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WcMern Speculator- Attempting
to Force i Break in Irite
t the Cum Crop Their
IVt Important JntrrrMM VisnliiHt
Their KfTfirt Steel Sfrllvf CiikmIii
The linnK xinlriiietit lleiiimirliiK
XUW YOKIv Jul 21 The stock market
has been under the influence of the Chica
go bear clique largely since the boom
ended on Thursday They contlnurd to
hammer the grangers unJcr the bajtle
cry of burned up corn llelds As a picu
lathe mture In the abstract there are
many chances for profit in bulling corn
and selling the Western transportation
stocks the most prolltable results being
attained when the mtnagers of the deal
through creating a crop s care can fright
en either the grain pit bars or the stock
exchange bulls Into a panic During the
last two or three das there hub been an
effort on the part of the Western short
Interest to stampede the stock market
through the old fashioned vray of sending
a dozen brokers at one time in with sell
in orders When the market is full of
stop orders such games hae frtquently
causcd an immense slaughter of the inno
cents because stop orders must be exe
cuted Immediately on the best terms
- The trouble which the Chicago shorts
hac met is that the public has not been
buing stock i for a long time conse
quently thtre are no stop orders In the
market and a big clique of the wealth
iest capitalists eagerly absorb all such
shares as the crop scare originators are
willing to sell None of the companies
could be damaged to an extent repre
sented by the decline In their stocks If
the entire corn transportation was lost
Thus the proportion of corn carried by the
Atchison has furnished only C per cent of
Its entire freight receipts and the rates
charged hac been so low that the barely
paid the cost of the fuel and crew en
gaged In the transportation thereof In
the meantime the price of Atchison stock
has been shoed down nearly 20 per cent
It has been a comparatiey short time
since the short interests In Northern Pa
cific common stock paid erj dearly for
their attempt to depress that property
It is unlikely that any other corner will
pay such handsome profits but it is a
fact that the same coterie of capitalists
who took the bearish cash on that oc
casion hae been almost the only pur
chasers of Atchison Union Pacific and
St Paul -within the past two weeks Ev
es yesterday the market closed steady
at the figures at which the Chicago spec
ulators had forced quotations Set
tlement day will come within the next
three months and it may be difficult for
some houses to buy In their short en
Perhaps because its showing conformed
to expectations the ery strong bank
statement had very little effect en prices
jesterday For once the Increase In cash
nas closely In line with the estimates
the gain of a trifle over SOcy00 resulting
in almost equal measure from the Treas
urys disbursements and from the Inte
riors remittances How really ast was
the flood of stock market liquidation ear
lier In the week may be judged from the
movement of loans On top of last weeks
21COJG00 contraction and of the 13
OCOO0O reduction In the three preceding
weeks comes a further shrinkage of J12
000000 This movement It may be ob
served is already more extensive by six
or seven millions than the reduction which
followed the panic of May 9 It is also
greater by fully SioOWOOO than the ex
treme decrease in loans from the highest
figure during the summer of 1900 To the
money market such wholesale striking
off of bank liabilities is reassuring it has
raised the surplus reserve above 210
000 a figure which although still below
the average for this period is higher than
that of the present date in lfc99 ISM or
It was characteristic of Wall Street in
its present mood that Mr Morgans repu
diation on Friday of the rumors of com
promise in the steel strike should have
upset the market That his statement
had this effect resulted naturally from
the indulgence of the stock exchange in
the luxury of foolish dreams Any share
holder fearful of the effect of strikes on
the steel trades future fortunes would
have been wise if the comnanv s mana
gers had surrendered in selling his stock
at once Bj virtue of such surrender Mr
Shaffer would have been given control of
the Sfel Truttb labor outlay
Attention will now be converged on the
movement of corn to market cjuite as
closelv as it would have converged had
joung Mr Phillips carried his corner pnst
the IWh of May One of the odilttes of
the grain situation Is th it nine wesks ngo
a good part of the trade was assertirg
that there was not enough oil eorn in
crib to upset forestalling plans whereas
today the very same critics are confident
that enough is on hand to make good the
losses of the drought The result of the
JLeiler episode proved that contents of
private granaries will often be underes
timated But the comparative figures ure
sometimes more ust ful than the absolute
and the Governments estimates show
that with a ISO corn crop of 2lBwJi
bushels almost exactly the same amount
was left on hand March 1 1W1 as on
March 1 1600 Tor the earlier date the
estimate was 773729000 bushels for the
latter 776ICCOW It follows necessarily
granting some accuracv to tho figures
that if the crop of 1301 Is reduced from
last jear only by the moderate estimate
of 4fJorJ00 bushels either the home or
the foreign market for the grain must
proportionately suffer
Probablv it Is the export trade which
will be contracted for the American con
sumer must have his corn whatever the
price to which it rises whereas the for
eigner can at a pinch dispense with it
This decision of foreign consumers to do
without is the usual cause for the fall
from famine prices even in years of ac
tual shortage Speculators with their
eve on variations in supply alone are apt
to be ruddy reminded at such times
that change in demand cuts also some
figure In the market Europe in short
has learned to use the American cereal
In a dozen new was since the abortive
effort of -Minister Phelps twelve yars
ago to convince the German mind of the
virtues of corn bread Its regular tak
ings of the cereal have Increased four
fold It I not yet however one of their
necessities If our merchants ship from a
l730i0tM0 bushel crop only the average
percentage taken by Europe before Kt
the outgo will be some TdWOOK bushels
against the 2130o0010 sent out In im
cv lnrk fatocK
Amalgamated Copper
Amer Car Foundry
Amer Car Kdry pfd
An cncan CotWn Oik
American Ice
American Locomotive
Ani r Smelting
Amer Smet pfl
srncr Snuff pfd
Amer buar ltrfinln
Amer Sear Kef pfd
Amer Tobacco tr
Atetacn jfd
llaliimore k Ohio
Baltimore Ohio pfd
IlrecUrn Itapld Transit
Jluft It 4 1
Canada Southern
Canadian Pacific
Chesapcale Ohio
Chicago Alton
tide i Alton pfd
Chicago Croat Western
Chic Ct t pfd A
Cine fit Wot pfd II
One Ind 4 L
Chic M tc St 1
Chic Jl A St 1 pfd
Chic It I A P
Chicago Terra Tr pfd
Chicago A Jiortlmot
Colorado Fuel K Iron
Colorado -Southern
Colorado Sjuth 2d pfd
Consolidated la
Delaware tc Hudson
High- Lou-
tft est
11JT4 H34
101S 101A
61 64
1T4 14
123 123
131 131
5i 41
76 77
125 123
C7tJ C7A
llCS 103H
454 4154
23j M
70 70
22 i
July 20
inc chca
1184 -ITS
264 --
32 H
6 1
54 14
124 - K
125 5
Hi -154
72 3
M li
4 4
Vi ij
77 - 4
C74 -4
30 3
22 -
fcl 2
4SS -24
raii -
158T4 ZX
165 24
1414 3
103 8
W 1
4 1
22li Vt
215 34
lis 1
llieV Low- Net
est rt int cSiVa
Delaware I A W 227 225 228 1
Denur A Illo Jraiulc 42 414 42 1
Diamond Match 1424 1424 1424
Hi til of m - S4 64 64
lul V pfd 17 17 17 1
Irle 37 304 304 -1
lue first pfd GOV MU Mi 1U
hnc hwonJ pfd 404 464 454 14
1 ansile A Tcrrc I 53 35 551
Cenrral Flettrle 255 255- 255 14
ucoe Suicar Kef 55 3Hi 51U Is
MotUnz vallev 504 504 504 4
IIIinoH Central HMi H7i 1471 1
Inter Taper 21 21 21 U
Inter Parei pfd 754 75 75 U
Inter Vontr 85i 93 05i
Int r i ilxr Co 04 14 f U
lova Central 374 374 374 4
Iowa Central J fd 74 74 74 1
han CiU A Siuth pfd 4IH 41 41 4
Lake Frie A W ctern 51 51 51 5
L uivlllc A XavJmllr 0jt 1014 I04li
Vanhattan Con 10 116 116 ls4
Metropolitan st It l 4 14 ITi
Mexican Central 244 SS 23 14
MtxUan Nat tr 04 94 slj
Vinn A St L Ill 1104 1104 4
Minn k it L pfd 1134 115 115
M T k M 22 224 23 1
5ln han I Ti 20 ZO 20 1
Mo Kan A- T pfl 55i 55 55
M wmn I jcTTX Iu7i 1M4 10IH 4
Mclile A Ohio tr S24 624 64 1
National Itutuit pfd 100U IOOI4 1 4
National Uad 20 2014 20 4
N ticral lead I fd 67 67 67 2
National sat 114 434 444 4
National frat pfd 77 77 774
Nc lerk Central 152s Ill Id 1
X Y C A s I 2d pd 75 75 75 2
N VO A- W 324 314 314 4
Ncrfolk A Western 4 4 46 484
Oitario iher Slin 94 11 J 4
Icnnvlvanla 1454 1I3U 113i 14
Peoples Cai of C 114 113i 1134
lcre Marquette 75 75 75 24
ltcjdina 404 SOii S94 4
licuhlis nrt pfd 754 754 754 4
Heading eee ond pfd 514 504 WrS 14
Republic cteel m 194 104
Hepuhhc pfd 734 73 733i
St L A S K rts J4 4 M
Rubber Goods 2S 2S 23
S J A G I lut pfd C4 03 164 24
M Lan At Ad 93 92 93 Hi
st L A San K V 424 42 42
M L A San F 2d pfd 004 CS4 66 4
M U South SO1 3V4 30i 4
Southern Tacific 57 514 53 4
Southern Hailnaj SOU 294 294
Southern Itallna pfd 61 61 64 s4
Tennessee Coal A Iron C14 594 CO 1
Texas larifie 43 404 41 1
Tol St L W pfd 344 314 344
Tnin Cit I Ti 93 914 93t 14
Inlon Pacific 1044 99J 9 1 34
I S Leather1 - 124 124 124 4
U S Rubber 194 194 194 4
U S Rubber pd 61 01 61 3
U S te el 40A 39J 39i 4
I Steel pfd 50 684 6i4 4
Va -Car Chcm pfd 120 120 120
Wabash 204 20 204
Uahah pfdi 39 3 4 354 1
Western LnirnTeI 02 91 914 4
u heeling A Lake Erie 164 164 164
Wh A IjiVe Frie2d pel 29 29 29 1
Wisconin Central 214 2154 214
drance tr Dreline xKx -dividend
Total rales 347250 bharcs
Government Bonds
Bid Asked
U S 2t R 1S00 30 Q J 1074 10s
U b 2t C 1000 30 J 107H K8
U S 3s R 13 Q F lOSH 100
U S 3s R IMS R C F 100 1084
U fc 4s 1900 Q J 113 1134
U S 4b 1007 Q J 113 1134
U S 4s R 1925 157 133
U i 4s C 1925 lH8i 139
U S 5 R 1901 107i 103
U S 5s C 1001 Q F 100 109H
Transactions on the New York Stock
Exchange during the week just ended ag
gregated 4990170 shares Of this amount
36S27S2 shares represent the dealings in
twelve stocks leaving ISUiiis snares as
the total sales of the other 10 properties
traded in Here are the most active
Sharea Change
Imon PaciSo SiS530 Adv llj
U S Steel 571395 Dec 14
Southern Pacific 433120 Adv 34
Atchison 301710 Dec 14
St Paul 220930 Ad 2
U S Steel pf 003 12 Iec 14
trie SfixQ Dec 4
susar 154SOO Adv 54
Mlsuri Pacific 127350 Dec U
Southern Railua 121700 Adv 4
Amalgamated Copper HSlOl Adv 4
Penmilvania 65975
The weeks averages of the New York
banks compare as follows with the same
date one and two ears ago
101 Wt 1S99
Leans 65319s500 797u3000 7fl743 fft
Deposits 939145300 652i74tK S71ts200
Cumulation 30710100 242i7l 13OU340J
Spc Clt 177301600 1711il7O0 173053
Lejal tenders 76313O0 73247W 57122500
Total res 255 615700 214625400 23O770100
Res P qd 2347325 22054J0 21t 305C0
Surplus res 21029375 S2403ln0 123o5600
In the current week of lfl cash hold
ings Increased 3793000 loans decreased
13 261100 surplus reserve increased 1121
775 In 1S99 cash holdings decreased 1
64910 loans decreased f 62SCUO surplus
reserve increased 1356SM In 169S cash
holdings decreased 104C62oo loans de
creased 4907000 surplus reserve de
creased 56253 S25 The three speclallv in
teresting accounts in -Saturdays returns
compare as follows with previous years
Sur reserve Total reserve Loans
1S9S 13012X SUMtfilQ 63lt4SV09
1697 47301575 202993000 5100749X
1690 16502050 111639100 474229900
1635 41990175 lt3732JO0 17Cil
CJS04 741130 22136c6 j0 426642000
Of the Northern Pacific settlement the
Financial Chronicle sas Cp to this
date the principle of railroad harmony
has been an undefined and somewhat ob
scure bentlment Now the public has an
object lesson which makes It not only
a reality but gives it a wider and more
vigorous Interpretation than had even
been anticipated If the principle evoked
can be carried out in practice and how
can it fail now the investor has gained
for his use by this movement a large
class of securities free from at least one
of the most troublesome of former causes
of fluctuations In value
The fight between the Illinois Central
Railroad Company and the city officials
of New Orleans reached the breaking
point on Saturday when President Stuy
vesant Tish of the Illinois Central an
nounced that he had abandoned the pro
ject of building extensive wharves and an
elevator In that city The proposed ele
vator was to havo had a capacity of 1
000000 bushels It was stated that the
reason for this was the unsatisfactory ao
tlon of the New Orleans council on the
companys application for privileges It
will be remembered that only u few
months ago the American Sugar Itc fin
ing Company felt compelled for a similar
reason to suspend sugar refining opera
tions In New Orleans and so that city
promises to rival Chicago in the unfavora
ble attitude towaid large corporations
The confusion In the sugar trade was
accentuated on Saturday by the an
nouncement by the trust withdrawing all
ionceb dina and inviting orders on the
basis of 5 35 provided the orders were put
In at the opening This Is the ArbucKle
price and so the trust in effect Saturday
made a cut of ten points The condKIon
that orders at 5 35 were to be nut in at
the opening wa held as indicating that
the trust will return to the 545 bais to
day In the trade it is argued that the
oversold condition of the refiners and the
position of the raw sugar market warrant
neither the 5 1 nor 5 25 price but a lower
price A handsome margin for refining
would bo shown even at 5 25
Details In connection with tho Massiilon
Coal Mining Company of Ohio havo been
announced Daniel H llunna son of
Senator llinna is president of the new
soft coal trust The company Is capital
lied at 10000JO with an Issue of first
mortgage bonds to the amount of lGO0
l I he prospectus circulated In Wall
Street bankins houses states that the
conptny owns at least lSOo acres of coal
lands from which coal can be mind
It Is the purpose of the company to de
velop the coal lands In the Massiilon dis
trict and to acquire other ptopertles from
lime to time us they arc discovered The
stcek Is held and controlled absolutely
by the partners of M A llanna Co
of Cle and The properties consolidated
are the following Central Coal Company
Pox line Coil Company John C Al
bright Fox Mining Company Anthony
Hon ells Coal Company llowells Mining
Company IJ G Krause Co and E G
Krause James Mulllns Coal Company
James Walter J Mulllns Massiilon
Mining Company Ridgway llurton Com
pany SonnhalterCotl Company and the
Warwick Coal Company Bonds to the
amount of 200ii nro being sold for de
velopment purports
It is said the ni w Pocahontas Coal Com
pany which Is being formed with a cap-
CA7AnAWTSS UguidPowder
----- sa d nn 111 -- ah i
vsriMorningtPeJJf1iJ 1 I ty uiynr
Itul stock of 5000000 will be optntcil
by lnteirsts Identified with the Inlt d
Stues Steel Corporation for the coke sup
plied b the projected compin The
Federil Steel Company and other con
stituent properties of the big trust have
ol talneil considerable coke supplies from
the fields which are now to be combined
and it is this fact which led to the trusts
Ollieims Cilttllli Ull uiienr i m - -
company The Flat Top Cool Iand As
sociation which Is under option pro
duced in 1W more than 2010000 tons of
coal and 4wtXi tons of coke Its prop
crtv at that time consisted of 1920W acres
of coal land CC492 acres of mineral rights
and 6111 acres of Iron lands E W
Clark A Co of Philadelphia are assist
ing In arranging the consolidation An
underwriting syndicate his been formed
which will supply the financial means to
put the deal thtoiigh
American Car and Toundry while going
to some extent with the market during
tin rt i nt ilftiroktlnti if nricfS in which
i losses running up to 10 and 13 points were
ommon features nave s nawn consiucrauie
staving powers and are now stfiing at a
good recovery and but a few points be
low the best figures for the jear On
merit these stocks are likely to do bet
ter the preferred in the 60s being a bar
gain 7 per cent stock and the common
around 30 app irently cheap
The company is repoited full of busi
ness but will not be able to start its
new Detroit plant on August 1 as ex
pected on account of Inability to secure
necessiry machinery Any considerable
delav however is not looked for and
when In full operation earnings will show
MibstrntHl gains the point being rmde
tint the errand for the output of the
steel cur plant Is stc adlly on the Increase
It may be recalled that the report for
the last fiscal jear showed earnings
after preferred dividends de cluctions for
depreciation etc equal to 64 Per cent
for the common shares but indicated
that an Increase in the dividend paid
would be deferred pending such time as
the working capital already between
10 000000 and 110uOlMO should reach 12
000000 This object has been attained and
the promised increase in the dividend on
the common stock is now likely
Wholesale Provision anil G
Market Quotation In Fall
BALTIMORE July 20 Following are
todays quotations in the local wholesale
provision and grain markets
Wheat Stock in elevators 519521 bus
The market for Southern was strong and
higher Receipts were moderate and with
a good demand all of the offerings sold
readily at the advance Sales on grade
were made at 73ic for No 2 red 4c for
steamer 2 red and GVjic for rejected Sam
ple lots as to quality and condition sold
at 60 61 61 64V4 65 6S 69 70 72 724 and
73c as to quality and condition -
Market opened firm Market closed
weak spot 72Uc bid 724c asked July 7140
bid 72c asked August 7014c bid 71c ask
ed Septemberjlc bid 71 c asked Set
tling price contract 73c No 3 red COc
steamer No 2 red EDc
Corn Stock In elevators 446475 bus
Receipts of Southern were light and with
a good demand the market ruled firm it
a higher range of prices Sales of prime
white on wharf at 55c and of do yellow
similarly located at 54c Cob firmer at
2 45a2 50 per bbl for carload lots prime
on spot
Market opened firmer Market closed
quiet spot July 54ic bid August 544c
bid Settling price mixed 514c steamer
mixed 534c
Flour Market was quiet Western Su
per J2 20S230 Western Extra 2 2512 80
Western Family 3 0583 30 Winter Pat
ents J3 50S3SO Spring Patents 3 75i400
Spring Straights 3 fXiljlW Spring Bak
ers 2SOS3O0 Baltimore Best Patents
4 45 Baltimore High Gradc Family 4 35
Baltimore Iligh Grade Extra 3 95 Bal
timore Choice Family 3 70 Maryland
Virginia and Pennsvlvania Super 2 20Jj
2 30 Marv land Virginia and Pennsyl
vania Extra 2 252S0 Marv land Virgin
ia and Pennsvlvania Family 3KVg3 30
City Mills Super 2 255235 Rio Extra
3 50ij3 65 Rve Hour medium to choice
29053 25
Butter The market is firm Creamery
separator extra 21S22C extra first 20S21c
creamery Jlrst WjilSyjc creamery imita
tion extra 17c Iowa and Northwestern
ladle extra 16c do extra first 1415c
Western store packed 13314c Ohio rolls
first 15ai6c second 1214C West Vir
ginia rolls first 14Q15c second 13UHc
Elgin creamery prints 4 lb 25i26c do
Mb 24K25c do 2 lb 22B24c Man land and
Pennsylvania creamer prints -lb 243
25c do 1 Ib 3624c do 2 lbs 22823c
Eggs The market Is steady Strictly
fresh 12c Western 13c
Fish crabs and clams Market Is
firm Blueiish per lb 5i6o crocus
sugar bbl 3 Will 50 rock boiling per lb
12cl5c do medium per 7b 10c do pan
per lb CfcSc white perch large per lb 12
15c do small to medium per lb SfrtlOc
I erch vellow per lb large 56c do
medium 3e74c pompanos per lb 6c
sheepshead per lb 810c star or butter
fish per bbl 3 Ou54 00 mackerel bay
p r tb large 10tfl2c grey trout per bbl
large 5 00 do per bbl small 30034 00
flounders per lb 4I5c sturgeon per lb
diesised 10c do skin on per lb Sc tailors
per lb large 55iCc do small 3Slc catfish
per lb 3fa4c green pike native per lb
isfclOc eels per lb 3c lobsters per tb
25c snappers per lb 34I4e clams white
Jer 100 25fr30c hard crabs per flour bbl
100111 25 do pr hugir bbl 1 25Q1 50 soft
crabs per dozen best stock do
poor to fnir 3ii40c
Green fruits and v egetahles Market
was steady Apples Eastern Shore Mary
land and Virginia per bbl fancy 1 503
2 do common small 50u75c do per i
bbl has 40i75c do per bus box 30340c
beets native per bunch lSljc do
Eastern Shore Marv land per bunch
lc blackberries Eastern Shore per
qt Rochclle 2u4c do Wilsons 4j5c
do wild Sittic do Rappahannock
per bucket 251jJ0c do Eastern Shore
Maryland per bucket 30835c cabbage
native per 100 Flat Dutch 15052 can
taloupes North Carolma rer crate 1
1 50 do South Carolina per crate Gems
CI I7i t EH 1 Ann A mini fama lla
lf a Ul ttllli Al U1IUCI UtJlIC ltl u
9C4lncarrots native per bunch ltulHc
corn Rappahannock per doz GSlOc do
uastern shore Maryland per cioz lyciioc
do native per doz 10JI15c cucumbers
Norfolk per bus has 75efil 25 do per
bbl 2 50fi3 do Anne Arundel per peach
bas 70u75c currants New York per 8 lb
has 15i20c do per 4 lb bas MilOc egg
plants Florida per crate 1251 50 do
per bas 75rfil do Anne Arundel per
bas b5i90c huckleberries Eastern Shore
Mar land per qt 5ii6c do Maryland anil
Virginia per bucket 30ef35c onions Rap
pahannock per -bbl bas 5j70crdo per
full bbl 1 WttlM do Eastern Shore Vir
ginia per las 65y70c do Pennsylvania
vellow per bus 55utOc peaches Mary
land and Virginia per box ordinary 252
60c do good 75cii125 do per bas ordi
nary ISfaSOc clo Georgia per G b is car
rier 15i2 pears Southern per H bbl bas
40n5c do Manning Elizabeth per bas
XiUlc do Coorgla I Conte per bbl
251275 pineapples Fioriii per crate
as to size 2D3 plums Florida per car
rier lgl 50 raspberries Eastern Shore
red per pint 55iCc do per qt SljlOc
string beans Anne Arundel p bus
grren 40fi50c seiunsh Anne Arundel per
bas 30iJ4c tomatoes Florida per -has
carrier fancy 17551225 do fair to good
151 50 do Norfolk per 2 bas carrier
1 50Cf250 do PotomacTr 2 b is carrier
11150 clo per C bos carrier 75dl clo
per peach bas 35f50c do Rnpiiahannock
per peach bas 40i50o do Anne Arundel
per has 11 25 watermelons Florida and
Georgia per 100 Hfi20
Groceries Raw sugar Is quiet refined
quiet Per 100 Ib lots Gr inulated
5 55 cut loaf 6 05 Keystone A 5 55
sugars 1 Wi 70 Molasses N
O St Clare 3sc Kingsland 34c Sun
light N O Cc St Vine nt P R 25c
St Johns P II 19c No 12 Sugar House
ISc Syrups Vhe mirket was steady
Gold Medal 27c King CVanlla 3c
Rock Candy Drips 27c Gilt Ed e 21c
Corn 22c No 12 17c Tea was firm Hy
son superior to fine 2sI732c choice to
choicest 424i 16c uncolored Japan new
cro finest 315i3e choice to choicest
Z2i c extra choice 4Cc Oolong Amoy
and Tuchow pew cropj Hni st 40343c
choce to choicest extra finest SOiiloc
Potatoes The market was steady White
new Norfolk per bbl No 1 211225 do
No 2 18fil25 do culls 75c1il clo York
River per bbl No 1 27215 do culls and
seconds 7 r7cl 25 clo Rappahannock per
bbi Rose n0t210 do Eastern Shore
Md per bbl 212 25 do Virginia per bbl
211210 native bus box 75tlSOc
Poultry Market Is steady Old fowls lie
per 1L spring chickens 14U16c roosters
25ii30i apiece clucks Mi9c per lb
Green entree Market quiet No 1 Rio
grade 5SC
Roasted coffee Market steady Bulk
roasted coflee lure JnvaaiiiCjMaracaibo
21jC pure Lamia ru 21 sc pure Santos
lSV c African Java lSlic Illo blend 1714c
Peaberry mixture 17c pure Muchi 29ic
Java Mocha bend 27c These coffees
are In fancy bags If packed
In cans or tubs lie higher
Package brands E I C 100 lb cases
lie 60 ll cases 11 l lOo 30 lb cases
112 lOc lIon coffee In 100 lb lots 10i3c
in CO lb lots 10 7SC
Cotton Market quiet middling Ssc
strictly low middling SHc low middling
814c Stock In Baltimore 3071 bales
The Xceil of Transportation Facil
ities for Its Development
Growth of Our Comiue rcc With
Conntrles to Which Freight LIutM
Have Ile en OtnlillMliecl Need
of mi liiter ContliientiiI Itonil
Exports from tho United States to all
American countries and islanJs south of
her boundaries show a marked Increase in
the fiscal ear Just entfeel an J exceed those
of any other ear In the history of our
commerce Thl3 statement Just an
nounced by the Treasury Bureau of Sta
tistics is especial Interesting In view
of the various efforts being made for clos
er business commercial and transporta
tion relations between the United States
and her neighbors at the south New
lines of steamcVs have recently been put
on between the Pacific Coast of the Unit
ed States and the western coast of Mexi
co Central and South America a recent-
i ly published statement Indicates that
j great financial Interests of the United
I States have obtained control of the near
I ly completed transcontinental line con
necting Argentina with Chile the estab
lishment of additional direct steamship
lints between the eastern coast of the
United States and South American ports
is under discussion and the opening of
an isthmian canal would give a straight
line of water communication from the
eastern coan of the United States to the
western coist of South America
All of these movements In the direc
tion of closer relations between the Unit
ed States and her neighbors at the south
add Interest to the announcement that
our exports to those countries In 1001 are
larger than those of any preceding ear
and to some figures just presented by the
Bureau of Statistics showing the Imports
of each of the South American countries
at the latest date and the exports from
the United States to each of those coun
tries in 1901
The growth of exports from the United
States to Central and South America has
not kept pace In the past with the growth
in other directions The total exports to
South America in 1900 for instance were
no more than those of 1S90 being la each of
those cars in round numbers JOOOOOO
while the same statement holds good with
reference to Central America the total
exports from the United States to the
Central American States being in 1S90 and
1900 In each case In round numbers
50X0u0 It is to Mexico and the West
Indies that our exports In the decade
Iss90 ia00 show the greatest Increase be
ing To the West Indies in 190 330u0000
and In 1900 470O0X and to Mexico in
1S90 13000000 and in 1900 340000u0 The
fiscal years 1900 and 1901 show a much
greater Increase in our sales to our neigh
bors at the south than in any preceding
ears The total exports to Mexico
Central and South America and the
AVest Indies in 1S9D were 103000000 In
1900 127000000 and In 1901 12800000 in
round numbers Thus the figures of 1901
are 35000000 greater than those in 1S99
while the 1SS0 figures are only 1000000
greater than those of 193
The importance of satisfactory trans
portation facilities is Illustrated by a
study of the growth of our export trade
with the countries at the south Prior to
the construction of railway lines con
necting Mexico with the United States
our exports to Mexico seldom reached
100000u0 by 1S86 they were 20O000u0 by
1S99 250000i0 in 1900 34000000 and in
1901 37000000 In round numbers To the
West Indies the transportation system Is
much more satisfactory than to the South
American countries and to those islands
our exports have grown from 34000000 in
liSl to 49000000 in 1901 To Central and
South America with which steamship
communication has not been satisfactory
the growth has been less the figures as
already indicated being in 10 practically
the same as in lSSt while the figures for
1900 and 1901 show in each case a consid
erable Increase
This Increase is especially notable In
the exports to the countries on the west
ern coast of South America reached by
the recently established lines connecting
the western coast of the United States
with that of South and Central America
and which were put Into operation about
the beginning of the present calendar
ear lhe figures of our exports to South
America show an increase of nearly 100
per cent to Peru In eleven months ending
with may 1301 as compared with the
-same period of the fiscal ear 1900 and
nearly 100 per cent to Chile in the same
time Of the Increase of S00O90 in ex
ports to South America In 1901 as com
pared with 1900 more thun two thirds is
to the countries on the western coast
The following tible shows the Imports
of the South American countries at the
latest date obtainable in most tnes 1899
and the exports from the United States to
each of those countries in ll99 and 19J1
Total Imports Exports from C S
Countne 159
Cen America
25j0O 0
20 0 MO
Colombia llKOJ
Kcuatlor 701
Uuunas lOonoOflO
Iarairuj 2il0
Peru llOrtOlO
Liutiua 25fJ00
enciuela 90000J
1K9 1901
95C3510 ll40O0O0
31 J VJiW
12239030 12100000
49S7654 70211 vO
2197124 561000
3012094 3045tK
bS259l 202t0
23G33P2 253000
10751 15000
1325650 3PWrW
1212e22 lu6 0
2S51034 3I20
Totals 354O0OO1O 40G477H 35220100
The following table shows our total ex
ports to American territor south of the
United States in U99 1900 and llml
jw lorn isoi
aiII tmri MR7S US J3S915J7ii S4 71 Si 001
Citral America 526479 5 98 579 702lu
WcJt Indies 33197ZJ2 47131Bi7 41MM1
Mclico 132i2S7 34974961 370i0O
Totals 90531C35 1272o3MiO 13330100
June 11 estimated
The announcement that American capi
tal has taken control of and will com
plete the unfinished section of the trans
continental railway system of South
America connecting Chile and Argentina
suggests that there may follow a prac
tical revival of Interest in the great pro
ject for a Pan American railway line
to connect the North and South American
railway systems advocated for many
eirs by Illnton Rowan Helper and lends
Interest to the figures of the report of
the Intercontinental Railway Commission
on the proposed through railway line from
New York to Buenos A res These fig
ures which were issued in 1S93 show the
entire distance b the proposed route from
New York to Buenos A res to bo 1022S
miles of which 1772 miles were then con
structed and 5456 et to be constructed
at an estlm ited cost of 175000000
The following table shows the number
of miles of railway suitable for i through
Pan American line existing In each coun
try In 1S9S and the number of miles neces
sary to be constructed to complete the
through line
To be Estimated
Con- con- costof con
Countries structed utructcd structiou
I nited Mates 2091
Mexiio 11J 4GI 14752
Central AmeDca 211 f32 17154 517
Colombia rf 1351 3371S42I
Fcuidor 3 2ty3b37
Peru 157 153 057131 id
Hohia 195 30i 12U23
Argentina 920 125 lKOOTk
Totals 4770 5155 1740270
mvi itiv MiKus nipiiii inooi
Groves Tasteless dull Tonic cures Malaria
IOIt A MlILi ONLY Booms papered 150 up
HUNT 616 V ft 110 7
VMILN OU are gomi to the country Unt It
well to see about iipnn the house while ou
are away Well make it look like new wheii
ou return home Hooitu papered 2 up I O
JOLTE bit 9th st n m5
A Crnry Vvveilr Ciiiinp ther 4renteMt
NEW YORK July 21 Emll Younge
m mager of the International Hotel at
the corner of Clarkson and Lcroy Streets
hi d a struggle with a crazy Swede In the
hotel all of Friday night The Swede kept
all the guests from sleeping attempted to
smash In the door of a bedroom In which
were two women and Jumped from a
window to the pavement He
wound up in Iiellcvue
The Swede whose name Is Svens John
seneamc from San Francisco yesterday
He was accompanied by two women
friends -Miss Mar Zerfluch and Miss
Mary Klsenhauer He vvasxm his way to
Ins birthplace In Malmo Sweden and so
were they Johnsen left In San Fran
cisco a wife and five children He and
the two women had booked passage on
the Oceanic which salkd yesterday morn
iig The two women sailed he
Manager Younge met them on their ar
rival from San Francisco at the Grand
Central Station He took them to the
hotel and the women went to bed
Manager Younge was In the bar at 11
oclock when the Swede who seemed ex
cited came in and insisted on bulng him
u drink Over the drink the Swede con
fided to Mr Younge that there were two
men in his room who were going to mur
der him for his money The Swede point
ed out an inoffensive Scotchman who he
aid had designs en his life Then
Tvavlnc his hand toward a rose bush he
said thnt the bush was the other man
who had been in hip room Mr Younge
couldn t allay his fears and the Swede
insisted that Mr lounge would have to
sit up all night with him After a long
talk Johnsen said that If Mr Younge
would mind his money he would feel safe
Mr Younge said he would Then the
Swede threw off his coat waistcoat shirt
and undershirt The latter fell on the
floor with ii bang Mr Yourge ex trained
the shirt ard found In pockets sewed on
the Inside eleven twenty dollar gold
pieces and one five dollar piece
Relieved of his money Johnsen said he
would go Iq bed Mr Younge was con
gratulating himself on his good luck In
getting rid of him when he heard a series
of screams upstairs He ran up and
found Johnsen using his body as a bat
tering ram against the door of the room
the women occupied Kvery time he
struck the door the women eled John
sen said that if he couldnt get Into the
room he would sleep on the mat outside
the door To pacify him Mr Younge al
lowed him to do that but kept a watch
on him He got tired of the mat in about
an hour and went to his room A little
later Mr loung heard a thud on the 1
roy Street side of the hotel Johnsen had
Jumped from the window of his room on
the third Hoor When Mr Younge got
around the corner the Swede was grap
pling with Roundsman Hunt of the
Charles Street station who saw hhn
Johnsen was then taken to Bellevue
Hospital where it was said that the Jour
ney and the heat- had probably unsettled
his mind
A Despondent Man Tried Policon and
re Hope
NEWARK N J July 21 William G
Pfeiffer of ID Jabez Street was despond
ent became he could not find work Early
yesterday morning he went to the bridge
of the Pennsylvania Railroad at Jabez
Street and sitting under the trestle swal
lowed the contents of a big bottle of bed
bug poison While the stuff may be death
to the bugs it was not powerful enough
to kill Pfeiffer so after waiting some timo
for smrtoms of approaching dissolution
the man tied the end of a rope about one
of the braces of the bridge put tho other
end around his neck and swung off
John Brennan a watchman on the rail
road saw the swlnirinir hndv nnrl nt It
j down Pfeiffer was taken to the hospital
nuere ine pnysicians put new Dreath in
his body and pumped out the poison
Pfeiffer will recover
VonlcI Be Rescner Uilnlile to Save
nn Ajed AVoman
Amos C Baldwin aged eighty years was
yesterday morning burned to death at
London Grove In sight of horror stricken
neighbors who coujd not rescue her The
tragedy occurred during the burning of
her home Two girls named Murphy
who lived with her as caretakers were
saved from th flames
It is supposed that Mr3 Baldwin who
was very feeble overturned a lamp while
sleeping In her chair The Murphy girls
were aroused by the crackling offlames
and riised an alarm By this time the
second story was allame and all the at
tempts of the rescuers to reach the aged
woman were futile They saw her sit
ting in her chair in the midst of the
fiery furnace but could not attempt a
The fire meanwhile had enveloped the
first story Suddenly the spectators saw
the body of Mrs Baldwin pitch from the
chair into the seething mats below
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spots from the face and body stops de ay of
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pimplfs and kills the poison uhieli causes these
troubles Riling the iktn the rich glow of per
fect health botanic Blood Balm the stvndard
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tM a
not ta
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irritations or ulcerations
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Oldest in age longest locatsd
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eases Cancer Rheumatism Piles Stricture -fee
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till 6 pm
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nished Hours 9 to 12 and 2 to 5 Also on
Tues Tltura and Sat eve 7 to 8 Closed
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equipment Consultation tree Office hour 10
a in to 5 p m Wed and Sat to S pm Sundays
closed mir lmo
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complaints and irregulaities Home comforts
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nurse and expert physician in attendance at our
sanitarium Office hours from 10 a m to 8 p m
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Loan OHJco
314 Ninth Street N W
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nous clainoyant and palmist Consult her on
business love and family affairs reunites tb
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riages and gives IuclC Open daily German
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His Readings to
Oldest etablisned Clairvoyant tells your business
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vorces or ani thing xou wish to know brings
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m21 3
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Chesapeake Beach
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51a and 713 p m
Returning Leave the Beach
Week Days 320 7 and 10 p m
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Columbia electric cars bearing red signs raa
through to District Line station without true
Special Joint Excursion
Chesapeake Beach
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J 0 U A M
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10 30 a m 230 and 3 00 p m
Returning leave tbe Beach
330 700 and 10 p m
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c Sunday Freachinir 11 a m 745 p m
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ate offices
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ou apply Ae loan for the inUrest onlj anJ
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