
x Early yesterday morning tho men cm
ployed at the Babcock Lakes used for
breeding purposes by the Fish Commis
sion heard the peculiar call of a swan
somewhere in the vicinity and made a
search of the surroundhjg flats but with
out obtaining a gUmpse of the rare bird
The bird was whistling for her mate and
just before daylight she came up quite
close to the lake in which her consort
was asleep with his head under his wing
and made desperate efforts in the swan
language to induce him to fly with her
The watchmen in the Monument Grounds
would have been glad to capture the bird
for Mr Schmid has offered 5 to the per
son who catches the truant Besides
swan hunting is a pastime not often In
dulged in by tho majority of persons and
the watchmen would have traversed half
the swamp surrounding the city just for
the sport
The bird also paid a visit to the very
centro of Washington early Monday night
and roosted comfortably undisturbed in
one of the public parks She was seen
In Iowa Circle about -8 oclock in the
evening and several attempts were made
to capture her after she was sighted The
discovery of the handsome fowl caused
considerable confusion in that part of
the city
Policeman Wright on his way to Alex
andria yesterday morning was one of
those who saw the swan in Iowa Circle
He read in The Times of the escape of
the fine bird and when he arrived at Alex
andria he informed the Police Department
by telephone Mr Schmid was imme
diately acquainted with the fact and a
force of men were sent scouring the city
Mr Green who is in charge of the carp
ponds also sent word that the swan had
been heard near the lakes early in the
morning and the entire force of bird men
and watchmen began to search the flats
A party of men took jboats at the Bath
ing Beach and crossed over to tho flats
west of the basin The bird was heard
but she kept out of the way and was not
seen Mr Schmid who accompanied the
party then observed a black spot in the
water near the neck of the big basin and
declared that it was his swan Great care
was observed as the rowers approached
the place and not a sound was made The
black spot grew larger and larger and
the men panted with excitement feeling
sure that the moment of capture was near
at hand They had heavy nets In which
to snare the bird and as they rowed close
to the object in the water they threw It
at the black spot and hauled eagerly
As they pulled tho net townrd the boat
the occupants were alarmed by the shouts
of distress which rose from the water
followed by the shining head of a darky
who had been bathing surreptitiously in
the tidal basin The colored man was
tangled in the net and frightened almost
out of his senses For a moment it looked
as though the man would be drowned He
thought the police were after him and
Mr Schmid had his hands full making ex
Last night Mr Schmlds employes as
sisted by the watchmen at the lakes lo
cated the swan In the marsh across the
basin from the Bathing Beach and prep
arations were made for her capture at
Mr IJIclc VilinltM However Tlint
There Will IJe Excitement
Representative Charles Dick of Ohio Is
In the city to look after some personal
matters before the departments Speak
ing to a party of friends last night he
said that Governor Nash was rapidly im
proving in health and that he would soon
be in good health again In his opinion
the entire Republican State ticket would
be elected this fall The Republicans he
said were united as all differences exist
ing prior to the State convention had
been wiped out The campaign he said
would not lack excitement
A Builder Seeks to Secure Ienpls
slou for a Xcir Structure
In an action for mandamus instituted
yesterday by Burton Macafee the Su
preme Court of the District of Columbia
Is asked to command the District Com
missioners and the Inspector of Build
ings to Issue a permit on an application
mnde by the petitioner which the de
fendants have refused to grant for ier
mlsilon to erect a structure at Sixteenth
and Ro3cdale Strjets noitheast with pro
jections extending beyond the building
The petitioner asserts that the defend
ants granted permits for like projections
on Sixteenth Street -adjoining the real
estate of the petitioner
A Petition io Iegallrc the Pohnc hhIoii
of City Itenl Ifne
The Supreme Court -of the District of
Columbia was yesterday petitioned by
Albert A Wilson in a suit in equity in
stituted by hlrn against it large number of
unknown anJ others to
establish his title to the west part of lot
4 In square 142 which is bounded by
Eighteenth and Nineteenth F and Q
Secretnry IlnyN Jlrlef Vlnlt
Secretary Hay has returned to Wash
ington from his summer home at New
bury N II where he has been since the
funeral of his son He is still much de
pressed Mr Hay will remain here a
few days attending to public and private
business and will then return to New
Hampshire for the remainder of the sum
To Examine Transport MclMiernon
A board of olllcers has been appointed
to examine the transport McPherson and
determine what It will cost to place her
in condition for sea service She was
stranded off tho coast of Matanzas sev
eral months ago and was only recently
taken off She will be towed to New York
for repairs
A Marine Killed by Lightning-
Admiral KeinpfC has informed the War
Department of the death of Private E E
Pease of the Marino Corps who was
struck iiy lightning at Cavitc on July
7 and Instantly killed
- 1TOf3 XW VW9Z TTf jV4
asnuel Friedlander Co
416 Seventh Street N W 41S
The Great Imp
1LC the yard for pretty Challles and
-2 Dimities new patterns and col
or effects worth 10c
for Roevers High Grade Castile
Toilet Soap sweet and pure
worth 5c a cake
4 i
C for Womens 10c Swiss Ribbed
ests low neck and sleeveless
C for Womens 124c Fast Black
v2 Hose seamless double toe and
The Trnctlon Proportion 3ny Be Sold
Under ForecloKarc
A reorganization of the Washington
Traction Company will probably be ef
fected before the close of the present year
according to a statement made yesterday
by Allan Lv McDermott the ex president
and now the receiver of the company Mr
McDermott stated that In all probability
the properties of the corporation would
ba sold under foreclosure proceedings and
bought In by the large holders of stock
The other alternative according to Mr
McDermott would be an assessment on
the stock of the company which would
be nocessary to pay off Its floating in
debtedness amounting to about 1300000
This would necessitate an assessment of
about 13 a share on the stock of 12000
000 The main feature of the proposed re
organization was to refund the 13OvOO0O
of the outstanding 4M per cent bonds by
an Issue of 55 per cent preferred stock and
5 per cent 4 per cent bonds Such a plan
which has not yet been reported will
probably be reported later in the summer
Mr McDermott intimated that foreclosure
proceedings would be resorted to
The act of Congress of June lyOO will
then be taken advantage of he said
ati the roads now controlled by the syn
dicate consolidated The Washington
Traction Is now a stock and bond owning
company and it will be able to conduct
the affairs of the roads to better advan
tage after the consolidation has taken ef
fect The company has been operating
at a loss hence thp necessity for fore
closure The funded debt of the company
Is in the neighborhood of 13500000
There seems to be a necessity for fore
closure cr an assessment said Mr Mc
Dermott The present stockholders -will
be invited to come In under the reorgani
zation If they do not they will stand in
the same position in which other individ
uals stand who have mortgaged their
property and suffered foreclosure
Several of the roads operated by the
Washington Traetion Company notably
the Brightwood line have been run at a
loss Expensive improvements while
they will eventually put the system upon
a paying basis have been a partial cause
of the debt
Celestial Alleged to Have Suffered
Injuries in Montana
The Chinese Government through Min
ister Wu Ting fang yesterday Hied with
the State Departme nt claims for indem
nity against the United States amounting
to C00000 for alleged Injuries suffered by
Chinese subjects at the hands of Ameri
cans In Montana Ex Senator Sanders of
Montana Is the attorney for the several
hundred Chinese claimants
The injuries complained of date back
to 1SSG when the miners union at Eutte
Mon declared a boycott against all Chi
nese in that place It isclalmed that the
Chinese were subjected to insult and in
Jury to their persons and their business
An appeal way made to the city council
for protection but the council passed a
resolution endorsing the action of the
miners Then an attempt was made by
the Chinese to secure a restraining order
on the boycotters and this also wis re
fused uy a State District Court An ap
peal was taken to the United States Cir
cuit Court and the judicial relief asked
for was granted
It Is contended however that the al
leged nersecutlon of Chinese continues
and pecuniary redress In the amount
named is asked
A Subordinate Sns Chnplnin Block
Is the Ierxon nt Kmilt
S J Block chaplain of John A Logan
Command Mo 2 U V U speaking yes
terday of the reported forved resignation
of the Commissioner of Pensions II Clay
Evans said
Commissioner Evans is all right
theres nothilng wrong with him at all
He is unjustly blamed If there is any
blame it should be placed on the medical
division of the Pension Office This divi
sion is tilled with a lot of young grad
uates of medical colleges who dont know
much about the human anatomy and
much less of the sufferings of the old sol
diers and the ways he has contracted
them There are hundreds of cases placed
before Commissioner Evans every day
and as he has to rely upon his subordin
ates reports he npproves the records
thinking that the cases have been prop
erly attended to and Justly adjudicated
But Commissioner Evans cannot bo
blamed for the shortcomings of a few of
the many clerks with him The Medical
Referee Dr Raub Is said to be the of
ficial whose place should be demanded
The CoiiKreMMlonnI Party Starts
The transport McClellan will sail from
New York for Manila tomorrow and will
carry a party ot Congressmen including
Senator Bacon of Georgia and Represen
tatives DeArmond Joy Gaines Weeks
Mercer Green and Jack They expect
to return during the latter part of Octo
ber The party had originally Intended to
sail on tho Ingalls which met with an
accident while in dry dock The McClellan
will carry a large cargo of supplies
Xi Receiver nt 1renciit
Charles G Dawes Comptroller of the
Currency yesterday assured W C Corn
well President of the insolvent City Na
tional Bank of Buffalo that he would in
definitely postpone the ppolntment of a
receiver for that institution while an ef
fortis made by the directors to bring the
affairs of the bank Into such shape that
voluntary liquidation can be declared
The directors will endeavor to realize in
cash a3 much as possible on the paper
held against the manufacturing concerns
that caused the banks failure
Portrait Sold to nn Amerlcnn
LONDON July 9 Duvecn Brothers
who recently purchased Hopners three
quarter length painting of Lady Louisa
Manners paying therefor 1 1050 guineas
announce that B Altman of New York
has accuilred the portrait
Shows No Signs of Abating
Todays Attraction
An Amazing List of Low Prices
for Turkish Towels full bleached
size 43x21 inches double warp
fast red borders value 15c
37C the yard for Huekaback Roller
B Toweling full bleached extra
heavy usually sells for 7c
5C the yard for Lace Stripe Muslin
26 Inches wide dainty open
work designs well worth 10c
2C for Sweet Violet Toilet Soap
highly perfumed fine milled ab
solutely pure worth 10c -
9C for Womens Full Bleached
Summer Vests taped around
neck and arms value 10c
mC for Womens 25c Lace and
Dropstitched Hose fast black
and colors regular made
amiiel Friedlander Co-
416 Seventh Street N W 416
For Xenrly Half a Centnry He AVnn
In the Government Service
Funeral services over the remains of
William J Warren chief clerk of the
ofllce of he Chief of Engineers rho died
yesterday afternoon will be held tomor
row morning at his late residence the
Cairo The ceremonies will be private and
the hour Is not announced The place of
interment although not definitely deter
mined Tvill probably be at Rock Creek
Mr Warren died suddenly at 130 oclock
yesterday afternoon In his apartments In
the Cairo Q Street northwest after a
prolonged illness He has suffered for
some time from a complication of heart
trouble and indigestion and had been
confined to hi3 room for tho past three
weeks His death was however unex
pected as his illness has not been consid
ered serious
He Is survived by a widow two sons
Philip and William Warren and a daugh
ter Mrs Douglas
Mr Warren was a native of Poughkeep
sie N Y and a brother ot Geo Gouver
nour K Warren the famous Commander
of the Fifth Army Corps during the war
of the rebellion He entered the Govern
ment service In December 1S54 as an as
sistant in the office or Pacifinc Railroad
Surveys and in the following year was
appointed a clerk in the office of the
Secretary of War
From Aaril 1S37 to October ISO he
held the important office of secretary of
the Northwestern Boundary Commission
He was postmaster at Camp Simiahmoo
Washington Territory for two years
from January IKS and subsequently held
a clerical position in the Census Office
July 1 1S71 he was appointed chief clerk
in tte ofllce of the Chief of Engineers and
hld It continuously up to the time of his
Mrx IlurleyH Will Mnkcs TVmnerom
iJeqneKt of Her Property
Annie M Burley the widow of the late
Bishop John W Burtey who resided In
this city directs by her will dated May
U last that the following disposition be
made of her estate
A folding bed bequeathed to Mattie R
Bowen sewing machine Annie H Gray
all wearing apparel furniture etc equal
ly to Mattie M Gray and Lulu C Turner
1 to testator3 nephew the Rev Isaac B
Smith lots 52 and 54 in Williamsons sub
division of Chichester to Annie M Gray
lots 56 and 58 same subdivision to Fan
nie Carroll lots GO and 62 to Handy Bur
ley Beckett son of Rev J W Beckett
of Baltimore lots 64 and C6 to Bishop Wil
liam Derricks of Flushing L I in trust
for Gamel Derricks son of Rev Israel
Derricks of Newport R I lot CS to
Bishop Lee of Wilberforce Ohio in trust
for the Deaconess Home of Virginia and
lot 70 to Mattie M Gray lot 27 in square
141 known as 1S36 E Street northwest
this city is bequeathed to Gen William
Ames of Providence R I on condition
that he cancel tho Indebtedness held
thereon of S1S00 The petition of the ex
ecutor asks that the will may be admitted
to probate both as a will of real and per
sonal estate All of the property of which
the testatrix died possessed is In the Dis
trict of Columbia
The will was offered for probate yester
day by W Mosby Williams who Is coun
sel for Gen William Ames of Providence
R I who is named executor
The Trad en Council Also
Talks of Labor Day
At the semi annual election of officers
for the Building Trades Council the fol
lowing were chosen John A Fitzgerald
President J E Mitchell Vice President
C A Holmes Recording Secretary Hen
ry L Streb Financial Secretary John
Sutor Treasurer and J F Maloney
There was a full atten
dance of delegates from ten organizations
and a lively contest ensued
The committee appointed to make ar
rangements for the celebration of Labor
Day reported that it was decided to give
an excursion to River View The com
mittee will be increased to fifteen mem
bers and a programme of athletic sports
and other amusements arranged
The Governor nml Others Gather for
the State Day
BUFFALO N Y July 9 Gov John
Walter Smith of Maryland and his staff
and guests to the number of sixty were
the guests of the exposition today and
will participate in the ceremonies of
Maryland Day tomorrow
Today strangers began to arrive in Buf
falo in large numbers and the hopes of
the hotel keepers are bright again Rail
roads brought more people to the city to
day than ci any day since opening
The largest che in tho world took
its throne in the dairy building today It
was made in Cattaraugus County weighs
1100 pounds and represents 5500 quarts of
milk Statisticians are now at work esti
mating how many sandwiches it will
Edvwird Parker Deacon Hurled
NEWPORT R I July 9 The funeral
of the late Edward Parker Deacon took
place this morning from Trinity Church
Rev Henry Morgan Stone officiating
There were very feiv society people pres
ent although tho floral offerings were
very numerous The funeral cortege was
composed of but two carriages one con
taining tho clergyman and the other Mr
William P Blake the guardian of the de
Hoods Pills J2 2
the best families and an worthy your con
fidence Try them once and you will prefer them
to all others Sold by all druggists 25 cents
Xew York Washington Paris
During the summer months
store will be closed at 3 oclockj
Saturdays at 1 oclock
Continued Special Sale of
Wash Dress
For Alid Summer Wear
First floor Tenth St
I2c Printed Dimities
9c the Yard
We secured 3000 yards more of
the new and -beautiful Dimities
whicli so closely resemble and are
excelled only by the Irish
They are dainty handsome
durable and there are many at
tractive patterns to select -from
J in figures stripes polka dots on
light and dark grounds
12c Batiste Lawns
9c the Yard
Thousands of yards of these
and every yard of this seasons
production Dainty designs print
ed on fine sheer cloth on white
blue black and tinted grounds
We show an attractive line of
Mohair Brillianiines and
manufactured in Bradford Eng
lands Charming stuffs for waists
skirts and suits nothing richer
hard finished silky surfaces to
which dust will not cling too
springy to wrinkle or crush
white tan grey navy black and
50c 75c andSl a Yard
French Blue Mohair
with alternating white hair line
and amure stripes one inch apart
This fabric has a beautiful silk
finish and will make a rich hand
some and stylish costume sepa
rate skirt or waist
4S inches wide v
150 the Yard
We also display a nice assort
ment of
Black Mohair Briiliantine
Better adapted to all round
wear than any other dress mate
rial Best for street seashore
and mountain wear and particu
larly desirable for traveling
Sheds the dust quickly and al
ways looks neat and presentable
Very popular for bathing suits
Mohair Briiliantine
44 inch 50c the yard
44 inch 75c the yard
45 inch 100 the yard
First floor Tenth Street
Linen Department
Second floor Eleventh St
Semiannual Sale of Manufac
turers Samples
Table Cloths and Napkins
Hemstitched Tray and Carving
Cloths Napkins Doylies and
Pillow Cases Fringed Damask
Tea Cloths and Towels
These samples come from the
leading manufacturers of Aus
trian linens and are mostly one-of-a-kind
articles dozen or piece
and are offered at
33h Per Cent
Less Than Regular Prices
Judging by the quick responsea
former sales of this character
have brought we would suggest
an early call as the best are al
ways sold first
Second floor

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