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Washington Lures the Last Game
of the Milwaukee Scries
The Senntorn Unnlile to Snceeifiillj
Iliul IU ldjH Deliicrj nnil
Only Ono Mnn AcriiHx Hie rlnte
Mitd lrom n bliut Out
Yestcrdnyi Gnnies
Anicilcan League
Milwaukee 9 Washington 1
Baltimore 10 Detroit S7
Boston 4 Chicane 1
Cleeland Phlladelphla rain
National League
Boston 5 New York 4
Brookln 7 Philadelphia C
Chicago 3 Cincinnati 2
Pittsburg S St Louis 0
Todnys Gnnies
American League
Philadelphia at Cleveland
National League
New York at Boston
Philadelphia at Brooklyn
How the Club Stnnd
Won Lost PCt
Chicago 53 29
Boston 47 30 610
Baltimore 42 32 56S
Detroit 45 3d -55
Washington 32 41 45S
Philadelphia 32 42 432
Cleveland 31 4S 392
Milwaukee 30 54
Won Lost PCt
Pittsburg 49 32 CftS
Philadelphia 45 34 50
St Louis 4S 37
Brooklyn 43 38 531
Boston 37 40 481
NewYork 31 39
Ctnefwatt 32 47 4
Chicago 33 54 379
JIILWAUKKE Wis July 29 Rcldys
pitching was too much for the Senators
this afternoon and they dropped be last
game of the series to the Brewers giving
the Milwaukee team three out or the four
games It was a runaway race as the
Brewers batted Carrick hard enough dur
ing tho first four innings to win twice
Tho Senators were not able to do any
thing with Beldys delivery and appeared
outclassed The intense heat took a great
deal of the life out of the players and
after the game had been practically won
by the home team the men became list
less and did not put the ginger into their
work that they would if the score had
been close The fielding was clean and
some pretty catches were made on each
Andersons batting was a feature of the
game the big first baseman getting two
singles and two doubles out of four times
at bat Clingman also batted well for
the Senators having three hits out of
four times up The Brewers started
pounding Carrick from the Jump Three
successiv e singles In the first Inning gae
them one run In the second inning the
home team scored fie runs on a base on
balls three singles and a double and an
error by Clarke who dropped an easy
thrown ball at ihe plate Carrick also
fofced In a run by giving a base on halls
with the bases filled
In the fourth inning singles by Conroy
and Hogriever ard doubles by Anderson
and Duffy gav 3 the Brewers three more
runs That was the end of the scoring
for the home team as Carrick bracee d
up and pitched better ball
The lone run scored by Washington
was in the third inning Clingman made
a two base hit and scored on FarrellE
single In the fourth the Senators had
two men on bases but could not get
them around The same thing happened
in the eighth The score
Hogriever If 1
Hallman cf 2
Anderson lb 1
Duffy cf 1
Conroy ss 0
Kriel 3b 1
Gilbert 2b 1
Donohue c 1
Heldy p 1
Totals 9
Waldron cf 0
Farrell 2b 0
Dungan rf 0
Grady lb 0
Clarke c 0
Foster If 0
Coughlln 2b 0
Clingman ss 1
Carrick p 0
Dunn 3b
Donlln If
Beymour rf
Williams 2b
Kelster ss
Brodle cf
Hart Ih
Bresnahan c
Nops p
Conroy 3b
Holms rf
Barrett cf
Gleason 2b
Elberfeld ss
Nance If
Crockett lb
Bhaw c
Baltimore 0 0 2 0
Detroit 0 0 2 0
Totals 1 9 23 15 2
Hogriever out hit by batted ball
Milwaukee- 15030000 x S
Washington 00100000 01
Earned runs Milwaukee 5 Washington
1 Two base hits Clingman Anderson 2
Duffy Grady Three base hits PrleL
Bases on balls Off Beldy 1 off Carrick
S Hit by pitched ball Foster Hogriever
Passed ball Clarke Struck out By Car
rick i Double plays Waldron Clarke
and Coughlln Friel Gilbert and Ander
son Anderson Conroy and Anderson
Left on bases Milwaukee S Washing
ton 8 Umpire Sheridan Time of game
1 hour and 25 minutes
After Lotting T o Oilmen to Detroit
the VlNltom Win
DETROIT Julv 25 After losing two
games to Detroit the Balllmores went in
today determined to win They did
Cronln never effective againct McGraws
crew had to pitch because Miller was 111
The visitors picked out hits and runs by
doubles and triples and though the home
team tied the rcorc in the third Inning
after the sixth it was all Baltimore The
10 14 27 H
R 11
1 1
1 1
1 1
1 2
1 2
0 1
0 2
0 1
Cronln p 0 0
Totals 5
0 2
0 0
0 3 10
1 0 5
Two base hits Donlln Williams Elber
feld Three base hits Kelster Holme
fiton bases Donlln 2 First base on
bills Off Cronln 4 off Nops 4 Hit by
pitcher Crockett Trlrst base on errors -Detroit
2 Bultlmore 1 1 eft on bases
Detroit 9 Baltimore 6 Struck out By
Cronln 2 by Nops 3 Double play El
lierfeld and Crockett Wild pitch Nops
Time of game I hours Umpires Has
kell and Munnassau
Ior Mi Km ii ml Trou
er to order during
our Itehutldluic hule
IJ friilln 7--0 1
Truuirri IjCSU
i Tailor 505 7th St N W
Combination if Illtn Skck Clilcnco
From n Mint Out
CHICAGO July 29 The Chicago team
was oulhit led by Boston today and but
for n lucky combination of hits In the last
ii nlng would hate been shut out The
Dowd If
Stahl cf
Collins 3b
Freeman lb
Hemphill rf
Part nt ss
Ierrls 2b
Schrtck c
Yo ing p
tones rf
Mortcs 2b
shell lb
UcFarland If
Uartman 3b
Shugirt ss
Sugdtn c
Patterson p
Harvey p
The nennentero Cnptnre
0 0 0 0 0
0 0 0 0 0
li ro
Totals 4 11
to try to sell rac n substitute
after so lonr fnd ETilfnctory
results Tw izes 75c and
Callahan 0 0 0
Totals 1 5 27 12 2
Batted for Sugden In ninth
Boston 000110020 4
Chicago 00000000 1 1
Left on bases Chicago 5 Boston 11
Two base hits Parent Hemphill Home
run Mclarland Struck out By Patter
son 3 by Young 6 Irst base on balls
Off Patterson 2 Hit by pitcher Ferris
Dowd Balk Patterson Time of game
1 hour and 45 minutes Umpire Cantll
national League games
The CnrdlnnlK Wliltevmlieil It- the
lMltjeri From PlttKburK
ST LOUIS July 29 The Pirates white
washed thd Cardinals today S to 0
Powell was hit freely by the visitors
jiheras the4ocals could do nothing with
Chesbros deliery The Pirates excelled
in fielding playing fnst and steady At
tendance 9W0 The score
Burkett If 0 0 7 0
McGann lb 0 0 6 0
Donovan rf 0 0 10
Wallace ss 0 0 3 7
Kruger 3b 0 2 10
Nlcheils cf 0 0 3 0
Uyan 2b 0 0 4 1
Schriver c 0 12 2
Powell p 0 0 0 1
Totals 0 3 27 11
Clarke If 2
Beaumont cf 2
Davis rf 1
Wagner ss I
Bransficld lb 0
Hitchey 2b 0
Leach 3b 2
O Connor c 0
Chcsbro p 0
St Louis 0
0 0 0
0 0 0
15 27
0 0
1 1
21 17
3 0
0 1
0 0
1 S
Two base hit Wagner Three baEc hit
Clarke Double plays Bransrleld Wag
ner and Bransfield Wagner and Brans
field Secrifice hits OConnor Brans
field Stolen bases Dai is Branslild
Left on bases St Louis 2 Pittsburg 10
Struck out By Powell 1 by Chesbro E
Bases on balls Off Powell 2 Hit by
pitche d ball Chei bro 1 Umpires ODay
and Brown Time of game 1 hour and 50
Ten In
nlntc Game
NEW YORK July 29 The Bostons tool
a ten Inning game from the New Yorks
today Matthewson weakened In the lat
ter Innings and was hit for three Mngles
and a double In the tenth Nichols sup
port was steadier than the New Yorkers
A second game was started but rain
stopped it in the second inning when the
Bostons bad Ecored three runs to New
Torks none The score
Slagle rf 1110
Hamilton cf 0 0 10
DeMontrevllle 2b 0 12 6
Cooley lb 1 1 14 0
Murphy If 2 3 10
Lowe 3b 0 2 3 0
Long ss 1 2 2 5
Kittrldge c 0 15 3
Nichols p 0 0 1 j
Totals 5 11 30 IS
Van Haltren cf 12 4 0
Selbach If 114 0
Strang 2b 0 10 3
Hickman ss 2 111
McBridc rf 0 110
Buelow Sb 0 112
Warner c 0 2 8 1
Ganzel lb 0 0 10 0
Matthewson p 0 0 0 2
Totals 4 9 9 9 3
Kittridge out for interference
Boston 7 0 1010 o 011 16
New York 0 0020010104
First base by errors New York 2 Bos
ton 1 Left on bases New York 4 Boh
lon 9 Firtt base on balls Off Matthew
son 3 Struck out By Matthewson 7
by Nichols 2 Two base hits Ilickm tn
Buelow Long 2 Stolen bases Van Hal
tren Warner Cooley 2 Murphy 2
Long Wild pitch Matthewson Passed
ball Kittrldge Umpire Emelle Time of
game 2 hours and 10 minutes Attend
ance 3500
The Three Ilunx In the Sixth Snietl
the In j
CINCINNATI July 29 Chicago made
five hits off Phillips in the sixth Inning
and the three runs earned won the game
Dole returned to first for Chicago and
his second hit drove In the winning run
A great catch by Bay was the only field
ing feature The bcore
Hartzel If
Green cf
Chance rf
Dexter 3b
Doyle lb
lr Chllds 2b
Knhop c
Mcnefee p
Dobbs 3b
Harley If
Beckley lb
Crawford rf
3 12
Magoon ss 1
Biv cf
Fox 2b
Bergen c
Phillips p
0 3
1 2
Two base hits Harley Magoon Sacri
fice hit Chance Stolen base Dexter
Double plas Magoon Fox and Ileckley
Phillips and Bergen Fox and Dobbs Bases
on balls Off Mcnefee 1 Struck out By
Phillips 5 Left on Inses cinclnnatl 4
Chicago 3 First base on errorh Cincin
nati I Time of game 1 hour and 30 min
uites Umpire Nah
They Cant Deceive Him
l have used your Sozodont for
fifteen years It Is useless for person
Hall Ruckcl
ror Ih Teeth Ma J Brtmth
Proprietors N Y City
mcuii food hrtlth The pntut Liver RtguUtor
U th world it troerf Baft Cure Trjr It tod
The CIi n in pi mix win nt IMillnilcIpliln
liy IveepliiH Wide AwnUe
PIIILADnLPHIA July 29 The Cham
pions defeated Philadelphia this after
noon by making the most of their oppor
tunities on the basts Tho nay the hits
came the Phillies should Have won with
considerable to spare but errors by Wol
verton Cross and Ilallman In the lrt
two Innings pieced out with two bases
on ball and two singles netted tho
Brooklynites four runs Attendance 4
GS2 The score
Hl00hlN R H PO A E
Kelley lb 2 3 9 11
Keeler rf 10 0 0 0
Sheckard If 1 2 1 0 l
Daly 2b 0 2 5 5 1
Dahlen ss 0 0 0 2 0
McCreery cf 12 10 0
lrwln 3b 0 113 0
Farrell c 114 10
Mcluire c 0 1 G 2 0
Hughes p 10 0 10
Dolan 0 10 0 0
Donovan p 0 0 0 10
Totals - 7 13 27 1G 2
Batted for Hughes
riiiMDLiruiA n il ro a e
Thomas cf 3 4 3 10
Wolverton 3b 12 0 3 1
Flick rf 0 0 10 0
Dclehanty If 12 3 0 0
JlcKiriand c 0 0 3 2 0
Douglass lb 0 1 10 0 0
Hallman 2b 0 0 G 1 1
Cross ss 0 0 17 1
Donohue p 110 10
Barry 0 0 0 0 0
Totals G 10 27 15 4
Batted for Donohue
Brooklyn 22000200 1 7
Philadelphia 30002010 0 G
First Imse on errors Brooklyn 3 Phil
adelphia 1 Left on bases Brooklyn 11
Philadelphia 5 First base on balls Oft
Donohue 5 oft Hughes 2 Struck oub
Bv Dfftiohue 1 by Hughes 5 by Dono
van 4 Home run Delehanty Thr e
basc hit Delehunty Two base hits Wol
verton Thomas Farrell Sacrifice hits
Hughes Wolverton Stolen
Sheckard DoJaru Double plays
Daly to Kelley Hit by pitcher By
Hughes 1 Umpire Dwyer Time of
game 2 hours and 25 minutes
He Huk Practically Secured Ather
ton of the HnffnloM
MILWAUKEE Wis Tuly 29 It is
understood thutilanagtr Manning of
Washington has practically secured
Charlie Atherton second baseman of the
Buffalo club who was suspended last
week He is also after First Baseman
Carey of the Buffalo club Pitcher
Mercer will Jjln the Washington club
again at Baltimore
Manager Duffy today secured Third
Baseman Boot of Kalamazoo Mich on
trial but he will not fill the bill The
Washington club offered Geler a trial but
the latter wanted J400 a month and
Clarke refused to pay It Geiers notice
of release expires tomorrow
Report of the Dropplm of IlrooUlyn
Still DinciiKeil
NEW YORK July 29 The report that
Brooklyn will be dropped from the Na
tional League circuit and Washington
taken on Instead -Is still a matter of dis
cussion Hanlon and Charles Ebbetts
the Brooklyn president have made fre
quent and vigorous denials that such a
thing Is on the tapis pointing for one
thing to the fact that the rivalry between
the New York and Brooklyn teams Is a
good thing for the game
It Is also said that the American League
Is about ready to gie up the ghost that
It is losing money in several cities and
that McGraw and the American League
promoters are at loggerheads The belief
is that if the American League does
throw up the sponge Brooklyn is to go
Into the Eastern League with Manning
of Wahingion or McGraw- In charge
One reason assigned for the reported
withdrawal of Brook n from the big
league Is that Freedman has so decreed
There Is talk of Hanlon taking charge
of the Washington or possibly the New
Yorks if Brooklyn Is dropped
JnckNon GetH the Decision Over
Ilmniy llnmller
BALTIMORE July 29 Young Peter
Jackson colored tonight got the decision
over Jimmy Handler In the ninth round
of what was to be a twenty round bout
Jackson won on the veriest kind of a
fluke as Handler had him almost beaten
to death up to the time the negro landed
a lucky right hand swing which put the
Niwarkboy on queer street The po
lice stopped the b6ut notwithstanding that
Jimmy protested igorously
Result nt IlrlKhtfiu lleneh
BRIGHTON BEACH July 29 Results
of todays races track fast
First race Hurdle for
and upward one kand three quarters
miles over seven hurdlesv Chanigrace
liueston 1 to 4 won Hoptfu Flnne
gan 6 to 1 second Salesman Carson
25 to 1 third Time 319
Second race For maiden tw
five furlongs Enright Shaw 3 to 5
won Musldnra Burns 4 to 1 second
G Whlttlcr Cochran 5 to 1 third Time
100 1 6
Third race Handicap for
and upward one and one eighth
miles St Finnan II Michaels S to 1
won Waxtnper Burns even second
McGrathL ina Prince Cochran 20 to 1
third Time 153
Fourth race For four-year-olds and up
ward one mile and seenty yards Dis
turber Mounct 4 to 1 won Elsie Skip
O Connor 10 to 1 second Oread H
Michaels 2 to 5 third Time 14S 2 5
Fifth nice For three- eur ods filing
six furlongs Maiden OConnor 3 to 1
won James J Corliett Richardson 10u
to 1 second Gules Xrounce 5 to
third Time 115
Sixth race For two-ear-olds fixe and
one half furlongs Otis Cochran 3 to 1
won Cameron OConnor 3 to 5 second
The Rlx al Beauchamp 10 to 1 third
KntrlcM nt llrlKhfoii lleneh
BRIGHTON BEACH July 29 -Entries
for tomorrows rac s
First rate For three-year-olds one mile
and seventy yards Elolm 104 Oyezpa 84
Royal Sterling 105 Tinea 104 The Ama
zon 110 Animosity M Phelma Paxton
91 Pleasant Sail SI Blueaway 101
Second race For maiden two-year-olds
six furlongs II Hesterbtrg Chief no
Sunderland Bella Octoroon 107 Cast
Iron C Itosenfeld 110 May Harrison
107 Iridescent Lemoyne Utopian 110
Olenka 107 Dlnna Forget 110
Third race For three- ear olds and up
ward one and one blxteenth miles Ta
ta Balloon Flara Hfi The Golden
Prince- 107 Cresson 110 Boojum 107 An
na Darling Irene Llndsey lifj Edgefield
Fourth race Hlghw eight handicap for
three-year-olds and upward six furlongs
All Gold 13G Vltelllus 132 May W
127 Gold Fox 122 St Finnan 118 Dr
Preston 11G Himself 115 Knight of
Bronx 113
Fifth race For three-year-olds and up
ward selling one mile Latson 111 Og
den Smoke II McCoun 10G
Sixth race The Mnntauk Stakes for
two- ear olds live nnd one half furlongs-
Lionld 102 Ilyphm 111 Allbert 1J2
Major Dangerfield Homestead 102 Fly
Wheel 123 Iombre 107
ton lleneh Selections
rirst race Animosity
Second race Octoroon
Third race The Golden
Llndscy Tavcta
Elolm The
Utopian Cast
Prince Irene
Fourth nice All Gold Vltelllus May W
Fifth race Ogden Smoke Latson
Sixth race Hyphen Iimbre ny Wheel
Tort 1rle Results
FORT ERIE July 29 Ri suits of to
days races track heavy
First race For and up
ward selling one mile Easier Lily
Gough S to 5 won Iady Powliattan
Fitzgerald 15 in 1 second Templar
Mny 4 to 1 third Time 152
Second nice For two- ear olds five
furlongs Taxman Jackson vi n won
Artificial J Daly 3 to 2 second Lady
Patroness Ryan 4 to 1 third Time
Third race for three- ear olds and
upward selling sit furlongs Bt David
Blake ccn won Llllle Hammerton
Jackson f id 1 second Choirmaster
Force 20 to 1 third Time l20i
Fourth race ror three-year-olds and
upward selling on mile Exit ntz
gerald 5 to 2 won Handy McQuade
3 to 1 second Kmndoo Adams 6 to 1
third Time l3i
Fifth race For three-year-olds -and up
ward selling wven and one half fur
long Gray Dally Allaire 8 to 1 won
Filibuster Wonderly B to 2 second
Tuclalre McQuade S to 1 third Time
Slth race For two j ear olds selling
four and one half furlongs Dixie Queen
Troxler even won St Hera J Dal
5 to 2 second Bed Cur L Daly 30 to 1
third Time 059s
Entrle nt Fort Krlc
TORT ERIE July 29 Entries for to
morrows races
First race For three-year-olds and up
ward selling six furlongs Northman
Free Play Competitor Surmise 107 Grey
Morn Riibmdlum 104 Yorkshire Boy
102 Antithesis Blackford Flaneur Icon
Zlegfeld Street Boy Kar Sight 99 Edna
J 97
Second race For two-year-olds selling
five furlongs Lauretta Burke 103 Dlav
lo VUlanl Snuffers 101 Ravel Quix
ada Silver Owl Appointee Kenner Dor
set 101
Third race For four- ear olds itnd up
ward selling seven furlongs Branch
103 Radford 104 Tnmarln 101 Tender
loin Rough Rider 10 The Brother 97
Woodtrlce Silver Garter 9
Fourth lace For two- ear olds five
nnd one half furlongs Tho Common Hi
Meditation 111 Bronzo Medal Lemuel
rifth race For three-year-olds and up
ward selling seven furlongs Neponset
101 Tic Gallant Tyrba 100 Cogswell
92 Prince f Africa 91 Miss Redwood
90 Randy Punctual S9 Little Tommy
Tucker SS Prince of Song Ml
Sixth race For three- ear olds nnd up
ward selling six furlongs Spurs 112
Jake Weber 109 Edlnborough Corlnlls
Momentum 105 Race Hud 102 Maugu
99 Knucklc Down 91
Port Erie Selection
shire Boy
race Antithesis Ziegfeld York-
Second race Lauretta
Burke Vivlani
Third race Branch Woodftice
Fourth race The Common Meditation
Fifth race Tyrba Tip Gallant Cogs
Slrth race Corlalls Mauga Jake
Results at Hnwthorne
HAWTHORNE July SO Results of to
days races track muddy
First race For two-year-olds five and
one half furlongs Commander Forster J
Woods 2 to 3 won April Domlnlck 3
to 1 second Miracle II Beaton 15 to 1
third Time 113
Second race For four-year-olds and up
ward selling one and three sixteenths
miles Frangible Gormely G to 5 won
Alaska Knight 5 to 2 second G W
W Rausch 4 to 1 third Time 232
Third race For three-year-olds and up
ward selling seven furlongs Brownie
Anderson Gormely 9 to 5 won Segur
anca Domlnlck 2 to i second Dalkeith
Bassinger 30 to 1 third Time 135
Fourth race The Hawthorne Stakes
for two- car olds six furlongs Arlan
Gormley 15 to 1 won Ed Austin
nicKj a to z serenu jauoert J woods
G to 5 third Time 1 201
Fifth race Handicap for four-year-olds
and upward lx furlongs George Arnold
Knight even won Maggie Davis
Rausch 9 to 5 second Andrisa Meade
5 to 1 third Time 118
Sixth nice For and up
ward selling ono mile Bonnie LIssak
Rausch 3 to I won Henry of Franst
mar Robertson 2 to 3 second Chorus
Boy J Woods 3 to 2 third Time
Entries nt Hnwthorne
HAWTHORNE July 29 Entries for to
morrows races
First race For two-car-olds six fur
longs Red Hook US jTom Wallace 108
Legal Maxim Sally Green 107 LaDldus
106 W F Me hr Blue Ridge- lie Dan-
clola loii Jaouit T 4ounteus JTckla Par
nasbas 98 Puryear 96 Amlrante
Second race For three- ear olds and
upward selling one mile and seventy
ards Flying Torpedo 107 Tammany
Chief lti Rasselas Uncle Tom Odnor
104 Joe Collins 93
1 hlrd race For three-year-olds and up
ward selling six furlongs Martha Fox
Crinkle 105 Wallcnsteln 100 Emma R
9 Sortie Hi Kremer Virginia Wilcox
Queen Victoria Ural 86
Fourth race For three-year-olds and
upward handicap one mile Scotch
Plaid 110 Robert Waddell 10S Obla 93
Hen Battle m
Fifth race For four- ear olds and up
ward selling six furlongs Ilraw Lad
114 Fleuron 110 Pupil 10 Triaeiltza
10S Seguranca 103 Educate 11 If You
Dare 100 Peace 93
Sixth race For four-year-olds and up
ward selling one and one sixteenth
miles Lissome Prince Blazes 10 Ob
sidian 1W Oxnard El Ghor The Bond
man Latch- Ke Ben Chnnce Dan Cu
pid 103 Josephine B 101 George Lee
Maryland Reserve 98 Our Nellie Chi
quasaborn Prairie Dog 9G
Unit tliorne Selections
First race Red Hook Legal Maxim
Second nice yRasselas Flying Torpedo
Third race Martha Tox Crinkle
Fourth racet Roliert
Scotch Plaid
Tilth race Braw Lad
Waddell Obla
Sixth race El Ghor Latch Key
IlesnltM lit Delimit- Park
DELMAR July 29 Results of todays
races track fast
rirst race For and up
ward selling seen furlongs Benham
Gllmore even won Honey wood W
Wood S to 1 second Warrenpolnt Llnd
te G to 1 third Time 130VJ
Second race For two- ear olds six
furlongs Runnels ONeill C to 5 won
Ethylene Dale G to 5 second Marque
Enos 3 to 1 third Time 11C
Third race For three- ear olds and up
ward six furlongs Northern Spy Dale
G to 5 won Survive ONeill 3 to 1 sec
ond Robert Jr Earl 60 to 1 third
Time llC i
Fourth race Tor four- ear olds and up
ward one and one sixteenth miles Pejer
Duryea llndwc won Tlckful R Mur
phy second Eugenie S ONeill third
No prices reported Time 149
Tilth race For thr e-year-olds one
mile Maxlmus Dale 1 to 3 won John
Iifferty It Murplix 3 to 1 second
Menace OBrien i to 1 third Time 1 4S
Sixth raee For three-year-olds and up
ward selling seven furlongs Rexoku
Gllmore 4 to 5 won Hardly Dale 3
to 1 second Swiet Dream Llndse 3
to 1 third Time 130
Entries lit IJelmnr Park
DELMAR PARK July 29 Entries for
tomorrows races
First race For two-year-old maidens
four and one half rurlongs Mazzara 107
Befi Hempstead 110 Mada Belle 107 Cro
zler Broodier 100 Bar Le Dae 103 W
L George Virginian 110 Lillian M 10J
Second race Tor1 and up
ward selling six furlongs Ki s Quick
IK Water Crest 101 Reefer 99 Cella
107 Eight Bells MS Charles C 110 Ms
terv 101 lrena 105 John Morfn Connie
Lei Floridan 1071Mona II 105
Third race Tor four- ear olds ami up
ward selling six furlongs Vacate i9
We f Border 104 IgnK Joe Doughty Ben
Bov liJ La Carina 1 Pomellu lot Za
zel 102 Agitator 100 Alio Furst 1C9 Ltud
Ho 11
Fourth race For three- ear olds and
upward selling six and one half fur
longsLa Desirous lOo Santa Ventura
92 Ciipliiln Lowery 10i Tom Collins 110
Hermoso 116
Fifth nice Tor three- ear olds and up
ward celling one mile Ben Trnt li
Seething K Miss Patron Boots 109
Chu Ies D IDC Nellie Helniuth 93
Swordsman 115
Sixth race For four-year-olds and up
ward selling even furlongs Merry Wi
ger 9fi Elsie Barnes 107 Ilungaritn 109
Lord Neville 112 Opera Girl 107 Ed L
Verify Nearest 109
IX lmiir Park M Iectloim
Tirst race Lilllati M Mazzard W L
Second race Eight Blts Charles C
Connie Lee
Third race Joe Doughty Abo Turst
Fourth race Hermoso Tom Collins La
Fifth race Swordsman Miss Patron
xli race Lord NtUIIe Verify Near
Eleven Persons Succumb to tle
Eccive Warmth
Yesterdny One of the Most Vnendur
nble In o the SrilMin This the
Hottest City on the Atlnntle Sen
tionrd ShoiM rs Predicted Todny
Washington endured one of the hottest
days of the season esterday and with
the exception of the hot weather of early
July one of the hottest days for some
ears The temperature took a sudden
upward Jump of seven degree over Sun
day and augmented by an extraordinar
ily high degree of humidity rendered life
almost unendurable Many cases of heat
prostration were reported during the day
and up until late last night when con
ditions had not improved to nny consid
erable extent the total number of pros
trations had reached eleven
At the Emergency Hospital yesterday
and last night the physicians had a busy
time All the patients are reported a
doing quite well The cases treated were
as follows
Robert Jett was pickeel up during the
afternoon at Ninth Street and Pennsyl
vania Avenue northwest He felt a sud
den dizziness and was overcome before
he realized Just what had happened A
policeman sent him to the hospital In the
ambulance Jett who Is thirty six years
of age lives at 2435 N Street northwest
Reuben Burke df 801 II Street south
west who says he Is a laborer suffered
greatly from the rays of the sun while
walking on Executive Aenue about 4
oclock When he was overcome he was
sent to the hospital in the ambulance
Uurke Is forty one years old
Cutler Green colored a sweeper cm
ployed at tho City Postoffice found the
heat unbearable shortly before 5 oclock
He had worked hard during the day but
was overcome on the portico of the post
office building The First precinct police
sent him to the hospital in the ambulance
Green lives at 9 Gessford Court south
east He Is twenty four years old -
William Bryan of 1234 Nineteenth Street
northwest fell nt Seventeenth and N
Streets northwest The Third precinct
police found him and he was removed to
the hospital for treatment It was found
that Bryan had suffered much from the
Thomas Fitzslmmons who lives at 1
Grant Place northwest was another pa
tient at the hospital because of the heat
He was overcome near his home after
his return from the Bureau of Engraving
and Printing where ho Is employed
Benjamin Mack a negro aged twenty
jears was found In a stupor Inst night
about 6 oclock In the grounds of the Agri
cultural Department The police pulled
him off a bench and sent him to the hls
pltal in the patrol wagon Mack lives at
1117 Shepherd Court northwest
Theodore Williams colored aged sev
enty years was oxercome by the heat be
fore nightfall yesterday He has a home
at 207 Third Street southwest The Fourth
precinct police had him removed to the
hospital In the patrol wagon
Benjamin II Brown fifty four years
old of 1921 Eleventh Street northwest a
laborer found the heat too muchtcstand
at Ninth ahd F Street northwest yester
day He fell down and was picked up
by the police and sent to the hospital In
the ambulance
Felix Hixon aged twenty three years
is a laborer and yesterday he seems to
have worked too long In the broiling sun
At ny rate he was overcome near his
home IK3 Half street southwest The
police called the ambulance and he was
taken to the hospital
G R Cole unknown to the police stag
gered about Sixth Street and Pennsyl
vania Avenue northwest yesterday until
he was overcome by the heat He was re
moved In a hurry to the hospital The
physicians say his condition was due
solely to the heat
Nora Taylor applied at the hospital last
night for treatment She said she suf
fered much from tl heat She gave her
address as 302 C Street northwest
Charles C Doggttt a motorman on the
Metropolitan Railway was overcome by
the heat at the compans car barns cor
ner of Fourteenth and East Capitol
Streets northeast shortly after 11 oclock
yesterday morning He was removed to
the Washington Aslum Hospital In the
Ninth precinct patrol wagon
About 350 p in yesterday Joseph Tora
linson twenty eight years old an em
ploye at the Ice riant of the Heurich
Brewing Comiam was taken suddeniy
111 from the effer a of the heat He was
removed to hisVhome 723 Twenty third
Street northwist lr a carriage
High temperatures chanicterired the en
tire day The morning was scarcely an
hour old before it was realized that the
mercury was once more rising At mid
night Sunday the thermometer stood ut 82
degrees and because of the humidity the
suffering was while not unendurable very
considerable By 6 oclock y esterday morn
ing the mercury had droppeel to 7G the
lowest point reached during the twenty
four hours and by 8 oclock with a
fierce sun shining It had risen G degrees
and gave strong indications of soaring to
much greater altitudes
The omen was a good one and at 10
oclock In the morning coatless Washing
ton was going about lis usual occupations
with haggard faces with the thermometer
at 90 degrees at the Weather Bureau On
the Avenue and in the business portions of
the cltv the heat was much more intense
and 100 degrees was reached between the
scorching hiat from above and the stored
up torrldity from the asphalt pavements
Thougri July OI lase year was one ol
the hottest In the history of Washington
yet the thermometer yesterday Was 14 de
grees hlglur at the maximum reading
than for the same d twelxc months ago
Scarcely a cloud In the sky served to
temper the burning ras of the sun and
a breeze was not felt at any time The
dav wih one of the most exhausting which
the eltv has ever experienced and loud
wails of complaint arose from every side
as the day w ore on and no showers came
to break the heat
Washington was the hottest city on the
Atlantic Seaboard esterday New- York
Phil idelphla and the New England cities
were too bv comparison The highest
official point reached on the Weather Bu
reau thermometer during the day was 97
degrees at N oclock In the afternoon
The following are the temperatures for
the day Midnight S2 2 a m 80 4 a
m 78 G a m 76- 8 a m 82 10 a m 90
12 noon 93 2 p m 94 3 p m 97 4 p in
9u G p m 91 b p n 86 10 p m S3 Max
imum 97 minimum 7G
Showers are predicted for today with
cooler weather
A Milxlniuni Teliiperiitiire of H1 He
Krees Vesterdny Heeord
NEWPORT NEWS July 29 Tills has
been the hottest day of the summer At
230 oclock this afternoon the thermo
meter regitered 101 degrees in tho shade
Intense humidity added to the suffering
occasloneel by the heat
Alilllteur lltisehfill
Steps arc being taken to strengthen the
American Stars a well known local ama
teur club The enerwhelnilng defeat on
Sunday at the hands of the Berwlns has
caused the shake up Mnnager Liepsik
has signed Ed Lyies of the Berwlns and
Kid Young of the Nationals Lyies
catcher will be Nledfelt while Young
will act as utility player Th release of
Nledfelt was e xpected but his good work
In the past has won him a place as
catcher a position which he has played
successfully in the past The following
players have been released Miller Moore
OUea ami Bond Those so far signed
are Infielders Oraxes Hatson and Morell
and Outfielder Shepherd formerly of
Cumberland Mil
The Sammy Dungans defeated the Rad
fords on Sunday in a well contested game
of ball by the score of 11 to 9 The fea
tures of the game were the pitching of
MeMahoi and Gilllon and the batting of
tho Dung ins The Dungans xxould like
to arrange games xxlth all teams aver
aging fourteen vears Address challenges
to Edward Clark 55 Myrtle Street north
east The score Is as folloxxs
Sammy Dungns2 0 4 0 5 0 x 11 15 3
The Rlidfords 0105300 9 7G
Batteries- McMahon Gilllon and Caho
I Freeman and Freeman
A E Vooii Tells the Stnte Depart
men n Tnle of Woe
The story of how his visit to Germany
was spoiled by a hotel waiter two Ameri
can consularWHccrs the police and some
other people Is told In a letter to the
State Department fremi Alwell E Voo
of a Montgomery Street Jersey City
Mr Voor in his letter of complaint tells
a talc of over omciousness Indifference
lack of sympathy lnhospitallty and of
mans Inhumanity to man Tho letter Is
written on the note paper of the steam
ship Mesaba upoi whlcn Mr Voot pre
sumably returned to his Jersey City home
Some of his trouble came from the fact
that he could not sleep on the night he
arrived at Munster Germany That was
on April 27 He went to a hotel and bat
tled with Insomnia until 3 oclock In the
morning Ins omnla won and Mr Voos
started to leave the hotel for a walk
But a waiter wouldnt permit him to
leave until he had paid his bill Mr Voos
protested that his trunk was In the ho
tel and that h had arrived only that
night His polntblank refusal to pay
caused the waiter to summon a policeman
who arresteel Mr Voos I was taken
to jail and kept there for three weeks
and two days for examination On May
21 I was discharged no case
But the subsequent experience of Mr
Voos was more interesting nnd forms
the chier subject of his complaint From
Munster he went to Hamburg where he
visited I o says a certain house nnd
while thee was made drunk nnd robbed
The loss s sustained by Mr Voos are
enumerated as follows Txvo pawn tick
ets one for a diamond pin wortn 200
and the other for a gold watch valued at
J40 a meerschaum cigar holder a silver
plated cornet mouthpiece and a passport
From other statements in his letter he
apparently lost 75 at the same time
What happened when Mr Voos woke
up is told my hlrn In short crisp sentences
that show the indignation he felt when
he wrote
I went to notify the poUce I was
laughed at Then 1 went to the American
Consul I told him my tale of woe He
merely said Pshaw and turned his
back to me I was Indignant and ex
pressed myself accordingly when an
other German gentleman presumably
the Vice Consul said Do not make any
kicks here or we will have you arrested
I left and went to se a lawyer
It cost Mr Voos 20 marks to see the
lawyer The lawyer told him that his
money 75 was lost as the police would
Keep it for their trouble but the pawn
tickets would be returned to him In six
months It is an outrage Mr Voos says
that the police should keep his pawn
tickets and thereby compel me to pay
Interest for six months
Just what Mr Voos wants the State
Department to do is not explained In the
letter He closes with the hope express
ed to Secretary Hay that you will In
tercede for me but does not say whether
he wants redress or only the pawn tickets
The matter of Mr Voos arrest and im
prisonment at Munster will not De taken
un bv the deDartment which holds that
Mr Voos remedv lay in the courts there
A copy of Mr Voos letter has been sent
to the Consul at Hamburg With the let
ter Mr Voos sent his certificate of natu
ralization to show that he Is an Ameri
can citizen
While Rcicnlng n rgro Ills Clothes
nnil 3Ioiiey Are Stolen
While Charles P Buckley of 744 Sixth
Street northwest wasengaged in fishing
Charlie Johnson a negro out of the river
at the Bathing Beach last night some rude
peron took possession of the formers
clothing and ma4e prf Buckley pulled
Johnson out oMhe water more dead than
alive and was then compelled to go home
In very scanty attire He was the more
Indignant because he says a watchman
at the beach gave slight attention to his
Buckley works all day at his trade as
a pressman and at night he enjoys a
bath in the river John II Gallagher
of 9 5 D Street northwest and Jeremiah
McCarthy who lives in the same house
accompanied Buckley last night to the
river and the trio had a fine swim Be
fore they had entirely dressed prepara
tory to returning home about 10 oclock
there was a cry that a man was droxvn
ing Some distance out Buckley saw a
form splashing about in the rfver at a
lively rate Without hesitation he- threw
off his clothes and Jumped into the water
Ail was then excitement Over a hun
dred people ran down to the water s edge
Including uallagner nna xicuanny
Thomas Murphy Injured
When Ills Horse United
Thonw Murphy Iifly years old was the
victim of a runaway accident yesterday
afternoon His injuries however were
slight and he was able to proceed to his
home at CO II Street ndrthwest
The accident occurred about 445 p m
it the corni r of Connecticut Avenue and
K Street northwest Mr Murphy was
driving a horse and buggy when the
horse became frightened and bolted
ihmnlni Ttirthv to fill fnjiilwnv
The Two Drs KochLeae
Dr Robert Koch Dr Ediinrd Koch
They Left London After the Tu
berculosis Congress Closed
Dr Edward Koch returned to America
yesterday and Dr Robert Koch returned
to Germany Dr Edward Koch brings
back with htm all of tho new methods of
treatment from this Congress which
I closed July 2G Also the latest treatment
nul 1 I nh Ljuh tTI t J
lH Tr VJ JULTI JWU 111S iaii iu
Berlin Germany has put him In har
mony with the latest treatment us- by
Dr Robert Koch and the new methods
sent to his American company wilt be of
wonderful assistance Jn combating con
sumption and asthma at tho Koch Lung
Cure oHlcm at 627 E Street northwest
Washington D C 4S West Twenty-second
Street New York 1334 Arch Street
Philadelphia 501 North Eutaw Street
Baltimore Ashevllle N C R6chcster
N Y 277 Franklin Street Buffalo and
those in other American cities under tho
medical direction of Dr Edward Koch
Members of Trinity Chnreli Conclude
Their AnnlrerMnry
The outdoor after celebration of Trinity
Lutheran Church cornerof Fourth and E
Streets northwest in further commem
oration of its golden anniversary was
held last night with mirthful laughter
and music on the lawn of the country res
idence of Mrs Mary Heine on the Brfght
woeel Road between Omaha and Phila
delphia Streets Hundreds of gaily dec
orated Chinese lanterns Illuminated the
spacious grounds bunting and flags dec
orated the fences and hung festooned
from the boughs of trees while crowds
of people members of the church and
their friendsj gathered on the hospitable
lawn or sought sequestered nooks and
enjoyed the occasion until late in the
Nearly 200 was the sum raised through
the sale of refreshments The money wilt
be devoted o the ladles society- of the
church which will use It for charitable
rurposes The fete was one of the most
successful ever held by the Trinity
Church One of the largest gatherings
ever brought together on such an occa
sion was present at the final incident of
the churchs fiftieth anniversary
Throughout the evening crowds from
Washington thronged the Brightwood
cars and for the occasion the attrac
tive lawns of the Heine residence were
one of the most popular resorts around
the city An orchestra rendered popu
lar selections with unceasing energy and
contributed to the merry making
Among the ladies in charge of the gar
den fete were Mrs G H7 Schroeder wife
of the pastor of the church and presi r
dent of the ladles society of the
church Mrs M Miller Mrs Meikel Mrs
Faltz Mrs Heider Mrs Umbeau Mrs
Croker Miss Charlotte Heitmuller Miss
Isabelie Graff and Mrs Heine who made
a charming hostess
Fall From a Second Story Porch
Week Abo Proves Fntal
Edward Gatewood colored twentyjfour
years old died shortly after S oclock last
night at the Homeopathic Hospital as
the result of injuries Incurred by falling
from a porch two stories high about a
week ago Coroner Nevltt has been noti
fied of the mans death and will probably
view the remains some time today
gatewood was visiting friends In a
building known as the National Flats
on N Street between Fourth and Fifth
Streets northwest the night of the acci
dent Owing to warm weather the party
adjourned to a porch two stories high in
the rear of the building For somorea
son the other members of the party left
Gatewood and a child alone
on the veranda They had scarcely gone
however when the structure gave way
and both Gatewood and -the child fell to
the alley- below a distance of twenty
Policeman Tracey of the Second pro
duct heard the craSn oi the falling tim
ber and when he arrived found the un-
VoShUoajlhaa7eB1uckyV T ZXWZ
stole An V eatnereu u in anajg --
rtJ w I from Mn
Buckley- meanwhile swam out to the
drowning negro and grabbed him as he
was about to go down After a while the
swimmer brought his man back to shore
and deposited him on the beach Some
body had been thoughtful enough to send
1 call for fhe ambulance and Brown was
shipped to the Emergency Hospital in
t jiffy He was reported out of danger at
s late hour
On leaving the water after performing1
his feat Hucklev looked arounet lor nts
clqthlng His shirt hat and vest were
not to be found In a pocket of his vest
he had about 5 In money and this alo
is missing Buckley came across his
trousers In one place and his coat In an
other These he donned With his friends
he then sought out a watchman and made
complaint nt the thttt of his clothing
The latter began to joke
Did you loe your coat and pants Is
what Buckley says the guardian of life
ind property asked him
As Buckler was wearing both coit and
trousers he became Irritated and he say
he told the watchman something Then
he left the binch with his friends Buck
ley states that he has been robbeel at the
teach before Clothing nnd valuables he
says are not at all safe there
Brown the negro whose rescue was ef
fected by- Buckley is eighteen years of
age Ills home Is in the northwest section
not far from Rock Creek
tound vo be suffering a fractnre of
the skull besides being painfully injured
about the body
The surgeons of the hospital have noti
fied Gatewoods relatives at Virginia Av e
nue and Twenty second Street northwest
and they wiir take charge of the re
Accident to n Youth Necessitates aix
Ellwooel Colberth eighteen years old a
baker living at 1222 Potomac Street was
a patient yesterday afternoon at the
Georgetown University Hospital suffer
ing from a crushed finger The patient
was put under the influence of anaes
thetics and the finger amputated
While freezing Ice cream Colberth
caught the little finger of his left hand
In the cog of the freezer The finger was
terribly mangleil and broken In several
places He walked to the hospital un
assisted though suffering severely from
lhe Articles Filed With the Record
er of Deeds
Articles incorporating the Park Temple
Conere rationn Church the edifice of
which congregation is located at the cor
ner ot Sixth and Trumbull Streets north
west were filed yesteijlay morning with
the Recorder of Deeels
The Incorporators are Sterling W
Brown Robert II Terrill James F Child
Lewis B Moore Walter S Welborne
Philip M MitchelT Ulysses A Black and
Zeph P Moore all of whom were trustees
of the University Park Temple Mission
which Is succeeeled by- the church
The necessities of the organization have
outgrown the old mission and the
The was slightly damaged and porated church was accordingly decided
with the horse was taken to No 3 i upon at a meeting of the board of
station tees held on June b
Be strong vigorous nan cmonz men
This Grand Free Gffer
Is mada to YOU only nnd It holds good
for a few days only so WRITE TO DAY
It lsynnra far themkla without one rtnt of
ecst ThU Ia no deposit Khrnr n 3 tloya trial
schecic nocbemeufiui7 kiodtofrct money oat or
you- Yoa limplT fend your name and address and
wo send you tho Het It U yoori to keep fortrcr and
we uruler no eircotascan ask for or accept any
money forlt ciOcrnow orln the future ThU i 4 a plain
slm pi positiTe statement of facts U e guarantee it
the Best ESecfric Best Made
Ylro miiutos trial will prore to yoa its power
weeks wearing of 16 will rcrtore to yoa all loitvter
CtTlnf to yoa the Ptrenfth and manhood wtoaafj
your Dirinnaw aii
Nervous Sexual Urinary
Kidney and Liver Diseases
rnch Ha lmpotcncTTrtoiclerrmtorrhof te jrieU tonclo Its murie Influence Wortro wy
from thoeemUe w will make oar profit ftriteio ay In confidence telling U about joorcaoao4
ueuelt win te sens yoa tuoiaccijimti once Aaarcu

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