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II N Change of Pace Also a Bail
Tiling for the Senators
Tlie nisr IHIclier Iecliled to Sr
1ltli IrroI nnil Prosed a 1naale
to Wnxlilnirton Cnrrlc li InclTcc
lr in the- Ilnx nnil Ilelilcil roorlj
American Lcacuc
tetrnlt 7 Wnshlnrrton 3
Baltimore 7 Chlraco 4
Cleveland 2 Boston 1
Philadelphia 3 Milwaukee 1
CCallon tl Lentrue
Chlearro 5 New York 2
Cincinnati 6 Philadelphia Z
St I oul 8 Itoston 1
Itrooklvn 5 Iittsburg 4
TotlnjN nniei
American League
Baltimore at Milwaukee
Washington at Cle eland
Philadelphia at Chicaso
Boston at Detroit
National League
Brooklvn nt Pittsburg
Philadelphia at Cincinnati
New York at Chicago
Boston at St Louis
Hovr lie Claba Situiil
Won Lost
Oilcapo 47 28 41
Hoston 43 23 632
Baltimore M 3 -KG
Detroit 40 33
Washinirton 30 33 47b
Philadelphia 29 3S -3
Cleveland 2S 44
Milwaukee 21 4S 333
Won Lost PCL
Pittsburc 43 30 589
Philadelphia S 543
St Louis 41 33 51
Brookljn 40 31 Ml
New York 33 33 MO
Boston 33 36 4h
Cincinnati 31 40 437
Chicago 27 51 311
DETROIT Mich July 13 Ttoscoe Mil
ler changed his mind and Manager Man
ning is very sorry for it The big pitcher
swore that he was done with the Detroits
because he was yanked out of the g rnie
Wednesday and Yeager sent to bat for
him but he changed his mind last even
ing and was as meek as a lamb w hen he
sulked out to the slab this afternoon In
the presence of a grandstand full of la
He hnd patched up his differences with
the club and It seemed to lend new ener
gy to his work as he ha s seldom pitched
a finer game His change of pace was
In fine working order and the Senatorial
sluggers did not do much besides knock
grounders to the infield and then retire
In marked contrast with Millers work
was the ineffectiveness of Carried who
was hit hard and often by the Tigers so
that four innings were enough for them
to cinch the victory
Tarrell and Foster hit Miller hard but
they were the only ones The fielding was
all right excepting that of Carrick and
Dungan who contributed their share to
the disaster Barrett Gleason Casey and
Nance did the batting for the home crowd
and Gleason and Elberfeld were careful
guardians of things on cither side of sec
In the fourth Crockett was hit over the
right ce by a pitched ball and badly
cut He was some time stanching the
flow of blood but went back and played
the game out as though nothing had hap
President Johnson was in the stand
looking at the game This morning he
had a long talk with President Postal
and Manager Manning but said It was
onlv on general matters
Detroit did not wait long Casey start
ing with a thrce barger and scoring on
Barretts out In the third Gleason and
Klberfeld hit safelv and Nance lined out
a two bagger scoring both and getting
home on Crocketts hit The next was
also productive Casey going to third on
errors by Dungan and Carrick and bcor
lng when Carrick fumbled Barretts bunt
Gleason singled and Elberfeld walked
Tilling the bags A run was forced in
when Carrie k hit Crockett on the head
The last one was made on a force play
which gae Holmes a base He stole
another and Barrett hit safely
Washington got going In the fifth when
roster hit for three sacks and scored on
a play In the seventh Fctcr Coughlln
and Qulnn hit In succession filling the
bags with nobody out Clingman forced
Julnn acoring Foster and Carrick sent
one to Elberfeld who worked in a fast
double play and put the Senators out of
It rarrells three bagger In the eighth
was followed by Duncans out scoilng
hlin The score
DETROIT 2 n ro A E
Casey 3b 2 2 0 2 0
Holmes rf 112 0 0
Barrett cf 13 10 0
Gleason 2b 1 3 3 G 0
Klbrfeld ss 113 7 0
Nance If f 2 1 0 0
Crockett lb 0 1 1G 0 0
Buelow c 0 0 13 0
Miller p 0 0 0 10
Waldron rf
rarrell cf
Dungan lb
Grady c
Foster If
Coughlln 3b
Qulnn 2b
Clingman is
Carrick p
Hogriever rf
Jlallman rf
Anderson If
Donahue lb
Conroy ss
lriel 3b
Gilbert 2b
Moloney c
Husting P
13 27 19
0 110 0
113 10
0 1 6 0 1
0 0 5 10
2 2 0 0 0
0 14 0 0
0 1 1 I 0
0 0 4 3 0
0 0 0 2 2
10321000 x--00001011
0 3
Two bate hit Nance Three base lilts-
Casey 1 oster Farrell Stolen base
Holmes First base on balls Oil Carrick
4 off Miller 3 Hit by pitcher Crockett
First base on errors Detroit 2 Left on
bases Detroit 11 Washington 4 Struck
outout By Carrick 5 Double pla El
berfeld Gleason and Crockett Time of
game 2 hours Umpires Haskell and
Outlltclied by lluslliicr Hut Ilr
criv eil Mutter Support
MILWAUKEE July 19 The Philadel
phlas took the third In the scries from
Milwaukee this afternoon It was a
pitchers battle between Husting for the
local team and Plank for tho visitors
Husting pitched and fielded the better
game but poor playing on the part of
the Brewers in the sixth Inning lost th
game With the exception of that one
inning both Kama played In champion
ship form Gilberts stop of Planks hit
over the second base bring the feature of
the game The score
ruitit cf ooioo
Davis lb 0 0 7 0 0
Cross 3b 1112 1
Ijilole 2b 114 4 0
Scibold rf 1 10 0 1
McJntvre If 0 13 0 0
Powers c 0 0 7 3 0
Dolan ss 0 0 3 2
Plank p 0 0 10 0
Totals 3
27 Jl
Totals 1 7 27 12
Philadelphia 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 13
Jillwaukee a v v v u v u i
Famed run Milwaukee 1 Two basa
hits Hallman Mclntjre liases on bale
Off Hubtlng I off Plank J Stolen base
Gilbert Struck out By Husting 3 b
Plank 4 Left on bases Milwaukee i
Philadelphia 6 Umpire Sheridan Time
of game 1 hour and 31 minutes
imrtiiiiurc Landed an Chicaso
rllclier W Ith VeiiRcanee
CHICAGO July 19 McGraws Balti
more men fell on Harvej heavily In the
fourth Inning today and batted out live
runs which gave them a commanding
lead Chicago started out to win tho
game In the last inning but fell short
The score
Dunn 3b 0 113 0
Donlin If 12 2 0
Seymour rf 10 3 0 0
Williams 2b 2 13 3 0
Kelster ss 12 0 4 2
Brodie cf 10 4 0 0
Hart lb 1 1 12 0 0
Bresnahan c 0 12 10
Howell p 0 0 0 2 0
Totals 7 S 27 13 1
Hoy cf 0 0 2 0 0
Jones rf 0 1110
Mertes 2b 0 2 3 2 1
Isbell lb 0 0 11 1 1
McFarland If 0 10 0 0
Shugart ss 0 12 3 0
Burke 3b 12 14 1
Sullivan c 2 15 10
Harvey p 1 1 0 4 J
Totals 4 9 27 16 3
n iltlmnre 01030001 07
Chicago 000010 0 0 34
left on b iscs Chicago 7 Baltimore 3
n - 11 OIII tol tf1f
llte Jiriua uiiiuu
2 Sacrifice hits Krister Brodie
T 1 1111 Unit nil
Ul pKtVH ilUItra illll J UVtlt
uunn nna nan airucK out ny naivw
4 by Howell L Bases on bills Olt Har
vey OIL Jionvn 1111 Willi iiv
1 II TnD ITmntrn r intlMlrtn Tim nf
vi iii vuiiia v - -
game 1 hour and 55 minutes
Clevelmul Defeat the Itoston In n
ntclicm Ilnttle
CLEVELAND Ohio July 19 Cleveland
won todays game from Boston In the
tenth Inning Moore and Young were the
opposing tw triers and pitched fine ball
They had excellent support The score
Pickering cf 10 4 10
McCarthy If 0 0 0 0 0
OBrien rf 0 12 0 0
Beck 2b 0 0 2 5 0
La Chance lb 0 0 14 1 0
Bradley 3b 12 13 0
Wood c 0 13 2
Shlebeck ss 0 1 4 1 1
Moore p 0 0 0 J 1
Totals 2 5 Z IS 3
Rostov n li ro a
Dowd If 0 1 0 0 0
Stahl cf J 0 1 0 0
Collins 3b 1 1 J 3 1
Hemphill rf 0 110 0
Parent ss 0 0 1 3 1
Ferris 2b 0 1 2 G 0
CrlTer lb 0 1 IS 0 0
Shreck c 0 0 5 1 0
Young p j 0 j 4 j
Totals 1 5 2S 17 2
One out when winning run was scored
Cleveland 100000000 1 2
Boston 000000001 01
Two base hits Bradley Hemphill Tlrst
base on errors Cleveland 2 Boston 2
Sacrifice hits Crlger Young Stolen
bases Dowd Collins lirst base on
bills Off Young 1 oft Moore 2 Struck
out By Moore 3 by Young 5 Double
play lCcrris and CTiger Lfft on bases
Cleveland 4 Boston 7 Time of game
2 hours Umpire Connollv
niHlon Unrely Um npcK UrltiK Shut
Out ll St LoulH
ST LOUIS July 19 The Cardinals won
todavs game by a score of 8 to 1 Powell
twirled for the locals and Plttlnger for
the visitors Up to tho ninth inning the
Bostons failed to score Attendance 2100
The score
Burltctt If 12 10 0
Paddcn 2h 10 3 3 0
McGann lb 2 3 10 0 0
Donovan rf 2 3 10 0
Wallace ss 2 13 2 0
Kruger Cb 0 2 0 3 0
Mchol3 tr 0 12 0 0
Bvan c 0 15 0 0
Powell p 0 0 2 4 1
Totals 13 27 12 1
Slagle rf 0 3 0 0 0
Murphy If 0 0 10 0
De Mont 2b u o 3 u o
Hamilton cf 0 110 0
Lowe 3b 0 0 2 2 0
Lorg ss 0 0 0 6 0
Kittrldge c 0 0 3 0 0
Moran lb 0 0 13 1 1
Plttlnger p 0 0 12 0
Dincen 110 0 0
Totals 1 5 24 17 1
Batted fpr Plttlngtr in ninth
St Louis 01103030 x K
Boston 00000000 11
Two base hits McGann Donovan
Home run Burkett Double plavn Pad
fen and McGann Powell and McGann
Long De Mont and Moran Sacrifice
hits Kruger Powell Lowe Stolen bab
Burkett Left on bases St Loviis 7
Boston 3 Struck out By Powell 4 by
Plttlnger 2 Bases on balls Off Plttln
ger 5 Umplrea Schrlver and Nichols
Time of game 1 hour and 43 mlnuUs
Ilnhn Skillful Pitching Cnnxex the
IMilImlelpliinii Defeut
CINCINNATI July 19 The Phlladel
phlas made nearly as many hltr as their
opponents but Hahn kept them scattered
and the Reds won White was taken out
after five hits had been made off him in
two Innings Crawfords home run was
the longest hit of the season on the local
grounds Dobbs fielding was a feature
The score
Dobbs cf 0 2 5 10
Hurley If 0 10 0 0
Ikckley lb 2 2 8 0 0
Crawford rf 12 4 0 0
Magoon ss 114 4 1
Heliman 3b 110 10
Fox 2b 0 0 0 3 0
Bergen c 1 2 G 1 0
Hahn p 0 10 2 0
Totals C 12 27 12 1
Thomas cf 0 12 0 0
Wolverton 3b 0 0 13 0
Flick rf 2 3 0 0 1
DUehanty If 0 0 0 0 1
Jacklltsch c 0 3 4 10
Jennings lb 0 2 10 1 0
Hallman 2b - 0 13 5 0
Cross ss 0 0 4 3 1
White p 0 0 0 10
Duggleby p 0 10 2 0
Barrj 0 0 0 0 0
Totals 2 11 21 1C 3
Batted for Dugglcby In ninth
rhlladelphla 00000101 0 2
Cincinnati 11002002 xG
Two base hits Flick Ht ilman Three
base hits Heckley Bergen Home run
Crawford Stolen bises Magoon Hurley
Double plays Wolv erton Hallman and
Jennings Fox Magoon and Heckley
HahmHii and Jennings Dobbs and Beck
ley Struck out By Hahn 3 by White
1 by Dugglcbv 3 Bases on balls Off
Hahn 2 oft White 1 off Duggkby 1
Wild pitch W hlte Passed balls Jack
lltsch 2 Left on bases C InclnnatI 7
Philadelphia 9 First base on errors
Cincinnati 2 Philadelphia 1 Time of
game 1 hour and 55 minutes Umpire
Dwyer Attendance 2jtw
Its Loathsome
Its Disgusting
liiMtunt Belief nnil leriiinnent Curr
Secured the Lnt uf Dr kiii iim
Cuturrltill Puvvdrr
Heres strong evidence of the iukkness
and surcness of that wonderful rtmedv
DrAgnews Catarrhal Powder For vears
I was a victim of Chronic Catarrh tried
many remedies but no cure was effected
until I had procured and used Dr Ag
news Catarrhal Powder First applica
tion give me Instant nlkf and in nn
Incredibly short while 1 was absolutely
cured James Dundee N Y
Sold by F S Williams Ninth and F
Streets Edmonds Williams Third
Street and Pennsjlvanla Avenue 7
IlUnburK Fun Tnke Exception to
the Implre
PITTSBURG July 19 An exciting game
YihlMi TtrnnVrK n won throtich the stupid
ity of Poole In the scond Inning ended In
a noisy denunciation of Umpire tmsiie
In the ninth Inning Clarke tried to steal
second and the umpire who was standing
near the bise called an out endlns the
game The Pirates manager sprang to
his feet and running up to the umpire
he tried to force him to listen to the pro
test The blcachcrltes soon surrounded
Emslie Policemen arrived in time to
rescue the umpire who afterward showed
his pluck by returning to the field unat
tended to hunt for his mask No one at
tempted to strike him The score
Clarke If 1 0 a
DaXVf 5
Wagner 3b 2 2 2 3 0
Dranstleld lb 0 2 11 1 0
Ititchey 2b 0 2 4 3 0
Ely ss 0 0 16 1
Zimmer c 0 0 2 10
Foole p 0 0 1 1 0
Leach X J
Totals 12 2 15 1
Leafch batted for Poole in ninth
Kelleylb 0 1 6 1 0
Keeler rf X S S
Shcckard If S i 2 4 n 1
Daly 2b 0 0
Dahlln ss 1 -
McCreco cf J 1 5 0 0
Irwin 3b 1 J J J 0
Farrell c 1
Donovan p 1 J J
Totals 6 8 2G S 1
Wagner out hit by batted ball
Pittsburg 1 0 0 10 0 0 1 11
BrooWvn 0 4 0 0 10 0 0 0 5
Stolen base Keeler Two baso hits
Clarke Irwin Leach Three base hit
Wagner Double plajs Daly and Kellcj
Ely and Branslleld Ely Bitchey and
Bransllcld Struck out By Poole 2 b
Donovan 4 Bases on balls Off Iof 3
off Donovan 1 Hit by pltcher Farrell
Keeler Umpire Emslle Time of game
2 hours and 5 minutes Attendance ASOO
JIntthcvvon Fall to Break CIiI
caKos NVIiinlnK Streak
CHICAGO July 19 Christy Matthew
the winning streak of
sop failed to stop
the Chlcagos today and as a consequence
Ntw York lost by the score of 5 to 2
Matthcwson pitched good ball and would
ordinary game but his
have won an
team mates could not hit Tavlor when
hits were needed The score
cmcvco a u e
Hartzel If J
1 o 0 0
Green cf
Chance rf 0
Dexter lb J 0 12 3 0
Chllds 21 1 I
Itajmer 3b 1 -
McCormlck ss 0 2 2 4 0
Kahoe c i1 3 S n
Taylor p JI
Totals 5 12 2 15
IiEU 0RK 5- E
Van Haltren cf 0 2 1 0 0
Ganzel lb 0 0 10 1 0
Selbach If 0 0 10 0
Mcllrlde 0 2 3 0 0
Davis ss 0 2 3 2 0
Hickman 3b 112 0 0
Strang 2b 1 1 J J 0
0 0
Smith c 0 13
Matthcwson p 0 10 5 0
Totals 1 10 24 12 0
Chicago 01012010 x 5
New lork 00000000 2 2
Left on bases Chicago C New York
9 Two base hits Hickman Hartzel
Chance Childs Baymer Three base hit
Chance Sacrifice hit Chance Stolen
bases Van Haltren Kuhoe Double plavs
Davis to Ganzel to Hickman Bases on
balls Off Taylor 2 Struck out By Tay
lor 2 by Matthew son 3 Passed ball
Smith Umpire Cunningham Time of
game 1 hour and 45 minutes
Aiunteur ilitHebulI Player
The Congrcssionals reputation as ball
players was badly damaged on Friday In
a snappy and well plajed game by the
Potomacs who beat them by the score of
2G to 1 The Congressional scored their
only run in the first inning on four sin
gles After that Chappell for the Poto
macs was Invincible allowing but one
more hit and striking out fourteen men
The features were a great catch after a
hard run made by Tavlor a sensational
catch by Mullen In left the plajlng of
McGravv on first and the phenomenal
playing of Rlston at third having nine
chances accepting them all and figuring
in two double plavs Tho Potomacs
would to arrange games with all
teams of lmpo tance In and about Wash
ington Address Michael Sexton 31S N
Street southwest
The War Department baseball team and
the nine representing the Treasury De
partment will cross bats at the old Na
tional League Park at 4 p m this after
noon The Impending contest has aroused
a good deal of rivalry between the two
departments and rooters for both teams
are expected to te out In force
The Orioles who claim to be a strong
team were jestcrday defeated by the
B O Stars by the score of 5 to 2 The
features of the game were the fine pitch
ing of Callin whose fantastic curves
struck out eight mtn and the fine batting
of the Stars The B O Stars would
like to hear from all teams averaging
sixteen jears Send chanllenges to H
Poschau manager 401 New Jersey Ave
nue northwest The score by Innings
B O Stars 2 0 2 1 x 5 7 1
Orioles 10 0 0 1 2 3 4
Anthony 3Ieiier mniipenrnnce
CniiHeM III Mother An vletj
No trace lias jet been found of Anthony Mea
ner forty years old who disappeared about a
month affO from St Elizabeths Asilum for tho
Insane where he was at one lime a patient
Jtut prior to his disappearance he a emplojed
about the grounds at a small salaty It is now
thought he may lie demented and have wandered
away bom the city or possibly hare met ith
an accident
Mrs Iesner mother ol the missing man who
Keen a Rmal grocery in Southeast Washington
called at Headquarters late yesterday afternoon
for a becond time to ask that the police press
the search for her son She said she had heard
tliat he had been down the river about ten
days ago but had since been unable to learn
of his whereabouts Mrsner as described to the
jioltee la five feet six inches tall weiiclu 110
pounds and lias light hair and blue eies
Canine AVIfli S j iiiptoiiM of Jtnble
Shot li Pullc cmeu
A dog supposed to be mad was killed etrterday
afternoon by Policeman Dunn in front of 1112
Ninth Street northwest The canine was froth
ing at the mouth and acting in a peculiar inau
ner and the authorities were asled to kill the
animal The doff belonged to Josephine Kolber
1125 Ninth Street who gave consent toiavo
the animal killed So far as Is known it lial
bitten no one The body will be takn to th
Medtcal Museum of the Rureau of Vnunal
Imlutry for examination to ascertain whether
or not it bad the rabiesi
Another dojr supposed to be mad was shot and
killed vestenla on the wharf at Ninth an
Water Streets southwest The animal had hit
ten Dgustua Walker a sailor on the schoone
Edward C Uairy at the Ninth Street wharf
Itheamntlani Cured In a flay
Mystic Cure for rheumatism and neuralgia
radical cures in 1 to 3 days Its action upon th
fjttem Is remarkable and mysterious It re
mcrca at once the caue and the disease irame
c stely dltappears The first doie frcally benefit
i tenia and Jl Sold by Stevens Pharmacy
fcnniltanfa Avenue and Ninth Street
a sum cum ron iiiAiiitnoi
Comiru ss it don In the busiest season when
a nun can least aifurd to laic time a suro anil
quick cure for diarrhoea Is very desirable Any
one who has given it a trial will tell jou that
the julcket surest and most pleasant remedy
In u e lor this durast is Chamberlains Colie
Lholcra and Diarrhoea Itemed There is no los
of tirre when it Is used as one or two dosrs
of It will cure uiv ordinary attack It never
fails not even In the most severe and ilan M
ous eases Kor sale b Hcnr Mans Wholesale
Following the Black Demon Motor
the Frenchman Wind by a Lap
III Opponent n World Iter onl
lltltle rf Unnlile to Uc Pacemaker
li ilsnntntrr Spectator fireatly
intliiieel The Amateur Content
big blnck motor machine and
ha 1 judgment on the part of the little
Swede last night combined to defeat
Johnny Nelson In his twenty mile p iced
raie with Albert Champion the speedy
Preterm an Tho contest was won by
only a few hundred vards and until the
thirteenth mile was a magnificent strug
gle both men gaining and losing by
Inches In the fatal thirteenth Nelson
seemed to dHllko his pace and after los
ing It several times compelled the ma
ck -- to slow up until he had a chance
to nex himself at his leisure The bad
work of the motor seemed to annoy tho
rider who holds several worlds records
and In a seeming spell of hurtlness ho
permitted Champion to gain a whole lap
This lost him tho race as ho never passrd
the Frenchmans machine by more than
three lengths at any stage of the balance
of the contest
Nearly 30U0 persons witnessed the race
and made such a demonstration as might
convince the most skeptical that paced
racing had gained a big hold In this city
Doth of the contenders In tho big event
had bad luck at the outset as a chain
snapped on the Fournler motor and u pin
camo loose on the machine which paced
Nelson hlle no records were broken
the Umo made was good and an average
gait of 133 per mile was maintained
throughout the race
Nelson caught his pice first and the
two fast riders fought for position with
out changing place for thirteen miles
After Nelson had lost a lip he went after
Champion and caught him He even
passed him but only to set the pace
Fournler who operated the contending
motor seemed to be able to get less than
one mile a minute out of the 1black
demon any time he turned a spigot He
refused to let the struggling Swede get
away from the front wheel of Champions
motor It was a grand struggle but
without effect as the contestants finished
almost abreast and Nelson had not re
gained the lost lap
The big crowd cheered both men again
and tigaloand excitement reigned while
the daring motor operators took chances
and made hair raising turns It seemed to
be a fact that with an even break Nelson
would have won by a few Inches as he
seemed able to hold his place until he
changed his pace Champion rode a
splendid race but It was Founders
pacing which carried him through The
Frenchman Is unique Jn that he rides a
wheel with the front forks reversed This
enables him to lay hs head on the
shoulder of the rear man on the machine
The amateur events were all well con
tested and aroused much Interest The
fields were all large There were several
spills but no rider was Injured The
First heit Half mile novice Won by F
F Ituppert H D Talbert second S L
Fiske third Time 107
Second heat AVon by J W Allenr J L
JUtchell second H W Peck third
Time 107 2 3
Trial heats were half mile Final was
one mile
Final half mile novice Won by II D
Talbertr J W Allen second F F Rup
pert third Time 231
One mile handicapFlrst heat won by
John Hill 20 vards Frank George 4
jards second C Cogswell 83 yards
third Time207 4 5
Second heat won by C D Miller
scratch II A Khlne 1j ards second
Time 200 4 5
Third heat won by E U Wilson
scratch A Messner 20 yards second
Time 209
Final won by E I Wilson scratch C
L Miller- scratch secrnd Time 210
Twenty mile motor paced race between
John Nelson and Albert Champion Won
by Champion Time 3230
The time bv miles follows Nelsons time
being si first
Flret 147 117 2 5 second 133 133 1 3
third 15 2 5 135 4 5 fourth 133 2 5
135 4 5 fifth 133 1 5 135 2 5 sltth 1 33
l S 113 1 5 seventh 132 130 1 5 eighth
133 2 5 133 ninth 1 35 4 3 135 3 5 tenth
140 2 5 110
Eleventh 140 140 twelfth 133 4 3 13S
thirteenth 13s 132 fourteenth 140 140
2 5 fifteenth 13S 136 4 5 sixteenth 133
135 seventeenth 131 1 3 134 2 5 eigh
teenth 134 131 nineteenth 135 3 5
twentieth 13Z 3 3 132 S 3
Iloat Itace to lie Held on Upper
Course Till Ureninir
The annual summer regatta of the Po
tomac Boat Club will be held this even
ing the first race starting at G30 oclock
over tho clubs upper course starting
from the Three Sisters and finishing In
front of the boathouse foot of Thirty
first Street
The events on the river will be follow
ed by a dance the club making the af
fair the occasion of the opening of its
new- dancing room The winners In tho
several events will each receive hand
some gold club buttons
The crews and events as arranged by
Captain Daly and Lieutenants May and
Hernan are as follows
Single sculls Novjces McGowan May
Gearc Britt Hernan Chase
Double sculls May and McGowan EI
Icrt and I aure of Georgetown Middle
ton and Sterne Maize and Hernan llritt
and Rowland and Russell and Eberbach
Four oared shells Potomacs llecox 1
llritt 2 Daly 3 Maize stroke Oeorge
town Lowe 1 Coburn 2 Hernan 3
Slay stroke
Elght oared shells Old Boat Hlldreth
1 Rowland 2 Valkr 3 Hernan 4
Chase 5 Dodd 6 Glusta 7 Maize
stroke Pennslvanla Anderson 1 Co
burn 2 Lowe 3 Hecox 4 Daly o Mid
elleton 6 Garrett 7 May stroke New
Boat Blaeklstoiw 1 Gear 2 Barbour
3 Marean 4 McGowan 5 Iiolssevain
C Brltt 7 Jonea stroke
Single canoes Garrett tlajbaugh
Eberbach Marean Miller Buynltzky and
Double ennoes Slajbaugh and Eber
bach Garrett and Medbury Whipple
brothers Marean and May
Relav swimming match across river
Eels May Marean Mlddleton Gars
Lowe Rowland Maize Pikes Chase
Iiolssevain and Eberbach Catties Jones
Coles and Merrill
Westerners and Cnnfiillnii Triumph
on the Sclinjlklll
and Western oarsmen triumphed on the
Schujlkill today In the first half of the
twenty ninth annual regatta of the Na
tional Association of Amateur Oarsmen
A slice of the glory went to New Eng
land through tho efforts of Ten Evck
and Lewis while the Vespers managed
to win the senior pair race after a hard
fight with a plucky pair from Detroit
New Yorkers gained places In final
heats seme of which are to be decided
tomorrow but In the Intermediate elght
oiretl raco the New York Athletic crew
that managed to squeeze In the final
heat made a poor showing against the
three othel competitors
It was a day of surprises and sensa
tions the greatest being the defeat of the
noted Vesper four oared crew- by the
Western Rowing Club four of St Louis
The Winnipeg eight gained a decNlvc
victory In the Intermediate class They
received volumes of cheers from those on
board the many craft C S Titus was
disqualified In his trial licit of the as
soci ition singles through failure to turn
the stake Juvenal and Bond appeared
entirely outdated l Marsh of the Don
Rowing Club Toronto and Johnston- of
the Winnipeg Rowing Club so th it the
trusgle to tee which Is entitled to meet
Ten Ejck and Greer In the championship
will in all probability be between two
Can idlans
Vz Off Any Suit in the House
Including Serges and
The serges and flannels have been included t
you now have an unrestricted choice from our t
entire stock without reserve except tuxedos
and swallow tails
Every mans suit every youths suit and
every childs suit whatever marked one third
comes off
Worthful clothing never before sold for so t
X little with as wide - a choice privilege as you
have during this sale
Our guarantee holds the same now as when
you pay full price we stand behind every gar
ment until worn out
Every suit is marked in plain figures take
off one third and pay the balance
The Mens and Young The Childrens
Mens Suits Suits
500 for all marked 750 167 for all marked 250
667 for all marked 1000 200 for all marked 300
800 for all marked 1200 235 for all marked 350
900 for all marked 1350 267 for all marked 400
1000 for all marked 1500 335 for all marked 500
1235 for all marked 1850 435 for all marked 650
1335 for all marked 2000 500 for all marked 750
Ilrlffhton Bench Ile nults
BuICJUTOS BE tCII July 15 Results of to
days races track fast
First race For six furlongs
Pleasant Sail II Michaels 3 to 5 won Maro
tlien Shaw 9 to S second Hehitist Barns
1 to 1 third Time l H 1 3
Second race For three-year-olds and upward
one mile and scrcnty yards rrinceton Oirl II
Michaels 5 to 2 won May W Shaw 5 to I
second The Amazon L bmith 5 to 1 third
Time 111
Third race Hsrdicap for are
and one half fnrlonjrs Highlander ha G to
1 won Essene Bums 3 to 1 second Dewey
J andrj 0 to 1 third Time 1 07 I 5
Fourth race The Islip Handicap for
and upward one and one eichth miles
Blues Sha 3 to 1 won First Whip Odom
3 to 1 second Water Cure McCue 5 to 1
Hard Time U2
Fifth race For maiden six fur
longs Star of the West Burns 5 to 2 on
Sclmalbc Odom 3 to 5 second Lombre Mc
Cue 3 to 1 third Time 115
Sixth race For three- car olds and upward
selling one and one sixteenth miles Lthics
Cochran 1 to 2 on Funsolee Wllkrrson
30 to 1 second tloim sha 3 to 1 third
Time 1S7
IlrlKhton llench Kntrles v
BRIGHTON BE VC1I July 19 Fjitnes for to
morrows races
Iirst race The Chantillj Stakes a hurelc race
handicap for four-year-olds and upward one
and one half miles over six Bights of hurdles
Double- Dummy 112 Draughtsman 1C0 Passe
Partout Gor Gnsgs 1C3 Cephalgia 100 Ful
minate 150 Macic lasht 150 hlondjse H
Mordelmo 132 Capt January 140 The Driver
1S3 Bards entry
Second race For maiden three- ear olds and
upward selling mile and seventy jard Goldilia
105- 11G Faveta 100 Disturber 112
The Outcast Brahmin 115 The Black Scott Gan
zanere 112 Mark Lane 102 Historian Thicket
IDS- Hard Shell 100 Jere Blaek 105 Irene
Lindsay 100 Dactjl 35 Maretta 100 The Blue
coat 102 nna Darling S3
Third race Handicap for three year olds and
upward one and one eighth miles Herbert 120
Carbuncle lis All Cold 101 Monarka 103
Scurry Trigger 100
Fourth race The Fovhall Stakes for two-year-olds
sn furlongs 122 Compute
113 Goldsmith Masterman 112 Hjphen 11a
Ahbert 111 Ufclskey King 125 Long Love 122
Peppers entry Otis 115 Disadvantage 100
HaUseo 111 City Bank 115
Fifth race For three-year-olds and upward
selling six furlongs Coebel 113 Mavor Gilroy
110 Brandysmash 100 Gold box 100 Annie
Thomson B7 Anecdote 102 Chamberlain 122
Baatilr 110 Himvaritc 101 Godfree 113 Chaos
00 Hops 111 Gid VS Ashen 87 Labor 91
Capt January 110
Sixth race For two year olds five and one half
furlongs Oimiron 115 Miss Pats lair Im
press 112 Ben Howard 113 Sombrero 10j Iiri
Nations 115
IlrlKhton Uencli clei Uoim
First race Gov Griggs hlondjke Magic Light
Second race Candling Brahmin Favtta
Tin I race sll fold Carbuncle curry
FruTth race Allan-A-Dale Goldsmith Mas
Iifth race Gold Fot Maor Gilroy Hops
Sixth race live Nations Cameron Ben How
Iort Ire ItcNultN
I OUT IPIF Jul 13 Results of toda races
track fast
IirsUrace lor three-year-old fillies selling
six furlong lando Jackson 4 to 5 won
Maltese Cross Forehand 3 to 2 second Sunn
Girl Price 30 to 1 third Time 116 1 1
Second race For maiden two year olde five fur
longs Red Robe Thompson 3 to 2 won llar
ricide Hvdcn 0 to 1 seeonl v oodmanstcn
Minder M to 1 third Time 1 02 1 2
Third race For three- ear oldi and upward
selling one aid one sixteenth miles Doll Wag
ner I Daly even won Gray Dally Jack on
G to 5 eeond Cogsftcll Cough 0 to 1 third
Time 113
Fourth race lor two-year-olds selling four
and one half furlong Bona lladen 3 to 1
won I emuel Wonderly G to 5 e cond hasv
Street Thomim 5 to 2 third Tune 053 1 2
Hfth nice For tl and upuard
selling sitcii and one half furlongs bU Pen
zance J Dal to I won I alibiister Honder
1 5 to 2 seeond Ilurr Jackson 2 to 3
third Time 1 ij
Math race Fur three i ear old Allies selling
six furlongs Innicara lljdiii tl to 3 won
Ward Price to s sl ond I dna J Wonder
1 3 to 2 third Tune 1 15 1 2
Fort Iliitrie i
FORI I HIF lul 11 1ntries for tomorrows
First race For three- ear olds and upward
selling six furlongs Momentum lOtl Randy
101 Hoeal alute 102 Mis ilianley 12 Black
ford Magnus lroie 5Iinutc Gun 101 Aharao
Corner 7th and E
Badinage 89 Yorkshire Boy Drogheda Icon 63
bweepstakes Checkmate 32 Lakeview Belle 90
Second race For maiden two-year-olds five
furlongs Lady Handy 10S Mabel M Peronelle
Silver Chimes Roddy Santa Bonlta Mary Railey
Abba Concertina Appointee 103
Third race For three-year-olds and upward
handicap six furlongs Foneda Pigeon Post 104
The Boer 103 Baronet 101 Moor S3
Fourth race The Pan American Handicap for
four-year-olds and upward one mile Orontas
121 Cad Hazel 107 Khakl 107 Talala 10J
Hcndries entry Petra II Horsa 104 Alfred
v argrave 100
Fifth race For four-year-olds and upward
selling seven furlongs Jake Weber 107 Whirli
gig 100 Pliaroah Hathlin 102 By Ceorge
Branch 99
bixth race For four year olds and upward
selling six furlongs Rough Rider 110 The
-Tory 100 Silent Friend 107 Lelu Barr 105
Loiter 101 Violent Glad Hand Infeliee Lady
Powhattan 101 Euclaire 3D Iola 101 Oconee
91 Lady llayman 93
Fort Krle Selections
1 irst race Miss Shanley Droghcda Lakeview
B le
Second race Santa Bonita Silver Chimes Lady
Third race Moor Pigeon Post The Boer
Fourth race Hendncs entry Alfred largrave
IKth race Branch Jake Weber By George
Sixth race Oconee Euclaire Violent
lVnuliIntrton 1nrk llesiills
W ISHIMITOX EARK July 19 Results of to
days races track good
First race For three-year-olds and upward
six furlongs Theory Bullman 3 to 1 won
Sevoy Robertson 5 to 1 second Lady Elite
Winkfield G to 1 third Time 111 1 5
Second race For and upward
seUing one mile Toah Winkfield S to 5 won
O W W hmght 10 to 1 second Leo Newell
Bullman 2 to 5 third Time 141 2 5
Third race For three-year-olds selling five
and one halt furlongs Jaubert Oan Dozen 3
to 1 won Red Hook J Woods 5 to 1 second
IJoreen Hansen 4 to 1 third Time 1 03 2 5
Fourth race For four-year-olds and upward
selling seven and one half furlongs George
Arnold Caywood 9 to 5 won Headwater
Knight G tot 5 second Major Dixon
Mathews 6 to 1 third Time 133 3 3
Fifth race For three-year-olds and upward
one mile and seventy yards Cambrian Knight
2 to 1 won Specific Bullman even second
Caviar Caywood 6 to 5 third Time 114 1 3
ivth race For and upward
selling one mile Ben Battle Hicks 8 to 1
vn i vrrnno fkoiicht 2 to 5 e ondr
Lilly J Woods 3 to 1 third Time 1IL
Entries at AVnulilncton Park
W vMIIVGTOV PARK July 19 Entries for to
morrows races
tlrst race For five furlongs
IJilar Helen Print J i Kirb 113 Bridge Ed
Austin South Trimble 111 Molho T Landseer
Autumn Leaves 10S
Second race For three- ear olds and upward
six furlongs Brutal 111 Bumic Bunton 112
Eomir lntroductor Fred Ackerman Canmore
Henry Bert Harry He rndeen Dalkeath 107
Light Ball 101 Princess Stratbmore Queen Vic
toria 102
Third race The Lakeview Handicap for
six furlongs Abe Frank 12b Sir
Oliver 120 Memnon 116 Chas W Mover 113
flora Pomona 102 Schorrs entry liuth Elknorn
107 Jack Rathm 10 Rose War 100
Fourth race The Wheeler Handicap for three
ycarolds and upward one and one quarter miles
dvanec Guard 12S Sidney Luca 123 Pink
Coat 113 John Bright 112 Robert Waddell
Terminus HI Veuvian 110 The Conqueror II
The Ladv 107 Martimas lo3 lavonns 103 The
Unknown 103 Star Clumber 12 Ladv Elite Jl
Fifth race For three- ear olds and upward
six furlongs and fifty fire yards Vulcam Tayon
112 Montanie Sly 103 nna Ba1 107 Sharp
Bird 103 Sevoy 101 Iivadia Money Muvs 102
tlitl nr For and upward
nn nni nniwlinlr milt t Alaska 1U3 Fantaiy 1
-- - - -
T v I
1 irei Hosi 103 IvDUllt llanncrt lie tranginic
Ivelyn Byrd lot TanimJii unci w joe vi
llus 90
AVnsliliiLltuil rarU Selce tloiiM
First race id u lin South Tumble Ishtar
Second race Oanmorc llurme Hunton Brutal
Third race Sehorrs entry Memnon bc Frank
Fourth race Robert Waddell Terminus
Kiflh race harp Bird clr Sevoy
Sixth race Tammany Chief I Tangible Host
He suit nt Delniar Park
DFLMVR July 19 Rcsulls of todays races
track fait-
Iirst raec For four year olds and upward sell
ing one mile and twenty yards Connie Lee
O llrien 1 to 5 won luclno Lindey 4 to 1
second C P Jones llucton 8 to 1 third
Time 1 43
Second race For maiden two-year-olds five
furlongs Okll Dale 1 to 5 won Lillian M
Finnerty 0 to 1 second Virginian Moody
WO to 1 third Time 1 02 1 2
Third race- For three-year-olds selling seven
furlongs John Latlerty C Booker G to 1
won Mrs Grannon Lindsey 9 to 5 second
Seething Dale 4 to 1 third Time 1J
Fourth race For three-year-olds and upward
selling six furlongs Four Leaf C Dale 6 to
S won Sard Earl 3 to 2 second Santa
Ventura D Hall 40 to 1 third Time 115
Fifth re For four-year-olds and upward
selling one mile and twenty yards Revoke Gil
more 7 to 5 won Frank Pearee Barringerk I
to 1 second Kid McCoy W arvaez 15 to J
third Time 141 3 3
Sixth race For four-year-olds and upward
selling one mile and twenty yards Bice SrieH
G to 1 won Lomond Gilmore 8 to I second
Nearest Jones 9 to 5 third Time 111
Delznar Park Entrle
DELMMl PARK July 19 Entries for tomor
rows races
First race For three-year-olds and upward
selling six furlongs Elsie Barnes 104 Sinn 99
Rbv Riley Cclia 101 K Q Ban 112 Daniel
104 Kaftan 102 Cherry Head 107 Mourid City
109 Kiss Quick 102 Weideman 104 Haver
lock 112
Second race For three-year-olds and upward
selling one mile and twenty yards Ellis 107
Emily Oliver 90 Hansborough 103 Clay Poynter
107 Xance OXeill 103 Sadie Levy 105 Purst
Lady Pirates Daughter 90 Boots 107 Bob
Coeur 93 Cclester DOr 103 Zazel 103
Third isce lor three-year-olds and upward
selling seven furlongs Sweet Dream 96 Hard
ly Ignis Lunar 109 Sue Johnson 107
Fourth race Xew Century Handicap lor two-year-olds
six furlongs Oton Clay 93 Terra
Firroa 103 Wycth 115 Bandral S3 Col Stone
93 Wlkita 103
Fifth race For and upward
handicap six and one half furlongs Lillv Pant
land S3 Hobart 103 Tom Collins 10S Kings
Highway 3 Northern Spy 100 Peaceful 107
Gen McCruder 112
Sixth race For four-year-olds and upward
handicap one mile and seventy yards Klsxne
93 Ida Ledford 103 Belle Simpson 91 Lasso
106 Maximus 103
Seventh race For and upward
selling one and one half mile3 Leo Par 106
hitbirst Judge Steadman Fidder III 109
Swordsman 112 Round Turn 109 Orlandme
104 Irving Mayor 97 Eugenia S 107 Locochee
Del mnr Purk Selections
First race Mound City Elsie Barnes Weide
Second race- Pirates Daughter- Sadie Levy
Clay Poynter
Third race Sweet Dream nardly Sue Johnson
fourth race Mjeth Wakita Terra Firma
Filth raee Hobart Gen McCruder Lilly Pant
Sixth race Kisme Belle Simpson Ida Ledford
Seventh race Judge Steadman tiddler HI
farNJ jl
Promotes the growth ol tto hair and
riresKthelratreaMsllunesof youth
When tho hair 13 Bray or laeiect it s
It prevents Dandruff and hair railing 5
and keeps the scalp clean and healthy
Pennyroyal pills
M s57lsw Orltml and Gfiolne
la ICED ud ttoU MtsUlil bai Mlei
with Mm t Take no other JUfrn
tto B7 r jr Dnggikt r mj -1 fa
rumpa lbr Iai Urtir Trtl mnI
a4 Keller fur Ld le w tmttsr by ro
tarn Vail lOOOO TMitmenlsOa Sot h
- vnnnprt r
jmRJ in 1 1 3 days v
nrv GBsraauvtt VI
nM sol t itrlciBrv
tB Prasts fTnntAInn
MBaeincisiitTio lipjl
BeD 5 a MF
tjunc luunocur
Use Bisti forasnatnrrl
diicbarReil nil mnit ions
irritations or ulcrratiom
of m neons membrane
PaJDtess Ami nut Bitrln
IHEEvwsCHEiniULCo lint or roiwnous
Sold by XrtifrclAU
or cent n pln wrapper
tr express rrepail for
oo or 3 bottler 25
ircular seat on roqc at
IIr Vo Ilrot naplss Cojjr CiilarJ Spoil ittes 014
llaVt I OQ sa rj ltia ji ii MouU Eu fslllt Writ
for proofs of cores Ws solicit th mo obsUasu
easts VV t have cured ths worrt eases In 15 to 96 days
OtfULtSODJId 1Jpailjok Ft hohranch offioas
1651 Masonic TmDl Chlcaf a I1L

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