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The Busy Corner
100 Morn mac duck polka dot
Sllrta cut with ful Lire and f mi
ruffle Bounce Hitiely worth 4 I
69 for I LJ
This department ou will find located on
Seme Forcing Good VaU3s Brojhl
Sale The Pnc2
Ve are clearing up a lot of Flowers of all
grades and qualities the tjle are good
me patterns are ol lui maon r
thej sold
from 23c to j0 Kile
1 lot of fine qualitj wide straw Meshes and
fane effetts for making and lrapmg liats
all good colors which formerly
said irom rc to ioc per
Mie price
1 lot of Womens Hats all kinds qualities
stjlcs and colon twrtont bought -
Ihfc reason and uhifh u jt from I fl 1
jOc to 1 each sale price
1 lot of Womens and Jhsvs rought Jai
triw ltimmeu tailors all correct
shapes big mine lcciuse we kold
them from 50c to 75c sale price
K white pique Skirt made with wide in
sertion hands cut full t are and
finis hed with dei p htm in fG
pood as jou can hur for 3 I J X
W fine twilfed ipcrtau Cloth Skirts un-
linet cut scAcn pore Hart made with
Forward riirajji Fnls Rbjidin2
s Are Very Wae
Another lot of Womens and Mises trim
med allrs and Hats all good
Jiaps earl Miininer tlcs which -4 fT
from 46c to
S Kami Sons Co
Try it n3 les what s ne hot Are it
mikes Its superior to col for the sura
tier cooklnc srd nukes brighter and
hotter fir Our prices for coks are
very low
U bushels Coke UllTeredtte
40 bushels Lrje Coke delivered 29a
00 bushels Urge Cokef delivered 110
i3 bushels Crusred Coke delivered tH
40 bushels Crushed Coke delivered ISJ0
to buLcIs Crushed Coke delivered 330
413 Tenth Street N W
Uineri on strike is enough to male coal price
go higher That is the situation at present Let
ua have your order at once and aroid any further
70S 1Kb Et K W
Cth and K Ets N W 13tb and D Sts S W
W close at 12 on Saturdays
The Smut - ding
Open Until 9 oclock Tonight
ehuilding Sal
ed tltunti come in erts D J f O
tan and brAwns which sold 3V J f
for7V for T VJ
1 lot of fine Mark iielilile cheviot tailor
made talking skirts finished with stitched
Hilt MUX - f J
-reduced 3U
nttrtiiK nouutt unant
and liht in
irom ft IK to
the wcond Moor Mnith Iluilditi
1 lot of womens and mise untrimmed
natural coJor Cuba straw braid short back
sailors the erj thing ior f f
precnt wear which sold for 75c
sale price
1 lot of womens and miies trimmed
read ear r clt Hats in tan brow n
pre and nav trimmed wilhQ 1
light tJudcii uf soft China
worth i0O sale pnee
j Q
Milliner department second floor Buy
Corner Ruildirg
Another Offaring ol Kimmas in Our Undsrmuslin Dept
Womens hort Linvnas made cf nhite India
lmon finished wnh pink and Hue India linon
joke sleeves and rccrs fim hed off a jr
with hemstitching size from 2i to U JrC
44 special sale price J
ATomens long Kimonas made of figured
lawn suUi colors pink buc black and
navy rccrs and sectes tnrrmed
with white lawn nude with w a teju fCC
pleated bac k and hclt special sale I f
Tlixs department is located fcccond floor rear
Womens lon kimonas made of white
India linon jone sleees and rcicra trim
med with JUrumJ ana 1frdan
patterns of lawn wattcau tiack
tun irrm 34 to 44 special
sale iinre
The new Ella W1ieler Wffcox lounging
kimona made of fine nolka dot lawn in red
black Ltrender and hiu made with low
cut round nctk elliuw leeveA
fin 1 lied with fine tl clge jnd
nhLon pccial sale price
litis Corner Iluilding
- Still Forcing tiie Sale of Parasols
And at Such Prices as These They Surely Ought to Sell
0 Parasols for children made of all silk 75 ttcnun Coaching Farasols made of all
In pretty effects some of which bold p fC
is high as tl SO each we slull of-
Icr them in tins sale at
50 26 inch union taffeta I mhrLllas made of
light paragon frame and close roll the
handles arc of pearl designs
and trimmed with German Hi
rer we have made the price
special at
silk In light effects which were
inarkrd to kfll for And
sale price
50 of the most exclude designs in Coach
ing Iara oIs some of which were sold as
luh as 5 and CC thev are the Cj f A Q
jCTcam of our tock of this sea- J ifl
son special sale price mFKJ
This department is located in the Smith Building first floor section 4
s 98
Twentieth Century Collection of Fine
Jewelry at Rebuilding Prices
Pariian Belt Ornaments large t CC
quoise matnx sale price
Fine gold plated Sah Pins one ol OCC
the latest noTeltles sale price 3
Somens cold filled Bodice Tins
turquoise setting also black sash tCXC
pins sale price U
A large selection of Imitation Pearl Neck
49c 25candlOc
Collar Buttons finished with gold
plated top and celluloid backs sale price 1
Odd sincen stone china and porcelain
some are eren French china regular 1c
nrla Ip tn 10 each
Jelly Classes with tin cotcts cne
third pint sixes each
Water or lemonads Tumblers fine
Frtnch blown extra thin regular QC
price 5c for
Water Pitchers best quality stone china
2 quart sixe regular price 25c IfJC
special at lu
Gas Globes ttt different styles
etched and engrsred regular pric 1 CC
I5c for
Carlsbad Oups and Saucers gold bands QC
regular price 15o
Glasa Derry cr Fruit Sets Including
large bowl ith 6 saucers regular 1QC
nnA IC A
JLrZ 49cand 25c
Indestructible pearl and turqjoife Ijcc QC
Pins sale price
cw Century Slicll Neck Combs
JSJtf rr 49cand 2SC
Shell Side and Pompidour Combi IfJC
ISc linJ 15c Limb ale 1 nee iw
Ijrse Steel Deaded Cbatelainc Hags
chamou incdt new design frame 1 u
5 value for 070
We Continue Our Special Sale of Dress
Suit Cases and Traveling Bags
Tea will find this line to equal any assortment shown in town The price have that re
building reduction
Ekle leather Dress Suit Cases steel frame
brass lock and clasp also leather straps
22 inch 398
24 inch 475
Olire color Dress Suit Cases 2i laches Ions
heary leather tipped steel 1 1J C
frames sale price kD
lUisaet leather Dress Suit Cases brass lock
and clasp inside shirt straps S1 QO
JtW valLe sale price 0
English TraTtllne Bacs nothing better
made cr finished hand sewed fine leather lin
16 inch 1150
Ileavy cow hide Dress Suit Cases
linen lined worth 10 sale C Q Q
Russtt leather Dress Suit Cases 24 inches
long steel frames and leather 51 QQ
lined 850 value tale price -7 0
Bamboo Hags t cry sen ic table and good
wearing sale price
149 5125 and 98c
Imitation alligator Trarelinr Bags real
leather perfect lock and key
lO inch 75c 12 inch 85c
14 incb 95c 16 inch si05
18 inch 115
This department ou will find located in the
bmitn liuiiUine first Moor section 4
Houssfurnisiilngs Have Another Inning Anothar Big
Offering Where Prices Are Mites
Chambr Tails with cover and bail
handles regular price 25c for
Wash Boilers heavy quality tin
copper bottom regular price vac tor
Oil Stores the Star brand with two
largo wicks easy working regular
price 40c for
Bread Boxes Japanned fn light oak made
of pood quality tin rcffular price
c for
Wash Tubs corrugated gal vanned
iron made ith strong handles
regular pnee 50c for
Gahanlzcd Iron Garbage Cans 16
quart size with coer regular price
cue tor
5 feet of good Garden Hose complete with
hard wood hote reel already to use Si QQ
rrgular price 3 for liO
This department is located third Soor Busy Corner Building
during JuljAitd
S01 0O3 Seventh it
Complete Ilousefurnlsliers
cash on Liinnir
These July days arc all too few and short for the work we have on hand Never since we
hive been recognized as the leading lfouse of the District have we done such Healthful mer
chandising The wheels of trade are clogged in many stores but we seem free from all such ob
structions in spite of our conditions This sile at our prices has made a clear road to do busiucss
Come when you will youll find oars a busy store
Let Us Interest You With
Womens Wear
flccatw we liine Felcdwl nonw unusual pood ralncs to cuidc tins a1e today
ilO superfine cotton covert cloth ftkirts cut
a U flare with li ounce lottom both plain
and trimmed most anj riisdc in the Q C
lnt TPrn n nt fn toll fni 1 SO 98c
and 1 oO lor fcaturdaj each
00 fine linen i kirts cut full
cn pore fljre and fni Jied with
detp htm ut hate them reduced
from 8149 to
All Kinds of Fans
1 lot of silk jratire Kan finished with
carved bone sticks assorted dcijns CQC
and patterns 1 value wle price J
Japanese Folding tains lieiutiful decora
tions and decorated sticks worth 15c 1fC
and 19c Kile price
Spanish folding Fans as orttd subjects
made with spangle effect 25c lalue 1 tC
sale price J
2500 Folding Fans assorted JC
tions stllinp for
Satin finished Palm Fans extra O CC
size special price
First floor section 3 Smith Building
More Summer Literature
The Southworth Series
A new line cf illustrated conrs printed
In tuo tolorf in coated paptr thread s wed
The Ictors Triu nph 4 Crime of Darkness
The Wifes ictorj The Widows Son and
books b the follow ins authors also ineludcd
in this reduction A Quiet Life b Mrs
Burnett Jack of the Lifrht b Klla Tierce
iot Quicili b Klla Iurcc lljstenoiu Guest
by Ehza Duput Hub Crajs Vtraticr by
Annie Steen lmda b Mrs Menu Mortens
Rest by Jlrs StcMlis The Planters Northern
Bride and hundreds of other titles IOC
by these same authors per copy
Just from the press The Maid of
Maiden Lane bj Amelia Barr in OQC
raper form -
A new literary sensation The Mi
of God b Mrs Ine a Washington QQC
authores per cop ss
The following 160 copjnghu at cut
Helmet cf Nararrc J
Like Another Helen OJ
Kins of Honey Island Sweet
heart Nannctte Milly or at Lores 7QC
Extreme - 7
The author of tlice books is Maurice
Thompson the writer of Alice of Old
A Little Gry Sheep by Mrs OOC
Traier w
The Sacrcil Tont by Henry James 7 v
Reign of Law by James Lane QHC
Allen -
Book department basement annex Biy
A special offering in pound paper 50c
grade of heavy kid or vellum finish in the
new white color and the Krade of -extra
firm lond finjrJi In beautiful new blue
or cream at ier pound 25c envelopes
to match per hundred
Great big Scratch Tablets each
Good linen Writing Tablets the Sc
Cob web linen or bond Tablet 3 for
Folding fibre Lunch Coxes for 7
Leave jour fnravin orders with us be
fore learinff town work guaranteed first claw
510 boxes of hifrh Trade box papetne Qc
styli shailcil of blue or ucam per box O
Little lolks Note Paper dainty QC
Boxes O
A biff line of highly polMied QCC
loid lithograph back playing Cards O
High srade rolt tint neutral grej Writing
Taper from the Crane mills special QC
frice per quire Sc cmeloiies V
500 assorted ftylcs finished and tints in
box arttne siUtr stamped paper OAr
silk finish all 50c boxes iV
Stationery dept first floor fcctfons 3 and
4 Smith Building
Special Summer Offering in
We hare made arrangements with onc of
our larce Candy manufacturers who will
supply us with a line of fine creams and jel
lies Mlmli we guarantee strkth pure iut
up in pound 1kk s special for summer 1 ft c
sellinir at per I lb IV
If you wish to enjoy a cool and health
ful drink buy a bottle of our gTape juice
whlih u put up for us by one of
the largest troners of grapM in Xew Jcrsej
wc havv three wlze bottltf lialf pints 12i4c
pints 23c quarts 39c
SummerToiiets and Health Articles
0 gross of estra quality Tooth Druslics
the quality nade the price they are CC
worth from 10c to 13c sale pnee J
La Bleach lace Powder standard
Kaymonds Talcum Ponder per box
Masons Talcum Powder 2 Loies for
Imported White Castile Soap 2 lb
Iunjons Witch Hazel Soap a large
roods equal to the bet per box i 7
Sanitol Tooth Ponder and paste a 17C
real antiweptic per tube 1 1
Waldorf lountain Sirmges hard fLCc
rubber pipes Uie II kind 0 7
llorated Talcum Powder regular half
pound boseswhich is special at
Listerine and Sozodont either kind 17c
per bottle 1
Turkish Bath Soap
medium size
Godivas UruJi Powder or cleaning Ac
brushes or bo
Death Dust for Insects three boxes
Toilet department first floor oniMslte elm
tors nusy vorner liuuaing
The Busy Corner
The Smith Building
Washington Paris
Among the Interesting exhibits
at the late Paris Ki petition uaa a
fine dipLiy of Itonck Air Cushion
TruEPcn of aJl kinds supporters
and various appliances for men
women and children from 1221
F St N W which took the high
est award OTfr all competitors
American and foreign The Rorick
Air Cushion Truss Company leads
the world Two wcelvV trial Two
years irurantre Catahue snd
consultation f ee 1221 F St K
Ph nnf lni 13 quart bottles i toeWaah
lglon KwiMic c famuus
fnr RPr Colden Hp Beer ar t 0e
iui uwti
hrweJ In unlettersj wacons
0t d
h Clothin
Today for
g Crash
ITiiat Brought Crowds of Eager Buyers
2O0O Mons Hlgh grario Suits In
Fancy Cossimeros Cheviots Wor
steds Twoeds Black and Bluo Chev
iots fino Serges and Flannels actu
ally worth SIO SI2 and SI5 cholco
This is the most gigantic slaughter of strictly high grade
Special Z
Dozen Pairs Akns Crash
all sizes a pair
t Jf Choice
t Great ofaiisis2s3
I Straw
straw Hats
Hat I
Sale 7 WO
v y
H Friedlander Bro
Corner Ninth and E Streets
31th ItnnHcIl Aiersc llnlnf Illin
In fhe ChichI if StranKers
A petition for a writ of corpus
was ed jesterday by Mrs Catherine
Greenfield Unwell for the purpose of
gaining possession of her grandchild
Joseph Ashburn Greenfield aged ten
The petition states tint Jlrs Itussell In
the owner of real estate and is well able
to support the child It further states
that Isabella Greenfield the mother of the
child has relipquished all her authority
and right to Itsicustndv to the petitioner
The mother oft the child It Is stated au
thorizes the petitioner to take possession
of the boy whereer she may find hira
Mrs Russell goes on to say that the
child Is at present In the custody of Jirs
Maggie Dell who resides In an alley be
tween L and M and Twentj -first Streets
nnd New Hampshire Avenue northwest
She further states that Sirs Bell has sev
eral children of her own nnd is not able
to properly support and maintain the
Greenfield child Mrs Bell howctr the
petitioner alleges refuses to surrender
the child to her Mrs Russell asks the
court to award her the custody and guar
dianship of the child U Cabell William
son is named as counsel for the peti
The matter will come up this morning
before Justice Bradley for consideration
A Ileeeis or DcMlreil fur ruiiilM of the
John II Clark IMtrite
Proceedings were filed in ouity ester
day by Herbert P Plllsbury against Ljdia
A Gould and George E Fleming asking
for an accounting and the appointment
of a receler to take charge of the funds
arising from the salo of certain property
belonging to the estate of the late John
H Clark
It Is explained that Ljdla A Gould Is
sunl as the executrix heir-at-law ami
legatee under the will of John H Clark
and Fleming as the 8iirling trustee un
der three certain deeds of trust
It Is stated also that Clark was Indebt
ed to Plllsbury In the sum of 133 due on
a promissory note Robert Preston Shae
ley Is named as counsel for the petitioner
In her answer to this petition Ljdla A
Gould states that she has no knowledge
of the Indebtedness of her father
John II Clark to Pillsbury but
admits that she has been Informed
that the latter holds the promissory
note referred to In his petition Fleming
in his answer states that he sold the
real estate belonginr to the estate of
John II Clark and s ready and willing
to make such disposition of the proceeds
as the court may order
IriiKliml Ileiiiient 3Ime tu Clillelren
nnil Grandchildren
The will of Sarah M Prcost dated
August 2 1SS9 was flled ytsteTday for
probate The testament names her daugh
ter Eleanor A Whltaker and her son
Georce A Prevost executrix and execu
tor respectUcly to whom is left all her
household goods In trust for the use of
her husband Andrew G II Prcvost dur
ing his lifetime Upon his death It is di
rected that the property be diUded among
the two children named and her daugh
ter Mary II Hubbtrd
It Is also dinctpci that the executors
shall rsere sutllclent of the estate of
the testatrix to realize a sum necessary
to pay J0U to each of her children and
grandchildren and 110 to her faithful
servant Lucy Iewis
The rem ilndtr of the c tate Is to be
held In trust for the bereflt and use of
her husbind and upon his death to be di
vided among her children
Ilarbvrtt So Decide nnd TIm ii Hold
mi Election of Olllrern
At the meeting of Il irbt rs Assembly
Knights of Labor held last night the
early doting hour mowment wns unani
mously endorsed After some discussion
It was decided that the members of the
assembly will insUt that the bhops In
which they work shall be closed at 7 p
m on the first five days of the week and
at 11 p m on Saturdays
The following named were elected of
ficers to tere -during the ensuing term
A C Lubtr Master Workman Alexander
GUer Worthy Toreman Lakhs Kuiuirlck
Almoin r Wllltanr J Mmtns iUcorrilifr
Secrttary 1 tur llnanclal Secretary
The following were rhosn ofllcers of the
court Hobrt 1 Judge M 1
Urown Judge Adotate and CJtorge
CJearry Clerk
trt Kilutter he Allejrecl lleuler N
Accused l ViiHTrnncj
Francis Schlatter the alleged divine
healer who wa arrested by Policeman
Ssinders of the Sixth precinct Thursdaj
afternoon while engaged In delivering an
address to several of the Central Union
Missions guests vdll this morning be
given a hearing in Police Court on a
charge of xagrancy
The case of Insinity formerly entered
against him was dismissed on recom
mendation of Drs Durch and Vale police
surgeons After having examined the
liealer at the Sixth precinct vosterday
they declared him to be of sound mind
and not a lit subject for the insane asj
lum Consequently Schlatter will face
Judge Kimball Irj court this morning to
answer to tne cnarge oi vagrancy
Dinner at Cnbln John llrldKc
ar nlwatft udoiable All delicacies uf the
twn Hand concerts evenings and Sunday afternoon i
Mnrringe L
Marriage licenses were
cothintr that has ever taken place in Washintrton The over- 1
stocked condition of our store has driven us to this extreme J
and again today we offer Summer clothing at the Rrettest sac- T
rifice cer known These suits at five dollars and fifty cents j
cannot be MADE at that price Your size is here
62c I
All Styles
and Shapss
477 909 Pcnna Ave
While Wing Life Preserver
It mtm life at well as aid you in
Thr JPasfljinflton tTtmrsJ
Weather Indications
Fair and continued warm todaj and tomorrow
light uruble winds
Highest temperature p m 91
Lontbt temperature 5 a ra 71
Sun rose 450 AM Sun soL 721 PM
Moon rises J Moon seta 910 PM
Low tide 3 IC A M and 5 31 PM
High tide 11 031 and II 21 PM
Lamps lit todaj S 00 PM
Lamps out tomorrow 355 AM
Lafayette Yoiki 5 Mrs U lnthrop alternoon
and evening
Cliases New Grand A Trip to Chinatown
afternoon and evenircr
CIcn Echo Duffj 9 Jubilee
Diftcliiirircil from lJnnkruiitcy
Justice Bradley yesterday signed an order dis
charging Eicrett llaj dcn as a bankrupt Hay
den uho is a lieutenant in the United States
Navy filed a petition in voluntary bankruptcy
in Hay last In winch he listed his liabilities at
210isl and his avets at 2C5 This latter amount
consisted he said of 135 in cash and 130 in
peruonal property
lleciuentlivd n Gold Dollar
By her will filed yeterdav Jlargaret A Friz
zell leaves a trold dollar and a 5 cent piece to
hr grandson with the instruction that the last
iiamed amount i to be usd an his first contri
bution to hu Sunday sclicol Similar beqjests
are made to Paul and Willie nzzell Tiie tes
tatrix directs that the remainder of her estate
is to be divided among her children
icenxes iNsned
istued yesterday to
Georpe Eiscnhardt and A iola G Carle both of
Baltimore Henry E Lackev United States Navy
and Katbenne Pck Emily C Sclineider and
hrnefitine A Sauni James F Killigan District
of Columbia and Annie V Holzer New or
City James E Ilutler and Llla Ashby both of
fenle of CodrlcU Property
Annie F Codrick and others yesterday filed
suit against Francis It Codntk for tie purpsc
of liavinr the court confirm a contract for the
sale of real estate in which the defendant is
interested All the parties to the suit are chil
dren of the late William F Codrick who left
real estate ol considerable value It is explain
ed that all the heir hate agreed to a sale of
the propertr and a division ot the proceeds and
the proceedings are for the purpoe of having a
guardian appointed to represent the minor
Francis It Codrick in making the sale V
Iloarman is named as counsel for the com
The Death Heeord
The following deaths for twentj four hours
were reported at the Health Department up to
noon yesterday AVilhain Driscall 61 years George
Lacy W ears Thomas Heron K 73 jears Au
gusta Jf Stlden 65 cars Irmly J Smith 61
ears Herbert Hoburke 52 jcars Catherine
Kress W jears James Tord 39 jears Elizabeth
M Colliru Vt jtars Millie Irene Star 15
3 cars Wallace Ilincr 13 months Cecilia Paul
ine uiovjnnoni iu monins vioia cooper t
monthsHise Hell C months Margaret Mannix
3 montls vucustus M Ward 2 months Leon
II Freishim 2 daji
Cliitrged AVlth SteulltiK n IllcjcJe
George Cullas aed nincteci jears who tsay
lie lives at Annapolis Md nas arrested last
night bj Vollceinan Owens of the First precinct
station cltarged with stealing a bicycle from
Henry Peters of C20 E Street northeast Ihe
wheel was taken according to Peter from be
side one of the crossing irate of the Baltimore
and Ohio Hailroad at IK law are Avenue and E
Street northeast Peters told the police that he
r laced It there while waiting for a train to pass
and that he mUsed it five minutes afterward He
did not bee anvone take the wheel but v ester
da afte rnuon Cullas was win trjinp to bell the
biccle at various dovn town ttores The prisoner
will o to court this morning
A AVomnii Struck bj n Uriel
A colored woman named Iannic Burn aged
twenty -six jears Kent to the rmcrffcncy Hospital
Ust ninht for treatment for 6evertr Injuries of the
face ami inoutti caused by hiving been struck by a
brick Secral teeth are roiling from her head
and fihe will be penru nently dilgurcd if the
ductorK are correct m their statements Tlie wu
maii said tut tbe Iiad engagetl in a quarrel with
Fred Hobintson a nro who lives in Van btreet
southwest and had an argument with him ns to
whether a certain Hwarthj nrgro was drunk on
a elaj at week The woman did not believe
such a thing possible and told Kobinn so
whereupon the latter is said to have thrown a
brick tniuing her nertotw injur Hobmson has
not yet been arrested He is about twenty jears
of ae
Srmitl Concert In Ylarlne Bund
at Cticvy ClutM Lake bundaj tninff to 11
7th and
f -a Vs -
2000 Wash Skirts Qftr
Worth up to 2 and 250 7 V J W
worth up to 12 and 250 To be sold for
Hi iit n
This sale is remarkable In the fact that these
skirts are nil desirable and all up to elite EVERT
FLOUNCE some -graduated and others the plain
EVERY SKIRT IS TRIMMED some have tailor
made binds some have rows of plcjue band trim
ming others with tailor made duck
straps some t tmecl with plDlnc
The materials consist of Navy IHue and t v illue heavy quality Piques
Imported fancy stripe Jfadras herringbone novelty weacs plain chambraya
in ox blood pink and blue also coverts In all colors and Polka Dot Ducks in Navy
Blue and Black grounds
Remember all are- trimmed and a have Bounces This- entire stock QllC
Is worth up to titt and 230 for 70
LOT Hir Dozen White Pique Dress Skirts with
deep full flounce and trimmed with two rows of embroidery inser
tion all around the flounce These we will put on sale today at
IO S lO dozen Vary lllue Imported Knifllsh -Welt
Pique Skirts the very best shade of dark nay These have the fr 4 1 f
giaduatcil flounce and are trimmed with narrow white piping at 1 AfC
the top of flounce Positively worth 3 for lTU
Ladies White Waists
Worth up to20D and 250
A gigantic sale today which will embrace all of our White India Linen
and Persian Law n Waists worth up to J250 for 9Sc
You will find among them Waists with six and eight rows of Insertion and
hemstitching others with full jokes of fine knife pleating and still rr
others with knife pleated j okes and six rows of Insertion and some UXW
dotted Swiss mulls with revere fronts Worth up to 1300 and J250 x iJ
Ladies Wrappers
Worth 100 and 125
We offer today 60 dozen of Ladles good quality Lawn
Wrappers such as sell all around town for J100 and JL3
and Batiste
for sixty nine
They are made -with deep llounce and ruffles oer the shoulders and all are
neatly trimmed Some few have white okes All have separate fit- s tr
ted waist linings and are beautifully made Colors include light blue hU
pink lavender navy blue and blact and white Worth J100 and JL2SW7
OXFORDSNow They Must Go
We dont stop an listant to consider cost dont Intend to carry a pair of
Oxfords oer Air must be cleaned out by such special pricing that all who
see 1IUST BUY Here are the price details
prs nil jdzps imliip tn tl Ol
SHOES button or lace splendid wearing qualities values to JI
very special for this sale
FORDS black and tan kid sknnew bright goods heavy or
light soles all sizes all shapes
we start a sale of Mens
TODAY Boys Clothing that will bere
markable for the excellent values
and low pricings
We Grant You the Most Liberal Credit Terras
The finest assort
ment of Cheviot
Cassimere and
many other patterns
in Mens Suits Pro
per fitting styles and
well made Worth
double the price for
Mens Suits 650
Just the suit for the price you want
to pay Made up in
worsteds and all wool
cassimeres Nobby and
perfect fitting Stock
Mens Suits S975
We have picked out some of our beet
selllnff suits and bunched em In one
big lot In the lot are our Finest
meres unev lots wor
steds Plain and Stri
ped Series Stock Re
ducing Fnce
Mens Pants Left Over from Suits
Theres many a time when a customer Just wants a coat
and vest and leaves the trousers on our hands Weve accu
mulated quite an assortment In cheviot and striped worsteds
which we shall close out for
Boys Long Pants Suits S395
In neat cheviot and flannel effects
guaranteed to wear excellently On
credit for J393
Childrens Suits 125
The choicest assortment for j our se
lection All sizes well made and dura
ble Values worth double On credit
for 1 25
4I54I7 Seventh Street
The finest and
best value In the
city handsomely
carved finished
with fine plate mir
ror 13 value Cash
or credit
i iii
Walker Burks
1013 1015 7th St N W
Leading Physicians
In America England and on the Continent uj
that Kidney diseue U quicUjr cured bjr using
Warners Safe Uure
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or cons
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id nerve centers- w tor ff iirabr iu 1 ItwaMta a rt T2l
i iwmcy RJuodeti with 6 Luxes OreiOur hee lncn sTr naHrn fntmaimOQ Cat
Fcr tIe by EDWARD STEVEXS Ninth Strrrt nd PcnnsrlTanU Armue
All the newataiul Wt
attractive style j Beo
ihoea Dlacka Uttt pat
ent leather Eauarto anr
tM3 PeunylTanla Arena
Mormon Bishops PUIS e r j jean by He Icadtn of tta un
Omb UseiT Iwtowen lTa3ttTr rarer the mnt CMt114 and iSmr iLTSE
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