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TIio Controvert- Over Paying Per
Diem Employes
Auditor Tlniinr Villi for Infirmn
lion in llir Milijcel Hctnrn or
tniiliiln llt iitli nml Ir Woodward
Inspection tif the Iilrlc Militia
The Commissioners yesterday received a
letter from Hrnst G Timme Auditor for
the State and other departments making
enquiries relitive to the pavment o
certain per diem emplojcs o the District
government The letter follows
Referring to the recent decision of the
Comptroller of the Treasury on the sub
ject of pajment to certain per diem cra
plovcs of the District government it has
come to the knowledge of this oilice
through the disbursing officer In connec
tion with the examination of his accounts
that It Is probable that at least one ein
ploc has been paid the full per diem
when service was rendered for only a por
tion of the day I have therefore re
spectfully to enquire If the records of the
District offices show- any such condition
of affairs and l to jou will please cause
a statement to be furnished this office
showing the extent of such overpayments
in tich case
This letter appears to be an echo of tho
recent controversy relative to the com
pensation of certain cmplojes In the Street
Cleaning Department The matter was
very thoroughly thrashed out about two
weeks ngo between the accounting officer
of the District and the Treasury officials
After the report of Comptroller Tracewell
and the subsequent action of the Com
missioners the Incident was supposed to
be settled but this letter will in effect
reopen the whole controversy
The one employe referred to In the
letter Is taken to be Miss Clara Bee who
was employed in the office of the Super
intendent of Street Cleaning and as was
alleged by the Auditor was overpaid In
the aggregate the sum of UI receding
compensation for a full days work on
Sundajs when she spent but a small por
tion of that day at the District Building
3Iiss Bee under the Comptrollers decis
ion was dropped from the rolls
in its closing paragraph the letter of
Auditor Timme appears to direct the
Commissioners to furnish his office with
a list of all per diem emnloves and the
amounts In which they have been over-
paiu in eacn case jr so the commission
ers win have a very bard nut to crack
in determining Just how far back the in
v estimation shall be nressed to find
plojes paid for Sundays and holidays
wnen tney worweu only part ot the day
It is a fact well established by the re
ports submitted while the main conten
tion was being investigated that several
employes were so paid a few years ago
The letter of Auditor Tlmmo was sbown
to Commissioner Macfarland yesterday
afternoon and he stated that he regretted
that the matter bad been reopened lie
was of the opinion that too much promi
nence has already been given to the
matter He stated that in giving an
answer to the Treasury Auditor it would
be necessary first to have a consultation
with the District Disbursing Officer C C
Rogers and when the one employe re
ferred to by him had been learned to
answer accordingly Air MacfHrlands at
tention was called to the closing para
graph of the letter and he said that the
question of pursuing the matter into the
practice of several years ago would have
to be carefully considered by the Board
On the supposition that a report will
have to be made to the Treasury officials
covering the practice of the District In
this matter for six 3 ears back It is
thought that the imestlgatlon will fall
heavy upon certain employes of that
Capt Lansing H Beach the Engineer
Commissioner and Dr William C Wood
ward the Health Officer returned yester
day from Troy X Y The two went to
Boston Mass and to Troy to Inspect
hospitals and almshouses with a view to
obtaining information to assist In making
the plans for similar institutions In the
District of Columbia
Captain Beach said yesterday that they
found the trip very exhausting on account
of the intense heat He said that the
day they were in Boston there were thirty-three
heat prostrations resulting fa
tally Otherwise Captain Beach said the
trip was enjoyable and had resulted in
their obtaining much valuable Informa
While in Boston they visited the munici
pal hospital tho general hospital and the
morgue Each of these buildings is con
sidered a marvel of its kind The gen
eral hospital is yet incomplete and Cap
tain Beach said they were unable to see
the institution In working order
The almshouse at Troy was given a
can ful inspection The District repre
sentatives were given special facilities
for viewing tho institution and they
studied both the architecture and the
general management of the almshouse
Commissioner Beach said that consid
erable memoranda were taken and that
the results of tho trip would be embodied
later in a report to the Commissioners
He said that a good many useful hints
had been secured relative to buildings and
places some of which doubtless would be
adopted here
The trip was taken with a view to get
ting up general plans and specifications
for the District municipal hospital and
nlmshou e sites for both of which have
been provided for by Congress The plans
and estimates of cost will be submitted
to Congress at the next session
Thomas W Gilmer has addressed the
Commissioners offering -certain
tions relative to the proposed revision of
the Police Regulations He states that
the present regulations prohibit the cry
ing of newspapers from 8 p m to C a ra
and Mr Gilmer suggests that the hours
be changed so the prohibition will be
effective from 9 p m to 7 a m
air Gilmer also asks the Commissioners
to adopt a regulation prohibiting singing
whistling loud talking and other un
necessary noises on the streets or in pub
lic places from 11 p m to 7 a m He
states that the act of Congrcs of leb
ruary tS liSZ gives the Commissioners
nmplc authority to promulgate such a
regulation He calls attention to the re
cent Injunction of the Supreme Court
against parties making unnecessary
noises after 10 oclock p m Mr Gilmer
states that the regulation suggested is
badly needed and would be welcomed by
nil people whose opinions ure worth con
Mr Gilmer adds that tho huckster Is In
clined to cry his goods nt unseasonable
hours that the hoodlum sings Dem Goo
Goo Eyvs nt any hour of the day or
night He thinks the street Arab with
his whistle and his vaudeville song is
bad enough In the day time and that he
beiomis a nuisance in the late hours of
the night
The Commissioners received an Invita
tion yestenlav to visit Camp Ordway and
t fHclally Inspect the militia Commission
er Macfariand accepted tho Invitation In
behalf of the Board and Informed Major
Parker the bearer of the Invitation that
he would visit the camp today leaving the
city at 1 oclock p m Commissioner Mac
fariand Informed Major Parker that it
would be necessary for him to come alone
as Commissiouer Beach had just returned
from a trln of inspection to Boston and
Troy N Y
Mrs Katie G Bright of 14D Corcoran
Street has complained to the Commis
sioners of the annoyance caused by the
pavement In front of 14G1 Corcoran Street
being covered with mud The matter was
referred to the Police Department and it
was ascertained through consultation with
the law officers of the district that the
proper course to pursue would be to se
cure n notice under the act for the re
moval of snow and Ice from sidewalks
and 3erve the same upon the owners of
the property
Tho Commissioners have approved the
recommendation of Thomas J Fisher jr
that seven gas lamps be erected and one
naphtha limp be changed to gas around
square lOd between Fourteenth and Fif
teenth Streets and G Street and Georgia
Avenue southeast and that two naphtha
lamps be changed to gas and two addi
tional gas lamps be en cted on Bismarck
Street between Sherman Avcnuo and
Brightwood Road
Charles G Smith Son of 1323 K
Street northwest has requested permis
sion to pay the second halt tax of 1SS2
against lot IS square 1173 The Assessor
in his report upon the application states
that the property was duly advertised In
the delinquent tax list for 1SSJ which was
all the notice required by law to be given
taxprers and it was not required nor
was it the custom at that time to note
arrears on the current bills The Asses
sor states that he sees no reason for
granting the relief sought and the appli
cation Is submitted with an adverse rec
The Commissioners issued an order yes
terday that the water main assessment
against the property on Piney Branch
Road known as Osbornes Support be
cancelled and that the property be re
assessed fur water main In accordance
with the recommendation of the Assessor
A communication has been sent by the
Commissioners to Mrs B Kerinon rela
tive to Uie equipment of the Louise Home
with a separate fire alarm box The Com
missioners state that In their opinion the
Institution would be belter provided with
niu protection by the Installation of such
a box but that they ore without tho
necessary funds to defray the expense of
about 275 They state that the District
will perform the work of putting In the
Ikx If the institution will meet tho cost
of ihe necessary apparatus
By order of the Commissioners Private
John Hlle of the police force has been
deprived of two days leave because while
on duty he sat down In a drug store with
his blouse unbuttoned
Kllllguun Motion to Uxcnpe Iinprls
onment lo lie Heard Today
Timothy Kllllgan who was convicted
In the Police Court on the charge of as
sault and also of disorderly conduct and
sentenced to imprisonment for 270 days
In default of the payment of fines aggre
gating 110 jesterday filed a petition for
habeas corpus with a view of scarring
his release from custody
Kllllgan states that he was arrested on
July 13 and was called to trial before
Judge Kimball In the Police Court with
out being given an opportunity to secure
counsel He also declares that Judge Kim
ball transgressed his authority In calling
him to the witness stand and compelling
him to testify against himself
Ktlligan also states that he was net ac
corded a fair trial as guaranteed by the
Constitution in that the court refused
to summon witnesses In his behalf stat
ing that he did not need any witnesses
that he was a police fighter and had been
In the court before
He also states thathe filed a motion for
a new trial o 1 July 17 but this was re
fused him although he offered ball pend
ing the result- On the following day It
Is stated the motion was renewed and
I fllllgan also attacks the legality of tho
proceedings which resulted in his being
foand guilty of assault on the ground
that ho was tried in the District branch
of the Police Court instead of the United
States branch
When the petition was presented to
Justice Bradfev he ordered the writ to
issue and it will come up for consideration
today at 10 a m A S Colyar is named
as counsel for Kllligan
Suit IIcbuii for fro000 for Personal
Injuries ustuincd
Suit was Hied jesterday against the
Metropolitan Railroad Company by Eliza
beth T Lane who claims JMOuO for per
sonal Injuries alleged to have been sus
tained by her
The plaintiff claims that on June 21
last she was a passenger on one of the
cars of the defendant company and that
while attempting to alight from It at the
corner of Eleventh and F Streets she
was seriously and permanently injured
The plulntlff alleges that the car upon
which she was tiding was started with
out notice -and that she was thrown to
the ground with great violence and as
a result of the incident she states her
hip was dislocated and she was otherwise
permanently injured
Davis lucKer aro nameu a3 counsel
for the plaintiff
immw tty Absorption
DftBISnM fiMf Through the pores of the skin many poisons arc
rWBljn absorbed into the blood deranging the circulation
BnBHM tW anl affectiiij the constitution as quickly and
rxlffoStLrfi B VW seriously as those generated within the system Just
C3 ffl ffjEJffroC ITffCJ underlie skin arc innumerable tair likc blood
BSKK3KK O II MTlf CSSes and comiectinK these with the skin
are millions of small tubes or fjlands through
v lrch the poison is con eyed to the blood sys
tem Daring the spring and summer while
the skin it most active and the nores well
open we arc much more liable to be affecled by Toison Oak and Ivy and olhcr
dangerous plants workers 111 crass copper icau ana zinc uac tneir iieaim im
paired and the blood supply poisoned through thi absorption of Cnc particlcj of
these metals and the acids used in polishmic cul cleaning them Inhaling the
funics of lead give painters that pallid waxy appearance of tie skin Ilarbersltch
is another disease that reaches tic blood through the skin and is a mejst obstinate
one when it becomes fitmly fixed in the system After the poison has reached the
blood and been disseminated throughout the system it is loo late to resort to local
applications In many cases the blood is affected simultaneously with the appear
ance of the rash or eruption on the skin and all efforts should lc dccted to the
purification and building up of the blood Ugly eruptions and sores will con inuc
to break out in rpite of salves washes soaps or other external treatment
S S S is especially recommended for poisons of this character So com
pletely doc it destroy the effects of the Oak and Ivy that there is no possibility of
its reappearance and it is equally as efficacious in brass or lead poisoning or Bar
liers Itch building up and purifying the blood and driv ing out of the circulation
impurities of every kind and removing every blemish sore or eruption from the
skin There is no substitute for S S S it is he only purely vegetable blood
puriCerknovvn and the safest and best in all constitutional or blood diseases
Our Medical Consultation Department If yor desire any special information
or advice about ycr case write our physicians explaining your condition and
tney will caietully consider wnat you nave to say
ana 3011 wm receive a prompt reply uurpnysi
cians have made a study of blood and skin diseases
and yot can have the benefit of their experience
and jkiJl without any cost to you w hatevcr Dont
hesitate lo writ- fully about jourself as nothing
vou sav troes bevond our office We have a very
interesting book on Blood and Skin Diseases which we will be glad to mail free
inc a wit 1 srcwir n lAJcnrnnx ailahia ua
An Aerial Apiary the Prize of Him
Who Claims It Quickly
Top if TelesTrnpli Pole Hie Location
of 11 Hive of Money
May Interfere With A Irex Line
men Afrnid to UJeei the IViimits
The local branch of the Postal Tele
graph Cable Company Is the unwilling
proprietor of a prosperous apiary situated
sixty feet up In the air on the summit of
one of the companys poles at the cor
ner of Kiorila Avenue and Nineteenth
Street The honeved contents of an Iron
distributing box with a capacity of six
square feet and a thriving and indus
trious swarm of bees who have made the
box their home are at the disposal of
anvone who will hive and remove the
beet permanently
J he Postal Telegraph Cable Company
is m quest of a lineman who can hive
bees or of a beeman who can climb tele
graph poles So far the search has been
vain No lineman has been discovered
who Is not mortally In fear of the busi
ness end of the Insect No beeman has
been found who does not quail nt the
thought of a dizzy climb of sixty feet In
air The company Is Impaled on the horns
of a dilemma
Meanwhile the bees hold undisputed pos
session of the distributing box They con
duct their business affairs of manufactur
ing honey as though In the best ap
pointed hive confident that the product
of their Industry will not accrue to the
benetlt of man They come and go at
their own sweet will and pleasure with
out let or hindrance After the nature of
bets they will not pay rent for their
usurped quarters nnd their landlord has
as Jet been unable to dispossess them
Such Is the present situation whleh his
another than a humorous phase for tho
telegraph company The presence of th
bees bids fair to be a serious matter
Access to the box an Important factor
in tho local telesraph system in con
necting it with the outer world will
sooner or later become an immediate and
imperative necessity Despite repeated
attempts the company has been unable
to secure tho services of anyone com
peteiic to cope with the situation or afford
a solution of the difficulty The bees mutt
go and can be had for tho asking
The company will transfer all Its rights
title and Interest in the apiary to who
ever will remove it from its present loca
tion in midair There Is no question of
the title of the company In the strange
settlement The company or its repre
sentative Manager Rlbble would be de
lighted to find that the title to the Insect
vested In some other concern or Indi
vidual In that event tho responsibility of
relieving the situation could be imposed
upon such proprietors So no one who
desires to aecure the apiary by complying
with the terms of the Postal Telegraph
Cable Company need hesitate through
fear of a bad title for the bees are finally
at the disposal of anyone having the te
merity to climb the big pole -and hiva
The bees were first discovered Irj their
present apartments about three weeks
ago when linemen reported to the ofHce
that bees were In the box The extent of
the invasion was not at that time realized
and the seriousness of the situation was
absolutely unappreciated Recent reports
to the office of Manager Rlbble and the
refusal of linemen to approach the box
have been the means of exciting appre
It Is believed that the constant hum of
the wires and the sounds constantly
heard In the distributing box rather than
any scientific inclinations have been the
cause of the nlving of the bees As Is
well Ljjwn bees are hived with droning
monotonous sounds and such music is
closely imitated by wind Ing on the
Tho pole at the scene of the difficulty
is one of the most Important In the city
It Is the terminal point of one of the
underground cables feeding the northern
trunk line Whenever trouble occurs on
the line in this direction it is at this
pole that inspection and tests are made
to discover the source of trouble It Is
not regularly Inspected and to this fact
is ascribed the unsuspected squatting of
the bees on the premises Should any
serious interruption occur in the system
along the northern trunk line the service
would be badly crippled Manager Rlbble
has been endeavoring for three or four
days to secure some one to relievo the
situation which is momentarily becom
ing more tense
llnlf way up the polo Is the terminal
box of the underground cable This box
Is 2 feet by 1H feet In dimensions and
has a few bees who claim it xt their
legal Testdcnca On the summit of the
pole Is the distributing box The cable
mounts from the lower box to this ene
and issues in small telegraph wires which
are run from pole to pole connecting with
the rest of the country This is a large
box about G feet long and 1 foot In its
other dimensions
This box bas been selected by the bees
as their principal business office storage
warerooms residence and dormitory Tne
sides of th Iron box are perforated with
holes for the Issuance ef the smaller
vires distributing from the main cable
Many of the holes are not us d for this
purpose and have been utilized by the
bees as side entrances to their quarters
It Is Impossible tj estimate the nmnnnt
nf honey in the box The quantity must
lie cons aera me ana well worth the trou
ble of removal Under the effects of the
suns heat liquid honey is constantlj drip
ping through cracks In the sides and
bottom of the box
Manager Ribble is still honing to dis
cover some one who will effect the re
moval of the bees and thereby relieve him
of considerable anxiety
ICKnl Proceed I hrh Itexorlril by a
Pnli nt Medicine Denier
George V Wells yesterday Instituted
proceedings In equity against Llewellyn
G Kstes for the purpose of having the
court rcstralnthe defendant from selling
or attempting to sell or advertise for
sale a certain remedy known as Na
tures Cure and to enjoin him from In
terfering with the complainant in the
conduct of the business known as tho
National Drug Company
It Is explained that the parties to the
suit were engaged as partners In the sale
of medicines at two different places and
under two names one the National Drug
Company at Sll Ninth Street northwest
devoted exclusively to the sale of Na
tures Cure and the other the Ameri
can Drug Company nt Kighth and II
Streets at which Natures Cure was
not advertised or sold At the latter place
it Is stated Natures Herb Remedy was
sold but it was not sold at the National
Drug Compdfy
It Is further stated that the parties dis
agreed and entered into an agreement for
dissolution of partnership by which testes
should have exclusive control of the
American Drug Company and the sale of
Natures Herb Remedy and the com
plainant the business at the other estab
Wells now complains that Kstes Is in
terfering with his busness lMward L
Gles Is named as cuunsel for the com
The Police SurKeouft Ilelnre Illin to
lie of Sound Mind
rranclsSchlatter the alleged divine
healer who was arrested yesterday after
noon by Policeman Sanders of the Sixth
Precinct on a charge of vagrancy was
to lay declared to be sane nfter an exam
ination hid been made into his mental
condition by Police Surgeons Vale and
llurch I
When Schlatter was first taken in cus
tody by the police It was deemed advisa
ble to enter only a charge of vagrancy
agninst 1dm untH an examination Into the
state of his mind could be made by tho
As he has been pronounced sane tho
the charge of vagrancy will be prosecuted
by the police and the alleged divine heal
er will probably be given a hearing In the
Police Court tomorrow
An Inventor Hike X1epi to rroteet
III Internals Involved
Suit in equity was Instituted yesterday
by John P StoUt through J Walter
Whentley an attorney against Richard
J Kennedy and the United States Eco
nomic Postage Company It appears that
Mr Stout is the Inventor of a device
known on a return postal upon
which letters patent were Issued to him
and to the defendant Kennedy After the
Issuance of rticpatent the United States
Economic Postage Association was form
ed under tho laws of the State of AVest
Virginia for the purpose of utilizing tho
said Invention through the medium of the
United States postal service Such use
required the passage of a law by Con
Mr Stout nnd Mr Kennedy assigned
their right in the patent to the associa
tion and subsequently assigned to the as
sociation 211910 shares of the capital stock
of tho association to be used for its bene
fit ns treasury stock upon the agreement
J that If after the expiration ot five years
tho association failed to obtain the re
quired authority from the Government It
would through Its proper officers convey
to Stout and Kemedy all Its right title
and Interest In the patent The time limit
expired on July 20 1KIS and the associa
tion failed to obtain tho required per
mission to use the postal facilities and has
not yet succeeded In doing so Tho suit
Is for the specific performance of the con
tract to convey back
In reference to the suit Mr Wheatley
counsel for Mr Sttut stated yesterday
that he was authorized by Mr Stout to
say that it Is his intention to protect the
interest of every bona fido stockholder In
the association and that tho assertion
of his right to have back his patent had
this in view as well as the protection ot
his own right As the affairs of the
association now stand Its franchise Is lia
ble to forfeiture for non pavment of State
taxation he says and the stock trans
ferred to tho association to lw used In
event of legislation for the betterment
ot facilities Is no longer In the treasury
One hundred and twenty thousand shares
thereof have been transferred ho savs
to one man not an officer of the associa
tion with no obligation to account for the
use of the same The parties who are
now in control of the affairs of the as
sociation are said to be actively interest
ed in the furtherance of a scheme antago
nistic to the interests of the association
for which an effort was made to obtain
legislation before the last Congress The
attorney claims that by means of the
manipulation ot tne treasury siock tne
control of the association has passed from
the hands of the original stockholders and
the complainant deems their and his In
terest In jeopardy thereby
The United States Ecoiomlc Postage
Company Is capitalized at 3WX000 divid
ed Into 500000 shares which are
owned by citizens of the Dis
trict The proposition to extend to It tho
Government postal facilities haa twice
passed the Senate and once upon a sus
pension of the rules obtained nearly a
two thirds vote In the House The scheme
would enormously lessen the cost of mail
advertising Sind has met with the appro
bation of a large part ot the mercantile
Interests of the country and when adopt
ed by the Government stock In the as
sociation should be of great value It Is
to protect the Interest of those who have
embarked their capital In It in good faith
that Mr Stout says he has instituted this
ALEXANDIUA July 13 The following
officers of Kcnefick Council Catholic
Womans Denevolent Ieglon were In
stalled last night by the Supreme Presi
dent Miss Anna OConner ot New York
Chaplain Rev Father II J Cutler Chan
cellor Mrs Mary Loretta Roche Presi
dent Miss Mry Esther Stoughtenburgh
Vice Presidtnt Mrs Martha Elizabeth
Iucab Secretary Airs Mary A Jones
Collector III33 Annie A Stoughtenburgh
Treasurer Mrs Mary A Kimball Trus
tees Mrs Rosle Vl Fannon ilrs Agnes
Nugent and Mrs Madallne Skfobaneck
Marshal Mrs Mary Adams Guard Mrs
Mary Brcen Orator Mrs Annie K
Among those present at the Installation
were Father 11 J Cutler Father Ahern
Mrs Burke President of St Matthews
Council of Washington and Mrs Smith
Chancellor of the same council all of
Washington The council here was only
recently organized and Us prospects arc
very bright
In the Corporation Court today Judge
J IC M Norton granted a charter to the
New Century Apartment House Company
of AVashlngton the objects of which are
to build and construct apartment houses
and do a general hotel business The sum
of J35000O Is named as the capital stock
The following are named as officers B
H Warner President G W r Swartzel
Vice President Andrew IVrker Treas
urer Clarence li Rhecm Secretary
James RCaton Is named as local attor
i v nflir nf the clerk of the Corpora
tion Court today the will of the late
Thomas Lannon was admitted to probate
nt iipnaMi iifnnnthg all of hi3 real
and personal property to ills wife Cath
erine Lannon and directs that the
grocery store formerly conducted by him
be Still conunueei 111 ma im -
rf Mrs Iinnon the estate is to
be divided equally among his five children
Mrs lainnon Is named as executrix 3he
Is not required to give nond or make an
Past Master Charles B Marshall of
Andrew Jackson Lodge of Masons was
last night presented by the members of
that lodge with a handsome past master s
jewel as a token of their esteem and
aiiireUution of his services to the lodge
during the two consecutive terms he
served as worsnipiui masier
The presentation was made by James
Deeton who delivered a speech on behalf
of the lodge Mr Marshall responded
appropriately On the medal are in
scribed the name s of tnentv -eight mem
bers raised to the third degree during Mr
Marshalls term of office
An unknown youth committed a bold
theit about 130 oclock this ufternoon
by grabbing a pocketbook from a little
daughter of Mrj C J Culver who re
sides at C9 South Fairfax Street The
mother of the little girl at the time of
the theft was In a millinery store on
King Street making 1 purchase Mrs
Culver left her pocketbook on a show
case and her daughter had picked It up
and had gone to the door While stand
ing at the door with the purse In her
hand the youth wearing a falsefacc
came along and snatche d the purse and
made good his escape The purse con
tained between- 112 and J13 Mrs Culver
at once notified the police of the robbury
and rrom the description given It Is be
lieved that the thief will be apprihended
The following business was transacted
in the Corporation Court today with
Judge J IC M Norton presiding A B
Barney of Norfolk was admitted to prac
tice In this court Roxle C Chatman was
appointed administratrix of the estate of
George Chatman the will of Mrs Mary
V Clarke was admitted to probate leav
ing her estate to her husband J P
About thirty five members of the Alex
andria Ilqht Inrnntry will leave here to
morrow night for Ocean View Va for
a ten davs encampment at that place
with the Seventieth Virginia Heslmcnt
The members of the company vvlll be In
command of Capt James E King com
mander of that company
The funeral of the lnt Mrs Rebecca
Grecnwell wnoso death occurred on
Thursday last will take place nt 930
oclock tornorrow morning from SL
Marys Catholic Church and the inter
ment will be made in St Marys Cem
The funeral of the late John H Simp
son whose death occurred yesterday af
ternoon will take place Sunday after
noon at C oclock from the residence of
his mother 521 South Henry Street
The schooner Smith K Martin lias ar
rives at this port with a cargo of fish
guano for the Alexandria Fertilizer and
Chemlca Company
The bquare on King Street between
Royal and Fairfax Streets which was
recently paved with vitrified brick will
be opened for traffic tomorrow
A lad named Geeirge Massey was last
evening btruck In the eye by a line from
the steamer Samuel J Pentz and was
qulto painfully hurt
Dr Hamilton 1 Howard formerly of
this city but now resident physician at
tho Virginia Military Institute at Lex
ington Vn Is visiting In this city
The Ilt Kt PrtSLTlntion for Mulurla
ChilU and fever is bottle of Croveft Tasteless
Chill Tonic It i limply iron and quinine in a
Uitelcsa form No cure no pay Prue 50c
Fnrkcr Bridget Co
Parker Bridget Co
fO V T -V
Parker Bridget Co
Dont lose sight of the fact that A W Francis is the direct suc
cessor of that good old firm NOAH WALKER CO established
in Baltimore for more than half a century
S -V
The Most Worthy Claimant for
Greatest ValueGiving Honors
This Sale of the Francis Stock of Mens Clothing
and Furnishings at 50c on the Dollar
No past bargains of ocrs nor no contemporaneous offerings can compare
with the ones to be found here now
They are incomparably greatest Why Because tho goods are of first
quality excellent inevery respect and at just
Half of Francis Prices
The all important feature of the stock is the Suits of fall patterns and
weights The Overcoats too bd for strong recognition
You may now buy a suit oc overcoat for 500 750 1000 or 1250 that
sold for 10 15 20 to 25 These latter prices must also be charged for as
good in the fall
Among the suits are the choicest patterned Worsteds Oassimeres and
Cheviots also plain colors
Opportunity never before thundered so loudly at your door To thinking
folks to economical folks it is n event that must appeal with force for the val
ues are verily gigantic
And now we have said enough have spoken clearly and truthfully
We could drain our vocabulary of its strongest adjectives and then fail to
adequately tell of the supreme importance of this event
It is for you to act intelligently and quickly
Greatest of the
Season Bargains in
Boys and Childrens Clothing
In Lot No 1
will be found Vestee Sailor Blous9 and
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ments that sold up to 5 Your choice
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will be found Vestee Sailor Blouse and
Double breasted Jacket Suits Gar
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HeadtoFoot Outfitters Pa Ave and 9th St
lion- 3Inn Accastoma Illmnrlf to Re
pulsive Circumstances
While the iicge of Vlcksbure was in Its
most exciting stage and the rations of the
beleaguered garrison had been reduced to
mulemeat and unground corn a party nt
Johnnies succeeded by what seemed to
them miraculous good fortune in obtain
ing a small fmanlity of wheat flour They
had not como into possession of their
treasure without difficulty Much plan
ning had been found necessary in order to
accomplish the theft by which the flour
was obtained and it was consequently
prized not only In proportion to its quan
tity or rather lack of quantity but also
In proportion to the difficulty of acquisi
tion The little squad ot Jubilant thieves
after a brief preparation determined to
make biscuits The biscuits were accord
ingly made and burned on the outside
raw on the Inside were finally ready for
consumption and In Imposing array were
dlsplaved on a blanket with thj dally mule
beef and the other edibles Issued by the
confederate commissariat
The hungry pilferers g ethered round the
festal blanket but when about to begin
the business of the occasion a shell from
a Icderal battery came hissing along
struck one of the party just above tha
eves nnd tore off the upper half of his
bkull The body fell forward on the
blanket the remainder of the party fell
nnckward stunned by the concussion and
momentarily forgetful of the danger to
which their edibles were exposed One of
the number however Instantly appre
hending the significance of the Incident
and the importance of the Impromptu
feast recovered himself jerked the dead
body off the blanket meantime swearing
nt his companions ior tailing uovvn ami
letting the man ble ed so close to the bis
cuits They would have nil been spoiled
if it had not been for me he angrily
remarked and after conceding tho truth
of tho statement the body of the unfortu
nate was temporarily laid aside and the
feast began
These hilf famished soldiers furnished
an unconscious illustration of the easu
Made Strong
5 Boies 200
Dv mil in Ilaln scaled lmr or all load
ing tlriiKgutv They positively cure all
nenou diseases clear the brain impart i
visor to the entire Lodr nt men for
nes stinlv or marriage
by Eicrwes SeJcntary Ilabita Abuc etc
f37AII Physicians Endorso
Howoa Damlona
a specialist in chronic Kcrrouv Ail
ments sais HOWLS inillvNV TU1
LKT5 have uiren onderful results in
hit practice There l nothing to
compare with them for nervous dls
raMit and lost vitality
Sloney refunded in an case where 5
lioxcs do not pire entire satisfaction
Htl E TJIIVL IIO and llooldet by mail
n tltn iltl uranter Write tills day
Io not delay All business strictly 3
922 Walnut St Phlla Pa
STKVKNS Pa ae and oth st
VUILS toil 20th st
MACKALL UHOS 6th and II sis
And Leading DruggisU Lverynhcre
with which men can accustom themselves
to surroundings that would ordinarily be
considered In the last degree repulsive
Death at the feast Is a gruesome visitor
and In the peaceful walks of life a sudden
calling away by the grizzly monarch of
one- of the participants In a festive occa
sion instantly deprives the entire party of
appetite and enjoyment but to soldiers in
a state of siege wounds blood and death
are so often seen that sensibility is lulled
and the most frightful spectacles are be
held without emotion almost with indif
ference as the ordinary Incidents of mili
tary life the common occurrences of bat
tle and campaign The death of a soldier
was to this little party of flour thieves no
more than anj other daily occurrence bat
biscuits were unusual entirely out of the
lins of their everyday life hence the sol
dier 8 death from a burstingsheli assumed
an importance quite subordinate to that
of the prospective loss of the dainties
they had taken so much trouble to pro
cure In other words the siege the shell
firing the sight of wounded and dying
men had all become monotonous but the
biscuits were a decided novelty hence the
death wjs treated with comparative ln
dlferenc St Louis Globe Democrat
Tuenoviery Ianndrj ninn Ilujs the
Uncle for Ills Customers
There Is on enterprise the Chinamen of
this city are engaged In that people gen
erally know nothing about says a Chi
naman who speaks as good English as
If he had been born in this country Tho
Chinamen on the Bowery are the uncles
of the Bowery lodging house people and
do a big business all the way from Ninth
Street to the City Hall The men who
frequent the lodglngbouses are men with
out money and if one of them wants to
make a trip to Harlem It Is ten chances
to one that he has not the wherewltml
to pay his car fare up there acd back
again This Is the time he goes to the
John he says I want to go up town
and I havent a cent If you will loan me
10 cents on my clothes I will pay It back
on Saturday
Then John looks up the laundry sees
that there Is enough of it to cover the
10 cents hands out the money and make3
a note on the ticket When the man gets
a Job he comes back Tor his clothes and
pays 10 cents extra and that Is the end
of It It Is a matter of accommodation
and no interest is charged If he doesnt
come back in six months his clothes arc
I know one case of a man Just across
from me He Is a waiter nnd he got a
new job the other day and 23 cents for the
first days work His only extra shirt
was at the laundry and ho wanted it and
a handkerchief and a collar
John he said to the lauidryman who
had his clothes cant vou let me have
a shirt and a collar and a handkerchief
for 10 cents I want to begin looking all
right and I have spent B cents out of my
25 for tobacco and I must have 10 cents
for lodging Th it is more than my own
people vvoui do for me he said when
the Chinajian handed over the clothes
and took the 10 cents
One reason the Chinaman can keep his
customers when there is an American
laundry just beside his Ls partially be
cause he is accommodating and partially
for other reasons The people who pat
ronize him dont make a practice of wear
ing silk undeiwenr nnd they dont liko to
let every one know what they do wear
A young workman takes his washing
lo an ordinary laundry and whllo he
waits his package must be unrolled and
the clothes counted and marked before ho
gms out J here is nothing ornamental
about that clothing and probably It is
not as clean as the pieces of the man who
changes lils shirt every day Ho does not
lie to have is spread out to view But
he goes to the Chinaman anel the bundle
Is taken without opening marked and
another ticket given him It doesnt take
much time either and that makes a good
deal of difference to him
There Is one more reason for if he
happens to have only two shirts he does
not have to get his laundry go home and
change his clothes and take the soiled
ones back He takes his clean clothe s
goes into the hack room of the Chinese
laundry nnd rhanges them and It juvea
a great elcal of time and trouble
Yes sir the Chinamen are making
friends in different w avs You could find
some people they have helped who will
swear by them New York Times
Rnllrond Conductor AVns Placed In
on ATTlcvvnrd Predicament
A man boarded a Missouri Pacific train
equipped with transportation which Dad
Walsh the conductor thought was ques
tionable The passenger refused to put
up the cash fare and Walsh called the
porter and carried him from the train
depositing him on a truck on the station
platform The man took It so nonchal
antly that It occurred to Walsh that he
might be making a mistake He accord
ingly went back to the passenger and told
him he might get aboard again
AH right said the passenger I
didnt get off the train and theoretically
Im still riding In the nature ot things
I cannot well board a train upon which
I am already riding and he sat on the
truck as obstinate as a mule
Welsh called the brakeman and porter
an I ttrrled the man carefully onto the
tiwln put him in his seat in which he
Had been riding before the Incident oc
curred and saved his road a damage suit
St Louis Star
From the Chicago News
During the cinl war the captain of a company
of Tronesce mountaineers who were m the
Federal service ran serosa an old acquaintance
lie urged him to enlist in the United States
Army but the mountain dweller shook hU
head doubtfully Finally he eaid
I dont like the beds jou gire fellers to
sleep la in the army They Iiaint no place to
throMr your lioots under them
This wi ihe long way in which the moun
taineer took to tell his friend that he did cot
llce to sleep on the ground
Weak Men
Prof Laborfes Wendcrtnl French Preparation
Restores Lost Manhood
Absolutely FREE by Staled Mail
CUTIIOS Is rut before Ton on Its merits
alono Try it and put it to tho test Try It Free
There is no security required no CO Dechems
Send us your nam and address and wo will send
rou enough CAlTnOs to last are daya I
will be sent In n sealed package by mail
In the quiet of yonr homo jon caa try 1 ana
what it does
All correspondence relation to tha CAWllOS
department of our business is strictly confidential
W o neither publish nor furnish testimonials
Tha narvilous French remedy CAIT1IOS
recently introduced in this country by the Von 3old
Io of Cincinnati Ohio one of tho largest richest
and most responsible business firms in th Inited
States has attracted the attention of tho entire
medical irofeasion because of the wonderful cures
it has effected If you suffer from Lost Manhood
Varicocele Weakness of any naturo in too fefal
Organs or Kerres no matter how caused or H tnj
parts are- nndrloped or hafo shrunken or wasted
kway CAIT110S will restore you
CA1T1IOS is a French discorery by Prof
Jolts Laborde famed la Paris u Frances foremost
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the medical rrpfrsion as a specific cure for weak msa
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man and French froTrmmenta and is largely sscd la
tint standing armies of those countries
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t 1

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