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AinaiRaiiiatetls Board
jouriM Until Today
Opiioiliou to Acccptlnc the TerniK
OITitmI in Mr MnririlllN Iltllitn
tiini V Concession to the Mniiu
fllilnrerx ipcctcd entiinllj
PITTSBUlftL July 30 The big -led
strike was not declared oft toelay After
an all day session the executive board
ot the Amilgnmateel Association nd
Journcd at C p m and it was given out
that it would nuit agidn tomorrow morn
inj No conference was In Id with the
manufacturers nnd the latest story i
that none is contemplated
Having rend in the local papers tint
the manufacturers hd agreed to n settle
ment tint would be n triumph for the
Amalgamated Association the btrikers
were astonished today to icarn that Mor
gan had practlcallv issued an ultimatum
and that the acceptance of It by Shaffer
would be a vlctorv for the trust They
now realize that if the strike is settled
under the terms made public the Amal
gamated Association will not lne won
the main point on which the strike was
declared and will hae lot privileges
that it prewouly had
It was learned today that In all proba
bility the manufacturers are not willing
to -concede to the strikers the four steel
hoop mills three in Pittsburg and one in
Monessen that has been considered non
union but demonstrated they were organ
ized by ceasing work when Shaffer called
the Amalgamated Association out The
strikers learned that it is extremely like
ly should the strike be now settled that
these mills will be regarded as non union
and that the manufacturers will refuse
to slgi the Amalgamated scales for them
Count Snllorx Firemen Dock Labor
er mill TeaniNterH strike
SAX FRAXCISCO July 30 In accord
ance with a resolution adopted by the
Water Front Federation late last night
the coast sailors marine engineers and
firemen dock laborers and stevedores
coal teamsters and several minor organi
zation struck today and business on the
water front Is at a standstill Fourteen
thousand men were added to the ranks
of Idle workers making a total thrown
out of work since the labor troubles be
gan of about 25000
The strikers unloaded coasting vessels
arriving this morning and permitted sev
eral to sail but at noon the strike be
came officially effective and the tle bp
was complete Steamers and ships at the
docks are In charge of officers and watch
men nnd all freight Is refused
There were many minor troubles today
but only one serious light occurred Ros
coe Horn and William Ferguson non
union teamsters were menaced by a
crowd of union svmpathlzers They drew
pistols and find nine shots Into the crowd
Only one shot found a mark Petir Lynch
J ecelvIng a bullet in the hip The crowd
made a rush for Horn and Fcrguon but
they were rescueil hi the police and taken
to prison charged with assault to murder
Almost the entire police force is now
on duty In the lower part of the cit and
residence and uptown districts are with
out protection There Is a strong senti
ment among the employers for calling on
the militia to do guard duty to relieve
the pollee for ordinary dull The situa
tion in the Interior of the State Is grave
os fruit Is rotting by tons owing to lack
of shipping facilities
A spirit of disorder and lawlessness is
growing and lights are l ecoming more
serious The Employers Association
stands firm In refusing to make conces
sions to the unions
Left In n Slaking Condition After a
severe Murm
man ctearoer Amebls which arrived today
from Hamburg and South American ports
brings details of the loss of the big five
masted French ship France which was
abandoned at sea off Monte Jdeo on
May 13
The France which was the second larg
est ship In the world encountered a ter
rible storm on May 10 and was in a sink
ing condition when finally abandoned
three das later The captain and crew
were picked up li the German ship Hebe
nnd on June 1 landed at Valparaiso
The France was bound from New Castle
on Tjne for Chile with SVjO tons of coal
Ocean Struiunlilp Mo cinciitN
NEW YORK July 30 Arrived Wcrra
Gibraltar Scotia Genoa Brilliant Rotter
dam Arrived out Maasdam from New
York at Boulogne Patricia from New
York at Ilymouih
FlynnM UubIiicii ollcire Mth nnd K
Business Ehortluni Tjrptwritinr J2S a yaz
Fluent Cabinet OaU CI cen
pcrfctt ejusllt st 6th anil X Y avc
He to
An Unexpected Development In the
Meet TriiMt Mrlkc
PITTSBURG July 31 2 a m Reports
were brought dovvntpvvn early this morn
ing tint the menmployed in the Cir
ngie Twent -ninth and Thirt thlrd
Street mills had gone on strike at mid
night Telephone missises to Iarcntc
ille brought the reply that the Twenty
Street plant h id closed
The strike was unexpected and coming
as it decs during the consideration of
peace propositions fzom J Ilerpont Mor
gan will prubibly complicate m itters
The Twenty -ninth btreet plant adjoins the
hoop combine mills of the William Clarks
Sons Company which closed two necks
A iolciit be In the Helulnii
Iier if IlcimtUN
BRUSSELS July CO There wire vio
lent scenes in the Chamber of Deputies
today The Soclilist members shouted
Vle le Republiiiue Down with the
pastejioard King etc and sang the
M Van dir Velde a Socialist deputy
made threuts nguinst the President of
the Chamber
The attitude of the Socialists is vcry
embarrassing to the Government Tne
same sjstem has lecn adopted as that
of two years flgo when n revolution was
Low ItlltCN Result In the Withdrawal
of PoreiKii Account
COLOGXE July CO The Gazette
states that heavy withdrawals from
Tnili nf font fern fillta limn H n f
In brief the strikers win ioeuie - fccteJ recently chiefly by French and
burg and Old Meadow sheet steel mills German I1nklng inrs
which the manufacturers once offered to u K believed that this Is the cause of
them but which the m inufacturers have the present rate of private dsCunt which
since decided to retain the men in them
cven for Nrsi dass paper Is so low that
having refused to join the strike besides lt tloei not pd partles concerned to allow
losing the four steel hoop mills which
they gained from the manufacturer
All that could be obtained from Shaffer
today wis the following statement
I can say that tne meeting has ad
journed until tomorrow morning There
will be no statement made by me until
the executive board either accepts or re
jects the proposition offered The board
will continue the uork tomorrow
In the meantime the strikers are as
vigilant as ever in picketing the non
union mills of the three companies and
the companies are making repairs and are
ready to make concentrated efforts to
resume work at the idle mills whether
the strike he called oft or be continued
While there is spirited objection from
various members of the Amalgamated
Associations executive board to settling
the strike on Morgans terms and though
the members ot the association generally
would reluctantly accept such a termina
tion this does not meanthat the strike
will continue Under thefrulcs of the
association the president and secretary
can be authorized by the executive board
to end any strike and It is likely that
Shaffer and Se cretary Williams will re
ceive the boards Instructions to accept
the manufacturers terms although
efforts will first be made to secure modifi
cations of them
The long distance telephone to Xew
York was kept busy the executive board
trying to secure easier conditions
from the heads of the trust At the close
of the morning session some of the mem
bers of the executive board could not re
strain themselves from venting their dis
satisfaction at the reply that President
Shnffcr had brought bjck from Xew York
and which he had Just been urging thera
Thcv would not say categorically what
the terms were but they intimated that
unless they were modified the board would
probably reject them They object to
the provision allowing men to
work In the union mills and hey do not
believe the rank and file will look with
favor upon the retention by the manu
facturers of the men who are now work
ing in some of the mills that are on str Ke
credits to remain standing in German
Tin- Arctic lvilrrr Snllx With Ills
Dock find Ponic
IOXDOX Julv 31 A despatch to the
Chronicle from Vardoe says that the
Arctic cxplorirtr ship America with Mr
Evelyn Iialelnin leader of the Baldwln
Zlegler expedition on board sailed thence
this evening There were 336 dogs and 1C
ponies aboard
The vessels course was shaped for Cape
Flora where Mr Baldwin hopes to join
the Frltjof and Belgica the other two
vessels of the expedition which left a
week age Mr Baldwin Intends to push
as far north as possible and establish
winter mutters He will then act ac
cording to circumstances
Almost his last words to the corre
spondent were that he was sure his plan
was the right one- and that If he does not
succeed It will not be for want ot push
llmtiorcil AncIo Gcriititii Slilpplngr
Coiiiliiiintion in ChincHc Wnterie
LONDON July 31 V story is printed
th it several English shipping firms will
combine their fleets with the fleet of the
Hamburg American line to control the
Eastern trade Herr Balliu director of
the latter company has been in London
and accomplishes the initial deal aiming
to secure Anglo German control of the
China coast trade
Herr Balltn also signed a contract with
the Jlarland A Wolff Shipbuilding Com
jiany foran Atlantic liner of 21aw tons
which will not be designed for special
IiaM the Sniniiiekr Jleeldciice of Inte
sir IIukIi Allun There
COBURG Ontario Jul 35 Mrs Nellie
Grant Sartorls has purchased from Miss
Allan daughter of the late Sir Hugh Al
lan of Montreal her beautiful residence
and grounds here and Mrs Sartorls and
Mrs Grant who are passing the summer
at Heathcote will become permanent
summer residents at Cohurg
Ilitrlier niiii Gould seekluir to Gain
ii Monopoly
LONDON July 31 The Dally Mail
ascribes to a prominent American flnan
cler the statement that Mr Gould and
Mr Barber President of the Diamond
Match Company working In unison have
purchased largely of the stock of the
Swedish Match Company and contemplate
combining it with the Diamond and Bry
ant May Match Companies making a
universal match trust
DresM of n irl Set on
Ilre In
a IIiikk
TERRE HAUTE Ind July 30 ran
nle Parent aged sixteen living at Tan
gier norjh of here died from burns re
ceived from a cigarette smoked by Den
nis Williams her cousin with whom he
was riding home from a funeral
Discovering that her dress was on fire
she Jiimpeil from the bugg and ran to
ward a farm house The girls clothing
was torn from her by the farmer but
not before she had been fatal burned
Williams Is prostrated over the fate of
his cousin
Tcvnn Grower Still Wnlttii An
loti for u Ilaltifall
DALLAS Tex July 30 The Texas cot
ton growing district Is still without rain
This has been a bad day for the crop
There was no break In the drought any
w here
The thermometer during the afternoon
at Dallas registered an even lou dexrees
In the shade
XnrnitTH IVeI More KneournKeil li
the IrcMcnt Olitloeik
MEXICO Mo July 20 Anothur good
rain fell In this drought stricken section
today which gives relief from the scare
It of water nnd will grfatly help the
growing corn that has not been killeel
Some are pre ellcting a fourth of a crop
of corn now The people are encouraged
KllcIicncrM Wceklj Report
LONDON July 30 Geneik
telegraphs the War Office
m it between
July 22 nnd J twentv four Boers were
kdled 23 woundtnl 23 taken prisoners
and 0 surrendered The British also cap
tured 1SI rifles 1OM0 rounds of small am
munition Wi wagons and 37J hots
Took anidc of PotllleleilllU
NORFOLK Va July 30 While In a
despondent frame of mind William Sll
iQway took cyanide of potassium and ditel
In great agony shortly uftcrwurd He
married Miss Iteld daughter of James
Reld who made a fortune here In the
banking business
SoftcNt 1 ellow Poplar S cent
from Tcnscsscc by Liblcy i Co
Elaborate Fete Day Old rations
Held on Sea and Shore
Wnior SHrlN in the Morning Fol
lowed iy nn Vftenioon Piiriulc
tScii JfiKcph Wheeler ill Comiiilind
Tin- Harbor Illiiniluuted ill MKlit
NEVPOUT It I July 30 Newport Is
en fete toda It is celebrating a hoidav
or Its own crenion one arranged In hon
or of the Meet of the Xew York Yacht
Club and the ships of the North Atlan
tic Suiiidron Never have been so nanv
people In the cltv A low estimate is
placed at 23100 people from abro id The
hotels and restaurants could not gin
to provide for them and the Pinde was
lined with lunch booths giving the place
tlic appearance of n country fair
The celebration began at S oclock this
moridng when a salute of fifteen guns was
fired from the water front h the Jew
port Artillery This salute was nnswer
d by the riagship Krirurge ad nt the
same time the hundreds of achts in the
hirbor dressed ship rainbow fashion
making a most striking picture
The main business street and fashion
able Bellevuc Avenue were In hohdav at
tire eirr building being covered with
flags and hunting while pictures of Gen
Joe Wheeler and Admiral Francis J
Higginson were to be seen on alt sldis
The morning was spent on the water
There Horn two cutttr races the first be
tween local crews which was won b the
Father Mathew Association and the sec
ond between crews from the Massachu
setts Kearsarge and Alabama the for
mer winning These races were judged
bv Oliver II P Belmont Representative
Bull W IT Vandtrblt jr Pembroke
Jones Hear Commodore C 1 P Robin
son X Y Y C and Mayor Garrrtson
Following this there was an exhibition
given with the submarine boit Holland
In charge of Ileutenapf Caldwell
Tne special feature f the day vp the
land p lrnde in the afternoon arranged
bv Gen Joe Wheeler IIIsstaff was made
up entirely of men who had seen active
service in the Spanish Aim rtenn war
General Wheeler stall led the
parade all wearing their old campaign
uniforms and never w u a warmer re
ception tendered to war veterans The
formation was as follows
Mountenl police honorary civic staff
mounted Maj Gen Joeph Wheeler
Chief Marshal Staff Col John Jacob
Astor Major Fcrrj Belmont Major Ii P
Young Major C B Marsh Capts A A
Barker J C Hegerty W W Whipple
C H Lcdyard E R Barker H Wi 1
cott II S Pearcc C W Cutler Chap
Iain J J Woolley IIeuts C H Weaver
J T Seeney nC Pierce A P Watson
II A Richmond W A Stratford 0 T
Slocum G F Hawkins and Surgeon Rus
sell Bellamy of Troop A X G S X Y
Post band Troops from Forts Adams
Greble and Wetherell Capt Joseph
Wheeler jr commanding Kearsarge
band United States Xaval Brigade from
Xorth Atlantic Squadron Capt II B
Bronson commanding Battalion marines
from fleet Capt L J Magi command
ing Training Station band United States
Xaval Apprnuce Brigade Lieut J II
Iteld commanding Newport band Mili
tia Division Col II Bliss commanding
Xew port Artiller Compans Kentish
Guards band Rhode Island Xaval Re
serves Battalion Lieut C E Iawton
The parade was reviewed by General
Wheeler and Governor Gregory on the
old Occm House site
The spectacular feature was the har
bor illuminatlm at night There was a
continuous string of tlictrlc lights all
along the water front interspersed with
set pieces The Torpedo Station was aglow
with lights and special elitricni displas
wlille the jachts were Illuminated and
burned colored fires Each of the war
ships was outlined in electric lights
with their names in large letters placed
so as to show from all parts cf the har
With all this therewere scoies of search
lights ilishlng here and there making
an i ver cJianging kaleidoscope of color
and light A speclall noticeable thing
was an American flag on the top of the
shot tower on which a searchlight was
constantly plaj ed making Old Glory
stand out as If pinned to the sky
The harbor was literally packed with
excursion steamers and pleasure craft of
every description and fireworks were set
off from floats In the harbor while six
bunds stationed at arious points kept
up a continual discourse of music Ear
ly In the evening there was a Venetian
parade for which money prizes were
given for the heft dicoratcd boats This
parade passed through the harbor ind
past the yachts mdkipg n ideasing fea
At 10 oclock the exercise on the water
ceased and the bands took up points in
the tit j park where tliej plajed until
midnight when the creranis dispersed the
excursionists left for homo and old New
port again settled down u quiet nnd nst
Tl A li 1 ml I flirt 4 tiUmi III firm
luiiuit im nwf v aiiij laua
the harbor entertained la large party of
cottagers oh the lawn during the even
ing and his grounds were Illuminated for
the occasion A number of entertiln
ments wire given on the achts and ome
few dinners at the cott iges
Mr Duncan Sriftl the oiihMiiMIoii
to Ilrlslol for Clin iig
NEWPORT R I Jjlv 30 -The Consti
tution went to Bristol today to have some
aiteratfons made In her rigging which Mr
Duncan has decidtl are necessary In view
of the new yachts defeat by the old Co
lumbia yesterday Mr Duncan says there
was some trouble yesterday with the
mains ill that prevented the yacht from
pointing or footing well and that she
will not be entereil In another race until
h r rig has been changed The man will
be lengthened five feet and the topmast
will be shortened There will be no
change In the hoist of the mainsail but
by lengthening the mast It is thought
the peak halyards will have a better lead
and the gaff will thus be kept Inboard
The trouble w ith the mainsail is thought
to have been caused by the gaft swinging
too far outboard To accomplish the
change will take from one week to ten
Of course the Constitution will not
miet the Columbia and Independence in
the Newport Yacht Racing Associa
tions contest on Thursday and S iturday
of this week Her Inability to st irt will
not however affect the programme for
these races although It will lessen Inter
est in them for the Columbia will meet
Ijiw sons bo it Other events arranged
for the W footers and announced this
week by the Regatt 1 Committee of the
Xew York Yacht Club will so far as
dates are coneerniil depend on the time
It takes to put the Constitution in shape
Thest events are the Xewpejrt special
prize races now scheduled to be sailee
on August 1 and H off Xew port The
trial races which will detinnlne the
Americas Cup ilifcmUr for the year are
scheduled for August 31 and September
and 4 off Newport
Plan for the firrj lcinr
MONTREAL Quebec July 10 Lome
Campbell Currlc the English yachtsman
who nailed his boat Grev Uriar to defeat
In tiie scries of races for the Seawiinhaki
Cup finished on Lake St Louis jester
day afternoon has announced his Inten
tion of taking the Grey Frl lr to Minnea
polis to race the White Bear Club a yacht
en V P Doom tjtlOO
each 154 Inch at CtU and X V are
Her Condition Reported to Dc Kx
treniely SerioaH
HOMBURG July 30 MIdnlghty The
Empress Frederick is reported to lie In n
most serious condition Emperor William
is coming home frOTO Xorway and will
come to Cronberg immediately but he Is
not expected to arrive for two or three
A Motion to Call tln Dllllj Mnllx
Editor lie fernleel
LOXDOX July 30 In the House of
Commons this afternoon John Gordon
Swift MncXeill Irish Nationalist member
for South Donegal ralecd a question ot
privilege against the fxindon Dally Mail
on the ground that that papers article
attacking the War Oflloe for withholding
official despatches from that Journal be
cause of the Dally Mall s dlsclosure of
ofllilal secrets amounted to calling Sec
retary Brodrlck a public liar Mr Mac
Xelll wished the i vHop arraigned for n
brMch of privilege In order to give hn
jin opportunity of proving his case John
Dills Irh Nationalist member for East
Mayo seconded the rdotlon
Secretary Brodrlck declared the Dally
Mall had disclosed Obviously secret doc
uments which the editors of two other
papers had had In their hands four or five
days previously hik had showed to him
and had patriotically decided not to print
The Rt Hon A J Balfour the Gov
ernment leader declared passionattly that
no meinber required his honor cleared less
than Secretary Brodrlck
Mr MacXelll moved that the editor be
called to the bar of the House Lost
Ayes 12 noes 233
A I pom iikiiuii ami Tlilrty Tvvo
PrlNoiiern Taken
LOXDOX July 31 General Kitchener
reports that a pompom twenty wagons
and thirty -two prisoners Were captured
from Vlljoen north of Mlddelburg
Uoni Paul Axked to VUIt the Lnite d
AMSTERDAM Julv30 Mr Kruger has
received Mr Van Schdk President of the
Hollander Club ot Chicago who It Is
underatood Invited him to isit the United
lleNoliitloiiM Adopteil by the Colored
Cniic CoIoaltitK
CABE TOWN July 30 At a large meet
ing of colored people here today resolu
tions were adopted expressing confidence
In Lord Milner Governor of the Trans
vaal and Orange River Colony
The resolutions also appeal to Lord Mil
ner as the stanch friend of the colored
people for succor and redress against the
attempts that aro being maderlnsccrtaif
quarters to enacX laws Inimical to their
Selinntlomil Evidence Involving Edi
tors de Rodnys unit Perlvler -
PARIS July 3a Jit the struggle for
the control of the FlJriro the pleadings
closed tills afternoon with sensational
evidence MM de Rodays and Ferivfcr
had denied receiving Riiytips as alleged
by M De Castellane Today M Sellgmari
who represents II jfstut the leader of
the opposition to dt ICbdays and Perivier
produced extracts from the books of the
Financlere Companythe company that
formed the I lgarostrttock tiidar
showing that they ifad received
francs from that company through the
Banque Parislenne and furthen re
that each received gratuitously 100 sh res
of the Financlere Company
1 ater a question afose respecting the
duration of the contract between the Fi
nanclere Company and the Figaro MM
de Rodnys and Pcrjvitr agreed to accept
the Financlere Qonipnnys view of the
contract in consideration of the Finan
clere Company purchasing their 100
shares above their market value
The Castellane mentioned Is not con
nected with Count Bon de Castellane
Fears That China Mn JVot Prove to
Be Prompt
PEKIX July 30 Although it has been
stated that the mattef of the Chinese In
demnity to be paid to the Powers for the
damages sustained during the Boxer re
bellion has been settled to the satisfaction
of nil concerned there Is a feeling here
that complications are likely to arise at
any time which will revive the whole dis
pute and cause a great deal of trouble
It may easily be sten that a dispute
would result If for any reason the Chi
nese Government should fall to make the
Installment payments as agreed Sir
Robert Hart the Imperial Commissioner
of Maritime Customs made a significant
remark today In discussing the Indem
nity one of the foreign Ministers enquired
of Sir Robert If there was any posslolllty
of China paylnft a scini unninl install
ment on the 40 0WtXV taels next January
In the opinion of the Imperial commis
sioner It will be Impossible to make the
necessary changes and secure revenue to
lover the fiist payment in less than a pe
riod othree years
It is said here on the best of authority
that the Powers will strenuously oppose
any such delay In making the Initial in
demnity payment
The re are Indications of the early re
turn of the Chinese Court to Pekln Rice
tributes have commenced to reach the
city They are coining by steamboats
and the railway instead of by canal The
first lot arrived today WIthn the next
few months one hundred and thirty
trains with live hundred tons of rice are
expected to reach the capital
Of all the German- troops formerly sta
tioned In this city there arc only twenty
five men of thele gatlon guard left The
last of the Germans left today Tho
British troops are still here
Reported Apiitiliitmciit eif n Chinese
1orelKii lleiurd Verified
The Chinese Minister Wu Ting tang
has reee lviil from Prince Chlng through
the Chinese Minister at Tokyo teligriphlc
Infoimttlon to the e ffect that an Imperial
edict was Issued on thif 21th int provid
ing that the Tsung lUYamen be replaced
by a Hoard of Foreign Affairs Wei Wu
Pu Prince- Chlng has been appointed
ui rvlsor of the boanf Wang Wonshao
ne gland secretary associate minister
lsr ign affnlrs Chu liung chl Presi
dvut of the board and associate minister
lor foreign affairs ami Hsa Shou peng
and Lien Fang senior and junior vice
presidents respectively
Chesapeake Reach lcinrtiient Lim
Iravrs District Line slitin weekdays o p m
Iast lulu no stops
Xcvr ShliiKlrH bent kind 9371
6x20 toe U LiLbcy le Co
The Alabama Convention Accepts
the Grandfather Clause
Mnnj Prominent Menibern Declare
AKalnxt the llnn khitciI Hint
tlic Menietirc Ih Vnconntltutlonnl
nnd Cannot stiinel in tlic CoitrtM
MONTGOMERY Ala July 30 After a
full weeks debate on the grandfather
claust of the suffrage article the Con
stitutional Convention adopted lt by the
decisive vote of 109 to 23 It allows all
descendants of soldiers In any war to
register and become life electors at any
time prior to January 1 J90S The whole
temporary scheme of registering voters
up to Jhc above date Including the good
cluiracter clause was ndopttd
The feature -of the discussion was a
spee ch todav by Mr Iowe Chairman of
the State Democratic Executive Commit
tee denouncing the whole plan as a de
liberate scheme to perpetuate fraud In
elections With few exceptions the
strongest mm Intellectually In the body
have been against a hcriditary suffrage
qualification The opposition Includes ex
Govcrnors Thomas G Jones and William
Coates Solicitor Charles W Ferguson of
Birmingham Capt Frank S White of
Birmingham who was chairman of Sen
ator Morgans campaign last year Capt
S H Dent of Eufala and a number ot
other recognized leaders
The black belt Democrats have been
for the clause almost to a man They
bitterly oppose any measure that will dis
franchise a single white man for any
other cause than crime The chief oppo
sition has come from tho white counties
of northern Alabama while the majority
of the supporters of the plan are from
those counties In middle and southern
Alabama where the negro population is in
the majority
The adoptiontflof the grandfather
clause it Is admlttexl means that middle
and southern Alabama will have to brre
lied upon to carfyVthrough the ratification
of the new- constitution when the speciil
State elcctlonffs held for that purpose
as lt Is conceded that the sentiment in
northern Alabama Is so strongly against
the grandfather Idea that many coun
ties in this section nominally Democratic
arc likely- to vote against ratifying the
new instrument with this clause attached
Xot only Is it regarded as a black
belt measure but It Is looked upon by
those who oppose It as being unconstitu
tional and un American They assert lt
will furnish ground for an immediate
legal test of the new- constitution and
that the Supreme Court and a hostile Re
publican Congress are likely- to mako mat
ters disagreeable for Alabama
Cniupnljru of the Aml Ln lollete
Unction OpeiiH
MILWAUKEE Wis July 29 -The cam
paign of the faction of the Republican
part opposed to the re election of Gov
ernor Ia Follette has begun after a se
ries of secret conferences among the
chiefs and headauarters have been
opened In this city The movement thus
far Is In the hands ot a committee ap
pointed by the opposition Senators during
the recent session of the Legislature and
consists entirely of Senators the leaders
In the movement which defeated the en
actment of the primary election bill and
who were denounced by Governor La Fol
lette in the message vetoing the sham
measure which they substituted for lt
A Baltimore Hoy Livlne With u Ter
rible Wound
BALTIMORE July 30 Samuel Appleby
seven years old with a bullet hole
through his brain lives on at the City
Hospital furnishing a most remarkable
case to medical science
The fact that the victim of Miss Am
bler Hollyuays stray- sb whlje target
shooting lives is not the most surprising
feature but that he escaped instant pa
ralysis is a phenomenon unfathomable
rThe child was hit almost over the ear the
bullet passing through what Is known as
the silent area of the brain and mak
ing its exit -on the other side at a direct
ly opposite spot from tho point of en
trance Xot an artery was ruptured and
there Is about an even chance that the
lad will recover The boy Is not yet out
of danger
If itcovery is accomplished it will be
nothing shorrVt marvelous All the phy
sicians who have anything to do with
tho hosplta urefrry much Interested In
the patient YoitfrkAppleby has lived ten
days with the wound
Mrs Jane Cottrell Starts Out In De
stroy salooiiH
TOIEKA Kin July 30 A new Mrs
Xition has apeared on the scene here
LaFt night Mrs Jane Cottrell smashed a
saloon at Vlcits Washington County
breaking a half dozen large window
glasses vith an ax Some time ago she
smasheel a saloon here and since that
time has made numerous throats against
the saloons
She came to town hitched her horse
j In front of the place took an ax from
the buggy and went in She was In con-
saltation with the saloonkeeper fully thlr
i ly minutes Stveral people who came in
stay ed to see the smashing Mrs Cot
trell wanted the Joinlist to remove all
the fixtures which he refused to do He
ordered the crowd to ret out and the
door was locked Mrs Cottrell went out
with the others and nt once began chop
plug In five minutts after the smashing
thirsty men were at the bar drinking
Mrs Cottrell weighs over 200 pounds and
she wielded the ax like a veteran She
defied the ohieers to arrest her as she
drove back to her farm
The Prcsielent of Ceirncll Unable to
Speak la IlufTalo
ITHACA X Y July 30 Frederick
Scliurmnn the youngest child of Jacob
Gould Schurman President of Cornell
University Is dead after a brief illness
Mr Schurman has notlllee the committee
tint because of his childs death he will
not be nble to speak In Buffalo on Au
gust 5 Cornell Day at the Pan American
Dean T F Crane will take his place
Tel Serve nt Hates College
Vedltz has just been elected pioessor of
sociology In Bites College to fill the va
cancy caused by resignation of Dr
C M Gcer Dr Veditz retelved his doc
torato from Halle in Germany and he has
also studied In Berlin Leipzig and Paris
and In all has spent ten years abroad
Norfoll v WnNliinKtnii Vteniiibont Co
II lighlful trl il iili Jt el SO p m from foot
th t to Old 1oint Norfolk a Ittaili Ocean
Mew and New pert News Kor clieilulc sec page
IVeiv Ilimtic SldlllK Ifino
duly per 100 It at Jlli aaJ X i ave
Trannferreil From the Morro Castle
to the ICnnaivhn
XEW YORK July SO Gen Leonard
Wood Governor General of Cuba arrived
toilay from Havana aboard tho Ward
Line sttnmsr Morro Castlo and was trans
ferred from her to the Government steam
yacht Kanawha Ho was ablo to leave
the liner with only- slight assistance from
friends on whose shoulders ho leaned as
he went to tho health officer steamer
Governor Flower When he left Havana
he was so weak that It wus necessary to
carry him aToard the stotro Caatlo on t
Dr T D Lane of tho army who ac
companied the general says his recupera
tion was rapid after sailing It was ex
pected that there would bo a demonstra
tion at Havana when the general left and
to avoid one ho was taken aboard at 5
oclock in the morning Even at that
early hour forty persons mostly well
know p merchants and civil and military
ofllclals gathered at the landing One of
the generals friends said that some of
the Cuban people feared that the general
would not return and were in much dis
tress over the Immediate destiny of the
Island v jlch they think can be properly
handed over to the Cubans only by Gen
eral Wood
With General Wood were Mrs Wood
and their three children The general will
take a three weeks cruise along the Xew
England coast on the Kanawha Mrs
Wood and the children will be the guests
of Dr Doty at Quarantine until tomor
row the end of the five day detention pe
riod for passengers from a yellow fever
port Mr Vvood probably will Join the
general aboard the Kaouwha The gen
eral said to the reporters
lt will be eight months before the elec
tions In Cuba will be over and tho Island
turned ov cr to the people During my Ill
ness I received dally messages telegrams
and letters from all parts of the island
expressing sympathy I feel grateful for
this manifestation on the part of the
Cuban people hen I lert Havana every
thing was very quiet
Cyrus Field Judson brother-in-law of
General Wood was nt Quarantine on the
yacht PriscHla and greeted the general
A Plntform Prepared But ot Yet
Submitted to n Veite
IXDIAXAPOLIS July 30 The Social
Democratic convention opened this morn
ing with denunciation of a local paper
which contained reports today of an al
leged split in the party by which Eugene
V Debs had been shelve d the report
saying thatseveral delegates withdrew in
disgust but were finally prevailed upon
to return to the convention A resolution
was ottered to deny- the paper a
scntatlve at the reporters table but It
was finally toned dovn and a telegram as
follows was sent to Debs
Be not deceived by false newspaper re
ports Unity convention is harmonious
and enthusiastic The union ot Socialist
forces will soon be an accomplished fact
Convention sends greeting You have our
este em and love as you always had
Three cheers for the International Social
ist mov ement and social revolution Unit
ed we stand
Debs sent a telegraphic reply saying he
would not be misled by the capitalist
prtrs as he avns a Socialist
The llrst resolution presented by the
committee created a storm It fnvored
trades unions as the economic force to
carry on the class struggle and a step to
ward independent political action Tle
discussion developed a good deal of sen
tlpathy to trades unions and the resoli
tion was sent back to the committee to
be shortened
A Porto Rican resolution created an
other acrimonious debate It character
ized Porto Rico as the Siberia of Amer
ica and declared that the military of
the United States Is suppressing trades
unions nnd persecuting trades unionists
The resolution was adopted but in a
modified form
A resolution urging organization among
negro worklngmen was tabled and the
committee was ordered to prepare an ad
dress to that race
The Committee on Platform reportad
late last evening The document favors
ownership by- the Government of all pub
lic utilities the reduction of hours of la
bor the education by the State of all per
sons up to the ago of eighteen years In
cluding their support the building of pub
lic works In order to give the unemployed
work and the pledging of the public cred
it for the payment of the same It is ex
pected to reach a vote tomorrow
This afternoon the deltgates went to
the State capltol grounds to have their
pictures taken As they left the grounds
some one becan to sing the Marseillaise
and all Joined In and sang it as thy
passed donn the street to the hall con
tinuing the hymn till all were seated
Fell Dead A lille Vttrntllnir the d
dillj Ucxtlvitlcie
McKEKSPORT Pa July 30 Mrs Anna
Brudowlcz twenty two years old a bride
of twenty -four hours danced herself to
death at her wedding feast here today
Mrs Brudowlcz was married yesterday
morning to John Brudowlci one of the
leaders In the Polish settlement of Mc
Keesport The wedding was a most elabo
rate one as the participants are fairly
well to do and a I trge number of wed
ding guests attended the festivities
The celebration of Polish weddings
usuilly last several days This was sche
duled to occupy the balance of the week
It Is customary at these celebrations for
every mile guest to dance with the bride
which honor costs the guests a dollar
In this way several hundred dollars are
usually raised to pay for the expenses
of the celebration and help the newly
married piir start housekeeping The
dance is a wild whirl about the hill In
which the festivities are held and the
bride Is passed from one man to another
as rapidly as the round of the room is
Mrs Brudowlcz had finished the ninety
fourth round of the room with as many
dirferent guests when the company was
called to supper The bride complained
of feeling 111 nnd almost Immediately
dropped over In a faint and died before
medical assistance could reach her Phy
sicians stated that death was due to heart
prostration caused by over exertion
The young huband of the woman Is
almost insane and is being closely watch
ed to prevent him from coritmittlng sui
Determination to Present Vttcmnta
at Sunday Ope nliiK
BUFFALO July SO Director General
Buchanan is determined to stop the reg
ular attempts at Sunday opening In the
Midway and at a meeting toelay the di
rectors ordered that the Midway be roped
off from the rest of the exposition on
Sunday- and no visitors allovveel to enter
Only those having Imferative Duslness In
the street will be admitted This has
greatly Incensed the concessionaires
PricePne Cent
General Uriue Uribe Said to Be
Heading a Large Force
The Ilevolutloiinry Ntildlerii Ac
cording to Aicentn in rvv York
Armed ThroiiKh the -Mil of Frje
3Innonn LIliernlM Kxnrct to Win
XEW YORK July 30 Gen Rafael
Uribe Uribe the hero of the Colombian
rebellion who slipped away from this
city mysteriously n little more than a
mnfith ago Is back in Colombia and at
the head of nn Insurrectionary force es
timated to number about 15000 men This
announcement which will prove unwel
come news to the Government he will at
tempt to overthrow was made last night
by Dr A J Restrepo diplomatic agent
of the Liberal potty and Senor Raoul
Perer Secretary lo General Uribe during
the hitters stay here
It Is further asserted that his command
Is supplied with the most Improved Mau
ser rifles purchased abroad by Dr Re
strepo and transshipped from this port as
merchandise What Is perhaps mora
startling Is the statement that much of
the money with which these elements
were secured was contributed by Freo
Masons here nnd In Europe who are anx
ious to rid Colombia of the Conservative
Government which Is unalterably antag
onistic to the order and to all others op
posed by the Catholic Church Dr Re
strepo said that some EOOOcQ was collect
ed In this country and abroad and with
this amount at their disposal he is san
guine the Liberal party will be victori
General Uribe came here last January
after the rebels had nearly exhausted
their ammunition and their casze seemed
hopeless He- agreed with tho Colombian
Minister at Washington Dr Carlos Mar
tinez Sllva to Issue a manifesto calling
on his followers to stop fighting in return
for which the Government promised am
nesty to the political prisoners and to in
stitute certain reforms particularly eqifa
rights at the polls to all citizens These
promises were not fulfilled and Uribe de
termined to make another fight
The general sailed from here on Juno
la on the Cararas under an assumed name
His departure was kept a secret and al
though his movements were closely watch
eel by detectives It was three weeks befora
It was discovered he had left the country
The new outbreak has been planned on a
gigantic scale Besides the 1500 Mau
sers bought for it there have been sent
from the nearby distributing points 2000
000 cartridges three rapid fire guns and
a quantity of other war material
Xews of General Uribes exact where
abouts is expected tomorrow by the
steamer Hlldur from Maracalbo The
opinion prevails that fie has already
fought Beveral battles but If this Is so
the news has been siipp7JKl by the
official CCHour
Dr Restrepo said today In regard to the
interest alleged to have been taken In
the revolution by- members of the Ma
sonic order
General Uribe is a high degree Mason
Colombia because of Its domination by
the Church Is a bitter enemy of Masonry
Wnert this was Teamed here and pbroad
General Uribe and 1 were deluged with
offers ot assistance and we accepted
Dr Restrepo said that he purchased the
war supplies In Belglam The diplomatic
agent said that the Liberals wished to
warn the French Panama Canal Com
pany that all contracts which it enters
Into with the Colombian Government
unless approved by Congress will be re
pudiated when the Liberals come into
power A similar warning was the sub
stance of a letter to President Hutin by
Dr Restrepo a year ago
Herbert O Jeffries who It is said Is
connected In a military capacity with tho
Colombian Government is In this city
His commission is reported to be th pur
chasing of arms and also vessels which
can be converted Into gunboats
The Liies nnd Property of Foreign
Cllliens otnfe
XEW YORK July 30 The forcible seiz
ure ot Col Abel Murriilo aide ot Gen
Uribe Uribe the Colombian Insurgent
leader by Colombian soldiers and his re
moval from the Atlas Line steamship Al
legheny at Cartagena Colombia was the
climax of a most exciting experience of
Alme vanden Bogaerde the Belgian who
In a signed statement gave the public
the story- of the seizure In his journey
from Colombia here
Mr Bogaerde when seen at the Fifth
Avenue Hotel this morning said that he
hoped the foreign Governments represent
ed at Colombia would be lnlluenciT by
the Murriilo Incident In so far that they
would take some measures to securo pro
tection of their citizens and the property
which they held there
Take my experience for Instance said
Mr Bogaerde It was a most trying one
In my two days journey from Bogota to
Honda botn Government and insurgent
soldiers subjected me to great annoyance
They held our party up and took some
of our mules away from us
From Honda 1 made the trip by rail
to EI Dorado the river station on the
Magdalena River Our party did not num
ber over six When we were trying to
board one of the river steamboats at El
Dorado a party of thirty Insurgents at
tacked usr They- began tiring right and
left An American of the name of Lid
son was shot twice in the arm The sol
diers would have killed him had not some
one shouted that he was a foreigner Lid
I think An Englishman
son lives In this city
lishman of the name of Wilcox took him
to Barraneiullla Uldson was the only one
dangerously wounded A gunshot wound
In such a climate Is far more serious than
In this country He was raving when
taken avvav for he became dellrous In
less than half an hour A negro stand
ing near me was also struck bygone of
the Insurgent bullets The bullet after
passing through my hat grazed his neck
Finally we persuaded the guerrillas
that we were foreigners and they ceased
firing at us The soldiers then made for
the railroad train and forced the engi
neer at the point of their revolvers to
take them luick to Honda The engineer
was a British subject but Colombians
have little respect for ones nationality
Ouf experience was one which frightened
us out of our wits We found a place
of hiding in the town and remained there
two day and a night
At the approach of the guerrillas the
river steamboat had moved out Into the
stream When the captain thought it safe
to return he did so and that was only
when we emergent from our hiding place
lt took the steamboat twelve davs to
reach Savamlla where we boarded the
It was there tint I was Joined by Col
onel Murriilo Edward J White Charles K
Pope an Englishman of the name of
Vatighan and a native family consisting
of a negro physician his wife nnd two
children This native physician had been
banished from Colombia We proceeded
peacefully to Cartagena arriving there
Glnred W Indovm Illlndu Moldlnc Georgia Pine V
washboards low by Libbery Co J P 1W It- r
cut flOO
and V arc

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