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Camp Onlway Echoes With the
Marching of the OuarilMiisn
t In DrrtH Piuiiilc Mill
Mnin set w irk 1ni H
Jiilnl CllkiK Nlf f the Field
Is For all appearances of newness or In
experience the Gu mlmen might as well
hae been in camp for a month It proved
no trouble at all for the men who came
latel from desks and stores to slip Into
the grooves of discipline and routine duty
No Incident of pirlicular importance
marked the second das of the sojourn of
the citizen soldier of the National Capi
tal at Camp Ordwa
Steud drill two hours of It morning
and afternoon In extended order was the
feature of the routine The men are show
ing plcntj of mettle and spirit Officers
are highl pleased at the outlook and
reiterate predictions tint the present en
campment will prove the most successful
In the history of the Guard
About noon todiy tho rumble of
artillerj came from the Leesburg Pike
A platoon from the Fourth Field Battery
Artillerv Corps which left Wahlngton
Barracks jcterda morning arrived un
der command of Lieut Fox Connor and
Lieut C C Carter In a few minutes
the artillerj men were under canas on
and a detail
a knoll west of headquarters
tail had cantered off to water the horses
In the creek near bj
The detachment bivouacked last night
on the road having left Washington be
fore the Guard did The received the
rain which Camp Ordwaj and the militia
men were spared An interesting feature
of the march of the artiiler was the fact
that they subsisted on the new army
emergenc ration In a tin hot about six
Inches long Is carried enough pure choco
late salt and pepper and a fine powdered
grainy substance similar In appearance
to cornrieal but much more nutrlclous
to sustain a soldier during an entire das
march Both officers were much gratified
at the effect of the trial of the ration
which was adopted b the arm three
months ago
Two platoons will probably join tho
brigade In the lild exercises next week
and will remain until camp Is broKen
There has et developed no necessity
for a provost guard In I cesburg Last
night the soldiers who visited the town
acted In an orderly manner although
some of tha citizens did not think so
Discipline appears to be better this ear
than ever before The decision not to
establish a provost guard was taken with
the feeling that the Guardtmen would
-have the reputation of the District mili
tia too much at heart to create disorder
Not man Leesburg people have visited
the camp as et It is expected that they
will In a few das after things nre a
trifle more settld Among other dis
tinguished visitors expected during the
comng week are Secreiar Root and As
sistant Secretary Sanger They will
Inspect the Guard Secretary
Root visited the Gu ird at Galthersburg
last year and expressed a high opinion of
thi efficiency of the organization
The Brigade Band adds not a little to
the pleasures of camp life In addition
to regular dut at guard mojnt and dress
parade there Is a concert every night
after mess on the knoll where stands
the garrison flagstaff All down through
the streets when the musicians
strike ux the airs of the latest comic
operas there Is an accompaniment of
Guardsmen voices Last night the con
cert was especially good Following is
the programme rendered
March Invincible Eagle Sousa se
lectionIortune Teller Herbert Inter
mezzo Zamona Loralne march II
low Grove Sorrentlno selection Bur
gomaster Luders waltz When Knight
hood Was In Flower Gustln The Coon
Band Contest Prjor march The Cre
ole Queen Hall
Dress parade tonight was a decided
success The men were fresher than on
the previous day when they had a hard
task raising canvas The line was form
ed In columns of battalions Captain
Koblins Acting Adjutant General and
Capt C E Swlgart fixed the lands for
the parade early esterday afternoon and
me paraae ground was later nagged b
the Signal Corps
Incidentally the Signal Corps under
Lieut William Nlcmeer is dong splen
did work The telephone Sstem Install
ed Is all things considered working in
good shape Direct telegraphic communi
cation with Washington was established
yesterday to the gratification of every
one The members of the Signal Corps
are expert in tcir various lines of busi
ness and can transmit an kind of a
message In short order
In the same breath with the Signal
Corps should be mentioned the Engineer
Corps The camp was laid out under
direction of Capt II B Hajes of this
command The Engineer Corps will soon
make a topographical survej of the coun
try surrounding Camp frdwav His
toric ground it is too Xot far away Is
Ball s Bluff where lie of the fiercest bat
tles of the civil war was fought Within
a radius of a mile or so are several old
Confederate forts During the war Gen
eral Slocum camped on the same ground
now occupied by the Guardsmen Al
most within a stones throw of head
quarters three Federal deserters were
one day se ited on their coffins and shot
Sheriff ltussell of Louloun County and
Ma or Wright have both called at
headquarters tc welcome the Guard on
behalf of the organizations which they
represent They were directly interested
In the locating of Camp Ordaajr at Lees-
Family cares and duties do not weigh
down the well woman and the children
re never in her way But when the
womanly health fail 6 and there is a con
stant struggle with weakness nd pain
household duties are a burden almost
past bearing and children are a cease
less annoyance and w orry
Weak women are made Etrong and
trick women are made well by the use of
Dr Pierces Favorite Prescription It
establishes regularity dries disagreeable
drains heals inflammation and ulcera
tion and cures female weakness -
Sick women are invited to consult Dr
Pierce by Idler free All correspondence
etrictly private and sacredly confidential
Address Dr R V Pierce Buffalo N V
I hmd been ailing uw time troubled with
female weakness writes Mrs Wro H Johnson
of Avondale Chester Co Pa Every month I
would have to lie on my back I tned many
different medidues and uothin gave mc relief
until I began Or Tierces medicines usir two
bottles of Favorite PrescnpUon and two of
Golden Medical Discovery These medicines
have cured me Wlcu I began our treatment
1 was not able to do very much bat now X do
the work for my family of nine and fs el better
to day than I have for a year I thank you
doctor from the bottom of my heart for well
4o J know that you arc the one who cured mt
Favorite Prescription has the testi
mony of thousands of women to its com
plete cure of womanly diseases Do not
bccept an unknown and unproved sub
stitute in its place
pr Pierces Pleasant Pellets are the
best laxative for family use
burs tills ear and have many friends
among the oillcers of the Guard
There are few hospital cases of any
consequence vsterda Stomach trouble
due to a change of climate the air Is
much rarer at Leesburg th in In Wash
ington was ies frequent than U visual
at this stage of the annual encampment
It was pleasantly cool when the regi
ments marehed out for dress parade last
night and in consequence there ai llttlo
-1 J r2 I 1C nl n account of soldiers
Arrival f Hesnlnr lnUn S 1IIIU -- 0t frcrii fatie
Lieut Winfleld S Overton of the
fill re rVriQ una In lh Inlil ill u T r
J noon with a close ee on the drill squids
Intii turtni r announced the dall drill
w ill bcb squids camp order issued
esterdi made this provision and noted
with emphasis the fact that good squid
leaders were is valuable as the are rare
Platoon drill vvll not be permitted at
rresent unless orders to the contrary are
issuesl Later will eome compiii then
btttalion reglmentil and lirlcade drill
and the instruction in tactics will wind up
with the Held exercises or sham battle
on next Thuibda or Friday
Still up to the standard set on the first
da Is the menu prov ided b the commis
sary department The food is of qualltv
and vnrlet unusual in u National Guard
A large number of Guardsmen went to
Leesburg tonight There was no disorder
beond the hilarity natural witn soldiers
through with a da crammed full of rig
orous duty Under normal conditions
Leesburg is nn edition of what the funny
papers would portrav Philadelphia to be
At 8 oclock the streets are quiet Ten
oclock nnd there is em an occasional
belated citizen At 11 o clock the bark of
a dog can be heard from one end of the
village to the other At midnight the
traditional awning of gravevards is
louder than the noises of Leesburg
streets And even now there is little do
ing after 11 oclock Passes generall
expire nt taps 101 p m Arrival at
camp later th in that hour means deten
tion In the guardhouse unless the belated
soldier risks a chance to run the guard
Generally the chuncc Is risked and often
it is successful
vote of the rniiin
which stretched In spots all over the
camp grounds csterday has disappeatcd
A little gully running through camp Is
partiall filled with water To go astraj
In tUc dark generally means a hasty
gravitation toward the course of this min
iature stream and perchance an unsought
and unwelcome wading out
A number of ollicerswent to Washing
ton cstrda and returned in the even
ing The commanding general was one
of these Capt C E Edwards was ill
command of the Second Battalion In the
absence of Major L H Reichclderfer
Mujcr Lee of the First also went to the
The trooping or the colors was accom
plished much more successful tonight
ih in on an occasion since camp was
Capt G Schaeffer the Quarter
master of the Second Regiment is making
a good record That organization Is well
provided tor despite the fact that It Is
captain Schaefter s first experience in the
work of the department
The officers club this ear is decided
dry as camp beverages go The objec
tionable abolition of the canteen has ta
booed liquor there Ginger ale soda
and other beveragis are the only things
afforded Lieut E H Neumcer Jr
quartermaster Second Battalion looks
after the club In the Interests of the
It is planned to have religious services
at the garrison flagstalf Sunday morn
ing at oclock Chaplain George Dud
ley of the Second Regiment and Chap
lain Walden Mver of the First Regi
ment will officiate The Brigade Band
will provide music
The 1 51 C A under direction of A
A Protzman of the Washington Y M
C A assisted b Lieut Bruce Magruder
of the Association Cadets Is located in
a large tent dirtctl In front of the two
regiments The reading and writing ta
bles are well filled at nearly all hours
of the da There will be brief religious
services each dav On Sunday evening
it is planned to have a big meeting Some
well known speaker will probably be se
cured Jn all likelihood there will be a
special service arranged for next week
for the First Separate Battalion
Major Arthur Brooks of the Tirst Sep
arate Battalion was field officer of the
day today Of the First Regiment
Capt Charles Robinson First Battalion
was Officer of tho day and of the Second
Capt W S Hodges Dr E C Tester
acted as medical officer of the day His
report on the hgiemeand sanitary con
ditions of the camp proved it to be at
present extremely healthy The bid roll
is of gratlfing brevity
Major Simms of the Tifth Battalion will
be field officer of the dav tomorrow The
First Rigiment officer of the day will be
Capt E W Zeo of Compan C Tirst
Battalion Captain Summers Sixth Batta
lion or the becond Regiment will act
In thai capacity
The High School Cadets are making a
good showing On parade eterday their
appearance was smart and soldierly
III In v or of the Con
n the ThomiiM Cane
In the case of the Union Surety and
Guaranty Companv against Noble II
Thomas the contractor who is building
the outbuildings at the Burau of En
graving and Printing under an JsOOOO con
tract with the Government Justice Brad
ley jesterday after two das hearing
denied the complainants right to hve an
Injunction and the appointment of a re
ceiver The action was begun against
Thomas nnd Secretary Gage on the
ground of Thomas alleged Insolvency
It was asked In the bill that Thomas
should not be permitted to receive the
check for the month of July In the sum
of J7SG1 Thomas filed an answer inthe
case showing his solvenc and atthe
same time claiming that the bonding
compan and tho blructural Steel and
Iron Companv had conspired to deprive
him of his contrai t which Is er valua
ble Thomas further enarged that Oscar
Roome Presid nt of the American Sav
ings Bank where he kept his deposits
had appropriated as vice president of the
bonding company about 4000 of his
Thomas funds for the purpose of piing
the steel compan s claim which Thomas
claimed was offset b unliquidated dan
ages accruing to him thiough the delay
of the steel company which Is said to
be over four months behind In their con
tract with him
Justice Bradiev after hearing full ar
guments on both sides of the case held
further that Thomas answer did away
with an equities which the complainants
bill might have had The court In Id that
the defendants answer was sufficient to
ovrrthrow the claims of tbe complainant
and dismissed the rule which was issued
against Thomas on July 1 to show cause
why a receiver should not be appointed
C Maurice Smith and William E Am
brose appenre ei for Thomas and District
Attorney Ashley M Gould represents
Secretary Gage
- 1
A German Woman Willi Parrot In
a Iluaket Sought l Police
A story of a robbery in Baltimore sev
eral das ngn became known here by a
lookout received last night by the police
for Bertha Boehn a German woman
about middle age who is supposed to have
passed through this city en route for the
South late Thursday night It is said
the woman robbed Gustav Sehneidteker
an aged man of JCflO In gold while stop
ping in Baltimore The woman is accom
panied by a child supposed to bo her
It is learned here that the woman and
also the man stopped for a time at Mil
lers at 10 Belair Street Baltimore It
was there the robber Is said to have
taken place and the woman Immediate ly
took flight in this direction Besides her
child she carried with her a parrot In a
This last fact led to suspicion falling
last night on an rlderly woman who np
Pared at the Pennslvanla depot leading
a child by the hand and carrlng bas
ket which contained a parrot Detective
How leu got a look Into the basket when
It was placed on the heater of the sta
tion by Its owner Then the detective
was sure he had tho fugitive woman and
kept a lookout for her She returned for
the basket but Howlett gave up the clue
because the woman failed to answer the
description of the woman wanted
Suspected of n Theft of Until
The police have been asked to look out for C
W Petterson forty nte years of aire who Is sus
pected of the thclt of oats worth 70 from Benja
min Walking a rrslJent of Alexandria Va Pet
terson is Ore tttt eleven inelies tall and weighs
ISO pounds It Is said lie has s check for 51 311
par l ip himtelf which he may have cashed
at any time
TIic Electrical Workers Jfow Set
tling Xew Dcmnndx
Minor QnextiniiN Thrpntculne to
Prolong the Incill Strike Con
trnetK Imperiled li the Trouble
Crisis Likely o lie lodnj
The situation In the contention between
the electrical wircmen and contractors Is
practleally unchanged The strike Is still
on Wl lie both sides have conceded the
main points un ler dispute minor ques
Under a blistering sun much of the mud i the union scale
tions now loom up Into the foreground
keeping still remote the probabllit of a
final agreement
The demands of the union men for an
eight hour day to go into effect October 1
doube pa for all over time and a wage
of 3 CO per day have been conceded
These were the principal points of the
contention of the men
But other demands of the workmen
have not et received the sanction of the
The wiremen want to go to work at 730
oclock In the morning and with a half
hour for luncheon quit at 4 oclock in the
afternoon The contractors desire the
men to go to work at 8 oclock quitting
at 4 30 p m The vlremen demand that
the proposed contract extend over the
city of Washington and contiguous ter
rltor within a radius of tw cut -live
miles The contractors would confine the
Jurisdiction of the contract to the limits
of the District of Columbia This would
permit them to take work at nearby
Mainland towns and pay wages below
The Ircmens Union will be willing to
concede the first demand for five d is of
each week provided the contractors will
consent to adopt for Saturdays the time
of going to work and quitting as asked
by the men In the matter of Territorial
Jurisdiction the union is at present firm
In Its refusal to make any concession
The opinion prevails among the wiremen
that C E Graham Secretary of the Elec
trical Contractors Association and man
ager of the National Electric Company
is the stumbling block In the way of a
prompt settlement of the dispute To
Grahams neglect in advising his confreres
of the position taken by the wirerqen is
ascribed by them the existence of the
present strike
A preliminary meeting of the Executive
Committee of the local union of the In
ternational Brotherhood of Electrical
Workers No 2G and of the Electrical
Contractors Association was held es
terday morning at Costellos Hall The
partial understanding stated above was
then reached Concessions were made on
both sides leav Ing only the matter of ter
ritorial Jurisdiction and the hours of be
ginning and leaving work to be agreed
upon The meeting concluded with these
questions still undecided the contractors
committee claiming the privilege to con
fer and consider the questions with the
other contractors At a meeting of the
union which followed the conference the
position of the Executive Committee was
presented and approved
There are some large contracts now un
der way and an immediate settlement Is
desired by both sides The electric line
men who have an independent union
from the wircmen have assured their
fellow -laborers of their smpath and It
is belleveel that should the situation as
sume a graver aspect or seem likely to
be protracted the linemen would declare
a mpathetlc strike Today will proba
bly witness the climax in the difficulties
Two Administrations Compared
CnsefTof Uxecntlve Clemenej
James S Easb -Smith Pardon Attorney
of the Department of Justice has pre
pared an Interesting report for the use
of the Attorney General upon the appli
cation for pardon of persons who have
been convicted of violations of the na
tional banking laws The Attorney Gen
eral presented the information therein
contained to the President at Canton
Ohio where Jlr Knox was recent
called Into conferercc by Mr McKinley
Mr Easb -Smith compares the second
Administration of Cleveland with the first
Administration of McKinley During Mr
Clevelands second Administration there
were filed forty four applications for par
don in banking cacs of which three were
denied and fort -one were favorabl act
ed upon Of these latter twenty one par
dons one restoration to citizenship eigh
teen commutations and one commutation
and restoration to citizenship were
During Sir McKlnleys first administra
tion sixty cases were acted upon of which
twenty four were adversely reported and
denied and thirt six were favorably act
ed upon as follows I ardoned fifteen
restoration to citizenship five commuted
twelve commuted and restored to
hzenshlp four
Mr Easby Smlth sas Trom this It
will be seen that the proportion of the
total acts of clemency by President Mc
Kinley during his first administration was
neuriy 40 per cent less than the same
action by President Cleveland and the
proportion of absolute pardons granted
by President McKinley is just half the
proportion of absolute pardons granted
by President Cleveland
Bringing the report up to date the Par
don Attornev bhows that during his
two Administrations to date President
McKinley has acted upon sixty two appli
cations for pardons in bank cases The
total acts of clemency are forty three as
follows Pardoned twenty one pardoned
to restore to civil rights six commuted
and restored to civil rights four commut
ed twelve
Comparing these figures with those of
Clevelands two Administrations it was
seen that McKinley In four v ears and four
months has granted the same number of
pardons as Mr Cleveland In four ears
During this time McKinley h is denied
nirc leen applications while Cleveland In
four ears denied but three applications
Of the twenty pardons which McKlnlc
has granted live were allowed solely on
account of Ill health and two In order to
allow prisoners to be credited with the
time which they served in jail nwaltlng
It is Interesting to note the proportion
of the sentences which have been served
by recipients of executive clemenc Tho
3C prisoners who received executive clem
ency in some form from McKinley during
his first Administration received sen
tences aggregating 203 years and G
months an average of about 5 years and
i montns each iney served before re
ceiving pardons or commutations 12
jears or an average of i years and C
montns eac h
Mr Hash -Smith notes that many of
the violations of the national b inking
laws are purely technical actually result
ing In no harm to the b ink or to any
perso l Many others are for the embez
zlement of trifling sums Tor instance
one petitioner eighty years old cashier
of a bank cashed his own check for J500
thus overdrawing his nceount to the ex
tent of ZW Tor this he was sentenced to
u term of fivo ears The b ink was re
imbursed and his sentence was com
muted to the payment of a line of y
Another case was that of a boy em
plocd is a bank clerk who transferred
about 200 from the account of a customer
to his own account He subsequi ntly re
imbursed the bank but was convicted
uiid sentenced to a term of live ears
After serving all but thrie months of his
si ntence he was pardoned
In many bank cases the applicants have
been pardoned or sentence commuted
upon the report of the trial judge that he
considered the minimum sentence too se
vere and would have imposetl a lighter
sentence hid It been in his power
Pardonb to restore civil rights are not
granted until after the prisoner 1ns serv
ed his full term and after being dis
charged for a considerable period pre
sents certificates of good conduct
The lien PreHerltlon for Malaria
Diilla anil fever is a bottle ol droves lateless
Chill Tonic It Is sunplv iron and quinine in a
tateless form 2to cure no pay Price 50c
He- Refuses the Vice Cousnl General
ship tilth Perquisite-
Col James G Stowe UniUtUStates Con
sul General nt Cape Town jbas cabled to
the State Department declining the tender
of the vice consul gencralsplp there with
the privilege of receiving liberal addi
tional compensation from American man
ufacturers who desire him to remain In
South Africa to continue his efforts to
extend American trade In tjiat part of
the world
Colonel Stowe said also In nis elespatch
that he would not continue even as Con
sul General If permitted to receive the
additional compensation which the Amer
ican manufacturers offered to provide
The resignation of Colonel Stowe from
the office of Consul General was received
recently at the State Department and his
telegram from Cape Town was in re
sponse to a cabled enquiry whether he
would accept the vice consul generalship
If provided with a good salary by the
firms which are Interested In his reten
tion In his letter of resignation Colonel
Stowe said he could not live In Cape
Town on his salary of 30u0 a enr tho
lowest paid by nny Government to its
representative there and 7000 less than
the salary of the German Consul
Colonel Stowe has been Instrumental In
securing extensive sales of American ma
cliiner and metal gooils In South Africa
and manufacturers of these artlcls made
a proposition to the President and Sec
retary Hay to provide Colonel Stowe with
a liberal allowance out of their own pock
ets In order to retain his services
The President decided that this was
illegal a consul receiving more than
J1000 a ear not being permitted to have
any connection with business firms A
vice consul however is permitted to en
gage in business and receive additional
compensation from private business firms
and It was hoped that Colonel Stowe
would take the subordinate place with
the salary furnished b American manu
facturers His negative response appa
rently disposes of any chance that he
can bi Induced to retain the office He
has ronsented to remain at Cape Town
until his successor arrives
The AVelllvnovvn KxircH t vlnnnffcr
Ixiilrrn -While Out Driving
Ilobert Tolger tVcstcott died toduy
while out driving with his niece Miss
Gardner They were on the Cooperstonn
Road about six miles from here when
Mr Westcott fell over dead
The joung woman had to wait for sev
eral hours alone with the body before as
sistance came She was discovered b
Mrs Thomas Le Boutllller who was also
out driving
NEW YORK July 19 Robert F West
cott was one of the organizers of Dodds
Express Company and later of a company
under his own name The latter com
pany Increased in extent and- prosperity
until It became one of the principal agen
cies for the local transportation of mer
chandise and baggage When the New
York Central Railroad about a ear ago
gave up its cab service the cabs were
turned over to the Westcotts to manage
Mr Westcotts enterprises brought him
a great deal of money He was generail
spoken of as a millionaire He was a
heavy stockholder in the American News
Company and In other corporations
Mr Westcotts daughter b his necond
wife married Oberlln M Carter formerly
a captain in the United States Army who
was convicted of conspiracy to defraud
the Government in connection with Im
provements In SaVannah Harbor Cap
tain Carters defence was that the large
sums of money he was shOKn to have
handled and the luxurious ruanncr of life
which he affected were due to his rela
tions with Mr Westcott Carter said
that he was Mr Westcott s man of
All through Carters trial and after his
conviction and sentence to Tort Leaven
worth prison Mr Wetcott stajed In
Europe When Carters case was settled
however Mr Westcott came back and
put his papers and his own testimony
nt the service of the Government His
testimony was marked b his evident re
luctance In giving whatever referred to
Captain Carter directl
Police Informed of Vlonej n Wntch
alitl Some ItinirM Missing
Several robberies came to the attention
of the police last night One was report
ed by George Hoover Superintendent of
the Independent Ice Compan whose olliCe
Is at Fifteenth and E Streets northwest
Mr Hoover sas that a bag containing
about 27 was stolen from his office on
the afternoon of July 17 No clue to the
theft has been developed
hlle returning from Chesapeake Junc
tion Thursday night R C Hines was
robbed of i valuable gold watch The
watch was taken from his pocket proba
bly by a suave stranger who occupied a
seat next to him on the wa to the city
Hines sas he did not miss the watch un
til he reached his home at ISIS New- Jer
sey Avenue northwest
J Miller Kenon of 190C Cincinnati
Street northwest seeks to recover a pock
etbook containing about 40 which he
either lost or was robbed of while in the
toilet room of an F Street office build
ing The police know of this case and
are doing what they can to recover the
mone A portion of the cash was in
gold coin
Mrs Josephine Knabe of 323 A Street
northeast has reported at headquarters
that a thief stole from a sideboard at her
home three valuable rings within the past
two das One of these rings was set
with an opal and was worth about 10
Asthma Bronchitis
and Consumption
VVlioHe Treatment Stands Alone us
the Onlj Cure of These Disease
They steal upon their victim like the
thief in the nigh and before he Is aware
of his true coalition his catarrhal dis
charge has so poisoned the air tubes of
the lungs th it they begin to break away
and decay and he becomes an unwilling
slave to Its ruinous consequences It gen
erally begins as an ordinary catarrh in
the nose or throat the discharge of which
drops down Into the air passiges espe
cially at night while asltep until they
too arc Infected when the following
smptoms are present there is a constant
nawKing anil spitting and tickling in the
thro it causing frequent attempts to clear
it raising tougli or yellow mucous some
times pressure across the chest 1 inn
guid tired feeling headache dizziness
and in later stiges a loss of Ilesh Indeed
catarrh Is well known to be A certain
forerunner of not only consumption but
asthma bronehltls and1 deifness Al
though all thinking persons know that
medicines taken Into the stomach do not
cure these diseases ct science knew of
no other treatment until the great Prof
Koch of Berlin discovered hit wonderful
process Dont take any more medicine
Into the stom ich Lung medicine Is al
wajs hard on the stomaclu
Man phslclans are now sending their
path nts who have lung disease to this In
stitution Now Just one word to the wise
If they prove to ou that this treatment
Is positively successful would It not be
cowardl in them a e more criminal
If they did not make those means known
to the suffering public in the most effec
tive wa possible- The doctors who treat
this disease at their Institutions have for
a lifetime made u deep and searching
study of all lung disease Including Ca
tarrh Asthm i and Bronchitis and thou
sands of pitients who have been glvin up
as Incurable are toda living monuments
of their success This treatment can be
had at THE KOCH LINO ClRE 27 E
Street northvve st Washington D C 4S
West Twenty second Street New York
1331 Arch Street Phil ultlphla 111 Wist
Fayette Striet Baltimore Asheville N
C Rochester N Y and man other
d I
Itnnilillnp Testimony of the Former
Aoiunn Peculiar Mute
iiieiitn In Court Mrs Invle Sons
Care for Her Other Commitments
Mrs Catherine W Clapp the wife of
Robert Woodbridge Clapp was yesterday
committed to St ElizabethsIospital for
the Insane for treatment after an enquiry
relative to Tier mental condition had been
held by Justice Bradley sitting for pro
bate business A large number of per
sons other than those Interested in the
proceedings attended the hearing
Mrs Clapp was dressed in a gown of
white material cut low neck and short
sleeves which she said was the garb of
a secret order of which she Is a mem
ber Durlrg the course of the proceed
ings she frequently interrupted the wit
nesses testifing relative to her mental
condition with the statement that they
were Incorrect In their testimony She
also requested Justice Bradley to allow
her to make a statement When assured
by the court that this privilege would be
accorded her she remained epiiet until
her husband was called to testify She
interrupted him several times but he
took no notice of the remarks
During his testimony Mr Clapp stat
eel that he was unable to bear the expense
of providing for the care of his wife at
a private Institution This Irritated Mrs
Clapp who said that she objected to be
ing sent to a public institution when her
husband was able to pay 1000 a week
for her care and treatment Justice
Bradley reminded Mrs Clapp that her
husbanil stated that he is unable to pay
for her care and treatment Then
said Mrs Clapp Ill get one that can
and thats settled right now
When finally Mrs Clapp was given an
opportunity to make a statement in her
own behalf she Insisted before begin
ning in knowing the name of the justice
she was addressing Justice Bradley in
formed her that it was not necessar
that she should be informed and request
ed her to relate her story Mrs Clapp
then asked that she be allowed to stand
while she spoke This privilege was ac
corded her and she then turned to the
newspaper reporters present and request
ed them to record her statements cor
rectly as she had been misrepresented
she said b a certain press agency
In speaking of her recent trip to New
York Sirs Clapp stated that she did not
wear a bonnet because only servants
wore them She also stated tint while
tlure she sufferetl from a heat stroke
Turning then to the reporters she said
Bos ou know there Is a great differ
ence between a he it stroke and a sun
stroke She also stated that thirty five
iars ago he married William J Laland
of the Urand Hotel New York She had
however refused to marry Mm she de
clared bfore she accepted him
At till stage of her testimony Justice
Bradiev informed Mrs Clapp that he did
not desire to heir any more details of
her storv She Insisted on continuing but
the court declined to hear her
It Is stated that Mrs Clapp was nt one
time a well known society woman of this
cltv and frequently entertained most
lavishly Robert W Clapp her hus
band is a well known business man of
Washington He and his wife were In
New York about ten dns ago and while
there Mrs CI lpp was lodged in the in
sane pavilion nt Bcllevue Hospital She
was arrested on complaint of a clerk of
the Hotel Roland on East Fift -ninth
On reaching Washington a few das
afterward Mrs Clapp was sent to the
Washington Asvlum Hospital from
which she was trnnsferrc 1 to the insane
as lum last Tuesda Mr Clapp in ills
petition alleges his wife Is a lunatic of
homicidal and otherwise dangerous ten
dciKies and unlit to be at in the
Justice Bradiev nppointcd Drs J Ram
sp Nivllt and I Perc Hlckllng to ex
amine Mrs Clapp It Is stated that Mrs
Chpp s tnll was called In question by
the local authorities about live ears ago
and tint she was ndjudgeel Insitie ly a
m irsh ii s Jury Drs Illckling and Nevltt
testified In regard tc Mrs Clapps condi
tion on that occasion ami the were se
ll ctid to ixamlne her again because of
their fnmillnrll with her case at that
Both phsclans testified esterday that
Mrs CI ipp Is of unsound mind and a fit
subject for treatment in an as lum for
ti incim Iter onmntllmonl wn a ttipr
upon ordered
In the case of Mrs Sarah R Davles
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Three Reliable Shoe Houses
She is Atljiidjrcd Insane anil Com
mitted to St Elizabeths
Justice Bradley dismissed the proceed
ings and gave her into the custody of her
son Joseph Davles who stated that he
and his brother will take proper care of
their mother In his testimony Mr Da
Ies expressed the belief that his mother
was troubled about some differences she
had with her neighbors and thought she
would soon recover her usuil composure
If she were removed from her present
Mrs Sarah R Davles is about fifty six
years of age and lives at Mi Virginia
Avenue southeast She was arrested
about ten das ago on a charge of as
sault but sv hen arraigned In the Police
Court It was suggested that probably her
mind was diseased whereupon the court
directed that she be examined by the
police sargeons as to her mental condi
tion Police Surgeons Burch and Vale
examined Mrs Davles and recommended
that she be ser to the Insane as lum
which was accordingly done and the pro
cecdlrgs looking to a judicial determina
tion of her condition soon followed
At tho time of the arrest of Mr Da
vits it is said she was wielding a butcher
knife rather freel It is stated that she
assaulted her husband and several others
and would have done serious damage If
neighbors had not interfered While iu a
frenzy It is also said that Mrs Davles
stabbed a white kitten and killed it Im
The others whom Justice Bradley or
dered to be committed to St Elizabeths
Hospital for the Insane are Patrick W
Doyle Frederick Rest John A Russell
Adalalde V Hall and Mary E Upton all
white and Dennis Johnson and William
Ostard colored
The proceedings In the case of Esther
Edwards were dismissed In the case of
Nathan T Sinn the court has the dispo
sition of the case under advisement
FrnnciH Gallagher llaUen nn Effect
ual Attempt at hnicldc
After having made several unsuccessful
attempts to commit suicide Francis Gal
lagher of 2112 Central Avenue finally
endeel his life by drowning himself in the
Florida Aveaue sewer His dead body clad
only in a pair of trousers and an under
shirt was found esterday afternoon by
Assistant Foreman Martin Hussion and
a gang of workmen Ivlng In the water
of the lisr underground conduit in front
-7-- s
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1914 i 91 6 Pa Ave
233 Pa Ave S E
A Great
of 171S Florida Avenue at the head of I waen whert she fell
Champlaln Avenue Llng In a clump of
grass not far from the sewer trap at
Florida ard Champlaln avenues were
found the mans hat coat and shoes
where he had left them when he crawled
into the trap and was half drowned and
half suffocated by the poisonous gases
of the sewer
Gallagher was forty one cars of age
and for several ears had kept a small
grocery store at 2112 Central Avenue It
is said that he had for some time been
addicted to strong drink and that his
mind became unbalanced Several months
ago he sought to end his life b cutting
his throat with a razor but was pre
vented from carring out his purpose by
some of the members of his family who
succeeded in taking the weapon away
from him
Upon one or two other occasions he
made similar attempts to commit suicide
He is said to havxe suffered from melan
cholia Last Mondi he left his home
and a day or two afterward was seen
wandering about the streets carring his
hat coat and shoes in his h mds The
police wire informed of his disappearance
and his conduct and were asked to keep
a lookout for him
1 estcrti iv afternoon Foreman Hussion
and Ills workmen were making some re
pairs in the trap at Florida and Chun
plain avenues and found the body of the
man at the place Indicated There were
no marks of violence discovered and it
is supposed that he crawled into the
sewer through the trap and lay clown In
the sewer and died from suffocation
There is considerable water in the sewer
as it drains all of that section of the clt
but the bod was notwithstanding quite
well preserved From appearances It
had not been in the sewer for more than
twent four hours
The police at No S station were notified
nnd the remains were removed to the
Morgue His friends were notified and
went to the Minnie where the Identified
the body as that of Galligher Coroner
Nevltt was informed and will hold an
Inquest nt No G police station at 11 0 clock
this morning
increase In the Value of
Real Estate
ROCKVILLE lid July 19 The tax
able baBis of Montgomery County in the
last year has increased 140000 Of thbj
Increase 103000 has been contributed by
improvements along the line of the elec
tric railroad In Bethesda and RockviUo
districts A great number of improve
ments are now under way which were
not far enojgh advanced at the time of
the lev to be taxed which w ill equal tha
amount of those taxed last ear
The increase in the value of real es
tate along the electric road Is remarka
ble Below are a few of the recent sales
The Wheatley property containing ten
acres sold for 7500 Sixteen acres of
Bethesda Park sold for 3000 to Baker
Evans of Washington who proposes to
erect a handsome residence Eight acres
of the old Huddleston farm at 600 per
acre were recently sold to Clarence
Norment President of the Central Na
tional Bank of Washington who is now
erecting thereon a 10O0c dwelling The
Crus farm of 145 acres which
sold for 75 per acre in lfcStJ was recently
sold to the Bethesda Land Company for
27J per acre Dr Lewis has bought two
acres of the Bradle property at ivuu per
acre on which he proposes to build a
handsome residence
Dr Woodward Health Officer of the
District of Columbia has purchased five
acres of the KelST tract at 600 per acre
and will build a residence thereon in the
near future General Whiteside bought
ten acres of the Kelser tract upon which
he Is erecting a handsome residence The
od Orrdorf farm sold the other day for
13500 Three years ago it sold for 7000
In addition to the above eighteen or
twenty houses ranging in price from
2000 to S0U0 have been erected at
1 crset Heights all of which have been
sold at good prices anu tne uemana is
still great There are no vacant houses
in Kockville toda while before the open
ing of the electric road there were twen
t or twent flve
Miss Lena Stone daughter of John C
Stone of Uarnesvilie fell frm a vvagjn
at her fathers home a few da 3 ago and
received very painful Injuries the was
U nillng preparing to allgnt from the
breaking her arm
at the wrist
He ttno ing is the order of the Dem
ocratic prlmar election ticket tobe used
at the primary to be held on the 27th
For State Senate Spencer C Jones
William V Bouic
For Hoase of Delegates II Holland
Beall Walter A Johnson Elias H Etchi
son John S McCeeny John P Sellman
Edmund I Amiss James Alby Hender
son Clifford II Robertson James H Hil
ton Henrv R Benson
For county commissioner First dis
trict George W Day George F Snouf
fer John Wesley Walker William H
Grlfilth Second district Philip B Sou
der Eugene A McAtee Adam L Bolln
ger Tifth district Thomas G Hardes
ty Stephen B Lddane William T
For sheriff John A Selby William T
Gaither Thomas L Has John W Col
lier Alfred I Fairall
For county surv e or Charles J Mad
do x
Fire llrenks Ont In the Commodore
T II Allen
NEW YORK July 19 The full rigged
three masted American ship Commodore
T II Allen which has been on fire dur
ing the night is lying aground near the
Government dock at Sandy Hook and is
badly Injured Her decks are burned
through and her foremast went by the
board at 6 30 oclock this morning when
the llames which had been partially un
der control broke out again The tuss
and fircboats are still llng by her and
it is not possible to accurately estlmato
the damage et
The Commodore Allen which is char
tered by the Standard Oil Company left
this port c terday morning laden with a
cargo of oil nnd bound for Hongkong
She was towed out to sea esterday aft
ernoon but was compelled to put back
because of the fire
A Hiet of tugs hovered abojt all night
assisting iit fighting the llames Every
effort was made to prevent the lire from
reaching the caro of oil
ANew Comer Expected
5 It iv ill brintr iov and comfort especially if its birth
is made easy to the mother
Children born under painful circumstances or sur
roundings before or during accouchement are rarely
Strom hearty and healthy
Parents and relatives should recommend a trial of
Mothers Friend lor external use It is a
simple and effectiv e liniment reliev inj all pain by relax
ing the muscles There is nothing like it in the world
Sold I yllDruecinPftcntbreprepia on receipt of price 81 perbottlo
Till llbblbUUH iu atiADia ia
Evenr uremia ifccwld
send to a little brok
we pl
Lush 01 Moiliei
It U tree

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