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Shaffer Makes His Tlncaicneil
3Iorc Against the Sicel Trust
SlilLat Newcastle Tied Ui for Aid
ing Non Union Plants
jliiiiiittil at the riuirKt M of Wral
iukk In the VsNoclntioiis Hank
1 President liile Action
Pence lrulll tt lie Heeded Ill
lesK I lir Arc Iroiii the Corpora
tion I he totlce to the Men
riTTSBURG Aug C President Shaf
fer Ins Issued Ills threatened strike
notice It was sent out in the mail to
night directed to the lce presidents of
the Amalgamated Association and the
president of the lodges in each mill of
the National and rcdcral Steel Companies
find of the National Tube Companj
Last night Shaffer did not Intend to Is
sue a strike order for some dajs but he
was irritated by reports tint he was
afraid he could not secure the general
obscrtancc of such an order and that he
was sparring for time Therefore he
came to the sudden conclusion to call the
strike All the afternoon he denied anj
intcntlor of issuing his proclamation
Een as late as 4 o clock when asked If
the report was true he sent out a tj re
written slip bearing the words I hate
nothing to say
It was not until 6pm that he emerg
ed and announced that the order had
been issued and handed out a copy of It
The strike order reads as follows
The ofllclals of the United States
Steel Corporation hate refused to rec
ognize as union men those who are
now striving for the right to organize
The executlt e board has authorized me
to Issue a call upon all Amalgamates
and other union men in name and
heart to join the movement to tight
for labors rights
We must light or give up forever
our personal liberties Vou will be told
that jou hae signed contract bat
jou neter agreed to surrender those
contracts to the United States Steel
Corporation Its officers think you
were sold to them jut as the mills
were contracts nnd all
Remember before jou agreed to
any contract jou took an obligation
to the Amalgamated Association It
now calls on joj to help In this hour
of need
Unless the trouble Is settled on or
before Saturda August 10 1M the
mills will close when the last turn is
made on that day
Brethren this is the call to pre
scrte our organization Wc trust sou
and need jou Come and help us and
inav right come to a JuEt cause
Fratcrnallj jours
President Shaffer said this in explana
tion of the call
The call goes to the presidents of the
districts where there are mills owned
and operated bj the National Steel Com
pany the National Tube Company and
the Federal Steel Company as well as to
the officials of the mill lodges
No notice has been or Is being sent
to the managers of the mills Wc think
their notice has come from the outside
and that they have had warning of this
eter since the Inauguration of the strike
That ought to be sufficient
The country is full of peacemakers
lie continued They besiege me In my
office for hours at a time with their cry
peace peace when there Is no peace I
will have nothing more to do with peace
talk until It comes from the other side
Those who come to me with sterles of
their Influence In certain eiuarters beg
ging me to do this and that I refer to
the trust officials
If anj one can bring about peace let
him or the trust make a proposal Ve
nre done with dlckerlngs and propositions
unless they coma from the United States
Steel Corporation The Steel people can
have peace whenever they ask for It
We will not ask for it because we did all
we could to bring about a settlement
For this reason the executive board is
disbanded In New York It will not be
called together again by me unless the
Eteel people ask for anotner conference
lou would be surprised if I should tell
jou of the number of Pittsburg business
men who presumably hate influence
with the United btatcs Steel Corporation
who hato come to me and offered to act
as mediators To all of them I said Jo
to the other side we are ready for peace
when they are
Only today a Pittsburg manufacturer
who I know has Influence with the bteel
people came to my office and askc d
whether he could not be of some sen Ice
Jn settling the strike I told him the
name thins Go to the other side Re
ports are that the combine proposes to
exteiminate the Amalgamated Associa
tion The association is In this tight to
The Carnegie Steel Company Is not in
cluded In the call For months the Amal
gamated men hate clalme d a strong or
ganization In that companj s plants in
Homestead Duquesne and Braddock and
there Is some surprise that they are not
Included Shffcr is sure the men In tho
Carnegie Companys Upper Union and
Lower Union mills in Pittsburg will come
out lie also hopes tint many emplojes
of the American Bridge Company and the
American Steel and Wire Company will
obey his strike call
The Amalgamated Association has only
two In the wire companj s mills
one In Jollet and one In the Clet land
rolling mill There are ro Amalgamated
lodges In the bridge companj a works
The union men cirplojcd by the bridge
company ate organized under the Inter
national Association of Bridge and Struc
tural Iron Workers not affiliated with the
American Federation of Labor The
Amalgamated Association was one of the
first labor unions to go into the Federa
Shaffer believes that on account of his
call operations will practically be sus
pended In the worts of the Federal Steel
that half of the production of
Flooring Lumber at 125 per 100 ft
Tongue and greeted and dressed Utile li Co
the National Steel Companj will be cur
tailed that about half of the Nitlunil
Tube Companj s manrfacturts will tie
cut off nnd that about 50 0OJ men will
cease work Including skilled and un
skilled h inds
flit1 men are expected to quit work at
the regular time after the last turn on
Saturdaj The tale of success or failure
will be told when the mills start up again
Sundaj night or Mondaj morning
Shaffer has precipitated an earl strike
In the Shenango Valley mill of the Amer
ican Steel Compant at Newcastle For
some time he said tonight It was notice 1
that the bar mills at this uant were
working on bars which were being stocked
up and also sent to non union sheet
mills Steel sheet Is made out of steel
bars Shaffer elccideel to take a hand and
last night he sent a letter to the presi
dent of the fchenango lodge telling him
that the mill nut go on a strike Todaj
he received a telegram sajing that the
men will strike at midnight
John Williams the Secretary of the
Amalgamated estimates 100001 men will
be idle altogether Including the men nl
readj Idle through the strike against the
American Tin Plate Companj the Amer
ican Steel Sheet and the American Hoop
Steel Comp iny
SHARON Ill Aug C The lirst of the
threatened general strike orders to come
from T J Shaffer 1iesident of the Amal
gamated Association was order l this
nlternoon nnd was directed at the N i
tional Steel Companj at Newcastle
Unllj Lodge of the Amalgimateel As
sociation at Newcastle received a mes
sage from Sh ilfi r late todaj calling into
the strike the men of tint lodge who are
rmplojcd In the plant of the National
Steel Companj The lodge numbers about
300 The men are- so distributee about the
plant that their withdrawal will cripplo
the entire works and compel u complete
The men are cmplojod In the contort
ing department nnd at the rolls lhe or
der calls for them to walk out at mid
night and the hate announced th lr tr
ie ntion of elolng so Altogether the shut
down will throw lMv men out of emploj
ment In addition to these men 30KJ tin
mill workers are now Idle and nbout 1W
will be affe ctfel at the blast furnaces It
Is not bellened the National Steel Works
In this place will be forecd to cI0e as the
plant Is unorganized
The questlcn relative to the operation
of the bharon Tin Plate riant an Inde
pendent concern Is one of considerable
importance It has contracted for tho
entire product of the works for lite jears
with trie American Tin Plate Company
and it is beliete d It will soon be drawn
Into the strike The plant Is operated
under the Amalgamated Association and
an order from Shaffer would be all that
is necessary to call the emplojes out
The injunction cases of the American
Steel Casting against the strlk
eis at its plant was heard bj Judge Mil
ler todaj The order was made absolute
against Albert Weston and Evan Lewis
and the cases against the others numbering-
about ISO were continued until Sep
The injunction enjoins the
strikers from molesting the non union
men now at work and from entering upon
the s premises The judge cau
tioned the strikers and said the Injunc
tion must be obejed
The strike Condition Soon Ilkelj
to Become Serious However
McKEESPOPT Pa Aug 6 Through
some misunderstanding It was given out
that the strike order would begin at mid
night tonight As a result of this a con
dition of chaos reigned among the work
lngmen cmplojed In the mills of the Na
tional Tube Companj for several hcu s
It was after 9 oclock before the trouble
was remedied and the workmen
given to understand that thej would have
several elats allowed to them before thej
would be expected to walk out
The strikers who have been out Flnce
Julj 33 arc jubilant about 159 mtn
hat e been Idle since the strike began and
its effect has not Jet been noticeable In
the business of the city With the strike
begirnlng on Saturdaj howeter a dif
ferent situation will prevail McKecsport
lives the grace of the United States
Steel Corporation When the men 111 the
rolling mill department of the tube works
go on strike on Saturdaj all other depart
ments will be compelled to shut down
15W 0 men will be Idle here and
the real struggle will begin
Grave fears are entertained that the at
tempt to shut dovn the National Rolling
Mill will cause trouble There arc a num
ber of the men who have not joined the
union and thej are desirous of working
No statement has been m ede bj the com
panj as to what It Intends to do but It
Is belle ed the mills will be open on
morning for all who desire to
return to work
The Am ilgamntod officers cl lini to havo
enough of the National men In the or
ganization to tie up the mill This Is
true as to the puddlers but it
Is not true as to the llnishers and thej
can work without the pjddlers on steel
from the Monongahela Steel Works
The steel worls men are not yet or
ganized although organizers are now at
work among them Just how successful
thy have been is not krown It is gen
erally believed that anj attempt on the
part of anj workmen tf so to work Mon
day morning will result In trouble Major
Black refuses to admit that he expects
nry trouble and sajs that he will be per
fectly able to handle the situation Tho
strikers howeter are not bickward In
sajing that will endeavor to pre
vent anj man from going to work after
the strike begins
LEECIIBURG Pa Aug 6 There was
a reversal of conditions todaj in thelijde
Park mill which a as started up as non
union jistcrdaj At that time
men went to work Last night most
of these went to their homes In Vander
grlft Saltsburg and Apollo and did
not return today At 4 p m
men came In on the train from
Vandergrlft and Saltsburg and wint Into
the mill
The strikers the other men went
away because thej did not want to take
the strikers places having jobs of their
own at their homes Whatever the rea
son It Is a fact that not so many men
are at work today ns jcEterdaj
CIEViiAND Ohio Aug C The
American Tin Plate Companj made an
unsuccesssful attempt todaj to reopen the
Crescent mill Tor several dajs the trust
had had agents at work and had reason
to believe that the men would return
Many of the men were willing to go
back and the companv stnrteil the fires
In the furnaces and told the men to be
gin at 1 li m Word was received from
Shaffer however to staj out so u meet
ing of Forest Lodge of the Amalga
mated Association wns called at 9 a m
The Creseent mill workcia belong to this
lodge For three hours the men discussed
the situation flnallj deciding not to go
to work Conseejuentlj when 1 p m ar
rived not a man reported for work at
the mills
The Department Limited
For ChwJpcakc IJe aeh have District Line Sta
tion week dajs p in Through fat train
Aetr car load Dnuri JjllOO each
White pine too 14 inch thick Cth nnd Jf 1 ar
ie toftrfrihaton
A Darinj Itolilicry Near San Fran
cisto Xot s 280000
llnrN of Cold Taken lrolil the stroll-
Box of Smelter tturks l I iiimel
ltuii Under the Plant mid the bteel
Aalls Drilled Use aped In n Bout
SAN TRANCISCO Aug 6 A robberj
so bold In Its conception and daring In
its execution that It Ins falrlv paraljzed
the police occurred at the Selbj Smelting
Works on the baj shore at Vallejo carlj
this morning Four bars of pure gold
each weighing- from 10 0 to 310 ounces
and some 10000 ounces of other gold the
total value being 260000 were taken from
the strong room of the srnilter while
workmen were busj within fifteen feet of
the door
The 1 ilorers heard the noise made by
the thieves but said It Is onlj ghosts
In the vault and went on with their
work While thej labored at the furnace
the gold birs were taken from the vault
to a boat and carried nwaj Not a clue
Is left for the- detectives to work upon
and there Is small hope tint anj of the
stolen treasure will be found
The robberj must have been one of
months of planning while the actual work
requln el m mj nights of labor The Selbj
works are locateel on the baj shore some
thlrtj miles north of this cltj and almost
opposite Mare Island Here nil the gold
reuchlng the cltj Is refined for shipment
to the mint The vault In which the metal
Is stored Is located In the Capel Furnace
building almost against the side of a
rocky hill
The robbers were supplied with exact
Information concerning the location of
the strong room nnd must have had dli
grams so accurate was their work and
some of them also must have possessed a
high order of engineering skill Thej
sunk a shaft some three or four feet
deep at the back of the furnace building
stajing verj close to the wall In order
that It might not attract nttontion From
the bottom of this shaft a tunnel ten
feet long and thre fet In diameter was
run directly under the vault
This work coulil be done onlj at night
as the workmen are In the vlclnitj at
all times during the daj In the daj
time the shaft entrance was covered bj
means of a sheet of rubber and loose
boards but no attempt was made to
make this structure strong enough to
bear a man From this tunnel which
was long enough to give the thieves
plcntj of room to work some one with
more than ordlnarj mechinicil skill
drilled holes In the steel floor of the vault
This work was evidently done a little
at a time In order not to arouse suspi
cion At last when the final moment
came the last holes were bored and a
circular piece of floor large enough to let
the bodj of a man through was forced
out and the treasure was at the mercj
of the thieves
It was an easy matter to carry the gold
bars to the waters e dge where the boat
was in waiting The final act In the great
crime was carried out In gTeat haste as
the burglars left on the shore two bars
of gold worth at least FtOIVpO In order
that thev might not be Interrupted while
at work the robbers wedged the doors
of the vault from the inside Following
is the list of the property stolen
Four fir gold bricks all numbered nnd
containing sold as follows No l B 1191
ounces and a fraction Tso 1K7 33W
ounces No 123S 113 ounces and a frae
tion Ne 1233 1U37 ounces and a frac
tion also 1000 ounces or gold In various
shapes and some silter The gold In the
bricks Is worth 5J0C7 per ounce
The robberj which Is supposed to hate
occurred some time after midnight was
discovered when the vault was opcnel
this morning All night the mtn were
at work in the Capel Smelter Hfteen feet
distant from the safe An old man
named McGljnn heard a noise in the safe
In the eary morning hours and direct
ed attention to It
Theres cither a ghost or a devil In
tl ere he exclaimed The men who had
paused to listened resumed work nnd the
lobbers completed their task At 5 o clock
the steamer Sunol steamed up to the
smelter wharf to take on board the gold
for transportation to this city Workmen
ran their trucks Into the building nnd
walled at the door or the strong room
Superintendent VonDerRopp unlocked the
door and tried to swing It open hut It
resisted his efforts Force waJ applied
and at laFt the heavj door swung open
As It did so an iron bar which had been
used to wedge It fell to the floor In the
middle of the steel floor was a gaping
hole like tho minholc of n boiler and
most of the gold which had been stored
in the saro was gone
In an Instant the whole story was
known The oval piece of steel with its
row of holes alonr the telge had been
pushed in with the aid of a jack This
was shown from tho fact that the plate
removed Is concate on the side that was
turned downward and shows the appli
cation of strong pressure The floor of the
safe is 5 1C of an Inch thick nnd strong
force was necesserj to loosen the plate
One of the workmen of the smelter was
sent down through the tunnel which ran
south to the edge of the building and
brought him to da J light through the
shaft A broken drill found In the vault
was covered with rust while several of
the holes bored through the steel sur
rounding the manhole were also rusted
and had apparentlj been bored a couple
of months ago while other holes show
ed tarjlng degrees of rust showing that
the work had been under way for some
The last holes bored were comparative
ly small in number and had a workman
stepped within the oblong on the daj be
fore the robberj the plate would iirob
ablj have given way under his weight
Ahen It Is considered whit an Immense
amount of gold and silver Is contained In
the smelter vault It seems a remark ibly
flimsy structure It Is ten feet long livo
feet wide nnd six feet high lhe walls
are composed of steel sheets nbout an
eighth of an Inch In thickness while tho
floor Is a little thicker Through this
metal a drill when operated bj skilled
hands cuts as readily as an augur
through wood
The workmen gave the alarm Immed
iately and a thorough se irch of the prem
ises was made No trace of the thieves
could be found A messenger was de
spatched to summon the sheriff of Contra
Costa Countj and telephone messages
were sent to San Francisco notlfjlng the
main olllcc San Francisco detectives
were Informed and desp itches were sent
to all points around lhe baj
The watchmen of tho smelter assert
that thej made the rounds of the build
ing before midnight and found nothing
suspicious It was some time after this
that the workmen at the rurnaco heard
noises In the vault which would Indicate
that the robbers wire thoroughly familiar
with the movements of the guardians or
the smelter Between the tmo of this
round of wntch and 5 oclock they per
fectvi tho work of cutting put tlo pi ite
flutiurlinn cottnjze SldliiK 150
ia 111 tuatlc cUost d Jakbcjr 4 Co
carried awaj JWfrX in gold some thirty
jards to a boat and vanished on the
trackless waters of San Pablo Baj
The olhccrs have little on which to be
gin search fer the thieves and the bootj
and thej hive little hope of ever seeing
either Thej believe that men clever
enough to plan and d irlng enough to car
rj out such a stupendous job are wise
enoigli to cover their tracks
The detectives hive only one faint hope
and tint 13 that thej may And the boat
In which the thlctrH undoubtedly made
tl elr escape The smelter people remem
ber having seen a strange steam or raso
hne launch In the vlclnitj of the works
seteral times In the last few weeks but
as launch parties from ban Frunclsco and
Valejo freepicntlj ylsit that part of the
baj their suspicions were not aroused
Despatches were sent to every point
along the baj and coast where the launch
might touch to be on the watch for such
a eraft but this is hardly llkelj to lead
to the finding of the burglars boat
There nre hundreds of Inlets and shelter
ed nooks about the upper In which a
launch mlht hide there was nothing
to prevent the men from going as far up
as Sacramento and San Joaquin River if
desired but It Is thought by the officers
tint came toward this as the
tide was running out Jit the time
It is evident that the thieves had ac
curate Information as to the movements
of the treasure and that they waited till
thej were sure their work would not be
molested The smelter neonle make It a
ruie not to Keep bullion t tnc worKs anj
I hinser than Is absolutely necessarj Uach
daj s clcan up Is sent down to the com
panj s office In this city on the following
morning on the steamer Sunol The rob
bers evldeutlv knew of this custom and
also knew the time of shipment as thej
so timed their work to be uwaj before the
Sunol arnte el to get Its cargo
I hlle not charging the collusion of
some of the emplojes with the robbers
I the ofllclals declare that the latter hael
full knowledge of the conditions at the
An official of the Selby Smelting Works
made the following statement
The lubbers must have succeeded In
entering the vault some time ltween
the hours of midnight and 5 oclock this
morning Thej entered through a hole
about the size of a man hole In a boiler
and Indications point to the fact that the
robbers have been working on the scheme
for some time
Over 1A holes were bored into the bot
tom of the vault and the work indicates
mechanics of more than usual ability
superintended the job The holes were
bored to within a h ilrs breadth of the
surface and when the proper time came
the plate was forceel up through giving
the robbers access to the vault
The plotters first exeat ated a hole
along the building directly In line with
the vault The work or cxcatatlng must
h it e taki n some time antl at the end or
or each nights work ror the work must
have been done nt night a covering or
laths rubber sheeting and sacks was
m ide the whole being covered over with
a Liver or ellrt thusMiIding slns of
what was going on What became of the
excavated dirt wc have been unable to
find out It must have been removed in
The covering we have ascertained
was not strong enough to hold the weight
of a man but tho excavation was made
so close to the building that the men
never walked over It We are satisfied
the plotters were aided bj some one
thoroughlj familiar with the sjstem em
ployed at the works and fullj Informed
as to th construction of the vault The
weight of the gold carried out of tho
vault aggregated I20 pounds and It must
have taken several trips for one man or
else seteral men must have been emploj
ed In carrjlng the metal to the boat
which we are assured was in waiting for
Inside tho vault were several sacks
containing JUOW but this was not
touched It Is Impossible for us to saj
at this time In what direction the men
went If thej ued a steam launch to
leate the rcenc of the robberj thej could
hato gone In anj direction but If thej
e scaped in a row boat thej would doubt
lesj hate taken the direction li which
the tide was running
Uterj pos iblc clue Is lielng followed
but I am unable to that we hive been
at all successsful thus far We hope
later to make the announcement that the
robbers have been apprehended I be
lieve that thev secured J 0eoO The de
tectives are looking after recently ells
ch irged emi lov es
There is a possibllitj that the gold was
onlt taken a short distance nnd then
sunk In the bay the location being
marked bj small buoj or fixed from
maiks on shore Tills would enable the
thieves to return to the cltj In safetj
letuming ror their bootj at their leisure
The general belier Is however that the
gold was brought to this city or taken
to some place around the baj Police In
plain clothes were on guard all day tod ij
along the docks and nt railway stations
CnlinN Ceniv entlem HejetM a Motion
to Irevtnt Indue lnlluinci
HAVANA Aug C When the Consti
tutional Convention met todaj Ginlbtrto
Gomez put a motion that all those hold
ing public positions of authorltj under
the Government and who offer them
selves as candidates at the coming elec
tions shall be compelled to leave office a
month before the elections
This while nominally treated of on ab
stract grounds really touched pcrsanallj
a number of the delegates present such
as three civ II governors or provinces who
have crelullj prepared the provinces to
se cure their own election Gualberto Go
mez argued that the motion was oftered
In older to secure fairness at the elec
tions as nt the previous eh ctlons the
convention authorities electcJ
themselves The principle or tie motion
was one or democracj where authorltj
sprang rroro the people
Senoi Lloreiite replied that the countrj
had need ot all its sons He thought the
mass or the people were Incapable ot
choosing rightly who should govern them
rs the people are Ignorant and un
Senor Sangully argued that the motion
hit at the honestj ot the Cuban people
The motion was rejected Two ot the civil
governors toted against It the other go
ing out before the tote was taken There
Is no doubt the elections will lie a farce
and tint the elvll governors and other au
thorities will outrageously abuse their
The elections are thus rendered or no
consequence as shov ing the wants or tho
pe ople through the Ignorance nnd Indiffer
ence of the voters Itls thought that the
result of todajs tote will hate a powerful
effect The two gucernors who toted
against It are among the most conserta
tlve delegates This Is perhaps the clear
est Instance of the framing of a law for
tho direct personal benefit of tome of the
A Ciilll rxxinli of IIOOU Aeren Crant
d li Honduras
NEW ORLEANS Aug C James Wood
ot Chicago who went to Honduras as the
representative or a Chicago sj ndlcate
returned todaj anil sajs that his com
punj has secured from the Government
100 square miles ir CI X acres of land
on the condition of settling It with Amer
icans lhe land lies between Cclha and
Puerto Cortez about thlrtj miles from
the latter place
Mr Wood cl ilms that his companj Ins
alreadj made arrangements with a num
ber of Ohio Indiana nnd Illinois farmers
who want to go to Central Ame rle i and
raise bananas coco inuts sugir and sim
ilar tropical products The concession is
known as Saddle- mil and there is al
ready a successful colony of Germans In
the neighborhood
The first party ot Immigrants Is ex
pected to leave In about two months
lljnnH lliixIneaN ColleBC Slli mid K
Dusinns Miortliaiul Tj pt ntlng fX a jear
ftumuer tno MilnirleN UO Thej
arc q press Silt Cth mi V arc
Ci op Bridge and Railways Dam
aged by Jligli Water
A Cloudburst n Kant Itonnoke nnd n
CeIonc cnr Norfolk Tralliu on
the Norfolk anil Atestern biinpend
eel Ilic Jiiiiicn Uislni ltitiltllj
RICHMOND Va Aug G A large por
tion of Virginia has been visited today
the heat lest rain and wind storm In
jears As a result the rivers in various
sections are rising ami railroad
traffic Is suspended or badly crippled
Reports or great disaster by water come
rrom the southwestern section or the
State A cloudburst this morning trans
forme el the streets or Last Roanoke Into
rivers Several parlies driving along the
thoroughfares were caught In the flood
and were saved with grent difficult
The worst damage Is along the lino of
the Norfolk and Western Railway west
of Roanoke From that point to Chrls
tlansburg and where the line follows New
River the track Is under water anil traf
fic has been suspended The raodbed is
said to hate suffered seterelj and the
bridges have been damaged
Reports from the James River above
Richmond show that the stream Is rapid
ly rising and It Is expected to attain a
considerable height by tomorrow
The rainfall for the last twentj four
hours has been almost unpreceelented At
Columbia the rainfall was rour and onc
hair Inches and at this place one eighth
of an Inch fell In fifteen minutes The
sewers were Inadequate to carrj the wa
ter off and It stood In the streets three
fet deep Cellars were llocdcd and ther
street cars forced to cease operitions A
telegraphmessage late tonight fram Chrls
tiansburg In the southwestern portion of
the State s ijs
Not withii the memory of the oldest
citizens has his been tlslted such
a flood as the one which began to Tall on
night and continued without ceas
ing until 10 oclock todaj when It abated
until 5 o clock this afternoon and then
began to porr down again Little and
New Rivers are higher than in jears a
mill has been swept away the railroad Is
In a deplorable condition and crops
are ruined
NORFOLK Va Aug 6 A cj clone
formed high In the air over Berkeley a
town across th Elizabeth River from
Norfolk at 1 30 this arternoon FIrt It
was a black cloud little at the bottom and
bis at the top whirling around In tne air
Ihen It started northward svviftlj spin
ning like a top It crossed the Elizabeth
River without causing a ripple and de
scended In Brambleton a residential sub
urb of Norfolk
First It tore the roots oft six substantial
brick houses then It skipped and struck
a row of frame house three blocks awaj
damaging or unroofing a half dozen Then
It went out In the wrecking a
barn or house here and there All the
houses in Norfolk were occupied and as
rain Tell after the cj clone passed
thej were Hooded while the tenants sat
among their drenched belongings
The path of the cyclone wns not over
fifty feet wide and houses onlj on one
side or the streci fere damaged East or
the cj clone Its passage was known by
rushing winds for a square or two West
of It no one a square felt moving
air though all saw roofs ratters cloth
ing and other articles circling about in
the air
Downtown ro one knew of the cj clone
until It had passsl was hurt
The Jurisdiction or the Cuban Court
Aeit Heeoxillxed
dan President of the Kejless Lock Com
pany and Arthur R Baxter Treasurer
sent a communication to United
States Commissioner Moorcs rerusing to
give testlmonj against C r W
who is In jail In Cuba charged with em
The Kejless Lock Company furnished
mail boxes and other postofflce supplies
for Cuba through Neelj and the Govern
ment designated Mr Moores as the per
son to take the testimony or Jordan and
Baxter regarding their transactions with
Neelj The letters rerusing to testlfj are
the s line except for the signatures and
saj In part
Disclaiming anj Intentional disrespect
toward jou personallj anil not Intending
to Fhow anj contempt ror jour official
authority I feel nevertheless that it Is
my right to decline to tcstifj a3 a witness
In said alleged proceeding under the al
leged authorltj held by jou from said
Cuban court for the reason that said
islmd of Cuba is foreign territory- and
said cause is therefore pending in a for
eign Jurisdiction to which I oAe no alle
I am advised that said court has not
bj any law of the United States or anj
treaty acquired anj jurisdiction over citi
zens or the United States In such matters
and tint no authorltj has In consequence
been conrerred upon jou to require me to
answer the interrogatories accompanjing
jour letter ot Instructions
For me to submit to the proposed ex
amination would therefore be to volunteer
testlmonj In a case wherein the accused
Is unrepresented not eten hating receiv
ed notice of this International proceeding
ns I am informed which is abhorrent to
our ideas of judicial procedure
Lleilte nailt Coiiiiiilllider Sarjrent ii
Be Detaelit d From the Maclila
BOSTON Aug C Lieutenant Comman
der Nathan Sirgent U S N who 13 at
present captain of the gunboat Machias
will soon receive orders detaching him
from the command and directing him to
proceed to Washington to report to Ad
miral Dewej for dutj as member of the
general board It Is understood
Admiral Dewej Is President of the
bo ird and It is s lid that Lieutenant Com
mander Sargent will serve as his aide
The Machias pulled out or the stream to
daj and will probablj sail tomorrow tor
a ten davs target practice and breaking
in drill down the Iny Lieutenant Com
mander Henry McR le U S N will prob
ably be orelered to relieve Lieutenant
Commander Sargent on the Machias
about September 1
Ocemi Mcliiishi lloveineiits
NEW TORK Aug C Arrived lCoenl
gen Lulse Bremen Exeter Citj Bristol
Nubia Stettin Arrived out Kaiser Wil
lielm Per Grosse rrom New York nt
Bnmen Graaf Waldersee from New
York at Cherbourg Cherbourg rrom
New York nt Rotterdam
11 To Buffalo and Return teeoulit
UMioMltleiii t la
II V 1 It It
On train Iratine Wajlnnston T 05 a m ar
rhiuR ltuIUlo via lhlladilpliu and Irlush Valkv
loute 9 20 p in t ut s riekrK valid return
Ing vutliill sv ii da8 similar eveursloiM iu U5t
11 iO 29 S ritemW t 10 11 25
Number one SIiIhkIim ijlrO Perfect
cipre u 5i20 by LiliLey I Co
The Body of the Cmprcn to Be
Taken to Crnnhrrj Church
BERLIN Aug 6 The rojal tamlly will
attend on Thursdaj the funeral services
conducted at Frlederlchshof by the Bishop
ot Rlpon who has been summoned by Em
press Fredericks wish The ramlly only
will be present
The body will bo removed Saturday
evening to the Protestant Church at
Cronberg escorted bj a torchlight proces
sion The family will rollow on foot A
service will be held there on It
Is expected that King Edward wlth
family and friends and servants will go
to Potsdam the same etenlng Funeral
services will be held In the mausoleum
on Tuesday
In accordance with the Empress wishes
there will be no grand state ceremonies
only a simrle scrtlce In the church It
will not be attended as usual with Im
perial runerals by members of the rojal
ramliles or all the German States
LONDON Aug a Some or the Eng
lish correspondents at Cronberg remark
upon tho extraordinary precautionary
measures that hate been taken to pre
tent the people rrom entering the Frled
erlchshof Park The moment death oc
curred and the flag on tho castle was
lowered gendarmes and hussars galloped
to their allotted posts surrounding the
castle on all sides The sentinels were
strengthened and serveel with ball car
tridges with orders to tire ut any and
all persons entering the park without au
Two squadrons of hussars and two
companies of Infantry patrol the park
and guard the road between Homburg
and Frledrichshor The correspondents
describe the arrangements as surprising
and sensational One declares that thej
are the outcome or the anxletj ror the
Emperors saretj which has seized the
officials since the Bremen outrage An
other suggests that the arrangements arc
adopted to prevent the purloining of any
documents or personal notes referring to
Emperor Fredericks life
As a matter of fact the arrangements
are probably nothing more than the tra
ditional regulations for guarding the
boelj and propertj ot a deceased member
of the Hohenzollem famllj Exactly sim
ilar measures were taken when Emperor
Frederick died
HAMBURG Aug 6 The steamer Gera
with Field Marshal Count ton Waldersee
on board anchored off Heligoland at noon
todaj Empress Fredericks death was
immediately signalled and the steamers
flag was lowered
The arrangements ror the reception of
the Cera have been altered The Crown
Prince is not coming here General lt
tlch will represent the Emperor The Il
lumination ot the city and the banquet at
the Senate House have been abandoned
Itcninrknble Tributes to the Meniorj
of nmpresH Frederick
PARIS Aug 6 Certainly not the least
noteworthy treature or the tributes paid
by the torelgn press to the memory of
Empress Frederick is the genuine unaf
fected recognition of her personality ac
corded the French press The Temps
prints an editor 1 of two columns The
Journal des Debats entrusts a three
column article to SI Welschlnger the
historian and other leading papers pub
lish similar eulogies
The articles are in no sense mere des
criptive platitudes appropriate to tho
passing of an European Empress Thej
are genuine expressions or esteem This
Is not attributable solelj to sjmpathj for
one who shared French antipathj with
Prince Bismarck whom the Eclair in
this connection calls the plant of in
trigue and dupllcltv nor to natural pity
tor her suffering It is due to the fact
that she was the wite and widow of the
only German who during the war escap
ed the universal hatred which Frenchmen
naturallj bestowed upon cterj thing Ger
Frenchmen hate not forgotten that
Crown Prince Frederick retused to sanc
tion the bombardment ot Paris that he
was a man or peace and that his wife
was a worthj helpmate Thej had mani
fold proofs of her good will and her
death mears to them the loss of a friend
bejond the Rhine
Il sends a Iesafre to Atlllielni II on
the Death of Empress Frederick
The State Department jesterdaj sent
to Emperor Wllhelm the following mes
sage of condolence from President Mc
Klnley expressing his own sorrow and
that ot th merican nation over the
death of tho Dowager Empress
Ills Im and Rojal
Ilhelm II German Emperor
I learn with deep sorrow of the
death of jour Majestj s beloveel moth
er the Dowager Empress and Queen
Free rick Her noble epiailtles hive
endiareil her memory to the American
people In whose name and In mj own
I tender to jour Majestj heartfelt
William Mckinley
The Trouble Between Frnnce nnd
the Miltnn UviiKSrc rated
LONDON Aug C It Is othcl tllj stated
that the differences between the Sultan
and the French Over the ownership of
the imajs at Constantinople have been
exaggerated and that a diplomatic rup
ture between the two countries Is not
considered llkelj
LONDON Aug 7 A despatch to the
limes rrom Pars sajs that although
an order has been Issued to the press to
minimize the Turkish incident It is cer
tain that M Delcassc is resolved to back
M Constans the French Ambassador at
Constantinople A rupture would be in
evitable if tho bultans advisers perverse
ly think the moment propitious but such
a result Is not anticipated
A desp itch to the Times from Con
stantinople savs that the lortes relations
with the Fiench Embassy are becoming
more and more strained The Ambassa
dor is pressing stronglj but valnlv for
the repajment to a local 1 rench b inker
a loin ot JjOOOOOO -francs which is long
General Ivttelton to Veeoinpanj till
ner to South Afrlen
LONDON Aug 7 An announcement
In the limes that Lieutenant Gencnl
Ljttclton will necompanv Lord MUner to
South Africa on August 10 seems to lend
color to the recent report that General
Lyttelton will be General Kitcheners suc
cessor He Is conslderablj the senior of
anj general officer now In South Africa
tlaj lie Sold to Americans
BRUSSELS Aug K The owners of the
Belgian Glass Works are considering a
renewed offer from an American sjndt
cata whose terms arc understood to be
Aoifolk C AVUMliliiirtoii S tcainliont Co
Delightful trips dull at 1 M p m from foot
7th t to OM Point Norfolk ta Uracil Ocean
View and cveKjrt Neus lor see page 7
nest Soft ellovv Poplar 11 nud 3
cents per foot till and 2 1 avc
Price One Cent
He Defends His Position and Bit
terly AsMils Tillman
Declare Thnt the Stnte ITccntlve
Committee llcprescntx Neither the
Intelligence IJciuocrnrjr tor the
People lnrlUan Tyranny Chnrxeil
COLUMBIA S C Aug 6 The State
Executive Committee received a reply
from Senator McLaurln tielaj He says
he was officially notified of the conven
tions action five dajs after It was pub
lished In newspapers and continues
Personally I am indifferent to our
action because nobody has made you my
master or censor I regard jour action
merely as expressing the malice and fears
of one man Senator B R Tillman But
for his alwajs etll and Indecent intlucnce
ordlnarj respect for the proprieties would
have prevented the Tour of jou
who are declaretl competitors for scat
from attempting to use the power en
trusted to jou jour party to remote a
rival from jour path
As a citizen and Democrat I am morti
fied by jour action because It has brought
upon the State condemnation and ridi
cule Unhappily those not acquainted
with our conditions accept the actions of
jour committee as representing the Intel
ligence and Democracy of our State and
both are made objects or derision
Against this I wish to enter my sol
cmn protest I shall demonstrate how
unfair absurd and undemocratic jour
action Is and I shall trust to the Dem
ocrats of South Carolina to repudiate It
when the opportunity Is given them Your
purpose is to deny that opportunity
It Is In strong contrast with the bla
tant boast of Senator Tillman at Gaffney
to put me on trial before the party on the
hustings with hlmelf as prosecutor As
jou know I sought that test bj accepting
a proposal of appeal to the people but
the Governor saw Ut to forbid it Now
Senator Tillman appears as prosecutor
against me in mj absence and by pro
ceedings like those of the star chamber
which was the most Infamous tribunal ol
English history and the most abhorrent
to Anglo Saxon Instincts seeks to exclude
me from the party and Its debates and
public assemblages
It is jour duty as custodians of the
partj Interests to seek recruits and ta
strengthen the partj To save Senator
Tillman from staking his record strength
and fortunes against mine jou undertake
to exclude me and my friends rrom the
partj Whatever jour Individual motives
may have been the purport of jour ac
tion Is to facilitate the Senator in dodg
ing me and to deny the people the oppor
tunity of passing on my positions nnd
conduct It seems to me the Democrats
masses of South Carolina are competent
to saj at the polls whether or not I hav
been a faithful Senator and a consistent
Democrat Why should you attempt tc
-prevent them
it Is no cause for wonder that Sena
tor Tillman should seek to make political
assassins of jou to avoid open and fall
fight He has climbed to power byte
raous abuse of many of the purest men
the Stale who opposed him for vvhlcl h
has alwajs carefully shirked personal
and on the political lives
fortunes of those who betnended
whiie he needed rriends
Party policies are determined fr u
time to tirce elections and c
ventlons and no man nor of men
has the power to between those elec
tions what policies shall be the teets of
natty loialty Senator Tillman Is assum
ing the prerogative ot supreme boss and
dictator to who shall or shall not be
regarded as a Democrat next jear I do
not concede such power to him nor to
jou He- nor all of jour committee to
gether has rot the power to exclude
from candidacy nor the polls at the Dem
ocratic primary the humblest citizen of
South Carolina who declares himself to bo
a Democrat and pledges himself to sup
port the partj nominees
Suppose In 1KK the Executive Commit
tee of the State had ruled out of the party
all who engaged In the farmers move
ment Suppose two j ears later It had
excluded all who favored the sub-treasury
idea Such action would have been
unjust tjrannical and Insulting to thou
sands of good citizens and Democrats
but not more so than this proceeding of
j ours
Eecaase he failed to strike me down
ho has Incited jou to attempt to strangle
me He cannot put me under suspicion
as he has heretofore his own acts 1
have not In public office retrograded from
a perhips honorable binkruptcj to dis
honorable nnd unexplained wealth He
and I drew the same salaries but 1 tinrt
it impossible to save any of mine I havo
never however made speeches against
corporations then voted for them or been
the sole bjvlrg agent of a self created
trust with Its rebates of JtiOUW
to STOlvJ a jear none of which ever
reached the State Treasury I hate
netcr had the handling of a State bond
refunding scheme with SJsWW of commis
sions never jet accounted for
Continuing he sajs I have been at
some pains to show from the records by
volume and page that where Senator
Tillman and I differed in Congress it wa3
not on partj questions and that he toted
with the Republicans at least as often
as I did and that In evert case whe
we divided I had with me Democrats who
possess the confidence of the partj
throughout the country and whose De
mocracy not even his reckless and slan
derous insolence dares to assail I could
go further and show otl er Instances
In which he has toted against the great
majority of his partj and even against
his own declaratlons notably in the Piatt
amendment to the Cuban bill lie had
declared his purpose to oppose ana tight
this to the last uitch but he toted for It
Some of his present newspaper friends
said at the time that he did it to curry
fat or with the Charleston tote hoping
to trade the exposition bill through
It that was the case he was the shal
low victim of a political green goods
game and sold himself for sawdust But
1 have said enough I think to prove to
jou and to the public that jou Uko many
who have risen and gone before jou
have permitted J ourselves to te made
tools of by Senator Tillman to promote
his own base and brutal ends and to pro
tect hm from a struggle he fears to face
because he knows that the facts and ar
coiments are all against him His hope
Is to keep those facts and arguments rrom
the people or South Carolina
Accept my conelolences on the unhap
py and absurd situation into which this
would be dictator has led vou You may
le assured that he will find a crevlco
through which to crawl leaving you tej
stand the lire when it becomes hot anel
that hiving used jou he will cast jou
ade like many he has rormerly used
I desire to procl dm to the world that
vou do not represent the Intelligence the
Democracj or the people of bouth Caro
lina and to jou and Senator Tillman
that he Ins never been mj master anil
shall never be that he shall not escape
the vengeance that must fall upon
him when the people have been made to
understand his motives his methods his
debiseel character and hla shameful rec
ord To th it grand conservator of free
government the reserved patriotism and
common sense of the jieople I make ap
peal against partisan intolerance and ty
McLaurln dares the committee to provo
that he was not a Democrat He quotes
the Congresslon il Record to show thai
when thev voted on opposite sides Tillman
went with Republicans ns often as he did
The people of South Carolina he says
never had submitted to them the ques
tion of ship subsidies It Is a great on
on which thev should pass Able Eem
ocrat 4 are Tivldeil on it
ii Iitmlier IUts litel on
frclbtiti preialt to y ir station h Libbej Cc

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