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Two of the Iri h Members of Par
liament Suspended
Willlnni Hc diiioml nml Pntrlel
Ollilcn vnme il forgot OIicjIiik the
peakern Order fmreaMIe lto
imirk the Cnimc of the- Dillicult
LONDON July 30 There was another
Irish row In the House of Commons this
morning which ended in the suspension of
William Redmond member for Kast
Hare and Patrick O Brien member for
Kilkenny Citj A dribbling discussion of
the agricultural rating bill had Mini the
weary night until long after midnight
Mr Walton was then talking and being
constant interrupted by Government
Mr Kcdmond Ironically shouted Po
lice intending a reference to the last
Iri li disturbance The Speaker Immedi
ately called him to order sajlng it was
n highly disorderly expression and he
warned Mr Redmond not to repeat It
Air Redmond answered
Why dont ou keep order
The Speaker rebuked him and request
ed quiit in the House during the rest of
the session
Mr Redmond -wanted to raise a point
of order but the Speaker refused to lis
ten to him and as the offender would not
stop the Speaker named him which the
rules provide is tantamount to suspen
sion although a motion to suspend the
member must be made immediately after
the naming
When the motion was made the Irish
members amid the noise of cheers and
counter cheers tried to raise a discus
sion contending that the method of nam
ing was not in accordant with the pro
per procedure and Mr Redmond who
was sitting with his hat or began to ev
plaln that he had not interded to dlsobej
the Speaker The latter however cut
him short and the House decided to sus
pend him by a vote of 303 to 71
John I Ha den member for South Ros
common then raised a quibble declaring
that the division bell had been improperly
rung and that he had been unable to
vote He wanted the ote to be taken
This the Speaker refused whereupon
M J rialn member for North Kerry
cried Jt Is most unfair
Mr OBrien challenged the Speakers
action to which the Speaker replied I
have given my ruling
Mr OBrien persisted and Ignored the
Speakers direction to be seated The
latter then cliaracterlzeci Mr OBriens
conduct as grossly disorderly and request
ed him to leave the House This request
called forth derisive laughter and cheers
from the Nationalists Mr O Brien made
no movement to leave and the Speaker
Does the honorable member refuse
To this query Mr OBrien promptly re
sponded Most decidedly
The Speaker then named him and he
was suspended by a ote of 307 to 55
The debate was then clotured and the
bill passed its second reading by a -vote
or 247 to 12 after which the House ad
Secretary IlrodrlcU lTxplalns the
Daily Mail AfTclr
LONDON July 29 In tr e House of
Commons this afternoon Secretary
rlck In reply to a question by Col Fran
cis Alfred Lucas Conservative member
or the Lowestoft division of Suffolk re
pudiated the suggestion that the London
Daily Mall had been excluded from the
list of newspapers which received official
war despatches because of Its reports In
regard to the shooting of British wounded
by the Boers after tht Vlakfonteln light
Mr Brodrick added that the reason for
the exclusion of the paper from access
to these reports was that twice this jear
the Dally Mail had published Infor
mation based on confidential official doc
uments which both the Times and an
other journal for patriotic reasons had
refused to print
SI frantuNDumuut However MaLen
a Short AHCenMlon in Pari
PARIS July 29 M Santos Dumont the
Inventor of a dirigible balloon had ar
ranged to make his promised trip over
the city this afternoon but finding that
the motor of the airship was working
badly he abandoned the Idea Neverthe
less in order not to disappoint the nu
merous visitors to St Cloud including
Prince Yoiand Bonaparte MM Dcutsch
and Santos Dumont gave a maneuvrlng
exhibition over the Bols de Boulogne
Theyasccndeel sev eral times before they
east loose Tinallx they went off at a
great pace The guide rope frequently
caught In the trees but it was released
without any harm being done Every body
was astounded by the marvelous control
the inventor had over his balloon The
weather was most favorable there being
no wind Friends of M Santos Dumont
tried to persuade him to try again for the
prize offered by JI Deutsch but he Jocu
larly ofTered to let anybody else try for it
No one accepted the offer
It was obvious that the motor was
faulty as the screw was frequently at a
The Amliniomdor an Inter
esting lliluc utlunnl Experiment
LONDON July 23 Mr Choate the
American Ambassador in distributing
prizes to the University College today
said he wished the experiment could be
tried of sending prize winners to the
United States and distributing them
among the various schools and colleges
while an equal number of American prize
bos were sent here to attend school or
He added that lie believed the experi
ment if repeated for three or four years
would greatl promote harmonv and kind
ly feeling between the two countries and
that altogctherness of which the head
master of the college had Just spoken
Prof Erlc Ii Dr Ktilskl to Command
flic Centum Expedition
BERLIN July 29 The Official Ga
zette tonight publishes the Emperors
appointment of Prof Erich Drvgalskl to
command the German South Pole expedi
The objective point of the expedition la
Kcrgutlen and thence southward A re
script eas that In case south polar land
Is discovered a scientific station Is to be
erected and maintained fcr at least one
The expedition must return in the spring
of 1S0 at the latest
Xorfolk A VnhInsjion Slfamlioal Co
Delightful trips dally it 6 SO p m from foot
7tlTst to Old loirt Norfolk a Ucach Ocean
liew and Ivewport News For schedule see page 7
Fl rnna Dullness Collesrc 81b and K
J3uiincs2 Shorthand Typewriting 25 a year
The Appointm lit of tlu Aeiv llonrtl
Official Announced
PEKIN July 29 An imperial edlet has
been received here definitely appointing
Prince Chlng Wang Wen Shao Cbu
Huang Chi Hsu Shou Peng and Lien
Tang as the new Foreign Otlice which is
to succeed the old The
flit three named are also in the Board
of Regcrc and Wang Wen Shao and
Chu Huang Chi are members of the
Grand Council Lien Fang understands
The secretaries are forbidden to hold
their offices Four of the Ministers will
deal especially with Great BHtain Rus
sli France and Germany respcetlvcl
Prince Chlng is the President The sal
aries of the Ministers have been In
The Increase of the presont ad valorem
avstoms duties to an effective 5 per cent
will Itegin as soon n the International
commission Is able to meet at Shanghai
and mike the change from ad
to the new specific duties A great many
hitherto umlutlable articles have been
added to the dutiable list This how
ever does not Include rice or cereals
Among the cereals not included Is flour
which constitutes a growing American
industrj which the Chinese think should
be taxed The new elutlable list has
many goods formcrlj Intended for for
eigners which the Chinese now bu such
as blankets table salt candles books
watches confectioner and scientific ap
Neaily 2000 German French and Ital
ian troops started to leave the city last
Saturday The continued to depart es
terdaj nnd today and all of this contin
gent will Li gone by tomorrow
The Cliinc nc Settlement In Outlined
lj Mr llockliill
Commissioner W W Rockhill has ad
vised the State Department of some of
the details of the arrangements made by
the representatives of the Powers for the
settlement of the Chinese indemnity ques
tion In his despatch to the department
Mr Rockhill states that the interest on
the indemnity is to be paid semi annually
and to begin as of July 1 this jcar
A period of three jears will be al
lowed to China for the paj ment of the
first installment of principal Regular
paments will begin on the 1st of Janua
ry 1MB and will be made to a llnanclal
committee located at Shanghai
This body will be a mixed commission
authorized to receive from China and dis
tribute among the Powers the interest
and the Installments of principal accord
ing to the proportion of their claims This
committee will be called the committee of
encashment comiti des recettesj It
will be composed or the heads of the for
eign banks at Shanghai designated by the
heads of the interested Governments to
receive and distribute the money they
shall have collected from China The
committee will hive no other functions
than receiving and distributing the funds
- The Diplomatic Corps at Pekin is favor
able to the immediate application of the
new tariff which consists of a 5 per cent
effective duty and practlcall abolishes
the free list excepting on cereals which
will remain on the free list Mr Rockhill
has been instructed to urge the exemption
of cargoes afloat and suiliclent postpone
ment of the application of the new tariff
to enable Importers to complete existing
contracts thus avoiding the embarrass
ment to commerce that would result from
the imposition of the S per cent tax upon
articles hitherto admitted free into Chi
nese ports
Grave Development- Fenrcel From
the Hocm cvi IninMon
LONDON July CO Following the re
cent engagement between British and
Boers in Swaziland when Bremcrsdorp
was captured it Is now -unofficially re
ported that there has been a sharp en
counter near NQutu Zululand the Brit
ish defeating 100 Boers There were losses
on both sides
The Daily News regards the fact that
the Boers are operating In native terri
tory as serious It suggests that the are
tring to raise the Zulus and Swazls
against the British and sas that if they
are tr Ing to do so they may plead Jus
tification as the British authorized the
Swazis to arm
The paper fears new and repulsive de
velopments in the South African situa
CAPE TOWN July 29 A cavalry force
of more than l0u0 men has returned to
Naaupoort after ten das- patrol south
of Middleburg Cape Colon They also
made a big detour to the west No Boer
invaders were seen
The first distribution of the mine fund
which was establshed as a result of the
conditions imposed in connection with the
pa ment of miners has been made for
the month of June The rate is a shill
ing a day for an adult and sixpence per
day for each child in the families of mine
Admiral Moore will sail from here In
his flagship the first class cruiser Gibral
tar on August 3 and will cruise along
the cast coast to meet the steamship
Ophlr which is bringing the Duke and
Duchess of Cornwall and York from Aus
tralia to the Cape The Gibraltar will
escort the Ophlr to Simons Town
A census of all ranks of the British
army in South Africa is to be taken at
once The work will begin next Wednes
The Committee of a
HniiUru it Firm Held
BHRLIN Jul 29 Three more mem
bers of the supervising committee of the
Trocnung Company the Casscl firm which
failed at the same time as the Lelpslgcr
Bank were arrested toda The whole
committee Is now In Jail
TIi Sultan of Morocco IlNpleilNed
AA Ith 111 McitolNliIK Ilxii iullture
LONDON July SO A despatch from
Tangier to the Morning Post sa s it is
rumored that the Sultan of Morocco ar
rested his grand vizier Ll Mcnelshl on
his return from his mission to London
ana Berlin his Mijest disapproving of
certain concessions granted to Great
Britain by his representative nnd his ex
penditure of jC tiOOciuO during his visits
to the tvo capitals
it Ulllci VlKlt to Berlin lo lie
on llu lufts
LONDON July 22 A St Petersburg
despatch to the Pall Mall Gazette sas
M de Wltte the Minister of Finance
will shortly go to Bcrin to negotiate with
German financiers in regard to electric
tramwa3 and other municipal enterprises
in Russia While in Berlin M de Wltte
will probably confer with Count von Bcc
low the Imperial Chancellor Afterward
he will visit London
910 to UulTnlo ami lie turn 10
Via Iunl uiiln llullroail
Tan American Fxponition excursion will leave
Washington 7SO a m W cdnnwlay July 31 ar
riving lluSalo 710 p ni Tickets iuod on all
traina returninir within seven drys ineludli
day of sale Similar excursion Augvut C IS
II 27 September 5 11 17 and 25
arfritigton Wimt
A Settlement of the Steel Trust
TerniM on A Iileh the Mnurnnte Will
Enter Into an Inn emeu t With the
Aasocintion VII the 11111s to He
Opefntod Open In the Future
PITTSBURG July 20 Unless the rank
and file of the Amalgamated Association
has acquired the idea that the steel strike
Is to be settled on terms laid down by the
association the strike will be declared
oft tomorrow The associations officers
know tbey have lest the game and will
close at the manufacturers terms but
some fear was expressed that the work
ers will object to a cessation of the strike
unless they clear gain b the settle
For this feeling Shaffer is responsible
as he had buoed up the hopes of the
members of his organization by his pre
dictions of a speed and triumphant
strike settlement There is no serious be
lief however that the disappointment
which the rank and flic will feel when the
terms of the settlement are made known
will result In a general refusal to ac
cept them but it Is the belief that Presi
dent Slnffer will hear something said
which will not be to his liking
Shaffer and some members of tho
executive board of the Amilgamated As
sociation met tod i In private session
which as was afterward stated consid
ered the terms under which the strike
will -be termimtcd 11 tomorrow morn
ing all the vice presidents and trustees
who make up the executive board will be
In Pittsburg They will hold a session
at 10 a m ami at 1 p in the will meet
the manufacturers who will be represent
fd bv Warner Arms Veri Preston Per
cifcr F Smith conferees at the last Joint
meeting and a few others
These are the terms of the settlement
The Amalgamated Association must drop
the contention that each company must
sign for the non union mills it controls
all mills are to be open mills In the full
est sense of the terms which means that
the association must not object to union
men working In non union mills and must
grant the compapy the right to place non
union men In union mills and keep them
there The Amalgamated Association Is
to have the right to organize the men In
nnj mill union or non union
The strike is directed against three com
panies the American Tin Pi ite Company
the American Sheet Steel Company and
the American Steel Hoop Company The
Steel Hoop Compan will sign the Amal
gamated scale for the Painter Clarke
Lindsa McCutcheon and Monessen Steel
Hoop plants The first three are at Pitts
burg the fourth Is in Monessen The
American Sheet Steel Company will sign
the Amilgnmated scale for the W De
wees Wood plant In McICeesport Wheth
er the Wellsville Sheet Steel plant will be
under the Amalgamated scale or a special
scale will be decided by the conference
The American Tin Plate Company has
but one non union mill the tin mill at
Monessen The company will sign a spe
cial scale Just as It offered to do at the
conference that ended In the declaration
of a strike
Anabsls of these terms shows that the
trust has gained a ictory The conten
tion that each company must sign the
Amalgamated scale for Its non union mills
caused the strike Now it is dropped
There will be no more union mills for all
mills are to be open and the union and
non union men will work side by side
It Is true that the association gains
three hoop mills In Pittsburg and one in
Monessen but It demonstrated at the
beginning of the strike that It controlled
those mills and the United States Steel
Corporation finds compensation In this
loss by not being obliged to give up the
Old Meadow Scottdale and Saltsburg
mills which it offered to hand over to
the association The association gains
apparently in being allowed to organize
all the mills
Of course the signatures to the agree
ment have not been afilred and there Is
alwajs a possibility that the conference
will fall of its mission Members of the
executive board may object to abandon
ing the contention that each company
must sign for all its mills Even if they
flnilly recede from that position they
may object to the permission accorded
tho companies to place non union mill
men In union mills Shaffer however
assured J P Morgan and C M Schwab
that there was small likelihood of a dis
agreement and so it Is believed that to
morrows meeting will result In the ter
mination of the strike
V Huh on the AmnlKumntcd Camp
enr Monesnen ln
McKEESPORT Pa July 29 Deput
sheriffs from Greensburg Coal and Iron
police from the National Tin Plate
Works In Monesen and Monessen police
raided the Amalgamated headquarters at
a fishing camp at Lock No 1 this after
noon and arrested David Henderson
President of the Monessen lodge George
Cooley and August Berg They are
charged with selling liquor without li
cense and on Sunday Timely warning
enabled a large number of the members
of the fishing camp and the lodge to es
cape the officers These three were cap
tured while rushing through the bushes
surrounding the camp In an effort to es
A week ago Deputy Sheriffs R B Alt
man and George Nefi of Westmoreland
County were sent for by Mr Donner
manager of the Jlonessen tin mill and
requested to go to the camp and secure
evidence igalnst the parties there and
arrest them It was Intended to make
the arrts on Sunday In the hope of
catching a crowd but the plans
The deputies went to the camp several
das ago and have been stopping there
with the strikers who organized the
camp and w rc uslrg It for mlssionar
work among tl e men In the Monessen tin
mill The camp was arnnged at Lock
No 4 when the strike began It Is here
that officers from the Amilgamated head
quarters in Pittsburg go over Sunday
nnd talk unionism to the men In the
Monessen mill who refuse to strike
This aft moon the deputy sheriffs ac
companied by D G Cooper Chief of
Police of Monessen David Madison Chief
of the Coal and iron Tollce In the tin
mill and James Ialrd a Coal and Iron
policeman started for the camp Several
persons saw them going and the com
pany was warned The crowd in the
ramp ImmedUlely started for the bushes
The three prisoners ran into the arms of
the officers as they rushed out The of
ficers drew their revolvers and stoppe d
them They vwre taken to Monessen and
arraigned before Justice of the Peace W
F Croushore u held them In 11000 ball
each for the Westmoreland County Court
The prisoners aro charged with selling
SO he anlioro Weck llntl TrlnH
Via n A O 11 It
Beginning July 8 all traina Kridaji and Sat
urdays pochI to return until following Tuesday
to Atlantic City Capo May Sea Isle City and
Ocean City 4 for the round trip
liquor without license and on Sunday
The plan was to charge a fee of a dollar
for membership which entitled the mem
ber to all the beer he wanted for a dav
and his dinner Sunday was the big day
and last Sunday 75 was taken In
Donner says the camp Is a nuisance
He claims the Amalgamated officials are
responsible and he is going to make an
information against one or more of the
national officers of the association He
says they cntlco the men from his mill
to the camp on Sunday set them drunk
and send them home entirely unfit for
work n the mill next day He sas he
has discharged forty men this week and
will discharge forty more if necessary
The strikers he sas have stated that
he discharged the men for attending un
ion me tings at the camp He is angry
about this and proposes to fight to a fin
In the raid on the camp some of tho
lodge archives were captureel which con
tained some information of value to the
arresting officers and to Mr Donner
These papers nnd books were seized by
tho officers and demanded by tho pris
At the office of the Justice the prisoners
renewed their demand for the books nnd
papers During the hearing a large crowd
had gathered most of them friends of
the prisoners A flght stnrted for the pos
session of the books Officers beat oft
the mob and finally were compelled to
draw their revolvers before they were able
to quell the crowd
As soon as the tumult subsided they
took their prisoners across the river and
started with them for the county Jail at
Greensburg Monessen is wllcfty excited
tonight over the arrests and friends of
the pri orTs are making threats The
prisoners are of the most prominent men
among the strikers and have hosts of
friends In the town
Donner does not anticipate any trouble
from them however and declares that
he will carry the prosecution to a finish
The Monessen mill is running In full and
there seems no lack of help nor any Im
mediate prospects of the men striking
In McKeesport the strikers are quietly
awaiting the result of the expected con
ference between the wage committee of
the American Sheet Steel Company and
the AmalgamatedAssociatlon The re
port that the tin plate mill here had start
ed up with lmporttji help proved to be en
tirely unfounded iThe mill could not be
started for a week or more as extensive
repairs are in progress
The btrikc nt the He ndins ihect
Mill ni an Ilnd
READING Pa July 29 With the re
sumption of the sliect mill and other de
partments of the Reading Iron Company
today 2C00 strikers are now back at work
at slight Increase of wages concessions
having been made on both sides
There is little change In the Reading
Railway shops strlkci More men are at
work t
The Reading Foundry Company Idle
for some time announce toly they will
start up in full on August 1 with 200 men
The thirty seven collieries of the Read
ing Company elldj not resume woik today
but will be idle until Wednesday morning
In order to nevoid thfe arcuniulatfon of
stock at the tidewSlfr along
the line during therhot months
Egg coal continues Very scarce and
agents report little to be had An ad
vance of 10 cents per ton all round is due
about August 1
An IinposliiK 1rocenxlon to the Pnu
theonin Hume
ROME July 29 Touching commemora
tive services wereheld all over Italy to
day on the first anniversary of the as
sassination of King Humbert All busi
ness was abandoned for the day There
was a magnificent State service at the
Pantheon T
The Dowager Queen Margherita King
V tor Emmanuel Queen Helena and all
the members of the royal famhy and the
Dowager Queen of Portugal who Is a sis
ter of the late Kinr Humbert visited the
tomb at 8 ociockm the morning and aft
erward attended a private service In his
The national proceoslon to the Pantheon
was most Imposing it being estimated
that 30000 persons took part In it as rep
resentatives of the nation There were
1600 banners in the line There was an
immense crowd nombcrlng probabl half
a million along tho route followed by the
The tnnlvrnnrr of Kine Ilumliertn
IX nlli OliKcricd In Iutemon V J
PATEBSON NiJ July 29 The anni
versary of the assassination of King
Humbert of Italy by Gaetano BrescI
was celebrated tonight by the Anarchists
of this city at K5 Straight Street There
were about 30 p rsons present including
a dozen women A few p acards in Ital
ian were hung on the walls of the hall
which read Our enemy is our boss
Governments are ulcers which must be
destroed The earth does not belong
to a few but to all Property Is some
thing stolen There Is no civilization
while the people are starving
Pledro Esteve editor of La Questlone
Soelale was the first speaker
Down with monarch nnd with Emper
or criwl the speaker We dont care
for the gallows or an thing else but we
will maintain our principles at all haz
ards Cheers
Continuing Esteve said that kings as
Individuals were not to blame They
were like policemen The policeman could
not gjvc up that position or he would
starve It was the same with kings
They could not give up their positions
or the would be out of a Job and the
would starve
Every laboring man Is worth more
than fifty Humberts he said and this
was greeted with cheers
The meeting resolved Itself into a move
ment to assist Brescis two companions
Nicolo Tumtavella and It Lana who went
to Italy on the same steamer with Brcbcl
and according to the speaker with the
simo purpose After the assassination
they were arrested -and nothing has since
been heard of them The lie In prison
at Milan without having been tried
11 Mazzotta the leader of the Right
of Existence group of An irehists next
spoke He eulogized BrescI but spoke
mode rately
Philip Morcsi who Insisted tint be is
not an Anarchist also spoke He m
pared BrescI to George ashlngton and
wished that every countr In Europe had
a BrescI then they would have but one
country In Europeand It would be called
the United States of Europe That would
do away with all tho diplomatic parasites
that Infested Europe and acted as bpits
II A O Meelc Ilnil Countr Trips
Ticltpta old taturdavs and Sundays for return
until following Monday at reduced rates from
Wathiagton to Ctiarlestovtii Irinlerick Annapo
lis Junction ani intermediate points
UieuritlonM to Fit lid
IrldayiTin August Surf Uathuitr fWun icnlfii
Special late b kncniire at 700 lourtcnttl at nw
Interest paid on deoits subject to check
Banking dipt Union Trust Storazc Co 1111 P
Drawing the Names of Lucky
Jlome Seekcrri at EI Reno
Crmvils Gather to A Itness the Se
lection of the Envelope b ltos
Chosen for the Work V AVomiin
Among the First to hceure n Claim
WICHITA Kan July 29 The big land
lottcr conducted by the Government was
begun at El Reno toda The first five
luck persons to draw free farms were
James R Wood Weatherford Okla
Stephen Holcomb Pauls Valley Okla
Mls Mattie Bcal Wichita Kan Leon
ard Lamb Augusta Okla and Winficll
S Laws Lnngston Okla
Each of these winners could get from
J250u0 to fcOOoO for their farms tonight
but all say they will not sell them They
tre requiredTd live on them fourteen
months before proving up None of these
winners was present nt the drawing but
had returned home after registering Fif
ty of the prize winners in the six hundred
names drawn out today however were
present There are 13000 names to be
drawn out which draw farms All of
these will come forth within the next
two das
The spectacle witnessed during the mad
rush of more than 165 000 men nnd women
to register for a chance to possess one
of 13000 claims in the Kiowa Comanche
Apache and Wichita lands was far sur
passed b the sight at EI Reno this
morning Since Friday the last day of
registratloi the crowd has gradually
grow 11 Ever one w as In a state of nerv ous
excitement up to the time for the draw
ing to begin While many realized that
their chances were 13 to 1 against them
and did not expect to draw a luck num
ber the were satisfied that the drawing
was perfectly honest
El Reno was awake early and even at
daylight hundreds of people had assem
bled around the covered platform that
had been erected on the vacant ground
In the north part of the town Long be
fore 9 oclock the entire population of El
Reno amounting today to probably 13000
or 20000 people had gathered in the vicin
ity of the stand anxiously awaiting the
arrival of the Judges
It was a fevv minutes of the hour when
Governor Richards accompanied by
Judge Frank Dale and Colonel Dyer
mounted the platform followed closely
by their assistants The envelopes con
taining the name slips had been packed in
small pasteboard bo xes about 400 to the
box thus requiring in the neighborhood
of ICO boxes These were brought from
the land office ina wagon together with
the large wooden boxes from which the
actual drawing was made These large
boxes are two and one jialf feet square
by ten feet long and set in a framework
so arranged that the box may be revolved
for the purpose of thoroughly mixing the
cm elopes
The work of putting the envelopes Into
the large boxes began at 9 55 oclock
Governor Richards superintended the EI
Reno box and Judge Dale the Lawton
box Each held in his hand a cigar box
containing numbered slips These were
drawn out one at a time and a small box
with a corresponding number was taken
up by clerks and the contents dumped
Into the large box
The appearance of the Judges and offi
cials was the occasion for tremendous
cheering and when this had subsided Gov
ernor Richards advanced- to the front of
the platform and announced that In ac
cordance with the proclamation which
Mould be read immediately the drawing
would begin ancl bo continued from day
to day until ever- one of the 167000 envel
opes had been taken from the boxes He
explained that the determination to draw
all the names from the boxes was In or
der that ever- person who had registered
might know that the slip bearing his
name had been put in the box
Governor Richards then requested Colo
nel Dyer to read the proclamation and
the work preliminary to he actual draw
ing began After all the pasteboard boxes
had been emptied Into the wooden boxes
ten boys five from each district who had
been selected for the work came forward
and were placed back of the large re
volving boxes
In the sides of the boxes lmmedlately
in front of each boy was an opening cov
ered by a sliding lid The boys were num
bered 1 2 3 1 and 5 and the slips of pa
per bearing corresponding numbers were
placed In a small box It was then an
nounced that one of these slips would be
drawn out and the boy having the same
number would draw the first envelope
from the box and the drawing would
thus be continued by the five bos one
after the other in numerical order
James R Wood was the first name
drawn from the Law ton box follow eel by
Miss Beal The crowd at once clled
The must be married
As the drawing progressed land spec
ulators tried to bu claims from some of
the lucky ones
It Is reported here that 2000 persons
who have illegally registered more than
onco may be thrown out as were 1000
signatures that cannot be read
ew InrU Ilimlv MnekliolilerM to Get
1000 Per Cent
XiW YORK July 29 It became known
In the llnanci ll district todav that an
enormous extra dlv Idend said to have
bee n ou tl to 1000 per cent or J50uO0uo
had been declared upon the JWdOoO of
old capital stock of the First National
Bank which Institution last week In
creased its capital to 10c000
The bank which Ins been very promi
nent In many of the Important financial
deals of the last three 3 ears is known to
have made vcrv he ivy profits and It Is
supposed that the cxtri dividend Is dc-
clired in some vva out of such old profits
and that rartly b means of this big
cxtri dividend the old stockholders of
the bank who numbciod onl eighteen
five of them holding the controlling in
terest liae paid for their shares of the
95ou0u0 of new capital stock
The taking over of the 100i000 of capi
tal stock of the Bank of the Republic b
an exchange of two slinr s ot Republic
for one si ire of First National stock has
required TW0OO of the new Flst National
stock leaving s7500 to be otherwise
distributed the old stockholdi rs sup
posed taking It
Oee liu Melllilhlllp llturnirllfN
NEW YORK Jul 29 Arrived Am
sterdam Rotterdam Tnuric Liverpool
Arrived out M lasdam from New York
for Rotterd im off the Lizard
llic VumluT of Iloer Prisoner
LONDON July 29 In the Houte of
Commons this afterroon Secretar Brod
rick announced that since the beginning
of the war tho number of Boers who had
been taken prisoners or surrendered was
Sp elul Sleeper for Deer Park
ia B i O It It on train leaving Washington
1 10 a in Saturday nights and return on train
leaving Deer Tark 1251 a in buaJaja cighU
Stringent Condition for Eligibility
for Public OIHe e
HAVANA Jul 2D The proposed new
electoral law was read to the Constitu
tion tl Convention today Its principal
features arc the conditions that must be
fulfilled in order to render a pirson eligi
ble for office
To be governor of a pro - a pro
vincial legislator a man must be thirty
ears old and have lived more than two I
years in the province He must be the
head of a family or have been a4axpacr
In the Tirnvlnee ttr n tpir ttnrt tlirt T
be twent five 3 ears old be able to read
and write have lived trr the province two
years and figure among those rated as
taxpajers of the highest grade for real
estate The other half must have lived
of candidates for the presldcnc the
Senate and House of Representatives are
fixed by the constitution and are less ex
acting than any of the above conditions
The registration and electoral boards will
be elected They will consist of three
members from each ward
Each province will have a provincial
board of five members to preside at the
elections In the entire province and be
the Intermediary between the ward boards
and the constitutional conventions The
number of presidential electors from each
province Is the same as In the previous
project The number of provincial legis
lators Is also the same Minority repre
sentation Is recognized
Each elector In -voting will have to
present a certificate ot registration and
affirm that he is the person mentioned
therein The election of provincial legis
lators governors of provinces and sena
torial electors will take place on the samo
day Thirty das after election the sena
torial electors will meet in the capitals
of the provinces and with the provincial
ileguslators proceed to elect four Senators
Each elector can vote for three Senators
The presidential electors will be elect
ed the same day as the Represeiuives
Havana will elect 21 Representatives San
ta Clara 13 Santiago 17 Matanzas 12
PInar del Rio U and Puerto Principe
8 These will meet in Santa Clara thir
ty days after they are elected to elect a
President When the voting is over the
Constitutional Convention will examine
and count the ballots If none of the
candidates has an absolute majority of
the total number of votes cast the con
vention will then elect a President of tlfe
Republic from among the candidates
The elections of governors of provinces
legislators and senatorial electors will
take place eight dajs before the elections
of Representativ esand presidential elect
ors Eight days after the law is promul
gated the election and registration board
will be elected The constitution calls for
elections ninety dajs after the constitu
tion Is promulgated
The commission recommends that the
present ayuntamlentos be allowed to con
tinue to avoid the expense- of electing
now onts
Frlendn of the Ilenulillcnii Movement
Welcome His KxihiIhIoii
CHARLESTON S C July 29 Reports
whlch have been received here in the last
few das by local managers of Senator
McLaurlns White Republican campaign
indicate that the McLaurlns position has
been greatly strengthened by the action
of the State Democratic Executive Com
mittee in trlng to drive him out of the
These reports come from the various
counties where the new movement has
met with favor and the managers here
have been highly elated by the news
They are convinced that the otcrs have
realized that Tillman was behind the
whole scheme and this animosity to the
Senator is working right into the hands of
his colleague In several of the counties
the McLaurin organization Is being quiet
ly perfected and experienced politicians
have control of the campaign
Members of the Executive Committee
who voted against the resolution that
was meant to force Senator McLaurin out
of the party are out in interviews In
which they say that the scheme was
carefully planned In advance and that It
was due to the domineering work of Sen
ator Tillman The general belief is that
this resolution will be the wedge which
will split the party and by the time the
campaign opens the leaders expect to
see a demoralized condition of affairs
Charleston friends of Senator McLau
rin have been officially advised that he
will ignore the matter altogether and will
let the people pass final judgment The
Mcl aurln movement seems to be growing
and the element opposed to free silver and
the other element still bitterly opposed
to the policies of Tillman are mrking
the foundation for the McLaurin strength
Senator McLaurin has a child ill with
Uphold fever and he sas he will not
consider politics while the little one is in
danger At the same time his political
friends from all over the State are gath
ering to confer with him It is believed
he will be heard from this week
Auruer Arm and Hit Famll in it
Sjiiianli tit
NEW YORK Jul J -Warner Arms
Vice President of th American Tin Plate
Compiny and his wife and daughter h id
a narrow escape from death tonight
During the summer Mr Arms Is making
his homo at Larchmont At S o clock to
night Mrs Arms and her daughter drove
in 1 Victoria to New Rochelle station to
meet a train from New York MrArras
arrived on the train and the horses heads
were tirncd homeward
Ahile driving along the main road to
Larchmont the victoria caught up with a
procession of vehicles and In order to
avoid them Mr Arms told his coachman
to cross over to the othtr side of the
road and pull past them In order to do
this it was nccessar to cross the trollev
tracks which at this point in the road
formed a sharp curve
Just as the coachman was steering his
horses across the tricks a Portchester
car going toward New Rochelle round
ed the curve The car struck the vie
tori 1 with tren endous force The vehi
cle was smashed almost to kindling wood
and Its occupants were hurled several
ards away One of them was dangerous
1 injured The coachman was the most
scriousl hurt
Mr Arms was expected te represent th
steel mill owners at the conference with
the strike leaders at Ilttsburg tomorrow
ChcHuiicnke lleach Department lIm
Ite il
Leaves District Line station wccLJaj 5 p in
Past train 110 stops
Price One Cent
The Kaitcra Flap Xo Protection
Against Colombian Authorities
Abel Mtirrlllo DrnsKcd From the AI
letrhen nnd the Knsfare In Which
He Wrapped iini lr Intuited Are
EusllftSimnnM llnjTKnffe bcarehed
NEW YORK July 29 Passengers on
fcv Hamburg merlcan steamship aiic
-- v - - -
tlon or possess a professional degree or Igheny which arrived today from Klngs r
nave neiu pudiic onice ry virtue or a
popular election
To be an elector of a Senator half the
number of electors In each province must
ton Jamaica anel South American port
told of the forcible removal of Abel Mur
rlllo a fellow passenger from the steam
ship by a detachment of Colombian ma
rines and a squad of police and tho de
tention for eighteen hours of the vessel
in the harbor of Cartagena by officers of
the Colombian Government Murrillo hael
tied himself with a German flair tor a
two ears in the province possess a pro- j ister m the cabin of tho Allegheny and
fessional degree or have been elected to was protesting that he was entitled to
a public office the protection of that flag when he was
To be a presidential elector a man must seized The passengers were aroused ov
bc a Cuban by birth or naturalization with j Cr what they said was the unwarranted
eight eats residence In the Republic and arbitrary action of the officers re
since naturalization and two ears j he Colombian Government and three of
dence In the province He must also be them an American an Englishman and
thiLty ealf old La Belgian gavo out a signed statement
ne conuinons governing me eugiouuy on their arTfai here forth all
th circumstances of tho affair
According to the story told by the pas
sengers of the Allegheny Murrillo left
this country about four months ago to
visit the State of Colombia Before go
ing he provided himself wth passports
signed by the Colombian Minister ia
Washington Upon his arrival at Sava
nllla he was arrested by the local authori
ties for being in smpathy with the Lib
erals who were to ins to overthrow the
Although he protested that such was
not the case and showed his passports
properly signed by the Washington repre
sentative of the Colombian Government
be was taken to Bogota the capital a
prisoner Here he was taken before the
Secretary of War who examined him and
his papers and decided that there was no
grounds upon which to hfild him He was
ordered however to return to Savanllla
and take the first vessel returning to the
United States During his Journey from
Bogota to Savanllla he was practically a
prisoner In charge of Castro Urtcochla
commander-in-chief of the army
Saanllla hb was placed on the out
going Hamburg American steamship Al
legheny which vzs to rail the same day
for the United States by way of Car
tagena The Allegheny originally belong
ed to the Atlas line and was under com
mand of Captain Lowe an Englishman
Upon arriving at Cartagena the vessel
was boarded by the chief of police of that
port who commanded Murrillo to go
ashore with him as the Secretary ot
War wished to see him again at Bogota
This Murrillo refused to do sajlng that
he had a passport irom the Secretary
guaranteeing him safe conduct from the
country and furthermore he was already
outside the Jurisdiction of the country
being on board a German vessel and
under the protection of the German flag
Failing in his attempt to get Murrillo to
go ashore with hlra the chief of police
left the vessel threatening to return with
a force of rollco and remove Murrilla
To avoid trouble the purser of
the steamship went ashore to get the
ships papers tho captain intending to
proceed to sea as soon as Jie obtained
them The harbor authorities refused to
give the papers to the purser saying they
would hold them until Captain Lowe gavo
Murrillo up This Captain Lowe refused
to do
Later in the day Captain Lowe went
ashore to see the local German Consul
While he was ashore the chief of police
and a force ot officers again boarded the
vessel and attempted to secure Murrillo
But the first mate who was acting cap
tain with the aid of some of the crew
also Engiisnmen refused to give Murrillo
up and by a show of force compelled tho
Cartagena police chief and his men to re
tire The captain returned from his In
terview soon after this The German
Consul had said that he was unable to aid
The captain was followed sb
chief of police and
backed up in person b
sul who being half i
oughly in smpathy wit
Government Again the -
Murrillo was demanded a n captain
was informed that unless he as delivered
at once the entire company would be car
ried away to prison for endeavoring to
aid an escaping prisoner In the meantinio
Murrillo had barricaded himself in his
cabin and the marines under the chief
of police proceeded to beat down the door
Seeing that escape was impossible Mur
rillo removed the barricade to confront
the drawn revolvers of the mrrines Ho
was hurried to the passengers cabin
where the way was blocked b the as
sembled passengers After further trou
ble Murrillo was gotten ashore
Matters at this point seeme d about to
assume an international aspect for the
passengers were Germans Americans
and English all of whom were in empa
thy with Murrillo When the argument
was going on In the cabin sotae cf the
passengers passed a German flag to
Murrillo who quickly tied himself to the
b misters of tbe stairs leading from the
passcngtrs cabin to the dining room
w and defied the chief of police and
marines to remove him from the protec
tion thereof The officers of the steamer
refused to permit the police and marines
to remove Murrillo but the German Con
sul came to the rescue of the Colombian
officer and as a represeitative ot the
Germ in Government ordered the captain
to allow the chief of police and the ma
rines to proceel in the discharge of their
dtit He threatened that in case this
was not done he would order the captain
and anv who might assist him in protect-
1 Murrillo to be locked up This In
Colombia would probably mean Im
prisonment for an indefinite period
owing to -the slowness with which Justice
is disnensed there
To obtain his papers and to avoid fur
ther delay Captain Low final signified
his willingness to give up Murrillo So
again the marines proceeded to tear Mur
rillo aw a from the banister to whicn
he had tied himself in face of the com
bined protest of the passengers of the
After quite a struggle in which Murrillo
was aided in a half hearted wa by tho
passengers he was securely bound nnd
taken ashore by the marines with hi
appeal for help still rilAng In the e 1
of the other passengers Tie was follow
English and Amer
tor some ulstance b
can passenger but they were warned
mind their own affairs unless they wan
to share the fate of Munillo They le-
ed they said that Murrillo was cast into
one of the ohi spanisn prisons oomtr jc
the passengers who followed mm asnoro
appealed to their respective Consuls to
Frldt anil Sjlnnlny Seashore Ex
curMiuu -via rennsjisaula
licttticn Washington and Atlantic City Cape
Ma Sea Lie City and Ocean City I J S4
round trip Tirkets on sale for all trains Fridays
and Saturdays good to return until follovtang
Ticsilav Delaware llivcr Bridge route to At
taDtle Ci

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